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Monday, February 11, 2013

Special office for triple by-pass Fiji minister

Back in Fiji but no climbing stairs
A new office for Filipe Bole will cost the Ministry of Education a considerable amount on money.

The aging illegal Minister for Education returned to Fiji on Friday after a triple heart by-pass surgery in New Zealand.

His current office is located on the third floor of Senikau House, next to the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre Headquarters, and opposite Tanoa Plaza.

The building has no lift and the ailing Bole would have had to walk three floors up to reach his office.

After they were told about the by-pass surgery, the acting illegal Education Minister, Captain Viliame Naupoto, and the Education Permanent Secretary, Dr Brij Lal, decided that a new office had to be made for Bole on the ground floor.

It's likely that one of the off-shoot departments in the Education Ministry, which is on the ground floor, will have to be vacated.

The Public Service Commission is expected to foot the bill for the new office, but no work had begun as of this week.

Bole is also expected to stay home for a couple of days and return to the job as soon as the new office is ready.

According to a regime salary list acquired by Coupfourpointfive, the 77 year old earns at least $300,000 for the Education and the National Heritage, Culture and Arts portfolios.


Anonymous said...

Tax payers funds wasted on Illegal coup maker Minister. Send him home.Old Fart.

Anonymous said...

Dua na dali i domona! Useless piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

Karma catching on 1987 /2000/2006 coup maker Bole.
How much tax payers dollars wasted to pay his hospital bills in NZ .cost over 100k plus.

Fijiana said...

Make Bole take the stairs. It is good for him to exercise daily. He will save on gym fee. 27

Anonymous said...

Frank retired Civil Servant and PS/CEO at 55 years.
How come all this guys over 55 still Ministers f all kana loto.

Anonymous said...

Would have been better to spend this money on an innocent child and give them a chance at life rather than this dinosaur. So shocking the money is wasted.


Bole still minting tax payers at 76 years old. what happened to retirement policy of 55?



juluumbaat said...

God has his own special way. For Filipe Bole - a key player in the first military coup of 1987 - God's decided to bring him down from 3rd floor to ground floor before taking under ground!
He is there at age 76 and after triple by-pass because Bainimarama only does not want certain "old politicians". Certain other ones like this one is okay by him.
Bainimarama is full of shit!

Anonymous said...

Filipe Bole should just go home. This is the problem in Fiji. People who are old and sickly continue to rule from the wheel chair with hefty salary. It is a hang over from the past rulers as one of our past presidents has been ruling the country from the wheel chair while very capable, healthy and active civil servants are asked to go home who are on much lower pay. Are we short of younger, educated people who could be ministers. After all the person does not have to be elected (saving taxpayers money on re-election) but just appointed by the PM. What a load of hypocricy.

Anonymous said...

Bole kei Naupoto,,,,vakacava mo drau veivutusona tu ga ena ground floor...drau yavu no qele!!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum PS Mere Vuniwaqa comments on Fijivillage refer Political party registration .all political party gone by Thursday.No opposition to Frank/Khaiyum.
What f up with his bs decree.

Anonymous said...

Why did they send him for surgery in NZ?..Why not china?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


juluumbaat said...

Bole's days of climbing up is over. It's time for him to start preparing for going down... the evil that man do catches up on him eventually.
your time has come old boy!
how do you think you will be remembered?

Anonymous said...

Wailei na kanaloto! Kawa ca! Bau maduataka na levu ni kania vakalialia na nodra i lavo na tamata e Viti!

Sa vakamadua na viavia cakacaka tikoga me rawa tiko kina na koco i lavo-vakaloloma nomu bula! O sa qase mai kocokoco!

Anonymous said...

E cava sa oti sara ga na tamata vuli vinaka. ...Isa qai ra sa rere tale tu nai vakalesilesi e cake ni Union ni qasenivuli kei na Ministry....Sa koya beka ga,sa da vagaluya ga yani. ....Me sa mate sara qai dua e vuke....ni bau lomani koya Viti sa qase ga sa set.....

Anonymous said...

Fiji will be governed by the military for the 50 years.
Long Live Frank!
Long Live Aiyaz!
Long Live Bole!

Anonymous said...

