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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beddoes: so much for the people having a voice

Treasonous regime hierarchy: hiding behind their white finery and new Constitution.
The former United Peoples Party president, Mick Beddoes, says the announcement by the illegal prime minister of a new draft Constitution demonstrates yet again his utter contempt for the people he claims to represent.

Beddoes says Frank Bainimarama had said on March the 9th of last year that ‘for the first time everyone will have a voice, this is a fundamental part of the constitutional formulation process that cannot and must not be compromised.’

Beddoes says the voice of the people was 'openly expressed' through more than 7,000 submissions to the Constitution Commission, yet many of these submitters were subjected to verbal abuse and threats from Bainimarama himself.

"And when the 2012 draft actually reflected the people’s views and not necessarily the regime’s, the police were authorized to confiscate the printed copies of the 2012 draft and ‘burn copies at the printers as well as abuse its Chairman Professor Yash Ghai, demonstrating a total lack of empathy or humility towards his own appointed Commissioners and to the people of Fiji at large.

"So much for the promise that the process ‘cannot and must not be compromise."

Beddoes says a quick review of the regime’s 2013 Constitution confirms that after 6 years of absolute control they are still unable to govern the country in a free, open and transparent manner.

"They instead plan to continue with their suppression of the people by severely restricting the people’s right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, labour relations, freedom of movement, political rights and even rights to privacy. All these rights have been severely restricted, far more than the 1997 constitution and the 2012 Draft."

Beddoes says there is still the issue of land to revealed - a major concern for Fiji's indigenous people - which is not addressed in the regime's constitution.

"What the regime does do in their 2013 Constitution is safeguard their own self-interest by abrogating their responsibilities as officers of the state to be accountable to the people.

"Instead they have all chosen to hide behind the entrenched immunity provisions so they can escape responsibility and accounting for all their actions since December 2006 and for all the illegal and unlawful actions they plan to take in the future and all the while pursuing and persecuting their political opponents with trumpeted up charges through the manipulation of the law via decrees, all in the name of the democratic principles they promote but continually fail to comply with."

Beddoes says the people should always consider the flip side to the regime’s actions because it explains why they do the things they do.

"And what their 2013 constitution is telling us, is that they are all afraid that one day, they will all have to front up to an Independent Court of Enquiry or the International Court of Justice."

Beddoes says not one of the regime hierarchy, from the President down actually, believes in anything they have done, enough, to be willing to step out from behind their immunity protection and dig deep for what remains of their moral compass and go defend their actions it in a court of law, just like every other Fiji citizen is expected to do.


Vutuki Bainimarama said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck the Mataivalu Ni Solisona. Like in Libya and soon to be in Syria this bunch of cocksucking and arse giving poofters will be hunted down like dogs and killed.

Tucake mai Viti - Vamatea oratou na kaisi bokola kece.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11.24AM
with your posting you have done one thing: given proof that you are a regime WHORE!
What Mick Beddoes says is the TRUTH and that is what you regime whores find unpalatable and you then do what you do best : start swearing and insulting and abusing regime critics like Mick Beddoes.
Are you one of the fuckers who is building a "better Fiji" and "true democracy"? Is this how critics will be treated in the "better Fiji" you fuckers are building?

Radiolucas said...

The problem is that Frank and Aiyaz view any criticism or comment on the constitution that does not agree with them as being a crime.

Tyrants do what they do because they have neither the intelligence, popularity or mandate of the people to do what they SHOULD do.

Suren said...

You are absolutely right there Mr Beddoes.

VB and his cohorts are more concerned about protecting themselves from possible future prosecutions which means they are aware of the illegality of what they have been doing and are worried about the consequences.

You guys, leaders in our community should all stand up , speak up, defy the regime and encourage people to stand up publically to protest.

We can all fight this regime.

They are treating us like we are simple and easily compliant irrespective of whether we are suffering under their rule.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Anonymous 11:24
Unfortunately Mick Beddoes is right and you are wrong.

TREASONISTS are criminals. They have broken the Law.
Therefore like everyone else who breaks the law they must face up to their judgement.


Why are you asking for Immunity now?
You bunch of pussies.




Anonymous said...

Let us always remember lest we forget that these thugs came to power by crooked means and they intend to stay in power using crooked means.
we must not quietly accept their agenda. their insults, abuse and threats have one objective : to silence critics.

