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Friday, March 29, 2013

Constitution meetings planned amid threats of jail

Attar Singh
The will of the people remains strong despite a threat from the regime to jail anyone who doesn't follow its Constitution.

Frank Bainimarama has retaliated to a call by FICTU leader, Attar Singh, for people to reject the draft and push for the return of the Yash Ghai document that was burned and rejected by the regime last year. (see earlier story)

Bainimarama's told Fiji media in no uncertain terms that anyone who doesn't follow the Constitution will go to jail.

Singh and the other members of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji are planning a series of meetings to debate the new draft with the first happening next Wednesday at the FTA Hall in Knollys Street, Suva, and the second the Friday at TokaToka Resort in Nadi. Both start at 5 o'clock.

In a statement, the UFDF also rejects Bainimarama's draft saying "As expected, the constitution seeks to perpetuate a dictatorship by entrenching the many restrictions and prohibitions imposed on the people since the 2006 coup. These include the restrictions on group rights such as trade unions and continued limitations on the judiciary."

The UFDF, which is made up of FICTU, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SDL), the National Federation Party and the Fiji Labour Party, is particularly concerned with:

 · the restrictions in the proposed Bill of Rights which imposes more prohibitions than rights;
·  absence of land and tenancy rights;
absence of recognition of women and minority communities;
·  continued restrictions on an independent judiciary;
entrenchment of prohibitive decrees;
absence of any caretaker government prior to elections;
blanket immunities including for acts not yet committed;

A reminder, meanwhile, of the dangers in the regime Constitution in the following which has been compiled by a blogger to show some of the differences between the 1997 Constitution, the Ghai draft and the Bainimarama draft. Readers will note the ominous blank in the Bainimarama draft in key areas. They are a concern.


[Preamble]Long Preamble

SEEKING the blessing of God who has always watched over these islands:
RECALLING the events in our history that have made us what we are, especially the settlement of these islands by the ancestors of the indigenous Fijian and Rotuman people; the arrival of forebears of subsequent settlers, including Pacific Islanders, Europeans, Indians and Chinese; the conversion of the indigenous inhabitants of these islands from heathenism to Christianity through the power of the name of Jesus Christ; the enduring influence of Christianity in these islands and its contribution, along with that of other faiths, to the spiritual life of Fiji:
ACKNOWLEDGING our unique constitutional history:
(a) first, the Deed of Cession of 10 October 1874 when RatuSeruEpenisaCakobau, Tui Viti and Vunivalu, together with the High Chiefs of Fiji, signifying their loyalty and devotion to Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria, and their acceptance of the divine guidance of God and the rule of law, ceded Fiji to Great Britain, which cession was followed in November 1879 by the cession to Great Britain of Rotuma by the Chiefs of Rotuma;
(b) secondly, our becoming an independent sovereign state when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II promulgated the Fiji Independence Order 1970 under which the Fiji Constitution of 1970 came into being;
(c) thirdly, the abrogation of that Constitution in 1987 by the Constitution Abrogation Decree 1987;
(d) fourthly, after a period of 3 years, the giving to Fiji of the 1990 Constitution by His Excellency the President, Ratu Sir PenaiaKanatabatuGanilau, Tui Cakau, GCMG, KCVO, KBE, DSO. KStJ, ED, with the blessings and approval of the Great Council of Chiefs;
(e) fifthly, the review of that Constitution undertaken under its provisions; and
(f) sixthly, the conferral by the High Chiefs of Fiji in their abundant wisdom of their blessings and approval on this Constitution:
RECOGNISING that the descendants of all those who chose to make their homes in these islands form our multicultural society:
AFFIRMING the contributions of all communities to the well-being of that society, and the rich variety of their faiths, traditions, languages and cultures:
TAKING PRIDE our common citizenship and in the development of our economy and political institutions:
COMMITTING ourselves anew to living in harmony and unity, promoting social justice and the economic and social advancementof all communities, respecting their rights and interests and strengthening our institutions of government:
REAFFIRMING our recognition of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all individuals and groups, safeguarded by adherence to the rule of law, and our respect for human dignity and for the importance of the family,


The People of Fiji declare ––

We are Fijian:  iTaukei and all others who have come to make their home in these islands. We recognise  the  indigenous  Fijian  and  Rotuman  peoples  who first  formed  a  spiritual
connection with these islands, establishing a strong, vibrant culture lasting for thousands of years.

We receive the gifts of these islands, their history, heritage,  and name with deep gratitude. Together,  we aspire  to  keep  faith  with the  spirit  of tolerance  in  building  our  nation. Wishing to heal the divisions of our past, we acknowledge our struggles, and our failure to create a single nation and to establish an inclusive democratic society.
Striving now to live in unity, we resolve––

––––  to share the spirit of play, work and worship,

––––  to  create   a  modern,  progressive,   multicultural   nation   founded  on  trust, tolerance,   inclusiveness,   compassion,   the   dignity   and   equality   of  each individual, and respect and stewardship of nature’s gifts, and

–––– to build a just and sustainable  government on the foundation of freedom, democracy, social justice, human rights, and the rule of law.

In  humility and  hope,  determined  to  overcome  the  past,  and  having  engaged  in  open discussion of our visions for Fiji, we adopt this Constitution for ourselves, and as a gift to our  children,  with  the  prayer  that  the  generations   who  follow may live in  peace  and happiness.

DECLARING that we are all Fijians united by common and equal citizenry; RECOGNISING the  Constitution as the supreme law of our country that provides the
framework for the conduct of Government and all Fijians;

COMMITTING ourselves to the recognition and protection of human rights, and our respect for human dignity; and

DECLARING our commitment to justice, national sovereignty and security, social and economic wellbeing, and safeguarding our environment;


Chapter 8  Great Council of Chiefs (Bose LevuVakaturaga)

Section 116  Bose LevuVakaturaga
(1) The Bose LevuVakaturaga established under the Fijian Affairs Act continues in existence and its membership, functions, operations and procedures are as prescribed from time to time by or under that Act.
(2) The Bose LevuVakaturaga has, in addition to the functions set out in the Fijian Affairs Act, the functions conferred on it under this Constitution.

Chapter  4––Civic and Political Life

56.       Recognition of Bose LevuVakaturaga
The Bose LevuVakaturaga is recognised as a custodian of iTaukei culture and traditions, and as a non-partisan organ of civil society existing to––
(a)      promote wider understanding of iTaukei culture, and its traditional values and practices, in a manner consistent with the multicultural character of Fiji;
(b)       promote the development of traditional practices in accordance with the values of this Constitution; and
(c)        advise any State organ, at the request of the government, on matters relating to iTaukei language, culture, traditional values and practices.
No Provision

Chapter 13  Group Rights

Section 185  Alteration of certain Acts
(1) A bill alters any of the following Acts, namely:

(a) Fijian Affairs Act;
(b) Fijian Development Fund Act;
(c) Native Lands Act;
(d) Native Land Trust Act;
(e)Rotuman Act;
(f)Rotuman Lands Act;
(g)Banaban Lands Act; or
(h)Banaban Settlement Act:
including a Bill prepared in consequence of the enactment of this Constitution:

(i) must be expressed as a Bill for an Act to alter the Act concerned;
(j) must not be presented for the President's assent unless it has been read 3 times in each House and motions for the second and third readings are carried in each House; and

(k) is declined not to have been passed by the Senate unless at its third reading in that House it is supported by the votes of at least 9 of the 14 members of the Senate appointed under paragraph 64 (1)(a).

(2) A Bill that alters the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act:

(a) must be expressed as a Bill for an Act to alter that Act; and
(b) must not be presented for the President's assent unless:

(i) it has been read 3 times in each House and motions for the second and third readings are carried in each House; and
(ii) at its third reading it is supported by the votes of at least two-thirds of the members of each House and, in the case of the Senate, by the votes of at least 9 or the 14 members of the Senate appointed under paragraph 64 (1)(a).

(3) The President must not assent to a Bill referred to in this section unless it is accompanied by a certificate of the Secretary-General to Parliament certifying that, in relation to the particular House, the approval required by this section has been given.

Section 186  Customary laws and customary rights
(1) The Parliament must make' provision for the application of customary laws and for dispute resolution in accordance with traditional Fijian processes.
(2) In doing so, the Parliament must have regard to the customs, traditions, usages, values and aspirations of the Fijian and Rotuman people.
(3) The Parliament must make provision granting to the owners of land or of registered customary fishing rights an equitable share of royalties or other moneys paid to the State in respect of the grant by the State of rights to extract minerals from the land or the seabed.
(4) A law fixing amounts under subsection (3) must require that account be taken of.
(a) any benefits that the owners are likely to receive as a result of the mineral exploitation;
(b) the risk of environmental damage;
(c) any legal obligation of the State to contribute to a fund to meet the cost of preventing, repairing or compensating for any environmental damage;
(d) the cost to the State of administering exploitation rights; and
(e) the appropriate contribution to the general revenue of the State to be made by the person granted exploitation rights.

Chapter  2––Our Natural Heritage

10.       The natural environment

Our island home is a rich and complex natural environment. Each of us now living here––
(a)        acknowledges the spirit in all living things;
(b)       accepts the responsibility to care for and preserve the natural environment;
(c)        bears  an  obligation  to  leave  a  clean  and  healthy  environment   to  future generations; and
(d)       undertakes to––

(i)         care for the air, the land, the water, and all living things within them;
(ii)        use resources in moderation, and replenish the land.

11.       Security of existing land rights
(1)     All  ownership  of  land,  and  all  rights  and  interests  in  land,  whether  freehold, customary or public, that existed immediately before the effective date of this Constitution, continue to exist under this Constitution.

(2)     The ultimate ownership of land held in customary ownership as of the effective date always remains with the customary owners of that land, and cannot be taken by any other person, or transferred or granted to any other person, except to the State in accordance with Article 37.

(3)     The State must not require the transfer  or grant of the ultimate  ownership  of any customary land except as a measure of last resort, preferring to enter into lease arrangements or other interests less than ultimate ownership.

(4)        Freehold land remains freehold when the title is transferred, even if transferred to the State.

(5)     Public land belongs to the people collectively  and is held by the State in trust for them.

12.       Principles of land use and environmental protection
(1)Security  of land  rights  must  be assured  for all legitimate  land holders,  users  and occupiers.

(2)     All foreshore land, being land between  mean low spring tide to mean high spring tide, is public land.

(3)     All land  and natural  resources  must  be protected  and managed  for the benefit  of present and future generations in a manner that––

(a)        promotes conservation; and
(b)       protects biodiversity, genetic resources and ecologically sensitive areas.

(4)    The State must employ effective systems of environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and monitoring of the environment.

(5)        The State may –

(a)        promote good land use; and
(b)     regulate  the  use  of  any  land,  or  any  interest  in  or right  over  any  land,  to promote public safety, public order, public health, or sound rural or urban development.

(6)     Land use planning laws, and procedures for granting permits, must require owners to provide reasonable notice to neighbouring owners and occupiers before undertaking any alteration in land use that may reasonably be anticipated to affect their rights or interests.

(7)     Land   administration,   including   land   records,   land   use   consultation,   planning, procedures for granting permits, and environmental  impact studies, must be participatory, transparent, accessible and cost effective.

13.       Fishing grounds and marine areas

Parliament must regulate rights of access to reefs, fishing grounds and similar marine areas, and take appropriate action to protect all marine areas.

14.       Natural resources

(1)     Policy, legislation and decision making relating to natural resources must be guided by the following principles:

(a)      Resource development and use must promote the social and economic benefit of the people.
(b)     State organs must keep the public informed and involved in decisions relating to resource policy and management.
(c)     Resource development permits should be granted on the basis of competitive tendering, unless there is a substantial reason to do otherwise.
(d)     The decision to approve, licence or otherwise permit any development should be made only after careful consideration of all foreseeable benefits and social, economic and environmental consequences.
(e)      All enterprises  engaged  in resource  extraction  must be required  to maintain best practice standards in contracting, operations, payments, transparency and accountability.

(2)        All minerals in or under any land or water, belong to the People and are held by the State in trust for the benefit of the People.

(3)     The owners of any particular land, or of any particular registered customary fishing rights, are entitled to receive an equitable share of royalties or other money paid to the State in respect of the grant by the State of rights to extract minerals from that land or the seabed in the area of those fishing rights.

