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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Message to Goff and the UN: it ain't over yet

THE IRONY OF HELPING HANDS: Josaia Usumaki and Tevita Sugu get assistance to court. Both, like the other three Naboro prisoners, were beaten and tortured after they were recaptured.

If the New Zealand Labour Party thinks yesterday's successful motion against the Suva regime is enough to prick consciences, it's wrong.

Phil Goff and the MPs who supported his motion condemning the violence in the video showing Iowane Benedito and a second man being beaten and tortured by plain clothed officers, will have to play hardball if they really want to be useful to Fiji citizens.

And they'll have to sniff out the bullshit, starting with a report the regime has sacked three Corrections Officers because of their supposed involvement in the Benedito torture video.

These officers did not lose their jobs over that assault, as has been incorrectly reported by New Zealand and Australian media.

The unnamed trio have, in fact, been discharged for breaches in the recapture of the five Naboro prisoners, the first of a number of prisoners to break out of jail last year.

The Naboro escapes were the most controversial and the most publicised, thanks to moles getting the story, which had shamefully been ignored by media, to Coupfourpointfive.

Sources say the Corrections' sackings were conveniently made public this week as a sop to calls for an investigation and as intended, immediately had some people assuming the regime was acting responsibly and investigating: it's not. 

It hasn't even started looking into the Benedito torture and  according to insiders is unlikely to.

Bainimarama and the regime have taken a clobbering over the video, even though supporters swear black and blue prisoners deserve what they get and the security forces are keeping us safe at night.

Still, New Zealand's parliament yesterday took a step in the right direction passing a motion against the systemic violence being perpetuated in Fiji as seen in the underground video.

The regime won't confirm it but there is a definite link between the way the Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, handled the escape and recapture of the prisoners from Naboro in September with that of Benedito two months later.

The fact is police, army and Corrections joined forces to track, capture and punish the escapees in what was a vengeful campaign, in the name of national security.

It is also likely that some of the men who assaulted Benedito and his companion also beat and tortured the Naboro prisoners: all five were so badly injured they were admitted to Colonial War Memorial Hospital, where they were kept in a private wing and tended only by military medics.

Army, police and now Corrections Officers have joined in an unholy alliance to act as one unit, to keep citizens in check. It is a clear abuse of power.

Other initiatives are underway to keep the heat on the regime but New Zealand and Phil Goff, Rupert Colville and the U.N, and Amensty International need to drive home the advantage and spearhead an investigation into human rights abuse in Fiji.

They must also get the U.N. to stop using Fiji peacekeepers.
Uncovering the abuse of the Naboro escapees will unlock the secrets of other abuse, especially that of the Benedito assault.

We have meanwhile established that the Amani Bosenawai accused of being one of the group of eight plain clothed officers in the Benedito video is PC 4344 AMANI BOSENAWAI,  not Sergeant Amani Boseniwai 2711, as earlier identified by sources. We regret the error. 

The Fijilive story on the sacking of the Corrections Officers.
The Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service said it will not make comments on whether the sacked Corrections officers have been referred to police in relation to the recent video published in a number of internet sites.

Spokesperson, Ana Tamani said she can only confirm that some officers have been fully discharged of their duties as a result of the video footage.    

Tamani said they will not reveal how many officers have been sacked.

As reported early this morning, Fijivillage has received information that at least three Corrections officers were discharged from their duties late last week.

Tamani also said that the Corrections Service will not reveal the level of involvement of the sacked officers in the video showing two handcuffed men getting beaten up by a group of men. 

She said they can only say that some officers have been sacked and no further comments will be made at this stage.

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said investigations continue and no further comments will be made for now.

The government had earlier stated that the formal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the video recording of Fijian security personnel and recaptured prison escapees is continuing.

A Ministry of Information release said that there will be no further statement until the investigation is complete and its findings are released by Government.

Motion against Fiji regime unanimously supported in New Zealand Parliament


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Anonymous said...

Tne UN and everyone else wanting Fiji to return to democratic rule MUST demand the bullshit "interim government" of Frank Bainimarama ( 6 year interim? what nonsense is that?it's not a government,it's thug rule. the fiji court of appeal has ruled the regime illegal) to "step aside" (does the coup maker remember that term which he used to force the late President Ratu Mara to relinquish his office )NOW! so that a proper civilian interim government can begin the task of preparing the country for democratic elections and democratic governance. Everything MUST be done to end this rogue regime's rule NOW. If not dream on about Fiji getting back to democracy. The thugs in power will not let it happen. Mark my word on this!

Anonymous said...

Favourable publicity for Fiji democracy at the moment.

Reveal the true scale of human rights abuse in our beloved country and it's on record.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Is Under Thug Rule. All that is happening in Fiji - the surveillance on citizens, the criminal intimidation of civilians, the violence against citizens and the torture of citizens - is consistent with thug rule. The UN, The EU, the FU,the CW , the PF must bring this thug rule to an end. Can't ask the MSG to join in because they are a shitty lot! accustomed to thug rule themselves!!

Paula said...

While New Zealand Parliament passes its motion and the UN Rupert condemns the regimes action, UNDP on the ground in Suva is pampering the regime with joint projects and all sorts of assistance. The French and the Germans do the same and the dictator is laughing. Without a unified response of the international community, the thugs will rule Fiji forever. So better get used to a bit of violence and human rights abuse on youtube.

Vutuki Meo said...

Excellent piece C4.5.
The UN needs to kick out these Fijian soldiers.

Very Hypocritical of the UN to employ thugs as Peacekeepers.

Anonymous said...

Go suck Phil Goffs dick C4.5 and also suck Helen Clerks dick because she has one too.syrian kids are murdered and tortured and raped and the UN can't do shit. Tell New Zealand to help there as thousand are suffering there compared to two fucken criminals in Fiji who deserve the bashing they got.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.17pm
dua tale na ulukau sona levu o iko kubuti kaiyum tiko me rawa nai sau ni kemu

Anonymous said...

Na veisaumi ni macawa sa oti... e keimami taura ga na sotia e $50 na dola mai na i lavo ni neimami veisaumi na veimacawa ya rua na macawa
Sa dua dua dina na i vakarau vakaloloma e vakayacora na tamata qo o Bainimarama kivei keimami na sotia

Na ka e ratou tukuna na pay office ni mataivalu... ni musu kece na keimami i sau me saumi kina na BILI ni talevoni.... ka levu na sotia era beitaki tiko ni ra abusetaka tiko na talevoni

Sa keimami vakalolomataki na sotia , ka keimami sa nakinaki tiko oqo... me sana lauvana o Bainimarama kei Khaiyum

Anonymous said...

Soldiers should just shoot this dickhead Bainisona and his sidekick Aiyarse and get it over and done with.

Watcher International said...


Human rights abuse...mmm...nice, NZ parliamentary vote...mmm....nice...question is what does this parliamentary vote really mean to everyone???

I guess it could mean a reinforcement of the NZ government's stand against Fiji but in reality that's all it means...physically it doesn't affect Fiji in any way. There's nothing that the parliament of NZ can do to change the status quo in Fiji. The fact remains, the Bainimarama government is in power and no body, not NZ, Aust, the UN or Amnesty International can do anything about it.

Fiji is a sovereign nation and it deals with its issues as it sees fit. It does not need outsiders to tell it what it should and should not do with regards to its internal issues, such as the escape and recapture of hardened criminals.

The NZ parliament instead should vote on the abuse carried out by its police officers on Pacific Islanders in cities such as Auckland and Wellington. Also, the involvement of NZ special forces in the arrest and abuse of Afghan and Iraqi civilians in this war on terror. NZ calls itself a democracy yet it still discriminates against Pacific Islanders by calling them "coconuts" a derogatory term used when referring to people of Pacific Island origin.

Amnesty International is it, or is it a personal agenda by Apolosi Bose, an employee of Amnesty International. Apolosi Bose is the son of former Ba Provincial Holdings entrepreneur Isimeli Bose. Apolosi and his father were removed from Ba Provincial Holdings for dubious dealings and are still under investigation. This sounds like sour grapes and Amnesty International should recheck on Apolosi's background before stooping so low to investigate allegations of abuse in Fiji. Plus, rather it should investigate
the shooting of innocent innocent civilians by Australian special forces two weeks ago in Afghanistan. Nobody, not the UN, NZ government, etc etc seems to care about those innocent civilians, maybe because its war and its okay to shoot innocent civilians in a war and call it a regrettable incident.

In summation, there are more important issues out there to investigate and discuss than about how Fiji deals with its internal problems.

Au sa Loloma. said...

My humble request to you Fiji citizens is you need to stand up for your rights. This is your fight, not the UN,NZ AUS,MSG or anyother outside organisation.
Help will only come when you have done your part...Action is what Im refering to...not just words and recitation on this page.
Examples have been set before your eyes by patriotic citizens of Arab countries, majority of whom are of the Islam faith!!Now some of you label members of this faith as Terrorists/Taliban/Al Qaeda and other degrading names.Allow me to state this in our lingo..`Era tamata qaqa sara mai vei kemuni ni ra cakacakataka nodra vosa` ..Sa dri yani..dou qai lewa.

Kai Bau said...

Thanks very much coup 4.5 we need this type of photos to stir up the people and to tell the world about the lawlessness of our security animal.This is the type of photos that needs to come up with uniform security officers seen on the photos.Its also good to start taking shots on the army parade or any appearance in public for the sake of our future court witness and proof because when that time comes all these soldiers will try to hide and pretend that they were not supporting the IG.Any simple shots taken with soldiers in uniform is a living proof like that of Benedito tortured video clips.Keep it coming C4.5; they can swear and abuse people here but the consequences of their names been exposed by coup 4.5 will hurt them internally,mentally and physically.Biuta mai na nodra koro se ra kai vei nai lala ra vei moku tiko qo me vakataki koya na turaga ni Kabara qase ni lotu ya o Fili Cati.Sa madua taki koya tu na luveni kete va papukeni ya.

Anonymous said...

Shame Australia is keeping quiet on this. shud take your cue from NZ. Bob Carr seems like half dead already and shud not be holding such a senior portfolio of foreign affairs. But NZ please too much words have been said about the brutal Fiji regime. We need action now, words have been spoken too many times without any effect.

Pfft pfft pfft said...

Challenge is on for both Fiji people and important international organisations to get the spotlight on Bai's unelected govt.

Thanks to unprincipled coup apologists and manipulated surveys from Australia especially, the illegal govt has been cloaked in false credibility.

This video brings everyone down to earth reminding us all as someone has already said that it's really just a group of thugs in power.

Anonymous said...

International watcher your argument is piss poor.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better, Au Sa Loloma. Vinaka.

People of Fiji our time is now. International community will only help if we act.

Anonymous said...

the nz govt is trying to fight for the rights for all in fiji ...yet Bainimarama is sticking with his "men"...so the moral of the story...its either kill or be killed..he,d rather face the world with words than anger his men in his own roost..na ka meda cakava me da ceburaki ira nona gone...

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 6.17 PM
You are regime thug talking the thug talk to justify the regime's thug behaviour.
you support the regime - you are most probably a part of the regime. why anonymous? are you ashamed of coming out openly to say what you are saying? why?

Anonymous said...

@ international watcher
your argument is shitty!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck what the NZ govt thinks or votes on.It hs no business telling the Fiji govt what to do.
Who gives a fuck about 2 fucking criminals being beaten up>They fucking deserve it.Good job by the security forces and a better job by the PM to stand by his men.

Avete said...

This is a very straight forward case that any police officer can investigate. The suspects are well known to them by their ID. The evidence are clearly documented by way of video and real, car reg No. known, their clothes are clearly identified, get the two victims to confirm their attackers, put up an ID Parade. Interrogate them according to their individual actions and what they say as in the video. Direct the two victims and reconstruct the scene - the place where they were beaten up as seen in the video, get their shoes, truncheons, hand cuffs, rods ...etcs, test for DNA of victims. All of the attackers are parties to the offence as none of them tried to protect the victims during the beatings.

Crime personnels you know what actions to be taken. It should not take more than three days to investigate and present all these brutality offenders to court.

Please remember that a true and loyal Police Officer is Impartial and honestly do their duties without fear or favor and you can arrest ANYONE who ever intereferes with your investigation.

Director CID is the key man for the promp actions of this case.

Hopefully we will get something positive to get rid of these rotten officers in the video.


Anonymous said...

