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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Military thug transformation not so easy

Darling Grubby,

What the hell is going on? I have just been listening to FBC and the talk back shows with the Glorious Leader are a disaster. I have never heard so many UHMMs and AHHs in 60 minutes in my life. You told me you had a full proof plan and the only questions Bananas would have to answer were going to be calls and emails from CoreVice. If that was the case which one of your miserable spin doctors was trying to ask the Glorious Leader how much he was paid?  

You need to sort it out. If the Commodore is ever going to make the transition from Military Thug to eloquent politician we need to make these plans work.

I don’t think you have been concentrating on your work this week Grubby. You have become obsessed with Professor Marc PushYouOverTheEdge.  You accuse him of being behind every anti-Goernment article or comment ever written. That is just GrubbySplutter. Concentrate on promoting the Dictator and turning him into a politician and forget about the Canadian Professor or you will lose your job.  

This BK Constitution wheeze is just so brilliant in its simplicity. It would have been so much harder if we had kept to the original plan with our own appointed Constituent Assembly making whatever changes to the Ghai Draft we wanted.  Trying to justify the changes in public would have been a nightmare for the Regime. 

Frankly it is impossible for Bananas himself to justify anything without using violence.  This way, we have changed it all behind the scenes, and thrown the onus on the people to oppose the changes. Most important, we do not have to respond to the public at all, just as we have not responded on many criticisms and demands by the public- such as for the Auditor General's Reports for the last six years, Reports on FNPF projects, transparency about Ministers' salaries, etc.

Grubby as you know I am in this for the money, the prestige and having my picture in the paper. Whereas you describe yourself as “A true believer and not a Spin Merchant” I need to try and understand why you are a true believer and how you know what to believe. If I can understand your psyche then I will be able to make many more converts to the Way of the Banana. So I am going to play the Devil’s advocate and put a number of Banana’s lies and broken promises to you. I then want you to explain to me how, knowing they were all lies, you still consider yourself to be a True believer. 

Frankly Bananas was going to reduce the Bananas’ Republic debt levels from the unsustainable levels reached by the democratic PM LiceintheHair GarySay.
GarySay increased the debt from $1bn to $2bn between 2000-2006. Bananas has increased the debt from $2bn-$4bn in the same period of time. In effect he has borrowed at 2x the rate. And then you add in a couple of other small debts the Regime has guaranteed like $1.2bn for Air Pacific to buy its newTour Buses. We have no idea how many 100’s of millions of dollars we have borrowed from the Chinese. The FSC debt. And then there is the $1bn for WhyTheHell City. Everyone in Fiji knows that is one dodgy deal. At least the company behind it is honest enough to let everyone know it is a con job by putting it in their name Top SymPHONY. At the end of the day the Regime is in debt for between $7-8bn. That is 4 times the unsustainable level of GarySay. 

Frankly Bananas was going to uphold the Constitution
He managed to keep that promise for about 2 years. And then when the Court of Appeal said he was an illegal dictator the constitution was gone faster than Queen Antonia, the Chief InJustice, could say “It is not possible for any man to tear up the Constitution” 
In its place he is trying to force the people of Fiji to accept a constitution to allow A Bunch of Bananas to run the Bananas Republic for 1,000 years.

Frankly Bananas was going to end nepotism 
He might have ended GarySay’s nepotism but he has more than replaced it with his own brand. He has sent his brother off to be Ambassador to Malaysia even though he should have retired at 55 as decreed by Bananas for all Civil Servants.
His brother in Law Francis Keane was convicted of killing a relative by beating him to death. He received full navy pay whilst he was in prison for a few weeks. Bananas then was keen to break the law and appointed Keane firstly as commander of the Navy and then as a Permanent Secretary in the PSC. Both organizations have a rule that they cannot employ Jail Birds. 
But Princess Litiana hit the jack pot where she is CEO of the FSC (Family Support Centre). But the Princess has nothing to do because that old Queen Maisie is employed on the same salary to do all the work.

No One in the Military would benefit from the Coup 
The military is the only group in the country to have had regular pay rises since the coup. If you remember back in 2007 all Regime employees had to have a pay cut except for the soldiers. But look at all the officers driving around in their 4x4s, their regular drinking parties, their free housing. Everyone else in Fiji has to pay a benefits tax but the soldiers pay Zero. As they like to toast in the officers mess “My CoUP runneth over.”The Glorious Leader with his 8 ministerial salaries and his kick backs on all the untendered Government projects will be unable to pass his own rules to enter politics under the new BK Constitution.

