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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fiji's torture video continues to hurt Suva regime

No sign of interest waning in the Iowane Benedito video but will the international community do enough to make a difference?

The United Nations has condemned the actions of the security forces, made up largely of Frank Bainimarama's personal bodyguards and Ioane Naivalurua's strike back team, plus Corrections officers.

A satement by the spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, clearly shows concern.

“While the circumstances surrounding the video have not yet been ascertained, the acts being carried out in it are clearly illegal, and we condemn them in the strongest terms,” he told reporters in Geneva. 

Colville (pictured left) and co will have to do more than issue a statement to impress those who've been urging the UN for some time to show teeth, even ban the Fiji peacekeepers.

Groups like the Luvei Think Tank have rightly stopped short of flowery praise: "Whilst we appreciate the public statement given by the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights, one of the question we ask is, why this long? There has been ongoing beatings and Human Rights Abuse of Fiji Citizens ever since Voreqe Bainimarama & Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum took over leadership by force post 2006 Coup.

"We as Fiji Citizens in Fiji and Globally wait for United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights to send an Independent International Investigation Team to examine Fiji's Historical Timeline of Human Rights Abuse."

The New Zealand Labour Party and the Green Party are also keeping the pressure on the regime with Labour this week preparing to pass a motion in Parliament condemning the Suva regime. 

It's hard to see New Zealand MPs snubbing the motion with  leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters, already saying he intends to vote in favor of the motion.

He has told media the Fiji military should lose its access to lucrative UN peacekeeping duties, and the British Army should stop hiring Fiji soldiers.

"[These organisations] have not been nearly as understanding and supportive as they should have been," he said. "They simply have not respected the Pacific wish to see proper democracy operating throughout the whole region."

The Green Party is also on the right track with its call for an independent investigation spearheaded by the international community.

The party's human rights spokesman, Jan Logie, (pictured middle) endorses the push for Fiji to be hit where it will hurt: "It is shameful that the United Nations is still using Fijian peacekeepers while human rights abuses are carried out by the Fijian military and police."

The video has also given people new momentum. In New Zealand, the Wellington community is planning to protest outside the Fiji embassy on Friday.

At home, the video has encouraged a call for citizens to use their cellphones to video senior government officers, army officers, police officers acting illegally or being abusive. 

Intel sources are warning people taking part in the Say Nothing Video Everything campaign, though, to watch out for the police cyber unit.

Yet to be named
Just two more of the group, from those who can be seen clearly in the video, are yet to be identified. We have two names but both need confirmation before they can be printed, although the pair have been identified by several people.

One of the accused has meanwhile told Coupfourpointfive he was not part of the group that carried out the assault on Korovou escapee, Iowane Benedito, and the man accused of harbouring him.

Peni Gauinemeke, who was singled out by several people in the video clip pictured wearing the striped shirt and work boots, says he was in Taveuni watching rugby the day the assault was carried out, suggesting he knows the exact day the beating occurred.

He also told us the group involved was from Nabua before he deactivated his Facebook account.


  1. Professor Crosbie WalshMarch 11, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    Whilst I have posted a few comments on this site in recent days, I would like all c 4.5 readers to understand my position.

    Whilst I understand the PM's reaction in relation to the beating video, after much thought I can no longer side with this brutal regime.

    Please see my most recent posting on my blogsite.

    I have openly and publicly rebuked the Prime Minister for his total disregard to international opinion.

    I stand corrected. You may well start to see many more balance articles on my site.

    I can no longer justify the stupidity of the Prime Minister.

    Crosbie (Croz) Walsh
    Horowhenua, New Zealand

    1. Thank you Mr.Walsh! There is hope for Fiji yet!

  2. People of Fiji wake up to this corrupt regime who have only one thing on their mind which is to fill their wallets and sell Fiji to Chinese. The gujis and Indians who are profiting from this as well as all the Sri Lankan judges should be killed with their family.... Everybody involved is this regime or support it for their own personal gain is on the hit list to die...the people of Fiji time has come to stand up and take back our civil rights,liberty and freedom which was robbed from us.I am Fiji Indian and first person on this list to kill will people like Vijandra Prakash and his family of Sanatan for supporting this regime then list continues to Sri Lankan judges, all guji business families, and all ministers,Vodafone company heads and lastly the AG who is already running scared...people of Fiji it's time to rise up and take back our Fiji.

  3. People should not listen to idiot SDL supporters who are still trying to tear down our beautiful Fiji. After 6 years, Fiji now has a higher standard of living, higher minimum wage, more rural and urban developments, free bus fare for students, free school fees
    and more prosperity than ever before.

    Support the Bainimarama Government so that we can all have a brighter future. Keep Qarase in jail and throw away the keys! Memusici!

  4. It is good to see Crosby Walsh as finally realised that this illegal junta are a pack of brutal thugs.

    It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.


  6. Sanaila please stop talking and thinking through your rear.

  7. WOW What an exciting week the past week was with all the brutality and all that. I am neither a regime supporter nor a detractor. I see things as they are and base my opinion on what is fair and justified. While no body should condone violence and i certainly don't lets be honest here guys, We see more brutality on CNN within half a minute of news viewing every morning then what was shown on this video clip. And yes the brutality shown on CNN happens to in most cases to innocent people women children etc. These guys were escaped prisoners and they have done some nasty things to the average hard working Fiji citizen and in my opinion they deserved that 'buturaki' they got. I don't even think it was that brutal considering what we see on the news every day. I find it amazing how many amongst us go to the movies see the bad guy who is usually a thief murderer rapist etc getting his ass handed to him by the hero. We go home satisfied that justice was done and we enjoy the violence. Well those 2 were bad guys similar to the bad guys in the movies fellas and they were doing all the nasty stuff for real. They just got their ass handed to them by real life cops. What are you fellas whining about. Ever been the victim of a violent robbery. I have and guess what if the guys who broke into my house got caught somehow and i had the advantage over them i would rip their hearts out and eat it in front of them. That's how violated one feels when your wife and daughter are beaten up at knife point in front of you just because their aren't any valuables to give these bastards. Easy to sit and be all democratic and shit. Very hard to take the real deal. To those who are crying for these thugs i urge you to experience a violent robbery you wont be so "full of love anymore"

  8. @ Sanaila
    " Support the Bainimarama Government so that we can all have a brighter furure"
    you mad or what?
    the only people with a brighter future in a Bainimarama government is Bainimarama and his cronies. nobody in his right mind would want to support this rogue regime - except... well you know.

  9. 2 lowlife crooks beaten, big deal.

    How about the rights of victims.How about rights of the victims of 1987 and 2000 coup.

    Easy for the racist of coup 4.5 to sit safely in NZ and sponsor violence.You are cowards.

  10. @Anonymous 9.38PM
    you are a thug talking the thug talk.
    you sure you not talking from a cave.you give the impression you haven't quite emerged out of the cave. do you know which year this is?

  11. sanaila you boci..wake up kunt...


  13. Kudos to Crosbie WalshMarch 11, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    Kudos to Prof Crosbie Walsh for calling the brutality what it is?
    This is all very well but what the public should have been told is that this was an appalling human rights abuse and it needs to be recognized as such. No ifs, buts or maybes.

    By not commenting directly, the PM left himself —and his government— wide open to accusations that he supported the violence.

    He mentioned the use of cellphones by prisoners communicating with criminal elements outside prison, and said the "Commissioner of Prisons has his work cut out for him.” The PM could have gone on to report on what progress has been made to stop cellphones being used to communicate between Naboro prison and organized criminal groups outside the prison. We know the security forces work hard; we know there are hardened and well organized criminals. We also know that Commissioner Naivalurua has constantly called on the police to lift standards, but despite this prisoners continue to escape — and at least some of them are beaten. The PM said investigations will be held but as the head of the government and the person responsible for the security of the nation, he has made it clear that he stands by the security personnel."

    What sort of message is this, Prime Minister? It is recognized that Government, like any other government, needs to be confident of the full support of the security forces. But your job, Prime Minister, is to protect the institution by condemning the actions of some officers whose actions have smirched its reputation and undermined its credibility. You must separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I am appalled that you said: “At the end of the day, I will stick by my men, by the police officers or anyone else that might be named in this investigation. We cannot discard them just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night.”

    Discard them for doing their duty? They should be named, charged and, if found guilty, fined or imprisoned and dismissed from government employment. Send this message out once, loud and clear, Prime Minister, and I think all of Fiji will applaud you.

    The call for common justice has not come solely, as you seem to believe, Prime Minister, from the NGOs that you denigrate by saying they are "paid by the international community to jump up and down every time we do something. That’s their job, they’re paid to do that by the people that fund them."

    With respect, Prime Minister, this is nonsense. Almost all NGOs in Fiji are supported by overseas funding but of these only a small cluster have consistently opposed your government, and I suspect this has been as much for a mix of personal and principled reasons as it has been because funding comes from overseas. The call for action on the violence shown in the videos comes from ordinary Fijians and ordinary people living outside Fiji. They may not understand the circumstances but no normal human being could be anything but appalled by the video. It was your job to quench the flames. You did not do so.

  14. UN send fiji army and police back to fiji.
    we cant have thugs doing peace keeping in UN.
    They cant keep peace in Fiji .
    god bless fiji people to stand up against this thugs.


  16. So what? Fuck that ugly man Helen Clerk who is the one pulling all this at the UN. If the UN wants to do something then go to Syria and stop the slaughter of hundreds of kids and women everyday. Bashing of two fucken criminals is nothing compared to that going on in Syria. Go to Australia and stop the killing and violent robberies every day, go to USA and stop killings and robberies everyday, go to South Africa and stop the daily rape or hourly rape of women. Two fuck all criminals I Fiji and the UN issues a statement...go get real and issue statement to the mentioned countries first. Issue a statement on murder of Fiji Indians in New Zealand. Go fuck yourself and fuck that ugly man Helen Clerk.

  17. sanaila luveni caiji tamamu,vutuki iko ga o bai

  18. If there is any leader in fiji will real balls should send a strongest letter to UN/.USA/AUST/NZ/EUROPE ETC THAT BAINI THE BASTARD ONLY UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE OF VIOLENCE AND THAT'S IT

  19. Theres news about some of the thugs identiified by C4.5 were beaten by the public last w/e.
    Truth of the matter is , they were tortured by their own to reveal who and how the footage reached the media.

  20. @ Anon 10:18,
    Helen Clark is more of a man then your commodore Bananarama.


  22. These people who carried out the torture are dangerous like their boss who is giving orders. All of them need to face justice. The torturers must give themselves up or they will end up committing suicide or injured their loved ones if they don't.

  23. @anonymous 9:58
    Why do you keep calling him "Prime Minister"
    He is the chief farking criminal that everyone seems to be tiptoeing around.

    HE COMMITED TREASON for goodness sake.

    He is nothing but a common criminal.

    So dont call him "Prime Minister", call him "Murderer, Thief, Lowlife and Thug", because that is the TRUTH.

    Bainimarama bashed and tortured women himself.
    That has already been verified by one of his officers that was present.

    How can the International community stand by and watch this sort of thuggery.
    Bob Carr is the most pathetic of them all. What a cock up!
    Is this how Australians treat their mates?
    For goodness sake Bob Carr grow a spine.

  24. Who is this guy impersonating Croz Walsh? Read his blog, and you'll find that Walsh still stands foursquare behind the PM despite his support for the torturers. Walsh now accepts the authenticity of the video, and his statements continue to be totally contradictory. But no rebuke of the Commodore, and no sense that his blog will ever be anything more than the pro-Bainimarama propaganda screed it has always been.

  25. @Sanaila
    Six years your father led this country and he is closing bridge after bridge.
    Because he is a useless dickhead and has wasted and misused hundreds of millions of dollars ( from FNPF and from China loans etc etc). Giving $1.4 million to his wife to buy a house! WTF.

    Now we can see what kind of monkey your father is.
    More bridges will fall.
    No other Prime Minister ever had this problem.
    Because they were educated people.
    Ulukau ga na ulukau.
    You and bainisona both totally farked in the head.

    Suggestion : In the past the Army used to have Engineers that build bridges in Fiji.

    The only bridges the present crop of soldiers are building is to each other's wife.
    Farking arseholes.

    The army is now full of no-school dropouts that the only thing they can build is Toilets.
    Yes I've seen the pictures in Fiji Times.

