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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Regime boosting work gang numbers but picking and choosing who it helps

RFMF engieers and villagers building a toilet at a Tailveu school.
Two hundred and fifty new recruits are being signed up by the regime for the Engineers Unit.

These are the young men who will boost the Engineers Rural Development Unit to complete the tasks the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, has promised.

And yet there is no guarantee villagers will get their share of goodies: take the case of Vitogo and Naviyago, which were stripped of DISMAC relief because of a perceived slight on Bainimarama by its Tui Vitogo.

Bainimarama wanted the Tui Vitogo, whose traditional realm are the two villages, to go and do his matanigasau (traditional apology) to him before he helped the villagers, who lost 23 homes in Cyclone Evan in December

He was angry that the Tui Vitogo, as part of his submission to the Constitutional Commission, had apparently called for the downsizing of the military.

The Commissioner Western, Joweli Cawaki, summoned the local Tikina member twice to convey the need for an apology. He refused saying he stands by his submission. 

Coupfourpointfive has been told some families of Vitogo who have received corrugated roofing iron, have since been told DISMAC is coming to remove it.

Naviyago was bluntly notified by Cawaki that they will not get any hurricane rehabilitation help from DISMAC, unless the Tui Vitogo apologises to Bainimarama.

Both villages went to see an NGO, who then used local and overseas aid to supply building materials.

In Naviyago, 11 families have been living under tarpaulin since December 17 when local NGOs visited them on the Prophet Mohammed Holiday weekend and discovered their predicament.

Whatever happened to the regime’s non-discriminatory policy and the invitation to present submission to the Constitutional Review Commission without fear of being victimised or harm?

The treatment of these two villages should also serve as a deterrent for people making donations to Bainimarama's relief fund.


Anonymous said...

what Bainimarama has done is very nhumane. Most probably the I Taukei Chiefs of the Western Division should wake up to such unwarranted conduct and unfair treatment.

Please let's see some actions from the western VANUAs...need educated I Taukei individuals in strategic traditional positions in the Yasayasa Vaka-Ra to start planning and get things moving.

Let's start with unqualified wannabees like Joeli Cawaki & Co...remove them or make life very difficult for them

mark manning said...

Sorry have to say it, but these stupid f**king Soldiers are ruining the lives of their Countrymen, while accepting crumbs from Frank and Aiyaz table. What a bunch of uneducated morons they are.
Post coup, every last one of them should become marked men, sacked and never employed in Fiji ever again. give them their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Mark Manning - and you have jobs for these men?? These soilders are what keeps us safe in Fiji - do you live in Fiji - do you have any idea what it was like before the 2006 coup - where me, a Kai Loma girl couldn't walk down the street without being grabbed or walked into by some thug - I suggest you put your hatred behind you and go read Nelson Mandela or Margaret Thatcher's books so you can have resource to challenge this great government.

Anonymous said...

their vision of a better fiji is to operate like the mafia. they protect you and look after you if you submit to them (and give them their "dues").but if you rub them the wrong way they make sure you are phucked!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - it is because of people like you that they have no choice but to take this stance... they have to be the way they are in order to protect the majority of us who like being taken care of and protected... and maybe we have no reason to "rub them up the wrong way"... everytime we react, we must take responsibility for the repercussions - the ones that suffer most when we have instability in the country are the very poor and that is so unfair on them as they are the ONLY ones, who don't voice their opinions, most of them don't have TV's or access to a blog like this and their lives are sent into turmoil by losers with nothing better to do but complain because they are simply jealous - but offer no proper alternative! This is the best government Fiji as ever had as far as I am concerned, and long may they reign!

Anonymous said...

Typical Frank, People who disagree with him are labelled anti fiji and punished severely. Thanks coup4.5 for publishing this story. These local news outlets won't hi light this.

Anonymous said...

@12.04am No choice huh? that you even had to blog ANONYMOUSELY? Pull the other leg, lolzz....