Thank you rajesh. i hope the army can do that too.
The chiefs have spoken already on Viti FM

Anonymous said...

a wise man once said,

"If you suffer your people to be ill-educated and with their manners corrupted from infancy and then punish them for their crimes to which their first education dispose them, what else is to be concluded but that you first make thieves and then punish them?"

it is my hope and prayer that when this regime falls, that we do not turn on each other. Fijian on Fijian, Fijian on Indians or Fijians on anyone.

so if you choose to write a piece on this blog site remember to do so intelligently so we do not rile up the masses to the point of violence for retribution.

vei keda na itaukei, au kerei kemuni kece mera nanumi na vei tamata ra lako mai vanuatani, vakabibi o ira na wekeda na kai-idia. o ira na nodra qase ra sotava talega mai na bula dredre e da mai tuvata e duwa na gauna balavu. e so na gauna sega ni vinaka noda veimaliwai, au kila beka na vuwaviri oqo e sa na kauti keda vata mai kina na iTaukei, Kai-idia kei ira na kena vo ni dui kaikai me da tucake ka da tara lesu na ka e noda na lewe ni vanua, oqo na lawa ni vanua. Kevaka e da vakadave dra vaka na matai ni vuwaviri e na sega ni cegu na noda vakaloloma.
e na gauna sa lutu kina na matanitu me ra veilewai taki kara bala i vale ni veivesu ko ira e ra sa kunei mere cala. vei kemuni noda qase ni voso tiko vei ira na nomuni gone me kakuwa na vevelevu se qaciqacia e na gauna sana lutu kina na matanitu qo.
me vunau taki tiko na veilomani e na noda vanua keina noda bula vou.

me tiko vata kei kemuni kece na luvei viti na loloma ni kalou.

god bless fiji.


Anonymous said...

vinaka bro rajesh god bless you my brother.i forgave you already. loloma yani. sai

Anonymous said...

@ 6:29 PM,


Anonymous said...

Bau dua na luvei vuaka se goneyalewa? Me da apply tu mada yani kina, se ra sa qara lelevu kecega ucui nodratou Na! Hihihihihihihihi!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8.29PM
You want to know " Who gives a fuck about 2 fucking criminals being beaten up" and want us to believe with you that nobody gives a fuck.
Well you are fucking wrong!
If you pull your head out of the sand you'd be able to see who all are giving a fuck all over the world.
Be a man and put down your name if you believe what you say. you have nothing to be afraid of . you are after all a regime man. why should you be afraid? But you are smart. you know when the regime falls your arse will be on the line! your arrogance will not serve you then. you know that.

Anonymous said...

some of the Fiji rogue regime's new best friends don't give fuck about the torture of detainees by state authorities.
they include China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India,. anyone want to guess why?

Kelera said...

My friend, fellow stall holder at Suva market, Charles, told me he had sent copy of article above by email (address on NZ Parliament website) to leader of NZ Labour Party for their information and further actions to press home their work propelling Fiji towards democracy.

Anonymous said...

Jiko Luveni is after harsh panelties for rape predators,

Ms Luveni, is eight to fifteen years still not enough to you? Remember most ot the so called predators are fathers themselves, you want their children to grow up without a father and then they'll have a 99% chance of being raped if they are girls or rapist if they are boys,

The judicial system should also have mercy on them if the're first offenders.you can't just throw a father of three to prison for fifteen years and you forget about his three children, who is going to bring them up, who is going to support them, who are going to look up to as father figure.

These so called predators needs counseling too, they needed to be educated, they both needed help, the perpatrator and the victem, if he does it again the second time than by all mean, jail him for a long time, like the one who raped a ten year old while on bail for a similar crime.

I'm for one that against this cruel inhumane crime, but to jail some one, first offender with children, is abit too much, I think we are too over reacting on this.

This is something which very very common in countries like india for instance, last week a group of young men raped and killed three young sisters who were on their way to school, this just after a few young boys raped a medical student girl in a bus, so we asked our selves how could this sick practice reached our shores? In the in Fiji, these rapes and murders as history tells us only commited by indians, it has been attracting kai viti lately, well since the Bainimarama coup.

Well ladie and gentlement, I'll live it to you to judge and make a comment.on this issue, I think we the I Taukei are victem in all this.

Anonymous said...

just found that arsy is seeking refugee in some countries just incase things go bad here..watch this space

Kaminieli said...

Where is Ars (aka Eyearse) now?????

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:29 PM

Of course we all agree with you. Nothing wrong with parents raping their childrem, I'm surprised you have not mentioned your human rights allow you to do it.

So the rapist is now the victim !!!

And of course it's best to leave the rapist father at home so he can do it again to his daughter when he has the urge !!!

Can only assume you are one that has not been caught yet, MORON.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:29

'who are going to look up to as father figure'

How many children do you know that would look up to thier father if he had raped them ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.17pm can you use your real name Frank. Australia at the moment is too busy watching the Poll rather then what is happening in Fiji.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 10:29

"Man who faced a rape charge allegedly rapes another 10yr old while on bail
Publish date/time: 13/03/2013 [17:05]

The prosecution in a rape trial today raised serious concern on why an alleged rapist was granted bail by the court which has now resulted in the man allegedly raping a child.

The 24-year-old man was facing an initial rape charge and was released on bail by the Suva High Court last year.

While on bail, the man allegedly raped his 10-year-old relative earlier this year.

He was released on bail again, this time by the Nausori Magistrates Court on the 15th of January this year when he appeared for his second rape charge.

Prosecutor Yogesh Prasad said this happened despite an objection to bail by him.

The state today filed submissions for the bail to be revoked as the accused allegedly committed a similar offence while on bail.

Justice Paul Madigan has revoked the bail and has remanded the man in custody.

The accused collapsed in court when his bail was revoked.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash"

Anonymous said...

10:44pm and 10:49pm.

Hey you two stop cutting corners, yes I would have no absolute doubt the victim daughter will eventually feel sorry of her father followed by a gteat guilt, and a fogiveness heart, and most of the victim counselled.would want their father back. Of course they would want the abuse to stopped but not in such a way where you locked up the father for good, most young girls in our beloved country are selling themselves to.make quick money, and they are not raped victims, we were told most of them come from broken families.

You both watch out, the law you're both crying to protect will come back and bite you.

Anonymous said...

Fijian soldiers otherwise called sotia ni veivutusona should be now excluded from UN.

What more proof does Ban ki Moon need?

Tourturers supported by Bainimarama and the UN letting him go and talk there.

What is the UN rep in Suva doing.
Are you blind sir?

Anonymous said...

 Let's all not forget the fundamentals in the 2006 Coup! Fact 1- Frank was led to believe that the country was getting bankrupt by SDL selling natural resources to USA and Qarase getting a backhand in USD ( source - Mahendra Pal Chaudhary).
Fact 2 - Frank was going to be arrested by the Fiji Police Force for his role in the murders of the CRW soildiers in 2000 (source - Col Mohammed Aziz) 
Fact 3 - Frank was led to believe that he could conduct a "Legal Coup" by his legal advisors (source - Nazhat 
Shameem, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, Anthony Gates, Afzal Khan, Mohammed Aziz, Shaista Shameem).
Fact 4 - Frank was provided assurance that the Fiji 
Labour Party will support any takeover and provide key 
members to be Ministers in his portfolio (source- FLP 
Leader Mahendra Pal Chaudhary).
Fact 5 - Frank was confiding in his three main Military 
personnel Driti, Teleni and Roko Ului - (source - Teleni)
Fact 6 - Frank executed the coup with the backing of the political novice individuals who were there for 
personal gain. ( source - Neumi Leweni)
Fact 7 - Frank was let down by the proposed lay preacher and lawyer AG Chen Bun Young of Lautoka who advised Frank and Aiyaz he will only take the Interim AG role if the process is legal and through a 
constitutional process. (source - Parmesh Chand),
Fact 8 - Frank had to rely on Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum to become AG through advise of Pita Driti whose wife 
Amelia Driti was Aiyaz's PA at Colonial. (source - Driti)
Fact 9 - Frank was to install Epeli Cakobau as President through GCC by politically manoeuvring Provinces; this failed (source - Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum)
Fact 10 - Frank wanted a quick exit but was convinced by ASK and MPC and a few other that the coup would bring stability to Fiji (source - Nazhat Shameem)
Fact 11 - Frank invited MPC to cabinet with Lekhram Veishnoy, Tom Ricketts, Manumanu Korovulavula, Epeli Ganilau, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, Bernadette Rounds, Filipe Bole, Cokanasiga, Jone Navakamocea, and a few more. (source - Parmesh Chand)
Fact 12 - MPC and ASK invite John Sami to provide consultancy ($500,000:00 NZD) to create the Peoples Charter - (source - Parmesh Chand) 
Fact 13 - Mahen Chaudhary started appointing his cronies to Boards including his son Rajendra Chaudhary, Rajesh Singh, Arvind Datt, Div Damodar, etc (source - Public Enterprise)
Fact 14 - MPC started his anti SDL campaign openly by persecuting Qarase by not paying his pension and other emoluments that Qarase legally qualified for. (source - Finance


Anonymous said...

Fact 15 - ASK and MPC have personality clashes and start competing with each other on who is Voreqe's. ( source - Roko Ului).
Fact 16 - MPC gets exposed by Victor Lal on $AUD 3 mil embezzlement from the poor. (source- Victor Lal)
Fact 17 - prefabricated enquiry by ASK clears MPC. (source - Jitoko)
Fact 18 - enter John Prasad as Treasurer of Fiji ( Chair FNPF, Chair FDB, Chair FIRCA, Board RBF courtesy of ASK ( source - Parmesh Chand)
Fact 19 - Frank loses case against Qarase on legality of takeover (source - Judiciary)
Fact 20 - Frank declares Fiji as Costitutional less! (source - Judiciary)
Fact 21 - Sada Reddy coups Savenaca Narube as RBF Governor by lying about the state of economy and Narube's allegiance to Frank. (source - RBF)
Fact 22 - Enter Abdul Khan courtesy of ASK to head FSC by kicking out Ramswarup (deservedly) (source - FSC)
Fact 23 - Enter Faiz Khan courtesy of ASK to takeover Fiji Pine and Tropik Wood from Landowners ( source - Tropik)
Fact 24 - major FHL restructure (source - Sereana Qoro)
Fact 25 - Aziz and Sereana milk FHL with Fareed and Aiyaz Musa ( source - FHL)
Fact 26 - fallout MPC and ASK, Military Council forces Frank to sack MPC (source - Military)
Fact 27 - ASK sacked by Military Council, reinstated by Frank with warning letter ( source - PM's Office) 
Fact 28 - Driti ,Roko Ului sacked by Frank on advise of ASK ( source - AZIZ)
Fact 29 - Qarase case commences Qarase wrongfully imprisoned ( source - Judiciary)
Fact 30 - Ghai appointed and dumped in one year (source - Ghai)
Fact 31 - Pensioners shafted by FNPF ( source - Aiske Taito)
Fact 32 - Fiji Times exit planned by ASK (source - FT)
Fact 33 - Mahendra Patel jailed for Post Fiji watch issue ( source Tappoos)
Fact 34 - ASK sells his apartments to Tappoos for twice the value after ANZ sent demand (source - ANZ)
Fact 35 - ASK writes constitution as per his thesis (source - Parmesh Chand)
Fact 36 - Frank dissolves GCC (source - ASK)
Fact 37 - election year announced (source - PM office) 
Fact 38 - ALIz (Nur Bano) pays Cabinet wages ( source - Sunil Sharma)
Fact 39 - qantas kicked out and Dave Phliger usurps Qantas mandates ( source - Air Pacific)
Fact 40 - Air Pacific to become Fiji Airways and new planes purchased through FNPF loan for deposit and German bank providing lease ( Source - Air Pacific)
Fact 41 - Phliger obtains his Airbus commission and resigns.
Fact 42 - ................... 

The above are in no order however we need to constantly update each other on the events and people that decieved Fiji so we can continue to ensure that we hold them accountable for all the failures!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 11:09pm.

Yes Sir, 10:29 is full on I Taukei, and what I am talking about when it comes to issues such as this, I have couselled families who've gone through the similar situation where a father, uncle, grand father and so on have raped, molested or assaulted their loved who looked up them as guardians, someone they trusted, unfortunately as we read on news day in day out, that trust has been abused most of the time.

What and who should take the blame? the government? the church or the chiefs and village elders? Well they are blaming the parents, throwing these predators to jail for long time will only make it worst for the family.

Take Bainimarama for example, he raped the country and hold us as ransom, he should be in jail for what he had done, well, we failed to put him to jail, six years on, he still running around, and as far as he is concern the country is in its better shape ever, according to him and his criminal government, everybody is happy and Fiji is doing ok! Like the father, what if he were to go to jail six years ago? We all don't like what he did, and want him to be jailed for it, but he still out and about, feeding his family, the very innocent people he raped.

I can counsel you if you need help, don't just think of the victim and with your anger want the perpetrators go to jail for a long time, you're not going to feed his children when they're hungry, you're not going to clothed them when they are naked, or cold at night, you will enjoy the warmeth of your cozy bed, and hot meals everyday, where they will eat their tears almost everyday, by the time their father completed his time their will be no families to greet him, do you guys ever thought of that?

Like I said, rape was very rare in Fiji until most resently, about six years ago and it is getting worst, we need more trainned counsellors, to counsel both the victim and the predator, that guy you were talking about, he needs to go to St Giles.

