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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Despised Air Pacific CEO leaves in a 'huff'

Pflieger: greener pastures
Bouquets now and no doubt for some time to come as the regime plasters over the warts but many know the truth: Dave Pflieger was widely hated because of his role in 'overhauling' Air Pacific and many will be pleased to see the back of him.

As tipped by Coupfourpointfive two weeks ago, Pflieger is departing these shores although there's no mention of what venture he's heading to apart from returning to the United States; judging from the number of pages he's dedicated to his 'accomplishments' on the internet, he's aiming high.

Wilbur F Foster
On the surface, he's getting a warm farewell by the regime with the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, praising Pflieger for producing 'a paradigm shift' at Air Pacific and 'transforming its fortunes.'

"When he came to Fiji, the airline was in crisis and facing extreme financial difficulties. With skill, determination and his experience, he turned it around and made it profitable. He also built the much needed team spirit with all the Air Pacific personnel that turned it into a highly effective team.' 

Insiders say, though, that Pflieger has in actual fact already left the country and that he flew out last Thursday night in a huff. He's understood to be unhappy with a few things,  primarily the lobbying against his choice of new planes by cargo handlers and agricultural exporters via the Agricultural Permanent Secretary, Francis Kean.

Both sectors apparently bitched about the limited cargo capacity and the operating of small aircraft to Australia, again over cargo capacity.

Pflieger was the first of the foreigners keen to exert their influence on the regime through Frank Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Many continue to insist he concocted his flying pedigree and management experience.

The regime has hailed him though for rebranding Air Pacific and the purchase of three new Airbus A330s aside. No mention of workers being overlooked for costly offshore consultants. No mention, too,  of the pilots who were forced out of jobs, pilots who went on to great jobs with other airlines. No mention either of Pflieger using NFP funds to buy the new planes or to make the books look like it had made a genuine profit.

And no mention of the National Essential Decree, which he helped hatched.

Coupfourpointfive revealed in 2011 that Pflieger hired a leading law firm in the United States to draft the ENI Decree. 
He had lobbied the regime and then found the expertise to draft it.

Our evidence showed an invoice for 24.25 hours of work done by the US law firm, MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY & McCLOY LLP, which was sent to David Pflieger on June the 8th, 2011, requesting Air Pacific wire $USD 23, 943.75 or FJD $43,200.00 to them.

The work was done between February 10, 2011 and May 8, 2011 and was mostly carried out (24hours) by MILBANK partner, Wilbur F Foster Jr, with the international company being paid in US currency.

The cover page of the invoice we produced in our story was addressed to Pflieger and referred to work done by MILBANK on Air Pacific/Proposed Insolvency Law. Tasks involved included conference calls, reading the draft decree (this is the decree Coupfourpointfive reported in May), corresponding with Air Pacific and dealing with MILBANK lawyers Evan Fleck and Dennis Dunne.

Work carried out also involved corresponding on the draft decree with Air Pacific lawyer, A Siwatibau. We established A Siwatibau was from the Suva law firm of Siwatibau & Sloan. A (Atu) Siwatibau and James Sloan are partners in the firm, who were appointed Air Pacific's lawyers after the regime directed the airline not to use Munro Leys.

That particular invoice in question amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars and clearly shows Wilbur Foster Jnr's hourly rate is USD$995 or FJD $1800 an hour.

Below, the letter showing Pflieger's thumbprint on the ENI decree.

30 August 2011
I confirm that Air Pacific Limited, a limited liability company of Fiji, in which the majority shares are owned by the Fiji Government, has retained Marshall-James of Kent
House, Upper Mulgrave Road, Cheam, Surrey, UK, to work on its behalf on issues relating to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) complaint made against Fiji and
the airline. Andy Cook of Marshall-James has authority to procure services from third parties in this regard.

Yours sincerely,
David H. Pflieger, Jr


Anonymous said...

