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Monday, March 18, 2013

Insiders expose corruption scandal at Fiji Water Authority

Property where meter scandal took place
New guardhouse at taxpayers expense
Scams on all levels operating in Fiji from the unelected prime minister vote buying with footbridges to senior officials at the Fiji Water Authority putting their hands in the till.

CEO Opetaia Ravai built a guardhouse with all labour and materials paid by Water Authority of Fiji at his private residence.

All sewer works at his residence was also done with the help of tax payers money, material and labourers in Laucala Beach Estate.

Opetaia Ravai and Paul Peters also took more than $10,000  personally collected from this property owner in exchange for a meter scandal. 

A very old and non-functional master meter being installed in a new property so that the meter will not function and owner can use as much as required with loss of water by the Water Authority.

Meter scam exposed by insiders
In addition, fittings used in the property were allocated by WAF in the name of other properties, somewhere in Narere and never correctly charged.

Coupfourpointfive understands the property belongs to Raghwan Construction.


Anonymous said...

This sort of thing is rife in Fiji but thankfully now being exposed.

What they want to tackle next are all the business owners that are building or renovating their personal houses and putting the purchases on the company accounts and claiming the VAT. The taxman is losing millions by this scam.

Anonymous said...

Qarase, Chaudary, they were novices. Frank is the best at everything, including corruption.

We know how corrupt this regime is by their failure to disclose salaries etc..

It may be a long time to find out which little piggies have been helping themselves. No proper systems of accountability. The $$$$ won't last forever.

more censorship -????? said...

Tried logging into Fijileaks from Fiji. No connection. My mate in Sydney says all is fine there. Is connect by VB's threat demanded that this site address be block. Any news guys

Komai said...

Full set of rights in time-CJ
Publish date/time: 18/03/2013 [17:03]

The Chief Justice Anthony Gates said he believes there will be a full set of rights in Fiji in time but he says people who are calling for judges and magistrates to resign should know that the courts need to remain open to hear cases. .

Chief Justice Gates made the comments after recent criticisms from the International Bar Association.

While speaking in a mediation workshop, he stressed that it is important to carry out the important work of the judiciary and they should not have to walk away just because of criticisms from some organizations.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said their main role is to continue providing judicial services.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Chief Justice Gates also called on the participants who are mainly judges, magistrates, chief and legal tribunals and the chief registrar not to involve themselves in politics.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The two day workshop continues in Suva.

Anonymous said...

Who else is going to work for an illegal dictator other than corrupted individuals?

Ex Fiji Soldier said...

Wow! why does everyone working for regime wants to have guardhouse? I thought Fiji is safe under dictator rule.

Anonymous said...

Another ridiculous and typically self-serving statement from the Chief Injustice. How are judges not to be involved in politics when their duties require them to adjudicate political disputes? In fact, Gates has sacrificed the integrity of Fiji's entire judiciary to further his own political agenda and serve his own political career.

Anonymous said...

power goes to the head of idiots quickly especially those kai colos who never managed anything before. just like that kai loma cunt elizabeth Powell who bluffs her way through meetings and this fat ass lesbian is a con artist talking about subjects she knows little or nothing about. her sister noeline powell antother lesbian sucked bainimagana so that elsizabeth could get a job in fiji after setting up an internet site. The kai loma cunts.....naboro will be good place for you two bitches.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.02pm. You can install VPN service available online from either US or UK for very little money. This will give you access to any site securely without the regime knowing what you are typing or visiting.

Anonymous said...

All the Sri Lankan judges and magistrates are put on notice with so called Chief Justice and DPP chief....you all put on kill list by the Fiji Freedom Army....you all will be assassinated for your illegal practice of law and for the bidding you doing in suppressing freedom and justice in Fiji...what do you think when this governments days are over because every dictators day of end has come...if you dont leave Fiji in next 2 weeks, it will be asu,ed you have participated in this illegal government for your own greed and so you can rightfully be killed....Sri Lankans will be first die nod if you think anyone cars for you or will protect you just remember you are not in your country and anyone here can get to you at anytime.....you have two weeks to depart Fiji....no escape will be available accept death after two weeks...God Bless Fiji and its freedom

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael Sombre! Have you fixed up your problemo at home yet? Yes you're right, Fiji can and will solve its own problems, but who're you to tell us?

You have been rejected by most of your people, this regime's unpopularity is much bigger than your unpopularity, thats why you lost to Peter, and bainimarama will to Ro Te Mumu.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has hit 28 entries on his blog site. All entries are done by himself under pseudonym names I suspect. Any entries suspected by us also gets deleted. So not many people left to visit and reply so simply does his own replies. Lol! Loser.

Anaconda said...

Vijay Raghwan in his recent sms has confirmed that he is in banana's good books.This Pentecostal anaconda is emerging with true colours.

Surend Prasad said...

Lol! only few group of people frequenting Graham Davis blog. Coup 4.5 rocks! over 6 million visits so far. I know Graham Davis and other coup supporters fan coup 4.5.

Anonymous said...

SDL LIST FOR 2014 ELECTIONS: look at scumbags and corrupt people in this list. Will dissect them individually in due course:

Teimumu Kepa
Jone Kubuabola
Tukana Bovoro
Peni Mau
Anare Jale
Sakiusa Raivoco
Viliame Raibunebune
Salesi Logavatu
Ilaitia Tuisese
Pio Tabaiwalu
Viliame Belo
Maikeli Natadra
Jone Bouwalu
Shiu Raj
Peceli Rinakama
Meli Saukuru
Tupeni Baba
Naiqama Lalabalavu
Sikeli Nawadradra Komaisavai

Theses are the calibre of people who want to lead you. We will dissect them individually in a democratic way for your own democratic analysis.

