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Thursday, February 14, 2013

International union welcomes Pflieger's departure

The big hurrah over the departure of the despised David Pflieger from Air Pacific and the shores of Fiji continues with the International Transport Workers Federation also hailing his exit as a blessing.

The ITF's civil aviation secretary, Gabriel Mocho, says Pflieger's resignation will hopefully herald a better era for Air Pacific and its workers.

“The departure of CEO David Pflieger is about more than just reversing the damage that has been done to morale and conditions at the airline; it’s also about Fiji’s hopes for democracy. Pflieger was intimately connected with the country’s infamous Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, a major tool used by the illegitimate military government to cling on to power.

“Air Pacific, like Fiji itself, has been suffering from a deficit of democracy. It is to be hoped that the opportunity for change and progress will be grasped by the incoming CEO. He or she will certainly receive a warm welcome from the embattled workers if they make that their first priority.”

Mocho's statement endorses one from the Fiji Trades Union Congress, which welcomes 'wholeheartedly' Pflieger's decision to step down. 

"Pflieger is a fine example of a CEO who would not hesitate to ride on workers’ backs just to demonstrate his capabilities. It is about how he could make his own CV more attractive at the cost of workers. He will go down in history as the most irresponsible and anti-worker CEO Fiji has witnessed.

"Air Pacific today is a sad story. The Airline has been reduced to a low cost carrier while it still boasts of being a full service airline. Workers’ morale is down to its lowest and many have left for greener pastures. There has been a skills drain over the last three years. Many engineers and pilots trained by Air Pacific have left to work in foreign airlines. This is a cost that is borne by the Airline."

"Claims that Pflieger is responsible for keeping the airline in the air is hogwash. Serious concerns remain on the future of the Airline and the employment of workers. No responsible CEO would leave in the midst of a rebranding of the Airline and the introduction of a new fleet of aircraft. Clearly the success or otherwise of these decisions remain to be seen.
"The CEO’s decision to leave is questionable and demonstrates his own lack of confidence in the decisions that he has taken. 
"The FTUC calls upon the Regime to institute a full investigation into Air Pacific’s anti-worker policies, employment of expatriate workers and also publicise the airline’s annual reports for public scrutiny to ensure its continued viability. 
"The FTUC urges the Board of the Air Pacific to reinstate previous benefits and conditions. The FTUC also calls upon the Board of Air Pacific and the Regime to ensure the appointment of a competent CEO who will act responsibly and respect workers’ rights to restore the reputation of the Airline and Fiji."

Pflieger is now the CEO of an American feeder line, Silverstar Airways. His departure was tipped by Coupfourpointfive several weeks ago and was confirmed last week by an announcement by the regime. But while the illegal attorney general and the Air Pacific board raved about Pflieger's contribution, Pflieger had either already left the country or was on the verge of doing so.

Pflieger's unpopularity continues to surface with sources questioning how much his new employers know about his Fiji track record.

"How would they know that he was unable to deal with the unions and got the dictator to outlaw them? Or that he hired and paid for lawyers to draft legislation to effectively take Qantas' shareholder rights away because the Qantas board wanted real explanation and asked him to justify his grand plans? He wasted millions a year. All his savings were invented by the pretty useless but obedient CFO."

Sources also say Pflieger had actually hired several lawyers, apart from the New York team cited by Coupfourpointfive to help draft the Essential Industries Decree, and that he kept a veritable farm of 'advisers'.  