Namena said...

Thieving Dictators

Many dictators such as Gadafi became filthy rich, by defrauding their countries' wealth.

Fiji dictator is also looting Fiji and lining his wallet. Read Gadafi's road to being rich:

Moammar Gadhafi
Net worth: $200 billion
Source of wealth: Oil
Lived: 1942 - 2011

The man that began a million revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa was stinking rich.
Libya's tyrant leader for over four decades, Gadhafi allegedly used his power to line his pockets as the domineering controller of the country's plentiful oil fields.
At the time of his capture and death in 2011, he was the richest man in the world.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama’s message of condolence for the Venezuelan people made it look like he identified with the ego-maniac Hugo Chavez. According to Bainimarama he was “a great and a visionary leader who was always firm in his convictions that the people of Venezuela deserved better living conditions.” It almost sounds like he’s talking about himself. Like Chavez, Bainimarama has done a good job of wrecking the economy and trying to use all the power of Government to make himself look good while all the time trumpeting empty words about ‘reform’. Unfortunately for Frank and the rest of us, we don’t have huge oil reserves. We have instead a dying sugar industry and a tourism industry that is threatened by the trashing of our image overseas thanks to the antics of Bainimarama’s goon squad.

Sanaila said...

The Fiji soldiers are a valuable asset to the UN...that is why they are the best peacekeepers in the world...and the UN is right in continuing to employ Fiji soldiers...

As for Human Rights abuses in Fiji???...there are more human rights violations in the US, Australia, and other developed nations of the world....The fact of the matter is that Fiji issues are too small and insignificant for anyone to notice....

The world knows and acknowledge that the Bainimarama Government is the most stable in Fiji's history...and that's a FACT

Na cava tale ni se via taroga tiko??

Nadera Boy said...

@Sanaila..boy sega ni madua ena lasu o kaburaka tiko mai na mawa kei na bona ni gusumu? sega all those former Fiji soliders(the real RFMF) who made Fiji proud around the world through UN duties..NOT YOU GUYS WANNA BE'S TOY SOLIDERS CANON FODDERS & Voceke today mataivalu solisona!!

what was the last time you talked to Bai? was last year i think? its the same shit you keep harping about in here and nothing new has come out like oh bainivoceke just open a new toilet up in labasa..BIG BULLSHIT DEAL!!Just to show ppl of fiji of what he is doing? o cei dou vesu mona taka tiko? who you all trying to Con?

your answer about Fiji UN future peacekeeping is below?

The vote by the New Zealand Parliament to condemn the Bainikhaiyum regime for the infamous events depicted in the Video of Shame shows just how united the democratic world is in condemning torture. There is no place for torture in the civilised world. The job of persuading the UN not to give any more deployments to the RFMF just got easier. Make no mistake, Bainimarama doesn’t pay big bucks to Qorvis because he loves them. He pays for their services because he fears a UN move against RFMF participation in peacekeeping,will stop arsehole no morals wannabe army boys like him from supporting him. fire sara i matamatalevu vei ratou na MP yadra tiko me vacurumi nomu arse nodratou dakai. moce sonalevu. kubu vei koya drau yadra vata tiko qori e yasamu.

Anonymous said...

@ March 13. 2013, 6:21 pm.

Baraca, oni na kania mai na dena, e sega.ni qai kenai matai e cakava veikemuni qori, ena yaco.mai na gauna esa na sega ni saumi kemuni rawa, esa na rawa ga ni soli Mary tale moni vutuka mei kuri ni sau,

Esa va ga qori na kemuni sau, ni biuta sara na sotia, ni lai wawa kacivi tu mai nakoro me yacova nio ni kacivi lesu mai ena matanitu vou digitaki mai na lewe ni vanua, ka sega ni matanitu suguraki va qori, oni da vakatalega na qauri, esa vosa ga mai oni sa muria tu ni veitauri kau, vosota, na cudru e lako tu yani e viti raraba esa baleti kemuni vakatabakidua saraga na mataivalu, e tukuna tiko va qo edua nai vosavosa vaka peritania, "A SOLDIER IS NOT A SOLDIER UNTIL HE GOES TO WAR" kenai balebale oya my baraca, o bainimarama e saumi kemuni tu ga na sotia ni viti enai sau ga ni fuck around, sa dri yani, vosota ke cala na noqu vakamacala.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dictator Chavez was worth 2 billion when he died. It's true dictator frank is recieving one pay packet for the 8 portfolios under him, $748,000.00 pa to be exact, excluding the $200,000.00 so called leave back pay that he rewarded himself in 2008.

Transparency? fuggedaboutit.

Anonymous said...

NZ & Australia can do something that will fuck the dumbarse Mataivalu Ni Solisona right up their arse.

Stop NZ & Australian Citizens visiting Fiji - US did this with Cuba and I cannot see why it is not being done to Fiji with a trade embargo also.

NZ & Australian Citizens should be told that that their hard earned money is being used to pay these dumb cunts.

They will end up selling their arses on the streets of Suva to survive.

Ooops forgot that they are already giving it to Khaiyum for increase in field allowances etc.

Ulukau ga na Ulukau - Tamata blockhead qece.

Lone Ranger said...

Freedom fighters do not fear totalitarian jackasses like hitler, stalin, mao and now this fake machiavel bainimarama.

If it were by cowards like frank to lead this world, our grandparents would not have fought against hitler and japs in ww2. To fight for freedom take it's toll and human lives will be lost, but atleast they will be revered for their courage and not despised for having been cowards.

Anonymous said...


...rings loud and clear in Fiji what say?

Subjecting civil public affairs in Nigeria to military rule has provoked negative and destructive consequences for a host of institutions, extending from universities to the Nigeria Police Force and from traditional rulership to the justice system.

There is virtually no longer any credible system of law in the country, with the security forces frequently disregarding court rulings.

Ironically, the military itself has suffered more than any other institution from the absence of trust, loyalty and discipline in its organization. For instance, it is an open secret among Nigerians that since the 1980s Nigeria's military heads of state cannot rely on their own forces for protection, leading to the shameful employment of mercenary foreign security forces for their more secure protection.

The inevitable conclusion is that military rule has generated a far greater amount of disorganization and indiscipline than the ills which it had set out to correct.

Military rule has not only maimed civil life in Nigeria; it has also endangered the corporate existence of the Nigerian armed forces.


Anonymous said...

Fact 42
Members of Australia / Fiji Business Council colluded with Sydney's Lowe's Institute and Levuka born Mark Johnson (vice president of Macquarie Bank) to design a Fiji poll (conducted by Cas Tebutt) which returned a laughable result suggesting that most people support Bainimarama. Lowe institute (in line with strategy) then ran with this (so called independent) poll result and has been suggested that this led to the softening of Australia's stance on Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fact 44 - Sitiveni Weilelakeba framed Qarase by lying in Court under oath committing Perjury! Sitiveni and Laisa Digitaki are known to be users and they turn on they own if they have to!!! Sitiveni turned on Qarase and Laisa turned on Alex Chang (Tropik) for their benefits!!! These two are a couple made in HELL!!! Sitiveni now tries to repent by offering money to the Qarase family, they don't need the money when they have Lord Jesus looking over them!!! (source - FICAC).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Fact 45 - Frank and Aiyaz have amassed significant wealth with Bank Accounts in Singapore, Honk Kong and Malaysia. Hamid of Denarau and Jimmy of Denarau have bank statements to verify this! (source - Abdul Khan of FSC and Abdul of Design Engineering)
Fact 46 - Design Engineering getting all FSC and Tropik Woods work because Principal Abdul Saiyum openly discusses his contributions to Frank and Aiyaz ( source - Abdul Saiyum at General Machinery wedding @ Sofitel, drunk state)
Fact 47 - Abdul Khan FSC and Abdul Hamid openly use Frank's name in all dealings obtaining benefits through kickbacks. (Source - Hamid)
Fact 48 - Abdul Hamid negotiated contract with NAIM for road works in Fiji with a large kickback in Malaysia to Frank and Aiyaz (source - Abdul Saiyum - Design Engineering)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:09 AM

God help Fiji if you were a councilor of rape victims

Kai Bau said...

Jiko Luveni bulshit about rape harsh penalties.......This idiot should take a look at what those security officers were doing to Benedito and thats a good sign for the idiot to work out who can fall into the rapist catergory.Most of our security forces that are torturing people are also able to rape anyone either female or male.But for general rape case it can be random or spur of the moment.Secondly rape can also be influenced by watching pornograpghic material (media) and probably this is whats happening in Fiji nowdays.Most of the security force and I mean majority of them falls into this catergory eg Policeman raping his daughter.Another influece is drugs which is also one of the biggest threat in Fiji nowdays.Its all come down to social breakdown amongst our community and the inability of the present IG in dealing with issue in a proper legal manner because they themselves are rapist of our constitution.Joko Luveni doesnt realise that she is a rapist herself and instead of pointng finger to others.So for Voreqe to rape the democracy from us the peple of Fiji he did it by fantasing and drugged by the devil

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau look at stats and stop plucking hair out of your arse. The majority of rapists are from Tailevu. Dou lai raica mada na Kai Bau. Kemudou na kawa ni kaivalagi ra mai vaka vutuki ira nomudou yalewa ena gauna makawa. Sega ni kaivalagi kawa vinaka o ira na dau soko vakataki ira ga na Waqa ni Korea ra osota tiko na kabawaqa I Walu. I ira ra Kauta mai na misila kei na vei mate dewa vei ira na tukamu. Caiti tukamu.

Anonymous said...

To Sanaila...why dont you let Voreqe & Hairy Arse come out with the truth..lets have an election , vote in in the PEOPLES choice..and lets get the army out of our system once and for good..fiji does not need an army ..we just need good governance and policing...and also for Sanaila to live in a free democratic country..and not under some sought slavery with baini as the dickhead..

Anonymous said...

Padre James Bhagwan devoted a considerable amount of words on "deepening democracy"in his opinion piece 'The people's pick' (Fiji Times 13/30.
But what we see happening in Fiji is the very opposite of "deepening democracy".It's more like diluting if not deconstructing democracy.
I have not had a chance to read the research book Padre Bhagwan refers to yet but can I politely ask whether anyone in the study picked military dictatorship as a better system of governance for Fiji? If nobody did then why is Fiji under a military dictatorship? Who is the current "government" serving and with whose consent? What lawful authority does the current ruling mob have to govern over the people of Fiji?
They are not the people's pick, are they?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

The NZ Parliament's vote condemning the abuses recorded on the video is a welcome development, but the people of Fiji need more than symbolism. We need action.

If Wellington and Canberra want to get serious about the despotic regime in Fiji, then they need to take the following steps:

1) Demand that the RFMF return to its barracks;

2) Demand internationally-organised and supervised elections in Fiji;

3) Embargo travel to Fiji;

4) Embargo the trade of non-foodstuffs to Fiji;

5) Call on other countries to impose embargoes against Fiji of their own;

6) Substitute their own troops or those of other countries for the RFMF personnel now serving in peacekeeping operations abroad. Washington and the UN will not agree to any political litmus test for UN peacekeepers. But both would go along with the deployment of non-Fijians if proper substitutes could first be found;

7) Enact legislation criminalising employment by their citizens with the regime in Suva;

8) In the absence of constructive change by Bainimarama's regime in response to these measures, then invoke the Biketawa Declaration of 2000;

9) Adopt explicitly a policy of regime change in Suva;

10) Call on other nations -- i.e., China -- to avoid taking any actions that might create further regional instability, such as those that might prolong Bainimarama's misrule;

11) Evacuate all non-essential personnel from their missions in Suva;

12) Work with C4.5 to implement Dakuwaqa's proposal from a year ago to use secure, online balloting to create a shadow government ready to assume power in Suva once Bainimarama is deposed;

13) Shelter in place and provide weapons training, logistical and material support to Fijian exiles seeking to restore democracy to Fiji;

14) Encourage loyal RFMF officers to do the needful to restore rule of law to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:37 AM, sounds like a programme!

Anonymous said...

Inoke Kubuabola biting back saying an investigation has been launched and Fiji will deal with its internal and domestic challenges as and when it deems necessary.
He reckons the Goff motion was absurd and says it should now file a motion to condemn the death of a 27-year old Mozambican who resisted arrest in South Africa.
Typical: can't own up to the crime because they don't want to do the time.

Anonymous said...

More publicity about the abuse in Fiji the more the world gets the message...it's not safe for its own citizens so why would it be safe for tourists.

Anonymous said...

Put a 10 million bounty on frank's head. That will make his bodyguards think.

Anonymous said...

Well, the world already tuned in.

Attacked with truncheons and chewed by dogs: Harrowing torture video that shows Fijian soldiers beating prisoners triggers global backlash

Video believed to show soldiers punishing escaped prisoners
Police and Amnesty International investigate footage of 'torture'

By Hugo Gye

PUBLISHED: 10:06 GMT, 7 March 2013 | UPDATED: 11:21 GMT, 7 March 2013

Comments (116)

Fiji's soldiers have apparently been caught on camera handcuffing men and beating them with rods.

