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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

High hopes tempered with reality for Fiji's last three parties

Mixed fortunes predicted for the three political parties that managed to get enough numbers to apply to re-register.

The regime is supposed to indicate today whether the newly named SDL party - the Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party and the National Federation Party have successfully registered.

FLP is offering the standard line of 'all lodged and waiting for decision' but some observers say even the hand of God can't save the largely Indian party.

Signatures in bag: Baba waiting for verification
A spokesperson for SODELPA, Dr Tupeni Baba, says their registration is on track.

He told Coupfourpointfive last night: "We are going well and by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday), we should know where we stand about objections against the party. With NFP almost clearing the hurdle, we think we will do the same.

"NFP had only one substantive complaint in Kadavu but that objection was engineered by a member of the military who is apparently in the PM's office.

"That objection was investigated by the Special Branch but it was not like what happened to the Labour Party in Ba."

Dr Baba says tomorrow should herald good news for SODELPA.

"On Wednesday morning, we will be seeing the new Registrar to see the list of objections. We will then address the objections and by 26th of May we expect to be registered, God willing.

"We have not heard of any objections so far, so that is a good start and we will be happy to get registered. We were pessimistic at the beginning but now, it is an exciting period and we should be seeing at least two registered parties by the end of March."

But one seasoned politico is not so hopeful. He says 'nothing is working' and 'FLP is dreaming.'

"And there is no END to registration period. Once the registrar receives replies to any objections he can sit on it. The decree does not compel him with time limits to make a determination. 

"He can take his time and time he will be directed to take, reasonableness will require him to act quicker. But who ever said the regime is reasonable? Having shut out the parties, they will not be in a hurry to empower opposition!

"The plan is NOT to register any party at all. Although NFP has done everything right and complied with the decree, registration is not expected as the regime is busy looking for loopholes. The registrar has very wide powers and can reject any application in his judgment. 

"Then the appeal process ticks in and that can take months and will buy the regime the time they need.

"This view is consistent with Bainimarama's announcement that he cannot appoint the Constituent Assembly until all objections to party applications are cleared and parties registered as to otherwise will not be inclusive!

"On the other hand he is travelling around and orchestrating ordinary people to oppose elections and for his regime to remain in power.

"The word is that once parties are wiped out it will be easier for them to justify no CA, no Constitution and go for a Mussharaf-like referendum in 2014. That's Fiji!"


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Doc Baba
Dont hold high hope this regime are liars cant be trusted at all.
Boycott the CA/Constitution.its all illegal anyway.

Mobilise It said...

you politicos are just ostriches and no wonder you will lose the peoples'hopes.
either your advisers are full of crap or you chose not to listen to them.
i suspect it is the second.
you are never gonna get it are you mr baba??
no elections and no challenge of your refused registration in court.
unfortunately you are playing straight into the hands of the dictator and his misguided advisers.
i dont support this dictator but i would not vote for you because you are all got no principles and no guts to stand up for the people, let alone yourselves politicos.
so sad.

Anonymous said...

Muslims rules Fiji with the support of dumb ass army officers.

Anonymous said...

Political leaders are playing in Khaiyum hands and his Constitution.
Wake up guys.

Anonymous said...

There'll be no elections. Look at what he's doing. He tries to show enthusiasm in having an election but goes around the country indirectly supporting ppl's view that there be no election. He shud tell the people that the country should go to elections not tell us that the ppl do not want election. It shows he himself does not want an election because he fears his past misdeeds of murders, corruption, torture and all will find him out.

Anonymous said...

Lets have a referendum with international observers. Vacava that? Bainimarama rules for another 4 years! Wananavu! Let go all the way and have a referendum. What are you C4.5 worried about? You worried that people really do support this government? Bawahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is having the last laugh with the political parties succumbling to pressure to register. It means you are condoning what is happening and you all agreeing to the regime's illegal road map. Stand up, a national protest is required to bring this regime to a stop.

Anonymous said...

New Fiji Airways planes have arrived, some people are commending the regime for developments that have been established in their areas, but that does not take away the fact that this regime stole power from the people, its leaders have blood on their hands for murders of CRW and some civilians, that treason they committed must be accounted for some day.I pray that day come quickly.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Bainimarama is holding the country at ransom for fear of going to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

The new airbus will be the first plane to go down in flames when in operation later in the years to come..either by mechanical or unknown catalyst, as it was bought withiout the concesus of the people of fiji savings through FNPF and Bai & Kaiyum & Pillfinger deceits and lie to recover some money to pay their debts to all fiji govt instution and other money making companies ownde by the fiji govt!!

Mark my words,they is going to be a payback for the bloods of the fijians Bainivoceke has swindled,killed,made & helped to family & job loss happening now since 2006.

rajend naidu said...

what happened to Musharraf in the end? Is the Pakistani Government still trying to get hold of him to put him on trial? why is Musharraf holed up in England? Has he met the fate of most dictators having to spent their twilight years in exile in foreign lands?

Anonymous said...

No matter what the regime says, it can not justify the purchase of the three aircrafts.Air Pacific is now 1.8 billion dollars in debt.For airline that makes about $15 million in profit every year, it is not viable.

Someone has made millions in pay off out of this A330 deal.

Vutuki Sanaila said...

Another Gamble or Rushed buying???

FIJIAN Holdings Limited (FHL) is a new owner of Yasana Holdings Limited.

This was after a recent announcement that FHL had bought Yasana Holdings for $24 million.

In a statement from FHL yesterday, group chairman Iowane Naiveli said the acquisition was a project in the making for the past 24 months.

He said it was a transaction that would result in maximising synergies between two indigenous companies.

