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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's up with ..... ?

What's up with the pretender president official vehicle having those blinking lights and tinted windows - was there some kind of fire he was rushing to this morning on victoria parade at 7am???  And why a vehicle in front and at the back?? What a waste of taxpayers money!
Idiot pretender PM and idiot pretender AG also have the same flashing emergency vehicle lights and tinted windows - are they just putting their shirt on that ordinary people can't see them when they're in (or not) in the vehicle?

What’s up with no draft (military) Constitution and no Constituent Assembly?
Can we expect the Military Regime to announce it all - two days before the Constitution is due, and then bulldoze it through?
And will the Constituent Assembly reflect the demographic and political realities of the People of Fiji (FLP and SDL)?

What's up with the Fiji Sun closing the comments to their news stories? Looks like the Fiji Sun has taken on the job of smearing Union officials and then some ... 
To Jyoti Pratibha - shame on you!! 

What's up with Fiji only reaching the Bowl Finals at the Wellington Sevens? It is a first in Fiji's previously glorious history of Sevens. What's up with that?

What's up with rental car companies in Fiji now having to pay for speeding tickets? According to some car companies, a new decree makes them libel for the fines, even after the tourists have left the country. We all know how slow things are in Fiji; the speeding ticket is bound to arrive after the visitors have returned home.

And what's up with all court proceedings in Fiji now being recorded? In most other countries, the judge has to give permission for cameras to be allowed in court. But it seems recording will now be mandatory in Fiji courts. What's up with that?

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Anonymous said...

From Frank B: No Money thats it, Fiji is on the brink of collapse.HELP!!!

Anonymous said...

CJ wants to check why so many traffic cases--causing death by dangerous driving---acquittals in Nadi Magistrate court.----two prominent ones recently--in both cases the drivers were clearly guilty.The families of the dead want justice--they want to know why.I mean shit---people have died--and the drivers are guilty.---why the bloody acquittals ?? For God's sake--=investigate..

Keep The Faith said...

What's up with Khaiyum being too petrified to sleep (Read Fijileaks for a good ol dose of the side stitches).

Anonymous said...

These twist of bad luck are caused by those ulukau squad in nabua who thinks they know all. Starting with the big ulukau Frank, followed by another bigger ulukau Mosese Tikoitoga. They high school failures who couldn't get a normal job that's why they join the army. In Fiji you only join the army when you can't find employment elsewhere, the last resort. Suddenly these failures woke one day and thought they know everything, that's the day Fiji started spiraling down to where we are today.

Anonymous said...

Well done. The owner of the vehicle should be responsible and not the driver.

If you choose to lend/hire your vehicle out it's your responsibility. Let the owner have the job of getting the money back from the driver.

It helps the LTA get the money in easier and quicker, better for all as reduces LTA costs and helps reduce charges for those of us that do not break the law.

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes shitted in his pants today and he is blaming the military.

Anonymous said...

WTF! is wrong with our military ruled country? We lose every rugby match, our economy is in disastrous situation, price of living and poverty skyrocketing at breathtaking speed, now we have people raping babies WTF!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wicked rule people suffer.

Anonymous said...

Fiji ranked 10th from bottom in world wide survey into access of information about government finances. Where is transparency and accountability that Frank and Kaiyum are preaching? Fiji scored 6 out of 100 that's really embarassing and disastrous.

Anonymous said...

With nur bano/Nazhat Shameem/Mohammed Saneen led by khaiyum maichod everything will remain fucked up...big time untill khaiyum dies with aids after gettting his ass rooted by solders with HIV.

Mareca said...

Any news of Frank's political party? Only thing we read on news is SDL, NFP & FLP.

juluumbaat said...

@ Anonymous 10.39PM
I know the Fiji military is blameless.
that's what an IDIOT like you wants us to believe.
we don't believe bullshit

Sad Daze said...

Whats up with Frank posing as the countries leader when it is Aiyaz who is issuing all the edicts and running the country

rajend naidu said...

In a PBS newshour interview with Ray Suaraz on 30/1(SBS 31/1)the chinese human rights' defender chen guangcheng was asked why after all their activism the Chinese state was still so anti- free speech and anti-human rights? he replied "it's because dictators are always fearful themselves". they fear constantly that they will lose their power;that power will be taken away from them.hence their preoccupation with control - control of the people, control of the press, control of the opponents and even control over thought.but ultimately chen contented "change will come through the people". The dictators will fail to stop the change. The ousting of the dictators in the arab world and the peoples' demand for democracy lend support to chen's view. people everywhere desire to live in freedom and human dignity and not slavishly under state tyranny.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

What's up with this pathetic speech from Naivalurua to senior officers???

“As a senior officer..you should devote their time and life to think like a police officer,30% only and 70 % like a leader.For those of us that are in leadership positions right now lets think like leaders. Wehn you think like leaders you can act like a leader and if you cant think like a leader than you cant act like a leader."

juluumbaat said...

@ Sad Daze
It's because Aiyaz has had good education. which does not mean he has become a brilliant mind or an ethical human being. but it does mean he can play the game : if you can't dazzle people with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit. that's what aiyaz seeks to do with all the edicts he is issuing and pretending to run the country. the real power is with the guns in nabua. but like frank they are basically no school gang. can't issue edicts . so they got Aiyaz to do it - for them. and Aiyaz is only too happy to do that because he is a scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is a lap dog of Nazhat.

Anonymous said...

Court reporting and note taking so bad they need cameras - not to mention dodgy behvarious of legal fraternity.

Anonymous said...

Who got the bigger dirty cunt. Naz or Nur Bano? I bet Kaiyum got even a bigger asshole with all the poking from the bociguards from the RFMF pofta camp.

rajend naidu said...

when i read "the Fiji Sun received a visit by a top diplomat" (fs 2/2) i thought hillary clinton had decided to pay the fiji sun a courtesy visit after retiring as us secretary of state!
then i read further down it was some obscure diplomat from singapore who had dropped in because he obviously had a lot of time to kill !
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Well Lhaiyum, time is drawing nearer when you shall answer to the people and especially the iTaukei whose institutions you have destroyed!

I promise you, shitting in your pants will be the smallest discomfort that you will experience!

You will be skinned alive and dragged by a rope through the city of Suva!

This is a promise!