(4)     An Act of Parliament may determine the framework for calculating equitable shares under clause (3), taking into account––

(a)      any benefits that the owners received or may receive as a result of the mineral exploitation;
(b)       the risk of environmental damage;
(c)     any legal obligation of the State to contribute to a fund to meet the cost of preventing, repairing or compensating for any environmental damage;
(d)       the cost to the State of administering exploitation rights; and
(e)  the appropriate contribution to the general revenue of the State to be made by any person granted exploitation rights.

15.       Duty to consult with respect to land and resources

(1)     If  any  project  is  proposed  to  develop  infrastructure,   or  to  develop  or  extract resources, on any land in a manner that may reasonably be anticipated to adversely affect the rights or interests of other persons or a community with respect to that land or any other land, the State and the proponent of the project have a joint duty, before licensing, permitting or undertaking that project, to ––

(a)      inform those persons or that community about the project in sufficient detail for the affected persons to assess the possible effects of the project on their rights and interests;
(b)     engage in constructive discussions with the affected persons to identify any reservations they may have about the effects of the project; and
(c)      seek  consensus  with  the  affected  persons  by  making  any  reasonable  and necessary modifications to the project to protect their rights and interests and accommodate their reservations.

(2)     State organs, when licensing or permitting a project, must impose conditions which, so far as reasonably possible, protect the rights and interests and accommodate the reservations of the affected persons with respect to the project.

(3)     The duty to consult, as set out in clause (1), continues while the project is underway, so long as it affects the rights or interests of other persons or communities.
16.       National  Consultative Land  Forum

(1)        Parliament must enact legislation to establish a National Consultative Land Forum. (2)             The Forum must––
(a)      be chaired by a person with knowledge of land law or land administration  in Fiji, who is not the holder of any public office, and not a representative of the interests of either landowners or tenants; and
(b)     otherwise  consist  of  an  equal  number  of  persons  drawn  from  each  of  the following three stakeholder groups:

(i)         State organs or enterprises engaged in land policy, land management or the administration of land law, including local government authorities.
(ii)     Land owners, with a balance between owners of freehold and customary land owners.
(iii)    Tenants, reflecting the diversity of urban and rural tenants, tenants of freehold, customary and public land, and agricultural, commercial and residential users.

(3)        The purposes of the National Consultative Land Forum are to––

(a)        educate the public on land ownership, land use and land administration;
(b)       research issues respecting land, land use and land administration;
(c)        convene  meetings  for  deliberation  of land  issues  in the  broader  social  and economic context, and seek to reach consensus on any such issue;
(d)       make  proposals   to  the  government   on  matters   of  policy   or  legislation concerning land and related institutions; and
(e)        review and express advisory opinions on policy or legislative proposals of the government with respect to land in accordance with Article 17.

17.       Protection and reform of land laws

(1)     Any policy or legislative proposal by the government with respect to land, land use or land administration,  must be referred  to the Chair of the National  Consultative Land  Forum  for  deliberation  and  report  by  the  Forum  before  being  adopted  or enacted.

(2)     The National Consultative Land Forum may make a unanimous report on any matter, or may make separate reports reflecting the divergent views of the three stakeholder groups within the Forum.

(3)        A Bill amending or repealing an Act listed in Schedule 2––
(a)        must be expressed as a Bill for an Act to amend or repeal the Act concerned;
(b)       may not be introduced in Parliament if the National Consultative Land Forum has unanimously rejected the Bill; and
(c)        to be enacted, requires the support of at least––

(i)         48 members of Parliament, if any one of the three stakeholder groups in the Forum has rejected it; or
(ii)        36 members of Parliament, if the Forum has issued a unanimous report in favour of the Bill.

No Provisions

Chapter 4  Bill of Rights
Section 38  Equality
(1) Every person has the right to equality before the law.
(2) A person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her:

(a) actual or supposed personal characteristics of circumstances, including race, ethnic origin, colour, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, birth, primary language, economic status, age or disability; or
(b) opinions or beliefs, except to the extent that those opinions or beliefs involve harm to others or the diminution of the rights or freedoms of others;
or on any other ground prohibited by this Constitution.

(3) Accordingly, neither a law nor an administrative action taken under a law may directly or indirectly impose a disability or restriction on any person on a prohibited ground.
(4) Every person has the right of access, without discrimination on a prohibited ground, to shops, hotels, lodging-houses, public restaurants, places of public entertainment, public transport services, taxis and public places.
(5) The proprietor of a place or service referred to in subsection (4) must facilitate reasonable access for disabled persons to the extent prescribed by law.
(6) A law, or an administrative action taken under a law, is not inconsistent with the right to freedom from discrimination on the ground of:

(a) language:
(b) birth;
(c) economic status;
(d) age; or
(e) disability;
during the period of 2 years after the date of commencement of this Constitution if the law was in force immediately before that date and has remained continually in force during that period.

(7) A law is not inconsistent with subsection (1), (2) or (3) on the ground that it:
(a) appropriates revenues or other moneys for particular purposes;
(b) imposes a retirement age on a person who is the holder of a public office;
(c) imposes on persons who are not citizens a disability or restriction, or confers on them a privilege or advantage, not imposed or conferred on citizens;
(d) permits a person who has a discretion to institute or discontinue criminal proceedings to take account in the exercise of that discretion of traditional procedures in the State for the settlement of disputes; or
(e) makes provision with respect to adoption, marriage, divorce, burial, devolution of property on death or other like matters as the personal law of any person or the members of any group;but only to the extent that the law is reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society.

(8) A law, or an administrative action taken under a law, may limit a right or freedom set out in this section for the purpose of:

(a) providing for the application of the customs of Fijians or Rotumans or of the Banaban community:
(i) to the holding, use or transmission of, or to the distribution of the produce of, land or fishing rights; or
(ii) to the entitlement of any person to any chiefly title or rank;

(b) imposing a restriction on the alienation of land or fishing rights held in accordance with Fijian or Rotumancustom or in accordance with Banaban custom; or
(c)permitting the temporary alienation of that land or those rights without the consent of the owners.

(9) To the extent permitted by subsection (10), a law, or an administrative action taken under a law, may limit a right or freedom set out in this section for the purpose of providing for the governance of Fijians or Rotumans or of the Banaban community and of other persons living as members of a Fijian, Rotuman or Banaban community.
(10) A limitation referred to in subsection (9) is valid only if it:

(a) accords to every person to whom it applies the right to equality before the law without discrimination other than on the ground of race or ethnic origin; and
(b)does not infringe a right or freedom set out in any other section of this Chapter.

Chapter 3––Our Human Rights
Part B––Elaboration of Rights and Freedoms
43.       Elaboration of rights in relation to particular groups
Articles 43, 47––

(a)        elaborate  certain  rights  and freedoms  to ensure  greater  certainty  as to their application to particular groups of persons; and
(b)        are not to be construed as––

(i)         limiting or qualifying any right or freedom; or
(ii)        limiting  the  application  to  other  groups  of  any  rights  or  freedoms recognised in this Chapter.

47.       Cultural, religious and linguistic  communities

(1)        A person who belongs to a cultural, religious or linguistic community has the right, with other members of that community––

(a)        to enjoy their culture, practise their religion, and use their language; and
(b)        to form, join and maintain  cultural,  religious  and linguistic  associations  and other organs of civil society.

(2)        The rights recognised in clause (1) may not be exercised  in a manner inconsistent with any provision of this Chapter.

Absence of Group Rights



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Anonymous said...

yes it's about time there was an open fight between the voice/choice of the people and the thuggish rule of the dictatorship.
my prediction is that the dictator will be defeated because even the good people in the army, the police, the civil service will side with the people when crunch time comes.
Every committed pro-democracy leader and ordinary citizen should defy the dictator's diktats and be prepared to go to jail. Let us see how many they jail. And let us see how the world reacts when good men and women of fiji is jailed by the regime thugs. Come on people it's time to fight the bastards. No point in reasoning with them and their irrationality.
It's time to get rid of them!

Anonymous said...

What constitution you referring to Bainimagasona? You are full of shit and so as your boss Aiyarsehole. You two bastards will have you justice sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

democratic opposition must unite and speak with one voice and say :
1. we reject outright the constitution put forward by the illegal regime ( don't waste time doing an analysis on it. let the legal/constitutional experts deal with that. your job is to simply reject it OUTRIGHT!)
2. demand we return to the 1997 constitution which was unlawfully trashed by the illegal regime.
3. everybody put your signature to this and send it to international bodies to set the record straight with them on what the people of Fiji want as opposed to what the illegal holders of power want.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama for prime minister.
Prof Satendra Nandan for deputy PM!

mark manning said...

Despite recent popular belief that they are extinct, it's now been discovered that they are currently running Fiji's Regime.

As Fijians get taken back to the dark ages, they will become the dominating species again.

Anonymous said...

Go Attar Singh, Go FICTU.

mark manning said...

All involved in the coup are living in constant fear now.
they are only too aware that their time is up and that they will have to face justice any day now.
As Fijians begin to comprehend and understand Frank Bainimarama and the Regime's intentions, the resistance will begin to take on a life of its own, much as does a snowball gathering pace running down the side of a snow laden mountain, gathering speed and momentum and mass until it becomes an unstoppable and irresistible force to be reckoned with.




Anonymous said...

Another Coup by Baini's gvt about to take place...the Vunivalu of Bau will go to ...tadada!!tadada!!...the president....E..eeeepeliiiii...grantwaterhouse Nai..ululaalaa..latikau...hehehe!!!fuck fijians dickheads..

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

Rajesh 'f.o.c.' Singh wants frank to ask for forgiveness for his wrongs.
Fair enough. But before casting the first stone, why not look at your own self?
How about you ask forgiveness for fooling the people?
You promised that if elected, you would serve 'free of charge'.
After your election, you got greedy and reneged on your promise.
You hardly set a good example you hypocrite.
You are the last person who should be preaching to others you liar.
You bloody opportunist and conman.
Using the bible to further you own political agenda.
Just piss off.

Anonymous said...

The North Korean Military dictatorship is preparing to attack the US (or it is making noise to that effect!). I am surprised the Fiji Military dictatorship has not pledged its support to the North Koreans. If the Fiji army joins with the North Koreans the Americans will have no chance. The Fiji army has the world's best military tactician in its commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama. His speciality is side-stepping and dashing!

Anonymous said...

this govt of the day has been illegal since 2006 and it will be illegal forever no matter what. Some people are pointing out the good they (the illegal govt) have done, well that does not count at all. "Many right does not make a single wrong right".

A coup is a coup and must be called by its right name which is "COUP". All those involving themselves in such acts should be charged with treason because nobody is above the law.

That BK draft constitution should not be passed at all, we should not even waste our time, energy and effort reading it, we should just take it and burn it, because we are not even suppose to be listening to any single thing they say since they are illegal. Cmon citizens of FIJI, this is no time to sleep and be lazy, (me dua ga lako mai tukuna vei keda meda kania na da keda kania tu). Dictatorship is a no no to us Fijians......WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1.48pm
Who in the world would u think would serve for free? of course they too have to feed their family, that f.o.c thingy is part his strategy and tactics to serve the country with his best. He is better off than your Lord Bai, he does not dictate, kill people and corrupt as in the case of Frances Kean

@ 1.58pm
sa rauta me ra levu na kai Korea era tu qo i viti, ra yavu kawa ca

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

Anon @ at 2:11 PM

Bai and Kean are both corrupt and should be in jail.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh, is just another lying and crooked wannabe politician.

Feed you family through honest and fair means, not by conning and lying to people, which is rather unchristian.

Anonymous said...

Have a bonfire with BKC at the people's meetings

Anonymous said...

Despite all the buildings of roads, bridges, factories in Gau and seawalls in Kiuva, and all the good he may have done, Bainirarama still has to answer for his involvements in the 2000 coup, the murder of CRW soldiers who were his elite team, the murders of Verebasaga, Rabaka, Malasebe and others. These are capital offences which warrant capital punishments in God's own law.

Let me draw Bainirarama's attention to the God's Book, "The Holy Bible", and put him into proper perspective. His soldiers who are holding guns (I cannot fathom whatever the reason for) should also think deeply about these following verses of scripture which contains the word of God.

