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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fiji Labour Party defies regime decree and signs up the stipulated 5,000 members

Hope yet for Fiji's political parties. 

Despite the regime campaign to kill them off, the Fiji Labour Party has told us it has signed up the required five thousand members and then some.

FLP is believed to have registered at least seven thousand members, across the country's different divisions as required by the new political registration decree.

A party source has confirmed the numbers to Coupfourpointfive saying they are aiming for 10-thousand members, adding they had functional offices in all districts so were able to complete the membership drive fairly smoothly.

The Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree says parties must have five thousand members to be able to re-register on February the 15th - two thousand of them from the Central Division, 1,750 from the Western Division, 1,000 thousand from the North and 250 from the Eastern Division.

The decree says parties all need to collect a dollar a head from members for the $5,005 registration fee and are not allowed to accept any gifts or donations.

The newly-named Social Democratic Liberal Party and the National Federation Party are underway with their programme to register supporters.

The latest decree has the international community again debating Fiji's political woes with  stories in recent days re-litigating the motives of the illegal government and the ongoing difficulties the people are living under.

In "The People of Fiji Matter: Who is Standing up for Them?", former Canberra diplomat, Sir Ronald Sanders, says it's time Fiji was expelled from the Commownealth Nations.
"Bainimarama has been remarkably cunning at manipulating the international community including his largest two Commonwealth neighbours, Australia and New Zealand -- both of which have been criticized for not applying stringent sanctions that could gave brought down the regime. The two largest Pacific countries have broken-off and resumed diplomatic relations with the Fijian regime in efforts to persuade it to allow the preparation of a broadly-acceptable new constitution and to hold general elections.

"...... the people of Fiji deserve better, and the 9-member Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) should hold the people’s plight uppermost in its collective mind when it meets in April. It should also be faithful to the Commonwealth’s own principles and rules."

In the article "Why Carr needs the velvet glove more than the iron fist", Australian academic Richard Herr claims: "It’s impossible to prove that a gentler, more engaged approach to the Bainimarama Government would have accelerated the return to democracy or made the path to democracy smoother. What’s undeniable is that the hard line approach advocated by critics over the years hasn’t prevented any of the adverse consequences of the toxic political relationship between the two countries."

We found merit in the views of the Cook Island politician, Norman George, who told Radio Australia their own prime minister Henry Puna, the chair of the Pacific Forum, has been too soft on Fiji.

George says the Cook Island itself jealously guards democracy and feels sorry for the plight of Fiji people under the military dictatorship.

"To see what is happening in Fiji is so disappointing and undemocratic and cruel. It matches Idi Amin of Uganda many years ago.

"It is not the Pacific way to do away with democracy. What’s happening in Fiji is depressing; very very demoralising for the Pacific."

As we've said this week, there's no point participating in the regime's plan to legitamise itself: it will keep to its own agenda and people should not give it the satisfaction of falling in line.


juluumbaat said...

there are many highly educated but pathetically naive State and ex-state officials who just don't seem to get it - the Fiji situation. But thank God for people like Sir Ronald Sanders. He reminds us that there are clear thinking people still around to give us hope for the right action against the regime.
Not the bullshit that's been going on for 6 lousy years!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Sir Ronald and others what has all this so called sanctions achieved people of Fiji are happy most of them like the government .People who are unhappy are the corrupt ones and the unionist who can walk all over the poor now.Get your facts right people this government might be illegal in your eyes but it's not corrupt if you don't support them means you are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.10pm - pull your dead brain out of khaiyum dirty ass. if the regime is not corrupt, why not release the auditor general's report? why not disclsoe the Nur bano salary scheme of khaiyuma and Bainimarama? Why is nazhat Shameem collecting $23,000 a month? Why was Bainimrama paid $200,000 leave pay? Why was francis kean who was convicted of murder appointed as PS for works? your brain dead fuck get your fucken facts rights asshole

Anonymous said...

Who paid 200k to Baini cat .He will able to answer to this forum.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 2.26. They just lost to Canada,12-14. How sad too much individualism. Same as government.

Anonymous said...

FIJI lost to Scots .they will bounce back.poor defence.

Mahen 'the treasonist' Chaudhry said...

Coup victim or coup entrepreneur?

Mahen 'paisawala' Chaudhry is a coup entrepreneur.
Organised for $2m to go into his personal kitty after 1999 coup.
Raised funds all over he world.
Exactly how much was raised and how was it spent?
Also became interim finance minister after 2006 coup.

So yes, this man has profited handsomely from coups, definitely more than most, by posing as victim number one and making bucket loads of money. The real victims, cane farmers and poor people, did not see a cent of the $2million.

Yet all those sanctimonious press releases from FLP about transparency and accountability by auntie asha.

It is beyond a joke.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knwo if any regime members went to Wellington for the Sevens

Anonymous said...

Navy Guy is the Fiji 7s manager Semi Rogoyawa.

Anonymous said...

Biggest Crooks are Bano and Khaiyum .fiji tax payers money been taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

Ashlam give more sponsorship funds to Fiji Bati Team.
Frank give Fiji Bati more money like you did for Fiji Rugby 3 million went down the drain.
Fiji Bati made people proud in 2008 .
they made it to Semi Final and can do it Again.
Companies should support FNRL.
God Bless

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 1.10PM
"... this government might be illegal in your eyes but it's not corrupt.."
you joking right?
your eyes okay ?
are you the kind with good eyes who can't see?

Anonymous said...

Sanders you stupid shithead, Fiji is already out of the commonwealth. And cook islands, you don't even have enough people on that island because they all in new Zealand. Do something in your country to get your itizens back from new Zealand where most of your women are sex slaves or white new zealanders.

juluumbaat said...

@ Anonymous 4.40PM
you regime cocksucker you have cock sauce in your brain that's why you can't think straight. sanders is not a stupid shithead. you are. now you go back to doing what you do best : cocksucking. intellectualising is not good for your cocksauce filled head!!

