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Saturday, February 9, 2013

NFP meets decree rules but key unionists forced out

The National Federation Party is holding a special general meeting tomorrow to discuss the way forward for the party, now that they have met the requirements for registration under the draconian Political Parties Decree.

Key speakers at the meeting will include FICTU General Secretary Attar Singh and the Bank Union's Pramod Rae, the only two trade unionists targeted by the decree. 

Both are expected to retire from their political party positions.

Sources say economist Professor Biman Prasad is also to address the meeting on the role played by the regime to drive Fiji's economy to a standstill.

Singh is expected to blast the regime and its current and past supporters for the dire situation Fiji is in. He is also likely to criticise the international community for failing Fijians in their hour of need.

He has already criticised the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bob Carr, for dumping the Ghai Constitution.

More to come.


Vutuki Meo said...

Bob Carr has no moral compass. That's why he was willing to trash the people of Fiji rather than confront Bainimarama.
Kevin Rudd was a better man.

mark manning said...

Bob Carr must have thought that he would be Labor's Saviour. i suspect that he will throw his hat into the ring to become labor Leader in the next couple of months.
Sadly, though he left New South Wales in a state of disrepair, from which we still have to recover, he was able to secure a million dollar a year job from Macquarie Bank, yet suffer no investigation nor accusations of corruption. Indeed, the man has no soul or guilt and isn't worth even listening to.

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh needs to shut his frieken mouth, crook like him don't
need to be making noises. Maybe the
commandore should sent over some
boys from Delai Nabua to kick the
shit out of his mouth?These are the
kind of people we don't need in Fiji!Thanks to the AG for the smart
decrees that disallows these Union
thugs from holding two pay cheques
and the power to change any local

Anonymous said...

@ 3:36 am.

Go fuck your AG, you and Attar Singh are the same, all bulshit artist, we need democracy restored, we need talkative people, we need action, your AG has taken everything out from the true Fijian people, does it ever occur to you?

He took away our land rights, our chiefs, our queen, our tradition, our culture, our tapa design, and the list goes on. We should get rid of Attar and Kaiyum and of course people like you.

Anonymous said...

NFP should close down .Attar is a good men.
NFP can advise the general public if ASK Snr is still NFP member or been expelled.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:36am

It is people like you who want to resort to violence when things dont go your way. Thats why you are advocating that Attar be taken to the camp. After all, do you have any proof of your accusations against him? Why cant people have the freedom to speak their mind? If Frank, with all his 6000 soldiers carrying guns are so sure that he is right in what he is doing for Fiji, why is he then so scared of free speech? Maybe you should ask Khaiyum why it takes over 6 years and another 4 months to reveal their salaries? Aren't we in the computer age when a press of the button will throw out all these figures? Unless of course there is something to hide, and these 4 months will be used to customize the figures to their liking.

Move on NFP said...

Instead to dwelling about the past supporters of the regime, NFP should focus on supporting SDL to win the 2014 Elections. They must also publicly denounce their senior members like Lautoka city administrator Praveen Bala, SCC head Chandu Umaria, regime corhurt Bala Dass, Dr Mahendra Reddy, and corrupt businessman YPR Reddy. These people must be removed from NFP already as they give NFP a bad name. Lool ahead NFP dont try to start the blame game as you also have people who have skeltons in the closet.

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 3.36AM
the boys(thugs)from Delai Nabua have already been to Attar Singh's home and done their dirty business on more then one occassion but Attar Singh is still around and is still speaking his mind without fear.
But what is it you cowards with the guns fear?
The Truth, isn't it?
Is this how you gang plan on giving the people a better Fiji?
By taking civil society leaders who have the courage of their conviction to speak against the military dictatorship imposed on the people - to the camp at Delai Nabua to be given the third degree?!
What a bunch of thugs you lot are!!

Stop the blame Game NFP work with SDL and FLP said...

NFP has the required 5000 members to re-register. Also, Attar Singh and Pramod expected to step down from party positions. Sadly, it seems NFP wants to maintain the blame game against past supporters of the 2006 coup instead to working with all parties to remove the dictator. Pick your battles NFP. in any case, your party is not so clean as your profess, your members like Praveen Bala, Chandu Umaria, Mahendra Reddy, Bala Dass, YP Reddy are all known supporters and colloborators of the regime. "Those who live in glass house must not throw stones" DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE...

Anonymous said...

Time to be United Friends in Fiji.
Stop the blame game.We are playing in Khaiyums/Frank hands.
FLP/NFP/SDL and Others should work as a United Force to bring the illegal Regime down.
Why cant we have only 1 United Party to fight 2014 Election against the Regime Govt.
United We Stand Divided We Fall.
God Bless Fiji .

NFP sack your dirty members said...

NFP - please expel the coup supporters from your party membership including Praveen Bala a regime ass licker, chandu umaria (big time masi polo) Mahendra Reddy (fucking fiji businesses) Bala Dass, and your Trustee YP Reddy who is a known Regime colloborator.