The shocking video shows one man being whacked while lying down in the back of a truck and another set upon by a vicious dog.

Human rights groups have denounced the Fijian military over the footage, which some have described as 'torture'.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2289500/Harrowing-torture-video-shows-Fijian-soldiers-beating-prisoners-triggers-global-backlash.html#ixzz2NSGaoJwk
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

The majority of the people of Fiji want Bainimaramas government to continue. Maybe a referendum will solve all your miseries. All places of visit want him to continue and thats reality man. Blogging is not having an effect. Any suggestion of what to do apart from swearing at each other on blogs or talking about the sexual orientation of people?

Vutuki Sanaila said...

9:50 AM yeah people said that too when SDL and FLP were in power.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.50 am only people want to continue is because he is giving goodies at cost of every fijians with no accountability, they are only eyeing for another maybe 7 yrs by then thet have made money , baini dead, arsy in Taliban and others out of country,you go tell ordinary people about economy they do not want to hear for them only what's come to their pocket and to help so call educated people in business, MD,s CEO,others have no ethics as for them only money.

People of Fiji have accepted coup culture and that should be entrenched in the new constitution as well voilence.after all most Indians support it

Anonymous said...

my advise for anon -people making comment that i am a crook and others.
pls put the evidence in all media/blog .i never crook anyone i am struggling but working hard to move on with my life.
pls put your name dont hide and point fingers.we are sinners not saints.
god bless you.

Anonymous said...

New Pope for Catholics.
He says "Let us pray for each other and the entire world. There is great brotherhood in the world."
"Pray for me" he said and bid the faithful "good night and have a good rest".
A prayer also for Fiji, please!

Anonymous said...

We all should pray for one another now.
no more hatred than fiji and world will be a better place for all to live in.
all holy book teaches us love for god and fellow mans.
god bless

Anonymous said...


Vutuki Sanaila said...

@Anon 9.50am

Another Ulala propaganda brainwashed arsehole talking from his/her rear like the rear admiral bainisona.

Not all the ppl of fiji wnats bai to lead fiji..only Bai's supporter and Sharon from Min of Info telling the local dailies what to write.

When Mere Vuniwaqa’s sudden resignation was announced, Mohammed Saneem was appointed Acting Chief Registrar with immediate effect. But now he’s been moved aside to allow the Sri Lankan magistrate Yohan Liyanage to fill the position. It’s obvious that the anger in the military about the the total control of Khaiyum over government is simmering and Mere Vuniwaqa’s RFMF husband, Neimani Vuniwaqa, will be talking to his colleagues about Khaiyum’s total control. Saneem had to move out of the Chief Registrar role but is no doubt still running everything on Khaiyum’s orders in the Justice Department. Once again Bainimarama has made a tactical withdrawal to allow anger in the RFMF to cool so he can isolate his enemies and then get rid of them. It’s worked well in the past, but then maybe some in the RFMF can see this all too clearly now.

Just go to QEB and get raped by his goons.

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Vutulaki Sonaila is another asslicking idiot instructed by his masters to come in here and spread bullshit.

Sanaila's ReadDad said...

Sanaila is benefitting from this coup. It'll be disaster for him if karua frank goes down.

Anonymous said...

This Saneem business has been wrongly reported. Mere Vuinwaqa was Permanent Secretary for Justice not chief registrar. She was registrar for the political parties as PS for justice.

Saneem has received a big promotion from Cousin Aiyaz.

Vuniwaqa has faded away as her husband has a few plans up his sleeve. He told Mere about what he and the boys from Lau have got planned.

Mere is the first rat to jump off the sinking ship. Why? Because she has been told about the torpedo that is coming.

There is more than 1 plan afoot. The lau boys better hurry up before the Aziz/Aiyaz plan gets started.

The PM had better watch his front as well as his rear. Like a thief in the night they will come. Wether his friends lock him up for his 200 involvement or the enemies lock him up for 2000-2013 remains to be seen.

I would hate to be the PM. A tsunami in front of him and an earthquake behind him.

Either way, his destruction is imminent.

Anonymous said...

10:59 AM I wish that tsunami is true. Frank has very good intel.

Sanaila said...

Why can't people just accept that that the Fiji military is in control of Fiji's security and government...and nothing they say can change that?

O ni na oca mai na kodrokodro esega ni dua e via rogoca. Australia, US, UN era varorogo ga vei Voreqe baleta ni liutaki Viti tiko.....Kemuni na blog tiko mai qo mo ni laki tei tavioka ga, ni vamuria ga na ka e lewai yani vei kemuni...de o ni na moku va-koro!

In your faces said...

Waste of time,

Sa macawa dina na veitalanoa cake tu i ke. Nobody man enough to do anything about it, levu ga na vosa...and you people think the Aussies and Kiwis and UN or whatever organisation will have the guts to intervene in Fiji..very sorry ladies and gents...they won't because they're pussies...

All you guys can is vent your anger here in words, all shitheads the lot of you...hahahahaha...GO BAINIMARAMA and take FIJI FORWARD...

Anonymous said...

Sonaila lai sili mada, keimami kila kecega ni iko seqai lauvutu oti ga mai qori vei Bainivuaka kei Khaiyum ni o bera ni mai blog ike na mataka qo!!! Sonalevu, drau veicai ga kei Bainivuaka me yacova ni dra nomudrau sona....

stiffmaster said...

Hey in your face,

You sure about this, well i support Bainimarama too...These guys here tend to ignore the facts...the world needs Fiji...that's why they not doing shit...Fiji is stable, the world is busy trying to stop the killing of innocent civilians in Syria, something these bastards should care to comment on rather than the recapture and beating of two hardened criminals who deserved every thing that they got...All hypocrites here...

Anonymous said...

@sanaila. Hang on tight because your father bainisona is about to get rooted.
Aziz and Aiyaz will rape him from behind and the army will rape him from the front.
Get ready to die my friend.

DMX said...

To Sanaila,

Good points brahh, these fuckers should just accept the fact their savior Qrasss is not coming back and also because right now he's getting his arse fucked in prison...hahahahahahaha....rajend naidu the day you set foot in fiji is the day you'll get fucked in all your holes...and that goes for every motherfucker here who's bitching about the truth that Sanaila has revealed...Ni veicai kece...Ni lako mada mai viti meda mai sota ni yavu tamata cicilevu kece...

Vakacava ya brother Sana...onnnzz tu..

Sanaila said...

from Sanaila

Io dina sara o iko brother.
Au sa oca mai vei ira na cici levu qo.

Vacava o iko au rawa ni lai tovolea mada nomu i cici lailai qori.

Daru sota ga i yasani maingate.

Anonymous said...


Commander Ricks said...

Wananavu Fiji,

Onnnz caaaaaaaaaa DMX, fuck you all...RFMF rulezzzzzzzzz....for another twenty years...sucks for you guys here but onnnnnnzzzzzzzz for all fijians innnnnn FIIIJIIIII...Ni lai cakacaka mada ni yavu overstayers....kua ga ni dua deport taki mai, qarauni iko ke o sa deport mai da na mai sota i viti...hahahahahahaha

Nadera Boy said...

Isa au sa oca na blog...au sa lako mada meu laki lauvutu nei ira na kaidia ni Nadera...

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

wailei sa tadu mai nai golegole vakamarama mai delai nabua e kuruseta na lomani rumu qo nai boi ni nodra sona

Che Guevara said...

To annon 11:34,

caiti tamamu, tamata sonalevu, vola mai na yacamu mo kilai kina tamata sona vuce...

drau veicai nomu turaga ni koro..hahahahahaha long live bainimarama...adios amigos, bueno rfmf...viva bainimarama

Anonymous said...

good to see the misfits in society getting their own medicine.

on the subject o "it aint over yet" i say it was over 6 years ago

F B is the best thing that ever happened to Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ stiffmaster
Look who is talking about hypocrites?
A Bainimarama regime lackey!
Bainimarama is the biggest hypocrite in modern day Fiji's political history. And stiffmaster and other regime lackeys are fellow hypocrites.
You fuckers are the last people to be talking about hypocrisy and hypocrites!
what's stiff, master?
your brain?

Anonymous said...


Ereveni Motatube said...


So very funny, Aust and NZ cant do shit...hahahahahahhahhahahaha

UN, EU, U Sona hahahahaha

Wake up bloggers...Fiji's miles ahead while fellas suck each other's cock....

So long cocksuckers...and to your caiti bainimarama vakacava me vutuki iko mada o bai ratou qai convoy vei iko na 6fir.....hahahahahahahaha....vakila nomu sona...hhahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

After two years back on the blog I can see nothing has changed. All these character assasinations of the current Government of the day has come to no avail. What is evident is a successful Hearts and Minds campaign by Frank's government and backing of the military to ensure a prosperous Fiji for those below the poverty line. I agree let the continue to rule and not undo the great work that they have done. With all strategic positions now filled locally and overseas it will be hard for any outsider to come into power.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Ereveni talking from experience WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....tamani convoy gonei hahahahahaahahahahaha....ratou complain na 6fir sa rui slack nomu sona bwhahahahahahahahaha...

Vutuki Sanaila said...

commander ricks--aka bainivoco.

what about dmx and sanaila hold ur trousers down and via2via nadera boy(not real nadera boy using his name) and his indians from nadera & stiffmaster me qai samuraki nomu cici levu like all canon fodderas in this blog? after that dou veisau turn..whilst they are at it..keeping yelling Viva Frank Bai lako mai vei au noqu boy friend naba dua!! dou kitaki na blog ike baleta ni free no harresment or censorship...just keep doing what you have been told by ur mulsim master col aziz at qeb..yes sir!! will keep blogging in here.. Boidada ga na via threat tiko mai loma qoka..dou sa bera mada ga ni lai veivacu kei Nadera Boy..dou lamu tale?? dou yavu boci!! dou fire ike lai vulica tale so na style vou ni veivutu mai QEB..http://maleflixxx.tv/pc/Home.asp?R=1GOOGMFTVTR&Door=M&scv=true&p=ppc00&gclid=CO-OsY_o-rUCFUIdpQodvTQACg dou kua ni leqataki ni free tiko na internet loma ni office qori...tea break mada..hahahahahah

Anonymous said...

hmmmm so its true that Army cell from 6FIR are also on this blog to support bainisona and threat everyone who doesn't support Bai's illegal govt!

you guys have shown your true colours in here and typical of the present fiji army..Threat when you cannot get what you want!! then put in a Decree to get what you guys want!! severe jail sentence if you continue against it or get beaten up!!

DMX said...

At vutuki sanaila,

oi e mosi when it comes back at you, lausamu, sonalevu drau veicai kei nadera boy, drau veikubuti vakukauwa...hahahahahahahahaha

tamata cicilevu qori drau tiko vata mai valagi drau veicai keidrau tagane dina drau tukuna mai me da mai sota, kena ca gona ni sona e levu... caiti bumu...ke o tiko dina e viti ia tukuna mai time and place tou mai sota mada, balls in your court motherfucker...kua ga ni levu tiko na gusumu i ke qaralevu tiko nomu sala ni tapi...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

It's a real mystery how these dumb soldiers are able to operate keyboard.

Anonymous said...

If Fiji is so stable, why is a self-appointed military government ruling it through thug violence and by decree?

Kai Bau said...

Pornographic is really affecting most of the people who blogs here.The way they are swearing and the type of words used are so disgusting.
Cava beka na betena na vosavosa ca kei na via veikoba tiko....qori na cakacaka ni tamata no school.Ni tu vakatagane ni biuta na yacamuni qai bolebole...vakabibi vei kemudou na sotia ni taqomaki kemudou tu mai muri na dakai....nothing to loose.....mai biu mai na yaca kei na address....qai sega ni ca na qavokavoka vakataki ira na no school sara tobo tu qo ena clips nei Benedito.....sa qai rere ko Pita...lol

Anonymous said...

kai bau,

well spoken even i dont agree with you most times, you right we should keep it civil

Anonymous said...

Boy must be some serious ANALysing going on in military camp with all these ass rhetoric.

rajend naidu said...

we read in 'China extols Fiji's leadership' (Fiji Times 14/3)that the visiting Vice minister of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has "reaffirmed China's on going support towards the positive development of Fiji's political process".
Any thing about the negative development like the torture of detainees by the Fiji State security forces?
I suppose for China such human rights issues are not particularly important. In fact like the current Fiji leadership the Chinese leadership have traditionally regarded it has a nuisance - which should be dispensed with whenever possible.
This is a good example of birds of a feather flocking together!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Another Ulukau Yes sir boy ya o DMX..i dont think he has any tavioka farm or knows how to plant one..yes only at 6fir..lol DMX- aka Dumb arse matavamaqe Xxx(dau sara pon)

SEMI MEO said...