Wayne said...

Those people are more qualified than Frank. I will vote them anyday.

Anonymous said...

Ravi another crook from marist.he was just a customer service manager at telecom now ceo .old boy and fru connection.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 7:08 If you know these people are corrupt why don't you vote another party, or even better make your own party.

Oh I see, yeah that's right Bainimarama has made it even harder for people like you to establish a party hasn't he...$5,000 up front and 5,000 names from North East South West........oh and must have English name, even though we are all called Fijians
ie except the indigenous natives, we'll call them "iTaukei" so that we can deal with them easily.

Bai will set up some more hoops for you to jump so that he can sit at the sideline and enjoy the circus...

and unfortunately you are now one of his clowns...


Vijay Ragwhan is an old south indian political whoe (Bajaru). In 1987, he formed the indian congress to help Rabuka's agenda but failed. He went bankrupt just before the 87 coup but rambo blackmailed ANZ bank to release all the property of black cobra. Today, rambo is on the streets and cobra has turned his back on him. This bastard paid pramod rae money in exchange for preference in 2006 general elections. In 87 coup, he gave two carton bounty rum to taukie movement thugs to bash indians in a public rally. Recently, he stole money from union club for which Mr Arvin Dutt has sued him in High Court. This black cobra is one of those who will sell his daughter to progress in fiji. shame shame.

Anonymous said...

We keep crying but people have never marched or tested the army for the past 6 years.
Time people stand up and march .if not people will never get democracy.

Vutuki Meo said...

I have mentioned this in the past that Corruption breeds corruption. With the leaders (Bainida) stealing the government from the people, people in all levels of society will try and do a coup. This will start from the top government post and right down the village level.

This is why I have said that CRIME WILL INCREASE.
Stealing will increase. Rape will increase. Child molestation will increase.
Stealing water will increase.

People are so stupid like Sanaila or whatever the name of that brainless arsehole is, that keep saying that Bainimarama and his soldiers are controlling crime.

I have said before that even if he put 4 soldiers in every street corner, CRIME WILL STILL INCREASE.
This is just the nature of the game.
This is what happens in a Coup country.

That is why, for the life of me, I cannot understand how educated people like Mahen Chaudry and ALL those USP Professors and Academics supported the coup.
How farked up must be their logic!
Didn't they know that this is what happens
For Farks sake, how stupid can people be!
And to think that people are still supporting it including the US government and Frankie Reed!
All I can sy is shame on you foreign governments for continuing to support the degredation of the Fijian people.
May GOD visit you with punishment you thought were not posssible.

Anonymous said...

That's right Surend Prasad, he has been here as he has referenced our comment on his blog. I must have hit his nerve when I commented about frank promising gumboots to school kids. He blogged about this gift and I simply stated that he may have promised it but hasn't delivered them. Why talk about a promise. All he had to do is wait until it was delivered and then talk about it. It's good if he does this but I doubt it will be done.

So far 35 comments and half on my comments. Shows the level intellect on his site.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 19/3/2013 7.08

Another military sucker. Don't fool yourself as no one believes your kind any more. We are happy with the SDL candidates.

Anonymous said...

totaly agree with above re international community. place tourist bans. stop un peace keepers. no more british army recruits. it has to hurt the ppl, let it be. or just bloody burn baini nd the muslim!
revolt people, revolution!
it is time!

Anonymous said...

So much coverage for airbus a330 purchase. Kaicolo or what...bainimarama should kiss the tyre when it rolls into nadi.

Anonymous said...

muslims taliban have taken over fiji. army are just suckers.

Raj said...

The Govt workers are simply taking signals and cue from their boss VB by his examples, his display of non-ransparency and looting of Government resource.

VB is stealing much more with his salary well over $700,000 paid without disclosure via undisclosed channels in EyeArse's aunty company. What else would we expect from those under the dictator.

Solution is to get rid of the loose bowel dictator.

Anonymous said...

frank should declare national holday for a330 arrival

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Komai said...

Any news on Party Registration? 28 Days have passed and here is no news. I wonder if anyone has heard anything.

Anonymous said...

What's car crash carr up to??

Foreign Minister Bob Carr denied reports that he has withdrawn his support for Julia Gillard, saying he remains "loyal" to her.

Today's Fairfax papers are reporting that Senator Carr and Housing Minister Mark Butler have both deserted the PM's camp as leadership speculation continues to rumble in Labor ranks.

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Strange how Sanaila is quiet on this one hahaha

Anonymous said...

Sanaila is still getting his arse prodded by the poofta Ben Naliva.

Anonymous said...

corruption has always been the norm at the Fiji Water Authority or whatever its new name is. people of Fiji know how widespread corruption was in the old Water Rates department. well it seems that has not changed with the name change!

Anonymous said...

Ben Naliva raped his mother who had to be treated at Wainibokasi Hospital.
The Police Report is at Nausori Police Station.

Nadera Boy said...