  26. Anon 11:12, get rid of Bainikhaiyum as you say, and we'lll forever more commemmorate the day as 'Good Friday'.

  27.  Let's all not forget the fundamentals in the 2006 Coup! Fact 1- Frank was led to believe that the country was getting bankrupt by SDL selling natural resources to USA and Qarase getting a backhand in USD ( source - Mahendra Pal Chaudhary).
    Fact 2 - Frank was going to be arrested by the Fiji Police Force for his role in the murders of the CRW soildiers in 2000 (source - Col Mohammed Aziz) 
    Fact 3 - Frank was led to believe that he could conduct a "Legal Coup" by his legal advisors (source - Nazhat 
    Shameem, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, Anthony Gates, Afzal Khan, Mohammed Aziz, Shaista Shameem).
    Fact 4 - Frank was provided assurance that the Fiji 
    Labour Party will support any takeover and provide key 
    members to be Ministers in his portfolio (source- FLP 
    Leader Mahendra Pal Chaudhary).
    Fact 5 - Frank was confiding in his three main Military 
    personnel Driti, Teleni and Roko Ului - (source - Teleni)
    Fact 6 - Frank executed the coup with the backing of the political novice individuals who were there for 
    personal gain. ( source - Neumi Leweni)
    Fact 7 - Frank was let down by the proposed lay preacher and lawyer AG Chen Bun Young of Lautoka who advised Frank and Aiyaz he will only take the Interim AG role if the process is legal and through a 
    constitutional process. (source - Parmesh Chand),
    Fact 8 - Frank had to rely on Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum to become AG through advise of Pita Driti whose wife 
    Amelia Driti was Aiyaz's PA at Colonial. (source - Driti)
    Fact 9 - Frank was to install Epeli Cakobau as President through GCC by politically manoeuvring Provinces; this failed (source - Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum)
    Fact 10 - Frank wanted a quick exit but was convinced by ASK and MPC and a few other that the coup would bring stability to Fiji (source - Nazhat Shameem)
    Fact 11 - Frank invited MPC to cabinet with Lekhram Veishnoy, Tom Ricketts, Manumanu Korovulavula, Epeli Ganilau, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, Bernadette Rounds, Filipe Bole, Cokanasiga, Jone Navakamocea, and a few more. (source - Parmesh Chand)
    Fact 12 - MPC and ASK invite John Sami to provide consultancy ($500,000:00 NZD) to create the Peoples Charter - (source - Parmesh Chand) 
    Fact 13 - Mahen Chaudhary started appointing his cronies to Boards including his son Rajendra Chaudhary, Rajesh Singh, Arvind Datt, Div Damodar, etc (source - Public Enterprise)
    Fact 14 - MPC started his anti SDL campaign openly by persecuting Qarase by not paying his pension and other emoluments that Qarase legally qualified for. (source - Finance


  28. Fact 15 - ASK and MPC have personality clashes and start competing with each other on who is Voreqe's. ( source - Roko Ului).
    Fact 16 - MPC gets exposed by Victor Lal on $AUD 3 mil embezzlement from the poor. (source- Victor Lal)
    Fact 17 - prefabricated enquiry by ASK clears MPC. (source - Jitoko)
    Fact 18 - enter John Prasad as Treasurer of Fiji ( Chair FNPF, Chair FDB, Chair FIRCA, Board RBF courtesy of ASK ( source - Parmesh Chand)
    Fact 19 - Frank loses case against Qarase on legality of takeover (source - Judiciary)
    Fact 20 - Frank declares Fiji as Costitutional less! (source - Judiciary)
    Fact 21 - Sada Reddy coups Savenaca Narube as RBF Governor by lying about the state of economy and Narube's allegiance to Frank. (source - RBF)
    Fact 22 - Enter Abdul Khan courtesy of ASK to head FSC by kicking out Ramswarup (deservedly) (source - FSC)
    Fact 23 - Enter Faiz Khan courtesy of ASK to takeover Fiji Pine and Tropik Wood from Landowners ( source - Tropik)
    Fact 24 - major FHL restructure (source - Sereana Qoro)
    Fact 25 - Aziz and Sereana milk FHL with Fareed and Aiyaz Musa ( source - FHL)
    Fact 26 - fallout MPC and ASK, Military Council forces Frank to sack MPC (source - Military)
    Fact 27 - ASK sacked by Military Council, reinstated by Frank with warning letter ( source - PM's Office) 
    Fact 28 - Driti ,Roko Ului sacked by Frank on advise of ASK ( source - AZIZ)
    Fact 29 - Qarase case commences Qarase wrongfully imprisoned ( source - Judiciary)
    Fact 30 - Ghai appointed and dumped in one year (source - Ghai)
    Fact 31 - Pensioners shafted by FNPF ( source - Aiske Taito)
    Fact 32 - Fiji Times exit planned by ASK (source - FT)
    Fact 33 - Mahendra Patel jailed for Post Fiji watch issue ( source Tappoos)
    Fact 34 - ASK sells his apartments to Tappoos for twice the value after ANZ sent demand (source - ANZ)
    Fact 35 - ASK writes constitution as per his thesis (source - Parmesh Chand)
    Fact 36 - Frank dissolves GCC (source - ASK)
    Fact 37 - election year announced (source - PM office) 
    Fact 38 - ALIz (Nur Bano) pays Cabinet wages ( source - Sunil Sharma)
    Fact 39 - qantas kicked out and Dave Phliger usurps Qantas mandates ( source - Air Pacific)
    Fact 40 - Air Pacific to become Fiji Airways and new planes purchased through FNPF loan for deposit and German bank providing lease ( Source - Air Pacific)
    Fact 41 - Phliger obtains his Airbus commission and resigns.
    Fact 42 - ................... 

    The above are in no order however we need to constantly update each other on the events and people that decieved Fiji so we can continue to ensure that we hold them accountable for all the failures!!!

  29. Fact 42
    Members of Australia / Fiji Business Council colluded with Sydney's Lowe's Institute and Levuka born Mark Johnson (vice president of Macquarie Bank) to design a Fiji poll (conducted by Cas Tebutt) which returned a laughable result suggesting that most people support Bainimarama. Lowe institute (in line with strategy) then ran with this (so called independent) poll result and has been suggested that this led to the softening of Australia's stance on Fiji.

  30. Peni Gaunimeke said that he was away to Taveuni on the day the assault took place. But he knew very well the day it happened and the assailants were from Nabua.
    Taveuni is an hour flight or 16 hours by boat from Suva.
    How can he justify that he was at Taveuni but knew what was going on in Suva and who all were involved in it? Why he has to delete his FB Account?
    Sounds fishy or is he trying to set up with some alibis.


    IN FIJIAN: O SANAILA QORI NA LUVEI VOCEKE BAINIMAGANA, O MELI BAINIMAGANA!!!! Mai tokona tu ina neimami website na lewenivanua na nona cudru kei na nona tokoni tamana, na sonalevu... Meli viavia sanaila tu mai ivei... Keimami kila vinaka ni o iko qori, drau veicai vakaukauwa kei tamamu, magaijinamu.... Create-taka yani nomuni website vata kei ira na sotia sonalelevu ra veisau shift tiko na blog tiko ike... Ni yavu kawaca, tamata dau vakatevoro, daulade. Sa milamila tiko nomuni sona baleta na veikadina e tukuni tiko ike.... Ni yavu kaisi Bokola


  32. Helen clerk leaks Shamima Ali's arse after she goes to the toilet. Fiji should close down UNDP office in Suva. Helen clerk the ugly man is the one doing all this at the UN. Don't worry Fiji you your big friends who have veto power over any UN action. Fuck these arsehole detractors who don't even know how the UN operates. Wahahahahahaha bahaha

  33. Vutuki BainimaramaMarch 12, 2013 at 7:21 AM

    7:00 AM just because you man UN checkpoints make you think you know how UN operates? It is no wonder Fiji is in chaos, our checkpoint guards think they know better.

  34. Helen Clark is a real leader not like Frank force line leader.
    Frank needs to go.he have lied to the world from 2006 and carries on his charade of lies.
    Time frank come clean and tell the world he was scared to end in jail bec he killed CRW /Civilians .
    He coup to save his ass from jail.
    He made million in com from tender work and salary.
    why cant you tell the public how much salaries you been paid with your illegal ministers.
    Tender awarded / amount and company
    Publish all AG reports from 2007-2012.
    Tell the public what is our debt level.
    I bet you cant bec you are a crook and hiding millions.
    Come on frank be a man and face up.
    NZ/AUSS/USA/UK/EU/UN /INDIA/CHINA all should put the pressure on Frank/Khaiyum to resign.
    Stop all loan and aid to Fiji.
    Time Trade Union and Church /GCC and Political Party all be United to protest and boycott CA and Khaiyum Illegal Constitution that he plan to force on us.
    Yes to Democracy /Freedom
    NO to Kahiyum CA/Constitution.
    United we stand Divided we fall.
    God bless.

  35. Finally Crosbie Walsh has come to his senses. Vinaka Professor, bula from the people of Fiji.

  36. Halal labelling withdrawn in Sri Lanka
    Islamic clerics have announced the withdrawal of a halal labelling system for food in Sri Lanka "in the interests of peace".
    Very good work Sri lankans other countries must adopt the same.

  37. frank's army will be ordered to go on killing spree by kaiyum and aziz if halal labelling is withdrawn in Fiji. Talibans control fiji, frank is just a front.

  38. Khaiyum if you dont like Fijian Culture/Constitution/GCC/LOTU than my advise you get out of Fiji and go back to your land of Parkistan.
    Dont destroy Fiji and Fijians bec you want to take your guilt out bec of 1987 Coup.
    I spoke to the persons that were with you making Bomb they were caught and you ran away to auss with your family.
    So get f out of Fiji Now and stop putting Indians and poor muslims at risk.
    We already saw what happen if Native fijians get mad they did hit indians in 1987/2000.
    Pls Fijians dont hit the indians bec of this power hungry elite muslim khaiyum and the group.
    We dont support khaiyum and his elite Muslims.
    Fiji people lived in peace and harmony until khaiyum /army thugs took over our freedom/democracy.
    God bless
    Rajesh Singh.

  39. faiz
    Khaiyum been boasting to the muslim friends. he is the king of fiji and frank and army his foot stool .
    he will destroy fijians and put all muslim in key position in govt and boards.

  40. Ok bloggers what about we come to a conclusion by creating a law or standing orders for those security officers who are supporting the torture of prisoners and us who do not condone violence for the sake of those security officers who are christians and are only there because they have to support tneir families.What about they make up a law or kind of standing orders in a situation like that:eg. senior security officers (on the hunting party) are allowed to whip the prisoner caught in the situation (like a first aid treatment). Max and min whipping rate according to what the standing order states.This will be safe for the prisoners caught and also a kind of deterent to them to harrase the general public and also safe for the security officers to be within the juridiction of the law.This is to take away the frustration of the security officers trying to find an escapee while the court will do the rest of the sentence.Reading through this blogs police are also right in a way that they are protecting the Fiji Citizens from the criminals; hats off for them but they must also konw that noone is above the law including Voreqe who is above the law illegaly at the moment .
    But there will also be some negative effect of my whipping law but any way thats my own opnion in trying to bring the two parties together.Me da dua vata tiko nai Taukei baleta sa tu qori o ira na kai dia meda veitauriliga vata noda veimaroroi na bula vata kei ira baleta qo sa da mai veiqedravu tale tiko vakai keda.Thanks

  41. Fiji problem is that Army and Police think they are above the law.
    Fiji police and Army was to uphold the law and 1997constitution.
    They are the problem not the solution.
    First is to restore and obey the legal 1997 constitution.
    The rest will fall in place with neutral AG/CJ/JUDGES/DPP/COMPOL/ARMY COMMANDER/COMM OF PRISON.
    Who all will abide and respect the constitution and rule of law.

  42. I read illegal bai say elected govt will come and change reforms.
    Frank people know you doing things as a dictator no rule of law and you do what ever you want.
    Elected govt have to follow rule of law and Financial act and budget that have been approve to each ministry.
    So stop fooling the fijian Public.
    Elected govt do reforms and work according to the rule of law not your jungle bs decree.

  43. Rajesh..you can sense that Frank is setting the scene to delay the 2014 election. Any day we will hear the words that he is not happy with registered parties and how he fears his reforms will be reversed. Now ask yourself what reform he has done that is worth keeping?

  44. A31 enomjfinon.
    All his reform are illegal and f all like him.We dont need any reforms of bai.

  45. Frank telling the people so they can keep him on with his vesu mona.
    No thanks frank .we dont want dictators and thugs leading us in 2014 election.
    Why dont you go away now go to parkistan with your boss khaiyum.
    fiji will be better without you 2 fools and greedy power hungry idiots.

  46. the venom being spewed by regime brigade shows they're pissed at the international interest the video and this coverage is getting.

    keep it up c4.5 and bloggers.

  47. Graham Davis tries to bring justification of this violence in the video by comparing to rest of the world incidents. This is Fiji and we don't need to be like others. Full stop. Mr Grubby your mate Frank also needs to come out and say the same.

    Now to investigate we simply go back to the day the 2 prisoners were put in jail. You then check who brought them in. Talk to those officers and ask who gave them the prisoners. It's easy simply follow the chain. Oh even easier is to ask the prisoners. But that would mean Frank has to take action against his own goon mates. Now we don't want too many secrets getting leaked.