Heard a very strong rumor that Pfliger had a fantastic kickback on the disastrous Airbus purchases that have cost FNPF $200M deposit for a total price of $600M+ but without the engines!! So it seems he is now heading out after collecting a very large payday as well, and Fiji and Fiji Airways left with a huge bill and a system that needs a paradigm shift to even operate properly, excluding the problems he has caused with staff lay-offs and restructures! Moce Jo!!

Vutuki Meo said...

Pfligger farked Bainimarama well and proper over this one.

Anonymous said...

Magai! did poor Fiji taxpayers paid FJ$1800 per hour to Wilbur Foster? magaitinamu bainimarama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pflieger goes away smiling all the to bank. He is not laughing though because he fears being heard.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum still have their millions intact.

However, the poor people are left poorer because of $200,000,000 and more which have been and will be taken from their FNPF savings to pay off all of these stupidities.

Anonymous said...

Just to show how paranoid Pflieger is , he instructed a senior GM to monitor internal internet usage and phone calls after the announcement was made.
It didnt stop us from celebrating on the top floor !
Pflieger is an idiot of the highest order interested only in his CV enhancement. He really has no interest in our country,its people or the national airline.
His CV is so embellished its laughable!

Sotia Ulukau said...

Pflieger now departing with his millions in commision from air bus deal, stashed away in some tax free haven bank account.

Frank and aiyarse millions still intact with aunty nur taking care of their overseas investments.

They forced themselves into power with no money, now they're wealthier and their families are set for life.

Pflieger has taught a lesson to quit while you're ahead.

Anonymous said...

I know that David Pflieger reads blog sites such as this. He is being warned that we will follow him around the globe to potential employers to let them know of the rot he has caused in Fiji by fully endorsing and supporting a repressive illegal government. To say that he rescued Air Pacific from the doldrums is deceiving. The Airbus deal was only successful because the illegal government forced FNPF to grant the loan as no financial institution was willing to do so given the bad credit rating of Air Pacific and the insecurity of granting a loan to the illegal government. Thats why Pflieger is running away now because he forsees disaster looming around the corner, and he does not want to be caught up in it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:56 A

He's sitting in your country I presume as you wrote that, and yet you couldn't touch him...what would you be able to do internationally, you idiot! Right now is the time to do anything if you want while he's in the land...what are you waiting for? A fucking invitation on a billboard?

Anonymous said...

I found his blog and wrote the following....note, after 3 weeks, my comment is still awaiting moderation...surprise surprise...

The Air Pacific now has gone from a full service airline to basically a no-frills airline where the food’s shoddy, cabins unkempt, unattended and filthy, with staff fearing for their jobs each month! Great stuff Mr CEO! The author forgot to mention the huge concessionary loans that this CEO managed to get from the lone superannuation provider in Fiji to fund this “rebranding”, which otherwise would have never seen a day in another lender’s office. The people of Fiji, who own this airline themselves loath a trip in one of its aircraft. The airline will head towards bankruptcy at this rate in the next decade, if not sooner. Some rebranding this is!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji 7s team in Qrts. in LA 7S.good on you boys all the best and keep that hard hitting tackle coming.
god bless

Anonymous said...

I am worried about FNPF Investment in Natadola,MOMI and now Air Pacific..
FNPF will go down like NBF Saga.
Air Pacific did well under CEO Campell.
Why is this CEO David .P running away after buying 3 new planes .I smell a rat now.
I hope i am wrong it will be sad case like AIR fiji and NBF Closed down.
What will happen to members saving in FNPF.
Now you cant even take regime Govt to court.
We have FNPF Board and Govt to blame.
god bless.

juluumbaat said...

it is often the case when a third world country goes through a period of crisis following a coup, some unsavory characters from first world countries will converge on the country to take advantage of the opportunity to do a big time con job - because a patronage system is in place.Accountability and transparency is not important . the important thing in such a context is to keep the gatekeepers happy. Who are the gatekeepers in Fiji today?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phliger. You did a great job by kicking out unqualified locals who thought they were something being a manger over two staff at air pacific. It was a joke around Nadi that very local in airpacific was a manager, lol. You have kept us flying Phliger and we still have a job and our pay better with productivity pay. It is those slack workers and those wannabe managers who are complaining. You did what had to be done for the airline to survive and make money. You have done great and it's time for someone to take it up another notch. Those complaining here will not even qualify for the job and are making noise because of their political affiliations. Like they say empty vessels make the most noise. We are all for you Mr Phliger. Thank you for keeping us in the air.