@sanaila Vutulaki - 10.00am
o koya sa lai caka vei bo na 6FIR,oji ya lai boboki Bainivoceke sara...hahahahahahah

Yes,we can see now how the Marist Old boys networking(only a few) connection are working with the govt to get their personal gain like Opetai Ravai...or OP as his nickname at MOB rugby club from telecom to FRU to CEO Fiji Water Authority in a space of 4 yrs whilst his old boy Bai is illegally in office..tamani tabe2 this fella & kocokoco since his uni days at toowoomba University qld.

Tamata lasa i tuba na boci.

rajend naidu said...

We are told by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare (who I suspect is not all that grand a chief in his country these days)that "whatever the end product,it is for Fiji and its people to decide and no one else. we must respect this" (Fiji Times 19/3). Sharing his wisdom the former Grand Chief said "Let Fiji and its people decide on how to navigate through their political challenges".
That's very well except that the people of Fiji have no real part in the decision making regarding both the process and the end product. All that is being decided exclusively by the illegal holders of political power in Fiji. Somehow Sir Michael Somare for all his wisdom managed not to notice that and counsels that every one must respect the existing arrangements "to navigate through [the]political challenges" confronting the country.
With due respect I beg to disagree. The system put in place by Fiji's military dictatorship to return the country to democracy does not lend itself to any respect.
It is a bogus plan to entrench the current illegal ruling elite in power.
It has nothing to do with what the people of Fiji want for themselves,their children and their future.
The Grand Chief's reading of the political situation in Fiji is wrong.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Overhead few weeks back that the former Governor Generals Residence in Tamavua is now owned by PM and is rented to Air Pacific CEO for $7k/month..Is this true???

Anonymous said...

The regime anti corruption stance is a farce. It targets people who poses threat to regimes safety.It's out with small corruptors, in goes big corruption.

Anonymous said...

I see the airbus has entered fiji air space. Noticed the flight path is in the shape of tooth. Hope a visit to dentist not required to extract the funds required to keep it in the air!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10.33am....i think you mean the not Governor of Reserve Bank Residence not the former Governor General Residence as you out it. The answer to your question is NO IT IS NOT TRUE. The property is still owned by Reserve Bank of Fiji and may have been rented to Air Pacific.

Likewise the rumour that a residence was purchased by the PM or his wife on Ratu Sukuna Road for $1.3m is also untrue. The property belonged to Ranjit Solanki and was purchased by a Chinese Restauranter in town,

Facts not fiction!!

Ramstein said...

As an FNPF member and contributor can I get 99.9% airfare discount on my next air travel? c'mon Frank you need my vote on next election do something.

Anonymous said...

sir mihael somare's call for members of the MSG to form a peacekeeping or emergency response force in which "Fiji could play a crucial role" is all high flaluting nonsense . All the MSG countries struggle to cope with the normal needs of their people.whenever there is a major disaster Australia and New zealand (and others in the international community)provide emergency assistance. sir somare knows that only too well.and he knows the MSG countries don't have the capability to provide the kind of regional force he is talking about. his talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Marist Rules - No one raised a voice when the QVS Old Boys Ruled Fiji through corruption and deceit.

To all the ex QVS,RKS,Grammar,Lelean,Natabua and every body else in Fiji just shut the fuck up and follow the MOB orders dished out by Khaiyum & VB.

If you cannot do anything about it just stop getting your knickers in a knot and bow down to our every desire and wish.

Marist Old Boys we have shown the world who we are - In total Control of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Somare's PNG tribe will supply stone axe, bows & arrows to arm msg forces.

Anonymous said...

was justice anthoony gates speaking through the hole in his head or the hole in his arse? what he said sounds more like fart then wisdom from a learned judge!

Anonymous said...

@ANON -11:34 AM

No wonder they breed poofters like you and Bai & Kaiyum and snow white...hahahahahahaha..

its only a minority of MOB taking side with Bai..rest not with it. Lausamu!!

Anonymous said...

what precisely are "the achievements" of the MSG that Sir Michael Somare said the group was so proud of?
The MSG was launched in July 1986. In May 1987 Rabuka launched the first military coup in fiji and the region.
What did MSG do at that time?
Let me tell you. It threw in its full support behind Rabuka's Indian scapegoating coup and laid out the red carpet for him.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Marist Old Boy too and so ashamed of what these two idiots are doing to Fiji. May their days come to a halt soon, may their time on earth become hell, may their estates be sold off to the lowest bidder, may their names be known as a curse for all time.

Anonymous said...


Dokadoka nomui vosavosa! Where are you from?

You're definitely not a cut of the same cloth that breeds the true Marist spirit of honour, of bravery and of truth. This is the problem with half-schooled, ill-bred, God-less scoundrels like you and the likes of Frankie the dictator from whereever, that 'crashes' a good school and has brought nothing but disrepute to the proud history of MBHS. You should be in prison along with your dictator.

SV, Syd. said...

This is very interesting...is this part of the overall WAF strategic plan achievemnets?

Anonymous said...

Will someone explain on the blog..
why are all ministers in fiji are either colonel or commodore..

where did these arsehole soldiers get their leadership qualities from...

Sanaila said...

Just enjoyed the view from the new Airbus 330..only good enough for us VIP...and not losers on this blog..

If you don't like this government then you can just fuck off to the rat-hole you come from...

Meanwhile I am enjoying the fruits of my hardwork...French Champagne anyone??? Sega sa rauti kemuni ga na Fiji Bitter!!!hehehe

Anonymous said...

Warning: if travelling on the new Fiji Airways Airbus A330-200!!