Vutuki Meo said...

Fark Frank and fark his army.
Farking arsehole.
Want the matanigasau? Go fark yourself.
@anonymous 10:33 you not kailoma girl. O iko dua na sotia ululala mai vakaraitaka tu nomu ulukau ena blogsite qo.

Vutuki Meo said...

This is what stupid Fijian soldiers doing to their own people. Since December 17th they leave their fellow Fijians wallowing in the mud under a tent, telling them to apologise before they will help them.
Fark the army!
Ni veicai na sotia. Kemuni nai murimuri ni tamata ena vuravura qo.

Sega ni dua na ka vinaka ni kauta mai vei keimami na kaiViti.
Ka ga ni kauta mai na veivakalolomataki kei na veivakamaduataki.
Ni yavu veivutusona. Macawa nomuni bula.
Fark the fiji army ,farking arseholes.
All you soldiers should fark off back to your villages.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.

mark manning said...

Dad's Army make Fiji's Soldiers look like amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu veikemuni na gone turaga nai taukei Vidilo, na turaga na Tui Vitogo, o kemuni na Turaga qaqa, oni tamata tagane, oni sega saka ni via cuva vua edua na boci, na veivakalolomataki levu e cakava veikemuni na vei Turaga lelevu e Viti.

Vinaka saka vakalevu na nomuni nanumi ira na nomuni kawa ena veigauna mai muri. O kemuni oni Turaga vuku ka rai yawa, sa noqu kerekere veikemuni kece na lewei Viti raraba, kei na kena vei Turaga bale, da tu vakaukauwa, ka da tu vata, au a diva walega me kila o peresitedi ni noda vanua na duidui ni IO kei na SEGA, au diva talega me bau tu vakatagane talega me vakataki kemuni na Tui Vitogo.

Kemuni saka na tui Namosi, sa rui levu na nomuni lamusona, e sega beka ni tarai kemuni nai valavala dina ni Turaga e vakayacora na Tui Vitogo? Ni vuli mai vei ira, nai taukei Vidilo. Ni qai bula balavu na Tui Vitogo, God bless you. Bainimarama, boci,

Josetaki said...


• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,
• Faizal Koya
REPUBLIC OF FIJI MUSLIM ISLANDS Bainimarama rubber stamp.

OOJHA BROS said...

OOJHA Maharaj[Chamaar] said...
Kanta Maharaj the con OOJHA is Santa Maharaj's brother in law[ Atma Maharaj's sister ran away with the OOJHA]. Santa became mediator and during that process his daughter got hooked with a son of a bitch muslim.
Now Santa Maharaj has become Chamaar and is seen getting close to Khaiyum.
This man can go so low as he is now compelled to call Atma [tavale] and Khaiyum Jijja.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymouse 12.04 AM
who are you to speak on behalf of the poor people of Fiji? were you elected by the poor to speak for them? do you belong to a civil society organisation that has championed the cause of the poor? tell us who you are and we will know whether you have the bona fides to speak for the poor.
meantime I am inclined to think you are a regime lackey doing what lackeys do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.04 because they don't have access to tv or our blog then it's our duty to print this and take to the villages for all to read. Where are the local business people helping the villages that need help. Why do we need to wait for this dumb wit government to help?

Anonymous said...

Why is Qarase going to court to get his appeal heard. Doesn't he know that the legal system is one sided?

Per 2006 we did have a comparatively professional and independent judiciary. An increasing proportion of appointees to the higher court have been from the attorney general’s office. The result is benches stacked to favour the government. The system for removing judges is also broken. No effective mechanism exists to sanction corrupt or abusive judges.

Kai Bau said...

What about Tui Vuda what can he do to help his comrade Tui Vitogo or the Tui Ba????