"Part of the consideration involves the full settlement of iTaukei Affairs Board's (iTAB) outstanding loan to FHL which stands at $15.82m as of March 15, 2013. This was a result of $20m loan iTAB borrowed from FHL in August 2010. Yasana Holdings Limited is owned by iTAB and 14 provincial councils. YHL owns 51 per cent of Fiji Television Limited as well as investments in ATH, RB Patel Group, FMF Foods and Pacific Green," FHL said.

Acting group chief executive officer Nouzab Fareed said the ultimate winners of the transaction would be the shareholders of both companies. He said they were content with the investment portfolio of YHL and business would continue as usual.

Meanwhile, FHL announced their consolidated group revenue for the first six months of the current financial year had increased by 28 per cent to $122 million compared to the same period of the previous financial year.

Mr Naiveli said the results were pleasing as it was achieved under a challenging economic environment.

He said they were optimistic that the momentum would be continued in the next six months and that the FHL Group would aim to maintain positive results for the 2013 financial year.

This was the group financial performance for the six months ending December 31, 2012.

He said consolidated post-tax profit had risen marginally to $7.28m.

Anonymous said...

Every one stay home for few days regime will go down on its knee.
No work/no school/no transport /no shopping/ just praying to our almighty to deliver you from the evil regime.
National strike but stay home .

Anonymous said...

Annon at 4:57 PM is right.

By jumping through hoops like trained circus animals the political parties have showed they are weak and spineless.

If the members of SODELPA had a bit of bravery, they would have said, Fuck off VB we are not going to register and we are not going away.

FLP - the corrupt money hungry party.

SODELPA - the cowards party

FNP - Little fags party.

Take the good people from each who will form a party/ government after some RFMF boys have grown some balls and taken the PM and his family hostage.

No one needs to get hurt. If the PM gets hurt no one will care, except maybe his boyfriend and his mistress.

rajend naidu said...

Bosco Ntganda the former rebel militia leader of M23 known as "The Terminator" and wanted by the International Criminal Court for suspected war crimes in Congo has given himself up at the US Embassy in Rwanda.
Al-Jazeera described him as a"feared military commander who runs a vast extortion empire in the mineral-rich east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This rogue leader has apparently realised that he can run but there is no safe place in today's world for thug leaders like him to hide when the international community puts out a WANTED poster on him.
(Source :World News on NBC news.com
presented on DW Journal 19/3)
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

This thug regime will do just what it's been doing, which is using its media control, the compliance of the political parties, and the general apathy of the people to pretend to enjoy some legitimacy. It will foment and exploit differences in international opinion. It will use the courts and bureaucracy to block the registration of the political parties, cynically countering all criticisms as anti-rule of law. It will blame the impasse on the parties and claim it delayed the formation of the CA. It will then claim the 'selfish partisan aims' of the parties necessitates postponing the elections.

It might well hold a referendum on Bainimarama's continued rule, but it won't be fair. The regime will use the army to 'safeguard' the ballot box. It might even require open balloting to be signed by voters 'to prevent voting fraud'.

The regime will give us more empty promises, this time about the year 2020, but in truth Bainimarama is setting himself up to be President for Life.

I know it sounds like Haiti under Papa Doc Duvalier, but this is indeed our future unless we rage against it now.

The only thing that puzzles me is why did Bainimarama wait this long when he could have simply stolen the election in 2009.

Professor Crosbie Walsh said...

Fiji can ill afford to have reprobate political parties such as these, registering for the elections.

We all know what Mr Qarase did when he was in power. SODELPA will be no different.

There is no real need for any elections. The Prime Ministers outstanding reforms are convincing the world that Fiji's guarded democracy is the best political system available.

Furthermore, Fiji has an independent judiciary and corruption is at an all time low.

The people posting derogatory comments on this blog should be thankful that they are being well governed by a competent leader.

Crosbie (Croz) Walsh
PH: NZ 063298133
37 Tokomaru Rd
Tokomaru 4474
Horowhenua, New Zealand


Koi Colo.. said...

Well the obvious fact is that Voceke can not measure up to Mahen or Qarase or any other leader for the matter.

Why? Every leader has stood his ground in the face of adversity. Voceke, even though a seefarer & having the principle of every captain being the last to leave his vessell or going down with it, chose to run, abandon his ship & men during adversity. What institution or let alone country would want to be lead by a COWARD????

Is Frank a leader, only to faggots and those who believe in COWARDICE..in my books he ain't even a man!!!!!

Vutulaki Sanaila said...

Croz Walsh, fuck you faggot. Maybe I should pay you a visit and greet you with a fist you gay cunt.

Anonymous said...

Seems like fiji is going back to the 1990 constitution done by Rabuka and army thugs with muslim support.

Ali Khan said...

There was no democracy during Rabuka and Qarase's time period. The electoral system was heavily biased towards those two parties. By the way who needs democracy in Fiji. Look at how much PM Bainimarama has saved us from 2006. No salary for the 71 parlimentarians. No parlimentary staff and offices. Reduced number of cabinet ministers,Qualified and competent Ministers,eg Ratu Inoke and Filipe Bole,Greater distribution of income.eg Rural development, strong opposition party, eg coupfour and half, lower crime rate, higher earnings from tourism, building of good infrastructures, eg roads, hospitals,etc, everyone is treated same, etc.
Long Live Bainimarama Government.

Ben N Suva Fiji Islands said...

People should acknowledge the good work of our PM and his government since 2006. Majority peeople are happy and donot want an election in fiji. The overseas residents with fijian origin are the only ones complaining. The caregivers,the carers, the factory workers, the taxi and truck drivers,the rail workers, the farm workers, the dairy owners, the dole bluggers, the courier drivers,etc have too much time on their hand and thus have nothing to do but complain.

Anonymous said...