Matthew 26:51-52

51. And, behold, one of them which were with Jesus stretched out his hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest's, and smote off his ear.
52. Then said Jesus unto him,"Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword, shall perish by the sword".

(Perhaps, when commemorating this Easter season, we should remember that this incident happened during the Easter season at that time.)

Genesis 9:6
6. Whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.

Exodus 20:13 (The 6th Commandment)
13. Thou shalt not murder.

Numbers 35:33-34
33. ... you shalt not pollute the land wherein you are: for blood, it defileth the land: and the land cannot cleansed therein by the blood of the man whose blood is shed, but by the blood of him that shed it.
34. Defile not therefore the land which thou shalt inhabit, wherein I dwell, for I, the Lord, dwell among my children of Israel.

(Many people in Fiji are children of Israel either by blood or by adoption. We also are all children of God).

These are a few things that Bainirarama and his followers, who are holding guns and swords over the people of Fiji, should be wary of.

Have a happy Easter everyone and God bless you.

Sanaila said...

Bainimagaitinamu, why don't you try and bend down if you can and suck your dead cock cocksucker.

Anonymous said...

So what do we want. First we wanted the 1997 constituon back. Now the Ghai draft. Making noise is fine but we have to be rationale.

Rabuka did the 1990 consitution and a few years later changed it to the 1997.

There are many schools of thought on the way forward. Some will say lets fights but will make others fight for their cause.

Some will just sleep like logs and be carefree..do nothing.

irrespective of what consitution we have, the real choice the the tick we give when we have elections. the 1997 constitution gave us the 2000 coup if you remember corectly.

if majority of the people vote for (or against) the ruling government, the voices of teh people would have been heard.

I do feel sorry for Attar Singh. he has been in my view the lone politican/unionist that has been consistent. Not Mahen Chor, Micky Mouse, Felix, Dan Urai, Rajeshwar Singh....

I also feel that he blog administrator should delete all foul language on this forum. if you can take teh heat, dont be in the kitchen whether the post are for or against.

the only way said...

anon 4.05pm how did the 1997 constitution give us the 2000 coup???
it was frank and his army that gave us the coup.
its always been the army that give us coups. so lets get that rite, ratinal as you say.
sigh is consistent but he is wrong.
the only legal way forward is 1997 constitution.
according to law and according to the facts...franky has not been able to prove qarases government was corrupt.
he is now turning to the racism claim and thats bullshit too.
he is doing exactly what he complained about politicians....racism - he discriminates against the majority of the population indigenous people by removing their right to self governance without consultation....
...nepotism - piblic service and top posts filled by army personell and muslims
...corruption - fails and refuses to disclose public accounts
..you name it hes done it and worse because he does not have to account to anyone, yes anyone.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newsletter the Fiji Sun (29/3) that Nazhat Shameem the country's first Goodwill Ambassador for women has been honoured by the Ministry of social welfare, women & poverty alleviation with a plaque. The plaque we are told "was a contribution from Vodafone ATH Foundation of Fiji". What a coincidence!Ms Shameen was also given a certificate. It doesn't say by who so we are left wondering about that. But what kind of person gets "honoured" by the Fiji military dictatorship?
Not too many people would be left wondering about that though!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

writer at 4.49PM you are spot on !

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we've got our anniversary coming up. Think I'll give my wife a plaque, too!

Anonymous said...

I already asked forgiveness from my family and people of Fiji.
Yes i get mad bec i am a human but i am fighting for justice and putting my name on blog .i wrote letters to Frank and text him too not lamu and scary cat like you anon.
I am sinner not saints.
I helped people more than i got paid as mp and minister.
I am helping people here in nz too.
god bless

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm giving anything away by calling readers' attention to the clarion call for revolt against the regime posted at Dakuwaqa@Hushmail.com.

This is a site for encrypted email, but it's easy to join and use. I know, because I've joined it.

I've also joined Dakuwaqa. I think it's the same Dakuwaqa of old, and if it is, I trust his leadership and integrity.

I have military experience, but that was long ago. Dunno what I have to offer the cause, but for Fiji I would give my all.

Very glad to finally be part of a movement that is organising for a change.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, we forgive you everything, bro. We see where your heart is. We see your humility of spirit and your courage in fighting this evil regime. It looks like people are finally starting to organise. The wheel is beginning to turn -- keep pushing!

Keep The Faith said...

Anon @ 4:49pm is completely on point & C4.5s posting of the 3 variations of Constitutions (1 legal and 2 not), and their pro's and con's should be circulated widely and understood.

The UFDF as a grouping on individuals should also be commended for convening of this PUBLIC meeting.

In case you have not seen it, Fiji Leaks has just posted up a very damning SitRep from the RFMF. It is very apparent that every flawed direction and policy of the illegal & treasonous regime, that we lambast on the blogs, are true.

Read and assess for yourselves:

Anonymous said...

Our common enemy is the regime.
People are united now to fight for democracy and freedom.
I thank them all.Attar/MPC/Raman/Ratu Jone .
We need Church/Union and GCC and Felix/Urai .others to join in for this meeting in april.
All the best guys.
United we stand and March on for liberty freedom and democracy for Fiji future.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I think its better to hold the meeting on the same day all city/town in Fiji.
Army and police will be scattered if they want to stop the meeting.
So we can have mass crowd and see how many people bai /kahiyum will try to arrest.
People power .Democracy is in your hands people.
Good Luck
I hope i was there to support you all but been advise to stay in NZ .
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Look who is talking about putting people in jail! The scoundrel who should have been in jail himself for the armed takeover of the government of fiji.
go ahead and abuse your ill-gotten power to threaten law abiding citizens and citizens' leaders but your power will not last forever and when the time comes YOU WILL BE THE ONE LAWFULLY LOCKED UP IN JAIL !

Anonymous said...

The regime has created this opportunity for all political/union rivals to work together. Attar and MPC can you imagine? They both fought in our union days and then in politics. Then mpC and sDL. But today all these leaders have come together for a commom cause-BKC and the country. They will be on the same stage and speak common language. This is history in the making. They need our support everywhere. And with that they will beat this regime.

Anonymous said...

This is a good opportunity for men and women of conscience and integrity in the army and the police to defy orders for the political persecution of law abiding fellow citizens who are simply exercising their democratic right to get together to discuss what kind of Constitution they and their children should live under in their beloved country.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Why are they being threatened by the dictator?
Does the Constitution of the country belong to the dictator?
Every good officer in the army and the police must act to do the right thing by the people of Fiji. That is your true duty. To protect the welfare and interest of the people, NOT THE DICTATOR. Don't let the dictator and his cronies use you to feather their own nest. Stand up for what is right!

Anonymous said...

time for PEOPLE POWER IN FIJI to show its hand. your time has come to make history in the same way people have made history by getting rid of ruthless dictators elsewhere .
every men and women opposed to the Bainimarama dictatorship join in this meeting to let the dictatorship and the world know where you stand. show the world the people of Fiji have the same pro-democracy spirit as oppressed people everywhere. Now is your time. Power to the People of Fiji!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ki-Bau, alias Vutuki Meo alias Tati Falla.

Who is the new high chief of Kubuna confederacy? Is it Apenisa or George? You guys want to run the country but cant decide on who the next chief is? This is embarrassing? You also seek for fairness but isn't it fair that Ratu George be the rightful high chief. Practice what you preach at home first. You are a hypocrite. That's why people have lost faith in Chiefs. Remember in those days, Ratu Mara, Ratu Penia and Ratu George. Every one including admired and respected them They were fair and treated every race equally. Rabuku also damaged the Great Council of Chiefs by becoming the President and brining politics into it.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh, go suck an egg! Your hero Bainimarama is trying to stuff his draft constitution own our throats, and THIS is the time you want to bring up the chiefs?

What is it to you? You're not iTaukei, so butt out of iTaukei business.

Anonymous said...

Expect the cowardly regime to cancel or restrict the meetings.

Anonymous said...

I am for your stand Attar, my prayers with you and God will give
courage to do this..GO ATTAR GO

Anonymous said...

I have known Attar for long time
and secretaly learnt his wisdom, vision, analysis etc, a very able man with integrity, honesty , very consistant..GO ATTAR , TEACH BAINI,ARSY PUSSY LESSON

Radini said...

Everything happens for a reason and according to God's divine plan! Therefore people should obey the law, respect Bainimarama's Government because everything that we do is in God's hand...sometimes we like it but most of the time we don't like the circumstances (and Govt) that God gives us....so take it on faith!

Naitasiri Villager said...

Au kerea me da sa vakusakusa vakoro na laki caka MATANIGASAU vei PM. Me da kerei PM me vosoti keda noda yalokaukaua...vabibi o kemuni na vosavosa-ca tiko ena blog qoka!

Litia said...

@Naitasiri Villager....Dina saraga o kemuni naita...O keitou mai Kadavu sa soro oti vei Voreqe...sa lewa tu na matanitu na neimami yasana ka keimami sa tokona kece na matanitu qo baleta ni qaravi keda vinaka na lewe ni vanua ena veiyanuyanu....

Anonymous said...

The meetings are good but the onus must be on us all to spread the truth about the regime Constitution to our family and friends who don't have internet and who are far away from the debate.

The regime has had almost 7 years to perfect its modus operandi and has been using resources and money to shore up its support.

Help spread the word because we don't have a lot of chances left. Fiji is at the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

Litia and Naitasiri villager
drau yavu sona lelevu
sa veisau na lawa ni qele kei na ka baleti keda na kai viti drau se soli sona ga,,,,,

OMG said...

Radini boicici
dont degrade my god.
Jesus had to die because of cunts like this dictator and his troops.

god didnt give us this constitution and government.
the army and its command did.
god didnt rape the women and children, its not part of his plan.
its the man so go back to church and read the bible properly.

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot , God Says you should never bow to any injust and satan like baini..ass hole asy

rajend naidu said...

Just saw a touristy documentary on Fiji called 'Fiji:Island flavours' on SBS Global Village (5.30PM 29/3).It felt good to see this other side of Fiji( the non militarized Police State side). It is this side - the people-centred side of Fiji - that the country is renown for in the world. The friendly, warm and welcoming people and the natural beauty of the country remain unbeatable.
It is only its military rule that damages the image of the country.(This part was not covered in the documentary for obvious reasons).
And I personally was not overly impressed with the bit on Turtle Island and its owner. It looked to me more like self-advertisement rather then about Fiji and what it offers.
But be that as it may after the recent "torture video" and the bad publicity it gave the country around the world it was a pleasant change to see my home country in a more delightful light.
It is no doubt after seeing the country in that light that the Pope was moved to say way back in 1986 "Fiji the way the world should be".
Regrettably a lot has changed since then.
But no reason why we cannot recapture the beauty and wonder of the old Fiji - minus the military in mainstream politics.
rajend naidu

The Real Fijian said...

Kamlesh Bocilevu
u stay out of something u know nothing about and brainwashed by arseadmiral and airbus
we fijians own this land, most of it until stolen from us by foreigners.
we are the majority and have evry right to run our country.
u dont like it here piss off somewhere else.
we love our chiefs. some bad eggs dont make a bad dozen.
u the type tha arseadmiral likes. suck up to him and steal from the kaivitis.

blind faith said...

radini bocilevu
its not gods plan for a man to lie and lie and keep lieing to the people.
u just come back from church and thats what the preacher man preached??
u beta change ur preacher.
he probably rapes young boys and impregnates the young girls in ur church because its gods plan,
you call it faith?
OMG franky really loves persons like u. he says jump u say how high...cos thats gods plan.
god gave u a brain man, use it instead of sitting on it.
u got the message????
if u dont get it u must be sitting on ur brain.

Anonymous said...

@ Radini
No nobody should RESPECT the Bainimarama government. There is no reason for anyone to do that. The Bainimarama government has NOT earned the right to be respected. It is a government that has IMPOSED itself on the people after an armed takeover of the country. why should decent law abiding citizens respect such thug rulers? Radini are you STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Litia & Naitasiri Villager,

Sa vinaka, sa caka na nomudou gaunisala na tauvu mai Kadavu vaka talega kina mai Naitasiri. Qori o ni raica tu ga vaka vovodea na ka e yaco tiko. Qori na kemuni i mari moni digitaki Voreqe ena veidigidigi.