No One in the Interim Government can stand for Election 
Well the one in whom you truly believe broke another promise last week announcing he was going to stand in the election and he was definitely going to win. I know he was on high when he announced he was standing. He was pleased with himself for winning the 4x4 relay by cheating. He used his 4x4 Land Cruiser against 4 fat builders who had to run around the stadium with their jeans falling down, showing their Aiyarse Crack. He will use similar dubious methods to win the election.
Grubby this letter must stay absolutely confidential for obvious reasons and I would like to talk to you about this over a couple of cases of Cab Shaz over this long weekend. And if you are lucky you might discover the dictator is not the only one with hot pants. 
Hugs and Kisses

This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.
Old Queen Maisie used to own a hotel called BJs on the Park. 
Frankly’s Broadcasting Corporation FBC, despite their best efforts, were unable to stop the whole world from realizing the Frankly Bananas has not even read the new Constitution, let alone understood it.

Illustrations courtesy of Discombobulatedbubu. http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/


BaddaBoom BaddaBong said...

Too bad for Frank he's digging his grave everyday.

Anonymous said...

Does qorvis and Graham Davis work for North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un as well?

Spin that wheel Davis said...

If Davis and qorvis are not in bed with Kim Jong, Kim should hire them ASAP, they will spin a yarn of make the world believe young Kim is a super human rights advocate.

Anonymous said...


Prime Minister of Fiji, Hon Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Cry on wankers
I'm ruling for another 20 years and the people love me
You can moan and whine all you want but that won't change a thing.
What have you useless bastards done for Fiji?
Go F yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis iz a hero!! He's got u arseholes on the ropes thats for sure.

Ronin said...

Wanky franky I'm paying my tax that you using for propaganda.

If you plan to rule for 20 yrs we the young generation are going to wait for. We will never forget. We'll take this battle to your grave.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is like Jafar the sultan's evil advisor in the movie Aladdin.

Anonymous said...

VB & Mataivalu Ni Solisona are insignificant in Fiji today.

They are so dumb that Khaiyum is shoving their own guns up their own guns up their arses without them having a clue in the world what is happening.

Khaiyum is the Vunivalu of Bau & Tui Viti as all his subjects are bowing down to his every word.

Khaiyum you are a genius who would have thought that a once world respected Military could become a buch of cocksucking, arsegiving poofters without you even raising agun against them.

Your thesesis is working perfectly as the dumbarses cannot even think for themselves anymore.

And the dumb arse Mataivalu Ni Solisona think that they are something - Tamata Ulukau ga.

Kungfu Panda said...

Would someone please put hydrochloric acid in Graham Davis KY Jelly.

Anonymous said...

this write up is simply brilliant. cut the crap you regime dickheads and just answer the questions put here.
the dictator is a lousy liar and so are all of you poofter supporters of the dictator.

Anonymous said...

Kenya's top court upholds Kenyatta win in disputed election.


rajend naidu said...

After reading Fr Kevin Barr's 'A Good Friday Reflection'in the Fiji Times (29/3)my reflection on the life and work of the historical Christ leads me to believe he was the victim of State political persecution. And, as Fr Barr notes many others have throughout human history followed in his noble footsteps notwithstanding the threat to their lives.Jesus message and his mission lives on thus making his presence today as real and inspirational as when the historical Christ walked in humanity's midst over 2000 years ago.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is doing to you people what some here are threatening to do to him. Giving it to you right up the arse. Maybe if you stopped giving him all this free publicity he would not be such a big deal. Haven't you got anything else to write about? The more you go on about him the more ammunition you are giving him to destroy the lot of you. If you were in Fiji you would know how influential his articles are. Ignore him and he will surely go away.