Justice Denied said...

video recording is only for the court record; its not for public consumption...thats the modern trend..video rather than audio only...
But watch how the cj and bullshit cr will fuck this up...it will be a mess like the cjs roomful of undelievered judgments...
coup4.5 wy dont u ask about the hundreds of undelievered judgments that are sitting in the court registriess throughout fiji? literally hundreds yet the cj and ag make no attempt to clean it up...
I guess like kranky..the clean up campain got too difficult because it means they will have to admit their bullshit...dont want to be covered in your own shit do you...but then kranky already knows about it..too smelly, better stay that way...

Anonymous said...

I am an indian but I disagree with all the evil things Khaiyum has done to the Fijian brothers and sisters. He destroyed the cheifly system, GCC, Church, NLTB, political party with fijian name etc, stole fijan land via land bank, my only request is when in 18 months people will overpower the corrupt regime, please arrest Naz Shameem, nur Bano and Khaiyum, strip them naked in naboro, and allow me to deal with them. I want to spend three days to torture them and insert the riflle butt up the ass of the three bicthes and then rub chili powder in the asshole. Please do accept my request as a hindu brother of the itaukie.

rajend naidu said...

When I read 'Kubuabola at top UN reform meeting' (Fiji Sun 2/2) I thought it is only fitting that Ratu Inoke Kubuabola be invited to attend a high level ministerial meeting (in Italy)regarding new approaches to the UN security Council reform.
Ratu Inoke is an expert on reform and new approaches. He showed his hand at reform and new approaches as a principal architect of the first military coup in fiji in 1987. Now he is part of the reform and new approaches the Bainimaram military dictatorship is conjuring to build a "new Fiji".
The UN couldn't have asked for a better qualified person to attend its SC reform planning meeting.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

7 years of khaiyum/baini rule delivers this....from fijisunMedical practitioners from the Sahyadri Hospital in India, currently screening patients in the country, were alarmed by what they saw.
Yesterday, they screened more than 200 patients at Labasa Hospital.
Sahyadri Hospital director /chairman, Dr Charudutt Apte, a neurologist, said they were really alarmed by the huge number of patients.
“Many cases that we saw need operation, if not the people involved will die, as simple as that,” Dr Apte ssaid.
The team screened patients at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital last week and Dr Apte said 20 patients needed urgent surgery.
Of those, five had brain tumours and 15 needed spinal surgeries.
“These patients could hardly walk when they came to see us. Some of them were in their last stages and if they are not operated on they will die,” Dr Apte said.
He said Health Minister, Dr Neil Sharma, took a “great initiative to provide patients in Fiji this opportunity”.
“People need to be a little more pro-active with their conditions. If they are told to move their fingers, to exercise it to help their condition, they do it for ten minutes thinking that ten minutes will help them,” Dr Apte said.
The team conducted two days of screening in Suva last week where they screened close to 300 patients.
Screenings were for neurology, urology and cardiac cases....

Anonymous said...

A major area of concern for the Commissioner of Police is the rise in crime against women and children.
Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua says serious offences such as rape rob our women and children of their innocence and is an issue of morality which the Police are ill-equipped to fight alone.
He was addressing Police officers during the Commissioner of Police’s 4th Quarter Parade at Nasova Police Ground on Thursday.
“We are very concerned with this particular area; offences against our vulnerable groups, which is really children, women and the elderly,” he said.
“Last year was not a good year, even this year alone we’ve had 15 reported cases of rape.
“I’m very concerned for the simple fact that this continues to happen. We have been putting out reminders and warnings and advisories.
“I think it is an element of morality out there in society, but the morality part of society cannot be addressed, it cannot be fought alone by the Fiji Police Force; its better fought by the people out there.”
The Commissioner wished that religious groups were part and parcel of Police efforts to move things and turn things around.

rajend naidu said...

silvio berlusconi was called a "disgrace" after praising Italy's fascist dictator benito mussolini on Holocaust memorial day. speaking to reporters at the commemoration event where the old fart appeared to fall asleep he said mussolin's anti-semitic race laws were "blameworthy" but he was otherwise a good leader.
Good leader my arse! Mussolini was a facist Nazi collaborator. This is why when he was caught trying to make a sneaky escape out of Italy during the last days of the war, the partisans executed him and his 15 co-fascist and hung them upside down in a public square in Milan.
berlusconi provides a good example of an idiot becoming a country's prime minister.It is no surprise though that the Italians eventually got rid of him despite all the influence his money bought over the years.
It is indeed a national disgrace when such a man becomes a country's prime minister.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

timi boci na timi ni viti

Anonymous said...

People have to love one another .thats what god and religion teaches.
if everyone can do that the world will be a better place for all.
Fiji needs to practice what it preach.
We are all god children .no kai india/kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

Anon February 3, 2013 at 10:57 AM

That's the sad reality of what's happening here in Fiji. The state of healthcare facilities and services are scary hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Indians have worked hard with Fijian land to develop Fiji.
We dont need to hate anyone now.
Army should start repent and ask forgiveness from Fiji people now.
Army divided the people from 1987/2000 and 2006 coups.
Time to Unite the people now.
LOVE is the ANS

Anonymous said...

timi boci timi ni viti ni veiliutaki tiko dua na nasovule ena fru

Anonymous said...

Boci ga o tamamu, caiti tamamu.

Anonymous said...

The Management should take the blame.the buck stops with the Coach.
Fiji Coach is changing players in every 7s series.
We need to to retain the best 18 players .let them gel .
We need to keep the best 10 and give break to 2 new players in every 7s series.
Fiji 7s team have to play in local 7s series too
like in the days of late Coaches Ravonu and Tu Kiti.
We did the same with my Global Babas/Waimanu Team with Sailosi and Ravonu,Simi and Epi
All the best for LA series.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Boci ga o tamamu, cati koya me lako na dena

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum's regime overtaxing fijians through punitive new tax policies through which it gains $500 million from poor fiji citizens..

- Vat increased from 12.5% to 15%
- 500% increase in departure tax from $25 under Qarase to $150 under Khaiyum
- 10% road user levy
- 1000% increase in stamp duty
- Water export tax of 5%
- Capital Gains Tax -10%
- Hotel turnover Tax - 10%

Anonymous said...

X factor is missing from Fiji 7s .Serevi is the ans .
Get Serevi back. The King of 7s Serevi will get fiji up there again.