  48. Now I am confused. One minute Frank states he will stand by his security men but now the correction services have sacked the very men Frank is supporting. Frank are you still in charge ?

  49. Anon 8.59 this story leaked ahead of NZ voting today. They fear UN action.

  50. Blogging and making nasty comments and lies about this government will not change anything. tekivu mai na 2007 sa da oca na wili blog...e maumau walega na nomuni vosavosa vakalialia tiko baleta e sa toso ga iliu na matanitu qo.
    Results of Bainimarama Govt:
    1. UN peacekeening continues
    2. UN police service continues
    3. Australia & NZ re-establish diplomatic ties with Fiji
    4. More aid and trade from overseas
    5. More development in rural Fiji
    6. Tougher law and order
    7. Cut down on corruption example Qarase.
    8. Fiji regine given Aust/NZ visas
    9. Increased minimum wage for all Fijians
    10. Democratic election in 2014

    Ya na Dina, Dodonu kei na Savasava!!

  51. Graham Davies is a monkey. How can the pig head justify the beating by comparing Fiji with rest of the world? monkey see monkey do?!

  52. Those police officers have been sacked with full pay till after voting by nz parliment.

  53. Vutuki BainimaramaMarch 12, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Sanaila sega ni dua tubera yani kemu tabua mo mai wili blog luveni magaitamamu

  54. Sanaila
    Can you ans the following question if not shut the f up.
    1.salaries paid to your boss and ministers
    2.AG account reports from 2007-2012
    3 Govt tender awarded to each company with amount.
    4 what is fiji debt level
    5 frank promised to uphold the 1997 constitution in 2006 coup-abrogated
    6.no army will benefit -all army in top govt post.
    7.election in 2009-now 2014
    8.promise good transparent /accountable/govt and democracy/freedom.
    We know all this was total lies from frank to save his ass from court case and jail for killing crw /civilians .
    Ans this sainala.
    We waiting if not go and start sucking your boss.

  55. Sanaila sa rauta mada na kubu tiko vei khaiyum qai laulauvutu tiko vei Bainivuaka!!!! Sa sega ni oca nomu sona na lauvutu???? sa vakamadua mai...

    Lai savata mada na gusumu, sa lako tu ga mai kina da, kei na lasulasu.... Savata talega nomu sona baleta ni sa sosovi lago tu...

    Sa keimami kila kecega ni iko Dux mai Saint Giles nomu gauna ni vuli....

    E sega saraga ni dua na ka e cakava tu nai tukutuku lasulasu o mai tukuna tu ike... Keimami sega ni mai lialia vakataki iko, vata kei ira na sotia ulala vuli vakavo ra blog tiko ike, me keimami vakabauta tu na nomu levu ni BULLSHIT!!!

  56. sainala
    Ans the question by Rajesh.
    We all want to hear more bull shit from you/your boss.

  57. E raqataka o sanaila nona guard taka tu na UN checkpoint. Dou kau ikeri baleta ni dou cheap labour, ulukau!!!

  58. Keep the pressure on.

    Even the citizen's investigations (and not the 'formal' process that Bainimarama and QORVIS wants to shut down and/or ignore) has them spooked:


    Do you now believe that We The People have the power to free ourselves in a non-violent manner?

  59. The news about corrections officers sacking is bullshit. Those sacked were becos of th escape from prison not the torture.
    Anyway, right now the pig is in Vanua Levu opening toilets and promising the world to the gullible.
    Caka tu na veiqaravi vakavanua mai Bua vakai tarausese balavu tu ga o sona,,,,,,,kaisi ga na kaisi ,,,tamata sega nonai tovo,,,vakamadua yalowai.
    Sa rauta me leqa noda vanua.
    Via vakateratera taka tiko na veivuke wavoki ,,,vaka saraga e nonai lavo ra sona levu!!!

  60. Era sa qai tobo mai. sa sega ni rawa na vuni. Me ra vakawabokotaki kece na mataqali tamata no-school era tiko ena ovisa ke na mataivalu. Tekivu ga mai cake vei Bainimarama ka kauta sobu mai. Me vaka tale ga kina na ovisa me vakatekivu mai vei Naivalusua ka kauta sobu mai. Sivia na tamata no-school sega ni kila na lawa. O ira na taqomaka era basuka tiko mada ga na lawa. Bloody ululala.


  62. Bainimarama: Good morning my beautiful boyfriend, did you blog again this morning on C4.5???

    Sanaila: Yes Sir, I did. I slept near my computer terminal in the office last night. What other lies do you want me to say today, my big bad wolf???

    Bainimarama: Don't tell the people i was responsible for the killing of the CRWs, the beating to death of innocent civillians and the tortures of others, especially that woman i kicked in the stomach while she was pregnant...

    Sanaila: Ok sir, i won't!!! But boss, they all know im a COMPULSIVE LIAR anyway...

    Bainimarama: 'It does'nt matter!!! just tell them more Lies.' Do you still want to get promoted to Sergeant, Sanaila???'

    Sanaila: Yes Sir

    Bainimarama: 'Then shut the door behind you, pull your trousers down, and gently put your hands on my desk, then i'll promote you!!!!

    Sanaila: But Sir!!

    Bainimarama: But Sir, what??? Do you wanna get promoted to Sergeant or not???

    Sanaila: Yes Sir, Why not!!! Make sure it's a quick one, because Khaiyum might catch us...

  63. Very True!! Sainala is none other than Meli Bainimarama.. na luveni tevoro nei Bainimarama...

    Keda kece na Anti Govt,, sa laurai tale ga mai na yacai Sanaila ena blog qo... me da vosavosacataki koya vata kei TAMANA o RATU VUAKA BAINIMAGANA

  64. @ Sanaila
    your list of lies about all the great things the Great Leader has done since his armed takeover of the country in 2006 cannot hide the FACT that Fiji has been under THUG RULE since!

  65. @ Annon 9:07am
    Oh!Yeah...sacked with full pay!!!!
    Never thoght of that, just like the brother in law Kean...CONVICTED MURDERER...with full pay and yellow ribbon programe benefactor.
    Leone Nakarawa...resigned from military,granted visa to enter NZ for WC rugby & maybe because Fiji was humiliated he was taken back, so NZ Parliament,do not be deceived this time around.

  66. Remedy you boci, conman, magaitinamu, caiti tamamu. You were never transparent in your dealings as a minister and now you expect answers. You have your contact in various government ministries who can give you the information you asking for. Government ministers are paid from ministry of finance and you will find out soon. So just prepare your story to say that it was a lie all along. We in Fiji know what's going on and only a few commenters in this blog think otherwise.

  67. That was for that arsehole Rajesh and not remedy.

  68. Sanaila(Meli Bainimarama) you are just a SPERM OF THE DEVIL like your dad Voceke Bainimaijinana!!!! SCUM OF THE EARTH.... ROT IN HELL, YOU EVIL BASTARD!!!

  69. E rua tiko na Amani Bosenaiwai ka rau lewena tiko na tabana ni Ovisa

    Kerekere C 4.5 me vakamatata-taki mada mai se o cei vei rau na veiwekani oqo e veimoku...

    E rua tiko na Amani Bosenawai..

    Dua na Amani Bosenaiwai e dauqito... ka dua tale na nona yaca, sa viavia yabaki 40 toka vakacaca... ka Satini tiko beka oqo... e rairai toka vaka kai Idia...

  70. There are a lot of homosexual connotations in this blog from anti government supporters. Are you showing your true colours. You are not saying you are against it but the descriptiveness of actions you want done truly portrays your inner being. No wonder nothing's happens from alll these blogging that has been happening. Do we have Joni Madraiwiwi, John Apted, graham Leung and other known homosexuals blogging that these connotations associated with their lust keeps surfacing. Just an observation from a bystander with all the mudslinging going on.

  71. Anon 10:11

    You're confused SOB. I know your asshole itches everytime you think of those gents. Ben Naliva can help you with that itch tavale.

  72. Yes yes Ben Padarath can itch their arses and after they itch Ben padaraths arse too. Baa wahahahahahaha

  73. Sanaila,o sa bau sili mada sa bera ni blog ike? tamata kawa ca duka o iko!

    Doesn't it hurt you guys before you come in and blog everyday when you scroll through the page and see photos of the people of fiji you guys have killed??? no i dont think so that you guys have a heart or remorse either like your leader.

    It doesn't matter how your word them or how you say things in this blog Sanaila,because we all know its hurting you guys to keep commenting and praising your lamusona dau ciciva na 100 mtrs cassava patch o bainivuaka.

    you are so narrow minded with your grand allusion that have been caught up and mystified by Bais sonalevu and all the sonalevu and ululala in this blog.

    if what we are saying isn't true in this blog then why the Fark are you guys still trying to impress everyone in here about bainimarama doing everything rite now in fiji is the main master piece and he is the main deliverer for all fijian people...yes only in hell..its ppl like you that we are fighting the for the truth,whether it will be a year or a decade till bainimarama dies of natural cause or assassinated by your own guys then we will stop this campaign of criticizeing the illegal take over of the fiji govt and here boy i am still amazed that you have all accepted the oppression and killing of his own peple. Nope we arent really that stupid like you guys..their are only 2 sides..the bad and the good guys..bad guys is your title LOOSERS!!! a big about turn that you guys have done to fiji and its ppl..will be years to pay your debts back to society and to clean off the slates to wipe off Maggots like you guys. sanaila lamusona am still waiting in nadera medaru mai veivacu..kubuta nomu tata o bai.


  74. Sanaila, Koi Colo, Kamlesh Kumar, Dharam Lingam.
    These are all one person.
    They are Meli Bainimarama, the pig's son.

  75. Hooray C4.5 Fijitimes today,isnt this great??we cannot fight them physically but emotinally we can do it.No amount of Voreqes cover up will heal the worries of the security officers named and identified.Keep up the good work C 4.5. Qo Sanaila kei kemuni na veimoku tiko na ka ena yaco vei kemuni ke biu cake na yacamu ni...

    A FORMER police officer is worried about the safety of his family because of mistaken identity.

    Amani Bosenawai said he was wrongly identified in the social media as being in the group that brutally assaulted two men shown on video footage posted on the internet.

    Mr Bosenawai was terminated from the Fiji Police Force on June 8 last year over allegations of stealing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station.

    While his case is pending in court, his name and batch number have been posted on the internet and he is being identified as one of the assailants.

    "I was in the police Strike Back team when I was in the force and I have nothing to do with the assault of the two men shown on the video footage," he said.

    "The name and batch number shown on internet posts are mine but the photograph is of someone else.

    "But I am getting calls from my relatives living overseas and other people asking me about my role in the assault when in fact I wasn't in the police force at that time."

    Mr Bosenawai, who is a farmer in Naluwai, Naitasiri now, said he was not worried about himself but about the safety of his family.

    He has two children, one of whom attends high school while the other is in primary school.

    "This thing is also affecting my children and I'm asking those posting such things to get their facts right and wait for the police investigations in the matter to finish," he said.

    Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri preferred not to comment on the matter when contacted last night.


    Former officer cries foul over mistaken identity
    Avinesh Gopal
    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    + Enlarge this image
    Amani Bosenawai after an interview at The Fiji Times office in Suva. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU
    A FORMER police officer is worried about the safety of his family because of mistaken identity.

    Amani Bosenawai said he was wrongly identified in the social media as being in the group that brutally assaulted two men shown on video footage posted on the internet.

    Mr Bosenawai was terminated from the Fiji Police Force on June 8 last year over allegations of stealing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station.

    While his case is pending in court, his name and batch number have been posted on the internet and he is being identified as one of the assailants.

    "I was in the police Strike Back team when I was in the force and I have nothing to do with the assault of the two men shown on the video footage," he said.

    "The name and batch number shown on internet posts are mine but the photograph is of someone else.

    "But I am getting calls from my relatives living overseas and other people asking me about my role in the assault when in fact I wasn't in the police force at that time."

    Mr Bosenawai, who is a farmer in Naluwai, Naitasiri now, said he was not worried about himself but about the safety of his family.

    He has two children, one of whom attends high school while the other is in primary school.

    "This thing is also affecting my children and I'm asking those posting such things to get their facts right and wait for the police investigations in the matter to finish," he said.

    Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri preferred not to comment on the matter when contacted last night.

  77. Bainimarama approval of the beatings of the escaped prisoners...those who will be beaten when returning to Fiji:
    Uluilakeba Mara
    Alice Tabete
    Pita Waqatairewa

    food for thought...

  78. @Anon 10:11 AM- Typical Homophobic old qauri like you that actually uses the services of poofters at QEB that bark at anything qauri.

    take that old thinking syndrome and shove it up ur own shaft.

    At least those guys have done a lot to fiji and yes have you done anything rather then live off the benefit of the ppl of fiji and sit there in your office and pretend you are smart in this blog?

    all i can see, that all those bloggings as Nadera boy is saying is hurting you guys and trying not to pretend that it's not hurting Bai's image and story around teh world.