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh and Wadan Narsey go join SDL

Anonymous said...

NFP have put Fiji Indians in this problem from AD Patel/S M Koya / J R Reddy and now ASK Snr/Jnr time.
So stop blaming FLP/SDL now.
Voters have picked their Political Party from 1999 -2006 Election.
The choice was clear SDL/FLP Won the Election.
NFP didnt win any seat. thats shows voter have Rejected NFP in past 3 election.
I feel for Some good men in Nfp like Narsey/Attar.

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 907AM
You ask a very legitimate question : why can't the people have the freedom to speak their mind?
That's what the dictatorship fears the most - free speech. It will expose their lies and treachery. That's very dangerous - for them.That's why they are forever threatening anyone who has the audacity to speak their minds. These thugs in power are not about peoples' rights and freedoms and creating a better Fiji or system of governance. They are about safeguarding their ill-begotten gains and the best way to do that is to tighten their grip on power.
Every time they talk about "true democracy" know this much :They Are LYING!

rajend naidu said...

What the "independent" Fiji Sun columnist (that's a joke right! the Fiji Sun has no such thing. that's common knowledge by now).what the Bainimarama regime recruited spin doctor Graham Davis describes as " a dollop of sense" (Fiji Sun 10/2)has been adequately described elsewhere as nonsense.See for example the former Canberra diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders article"People of fiji matter:Who is standing up for them?".
Graham Davis is again childishly excited over "Australia's Bob Carr and [his]running foreign policy for nation, not NGO". Without labouring the point let me just point out many more astute observers have pointed out that this Carr approach is nothing but a naive attempt at appeasement with a human rights abusing dictatorship. And the people of fiji are thankful the NGOs at home and abroad have documented the abuses and kept a spot light on it. Bob Carr would have been better guided if he paid more attention to the NGOs instead of devoting his big ears to listening to the bogus plans of the regime representatives and regimes lackeys like Graham Davis.
It has been said by the sages that what one sees depends on where one is sitting. And we all know Graham Davis is sitting pretty with the ruling military mob in Fiji.
His views are predictable and transparent!
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

Professor Warden Narsey questions: How altruistic is the ANZ Bank's $50.000 gift to the PM's Relief Fund? (Fiji Sun letters 10/2).
He provides a valid explanation to demonstrate it isn't.
But no explanation is necessary. ANZ Bank is a capitalist enterprise and maximizing profit is it's main business. It is not an NGO (graham davis will agree with me I am sure!) So no any gift giving by the ANZ Bank or any other corporate business is not done for altruistic reasons. It is done in pursuit of its profit enhancing agenda. And let's face it there is no better way of doing business in a third world banana republic then to keep the ruling elite happy!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read the comments regarding the rights to 'free speech' or lack of them as seen by some.

This blog allows 'free speech' and some contribute by posting items here that they know would not be allowed elsewhere.

So what exactly is 'free speech' ?

It is obvious that many consider this the ability to be able to slag off anyone with unsubstantiated accusations of incompetence and at times corruption. They also abuse others that may not agree with their views.

They then have the audacity to complain that the present government attempts to stop them from acting like this. All I can say is that the present government should come down harder on these idiots.


No political opposition from 15th February. Any person making politcal statements or group holding out itself as a Party would face 12 months imprisonment and $50,000 fine. The registrar would not approve any applications from SDL,FLP.NFP untill July 2014 when the Khaiyum constitution is rubber stamped, and the parameters for political order is set giving full immunity to Khaiyum and Bai....immunity from any investigations against their post 2007 wealth, veto powers of the RFMF over elected parliament, etc....Fiji is headed towards guarded demomcracy (dictatorship under democratic garb) with bainimrama as President and Khaiyum as executive prime minister. The elected parliament would just be a by-stander to pass bills of the President's cabinet. This concept is discussed in Dr Paul G. Buchanan in his latest article on Crosbie blog. go to; http: //crosbiew.blogspot.co.nz/#!/2013/02/most-likely-outcome-fiji-guarded.html to read. More reason for all opposition to emerge as ONE GROUP to oppose the guarded democracy bullshit.

Anonymous said...

FRANK have stolen our democracy

juluumbaat said...

And what's more this "guarded democracy - fijian dictatorship in democratic garb - is approved of by Bob Carr and Graham Davis approves of Bob Carr's approval!

juluumbaat said...

@ Anonymous 10/08Am
You are a very uncouth person. and there is no need for any opposition voices against the regime when the regime has supporters like you.
attar singh's wife is not ""ugly". she is black and beautiful (like a black African -American mama). even if she was "ugly" that has nothing to do with you.
attar singh can lose any amount of elections . the people have the right not to vote for him if they don't like him or what he says. But attar singh has the Right to speak his mind freely. You are bend on denying him his right. you are a regime man,yes?

Chandu Umaria Daku said...