Anonymous said...

Pflieger's departure should cause no regrets nor jubilation. It has just closed another chapter in the regime's sorry episodes. He was just another cog in the devious schemes of the regime which will be replaced in due course. Jubilation should be reserved for the day when the regime is gone and freedom restored.

Keep The Faith said...

ROFLMAO @ the person thanking PILFERER for keeping them in the air.

The guy BARELY kept flights in the air, let alone on time. Planes have bern leased left right & centre, basic mishaps like fuel spilling onto tarmac during refuelling resulting in flight delays, and huge hotel costs to put up travellers when flights could not arrive or depart on time.
Keep thanking him tho'. Air Pacific is still (barely) flying while your hard-earned super keeps it (& other hare-brained schemes of the regime - now Aslam & Jim 'atlas' Ah Koy have persuaded FNPF to fund telcos in PNG), afloat. Meanwhile PILFERER is high-tailing it out of coup coup land and laughing all the way to the bank.

It is suspect that the Air Pacific board & Aiyaz are singing his praises upon his departure, because if he was so brilliant any right-thinking company would have paid anything to keep him on & make him accountable for his vision that has racked up a bill that could reach the billion dollar mark.

So was he pushed or did he jump? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Emirates Airlines are getting rid of ALL their A330s. Wrong aircraft for long haul flights.
Other major Airlines are doing the same. Those airlines that are keeping A330s have taken them off long haul routes.
The A330 is a major catastrophic decision for Air Pacific's long haul routes.
Any flight over six hours will demand offload of cargo and passengers.
It is widely known that a new A330 is only as good for three years. Cost of maintenance after that skyrockets.
Strong rumors, 5% commission changed hands. A prudent executive or an astute conman will definitely not be hanging around.

Aslam Khan medicore crony capitalism CEO said...

Do not let Aslam Khan anywhere near Air Pacific.
He is grossly over-rated CEO due to Vodafone profits.
But Vodafone Fiji was a monopoly for many years.
Recall the obscenely inflated rates forced on us.
Aslam profited by taking us to the cleaners.
Vodafone never operated in a competitive environment until it was a well-established monopoly with a head start.
Vodafone is using it advantage to crush Digicel.
Aslam is not a private sector CEO who proved his worth in a competitive environment.
He is a govt bureaucrat who progressed through crony capitalism.

Anonymous said...

What about the tens of thousands of dollars paid by Air Pacific to an "image consultant" from the US to try to advise him the direction he needs to take regain some public "credibility" after being caught out by his highly unethical actions. He failed badly.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific was overhauled to be a success because it is the national airline and couldn't be a failure but if it doesn't make money from here on in then it's down the tubes. No more FNPF money should go into it.

Restoring airline to profitability in just two years--reversing record operating losses of FJ$12 million and FJ$91 million in the two financial years before he arrived, to produce a FJ$16 million profit;
• Winning first-ever recognition from Conde Nast Traveler magazine as one of the World’s “Top 5” Small Airlines for two years in a row (2011 & 2012);
• Modernizing the fleet by leading the landmark acquisition

Fiji Man said...

As a regular traveler I say quality of service and food on Pair Pac declined considerably in last three yrs. Before we looked forward to flying Air Pac, nowadays it's a bore and a drag. This cannot be good for Air Pac. We hear this is the tip of the iceberg of problems.