The rebranded Air Pacific, Fiji Airways, has the first of its new Airbus planes arriving in Nadi tomorrow, 19 March 2013. The new A330 will do a fly-by over certain locations in Fiji.

But thankfully, the plane will be under the control of two French pilots delivering the plane to Fiji – and not Fiji Airways’ Chief pilot (Capt Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Capt Jone Turaganivalu).

The Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu) were sent to France to train as A330 pilots. They failed the exams and had to redo the exams a number of times before the Airbus Company even allowed them to touch the aircraft. But this is not the end.

These two very same Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu) then went to Australia to sit for their licence to fly the A330 commercially and again they failed and had to redo the exams a number of times. There was much debate as to whether these two idiots should even be allowed to fly the planes.

These two incompetent pilots will now be responsible for the safety and standards for Fiji Airways and for training other pilots. This is a massive risk to ANY and ALL passengers thinking of travelling on the new A330-200.

Please note: There is nothing wrong with the plane. But there is a high risk of flying in this plane if these two idiot pilots are in charge and flying the plane. So please beware if flying in the new Fiji Airways A330-200 planes. Best you check out who is the pilot in charge before you board the plane. Your life and that of your children or loved ones travelling with you will be at risk!!

These two high risk pilots, Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu), were appointed to their roles by David Phliger under the dictator Bainimarama junta and illegal Minister for Civil Aviation, Khaiyum. This is Khaiyum’s usual practice of appointing senior staff -- without proper skills, qualifications and ability. If skills, qualifications and ability were a key part of the selection process then there are other local pilots who are more qualified and highly competent for these roles.

The New A330 is more efficient than the Boeing 747 (plane to plane) but it cant carry the same amount of cargo. It will take the A330 two trips to LA to deliver the same amount of cargo that the 747 can deliver in one trip. This makes the A330 more expensive because it has to fly twice. It also means the cost of goods will increase because of the increased freight costs.

The new plane is also carrying a number of illegal Fiji representatives including the incompetent PS Tourism and eco-bank reject, Elizabeth Powell, whose management experience was setting up an internet website for a travel agency. Powell was appointed by Khaiyum and is now responsible for Public Enterprise, tourism etc……the risks, corruption and incompetence continues!

SV, Syd. said...

This is the ramifications when the Audit of government minitries accounts are not done and there is no Public Accounts Committee exist as we speak.....so given the loopholes the top 'Yavatos', will continue utilizing public funds and properties.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Sanaila caitibumu, rauta mada na tadra tiko na french champagne bloody brown label taka qai lai namu beer i nasa. Drau veicai kei voreqe qori neimami lavo na tamata cakacaka koya voli kina na waqavuka qori, sona vakai tautauri.

Sanaila said...

Some BIG TIME LOSER @1:50PM trying to spoil our two Fijian pilots....For your information their landing in Nadi was the smoothest ever by any pilot....perfect landing!

So fuck off to your veitavioka and do some werewere!!!

Anonymous said...

Sanaila mata ni ta boka hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I always thought Marist was associated with brilliance . I didn't know it also produced intellectually challenged scoundrels like Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

Sanaila au na tukuni iko vei Mary ni o dau mokukoli taki Frank tiko mai bure.

Anonymous said...

Q :why are the ministers in fiji either colonels or commodores?
A : Because Fiji is under gun rule!
They don't need "leadership qualities" to be ministers. They have that other thing - bunduk!

Rupeni Sovasese said...

Sa blog ga ni veivosa ca taki kei na veitabaki sobu qo. Bau biu mai e so na vosa matau.
Me da veilomani na lewe i Viti

Vutuki Sanaila said...

@Sanaila-tabeca ga na tavaya champagne qori..just drink it 'cuse you havent taste it before..

a quote from Tabu Soro about the new A330 so Sanaila please read it so you get the true facts in your thick skull:

what's all the fuss over a plane that we don't even own yet? we're in debt up to our ears on this. we don't even own the plane yet - FNPF and the banks still own these planes and our children and grandchildren will be paying for it for years to come.

The 747s carry more passengers and more cargo and they're bigger than the A330 which was first commissioned in 1987. How will Air Pacific respond to the needs of FIji's exporters who are able to send more over weekly with the 747 than they will with the new A330?

"The 747 is arguably the most iconic and influential jetliner in history, the four-engine 747 is also one of the best-selling. Among Boeings, only the 737 has sold more copies. To make a nautical comparison, think back to the days of the classic ocean liners. This is the QE2 of the skies — grand, elegant, refined. Carries 416 passengers. 70m length, 64.4m wingspan, 541.20m2 wingarea, 19.41m height, 4 engines.