Anonymous said...

all that foul and abusive stuff Anonymous 11.24AM heaped on Mick Beddoes should not surprise anyone. If the regime leader can heap abuse on a respected priest what's to stop regime whores from insulting and abusing critics like Mick Beddoes?
remember these are thugs we are dealing with. here they can only abuse you. in another setting they will assault you!

Anonymous said...

My submission by text to 02 on BK Constitution:
I submit that as Fiji has ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the following must be included in the Const: "This Constitution shall recognise the UNDRIP and shall ensure its full implementation over the next 5 years with regular reviews and monitoring thereafter".
I also declare that if this is not accepted, I shall burn a copy of the constitution, burn my voter registration, piss on the ashes and stand in front of Govt Building and scream at B & K "Magaitinamudrau".

Jake said...

Radio Dipper.

Who the fricken hell let you out of your idiot enclosure.

Boy, it seems every-time you open your rancid mouth crap comes pouring out.

What's the hell the matter with you?

Anonymous said...

the photo is of birds of the same feather flocking together in gang raping the country!

Anonymous said...

question if ..our Government is transparent...why have immunity clause...whats are we afraid off...Being Christians which most off our cabinet minister are...going to church every sunday..Praising..then you should know that we are only to be afraid[fear] of God..not laws of mere men...let the Courts decide your fates...if you are right you win...short and simple..why make enshrined laws to protect your actions if you feel it was right..food for thought..be righteous...take out the immunity part and people will count you......man willing to stand up for their actions rather then hide behind man made laws.... to suit your needs...cause they will always haunt you later....be warned though...everyting has a limit

Anonymous said...

All right thinking Chiefs, prominent members of the communities, and citizens must continue to raise their opposition to the illegal regime. We must let the people of Fiji and the world know that we want our freedom back which has been stolen and controlled by the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

The immunity is not be requested, it is being implemented whether you like it or not. It is common practice after a coup or any military operation so that arseholes who can't accept it don't waste our time in courts.

Oh by the way how can some womaniser and wife changer like Mick Beddoes lead a country? Go get your life in order before you wanna talk on national issues Mickey Mouse Beddoes.

No Indigenous Land Rights said...

11.24am, sorry but the land laws are entrenched in this way...
every citizen have equal rights to everything..
citizens cannot be discriminated on the grounds of race, etc...
the bill of rights do not recognise indigenous rights including rights to land...
so the kai inidia can go to court and say, sorry antoinette but I want equal rights to the kaivitis and kairotumas lands and sea and seabed...
Because all the land and sea laws which give rights to the indigenous poples discriminate against me because Im kaiindia,
AND secondly, their rights under those laws breach Franky my heroes constitution...
so there you go, minority and foreigners rights to land are entrenced AND doubly entrenched at that, NOT the kaiviti and kairotumans lands.

rajend naidu said...

It has been widely reported in both the television and print media here that a corruption inquiry into mining licences was told that a former NSW Labour Minister was nicknamed "Eddie Obeid's left testicles".
Can the media in Fiji be expected to report stuff like that?
Fiji politics has its share of "left testicles", doesn't it?
Some claim Fiji politics currently has far too many "left testicles".
That happens invariably when patronage politics becomes the norm.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.24am and 12.35am

Sa laurai sara tikoga e na ka e drau vakatukuna tiko na levu ni lala ni qavokavoka! Kemudou! drau sa sega sara ga ni cavuta rawa e dua na ka e na yaga kina nomudrau matavuvale kei ira na wekamudrau-drau yavu ulu malumalumu.

Drau lai sikova mada na tukamudrau kei na bumudrau me rau vakamacalataka vei kemudrau na vuna e drau sa rui lialia tu kina vakasivia.

Drau kila la o kemudrau na masi dakai. Drau kua ni viavia soli vakasama mai e na veitalanoa me bula kina na noda vanua drau yavu sega na kemudrau veitavioka.

Vakaraitaki ga ni levu ni nomudrau mua i muri kei na ka e talaraki tiko mai kina!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Why not we ask an International Body to intervene and see to it that we are freely using our democratic right in choosing the next govt.
I ask why are we going to election with all these decrees and that they will not relinquish their position six months prior and some will hang on to the judiciary/court after election for what????.
If not careful with fish it goes bad starting from the head, in here, when Fiji judiciary system is pathetic the whole system is null & void.