It seems clear Pfliger did things at Air Pac more to boost his credentials than help the airline. Air Pac was stepping stone. Everything he was doing was designed to help him in future his endeavours and personal career. He can make rebranding, Airbus purchase and other changes look like a big deal on his CV.

But they came at the expense of thousands of passengers, and may well bring airline to its knees. Plus, loans were taken not from commercial sources but pension scheme, facilitated by an illegal regime now drowning in corruption.

Pfliger gambled with people's lives' savings. If banks won't lend, how come pension funds gave loan? Pension funds are far more cautious than banks in funding. No good penion will ever invest in high risk venture. Step in illegal AG, ASK who helped facilitate tis highly risky venture with our lives savings.

Pfliger is imoral. He used people's saving for his misadventure and used Air Pac and Fiji people as stepping stone; aided and abetted by illegal, ineffective, naive clueless, attorney general ASK.

When democracy is restored, ASK and others should be held liable for this fraud.

May the curse of the people be on Pfliger and ASK.

Anonymous said...

Pflieger will ride off into the sunset in search of another plum job after pharking up NFP an bullshitting about the profits.

He'll trip upsomewhere

Coup 4.5 said...

We read in the news from Fiji that parents charged for child neglect can end up in jail for 25 years under the strict new laws being contemplated in the new Fiji being engineered by Frank Bainimarama .
I wonder what people charged for treason will get in the new Fiji?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Air Pacific's 16million profit last year even with the scalpel that was taken to staff, spending and other retrenchment policies.

The purchase alone of the new airbuses would've made a huge dent in its budget.

The airline could've only been in the red with the help of ahuge cash injection.

They weren't able to get it from banks, so bled NFP.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:50PM is absolutely spot on.

Anonymous said...


Fiji Man said...

Pfliger's record as CEO needs tobe contextualised on the basis that he could not get commercial banks to fund his plans but from a pension fund, with help from an illegal regime. It seems normal market forces had no faith in his plans.

So Pfliger has nothing to show for during his time as CEO except perhaps an impending disaster waiting to unfold in the wake of the mess he left behind if comments on this blog from seemingly well placed sources are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:13am

You must be so stupid yourself in first presuming I live in Fiji, and then you gravitate to cussing. If you are a supporter of Pflieger, just say so. You bloody well know how hopeless it is to try and make sense to this IG in Fiji. Pflieger is one of them and is untouchable if he remains in Fiji. That's why I will follow him when he attempts to find work in a democratic country who will seriously look into any violations he has committed against humanity.

Pflieger carpetbeggar said...

Anonymous@10:27 PM:

Do keep track of Pflieger and expose him, especially how he used his time at Air Pac to engage in activities to bump up his CV, and how commercial banks would not support his risky, hair brained schemes, so he turned to the regime, and with their help raided the the country's pension funds.

Let it be known that Pflieger is quite immoral and callous and potentially corrupt as he used his position as CEO of national airline in small country for his own selfish ends.

You will be doing Fiji a big favour if you shatter some of the self-created myths surrounding PFlieger at Air pac.

Looks like he was nothing but another carpetbagger.

shenaaz supuji dave said...

Dave, and all those that were supporting him. You guys cooked the books , bought aircrafts at the expense of fnpf members, did cosmetic changes and restructures to the company in the name of "turnaround plan" yet you achieved nothing. ! You filthy racist , but we indigenous aint dumb to see evrything that was happening there. We are blessed in disguised but we feel sorry for the rest of the staff and management who're still struggling to bring the airline back to its feet. You and Shenaaz have really pharked up the company coz u were inside each other's underwears all these while. Well best of luck Air Pacific/ Fiji Airways..!don't panic if the ship sinks.., js wear ur lifejackets and get ready to be thrown overboard...writing is on the wall

Anonymous said...

A good lesson to the rest of Fiji. These are night flyers who fly in, milk the country dry and fly out again with a full colgate smile, and an overflowing bank account. I still cannot comprehend that Fijians just love to sit by and watch their beloved country run by dickheads.!!for heavens sake

Anonymous said...

