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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Matter of time before perps behind Benedito beating are named

 The images are grainy but show enough of the men behind the beating and torture of Iowane Benedito, to be identified.

Said to work for Bainimarama
In fact, the man in the picture to the left wearing blue has been singled out by one police source as an intelligence officer and back up driver for Fiji's unelected prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.
Close up and easy enough to name

Sources say the beating and torture of the Korovou escapee last year was spearheaded by Bainimarama's task force and police team and that while Corrections Officers were involved in Beneditio's recapture, most of the perpetrators are from the army and police. 

Another source says some of the officers involved are members of the current police sevens team, and include current and former national reps.

The licence plate of the ute, believed to be a government vehicle, where Benedito was beaten and brutalized was FL541.

A police source says FL541 is a police task force vehicle previously used by the director of CID, which was then given to the drugs team and then the strike back team of the commissioner of police, Ioane Naivalurua.

Front two played key roles - who are they?

The ankle beater - who is he?

Wearing shades but still recognizeable
Beanie wearer - must be known to someone.

Dog handler part of the search for Benedito.
Iowane Benedito is currently in Naboro maximum prison. He escaped last year with  three others, Viliame Tuibua, 25, Frank Konave, 21, Sanaila Tabuavula, 23, triggering a massive manhunt.


  1. tick tock tick tock and i wish all that were involved not forgetting the main culprits of this coup FB, AG will get what is coming there way.
    please move overseas and seek asylum, whether its india pakistan or china and be easier for people like me to hunt you down.......

  2. Hunt down nomu sona,sona Levu,these people are national heroes

  3. Sa rauta me ra heart attack jiko o ira na law officers mai viti .. ira kete levu unfit .. e fit ga na ligadra tou na vi moku .. me ra ciba koso kece yani .. DISGRACE

  4. There must be people who come from same villages or Tikinas as these rouge torturerous thugs disgusted with what they did...please tell us their names.

    There must be people who socialise, live in same neighbourhood or go to church with these torturers, or old school mates.....please tell us the torturers' names...contact somebody accessible via computer to spill these characters' identities.

    You will be doing Fiji good if you report their names.

    If you have proper photos of them please give to somebody you trust who can upload on to computer then on to anti-coup blogs.

    Fiji is a small place and each of us is known by hundreds of people surely

  5. he he he tobo tale tu o ratou o van damme

  6. well it will be his sona that we will get enough is enough AG needs a rude awakening now. national hero my arse. scums of the earth and the lowest of the lows
    that no brainer bainimarama and his sick kick Ayrse

  7. Clever, clever can we match pics of uniformed officers to the goons in civilian gear?

    And how many dog handlers in the country?

  8. Well the next sonas to be hunted down are Kai and Bai.

  9. Another can of worms in all of this is that the families of these men must surely know if not suspect the 'work' they do.

    That being the case, do they support the beatings etc? It's possible they do cos they on the winning side but little do they know the true evil that is this military dictatorship who doesn't want to end its dream run.

  10. Coupfourpointfive,

    while the iron is hot please remind the whole world of the people that have suffered brutality at the hands of our mighty police and army forces.
    some lost their lives and their families their livelihood. May they all RIP.

    also the corruption to rid of businessman and women their hard earned wealth. corrupted legal system to enure guilty verdicts for the innocent and not guilty for "Francis Keane" the murderer!!

    C O N F I D E N T I A L SUVA 000479



    E.O. 12958: DECL: 10/03/2017

    REF: SUVA 473

    Classified By: Amb. Dinger. Sec. 1.4 (B,D).

