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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fiji police officer commits suicide over compensation

A story you will not see or read in the Fiji media

A police constable who was denied a workmen's compensation by the Fiji Police Force has committed suicide. 

Before dying, Constable 3736 Alvin Prakash had repeatedly pleaded from his death-bed to see the Police Commissioner Iowane Naivalurua. 

Alvin Prakash was seriously injured while on duty in July 2010. After questioning a drunk and disorderly suspect at the Grantham Road police post at about 3pm, the suspect's father went to his nearby home and brought a cane-knife. 

According to court documents, Prakash heard someone coming up the front door. It was the suspect's father, Anasa and he had a cane knife in his hand. 

"Anasa struck Prakash in the head, on the front right side, severely injuring him. He defended himself by trying to get hold of Anasa's throat but was struck a second time. Luckily, the second strike missed the officer, and struck part of the front door."

When Prakash was later examined, it was found that the skin where the injury was, was cut completely, the skull bone had been penetrated, and there were some bleeding in the brain. He had 22 stitches on his wound.

According to the prosecution, Anasa attempted to murder Prakash when he struck him on the head with a cane knife.

The Fiji Police Force continued to employ Alvin Prakash and he  lodged a compensation claim soon after returning to work. Under Fiji laws, he was eligible for a $28,000 compensation payout under the workmen's compensation claim.

But the HR Department of the Fiji Police Force, whose director has changed four times since 2010, last month rejected the claim.

Prakash was so dejected he openly talked about taking his life. His colleagues failed to listen to him. On Saturday, February 23rd, he drank 50 millimeters of the weedkiller, paraquat, at his home and was taken to the Colonial War Memorial hospital. 

He was scheduled to attend the Fiji Police Forces Excellence Awards night; but decided to take his life instead.

On Sunday, his colleagues, some of them senior officers, went to visit him. He told them his dying wish to see the Police Commissioner. Whether or not that message was passed up the Fiji Police Forces Command Group or the Police Commisioner, isn't known. 

PC3736 Alvin Prakash died on Sunday night. 




Bainimarama is anti indian son of a bitch. why no compensation for the hindu officer. Khaiyum maichod....allah se ghar marao....

Anonymous said...

New Fiji!
Long live Dharam Lingam!

Anonymous said...

A story you will not see or read in the Fiji media.
what a shame?
will this be the story in the "true democracy" that Bainimarama and his henchmen are creating?

Anonymous said...

Committing suicide is not government fault.

INNIYA said...


• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
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• Hafix Khan,
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• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
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• Gulam Mohammed,
• Faizal Koya
REPUBLIC OF FIJI MUSLIM ISLANDS Bainimarama rubber stamp.

Fiji Police said...

Resign now commissioner of police. he is only for there for his personal gain - collecting 900,000 as commission over three year period , a force run under command from his wife - the idiot.

also all his senior officers are about to run - Ravi Narayan the ego centric bastard term will come to end this month and ACP Rusi ( COO) is gong to Liberia.

And PM is an idiot who have not listen to plighted of officers - see what is happening - no wonder police officers not responding to crime calls - this will get worse you just wait.

OOJHA Kanta Maharaj BROS said...

Khaiyum,nur boor bano,nzshameem,bainimarama,Iowane Naivalarua and the lot will be smashed to death like mongoose.
This is the curse from the hindu society.

kesto said...

Dharam lingam if your ever exists then go and get fucked teri maichood.

Bakridi said...

Committing suicide is not govt's problem,ya but why people have to commit suicide teri maichood you must first find out that.

Anonymous said...

This sums up the current state of our nation. Not even police officer can bring justice! So what hope have we the public have in bringing about any change to this country? Zero chance.

Fiji Police said...

We have confirmation that senior officers are deserting the Fiji Police force. people who will be levaing soon include:

1. Deputy Commissioner Ravi narayan - his contract for 1 year comes to end as he is 56 years old. he contract is not to be renewed as per directive of the prime ministers office as ravi has been implicated in few cases and the major one being him smuggling DPP files on frank banimarama investigations in 2000 to australia.

2. The second officer who is intelligently taking his leave from the force is Chief Operations Office Rusiate who is going as contingent leader to Liberia. rusiate file is still with DPP on hold for him using police funds for personal use. the funds when he was director NIB - that is usually used by police to gather intelligence and reward informers.

3. The police commissioner has also told family members and a few aides that he will not be renewing his contract which ends in September 2013 for three years now. in fact this information is a relive to many police officers as he is incompetent and his wife is running the police force. He is also planing his exit before elections so that he is not implicated with 2006 coup and supporters. that's why PM is mad at him.

4. The chief administration officer of the Fiji police is also said to be looking at his exit as he was recruited by commissioner despite him being sacked by the UN for embezzlement of funds.

the crime rate from jan to feb this year is recorded at at 300% increase in just two months and rape is almost 1 per day. this also is a sign of police ineffective and breaking down of police rule in Fiji.

rape cases stand at 66 cases within 58 days.

we estimate that police commissioner has made off with almost 900,000 dollars earned in commission from suppliers to the Fiji police force namely united apparel and his wife business.

Anonymous said...

That guy took his own life...

All you hear on the tv about cops having to dress properly walk properly otherwise they wont have the respect of the public etc etc.

They are on rubbish wages... Doing such hard work they already have my respect.

I only saw real change in the police force when commissioner Hughs was running the show. I almost used to see cops looking starting to look cool. New cars new uniforms. This 06 coup comes along I see cops singing songs at the airport and by mcdonalds in suva.

Voaka said...

Can anyone tell me where about of one Daku Daven Singh [nfp] pellahar.

Anonymous said...