This regime is all about filling to posts with palagis so western nations can ease sanctions on their own.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read that the search for a new CEO has begun by the Air Pacific Board.
What a lot of hogwash! The chairman has confirmed to a number of persons that he had nothing to do with the selection of Dave Pflieger. He was in fact directed by you know who !!!!!!!
I guess the same will happen again.
OH yes, Pflieger is going to assist in finding a replacement!!!!
The truth will eventually come out in the necessary investigation.

Anonymous said...

Was any anti-bribery document signed between airbus and air pacific? If you are in management at air pacific and read this blog then suggest copy is made and given to C4.5. Will come handy once regime is removed to help recover money from Mr Plieger and airbus.

Anonymous said...

Pflieger has totally embellished his CV.
His civil pilot experience is a clear example. He claims to have flown the Airbus A320. A collegue who worked with him in the USA has told me that Pflieger only has about 45 minutes A320 aircraft time,and this was under supervision.
Air Pacific pilots have always been suspicious of his so called commercial flying experience as he is not a knowledgable as one would expect. He has duped so many people to get where he is.

Time will tell said...

Prospective employers should do a thorough check on Pflieger. He couldn't get banks to invest in the new planes and Air Pac because it was an unsound venture and because they knew it would be good money going after bad.

Banks never want to lose money so why would they invest in a sinking airline?

The next few years will be worth watching: will Air Pac come right without the books being cooked or will more NFPF money have to be found to keep it going?

Anonymous said...

Pflieger knew air pac is slowly but surely dying a painful death (just like fsc) under this regime. He planned his exit well by making changes on air pac so it can be shown on his cv.

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 8.37AM
if what you say about this Pifer fala surfacing here in Fiji with a fabricated CV is true then it confirms my view that a time of coup is a time for crooks and conman to ply their trade!

Anonymous said...

The BIG idea

''SOME dictators are more afraid of tweets than they are of opposing armies,'' according to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

Since 7 million text messages over a week in 2001 mobilised the Manila protests that ousted corrupt Philippine president Joseph Estrada, the idea of social media as a revolutionary force has seduced protesters, presidents and pundits alike.

From the Middle East to Beijing, activists have replaced leaflets with Twitter updates. Mobile phones helped topple Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar in 2004.
But sober reality now hangs over the intoxicating Arab Spring. A Twitter revolution can falter as fast as a flash mob when the iron fist of autocracy smashes through.

The notion that Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube can create regime-changing movements is under fire. Evgeny Morozov of Georgetown University and others have highlighted how readily social media tools can be used by authorities to identify, locate and ultimately persecute protesters.

It appears there are no short cuts to sustainable revolution. Building the members, resources, infrastructure and leaders to take over when the toppling is done takes time. So old- fashioned.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/facebook-cant-fight-our-wars-20130209-2e4yx.html#ixzz2KWe2F2dG

Anonymous said...

The rot in AP will surface in 2-3 years time long after David Poofter has left our shores with his load of goods obtained from Khaiyum and Fiji's taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Okay Dave you can look as though you're licking your chops in this pic but your dirty business deeds will catch you up.

You probably will get another job, possibly an even good one but if they have sense they will scratch beneath the surface or just google your name and see what comes up.

Anonymous said...

Regime can afford to say thank you to Dave because thanks to him being an American he gives credibility to what was basically a shonky venture.

The internataional community look at palagi dave and think okay, must be credible. Little do they know oil is leaking and Air Pac would've blown up if it hadn;t been for NFPF funds.

Anonymous said...

Ain't-bribery document exist or not. Can anyone within the Air Pacific confirm this.? This is important document once the regime is removed to help us recover funds that belong in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Juluumbaat 9.23 AM

What can we say, even Peter Foster was Frank's top adviser in 2006.

These overseas opportunist crooks know we have an idiot dictator, that's why they flocking our shores, i.e graham davies, sharon johns, pflieger, etc

Yusuf Ali said...