Chandu Umaria has joined regime while pretending to be NFP member.
He is trying to hide fraud committed at SCC.
It's the talk of the town that Chandu SCC me bardqa haath maris, meaning he pulled off a big haul at SCC while mayor.
NFP should sack this man because he is using his position in the party to cover his illegal activities.
NFP has not won seats but has more credibility than the FLP and its corrupt leader mahen.
But with people like Chandu NFP will lose credibility and support.
Half the time Chandu is gambling at Merchant Club and trying to pick up young girls at the upstairs nightclub Purple Haze.

rajend naidu said...

the Fiji Times editorial today (10/2) wonders what is fueling the high incidence of rape and other crimes in Fiji society? It however shows a good grasp of what might be the root cause of the problem when it says there appears to be a breakdown in ethics, values and culture.
My view is that - and it's an old view first stated to explain the same phenomenon in the post Rabuka coup Fiji society - Fiji is again in a state of anomie following the Bainimarama coup. The foundational values of society - the respect for the rule of law and respect for fellow citizens - have been seriously undermined. If the leadership of the country can rape democracy and get away with it others take their cue from that and try their luck in raping and thieving and engaging in all sorts of anti-social and unlawful
behaviour - hoping they too will get away with it.Their only regret is to get caught.
The people of Fiji deserve a better society. The post coup Bainimarama regime has failed to deliver it.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...


Muslim Fuckers said...

Hindus and Fijians must never forgive muslim maichods like Aslam Khan, Iqbal Janiff, Nazhat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Bur Bano, Nashad Ali (CEO AFL), Abdul Khan(FSC),Mohammed Aziz, Faiaz Ali, Mohammed Saneen, Saheen Ali, Razim Buksh (RBF)Nouzab Fareed (Fijian Holdings CEO) Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO) ALL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS ARE COUP SUPPORTERS..

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu 1:11 PM

I will agree with you that the high incidence of rape and other crimes could be partly due to the breakdown in ethics, values and culture but disagree that you can blame this entirely on the government of the day.

What you also need to consider is the root cause of the breakdown in ethics, values and culture.

Anyone choosing to bring a child into the world must take responsibility for its upbringing and it is these parents that must guide a child and teach it whilst growing up the difference between right and wrong. It's really pretty simple, the few basic rules of society all come down to one thing, respect others. If you do not learn this when you are growing up your parents have failed.

The cause of todays problems is that some parents simply do not teach their children respect either by verbal teaching or their own actions. 'Respect' for others should not be based upon being rich or poor or lack of it being due to what someone else has done.

I can partly understand that if a government has caused abject poverty (and I'm not saying this one has) perhaps there could be an understanding that a person would steal to feed themselves.

But for you to even suggest that the act of 'rape' may be caused by the governments affect on society is absolutely absurd and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I'm sure you are also well aware of the increase especially in serious sexual and rape crimes in the many other countries that have stable democratic governmental systems. Or do you choose to ignore this ?

Perhaps best to stick to your normal cut and paste copying of others articles.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim have destroyed our Culture ,GCC and taken all top Govt Job/Board position from the Fijians.
What is the Fijian Army Doing?


Fijian army bush giving each other blow jobs whilst muslims having the biggest lotto orgy.....shame on fiji army useless mother fuckers

Hindu who supports religious tolerance said...

Everyone should ignore cowardly 'FIJIAN LAMU SONA ARMY' who is prejudiced against Muslims and inciting hatred against them. He sounds like an Indo-Fijian lamusona trying to use Fijians and Fijian army for his hate campaign. we do not need please like this in new Fiji.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 2.42PM
parenting deficit is at best a partial contributor to anti-social behaviour but it is a convenient and simplistic way to absolve societal and systems failure. remember there are many other agencies of socialization apart from parents. the coups - including the present one- have thrown up bad role models. (it matters not that you see them as heroes. you of course have your reason and vested interest for doing that. I understand) the coup and the accompanying lawlessness and disrespect for the values and norms of society have caused Fiji to decline into a state of anomie. Such a society will invariably experience a greater level of lawlessness and behaviour departing from the acceptable norms of society. This is what Fiji is experiencing . there is no reason for me to be "ashamed" of myself. People who are supporting the illegal Bainimarama regime (like yourself) are not ashamed of themselves for the harm they are doing to the country so why should I be ashamed? For expressing a view that you disagree with? that's rather childish, isn't it?


"Hindus and Fijians must never forgive muslim maichods like Aslam Khan, Iqbal Janiff, Nazhat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Bur Bano, Nashad Ali (CEO AFL), Abdul Khan(FSC),Mohammed Aziz, Faiaz Ali, Mohammed Saneen, Saheen Ali, Razim Buksh (RBF)Nouzab Fareed (Fijian Holdings CEO) Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO) ALL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS ARE COUP SUPPORTERS....."

juluumbaat said...