Aunty Asha & Uncle Mahen said...

Aunty Asha and Uncle Mahen

FLP has questioned ‘super-salaries’ of PM and AG.
What about mahen’s ‘super-secret’ $2m bank account in Australia?
Or interim finance minister mahen approving Bainimarama’s 200k ‘super-back pay’?
Hypocritical FLP and self-serving bunch of father, his mistress and son running the show.
They take us for fools.
What about mahen’s $2m-plus, one-off haul, Asha Lakhan?
$2m loot was from monies collected in India.
Mahen secreted the money into his account.
Yet, FLP media person Asha lakhan can pontificate: “Fiji taxpayers are entitled to know the truth.”
Yes, asha, they are also entitled to the truth about $2m stash by Fiji’s Robin Hood, aka mahen.
FLP statement: “After all, there has been much rhetoric on transparency and accountability by the interim government High Command.
The man who made a career out of rhetoric on transparency and accountability is FLP Dictator and High Command, one mahen pal chauhdry. But he never practices it.
He defied party directive and appointed in-law Sachida as senator.
Because of nepotism and mahen’s $2m stash, FLP is known as ‘Ali Baba & 40 thieves party’.
Who is FLP to ask regime ‘to clarify reports about Cabinet salaries’ with so many unanswered questions about where $2m came from and how it ended in mahen’s pocket?
FLP statement: ‘So much for accountability and transparency from the AG and his PM.
SO MUCH FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FROM FLP AND MAHEN: Clean you own backyard first Ms Lakhan!
FLP statement: Stories claim PM and AG each drawing 'whopping' $700k pa.
Still can’t beat mahen’s ‘whopping’ $2m windfall, can it Asha? And in Australian dollars too!

I am no regime supporter, but its time for Aunty Asha Lakhan, as part of the old guard, to move on. Her hypocrisy is unbearable.

MC Vinod said...

Those who are writing about Chaudhry's $2m should first ask how much money bainimarama and Khaiyum has stolen from 2007 - 2012? Why not talk about the super salaries of the who super crook?

MC Vinod said...

The two crooks have refused to disclose the assets and incomes from 2007. Why? does the gentlemen who often writes about chaudhry's $2m wants a share? Why is he only interested in Chaudhry's $2m and not in Khaiyums $100m? is is related to khaiyum through some recent inter marriage?

The MOther Land yearns said...

sanders no shit head..only yu fijians..you will be out of pacific forum next...so go join china or better still sell you islands back to the original owners..the kaiindia from south india..ask you kai Alisi Daurewa...cant you see why the push for one race one people..becauise the only ones not kaiviti are the kailomas and the rotumans and the rest..you kaiindia and kaiviti are the same race...lol

JULUM Fan said...

bahut julumbaat..you kai viti afterall...kaila

Mahen Chaudhry lowest of the low said...

Vinod, You are obviously a blind mahen arse licker.

We are interested in mahen because for 30 years he shouted that he stood for transparency and accountably until we went deaf in one ear. he claimed he stood for democracy.

Then he supported the 2006 coup.
As interim finance minister, he approved Bainimarama illegal $200k backpay.
He defied party and nepotistically appointed in-law sachida as senator.
He went with begging bowl around the world collecting donations in name of coup victims.
How much was really collected and where it went, nobody really knows - so much for transparency and accountability.
$2m collected in India was quietly secreted into his Australian bank account.
He gave 50k to his beti, bought nice house for his beta, but not a cent to the poor - yes this is our so-called leader.
Talk about feathering you own nest in the name of the poor!
Did we elect this bloody chor and crook to raise donations on his behalf using labour party and name of the epoor?
mahen is the worst of the worst and the loest of th low because he pretended to be robin hood while robbing his own suporters of their entitlements.

You MC Vinod are a blind mahen supporter who should eat his shit.

MC vinod said...

Why being selective? Khaiyum has more to million in his bank than anyone? There is no
reference about the corruption of the present military leaders which is well documented! Why

Mahen Chaudhry lowest of the low said...

MC Vinod, do use this corrupt regime's practices to hide an justify mahen's betrayal.
Of course regime if corrupt - your dear leader mahen helped it consolidate its power by giving it crucial support in the early days, and becoming interm finance minister.

Treasonist mahen has a hand in 2006 coup disaster, as he has hand in in all disasters. he though he could hide and cover up his tax evasion and $2m stash by joining regime. mahen was part and parcel of this corrupt regime. One of his corrupt acts was approving Frank's illegal 200k backpay.

I nearly had a heart attack when I heard champion of transparency and accountability mahen had signed on the cheque!

My point is, who is FLP and mahen to make all these sanctimonious claims about regime's corruption and demand answers?

mahen and his mistress Asha Lakhan can't take moral high ground by demanding accountability when they and their party itself is so damn corrupt, unaccountable and nepotistic.

Before you ask questions, answer with documentary proof were $2m came from, and how much was raised overseas, and where it all went. It should not be too hard for a party and a leader that swear by accountability.

at the moment mahen and asha sound the like worst hypocrites in Fiji, certainly no better than the evil regime they attacking to divert attention from their own corruption.

Anonymous said...


Santa Maharaj said...

People in Fiji should not vote for FLP.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Norman George dickhead lecturing on Fiji? The Cook Islands Govt recently tried to deport a HIV-infected citizen from the country. If this is the notion of democracy that these islands have, then their diatribe is best kept for themselves. At least in Fiji, one is not discriminated against just because of their medical/social conditions! Don't forget to clean those glass walls in your house, you moron!

MC Vinod said...