Anonymous said...

SDL/FLP/NFP unity goverment will reverse all unfair and unequitable tax introduced unlawfully after 2006 coup. It will restore corporate tax of 33% but will increase the personal tax threshold to 20,000. This will ensure all Fiji workers who earn below $20k can have higher disposal income to stimulate the consumer spending and commerce.

Anonymous said...

NFP - rich mens party.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@12:34 PM - of coarse Indian worked hard on Fijian land because that was the reason you were brought to do and guess what ? You Indians are the ones behind all these coups!!!!!! You use the army to put forward what you cannot change through an elected government. Which is how the devil works..... By hook or by crook you will get what you want! By law or under the table you will try and find a way to mircha your way through.....you are the reason why everyone is jaywalking through the streets because you're used to being impatient....tooting horns in a congested area because u r in a hurry... Park anywhere along the road because your pitaji build the road.... Throw your rubbish from your car and buses because the junglee will pick it up for you. You are the culprits behind these. You use the Fijians to create unstability within them so you can do whatever you want. Butadroka was right.... A good Indian is a dead one... That day is approaching this beloved paradise. We will eat you and the Freemason together in one lovo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@12:55 PM anon

Yes serevi was the trend setter. We cannot bring serevi back every time we lose a tournament. We have big problems within us. Bigger than you think. Serevi himself have said this while still playing that he cannot do it alone. That's the reason he wrote Philippians 4:13 on his wrist and on his shirt- " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
Today they say it " au sa rawata Na ka kecega ena vuku I Karisito sa va kaukauwa taki yau".

He was telling all Fijians about something more powerful than the game itself. Everything new starts in Fiji. Stop complaining and be proud that u r a Fijian.

Anonymous said...

China men or Japanese men.... When the tera bharr change their mood swing. We can cook the army too with u put together. The road has just arrived to our door step now. U make sure u start sending your family slowly overseas because toofan awe.....

rajend naidu said...

The Fiji Times today has 5 out of 5 letters to editor on Fiji 7's rugby in wellington.
The Fiji Sun has 7 out of 8 on the same topic.
The Fiji Sun was more balanced it had one on soccer as well!
None on the subject that effects the quality of life of the people of fiji.
An amazing kind of journalism by anybody's standard!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Don't insult those in the army who hold degrees, those who left dream jobs to serve...u loser some don't support the PM lets call them the 7th column...a clue for things to come.

Anonymous said...

The stupid coach or assistant coach Timoci boci Eainiqolo, who said before the Wellington sevens that he's got the best prepared team ever to bring Fiji the glory, and go on to win the whole irb series, but now after Fiji's worse performence ever, he is blaming the crowd and the etmosphere at the Wellington stadium, I said stop fucking fooling us around, you and your lousy boss Dere, too much fucked up kava, drau sa kanikani, drau qai via nanuma mo drau veiliutaki vinaka? Drau sa karua ga i chaiman, na yameyame levu ga na vosa.

FRU, put your act together and bring in Serevi to prepare a team for the world cup, he said he is available, get rid of these two bulshit artists. Even the best irb commentator in world said what Fiji coaches trying to prove by changing the team, 19 new players in just four tournaments, the result, well loosing to Canada on the bowl final, which was never happened before in the history of irb sevens.

I'll tell what to do FRU? sack Tikoitoga, and the coaches, try Rasiga, or just bring on the man the world called him as the master of sevens rugby. Don't waste time, do it now and do it quick.

Go Fiji Go.

juluumbaat said...

those in the army who hold degrees are just as big arseholes as the no school gang in green!
you lot didn't leave "dream jobs" to serve. you went in to capitalise on the opportunity to be big boys in the army because you were an educated lot compared to most in the army. you are self-serving scoundrels who don't know the first duty of a national army - the protection of your own people.
instead you are party to a citizens' rights abusing army.

Anonymous said...

The latest commentator here seems to know a lot about wealth of Felix Anthony and Rajesjwar Singh. whilst we may know how much these two unionist are paid, can we say the same about Bainiboci and khaiyum pofta? No. Why, because its a state secret. No governments accounts and auditor general's report from 2007 -2012 have been released. Why? because there are massive scams and scandals for the last 6 years which is unprecedented. The corruption under khaiyum beyond the scales of transparency international to have Fiji been removed altogether from its listing. Some peope just like eating khaiyum sit and call out loud that it is muslim paalau.

Anonymous said...

A citizen's reply to interim prime minister's warning on politicains

Voreqe Bainimarama's comments in the Fiji Sun of 15th June 2012, warning politicians cannot go unchallenged. I have used Coup 4.5 as the Fiji Sun told me they will not run my letter and the Fiji Times told me that they do not run responses to stories in other newspapers.

Mr Bainimarama says past and current political leaders were corrupt. What about Mr Bainimarama's regime? Is it pure as the driven snow? Is it what Mr Bainimarama would like us to believe?

Before I dwell on the subject matter proper, I think it is inappropriate to address Mr Bainimarama as Prime Minister as he is only an interim appointee and holds no legitimate mandate from the people in this regard. The same goes for the attorney general and other ministers. The regime is an interim regime and no amount of top dressing or embellishment by the regime will change this fact.

I am no politician but believe that I do possess the necessary cognitive abilities to analyse the comments made by the interim prime minister yesterday in the context of the 2006 coup and thereafter. It is time people speak out.

The promise in 2006 was a clean up campaign. So what has been cleaned up? From my point of view the treasury has been cleaned up, FNPF member funds have been cleaned up and the rights of citizens to expression and opinion has been muzzled.

The media has been castrated by the Media Decree and journalists like Maika Bolatiki write articles which are hardly facts in substance but opinions with larges doses of pro regime embellishment to curry favour with the regime so as to get more advertising revenue from the interim regime. Other journalists merely comply for reasons of job security or threats from the goons at the military camp.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Television has been advised that its broadcasting license will not be renewed for running political stories where views contrary to that of the interim regime were reported. Reporters and staff are worried about their future as many have mortgages and other financial commitments. Where is the commitment to freedom of expression? Why muzzle dissenting views? Are you afraid of being exposed for the fraud that you are Mr Bainimarama?

The economy is stagnant or more likely is recording negative growth. Wadan Narsey has written on this subject comprehensively on several occasions recently. University graduates are working for as little as $60 per week and many of their fellow graduates remain unemployed.