Elitist parasites like Iqbal Janiff have always profited by supporting the status quo and sucking up to the people in power.
they are over-rated as paragons of virtue and success.
they belong to the "I'm ok Jack" elitist herd who will do anything to keep their privileged perch in society. Janiff's support for the unlawful regime is keeping with the distorted values of this human herd in Fiji.


This maichod Faiaz Ali was in FLP, then NFP, then in 2006 in SDL and now with regime muslim network...He warmed his way up to to become the chair of Advisory Council West...with form 2 education....

juluumbaat said...

@ Faiaz Ali Sucker of all seasons.
that is the only "merit" for success for the mediocre semi-literate suckers like Faiaz Ali. you prepared to suck you can go places. Faiaz is following a tried and tested pathway to success for Failures : just become a goli of the gang in positions of power.

rajend naidu said...

ABC Four Corners (9/2) explodes the myths of the cycling legend Lance Armstrong. It profiles the pathology of this "pathological liar" who had no qualms about trampling on and ruining the lives of other decent law respecting fellow citizens. His mantra was to win at all costs. The people he deliberately harmed was collateral damage that had to be sustained to ensure his success.
Two things stood out.One, the number of intelligent people he took for a ride with his serial falsehoods for a heck of a long time. Two, the shameful failure of the regulatory systems to check his deceitful behaviour.
The ABC documentary clearly offers a cautionary tale : Don't take such celebrity characters and their titles at face value.
Some of them can be real scoundrels!
rajend naidu
(ps - just another one of my 'cut and paste'jobs! )

Chandu Umaria gunda Daku said...

Chandu Umaria has joined regime while pretending to be NFP member.
He is trying to hide fraud committed at SCC.
It's the talk of the town that Chandu SCC me bardqa haath maris, meaning he pulled off a big haul at SCC while mayor.
NFP should sack this man because he is using his position in the party to cover his illegal activities.
NFP has not won seats but has more credibility than the FLP and its corrupt leader mahen.
But with people like Chandu NFP will lose credibility and support.
Half the time Chandu is gambling at Merchant Club and trying to pick up young girls at the upstairs nightclub Purple Haze.


I am not a racist or anti muslim but the list of top positions occupied by muslims raises some questions about block support for dictator bainimarama. Muslim make up merely 5% of Fiji's population, yet, they seem to dominate all the top jobs. Whats the secret?



Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu

You manage once again to demonstrate the real point behind your postings and obvious obsession, very simply anything you can produce and turn into an anti government slur and you achieve your aim.

Should you have read my posting without your blinkered anti goverment goggles on you would have seen that there was absolutely nothing within it that suggests I am a government supporter and that they are my heroes.

You unfortunately have tried to read into it what 'you' want to believe. You go to great lengths to to make the point, based on what ? nothing. I find this very strange.

It is of course your right to criticise any goverment but to blame their actions for 'rapes' within society is not a view many right thinking people will agree with.

As for your obsession with, and criticism regarding 'goverment supporters' it would be interesting to hear exactly who you consider these people are that you appear to despise so much.

I can only assume that in your opinion anyone that does not verbally say or write something defamatory about the government is a 'supporter'. Perhaps another example of a blinkered view eh ?

juluumbaat said...

What's the secret? The Muslims make up only 5% of the population yet dominate the tops jobs in the country.It's an open secret.The muslims are sucking up to the dictator. and let me be "racist" : treachery is in the Muslim community's DNA from way back. Why did Prophet Mohammed flee to Medina? How did he die? Then look at Jinah's role in the partition of India then look at the mUslim siding with Mara's Alliance in Fiji and even calling for separate Muslim seats from Indians . They have a long history of treachery.The shameful behaviour of the Muslims to line their pockets under the dictatorship is not surprising.

rajend naidu said...

Let me take it a step further . I knew straight away after I read your posting that you are a regime supporter. that required no special intelligence.
and yes I am anti- regime. I stand with the people of fiji and their right to democratic freedoms as esnhrined in the various international conventions which Fiji has ratified.If you have a problem with that then that's just too bad!

Chandu Umaria Horny all time said...

@ Chandu Umaria gunda Daku:

I am a regular at Merchant Club and Purple Haze and I can confirm that gunda chandu umaria is always there eyeing young girls. I would advice all Chandu's friends not to trust this man with money or women.

Keep your wives, daughters and sisters locked away from this lecherous man who pretends to be respectable but is a drunkard, crook and womaniser who in the past failed to pay welare to his former wife and child, but has money to gamble, drink alcohol and spend in nightclubs and on young girls.

juluumbaat said...

@Anonymous 11.36AM
you have a fascist mindset that's why you'd be happy if the present government - you mean the illegal military dictatorship - would come down hard on people who advocate free speech.
have you heard Voltaire's dictum on free speech?
you are the idiot who wants to deny the people their right to free speech!
who says YOU have to agree with what anyone says?
who are you?


Trade Unionists forgoes positions in politics and stick to Union jobs

Trade Unionists Attar Singh and Pramod Rae have stepped down as the Trustee and General Secretary of the National Federation Party.