Kranky hussein bolt for PM said...

Note the first in line the TOOTHLESS president.
Now why would kranky want to become president??? because under krankys constitution, the president has no powers other than to rubber stamp, and continue his obsession against AIDS.
the president must only act on the advice of the prime minister and the cabinet.
who appoints the president?? the prime minister and his party ofcourse.
who sacks the president?? the prime minister with the help of cj anotinette ofcourse.
who appoints cj antoinette?? the prime minister and the ag, advising the president who cannot refuse to accept ofcourse.
who sacks cj antoinette?? the prime minister advising the president who cannot refuse to accept ofcourse.
who sacks the prime minister??
he cannot be sacked because he has control of the government and the president has no power because he can only act on the advise of the prime minister, the very person who is to be sacked!!! Forget reserve powers because the president has none. in fact the only ones that have reserve powers is the army.
And who controls the army??? the prime minister because he is the commander in chief ofcourse. and tikoitoga thinks because he is the commander land force, he is another toothles tiger because he cannot go against his commander in chief.
So you people who are saying kranky hussein lightning bolt down the cassava patch wants to be president, just forget it. the president is a rubber stamp - no powers to act on his own deliberation and no reserve powers.
my prediction is kranky hussein lightning bolt will be prime minister and arsykaiyum will be cj because that is the next most powerful position under this new order come April 15. thats why arsykaiyum has not said he will run for elections. he doesnt have to. anotinette piroets out of the way and arsy steps in on krankys advice to toothless president who cannot refuse.
What an incestuous lot.
God help fiji.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 12:35
Saddam Hussein asked for immunity but the law got him.
Qaddaffi asked for immunity but they shoved the IMMUNITY PIPE up his arse.
Bainimarama asking for immunity....
Aiyarse asking for immunity....

ACTING LIKE TOUGH GUYS BUT INSIDE YOU ARE just farking tiny little pussies!
You farking wankers.


Thats just the way it is.

Sorry boys. You should have thought of this before you carried out the farking coup.
You farking pooftahs.

Anonymous said...

The Toothless President is also a man with no moral compass. he wouldn't mind being a " no power" President so long as he can enjoy State privileges and have free trips etc.
where was this fala when Rabuka did the first coup? he conveniently absented himself from his post as commander of the fiji army. Don't forget that. he has had his hand in the pie all the time! this time is no different - for him!

Ratu Tu'uakitau bakewa said...

Just as worse as the the toothless president is his useless brother Ratu Tu'uakitau, a fence sitter, opportunist and waste of space with no talent, abilities or qualifications; no balls to peak out against he coup; a parasite, man of no principles who shamelessly used his chiefly status to climb the ladder and sucked up to whoever was in power. At the moment he is sitting on his fat arse or sleeping the days away since he is totally unemployable. He is not fit to be called a man.

The Doctrine said...

franky and his army have total control because the big fell on the left in the picture is a toothles tiger under frankys constitution....the army cannot go running to el presidente because el presidente has no powers to act except on the advice of the pm and el president no longer has any reserve powers because this constitution, if you can call it that, makes clear of that…el presidente must act only on the advice of the pm…so all locked up for franky.
Secondly, the cj is going to be his partner in crime – tailor made for aiyarse – who will now and then act as el presidente, and both have total control over who is el presidente – powers to appoint and dismiss rest with them, frank being the initiator and airyarse the dismisser through his control of the judiciary.
the only othe key position left is a rubberstamp attorney general and the game is set and match.
the pm and ag appoint the cj because el presidente must accept their choice. the pm sacks the cj because el president has no powers. the cj has control of the judiciary because he is the head of the judicial services commission. so the pm in reality controls the judiciary.
and no one can sack the pm except the toothless el president on the pms advice. why would kranky recommend himself to be sacked? so that leaves only the parliament but franky has control there. and if the parliament revolts, kranky just calls on his army who cannot refuse because franky is the big chief, and the land force commander will run to the el presidente who will put his hands up in the air and say, vosota, i am tootless, that is the constitution so let me enjoy my beer with my friends of the new order and play golf to my hearts content and concentrate on AIDS and gender reform ; i want fiji to be the first pacific islander country to have same sex marriage so we can beat australia and nz in sex as well as in rugby sevens.

well like they say, only in fiji. a first in constitutional reform and a new twist on the doctrine of separation of powers, or is it the doctrine of concetration of powers


Anonymous said...