@ Ben N Suva Fiji Islands. You sound like a really masipolo falla. No doubt you have no conscience as you a supporting the biggest criminal in Fiji Frank the usurper and murderer.

People will complain because Frank is not their legal prime minister, they want a pm who is elected by the people not one that force himself upon the people.

Anonymous said...

ALI khan you are an idiot, 2 monkeys are earning 1m each your kattu arsy and casava patch runner to name few and millions in bank , I am just waiting how many muslim remains on top the day baini falls..

Anonymous said...

@ Crosbie Walsh........let the Audited Financial reports yet to be released be the judge of that. The biggest overspending of all time. And its crooks like you who are being paid exorbitant salaries from funds loaned from India & china which the future generations will have to repay.

If guarded democracy means letting people like Keane the PM's brother in law get away with murder then screw it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baba and whoever the other idiots in SDL should get this in to their thick heads. PPRD came and you took it best servants of I_arse. You change the name. PPRD amendment came. You took it again and made it SODELPA. Why cant you idiots see the inevitable? You will not be registered.....period. What on earth are you thinking? A dictator will hand over power by free and fair elections???? When old haggets cant get their erection right, you think about election. You are killing everything LQ built. Get over what is written on books Doctor. Use some common sense to see the logic........ get organised, protest and fight....or else just sleep with your non erection....sorry election....

Anonymous said...

C'mon, who is this guy impersonating Croz Walsh? He's a laugh riot! Not even Croz is that obtuse.

What did Qarase do whilst in power that was so bad, especially compared to the murder, treason, torture, rape, arson, mayhem, corruption, etc. of Bainimarama?

Independent judiciary, puh-lease! Not independent of the regime, mind you, just independent of the law and conscience.

If everyone is sooo convinced that Bainimarama is doing a great job, then he should welcome the mandate that comes with being elected -- the mandate he completely lacks now.

Corruption in Fiji at an all-time low? Corruption is at an all-time high but concentrated in the hands of Bainimarama and his closest accomplices.

If the real Croz thinks Fiji is so well governed, then why doesn't he come to live here? Until then he has no standing to comment and should just butt out of pur affairs.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA 2014!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Easy to see Ali Khan and Ben N Suva are one in the same.

Pretty silly arguments, when one considers, and yet these are the same arguments suddenly being trotted out by all of the regime toadies.

Begins by criticising past governments for not being democratic enough, even though they were far, far more democratic than the present regime. Then he switches track to say who needs democracy anyway!

Claims Bainimarama saved us money by not having a parliament, etc. Reminds me of the saying that education is expensive until you consider how much costlier is ignorance. Even gives Baininarama the credit for the creation of the Coup 4.5 website -- sort of like giving Heinrich Himmler the credit for creating the French Resistance. Just as silly as other claims like improved infrastructure, less corruption, etc.

Yes, the Bainimarama "government" -- where everyone is treated equally... with contempt.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but Anon 10:55 is right. Stop playing by the regime's rules. Those rules are illegal, and the regime keeps changing them anyway.

Organise instead to fight. It's long past time.

Anonymous said...

Tupeni Baba will dump SDL for Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai party. That is why he hasn't said if he will stand for the SDL during elections. Big time opportunist who has lost the plot. From extreme Indian nationalist to extreme itaukei nationalist. Next will be extreme homosexual advocate. In other words a political bitch or soli cici.

Anonymous said...

Tupeni Baba will dump SDL for Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai party. That is why he hasn't said if he will stand for the SDL during elections. Big time opportunist who has lost the plot. From extreme Indian nationalist to extreme itaukei nationalist. Next will be extreme homosexual advocate. In other words a political bitch or soli cici.

Anonymous said...

I learned that all lies will keep this regime going for another 20 years.
Political party should boycott the CA/Constitution.
Why you guys are following the illegal orders and decree ?
Stand up for justice, freedom and democracy .1997 constitution lives on.
CJ Gate gave his ruling in 2000 that the 1997 Constitution is still alive..
So CJ gate tell your AG that he is wrong and your PM that 1997 Constitution is a living document.
Prove it to the people and the world what you said in your speech that judicial shouldnt be attached to any political party.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Melanesian solidarity:The Melanesians ganged up with Rabuka to support his racist coup which posited Fiji Indians as the Jews of the Pacific.Now they are banding with Bainimarama who claims he has conducted a "multiracial" coup!!
The real reason for their flocking together is that the Melanesian political leadership is just as treacherous as Bainimarama's.

Anonymous said...

Indians are hard working people ,they are all over the world.
I am proud to be an Indian and thats god given race to me.
People shouldnt be playing racial politics .
Indians and fijian have lived for so many years in peace until racist rabuka coup/others.
Fiji is 3 rd in south pacific bec of hard working Indians.
Indians/fijians/others are all god children.
So i hope easter will bring all races to practice christ like life.
Frank can start by forgiving and taking out political prisoner out.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:03 and 6:04 AM, if what you say about Tupeni Baba is true, shouldn't he be running on the regime's party ticket? Extreme opportunists and soli cici flock to Bainimarama.

rajend naidu said...

when you read what Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare says in 'Somare: Don't pressure Fiji' in the regime newsletter Fiji Sun (19/3) you get a good idea why he has been invited by the regime to be the chief guest at the Melanesian celebrations.
The Grand Chief is saying all the right things - FOR THE REGIME!
He says he has "counselled others not to pressure Fiji to artificially tinker with the Constitution simply to appease development partners or to quell criticism from our big boys in the region".
What about the criticism from Fiji's own people Big Man?
You talk about the "artificial tinkering" of the constitution. What about the arbitrary trashing of the Constitution by the usurpers?
What you are saying might be music to the ears of the illegal power holders in Fiji but it holds no water. You are saying what the regime wants to hear. Your speech might very well have been prepared by a regime stooge. But what you are saying is irrelevant.
Irrelevant people have a tendency to say irrelevant things.
The people of Fiji who are peacefully campaigning for the restoration of democracy in Fiji and the international community of which Fiji is a part (in case you have forgotten) will pay no
attention to what you say - because it's not worth paying attention to!
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