Those who are behind the propaganda about the so-called $2m money are simply jeolous about FLP's strong support. Just read the main story of the present article. 7000 members for FLP already. Can other parties match that? yet to be seen. The principle that: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone applies to the gettlemen venting his frustration against Chaudhry. Firstly, let me ask, if the donors of indian are not complaining abiut the two million, why are you so restless? second, which party in Fiji has a 100% clean record? is the SDL without any blemish? NFP has two bigcrooks exposed? Military is the biggest corruption culture- just check the regimental accounts? SVT - NBF scandal.
The gentlemen who wants aswers must first disclose his true identity. he must have supported teh 2006 coup and must have acted as advisor a 99% of indians supported 2006 coup. Does that mean we demean them on a daily basis? All those who supported the 2006 coup have now realised their mistake and we must work together to remove the most corrupt regime in Fiji ever.. FLP and SDL does not even come remotely close to the level of corruption of this regime. Harping about $2 millin without putting your real name is enough to know about your own sordid history of 2006 coup.

Anonymous said...

SDL will win the fair Election .70% Fijian will vote SDL.
FLP will have 30% Indian votes.
Regime will only win when thy Rig the Election.

Anonymous said...

Regime are laughing at people fighting on this blog.
People have to be United to Fight for Democracy.
People will face Court one democracy is restored.
People let focus on getting Fiji the way it should be .
Democracy and Freedom. Lets put the Smile back on people .
let them enjoy freedom/democracy.
everyone made mistake no one is clean like snow white.

Anonymous said...

santa Maharaj should shut down his Fiji First and join NFP. He is a good leader. Anit Singh is welcome to NFP too.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sports team unites people. look at wellington 7s fiji indians are in nos so proud waving fiji flag .
no kai india or kaiviti all fijians.
why cant we all do the same in politics. enough of fights.
united force .

Anonymous said...

you losers..regime lakie

Anonymous said...

Regime ripping tax payers dollars.

Mahen 'the chorwa' chaudhry said...

MC Vinod any talk of transparency and accountability coming from the corrupt and self-serving mouth of mahen and his family party is rubbish with no credibility whatsoever.

Mahen has hoodwinked his supporters and enriched himself, or feathered his own nest, something he used to accuse others of.

You MC Vinod and mahen are part of a racist and nepotistic Indian party led by FLP High Command and Dictator mahen Pal chaudhry, surrounded by friends, family and mistress and yes men.

$2m is not propaganda, it is fact. you are a blind supporter who is in denial. you must be a mahen lackey.

That you are trying to justify non disclosure and criminal tax evasion on the grounds that 'donors are not complaining about the two million' shows how corrupt and dishonest FLP and its suporters are. you are just like the regime you hypocritically criticise.

Why all the secrecy about $2m.? Do you no longer believe in transparency and accountability? than why preach it?

why ask regime for trasparancy when your own bloody party and leader cannot not practice it you hypocrite? What you afraid of. why is FLP top brass acting like the mafia and being secretive. where is all the donations collected overseas?

why not publish audited accounts?

If people continue to vote labour that is their choice. as saying goes, you deserve people you vote for. we should have learnt that lesson in 2000.

if we don't we will pay the price again.

Bajaru Levu said...

so this is defiance???
my god, talk about the ostrich...
you flp lot.
chod and his son screw you..and you complain about LQ screw kai viti..you deserve each other..see who can screw better...fiji where happines finds you..yea right ,,,its become a brothel..everyone screwing each other..so kranky screwing the guru muslim bitch of a judge...i feel sorry for my brother aslam..brother just hang in there...go to england and look after your children like the good brother that you are..i am with you, sorry about your wife and sister outlaw.

Mahen 'garibi hatao' Chaudhry said...

gal gali me shor hai mahen chaudhry chor hai!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji already out of pacific island forum and commonwealth so go fark Saunders and Juluumbart.

Baku said...

Santa Maharaj teri maichood don't worry about Mr Chaudhry. I suggest you worry about your daughter being back n front by one MUSALMAN.For your information Mr Chaudhry is currently in NZ and if you have guts come and face him teri Daichood.

Jack said...

Santa Maharaj what has happened to all the money you collected under Fiji First Party. You organized several fundraising dinner and collected thousands of dollars under your party name,what has happened to that chorwa santa? you made false declaration to nz govt and enjoying benefit,that money is earned through hard work by tax payers,santa you must be ashamed of your harkat. You also gave bribe to illegal regime to secure graveling contract in Bua but you were unsuccessful. more to come on you maichood.

Raymond said...

Santa you are as my good Indian fried says "Bina Pendi ke lota" man with no integrity,respect always barking from the cave. tell me one good thing you have done for the people of Fiji apart from crooking.

Anonymous said...

can someone find out more about land belonging to national farmers union namely Navatu Estate which has an area of 550?acres is transferred to mahend choudries wife name personally ,isn't it corruption ,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Santa Maharaj are you the brother of Atma Maharaj the coup suppoter and mate of George Speight>

Anonymous said...

why the land on vir matis name if she gave money how much and why there was no one else,why it was put un her name rather then NFU ,will she trnsfer the land back to NFU if her money is returned,when how soon?what's the value of the estate?

Anonymous said...

Santa Maharaj and Anit Singh: In your letter to illegal President published in Fijitoday, you allege the SDL government was corrupt, incompetent and racist. How do you two assholes rate the present regime on those three issues? Anit Singh you are married to Nikat Shameem, one of the three bitch sisters, have you declared your wifes role with the other coniving sisters? Santa Maharaj, can you deny that you supported the 2006 coup which was treason?

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumari of Consumer Council--I am a consumer.I pay tax.ASK and Bai are consuming my tax money.I want you to find out and tell the world how much.I am sure you will get TV time--you can do up ypur hair and eye brows etc and come on TV.I am sick of hearing about the price of tin fish,bread,toilet paper--your favourites.Please Premila !!

Anonymous said...