Isa Filipe Bole, au sa lomani iko e na vosa sa tau tiko baleti iko!!
The English Literature that you taught us at QVS has now materialized in your sickness!! Remember when Brutus came to bury Caesar and he said " FRIENDS, ROMANS AND COUNTRYMEN. I COME TO BURY CAESAR AND NOT TO PRAISE HIM! THE EVIL THAT MEN DO LIVES AFTER THEM".
Remember Filipe?? In you case it came sooner than later!!

Anonymous said...

"Probe into alleged rape"
Serafina Silaitoga
Monday, February 11, 2013

This alleged rape case is the second reported on Vanua Levu.

Police earlier stated that four men were involved"


Anonymous said...

I am told that Serulagilagi [ex PSC] is also in very bad shape health wise.
Word has it that he is senile, has the shakes and is in diapers!!
Serve you bloody well right Serulagilagi, you bahout age pitche!!
At long last the people of Tailevu have at long last come to their senses and unanimously kicked you out as Chairman! You did sweet bugger all during your tenure there except to suck up the Vore!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well I never!! Has Nauboto REALLY been promoted from Commander to Captain??!!
Wonder what 'Line and Column' he was slotted into to justify the promotion? Also, for all intents and purpose, albeit ILLEGAL, he is a Minister!!
Is he also double dipping, pay wise??
Interesting to know!!

Anonymous said...

Bole is obviously a medical board case and way past use by date. He will probably expire in office whereby the state will incur the cost of RIP. He should have taken a good rest as he probably won't be able to be productive any more. I am curious as to why the regime really need this senile, over the hill, Bole for. Reward for what, I wonder?

Komai said...

May be the government should hire Poseci Bune to help Bole. After all what are son in laws for.

Was it not Bune that was the hatchet man for Rabuka? He was the one that cleaned up all Indo-Fijian senior civil servants.Likes of Bune, Bole and Inoke Kubuabola have no place in Fiji's political field. Just like Mahen Choor, Felix Anthony, Ganesh Chand, Mick Beddoes, Qarese,and Ah Koy are thing of a past. They have out lived their usefulness with zero positive contribution to Fiji. All this old farts are history. They " need to seen ,but not heard".

Anonymous said...

Talking about places in Fijis political field, anyone know how many of those union officials decided to stand for a political party and represent all the people rather than remain just representing their union members.

Fijiana said...

There is more to it than what meets the eye. This is all double talk. I would like to see all you political genius give me your assessment:

No party registration application as yet
Publish date/time: 11/02/2013 [17:14]

None of the current political parties will be re-registered by the February 14th deadline as the process requires more time for an assessment of the application.

Registrar of Political Parties under the new decree Mere Vuniwaqa confirmed that none of the parties have applied for re-registration so far.

The deadline is this Thursday and it has been confirmed that there will be no extension for re-registration.

This means that the parties will cease to exist from Friday.

The decree states that if an existing party applies to register as a party, then it shall from the date when the application is received by the Registrar, be deemed to be a proposed political party and it must not operate or function as a political party after the expiry of the deadline.

The Registrar is expected to call for objections to the proposed party registration within 14 days after the application is made.

People will be given 7 days for any objections.

During this time, the Registrar of Parties will also assess whether all the requirements under the decree have been met by the party before the registration process is complete.

The National Federation Party and the proposed Social Democratic Liberal Party have said that they will apply for registration later this week.

The Fiji Labour Party is yet to reveal its plan.

However, based on the period set out in the decree, none of the political parties will be re-registered by the deadline this Thursday.

Keep The Faith said...

A return to work so soon after a big operation like that is simply asking for trouble. If he doesn't feel sorry for his own body then why should we?

Go head Bole. Get to pushing up daisies faster so that hard-earned taxes can go towards helping the citizens who really need it instead of feathering the nest of a bold serial coup buzzard like yourself.

To put the cats among the pigeons, I think Alisi Daurewa was right said...

To put the cats among the pigeons, I think Alisi Daurewa was right about India link to 1st Fiji settlers. Research shows ancient
Indian migration to Australia, so no reason why they did not reach Fiji. I always knew we were kaivata. When our lovely Fijian girls straighten their hair they look like us, kai-india. read for yourself!!