E vica na taro lelevu e vinakati me tarogi mada vua:-

1. E sa vica kece tiko na bilioni na dola na dinau nei Viti e na gauna qo?

2. E na qai saumi vakacava?
3. Era ya vica tiko na kedra i sau na minisita ni matanitu.
4. E ya vica tiko na kedra i sau na sotia.
5. E ya vica tiko na kedrau i sau o Voreqe kei Kaiyum ni rau sa ya vica tu na nodrau "ministerial posts".
6. Me vakamatatataki mai na i tavi nei Voreqe e na nodra mate na sotia ni CRW.
7. Me vakamatatataki mai na noda mate o Verebasaga, Rabaka, Malasebe etc...
8. Na cava na i tavi nei Voreqe e na vuaviri ni 2000. Na cava e a lako kina ki vavalagi ni sa rogo tiko kina ni na vuaviritaki na matanitu e na 2000?

Qori e vica na taro e vinakati me tarogi kina o Voreqe ni sa na "camapaign" yani kina ni se bera na veidigidigi ni 2014. Ia e levu tale na taro e vinakati me tarogi kina.

Radini said...

Isa my dear brothers and sisters...Of course no one condones atrocities such as rape, torture, murder...etc etc...but that's the reality of the world since Biblical times....a place full of human suffering...Even Jesus was tortured until death...It was all for a GRAND PURPOSE - to save mankind!!!All I'm saying is only God knows why...Voreqe is in power for so long...Perhaps we Fijians should re-evaluate ourselves....then we'll find the answer!

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 8:31 PM,

Turtle Island hotelier, Richard Evanson, is coup apologists and is one who deplores the indigenous peoples' rights to their coastal waters.

I remember before the 2006 coup, Evanson hosted Bainirarama & Ganilau at his Turtle Island Resort which gives me reason to believe that he had a hand and perhaps finances in that event.

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

@Rajend Naidu 8:31 PM,

Turtle Island hotelier, Richard Evanson, did give money to bainimagana to carryout the coup. we all know about it.

The cunt Richard Evanson will get his dues too!!

Going to glory said...

What are you on about? The Bainimarama preamble is by far the best. We are all equal. No BS about chiefs. Simple and eloquent.

What a sham the 97 model is. Brij Lal is the biggest loser in Fiji's history. Defender of this piece of shit.

Get with the program, gang. The new Fiji is 100 times better than the old. We can all hold our heads up with pride. Long live Voreqe! Architect of the best little country in the Pacific. And down with all you misery guts arseholes at 4.5.

going broke said...

u going to glory with a gun.
thats why fiji is 100 times better thatn ever!!
u full of shit its coming out of your mouth an fingers.
ur hero will be like mubharak and sadam hussein, dragged to court and dragged from a drain pipe.
100 times better in debt levels
100 times better in the fnpf
100 times better in fiji airways debt which will bankrupt the govt when the airline defaults because ur 100times beta government cannot pay the loan back that it has guaranteed
so major 100times franky sir my loverboy
whats u on about?
lies and more lies like ur father franky

100times my rear said...

by the way franky is not the architect
hes so dumb he cannot scratch two words together
give some credit to the taliban fella
he makes u jump fijian soldier
and hes laughing at u and u sayig praise allah.
thats wy u love these guys 100 times beta.

kaiviti rules said...

sorry kai india fella going to glory thats wy u like this franky and arsy u never gonna be equal to kaiviti
we the real fijians will kick ur asses again.
we are more equal than u kai india
this is our land
u r no way gonna be equal to us
not ever maichod
u think the kaiviti army gonna let u? not ever and the reason franky wants army to control is to fox u kaiindia to show ur true colors and when the kaiidia gets power next time, the franky ur hero will go for ur kaiindia supporters now and kill them first.
u gullible glory fell so if i were u i wouldnt be backing franky so openly especially when u kaiindia.

Anonymous said...

kaiviti rules you are form army cell, if not good your baini is fucking you and your race..keep blamingIndian, big gundu..Fiji is because of honest Indian like Attar and rest, you juust bunch of shits , dog, pig,and cat

Nadi Villager said...

@Anon March 29, 8:51pm...At anon kakua ni taroga na neimami sau na sotia baleta nai lavo keimami rawata mai Lepanoni, Sinai, Iraq, Sudan kei na veiyasi vuravura e lako ena noda matanitu i Viti...Only 30% of that money is shared amongst us and the rest, 70%, we gave it back to the Government to use it for the benefit of all citizens of Fiji...E rawa nira bau saumi kina oira na vaqara cakacaka tu ka vakabibi na veivakatororcaketaki...Infact we can ask Government not to pay us but the money reimbursed from all Peacekeeping duties thru UN and MFO are to go directly to the RFMF /Police coffers and manage our own money but unfortunately we can’t because we have an legal/social obligations for this country and always return our money to the Government of the day to share and spread that money for all Fijians living in this Country...Kua na vosa vakalialia niko sega ni dua na demu ose cakava ena vanua qo, tamata SONALEVU OIKO...Laiva mera vosa tiko na Sotia kei na Ovisa baleta era buno taka mai nai lavo meda bula kina...Sonalevu na cava mada osa bau solia ena Matanitu me da wasea taucoko kina na lewei Viti..Is it your taxed money only???!!See sonalevu we the Police and RFMF are not also the taxpayers of this Nation but we contribute financially for the welfare of all Fijians..E levu tu boto na lem tata ra caganam!!..Vinaka Kadavu and Naitasiri Villager for the support.....

Anonymous said...

You the Bainimarama followers, you are all conmen, Voreqe is a murderer, a liar, a thief, he must be filling your pocket also, you must be blockhead too.We the iTaukei want our land and our rights, Voreqe have to give this away just because to protect himself.GO FIJIANS, STAND UP AGAINST THEIR DRAFT COSTITUTION, YOU HAVE YOUR RIGHTS, SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE STANDING AGAINST Voreqe, after all they have seen the video of the brutalities of the prisioners. YOU CORPS AND ARMIES WAKE UP NOW, SO YOU CAN BE FORGIVEN BY THE PEOPLE OF FIJI. Proverb 28:17 A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fujitive till death: LET NO ONE SUPPORT him.
May this word of God rest with in you all.God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Io, na cava ko ni sa saumi vinaka ga na sotia kei na ovisa.E sega ni bau vaka tu oqo eliu.Ena gauna oqo,o kemuni ga ko ni veimoku, vakararawataki ira tiko na lewe ni vanua.Era vakadaberi na vuli vinaka mai na nodra cakacaka, mo ni tura na nodra cakacaka, ni ko ni sega ni kila tu na vei ka, se na kena cicivaki na veitabana. Era sa mai vakaloloma kina na lewe ni vanua. na peacekeepers, na moku siga ga ko ni la'ki cakava tu.Dabe tu ga wawa tu qai ko ni qai kacivi, ke sega na wavoki ga e la'ki caka tu mai kea.Oqo e sa mai caka tale tu oqo e Viti, na cola dakai tu na yadravi Voreqe kei Khaium, keimami sega ni vukei na lewe ni vanua.You are needed in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fellow non baini supporters, play smart , just captute, baini/arsy and job is done..the rest are just gundus , will fall behind..even arsy should be assinated..after all baini has given blanket immunity..

Anonymous said...

Kivei kemuni na sotia o ni tukuna tiko na kemuni sau ni yadrava na vei UN checkpoints e so.

Mo ni kila tiko e a sega ni tubera yani na kemuni tabua na mataivalu mo ni mai lewena. O ni sa kila vinaka tu na condition ni sau ni sabera ni o ni biubiu. Kevaka o a sega ni taleitaka na i sau cava o sega ni resign kina mai na mataivalu?

Na veidinadinati e nona na matanitu kei na UN. Ulubale lokiloki sara ke o ni vakayagataka tiko na tikina qori me justify taka na tubu ni kemuni sau.

Anonymous said...

9:03 PM ask the villagers of Matacawalevu how richard evanson manipulates them off their resources.

mark manning said...

Where and how, will it end in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

To all current govt supporters posting your stupid, dumb no scool comments on this blog site...when this govt is overthrown (and it will) you all will look stupid.....all of you, i can tell left form 2, or class 3 etc....you dont really know the economic turmoil fiji is going thru AT THE MOMENT, dou yavu no scool ulukau, sa rauta mada, WAKE UP! look around you! Cost of living has gone up (your wives r already complaining of school fees, food prices, water bills etc)...now fiji owes 200 million to fnpfv(your money n mine) plus another couple'a hundred million to one french based bank for buying the 3 Air buses, totaling to almost 2 billion! Not to mention money owed to china for 'certain' developments around the country! Dou yadra mai, yavu ulukau no scool! You want to correct educated people, lai vuli mada e liu! Sa rauta na wili Fiji Sun, sivia na con vana veva o ya, wake UP!...taxi fair sa toso cake, now we have bus ticketing by voda fone....thats LTA's job not voda, gaunisala madaga se sivia na port hole! wheres all our money going too? Go to usp, raiwaqa, samabula nasinu, tamavua, namadi, nabua, nadi, lautoka too much port holes!!! WAKE UP! laurai dua na toso? caita e sega! Sa levu mai na kai china prostitute!human trafficking sa tubu tiko! this never used to happen before! sa rauta na wili fiji sun, there's always two sides to the story, stop reading the good side all the time! sa rauta na tabetabe! you never teach your children to tabetabe! qo ga na tamata lamusona, lasulasu warolaki! Yadra mai ko VITI! gauna qo meda sa kaiviti dina tale mada, o ira na noda kora valu i solomone, malaya a ra na bole mate tale nikua kevaka e ra raica tiko na ka e yaco tiko nikua!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Richard Evanson invited them over to sit through a timeshare presentation.

Or having heard what a great "architect" he was, maybe Evanson wanted Frank to build him a new toilet stall.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the dogs Evanson fed are already looking to bite him.

kaiviti rules said...

going to glory u got scared and became anon 1015pm?
only kaiidia ruling fiji brother

its ur muslim brothers and sisters
all kaiidia so u kaiidia beta fix urselfs or we kaivitis have to fix u
our army gonna fix u again and this baini and ur muslim brotherhood

honest indian??? u joking brother, go have some more grog
attar not honest/
if hes honest he would fight for the 1997 consititution no ghais
he likes ghais because he has beta chance of stealing kaivitis land


the ghai draft is bullshit too because ghai and his team had to follow the non negotiables/
thats why the indigenous people of fiji which make up the majority of the population say we dont want everyone to be called fijian ghai had to follow.
when the indigenous people say we want to be a christian state ghai had to reject and follow baini.
when the indigenous people were the original landowners, ghai could only say we have "spiritual connection"to the land. ghai could not tell the truth and say we had ownership connection to the land.
so u kaiidia and misled kaivitis who love this baini love the ghai consitution and not the true and legal constitution of 1997.

Anonymous said...

You guys are running around the bushy area.......check out thisdraft was drafted by NAZ Shameem- freedom fighter for Paki taliban in fiji

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Hello you shameless creature = provide evidence, will you or you are running around the bushy area.

Keep your filthy remarks to yourself Imrana - Saki joint venture.
The person you are mentioning is not part of Draft Constitution, Get your facts right. Leave the lady alone

Anonymous said...

Muskat, Imrana and Saki are respected people. Ask NAZ how much and what all she is getting from rank. Go and read Rajend Chaudhary's Facebook or more information

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Rajend Chaudhary is one rapist and disgraceful person. He and his posts have been reported, you count your days.
You are in a rush to post about Shameem that you do not even read what letters are missing from your post. Get real baby, by the way who is your latest companion in bed?

Anonymous said...

Muskat whom are you defending? Naz or Frank?

Frank has been visiting Naz on absence of Aslam. Ask her she might tell you

Anonymous said...

BKC should start .
we the dictators are forcing this constitution on the people of fiji.
This is not the people constitution.
people submission and views were taken on this bkc.
Fiji legal Constitution is 1997.
So stop folling fiji people and the world frank/khaiyum.
We reject your BKC.
The people of Fiji should stick with one word.1997 Constitution.
god bless.