Anonymous said...

Can all information about Pflieger's next move internationally be brought in this forum C4.5?

I for one would be happy to write to the employer and expose this crook for what he really is.

Let's bring this dickhead out in the open and expose him for what he really is - a suave conman.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. A former attorney at Air Pacific has quite alot of documentary evidence.

Blow the whistle on Pflieger said...

Now is the time for Air pac employees to come out with what they know on this website.

dave botheee said...

I wonder whats APL's financial strategy to repay its fnpf loan ,loan from the exim bank, and all its aircraft leases now. Less revenue and more expenses = big time cash poor. Wonder whats your liquidity ratio right now???? . Mgt shouldnt act smart, admit your future operating losses forecast and stop recruiting expats. The resources are right there in your land ( the Fiji citizens). E ca gona ni o keda na kai Viti e da veibeci tiko ga vakai keda. Sa qai kenai sau qori. E na tekuvu ka boi yawa na demudou

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific profitability has been deceptively achieved.
A B737 aircraft that was owned (paid off) was sold and leased back .
Boeing also paid considerable compensation to Air Pacific for the delay to the B787.
Pflieger deceivingly delayed financial announcement knowing there could be a run on the company by creditors including the banks.
So unethical!

Anonymous said...

air pacific sent its two top appointed pilots (not the best pilots but the appointed top yes men) to France to train on the new airbus A330 but they both failed the courses and had to repeat them a number of times before they were allowed to touch the real planes. These two idiots will also be responsible for safety - how many times will it take before they get it right and how many passenger lives at risk?. The two idiots are the chief pilot Joshua Cavalevu and the Project Captain Jone Turaganivalu. Will you be safe - especially if yes-men are appointed over more qualified pilots - just like the nay bainimagana was appointed over more qualified and highly intelligent army officers....

January 30, 2013 at 9:25 PM


National parties
Fiji Labour Party (originally multiracial but now predominantly Indo-Fijian; led by Mahendra Chaudhry)

Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (United Fiji Party or SDL, mainly ethnic Fijian; dissolved 2013)

Social Democratic Liberal Party

United Peoples Party (supported mostly by Europeans, Chinese, and other minorities; dissolved 2013)

Coalition of Independent Nationals - a grouping of six candidates styling themselves as independents, in the 1999 election. Led by Prince Vyas Muni Lakshman.

Conservative Alliance (CAMV), a nationalistic party that broke away from the Fijian Political Party (SVT) (q.v.) in 2001; led by Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, its key figures included insurrectionist George Speight. The party merged into the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua in March 2006, but was revived in 2008.

Dodonu ni Taukei (DNT) - ethnic Fijian party led by Dr Fereti S. Dewa.

Fijian Political Party, better known by its Fijian name, Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei (SVT), ethnic Fijian; the governing party from 1992 to 1999, but decimated in 1999 and anihlated in 2001. Partially merged into the Fiji Democratic Party in June 2002.

Girmit Heritage Party (GHP), a small Indo-Fijian party led by Beni Sami.

Green Party of Fiji

Justice and Freedom Party (AIM): led by Dildar Shah

Lio 'On Famör Rotuma Party (LFR), a party representing Rotuman Islanders, led by Sakumanu Pene

National Alliance Party of Fiji (NAPF): registered on 18 January 2005 by Ratu Epeli Ganilau as the successor to the defunct Alliance Party

National Federation Party (NFP) - predominantly Indo-Fijian; once a major political party

Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party (NVTLP), led by Iliesa Duvuloco

New Nationalist Party, led by Saula Telawa. A splinter from the NVTLP

Party of National Unity (PANU) - multiracial party founded in 1998 by Sairusi Gagavoka; now merged into the People's National Party (PNP), though it was revived.

Party of the Truth (POTT), led by Nimilote Fifita

People's National Party, predominantly ethnic Fijian; effectively led by Meli Bogileka; formed from a merger of the Party of National Unity (PANU) - and the Protector of Fiji

(Bai kei Viti, founded by Ratu Tevita Momoedonu).