Obviously, yours truly is NO blog Saint at all!

But allow me to share this short devotional from 'One minute daily devotion"

Is There Good and Evil?

“Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.” - Romans 12:9

In today's world, many students are taught that all truth is relative, that there are no enduring moral standards, that there is no such thing as good and evil. Even in our criminal system, inability to tell good from evil is considered a sign of criminal insanity. So, are we training our young people to be unable to tell good from evil? How frightening a thought!

Scripture is full of words like "good," "evil," "sin," "righteous," "unrighteous," and "wicked." Many reject such concepts. They use a variety of arguments, but basically I think it comes down to one thing. They don't want to be held accountable by a higher authority. To reject the concept of good and evil is to reject the Bible and to reject God.

So, how can we hate evil, assuming we know what evil is, and still be loving people?

Let me suggest this: Jesus is the perfect picture of God in a man. What He says is evil in His Word, is evil. What He says is good, is good. No one has ever hated evil more than Jesus, and no one has ever been more loving than Jesus. His life, His spirit, and His character show us how to hate evil and, at the same time, how to be a truly loving person. Hate what Jesus hates - sin. And love who Jesus loves – people - all people. This will get you off to a good start in hating evil and being a loving person.


Anonymous said...

One thing that people writing here forget to mention is that the perpetrators of violence against the escapees in the video are all iTaukei- there are no Indo-Fijians in this brutality scenraio- a sad indictement on the iTaukei people brutalizing their own kind- vakaloloma dina!!!!

Anonymous said...

The regime must feel especially threatened right now to be assigning more soldiers to blog on this website.

That's fine. Takes a few more soldiers away from the torture squads, and it forces them to try to justify their treason, violence, and cowardice. It also reveals them to visitors to this blog from all over the world for the kind of sodomy-obsessed thugs they are.

Somebody claimed earlier that it was those opposed to the regime who are making all the threats. Yet what I read here are a lot of invitations to prayer, good wishes for the new pope, and appeals to conscience from the pro-democracy side, while the regime supporters are the ones uttering most of the threats, congratulating the security forces for torture, pooh-poohing international opinion and calling for continued dictatorship by their unelected commander.

It is ever thus. Some side with the angels, others with Tevoro.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Semi Meo is beginning to talk sense!

Anonymous said...

I just found out reason Australia Bob Carr changed tune because of ANZ Bank leadership influence , they see high return with baini reduced tax rate..all major business call shots now baini is just puppet --boci

Vutuki Sanaila said...

DMX- au tiko saraga qoka i suva. maumau nomu vakils tiko..tiko mai vavalagi kei nadera boy..da wish meda lako i vavalagi meda kua ni raica tiko na duka kei con ni matanitu qoka.

Fire yani friday Suva bowling club na yakavi lailai,lai waraki au i kea.fire yani taudua..tarogi ga i security i na katuba o kavetani e tiko na bar se sega? Ok!! qori noqu naba: 9905777

If you can - said...

If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.
Mao Zedong

There's nothing wrong in suffering, if you suffer for a purpose. Our revolution didn't abolish danger or death. It simply made danger and death worthwhile.
H. G. Wells


Thursday August 11th 2011 is the first International Freedom Day for members of the [FWRM].
All members of the public must carry a Fiji Flag and wave it to every government Minister Vehicle. It is a sign you support change.
Wear Bula Shirt and Bula Dress or color to show you are willing to take part in the protest march for change.
Mark the ILO & Government meeting location send as many emails and texts to friends and families, get in two’s and three start walking to the location with mats and food and water to drink, put up your grog party,your singing group with guitar and stereo for music. This is a sign to be covered by the international media.


All Union Executives and President to sign a Fiji Workers Union Loyalty Declaration in a form of a partition to call for Immediate International Embargo on Fiji bound goods in port and out of port and Immediate Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister Union Sanction on all world unions who are ILO signatories for an immediate hold on all Fiji bound flights and cargoes by ship. This is to be signed and sealed and presented to the ILO representatives. This is part of the International Media sanction human rights strategy to free the oppressed.


All Fiji Workers Union members, members of the public and friends are requested to engage in a professional sabotage with any form of activity that will engage in a long run, slow but sure bleeding of Fiji’s public service and Fiji’s economy. Email it to the internal community for media coverage.


All Union members to walk strong and walk tall by coming to an organized march to be held.

Mojee said...

Kua tiko na vakaqakoro,

Kemuni na vosaca taki ira tiko mai na sotia ni kua viavialevu soti, sa rawarawa na vosa ia dredre na cakacaka taka. Kua ni kodro tiko vaka na koli ni kai idia.

Na yacaqu o Mosese Koronivalu. Au tiko e na married quarters ni keba ni mataivalu e delai nabua. Ke dou tagane dina dou lako mai, vakabibi tiko vei iko nadera kid kei vutuki bainimarama, o au ga o kemudrau yakavi ni kua ni suka na cakacaka en lima, rewa dairy gate.

Drau lako mai tou mai vakasavasava mada me rawa ni macala kina o cei dina e tagane. Ke drau sa na sega ni lako mai ia, au kerea me sa rauta na nomudrau vosa baleta e sega ni yaga.

Au sa vakadeitaka ni kedatou ga na vakasavasava, you have my word, me tini kina na veivosaca taki e caka tiko e ke. Tou deal taka ga qo vakatagane, kau kera mo drau tu mai vaka tagane.

Muslim analysis said...

This report was published in 20011 :

Muslim Influence in Fiji

The real cloud full of mystery is now over the horizon the true planners of the coup of 2006 and the beneficiaries are now at hand. This is what we have been waiting for. Let us unfold the plot. The first grand plot out of the coup reality is to weaken the business network of the all the Guajarati business community.

Here are the details: A meeting of the Muslim advisers was convened by the illegal AG early last year and a common objective that came to light was the Guajarati stronghold in the business sector is immovable and unshakeable. They exited long and tall over the ruling Alliance, SVT and SDL government. They are the dictators and controllers of price, market, products, customers, taxes and government policies for years.
They make governments and they break governments too. They are in all the prominent boards of the government bodies and they are legal advisers in all corporate dealings. They are market brokers on all government tenders that suit their business and they have connections up and down the ranks and file of the civil servants. When the illegal AG the alkaida looked around the meeting table he became angry and frustrated and said if they are that strong how can we make them weak?

One adviser stood up and banged the table and said “The powerful identity of Gujratis must be destroyed they are the mould that is poisoning the future of the Muslim endavour.AG then said “I will smoke them out one by one just watch and see. Now the real agenda is on the table the illegal judges from the war torn Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka who have been losers and wounded are now controlling the judiciary and making people scared putting them to jail no matter what.

The judiciary is fully controlled and run by the illegal AG and Christopher Pride the illegal Solicitor General. Do you think the overseas judges who are here, are here to promote professionalism, independence, fair judgment and impartially. No way near that. These self appointed judges are here to get money for themselves and come here on holidays with their families. The first trial run was to convict Bhika the Managing Director of Suncourt.
This is the first Muslim assignment led by AG,the alkaida to smoke them out.

I am saying this strategy is effective because the brain behind the Bhika case conviction is Kaiyum AG and Mr Pride. Guji cases are getting priority attention because AG timeline is running out soon he wants to be remembered by destroying the Guji network. Little did the people know the only way to destroy AG is smoking him completely by exposing every aspect of his life until he is completely terminated. The prominent meeting place for the illegal AG Kaiyum and his advisers is the Mosque close to noble house.

They meet under the guise of prayer, this is where they meet and talk about steps and methods to destroy the Guji business network, and at the same time synchronize the raw intelligence he could gather to please the illegal PM Bainimarama.

For your information the Nakasi road improvement is now being developed to set Nakasi as the first Muslim Hub for the future. This will be the new Muslim city compared to the Suva City which is controlled by the Gujis .Remember the war now is to create a new generation of Muslim leaders to rule Fiji to be headed by Kaiyum.
This is a preparation mode for the Muslims to form a new political party with the Bainimarama military group for the 2014 election on a new platform a constitution of equality. The Gujis are the money masters they are politically connected on every government that comes into power. The Alliance party government,SVT,SDL all were covered by the Guji blanket. Now the move is to change the culture and improvise constitution based on the Muslim supremacy. It is happening now.

tuks said...

Wananavu Fiji,

Onzzzz mojee, lets see if they'll reply and acknowledge

PM advise Part 1 said...

Sa tekivu edaidai edua na vula vou sa basika vou kina edua tale nai lakolako vou ni sasaga ni toso kina kena sagai na tubu ni bula marau kei na vinaka e Viti.Sa dua dina vula dredre eda sa lakova oti ni basika kina na veika e vunitaki tu vei keda ka da qai kidacala sa kacakaca bote e matada na veika rerevaki,butobuto vaka vure cudru kei na via vakadave dra kei na vaka caca.Ni da tekivu ena veiliutaki rau vei wanonovi toka na toa ni koco Peresitedi kei Bainimarama bavulu se o cei ena lakoi tuba.Nodrau dau ni vakatagi sici o Aiyaz na vuni lawa vakailoa, dokadoka kei na yalowai.Eda na qai raica na ka ena cakava ena vula oqo na PM. O Ratu Epeli sa wili siga tug a oqo baleta na nona lakoi tuba sa seal taki oti tu na kenai tukutuku.O Roko Ului edua na nonai tokani voleka duadua o Baimarama ena vuaviri ni 2006 koya e kila tu vakavinaka nai waliwali ni nona veiliutaki kaukauwa o Bainimarama ena loma ni keba, sa vocia mai vaka vudi na veika vakadomobula ka vaka risi kete,butobuto ka vakaturu wai ni mata ni da sarava ka raica ena internet ka rogoca ena retio

.Kila na cava na nodratou vesu O Laisa Digitaki.Virisila Buadromo,Jacqline Koroi kei Mosese Waqavonovono eratou kau mai vakakaukauwa main a nodratou dui vale ena dua na mata lala sotia levu.E ratou comolaki ena loma ni lori ka ratou luvai sulu qai vo ga nai sului loma.E ratou qai vesuki tu ena dua na rumu butobuto,vesu na ligadratou me yacova ni sa yaco mai o Koliaci Bainimarama.

Ni da wilika tiko na ka e yaco,ni tau nai saba,nai caqe,na dakai me vakadodoki kina uludratou eda qai kila ni sa dua na vanua dredre sara sa tu kina oqo na PM ni sa bikai koya tu na yaloni moku tamata,vakadave dra,vakacaca,vakama vale,veivesu,veivaka lolomataki, butako kei na kucu oya na nona kaliraka laivi o Bainimarama na nodra yaga na luvei Viti ni mataka,oya na nona kauta mai vaka levu na dinau me bula kina o Viti mai Jaina kei Malaysia ka kali ira dole na kawa kei Viti mera sauma na dinau ni bera mada ga ni ra rawa ka se cakacaka.

Na nona butakoca na matanitu o Bainimarama,ena vakasucuma yarayara nai tovo ni butabutako.

1. E butakoca nai tutu ni PM,nai tutu ni Minisita ni lavo kei na vuqa tale.
2. E butakoca nai tutu ni vakailesilesi ni matanitu ka vakasolia vei ira na nona sotia me sogo ni kusudra mera tokoni koya.
3. E butakoca na qele ni matanitu kei na nodra qele na lewe ni mataqali ka solia yani vei ira na Jaina mera lease taka enai sau lailai sara.
4. E butakoca na dodonu ni tamata ka kauta mai na dakai ni mataivalu me buli lawa ka mei vakarere ni tamata.
5. E vesuki ira lo na tamata ka ra kau mera laki vaka rarawa taki kina keba.
6. E butakoca nai sau ni tamata ka saumi koya ena $745,000
7. E butakoca na nodra dodonu na dau tei dovu qai vakavuna na soqo ni qaqi ni suka FSC.
8.E butakoca na dodonu ni dau volai tukutuku ka vakayagataka ga na Fiji Sun me lagata ga na sere ni nona lasulasu kei na nona tukuna ga na ka e via rogoca.

9.E butakoca na nodra dodonu na dau loba sucu Rewa Dairy me veisau na kena cicivaki ka soli vei Nur Bano Ali na nei ,nei Aiyaz Khaiyumna me vakadikeva ka kenai sau e $2milioni na dola.
10. E butakoca na dodonu ni lotu Wesele me vakayaco bose ka sega ni saqata na lotu katolika kei na lotu tale eso.
11. E butakoca nai tutu vaka turaga ka kaya mera kakua ni bose mera laki gunu wainitapioke ga.
12. E butakoca nai qoliqoli ka solia na galala vei ira na vulagi mera cakacaka nodra.
13. E butakoca nai tutu ni CEO ni Fiji Sports Council ka solia vua na luvena yalewa.
14. E butakoca nai yau bula ni vanua ka soliai Jaina mera cakacaka nodra kina na vulagi ena sau lailai sara.