The pair made the decision at the party’s special general meeting in Nadi where new office bearers were also elected.

NFP’s Lautoka branch President Vishwa Nadan replaces Rae as the general secretary .

Raman Singh has retained his post as President with Nadi businessman Sanjit Patel being elected as the new treasurer.

Mohammed Rafiq is the Vice Presdient and Dalip Kumar has been elected as its registered officer.

These five names will be submitted in the NFP’s application for re-registration under the Political Party Decree.

President Raman Pratap Singh says they are confident of being registered as a party.

Singh says they have managed to get more than the 5,000 required signatures of members from around the country.

The NFP held its elections behind close doors and will be applying for registration on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu 5:34 PM

Good to hear that you stand with the people of Fiji and their right to democratic freedoms.

Good luck in your pursuit, but a bit of advice.

Once you use your campaign to include such actions as rape of innocent women and children as has been undertaken in Fiji (as in many other countries) as partly caused by the governmental status you are on a loser.

In fact you are trivialising the seriousness of the act and it helps no one.

juluumbaat said...

I have been told that many rapes took place after the Rabuka military coup in 1987. ( Many other things like home invasions and theft and terrorizing of citizens also happened)Many of these things - rapes and abuses and crimes - were committed by soldiers. I am told many of these things were not reported because it was useless to report the police who forgot what their role was. I am told some information on these activities came into the hands of the local newspapers but they were locked away. Are any of those soldiers still in the Fiji army? Some of them might now be in "govt" even!

Anonymous said...

@ Juluubaat 6:24 PM

Think you got it wrong. I'm an advocate of free speech whether I agree or disagree with what the writer has written.

What I'm not an advocate of is libel and abuse which is assumed by some to be allowed within 'free speech'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Juluubaat 6:42 PM

Throughout history this has been a common occurence during and after conflicts around the world. Soldiers who had been marching and fighting hard took their pleasure with the captured women.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 5.34 PM
No I am not trivialising the seriousness of rape .I simply attempted to provide a context for the high incidence of its occurrence in Fiji given the size of its population and the still reasonably intact traditional family and community networks. I tried to answer the question why is this happening? My answer might not be very good but I most certainly would not trivialise rape. That's not who I am. I am on the side of the victim . The victim of rape and the victims of a military coup.

Anonymous said...

In order for NFP to make a difference, they need a total new faces. Raman Singh is at beat a very weak and non effective President. Vishwa is an old dog and will not make a difference but will hurt the party.

NFP wake up and get new faces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fijian Army been used by Khaiyum /Bai to destroy Fijians

NFO old farts and nagonchies said...

Agreed Raman is lacklustre, a sign of decaying party.
Dalip Kumar, the registered officer, on the other hand can't get enough of grog and cigarettes. He is a pukka nagonchi.

NFP needs new, energetic faces, not the old farts who dragged it down in the first place.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Rajend Naidu. You are right. People look upto their leaders and follow their examples.
Just as bainimarama did a coup, every Tom Dick & Harry will try and do a coup, starting from the government offices right down to the village idiot.
This is just normal human behaviour.
For this very reason, two years ago I wrote on this blog that there will be increased murders,increased corruption, increased rapes and increased child molestation, and increased crime.

Even if they were to put 4 soldiers at every street corner and every village in the country, the crime rate in Fiji would still escalate.

This is what I predicted and it has come to pass.
I also predict there will be NO FREE and FAIR ELECTION IN 2014.

I don't have a crystal ball but these are things one can deduce by extrapolating on human behaviour.

This is what happens when you have these sorts of role models.

Unfortunately the guy who's been arguing with you at 2:42, 5:22, 5:34 does not understand human behaviour.

Yes I agree with you Rajend, the increase in child molestation, rapes, murders and suicide can be attributed directly to the rape of the country by bainivuaka.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu 6:54 PM

As you say Fiji has still got reasonably intact traditional family and community networks.

On the same hand in India where the Indians have very strong family values and traditions we are seeing an increase in group rape reports that have unfortunately ended with deaths.

Indian 'authority' has been accused of ignoring this for too long due to their view of women.

What we have in Fiji is a well known 'deterrent' that India does not have for these henious crimes, but they still happen.

The reason and solution has to be out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly a spokesperson of one of the NGOs stated on the radio the other day that they did not believe there was an increase in sexual crime.

They believed that the perception was due to the fact that more were being reported rather than being hidden due to previous tradition.

Anonymous said...

@ Vutuki Meo 8:09 PM

Quote"People look upto their leaders and follow their examples".

From what I see your reasoning does not add up. Reading C4.5 it's apparent some 90% postings are clearly anti regime so we have to assume they do not 'look up to' their leaders. By leaders, in this context I mean the government.

If we are also to assume that the anti regime views voiced here are representative of the population it's apparent hardly anyone looks up to or would want to follow the the government as leaders.

So who's doing these crimes ?