    Court documents show high-level attempt to steer cases
    --------------------------------------------- ---------
    ¶1. (C) Clear proof has surfaced of the interim government
    (IG) attempting to meddle in the Fiji judiciary. The murder
    case against the Commander of the Fiji Navy, CDR Francis
    Keane, is nearing trial before Justice Gerrard Winter. Keane
    is Commodore Bainimarama's brother-in-law and he is accused
    of beating a man to death at the wedding reception for
    Bainimarama's daughter last New Year's eve. Keane's attorney
    filed a challenge seeking forced recusal of Judge Winter from
    the case since, allegedly, Winter has shown bias against the
    IG. The legal challenge is public record, and attached to it
    are two "confidential" documents. One dated Sept. 10 is from
    interim Police Commissioner Teleni (formerly the Deputy
    Commander of the Fiji military) to the Permanent Secretary
    for Justice (also a former Fiji military senior officer)
    proposing that no cases concerning the legality of the IG
    should go before Justices Winter or Jitoko since, in the
    police view, those two judges have exhibited bias against the
    IG in past rulings from the bench. The second document dated
    Sept. 11 is the Justice PermSec's response telling Teleni
    that the police request has been forwarded to acting Chief
    Justice Gates for action.

    Hypocrisy run rampant
    ¶2. (C) Judge Winter, who holds New Zealand, Australian, and
    British citizenship, is due to end his term with the Fiji
    judiciary at the end of October. Judge Jitoko is an
    ethnic-Fijian. Both have issued rulings in recent months
    casting doubt on the legality of the coup, though neither has
    presided over a case directly addressing that issue. Judge
    Winter's car was tampered with recently, with two lug nuts
    removed from a wheel and steering fluid drained from its
    reservoir. The recusal issue is to come before Judge Winter
    for hearing late this week. Presumably the judge will not be

    ¶3. (C) The hypocrisy of Teleni's request to the judiciary is
    remarkable but not surprising. Many observers are now aware
    that Acting CJ Gates and his close friend Justice Shameem
    colluded with the military prior to the coup and have
    continued to intrigue with the IG since then. Yet Gates has
    assigned himself to sit with two retired judges on the case
    that deposed PM Qarase filed against the IG challenging the
    legality of the coup. That case is to reach trial later this

  11. Nine minutes of fame and now a lifetime of shame.

    Power never lasts forever ........ a sixty dollar camera phone will have bought you thugs down, never saw that coming did you.

  12. tell me if they don't look the part - of thugs in and out of uniform!
    the two main torturers with their pot belly are obviously having a good life courtesy of the military dictatorship.that's why they are so enthusiastic about fulfilling their political masters' will - beating everyone into submission.


    Charges laid against The Fiji Times
    Publish date/time: 06/03/2013 [13:06]

    The Director of Public Prosecutions Office has today laid charges against The Fiji Times under the Media Industry Development Decree.

    DPP Christopher Pryde sanctioned the filing of the charges against the Fiji Times Limited and its 6 Directors.

    The particulars of the charges are that The Fiji Times together with Mahendra Patel, Kiritbhai Patel, Rajesh Patel, Manu Patel, Bhupendra Patel and Jinesh Patel being directors of the newspaper company allegedly failed to ensure that all its directors were Fiji citizens permanently residing in Fiji.

    Under the decree, Fiji citizens permanently residing in Fiji means a person residing in the country for 3 out of the last 7 years prior to registration of the media company and thereafter residing in Fiji for at least 6 out of 12 months of a year.

    The matter will be called on the 22nd of this month.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan

  14. All these policemen and soldiers must be brought to justice for their inhuman actions against defenceless human beings. I am not the justice system will do anything as they(the judiciary) are all part of this coup culture and illegal regime. I hope this nightmare for the past six years ends asap. Kenneth Zinck

  15. Attorney General personally instructed the CEO of Air Pacific ,David Pfleiger not to advertise in the Fiji Times under any circumstances. This was confirmed by Pfleiger himself when questioned by his CFO.

    Talk about a personal vendetta. Time is running out for you AG.

    All will come out in time and you will be held accountable. Mark my words.

  16. Can someone at LTA confirm who owns FL541

  17. Not only that but I have been told by Air Pacific Flight Attendant that AG has instructed when he travels on Air Pacific only the Fiji Sun to be in Business Class.

    May also add that crew have contaminated food for certain individuals with urine and faeces and happily served it to the AG,PM and Pflieger himself,but Pflieger cottoned on to it and never eats from the Aircraft. All his drinks must be served sealed!