    Yes i did drop a video of that beatings the night it came out on utube to the UN website and guess what,yes a fijian ex army staff was on duty and doesn't agree or support what you murderers are doing in supporting Bainivuaka that he will submit that video to the proper channel at the UN.

    Lo and behold this week it has appeared on the news around teh world..NZ is passinga motion now YES IN A DEMOCRATIC manner to ban Fiji peace keepers from the UN after all this lasu2 you guys submit to the UN since 2006..It's started to roll slowly,but when it does happen,all you guys will be singing a diff tune by then as not much money will be coming through to your weekly pay and not fortnightly like evdery other civil servants in fiji.


  79. 10:44 AM

    Why wait for them to return to Fiji? He should go for them now.

  80. Mosese is commenting too on this blog too who is swears.
    mosese go suck khaiyum/bai.

  81. The UN is a toothless tiger. Its bark is worse than its bite. It's a white elephant. They did nothing in 2006, why expect anything different from them 7 years along? Or for the 10 years for that matter?

  82. E levu na koli ni kaidia era kodrokodro tiko ena blog qo...kevaka o tagane dina lai vosa mada ena Fiji Times....Sa kua na via varerevaki tiko baleta o ira kece na Turaga kei Viti, na Yasana kece i Viti, na veikorokoro i Viti era sa tokona kece na matanitu oqo.

    Na matanitu qo e very transparent ka saga me kau tani na corruption ni SDL,...Matanitu qo e maroroya tiko noda iyaubula na kawa-i-taukei. Ya na Dina, Dodonu kei na Savasava....

    Sa rauta mada na yalowai..Ni veitokoni mai!!!

  83. Former officer cries foul over mistaken identity
    Avinesh Gopal
    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    + Enlarge this image
    Amani Bosenawai after an interview at The Fiji Times office in Suva. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU
    A FORMER police officer is worried about the safety of his family because of mistaken identity.

    Amani Bosenawai said he was wrongly identified in the social media as being in the group that brutally assaulted two men shown on video footage posted on the internet.

    Mr Bosenawai was terminated from the Fiji Police Force on June 8 last year over allegations of stealing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station.

    While his case is pending in court, his name and batch number have been posted on the internet and he is being identified as one of the assailants.

    "I was in the police Strike Back team when I was in the force and I have nothing to do with the assault of the two men shown on the video footage," he said.

    "The name and batch number shown on internet posts are mine but the photograph is of someone else.

    "But I am getting calls from my relatives living overseas and other people asking me about my role in the assault when in fact I wasn't in the police force at that time."

    Mr Bosenawai, who is a farmer in Naluwai, Naitasiri now, said he was not worried about himself but about the safety of his family.

    He has two children, one of whom attends high school while the other is in primary school.

    "This thing is also affecting my children and I'm asking those posting such things to get their facts right and wait for the police investigations in the matter to finish," he said.

    Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri preferred not to comment on the matter when contacted last night.

  84. Vutuki BainimaramaMarch 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    Sanaila transparent ga nomu sona. Tamatamani corruption vakaitamera dabeca toka qori o voreqe drau veinece.

  85. @sanaila - LAU VUTU!!

    O sega ni oca beka na lasu o mai kaburaka tiko ike? Koli ni kadia ga o iko ke kemudou na mataivalu soli sona i loma qoka.

    Keimami sega ni lia2 vakataki kemudou me kaimami vosa na fiji times baleta keimami na baci lai moku kina baleta ni sega tiko mada ga na lawa.

    Mo kila tiko ni kua,ni vesumona dou cakava tiko vei ira na tiko e veikoro2 se tudaku i suva,nadi kei lautoka kei labasa era sega ni ula2 vakataki kemudou. Era na va io na ka dou tukuna baleta me rawa ni caka kina na veivakatorocaketaki e dodonu dina ga me cakava na matanitu vei ira na lewe ni vanua.. sega ni o dou mai via volitaka tiko se vakacaucautaka tiko na development dou sa cakava mai na dinau levu dou cakava tiko mai vei jaina??

    Sa qai o meli dina o iko,na no sch ga no sch..dou answer taka mada mai na veitaro era taroga tiko na lewe ni blog qoka baleta na TRANSPARENCY o ceburaka tiko mai qori.. what taransparency has this illegal govt has done for fiji since 2006?? answer me with some facts SANAILA MASI PLO CANON FODDER!!

  86. Officers sacked
    Publish date/time: 12/03/2013 [09:12]

    Some Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service officers have been sacked as a result of the recent video footage released on many internet websites as police investigations continue.

    Fijivillage has received information that at least three officers were discharged from their duties late last week.

    We are still trying to get more details on this and stay with us as we will have more later today.

    However Corrections Service spokesperson, Ana Tamani confirmed some people have been sacked.

    With regards to the September 2012 breakout from Naboro and whether officers involved have been taken to task, Tamani said this is an internal matter.

    Commissioner, Lt Colonel Ifereimi Vasu had earlier said that two officers were dishonorably discharged in the outcome of the investigation of five escapees from the Naboro Medium Facility in September.

    Lt Colonel Vasu said their tribunal had found it was negligence on the part of the officers that led to their escape.

    He added normal operations procedures were not followed that led to the five prisoners escaping from Naboro last year.


  88. Sainala/Mosese
    Pls ans the question on the blog by Mr Singh

  89. Sackings in Corrections!!!!
    Success for the people.

    Officers sacked
    Publish date/time: 12/03/2013 [09:12]

    Some Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service officers have been sacked as a result of the recent video footage released on many internet websites as police investigations continue.

    Fijivillage has received information that at least three officers were discharged from their duties late last week.

    We are still trying to get more details on this and stay with us as we will have more later today.

    However Corrections Service spokesperson, Ana Tamani confirmed some people have been sacked.

    With regards to the September 2012 breakout from Naboro and whether officers involved have been taken to task, Tamani said this is an internal matter.

    Commissioner, Lt Colonel Ifereimi Vasu had earlier said that two officers were dishonorably discharged in the outcome of the investigation of five escapees from the Naboro Medium Facility in September.

    Lt Colonel Vasu said their tribunal had found it was negligence on the part of the officers that led to their escape.

    He added normal operations procedures were not followed that led to the five prisoners escaping from Naboro last year.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan

  90. I think we will discover that the officers sacked were the ones responsible for leaking and uploading the video. The Prime Minister was very clear, he would stand by those responsible for the beatings.

    The PM will not tolerate the filming and the leaking.

    The wrong people will be punished. That's almost guaranteed.

  91. Vutuki BainimaramaMarch 12, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    wahahahahaahahha!!! 11:13 AM tauri iko vakamalua sanaila qarauna de o mate ni uto matani computer qori

  92. Nadera Boci Luveni magaitinamu, caiti tamamu, maga bona o tinamu, kabawaqa o tinanamu, o iko kei Vutuki Sanaila edua tikoga na tamata drau caiti tamamu drau Dina. E to toka tiko na sonalevu ni nomu blog koya keimami dau mai dredrevaka tiko kina na lala ni qavokavoka kei na kabasu ni sona e tiko vei iko. Vutuki Sanaila luveni Vutuki tamamu qara bona o tinanamu, me rawa vakacava me taro a o Niu Siladi na vakaitavi nei Viti ena UN ? Boci kena a gona na boci ka sega ni kila na ka qori, ululala. O Helen Clerk a saga qori na gauna se PM kina. Se saga makawa mai o Niu Siladi kei Ositerelia ena tekivu mai ni 2006 yacova mai qo. E lako ga na lako I Iraki, Siria kei Sudan baleta ni sega ni mai lewa o Niu Siladi. Era tu oya na member era lewa ka wili kina na permanent member ka tu vei ira na veto powers. Lai vuli mada mo kila na ka sebera niko via vosa kina Luveni boci. Keo sega ni kila o Jaina kei Rusia rau raviti Viti matua toka ka rau rua vei ratou na Lima ka tiko vei ratou na veto powers. Luveni maga tona o tinanamu kua ni via vosa ena ka o sega ni kila. Bociiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  93. Vutuki Sanaila kei Nadera Boy, drau se boy sara ena buturara ni veitalanoa oqo. Drau sa Vakaloloma sara. O Viti e chairman talega ni voting block levu duadua ni UN o Voreqe oya ko se qai soli ga vua na kenai tutu. Oya eso nai Vadim ni politico drau sega toka ni siqema ka tu mai kina o Jaina. Drau bau wili Internet site ni vuli ka kua so na vosa ena site ni tawa vuli ka tawa kila oqo.


  95. Kemuni na noda da kua soti ni vosa ca taki Queen Sanaila baleta na qavokavoka e duidui tiko.Na i ni sau ni taro nei queen Naila e lako tiko mai na ka e sosogi yani kina sega ni tu ga me vakasamataka mai.Vosota queen Naila niu sa na solia e dua nai vakatautau vata; ni da lai vakacegu ena vale ni vo na benu kece e da biu ena lai maroroi tu ena septic tk ni o na dolava na septic tank ena liu mai na kenai boi kei na da ena sinai tu kina.Sa vaka tu qori na mona nei queen Naila.Ni volavola mai sa liu ga na kena i boi ka lako tiko gona mai na levu ni da e soqona tu.Ni kua ni tarogi koya ni sega ni kila na kenai sau.Ena duadua toka ga na ka e tukuna tiko.Qori gona na "brain wash" e caka tu vei ira na so qai lakovata na tevoro ko ra rokova tiko na sotia .Ni raica ga na ka e tabaki tu ena nodra Kuila ni ra march na maka ni tevoro kora se biuta tu na gauna ni koloni.Ra sega tu ni kila na sotia ni gauna qo na i balebale ni vei kila kei na i vaka takilakila era tu kina.

  96. To annon about UN.
    Sega ni tukuni mo kila ga na ka e baleta na UN mo sa vuli.Ni da rogoca nai vakamacaa ni dua e kila vinaka na susus toa se teitei ena vaka tale tu ga qori na ka e kila.Ke ni sa mani vuli vinaka na sotia ena gauna qo (eso ga) ena sega ni kauta tani na ka e se kilai makawa tu e Viti ni cakacaka ni tamata sega ni rawata nona vuli qori.Sa qai mai vaka dinadina taki ena vosavosa ca rogorog ca ni cakava tu.Ni lako mada ni solia vei ganemuni se luvemuni se tinamuni na i vola ni vola tiko ena blog qo?Vakabauata ni ra na sega ni taleitaka.Ke dina ni vakarautaka ga na ka koni vinaka me vakarautaki vei kemuni.Io na vuli ga vaka vo ko kilai tu me baleta na sotia ena sega ni taqusi rawa.Tamata era dokai ena cakacaka era cakava me vaka na pailate,na vuniwai etc,etc ko na sotia e sega sara ga ni dua e dokai kina vakabibi ni sa qai mai vaka rogorogo ca taka tu o kemuni nai lala ni sotia ni Viti ena gauna qo.

  97. Former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark has got an important UN appointment on merit. Fiji's illegal self-appointed Prime Minister could NOT get any UN position because he is recognised as a man without merit!
    after she finished as NZ pm clark is with the UN. after he finishes as fiji's unlawful pm where will franky the cranky be?
    new zealanders can be proud of helen clark. fijians can only be ashamed of franky the cranky. it's a national shame that such a misfit leads the country!

  98. Kai Bau sona levu. Oiko saraga o tukuna tiko ni sega ni vuli na sotia. Qo Osa kila ni kati kemudou tale na vosa oya sa qai via veisau nomu vakamacala. Dou lai bula mada me dua rawa na vunivalu qai mai vosa na ka baleta Viti. Luveni qara bona, maga tona o tinanamu.

  99. Helen clerk got the UN job from lobbying by friendly nations to NZ and most of them that supported very much regret their support now. That's how the UN system works. Never mind how qualified you are if you don't have the right lobby group or voting block then you're out.

  100. Kai Bau o iko beka o Joni Madraiwiwi ko dau lauvutu wavoki tu la qai mai via vakawati me rairai tagane kina.

  101. Good on you PM. Opening of Bua nursing station. Gau jetty, road upgrades. Keep up the good work of putting government money to good use rather than corrupt Agriculture Scam done by Qarase and Kunatuba became the scapegoat.

  102. can the "right lobby group" - the Qorvis and graham davis, richard herr, crosbie walsh and perhaps bob carr and mc cully - lobby to get Frank a job in the UN . after all he is a very "qualified" man . he has a successful military coup to his name!
    and he has taken a country to the dogs! should have no problem getting him into the UN, I should think!