The A330 is a popular long-haul, twin-engine widebody with seating for 250-300 passengers, depending on configuration. Approximately 700 in service. 63.6m length, 60.3m wingspan, 16.5m height, 2 engines. The Airbus A330 (two engines) is a large-capacity, wide-body, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner. It was developed at the same time as the Airbus A340 (4 engines), and will likely be replaced by the Airbus A350. The first Airbus A330 was launched in 1987 and introduced into passenger services in 1993.
The A330's fuselage and wings are virtually identical to that of the smaller A340 variants. The A330 basic fuselage design is inherited from the Airbus A300, as is the nose/cockpit section, the fly-by-wire system and flight deck from the A320.
By the end of December 2007, a total of 870 A330s had been ordered and 515 delivered. The cost of the Airbus A330 is around USD175 million each.
The Airbus A330 is almost comparable to the Boeing 777. In some respect, its software is even better than the Boeing 777 but I think it lost out in the hardware aspect of the plane.
Prior to the British Airways Boeing 777 crash in London Heathrow on 17 January 2008, the Boeing 777 had a clean record where hull loss was concerned. (A hull loss is an accident in which the damage to the plane is such that it must be written off, or in which the plane is totally destroyed.)
In the case of the Airbus A330, it has 2 hull-loss accidents with a total of 7 fatalities. One arose on a test flight in Toulouse and the other was caused by corrosive liquid illegally loaded onto the plane. The 7 Airbus A330 fatalities were in fact the crew and personnel involved with the test flight and so one can say that no commercial passengers have so far been affected in the 15 years that it has flown.
However, there were three other occurrences with no fatalities on this plane. In July 2001, two Sri Lankan Airlines A330s were destroyed on the ground by the Tamil Tiger Guerillas. Then in August 2001, an Air Transat A330 suffered fuel starvation on both engines over the Atlantic Ocean and glided without power over 65 miles to a safe landing on the Azores Islands. The last incident occurred in July 2003 where a Dragonair A330 encountered severe turbulence over the South China Sea. 12 crew members and 3 passengers were injured. The aircraft landed safely at the Hong Kong International Airport.
Conclusion on the A330 is that, it is a very safe airplane but because of its wing design, any turbulence tends to be more pronounced than, for instance, on a Boeing 777. But then, one should not be afraid of turbulence - it is only an issue of discomfort rather than one of safety. Have yourself well strapped in during turbulence and I am sure you will enjoy your flight on the Airbus A330!"

Bruce Southwick, just another crook said...

Vijay Raghwan knows how to screw and milk the system. His lengthy delays while building the FIRCA building in Nasese allowed him to draw more cash from the project than initially contracted for. The amount kept going up and the owners, FNPF kept paying. Fools. Vijay epitomises corruption of the highest order and needs thorough investigation by FIRCA. But being the corruptible and incompetent twits that they are, FIRCA will probably promptly lose the files of any investigation. End of case. The madrajis are worse than the Muslims. YP Reddy, Mrs Kewal of pacific Transport and the likes have milked it for a very long time.

MB Old Scholar said...

The foul mouthed gut wrenching swearing at Father Barr's mother to the Catholic priest by Bainimarama speaks heaps for a Marist Brother's examplary OLD stuDent.

After spending 32 years working for the poor Catholics in Fiji MARIST BROTHER's Old Boy VB verbal stomping of this catholic holy man is indeed eamplary and probably the Fiji Catholics will have an opinion or two about.

But his tortures of citizens especially women, and support of cruel military PERSONNEL tortures of prisoners on top of his wide ranging corruption and abuse of power will be something the MB old boys will not be proud of.

Well Marist old scholars we should all keep our distance from this rouge and withdraw from him all our support.

We should lead revolts against VB as our duty to Fiji AND OUR SCHOOL.

Sanaila said...


Talking about reviving the dead SDL Party...where are they now???

1. QARASE - vacoba mapolo in Suva Prison....
2. ASENACA CAUCAU - veivalataki tagane in LAX - sa vakamadua!
3. SIRELI LEWENIQILA - labourer Railcorp NSW
4. TED YOUNG - truck driver NSW
5. SAM SPEIGHT - sa dro i Aussie...coba vua na dakai

...and the list of pathetic-ness is too long...sa rauta mada..dua tale na Champagne..uhhhh

Frankie goes to Hollywood, ASK goes somewhere else said...

Another big crook in Fiji..Shivas Singh of Harcourts. Pays hardly any tax yet owns heaps of properties. Uses his contacts in the banks for insider info on upcoming mortgagee sales and buys them cheap. His qora wife from NZ is illegally employed by harcourts and draws a salary of $120k for tax purposes. Yeah, we know Shivas. the entry of Harcourts into the Fiji property market marked the phenomenal rise of property prices in Fiji. In Australia, there is a big woo haa about how average house prices are over valued as they are around 7-8 times the average annual salary. Compared to the USA where it is 3-4 times. In Fiji, its more like 25 times. Most people will never own a property in Fiji becos its simply out of their reach. Housing is a basic right but not in Fiji. The Raghwans (who own about 70 properties) and upstarts like Shivas have well and truly screwed the real estate market in Fiji. Together with Titus, the original conman.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.31pm anony obsessed with SDL.

Didn't have to read past your first allegation to realise you're a pathetic, butabutako, bootlicker.

Get your facts right dude and ask Poasa (Lenora's hubby) himself so you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth as that is an outright LIE!

Shame on you and your pathetic propaganda.

You kanalotos, vodolotos must be getting really desperate.
tic toc ...

Cordy said...

SODELPA any day man.

2:31 PM your allegations are baseless.

Anonymous said...

This blog site has no integrity or substance. We know the people venting their anger against the ruling Government of the day are part of the old SDL cronies, sons, daughters,neices ,nephews probably all on the run and seeking asylum overseas. The vocabulary used certainly common to the uneducated and certainly non- christian.
Gone are the days of the GCC and SDL leadership and governance. You will not be allowed to rule again. Enjoy the rest of your days with freedom and peace you have or join the rest of your companions in jail.Leave RKS, QVS, MBHS, SGS, talk out all totally irreleveant.
This Government will continue to rule for the next decade and bring about prosperity for all peoples of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

riches for the kaiindia and the misguided no principles kaiviti you mean 3.07pm?