Fijileaks has called all Fiji citizens who bank with ANZ to close their accounts and move to another bank. The call is most timely. ANZ aided the regime to raise $500 bond in Sigapore at 9% when EU was offering the same at 3%. Recently, it gave $50,000 to keep the military regime agenda alive. The second thing people of Fiji should so is to boycott buying Fijisun from tommrow. These two rogue entities are blood sucking vampires and the people of Fiji must reject them to show that they are not going to play ball at their whims.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:36am

You totally miss the point in attempting to justify the illegal government's stance on free speech i.e. the current IG should come down harder on "free speech" people by taking them to the Barracks. In a free and democratic society where people have the freedom to say what they want to say, those being treated unfairly or falsely accused, have the liberty of going through the court system. This ensures a fair hearing for both sides. It however, does not condone violence as the IG does, and which you seem to support.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 9:59
People will do things if they know that they will get away with it.

Remember that day when you were overspeeding and you kept a look out for any sign of the police.
You did it because you knew you were going to get away with it.
But you are not normally like that are you?

People know that Bainimarama got away with it.

This is what I mean by "following his example".

So in the past when they would have kept certain lusts in-check, they have now let lose with it, because they think they will get away with it.
And the unfortunate thing is many people have, including Francis Kean and the soldiers that killed Rabaka etc etc.They have gotten away with murder.

So the increased in rape is directly attributed to what they have seen Bainimarama do.

As far as people that blog on this site.... I know the answer to your question.
If you are smart, you too can extrapolate and figure out the answer.
But for the moment I'll keep you and the rest of the stupid people guessing, including bainida himself.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:17

So are you advocating that in a normal society we should allow people to be abusive, threaten life, suggest arson, incite violence, make libelous accusations all under the pretext of 'free speech' as there would be a court system to deal with it if objected to ?

Blimey, next you will be saying it's ok to commit a crime because in a well run democratic society there's a court that will deal with it once undertaken

Chandu Umaria Horny all time said...

@ Chandu Umaria gunda Daku:

I am a regular at Merchant Club and Purple Haze and I can confirm that gunda chandu umaria is always there eyeing young girls. I would advice all Chandu's friends not to trust this man with money or women.

Keep your wives, daughters and sisters locked away from this lecherous man who pretends to be respectable but is a drunkard, crook and womaniser who in the past failed to pay welare to his former wife and child, but has money to gamble, drink alcohol and spend in nightclubs and on young girls.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 11:11
You are obviously a stupid idiot that has been living under a rock and you don't know what's happened to the legal system in Fiji.
It's farked. OK!

The AG makes the decision as to who goes to jail and not the sitting judge.

So you and your farked up arguments should fark off from this site.

Go and read Greg Bullard's story before you show your face here.

Try and get with the programme!

Fijiwala said...

Anonymous NFO old farts and nagonchies

I agree with you on this. It is time now to clean up the party and inject in the new blood. NFP is the oldest party, but they have to learn to move with the changes. There is a need for someone that is creative, experience and has credibility. Raman Singh is at best a seat warmer. That's about it.

Before the party goes through its natural death, I hope someone can step up and save the party.

FICAC investigate Chor Chandu Umaria said...

Very interesting that Chandu Umaria SCC me bardqa haath maris, i.e. pulled off a big one at SCC.
Chandu is a dodgy character.
Do not put him near money.
It's like putting dracula near blood bank.
His own family in Toorak do not trust him one bit.
Chandu is using NFP name to cover his activities.
NFP should et rid of him.
Or NFP name will go down toilet.
FICAC really needs to investigate Chandu.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama..Gun in Hand..thousands of fijian soldiers would die for him for a sack of gold...to deprive the children of fiji & people of Fiji democracy...

Attar Singh..no guns..no army..just a lone voice in the wilderness..fighting for the democratic right of Fiji Citizens..LEGEND!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shanaaz Voss or Ashlam Khan tipped to be next CEO Air Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Why are we following all this illegal Decree of Illegal Regime?
They are illegal like its Decree.
This Khaiyum think Fiji is another Taliban State.
All Muslim in top Govt job and board.
What are the Fijian Army doing .Selling Fijian for money.
fijian have to blame the army for Khaiyum and Muslim progress .

Fijiwala said...

NFP should NEVER been talking to SDL and FLP. This 2 parties are the main culprits that are the course of Fiji's present situation. No matter what excuse one may come up with, there is no goos reason for NFP to lower their moral standards down to the level of the two worst parties in the history of Fiji. Attar Singh, Raman Singh, and Pramod Rae I am sure are making Mr. A.D.Patel and the party's founding fathers turning in their graves. It is the poor leadership and incompetent leadership that has created a history whereby one a single seat was won in past couple of elections.

There is a big vacuum in the party. This has to be overcome before they can gunner support from younger generation, women, and youths. Looking at the Radio Fiji TV news, there were no iTaukei face. There was only Indo-Fijian presence. Does it tell me that NFP is still in a very much yesteryear mode?