  103. @ Sanaila; o nanuma ni ra tokona na Turaga bale kei Viti na matanitu oqo? O Tamamu saraga a disband taka na GCC & told the chiefs to drink ‘homebrew’ under a mango tree….. sa qai yawa sara na veikorokoro…. Era rere mada ga na lewe I Viti mera saqata na matanitu komunisi oqo- era sa waraka tuga na veidigidigi na yabaki mai oqo.
    Kua ni tukuna mai e dua na ka me baleta na Turaga kei na veikorokoro baleta nio susu madrai/mata va half arse- I mean half caste!!!
    Just dash for the Cassava patch lol

  104. Owi sa ra qia oji mai na tea break na lala CANON FODDERS,sara bau mai baci valusi iqi dau tukuna o Semi Meo i loma ni pepa qoka.

    Sai koya dou rawa ni tukuna mai qori na vosa2 ca,baleta ni sega ni tawa tiko i cake. Bau dou veisautaka mai nomudou answers meda kila kina dou vuli vinaka se sega. dou biuta mai sona ka e tawa me rawa ni da veiba taka i loma qoka ka veitalanoataka vakasava2..keimami dre2 ena vosavosa ca dou cakava tiko mai..waikau..thick skull ga na numbskull.

    Dou tukuna se vakaraitaka mada mai na Transparency ira qoka?

    Answer this Where is Bainivoceke is taking Fiji to ? Russia or Idia or China ,Sir Lanka ?


    who is going to take responsible for killing of those CRW soulder and few civilian.living children fatherless and women widow and worrying who is going to provide for them?

    Bainimarama may have had good intentions when the coup was staged, but it is clear now to the international community that his aim to end discrimination in Fiji is merely a distant dream. He has taken no steps towards reforming Fijian society or implementing a democratic system.

    There is something very wrong with that!
    i have seen all of frank's videos but can tell you that behind the curtain he is laughing off at every one of his soldiers that he controls!

    blind leading the blind

    WARNING: to all Vodafone Fiji users
    Vodafone CEO, Aslam Khan, gives Fiji military copies of all calls and text messages.

  105. It`s high time for the Fiji Military Force to take that they name can added into the Genius World Book Of Record.........for a military institution using most of tax payers money in the country.....never ever been into a battle zone but involves themselves only on sentry duties in Nabua and Baghdad.... dou sega ni madua ni dou laki yadravi tale tu i Iraki..dou lesu ga mai mai viavia levu tiko na via US Army ena tokari na kenai sulu kei na kena vava......ka ga mo dou cakava mo dou maroroya vinaka na watimu dou ni bera ni bera ni ra na dro mai Naboro me ka na mai caita edua na watina vei kemuni...qai cavu sa muri o radini i Naboro ni sa muria na tabani tavioka

  106. Sainala ans the question of rajesh.
    how much pay your boss takes
    where is the auditor general reports from 2007 -2012.
    how much govt tenders awarded and which company
    if you can than just dont come on this block you boci kawa ca.

  107. Alice Tabete Uro Levu

  108. Qoka Tikoitoga Meli & Privates in here - dou answer taka mada mai ra qoka?

    What has been happening since the beginning of this rapprochement process?

    •The Army remains in full control;

    •Australian and New Zealand taxpayers have contributed substantially to the alleged process for return to democracy;

    •The draft Constitution prepared by a world recognised expert has been burnt on the orders of the alleged Attorney General (Australian and New Zealand taxpayers contributed to the costs of the preparation of this draft);

    •The regime has (via the alleged Attorney General) purported to enact a Decree (illegal as are all Decrees of the regime) inhibiting and putting excessive restrictions upon the registration of political parties, including placing such registration in the hands of a person who like all other public personages in Fiji is totally under Army control, and illegally expropriating the assets of any party not complying with its draconian provisions;

    •The vast majority of existing political parties have been wiped off the face of the map by non compliance with the said Decree;

    •Draconian Decrees restricting unions which have been subject of complaint and proceedings by the International Labour Organisation have not been amended;

    •The leader of the party which achieved the highest number of votes in the last democratic election continues to languish in jail.

    Any person who ignores these Signs of the Times can only call himself or herself a monkey who can see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    As we and many others have pointed out before, the current alleged Prime Minister and Attorney General have no more credibility (and probably far less) than used car salesmen. Their word means nothing.

    Any ‘election’ held under Army rule will be a farce and the Army is not letting go - it would not be an election.


  109. wailei dau maleka na kau watini sotia mai balihai k bouborn blues. Moku koli toka o tagane mai dela ni vei nuku keimami vakavutuka toka na sona ni watidra e viti hahai

  110. I ‘am your father says @ Sona Ila

    Ko wa sega beka ni wilika na noqu I vola vei iko. Au wa kerei iko kina mo vaqara na “QARA” ya. Mo curu lesu me rawa ni vesu-cula na qara.
    Vei kemuni na wilika tiko na I vola veisau e na tikini ni pepa livaliva oqo. Au sa na kerei kemuni ,moni kakuwa ni wilika na ka au sa varau tukuna qo vei SONA ILA. Qo na noqu tusunaka na neirau veiwekeni kei SONA ILA. Au kerei kemuni na veiwekeni me sa cegu na nomu ni wilika na noqi I volavola.

    I SONA ILA, au sa na tukutuku vaka dodonu vei iko, o yau na tamamu dina( SONA ILA I am your father). E na gauna keirau vuli voli kina kei tamamu vaka cabecabe, Vore, e rau a sa vei lakivi tiko kei Mere (CheMere). E gauna marau na gauna ni cauravou, duwa na bogi keitou wavoki sobu kina vale ni danisi naba duwa na BALI HAI, koya ga toka qori volekati walu bay.
    Na bogi ya e a toboki tamamu vakacebecabe kina o tinamu ni lasa tiko I tuba. E sa tagi ga mai vei yau o tinamu ka dusi yani e na kona ni vale ni danisi, au rai madaga yani , rau sa veimokomoko toka o Vore kei duwa na sotia qarikau, au dikeva sara ni rau sa luva wale tale tuga. Au raici Vore ni sa tekivu vuki na bulina ka solia cake na ka tolu ni matana, gauna talega ya au sa raica e vica na sotia keina na ovisa sara tekivu laini yani, e vaka ga ra sa vakarau lai keli kaula I Vatukaula.

    Sa mosi saraga na yaloi tinamu, au sa mani tukuna vuwa meu sa tokoni koya lesu tale me yacova ni yaco bula I matani nona vale. Deguvacu mai , tuturu na wai ni matana ka keirau vodo totalili lesu tale ki na nona vakaitikitiko. A mani sureti yau sara I loma ni vale o CheMere me lai duwa na bilo wai katakata vaka coboi.

    Sona Ila na luvequ ,na bogi ni siga qo o wa bucuni kina o iko , au wa vakaturuya kina na noqu wai I lomai tinamu . Au wa sa kila na bogi ni siga ya e na buketi kina ko Mere, na marama sa dau vei dulu o tinamu, na levu ni nona cudruvi Vore e mani kerei au kina meu toqa na ka tolu ni matana, na rogo ni domana keina veivukiyaki ni yagona e vaka e dolo e duwa na gata. Ni kida mai na rarama keirau se ia ga, wadruci yau I gusuna ka vakamacara vaka duwa na noqu wai.
    Oti saratuga e duwa sa Tukituki, qo o tamamu vakacabecabe o Vore, sa mani dusi ga i katubaleka o Mere, au reguva na dela ni uluna kau biubiu mai katuba leka. Au rai lesu au raici Vore ni taubale gera ki loma ni nodrau vale.

    Oti e vica na yabaki keirau qai sota tale kei Mere e na makete I Suva, e drau wa vei tokoni tiko vaka veitinani. Au raici iko ga au kila na luvequ e tucake tu qo I mataqu. Sa duwa naka na noqu via tukuna vei iko, sa lomani Vore ga kei Mere. Au tarogi tinamu na yacamu, tukuna ga koya o sa yavaca vei duwa nomu tata lailai vaka cabecabe , na yacamu o Meli. Mani toso vaka volekati au mai o tinamu ka vakasosolo I daligaqu. Tukuna ga o Tinamu, au sadau kacivi koya taletuga “ Sona Ila” baleta na bogi ni siga ya na nomu toqa kina na katolu ni mataqu keina noqu kailkaila au sega ni guile cava rawa.
    Sona Ila , au kila ni levu na taro o via taroga vei au, baleta na bibi keina tara bi ni ka au sa mai talaucaka tu qo vei iko. Ia mo vosota qo na sega ni yaco.

    Au sa na lako qo vei Mere me lai vakarau taki na nona tikini yago vaka yalewa, mo sa na biu lesu tale, baleta o iko wa sega ni dodonu mo sucu mai dela ni vuravura qo. Qo na noqu cala, au sa kerei iko mo sili dromo mai e na waiwai, nanumi tinamu. Ni kuwa meu vakadodonu taka na cala keirau vauca kei tinamu na bogi ni siga ya.
    Veikemuni na wilika kece na noqu volavola au sa kuro bui sarga vei kemuni, sega ni dodonu moni kila.

    Moce Luvequ, moce vakaduwa,
    Tamai Sona Ila.

  111. Vutuki BainimaramaMarch 12, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    waikau! 1:37 au toqa i liu na kuro nei tinai sanaila. Me tarogi vinaka o tinana baleta ni a tukuna vei au ni sa i au ga ka vakavucera na ketena. Qo au sa qai mai kila ni so tale era dolava tiko na kuro kari nei tinai sanaila. Sa qai vakadeitaki ni o sanaila e put-in taki. Sanaila rogoci au matua luvequ, lako vei Na ka vakamasuti koya me tukuna o cei dina e tamamu, mai na kemu i rairai au kila ni dua na vasu e bulia nomu qavoka. Kusa luvequ.

  112. Sa keimami oca na saumi tax vakavakayagataka tikoga na matanitu sona levu qo me caka tiko kina na vesu mona kei na lasu dou vicai raturala kei kisoko,,,,rau na luveni setani cecere taudua e viti

  113. editor,
    With the endorsement of the well suited and well booted representatives of the 52 member countries of the Commonwealth the Queen signed a new Commonwealth Charter of Rights. She said the new rights charter is meant to "reinvigorate" the Commonwealth's "core values" and allow the Commonwealth to share its "global wisdom" with the rest of the international community and all that(Sevens News 11.30 AM 12/3).
    There is no shortage of lofty proclamations by the Commonwealth.
    What I would like to know is if another member country topples its democratic government in a military coup - as has happened in Fiji - will this new rights proclamation mean the usurpers will not be able to rule the country for 6 years - as is the case with the current regime in Fiji?
    Why with all the fancy proclamations - in the Commonwealth, the United Nations, and the Pacific Forum - has the illegal Fiji regime been allowed to rule for over 6 years without any real sign of relinquishing power?
    Will the new rights charter give the ageing Commonwealth a new set of dentures with a better bite?
    Rajend Naidu

  114. All talk, no action. Your vitriol posted here will not make an iota of a change. Scream, cry, swear all you like, the reality is you guys don't have the guts to effect change. Get off your collective behinds and do something constructive for a change. You might have a degree or whatever, but the language you use still shows the gutter level mentality prevalent among majority of blog users who blow off steam here and act/talk tough from behind a PC.
    All you are actually doing is give the govt the ammunition they need to shoot you with (Read: No elections in 2014 because of threats, perceived or otherwise, to national security)

  115. anon 2.45pm
    sona levu,,,,,there wasnt any elections anyway as nobody wanted to give you arseholes immunity,,,,

  116. Don't blame bloggers for anything the regime does. If it doesn't go ahead with the elections in 2014, that has nothing to do with people exercising the right to have an opinion and to voice that opinion on a blog or to an offshore news paper.

    Come up with something better.

    This illegal government has used that argument to justify its illegal action from the start.

    And folks like you, smart though your language are as big a bullies as the army and Bainimarama for coming on here to intimidate people.

  117. Adding to my comment at 2.54pm I meant to say your language and vocab is better structured than others on this blog who are venting raw anger and frustration at the loss of freedom and abuse of human rights in the past six years, but it doesn't make you any better than us.

  118. @anon 2:45 PM

    Hear hear!! The truth really must have hurt you my dear..then why the Farl you keep visiting this blog site then? It must be working emotionally for you in here that you also couldnt wait to jump on the Sotia luvai i taurasese like you and crticize us the ppl of fiji that wants Democracy in Fiji right now??

    If its ammunition to this thug regime then it must be really working to send in better ppl to talk here. Have you read the blog of Tamai Ilosona @1:37 PM.. yes sharon and co go suck on Crozbie walsh..

    No matter what strategies any existing or new political party uses, Kahiyum will ensure there is another illegal and draconian decree to stop it dead in its tracks. We will never be able to vote for who we want to represent us. Fiji will never have free and fair elections under the Bainimarama dictatorship.

    The only institution that can end this dictatorship is the very same institution that carried out all the coups and created this latest cloud of oppression and fear across Fiji — the RFMF. Therefore the RFMF must redeem itself in the eyes of the people and the international community and put a stop to this corrupt, brutal and lying dictatorship and free the people.