Anonymous said...

another thing :just because USP is engaged in marking the MSG celebration does not mean it is a credible event. USP lost its credibility some time back when it become a Fiji military regime stooge.
keep that in mind whenever USP's name comes up in the prevailing political environment in Fiji. Like Fiji's judiciary the USP too does the regime's bidding.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila Ulukau! Ko sa bula tu ga ena tukutuku lasu! Ka vakaloloma a nomu bula.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is not that popular within the MOB circles by the look of things so he has embraced his other old boys from Tailevu in the likes of Inia Seruiratu, Moala Nata and their other LODONIAN bocis as mates.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bainimarama so many rapes in Fiji under your watch.

Crash and Burn said...

The planes are great but guess what?

They need competent pilots.

It is just a matter of time until some disaster.

Either hire pilots who can pass an exam or send them back to France.

The Oracle said...

@Komai (11.05pm) ...interesting analogy given by Tony Gates ... "if one department of a hospital is dysfunctional should we close the hospital?" when referring to the judiciary and politics (and indirectly the events of 2006). There's a vast difference which he conveniently ignored .. the judiciary - in its entirety - became totally dysfunctional with the abrogation of the Constitution. In effect, his decision to continue to paint a picture of a functional judiciary under what were unconstitutional decrees was in fact a choice to go to bed with the dictatorial wannabe "politician" Bainimarama. Tony Gates should be the last man on this Earth, giving instructions to young lawyers about how they should conduct themselves and how the judicial system should be independent of politics.

@Anon 4.40am .. Totally agree on your take of Somare. The man must have forgotten to take his "memory-stabilising" pills. PNG sided with other Pacific Forum leaders (and continues to do so) in expressing concern over Bainimaram's rape of democracy in an act of treason. Somare says one thing in the MSG and can probably blame his memory loss for not recounting PNG's stand in the Forum. Maybe he should tell us what would have happened in his own country when the military chief led a revolt which was in fact a "failed coup"? Would his military chief have been accepted as a leader so willingly by Somare who is now extending to Frank the title of "Leader" of Fiji? The Grand Chief probably needs further surgery to refresh his own memory and we all know his feelings about how he and Mara's dream for the Pacific Forum was hijacked by financial reality. Now, he's promoting the MSG .. which is being funded by China without any accountability whatsoever. Sadly, an attempt to balance the delibetrate misinformation in Fiji's media would be an exercise in futility. But then, so might any surgery to refresh Somare's memory. Simple logic ... PNG's Somare is a two-faced "has been", guilty of mischief-making when he tells other countries not to interfere in Fiji's domestic affairs. Isn't he doing just that himself?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka tells auss/nz to engage with fiji.f you rambo go f frank

Sanaila said...

That flight on the new airbus was fantastic. I joined the mile high club.

Trouble is when I pictured joining the club it was always me giving it to a young lady instead of three old men giving it to me.

But ha ha to you all. I get to hang out with the powerful people. Even if I can't sit down for a week. My mother would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Saianla you getting the the left over hahaha
khaiyum eating the cream and you fijian are eating the left over.think you dumb ass.

Leglaise It said...

the oracle, gates got it all wrong.
you cannot compare apples with oranges. but you are right. he sidestepped the issue with his hospital analogy.
dowd is right. the function of an independent court is side with the law at all times...and never, never be involved in politics which is another point which gates got wrong..he tells his troops to avoid politics as much as you can, something to that effect..what he should have said was avoid politics at ALL times..
so the point is you cannot be independent if your boss hires you on contract and he can sack you immediately and without having to give reasons and worse, you cannot challenge it in any court, let alone an independent court.
the thing that most bloggers here may not appreciate or understand is that the courts are to defend the misuse of the law against other people and especially the STATE!!! and that includes the human right of the people to challeng the lawmaker on his power to make laws. unfortunately gates had compromised himself and is now unable, or should i say, have no more integrity, to right his troops up. like dowd said, its a bootstrap situation, and the tighter you pull it the more it strangles u. the only solution is to undo the strap completely, ie resign, which none of them have the courage to do.
its been said that hard cases make bad law, and unfortunately, thats the problem with the judiciary now..all cases against the state become hard cases and the result is predictable..BAD LAW.

Anonymous said...

Bawahahahahaha why did you delete the SDL candidates corrupt and veicai post. The truth hurts eh? I thought you condoned swearing here C4.5 and any allegation you could heap on the government but can't take some of your own medicine. Hahahaha. What a bunch of loosers and pussies you are C4.5. Weeeeeeeweeeeeeee.. Bawahahahahaha.. Hahahahaha. Fucked you guys big time that post and people have already read it. Don't worry it should be reposted soon.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Lenora is one of them bloggers here... Na watimu a caiti Teimumu. O iko madaga Lenora o vaka luveni mai vua na Kaidia.

Anonymous said...

Allegations fabricated and a load of rubbish!!! fiction as usual with no facts! allegations that hold no water!! Frank, Aiyaz whether you realize it or not! you are both in the divine will of God!!! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Are these the boys from Marist who look like twins! one is now bald headed and the other has nice hair!!! so what are they really upto at WAF?

They surely make a good combination with a no retreat no surrender attitude!!

Bai will be killed said...

Voreqe's stooges are having to work 24 7 to crush democracy and C4.5. Justice is served.