  1. MUSLIMS DALAL (PIMP) LISTFebruary 14, 2013 at 9:21 AM

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  2. MUSLIMS PIMP LIST UPDATEDFebruary 14, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    Hindus and Fijians must never forgive muslim maichods like Aslam Khan, Iqbal Janiff, Nazhat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Bur Bano, Nashad Ali (CEO AFL), Abdul Khan(FSC),Mohammed Aziz, Faiaz Ali, Mohammed Saneen, Saheen Ali, Razim Buksh (RBF)Nouzab Fareed (Fijian Holdings CEO) Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO) Shiraz Ali, ( FEA human resources manager) Riaz Ali (FNU), Nizam U Dean, Afzal Khan, Hafix Khan, Anwar Khan, Ali Jan, Bahadur Ali, Lainuni Khan, Shaneze Voss, Shane Hussien, Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO), Robert Khan, Rahmat Ali, Gulam Mohammed, Faizal Koya,

  3. Mosque Noise
    Can Bainimarama direct cut2's to stop arse farting in the mosque specially in early mornings.

  4. I wonder if there was much thought put to changing from Boeing to Airbus. All the Fiji engineers, pilots etc. are Boeing trained and with now contract signed with Air France on the maintenance etc. of the new Fiji Airways fleet. Now Air Pac we learnt that it is suffering to keep up with the markets, i wonder the cost factor on this new journey with Fiji Airways. I hope with the name Fiji on its might bing change for the better.

  5. BAINIMARAMA $5,000 NIGHT AFFAIRFebruary 14, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Bainimarama sleeps in a $5,000 a night presidential suit in Paris whilst 11 people each month in Fiji commit suicide due to poverty, unemployement, social problems. talk about serving himself well!

  6. A military junta will attract a certain breed of human beings and ceos to come from abroad to work under it. Pflieger is a good speciment of that breed. They tend to be people with no moral compass. It's their "success" over all else. workers are the least of their concerns.Their concern is reserved for themselves and their interest. Plieger - what kind of name is that!

  7. Great work Rajen:
    PPRD challenge filed and accepted by High Court. Date for hearing of application for interlocutory relief will be given by judge assigned to hear the case.
    Justice will be done don't worry kai.

  8. Pfilger might be gone but he will be part of the team to recruit his successor - so we can be sure we will have another Pfilger of his kind at Air Pacific

  9. Pflieger : German ancestry. Quite likely a nazi like Kurt Pflieger

  10. Can someone publish the email address of Matthew Ray, Chairman of Silver Airways? Dave, the man with the silver tongue, has invented his own version of greatness and it needs correcting by people who really know Mr. Pilferer. The guy is a psychopath and compulsive liar.
    Silver has small regional aircraft and they hired Dave whose spiteful incompetence led to the disastrous Twin Otter acquisition. He dragged out the replacement decision Jimmy Sampson, the GM made for way too long and then rushed and bought the 2 crappy Otter without industry standard due diligence. Now we have the half wrecks and are wasting millions rebuilding them. Of course Dave publically put all the blame on Jimmy and fired him. And then put lawyers on him when others escaped the repressive Dave regime and joined him at airlines PNG. He enjoys screwing people. But easy to do in our dictatorship. Sick guy.
    Rather the dealing with the AP unions, he spent several hundred thousand on US layers to write a repressive essential employees decree and got his keeper. Frank’s strongman the AG to simply passed it as a decree.
    He systematically fired core leaders and replaced them with yes men (and woman). He needs constant worshiping of the great Dave and since competent people have too little time for that, he puts in weak yes men.
    His farewell letter by the board, every word written by Dave, twists the truth beyond recognition. He is an impressive boldfaced liar.
    Mr. Ray praises Dave for his people skills and empathy!!! Dave played him like a fiddle. He is quite an impressive performer when he wants something. I feel for the Silver people. God have mercy on them, Dave will not.
    Now let’s clean shop and send his useless lackey consultants packing with him. He’ll be lonely at Silver otherwise.

  11. Shaenaz Voss will replace Pflieger. She has great mouth and big holes that will bring good business to Fiji airways.

  12. Matthew Ray's Email address is : mray@vpcadvisors.com

  13. Anonymous @ 1125am is 100 percent accurate.

  14. Fiji can prosecute a 10 year old boy but not Bainimarama,Khaiyum or Pflieger.

    "Fiji police have charged a 10-year-old boy with manslaughter over the killing of a six-year-old Auckland boy last month.