  119. Can this oh so productive regime supporter who signed himself Anon at 2.45pm identify himself so we can know who this wonderful role model is?

    Because if he is such a success and getting off his bum to do doing something for Fiji, why is he afraid to name himself?

    I know why I'm hesitant to reveal my identity but that's because I'm a critic of the regime.

    What's his reason? Surely, he's not afraid of people who have no guts to affect change>

  120. @ Vutukibainimarama

    ....lol.. au sega ni kila na veiwekani cava e tu. au sa na kacivi iko mata na veiwekani yaca vaka turaga ,noqu Tauvu.

    my tau, au kila na bogi beka iko vei toqai kina qoro o wa toqai Vore beka kina. Baleta wa tukuna vei yau o Che-Mere ni dau dara no na i sulu e so na gauna o Vore ka coba talega na drau ni ulu lasulasu . e dou sulusulu tiko vaka yalewa o Vore e vei bogi bogi....vaka vei my tau o wa kila lece taki koya beka duwa na bogi.

    my tau, niu raici Sona Ila, vakaga au rai tiko vena iloilo , sega ni keirau mata vaka sona...lol. Qo na noqu ulumatua , au kila na nomu o iko o RubyAnn baleta e yaca toka vaka vavalagi o koya vaka taki kemuni.

    my tau meu vosoti na noqu i vua sa rui vaka muri nona ta vakacabecabe vaka levu. au sa mani tauca gona kina e so na vosa bi, tara bi , lutu bi vei luvequ. qo keirau sa waraki koya tiko kei Mere, Sona Ila o ta sa kaci tiko yani qo. Vaka totolo mai .

    Sa dri Yani my tau..

    tamai Sona Ila dina qo...lol.

  121. Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) has sent home "two" officers over video footage that showed two handcuffed men being assaulted.

    FCS in their statement said the men were sent home as a result of video footage. The statement however did not specify the number of officers sent home. But in a report on Radio New Zealand website, an unamed corrections spokesperson confirmed two were sent home.

    The nine-minute video, released on the internet, showed a handcuffed man being assaulted in the back of a pick-up truck while another was being set upon by a dog.

    Some other officers involved in the September 2012 breakout from Naboro have also been taken to task.

    FCS spokesperson Ana Tamani did not elborate on details saying "it was an internal matter."

    Meanwhile, FCS has stepped up measures against the smuggling of contrabands to its facilities.

    Among them, restricted visitation to inmates. Tamani said that one inmate will be allowed only three visitors from immediate family members on a fortnightly basis.

    “It must be understood however that inmates can use telephones to contact their families upon request, and under the supervision of an officer,” Tamani said. She further added that those who breach this are stripped of their privileges.

    Meanwhile, a special search team has been formed for Suva and Lautoka to specifically conduct searches on inmates, officers and programme providers that enter any Corrections institution.

    “Our searches are continuous to ensure the safety and security of the inmates themselves and the public at large,” Tamani added. The FCS has also purchased metal detectors to assist in its work. By Indrani Krishna

  122. The sacking of the Corrections Officers as reported have absolutely nothing to do with the recorded assault on the captured prisoners.
    The sackings are for the prison escape from Naboro High Security and the incompetence of the officers in letting it happen.

  123. Sanaila is SonailaMarch 12, 2013 at 3:39 PM

    Sanaila or Sonaila, I'd love to have a talanoa with you so that my fist can talk to your mouth asshole.

  124. The regime is attempting to make us think that they have taken decisive action against the officers in the video. This is NOT the case. The decision to sack the officers was made well before the video became public.
    Funny how they will twist things around.

  125. Sa vakaloloma na vakasisila ni comments era biuta tiko mai eso na kutusebe anti-government bloggers...sa varaitaka ga na lala ni ulu kei na no-school. E maumau na nomuni vosa baleta na Matanitu qo esa recognise-taka na UN ni valataka dina tiko na Dina, Dodonu kei na Savasava.

    Sa rauta mada na vosa vakalialia...ni veitokoni mai me ra vuli vinaka kina na nomuni kawa...ni yavu Kawa Ca!!!

    One thing for sure this video will put to rest the phantom fear always created to get votes, BUT I WONT BE HOLING MY BREATH-There are people on this very website that continually promote this phantom fear

  127. anon@March 11, 2013 at 8:39 PM

  128. Tamai Sona Ila kivei luvequ ,Sona Ila ..

    Dina sara o iko luvequ ra tamata kawa ca, ko ira e ra cicivaka tiko qo na mata ni tu. o nomu ta vakacabecabe o Vore na Tui ni Veivutusona.

    Keirau se wawa tiko ga qo kei Che-Mere na tinamu lomani. Keirau kerei iko mo vakakusakusa mai vale mo rawa ni curu lesu ka botani vakaduwa na tiki ni yago mareqeti. e mosi vei au, luvequ kevaka mani duwa na ka ca e yaco vei iko, e vinaka cake mo sa lai biulesu i kete i tinamu. Me vaka ga niu wa buli iko au sa na kauti iko lesu tale, o iko Sona Ila wa buli mai e na wai ni qaluqu. e na gauna o sa biu lesu kina i ketei tinamu, kuwa ni leqa na gauna o curu lesu kina o na lai veisau tale ( yaloka nei Che-mere kei na noqu wai) au sana qai vakacurumi noqu jone yani me lai domica lesu mai na noqu wai, mo na lesu tale kina noqu soresore luvequ. au na sega tale vakaduwa ni sereki iko vei vuravura. au sa bolea meu kaukwa tale ni vakaluveni baleta na noqu lomani iko luvequ.

    Sa vinaka, keirau sa wawa tiko qo kei nomu mummy.

    Tamamu dina,
    Tamai Sona Ila.

  129. Rajend naidu, the barachord back to his grovelling best...editor, tumar gan. Madraji style, tabetabe everyone but stab them in the back.

  130. New Zealand Parliament unanimously condemns Fiji torture video and calls on the regime to take proper measures to end violence.

  131. Proved my point didn't I?

  132. sa sega ni qai rogo tale o SONA ILA!!
    SA mosi beka na i vola nei tamamu dina vei iko...

    Lai curu lesu tale ena qara nei tinamu o MARY SE O MERE

  133. Let them have it Sanaila. They don't have anything constructive against you and have this vision that you supposed to be a child of the PM. See the stupidity in their argument. They are so full of venom that this site has become a good comedy for laughter at their stupidity. Very good on you C4.5 at least the Fijian humour is still there. Bawahahahahahaha


  135. Bhaut corruption hai


  137. http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com/2013/03/draft-transcript-hansard-debates-new.html

  138. @ 5:01 pm i know who you are, judging by your perfect English - i know that you're Caucasian
    the tone and words use - tells me you do know Sona Ila personally. the way you pity Sona Ila , like a mother pity's a child- this would make you female. the slight at C4.5 ensures me you have great knowledge and a connection to the government. most likely work for the government.
    The words use like - constructive - vision -venom and the line of sentence
    ...good comedy for laughter....
    ...at least the Fijian humor is still there..
    this makes you foreign and you have a lack of understanding of the Fijian language someone must have translating the Fijian language blogs for you.

    my guess you are Sharon "Blow Job" Jones. Franks personal blow up doll.this makes it useless arguing with you!

  139. Voreqe
    Vakamadua mai na dola valenipo o cakava wavoki tiko e veiyasai Viti

  140. @ Anonymous 5.39PM
    My guess is that your guess is spot on! it is Sharon"Blow Job" Jones I am sure! she is up to the Job that's why her mouth is always open!

  141. editor
    the Fiji Times has today (12/3) published over one and half dozen letters voicing the views of the people. the Fiji Sun has published none. the Fiji Sun is mostly interested in publishing only what the illegal junta wants it to publish to glorify its rule and its dictator. No criticism of the regime is printed in this "independent" newspaper.
    That's why a former USP head of journalism has described it as the regime newsletter!
    rajend naidu
    (this letter is dedicated to the Anonymous Barachod @4.27PM!)

  142. Actually Anon @ 5:01's English isn't perfect. Far from it. But that actually reinforces the possibility that the poster really is Smith-Johns.

  143. This was posted on Fiji Today.

    I wonder if it genuine.

    Only one way to find out.

    Croz Walsh:

    As I have been named in this article, I wish to clarify my view.

    Whilst my recent post and comments may suggest I have changed my stance on the current Fijian Regime I would like to state that this is not true.

    I consider the Prime Ministers recent comments to be regrettable. However, I still consider that the Prime Minister is the best candidate to lead Fiji beyond 2014.

    I believe that now is the time for rational debate. I invite people with varying views to contact me to discuss and debate various issues. Please do not contact me unless you are genuine interested in rational and informed discussion. These discussions could be recorded and placed on my blogsite.

    Crosbie (Croz) Walsh
    NZ 063298133
    37 Tokomaru Rd
    Tokomaru 4474
    Horowhenua, New Zealand

  144. Thakur caitamana singh...
    John Cicililiwa Samy
    Kalaveti Kesuvaibaci Batibatibasaga
    Doc Epeli Vunitaka na nodra postmortem ni CRW Nailatikau
    Epeli butukoca na lavo ni lisi nei Tui Cakau kei ratou mai Mt Kasi Mine..Ganilau
    Amalaini Support the Coup in Fiji..butakoca nai lavo ni Pasifika ECE..Ligalevu Legge...alias Emma Legge..
    Epeli betting ose @ grants waterhouse Nailatikau..
    Frank sereki Kean Tavalequ...baleta de moku vei Mary Bainimarama
    ...so na yaca e votu mai ni mai vakasava2 taki o viti vei oratou na ku ni rfmf

  145. the Pope needs a two thirds majority out of the 115 voting Cardinals to get ELECTED as the Pope. the rogue ruler of Fiji just needs a handful of guns!

  146. Updated 12 March 2013, 10:52 AEST

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned the bashing of recaptured prisoners by Fiji security personnal.

    It says the video posted on the internet appears to show the two handcuffed men being subjected to torture and inhuman and degrading treatment.

    The UN Human Rights body is calling for an investigation by an impartial and competent authority, not the Fijian police, and it wants the finding to be made public.

    Presenter:Richard Ewart

    Speaker:Rupert Colville, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

    COLVILLE: Basically it’s pretty clearly torture and inhuman degrading human treatment as you said earlier. These are two men who were totally powerless, they’re both handcuffed. One is lying in the back of a pickup, completely helpless and just being repeatedly assaulted with a variety of weapons with some heavy rubber piping, a metal rod, a stick and what looks like some sort of hammer. And it’s a really odious scene, you actually see people aiming for the most painful bits of the legs, like the ankles and stuff to hit with a metal rod or a hammer. It’s a very deliberate effort to cause pain and completely unacceptable, authorities shouldn’t behave in that fashion.

  147. part two:

    EWART: So in terms of the investigation to follow we know that the Fijian police say that they’re going to attempt to establish the facts in the case. But as far as the UN is concerned you want more than that?

    COLVILLE: Well I think it’s pretty clear something awful has happened in the video. People’s faces are visible, the number plate of the vehicle is visible, so it should be fairly easy to establish who are the people who are assaulting these two helpless prisoners. So we hope the Fijian police will pretty quickly come to some conclusions and it’s hard to see how they could possibly not bring prosecutions in this kind of case.

    EWART: But from what we’re hearing and not least from the interim prime minister Commodore Bainimarama, it would appear that these men may not face punishment for their actions, the prime minister is saying he’ll stand by his men?

    COLVILLE: Well maybe he hasn’t seen the video, but I mean clearly there’s a breach of international law in these pictures, torture is against the law in all circumstances anywhere at any time. And it remains to be absolutely clearly defined this is torture, but it looks awfully like it from looking at the video. So there’s absolute prohibition under international law. So if people are doing it and it’s caught on camera and you can see the people doing it, there shouldn’t really be any let-out for them.

    EWART: But in terms of a wider investigation, an impartial investigation, do you believe that as a body that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights can bring pressure to bear on what after all is an unelected military regime?

    COLVILLE: Well I think international opinion does have an effect and I’m sure the Fijian government won’t hear it only from us. And obviously this type of thing is not very good news for a government, if its authorities under their command are pictured doing this type of act and if they do nothing about it. But we don’t know for sure they will do nothing about it. Let’s hope they do because I think it’s extremely important to stop this kind of activity and the best way to stop it is to punish people who are doing it.

    EWART: So to what degree do you think that the countries closest to Fiji with what you might call broad international influence, so therefore obviously Australia and New Zealand, what impact do you think they could have? And New Zealand’s parliament is due to vote today I believe on a motion condemning the violence captured on the video. Australia hasn’t gone that far yet, but do they need to?