there is a new decree that will be published on tuesday.
its to declare that from now on there will be no more flying fijians.
from tuesday onwards all fijian will be called FLYING PIGS.
this is necessary because there is so much opposition from the iTaukei; they dont like us stealing their god given name so I have to be fair like always.
secondly, it is because everytime I say elections flying pigs everywhere come out and post on the coup4.5 blog and others and they rejoice and squeal in ecstacy and say how fair I am for giving them elections.
And obviously if I say pigs are flying all over fiji, thats why i ordered the Fiji Airass Minibus to fly zigzag all over the country, the flying pigs come out of their pens in the thousands, and gasp: Man baini and arsi are great. pigs really fly. look its even got its name written on its belly so the whole world cannot mistake the Flying Pig. its a first for fiji and for the world. I give them a debt as big as the national debt. they love me.
but unfortunately, the zigzag flying used up all the fuel for the next month thats why the Pig Airways is still sitting in the hangar. we are waiting for the chinese to give us more money for fuel and for the road works, thats why theyve stopped working in Labasa. But the money that was coming here had to be redirected to North Korea to help the communist brother hoods war against the americans. I ve offered the chinese our army boys but they suggested that its better for me to keep them here for my own protection and for membership of my new political party and for campaigning for the elections that are never going to happen.
then on wednesday my friend the true maker of the airbus, mini van sorry, i will rename him by decree of course out of respect for his effortless and foreskinsightedness as AiyarseAirbus. of course there will be no confusion because I am still ArseAdmiral and I wear pants and AiyarseAirbus wears sulus. Hes true fijian. Im just itaukei.

Vutuki Meo said...

I wonder what's happened to the Casino that was going to bring Millions of dollars to Fijians.

What has happened to the Mahogany? Who has actually benefited?
The arsehole made a lot of false promises to the villagers.

What has happened to the 120 gumboots?

What has happened to the promised $36 million Fish Factory and all the FNPF it was going to produce?

Like the past American Ambassador said. "A psychiatrist would have a field-day talking to this dumbass".

Bainimarama is a pathological liar.
But he is actually worse than that.

He not only does not do what he promises to do but he does the exact opposite.

eg He promised in his speech last week that he will specifically protect iTaukei Land.
Now that was a BIG LIE.
But not only that
He did not only "NOT PROTECT" but he has actually gone further than that and has passed a law to "TAKE IT by force"

This is the way he has behaved since 2006 and he will never change.

There is only one thing that will change his mind and we saw that in action in 2000.
That "thing" made him do the famous cassava patch dash.

Anonymous said...


"Cabinet approves international operators to manage ports
Publish date/time: 27/03/2013 [16:01]

Cabinet has given approval for a partnership with international operators to manage the ports in Fiji.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said approval has been given for a well renowned port operator who also manages ports in Asia and Africa.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the name of the operator cannot be mentioned at this stage..."


Sanaila said...


Sanaila said...


Kumar said...

Special honor awaits Graham Davis after we've thrown the pig in Naboro. The pig will be roasted in a big lovo as a warning to other white pigs not to fark with Fijians. The honor will be given to Bainimarama to eat him when the pig is cooked.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the mahogany wood guitar the Military Thug was gifted by some international crooks?

Anonymous said...

graham davis is a kaffar who is doing sweet fuckall but collecting good money from the people of fiji for it - courtesy of the stupid thug rulers of Fiji!

Ben Naliva said...

A member of the chiefly clan (Mataqali Valelevu) of Somosomo Village in Taveuni, Ratu Jekesoni Yavalanavanua, has called on Turaga Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, to support the Government.
He said as the paramount chief of Cakaudrove, the Tui Cakau should join other chiefs in the Northern Division in supporting the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government.
The former senator said during the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Taveuni, the Welagi and Vuna districts offered their support to the Prime Minister but nothing was heard from the Tui Cakau. Ratu Jekesoni said nearly all the chiefs in the 14 provinces had publicly voiced their support but not the Tui Cakau.
“I call on my chief to support the Government especially when we the people of Cakaudrove had given our support to the Prime Minister,” Ratu Jekesoni said.
He said other provinces had benefitted from their unwavering support to the Prime Minister and the Government. Ratu Jekesoni said while there had been a lot of criticisms against the 2006 leadership takeover here and abroad, in terms of development, the Prime Minister Bainimarama-led Government had a much better record than previous elected governments.
In an interview with Ratu Naiqama after the Prime Minister’s tour of Taveuni, he confirmed he had never been at a function where the Prime Minister was.
On his support for the Government he had earlier said he would only support an elected government.
Ratu Jekesoni said the Government had the support of the people because it was delivering its promises.
Past governments he said had made a lot of promises just to get the votes but most of these promises remained unfulfilled today.

Tattifalla said...