Can the Chief Justice or someone explain why there are so many traffic acquittals in Nadi Mag court.Lately a muslim boy was acquited--lawyer was Iqbal.Magistrate was Ajmeer Mohammed.Two people died in the accident--one Rotuma Mr Rigamoto and the other a muslim.The acquitted driver was clearly at fault-he was only 21 and was driving a big fast fancy car-a rich father.How was he acquitted?-second death driver acquittal in Nadi. The other was one Emosi--caused the death of a newly trained pilot.CJ---are you or anybody listening ??

Anonymous said...

FLP got 7,000 members in a week. Can Fiji First Party of Santa Maharaj get 7000 members in 70 years? jai ho MPC.

Anonymous said...

Frank bainimarama is not a full blooded Taukie. He is a kailoma with indian, part european blood. His father was not a Taukie. Same goes to fat ass Tikoitonga whose father was a Fisher family. These two mother fuckers dont appreciate Fijian culture and tradition. Thats why he fucked up the Church, vanua and chiefs. Two son of kailoma bitches....

Anonymous said...

Atma Maharaj was appointed by Hon Qarase to head the newly formed Fiji Cooperatives Limited. And, his son of bitch brother of Fiji First party calls Qarase a chor. Santa when SDL comes in power come to Fiji and say that to the SDL elected PM. then you see the fun.

Anonymous said...

To all SDL suppoters. Santa Maharaj and Anit Singh's letter to the illegal President calling SDL corrupt will be taken to court in NZ soon. Enough is enough. The party will ensure its name is not tainted by Mr Maharaj and Singh to win favour fromt the regime.

Keep The Faith said...

A little bit of defiance is long overdue! Kudos to the political parties for thwarting the plans of the illegal & treasonous regime..

Now that we have Thicko loudly proclaiming the RFMF's intention to sit on the Constituent Assembly while he proudly boasts of 'their' agenda from 2006 (yeah right Thicko at the height of 2006 Bainimarama didn't even know your name), we all know where this is going and the regime must be defied if we want them behind bars before we go to the polls.

Fijiwala said...

It is funny how Santa calls Mahen Choor. I wonder who is bigger chore Santa or Mahen.

One is choor and the other is bigger choor.

Anonymous said...

Santa accuses Qarase and Mahen as chors. What about his brother Atma Maharal was was fired from Asco Motors for supporting the Speight coup in 2000? Can santa deny that Atma was implicated in the SGP 2003 Audit Report? He was supposed to be charged by FICAC? Pramesh Chand can confirm when he was CEO in the PM's office between 2007 - 2008, santa was visiting bainimarama frequently. His is good buddy with John Sami and made good bucks as advior to Bainimrama.

Anonymous said...

Santa your hero Bainimarama scored 6/100 - read this.....BUT he is still better then Mahen and LQ....your morn brain dead loser
survey of access to information about government finances.

The 'Open Budget Survey' was carried out by an NGO called the International Budget Partnership.

It saw Fiji ranked 10th from the bottom.

New Zealand was rated the best in the world for people being about to find out how their government is handling its money.

Burma, Qatar and Equatorial Guinea were ranked the worst.

"Fiji scored 6 out of a 100 ... which is lower even than China's 11," Reverend Akuila Yabaki, CEO of the Fiji NGO the Citizens Constitutional Forum, told Pacific Beat.

He said the survey specified particular documents which have not been released.

"Pre-budget statements, executive budgets proposals, enacted budgets, citizens' budget and includes audit report for 2011 - all these haven't been released ... The audit report has been produced, but only for internal use."

He said since 2007 they have been calling for the Auditor-General's reports and other financial reports to be made public.

"... people are in the dark as to what's in store for them in the absence of these documents."

Rev. Yabaki added that it is "a fundamental human right" to have access to such information, it is also important to make the government answerable.

"People are entitled to know what is the actual state of spending, [including] the salaries of people who are officers."

"The definition of 'transparency' - according to good governance and the best authorities - defines 'transparency' as decisions taken and their enforcement being done in a manner that follows rules and regulations ... [meaning] information is made freely available and directly accessible."

Anonymous said...

Those of you who are supporters of Mahen Chodowala,and his followers.Let me tell you his cock must be in your ass full of bhindi and baigan.He is a fucked up cock head. A bloody bajaru licking Asha's wrinkled pussy full of over grown grass. no time to mow the lawn because too busy in politysex.

Anonymous said...

Just get fucked you supporters of Mahen. Go and wash your eyes with his urine and brush your teeth with his tathi and suck his kulina corck. Bunch of idiots garnd marau dal.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we humbly request the FRU. To pliz sack Mosese Tikoitoga, the barsted is a curse, Fiji will never win any tournament in both 7s and 15s. Sack him now,

Anonymous said...

Jhluumbath...you should change your name to jhulab=baath,i think that's what you eat for having a shitty brain.
This govt is here to stay,you MFs

juluumbaat said...

"This govt is here to stay" anonymous 1.54 am wants us "MF" to know.
Well let this "MF" remind this green goon THE DAYS OF THE DICTATORS ARE ALWAYS NUMBERED!
Shithead do you know what happened to Marcos?Or, more recently to Gaddafi?
Your turn will come. Your guns will not save you. Mark out some cave in the vikau where you can hide. In fact that is where your type belong - back in the cave, not in civilised society governed by the rule of law.You fucking Neanderthal!

Chorwa Atama Maharaj said...

Santa Maharaj please my chor brother answer the allegations and dont dreg me into your dirty dealings,please bro.

Anonymous said...

Kaiindia fighting like cat and mouse.

NO Elections said...

the flp and sdl are not acting in defiance.
they are in submission..give in you weak polies..kranky arsehole and naulukau is just making you dance and you just do it...and the three musketeers are just laughing at you lot...
GET it in ur heads...No elections No elections No elections you dickheads.
The scam is already showing...no constitution, deadline passed..and you should know by now that u cant have an election without a constitution...so this drag on and come 2014..thats the excuse..people cannot agree on a constitution so we just keep going as we do now..oilei you thick heads

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And you know what happened in Myanmar, they still in power after all this year. You know what happened in North Korea, they still in power. Areh examples there toooo

Boyo said...