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 10.09AM
You say "pre-2006 we did have a comparatively professional and independent judiciary". I agree. Comparatively yes.Compared to the current military regime which has brought the judiciary totally under its sway. From my very direct experience of the Fiji judiciary before the Bainimarama coup I know the judiciary was not as professional and independent and impartial as it is meant to be in a democracy. It did not give equal consideration to the ordinary citizen and the State.It leaned towards the State. It was things like this that made some of us throw in our support for Bainimarama's "clean up" campaign. We were taken for a ride by the Bainimarama mob. It was a case of going from the frying pan into the fire.Supporting the Bainimarama regime was a mistake - a very big mistake. This mob has no regard for any of the principles of good democratic governance.Their concern is to hang on to power - whatever that takes.

Anonymous said...

Qarese had no problem discriminating against Indians.

Anonymous said...

To all you villages brain washed by Bainimarama and his co, you must all understand that what ever he is doing is all illegal, na ka kece e cakava tiko vei kemuni e cala tu vakalawa, oni qai vakacaucautaki koya tiko, me vakataki ratou mai Beqa, mai Macuata, Bua, ni raica mada na Tui Vitogo, e vakaukauwataki vua me lai soro vei Bainimarama, qai cata, oya na nona dodonu, kei na nona kila ni veivuke e via cakava mai na matanitu suguraki qo e cala tu.

Mo ni kila vinaka sara tiko, nio sa vaka io se ciqoma edua na ka cala se ka e butakoci se caka vakabutako, ena muri kemuni na cudru levu ni Kalou. (Curse)

Na yasana levu o Ba, esa tokona na matanitu, a cava esa yaco tiko nikua, sa vakalevutaki na kucuvi ni gone, na waluvu, na cagilaba, tokona tikoga, na kucu gone talega mai Bua kei Macuata, au sega ni kila, oni dau vakadikeva tu na veika va oya? Se oni sa kocova ga na ka me caka vei kemuni veitalia ga a cava qai yaco e muri.

Thank you the Tui Vitogo for being a man and you stand for your words, you and your people will be blessed for your strong and Godly decision. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Anon kai loma @10.33. Perhaps you should ask yourself why the locals made passes at you..maybe they mistook you for a prostitute. And what great government are you talking about? My guess is, you're being nice to the soldier boys, more welcoming and more accommodating. Shut the hell up biarch.

Anonymous said...

Tui Vuda sa varorogo vei Bainimarama...no wonder ratu momoidono had a fling with the current PM...bloody BOI CA

Anonymous said...


kai Bau said...

This is what us Fijians look like now days.Tui Ba and Tui Vuda are member of the Ba province but when their brother the Tui Vitogo who need help and support they turn their back to their brother but they prefer to suck Bainimaramas balls which are sweeter than trying to help their frend in need.Qo sai tovo tu ni kawa i taukei e Viti.Sa mai wasei keda ko Bainimarama ka sa cakacaka na ka e vinaka ko Kaiyum meda kasere ka tataseresere vinaka sara.Sega ni cala o Bainimarama qo nai naki vuni nei koya na vusi qase makawa ko Kaiyum....moce Viti vakadua.Na kena sa mai sereki e dua na ka ka umani keda vata na kawa i Taukei na bose vaka turaga ka a lalawa taka ka sa raica tu ko Ratu Sukuna ni da na vei rogorogoci tiko kina na kawai taukei qai lako mai e dua na luve ni kaisi ko bainimarama me mai bokoca ka yaco tiko gona kina vei keda nai vakarau vaka kai dia na dui ta kena.NI bula.Eda na vala vakaoro,eda na vala vaka yasana ka da na vala vakla veitacini.Ni vakarau na kawa i taukei.Era na wele na kai Dia kara na dredre vaki keda


Kai Bau
You should be a chief.
Well said Ratu. Kaivitis need more chiefs like you and Tui Vitogo...good luck brother and sister

Anonymous said...

bai is behaving like a king whom all should bow to. his strategy is simple yet effective. Use money as a leverage for getting what he wants. Controlling the government coffers had been the biggest weapon he has so far. Now he is buying favors and support from those he wants to get on his side. Being a PM is supposed to fair and impartial and serve all the people. but this megalomaniac will have it no other way but his. Finacial warfare can be very effective and he is waging this war on all who are not supporting him.