In order to move forward, NFP will have to work hard to get to be a genuinely a multiracial political party.

Remove all your old farts. This would be Raman Singh, Mohammed Rafiq, Dalip Kumar and Vishwa Nadan.

PLEASE put your false ego aside and in order to keep this party going, the above individuals need to step aside.

Anonymous said...

The BIG idea

''SOME dictators are more afraid of tweets than they are of opposing armies,'' according to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

Since 7 million text messages over a week in 2001 mobilised the Manila protests that ousted corrupt Philippine president Joseph Estrada, the idea of social media as a revolutionary force has seduced protesters, presidents and pundits alike.

From the Middle East to Beijing, activists have replaced leaflets with Twitter updates. Mobile phones helped topple Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar in 2004.
But sober reality now hangs over the intoxicating Arab Spring. A Twitter revolution can falter as fast as a flash mob when the iron fist of autocracy smashes through.

The notion that Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube can create regime-changing movements is under fire. Evgeny Morozov of Georgetown University and others have highlighted how readily social media tools can be used by authorities to identify, locate and ultimately persecute protesters.

It appears there are no short cuts to sustainable revolution. Building the members, resources, infrastructure and leaders to take over when the toppling is done takes time. So old- fashioned.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/facebook-cant-fight-our-wars-20130209-2e4yx.html#ixzz2KWe2F2dG

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Vutuki Meo@8.09pm Fiji's coup culture has created a society that is not only corrupt but a culture of violence, hence as you say the rapes, is symptomatic of the times we're living in.

The violence is being perpetuated by young goons who are emulating the QEB goons.

Look through Facebook and you will see these hoods with tough pictures and invented names, although some of them are openly happy about revealing their aggression; most making threatening comments on pages that are anti-regime or people who dare to criticise Bainimarama.

The ugly and crime ridden Fiji we are now seeing is a result of the thuggery that has been in power for the six years.

Males being who they are admire and aspire to so-called strong role models and unfortunately they think Bainimarama and his mercenary thugs is the way to go. They are not.

Anonymous said...

Singh would come back

07:30 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Dev Narayan

Unionists Attar Singh and Pramod Rae have stepped down from their posts with the National Federation Party but are willing to be part of the party in future.

Attar Singh says should there be amendments to the current law in future, he will offer his services to serve in the party again as he had done in the last fifteen years.

Attar Singh stood down a Trustee while Pramod Rae gave up his position as NFP General Secretary.

At yesterday’s party meeting in Nadi Suva Lawyer Raman Pratap Singh was re-elected President.

The NFP will re-register under the Political Party Decree on Wednesday.

It has managed to get the required five thousand signatures – a pre-requisite for re-registration.

Free Fiji of Thugs said...

The venom being directed at Attar Singh shows he is a threat to the goons and regime supporters coming for free on this blog to spread their sheet around.

Keep it in your own house or QEB you creeps.

Bai and Khai are thieving mongrels said...

Anon@3.36am Attar Singh's got more guts than your thieving crooks Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Attar not sleeping with alarms in da house and bodyguards outside or going everywhere with overweight and oily bodyguards.


Attar Singh true, brave leader said...

Attar's record speaks for himself.
He a courageous and trustworthy leader.
Mahen chaudhry hoodwinked his followers.
He feathered his nest with money raised overseas.
Mahen lined his pockets with $2m in Hariyana.
Money raised in name of coup victims.
But put in secret account of mahen pal 'chor'dhry. mahen used FLP brand for his personal benefit.
He quickly supported coup and joined regime.
This was to hide his corrupt activities.
Abuse directed at Attar is from regime supporters and jealous FLP supporters.
It won't change the fact that Attar is a tue and genuine leader who has proven himself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@February 10, 2013 at 10:06 PM

anz is not going to loose out. they just give that money of F$50,000 , because of there humanitarian side during cyclone Evans. even if you closed down anz from Fiji, it can still operate in other part of the world. just look at BNZ [Bank of new Zealand , it is still operating in NZ. money talks now days . so cut the bullshit!

Anonymous said...

It has recently been rumoured that one Mr Anil Singh (solicitor), former Lord Mayor of Lami and NFP member/supporter, has now surreptitiously slipped back into the country. He is purportedly set up/joined a private law firm in the West of Viti Levu (Nadi possibly)? and is currently actively engaged in campaigning to garner support for hinself as a possible candidate for the "forthcoming" elections In 2014 the year of reckoning for Fiji. I understand this is to ensure that he is fulfills the minimum 2 years residency requirement stipulated by the rogue interim illegal regime. He has apparently abandoned his Lynn Parade Sydney SK Temple Austral Temple project, entrusting it in the hands of incompetents. Can someone please check this out? Thank you.

juluumbaat said...

if this anil singh lawyer-politician has slipped back into the country then that should NOT surprise too many who are familiar with fiji politics. fiji politics as a rule has attracted political opportunists not genuine leaders. the exceptions have been few and far in between . and this anil singh fala is no exception. he is the kind of third rate political leaders which has mostly had. the present Bainimarama gang belong in the same category of opportunist third rate leaders.