The agriculture sector has been neglected and there has been no fresh impetus to resuscitate the industry. The sugar industry is virtually dead in Sigatoka and in parts of the northern division. Farmers and their families from the North are migrating to Viti Levu and many end up squatting in the Suva – Nausori corridor. Agriculture officials and civil servants in general are too afraid to suggest anything to the regime for fear of losing their jobs so basically do anything to placate their current masters.

Corruption in the civil service is rife as civil servants, with poor pay and little training or supervision take advantage of the situation by accepting a little extra from certain members of the public to get the job done faster.

They call it the incentive allowance. This Mr Bainimarama is the legacy of your clean up campaign. Valuable State land, which should be reserved for housing or government projects have been given to foreign investors often at fire sale prices without being advertised. Look at the Tengy Cement Factory site at Lami – given free and the land next to Garden City – given to Chinese investors.

Mangroves are been destroyed and hundreds and thousands of marine life and their ecosystems are being lost perhaps forever. Environmental impact assessment reports are disregarded and for the Namosi Mine the interim prime minister said no such report was necessary.

Why? Because his palms had been greased. Is this the clean up campaign you were talking about Mr Bainimarama? Chinese investors wine and dine and give gifts to the interim prime minister in exchange for services and favours which locals would only dream of. Has Mr Bainimarama ever declared in the official gift register how many and the value of such gifts by Chines investors?

Police officers have to pay for stationery used by them and often work long hours without any extra pay or benefits. To top it off, their commissioner takes every opportunity to lash out at them in the media. It is thus little wonder that morale in this law enforcement agency is at its lowest ebb.

Police officers have been charged for breaking into the exhibits rooms and stealing narcotics. Police have been charged for assault and theft. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

The civil service is totally demoralised and not focused on work as the whole civil service culture and processes have been bastardised and prostituted by the interim regime. Droves of civil servants are leaving for the private sector or going abroad. The alarming concern is that Fijians also leaving in large numbers. To fill the void untrained, unqualified and family members and friends of the interim regime are recruited.

Francis Kean – a convicted felon who received his full pay and benefits whilst imprisoned for murder/manslaughter – has somehow been made a permanent secretary despite have an adverse criminal record. Would any other person charged for murder and convicted for manslaughter be considered for such a senior civil service position? Yet Mr Bainimarama's brother in law Francis Kean was. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

1. Release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012?
2. Release of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. Release of details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Ja Bano?
4. Release of all Capital Works awarded to Naim Constructions of Malaysia? ( Muslim company with close links to Shameem sisters)
5. Release of the special accounts of the Tawain Government held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6.Release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. Release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Diary Restructure?
8. Release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and others?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.08 pm

Misguided, ignorant magaitinamu….see what time you’re writing at: 1.08 pm, straight after church…is this what the talatala preached to you ignorant fools? Whats next, fucking your step-daughters before dinner???

Indians were not behind the coups motherfucker! It began with the kawaka from Drekeniwai, who claimed God spoke to him to do the coup. Must be the same god who tells everyone else from you lot to steal, maim and rob, you incestuous bastards!

We have to toot horns because you fucking niggers never learnt what crossings and lights mean! What do you prefer? Us to run you down?

Yes, the jungle will pick after everyone, including their fellow junglees…after all, your lot is good at picking pockets and now escalated to organize yorelves into picking jewelry in suva….see today’s FBC news…its all you apes stealing. Too bad you couldn’t even organize a team to play 7s or pick a decent crop!!

The joke among jewelers is: if a nigger walks in, ALL EYES on EM!! Niggers don't buy jewelry...niggers STEAL jewelry.

Of course you will eat everyone…hell, you’re pros at eating..when not your daughters, then sisters, mothers, pussies….

This is a reply C4.5. If you can print the earlier comment, print this too!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo beauty piece. Let them have it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.43pm never say nigger because in South Africa Indians were also classed as nigger's during apartheid era and for your info a nigger is now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. In 2006 some of our Indo-Fijian Brothers sided with Frank and now they are starting to realize that he is not for them but for himself only it shows the liumuri attitude or mentality that our Indian brothers have or how do you say in Hindi, well never mind Fijian's have been unable to trust Indians for as long as I can remember.Probably some body can explain it better for me on this Blog C4.5 may be the editor.

Anonymous said...

@9.43pm compare Fiji to India. In 2010 India had a reported rape case of 22,172 by the United Nation. 93 was the Fiji data in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Compare Fiji to India? Are you nuts you uneducated fool...ohh yes India's population is just below a million aswell...idiot

Sotia Ulukau said...

No racist comments folks. We have a dragon to slay. Let's unite.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:46pm...The rape case in India are definitely way more then
reported.The rich normally rapes their female workers whenever they
want and these rapes goes unreported.

Ron Kubu said...

Folks let's unite and fight this coward bullying dictator. No more kaidia or negro bullcrap. Fiji was already inhabited when the boat from africa arrived in Vuda, and when the boat from calcutta ran aground in Naselai.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

New Fiji constitution draft in final stages

Posted at 17:09 on 03 February, 2013 UTC

The Fiji interim government says its draft constitution is in its final stages and it will be completed this month.

The regime draft was to be ready last week after the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau rejected the draft prepared by the Constitution Commission late last year.

The regime has told the Fiji Sun that it was always the intention to release the draft when the Constituent Assembly sits.

However, there is no firm time table and its members have not been named yet.

The Assembly was to start deliberating the draft four weeks ago but is now not expected to do so for another two weeks.

The regime has also said the constitution will be ready late next month well ahead of elections promised for September next year.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:46 PM

"....compare Fiji to India. In 2010 India had a reported rape case of 22,172 by the United Nation. 93 was the Fiji data in 2010...."

Sorry, not so easy folks...you have to account for population. And if you normalize the rape stats to population, Fiji stands at 110715!!!!! Good luck trying to get your head around that, uneducated fool!

I agree though this India/kaiviti crap really has no place now. There are bigger things to worry about. But if you take look at this comments sheet alone, which racial group started getting targetted first? Systematically too at that?

Those targeting Indians need to realize that respect is a two-way street. That'll be a start!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:38 AM

Agree. But rape in any form is despicable. Why single out India's worker abuse, when in Fiji fathers mount their daughters, brothers have a go for sisters, uncles fuck their nieces..and moms actually stand by and condone it?