  18. Payback to Times for anti police editorial today

  19. Pay back to Times for anti police editorial today..

    Charges laid against The Fiji Times
    Publish date/time: 06/03/2013 [13:06]

    Print this page
    Email this page
    The Director of Public Prosecutions Office has today laid charges against The Fiji Times under the Media Industry Development Decree.

    DPP Christopher Pryde sanctioned the filing of the charges against the Fiji Times Limited and its 6 Directors.

    The particulars of the charges are that The Fiji Times together with Mahendra Patel, Kiritbhai Patel, Rajesh Patel, Manu Patel, Bhupendra Patel and Jinesh Patel being directors of the newspaper company allegedly failed to ensure that all its directors were Fiji citizens permanently residing in Fiji.

    Under the decree, Fiji citizens permanently residing in Fiji means a person residing in the country for 3 out of the last 7 years prior to registration of the media company and thereafter residing in Fiji for at least 6 out of 12 months of a year.

    The matter will be called on the 22nd of this month.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan

  20. The names are coming in.

    Forget HK7s or rugby, or sinai or sudan deployments you demented phucks and get used to the smell of your own fear.

  21. I have just watched the video again with sound and am now more horrified than the first time I saw it without.

    The guy that lifted the escapees feet one at a time and carefully and systematically tried to break indavidual bones with a piece of what appears iron bar is not human.

    Whilst the dog could be the same one as shown in the photo the handler in the video is clearly not dressed in uniform so perhaps we need to be careful with speculation.

    Whatever, the investigating authorities must know these indaviduals by now. The world is waiting.

  22. The police statement read out by Atu Sokomuri yesterday was written by Aiyrasss Khaiyum..

  23. Forget the US of A
    The dumb lady ambassador keeps on socialising in fiji as if nothing is happening. In todays Times she is sitting in a group photo at USP with USP VC with the murderer F Kean,,,,,

  24. Pakistan Taliban confirm recruiting Islamic jihadists from post-coup Fiji; The Defence White Paper 2004 had warned: “Fiji Muslims potential incubator for Osama bin Laden and Taliban”

    These are the Taliban Recruits:

    • Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
    • Aslam Khan,
    • Iqbal Janiff,
    • Nazhat Shameem
    • Shaista Shameem,
    • Nur Bano,
    • Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
    • Abdul Khan(FSC),
    • Mohammed Aziz,
    • Faiaz Ali,
    • Mohammed Saneen,
    • Saheen Ali,
    • Razim Buksh (RBF)
    • Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
    • Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
    • Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
    • Riaz Ali (FNU),
    • Nizam U Dean,
    • Afzal Khan,
    • Hafix Khan,
    • Anwar Khan,
    • Ali Jan,
    • Bahadur Ali,
    • Lainuni Khan,
    • Shaneze Voss,
    • Shane Hussien,
    • Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
    • Robert Khan,
    • Rahmat Ali,
    • Gulam Mohammed,
    • Faizal Koya,
    • Ahmed Bhamji

  25. If you want the world to take note of this and see the reactions from within Fiji PLEASE keep the anti muslim comments out of it.

    It does not help the cause.

  26. Sanjesh Narayan of Radio Tarana when are you going to run the story on the brutal attack on two youth [video]. Also when is the interview coming on this with Bainimarama and Khaiyum?
    Boci respond.

  27. editor,
    The video evidence of the torture of prisoners in the Fiji military dictatorship has made news at the other end of the world.For example The Washington Post captures the story in an article titled 'Fiji Police say they are investigating apparent beatings of 2 prisoners on a disturbing video' (March 6).
    And yet this sensational news has somehow not made it into the Fiji Sun!!
    Is anymore evidence required to sustain the claim that the Fiji Sun is a regime puppet paper?
    rajend naidu

  28. 3.17pm Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak U

  29. I fail to comprehend the gullibility of the Fijian people. This video was fake. It was constructed by anti-government bloggers.

    In any event, Qarase's men did much worse.

  30. From Kacivaka Na Dina:

    One of the assaulting person's name is Sanita Laqenisici.....he's the one wearing three quarter jeans with red t-shirt.....face is clearly identified in timeline 8.12 on the youtube video of the beatings....total time of the video is 9.10.