Labour, SDL, NFP all unite.


Anonymous said...

Careful guys. The regime will insist on checking the 5000 plus members list. This will give them the target hit list to crack down on before next election.

Sharon Suaniu said...

These ulukau soldiers always boasts about how good they are in everything. Look at status of our economy and rugby is in disastrous situation. Very very embarassing!!

Anonymous said...

How come when there are no soldiers or navy at all in the team.

Anonymous said...

Rogoyawa resigned a long time ago from the navy so go and suck his dick.

Anonymous said...

Army f up in 1987 scams and NBF saga.
2006 coup f up natadola.momi,fnpf, air pacific and others
the army have f rugby too now. army touches anything in fiji get f up. curse curse.

Anonymous said...

Franks says Fiji people supporting the regime.
Why than you have so many boci guards with you and your boss Khaiyum ,Sa rere tu.

Anonymous said...


juluumbaat said...

Frank says this Frank says that Whatever Frank says is Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Interesting...is this where Fiji is headed too?

Zimbabwe checks its bank balance, finds only $217
By M. Alex Johnson, staff writer, NBC News

Desmond Kwande / AFP/Getty Images
Crippling inflation in Zimbabwe led the government to issue a 100 trillion-dollar note in 2009, leading to reforms that have tamed the cost of living but left the country with almost no cash.

Before you get depressed about the state of your finances, spare a thought for the nation of Zimbabwe, which as of Tuesday had exactly $217 in the bank.

Follow @NBCNewsWorld
That's 217 dollars, not $217 million or $217 billion.
Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Tuesday that that was all that was left in the country's public accounts after it paid its civil servants last week, the South African Press Association reported. He told reporters in the capital, Harare, that some of them were probably better off than the state.
After a decade of inflation hit 500 billion percent in 2008 — leading to the issuance of 100 trillion-dollar bills in Zimbabwean currency — the country switched to the U.S. dollar and formed a coalition government in 2009, which the International Monetary Fund credited in September with taming inflation and stabilizing the economy.
Advertise | AdChoices

But the debt the country built up during those years of nationalist rule by President Robert Mugabe left it with a minimal tax base and few cash reserves, the IMF said, leaving Zimbabwe vulnerable to economic "shocks."
One of those would appear to be the regular wage bill for civil servants — which accounts for 73 percent of the national budget.
Biti, an opposition member of Mugabe's coalition, said the lack of cash threatened elections that are expected some time after a March referendum on a new constitution.

Anonymous said...

to juluumbaat
i know you are tattifala,by changing your name wont change the way you think,you MF.
Name yourself Julaab baath.
The current govt must have rubbed you in avery wrong way because it stopped your corrupt practices.Ha ha.
All you MFs blogging here against the govt are either members of the corrupt sdl or your corrupt practices had been stopped .

Cheers to Mr Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Everything this ulukau army regime touches turns to shit. They touched economy and we end up in the toilet with big dinau to China. They touch rugby and we end up with biggest losing streak and soon we'll be playing test matches with india and china bidai!

Anonymous said...

SDL/FLP/NFP unity governemnt in 2014. PM - Ro Temumu Kepa, deputys (MPC/T Baba/P Rae)

juluumbaat said...

hello! currently we don't have a Government. we have Thugs ruling without our consent!
my new name in new fiji is Franky Cranky mugabe the dictator for life!

Anonymous said...

can someone take a rugby ball and shove it up frank's stinker. what the eff is wrong with our rugby!

Anonymous said...

Tax collection 2012 record

09:27 Today

FRCA chief executive, Jitoko Tikolevu

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Mika Loga

Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has recorded a revenue collection of $1.73 billion in the year 2012.

FRCA chief executive, Jitoko Tikolevu said the revenue collection exceeds the original revenue forecast of $1.72 billion.

Tikolevu said the positive revenue collection is attributed to sound tax policies, improved tax compliance as well as multiplier effect through tax cuts.

Value Added Tax continued to be the dominant source of the overall tax revenue by accounting for about 39-per cent.

The total revenue collection for 2012 stood at 24 per cent of total Gross Domestic Product.

Anonymous said...

2012 Tax revenue $1.7b. 2013 Government expenditure $2.2b. Where will frank get another $400m from to spend in 2013? answer loans, laons and loans.

Anonymous said...

How about the whole rugby team shove their tools up your stinker.

Anonymous said...

Sex orgy group involving teimumu Kepa, mac, baba and Rae by the look of your proposal.

Anonymous said...

The NBF saga was involving prominent people in society including unionist and politicians not military people. Check NBF loan list that collapsed the bank and you will be very surprised.

Anonymous said...

we want tattifala!

Anonymous said...

Which Leader will lead the March.GCC or Political Party or Church Leader to bring the Army Down.
Army led Govt gave Fiji big loss and filled their pockets.
Why Dint NBF closed under Rt Mara .Bec he was a great Leader not a Army Dickhead.
Army are made of fools. who cant get any other jobs in Fiji.
Army even blow their budget .how can they f run the Country.

Anonymous said...

How did Baini got 200k in leave pay? We need ans.
FICAC investigate that.

Anonymous said...

Sex orgy group are none other than Nur bano, Nazhat Shameem, Sharon smith Jones, Bainimrama, Kaiyum and Tikoitonga.....poke each other deeep...ahahahhhah..

Anonymous said...

santa maharaj's brother Atman Maharaj must be investigated for bribes and corrution while serving under Qarase government CEO. He took bribes and was blackmailing young indian girls for sex. Please soemone provide his email address in Brisbane so we can provide it to FICAC

Dr Rohit Kishore fraudulent academic said...