PM advise Part 2 said...

Na tamata dau butako e wili kina na vakayagataki ni kaukauwa ena dakai,se basu vale,se vakamakama.Na kedrai totogi bibi na curu I valei ni veivesu ka sega na suka mai se totogi kuna ena matana levu.Ni da wilika tiko na veika kece e cakava o Bainimarama eda sa qai raica na yavavala ni 2000 e dabe toka mai loma o koya,matavulo toka baleta ni sa vure tiko mai lomana na kocova nai tutu ka sega ni bunotaka.Sa dodonu me kila o Bainimarama navei yalo kece e vaka mavoa taka se ira sa vakamatea oti ena lesu mai na yalodra me kani koya ka na ologa tu na nona vakasama siga kei na bogi ka na sega ni vakacegu rawa.Ena lauti koya na sui ni mosi kana vakila na nona gacagacai loma na vuca ni sana kakasere mai vaka malua na kaukauwa ni vakatulewa ka san a vakere tu na nonai cegu me yacova ni sa soro ka kere veivosoti.

Bainimarama sa kena gauna oqo mo sereki Viti me curu galala o ira na kena kawa, kina veiliutaki malumu,savasava me ra kila na kawa vou kei Viti ni tiko na nodra nuinui.Keimami sa domo dua kai Viti taucoko,ka kosa vakaroti mo vakasukai Viti lesu tale nib era ni cava na yabaki.Oqo na veika ena yaco vei iko kevaka kona sega ni na vakayacora na vosa ni veitataunaki oqo.

1. Ena vakayali na nomu vakasama
2. Ena tauvi iko edua na mate kana sega ni tikoi na kenai wali.
3. Era na talabu sese na luvemu kara na veibiuyaki ena vanua era sega ni tadra
4.Na mosi ena yaco mai vei iko kona sega ni tarovi rawa ka na sega ni mudu na nona na vakatotoganitaki iko me yacova ni sa oti kece saran a vuniwai kona sikova e vuravura.
5. Na nomui yau kece ko butakoca ena vua viri ena kau tani kece vei iko
6. Na nomu volitaki Viti vakiloa ena kani iko vaka na yavato kona yavu mai vaka edua na yalo sa sega ni vakayagona.[Nanuma na yali nei Savua e kana vaka na yavato]

Natiki ni tukutuku oqo e wawa tale tiko kina o Viti me sereki kina me vosa kina o Sitiveni Rabuka me tukuna mai na yacadra o ira na lako vata kei koya kina Palimedi ena 1987 o cei e vukei koya ena vuaviri.Ke sega era na mate kece ga vaka na nona kana na yavato.

Sanaila said...

@Mojee.... o Nadera Kid & Nadera Boy kei ira na ilala kutusebe anti-govt bloggers era kodrokodro tu qo...erauti ira ga me ra lauvutu...na ivacu e sega ni yaga vei ira! O ira qo e dua na ilala QAURI ni Suva...

Mojee said...

At vutuki sanaila,

Sonalevu, se qai tukuni ga yani mo kua ni lasutaka tiko na yacamu, lauvutu vakababa, kavetani ni sona o kaya tiko mai qori, tamata cicilevu o iko, au sa tukuni au yani qori...lako mada mai daru sota ga ni kua ke o tiko dina i suva, laurai vei iko na cicilevu curu i loma na oriana qai cawiri mai, tamata macawa tawacili o iko.

Sa kua so na sona levu tiko magaitinamu, tukuna ga mai daru sota i vei me daru vakasavasava mada, kua ga ni lasu tiko mai, naba ni talevoni qori e duatani na kena i taukei, caitibumu

Ni o tamata sonalevu ga kua ni levu na vosa, fuckanass.

Leaked said...

This is the general view of a senior government official at prime ministers office :

Name: Withheld for obvious reason

New Fiji Through Muslim Colonization

Fiji is going through a false scenario of reforms and modernization to have a new Fiji. This was reiterated by Pm in his address during the November 2012 budget annoucement. Sadly without realizing it, it will end up with civilization with darkness.

The truth is muslim, through kaiyum is colonizing Fiji. They are deciveing the people of Fiji using nice phrases and words such as modernization, new fiji without corruption, transparency, fairess to justify their staying in power, The fact remains that they would like to turn fiji to a Muslim state without intergrity. To support this view, the following is quite prominent:

Muslim riding hard on power ( RFMF) Rule by decree increase in number of key postions in government to muslims or those sucking up to Kaiyum weakening of Fijian institutions and culture Nepotism recuriting Whites to weaken Fijians capabilities

Sadly power seems to be in in only one hand only - Kaiyum ; who is deciding the destiny of Fiji. One phone call and hsi wish is done. People of Fiji must know that Kaiyum hates , hates and hates Fijians. His marraige wont last beacuse it is only a false face as he lives a false live. He is very possessive with power.

Wake up Fiji. kaiyum is a top brass lair and hypocrite, Heonly goes to the mosque to look religous, he is telling Fiji what to do and yet he is a lasa I tabu and loma, butako and big lasulasu.

People of Fiji - wake up to the muslimisation of our beloved peaceful and friendly country. Regrettably Banimarama cannot do anything - only he knows why ! Right now its Yes SIr ! Three bags fulls ...

Wake up Fiji


The facts said...

This was published in 2012

The Facts:

Now that GCC is also gone and next is the decree that will de- register all political parties. Then you will have to register again within the guidelines set by the government. Now for last 2 years this group has grown in numbers and so has the readers.

But what have we done apart for exposing a few scams and aiding Mara to escape. NOTHING ! There has been much talk without a clear sense of direction and operations on the ground.

Everyone wants to have a go at the regime to bring back democracy but no one is prepared to make a stand in Fiji.

Now with GCC gone and chiefs drinking home brew under mango trees - there is no concern about the future of Fiji. Even if 14 chiefs - not necessarily the high chiefs of the 14 province get 200 men each and come down to the streets to protest that will be the end of this regime.

But as I said there is no sense of concern just talks. Power is still with the chiefs but they are spineless cowards therefore AG is right is word that all Fijian heritages must be destroyed a NEW WORLD ORDER must be achieved.

Remember when Mere and 3 others were caught in the plot to burn Suva City, the CID director even asked of one of the accused " then why didn't you guys burn Suva - we are all fed up".

I do not have the power to gather people , but yes the chiefs can and their one call thousands will line up.

Please excuse my insights but I have to say this - there is a reason why Indians were brought into Fiji and now they are controlling everything, its simply because Fijians are a lazy, coward bunch of group people who have no national pride in Fiji - therefore deserve to be slaves

NO Freedom was ever achieved without Sacrifice and No Freedom will ever be achieved without one

Mojee said...

At sanaila,

Dina taucoko tamana, so na tamata cicilevu ra tiko i ke. Levu tiko ga na gusu ia na sona e kabasu, vuni tiko ga va na daku ni keyboard sega ni rawa na tu vaka tagane, laurai dina ga ni ra yavu qauri kece o ira qo.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Mosese sonalevu caititukamu maroya na ligamu mo tea kina na kemu. Noqu veitavioka o via saga qori. Lako tavucaka dua nai vacu i daligai vore, ke o tavulaka rawa qai mai bolebole i loma qo.

Kavetani Bowls Club said...

oh boy sanaila kei mosee se o mojee,drau lai vei tauri dagger tu mada matani rewa dairy gate..hahahah

sa qai laurai nomudou bavulu ena check taki ni naba nei Vutuki sanaila e solia yani o koya, au dredre niu qiri na naba ya qai lako mai na voicemail nei kaiyum..kua ni kasami ni rau na boys ya dou caka2 vata tiko ga ka dou sega ni kilai rau?sa rau vamosia beka nomudou vakanananu o rau ya o nadera boy kei vutuki sanaila mo dou kodro tiko mai na keba. sega ni rau lia2 o rau ya me solia yani na naba dina de rau moku vei kemudou sarga na vosa tiko i loma qoka. ouwii qai o digia tale na gate i rewa dairy mo drau sota kina ni ko rawa ni kaci veivuke ina keba se back gate ke o sa ciba na lau vacu vei nadera boy..bau digi du an vanua drau veivacu kina e neutral grounds..sega outside QEB..mai yaso na vakila dou cakava tiko. io dou blog tiko ga mai keimami na saqata tiko yani nomudou blog. spit polish na i kau tolo Mojee.About Turn!!

Anonymous said...

all you monkeys scared of China's influence in Fiji should focus on the real threat, Muslims in Fiji. Lousy Chinese deals are public knowledge but the Muslims are screwing Fiji undercover, in more ways than one can count. Be warned. I don't need to outline the strategic positions they already occupy in Fiji's business and govt, many contributors to this blog have done that. Fiji will be unique in the Pacific as the only Muslim governed nation, openly or otherwise.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Mosese ni o sa tavulaka dua nai koba i daligai vore me video taka tiko o sanaila nomu vacuki bainimarama. oti post taki sara en youtube meu raica, oti o sa na qai raici au, deal?

rajend naidu said...

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is expected to have as much as $5 billion in overseas accounts in Austria, China,Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland.The huge network of secret slush funds owned by Kim Jong-un have been discovered during a joint US- South Korean investigation, Seoul based newspaper Chosun IIbo reports (source:'Kim Jong-un's secret billion dollar cash stash' Yahoo!7 Finance 14/3).
Now this is talking heavyweight dictators;not the tin-boat Bainimarama variety!
But one thing is clear: heavyweight or tin-boat dictators look after themselves!

Mojee said...

Sa qai laurai dina qo ni o ni tamata qauri kece na tiko e na blog qo, kua gona ni levu tiko na gusumuni baleta nomuni sona e tadola, e a tukuni vinaka yani me da mai vakasavasava ia sa qai laurai qo ni o ni sonalevu tu e na levu ni nomuni lauvuti tiko vakaikemuni.

Nadera boy kei vutuki bainimarama drau sa qai kilai levu i ke ni drau tamata sona levu...hahahaahahahahaha keimami nanuma ga de ra tiko ike na tagane dina, laurai vinaka ni o ni qauri vavaku sara tikoga...hahahahahahaha Au a tukuna yani mo dou tukuna mai e dua ga na vanua i suva baleta ni tukuna mai o vutuki sanaila ni tiko ga qo i suva, ia sa rairai tatadoladola beka na nona sala ni kena, sa sega ni rawa ni tu mai kina vakatagane....hahahahahahahaha o iko ra vinaka cake sara na kai idia, baleta ni rawa ni ra tu vakatagane, o iko rai luve ni kalavo lauvutu va na pusi....tamata lamulamu, kua ga ni bolebole mai ni o tamata cicilevu. BOCI........

Vei iko kavetani sonalevu mai na bowling club kua mada nio chip in tiko mai tamata tawacili o tamamu. Vakacava o iko via vakasavasava, sa rau lamu o nadera boy kei vutuki bainimarama...tukuna mai daru sota i vei, your choice, ni kua ga, tolo tagane mada mai....ke sega kua ga ni vosa vutuka na magaitukamu ni vakarau veka...

Anonymous said...

@mojee 1:29pm...au nanuma sara dua na gauna na yabaki 1999 mai yasayasa vaka ra,dua na rara ni qito toka volekata na tauni.Dua na vakarauwai lesu mai na makete au qai mai meu mai vodo basi,se u vakarau vodo jiko va na basi sa au rogoca sara na sici ni vakatagisici i rara ni sa rogo voleka jiko mai,na rara qo dau caka jiko kina na club game, sa toso jiko mai na rorogo ni sici ,au se qai bitalaka sara la yani na i qali niu ena baba ni basi meu sa kaba cake yani meu sauma noqo vodovodo, ka tagi saraga mai yasa ni basi na sici qo,au siro totolo au rai yani baba ni basi sa tasiri sara o referee ka se kabi tuga e gusuna na sici ka vica vei ratou na veicemuri mai sa ratou vujia na kequ niu me sa lauviri kina o la na turaga na referee.io,o referee cici tu ya vakadodonu tu yani donumaka dua na carrier vanua ga e mua jiko kina na carrier sa dusi tale ga yani kina ka vaka me vakatotolo taki draiva......au kaya Mojee qori e sega a referee, sega tu ni macala ena tekivu vakacava ka oji vakacava....sa dri yani!!!mudrau...


SEMI MEO said...

Anon..March 14, 2013 at 1:02 PM..

Well, we’re so glad that you finally came to your senses!...phew! took some time, but welcome back my friend!

Oi, o Mojee kei iratou na nona lala ni veiba ratou sa na qai laki wilika na nodratou cau ena blog qo vei iratou na nodratou dua matavuvale ni yakavi qoka.

Oti oya, ena qai kauta vei nona Pastor,Talatala se Turag Bete ena sigatabu.

Se cava na vua era via mai benuci keda kina na kena vo eda via veitalanoa vaka tamata!