  31. not surprised at all to learn the DPP is persecuting the Fiji Times following the publication of the video police torture story. The Fiji Judiciary operates as the dictatorship's henchmen.that's common knowledge.

  32. @Josefa 3:22 PM

    reading such comments as yours only goes to sway the thoughts of those that are in a position to help. sometimes its not worth helping.

  33. Freedom of ExpressionMarch 6, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    @ Anon. at 3:33 PM

    Different people express themselves in different ways. Every person has the right to say what they want. That is democracy.
    You have lived without it so long you sound like Aiyaz.

  34. the guy in the red T-shirt pulling the victim's ear is clearly an over-fed regime thug.

  35. Most of us bloggers have never seen or come across such brutality from those very people who should uphold the law.Ive seen fights in night clubs or on the streets of Suva or rugby field but Ive never felt sick watching this video recording.The thing that really make me sick seeing the video was the cowardness of almost 20 police officers on the scene attacking those two prisoners handcuffed.What else you security officers needs,sticks.iron rod dogs against the two defenceless guys.Ni yavu tamata lamusona vaka bibi o koya e mokuta tiko nona qurulasawa luveni sona levu kawa ca.Vacav me a biu e dua vei kemuni moni veivacu vaka na tagane.Sa levu na kete na dua ga nai koba lako na da.First of all why these people taking video in the first place????they even undress the guy and took the video???one thing for sure probably they will later play it infront of their wives or amongst themselves as sodomy at the camp story by Maike3li Radua.Cava ni lai via raica kina na nona ka vaka tagane???ni vei vutusona..sa ca gona na veitauri kau tiko mai na keba ni sa via mai vaka tabaka ira na tagane e tuba.Apart from the guy who was taking this video another one was also taking shots from his mobile phone????what for?They even said that the prisoners are wasting there time but that is part of their job.Ni yavu sona lelevu.Ni saumi moni cakava na cakacaka qori sega ni vaka uniform ni book taki motoka.Ni yavu tamata kawa ca sa mai rawa toka na cakacaka ni sa mai viavia levu.Sa rauta mera lasa tiko i tuba na watini sotia ni sa sivia na vetauri vakatagane caka tiko mai na keba sa ra cata na yalewa

  36. I'm so very glad to hear that Air Pacific Flight Attendants are contaminating food served to the Prime Minister and Attorney General with piss and shit.

    Please continue the good work !

  37. @Freedom of Expression 3:50 PM

    You are correct and the greatest thing about democracy allowing people to express themselves as they wish is that it also allows them to show what jerks they are as per Joseffas 3:22 PM comment and yours.

  38. Police statement was written by Sharon Johns.
    Apparently Police spokesperson had to be slowly coached on exactly what to say and no more.

    As for Sharon she is so busy dreaming of her former driver Pita Whippy

    But thats another story about multiple orgasm.

  39. few lazy crooks got beaten BIG DEAL

    1. Lazy crooks your head. I agree with you Kai Bau..thumps up for democrasy..

  40. kai bau you village idiot- go give your arse to them

  41. Annon idiot..... no one in the village is an idiot.we live in our unique ways that you dont understand.Love to you by the village people

  42. Kai Bau,Fck off to your little Island,you useless SOB

  43. To Fck off Annon Thanks useful FOB.Love from the village people

  44. The guy in Red T Shirt (Sanita Laqenisici) according to facebook is a policeman and lives in Nadi (Nadi Police Station). Nadi people look for him, his family and friends and teach them a lesson.

    Luke 6:31
    Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    People in Suva/Nausori: Look for the others and apply same treatment.

  45. Anon at 5.02pm

    Please lets be sure before we start hanging people publicly. Are you sure it's him?

    Having said that, the attack on Benedito and other guy was being led by the two older men in the group, the one in the blue shirt and the other wearing white who tried to break Benedito's ankles with what looks to be short steel pipes.

  46. The guy in Red T Shirt is Constable SANITA LAQENISICI, Age - 38, previously at Samabula Police Station, now at the Nadi Police Station. Maybe he was just doing his job.
    I was just imagining confronting runaway prisioners who will resist ferociously. What would you do as Policeman or Prisons Officer?