    "Mohammed Khubeb Khan and a 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed Nabil Khan, were hit by a slug from a 12-gauge shotgun as they were playing at a new family home near Lautoka."

  15. Anon@11.25am ... silverstar's email was posted here somewhere yesterday by forward thinking bloggers.

    Might mean a trawl thru or can the blogger who gave it us repost it?

  16. Someone on another post mentioned that an attorney for Air Pacific resigned as of late. why? maybe he can shed some light on this fool named Dave Pflieger.


  17. where Bainimarama the Supreme Leader sleeps is nobody's business except his good wife Mary. Mary is not complaining, is she? Why should she? I mean look at all the goodies that have come her way so unexpectedly! Look falas Bai did not take the trouble to do a coup to sleep on the imbe, chatai, mat, did he? He must follow the tradition of all good turd world dictators and sleep on bed of gold or at least a $5000 a night bed when he is out on national business doing very demanding work in the national interest. He is sleeping on a $5000 a night bed only in the national interest. You don't want him to sleep in a budget motel and shame the nation, do you? Talking about budget. Bai does not have to worry about any budget does he? I mean the $5000 for a night room does not come out of his pocket or his family budget, does it? It comes out of the nation's budget which is really Bai's personal budget to access as he sees fit. I mean come on falas don't all dictators have that privilege? why single out poor tin boat dictator Frank Bai for special attention and ridicule? Please be considerate. Long Live Bainimarama. Long Live Dharam Lingum!

  18. Aktung, hail Hitler!!! Pflieger u might as leave now before anything nasty happens in Fiji, because your own angry workers will surely turn against you, hope you can make it out on time.

  19. Remember what tattifala had said : when tatti (shit) happens tattiflies (shitflies) appear.
    that's what happened with Pliefer appearing at Air Pacific after the Bainimarama coup.
    you think his appearance here was coincidental?
    the man got attracted by the shit happening here!!

  20. Shane hussien Pflieger arse lickerFebruary 14, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    I hear Shane Hussein might replace Pflieger, hahaha just joking, but it is a depressingly farcical situation needing some humour, and shane hussien is know as Pflieger arse licker anyway.

  21. There is only one reason why Bai decided to take a $5000 a night room : it's to confirm to people like Bob Carr and other like minded internationals that he is the dictator of fiji with his hands in the national kitty!
    and also to remind them that their funding - international aid - often ends up in the pockets of the dictator and his cronies or to sustain their fancy lifestyle!

  22. Air Pacific / Fiji Ajrways will not survive the re-branding is a poor decision the ghost of Project America is not far away. Air Pacific should be made a stronger brand but alas...

  23. Dave must be very proud of his Fiji airways re-branding exrcise..! Thank u dave for the job well done. Air Pacific/Fiji Airways will grow and become the biggest airline in the region.:-P. Fiji's economy will grow fast due to this re-branding exercise.. !!:-). Mr Bainimarama must a proud man right now aye

  24. what the fark is Elizabeth Powell doing in France with Frank?
    How come this girl is special to ASK and Frank ,,,,even tho she has zero qualifications and experience???
    Whats the f'n secret here?

  25. Remember all Pflieger did was use the Boeing compensation payout to buffer the profit/loss statement and cut costs. While at the same time isolating his work force, making hard working, long serving employees redundant or forcing them to resign, threatening staff with termination at evey turn. Even foreigners he brought in were able to see right through him and his shortcomings. Short... And rather than see through his fast talking american accent the AG and Fiji Sun just blew more and more smoke up his bum. We reap what we sow.

  26. elizabeth powell might be having special maanjah!

  27. What will happen to the FLP /other Registered Party after midnight today.
    Flp had 90% Indian support and Khaiyum cant close them Down.
    Who is Khaiyum to make all this Decree?
    FLP/SDL are here to stay and win the 2014 Election.


  29. @editor

    bring back mr semi meo and tatifala comment. pliz dont block there opinion .