Anonymous said...

OCEI via lai vaka dodonu taka na na Cala a cakava o Bainimara..ni a Cala ga vaka lawa..MATANIGASAU o sa lai via vaka dodonu taka na Cala me dodonu...ni a Cala ga da qai lai via masulaka me dodonu...Na Kalou na kaya mai ocei dou vakaisina...na Cala na Cala ga...dou vaka dodonu taki kemudou mada dou lako mai vei au...TU TAKA NA DINA..NA DINA GA NA SEREKI IKO...KEI IRA NA NOMU KAWA

Kai Bau said...

Thanks Nostradamus,
But Iam proud of what Iam today,whether Iam a Chief or a Mataisau/Kai vale/Bati/Gonedau Im still proud of my position because without me there will be no Chiefs.
Na turaga ke sega nona tamata e sega ni turaga.We are all Chiefs in our own right.Thats whats counts

Anonymous said...

Ni sa Bulawayo vinaka saka na Momo na ITaukei Sukanacagi na Tui Vitogo. Ni bula vakacegu ka kalougata saka tiko. O kemuni saka na Turaga qaqa. Vinaka saka vakalevu.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 4:32
What you've said there is "the truth".
Bainimarama stole the government from the people at the point of a gun, then he goes around asking the people to apologise to him.

What a total farkhead!

What is even more amazing is a lot of people in the villages and provinces have gone and apologise to him.
What on earth were they thinking?

But its not just these poor peasants. Even Academics from USP including Professors etc etc, they also sided with Bainimarama.
All those Religious leaders like Mataca etc etc.
What on earth were these people thinking?

And people like Ratu Inoke who is supposedly a Christian. How does he explain supporting a criminal who has bastardized the country?

Fiji has a lot of Farked Up people in it, including Academics, Politicians etc.
Did they really think that by supporting something that is WRONG, you will reap something GOOD?
How Farked up is that logic?

Bainimarama's government will never achieve anything good.
That is just the nature of the beast.

Fark Bainimarama.
Fark his Army
Fark Inoke Kubuabola
Fark the Academics
Iknow what is right and I know that Bainimarama commited a crime and I'm standing by the TRUTH.

Joshua,as the leader of Israel,said "I don't care if no one else follows me. But as for me and my family we shall serve the LORD." We shall stand for the truth.(Joshua 24:15)

Four young men said to King Nebuchannezer, "Whether you throw us into the Fire or not, we want to tell you, we will only stand for the TRUTH"

May God greatly bless the Tui Vitogo and his descendants and may He give him courage to be strong to the end.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have told my brother, what are the men of GOD doing today ? You don't even know the meaning of the word "coup" You are not standing for the truth in Fiji, that is why there are so many killings, rape, theft and etc happening in Fiji today.You all following Voreqe, not doing your jobs serving GOD and fighting for the truth. You will all stand before God to answer many questions.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 11.49pm

"You all following Voreqe, not doing your jobs serving GOD and fighting for the truth."

I believe that that they are all following a leadership without direction, a direction that only has one goal - the goal that their commander face the reality of what he has done.

I wish that there were more honest and honourable people in Fiji. We were born with none it seems. Just thieves, cowards and cows.

The history books will be their judgement - no amount of Facebook Fakes will unmake Mr Khaiyum and his friends.

Anonymous said...