Labour is really 'Ali Baba 40 thieves' chor party. The latest chor in FLP is Dr Rohit Kishore. Last year he was fired from USP for academic dishonesty.

He doctored his CV in application for professor. Yes, Rohit, a failed academic in Australia thought he could become professor in Fiji. After achieving nothing in Australia he returned to Fiji licking his wounds. He was a PS in Frank's coup regime, so possible charge of treason awaits.

Now he has joined his mentor, chorwa mahen, in FLP, and with his accounting knowledge they will hide more money and donations to add to $2m mahen stole.

Vote FLP! hahahha!

Anonymous said...

Spot on

Anonymous said...

Sex orgy between you and Tikoitoga.....hhhhhahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

If FLP has 40 chors then Fiji First got two as well and not forgoting the two in NFP.

Anonymous said...

Really bad playing from Fiji: Commentator just said "No defence from Fiji just looking on. Sloppy" in the Fiji versus France match.

Fiji has lost its mojo

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 8 69! Am
the military gang are still clinging to power in Mynmmar and North Koreo but what is the quality of life of the people in these countries?
But of course your concern is NOT the people, I forgot!!

rajend naidu said...

what happened to the letters i send you?
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

whilst the wisdom of my fellow Sydney sider Butch Grant would have us believe"religion and politics make for strange bedfellows" (Fiji Times 2/2) the reality is nothing is exempt from politics. Any first year university student studying politics will tell you that. In fact politics and religion are so close they are almost like siamese twins!That has been the case throughout human history. Only the political very naive will fail to notice that.
Unlike Mr Grant I though Pat Chute's attack on Fr Barr's purported "involvement" (Chuts's word)in politics was not only "harsh" (grant's word) - but one-sided. It sided with the Fiji military regime's selective, self-serving agenda.
Why did MrChute mount that belated rearguard attack against Fr Barr? What was his motive? It wasn't to keep politics and religion separate and clean in Fiji, was it?
rajend naidu

juluumbaat said...

@Anonmous 149PM
The NBF saga - under whose watch did that happen? Wasn't it Rabuka and his handpicked boys heading the Bank and the Ministry responsible for oversight? Wasn't it Rabuka's patronage politics that cause this mother of corruption to happen - because the democratic checks and balance had got buggered under his rule? Don't try to absolve "the military people" of guilt from this kabalavu fraud on the nation. the military people were the gatekeepers who allowed the well connected bigshots to walk in and walk out with the public bank money.

Anonymous said...

Sotia Vutu sona

Anonymous said...

Army good for nothing.look busy doing nothing .

Anonymous said...

Fiji Army leaders wont to Mr Fix but its just the opposite.Mr f up.

Anonymous said...

2 Ladies running Fiji with the power of the small mountain.
Bano/Naz Advisor to Bai/Khaiyum .Taliban taken over Fiji Army Now.
RFMF TO TKA -Taliban Khaiyum Army.

Coup 4.5 said...

Constrast Dr Richard Herr's take on how to deal with the Fiji military dictatorship :'Why Carr needs the velvet gloves on Fiji not the iron fist' (Fiji Sun 1/2) with that of Sir Ronald Sander's who claims that "By any objective measure of the Commonwealth's own criteria Fiji should by now be expelled from the Commonwealth of Nations" in article 'The People of Fiji deserve better. OP-ED: The People of Fiji Matter. Who is Standing Up for Them?' (Fiji Today blogsite 31/1).
Dr Herr's prescription is a naive attempt at appeasement with a dictatorship that has demonstrated no genuine commitment to relinquish power six years after taking over the country to carry out what it called a "Clean up" campaign.
Is Dr Herr's prescription coloured by the fact that he is a retired academic employed at the University of Fiji which is a regime run university?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Sotia ni masidakai.
Dou sa masia tiko na dakai nei kaiyum?
Dou lai masia talega na dakai nei Graham Davis.
Yavu sotia ululala.
Ni lako i nakoro ni lai raica na kena ca ni ka ni kitaka tiko.
Ni yavu boci.

Anonymous said...

The most people who credited from NBF which led to it's bankruptcy were from the military. That was under another ulukau soldier who thinks on his dick (Rambo Rabuka) Now we have another ulukau soldier who thinks on his big fat ass (Kranky Franky) running the country to untold poverty and bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

The persons running the bank were civilians and also the people who took the money. Not Rabuka.

Dr Rohit Kishore USP academic fraud said...

@Dr Rohit Kishore fraudulent academic:

I have just read about Dr Rohit Kishor sacking from USP for academic fraud. I am not surprised. I know this guy from school. He is a weasel and a crook. He hides his incompetence by talking big. He is from Tavua. I think he is related to Mahen Chaudhry . Both relatives are greedy for money. They arev sellouts. I feel sorry for stupid FLP supporters. They will get screwed again, just watch.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's golden era was under British rule , the country development was unprecedented now having gained independence its stagnated and even gone backwards , nationalism has destroyed Fiji , just like in Africa.half of comments on here are hateful, this website and most of its users are rightwing fuckheads , go suck black dicks you undeveloped monkey republic , yours thankfully western nations, also you dirty india's , look at your homeland


come at me bro

juluumbaat said...

Navy guy Semi Rogoyawa is Fiji 7 manager. I am sure this is anti-regime propaganda. Don't you remember the Great Leader Franko the Cranko Bainimarama said after launching his "clean up" campaign (remember also it was not a coup)that no military personnel will benefit from his coup , oopps, sorry "clean up".
People you MUST believe the Great Leader. And you MUST love him. That's a decree!

NOMANCAN said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This one better!