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

You are really disgusting Irana.
Nazhat Shameem is sill with the same man she married, not like you. And that is why she is respected by all who has the guts to see the reality.
Unlike your husband Saki, Aslam is a qualified and successful businessman of my country. Once again get your facts right you pig

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, do you want to become a MP again? You seek forgiveness for what? Why are you a sinner? Can you tell us, please? God Bless

kamlesh kumar said...

What is wrong with the new constitution? It gives everyone equality. Support Bainimarama. Fiji needs a multiracial and a strong leader like Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and Bainimara. Say yes to him and vote for his party.

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Imrana I heard you took your kids to Disney Land.......money spent in USA was the same money you and Saki stole from Airport Fiji Ltd? Because the fish and chips sales wasnt that good.
And while the kids were enjoying at Disney, whom were you with? You are such a cheap character you know

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Muskat who said Aslam is a successful businessman? You are also advocating Aslam, how much he is paying you? You are here to support Frank, Naz and Aslam...great but you dont know the fact. Aslam gets all business from Frank because...............

Anonymous said...

Anon pls put your name than ask me question.
We dont have to ans to your question.but to help you understand i have no more interest to stand in 2014 election.
We all are sinners .no one is a saint .
seem like you claim to be a saint .
I ask forgiveness thats what we been taught
we make mistake daily in our life.
So my friend dont worry about me .you should worry about fighting the regime and free the people of fiji from this evil regime.
god bless you.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumari I didn't know franky had a Party. I know he has an army of thugs backing him to hold power. You are one such backer. what's his party called? Cranky United?

Anonymous said...

Saki and Imarana are educated people not like khaiyum and bai.
Stop commenting on them.
frank would put them in jail if they were crook.
Dont worry about this comments made on the blog saki/imrana keep the fight up.
god bless you guys.

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Imrana one has to be in Fiji to see what Mr Aslam Khan and Vodafone is doing for the Fijians. They did no run away like you and RC, they stayed here and provided their services to the people of Fiji.
Aha I know why you think there is some link between our PM and Madam Shameem: you looking in the mirror babe,

Whom ever I may be supporting, I am proud that I am not serving myself here like you. PIG

Anonymous said...

I don't worry about you Rajesh. But since you ask for forgiveness, I need to know what for. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but all mistakes are not sins. My democratic right to remain anon needs to be respected. But you don't care, do you? You are as racist, sly, silly and dangerous as they come. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Robert Evanson the owner of Turtle Island hosted Bainimarama before he carried out his coup. and he bankrolled the coup. evanson is an american. has he also hosted the american ambassador frankie reed? is that why reed is also a frank supporter?

Anonymous said...

kaiviti rules whoever you are you are real racist bastard, like your baini, I was always right about poeple like you cowardswill try to punish innocent kaindias as you like to say..why punish all if have guts do it now, like aryse kaihole, naz, aslam, vijend p, and rest, I still se you the most coward Fijian in the world atleast Attar have guts to fight without guns look at you waiting for guns to be turned, no I wonder why baibi boci is fucking you race cunt hole..

Anonymous said...

anon. i ask forgiveness bec of my comments some times hurt people.

Anonymous said...

Robert Evanson the owner of Turtle Island hosted Bainimarama before he carried out his coup. and he bankrolled the coup. evanson is an american. has he also hosted the american ambassador frankie reed? is that why reed is also a frank supporter?

Anonymous said...

Muskan Baragaand
was aslam and nazihat hounded by the military thugs who took over the country like imrana and saki was?
of course they weren't because they are part of frank's coup!

Anonymous said...

The act of seeking forgiveness is one that requires 100% honesty. Your comments hurt people! Get real. You need to seek forgiveness for what you do. Ask yourself that and then seek forgiveness. Don't just do it for the sake of it. Forgiveness requires a clean heart to seek and forgive.

Anonymous said...

Nadi Villager,

O au muni qu sotia aule. Ia qu sotia tu i na gauna vina. A musu muni na kequ i sau me la i na matanitu. E kuca mo tarovia mu gusu mara i na vosaca i tara koto. Ko gi le o mu na sotia i na gauna nikua, mu sa matamataku.

Qaraunia mu gusu qa mu lima i na vosaca i kwaya qa vola koto. Ei tola koto na Kalou mei yata lala qa totogitaki ni iko. Qaraunia sara boy.

Au tukuna tiko, o ira na sotia era tu e na gauna qo e na keba era cola dakai tiko me keimami vakarerei kina na lewe ni vanua. E sa saumi ira tiko e na i lavo lelevu o Bainimarama mei voli ni nodra digidigi ka me ra vakayacora tale tiko ga na nona cakacaka ni tevoro.

Nadi Villager, na lequ rara muni tavu i Bonunaqwele. Kua ni tata valialia lala qei sauti iko lesu na lemu vosaca.

kaiviti rules said...

anon kaiidia at 914am, im just fighting for my indigenous rights against racists like u who dont want to recognise my rights.

and musghann maro y u so obsessed with imrana, u jealous or something.

she is not the one putting up these meaningful indepth posts that appears everynow and then that stand out against ur posts and anon coward kaiidia 914am.

get over it. kaiviti rules all the time. only masipolo kaiidia getting free riders like urselves that despise the tru fijians

Anonymous said...

Radini, this is an interesting argument from a non-theologian.

Did God in His sovereign power allow Bainimarama to become Fiji's ruler? Apparently, in much the same way that God allowed the Assyrians to punish Israel. But now, I ask you, Radini, is God pro-Assyria or pro-Israel?

I believe God loves Fiji. I don't know why God allowed Bainimarama to inflict himself on Fiji, but God sometimes uses even the devil to accomplish His handiwork.

Another non-theologian named Thomas Jefferson once said: 'Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God'. How are we to reconcile his statement with your belief that obedience to the present tyranny is obedience to God?

Anonymous said...

Thank you @Anon 9:40 AM.

You have hit the nail on the head. For someone to be forgiven by God, that person needs to be a forgiving person as well.

All people need to forgive each other, but the offenders need to first confess and then seek forgiveness.

This is what Bainimarama needs to do. If not, he will wallow in his sins and crimes and guilty conscience, and not sleep, for the rest of his pathetic life on earth and in the eternities to come.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Anon @ 9:58. People like Mara, Driti, FB, ASK, etc all need to confess and then seek forgiveness. Rajesh supports Mara but Mara has not confessed to all that he did while in power. You put it right. How are they sleeping.

Anonymous said...

kaiviti rule...what rights you talking about ,baini boci, fijian race leader army head, nailatikau fijian president what else, what have you done todate, your vanua, gcc, provincil council, methodist church , have you done anything, just behind the curtain, cursing we Indians, go and and stand against your Fijian leader baini boci , make a statement bloody coward Fijian, not all Indian support this regime, see for your self Attar is classic example who is he fighting for to date not a single Fijian leader has made bold statement , tell you something Baini boci is not scared of you Fijian he is scared of honest Indians like Attar and rest, he knows he cam buy Fijians by just giving handouts,go and stand behind your sulu and watch your ouwn Fijian killing your race..or just keep shut with your racist comments ass hole.. what have you done to protect your race,,

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Mr Aslam Khan and his wife are law abiding citizen of Fiji they have not filled their pocket with monies belonging to others and that is why they were never investigated. Get your facts right you cheap writer.
Ballu Khan, Imana Pig Jalal and Saki, get mental health. You guys the frustrated lot who were enjoying their lives under corrupt Qarase government. Good that he was kicked out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nadi Villager / Litia from Kadavu and Naitasiri Villager ....
Duo bula vinaka tale mai na wekaqu. Au niutaka ni duo bulabula vinaka tiko ka toso vinaka tiko na qaravi tavi.

Sa vacava tu na bula e na keba, vinaka madaga na cakacaka vovou dou sa lesi kina. Na wekaqu Nadi Villager , a tamata dau shoe shine I liu, sa rauta me digitaki iko o noda liuliu kaukauwa, Frank Bainimarama, mo liutaka na masi ni nona ceke. Na nomu ni experience me lai apply taki , spit and polish, me caliva vinaka, mo rawa ni raica na kemu I reflection e na gauna o masi polo tiko kina.

Isa Litia mai Kadavu, au rogoca ni ko sa lesi mo dau savata na kora nei noda I liuliu kaukauwa, Frank Bainimarama, baleta na nomu experience ni kaba waqa ni Korea . Vinakaga ni sa matau tu vei iko na kana kora ni Korea . Vinaka na vosota Litia.

Nairasiri Villager noqu kai, au rogoca ni job vinaka duwaduwa wa lesi iko kina o noda I liuliu kaukauwa Frank Bainimarama . Na job ni dau savata, ka dau raica ni mamaca vinaka tiko na nona qara ni sala ni da. Au rogoca na I tavi qo e soli ga vei ira a tamata digitaki vakataki iko. E duwa walega na experience e vinakati kina, mo tamata dau drami. Mo dramica mamaca na sona nei Voreqe e na gauna dau rivarivabi kina ka vakavuna nona titibera . Isa na wekaqu wa wilika cala beka o koya nomu resume, baleta e volai tukina ni ko kemuni tamata yameyame duwaduwa I viti kei rotuma.
Vinaka na dau vosota.

Dou moce mada.

P.S kevaka duwa vei kemudou raici luvequ , Sonaila Meli Bainimarama. Kerekere qai vakadewa taka vuwa o nona mummy sa vakasabalasagasaga tu, waraki koya tiko me lai curu lesu tale.

Sa vinaka.

rajend naidu said...

It's Easter so I didn't want to say anything that might be hurtful to my Christian family and friends and Christians. But I will not be me if I did not protest at something wrong or hypocritical. To me there is clearly something wrong and hypocritical in the Fiji Times article 'PM : Rejoice in the message' (FT 30/3). Why should anyone have to listen to Christ's message of love, tolerance, compassion and peace from a military ruler who has terrorized his own people for over 6 years since his illegal takeover?
That to me is adding insult to injury.
I rejoice in Christ message for its own inherent, intrinsic values.
Christ message and what Frank Bainimarama is doing are poles apart.
Frank Bainimarama needs to reflect on the message but I have stopped counting on him doing that.
rajend naidu

Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary said...

Looks like you have tried both. Get real they dont even look at stale ass likeyours

Manoa T said...

@Rajend of glenfield..and what exactly does the so called deity you puja to each day, called Shiva advocate...war,retribution and death? yeah the Filipino coconuts and Guatamalan bananas you get from Woolies that you place as offerings guide your moral compass, do they? Your hypocrital, self righteous condescending contributions make one puke. Go light another incense and ask for Premila's forgiveness. No, I am no regime lackey as you accuse anyone who disagrees with you. Just another observer, a little sick of the hatefest that monkeys like you contribute to. How about some constructive stuff instead of constantly contributing crap and criticsm. fair comment that the regime is doing lots of damage to Fiji. So what exactly is your point and how do we fix things? Don't simply sit on your high horse and sermonise, it does nothing for anyone. Pretending that it puts pressure on the regime is self flattery and ego greasing for rajend himself.

frank's a liar said...

See this is why he cannot be trusted.

“Last Friday I said I was going to contest. I was asked at the grounds and I joked about my answer,” Commodore Bainimarama said.
“Yes, I will contest, but nothing has been done yet. I will form a party. I have seen the hard work of Government officials and thought that if I contest, I will be able to help them complete the wishes of this Government.”
Meanwhile, there were calls from around the country during the show asking Commodore Bainimarama to contest and continue to lead Fiji. This is because of the developments done by his Government for Fijians compared to those in past leaderships

Anonymous said...

what developnment baini boci talking about , that's from his money that's money from loan, debt and every Fijian will pay when baini has gone

Anonymous said...

Once Naz went to Dr S. Mudaliar looking for what to do with Aslam as his performance in bed was getting worse day by day or shall I say night by night.
Dr advised him to use Viagra. Aslam went back with Naz and told the Dr that still he could not satisfy Naz.
In such situation Naz went and set in Frank's lap

Anonymous said...