Research shows ancient Indian migration to Australia
PM By Anna MacDonald
Updated 3 hours 7 minutes ago

A new study of Indigenous Australian DNA suggests there was some form of migration from India to Australia about 4,000 years ago.
Aboriginal people first inhabited Australia about 40,000 years ago and researchers had previously thought them to be isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years.
A German study may change that assumption after it analysed about 1 million genetic markers in Indigenous Australians and compared the patterns of variation to other populations.
Doctor Mark Stoneking, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and a team of researchers found the first signs of Indian influence coincided with a time of significant developments to the way Aboriginal communities lived.
Dr Stoneking says there are two explanations for the Indian DNA link.
"It could have been by people actually moving, physically travelling from India directly to Australia, or their genetic material could have moved in terms of contact between India and neighbouring populations who then had contact with other neighbour populations and eventually, there would have been contact with Australia," he told PM.
The study shows the earliest Indian link occurred about 4,000 years ago during a time when dingoes first appeared in the fossil record and Aboriginal communities changed the way they sourced and prepared food.
Professor Alan Cooper, from the University of Adelaide's Centre for Ancient DNA, says the Indian influence may well have played a role in the development of the Aboriginal culture.
He says it is impossible to ignore the link with the discovery of the dingo.
"The timing of all those things in the archaeological record, about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, happens to match the timing estimated for this genetic influx from India," he said.
Professor Cooper also points to another development that happened around the time of this Indian connection - a big expansion of one of the Aboriginal language groups.
"This other language seems to have taken over Australia relatively recently - perhaps 5,000 years ago," he said.
"And how it did it, how it replaced the other ancient languages, we don't know.
"So suddenly, 4,000 to 5,000 years ago is starting to become a fairly tumultuous time in Australian history."
Dr Stoneking says it has taken a while for the Indian influence to be discovered because Indigenous Australians have been hesitant to participate in these kinds of genetic studies.
"It's one of the most rich and challenging stories in human history, and we know almost nothing about it, as this study has shown."
The study will be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Kai Viti dina said...

Filipe Bole was so jealous of Qarase.Both being from Mualevu,Vanua Balavu and ex QVS,he coud not get over the fact Qarase a few years younger than him, became PM winning almost 99% of the vote of Lauans. After that Bole made sure he joined any group or party in opposition to Qarase.But Qarase is now winning the support of more and more people all over Fiji now and poor miserable Bole knows that he just has to enjoy his ill gotten gains whilst it lasts, over his fast fading twilight years.

Anonymous said...


Simply, do yourself a favour and leave!

Retire and don't waste anymore time.

You had your many chances over the years and you clearly didn't prove yourself as a worthy candidate of public office.

Instead you now succumb to this illegal regime and continue to prove yourself as a failed politician.

Just go home and spend time with your loved ones - we don't need you in public office anymore!

Anonymous said...

@ The cat in Alisi's pant's February 12, 2013 at 1:01 AM

For now we don't give a flying fark on who arrived first in Fiji. We have a silly dictator to deal with. Go screw Alisi Daurewa.

Anonymous said...

Time for ASK and FB to also resign.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Pope's resignation in any of Fiji media.!

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 1:01
Where were these genetic material collected from?

Was it collected from the existing aborigines or did they dig up thousands of years old skeletons?
The modern aborigines would obviously have Indian genetic material in them and also German and British etc.

What kind of a farked up study is that?

We know that the British pretty much wiped out the original aboriginal population.
We also know that for racist reasons they did not intermarry.
We also know that a lot of indians migrated to Australia at that time and these married aborigines and had lots of children.

So its not surprising to me that most modern aborigines have Indian genetics due to their social isolation and constant remixing of the gene pool.

I bet there is more Caucasian genetics in aborigines than Indian genetics.

Anonymous said...

Pope Benedict has announced he is resigning cos he's too old.

If the Pope can admit his flaws and weaknesses at 85, Bainimarama and Kahiyum can also step down.

Anonymous said...

Another useless boci was Jone Dakuvula hired by Ganesh Chand at FNU to be Registrar whan the AIDs sufferer didnt have any relevant experience

Anonymous said...

Dakuvula is thinning down like a soap.

Anonymous said...