  47. Anonymous 5:53 PM

    Quote, ""Maybe he was just doing his job""

    So thats what the police are for, standing by and watching crime.

  48. If it was his job, who is coming up with the job prescription that says brutality pasrt on an honest day's work???

  49. Of course we all vehemently abhor and sweepingly condemn as evil, un-Christian, "brutal,sadistic, senseless" and un itaukei the brutal acts of thuggery inflicted on our beloved sons by our own security Forces!

    But, to change the tempo of this cyber current a bit; don’t you think we may be playing right into the hands of a few rouge elements with the Rear Admirals Government? Obviously, someone of authority was behind the camera and so involved and without restrain whatsoever and at his leisure took a 360 decrees take of the ruthless event! None of the perpetrators objected or made any attempt to conceal their identity during the filming.

    May be some did not know they were filmed. Probably they did not at that time had an inkling of the consequences the recording may play upon the demise of their career and bread and butter source to the family and personal security. Or they just wrongly deduce that act will be buried under the leaves and branches of that bush they were in. Or were they thinking that on later viewing of the recording that their respective wives, children, Talatala, Priest and Pastor, Pundit may applaud them for a good work done in the office.

    Back to the film “producer” who we deduced to be probably a senior officer! He treasured the recording and guarded it with his life, only when his conscience prickled him that he decided to let the cat out of the bag. Or did he showed it to his superiors with glee to be played at the next Prisoners yellow ribbon workshop as deterrent. Or as some have now woken up to is the probability that all of us dumb bloggers may have played right into the hands of a few rouge elements in the Rear Admiral club!

    How so?..glad you asked! Domestic and International uproar and anger may resultantly deduced as a possible catalyst of some form of organized or pocket Civil disobediences. Indeed, levels of anger against the Security Forces around the suburbs, settlement and villages may now be heightened to heights superseding public anger in Dec 2006, April 2009 and Nov 2012…now it is different as graphical images of brutality against two of our own sons grabs the heart of many of us in the manner probably not experienced in previous post coup ! ..now the theater of our mind has been fed with deploring imaged that may have been engraved in the Fijian psyche for a very long time.

    Aha!...so the producer must have lend the video to these rouge elements who by now are probably accustomed to toying with our minds knowing we are now like sheep bleeping to the slaughter of decrees they drum up for us to follow…and follow like obedient itaukei ! if we misbehave by finding a reason to be deviant …aha!...they will then tell whoever would listen that Fiji may not be ready for a fair elections!

    Now you got it! Justification to delay elections indefinitely!!

    Solution?....glad you asked again! Take a deep breath! Take a backward step to allow the benefit to see the bigger picture! Now go register a party, file as many candidates as your party could muster, and campaign vigorously to win as many members of present and former security forces, even for a few former and present senior officers to stand as candidates.

    Simplistic view??...oh..tell us your workable and practical solution?

    Still, these thugs should be flogged in public with the same pipe sticks they used..now that we are flirting with saria law!

  50. Ni veicai va vo ga o Naboro

  51. All you fools advocating revenge are no better than the criminals or the police-men in the video.

  52. @ anonymous 5.53 PM
    No,that policeman was NOT "just doing his job" he was committing a crime by abusing the rights of the prisoner to be treated in accordance with the law.what the policeman and his co-torturers were doing had nothing to do with the lawful execution of their duty. let's get that straight.
    if this policeman was "just doing his job" this story would not have gone viral around the world!
    Why has it gone viral?
    Now think!

  53. The man in red is Bainimarama's chief security officer. What's his name? Nadumu?

  54. Meo lao ga i veka

  55. I think Crosbie Walsh is right. How can you be so gullible? This whole video was obviously and extensively photoshopped. In the original the police officers were just eating cake with the prisoner. Maybe that's how he got his diabetes.

    But to prove Croz right, I call on the officer who took the original footage to show us the un-photoshopped version. We'll then see who is the gullible one here.

  56. how many other citizens have this policeman in red abused in his career as a policeman "just doing his job"!
    be interesting to get some "inside" info.

  57. once the escapes are caught,that should be the end of the story and then send to prison..these officers have no right to beat this prisoners,just like fools..