Believe It said...

you are right once again the Oracle...about big thief somare.
did you know that it was him and the tongan pm that let kranky off the hook about the 2009 elections???
all three of them liumuried the other forum leaders.
the lies continuted from 2000 coup and to 2006!!!
and did you know that kranky promised the forum leaders that he would get rid of the fijian chiefs and the methodist church and corruption.
his promise that when he gets rid of corruption, then he will have elections!!!
his first two promises have come true. so the third Will come true dont you think???
consistency my brother. thats the truth about a liar!! no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

@ the anonymous coward 4.36pm

If you're referring to my earlier post @ 2.43p.m, I am not Lenora, thank you very much!

As I've said please get the TRUTH directly from Poasa instead of spreading filthy propaganda around the place.

What's more, I've met Lenora's daughter, she's as pretty as her mother but more solidly built - definitely a Fijian mixed polynesian teen. Bet you that she can floor your corrupted carcass before you can even yell for your bodyguards.

Well... you sound very worried, a typical kanaloto vodoloto whose gravy train ride is slowing coming to an end! LOLS... You have much to be afraid if. Be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

kaya mada vei Sanaila me biuta mai na yacana..meu serelaki koya mada...

Public Accounts Committee said...

sources have just revealed why Voceke is not releasing the Audited Accounts since 2006.

Apparently there has been a huge mis-use of adult diapers issued as part of the new RFMF kit. For overseas TOD, there has been an overall surge & demand for this item for RFMF soldiers in TOD, particularly in IRaq & Sinai. The inclusion has come about largely due to the experience of VB during the 2000 mutiny.


Anonymous said...

Never supported SDL in the past, but I'd vote for Ro Teimumu over Frank in a heartbeat.

Gates using hospitals for his analogy about Fiji's courts seems odd coming from the Dr. Kevorkian of Fiji's legal system.

Anonymous said...

no elections for 25 years at least!!!
thats krankys promise to the forum leaders!!
so mr baba i think you will be dead by then?
so stop your bull shit pretending you are doing something for your disenfranchised kais. you and your politicos and big chief and beddoes
lamu sona leavu iko.

Anonymous said...

Relax people, all good things come to those who wait. All the lies, the murder, rape you name it, will be exposed in HIS own time.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat if Lenora had a baby from that Indian guy and later that bouncer guy. Who gives a fuck. She has the duck lips so what?

Anonymous said...

Annonymous 6:33PM so did Poasa fuck you as well? Lenora had two kids before Poasa? One from the Indian announcer and one from the bouncer. Who gives two hoots about that. We are all Fijians now. You seem to be using reverse psychology to get Lenora abused.

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5 I feel it would be in your line of work to expose the corrupt practice carried out by this regime.Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Sireli Leweniqila maybe working as a Railway Labourer but earning more money then you loosers $140,000 AUD a year and much more then his ministerial salary. He has recently bought a house on the Central Coast. Ted Young works for the Uniting Church as a welfare officer among the Aboriginal in Western Australia. These people are hard working and earn their keeps. They can survive anywhere not like you kana loto loosers in the Military.

Anonymous said...

11.01 and 11.05PM anonymouse sounds like one and the same green-eyed MONSTER!

You're so far up your junta's $#@&! that you can't see what we all see: that you're the one using reverse psychology to abuse and smear Lenora and Poasa.

Why are you giving us extra information that might be false? I only know she has one kid. Inanycase, its none of our damn business. Leave her family alone.

U're so blinded by your intense hatred for the GMB RTD that you have no qualms about using a beautiful Fijian couple as your scapegoat.

What are you? Wannabe mafia?

Blerry compromised BOIRIRI!


Anonymous said...

Fuck you Annonymous 5.22AM and leave Lenora alone. The more you say things the more you will draw comments on her. Don't you see that happening on this blog you bleary magaitinamu. Go suck Qarase's dick if it makes you feel better bloody maga levu.

Anonymous said...

Where is the site admin here who should have deleted all the comments on Lenora. You can delete on Teimumu but not Lenora? Why? You can delete comments against SDL party members but not on apolitical citizens of Fiji. You can't delete swears but can delete comments against SDL. That says a lot about you lot. Dou lai veicai saraga kei Qarase me dui se nona qara levu.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni leqa taka na delete vosa ca ga na kena levu......sa bau vakaloloma sara ga.

Anonymous said...

Lai Qarase and Frank Bainimarama both attended RKS.

Anonymous said...

How about Chaman and Raj Manohar his real name but uses MANOHAN is the biggest corrupt with water authority and Raghwan and him have evening drinks at his office with water authority big shots .Raj never pays duty on imports because customs guys are his friends and also his properties in Hamilton and Auckland ,tax dept sleeping as this goon even pays military big shots for business

Anonymous said...

Raj is corrupt with Vijat Raghwan and even his daughter in law took off to Aust as she felt that the family was all show from the outside and corrupt from within,look at Rajs house ,nice theatre to fit in 25 patrons to watch blues with Rag,Deb,lochan,water authority ceo,customs biggies and firca tax boys Chaman serving whisky ,opposite Kundans

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.25pm..sa rauta mada na kakase..ka ga o ni cakava tiko na sotia gusu vayalewa..ni lako yani e na buca ni valu mo ni lai samuraki...
Who are you to determine what the people want.
Na leqa ni sa caiti iko vinaka o Bainimarama..Fijians need to exercise their freewill even if it means - destruction..Me qai rawa vakacava ni vuli na tamata if they don't learn from their mistakes..Stop dictating what we want..We will throw them out at the ballot box not by the sonalevu gun carriers!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.25pm..sa rauta mada na kakase..ka ga o ni cakava tiko na sotia gusu vayalewa..ni lako yani e na buca ni valu mo ni lai samuraki...
Who are you to determine what the people want.
Na leqa ni sa caiti iko vinaka o Bainimarama..Fijians need to exercise their freewill even if it means - destruction..Me qai rawa vakacava ni vuli na tamata if they don't learn from their mistakes..Stop dictating what we want..We will throw them out at the ballot box not by the sonalevu gun carriers!