When the party registration decree was made by Kaiyum, Bai was away in New York, and now the dead line is on this Thursday 14 Feb, again Bainimarama is away, is he scared of something?.

Bole, pliz go home and retire, you deserve a rest, you're so bitter in your heart thats why you have sicknesses of that nature, if the Pope can resign of old age, you can too,

Qarase is the man, he will rise up again, he might not expect it, but the people of Fiji would love him to, or even anyone else to replace him, we prefer that than these dirty thugs.

Bainimarama is getting away from all this, well he's trying to, if nothing against them against happens this week, he will come, but if it does he will seek refuge somewhere, he's letting poor Kaiyum to do all his dirty works, Kaiyum you should wake now and make a move before its fucking too late for you.

Dere. have you ever coached a sevens team before or Tikoitoga put you there, it seems like you hold that position as soon as boci Tikoitoga was forced to the FRU, we the people of Fiji wanted change in the FRU, and you and others were forced in, we don't you and Tikoitoga? Wr want people who can read the game, not just played it on small scale like you and you louzy boss,

rajend naidu said...

Fiji is indeed becoming a better Fiji - at least for government ministers.
In the new Fiji a special office will be build for an handicapped minister.
In the old Fiji where I was working as a social welfare officer I could get a ramp build for the handicapped wheelchair bound clients at the Suva Welfare Office at Selbourne Street.
The Bainimarama "government" does indeed know how to look after Government ministers even old ones who should have long retired!

rajend naidu said...

the word NOT is missing from my last post.
it should read "I could NOT get a ramp build..

Anonymous said...

anon feb 12 10.57am

Tikoitoga etc were all voted in at FRU AGM,,,what the fark u talking about??
Nadroga nominated Tikoitoga and the rest is history,,,,,,,
Goes to show that there are a ready supply of arse lickers in Fiji even in Rugby and the koros

Anonymous said...

eh the comments are showing immediately ,,,great work 4.5

Anonymous said...


juluumbaat said...

Bole is not a medical board case . he is a write-off case. but he can linger on because he was handpicked by Bhai. Only Bhai determines who stays and who goes and when.nobody else. no medical board. that would be going through due process. in a dictatorship there is no due process!

Anonymous said...


You can go and fark them blood suckers, you were blinded to vote for Tikoitoga as you claimed, because you're voiting for some idiots who does not play rugby to chair the FRU's affairs.

I bet not the whole Nadroga people voted just him, just a few of you, becaise I am also from Nadroga, and am proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Idiot Kai Nadro 1.18pm
Tamata lialia
NRU nominated and voted him.....NRU represents you so you voted Tikoitoga,,,,
you should have been involved in Nadro rugby to vote but instead you barking from outside like a india dog
jutia pakala
FRU AGM is not general elections fool u have to be part of a rugby union and that means giving your time ete ctec etc ,,,,,not sitting on yo butt!

Anonymous said...

Bole will get a special cell at Naboro to accommodate the morally handicapped.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum will get stout ropes specially designed for gallows built for them at Albert Park, if they're not strung upside down over Victoria Parade first.

What terrible, fitting justice awaits them!

Anonymous said...

Fijians of all races/ilk should be proud of Jone Dakuvula.
He is intelligent, fair-minded, courageous, not a racist, loyal, humble, hospitable; a true son of Fiji who embodies all the honorable qualities of a true Fijian that people have come to admire. All who know Jone love and respect him. Jone may be thinning, as someone claims. But he is very strong in mind, has always been. He has done his people proud, unlike some do-called Fijian leaders.

Kaiviti said...

Re:India link to 1st Fiji settlers and Indian migration to Australia @ 1:01 AM, it seems everyone in Fiji could have kai-india genes, and Alisi Daurew might be right after all!

Kaiviti said...

Re:India link to 1st Fiji settlers and Indian migration to Australia @ 1:01 AM, it seems everyone in Fiji could have kai-india genes, and Alisi Daurew might be right after all!

Anonymous said...

anon 2.12

whats that got to do with nepotism at FNU moron???

juluumbaat said...

The Pope is resigning because of old age and ill health. But Bole is not resigning because of old age and ill health. He is only changing his workplace floor level. Bole is more important and indispensable to Fiji then the Pope is to the whole world!!

DR mahendra kumar sacked for 69 ing with female said...