Social Liberal Multicultural Party, led by Joketani Delai

Anonymous said...

Plieger made 2 major major & important changes and did not see through, this could very damaging. That is name change & branding for AirPac and secondly the branding for Tourism Fiji. For any professional person, re-branding of a company/institution is a huge project, you can not leave half way. The satisfaction of a smooth transition, recognition & acceptance by the market at large is a challenge to see it through the end is a catalyst of anyone's career inspiration. Only a con & fake will leave half way. Get Plieger before he leaves.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Pflieger also provided the regime its anti-labour decree.

It's not a great accomplishment to change an organization with a huge infusion of ill-gotten money and then to leave before it has to be repaid. In fact, isn't that what this regime has been doing -- sinking Fiji deeper and deeper into debt whilst spending taxpayers' money in a desperate bid to buy popularity and legitimacy?

A failure on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Pflieger is headed forvVirgin Airways, where he plans to take over marketing. His proposed new tag line for the airline is: "Hi, I'm Vrgin. Ride me!"

Anonymous said...


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silver Airways’ Board of Directors today announced the appointment of David H. Pflieger, Jr. to the position of President and CEO, effective May 1, 2013. Pflieger, who also will join the Company’s Board of Directors, will succeed Darrell Richardson who recently retired.

“Given the accomplishments that we and our employees have achieved and today’s announcements – the honor of receiving the prestigious ATW Regional Airline of the Year Award and the recruitment of a very talented CEO – it is without question a very exciting time for Silver Airways”
Pflieger, who until May 1st will remain CEO and Managing Director of Air Pacific, Fiji’s national carrier, will be responsible for the leadership and management of the 14th largest regional airline in terms of number of passengers flown.

During his highly energetic tenure in Fiji, Air Pacific and its employees benefited from many “firsts,” including taking the airline from the worst losses in its history to a profit in just two years; the replacement of B747 and B767 aircraft with new wide-body Airbus A330s valued at over $600 million, the establishment of a profit sharing and quarterly incentive program for front-line employees, the introduction of a comprehensive social responsibility program, and recognition by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as one of the “World’s Top 5 Small Airlines” two years in a row.

“As an industry veteran who has top-notch operational and customer service experience, an accomplished management track record from his time with some of the world’s best airlines, and an ability to create and maintain an employee-focused culture that will enhance and foster the many talents of our team at Silver – Dave possesses all of the right skills to keep our partners and customers satisfied in an effort to strengthen and grow Silver Airways,” said Ray

As President and CEO of Silver Airways, Dave Pflieger will be responsible for the management and oversight of Silver Airways’ almost 800 employees and 32 aircraft operating over 60,000 flights per year to destinations in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and the Bahamas. Pflieger who will be joining the airline’s Board of Directors, has more than 27 years of experience in the aviation and airline industry as a business executive, attorney, and pilot.

Pflieger, who until May 1, 2013 will remain CEO and Managing Director of Air Pacific, Fiji’s national carrier, will begin the transition of his management duties effective immediately. He and his family will reside in Fort Lauderdale.

About Silver Airways (www.gosilver.com)

Silver Airways Corp. (IATA: 3M) is a U.S. airline operating 100+ daily scheduled flights to/from 47 gateways in Florida, The Bahamas, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Victory Park Capital, a Chicago-based investment firm, launched the company in May, 2011.

Silver Airways is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a new state-of-the-art 61,000 square-foot maintenance facility based at Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV). The airline operates under a principal code share and alliance agreement with United Airlines and Copa Airlines. The Silver Airways fleet is comprised of 21 Saab 340BPlus aircraft and 11 Beechcraft 1900D aircraft, each powered by highly reliable, fuel-efficient jet-turbine propeller engines. Silver Airways is among an elite group of airlines that was named a recipient of Air Transport World’s (ATW) 2013 Airline Industry Achievement Award. This award recognizes Silver’s outstanding growth and achievements as well as the company’s contributions toward elevating the entire regional aviation industry overall. The ATW Airline Industry Achievement Award is the longest-running and most-respected airline industry honor in the world.