Anonymous said...

Can you please run a story of the FNPF bonus payout that staff got, heard the those close to the CEO have much more payout authorised by CEO himself... not following the KPI standard and those he does not like has been reduced... These include most of his securities and family members especially his grog sigidrigi friends... Can we want to remove coruption... No wonder he cant keep his family in-tact as he can't make strong decision...all based on who he likes... Ask FNPF workers... most of his grog buddies get above what they shud be getting.. feel sorry for the hard workers of the fund who have been deprived of such bonus... Hope it is paid out this week...

rajend naidu said...

the consummer council of fiji chief informs us that counterfeit brands of consumer durable goods are flooding Fiji and fooling the people into buying stuff that are "not genuine" (fiji times 11/2).
Can the Consumer Council of Fiji check to see whether the current Government of Fiji is genuine or counterfeit?Are the people of Fiji being fooled into believing this government is genuine?A counterfeit government will attract counterfeit merchants and conmen.They have a natural affinity.
rajend naidu

Useless Consumer Council said...

Naidu. Forget the Consumer Council. They are hopeless. Their CEO Premila Kumar is another useless arse licker. But can you blame her. No because it will be magic if she survives in the private sector. No understanding of anything business.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.17pm

Very interesting and would like to hear more... although it'll hardly come as a surprise to most people given the arrogant, irrational and dismissive manner in which that vindictive, compromised creep of a iceo, A/Taito has dealt with membership funds. He single-handedly ensured the deprivation of hardworking, deserving members of funds that were well within their entitlements. It was almost beyond belief the implied gutter-level hatred and vindictiveness junta supporters like him stooped to - in an attempt to destroy careers and livelihoods of persons they don't even know on a personal level!Just tragic...

Coup 4.5 said...

response to Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr's statement " the Australian government has not received any advice that the US has decided to take any legal action against Mr Assange"(smh letters feb 9-10) one Brian Ireland replied "The US hasn't said that it will not take any action either".(letter 'cold carr comfort' smh 11/2).
Bob Carr might be smart but there are smarter citizens around.
And that's good for a democratic society. It helps keep government ministers on their toes.
After all they too are mere mortals, not demi-gods.
Sometimes some people - like Greg Sheridan the Foreign editor of the Australian - tend to forget that.
rajend naidu

Dr Rohit Kishore academic cheat said...

juluumbaat is right about fiji politics attracting political opportunists with dubious background.

Apart from NFP returnee from Sydney, Anil Singh, we have another returnee, academic cheat Dr Rohit Kishore, a failed academic in Sydney and unemployable before he grabbed Permanent Secretary of lands job with illegal regime.

He than somehow ended up in USP, where he made false claims about his publications in his application for professor. A third grade academic in Sydney who was not even senior lecturer thinks he can become profesor in Fiji, what a joke!

Mahen Chaudhry welcomes crooked crooks like Rohit, who is from Tavua, into FLP so that they can make more funds disappear and reappear in mahen's secret account.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes the fnpf saga is real, not all have received payments as all graded kpi signed n sealed between managers n staff is vetted by ceo and owner of FNPF aisake taito, now he is currently abroad n all payments will wait for him, only his elite sigidrigi n spies in the office are paid last sums of payout, min is around $900 net, imagine a security getting that while itpersonnel gets half of it, well taito acts childish n same as his no contract friend nagaleka who was thrown out of FEa

Anonymous said...

NFP is an indian party for indian businessmen fighting for indian business interests. the latest meeting in Lautoka only confirms this - only Indian members present. This formula didn't work for them in 2001 and 2006 and it certainly won't work for them in the next elections.
That the party allowed itself to be captured by indian businessmen was its downfall without even talking about its alliance with rabuka in 1997.Nothing has changed despite their claim that their petition for registration as a party has multi-ethnic support. Another disgusting bit about the Indian community's politics is the never-ending division between hindus and muslims. bainimarama recognized this for what it was and is exploiting it to the hilt. It does not surprise me that AG has chosen other muslims to lead important positions in Govt, he needs people he can trust politically. That is what Rabuka did and so did Qarase. Why shouldn't AG do the same? and we're not even talking about the divide betweem FLP and NFP supporters. get over it!
FLP be warned though, the FLP is allowing itself to be captured by big business as well. That's why Felix Anthony intends to start that new worker's party although there is no word on when it will be set up. Bye bye FLP!

Anonymous said...

Wow alot of racism being shown in this forum, the beauty of freedom of speech. I just know that for sure that these comments are not even worth anything other than the fact that they - including vutuki meo - all deserve each other over and over and over again, please!

Suomynona said...

Fiji's oldest party still yet to win an election since they've only won once until conflicts of interest took its toll from within......better luck next time NFP