  58. good job cops. Rapists, murderers and theives are in jail for crimes against society. Why escape and make us pay even more for your tavioka and fried fish. Rajend of Sydney, you would change your tune very quickly if one of these animals raped your elderly mother still in Fiji. Think before you vomit.

  59. Makes all sense now.
    Video footage was taken to show the PM what brave loyal policemen they were.
    This video was never ever meant to be released to the public but rather in the PM's private collection to sexually arouse himself.
    What a wanker!!!!!

  60. the police/army force and the government aren't shocked by the abuse ( its normal) their shocked that someone recorded it and now, its out in the open for everyone to see.

    you cant say this is not the Taukei way.....it has always been the Taukei way...The itaukei culture breeds it , the way husbands physically verbally abuse their wives, the way parents physically and verbally abuse their children , the way teachers smack students (corporal punishment), the way people go to church in their Sunday best without any memory of the abuse that they dished out.

    all this is hidden in the laid back nature we project, the smile the friendly nature we posses but the truth is, most Itaukei(especially male) people are ticking time bombs!

    you can only find two attributes that most of us have in common joyous nature and psychopath nature. we can turn from being the nicest guys to be the worst you've ever come across in seconds.

    take for instance the police officers implicated in this video,
    they probably known as great family man, friendly and cheerful and would always do the right thing.great family man as in they keep their woman in check ( smack them if they step out of line) and smack(physical abuse level) their children silly if they misbehave then they go to church knowing they always done the right thing.

    with this kind of mentality the government needs to invest in efficient and effective education system. our culture and traditions needs to evolve so our young can become better earth citizens.

    i hope change will come, god bless Fiji.

  61. Good to see clear I.D's of these rogue military/police officers that tortured the 24year-old Benedito, emerging. They need to be charged and punished for their crime.

  62. Fijians are coward. Muslims are running country and you bastards keep harping and doing nothing. Coward Baini minting money.

  63. @Anonymous 6.37PM
    were you trying to convince me that the way the police officers treated the recaptured prisoners is socially acceptable?
    I am afraid I must disappoint you. I am not convinced one bit by your rationalization of the thuggish behaviour of the police officers. The police are there to uphold the law at all times. In the case under discussion here they did not. No amount of vile low-life threats about my elderly mother in Fiji getting raped by" one of these animals" will get me to "change my tune" about the police needing to act within the confines of the law and not their own sadistic whims.

  64. this should be done on world media as i know world is taking interest in it , someone should fuck sokumuri big luimuri..

  65. People saying that such behavior is un-taukei are gullible. That kind of behavior is normal to any ethnic group in the same circumstances. First, they are acting on behalf of a dictatorship which is unaccountable to any one. Second, these individual would never dream of doing what they did in their personal capacity. In other words they justify what they did as a requirement by the institution they represent (police/army etc.)As such they can confidently put such horrible behavior to the back of their mind as they continue with their personal lives of husbands, fathers, Christians etc.I don't think anyone of them would be laughing while watching the clip on the net.

  66. Semi Monkey, stop calling Bainimagaitinamu Rear Admiral, we all know you love his rear and he loves yours you ugly dipshit. Geez take off your ugly photo because it's a disgrace to monkeys.

  67. your reports are incorrect, that man is NOT Iowane! Check your sources again, you're only making a fool out of the people and creating useless hysteria.

  68. Anonymous 8:47 PM

    his name is immaterial, you my be right, you may be wrong.

    the fact is that the crime remains the same

  69. if it's not iowane than who is it????

  70. @ Coward Anon of March 6, 2013 at 5:57 PM...apart from "veka" wavoki tiko, what is your contribution of value to this blog??...ppps sorry..veka tiko!

    March 6, 2013 at 8:44 PM....so bo kua ni vuvu taka na kedaru i taba...dina ga niu sa qase wananavu tu ga...ia, i keri? o madua taka na kemu i taba kei nai yacamu de na qai laurai na nomu salulu...you mata vaka lulu!