Mojee said...

DMX kei Sanaila
Kerekere drau kauti Bainimagana mada mai vei au meu mai valevutakina mada a ona sala ni tapi.

Atama said...

Mosese au tiko qo i serene, vacava mo gole mai me daru mai veivacu mada. Au sega ni tamata dau veivacu me vakai iko ia au sa bolea me daru tuki. bole?

Anonymous said...

Mojee vacava me vutuki iko mada o Semi Meo.

DMX said...

Au rogoca iko dau qauri tiko mai Raiwaqa.
Au rogoca iko dau samuraki Bainimarama tu e na gauna ya.
E dina beka ya brother? Gauna drau dau oonnnnzzzzzzz tu kina.
Kila oti na volleyball.

Anonymous said...

Mai velecayaki sara tu ga yani o ratou na sotianisolisona hehehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Kemudou na sotia yalewa dou blog tiko i cake qo, dou kua ni mai bolebole tiko de qai so lai samuraki koya o Semi.

Thumbs up to Greens said...

Here's the answer to the slimy Inote Kubuabola, who wastes Fiji taxpayer money globetrotting to sell the thug regime to the world!

AUSTRALIA has now passed a motion against the violence thanks to the Greens Party.

Excellent work Greens

The Australian Senate has passed a motion condemning the apparent torture of detainees in Fiji.

The motion put forward by the Australian Greens also describes the police beatings, seen in an online video, as “inhumane and degrading treatment.”

The graphic footage posted on YouTube shows one handcuffed man being savagely beaten with batons and metal bars and another being set upon by a dog as the animal’s handler encourages it.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Greens Leader Christine Milne called on Australia to make its position clear.

“It is no use going to these Asia Pacific Meetings and standing up talking about the role of Australia as a leader in the region if we won’t stand up for the very basic human rights that everybody deserves,” she said.

The motion calls on the interim Fiji Government to publicly condemn the use of torture and establish an independent investigation into the incident.

Sanaila said...

O keda kece na kaiviti me da marautaka ni wananavu tu na bula i Viti....e sega madaga ni bau dua na lewe ni vanua e complain ena Fiji Times / radio. E ra tukuna kecega na totoka ni veiqaravi ni matanitu....Ya na Dina, Dodonu, Savasava!

Anonymous said...

The facts at 1:54 PM has a point. What's stopping us from organising?

Remember Dakuwaqa? He asked for concrete plans from us about what we wanted to organise. Nobody offered any ideas whatsoever. So Dak came up with Operation Jericho.

Jericho was well conceived. it was simple. It was clear. It was safe. It was easy to do. It only required one minute of prayer followed by one minute of action. But the chiefs, the churches, the political parties, the labour unions, even C4.5, etc. -- nobody mobilised behind it.

Jericho succeeded in that it spooked Bainimarama, causing him to cancel his trip to the UN General Assembly, but it would have amounted to a lot more had the opposition only mobilised behind it.

Why didn't more people come out in support of Jericho? Were they afraid? The way it was designed meant minimal risk, and, in fact, no one was ever reported to have been arrested in relation to Jericho.

Did the overwhelming majority of us support Bainimarama, and therefore we didn't see a need to participate in Jericho?

Or was one minute of our time simply more than we wanted to commit to the future of Fiji?

What's stopping us from organising?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo talking sense? I guess that just goes to show you that there's indeed a first time for everything.

Anonymous said...

rajend Naidu... wrong spelling yaar , not barachord, madarchod, kuta.

Anonymous said...

“The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you'll get action.”

Anonymous said...

You all raise your hands in the air shout out where is human rights, I would rather see more prison escapees law breakers get a good beating than rape and incest cases against children in the media..why don't you blog about that. I would have used jaw breakers and knuckle dusters to finish of those crims,and do the same to any of you anti government, anti-military bloggers here. All talk no action, still waiting for your revolution. The horse has bolted and stable door closed.

Anonymous said...

why is no talking regarding Fiji Muslim trained with TALIBAN..

Anonymous said...

C4.5 the battlefield for what's happening in Fiji today. Bai's goons versus democracy advocates!

Glenfield Neighbourhood watch said...

Rajend Naidu..tumaar niece keisa he? Premila. bukete again by jone? just a rumour. But you are number one falla, eh. First man there and back. Lucky falla rajend.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Sanaila boci 3:59pm

You said - "E ra tukuna kecega na totoka ni veiqaravi ni matanitu"

Ratu Sanaila, sa va sara tu ga qo na levu ni ulukau ni sotia ni viti?

O sega mada ga ni bau vakasamataka tu na kudru ni lewe ni vanua bau yaco sara i valagi nodra sega ni taleitaka na ka e ra kitaka na Ovisa kei na sotia ni "matanitu"
era laurai tu ena video ni veimoku.

Caiti iko; caiti tamamu; ulukau levu.

Sa rui levu nomu lasu
You farking bullshit con-artist. Drau veicai kei tamamu o Bainida.

Fark you.

Shazzer said...

Dear Grubby....
S.O.S - if you have the number one stooge's ears, can you tell him to STOP making foolish statements! After all the work I put in in relegating the video hype (you know the one that excites and arouses you and I at that intimate moment - the one of those poor bastards getting a beating?) to an insignificant event when compared to the safety our security forces are providing our ungrateful fellow Fijians, Bai in Pajamas has to go and say something stupid about standing by his men. After we told the dumb Fijians to refrain from speculating of prejudicing the "inquiry", he goes shooting his mouth off (just to ensure the bloody army goons continue to back him)before disappearing into the northern wilderness. He sould know better - we're the ones running this God-forsaken country. Now the Kiwi parliament has come down hard as usual and teh whole episode's even gone to the UN Office for Human Rights. Hell, can't Bai-in-my- pajamas see the damage it could cause to the international standing of our foot-soldiers? Thank goodness we've been able to tie in the "suspension" - for unrelated offences - of some prison officers to throw the howling hordes off the scent. As you and I well know, there's always dumb fall guys around to sacrifice for our common good. But please, whisper in Number One Stooge's ears that he needs to consult my pajamas a bit more because as you know, I'm misinformation. And when he is in my pajamas, he doesn't listen to any advice I give him - but then you must also face the same dilemma? Anyhows, let's catch up over a Red sometime soon, and we can compare notes about what new directions the country sould take. Ball boy Khaiyum will, as know, fall in line like the good little boy he is - otherwise, you and I will have to do something about getting rid of him too. Especially when we've giving his little brioker 300 thousand dollars a month, just to keep his toy radio going.
With much love, hugs, kisses, and undying faith,
Always your red headed shag.

Anonymous said...

Go army, go Navy, go Police, go Prisons. Please don't waste your time on pufters on these blog. It's obvious they are fagots. They trying to get comments to satisfy their lust and see how they baiting for homosexual comments. Continue with supporting the PM and doing developments work and bashing up criminals who want to give an unsecure environment. People do not know that there was a planned mass breakout that started with those breakouts and was thwarted with the treatments they got. In hindsight you should have allowed the mass breakout to happen and channel them to their supporters like Shamima Ali, Mick Beddoes and anti government bloggers. Next time let them out and shoot them like the Australians and USA does.

Anonymous said...

why the catholick falas go and pick a fala from latin america to be new Pope?
they could have done something really revolutionary - pick a popular fala from Oceania - our very own savior frank bainimarama. he has saved fiji and now ready to save the world!
the catholicks missed a good opportunity by not picking savior franko the cranko as the new pope.

Anonymous said...

It's most people want frank bainimarama to continue to lead the country - that is most people in the Fiji military! But how many votes in the army compared to the country?
In a free and fair election - which Fiji will not have under Bainimarama - the country will determine who is to lead NOT THE ARMY. Now you know why no free and fair election will be allowed. It will mean Bai having to pack his bag and peacefully leave the office he has been UNLAWFULLY occupying. He can't let that happen, can he?
Be reasonable people!

Anonymous said...

one of nz own was beaten to death in tonga last week.

i think nz better look at its own back yard before pointing finger at others.

Anonymous said...

A joke was going around Government Buildings today. We don't know who started it.

A mother and her four year old son were overheard talking.

The four year old boy said: Mummy when I grow up I want to be just like Mohammed Saneem.

His mother replied: That's nice dear but that would be impossible. Your penis is already twice as big as his.

Even public servants have to laugh.

DR said...

With VB going allmover the country buying votes, oops i meant doing these great things for the people, he may just be voted in buy enough people who dont care about their human rights. Fijians are a simple people, as long as they are being given things by the government they will be happy.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6.33PM
you forgot to sign off as a regime thug which is what you are. nevermind we know that in any case!

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Semi the monkey is back...ah well it must've taken him longer this time to lick Bocimarama's rear.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, when you was sucking into Bainimarama then?

Na Qase said...

@ DMX -Sanaila kei Ira na vo ni tomi sovu mai QEB...

Au kanaka tiko na vica na siga sa oti baleti Voreqe....He is a captain of a ship, the last to leave when its floundering or sinking. During the 2000 mutiny, biu na boys nona na vei tapi. Ke sa va tu ya na sonalevi ni nomuni i liuliu se commander qai vaka cava li na sonalelevu nodra na Officers kei na other ranks...Kena example vinaka ga ya..na levu ni cicilevu,se sonalevu ni matai tukuna na blog- E SEGA O VITI KEI VURAVURA SA RAICA OTI NA SONALEVU NEI BOSO' KEI IRA NA NONA LIGA NI WAU......KOYA BEKA O NI TU GA KINA NA GREEN ZONE MAI IRAQ, SINAI, MO NI UKU CAVU TIKO,MASI DAKAI,PARADE WAVOKI, BALETA NA KEMUNI YAGA SARAGA YA, KARUA NI MATAU KEY TAKI...

Koya sa tukuni oti, you are trained not to think for yourself 'like normal' human beings...tukuni o Voceke mo ni kania na dena, ni basuraka nona sona na vei kovekove taka na dena, kena vovo mai na nona carata sobu na vei tapi mai Nabua......ULU-LALA,BAVULU...



Anonymous said...

O ratou nai lala qo dua nai lala vinaka ni veivutusona: Voreqe, Semi Meo kei Sonaila, Akuila Yabaki, Ratu Rala kei Kisoko.
Sa sona tamata useless vei keda na Kai Viti na magaitinadratou qo.

Anonymous said...

Fiji criminals deserve every treatment they get. The violence in their crimes is much worse than what police do to them.
Fiji has a long tradition of supporting un peackepping missions around the world it is that allegiance that the UN will turn deaf ears on cries from Australia nd NZ. The truth of tha matter is that when asked themselves what could they contribute they had nothing really to say.
Soldiers follow orders without question so stop the bullshit about RFMF, we all have famlies one way or another in there.
We all know who you anti gov bloggers are. When you are caught you will get same treatment at the crims

Na Qase said...

Ra sega ni kila to u o ira na sotia gusugusu SONALEVU tiko na blog qo, ni menatality ni SONALEVU sa curuma tu na vei nave ni mataivalu nikua. Tekivu sara ga mai na siga
ea "abandon ship" kina o boso qai drutia qai vekaca na veitavioka mai Nabua. Any officer worth his salt would have resigned his commission.
Raica ga na mentality sa curuma tu na nodra i tovo ni bula, laba o Keane kila o koya, caita!!! kadresu nona i cici i loma - Sonalevu. Labati o Rabaka vei ratou o Naulia,Lesavua
kila o ratou can't hack it i loma - SONALEVU. Kei ira kece na vo ni sotia ra veibuturaki,veimoku tiko ra qai vuni tiko na daku ni vinivo ya na immunity - SONALEVU.

O ira na kaivesu era curu tu na vei vale ni veivesu i Viti era tagane dina. Do the crime - do the time. Mai vei koya na pick pocket,
volitaki karasi yaco sara vei Qarase, Speight, Mac Patel, Peni Mau, Dhansukh Lal Bhika they are of a men then all your gree ndresses put together. Era taura vakatagane
ne kedra i totogi. O kemuni kei na nomuni boso SONALEVU???

YAVU SONALELEVU UCI NOMUNI BOSO...me kerei o Tatala Atu Vulaono me vunauci kemuni na nona topic dau soli wavoki na nona dvd - Be A Man..

Anonymous said...

@ Mojee...vaka mo vaqara promote nomu biuti iko mai ke....domica la na qalai voreqe se vakacucu vua...dua na admiral dau veivutui cici...raica ga na yamena...drau veisau yame mada.....wha ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

Na Qase,

Lots of anger and colourful language like abig empty drum. Must be from fallen SDL party with Qarase and his cronies stealing from the Fijian people now you are all caught and diminished out of the limelight. You have no more power or authority not even your new party.
Whats your problem with QEB.Experience some rough treatment.....your as insignificant as a grain of sand. Toso Viti. This is a generational change for the better of all Fiji citizens.

no racism only indigenous rights said...

the truth is out..i was visited by the cesors guy...when it got to etnhicity i said....I thought we are all fijians...obviously Im not.. he said, you know all the young kaiindia complain about that,,,they say Im fijian...lol...the kaiviti censor fella must have been swearing too...there goes its a hoax kaivit,,,,the kaiindia gonna steal your land and everything indigenous.
there is nothing racist about protecting and standing up to your indigenous rithst,,,whatever the kranky no shool shitty pants or muslim assholes say...may your mana triumph..haleluia.. brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Australian Senate calls on Fiji government to condemn videoed torture

Posted at 06:29 on 14 March, 2013 UTC

The Australian Senate is calling on the Fiji government to publicly condemn the use of torture.