Mohnish lal of Sydney would have us believe "it will be a sad day for our nation if this government [the unelected Bainimarama military government]is not re-elected in 2014".
I thought it was a sad day for our nation on 5 December 2006 when we had yet another coup!
Somehow Lal manages to conveniently ignore that!
I wonder why?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:10am: "Organise instead to fight. It's long past time"

Easier said than done.... 6 years past and all talk, no action. Why don't you organize something instead of inciting others to do so for you?

ghekko said...

It is important that SODELPA follows registration rules and regulation set by this military regime, to the letter. In doing this, it will force this regime to comply with what it says will do. Should it change the rules, and it is most likely it will, by doctoring its decree, it will further confirm to the people of Fiji and the international community how corrupt and untrustworthy commodore bainimarama is.
In the meantime, citizens of Fiji must prepare for the worse.
I mean, we must approach our destiny for the greater good of our country and our children. For their freedom and ours as well. We should not fear-lamusona, when we are called to make the stand, even if it means jail, wounded or death.
We must be united in purpose to rid our nation of commodore bainimarama and his band of cowards.
Race must not be the basis of our engagement but our freedom to choose who will lead us. We must free ourselves of this tyranny. Be prepared totake up the call when you see the sign.

rajend naidu said...

'Stay away from politics :Gates' (Fiji Sun 19/3) - is an advice Gates forgot to give to himself.
That's why he is perceived today to be the Fiji military dictatorship's puppet Chief Justice.
Gates has lost his credibility and integrity because he failed to follow his own advice to 'stay away from politics'.
And as a result a great harm has been done to the Fiji Judiciary .It has been politicised. Everyone knows that.
rajend naidu

Legalise It said...

sorry rajen, gates did not say "stay away from politics". he said "stay away from politics as much as you can"..there is a huge difference isnt it?
so you are right. the judiciary is politicised. but you cant prove it.
wati is short on legal experience and expertise, so what.
the reason the judiciary is politicised is that the judges an magistrates are ALL on contract short term 1 -3 years depending on whether u local or expat with immeditate termination on one month pay with no right to ask why or take it to court.
thats a fact.

Anonymous said...

There will be NO ELECTIONS in 2014. The Constituent Assembly is a prelude to a similar body being appointed by the President in 2014 to act as Caretaker Government for another five years with Frank B as its head. No ELECTIONS. Only NOMINATIONS. Rural Fiji will get its way and the rest of us will just go along while continuing to blog our curses. We are a country full of followers led by a handful of risk takers (translated usurpers).

Mukesh Singh, Raviravi, Ba said...

Hey rajend, get a life, the people of Fiji can see through you and your bullshit, Fiji is not Africa so stop comparing Bainimarama and Fiji to some tin pot militia commander in a rag tag army. Bainimarama is the head of a professional military force that has shown in the last seven years that they are capable of running a country.

If the Fiji Defence Force was something like the armies in Africa then we'd have a situation like Rwanda, but it isn't. Since 2000, Bainimarama and the Fiji Defence Force have saved this nation from the brink of chaos and ethnic cleansing. since the 2006 takeover the only casualties have been criminals, drug pushers, disrespectful ursupers, prison escapees who held the nation to ransom during their escape from lawful custody, ethnic tension inciters, etc etc. The incidents are unfortunate but minor when compared to what happens in the developed countries of the world such as the US, Aust and NZ.

It is now a common phrase for foreign ministers in Aust and NZ to state publicly what a regrettable incident it was that the ADF and NZDF had been involved in the shooting, bombing and killing of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or to bring it much closer to home, the deaths in custody of Aboriginal and Maori suspects in Aust and NZ police stations.

So you see, your host countries records are not as polished as you think they are. Try commenting on that first before airing your unwanted views on our Fiji. For the first time since Fiji gained its independence, everyone in this country, irrespective of race, ethnicity, or religion, now have a sense of belonging and equal identity. That is all thanks to Bainimarama and our glorious Fijian Defence Force.

Anonymous said...

Mukesh Singh aka Graham Davies

rajend naidu said...

@Mukesh Singh
I wonder why Anonymous 5.01PM 19/3 says" Bainimarama is holding the country to ransom for fear of going to Naboro"?
I am sure he must be some school dropout from Australia. It can't be anyone from Fiji because no doubt everyone in Fiji and his and her dog shares your view. Right?
Why is my views "unwanted"?
who thinks they are unwanted?
A regime lackey,like you? why are they "unwanted"? Because they don't suck up to the illegal power holders? I leave that to the Mukesh Singhs in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Mukesh Singh/Graham Davies (or whoever you are).. Get a life yourself, like the rest of us and stop feeding off the spoils of your glorious Defence Force. Lucky for you and your Glorious Defence Force most Fijians now consider themselves Christians. Remember, it is that ONE fact, which allows your Glorious Defence Force and your "Glorious" leader to continue to feed us the crap about a "sense of belonging and equal identity". Just be careful how far you push the Fijian benevolence because when we react, Rwanda will be miniscule in terms of the massacre - and you can take it from me, the toll will be higher on the side of your Glorious Defence Force and bumsuckers like you. Equality my foot .. we're all still being treated as seperate ethnic groupings, but for hangers-on like you, that doesn't really matter does it because you're more equal than the rest of us.. you patronising propagandist.