  30. Editor,
    The Indonesian High Commissioner Chandra Salim is no doubt right in saying "Fiji can learn a few lessons from his country regarding the operations of an efficient and democratic elections" (Fiji Times 14/2).
    But is the Indonesian elections held under the jurisdiction of a military dictatorship? Who is conducting the elections is a key factor in determining whether an election is likely to be "free and fair" and based on the free will of the people.I would contend with all due respect to the Indonesian High Commissioner that this is more important then having the elections conducted in half a day as it is done in Indonesia.
    Who will be conducting the Fiji elections?
    Rajend Naidu

  31. FLP is Ali Baba 40 thieves party.

    Gali Gali me shor hai mahe chaudhry chor hai!

  32. tatifala & mr semi meo come back party!

  33. MUSLIMS MAICHOD NETWORKFebruary 14, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    "Hindus and Fijians must never forgive muslim maichods like Aslam Khan, Iqbal Janiff, Nazhat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Bur Bano, Nashad Ali (CEO AFL), Abdul Khan(FSC),Mohammed Aziz, Faiaz Ali, Mohammed Saneen, Saheen Ali, Razim Buksh (RBF)Nouzab Fareed (Fijian Holdings CEO) Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO) Shiraz Ali, ( FEA human resources manager) Riaz Ali (FNU), Nizam U Dean, Afzal Khan, Hafix Khan, Anwar Khan, Ali Jan, Bahadur Ali, Lainuni Khan, Shaneze Voss, Shane Hussien, Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO), Robert Khan, Rahmat Ali, Gulam Mohammed, Faizal Koya,

  34. Now we will see those regime cocksuckers in ATS(Fiji)Ltd. There is a couple there related to the Bainisona family that's ruining Fiji. The new manager of the catering services. They appoint this manageress coconut( a wannabe MBA graduate)don't never attain any degree.. with the help of one big good for nothing jackass AirPac reject in Hare Mani. These sonalevu's have assigned a 14million dollar asset of ATS(Fiji)ltd to a two dollar brain. Fucking footloose mouth & a fucken ulu lala to go with it. She brings in Police to intimidate staff because someone wrote on the toilet wall about her incompetence and her salary of 95,000 meanwhile she agreed to extremely unintelligent meal prices. Her confused husband also a relative of the fucken family that's ruining Fiji. Ahre yahra This guy doesn't know if he wants to stay with ATS or AirPac. bloody glory hypocritical drunken couple yet want to be holy bullshit. These two sorry asses are into religion trying to manipulate people into praying for their desire to come to pass. And that is that workers salaries of ATS get reduced more. What a bullshit religion. the God not gonna grant your prayer because you motive is from your shit hole. With this manager's new salary husband now driving around in brand new executive car just like that good for nothing Manichod. Now we wait and see what you will do now that Dave Pflieger gone. Just want to holy so you can be rich while you step on peoples head. Kalou sa raica...maichod

    1. @ anonymous February 14 2013 1129pm. Bhai relax marda man. My sources within inform to me that this is not greediness. The CEO, catering manager, da current chairman are conspiring with da illegal AG to bring ATS to the red in their finances. Ahre bhai don't be asleep. Can't you gangs see the game plan. The plan is to bring the finances way below the red pantie and then apply the ENI decree. Sources say the lady boss in da catering is not ulu lala as you saying bhai. She is calculating devious girl. I'm told she is heard to be saiding dat "see what gov will do to the union" & "chairman say what FJ want give it". Ahre bhai ATS workers should be united and fight this conspiracy. See this manager and CEO building group around them. Some positions are going on individual contracts Im told so when decree apply the select groups already protect their benefits. Also heard ex union officials offered managerial position in cargo and traffic in exchange for their loyalty to the CEO and his advisor Catering manager. One falla I heard his wife works for AirPac wil be new cargo manager and one Rotuman falla to be the traffic manager. That's what my source in ministry is told to me. All the planning I heard is confirmed in cargo staff talking to each other in their oasis muaira. I feel sorry for da workers becos you so easy to be taken advantage of. Alot of staff is also terminated in da traffic department and union officials in da department cooperating wit da manager that side now. Bhai da workers need to see the minister and tell to him the conspiracy before it is two late. Da manager catering very confident of destroying the current structure in ATS and the new system taking over. Air Pacific is experiment which the AG will do in other companies where illegal government wants full power. Ahre what's happenings with government. No board meeting, only the CEO and boy briefing the plan is going. I heard da $300,000.00 loss is part of da plan.