'Hurtful' blogger loses house
By David Fisher @DFisherJourno
4:00 AM Sunday May 30, 2010


Cameron Slater, known as Whale Oil. Photo / Sarah Ivey
Cameron Slater, known as Whale Oil. Photo / Sarah Ivey

The wife of prominent blogger Whale Oil says mental health problems are driving his internet behaviour - which has included a campaign to break suppression orders and insult people online.

Juana Atkins also says husband Cameron Slater has "no thought of the consequences for himself or others or indeed his family" when he makes his online attacks.

The emotional outburst was sparked by the couple's forced sale of their East Auckland family home. The house was sold after Slater's insurance payments for depression were canned by insurer Fidelity Life.

"The house is gone, there is nothing left," Slater wrote under the persona Whale Oil on his Gotcha blog.

It was followed by a post from Atkins stating: "You have a wife who loves you, kids who adore you and a number of truly great friends. We will always have a home because a house does not make a home. A family does."

That elicited little sympathy from one reader, who said Slater had shown little thought for the family of deceased King's College student James Webster this month.

The controversial blog post had followed police charges after Slater printed and hinted at a string of names of people before the courts who had name suppression.

In response, Atkins wrote: "I do not have the power to stop him. It is because he is clinically depressed that he says and does out-there things. He was nothing like this before he became ill.

"He shoots from the hip with no thought of the consequences for himself for others or indeed his family. The very fact that he says hurtful things that show a total lack of empathy is the evidence that he is seriously ill.

"He watches me cry my eyes out again and again and it moves him not one iota. You want me to be upset that he has hurt others? I am too busy dealing with his lack of empathy towards me."

Slater said he had seen the post by Atkins and did not want to comment further.

He said the family were moving into cheaper rental accommodation.

NOMANCAN said...

Sorry your posting something from 2010 , bit angry are you ? regardless of his personal circumstances he has been named as the editor of the new zealand truth , a 150 year old news paper.im sure he earns more then the $100 dollars a week you earn. im sure whatever place he resides in is far better then your dilapidated corrugated iron shack.

read about it here ii know who you are , look on page 3


come at me bro.

Butako levu said...

gali gali me shor hai mahen chaudhry chor hai!

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck didnt people ask this questios when other goverments were in power .why ask about Nur Bano and other stuff why did you ask Chaudhry were is all the donation and Formeer Pm were he got all the millions and all formeer Mps about alll the expensive houses and cars>keep you ideas up your ass and let them do the job and get fuken cry babies out .

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 5.16PM
you sure you live in Fiji ? you from this planet right? You haven't been sleeping like Kumbakaran the character in the Hindu epics? because you seem to have failed to notice a lot and in your ignorance ask uncouthly "why the fuck didn't people ask these questions when other governments were in power?" many people have been asking questions regarding the conduct of previous governments and they are doing the same with regards to the Bainimarama regime. You clearly don't like people asking any questions regarding the conduct of the Bainimarama "govt". That's what you are about. You are a regime stooge. own up!

NOMANCAN said...

@ juluumbaat

You sound like some disgruntled little ex civil servant, prolly lost your job because you were shit @ it or due to corruption, and lack of results, and misuse of public funds ,cyronism, whatever. man never heard someone spout so much shit in my life, if i was there id smack the black off your face. you can always go back to your homeland , look at the photo's are you in the 5th one ?cant handle when someone goes against you , anyway hope you die in a acid fire.


Anonymous said...

gali gali me shor hai MC Vinod ke damandh santa maharak aur atma maharaj qarase ke chamcha chor hai....duno maichod hai...

Anonymous said...

All those who are jumping up and down critising the Goverment ,army and PM would be either arse licking Qarase ,Mahend or union bitches.Ask Felix how he build that massive banglow ask Rajesh how he got BMW 5 series and why is the labourer from FSC still living in a squatter and using pit toilet.All butako levu now when its stop gand me perawe

Anonymous said...

Just want to know why are we so concerned about Mahens 2m when that came from Indian ppl, none of us or our forefathers contributed, Why no one talks about LQs daylight robbery from class A share. Khaiyum and Bainimarama salary, military goons pocketing from government boatds? why, just because MPC is of indian decent? Please get real, all are corrupy so do not apply selective judgment if we want a clean Fiji

mahen 'lining his pockets' chaudhry said...

To Anonymous February 3 10:54 PM:

I am shocked you defending mahen's $2m ill-begotten loot. But I shouldn't be. Labour supporters are utterly dumb after all. No wonder your party lasted just one year in government.

We concerned about 'Mahen's $2m' because mahen is champion of transparency and accountability; because mahen accuses others of feathering their nests, but is the king of it himself; because mahen is self proclaimed champion of the poor and Fiji's Robin Hood, but not helping poor, just lining his pockets. Poor did not elect him to go around the world with begging bowl in hand like a bhikari or beggar, collecting money in name of poor but keeping it for himself.

But all this would be beyond a blind FLP supporter and mahen lackey like you. You even try to justify mahen's thievery on the basis of what LQ did!

What do you mean 'no one talks about LQ - he is in jail you dumb arse, and mahen will follow soon.

As for Bainimarama salary, your baap mahen approved illegal 250k backpay you maichod. Apart from military goons, FLP goon mahen also pocketed as interim finance minister.

You are unbelievably dumb, but you are reflective of the IQ levels of FLP supporters.

We are not questioning MPC because he is of indian decent, but because he is supposed to corruption fighter.In truth he is daddy of corruption and nepotism in his party.

You are a delusional FLP suporter who can't face the truth about his imoral leader.

mahen 'lining his pockets' chaudhry said...

C4.5 editor, that was a perfectly fair and legitimate response to Anonymous 2013 at 8:20 PM.
so why remove it? why allow mahen to hoodwink people and pull wool over their eyes? why suffer his hypocrisy? why allow him to get away wth all this? don't you think delusional FLP supporters need shock therapy and a rude awakening?