Mick Beddose

can you pls first pay your NBF loan. Aren't you stealing tax payer's money by not paying your loan which you can affort rather than paying a few cents every month.

Peaple of fiji, this micky mouse must first do whats right. He is a politican who only uses people.

Anonymous said...

how many poeple on this blog supported the same men in uniform in 2000 and 1987?

Anonymous said...

Danger!!Danger!!!!a revolt within could see the PM no more, CJ and who ever will gain control will reverse the distribution of power back to President!!same time sack the PM!!!


Ratu Tu'uakitau for prime minister said...

Ratu Tu'uakitau for prime minister....hahahaha!

Sanaila said...

Era sa veivosaki na kokoroji, kalavo kei na pusi.....Unfortunately you have no power to remove this government. If you have the balls - try it!!!! Lamusona kece!!

Anonymous said...

in Fiji we say so and so is so and so's "left golly" or "left ball"
and yes these days we have an unprecedented number of them.

Anonymous said...

@ Sanaila
you a man with a gun in your hand calling others "lamusona"?
your bravado comes from your gun, not you. you are the real lamusona! you are the one without balls!

Isa My country said...

isa, not only have franky and aiyarse stolen our land sea reef and institutions, hes going deep into the sea:

An organization intended, in part, to assess coastal protection and geo-hazards seems, instead, to be working on behalf of Lockheed Martin."

...the sky is next, sorry thats already taken and divided up for fbc and fiji tv.
sa moce mada na kaiviti

Currently, US military contractor Lockheed Martin is negotiating with Fiji’s Bainimarama administration to fast-track and sponsor new legislation that would allow the private U.S.-based transnational titan to delve into experimental deep seabed mining. Because the U.S. has not ratified the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), U.S. industries cannot engage in deep seabed mining in international waters, outside of a country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In the 1970s, before UNCLOS, Lockheed had conducted an analysis of the nodules found in the Clarion-Clipperton zone, just below the Hawaiian Islands. Now, large industrial mining companies are jockeying for position to be the first to successfully vacuum up Pacific resources, which include rich deposits of gold, silver, copper, nickel, manganese, and rare-earth minerals.

Little is known about the deep seabed, and no conclusive environmental study has been completed. What is known is that the life that thrives in this unusual environment is sulfur-based rather than oxygen-based and we do not know how this sulfuric sediment will impact ocean bio-diversity. There is also no regulatory oversight guiding the technology that seeks to raze the deep ocean floor and suck up the minerals.

SOPAC (the Applied Geoscience and Technology Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community) began operation on January 1, 2011 and was established by the Pacific Island Leaders Forum to include the assessment of the potential of ocean and onshore mineral resources, coastal protection and management, and geohazard assessment. However, with no conclusive Environmental Impact Assessment or statement, the concern that SOPAC is working on behalf of Lockheed Martin, one or the world’s largest private military contractors, should not only betray the trust of Pacific Island Forum countries, but also damage the legitimacy of the scientific community at large.

In an October 2011 press release, SOPAC announced the contracting of Hannah Lily, Solicitor for the British Government to be their legal advisor to the Deep Sea Minerals Project and she has since been working on behalf of Lockheed Martin, advocating for legal changes to Fijian law. Her comments governing the environmental, regulatory and investment agreements concerning deep seabed mining are further troubling since Fiji’s president Bainimarama is viewed to be illegitimate by many. The Bainimarama regime has not held elections since the 2006 military coup, and New Zealand and Australia have only recently restored diplomatic ties with Fiji.

It could very well be that it is through Hannah Lily’s contract with SOPAC, that British PM David Cameron has just pledged to “put Britain at the forefront of a new international seabed mining industry, which he claimed could be worth £40bn to the UK economy over the next 30 years,” according to the Guardian.

Further entrenching SOPAC into what is beginning to look like a cover-up, on March 6, SOPAC requested that the Pacific Network on Globalization (PANG) remove an article, “U.S. giant using SOPAC and Fiji regime to access seabed minerals in international waters” from its website and we have obtained copies of both the article and Hannah Lily’s comments to the draft decree.