    COLVILLE: Well I think it’s important that everyone, especially the Fijians themselves look long and hard at this and what are the implications of it, what does it show about the rule of law in Fiji, what needs to be improved and really take action to do it. And in a sense there is an opportunity here. I mean this type of act of course does occur in the dark, it’s not always caught on a cell phone, but in this case it’s pretty clear what’s happened and there really is an opportunity to deal with it and in dealing with it create a better situation in the future in Fiji. And I think if that’s not done, it’s clearly going to reflect very badly on the Fijian authorities both internally among Fijians, which should be of political interest to the authorities, but also externally. And it will colour relations with that country with other countries, because it’s really a very graphic and pretty shocking video.

  148. part three colville

    EWART: Now plainly we’re talking about the implications of what’s happened here because that video surfaced on the internet. How concerned are you that this may be an example of a wider problem within the Fijian police and the Fijian security personnel, but because these other cases haven’t appeared on video we know nothing about them yet?

    COLVILLE: Well that is a concern, I mean it isn’t the first time, they’ve been allegations of this type of treatment in very similar circumstances. I mean these were allegedly as I said the circumstances need to be fully established, but it seems these were, or at least one of these men was an escaped prisoner. There was another incident last September when there were five escaped prisoners and they all ended up in hospital. And in fact one of them had a leg amputated. So there are very, very big question marks about what happened to those men when they were recaptured. And there have been other incidents in the past few years as well. So it is an ongoing issue, but as I said this very what appears to be at this point a pretty clear cut case does present an opportunity to start to really set an example, stop this kind of behaviour. And any country needs to do that, I mean otherwise you lose the trust and the credibility from your own population.

  149. @The Messenger . That comment was posted on C4.5 last nite obviously not Croz though a very close imitation.

  150. Please read this very good commentary by Semi Meao about the events leading to frank's coup, who all were behind,etc:-


  151. Anonymous 12:19 credits Bainimarama for opening the Bua nursing station and Gau jetty, and making road upgrades.

    That's all we have to show after this regime borrowed how many hundreds of millions of dollars?

    Here's a relevant excerpt from "The Road to Jericho: The Collected Works of Dakuwaqa", banned in Fiji:

    "...Bainimarama is taking the country forward alright -- straight to the abyss....

    "Let's review the record, shall we? Please correct me if anything I write is in error or in any way an exaggeration.

    "Your hero led a band of traitors in seizing your elected government and now holds the entire country at gunpoint. Indeed, we now know that Bainimarama was behind every coup attempt back to and including the 2000 attack on Parliament.

    "Bainimarama rubbished Fiji's constitution, took away your vote, censored your press, sabotaged the economy, plundered your pension fund, forbade gatherings of three or more, arrested and harassed human rights activists, stomped pregnant women, firebombed and tortured political opponents, dismissed the entire judiciary, hired mercenary magistrates from abroad, closed parliament, sold the country into ruinous loans, opened the country to organized crime, forbade church meetings, abolished Fijian cultural institutions, got the RFMF blacklisted from future peacekeeping operations, punished those who spoke the truth, appointed and promoted those who lied, etc., etc.

    "Your man is known far and wide as a bald-faced, inveterate liar. He's less than a grotesque mediocrity playing the part of a hero; he's a villainous traitor who subverted Fiji's imperfect democracy in order to avoid accountability for his crimes. He violated the trust reposed in his command, soiled and sullied his uniform and disgraced the RFMF by leading it in bullying and torturing the very citizens it is supposed to protect -- your neighbors and countrymen.

    "He denies you your right to elect your own civil and religious leaders, to voice your opinion on the street as freely as you do on this website, drink grog with mates of your choosing, petition this government peacefully for change, address labour grievances through collective bargaining, receive impartial justice from the courts, or expect accountability regarding the expenditure of your tax money. By disingenuously justifying his actions as necessary to achieve racial justice, he's severely harmed race relations in Fiji."

    Dakuwaqa had much more to say on the subject, but hopefully you already get the point. Bainimarama's contributions to Fiji are but a pittance from the money he borrowed against our future, whilst his crimes and errors have been nothing less than ruinous.

  152. Crosbie walsh the illegal Prime Ministers recent comments on the brutal beating of prisoners is not "regrettable" - it's REPUGNANT! It brings shame on the country!

  153. @Barachod 4.27PM
    barachod I have another letter to editor published in The Dominion Post today (12/3)titled 'Editorial cleared any Fiji misconceptions'.
    But you mustn't trouble your small brain with it barachod. that kind of intellectual stuff is not meant for intellectual imbeciles like you barachod.

  154. Qorvis Press ReleaseMarch 12, 2013 at 7:42 PM


    Check this photo out. Then read the caption below.

    The Prime Minister is pleased to announce his Sheltered Workshop Program has placed intellectually challenged Sri Lankan into the Chief Registrar Position. Yohan Liyanage was born without a brain and a very slack jaw. The Prime Minister thinks he will make an excellent replacement for Mohammed Saneem. Chief Justice Gates has agreed to help the new Chief Registrar with jaw strengthening exercises.

  155. Frank
    Take the political prisoners out asap now.
    1.Turanga na Qaranivalu -Ratu Inoke Tagivekata and PM Qarase.
    2.George Speight
    3.Ratu Timoci Silatolu
    4.Joe Nata
    5.All CRW officers.
    All Political prisoners you are holding.
    Time for you to walk your talk.
    Yellow Ribbon.
    You took your Tavale Francis Kean out rewarded him with PS job..
    Why not this people.
    We want fairness asap.
    god bless.


  157. The comment attributed to Croz Walsh and the extended quotation from Dakuwaqa reminds me that we ought not to believe Croz when he claims he'll publish on his blogsite rational and informed opinion. Remember how Croz repeatedly refused to publish Dakuwaqa's scathing criticism of Fiji's media and especially the Fiji Sun? Dakuwaqa ultimately needed to bring it to C4.5 for publication because Croz was such an intellectual coward.

  158. a suggestion...while Bainimagana is busy touring the country side visiting these villages trying to gain support whilst inspecting toilets.. me modroki ga ka kolotaki tu yani i qara ni valenivo!!! where he belongs!!!

  159. Rajesh, add Mac Patel to the list of political prisoners of the regime.

  160. Sitiveni RaturalaMarch 12, 2013 at 8:42 PM

    Isa Sanaila o au sara ga qo na tamamu dina.
    Na yacaqu o Sitveni Raturala.
    O Sonaila kei Vutuki Bainimarama rau qai muri.
    O au ga a liu vei tinamu o Mere.

  161. Chinese delegation to visit Fiji
    Publish date/time: 12/03/2013 [17:05]

    A courtesy call to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola will be made tomorrow by the Vice Minister of the International department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Liu Jieyi.

    Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Peni Namotu said this two days visit is an invitation from Ratu Kubuabola where Jieyi will also meet with the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, PSC Chairman, Josefa Seruilagilagi and senior Government officials.

    The Chinese delegation arrives tomorrow and will go straight into meetings at the Vale ni Bose at Nasova at 2.30pm.




    Three sacked over Fiji torture video
    19:18 Tue Mar 12 2013
    As reported in NZ MSN News


    Fijian authorities have sacked three prison guards over an online video that appears to show officials beating and torturing two men, the Pacific nation’s prisons department says.
    Apparently shot using a mobile phone, the video shows one handcuffed man being savagely beaten with batons and metal bars, and another being set upon by a dog as the animal’s handler urges it on.
    “I can confirm that three prison officers have been sacked in relation to the video that was posted on the Internet last week,” Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service spokeswoman Ana Tudrau Tamani told AFP.
    She declined to provide further details, saying a police investigation into the video was still under way.
    Amnesty International has said it suspected the video was taken last year and shows prison escapees being abused after their recapture.
    Fiji’s military leader Voreqe Bainimarama, who seized power in a 2006 coup, said last week he would stand by officers implicated in the video, arguing they were just doing their duty and “making sure we sleep peacefully at night”.
    Bainimarama also dismissed concerns expressed by non-governmental organisations about the video, saying they “are paid by the international community to jump up and down every time we do something”.
    Fijian pro-democracy group The Citizens Constitutional Forum said Bainimarama’s comments showed a lack of commitment to human rights.

  163. C.4 please print Aiyarse Sayeed Khaiyim's Thesis. Let people know what he intends to do here and abroad. Bai is under pressure becoz he knows that Khaiyim's going to run away if it doesn't work for him. We will find the 21 virgins here when these bastards run and help them be a better 21 virgins.



  166. NZ Herald
    Parliament condemns Fiji brutality
    By Isaac Davison Isaac_Davison
    4:00 PM Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

    Phill Goff said the video recording brought to light a pattern of behaviour by Fijian security forces towards detainess. Photo / NZPA
    Parliament has condemned the torture of Fijian detainees and urged the Fijian Government to find those responsible.
    Labour Party foreign affairs spokesman Phil Goff moved a motion in the House today to condemn the beating of two Fijians, which was shown in a video posted on the internet and blamed on the Fijian military by human rights groups.
    It was passed by the House without dissent.
    Mr Goff called on the interim government to publicly condemn the use of torture to hold
    people to account, and demanded that the country's leaders follow the United Nations guidelines on torture and civil rights.
    Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, who was not in the House today, has not spoken publicly about the video. But Prime Minister John Key has described it as "alarming'' and
    said Mr McCully would raise it with his Fijian counterpart.
    The Fijian men who were beaten were initially thought to have escaped from prison last year. Fijian police ruled this out but did not confirm their identities.
    Mr Goff said the video recording brought to light a pattern of behaviour by Fijian security forces towards detainess which Amnesty International and Fijian nations had said was
    "When security forces put themselves above the law it puts all citizens at risk. This includes those who express opposition to the actions of the military government in suppressing other human rights such as freedom of speech, a free press and the right to elect and change a government.
    "New Zealanders want to see Fiji re-join the Pacific community of nations as a country that practices democracy and respects the rights of its own people.''
    He said if the regime condoned security forces' brutal activities it diminished confidence that Fiji could restore democracy, and tarnished its image as a country where people felt
    comfortable visiting.
    Mr Key has said New Zealand was concerned about Fiji's promise of an election in 2014 after the interim government override many of the recommendations made by an independent Constitutional Commission.
    The brutal, nine-minute-long video posted online last week shows one man handcuffed in the back of a ute being beaten with rods, while another man is on the ground being
    tugged at by a dog.
    Human rights groups have accused the Fiji military of carrying out the assaults on the men, and the Fiji police say they are investigating.

  167. @ Nadera Boy 12/3 , 1255pm

    this is Liga @ Vodafone . stop telling lies about mobile networks . No network in Fiji has monitoring and listening capabilities.
    so stop spreading lies .

  168. Arreeh sanaila is my son reh, I was tapping his mom's fat juicy arse the day he was manufactured. Sanaila my son please don't listen to these mens. Come to papa beta.

  169. Oilei!..leve davo na na levu ni sodomite ena blog qoka..

    Rairai ra kawa ga ni sodomy na vakatara tiko me taba na veivosa ca eke?

    Oh well, me qai caka oga vakacava..right now the evil in their heart is probably same as in the Rear Admiral's heart!

    Welcome to the new SodoFiji!

    No wonder we have not reached a sane resolve after more than 2,600 days and counting!

    My hope and pray that our respective families are protected from the flying debris of this dirties blog on earth!

    ....mmmm...another first for Fiji!

  170. Oilei!..leve davo ga na levu ni sodomite ena blog qoka..

    Rairai ra kawa ga ni sodomy na vakatara tiko me taba na veivosa ca eke?

    Oh well, me qai caka oga vakacava..right now the evil in their hearts is probably same as in the Rear Admiral's heart!

    Welcome to the new SodoFiji!

    No wonder we have not reached a sane resolve after more than 2,600 days, and counting!

    My hope and pray that our respective families are protected from the flying debris of this dirtiest blog on earth!

    ....mmmm...another first for Fiji!

  171. @Anon March 12, 2013 at 10:34 PM aka Liga Gukisuva?

    is that really you liga-sponsoship manager or products manager or the ami boys again at it??

    bacause it must have hit a chord with army cell intel in this blog that what i said is the truth..

    do you really think we are stupid? of course its general knowledge within the IT sector in fiji that the chineese hackers are employed by the illegal govt and all working with eliki salu2(navy officer & former Compol teleni's nephew) in the govt ICT which are monitoring all govt servers and all WAN & LAN networks in fiji which vodaphone is one of the main supporter for this illegal govt!! ashlam khan boci muslim dog!!

    Ok, if that's you the real Liga,tell me how vodaphone fiji won as the main supplier for the new E-ticketing bus card?? how did you win that contract really?? kus tiko mada na lasu.keimamisega ni lia2 i suva.

    memudou sici where are all the fiji ami bullshit blogging here tonite..oh run away again like ur ulukau leader..cant stand the heat and truth in here..

    we are also monitoring and watching you guys too..remember that!! dou via2 big brother tiko..spit on your faces,u all faceless dog!! dou lai veicai kei mareko vuli mai sydney.