Remember mahen is the most devious politician in the country. he wrecked the multiparty govt and stabbed stabbed LQ in the back. he gave succour to the coup plotters. do not censor those of us who are trying to expose this lying hypocrite.

I though journalism core role is expose hypocrisy, so please publish.

Mahen for PM said...

mahen chaudhry for PM!

FLP dictator and high command mahen chaudhry's lineup: said...

Asha Lakhan for minister for information!
mahen's in-law, one senator Sachida Nand for minister of works!
Beta rajen for attorney general!

Mahen Mr Transparency and Accountability' chaudhry said...

mahen should also hold Ministry for Detecting Tax Fraud and Ministry for Elevating Poverty portfolios.

He has direct experience in tax evasion - he stowed $2m in secret Australian bank account, and for years no one was the wiser! A brilliant mind. We need more of it.

Plus mahen has lots of experience going around the world, begging bowl in hand, collecting donations in the name of the poor. How much is actually collected, and whether it reaches the poor is another story of cours. As some oFLP supporters say, it is none of our business anyway.

I am all Mr Transparency and Accountability, mahen pal chaudhry!

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that FLP has not worked hard to collect signatures. Mahen ChoorDhry is in Australia looking for a QC to file a case against the government.

History will clearly show that when ever things have not gone Choorwa's way, he has resorted to filing a case.

I also have been told in Ba are where some FLP people have gone to voters under the disguise of being officials from voter registration and asked to see their voter card. The took all the pertinent information and filled out signature card and had the voters sign.

The appropriate investigative department should take FLP to task and proper charges laid.

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 11.14PM
can you also say the appropriate investigative department should take Bainimarama and his co-coupist to task and lay "proper charges" against them?
I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Anonymous said...


juluumbaat the issue is not about Bainimarama or anyone else. It is about fraud being committed by FLP in order to get 5000 signatures.

Why FLP can't be straight up and tell people what they are doing?

Gandu FLP party said...

Anonymous at 11:37 PM is right.
FLP is known for dirty tricks.
ILeader mahen pal chaudhry is very good at it.
mahen will do anything to win election and power.
He was even ready to form an alliance with butadroka who hated indians.
mahen is only for himself.
Will flp will find courage to kick its greedy, corrupt leader out?
At the moment flp is gandu party full of yes men.

Anonymous said...

Do not say bad things about my uncle mahen and auntie asha!

vekaveka said...

we want tattifala! Bring back tattifala!!

Anonymous said...

New SDL name is too twisted. They should embrace a simple bold name like the Conservative Party, or some other name that shouts the fact that it is a right wing party.

Enough talk about moderation and hoping that Govt and the common people will be fooled by the new SDL name. People in Fiji are way past that now. The new name is not an exercise in moderation, it is an exercise in self deception and intellectual dishonesty.

Worst of all, I doubt that the new name will result in conservatives from other races joining the SDL because the name just shouts Fijian conservative or bust.

Common SDL, you can do much better than that.

I look forward to the party raising a team of candidates, platform, messaging, and campaign that screams competence in governing even before elections are called because the way I see it Govt's game right now is too good while FLP is floundering.

Enough scare tactics and negativity, show Fiji that you have something as equally or even more positive than what Bainimarama and the fLP have to offer.

Prasad said...

LMAO!!! Bainimarama? He runs the most corrupted government in the history of Fiji!!! His illegal government scored 6/100 on the government transparency research and survey done world wide. Fiji was ranked amongst zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau and other failed african states. The only thing that has advanced since this senseless coup is his overseas bank accounts and the countrys debt to china which will take many fijian generations to pay due to our very small economy.

Anonymous said...

Perceptions are all that matter!! The negativity of the opposition and most people in this forum doesn't count for nothing as long as many children get bus vouchers, villagers in rural areas feel that development is materializing, recovery efforts from natural disasters are real and effective, people are paying less taxes with more take home pay, civil servants are getting better pay and are working harder, government services are improving, people perceive that they can make complaints to FICAC, social welfare access is expanded, and inflation is declining overall since 2010. And they sure don’t care about Fiji’s debt to China. Honestly, do you even think about that debt every day. The regular guy on the street sure doesn’t. All this amounts to a perception that at long last somebody somewhere is doing something for the little guy. People overseas do not realize this. The loyal opposition is such a cry baby and stomper and so stuck up with their democracy agenda that they are failing to see a new age of stability setting in - sure does confirm how they have been so out of touch before 2006 - and voters in both rural and urban areas realize this. You try and beat that perception. Voters do not really care what the opposition wants as long as they feel that they are secure. That is why the majority of the common people are not rising up against this government – they feel they are secure or something is being actually done to improve their overall condition and also because the alternative - a return to pre-2006 means only a return to racial divide and political instability and general mistrust in and cynicism against local politicians and their ability to get done what Bainimarama has done in recent years. And so far Bainimarama is offering security and social and economic advancement while these other parties only harp about taking us back to volatile times before 2006. Sure advancement is being made through the rule of the gun and sure some things being said about government maybe true, but qarase and chaudhry’s hands were not entirely clean either - with evidence to boot – LQ in prison, MC facing criminal charges, and Rajendra Chaudhry being an incompetent lawyer. So far I have not seen anything equally positive or even better being proposed by political parties when they return to power. Governing and campaigning should be about honest and constructive debates resulting in the best ideas winning through for the people. Government is doing this even while the loyal opposition is taking a holiday from history and trying to topple govt. So far I don't see any good or better ideas being proposed by the same parties that have been in control for so long [that you would be convinced that they actually are better than the current government]. How's that for perception!

MYOPIC said...

sorry baiyaa...either your glasses are as thick as coke bottles or you are blind....oh oh i think u are suffering what your hero ASSHOLE accused the lawyers of suffering..MYOPIC...and if you dont know what that means go lick his ass and let franky stick his cassava up yours, and the feeling u get is what that means