Stop press:
University of Fiji VC sacked after caught doing 69 in office with female

Real nepotism at university of Fiji saweni where arya samaj mafia appointed davendra pathik's son in law, dr mahendra kumar as vc.

Horny dr mahendra kumar was later sacked when caught in a compromising position with a woman in his office.

They were doing 69.

Anonymous said...

who gives a rats arse whether you a kailoma or kaidia??
whats important are the definitions of indigenous in ILO 169 and in the UN DRIP.......
Who gives a freakin shit of Alisi Ulukau theory or whatever???

Arya Samaj University of Fiji sex scandal said...

Education minister Bole was big supporter of University of Fiji in Saweni. But it really should be named Fiji Araya Samaj University because it is a university (if you can call it that) based on religious discrimination.

why is taxpayer funding university that is full of nepotism in appointments, Arya samaj mafia run university and family and arya samaj get all the jobs.

Now we hear Dr mahendra kumar who was nepotistically appointed vc was caught doing 69 in his office with a woman!

Government should stop fiinding tis poor excuse of a university.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha underground oso

University of Fiji saweni sex scandal said...

Look on the bright side, Dr mahend Kumar was 69ing with a women, not a man, hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:51pm

Listen here idiot, keep your knowledge to yourself, why are you backing Tikoitoga, did havea relationship with him? Sodomy I surpose, thats bad, very bad, Tikoitoga should be sacked so as the people who voted for him.

Fiji rugby will never change untill certain people must leave, by hook or by crook, Tikoitoga, is first, if this happens than we as kai Viti will again enjoy watching them play the running rugby wr're always known of.

Totaki Tikoitoga tiko drau veitauri kau!

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes 5:10
English Standard Version (ESV)
10 He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity.

Anonymous said...

Ulukau @ 12.31am
Sega ni dua e totaki Tikoitoga drau vicai
Ka ga e tukuni tiko ke o via veisautaka na Chairman ni FRU, biuta yani kina AGM ni FRU....
mo vakaitavi mada ena rakavi ena nomu koro, yasana etc ni sebera ni o rawa ni yaco yani ki na FRU AGM
Sega ni dua na betena na kodro ke sega nomui tavi ena rakavi,,,,tekivu mada mai nomu koro vei ira na youth!!!

Anonymous said...

Waii Bole give someone a chance you are making a mockery of yourself you Derelic. Resign please you are sick.

Anonymous said...

Sa qase ga na tamata ...should retire.

Anonymous said...

Bole was dead broke when he tried to run for elections twice so he needs the money for sustainace as well paying off the failed election attempt debts. Old bludger couldnt get a job on the straight by getting voted in so he does it the illegal way just like his comrades in the regime did.

Anonymous said...

Amusing how Frank talking about ridding corrupted politicians when he has 2 big corruptors in his illegal gov - Bole & Kubuabola.

Ooops!! I forgot that Frank is the creme de la creme when it comes to corruption. Frank Bainimarama the corruption king!

Anonymous said...

The idiots in the illegal interim regime (dont deserve to be called a government as they simply cant govern)hve steadfastly maintained that they dont need to be in the Commonwealth as they dont need them. So why send one of the foubders of the ultra nationalist and racist taukei movement to NZ? Sa baleta ni sini lako China? Look at what suspension from the Commonwealth has done to Fiji guys: lack of competition and exposure has devastated our sports, Commonwealth scholarshios have gone by the wayside and high calibre graduates are not being produced as a result, trade has suffered, army training is inferior, police force in shambles,trade has declined hence our roads resemble the lunar landscape, etc. Ulukau doce keivikau usurpers put Fiji back by half a century.

University saweni of Fiji sex scandal said...

Latest on Arya Samaj University of Fiji sex scandal also known as University of Fiji in Saweni: former VC and 69-sex expert Dr Mahendra Kumar (son in law of davendra pathik) has fled to Australia in digrace after caught with woman in office .

as they say in hind; 'mu dekhai laikh nai' meaning not to fit to show his face around.