BTW, in Fiji, a 5 month old baby gets raped!!!! How sick is that? Never in India!

Anonymous said...

arrehwah! when did we started raping each other in here? Lets focus on Frank and Aiyarse raping our country.

Anonymous said...

Around 1,655 houses approved for rebuilding

Publish date/time: 03/02/2013 [16:56]

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Around 1,655 houses have been approved for rebuilding in the western division.

Commissioner Western Commander Joeli Cawaki said that these include houses partially damaged or fully destroyed by tropical cyclone Evan in areas including Lautoka, Nadi, Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki and Yasawas.

Cawaki said that more than 3,000 applications have been received in several districts for rebuilding works to take place.

However only those that have been approved have proper land leases and its documents intact.

He said people who do not have documents of their houses will not be assisted under the government policy set.

Cawaki said that assessments have been done for all areas including squatter settlements but houses in squatters will be rebuild with the help of Non government organizations.

He said that for the ones approved, construction works are being carried out by RFMF engineers and private contractors.

Story by: Khsuboo Singh

Anonymous said...

1655 homes @ $10k each = $16 million. Where is the money bainimarama boci

rajend naidu said...

(I don't know whether this piece has been published but it is still quite relevant)
Padre James Bhagwan draws an erroneous analogy in his opinion piece between our seafarer ancestors and their journey into the unknown and the "amazing journey" which he claims "lies ahead for our nation over the next two years".
Unlike the early seafarers the journey that lies ahead for our nation is NOT an "unknown".
Padre Bhagwan's extrapolation is wrong.Our nation is either headed towards democracy or towards dictatorship. Padre Bhagwan says " whichever direction this journey takes us are we willing to travel together as we search for that island of hope on which we wish to live?"
I am not willing to "travel together" - to be a fellow traveller - with people who are not taking our country back to democracy. I am sure there are many other Fiji people - both in fiji and overseas - who feel the same way.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Atma Maharaj brother of santa maharaj who accuses Qaras of corruption. typical indian liumuri

Chief Executive Officer at Latitude 12 Pty Ltd
Australia Outsourcing/Offshoring

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Atma Maharaj's Overview
Current CEO at Latitude 12 Pty Ltd
Past Principal Advisor & CEO at Soul Ventures (Aust) Pty Ltd
Secretary-General & Executive Board Member (Volunteer) at National Olympic Committee of FIJI ("FASANOC")
Chief Executive Officer at Fiji Investment Corporation Limited

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Education Australian Computer Society - Senior Member
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Atma Maharaj's Experience


Latitude 12 Pty Ltd

June 2010 – Present (2 years 9 months)

Principal Advisor & CEO

Soul Ventures (Aust) Pty Ltd

February 2007 – June 2010 (3 years 5 months)

Providing Advisory and Consultancy services in Business Development, Change Management and also in Sports Marketing and Management.

Secretary-General & Executive Board Member (Volunteer)

National Olympic Committee of FIJI ("FASANOC")

February 2002 – March 2010 (8 years 2 months)

Fiji Association Of Sports And National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) - responsible for Team Fiji, High Performance, Sponsorship & Marketing, Strategic Planning, Fund Raising, International Relations, Government Relations and Donor Programs.

Executive Board - (Volunteer Position - Pro Bono Work)
- 1986 to 1993 (Senior Vice President
- 2002 to 2010 (Senior Vice President / Secretary-General)
- Chef De Mission - Olympic Games, Athens;
- Chef De Mission - Pacific Games 1991 & 2003

Chief Executive Officer

Fiji Investment Corporation Limited

March 2004 – December 2006 (2 years 10 months)

Fiji Investment Corporation was setup as a Venture Capital Company to act as a catalyst for Private Sector Investment and as a Holding Company for all Government Commercial Companies.

Managing Director & Principal Consultant

PrimeVision Ltd

February 2002 – February 2004 (2 years 1 month)

Set up PrimeVision to provided specialist Professional Development, Executive Education Programs and Consultancy Services to the Private and Public sectors, including Australian Institute of Management Training Programs.

Sold the business as a going concern, to take up CEO position with Fiji Investment Corporation Ltd

Director Sponsorship & Marketing

South Pacific Games Organising Committee Ltd

February 2002 – December 2003 (1 year 11 months)

2003 South Pacific Games Organizing Committee Ltd - created the biggest corporate sponsorship program for the Pacific Region, securing and servicing in excess of A$10 million through a marketing campaign with an unmatched profile in the Region.

General Manager & Director

Toyota Tsusho South Seas Co Ltd

August 1998 – January 2002 (3 years 6 months)

Regional Position in Suva, Fiji

Publicly-listed Company operating eight (8) Dealerships and AVIS franchise in Fiji, with subsidiaries in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga; specializes in the importation and distribution of Toyota, Yamaha, Mercedes Benz, and Bridgestone products.

Group MIS Manager

Toyota Tsusho South Pacific Holding Ltd

February 1993 – August 1998 (5 years 7 months)

Milton, Brisbane

Responsible for corporate-wide Information Systems, operating in 8 Pacific nations with a network of thirty-five (35) Branches. and one thousand five hundred (1500) staff, with an annual turnover in excess of A$250 million.


Fiji Computer Society

1983 – 1986 (3 years)

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party your existence will cease from 14 february. I dare you Santa Maharaj (brother of Atma Maharaj) ex CEO fiji investment coporation appointee of Hon Qarase) to accsue SDL and Qarse of corruption from teh 15th. Not only the SDL party to deal with you and Anit Singh but expect legal action for defamation against SDL. Why dont you two cowards talk about bainimrama's coruption? and Nur bano corruption?

Anonymous said...

Ditto rajend naidu. I will not allow my future to be determined by an incompetent halfwit coward. We are masters of our destiny, lets embrace the tough road back to democracy.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Santa Maharaj and Anit Singh for attacking Hon Qarase whilst he is a politcal prisioner. The poor man can defend himself from liches like these two Fiji first party leaders. Leave Qarase alone.

Anonymous said...

NZ's Santa Maharaj exposed
The chairman of the Auckland based Fiji Indian Human Rights group is a close ally of interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama.

He is also the brother of the re-instated chief executive of the Fiji Investment Corporation.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Santa Maharaj is in daily contact with Bainimarama via emails and telephone.