@ Manoa T - does the T stand for Tatti? Because what you say smells of that! rajend naidu is an atheist . ( see his letter to editor for a confirmation) he does not pray to shiva . you got your facts wrong. now be a good Christian and stop being an arsehole. why have you upset yourself so much? what rajend said had nothing to do with you. why your vitriolic attack on him?
what's your agenda here? your ad hominem is pure Tatti. what rajend said is the Truth regarding Bainimarama. Is that what got you going? why? YOU ARE A REGIME LACKEY ALRIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess it's time I let you all in on a sad but also rather amusing secret. It was only a matter of time before you figured it out on your own anyway.

You see, this loathesome Muskan character who has suddenly begun posting venomous and unsubstantiated accusations against Imrana Jalal and Ratu Saki is none other than the Commander himself! That's right, Boss Hawg, Chief Warwar, and Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary are one and the same.

The Commander has hated Ratu Saki ever since Saki replaced him as President in the Fiji Rugby Union. Saki then added insult to injury by inviting the NZ high commissioner to officiate an international rugby match where Banimarama was also attending.

The Commander resents Imrana Jalal, because when he sought her help in advance to give a legal justification for his coup plans, she instead publically warned him that his coup would be an act of treason. He was fit to be tied when the court found that Saki and Imrana had no case to be answered despite FICAC's best efforts at railroading them.

Another thing, Nazhat Shameem has seen Imrana as a rival since their school days. I mention this not just because Naz has the dictator's ear, but because the scandalous allegations about Naz and Bainimarama somehow prompted "Muskan" to retaliate with these poisonous postings against Imrana. Rather than speculate on the reason why, I think we can all imagine that, dictator or not, Frank has a lot of explaining to do to Mary, which probably doesn't help his mood much.

Think about it. You don't need to be a professor of forensic linguistics to detect Nazhat Shameem behind the legal analysis of "Sodden Shelley" and some of Justice Goundar's rulings, or to hear Graham Davis' arrogant "voice" behind many of the C4.5 postings attacking the Qarase government or defending his own ever-shrinking reputation. Similarly, one can readily recognise in the "Muskan" postings the same crude and adolescent persona that texted profanities to Fr. Kevin Barr and wrote "all Indians are MF" and "worship tevoro".

Some of you might scoff at the idea that the Commander could be so resentful, malicious, vindictive and thin-skinned that he would stoop to such a thing. If so, you don't know the man very well.

This isn't the first time for the Commander to post on C4.5. He feels so threatened by the blogsite that he has more than once warned Fijians not to read it. The Commander doesn't like to read much, but he sometimes reads C4.5 himself or just a written digest of the most interesting comments.

A dictator is not necessarily a paranoid for wanting to know who his enemies are and what they're saying about him. But only a few feel so compelled by personal insecurity and hubris that they must respond with an unfounded smear campaign of their own.

Anonymous said...

I should not be surprised one bit by what Anonymous 1.14 PM says. it has a solid ring of truth in it regarding bainimarama, nazhat and saki and imrana.

Anonymous said...

I can see end of baini coming , very soon , arsye running ti Libya or taliban , Naz to bAINI IN JAIL TO Aslam gandu no where...

Anonymous said...


Friends please see below. Was sent to me last evening by a friend:

“Bula bro. Your posting never fails to amaze. If it wasn’t for the repercussions to my current work, i would have no qualms about posting the following under my name, so feel free to use it, so long as my name is deleted for now.
"That information about Frank Bainimarama and Nazhat Shameem is not new. You will recall that prior to the December coup of 2006 Nazhat personally lodged a police complaint against unspecified people spreading rumours that she was having an affair with Frank Bainimarama.

"Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes had to ask his deputy, Moses Driver to be the investigative officer of this case. Needless to say, investigations were on going when the coup happened.
Although no names were mentioned about those spreading the rumours, they had their suspicious. One was about Nazhat’s neighbour, who happened to be none other than Ballu Khan. This was the time he was living in Reki Street, off Nailuva Road.

"How Ballu came to know? Well, Ballu's bodyguards were all ex CRW so they used to see and chat with Frank's bodyguards in the many times he came visiting Nazhat Shameem at home, even late night or early dawn visits especially when Aslam was away from Suva on business.

"That police file will show you that Ballu actually called up someone to express about this secret visitor. He told Nazhat’s husband, his neighbour. Police file will show all of this information. Ballu's near death beating by Bainimarama's men was linked to his telling Aslam about Bainimarama visiting Nazhat at home when he was away“

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything about
"Rajend of glenfield" in rajend naidu's posting. where did Manoa T get that? Manoa T is not Graham Davis is he?

Anonymous said...

Indians should pray baini never dies...calculate for yourself why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 1.59 PM
fear mongering - regime propaganda.
Indians who did no wrong have nothing to fear.
Indians who support the illegal baini regime should have good reason to fear being dragged to court. Indians like ... well you know.

Anonymous said...

@ Manure T
anymore manure to share with people on C4.5 ? or was that the sum total of what you have?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.59

So you say Atar Singh, Victor Lal, Narsey, S Ali, I Jalal, R Singh, F Anthony should be praying Bainimarama never dies?

You know what you are a coward and it is coward like you why we still have the regime.

Anonymous said...

couldn't Ratu Saki get a decent Indian chick. What he has right now is a over used rubbish, this Jalal girl has been sleeping around from school days.

Anonymous said...

Ratu saki has got what he has got with an open eye and an open fly!
and he likes what he has got. so what is your gripe, anon 2.57PM?

Anonymous said...

FIJI won against South Africa.
Time people talking do it with action.
Action speaks louder than Word.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qaranivalu is only Chief. who stand up for his people..
He broke the peace deal and saved all MP .
who were held hostage in 2000.he was poison in 2000.
Which other chiefs can be like him now and stand up against Khaiyum /Bai.?.
Time for them to stand up now or never.
We cant let BKC forced on us all.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

after saying all those nasty, hateful things Manoa T griped his Bible under his armpit and marched off to Church!
that's why we haven't heard from him again.

Anonymous said...

Qaranivalu is a coup-maker. You forget what people in Tailevu had to endure after the 2000 coup. Qaranivalu was not poisoned, he, like you are poison. You only make a fool of yourself when you write or open or mouth.

kamlesh kumar said...

Kaviti Rules_ If you want more rights go to your mother land Africa where your ancestors came from. Fijians own 91% OF THE LAND plus sea and river. What else you want? There are many poor Indians in Fiji. They are born there and they want to live peacefully. Don't use race to advance your political interest. Did natives standard of living improve from 1987 to 2006? It is Bainimara who is bringing all the developments in Fiji. Vote for him for prosperity

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Rajesh. People who suffered after the 200 coup in Baulevu, Muaniweni, etc are all fools, wrong. They got it coming to them, right? It is ok their homes got destroyed, right? Yes, these people are not important, right? For all that was done to these people, god bless you Rajesh and your Chief

kamlesh kumar said...

Why is Bainimara a good PM?
1. He has given a constitution where election will no longer be based on communal lines.
2. Fiji's economy will grow by 2.9% this year. Other western countries are struggling.
3. Rural Development.
4. Decreased crime.
5. Investment in infrastructure, eg roads.
6. Increased and better public service.
7. Decreased corruption.
8. More integration among races.
9. More understanding between races.
10. Salvaged the sugar industry.
11. Free education.
12. Free Heath services.
13. Better health services.
13. Pensions for people over 70.
14. Greater investments.
15. Free transport for students.
and pensioners.
16. More electrification of rural homes.
17. Water supply in rural places.
18. Reduced public debt.
19. More accountability of foreign aid.
20. Lesser dependence on Australia and NZ.
21. Opening up of the agricultural sector.
and many more to come. Vote Bainimara.
and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Chief gave them the land back and saved the mp and indians.what you talking about.go ask the people in naitasiri.
People used these naita people for political milage at girmit center and in the north.
promise were made they will get refuge overseas.
So anon i know who you are pls go back and see same people living in peace in naitasiri now.
If chief was coupmaker .why did he save the mp and sign the manukau accord .
which bai broke his promise.
MPC will be able to tell you more on this.

Anonymous said...

Frank gave us huge debt level
No democracy /freedom
No AG Audit reports 2006-2012.
Not telling the public how much salary he is paid with his ministers.
Govt tenders awarded-company name and amount.
Put people in jail who oppose him
All Army benefits.
BKC Forcing on people.
FNPF will go broke soon with Fiji Airways /Natadola hotel/Momi .
Frank is using fijian land and taxpayers money to do this.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, I am talking about facts, nor fairy tale stories. I don't need to talk to MPC or you. I talk of facts, idiot. He signed the Maunikau accord coz that was then the only way forward. You obviously don't care about the people who got hurt. Chief saved himself, not Fiji. Why start a fire when you know if destroys? And then conveniently try to extinguish it. I don't care if frank broke the promise or not. he is a coup maker just like your chief. You should be ashamed of yourselves but still God bless you. Any coup is bad. 87, 2000, 2006, etc. Change your attitude to coups and illegal political methods.

Anonymous said...

Anon the chief did bring the people back to naita from girmit centre and reconcile with them.
thats what real leaders do forgive and move on with life.
I feel sorry for the people.but its history.
bai have killed people now do we support him for this no way.
Bai did coup and others will pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Rajesh. Its History, how convenient. Yes, we have to help to get Fiji to democracy but to suggest people like your Chief to be honest and be impartial, is a shame. It is coz of people like you who support wrong, we are unable to help Fiji. Fiji needs honest people not popular. You talk about forgiveness alot. You don't even know what it means. Shame on you and your like. land is not everything. What about the feelings, respect of good people you call history. Shame!

indigenous power said...

its racists like kamlesh kumari and franki bainimarami thats the problem for fiji.
who want to grab kaivitis land and send chiefs to jail and force fijians to be like kaiidia

Anonymous said...

You should visit naitasiri and see from 2000-2013 people have learned from past mistake.they all live in peace and respect each other,
forgiveness was done to both side accepted gracefully..
they all live happily now.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

frank will play cat and mouse with the people of fiji for as long as he needs to keep people in the dark and guessing what he is up to.

his bottom line though has always been to stay in power for as long as he wants, mapping out how best to legitimise himself with as little damage control as possible.

the international community stopped being important to what fiji's doing some time ago, thanks to coup supporters globe trotting in fiji's name and media whores like graham davis and crosby walsh, washed up white colonialists who have lost their credibility but because of their colour remain welcomed by regional government and the media industry.

Anonymous said...

Fiji land belong to the Fijians.
We Indians have lease the land and worked hard to earn a living.We have paid the rental.
So we have respect for landowners and they respect us.
Khaiyum /bai are destroying this trust that was build in the past years by the Indians/Fijians.off old.
BKC is not helping Indians nor Fijians.
BKC just help BAI/Khaiyum to hold on to power and waste tax payers funds and put us in huge debt for future generation.
So lets be united for better fiji for all and get rid of the evil regime .
god bless

Anonymous said...

Yes Rajesh, everyone living happily now in Naita. Good. Make your chief the PM and President. Do yoy agree with the past coups or only against this coup? I don't and will not forgive frank for this coup or others for other coups. Which side are you on. I know. What about those who still have the scars of what happened? You think you know me. You don't coz you don't care about us and what happened. So you sleep well. No coup is good.

Anonymous said...

Radini, several months ago, Dakuwaqa posted something very interesting. I commend it to you for deep consideration. He wrote "I fully agree with many of the Church Fathers throughout history on the right, and even the duty, to revolution in resistance to tyranny. Nonviolent approaches should be tried and re-tried, but if these strategies fail, then tyrannicide must be an option.

"As Juan de Mariana wrote in the 1598 work De rege et regis institutione, '[B]oth the philosophers and theologians agree, that the prince who seizes the state with force and arms, and with no legal right, no public, civic approval, may be killed by anyone and deprived of his life...'"

Anonymous said...

We just pray for each other and forgive and move on
god will heal the scars.
christ prayed to god the father and said father forgive them they do not know what they are doing.
anon i ask for forgiveness to you/others on behalf of my people of naita.
god bless you all

Anonymous said...

That's what Frank will be saying soon aboit elections in 2014 -- "I was only kidding".

Anonymous said...

Explains why Muskan is a no intellect ass.

Anonymous said...

Muskrat DOES sound stupid and crude like Frank, and Manoa T DOES sound vile and arrogant like Grubby.

Anonymous said...