Also kamlesh Araya has been appointed registrar although he has zero academic experience.

why is taxpayer funding university that is full of nepotism? Government should stop fiinding tis poor excuse of a university.

juluumbaat said...

how come amraiya naidu is not education minister in bainimarama "cabinet" when he is a "champion" of multiracialism and so opposed to "old politicians"?
why has he got bole as Ed Minister when bole was a coup plotter in 1987?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

University of Fiji is a joke. The joke gets bigger and bigger. Dr Mahendra Kumars weakness for the angels does not stop. He ran away to australia so he could suck his sorry father in law pathiks dick and make out to pathiks daughter that he did not do it. Now they have another joker of a vc who is sucking kamlesh arya's dick. The office of the vc at unifiji seems dangerous. Dr Mahendra Kumar 69'ing a woman and now Dr Dulare following the same :)They should bring back Dr Mahendra Kumar to show how its done. Kaila!

Anonymous said...

Mahendra kumar was recently seen in a shabby drunk state in suva in a depressed state. Must be missing the mounting and 69'ing. too bad daddy in law can't fix this one. Dr Dulare is being hailed as a better VC then Dr Kumar and is keeping the uni afloat. All they have to do now is get rid of the self appointed registrar who is sucking the uni dry and stealing the money. Dr Mahendra Kumar was professor of kamasutra but no theif. Need to break this corrupt arya samaji ring. Go Dr Dulare

Anonymous said...

Latest news from the University of Sin and sex- rapist Julian Moti has been appointed as Professor of Law and thats the best place for him to be as it unifiji is the university of sex scandal and now a pedophile also jonning them. Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar should cum back as VC. Julian Moti and Mahendra Kumar can mount young girls in the office together.

Dr Dulare has resigned because the fairer sex dont want to warm his bed and will soon find himself in hot water because he had his hands in the cookie jar with RAvineet"shady"Sami and Kamlesh Arya fiddling and using unifiji funds to build big houses. Dr Dulare nagonchi in hot soup with ministrym

Kamlesh Arya is known for bailing his sons theft and sending him to australia. Old man pathik is too old and still saving face after professor of kamasutra mahendra kumar brought shame to oathik family. pro mahendra kumar was recently seen trying to look important at SPF and on his recent trip to suva looked old, gay, knocked up & satisfied from all the mounting he is getting from the islands.

Satendra none-done is warming his old balls in canberra with wife Jyoti after they collected hefty pay from UniFiji enjoying.

Circus continues coz another araya samaji will be VC.

Close Uni of Fiji down! its a waste of taxpayer money and dangerous place for girls. Julian Moti could teach bhuwan, kamlesh pathik how to mount underage girls

Anonymous said...

Why Professor Dulare has resigned? Why he do not want VC position in Unifiji?

Anonymous said...

Professor Dulare used by samaji palwaris. nagonchi no vc and hitler kamlesh arya cunning man. story fromunifiji student said Dulare was used as pawn to get higher edcuation comission to approve degrees and dulare then dumped for smartre overseas vc. kaila taki mada. Dr mahendra kumar fired then Dr Dulare fired but dulare not doing cunnilingus on woman in the vc's office. Pathik still trying to save face for his son in law mahendra kumar sexual encounters at unifiji and when Mahen Kumar was also boss in arya samaj. samajis are all luccha aadmi. Kamlesh arya spying on young girls at the uni also. next story registrar kamlesh arya 69'ing in office too.

Nogonchi UniFiji VC Chandra Dulare dumped said...

Anon 10.03am, neendh goli (sleepy head) and nagonchi acting UniFiji VC Chandra Dulare is a lightweight and absconder from USP. He did not fulfil his bond at USP after completing PhD, the crooked bastard. Dulare was dumped by UniFiji as he was only a stop-gap measure after sacking of Professor Kamasutra Dr mahendra kumar for performing oral sex on a girl in his office. If mahendra kumar, son-in-law of Davenfra Pathik, has a weakness for young girls, Dulare has a weakness for yaqona. We can't have a VC like Dulare at our uni. he is better of in the market indulging in his favourite pastime, drinking grog.

Anonymous said...

who is now Kamsutra Expert in Unifiji?

Anonymous said...

I want to do Ph.D in sexlogy from Unifiji. How is Heads of Department?

Anonymous said...

I want to do Ph.D in Sexlogy from Unifiji. Who is Head of Department?

Anonymous said...
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