Vutuki Meo said...

@ghekko 10:12
I totally support your view.
I think we should think of a date and from that day forward there is no more talk but we start action.

I personally came to that position in my life in December 2012

I now hold the view that militant action is the only way we can remove Bainimarama and Aiyarse and bring them to justice.

Sanaila said...

SODELPA is a new brand of toilet paper....use it when you have diarhoea....

Anonymous said...

Mukesh Singh.

Why are you deliberately forgetting Nimilote Verebasaga, Sakiusa Rabaka, Malasebe and the CRW soldiers and others who could not even defend themselves? These are the questions Bainirarama should be asked when he comes campaigning for the 2014 elections if it ever happens at all.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2.03PM
why are you accusing Mukesh Singh of "deliberately forgetting" the extra-judicial executions by the regime forces? these unlawful killings did not happen. How can anyone say that about our Glorious Fijian Defence Force? Our is a "professional military force" that only acts professionally. We showed how we can act professionally in 1987 when we carried out the first coup and we have been a professional military force ever since. Even out budget and accounts are faultless.All taken care of professionally! Only we don't like it to be audited. People should just learn to trust us. Be like Mukesh Singh. It's all good whatever the professional military force of fiji do. they are not capable of any wrongdoing. Has anyone noticed the Glorious Defence Force of fiji ever doing anything wrong?!

Nadera Boy said...

All Coup sapota's and army bloggers must have gone to another new school and taught how to converse and write and blog smartly in here...hahahahahah

You are all still the same like Sanaila,Ali Cunt & Madar Chod Mukesh..take a toilet paper sand paper and use it up ur bums...

Forget Government of the People for the People by the People: what the dictator wants is a Government of Fiji by Bainimarama for Bananas in pyjamas

People of Fiji, democracy groups, NGO's, Unionists, individuals, our Pacific neighbours and friends of Fiji.
We all need to unite and work together to remove the evil Fiji Junta as soon as possible, and return Democracy, the rule of Law and Human Rights to Fiji. We are not alone! And together we will triumph and restore peace and prosperity to our beloved Fiji Islands.

Anonymous said...

@Mukesh Singh of Kumkum, Ba
I don't know where you got the idea that Bainimarama and his military force has "shown in the last seven years that they are capable of running a country".
They have shown no such thing. If anything they have shown themselves capable of ruining a country! with their unlawful decrees, compromised judiciary, militarised police,civil service and prison service; no accountability and transparency and rule by terror! you undah/mataboko or what!

Anonymous said...

Look at calibre of SODELPA candidates in previous blogs. Vakaloloma saraga with corrupt and useless no qualification ans unemployed arsehole trying to lead a country. None even have any leadership experience. Frank has led an army that has not buckled to international pressure or fuckall blogging. Bawahahahaha

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.01PM
"Frank has led an army that has not buckled to international pressure" because no international pressure has been applied YET!

Anonymous said...

I name my dog Sanaila as it likes to smell and follow other dogs' arses

rajend naidu said...

Myanmar's foreign minister currently on a visit here said in an Australian television broadcast that Myanmar was in the process of making a transition from military rule to democracy (ABC 24 News 20/3)and they could use all the help and support they could get to make a successful transition.
Fiji is also in the process of making a transition - but it's the other way round. It is in the process of making a transition from democracy to military rule and they say they don't need any help to do that.They can manage the transition themselves.
They have their guns to help in the transition.
rajend naidu

TURUKAWA said...

The oppression,corruption and brutality is rising every year with debts to the fiji illegal govt rising into billions. The purchase of the new A330 airbus and another 2 to be bought or on its way to fiji will keep the debts of this illegal govt rising to a point where it wont be able to sustain internal finance to pay its civil servants and armed forces...army,police and prison officers.Crime rate has risen percentage wise since last truly govt COMPOL Hughes.You guys have started to see what we dont see since last decade in fiji of the rise in the break down of social obligation of every citizen in fiji in that close families or family are robbing or raping each other.

It will come a time as what Ratu Sukuna prophesizes years ago that it will come a time when all fijians with good education and degrees will not find a job in fiji because of the way Bainimaram and company is leading fiji to a slow death of no return. Government coffers will dry up soon if Bainimarama does'nt negotiate or work on teh agriculture sector or sugar production and fishing industry in fiji..we all know that what is keeping this govt still surving is the money they are receiving from the Fiji Tourism and other fiji govt instutions of hich they are trying or already raping and pillaging to find ways to sustain the biggest amount of money to cover every facets of his plan with teh illegal Attorney General. We should keep our eyes open in all govt depts in watching when this is going to end,what is his or there plans of escape and what finance they have saved in false accounts in overseas banks or countries where they cannot be traced offshore etc.

Therefore, I call upon all memebers of the FPF & FMF to remember your sworn oaths to protect the citizen and people of fiji as the sworn gurdians you must TAKE BACK CONTROL of your once proud institutions from the murdering Bainimarama and his TINY group of dedicated power hungry cronies.


To Help end this,you need to turn your focus onto Fiji's real enemy:THE MUDERER BAINIMARAMA. With his laugable promises of free & fair election in 2014,this isnt what you joined up for.We all need to UNITE and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Money that Bainimara is dangling in front or yours including all those colonels,majors,commanders in the govt will run out soon,the promises of AG & Bai isnt really all what he is promising you guys.Under them you are regularly beign instructed to turn a blind eye to breaches of teh law,corruption and to teh brutality of your OWN PEOPLE.This isn't what you joined up for.The people of fiji are suffering and are the dead's CRW boys blood are calling out to avenge their deaths in a proper way of a true democracy and justice to be carried out for them and also you and your families are sufferring and also everyone related to each of you.