Additionally, section 46 of the draft decree criminalizes protest of the Fiji International Seabed Sponsorship Authority (FISSA), which could be read as providing a blanket of coverage for Lockheed Martin to pursue experimental deep seabed mining without public protest.

ramunickel | March 27, 2013 at 10:30 am

Anonymous said...

Who let the dog out?

Professor Saten 'Double Agent Vinod' Nandan said...

Hardly any journalists, news organizations or journalism institutions made submissions to the Constitution Review Commission on the media decree. Many journalists told Fijileaks that they were too scared to make submissions because of the presence of Satendra Nandan, a CRC member, who briefly enforced the draconian media decree as regime appointed chairman of the Media Development Authority.

Anonymous said...


I Sanaila Sanaila! Ko sa baci kailavaka tu mai na lala ni ulumu-vutuki Bumu!

Anonymous said...

@11.24... If Voreqe, you and all the others who support the coup are so confident, why don't you stand up and be judged by the people of Fiji through a Court of Inquiry? Why immunity (?) .. so that you can all continue to rule over us with a clenched fist hidden in babies' diapers? Get real man. If you believe that coups are always followed by immunity then you have been brainwashed by the boso(s) you answer to. Why don't you try using the brain God gave you and try thinking for yourself for once, instead of mouthing what your boso(s) are telling you to say?
If there was any one person who stood his ground on issues of national importance in Parliament, it was Mick Beddoes. Qarase and Chaudhry have always put their own agendas ahead of the national interest.
On Fijian land and rights .. there is no guarantee in the draft Constitution. Bainimarama says the Decrees provide this guarantee and that's probably why he wants the Decrees to continue to be in force even after the Constitution is adopted. Wake up and see how many times Bainimarama Decrees have had to be amended. That's an indication of how shallow the thinking was that originally went into them. If anything, that's an indication of "rule by trial and error". Parliament needs to be able to review the Decrees. The draft Constitution doesn't allow that.
I can say without a doubt, and history will back me up, that people like you will only defend the defenceless if you are profiting in some way. And as history tells us, I bet you would be one of the first in the crowd to throw the stone at Bainimarama if and when he is without the military power he has today and stops being the cow you milk every day. Talk about aage pitche/liumuri.
All your swearing is just an indication of how much of a "bavulu" you are and your defence of coupists, how much of a masipolo you are. Masipolo tikoga. Ia, qarauna... Dua na siga e na qai vutuki iko na polo o ya.
Your suggestion that Beddoes return to the land of his forefathers is an indication of what your boso(s) really think about everyone being called "Fijians". Fiji belongs to all of us. Not just to you and Bainimarama and the "Johny come lately(s)" from Australia like Graham Davis, Sharon Smith-Johns and Elizabeth Powell. BE A MAN .. THINK FOR YOURSELF.
Lai kania mada so na rokete kei na masima me rawa ni savasava nomu i vosa ni bera ni o dolova na gusumu. Kevaka e sega ni veisau nomu i vakasama, vakayagataka na rokete ya e na nomu masipolo.

Indigenous Rights said...

seriously, ghais constitution and krankys constitution are as bad as each other in terms of the indigenous peoples of fiji with regards to land ownership.
ghai says the indigenous peoples have a "spiritual connection" and kranky says nothing at all.
For farks sake, we own the bloomen lot before you all came here.
the reason both documents are bad is they both come from the same source.
mr ghai, please do not patronise the indigenous people with your non legal political diatripe...spiritual connection my foot.
we are the legal owners full stop.
go back to 1874..it is written there in plain english.
by the way being born here gives you right to citizenship, but doesnt give you rights to land ownership of indigenous lands.
like i said, go back to 1874...all lands belonged to the itaukei except for government lands and those bought by foreigners fairly from itaukei. no equal rights to itaukei lands for anyone else that came later. you have to buy it or lease it. you foreigners cannot just grab our lands simply by decree and non demoratic decrees on the pretext of economic propserity for all.
thats not racism, inequality or whatever. thats the law. at least before franky and arsy.

Anonymous said...

Really Support this current goverment...well plan, well neutral,and well we're moving forward..we being treated equally. Thanks to PM and his teams.

Anonymous said...

Vutuki Meo

you can contact intelsource on www.matavuvale.com

become a member

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis--is an idiot--his preacher father is turning in his grave !!

Anonymous said...

Can some Journalist worth his/her salt pop the question to VB. What if [by some miracle] you don't win the proposed 2014 election?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4.02PM
... this current government ..."well neutral"!
you not much school yeah?