For more information on Silver Airways, visit www.gosilver.com.

Anonymous said...

So much for his "personal reasons!
Con man.

Anonymous said...

send this blog to his new employer. Wonder what he told them.

Anonymous said...

@February 10 9:38am they can now bring madam shameem. She is good at doing workshops on why NBF went down and the corruption of senior bank and goverment officials. Maybe she can shed some light on why this was allowed to happen while they are running the country. All knowledge of the law no farkin wisdom & integrity. We don't have to look far to see who are crooks are this time eh?

David H. Pflieger carpet beggar said...

So air pacific was David H. Pflieger guinea pig and stepping stone for bigger and better things. hahaha! another carpet beggar fools the regime and the people Fiji, hooray

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pfliger used Air Pacifics funds and resources to get the job at Slither Airways.

Anonymous said...

Chairman of Silver Airways is Matthew Ray.
His Email address is mray@vpcadvisors.com
He must get the truth on Pflieger.

Anonymous said...

So who is going to replace Pflieger? Word is the girl Voss (Khaiyums other aunty) is going to replace him. If that's the case that the airline is really doomed to go bankrupt soon.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! dou sa qai vavei Air Pac//sa drovaki kemudou tale o kavetani...lol!mai kavetani mai..kailaa..uwwiiii..sa qai matata ga mai na matani meke ohqoh!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.35pm did u write to them? Well I have emailed the PR company links to this site along with few comments. Suggest we all start doing it so this will bring it their attention.

Send it to: info@sbprcorp.com

Rupert Murdoch said...

Well done C4.5 for bringing this news before any other local media did. You must get recognized by the world media for Truth Award.

Anonymous said...

Sa lai dua tale na job nei phligger. Ni blog tikoga ni veivutusona sa tubua mai na veitavioka.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who praises Pflieger really doesnt know him well.
We at Air Pacific saw through him very very early.

Anonymous said...

Good riddence you american swine.

David Pflieger architect of Air Pacific's impending doom said...

Seems like David Pflieger carpet beggar has set the stage for Air Pac's implosion, making sure he will be a safe distance away when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

fliqa naso said...

Not Pflieger only who made the strategic decisions..they are also some big time "suckers" managers also involved in those mgt decisions inside there. You made all the managements resign , band aid solutions, failed restructures, poor fleet planning, pathetic financing etc. Karma is coming back to haunt u mate. You will rot inside that hangar with all hair turning grey quickly mate.. what goes around comes around. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

how on earth can a airline with $90m loss make a turnaround profit of $10m within 12 months when they still operating the same route, same aircraft, etc. this cunning bastard pfliger managed to do it just becoz he wants to imnpress the government..made the locals flee overseas, nd bringing in his own cebolelevu crew....flee-ga magaijinamuuuuu...sonelevu o tubuna...drau vicai kei bumu koya sa davo tu mai nai bulu2...kaisi whiteass sega nomu i tovo...the main pple to blame here is the bainimarama government who hired this bastard at the first place when we have locals here who can run this airline. shame on you bainimagana...nd kaisiyum...fuck you!!!

Anonymous said...

They use FNPF money to make profit in their books and Catering Company like ATS contracted to AirPac with a regime relative in Slute Delailoloma heading it makes a $300, 000-00 loss last year alone. Wonder what the loss will be this year for ATS(fiji)...feel sorry for the people of fiji. This bitch is being paid the same as the CEO of ATS while the other local managers get far less than her yet as been allowed to run a catering business like it is on vanuabalavu or what maichod!!

Anonymous said...

This just confirms what I was thinking is happening

Anonymous said...

Fijians are silly Niggers. The white people fucked you once before, and then you trusted a white guy to lead AIR PACIFIC. He is laughing to the bank with your dollar in hand......