There are many of you and little amount of them. Rememeber you will be doing a very proud thing to your family,country,province,viilage & mataqali & tokatoka you come from in fiji.

IF nothing of the above is being done in next 2 years then Fiji's problem will bore down its burden to the whole lot of you and your generation in the future.. THis is the time to protect your future of your children and the next geneartion of fijians of fiji.


Anonymous said...

Sainala Why are you so scared of SODELPA? Just as scared like your boss Voreqe!

Anonymous said...

So rajend you do admit, Aust govt deals with Burma yet puts sanctions on Fiji. And you you know the human rights records of Burma, funny, Aust govt would rather engage with genocide recorded countries rather than fiji, just a thought for you rajend.

Anonymous said...

@ anon4.03Pm
and mugabe goes to rome to pay his respect to the new pope after abusing his people at home...
and bainimarama goes to address the united nations and gets appointed to head the G77...
and, well you get the drift...
Bob carr engaging with ratu inoke kubuabola ...

Komai said...

It’s not about why, but how says Pflieger
Publish date/time: 20/03/2013 [14:10]

Outgoing Managing Director and CEO of Air Pacific Dave Pflieger said he cannot reveal the loan repayment agreement and details on the interest rates in relation to the loan taken from European banks to pay for the purchase of the three new A330s.

When asked in a conference, Pflieger said while many are raising issues about the loans, he said it is an amazing business plan to purchase the brand new planes to invest in the country.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The catalogue price for the new planes is US$200 million each and as revealed in 2011, the Fiji National Provident Fund gave Air Pacific a loan of $200 million which was the initial funding for the purchase of the three wide body planes.

85 percent of the loan to purchase the planes has come from offshore banks.

When asked on the repayment plan on the huge loan, Pflieger said Air Pacific which will soon be Fiji Airways is now doing well financially and he expects it to deliver profits to pay off the loans.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

When asked why he is leaving at this crucial time, Pflieger said he is leaving behind a strong team that will take the airline forward.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The second and third A330s will arrive in May and November respectively.

Pflieger said the new planes which are built according to Fiji’s specifications are also amazing.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Dave Pflieger will take up the posts of President and CEO of Silver Airways from May 1st.

Anonymous said...

Amy still waiting for international pressure especially after lamusona Australian army crashed Blackhawks with SAS in it off Kadavu. Chief of Defence Australian military threatened to invade and Fiji army was ready. Cava tale sa vo dou biuta mai. Na blog ena Kauta ga mai na block ni arteries kei na mate ni uto vei kemuni wili talega kina na block ni cici. Na pressure ni no UN service esega mada ga ni dua e milamila kina. Na sega ni lako I NZ kei Australia esega saraga na isa. Ni veicai mada na blog tiko ka saqata tiko na matanitu kei na mataivalu. Totolo ni yavu magaitinamuni. Ni na oca mai ni veicai. Na qai qo ena qai ga.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hihihihihi for SODELPA

Anonymous said...

So I was right these guys (Sanaila's gang and his learder) are scared shit of SODELPA!! thus the bad words nothing constructive as usual sign of weakness!!

Anonymous said...

Dont bother trying to get a straight answer from Pflieger, he simply wont answer any straight question asked,he seems to only misdirect the question. On the mother hand it may be pathological - we in the hangar very well know that like a child his attention span is miniscule. The guy is a fruitloop. Best he leaves now...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:52 Aust & NZ sega na isa.
Cava ga qai resign kina o vutulaki me lai qito ena Sevens. Oti mai join tale ena Army.

Ni yavu sotia menemene.

You soldiers behaving like girls, you bunch of pooftas.

Anonymous said...

no army can take on the fiji army. fiji army is the strongest army in the world! Bainimarama is the commander of the strongest army in the world. he should get a medal for that. Or, they can make one themselves!

Anonymous said...

Yes the Fiji army are dying here in Fiji almost 2 or 2 per week on natural causes showing unfit etc etc. Even the Siri Lankan army wont make a sweat to demolish the Fiji army. no respect whatsoever for Fiji army!

Maybe the wrath of god befalls them so they are dying in numbers withuot a war here in Fiji!

rajend naidu said...

@ Mukesh Singh
thank you for advising me to try commenting on issues here in my adopted country. I do that all the time in the same way I comment on issues in my home country. My most recent one I think ( because you lose track after submitting so many!!) was on the Australian State's attempt to control press freedom which was published in The Australian on March 16. I hope this clarifies something for you.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6.48PM
The most formidable division of the Fiji Army is it's Air Force! No invading army dare engage the fiji army in the air.They'd be wiped out by the Fiji army firing coconuts!

Anonymous said...

@ at annon 6:59 yes because there's an air force in fiji, you dumbass nitwit. take that coconut and shove it up your rear end to stop your shaking because your version of democracy ain't coming back.

And rajend, you didn't even answer mukesh's comment, stop bullshitting the readers gandu...

Anonymous said...

Retarded Faggots Masturbators of Frank.....FRMF........

Anonymous said...

Fijian Air Force. Hahahaha! Reminds me of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

Anonymous said...

oh! and don't forget the fijian army's drones. they can hit targets anywhere over the 300 islands in fiji! so everyone beware, don"t mess with the Fiji army!

Anonymous said...

The Fijian Army is struggling. To avoid accounting for the CRW murders and other heinous crimes, Bainimarama prefers that Fiji live under crippling sanctions rather than take the elementary steps required to get from under those sanctions. The sanctions imposed by the United States on mil-mil relations and trade in military supplies in particular are gradually degrading Fijian military readiness and the RFMF's ability to conduct peacekeeping operations.