  35. Liz Powell = hopeless!

    Toursim vetrans in Fiji disown you!

  36. Bai sleeps in a $5000.00 a night room. What a load of crap. Coup 4.5 will say that Dakuwaqa was shopping in suva and you morons will believe it.

  37. workers at air pacific are having a prty tonite to celebrate pflieger's exit

  38. What ! Another one !
    We've been celebrating ever since the announcement was made!

  39. it has been a long wait and now finally pflieger (flee-ga) is out of air pacific picture. magaijinana fucken cunning, bastard who turned the full service airline into a low budget airline...asshole...he talks higly of virgin american airlin, didnt know he got the boot from that airline, big time corruption bitchass...want to paint a pretty picture in saying that he has been offered a job in the US...my ass!!!i hope that the government of the day will soon find one local to run the airline rather than bringing in expat who will walk over locals and build their empire in this country....

  40. @Anonymous 12.39 PM
    don't forget the LOCALS who walk over the locals and build their empire in the country...
    in fact they are worse then the expats because the country deserves better from them . they are suppose to be our own people. But they are big bastards instead!

  41. Just saw this trail. The big Plieger “elephant in the room”” Why did he rush to join a very small prop airline in such a hurry when he made a tax free fortune here? He is a despicable character all right but very cunning nevertheless. I think he is getting out before the house falls down. It will take month until someone figures it out because he has swept so much under the carpet. The board had better get the wet rag CFO in front of an inquisition right away.
    But I am sure he moved for family reasons or some such BS.

  42. David "conman" Pflieger has made his move before Air Pacific collapses. Over the years he has fooled Government and the people of Fiji. Not the airline industry people who know that he "buffed" his CV to attain the CEO job. Over the years he has dismantled and destroyed the livelihood of some of the world's most qualified engineers, pilots and airline professionals. In turn he has brought in lackeys and yes man whom he has directed to make his look good and "buff" up his CV for the next unsuspecting employer. I have news for you Pflieger, your new American employer will not tolerate your bullshit and you will be gone in less that 6 months. The AG and PM fell for your "accent" but your own kind will want to see some substance but "SILVER AIRWAYS" will look right through your bullshit. Your time is coming. You have destroyed many great Fijian lives and airline careers but your day is approaching when you will be given the boot by SILVER AIRWAYS.


  44. Shenaaz should join phlieger at silver airways, blerry yalewa qashe.Take her Hertz cars rental with her and help silver ways cut more paisa for her. Con woman unqualified bitch

  45. Can the International Union do something, or are they just a bunch of wanna bee f..k wits with no bone. Plieger has gone to work for Silver Airways in a very democratic country, go get him. Crime: inhumane policies that affect bread & butter issues of many AirPac Employees - the union should be able to unstand what I mean and build a case. Otherwise if the union can not do this, then scrap the union all together.

  46. Anonymous @ 4:16 AM, what are we supposed to believe -- only what's printed in the Fiji Sun? The regime suppresses all real news reporting, and so blogs like C4.5 -- for all their flaws -- become our best news source. If you want that to change, stop persecuting and intimidating Fiji's media.

  47. @ ANONYMOUS FE 23, 2013.

  48. Shenaaz ought to sign up for phlieger from metallic breathing passages, blerry yalewa qashe. Consider the woman's Hertz vehicles leasing along with the woman's as well as assist metallic methods reduce much more paisa on her. Disadvantage lady unqualified bitch.

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