  71. Sokoimuri’s comment ‘“The procedure of investigation we will follow is similar to those followed when complaints have been lodged against police officers in other jurisdictions such as Australia, South Africa, USA and New Zealand.” leaves much to be desired… Sokoimuri, compared to these countries….you’re PUSSIES !!

  72. Meo vekaveka ca

  73. Good job, cops. Innocent political leaders and businessmen are behind bars, but murderers and traitors run free. Because you don't do your job, a lawless military runs amok in Fiji.

  74. Rajendra Chaudhary fuck you and your father, you two tawacilis'both liumuri, want to come and name these officers and pretend to be sympathizers here, fuck off. You and your father, drau veicai, made money during this government's time, your FB post is just fuckall. Just because the government took away your license to pratice you decide to become informer for c.45. You'll come back to Fiji, and these very same police officers will be waiting for you. lako mai ke mo mai boki tamamu, cicililevu.

  75. Listen. This video is unrelated to the prison break recapture. Did you believe me? I tried saying it with straight face but sorry I cannot do it.

    Police Spokesperson, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri how do you do it men? Your good.

  76. @Anon..March 6, 2013 at 10:53 PM...na cava ga o vaka boboi muri wavoki voli kina?

    Go and do something worth your while..you curry baigani!

  77. Obviously these thugs don't do any exercise and are on the same diet, a seefood diet.
    They see food, and eat it!

  78. well Meo seems to me you love the limelight for been a loyalist to this illegal government. same goes to Crosbie or whatever his name is?
    just remember what goes around comes around.
    id love to see your comment come the day this government is removed once and for all!!
    with or without force it needs to be made an example of that no more will Fiji have anything like this for the new Fiji.
    I wouldn't imagine what will you tell your kids when they grow up ?

  79. personally for me, what really disturbs and saddens me are where are the Church Elders of different churches? Where are thou you so called chiefs!!!!
    eg Methodist, All nations? CMF? The catholic church?

    Come sunday all are dressed up and look good and preach to the soul?? what happened to the saving of a nation.
    Moses defied Pharaoh in the old testament knowing he had an uphill battle but He believed that saving a nation is more important and willing to give up his reputation, and his life?
    So I am challenging the so called head of the churches of every denomination!!!! get your ass out of that cushy and comfy chairs and be counted once and for all.
    A nation is dying a slow and horrible deaths.
    your more worse then the bainimarama government by doing nothing when you guys are in a position to lead something that the people needs which is......
    FIJI needs a moses, Fiji needs a Mandela, Fiji needs a LEADER to get us out of this Hole we have allowed to happened......!!!!!

  80. @jay come lately of March 7, 2013 at 4:22 AM.

    Where the freaking hell have you been all this blog age??...Show me a post I made in any blog under my real name to support you blooming allegations!

    As long as I am a Christian I will never never support any sedition act!!

    What I do hope and support like the majority of Fijians is a pathway to return to democratic elections!

    It just so happens that, like or not, the Rear Admiral and his Military Council with their Legal Guru Aiyuz are on the wheel....oh...and nothing is for ever!

    Of course, as you alluded” what goes around comes around”…so go and spit that verbatim on your grandfather’s grave, you moron!

  81. listen he aint a rear admiral get it right stop self promoting that half brainer that didn't even do a proper military officers course!!! bloody a disgrace.

  82. The people swearing against anti-Bainimarama crusaders are not Policemen. They are the useless, good-for-nothing propaganda unit of the Fiji Army based at QEB and Strat HQ. All they do is come on Social Networks all day to defend their useless dicktator boss. LOL. Most regular policemen are hardworking and will not get involved in these kinds of criminal acts. I have spoken to a lot of Policemen and they all agree with me that some of Bainimarama's thugs in the military are corrupting the minds of Prison Officers and the Police. E levu na sotia e ra sa sega talega ni via wili e na i tovo lolovira qo. O ratou na kodrokodro tiko mai qo e sega ni macala e ratou pasitaka mada ga na nodratou Secondary Entrance se sega. Sega ni macala, pasitaki na RFL kei na B.E test se sega? Sega ni macala e ratou curu vakadodonu se baci ratou curu tu vakavanua. Sa sivia na tamata boci e ra viavia sotia tiko qo. Vakamadualaka na mataivalu rogorogo vinaka keimami a se lewena e na dua na gauna. Boci ga na boci.