Sources say he also converses daily with Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the permanent secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand.

Maharaj was influential in setting up fundraising activities in NZ and India for Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Sources say Santa Maharaj knows that Chaudhry, who has $2 million stashed in Australia, raised the money in Haryana in the name of the poor evicted farmers and underprivileged Indians of Fiji after the 2000 coup.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Santa Maharaj wrote to the interim regime last year seeking funds for his Human Rights Group as well as for farmers of Muaniweni, Naitasiri. These farmers were fooled into taking refugee status at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka following the 2000 coup.

Sources say the camp was established with the help of the then Fiji Human Rights Commission boss Shaista Shameem.

In his letters to the regime last year, Maharaj stated that the regime had to compensate the farmers of Muaniweni for the losses they suffered following the 2000 coup. He said his organisation needed to be compensated too for expenses it incurred while looking after the farmers and their families at the Girmit Centre.

Santa Maharaj was seeking a sum of $1.5 million that was not allocated in the 2009 budget by Bainimarama.

Sources say after falling out of favour with Mahendra Chaudhry, he courted Frank Bainimarama and has been successful in overcoming the first hurdle by getting his brother re-instated that was terminated by Bainimarama two and half years ago

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousFebruary 3, 2013 at 9:43
Misguided ?????? Tori nani ke goalie !!!! Truth hurts ae .

Anonymous said...

Methodist Church Of Fiji..
during 1987..we marched with methodist church leaders in Lautoka supporting rabuka's coup and we prepared to lay down our lives for our FIji and we supported the Fiji army...we even did the road blocks...today I have know clue to what the methodist church leaders did but I asking all people under the methodist church denomination to change their denomination or change their leaders

Anonymous said...

The Asian Development Bank is skeptical about the Fiji interim government's expectations for economic growth this year.

Fiji growth rate less than government forecast says ADB (Credit: ABC)

The coup-installed military regime expects Gross Domestic Product to expand by more than two per cent in 2013.

But the ADB's Pacific Department principal economist, Emma Veve, says they are excepting much lower growth.

She says Fiji is attempting to restructure its sugar industry at the moment and that is taking time and money, and the country has been hit by two floods and a cyclone this year, which will depress economic growth.

Emma Veve says the bank's view of Fiji's economy is less positive than the interim government's.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Asian Development Bank's Pacific Department principal economist, Emma Veve

VEVE: The Fiji government for a number of years has been projecting strong growth for their economy, over the two per cent level. Whereas ADB has been taking a much more conservative approach to forecasting growth in Fiji, and in 2013 we're expecting about one-point-seven per cent growth.

HILL: So when the Fiji government has expected strong growth, historically has that expected growth actually happened?

VEVE: To some degree Fiji's been in a very difficult global environment for growth in recent years. We've had the global economic crisis, they're dealing with the need to restructure their sugar industry, they've been hit by a series of very disastrous natural events; the cyclone in recent weeks being the most recent of those.

HILL: And two floods earlier in the year?

VEVE: Yeah the two floods earlier in the year, and that clearly impacts on growth, and it's not something that government can expect in its forecasting.

HILL: So what sectors of the Fiji economy are doing well and which ones are not performing?

VEVE: Really the high point of the Fiji economy is the tourism sector, the sector continues to grow, tourist numbers are growing, revenues are growing. Obviously the more this can grow, the better for the economy, and particularly if it can reach out more broadly into the economy and we could see more local businesses directly benefitting from the tourists through providing services to them, so that's certainly been a focus of government policy. And it seems to be showing some benefits in terms of the growth figures we're seeing in the tourism industry. The mining industry is a future bright light for the Fiji economy, but starting up mines has a long period to get them going, and so the growth prospects from mining are still some way off in the future and it's still a very small part of the economy.

HILL: I mean Fiji is an island state in the Pacific, it's one of the biggest ones and one of the most developed, but it still has the fundamentals of an island state and what they need more than anything else is investment, and that investment obviously has to come from overseas. Because of Fiji's political situation, is there any way of calculating how much foreign investment Fiji would have got if it wasn't in the current political situation it's in? And would changing the politics encourage more overseas investment in future?

Anonymous said...

Incompentence led to:THE Fiji National Provident Fund yesterday declared that it was writing off $327million in members' funds.

Trade, Commerce and Tourism ministries' head Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the move was necessary to show the true value FNPF's assets, something auditors of the Trust had been highlighting from as early as 2005.

Effectively "this means that 9 per cent of the total members' funds has been written off" for the 2009 year, he said.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said that forensic accountants from Australia, Deloitte, had been recruited to carry out various investigations and that those responsible would be prosecuted. Deloitte was expected to highlight where the culpability lay, he said, which could involve criminal, civil or management action. "It will ensure that any financial decisions that are made now will be made on true value of the assets, which essentially ensures that the members' funds are protected a lot better," Mr Saiyed-Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12:28 PM

You really think that's something to be proud of ?

You will not find your answers in the church. Be a man and do something yourself rather than always be looking for someone to lead you.

The church is a business, they only want to make money from you. The quicker the sheep realise that the quicker Fiji can sort itself out.

Anonymous said...

Whats cooking??? permalink

1 Votes

Can Bainimarama resign from the military to enter politics? NO

Can Bainimrama declare his Assets and Incomes from 2007 – 2013? NO.

Can Bainimarama win the 2014 Elections? NO

ANSWER – Bainimarama will become the inaugrual President under the 2013 Constitution. His appointment will be from 2013 – 2023. Ratu Epeli Naiitikau will retire on $200,000 pension. Bainimramama will have veto powers over the elected parliament. i.e he can reject any bill, dismiss the Prime Minister or any minister and order charges be laid against any person in fiji. He would be above the Courts and the Constitution. Instead of the President serving the Constitution , The constitution wil serve him for 10 years. By 2013 – Mahendra Chaudhry would be 82, Qarase 83 and all others dead.

Long Live Bainimarama dictatorship. Hail Baini!!!

Coup 4.5 said...