The RFMF is currently a light infantry force at best. It was very much touch and go whether the RFMF could step up to the more robust patrolling requirements being levied upon it by UNAMI after the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq. After all, the RFMF had only been a static guard unit in Iraq, and its experience in recent years had mostly consisted of subjugating unarmed civilians in permissive environments -- e.g., Suva.

UNAMI isn't going to last forever. Eventually the RFMF role will be taken over by the Iraqis themselves. If the Aussies and Kiwis provided their own boots-on-the-ground or those of other nations to substitute for the RFMF, they would be able to convince the UN and MFO Sinai to send the RFMF home just as soon as the new forces could be trained and acclimated.

The involvement of some of the RFMF in military coups, torture and other unsavory practices is destroying the international reputation of the Fijian armed forces. This mandates Leahy vetting of RFMF personnel before they can participate in any U.S.-funded program, and -- make no mistake -- it is the United States that underwrites nearly all UN peacekeeping efforts.

This raises the issue of how someone like Sitiveni Qiliho, who is at the centre of so many human rights concerns, could have passed the U.S. embassy's vetting process to reportedly be deployed as a monitor in Syria.

Under Bainimarama, Fiji is actually losing some money on its overseas deployments. Also, the RFMF is riddled with corruption because of its lack of accountability and the lax standards modeled by its officers. Although Bainimarama is raiding Fiji's budget to shovel more money at the RFMF, the fact remains that he is also the primary reason why the RFMF gravy train is eventually coming to a screeching halt.

Anonymous said...

Right! And don't forget, there's also the RFMF's much vaunted Strategic Rocket Forces.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:03, the Australian government sanctioned Burma also, but even the Burmese military was able to get out from under sanctions sooner than the RFMF under Bainimarama. And Anonymous 9:27's posting is a reminder that even Iraq's government is more democratic than Fiji's.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has many failed institutions, but none more so than the RFMF.

It couldn't even protect us from itself.

Anonymous said...

We should follow Sanaila's advice. Under this regime, Fiji does suffer a bad case of diarrhoea -- worse than a frightened commodore sprinting through a cassava patch. It is time we switched paper brands and wiped the government clean!

Anonymous said...

Let's put to rest right now the allegation that Mukesh Singh is Graham Davis. He can't be. He isn't snide and arrogant enough.

Mukesh Singh says that since the 2006 takeover, the only casualties have been criminals, etc. What a load of nonsense is that? Every Fijian has been a casualty of this regime. Every Fijian has had his lawful government stolen from him. Every Fijian has had his civil rights taken away. Every Fijian has suffered from the currency devaluation, from the damage to Fiji's international reputation, from the censorship and climate of fear.

I could go on and on, but most of you get the point, even if the Mukesh Singhs of this world never do.

Anonymous said...

Every dictator in the world stayed in power just by showing visible developnment that's what baini/arsy pussy doing ,it is my curse on them from my heart that one day these two idiots will fight among themselves and die like two dogs, for baini he will piss,toilet everything in his panty ...

Na Qase said...

Strongest army in the world??? Why the fuck did their so called bold leader beat Usain Bolts record when he did a sprint via the famous cassava patch in Delai Nabua....more like the most Sonalevu Army in the world!!! kijim boy!!!!!!!!! I vote the 4th Airbus be named Carata na Tapi in recognition of our so called leaders COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF BATTLE....DUA GO NONA MEDAL NAI SOGO NO 44 GALLON ME SOGOTA NA SONALEVU SA TU YA....


Anonymous said...

Retarded Faggots Masturbators of Frank.....RFMF........!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

COUP 4.5...........Can we have a soli to setup some sort of memorial @ the Delai-Nabua cassava patch where Frank crapped his way to infamy!!!

Ideas please people!!! Maybe one big fly or lago statue!!! Maybe they can ask the Chinese for a loan & turn the whole QEB into one big sewerage treatment plant!!!! Thats one big memorial for the whole lot of shit stirrers up there!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! and let us not make the mistake of forgetting Fiji Military's nuclear submarine capability. The Tongan gang were very lucky the submarines were on dry dock getting a "Clean Up" when that Ratu fala deserted the fiji military and caught a boat to Tonga!!

Kai Colo said...

Oye Tupeni Tuesday came an went. No announcement about Party Registration. You are in dream world or what? Why do you like to preempt things?

It may be better for you to go into hibernation and think about starting yet another party. You are good at it.

Sanaila said...

wahahaha the tongans came they fucked soldiers wives while their lazy grog doped hubbies fell asleep, then they left with roko ului hahahahahahahaaha!!! frank's army too much talk bunch of wankers.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA 2014!!!!!!!!! sanaila and his uncle frank will be dragged in streets of suva before they're thrown on ute tray like Benedito.

Anonymous said...

@annon 1:20am oh and sonadelpa is in control of the army, sonalevu tovolea mada mo dou qai sodelpa on the back of a ute again cicilevu....hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

SODELPA is a continuation of the original struggle to break free from the web of chains that arrests the development of the Itaukei race while at the same time the advancement to progress with dignity of the rest of our inter-racial community.

SODELPA continues from where SDL Party left off and will see to the fulfillment of this struggle.

After 2006, SDL Party continued to open its office to serve its supporters. Now the proposed SODELPA is in the position to continue these service.

We must understand that these service continues amidst torture, threats and intimidation to its leaders. These services continued under a corrupt justice system which saw to the jailing of the former PM and leader of the former SDL Party.

Leaders like Dr Tupeni Baba, The Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi, The Turaga na Tui Cakau, Mr Pio Tabaiwalu, Ro Dona Takalaiyale, Mr Solomone Naivalu, Rt Jone Kubuabola, Mr Sakiusa Raivoce and the likes throughout these years had stood firm and unmoved.