I also believe in forgiveness but when you promote Chief who was the one who started it all against us, I cry blood. I will forgive but your Chief never admitted to what he started. I get very upset when you suggest that the Chief and Speight are good people. You tell us to support MPC and Qarase. What has MPC done for us. Why should we support him. We will ONLY support HONEST people. Please Rajesh, only believe in the truth. Just coz we can apologize, doesn't mean we should offend.

Anonymous said...

A: Call AG and put him on the line!
B: Sir,his on the line.
A: hello,it's me.listen carefully today prepare a decree to haul all those suspected individual who are trying to sabotage the formation of this constitution understand!make it as a criminal act....
C: but sir...
B: what?
C: the rest of legal plotters seems to distance themselves and looks like they..they..you know...
B: know what?
C: last week i feel you know...don't say they are trying to migrate...
B: hey!!,don't tell me that!finished off what you people put me into, OK!!!
C: the meeting on April...
B: forget about that meeting! criminalized those who are suspected of sabotaging this constitution,on top of that this is all what you people gave me,where are they?...huh!
C: I'll call them...
B: do it now,the Intel boys will bring down some list,and Tuesday morning take it to government house.another thing,you people used to be quick in bringing in decree for this and decree for that,what's wrong now!!the public are rumbling loud enough now!and the int-media as well!!tell me what's wrong with this Constitution!
C: Sir,i'll call the other legal plotters and we have a briefing......it was all put in from everyone....
B: something really fishy going on huh!!!not like before remember...tell them, the public and media are on our toes....tell them no one can escape now!!!including you!!!!!
C:yes Sir,i know.....
B:hey!!you know!!you said it'll be smooth sailing but now!!you people make me look like a fool doing public speeches,visiting rural communities,opening this and that and you provide me with all those "hook-line-sinker have it all" ready made A4 speeches!!listen from 2006 till now we have been pushing this,that,them,they but they still resisted.You wrote those speeches to run them down from chiefs to the commoner,church,vanua,individual,families,groups,politicians etc..i'll talk to you then when you've done with this decree,OK!.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh, I got a kick out of your list of reasons why we should vote for Bainimarama. LMAO! "Better public service, decreased corruption, salvaged the sugar industry..." You should write ad copy for the tobacco companies.

Just two questions for you, mate. First, how are we supposed to vote for Bainimarama when he never allows us an election? And secondly, even supposing anything on your list was true, why would we want to vote for anyone who would do that?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, when your elderly respected father gets punched and spat at, I can forgive but I can not forget. You ask me to forget coz you are not me or my dead father. He diedi n his sleep. I wish I could say peacefully. You don't know shit, Rajesh. But you sleep well. Sometimes poor people (both Fijians and Indians) are nothing but shit for politicians like you.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Rajesh. Sleep well my brother. You are doing well. Nothing is done here. The mighty Father is the judge. Don't worry. I am ready.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon, you speak the truth, rajesh is a snake.

Anonymous said...

Anon Rajesh always helped people .whom did you help.
Stop calling Rajesh snake .He is our hero.
I even offered rajesh the land he said no thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

Bro you always helping people .keep doing the good work.
let people talk action speaks louder than word.
loloma to the family.

Anonymous said...

Isa Sir We all miss you so much .Mr Singh always cared about us when you were our Minister.
I hope Sir you will come back and help us all .
moce yani

Anonymous said...

I didn't help anybody, happy? Rajesh aka Sai, Miri, feel happy. Rajesh when we needed you, you chose to spit on our face. You have a short memory, BRO. It is the power when u were untouchable, people like us don't mean anything to you. Go on, and keep lying to urself to make urself feel important. Good on you BRO. God bless you for nothing. Baulevu

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, is a billy goat. Follow the leader. he he. he is not hero. Drink grog tavale, n chaser for wash down. io eh!

Dan said...

The Maumau uprising in Kenya in the 50s haopened because the colonies were dustributing the land like crazy to British war veterans neglecting the natives...
The Maoris and the Aborigines are still mourning over their lost identities...
Although we cannot blame the current generation for the wrong of the colonial past...We must learn from that and to make sure that does not happen to our children...
The current constitution does not want to address this our rights to our land...Does that mean if a powerful businessman sees billions of dollars on our land... do we have a right to say no...because of development...
The UN recognised the Indigenous right which I did not see being adressed in this constitution...
Yes the people who have settled and called Fiji home have every right to stay with us because they have become part of us...but not at the cost of our Identity as indigenous being watered down as simply a Fijian...
The Itaukei...politically speaking is not a superiorrace but Indigenous people that have their land as their only security..and it is the only thing that is keeping us afloat and hoping for a better future...if we arenot performing well..it is the hope that keeps the people living in a shack in Suva strong...
While the world ofeconomic define poverty in terms of income...The I Taukei worldview defines a poor person as a person with no land and is not liked by the relatives...
I think the regime needs to explain to us why they have not recognised our indigenous rights together with the land rights

Anonymous said...

Does Attar still feel he is the spokesperson for NFP? Well, news to him he is not.

Anonymous said...

@anon..March 30, 2013 at 1:01 PM...you say rajend's crap has nothing to do with me. And whats my opinion got to do with you? tattifalla? Yeah anyone who disagrees with dickheads like rajend or yourself, son of rajend perhaps is a regime lackey. amazing reasoning. What a bright arsehole you must be. Mind your own business. If rajend is an atheist, why is he pretending to profess Christian values which he doesn't believe in? typical kaiindia greasing up...like his "dear editor" bullshit. As for you, son of rajend, mind your own business bright arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.14 it dosen't matter, what matter he has got guts to do something, what about others so called Fijian leaders, baini is thug, rapist and that's all

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh is the voice of reason . you intellectual morons in the regime are not meant to understand that!

Anonymous said...

is anon7.26 Pm a st. giles escapee!

Anonymous said...

chay chay Rajesh aka Sai, Miri, Tuva. Stop fooling youself BRO

Anonymous said...

ego greasing is what megalomaniacs need and the whole country knows who the megalomaniacs are in Fiji.
Manure T can you name any?

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumar you an idiot arsehole..see below..
Why is Bainimara a good PM?
1. He has given a constitution where election will no longer be based on communal lines.--forced constitution with no tail, free crime blankat immunity
2. Fiji's economy will grow by 2.9% this year. Other western countries are struggling.--growth based on debt and no confirmed figure..
3. Rural Development.only handful vote buying to keep away from prison
4. Decreased crime. ....rape, murder, beating up and up..police hiding figures
5. Investment in infrastructure, eg roads....that's normal if you in governmnet have to do..some visiual for people like you to see..no cane roads done
6. Increased and better public service.,,just your mind sent
7. Decreased corruption...more corruption by baini and arse,,tell them to disclose their salary and audit report...
8. More integration among races...your mindset.. no change you hate Fijian because you supporting baini
9. More understanding between races...peck of lies
10. Salvaged the sugar industry....sugar industry finished under baini...see for your self
11. Free education....this generation will pay the debt time to come...its not free again vote buying to remain away from prison
12. Free Heath services...no medicine many places,,again vote buying..
13. Better health services.bulshit
13. Pensions for people over 70...how many people fall under this --
14. Greater investments...Investment on bribe,,baini makes more cut ...
15. Free transport for students.
and pensioners.again this people will buy time to come
16. More electrification of rural homes.
17. Water supply in rural places.
18. Reduced public debt.,,increase debt,,Idiot
19. More accountability of foreign aid...hardly any aid,,just baini pocket
20. Lesser dependence on Australia and NZ....who gave most money for ghai review
21. Opening up of the agricultural sector.
and many more to come. Vote Bainimara.
and many more to come...

if you are prepared to go for jail for your baini crime , sins , I will vote..ans straight will you go to gail for baini's crime just say Yes or No.otherwise shut your dirty mouth baini ke gaad

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh give you wife to baini to sleep arse hole..

Anonymous said...

he he ha ha...Rajesh aka sai aka miri aka tuva...oile turaga, lose hope

Anonymous said...

Rajesh its Easter BRO, time for you to repent. Kua tiko na lasu

Anonymous said...

First the malicious prosecution of Imrana and her husband, and now these malicious blog comments. Oilei, who would be malicious enough to do these things. Perhaps Anon @1:14 PM is right.

Nice to see so many others stepping forward to defend them against these unfair slurs.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar how you going good sir, I hope you're well. I have been advising my son Sonaila Meli Bainimarama thought I give you the same advice, one of my best. Just in case you can't read Fijian believe you me I shall do my best to translate my advice in Fijian, this should help Sharon Blow Job Smith Jones as well. Here it goes,

Go find that slimy hole, the one that took you 9 months to crawl out off, when you find that whore of a woman you call mother, tell her your birth was a mistake. Once you crawl back in it, ensure that the hole is stitched shut. Don't worry I will comfort your mother through this tough times.

Please take my advice seriously and pass it on to you brave leader Frank Bainimarama.

PS. If you see my son, Sanaila Meli Bainimarama around the barrack let him know I'm waiting with Mary Bainimarama at home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. We the people have the power. The power to choose. To choose the right people to represent us. Some people on this blog think that they are doing their duty. They r not. We know now, a fork from a spade. if you know what I mean. In these difficult times, perhaps we will all wake up and start being Fijians again. By saying Fijian, I mean being human again. Every poor person in Fiji has no voice. These so called messiahs are cruel blood sucking bats.

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:34 PM Who died and left Attar to have any voice. His use by date has expired. All he is looking for is nothing more than"GLORY"

Maybe a trip to the camp may be in order for Attar.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 9:26
You Americans are so pathetic.
You outwardly espouse Democracy but quietly support TREASONIST criminals.

What a pathetic lowlife you are.

Tell Frankie Reed , she better be leading the march for Democracy otherwise she is just another loudmouth Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Anon 926@ you are another baini ass hole, if you want to fight make playing field level, don't scare of taking to camp, you dog shit, you baini, arsy, have only survived due to guns and nothing else, why not come down to open debate at anywhere , you lamu sona piss , you are just another curse to your own family, bloody gandu, tell baini to put gun and come to ground he will only get 10 votes,go and tell dick head, ge will lose the election that's the curse, SINGH IS KING, BAINI IS PISS AND SHIT

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

baini is traitor so all the peole who supports him. HE IS GOING TO GAIL NOT TODAY VERY NEAR FUTURE, for big chuttar party there...though I have not supported Qarse he is man of princple , for Fijian's he is next Gandhi, Mandela,,baini will die Saddam , Gadafi death,,he is very scared, look at Mosese TOki in hospital..curse have effect on him..I am an Indian have always respected Vanua , you against Vanua you are dead person..Baini knows very well

Anonymous said...

Why not we call open debate between Singh and Party vs Baini Ass hole party...get the ball rolling

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, Isa. Mount Isa. I can;t stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

@anon .March 30, 2013 at 7:37 PM... yeah i escaped from St Giles after impregnating your mother there. Thirty years later ..lo and behold you are contributing to this blog. Yes, rajend is not your real father, I am. ask your mother, if she is coherent, that is.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad indictment on the Fiji school system that the Indian contributors to this blog can't spell or form coherent, intelligible sentences. Good example is rajesh of NZ. rajend of Oz used his uncle's nepotic contact to get a Fiji Govt scholarship to study abroad, get Fiji work experience then scampered off like the rat that his race is, to Oz. Most of the students at FSM are Indians who will eventually migrate and contribute nothing to Fiji. True story.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad indictment on the Fiji school system that the Indian contributors to this blog can't spell or form coherent, intelligible sentences. Good example is rajesh of NZ. rajend of Oz used his uncle's nepotic contact to get a Fiji Govt scholarship to study abroad, get Fiji work experience then scampered off like the rat that his race is, to Oz. Most of the students at FSM are Indians who will eventually migrate and contribute nothing to Fiji. True story.

Anonymous said...

@Anon9.26PM only one kind of person would threaten Attar Singh with another trip to the camp - a Military Thug!
This is how you plan to run the country - by rounding up critics taking them to the camp . rule by terror is the only way you thugs know how to rule. the new constitution and election is just a front . a window dressing. thug rule is what you thugs are about!

Anonymous said...