Anonymous said...

to anon 4.02 are we seriously moving forward?
Cant they disclose their salaries & the properties Bai-Aiarse have gained since taking over the govt? what about Rabaka, Verebasaga murders?
No media freedom in Fiji!!!
wtf you saying?
C'mon answer my question

Anonymous said...

apart from all the cyclone work what other work were the military doing...to be paid with tax payer money...Starting salary..no..qualification required..$13,000.00....mere public servant..$8,000.00 only just increased this year... Sergeants..$20,000.00, Captains $42,0000.00 and list goes on....very huge pays these guys are getting...over other hard working servants of the country...this is loyalty buying and the dumb soldiers can't see it only loyalty is to the money...going to church every third day of the week to pray..hipro crite

Politicians always politicians said...

mr beddoes you fool you got foolled once again and still going on.
why cnat u just say it...the only legal constitution is the 1997 one and the only correct and proper path is to follow that one. no keep going on with this bullshit.
iguess thats why u are a politician.

mark manning said...

It seems many Fijians living abroad, either don't care what's happening in Fiji or have been brainwashed by relatives and the Regime.
I'm amased to continue to be meeting Fijians in Sydney who know nothing of what has gone on there, is going on there and to the extent to which things are going on, such as the tortures of prisoners etc.
I should changed that to "disgusted" from amased!
It disgusts me to think that people can enjoy the fruits of a Democracy overseas and stand by and do absolutely fuck all, while their fellow Citizens back in fiji, are denied the very rights they themselves demand of Western Nations. It actually sickens me, I hold little to no respect for leaches like this.
I'm beginning to wonder why I, a white man, even bother, when so many Fijians in Sydney can't even turn out to protest or march in the name of freedom and justice!

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 9:17 PM

We are also totally surprised that you say there are so many Fijians over there in Sydney that do not know what's happening here in Fiji.

It suggests you have not been doing your job well enough as the Expert on the Fiji situation.

Or, on the other hand it may be due to the fact that it's you that does not see or understand the real situation as you are not here.

Anonymous said...

Oi,sa right marker tiko qo o boci, Nailatikau.Toka i loma o " Captain katukatu"

Levu na metali kei na caliva ni vava,any of these farkin clowns been to war???

Ni veicai kece..including those behind who almost got their nose up the front rows cici..!!

Anonymous said...

O ira na sa tu oqori e Serene sa nodra bula tu ga ena veisiga na sing drink, era sa sega ni via kilai kedea mai e Viti.They are enjoying the free life style, freedom of speech.They are not interested to what is happening here at home.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua so na vosavosa tiko. Mo nisa tu cake vata, mo ni tayabe me vaka era cakava tu na vei yasai vuravura. You need to join together and march in thousands. N cava so tale ni waraka tiko sa vula ko Epereli ena macawa mai oqo, ni se dabe tikoga na noda. Me kua ni digitaki na Voreqe oqo. Me bokoci laivi na nodratou lawa cala vakalawa kece eratou mai vakabulia tu.
Na noda qele nai taukei e sega ni mai wili kina o ira kece na kai tani era mai sucu e Viti. Not at ALL.OUR LAND IS OUR LAND ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP IS NOT INCLUDED.FULL STOP.

Anonymous said...

The 1997 Constitution lives!

RFMF -- return to the barracks, downsize and get new leaders!

Just say No to immunity!

A Truth & Reconciliation Commission to review all coup-related events since 1987 and to mete out compensation and justice, including capital punishment.

A special court tribunal to review all legal decisions since December 2006.

Restore the GCC. Anti-disestablishmentarianism!

Repudiate all illegal debts of this illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning they know what's happening in Fiji and no what you telling them is bullshit. They know the truth. It's like you know the truth that you big cunt wife is being fucked by Suliasi Daunitutu and you go and fuck Suliasi Daunitutu's wife as a wife swapping acceptable thing to you both. Fijians in Sydney know about it and just go about their daily life.

Anonymous said...

last nights news...PM.. mentions that all civil servants should resign..if they are involved in Politics....The military command....Tikoitoga...said that the Military has to be involved in Fiji Politics....funny cause they are being paid by the tax payers of this country...and this just contradicts what their head the Pm is saying.......We are dupe... Fiji citizens...read between the lines of their statements...to get the truths... of these liars....pretend church goers... Sunday Christians they are....God Bless us....these are people of deceit......they are full of it......hope they change fast...cause now we on God's Time...