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a small country with a big list of big crooks. And it's a very multiracial list of crooks! There are madraji,musulman,pujabi,bombaiya, kurwi,kiachina,kailoma,kaivalagi and kaiviti in that list of big crooks.
only difference some of the big crooks are bigger then their fellow big crooks!
These big crooks also come from all works of life. From government, the military, the police,the judiciary, the church, the business and they "network" with the big crooks from abroad. High class prostitution is part of the "networking"!

Anonymous said...

Annonymous 5.22AM BOIRIRI ga na magamu. E cava e duidui na magai Lenora? Sa tavulaki wavoki mai na qara I Lenora me mai cava da mai talanoa taka kina. Maga levu o iko.

Anonymous said...


The smear campaign was initially targeted at the GMB RTD plus some other SDL stalwarts. I'm not associated with any of them.

However, when your stupid propaganda was refuted, you assholes try and trash an innocent couple with your reverse psychology mapolo games. Amateurs.

Well, desperate measures for desperados. tic toc... LOLS!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.09AM is right. I've just scrolled up to check previous comments and it seems the comment about the GMB RTD has been deleted and the other SDL stalwarts who were listed with her.

If that's the case, please don't be selective and DELETE ALL COMMENTS referring to Lenora and her family.

There's just too much filth, jealousy and negativity in here.

This is my last post in here.

Anonymous said...

Has the government look into the case here? I doubt they will. One for the boys I suppose!Untouchable!

RatuNaca said...

There's so much hatred, swearing and name calling in here that we are missing the point which is free, fair and meaningful debate!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymousMarch 19, 2013 at 4:36 PM
so wot if lenora blogs here ? leave her alone !
so wot if d husband fucked teimumu
she is not ci topic here
we discussing maters at fiji water not hibiscus festival
if u jealous bout her husband and teimumu go to another construction site

Anonymous said...

These goons don't need free, fair, meaningful debate. They need constant swearing so we can get some senses into their thick head, after all that's how they're taught in the military.

Anonymous said...

You have alot of guts to talk like that but ur a sonalevu to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Isa na tamata sa seqa na nona bula. If you claim that Lenora had a child from that indian dude ya all toking about, wea the proof @ matavasona? Worry about ur own life, you wanabe perfect prick.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:48 AM is a typical pro-regime moron. I'll bet he sees no contradiction in his posting. Duuh!

Anonymous said...

Wasnt this Water Authority CEO also Manager of Fiji 7s at some stage and got sacked due drunkeness and womanising (with bhainis) leading to the break up of his family?

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with RatuNaca that there is too much swearing on this blogsite.

To demean Lenora and Ro Teimumu or any other person for that matter, using obscenities and profanities, is tantamount to demeaning God, because Lenora and Ro Teimumu are daughters of God as well each of us is a child of God.

If one may ever wonder why Fiji is deteriorating economically, politically, and morally and why we are experiencing more criminal activities and rape and even suicides, it is because we are a less God-fearing and less a commandment-keeping people.

We cannot hope to improve our nation and our people unless we, at first, become submissive to God's will by turning away from sin and proceed on a path of righteousness.

Please people, let us refrain from using obscenities and present our arguments for and against the illegal Bainirarama regime in a manner that they will be responded to fairly.

In the end, the almighty God will be the ultimate winner; and where will we stand then?

Thank you and God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

We havent heard from Government regarding the allegation? Ravai still sacking/suspending workers.

When is his turn?

I heard he was hauled to camp still nothing happening.

Anonymous said...

Pure allegations blog!!!!....kaila !!!...:p..

Anonymous said...

I think that he is fit in that position itsnot a connection of fru, or marist he's got that post by the power of God! Thanks to that!! To God be the glory!

Anonymous said...

Well as my point of view he deserve it have a securty gard at his place.He suppose to go to the CEOs house he want to stay there maybe there board approve it. Thanks to Mr Ravai for the hard working at WAF,Water supply is not easy you are fit in that postion :God placed you there for a purpose.Everytime we pray for a good government I believe in God that this government wins the election.:Alot of support for this Bainimaramas government no matter what This Government was raised by God:Bainimarama and Ravai we rembering you in our Prayer!!May God bless this government!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely people what about we praying for this :Its not sounds good when we spoiling each other every word wriiten in this blong has been recorded in heaven You can write your name anonymous but in heaven God records your name.!Nothing is late my friend repend and return to the Lord. For thiz case I want to encourage Mr Ravai and Mr Peters forgive and forget let God be the judge of peace over here.!!!Today is easter Father God please forgive all our sin.!!!Love you all in Jesus name!

Anonymous said...

And Don't forget the FAT SQUAD at Nasese(F I R C A) and the boozers at L T A .
Word is they don't touch their salaries as their daily expenses for the whole family and the girlfriends are taken care of from the enormous BRIBES they receive each day.......
Just check their bank accounts...

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