The Senate passed a motion, condemning the apparent torture and inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees in Fiji.

This comes after a nine-minute video was posted online last week, showing the abuse and beating of two tied-up men by what the Fiji government calls Fijian security personnel.

On Tuesday, a similar motion was passed by the New Zealand parliament.

Fiji’s foreign minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, reacted to the unanimous vote in Wellington, describing the parliament’s move as absurd.

The beating in Fiji has also been condemned by the United Nations and Amnesty International.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Na Qase said...

@ Anon 9:04........its shameful that all Franks arse kissers - you included are oblivious to the fact that his a coward which is now being ingrained into the QEB psyche and mentality. I'm just calling a spade a spade. comparing oranges to oranges. Him being your master, you obviously want to thick highly of him. But the whole world knows what a coward he is and so is every so called soldier who marches to his tune.

Anonymous said...

...so Naqases ass is as insignificant as a grain of sand..eh!!..and yours is very very significant...GOOD FOR YOU..RA MATA NI QWARA LEVU. TAIVA VA HEWA ME DONU HAULE..moce re,o au qi la ho!!

Naosori said...

NZ Herald

Fijians, Kiwis gather to voice human rights concerns
7:05 PM Thursday Mar 14, 2013

A still from a video which appeared to show Fijian men being beaten and tortured by officials. Photo / Supplied
Fijians and New Zealanders are gathering in Auckland and Wellington today to voice their concerns about the state of human rights in the Pacific Island nation.
Speakers, including MPs, trade unionists and Amnesty International representatives, will address issues such as the rule of independent law, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of the media and the inhumane treatment of people in Fiji.
The gathering in Auckland will be from 1pm on the grass verge opposite Aotea Square at 360 Queen St, and in Wellington outside the Fiji Embassy on Pipitea St.
It follows the release of a brutal video recording which apparently shows Fiji prison guards beating and torturing detainees

Anonymous said...

Fijian Criminals ...
Does that include Bainimarama?
He is a criminal, isn't he?
Some criminals evade the law longer then others. Bainimarama has evaded the law thus far.
But let us not forget he is a criminal doing all he can to evade the law. How long will his luck last?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9.04PM
When you say "this is generational change..." you mean degenerate change - the kind that takes the country backwards - don't you?
there is a good amount of evidence of this degenerate change happening in Fiji since the "clean up" takeover. the latest being the torture video and the stupid illegal prime minister's stupid shameful comment on it.

Anonymous said...

All you bloody pooftahs standing up for the rights of criminals, be forewarned because we're coming for your faggot asses soon. We'll round up the whole lot of you. You think the beating in the back of the pick-up was rough? Well, we're bringing a noose for you. String you up right there at QEB. You'll see what you get for running down our army, navy, police and corrections officers.

This will be a generational change. We're going to usher in a New Fiji without corruption, without crims running loose, and no more talk about human rights.

That's right, Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Gates, and your criminal supporters -- if you won't respect the human rights of others, why should you expect any different treatment when we come for you?

Anonymous said...

No wonder SDL wanted the country to be declared a Cristian country. Only the itaukei who go to church on Sundays are the ones with all the colourful sodomatic language in here. The itaukei is such a dumb race that other races sit back laugh at their stupidity as displayed in the posts on this blog. No wonder the itaukei is such a sad race and blame other races except themselves. They beat each other up as in the video but still blame the Indians. They can't plant tavioka and blame the Indians for their poverty status. They go rob and rape their own itaukei and blame the devil for making them do it. They will blame everybody else except themselves. Now they blaming Bainimarama for painting a bad image of Fiji to the world when they themselves are the ones blogging rubbish about Fiji to the world. They blame Bainimarama for lack f jobs but they blogging for sanctions and for tourists not to come to Fiji. How stupid is that? Only the itaukei suffer because they blog and rubbish Fiji and loose their jobs in the process. Wake up itaukei and be positive and not negative. Out of someone's negative actions you should be seeing what positive you can sow and gain through your Christian principles. The big problems is other religions in Fiji live the Christians principles while the Cristian itaukei who go to church live and talk totally unchristian lives as displayed in this blog.

Itaukai listen to qoivos said...


You are absolutely correct. Wake up I taukai. The first thing you should collectively do which will restore your dignity is to get rid of this corrupt regime lead by FB and his Muslim elites.

Anonymous said...

There is so much swearing and and use of obscenities on this site. Sa rui levu na vosavosa ca e na loma ni rigi ni veivolavolai qo.

I hope that we will refrain from using unprintable words and phrases but conduct our conversations and arguments in a sincere and civilized manner. While we cannot calm our frustrations and anger at the way that this despotic regime is conducting its efforts to try and silence the people and hide the horrible truths that are increasingly being revealed, it is those who are cool, calm and collected are those who will eventually win the war.

So, have faith in God by first keeping His commandments, be forgiving, be humble but be firm, be loyal to your cause of justice, freedom and righteousness; and keep praying that true freedom, peace and prosperity may come quickly. These are not characteristics of weakness and foolishness but of courage and wisdom.

I do not think that our righteous God will allow us to be victorious over unrighteousness if we are not righteous ourselves.

Bainimarama and his cronies have chosen to hide and cover up their corruption from the innocent, but their crimes will be short-lived and will be exhibited for all to see; and we see them unfolding in our eyes at this very time. He has chosen to "stand by his men"; in other words, to allow only the policemen, the soldiers and his followers in high places to commit crimes and inhuman acts without punishment, while others stand to be viciously tortured. They do not forgive and allow the law to take its own cause. However, God does forgive only those who repent and and show Him that they need to be forgiven.

rajend naidu said...

Last night SBS television showed the film The Round Up " A Holocaust 101 film that focuses on the roundup of French Jews in 1942 from a child's point of view"
Movie info : In picturesque Montmarte children wearing a yellow star play in the streets, oblivious to the darkness spreading over Nazi occupied France. Their parents do not seem too concerned either somehow putting their TRUST in the Vichy Government.But beyond this view,much is going on.Hitler demands that the French government roundup its Jews and put them on trains for the extermination camps in the East. The collaborators start to put the plan into effect and within a short time 13,000 of Paris's Jews, among them 4000 children, will be rounded up and sent on a road with no return"
(source : Rotten Tomatoes - La Rafle (2012) by flixster)
See the film and see the parallels in the persecution and thuggery that characterizes the Bainimarama dictatorship in Fiji.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

According to mr graham Davis the prisoners were rapist and sodomiser's. that's why the police gave them bit beating with handcuffs. You see that's how around the world it's done.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rajend Naidu,

I am a persistent anti- government blogger. I hate what they have done and are doing to Fiji. BUT to compare them with Nazi's in one of the most horrific and barbaric chapters in world history is going way to far.

Over 6 million men, women and children exterminated. Show some respect Sir, for the victims and the ancestors of victims of this evil time.

Would you prefer to be a Jew in Nazi Germany or a citizen in Fiji today.

You have displayed a great del of immaturity in you post. Please show some repect for history and keep things in context.

You have gone to far.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Bainimarama's regime is nothing like Hitler's Nazi regime in 1942.

It's more like Hitler's regime circa 1934.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 8:35 AM

Once again you demonstrate how far from reality you are but so close to stupidity.

Is there no end to your pathetic attempts to exagerate. You unfortunately do more harm than good for the cause as instead of people taking notice many just laugh and will ignore the more sensible concerns.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 8.43AM
I prefer neither Nazi Germany nor Fiji Military Dictatorship. You missed my point: The phenomenon of State persecution. The persecution of the Jews is unparralled in human history in terms of its scale but the phenomenon of State persecution is not unique to Jews. The behaviour of the political thugs who brutalized the Jews (as shown in the film The Round Up) is not all that different to that of the Bainimarama's regime's henchmen. the comparision is valid. you should be offended by the conduct of these political thugs who terrorize the people of fiji and nothing else!

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu go dick up Hitlers thigh bone and shove it up your arse. Your wife is being fucked by Fiji government supporters there in your own house.

manoj said...

Hey rajend,

I love your wife's shaved pussy, but she loves it more i do ass hole right there in your bedroom...

Atlantic Blvd Neighbourhood Watch said...

Rajend Naidu in his attempt to seem learned and important, has made a complete fool of himself. Comparing the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany and the situation in Fiji....well go figure. If things are so bad, why have you left your elderly mother in Fiji to fend for herself? What kind of mongrel coward are you? You waiting for amma to be sent to concentration camps in Siberia, Labasa while you relax in Glenfield? Think before you write and put yourself on a pedestal, fool.

rajend naidu said...

my elderly mother is well looked after in Fiji and no credit for this is due to the rogue regime in power. she is looked after by her eldest son and family. she has no complaint. I looked after my mother for 27 years in Fiji. don't try to put me on a guilt trip . you won't succeed. Fiji is under a military dictatorship and I have chosen to be a critic of the dictatorship. If you have chosen to be a regime lackey then that's your choice. You will not get me to change my mind about the dictatorship by abusing me. It won't happen.

rajend naidu said...

conceptual thinking is not everybody's cup of tea. so let me put the issue more simply. remember that boy sakiusa rabaka? at the time the news report said "the 19 year old is the latest victim of military brutality after he succumbed to the head injuries he sustained when he was bashed up by soldiers in Nadi". Now tell me would his mother have felt any differently from the Jewish mothers who lost their sons at the hands of the Nazi thugs? if you still can't grasps the significance of the comparision then you simply don't have the requisite mental faculty for it. keep doing what you know how to do best - swearing and threatening and bullying and all that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Rajend Naidu. Even one brutality is still one too many brutality.

Anonymous said...

@ rajend plato..Illusions of grandeur mean anything, chumcha? Sincerely, my foot. Rajend, as a conceptual thinker, why are you in comfy Oz instead of being on the ground in the homeland, Viti doing something about this regime you so despise? I guess not, let your fellow Vitians do the dirty work, eh while you bark from afar. Typical South Asian eh, let others risk life and limb while you gloat about your so called conceptual ideas.

Anonymous said...

Posters 1:59 PM & 3:03 PM could not argue with Mr. Rajend Naidu's point so they are trying to have a go at him personally. We were always taught in rugby to play the ball instead of playing the man.

But I guess they're just losers.

Anonymous said...

only homos play rugby

Anonymous said...

real men play soccer, so rajend you play rugby now? Since when?

Anonymous said...

anon@3:25 who invited you to the party? Stick the game of homos, rugby.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh's comment " Butaraki (an arbitrary beating) is part of traditional iTaukei culture " has crossed from the highly offensive into a criminal act.

In context, his words were not reflective of the iTaukei ancient culture but part of a present day analysis.

The Fijians I know, both here and abroad do not engage in arbitrary beatings.

This comment from Crosbie Walsh should find him on criminal charges.

Human Rights Act 1993 (NZ)

61 Racial disharmony
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person—
(a) to publish or distribute written matter which is threatening, abusive, or insulting, or to broadcast by means of radio or television words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting; or

The Human Rights Act does cover serious threats to racial harmony. Section 61 of the Act makes it unlawful to publish material which is, ‘threatening, abusive or insulting,’ and ‘likely to excite hostility’ against a group of people or bring them into contempt on the ground of their colour, race or ethnici

Anonymous said...

Rajend, I can't hold back any more. Forgive me, but I just have to share the secret!

These regime guys think they're tapping your wife's clean-shaven pussy, but it's really Tony Gates up to his usual tricks.

You can see how they could mistake the two.

Anonymous said...

Like Nazi Germany circa 1934.

Sounds about right.

rajend naidu said...

we must always remember this wise words of Harold J Laski "...civilization means,above all,an unwillingness to inflict unnecessary pain ... those of us who heedlessly accept the commands of authority cannot yet claim to be civilized men"

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, time for The regime to bring out Article 48 like hitler did.

Anonymous said...

Leave us alone in Fiji to worry about our problems. From those barking from overseas, look after yourselves and worry about your future and your adopted governments. We are just fine here. If you want to fix the problem, come back to Fiji and then you may have some credibility otherwise shut up.

Anonymous said...

People complaining about the brutality, now what this incident where an intruder entered a house and chopped a mum n daughter? I don't see anyone complaining

Anonymous said...

And also the dad raping cancer daughter n gang rape. No comments? Empty heads

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