  172. Boi dada na lomani vale ni yaco mai nai qaiqai vakamarama mai delai nabua.

  173. Fact 44 - Sitiveni Weilelakeba framed Qarase by lying in Court under oath committing Perjury! Sitiveni and Laisa Digitaki are known to be users and they turn on they own if they have to!!! Sitiveni turned on Qarase and Laisa turned on Alex Chang (Tropik) for their benefits!!! These two are a couple made in HELL!!! Sitiveni now tries to repent by offering money to the Qarase family, they don't need the money when they have Lord Jesus looking over them!!! (source - FICAC).

  174. whats the news with fiji casino?

  175. Isa Nadera Boy and Kai Bau, kerekere sa rauta na vakalialiai Sonaila(Meli Bainivuaka) kei ira na sotia era blog tiko ike!!!

    Era sa mamakeukeu na veitagicaki kei na rarawa ni sa sega rawa ni ira taura na vei-spoiltaki e cake tiko i loma qo....

    O Sonaila sa tagi vei Khaiyum, baleta nia via tagi yani vei tamana vakacabecabe o Voceke, a qai cemuri koya tani... Qo sa vorolaka tale o koya nai ka ruasagavulu ni computer soli vua ina levu ni cudru baleta ni sega ni rawa ni taura vakatagane na spoil sa caka tiko vei koya ike.... Volia tale o tamana vakcabecabe e dua na computer kavou mai nai lavo dinautaki mai China!!!!

    Wailei sonaila lai savata mada nomu sona, ra kasaburu tu kina o ira na tolu na drau na sotia ra lainitaki iko mai na keba!!!!

  176. Hey, "Liga" at Vodafone, you gotta admit it looks pretty dirty. A highly-insecure, cowardly, thin-skinned despot who can't stand any criticism so he censures the media, evicts or gaols publishers, shuts down newspapers, manufactures lies, etc. Police monitors lurking in every cyber café. The regime forced everyone to register their cellphones so that it can track their text messages.

    Add to that the fact that Frank is selling the country out to the Chinese, who are now docking huge intel-gathering ships in Suva, whilst Aiyaz is planting fellow Muslims in positions of influence everywhere. The head of Vodafone is a Muslim, and his wife is the regime's favourite lawyer. Vodafone is getting all of the regime's contracts.

    Just what the hell are people to think? It isn't hard to do the addition.

  177. McCully will raise the issue of the torture video with his 'Fijian counterpart'? McCully has no Fijian counterpart. McCully is a duly appointed minister in a democratically elected government. He has nobody to talk to in Suva except coup lackeys illegally appointed by an unelected dictator.

  178. Frank, how are we supposed to sleep better at night knowing there's no due process in Fiji, eh?

  179. Those prison officers that were sacked are the ones that recorded the video. Nothing done to military and police officers doing the beating.

  180. @ SIKELI MARCH 13
    What you just deliberated upon is known to every intellect and right thinking person.The question is, was the punishment delivered upon the escapes reasonable and without malice and aforethought.Every step we take should and always has to be within the frame work of the law.Dont waste time trying to make right of all wrong doings of the regime..The sacred duty of the the security force is to protect life and properties.beyond that becomes a personal vendetta.Being under paid and long hours is no excuse.Remember you signed up for it and that is ti stand up for truth , justice freedom and peace.

  181. @ Anon March 12 2:45 PM

    Your thinking that our voices from behind PC's are ineffective is not true. The world, after watching that video, are changing their stances on Fiji's bad political situation from being passive to being more active against it. Even Crosby Walsh has changed from being pro Fiji's Illegal regime, to being against it.

    You and Bainimarama and Khaiyum can go ahead and and deny democracy and elections, but that action will give us more ammunition and strength to fight against Fiji's corrupt regime from behind our PC's.

    We write under anonymous identities because we fear being "taken to task" by the Illegal regime like it was done to those escaped prisoners, but I cannot fathom why you and other corrupt Illegal regime's advocates write under anonymous names.

    I can only say here that we are frightening you quite considerably from behind our PC's. Now, that's very good logic and very true isn't it? You go figure.


  183. Fact 45 - Frank and Aiyaz have amassed significant wealth with Bank Accounts in Singapore, Honk Kong and Malaysia. Hamid of Denarau and Jimmy of Denarau have bank statements to verify this! (source - Abdul Khan of FSC and Abdul of Design Engineering)
    Fact 46 - Design Engineering getting all FSC and Tropik Woods work because Principal Abdul Saiyum openly discusses his contributions to Frank and Aiyaz ( source - Abdul Saiyum at General Machinery wedding @ Sofitel, drunk state)
    Fact 47 - Abdul Khan FSC and Abdul Hamid openly use Frank's name in all dealings obtaining benefits through kickbacks. (Source - Hamid)
    Fact 48 - Abdul Hamid negotiated contract with NAIM for road works in Fiji with a large kickback in Malaysia to Frank and Aiyaz (source - Abdul Saiyum - Design Engineering)

    More to be added!

  184. C4.5 /BLOGGERS
    NO CA.

  185. @Anonymous 6:54 AM

    You make some pretty bold statements which also sound as if they are simply what 'you' want to believe.

    The fact that Croz Walsh has voiced an opinion that he does not agree with a certain statement or action by the PM does not automatically make him 100% anti regime. Those with intelligence look at both the good and bad and and will have a view that covers both. They are generally the ones that get respect in this world.

    As for writing under 'anonymous' many do it not due to fear of the government (unless they want to threaten it as we read so often here) but because of the cranks and idiots on this site and their behaviour towards those that do not agree with them.

    Take your blinkers off.

  186. So they caught the guy behind the camera before catching the guy in front. How does that work?

  187. @ Anonymous March 13 at 7:20 AM

    I was Anonymous 6:54 AM.

    I did strike a chord with you didn't I? I must have been true and my truth did make you feel nasty (or fearful)?

    It is actually the aim of anti-government bloggers to tell the truth and reveal the disgusting acts of this Illegal regime and its corrupt officers. The regime feels threatened and it reacts by taking its "threateners" "to task", and so it intimidates and victimizes them.

    This illegal government should not be feel fearful. It has fire power. But it feels threatened. This is because its illegal leaders know that they are corrupt and they have no where to turn except to use their corruption to bring in more corruption. The world is now turning against them and it now becomes their fear and they feel "threatened".

    Anyone shouldn't feel frightened or "threatened" when he is doing the right thing.

    "Take your blinkers off". I must say, I and we the advocates of freedom, that we cannot "shut up".Your rhetoric is the usual abrupt way of the uninformed to gag free speech. They do not realize that free speech is what is essential to bring to light the evils of dictators and their followers.

  188. Frank don't fear guns, freedom of information is his worst nightmare.

  189. @Anonymous 8:24 AM

    Your naievty is amazing but of course you have the right to show it to all.

    Are you for real or simply someone that is trying too hard to look clever ?

    Quote "Your rhetoric is the usual abrupt way of the uninformed to gag free speech". unquote.

    How you can surmise that my view in response to your initial post was an attempt to 'gag' your free speech is beyond belief. It was simply a view, did I attempt to stop you giving your view, NO.

    What you need to learn is to understand that others will not always agree with you. So please continue with your 'Free Speech' because you are making an excellent job of making yourself look ridiculous. And of course 'Free Speech' gives me the right to say that although I know you will not agree with it.

  190. There's really no point in crying about Fiji's past and history. The truth is that leaders come and go. Some leaders contribute to our growth and some to our demise. One evidence is clear and that is the fact that Qarase was a corrupt thief who stole from the people of Fiji - that is why he is rotting in Suva Prison with his boyfriend George Speight.

    The reason the Coup took place in 2006 was because Bainimarama could not stand by and see Qarase and his band of thieves loot and abuse the treasury and resources of Fiji.

    This Government upholds and promotes:
    1. rule of law
    2. transparency at all government levels
    3. sharing of resources with all Fijians
    4. development for grass-roots people in rural Fiji
    5. higher minimum wage for all Fijians
    6. free bus fare, free books for all students
    7. fairness and integrity
    8. corruption-free activities
    9. participation of prisoners in economic activities eg. Farming
    10.higher standard of living for all Fijians

    These are the reasons Bainimarama is our most successful leader in Fiji. That is our new beginning!

  191. @ March 13, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Of course you have every right to call me "naive" or even stupid if you want. But am I not correct in "surmising" you are trying to shy away from the argument that this Illegal regime is feeling fearful because of the truths that are being revealed from the bloggers on this site?

    Now that you are really trying to make an excellent job of trying to make me "look ridiculous", you have, deliberately or unconsciously, strayed or stayed away from the gist of the argument which is the absolute corruption of this Illegal regime.

    Now can you say or not say that this regime is corrupt or incorrupt and even legal or illegal?

  192. @Sanaila, answer the farking question that was given to you by Rajesh you farking homo.

    If there is no Audit report then you can fark off with your "transparency at all levels" because you are just talking bullshit.

    You obviously don't know the meaning of the word transparency, you farking idiot.

  193. @ Sanaila 9:55 AM.

    Hey Sanaila, kua ni mai lasutaki keimami tiko, which, being translated in English is, hey Sanaila, don't lie to us.

  194. @Sanaila- na tui ni boci

    The reason the Coup took place in 2006 was because Bainimarama could not stand by and see Qarase and his band of thieves loot and abuse the treasury and resources of Fiji. Ans - was a trumped up false charge to wipe bais slate from killig CRW boys-AND NOW HE IS DOING 100 times Over-Corruption,illegal govt takeoverand killing,murdering ppl of fiji and jailing ppl that will rise againsta him.

    This Government upholds and promotes:
    1. rule of law - What farken law Sanaila??? It's known fact that the fiji judiciary is run by AG Kaiyum,you wanna win a case..pay him some money under the table.10% goes to bainivocekes account overseas.
    2. transparency at all government levels- U bloody boci.u dont even know tthe meaning of that word so please dont use it..ppl of fiji are sick of the corruptions nad kick backs at govt klevels run by those army colonels.
    3. sharing of resources with all Fijians- sharing only to who wants to play with bai or buys his vote then province will get development in their province or koro
    4. development for grass-roots people in rural Fiji- was alreday developed b4 bai took over..99% rise in unemployment and homeless and crime in last 3 years.
    5. higher minimum wage for all Fijians- only to the illegal govt suppoters or who masipolo to bai & Kaiyum and the Canon Fodder fiji army ni solisona.
    6. free bus fare, free books for all students- boy sa da baci lasutaki..free bus fare--the bloody e-ticketing doesnt work properly and very expensive to tax payer of fiji..not all population or family can afford that charge as Vodaphone fiji take all the cream transaction..so free books too at Fiji Uni & USP for tsudents their?
    7. fairness and integrity- another big word and illegal govt propaganda by sharon smith- their is no fairness unless you afre sleeping with Bais group.
    8. corruption-free activities- the biggest corrupter of all fiji institutions waiting for any kickbacks on any govt transaction or tender.
    9. participation of prisoners in economic activities eg. Farming - yes yellow ribbon doesnt work and prisoners beign used as a front to farm and feed all the prison dept and bais family and friends.
    10.higher standard of living for all Fijians- only to bainimarama s group and armed force high group and not whole of fiji.

  195. @Anonymous 10:02 AM

    I can assure you that I am certainly not trying to shy away from any argument or debate.

    My point to you is that in making your comments that Croz Walsh has turned 'anti government' because he has disagreed with one action of the PM and also that all bloggers use 'anonymous' due to 'fear' of the government is not necessarily true.

    It's also obvious to me that someone who would make the above two statements is in fact incapable of logical thought enabling constructive conclusions.

    As for your question asking my stance as to whether this government is corupt/incorupt, legal/illegal I really do not care.

    I still await someone actually showing proof that they are corrupt because after 6 years all we have is 'oppinions'.

    As for legality, what difference does this make after 6 years and as to date I have not heard a single voice from an alternative opposition that has said what they would do to run Fiji better.

  196. @Sanaila..phew!..why hang around in this hell hole when you could be contributing in humane sites like Matavuvale.com etc?

    Not that we totally agree will all you post. But people with real names and faces would be eager to reply to all the Rear Admiral
    has indoctrinate you with!

    But again, it is sure fun to once in a while mingle with faceless cowards who at the end of the day take their posts and read it to their respective families.

    Image what else they allow into their home and bedroom??...rerebaki!

  197. Sa sivia la na vuku ni kaiviti. Na tavioka madaga esega ni tei rawa tiko. Ra vutuniyau ga mai ka Kai veivanuatani e Viti ena nodra teitei kei na vakaduri bisinisi.

  198. Anon 10:54
    No one is allowed to say the truth about this regime publicly with draconian decrees set in place. When media print the truth they're slapped with heavy fines and labelled anti Fiji. Same applies for political parties. I suggest you pull your head out and fark off back to where you came from.


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