The 2006 coup had been pronounced by Fiji's Supreme Court as illegal and that is it. But we continued under these illegality and some had adopted to normalize it but not these leaders. They have stood firm and unmoved.

Dr Tupeni Baba is one that had sacrificed a lot leaving behind a lucrative job to help the proposed SODELPA establish itself. People that had been writing negative and untrue and personal swears towards Dr Baba should just cool off because its better you refrain because there are a lot of people that hold very high regard towards this gentleman.

To supporters of the former SDL Party, our hope is here in the form of SODELPA. We have a base to help strengthen and firm up so lets keep it positive.

To those few gentlemen volunteering to help establish SODELPA, you know who you are, I encourage you to continue the good work. We will win this fight for there is no other way but towards Victory. Forward Fiji.

Sanaila said...

SODELPA has zero support from ITAUKEI FIJIANS...but all the provinces have pledged their allegiance to Bainimarama.... On the other hand QARASE is still vacoba-mapolo in Suva Prison...

It would be a good idea to make Bainimarama King of Fiji!...

Anonymous said...

And you people think that the US, Aust and NZ are the only powers that be on this world. So sad, so much intelligence but apparently stupid thinking that the US is the only voice that can be heard in the UN, you're forgetting the other nuclear powers of the world that have the same if not more influence in the UN, China and Russia. The US is afraid of China and Russia.

And if you people think that the US can stop Fiji from participating in peacekeeping operations, well stop dreaming because it can't and neither can Aust or NZ through their gay/lesbian doll Helen Clark. Do you guys even know the process of UN peackeeping operations and how it is awarded to nations such as Fiji????

Apparently not from the level of IQs we can see here on this blog. Try educating yourselves first before commenting you useless retards.

Fiji and the RFMF will always be needed by the UN regardless of what rubbish you retards come up with.

And to say that sanctions have crippled Fiji, hahahaha, obviously only retard would comment like that, if sanctions were so crippling then wouldn't be food in Fiji and we'd see cases of malnutrition, long ques at the WFP food issue stations, UN trucks bringing in drinking water etc etc. But there is no such thing in Fiji retards because we're not Africa or US or Aust or NZ.

So can your trap and re educate yourselves because your IQs is that of one year olds.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila,,au vakawilika toka e visa na nomu i vola. Sa dua na tamata viavialevu o iko.

Bau vulica me bau dau tau nalua tu na nomu i vosavosa...na vuli levu na vakarokoroko..

Au sega ni vakabauta ni nodrau vuli na nomu i tubutubu mo dau vakasabusabutaka na nomu i vosavosa

Qarauna de o na qai kilai o sa na qai sotava na ca ni vosa vaviaviavialevu.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Pflieger laughing all the way to the bank hahahahaha.........frank and aiyarse fell into his trap hehehehehe adios amigos!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon..tell the world why their is a stringent medical evaluation done now prior to TOD.

(1) to control the spread of HIV & STD's which the Fijian army is known to be carriers.

(2) The UN & MFO is tired of paying for the medical bills of the Fiji contigent, one of the highest.

Conclusion: Bunch of arse paraders. All they do is eat & much around the safe zones of Baghdad. The UN knows that it is the scrapping the bottom of the barrell with you lot, just like joining the RFMF is the last options for dumbheads who have no mental capacity to think on their own!!!! Frank says suck his balls, you rush to do so.........

Jeepers!!! Even the Tongans outsmarted you dumb fucks. Chose to run just like your boss did @ Delai-Nabua. Bunch of wannabees!!!

Anonymous said...

To the blogger asking for memorial at the cassava patch made famous by the coward Bainicarata. The site is sloping so I propose a waterslide which would be suitable commemoration of the event as Vore only ran half way down and slid the rest of the way on his self made yellow lubricant.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:17 proves the old adage that the difference between knowledge and ignorance is that knowledge has its limits. He presumes to lecture us about US sanctions, UN and peacekeeping operations (PKOs), even though he is woefully ignorant on all three subjects.

Of course Fijians are not queuing in the streets for water or food because of US sanctions. The United States specifically designed its sanctions so that they would not harm ordinary Fijians. They consist of travel and training restrictions targeted at Bainimarama and his key accomplices, and sanctions on military training, trade and financing. These sanctions are inexorably weakening the Fijian military, even as they leave ordinary Fijians unscathed.

These sanctions are rooted in American law. That law was enacted before the coup and was not designed with Fiji in mind. Sadly, Fiji now has the dubious distinction of having been under these sanctions longer than any other country, thanks to the regime.

The Russians and the Chinese could not make up the RFMF's shortfall. Nor would they be foolish enough to try. For them to supply weaponry to the RFMF, for example, would be to cross a major red line, and they know the blowback from Australia and the United States isn't worth it.

It's silly to suggest that Russia or China or any other nation has greater influence in the UN than the United States. Every student of the United Nations knows that the United States hosts the United Nations and contributes one-quarter of the UN's budget. As one of the Perm-5, the US has an absolute veto.

This and the fact that it underwrites nearly all UN PKOs and the MFO in Sinai, means that the United States could expel Fijian forces from PKOs and the MFO with a single word. It has not to date, despite pressure from Canberra and Wellington, because it has no troops to bring in as substitutes, and, like the United Nations, it objects to the idea of a political litmus test for peacekeeping forces.

The United States did agree, however, to prohibiting the deployment of RFMF in future PKOs. In addition, Washington did draw the line at deployments of those known to be human rights abusers, and so it has prevented this regime's deployment of various personalities.

I recommend that Anon @ 11:17 AM educate himself before posting on such matters again. As Abraham Lincoln once said "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".

Anonymous said...

You are joking right....u full of shit croz