This is a story that you will not see in the Fiji media because it's not true.

Anonymous said...

Very sad article indeed. If its true, you guys should not wait but please blow it up in international media.

Orisi V Katonibau said...

I first highlighted in 2012 the corruption of Naivalurua and his wife while holding the post of Commissioner of Corrections Service. I also mentioned about the 13 prison officers whose service were wrongly terminated by Naivalurua. However, most of the 13 prison officers have been re-employed by the FCS this year, 2013. Whether this is a genuine act on those in authority to make amends for the wrong decision of Naivalurua or just an act to win over the hearts and minds of the officers in order for them to support the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

media in fiji ....full of crap....

Namosimalua said...

BM is indeed anti-Indian and also anti-Taukei previleges....he is part Fijian and has a chip on his shoulders against Fijians.

Fueld by muslim EyeArse's typical muslim assertion for recognition and extremist agendas BM is fighting for his selfish objectives which play out as anti-Indians and anti-Taukei.

For our future we should all fight this illegal dictatorship to return our democratic and human rights

ravin chand said...

ravinchand@ Namosimalua
I wish the Itaukei had said this in 1987 when the first coup happened? this is your battle. fight it yourself don't involve the Indians? What have we done????

Anonymous said...

and now private hospital will be closed at night because Neel Choroa Sharma as put some restrictions,praying he gets a stroke and kidney failure so he can go to kidney foundation whom he chased away from cwm building

Vutuki Meo said...

@ravin chand maichod.
This coup was also called "indian Coup" for very good reason you arsehole.
Because of Indian support at the start it was able to gain momentum.
Chaudry supported it and Human Rights Officer Shameem; then Charter for Change Arsehole "whatever his name". Also FNPF, FSC, Fijian Holdings etc etc etc
All taken over by Indians.

And even now Indians supporting it wholeheartedly.

It's now coming back to bite you on the arse.

This is what we tried to tell you Indians from the start not to support the coup but you all fell for it.

How many times we gonna tell you that Bainimarama is not interested in Racial Unity.
He is only interested in himself and avoiding jail.

Its almost unbelievable that a fijian or kailoma bainivuaka can con an indian.

Even now Indians full supporting him. WTF.
The only fijians supporting him are the useless army and poofters like inoke kubuabola.

Anonymous said...

to kesto
the very reason you exist is because of me...if i had not had sex with your mother you wont be in this world

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua at the awards: "It is difficult to grow and achieve excellence without the respect of the public,” he said

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2013/02/be-more-passionate-officers-urged/52242.Fijilive
Copyright 2013 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

This Pol Com loves seeing himself in the media opening this and that and meeting dignatries and going on tours!!
He should do what has been directed to all at FRU,,,,shut the fark up and do some work!!!
Why publicise every samll thing you doing? who gives a farkin shit ione u bothy!!!

Anonymous said...

@ ravin chand

DH's like you will create even more hatred between the two major races.

A coup is a coup, sadly I will agree with vutuki meo on this latest coup as being indian.

Coup culture must stop once and for all.

Anonymous said...

so deathbed wish of alvin prakash ignored by naivalurua.

says a lot about where police and fiji is today.

and yes it is a result of the 2006 coup and bainimarama leadership.

Anonymous said...


You are a FLP puppet whose wife ran away with with your own son-in-law. And you were bending down to MPC

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police are one of the world's most in-disciplined bunch of losers. They demand bribes, abuse the general public, abuse the people that they are suppose to protect. By virtue of wearing the uniform, they think that they are the Judge, the jury and the hangmen. I have yet to see a single police that has any professionalism in Fiji. They act like thugs and vigilantes.

The fist thing that they need to do is to learn to respect people. They need to learn words such as PLEASE, THANK YOU, SIR, MADAM, MAY I HELP YOU, and show respect to the people that make their payday possible. They need to be reminded that they are working for the tax payers. They are not chosen ones.

Police are most corrupted second to LTA workers and Bosses.

Annil Chandra said...

I'm ex police officer. Naivalurua is the best commissioner we had so far. There's two side to the story. C4.5 should cover both side of story. Alvin is totally responsible for his actions.

Anonymous said...

I hope some lawyer or the Fiji Law Society take this case and help the familiar the deceased. What a shame that there is no counselling available to poor people especially defunct police force who is protecting coward Baini & Kaiyum bastard.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 running stories from Rajendra chor-dori's FB page. RPC is trying to save himself and his chor papa.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 11.45 am.
Correct, the story is "not true" because the illegal government and its blind followers are in denial. Next you will try to erase history by denying that a coup happened in 2006.Tacina, embrace history, not erase it (Obama). Go visit the father and son at Suva central gaol; the pair are incacerated there. Ask for the prisoner Tevita from Jittu Estate. He will enlighten you as to the truth or fabrication of the matter at hand. Are you educated or "no school"?

Oilei Fiji said...

Fiji police can't save one of their own from killing himself but they can help deliver babies. Oilei.

Fiji Village:

A 50 year old police officer is willing to teach other police officers how to deliver babies in case of emergencies.

Inspector Emosi Veikoso who is a nurse within the force, saved a life when he assisted a woman deliver her baby by the road side in Naboutini, Serua last night.

He added police officers in community posts and police stations should be ready to handle any situation.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the other way around. RPC promoting the C4.5 stories on his Facebook. Read properly nigger

Unknown said...

The Fiji Police Force continued to employ Alvin Prakash and he lodged a compensation claim soon after returning to work.

Media Monitoring

Anonymous said...

Sack the Police Commisoner motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Each time I visit this page, I want to throw up on the admin's face...inciting undue hatred through this page. Why don't you do the same without hiding behind this page? Lamu Sona!!!!!