  83. agree with u anon @12:11pm..im glad i left..i know that FL541 was from Comd Teleni's COMPOL time..use 2 b his backup,,i know that Fili is an army officer (driver) specifically..well looks like rapture is here already..na karua ni veivakararawataki levu in which Soldiers will take part in...Moce Viti..!!

  84. In case you're wondering...March 7, 2013 at 1:05 PM


    Few people with access to the Internet can have failed to be shocked and distressed at the extraordinary video that emerged this week of two recaptured Fijian prison escapees being ill-treated by their captors. The clip that has appeared on local television is a sanitised version of the original, which at the time of writing has been viewed almost 60,000 times on YouTube. It isn’t just the violence unleashed on the escapees and the degrading treatment to which they were subjected. Many people have been equally disturbed that their captors were taunting them, laughing at them and recording their ordeal on their mobile phones.

    ....continued at www.grubsheetfeejee.com

  85. WATCH THE GUY IN THE 3/4 trousers with brown desert boot..yeah who else is that?

    yes the one and only Fiji 7s player from red rock lami..PENI GAUNIMEKE!!

    Na boci,sa qai curu walega na ovisa,sa via lai vaka rough rough tiko..masi polo.

  86. Semi monkey, stop using rear admiral you cocksucker.

  87. Graham Davis, stop coming on C4.5 to scrounge readership for your worthless blogsite.

  88. @ Anon Bothy of March 7, 2013 at 9:10 PM..

    psst....psst qai ma veka!..

  89. Naupoto's evidence before Board of Inquiry

    FINGER on violent operation"I was told that they were to be taken to Nukulau. I was informed on the 28th July. We were to make arrangements for their transportation. I tasked RFNS Kiro and also directed Lieutenant Commander Naqali to form a security team for the detainees. I was told that they were to be taken at 0400 hrs on 29th July. I directed LCDR Naqali not to show sympathy to them but to roughen them up. The detainees had their hands tied behind their back. I directed Naqali that they were to be held on deck rather than below decks (inside the ship). It is easier to sabotage the ship when you are inside rather than outside. I spoke to them when they were sitted on the forecastle and told them that "if you try anything you will die". I saw people punching them (detainees) but I did not stop them. I was in contact with Naqali throughout the operation and I was directing the operation from my office throughout. I told Naqali to call me when they handed over to the army personnel at Nukulau. The operation was codenamed Operation Lighthouse and the Operation Order was written and signed by myself. Everything that happened was done because I had directed LCDR Naqali to allow it to happen. The reason for my allowing those things to happen was a way of putting the security team on a psychologically higher platform than the detainees. It was better for them to be punched and sworn at rather than being shot because the people guarding them panicked. My task was to deliver them to Nukulau alive and that I did. I ask the Board [of Inquiry] that the information that is given to the Board today be safeguarded as it can be used against our families. If my actions are found to be wrong then I am prepared to face the consequences

  90. Vinaka na job boys...mo dou a vutuka nodaru sona me rau kua ni dro tale...

  91. Vinaka na job, boys... You've shown the entire world what a bunch of low-down scumbags are running Fiji into the dirt.

  92. Kenneth Zinck said...
    All these policemen and soldiers must be brought to justice for their inhuman actions against defenceless human beings. I am not the justice system will do anything as they(the judiciary) are all part of this coup culture and illegal regime. I hope this nightmare for the past six years ends asap. Kenneth Zinck

    March 6, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    Kenneth...u hypocrite....Evidence sa tiko about you soliciting prostitutes.....in Fiji...u like it when they dance to the tune of your dollars....

  93. nothing wrong with Kenneth Zinck soliciting prostitutes with his own money. he is doing no harm to the rest of society who can go on doing whatever or who ever they are doing. the same can't be said of the illegal military regime.they are doing serious harm to society. and this prostitution thing is a typical smear tactic to discredit Zinck because he is an opponent of the illegal Bainimarama regime.
    the focus should be on the misdeeds and misrule of this unlawful regime.


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