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, you're right. The apathy of the overseas Fijians is immoral.

The apathy of Fijians still living in Fiji is also immoral but somewhat more defensible on the grounds of personal safety and financial security.

Support by Fijians for Bainimarama's regime is treason. That makes it criminal as well as immoral. Fortunately it is also rare.

Failure by Fijians to resist Bainimarama's regime is cowardice and dereliction of duty.

For Fijians, resistance to this illegal regime is obedience to duty. For Fijians and non-Fijians alike, it is a moral obligation.

Anonymous said...

Preach it, brother!

Anonymous said...

The Mataivalu Ni Solisona should not get any immunity.

This cocksucking, arsegiving poofters should all be lined up at Albert Park and have a big tavioka rammed up their slack arses before they are thrown into a lovo pit.

Immunity my arse running shit scared now are we.....

The Mataivalu Ni Solisona should be destroyed once nad for all with all coup supporters.

Tamata Vutu Sona ,tamata dou kana tati(Shit) from Khaiyum's arse. BOCI GA NA BOCI.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning...maybe its time you butt out of what doesn't concern you. having a Torres Strait Island wife doen't qualify you to stick your nose in Fijian affairs. Glad you realised you are simply a white man.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Mark Manning. You're doing a good job mate. Don't bother these losers commenting about you. All they do is intimidate people.

Anonymous said...

Mr Beddoes, I really like what you're saying, its all to the point, very promising and genuine, but may ask Sir, when all this will become actions, as we all know that actions speaks louder then words.

I mean all i taukei are scared shit to say or do anything, and bainimarama just mentioned on fbc news that if you don't want his constitution you'll go to jail, he said to Attar Singh, am I correct, or does he mean just anybody who go against him.

Brace yourself Fiji, don't get hooked up by the things they're saying, they all meant shit.

Anonymous said...

Sa vaka mai na vakatatalo na ka sa caka tiko...first deadline for constitution response was 1st April now moved forward..
O keda beka na lialia me ka ga esolia mai na matanitu qo meda ciqoma
Watch FBC TV (to see who made a fool of himself)
Caller : Please Mr PM can you tell me how much an average housegirl in Fiji should be paid?and should they be paid if they work in the weekend
PM : Refer to Labour department .(I only care about my mens salaries not the common people;s)
Caller : Please Mr PM what is the draft constitution's stand on Gay rights/same sex marriage
PM : That is a non issue
Caller : and a secular state what does this mean?
PM:Have to check my law books again Do I look like a goddamn lawyer.

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me what has happened to the "Defensive White Paper"...this document ....was passed for the downsizing of the military.....We have 3500 soldiers....and so many Colonels for such a small army....guys we are top heavy....can the Military Command explain....why so many officers for such a small army....over that last 7 year they have received a salary increment of 55%......Dictators have to please his own people otherwise they retaliate against him...so We understand the soldiers story well...loyal to the money and not the Country of their birth...so long as they get paid everything is ok....Wake up guys and look around you.... beggars increasing daily in the streets...some are neatly dressed ...bula shirt and sulu...yet begging for a cup of tea or lunch... and these same people are reporting back to their handlers in the Regime... we know these things....What shame...

Anonymous said...

Ok people, just calm down.These two
assoles-Bai & Kaiyum are rattling your cages and you're all panicky like a caged Monkey? So they can come up with their own frieken constitution? So can I and so can you? So They can write a million constitutions Yappidoo! it is still
illegal,unenforceable,unless the military and police can come down with their gun and shot-to-kill who
ever don't want to sign the paper?Even if you sign you'd be signing under durress so the paper is useless? Constitution has to be endorsed,approved or acclaimed by majority of the people, that it was
meant to be what they want for their country? Do we want to be ruled by the Bainimarama/Kaiyum constitution? NO!
Like i said,let them makes as many
constitutions as they want- it'll be all null and void!!!!

Anonymous said...

ANYWAY WHAT THE FK HAPPENED TO THE CCF GROUP(akuila yabaki and company) ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONES JUMPING UP AND DOWN NOW and doing something about this onesided constitution that is being forced onto the people.Useless bunch of pple probably already bought by the illegal junta