To Vutuki meo
You are so farked up in your mind thstyou dont see the good this govt has done for the people.Yoyu want democracy and yet you curse at everybody who differs from your views.How farked up s that.
You obviously are a SDL suppoter(i mean under wear).At last everybody has a level playing field here.The racists policies of the past politicians wont work anymore.
This is a new Fiji.A Fiji where people who have racists policies will only make life miserable for themselves.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live ASK
Lon Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam,what about the Rabuka coup racists like Filipe Bole, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Alipate Qetaki, Isikeli Mataitoga who are now part of Bainimarama's "multiracial" coup regime?
what was Frank doing at the time of the Rabuka coup? was he ever a part of the campaign to return Fiji to democracy and an inclusive multiracial society from the period 1987 - 2006?
you're casting frank as a hero of multiracialism and democracy when the man actually has no track record on this? It's said Qarase was anti-Indian. who picked him as PM and why? was frank's worldview diametrically opposite to Qarase's? I don't think so. Frank went after Qarase because Qarase went after him! Frank felt betrayed by Qarase because Qarase tried to lock him up in jail. That's why Frank has got Qarase locked up in jail.It's good old Melanesian payback time!
Long Live Dharam Lingam for sharing his view so that we can show debunk it!

Vutuki Meo said...

@Dharam Lingam
You conveniently forget that your father Bainimarama STOLE the government from the people.

Qarase was CHOSEN or Elected by the people.

I'm not a Qarase supporter. I did not even vote for him in the last election.
But I respect the people's choice.

Now you are the one with the farked up logic.

Because you disrespect the people of Fiji and whom they have chosen.

And also you are openly supporting a criminal, Bainimarama. He is a thief, a liar, a murderer and comitted TREASON against the people of this country.
That deserves death.
So Dharam, Go Get Farked!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5 blog for your service to the nation in exposing this coward behaviour. Cawaki shd be ashamed of himself insulting Taukei Sukanacagi to apologise to Voreqe. Why ? Thats the problem when you are screwed up big time... u don't know where your priorities lies. The Comm Western Office is for the all west ppl and its interest. Cawaki has brought shame to this office. Cawaki has compromise Comm West office integrity. Where is Fair and Justice Cawaki ?

How dare Cawaki sending MEMO around to all gvt dept in Ltk stopping all help and assistance to the vanua of Sukanacagi ? Cawaki how can you sleep at night and ignore the cries of the taukei ni vavua who gave you their land to live on ? Cawaki by now shd know that Lautoka City is directly under Taukei Sukanacagis cultural domain and control. Do you consider the feelings of all the sons & daughters of Sukanacagi in the public service when you sent out that MEMO. Shame on you CAWAKI ! Now we get to see this illegal regime true colour again for being a bully intimidating innocent citizens of the country for because Cawaki disagree with the Tui Vitogo vanuas submission last year. SAD !!!

Sa yawa na momo nai taukei kei Sukanacagi na Tui Vitogo. he is setting an example to the rest of the Tui & Chiefs in Fiji on how they shd stand against this Dictator. He has won the peoples heart and earned their respect for his stand. The vanua of Sukanacagi and its ppl have survived in the past and will continue to live with / without you CAWAKI and yr master you bowing dwn to - Bainimarama & Khaiyum. Nai sulu ni Lotu e ciqomi e Sukanacagi have made its ppl brave and stronger during times like. CAWAKI.. ena suka lesu tale vei kemudou na nomudou cagi boi CA !

Anonymous said...

Vinaka na vosa vakadodonu PM Bainimarama. O Tui Vitogo e dua ga na Turaga Lailai. Oni sa vakarubeca ka bokoca mada ga na bose vakaturaga ka sa kunei levu tu na kena vinaka kina kawa i taukei. Keep up the good work Mr Bainimarama

Ka Ma

Anonymous said...

bainimarama e kaisi ka sa vakaraitaka tu ga e na veika e cakava ni vakarau vakaisi dau veikalawaci. Sa ca ga na tamata tu e na botoni tuitui qai mai kocova na veiliutaki e na sala butobuto.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Who IS the guy in the photo with a pink scarf and beard? Not OBLaden back and appearing to be stirring shit? And also I just read in the Fiji sports directory website that Atma is now president/chairman of Fiji weightlifting Association- surely this cannot be true? cmon fellas so he has been kicked out of Athletics and now in wightlifting? why cant they just kick him out altogether?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: is there ANY truth in the well sourced rumour that the Chinese have offered VB TO BUY OUT THE ISLAND OF OVALAU that houses the old Capital of FIJI Levuka?? Is this the ultimate betrayal of the iTaukei by this illegal regime?