In his article " The People of Fiji Matter:: Who is standing up with Them?" former Canberra diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders says it's time Fiji was expelled from the Commonwealth of Nations. (Fiji Today 3/2)
I agree.
Sir Ronald has got it absolutely right.
By contrast many current diplomats including our own Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr have got it appallingly wrong. Sir Ronald perceptively points out " Bainimarama has been remarkably cunning in manipulating the international community including his two largest Commonwealth neighbours, Australia and New Zealand".
Needless to say Australia and New Zealand have been remarkably gullible.
Their acceptance of Bainimarama's new constitution writing and election plans - even after his trashing of the Ghai draft constitution which they had funded - says a lot about their gullibility and political naivete.
yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Rae to step down from Fiji’s National Federation Party

Posted at 01:50 on 04 February, 2013 UTC

The General Secretary of Fiji’s National Federation Party, Pramod Rae, says he will step down from his role with the party.

Mr Rae’s future NFP role has been under question following the new Political Parties Decree which bans union officials from holding party positions.

Mr Rae, who is the General Secretary of the Bank and Financial Employees Union, says the party will appoint members who comply with the decree’s rules.

“I am now prohibited from being a member of or holding an office in a political party. So, yes, I am disqualified from holding a political party office or even a political party membership.”

Pramod Rae says the NFP hopes to gain the five thousand members needed to re-register as a political party by the deadline next Thursday.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Who needs the commonwealth? Fark the queen!

Anonymous said...

Typical Coup 4.5. No answers, just questions.

Anonymous said...

People are asking these questions you fuckhead wahhhhaaaa

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Cabinet
Hon Anit Singh - Prime Minister
Hon Santa Maharaj- Finance Minister
Hon Atma Maharaj - Foreign Minister
Hon. Kanta Maharaj - Works Minister
Hon. Sangeeta Niranjan - Minsiter for Cassionos and Brothels
Hon. Nikat Shameem- Womens Minister
Hon Nazhat Shameem - AG
Hon. Shaista Shameem - Communications and Civil Aviation

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party - party of conmans and sluts like shaista and Nazhat....shame on you....

Anonymous said...

New Fiji flag will consist of yellow and red colors now....no more blue.. sample was distributed to govt mins last week....!!!

Vutuki Meo said...

Boy, 10, takes own life
Dawn Gibson
Monday, February 04, 2013

THE Fiji Police Force is urging members of the public to show more understanding towards others, particularly children.

Police made the request after a young boy of Newtown settlement hung himself on Saturday evening.

The boy was 10-years-old and a Class Five student.

Four suicide cases and eight attempted suicides have been recorded by police so far this year.

How many more young people need to hang themselves?
How many more babies need to be raped before the Methodist church gets involved in Politics.

This is the direct result of Bainimarama's coup.

Don't say that this is not the responsibility of the church because that would be just a down right pathetic excuse.


Anonymous said...

What's up....with Coup 4.5 being so anti-government?

Anonymous said...

No you ga fuckhead.....fuck your father.

Anonymous said...

The respected gentlemen harping about Chaudhry's $2m seems to be badly aggrieved for one reason or the other. Could this gentlemen put his claim over the $2m in Court instead of venting his frustration on the pro democracy blog. The $2m matter is well documented. The money came from harayana. The people of indian are not complaining about chaudhry keeping the money. documents in public domain shows the money was donated to him. the donors are not challenging the issue. So, why is this gentlemen beating his chest over it? only one answer- greed. The bainimarama regime had already cleared chaudhry over this matter in 2007. The prime minister is on record to state chaudhry can keep the money as only the donors can decide otherwise.third parties,like this greed driven lich has no bsusines in it. Can the editor ensure that comments on the subject is curtailed so that real issues facing the people of Fiji can be debated here instead of personal greed and frustrations? This blog is to promote democracy against the tyranny of khaiyum and bainimrama, not to peddle the thurst of wealth of parties interested to push their quest for millions. please get a life!

Anonymous said...

Ni Bula Vinaka Anon @ 7.36 pm

Just because donors are not complaining does not exonerate mahen chodo. Repeat our statement to yourself, and if you have any iota of a brain, its silliness will become clear to you.

SDL, if you think joining chodo will earn you any brownie Indian vote (not that you'll need them), it'll backfire. beware, chodo is a contagious political wart!

Anonymous said...

@ Vutuki Meo 6:38 PM

Why is it that everything is someone elses problem. So you think the church and government should take the place and role of parents in society.

No wonder these things are happening, no one wants to accept any responsibility anymore, just pass it on.

Former PM Tea Lady said...

Anon @ 7.36PM

Can you deny that the property the FLP leases on Albert Lee Place off Nararo Rd used to house Asha Lakhan as recently as April 2012?

We're talking about the white building at the roundabout, next to Aslam's house mate. Just in case you're confused.

Her being an occupant of FLP-leased property, despite not being a member or employee (at least not publicly known) does not have anything to do with the incident that also involved your mahatma chaudhry, does it now?

The former PM's Tea Lady (1998 - 1999)

Anonymous said...

Poke your fathers rear Rajend Chodory

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 7:36pm.
If Mahend is a true champion of democracy he should lead by example and be a good role model. He is a cunning, manipulative, racist and corrupt political leader. He is the Indian Nationalist just like Butadroka for the Fijian people. Sir,I advise you to request for a copy of the Auckland Times of 1st September 2012 and see the article by Bainimarama, the reason he got rid of Chaudry from his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Santa Maharaj's brother Atma Maharaj was sacked from Asco motors for supplying vehicles to George Speights rebels and for having sex with his chinese PA in the Office cought red hand by staff members. He later had an affair with Sangeeta Niranjan due to which Micheal Niranjan divorsed Sangeeta. Atma Maharaj was implicated in the agriculuture scam asl well.

Anonymous said...

The latest information comning to hand is the Fiji First Party is busy hatching a deal with China Railway company, the details of which will be released shortly. The Party preseident went to Bua recently with meet China Rail Way executives. On the blogs, Fiji First pretends to oppose the regime and on the side it is busy making deals for business gain. Talk about sincereity and honesty! Why would political party president enagage in business deal with a rogue company? While in Fiji, the so-called leader went to see the ex senior army officer who is facing charges for treason. He also pretends to be a part time doctor. more to come .....keep reading...