"That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is
finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; that until there is no longer
any first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; that until the color of
a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; that until
the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race --
until that day, the dreams of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule
of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but
never attained": Speech by - H.I.M. HAILE SELASSIE I - California 28th February
"In order to rally people, governments need enemies. They want us to be afraid,
to hate, so we will rally behind them. And if they do not have a real enemy, they
will invent one in order to mobilize us": - Thich Nhat Hanh, Contemporary Vietnamese
"The biggest lesson I learned from Vietnam is not to trust [our own] government
statements. I had no idea until then that you could not rely on [them]": - James
W. Fulbright: US senator who initiated the international exchange program for scholars,
"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth": - Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Fiji draft constitution opposed by former political leaders
Updated 28 March 2013, 18:46 AEST

A group comprising many of Fiji's former political parties says it will organise public meetings to discuss the coup installed military government's draft constitution.
Fiji draft constitution opposed by former political leaders (Credit: ABC)

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the draft seeks to perpetuate a dictatorship by entrenching the many restrictions and prohibitions imposed on the people since the 2006 coup.

It will be organising public meetings in Suva and Nadi next week.

One of the group's spokesmen, prominent trade union leader Attar Singh, says the interim government's draft constitution has draconian provisions which should be strongly opposed.

Radio Australia contacted the Fiji government for comment on this story, but they did not respond.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Attar Singh, a prominent trade union leader and one of the spokesmen for the United Front for a Democratic Fiji

SINGH: The human rights or the Bill of Rights area and every right that is given under the government draft has got more limitations and more restrictions than the right itself. For example I don't know and I've been told also by experts that there isn't a country in the free world where the right to life is also conditional. Under this one the right to life can also be limited in the event of insurrection and riots and also in the event where somebody is escaping or somebody is being arrested. So I think that's a very, very outrageous provision. Similarly as you know from our point of view as trade unions, there was an international seniors lawyers project which did an analysis of the Political Parties Decree, and said that the restrictions on the trade unions from holding political party positions and participation was a provision that they could not find anywhere else in the world. And now we see in the draft constitution those provisions of the Political Parties Decree have in fact been inserted into the constitution, and if this constitution goes ahead, then the challenges of anyone being able to amend those is very, very limited, because as you know the draft can only be amended by three quarters of the House, and three-quarters of the referendum thereafter.

Anonymous said...

HILL: Now this group, the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, I noticed that the signatures on this media statement, Ratu Jone Kubuabola, Mahendra Chaudhry, yourself, Mick Beddoes, Raman Pratap Singh, these are all the former leaders of what we have to refer to as former or proposed political parties. You made sure not to call yourselves leaders of political parties because that's actually illegal at the moment isn't it?

SINGH: Well that is correct, I was not a politician, I still issue statements from our position in the union and there's no restriction on that. But the other individuals yes they were you're quite correct, they were politicians of some sort, and their political parties have applied for registration and those registrations are still pending. And in that situation they aren't able to act or portray themselves as political parties or political party leadership. So they have taken on their own as individuals in their individual capacities to issue that statement.

HILL: Now one of the things that the UFDF say that they're going to be doing is holding public meetings as a forum for citizens to engage in open discussions about this draft constitution. And you've actually listed in your press release two places and two dates and times when you'll be doing this. Is this actually strictly legal under the current decrees that Fiji's operating on? Are you actually trying to provoke the interim government to a certain extent by holding these meetings?

SINGH: Firstly as you would have seen Bruce the draft constitution has only given people two weeks to discuss and comment on, and then again those comments are to be sent to various addresses which is not very transparent, and then at the same time the regime did announce with the draft constitution being published, that that was going to be followed by several explanatory notes. Now those notes have not been forthcoming so far. So people really aren't very sure as to what the draft and various provisions of it are saying.

HILL: I guess what my question really is, is this a bit of a provocation to the government holding public meetings, these are former political party leaders, is that not a bit of a shot across the bows to the interim government?

SINGH: Well I don't think so, I think they are restricted under the Political Party Decree not to conduct themselves as politicians or leaders of political parties. But they have no restriction on them as individuals in their individual capacities. And in so far as we are concerned, the freedom to hold meetings is still there, but this meeting is being held in a trade union premises, the Suva one, and the Nadi one of course is being held at the resort. Now we have advised the authorities that these meetings are being organised and we'll see how they go.

HILL: Do you think they'll be a big response from the public or do you think some people might be a bit scared to turn up?

SINGH: Well I think it is understandable that people are intimidated, everything the people hear on Fiji's airwaves and the tv and read in the papers is everything that the government and the ministers are saying. They have no other alternative voice, the media here does not report anything else. I know Mr Chaudhry sent a statement a few days ago, that statement has not been reported in Fiji, and I sent out a statement yesterday that has also not been reported by any of the media here. So obviously the media is also feeling intimidated, the people are also intimidated, so we'll see. I think we'll have a reasonable attendance because there are many people who are concerned about these issues and would like to have a forum to discuss this.

Anonymous said...

We cannot support a Constitution that doesn't even acknowledge the Bose Vakaturaga, limits the Bill of Rights and omits the important issue of land. Bainimarama and co are not coming clean.

Anonymous said...

Guys time to start looking for answers instead of just commenting. The idea will no doubt offend some but a blockade like the one used on South Africa might be the way forward.

Time for action on Fiji

Apologists for the illegitimate Fijian government led by Frank Bainimarama have melted away as the regime's true thuggishness has been exposed.

In the years following Mr Bainimarama's seizure of power, many gave him the benefit of the doubt, deluding themselves that he was genuinely concerned about breaking the dominance of the Fijian elite and protecting Fiji Indians from discrimination.

But in the murk of Fijian politics, it seems no agenda is pure. Whatever his motives at the start, Mr Bainimarama has morphed into a stereotypical megalomaniac.

In the unlikely event that anyone still believed in him after he intimidated the media, suppressed dissidents, repeatedly postponed elections and tore up a draft constitution (partly paid for by New Zealand), then the ugly truth must have finally dawned when Mr Bainimarama defended the police thugs shown on video beating up two prisoners.

There can no longer be any doubt that Mr Bainimarama is the Pacific's Papa Doc. Which raises the question, what can we do?

We can certainly no longer look the other way and pretend it isn't happening. Neither can we expect that normal diplomatic tut-tutting will cut any ice. Mr Bainimarama is impervious to such gestures and grows more arrogant by the month.

On an individual level, New Zealanders can protest by not going to Fiji for their holidays. The smiling faces on tourist posters can't disguise the reality that Fiji is an oppressive police state, run by a tyrant who is contemptuous of human rights and the rule of law.

But acts of individual conscience are not enough. New Zealand and Australia should be thinking hard about putting the squeeze on Mr Bainimarama by applying economic sanctions.

The argument against such sanctions is that they penalise the innocent. Jobs will be lost and people may go hungry. But that argument didn't stop the world from blockading South Africa in the apartheid era, and it worked. Mr Bainimarama has shown he is immune to anything less.

Anonymous said...

anon 1224pm, u want answers? theyv always been there infront of ur face.
u rite fancy talk is just that and no effect because fijians are so gullible that a bowl of dahl soup and rice will buy their faith.

the facts are bainimarama ordered his crw soldiers to take over chaudharys government. he liumurid his soldiers when he shifted the blame to them instead of standing behind them like a true soldier.
he couped qarase because compol hughes was going to arrest him for the killings and the coup.
there is no good intention on his part to be good to the people. if u think otherwise or have some doubt about it u as gullible as the ignorant fijians.
the solution has been on the international news for the last twelve months or so.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.14pm You're probably right because the venom spewed on this blog, accompanied by the filthiest of language, is not being done by democracy supporters but regime supporters. If Bai is listening let him reply to this: what is he intending to do with itaukei land?

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous Thug 12.58PM
ok so what is Attar Singh guilty of? oh, that does not matter. we have said he is guilty so he is guilty. that's all. now let's tie him to the burning stake!

Prime Minister said...

anon at 100pm, this is what ill do with the natives lands:

i will decree that all natives land will be states land,
i will not have to compensate u natives because thats what Airbusass my Madam Niceass (makes my waters break when i mention her name) have explained to me that equal rights means we all fijians share equally alike.

and the leases money will go to the government and not the natives so that i can share the money equally with every one. remember the time i said the chiefs cannot take a larger cut than the ordinary natives?
so in the same way the kaiindia and all others who are now fijians like the natives will have an equal share through my road projects and water projects and so on.
same thing with the mining of the natives lands and seabeds. all moneys goes to the government and everybody have equall rights, forigners and natives all the same.
see before too much discrimination so doing it this way means no more discrimination and every body equal. equal rites for everybody. everybody loves it. they tell me when i go to the villages and the towns and shopping at tappoos. but not prouds which i cant understand because i want to make them equal with tappoos.

Equal rites is going to be my political party name. its already registered. Ive just got to get the names and pay the fees and lodge the form.

just like the name fijians. we cannot just call natives fijians and the others by their race names. see people dont understand why i want everyone to be called fijia.
because if everyone is fijian, then we no longer have racial discrimination. how can we discriminate against each other if we are called fijians, same race. thats the logic as explained to me by Airbusass and my madam Niceass (makes my waters break again when i mention her name). so i dont know why u bloggers dont like my constitution and decree because I get rid of race discrimination just like that when mick beddoes and qarase and chodhry could not do it over many years.
why would u complain about that uh?

Anonymous said...

And let us get the Atlantic Blvd Neighbourhood Watch mob to Round Up rajend naidu and burn him as well at the burning stake together with Attar Singh and any other critic we can Round Up. These people do not deserve to live for their UNWANTED criticism of our "govt" - the best Fiji has ever had.
Now time for me to go and join my family and regime mates to a full chow "fellowship" Easter feast.
I'll be gone for some time!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the true colours are showing, honest people never resort to thuggry and violence only ass hole like you, if you think this is the best tell your baini boci to call an open election, yes Attar and party have no guns but you gundus with guns are scared of them , because once people of Fiji know the truth your $$$$$$ have erroded and you left with penny..baini boci is paying you to come on this block . Go and tell your baini boci come for open debate a class 2 kid will corner him..you only talk violence that's why you are there..you are just a gundu, gundu gundu bloody pufter..go and hang your self in shame talking rubbish...sonalevu

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon 3:04, keep your "govt" in quotes because all it really is is a shabby pretense by a bunch of arrogant thugs who don't know how to be proper soldiers, much less manage a country.

Is the proper role of our military really to round up and punish those opposed to dictatorship? What happened to the army that was supposed to protect us from such things?

The RFMF used to be a thing of pride, but now we are ashamed of you. Deeply, deeply ashamed.

Snake in the grass said...

Look out Attar Singh, looks like some people trying to discredit you. Beware of the snake in the grass, Biman Prasad, third grade professor at USP.

Anonymous said...

Can baini go for open debate, again chaired by Richard Naidu?
also if something happens the first people to run will be all the muslim fellas on post..mark my word...

Anonymous said...

Attar keep flying Indian Flag , there are many Indians following, you..remember silent majority , don't worry about shit people..Good work

Anonymous said...

Just remember, everything we're dealing with during the Bai illegal
regime is absolutely illegal.Don't let the new Bai/Khaiyum constitution worry you,as you know,it's illegal.Whatever it says
it can do or want to do,is illegal,unenforceable and can be
turfed out of any democratic courts,All current judges&CJ are
illegal and will be hanged in a free Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Atlantic Blvd Neighbourhood Watch meeting tonite at 7pm at glenfield KFC. On the menu Rajend Kutari in three sauces, spicy, dicey and roasted capsicum. take your pick. Takehome leftovers ok, bring your own suitcase for larger pieces, leg and shoulders. madraji monkeys never tasted so finger licking good.

Anonymous said...

OK all you Attar lovers lets look your boy's history as a Leader of NFP. How much has NFP progressed since your boy assumed the leadership? How may seats has NFP won in last 3 elections? How many supporters have you been able to increase under your leadership?

Let the result speak for itself. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

how many coups in Fiji has Attar Singh supported.
I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11.49AM
please note this is an April Fools' Day message put out by an Anonymous 11.49AM FOOL !
we all know what happens when a FOOL tries to be funny . He ends up being ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:10 PM

It is not about how many coup anyone has supported. It is about his performance as a Leader of NFP. May be this is too hard for your pea brain to comprehend.

Attar has nothing to show for. Just like him, his result is big fat ZERO.

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