Anonymous said...

has Father Barr done his traditional apology to the High Priest of Fiji yet - the one who abused him!
will everyone have to gather at Albert Park to witness it!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:30 PM

Could be a good thing as long as they take all the dubious ones with them that are now ruining Suva

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when you deprive a culture or a people to live a life that is of a way to them and forcefully say this the way to live...that is gene site ethnic cleansing. of their rights for his gun democracy ...begone with your culture your identity the law according to Kaiyum..with his puppet Bainee..stand up now for you future..or it will be just be in history books..

Kai Bau said...

To Annon Ka Ma,
Ke turaga lailai se sega sar madaga ni kilai sa vaka turaga taki Tui Vitogo cake vaka levu na nona laveta na dina ka sa vuki me turaga lawaki ka lailai na Tui Ba kei na Tui Vuda.....ya beka na kedratou duidui.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the Tui Vitogo is to apologise to anyone, it should only be to the people of Fiji, and only for his having participated in the phony and illegal "constitutional" submission process Bainimarama unjustly and unilaterally foisted on the Fijian people.

The vanua needs to stop kowtowing to this enemy of Fiji's culture and start rallying around champions like the Tui Vitogo.

Anonymous said...

the reason tui vitogo does not want to apologize is because bainimarama and the regime has cut his" ulu ni lease" the first right of chief lease holder , he used to get from NLTB. TUI NAVIYAGO LEASE AND TAUKEI VIDILO. ALL SAME NOW TAUTAUVATA THE ITAUKEI. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE. HE SAID THOSE WORDS BECAUSE HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE TREATED BADLY.

how the regime is playing is going to end up badly for the vanua vitogo. regime is government and have guns . the chief is just one person. i wouldn't be surprised if he end up badly. who knows what aiyarse and the regime and the military a going to do to him.

The Oracle said...

@ Kailoma Girl 10.330pm ...
You're obviously confused over the roles of the military and the police. It's the police who are responsible for the safety of people in the country - NOT the military. The fact that the police may not be doing their job is probably because of the dissatisfaction that lies within the force. If you think walking alone down even the lighted alleyways of Suva at about 11.00pm is now safe then you must not be on the streets at that time. If you argue that females like you shouldn't be out alone at that hour of the night, then that would be like saying females should dress "appropriately" to avoid being raped. Females should be safe 24/7 - military or no military.
The point in all of this is that the Bainimarama Government chooses to assist only those who support the regime. We all pay taxes and we should all receive equal treatment - at least that's what equality means in a democracy and what the regime publicly promotes. The reality is different. In the case of the Tui Vitogo, his people are being victimised for the stance he's taken. Now we have villages which have received funding from the regime praising Frank and broadcasting their wish to have him continue in power. What about the rest of us who pay a larger chunk towards Frank's salary - don't we count at all? Equal citizenry is straight forward - all are treated equally. Where some are treated more equally than others, as is happening in Fiji under the Bainimarama regime, then there is cause for dissent and for people arguing that the military should be appropriately sized so that it performs its real duty without the need to prop up its manpower just to keep the people of Fiji in subjection. Benefitting personally from the regime is not a good enough excuse to argue for its retention .. there's a need to look at the picture in its totality.

Unknown said...

Typical Frank, People who disagree with him are labelled anti fiji and punished severely. Thanks coup4.5 for publishing this story. These local news outlets won't hi light this.

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