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party seem to crys foul over FLP getting the 5000 signatures. Instead of jumping up and down santa maharaj should get out of his comfortable home in Auckland and cordinate the membership drive for his party is he really commands any support. Can he get 5000 members? these two idiotic slogs decry SDL and FLP even if the party members fart. they pretend to be leaders of some standing. More likely to fit the description of absentee landlords. One in NZ and the other who stole Nik Naidu's wife Nakit Shameem (one of the bitch sisters) is in Nairobe. Arm chair politicians serving from afar. FLP will be taken to task if they have engaged in any extra legal acts. But by who by? the Fiji First says in its submission that the regime is unlawful. yet, threats to report FLP to the same unlawful authority who has no moral, legal authority to judge anyone for that matter. really, its all boils down to Dracula guarding the blood bank!!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad and in fact tragic to see Fiji First Part President and leader, attempting to divert attention from the real issue facing the peopel of Fiji. The three main parties SDL/FLP/NFP are coming together in a common objective to remove bainimrama and khaiyum's rogue regime. The issues raised by Maharaj Sanata and Singh may need answers. However, in the national interest, these matters are put aside to firstly deal with the dictatorship. 60% of our people are in poverty. The national debt ha reached $5billion. 200 poeple per year are commiting suicides. 10,000 graduates are jobless, hospitals have become morgues. infrastrature around Fiji has collapsed. 7 years of bainimrama rule has wrecked Fiji. Under these circumstances, Fiji First is disrupting the unity fo people against the regime. It appear from allegations of business deals (behind the curtain) these two may be bidding for the dictator. They must be peddling the regimes agenda to derail the people. Let me assure you santa, you and Bainimarama will eventually fail. good luck with china rail way deal.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's National Federation Party will decide its fate this weekend.

The mainly Indo-Fijian party is led by trade unionist Parmod Rae, who has announced he's stepping down due to a decree by the coup installed military government forbidding union leaders from being involved in politics.

All parties in Fiji must show they have five thousand financial members by the 14th of this month in order to be eligible to apply for registration.

Mr Rae says that it may be difficult for the NFP to make the target of five thousand members, especially as many people seem to be afraid of getting involved in any political activity.

HILL: Are you suggesting the people of Fiji might be openly afraid to join a political party?

RAE: I think so, yes. I think that is definitely they are. So some of the feelings we are getting is that there is a reluctance amongst people to openly commit to any particular political party

Sotia Ulukau said...

SDL!! FLP!! NFP!! for 2014!!!!

Anonymous said...

WTF seriously??? Maybe thats why the army was told to stay alert! China's flag tale qori. I bet they out designs to see which Ministry leaks it out...

Anonymous said...

Whats up with stupid people asking stupid questions?

Anonymous said...

If Naivalurua and his sloppy police want to control crime in Fiji, they gotta weed out the supply of illicit drugs. Some of the rape cases happening, are so disgusting, it makes you think that these mongrels committing them are so fucked in the head...not"weed wacked", but "Peed out"....if you get my drift.

Real Journos said...

It is now common knowledge that the Fiji Sun newspaper is the official newspaper of the Illegal bainivuaka regime. The no time loosers and unqualified people like Maika Bolatiki (big time masi polo to Mesake Koroi) and the SDL government, has now turned coat just like Pene Nonu now DS for President's office, and of course the low of the low, fat, ugly duka levu Leone Cabenatabua.

Now they fill their papers with gabbage and only reporters that cannot be taken by any other reputable newspaper, joins them. lame and lame. Just so you know, come democracy time, get ready to be on your bums looking for work. Why?? Because the Fiji Sun will close down. Period!

Similarly, there are certain regime followers now in FBCL. We know who you are; Apisalome Coka the looser, and all your cronies...easy turncoats from Qarase's era....sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

These turncoat journos are mostly matavakasuluniyaqona journos. You can see kosa in their faces. That is what they good at veiliumuritaki. They will support whoever is buying them drinks. The low of the lows effing scumbags.

Anonymous said...

These turncoat journos are mostly matavakasuluniyaqona journos. You can see kosa in their faces. That is what they good at veiliumuritaki. They will support whoever is buying them drinks. The low of the lows effing scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys posting here have lost the plot entirely. Instead of uniting behind a common cause, you are busy vilifying each other. Shame on you! Looks like the "Divide and Rule" strategy of the regime is working to perfection. And with idiots like you for opponents, they obviously have nothing to be afraid of.

Anonymous said...

Some of it is divide and rule but most of the venting is anger and frustration!

But I totally agree ... people need to uni9te.

Anonymous said...

What's Up?
We all hope that election will be fought fairly but the bigger question is which type of constitution will be used to be governed by our elected members?
what are the exit strategies for the current regime?
How will the next parliament deal with their exit? Will this current court system be allowed to continue during the transition?
Will there be any form of give and take to move the country forward?
Lert us focus on these question please guys.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Y is j moti in town who caled him is AG becoming pm n pm becoming president n j moti new AG

Anonymous said...

What's up with this new C4.5 format? It works differently on an iPad, when it works at all. I can't use my name, and I often can't edit. "Anonymous" is the only working option. Also, I hate your new use of captchas to prevent robomails. Is it really necessary?

Anonymous said...

What's up with these fools claiming we're "anti-government" when we're the ones supporting the legitimate elected government, whilst they're the ones supporting its overthrow by a rogue military?

juluumbaat said...

what's up with the tinted windows and blinking lights and one car in front and one at the back convoy for ELITE State officials?
It's a COLONIAL thing.
But these pretentious "anti-colonial"leaders don't see the contradiction. they see only what suits them. the scoundrels .

Anonymous said...

Keep up with captchas C4.5 prevents those minfo kids from spamming this site

mark manning said...

Come on you guys, for God's sake. Don't you get it yet?
Frank is shitting his pants at the thought of going to prison for his alleged ordering of or alleged involvement in the murders of the CRW Soldiers in 2000, one he's alleged to have killed with a rock himself, by smashing his head in.
Aiyaz and other's, in particular Shameem, Gate and Pride, have used this blithering idiot Frank Bainimarama's fear, to their advantage. How much more crap do Fijians have to endure before one of you decides he has the f**king balls to challenge them?

warriors needed said...

no fijians lamu sonas will never get it

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama arrived back from the middle east tonight & is currently attending a tourism function in Nadi. You mark my words that Baunimarama will use the 3 musket tears who Fiji least expects to remove Aiyaz Saiyad Khayium, as this Muslim underestimates the GCC and the power of the matanigasau. Sit by Fiji & watch the happenings over the next few days as we are ready at the camp to take over and return to normalcy! stay tuned!!