Accept GCC is finished’

March 30, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Tui Macuata calls for chiefs to unite for 2014 polls


Macuata paramount chief, Turaga Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere, has called on all iTaukei chiefs to accept the dissolution of the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) by the Prime Minister and unite for the 2014 General Election.
The Tui Macuata said some chiefs had a different interpretation of the dissolution of the GCC.
He admitted that this may be the reason some chiefs were not on good terms with the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government, including other personal reasons.
He said the dissolution of the GCC was because it had been highly politicised by past government leaders.
Chiefs, he said, should accept the decision especially when it had no impact on their chiefly status.
Ratu Aisea admitted that after the leadership takeover in 2006 until today some chiefs were still split about support for the new leadership.
As paramount chief of the province of Macuata, Ratu Aisea said he had to lead by example in giving his total support to the Government.
“My people followed suit,” the Tui Macuata said.
“I have made the right decision and it is a good step in the right direction, especially when it is the beginning of a new era.”
He said chiefs should appreciate the new leadership the nation was now experiencing.
His advice to chiefs; “Heed the senior religious leaders’ Easter messages where they usually preached a message of peace and forgiveness”. Easter, he said, was a time to remind people of the victory of love over hate.
The Tui Macuata told the Fiji Sun that iTaukei chiefs should at all times be reminded by the wise words of a Catholic Archbishop who said: “Good leadership is about building people.
“A good leader goes much further than just making people follow and do what he wants.
“Good leadership does not dominate but promotes others. It does not stifle but enables others. It is not oppressive to succeed, it’s supportive.”
Ratu Aisea said Fiji now had a Government that really cared for the people which was what the nation needed after the 2014 elections.
The Tui Macuata said the unity of provincial chiefs and their support for the current leadership would surely lead the people to the new and united Fiji the Bainimarama-led Government has been building since it came into power.

Anonymous said...

Ben you tatti fella, tell baini to have fair election, open to all party, why hidding behind the guns,I thought baini has raped GCC, I am always right baini is afraid of Indians not original Fijians like Ben and other theives of provincil , these theives could be bought easily like Bens and party..Good on you Attar we support you..in the end you will be winner..When will original Fijians learn..that's why they are called kai-colo haa haa

Anonymous said...

ALL those who support boci baini..if he has the support of people of Fiji, provincil council why is he afraid to call fair election, running with decrees..tell the bastard to call fair election and stand without guns,,gundu know he will lose

Anonymous said...

I liked it when the dictator is referred to as the Military Thug. I mean after all that is what he is no matter what spin Graham Davis and other True Believers/ Spin Merchants put forward to cast him as a people's leader and national saviour .

Anonymous said...

People are so on hipe with baini development , just pause for a moment, where is he getting money from..obviously ans is more debt..your next generation will have to pay.

2.if boci baini has money why did they borrow from FNPF to the tune of 552M..BAINI BOCI IS FOR GAIL

Anonymous said...

Ben Naliva...

I think the Tui Cakau was correct in saying that he would only support an elected government. Therein lies the difference between Chiefs like the Tui Cakau who supports the peoples' legal choice and Chiefs like Katonivere (his name means "evil case or box") who supports criminals and his own selfish whims.

Bainimarama and his illegal regime are not transparent and cannot be compared to Qarase's legal government which was forced out by guns. There is not any, nor there was any, legality in that action by the military.

And as for Jekesoni Yavala, why is he supporting the illegal regime when his 'yaca' Jone Yavala Kubuabola is one of the courageous ones planning to hold public meetings opposing the Bainimarama haphazardly drafted constitution? Jekesoni's supposition that many in Taveuni and Vanualevu support Bainirarama's regime is a figment of his demented imagination.

Anonymous said...

Dr Narsey.....there is no BKC YET!

all we have is a BKV

Bainimarama Khaiyum Version


Bainimarama Khaiyum Vakaturaga

yuk..yuk thats it folks

the Twin Pot dikators rule!!!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, as long a this interim govt keeps throwing money at certain parts of society, people will put up the govt. if this is untrue then why has no one done anything of any real measure to oppose govt?! Pepole will always take what they can for free.

The question then ismwhat will ahppen when the money stops coming?mwhat will people do then. Oh, and the money will stop coming.

The Tui Cakau deserves merit in making his stand.

Anonymous said...

Anti baini people should support Jone k and Attar Singh..we are for you ..go and win with your honesty

Taukei Bolatagane said...

Tui Macuata is not so popular among his own people in Naduri....but no one can ay anything

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me what has happened to the "Defensive White Paper"...this document ....was passed for the downsizing of the military.....We have 3500 soldiers....and so many Colonels for such a small army....guys we are top heavy....can the Military Command explain....why so many officers for such a small army....over that last 7 year they have received a salary increment of 55%......Dictators have to please his own people otherwise they retaliate against him...so We understand the soldiers story well...loyal to the money and not the Country of their birth...so long as they get paid everything is ok....Wake up guys and look around you.... beggars increasing daily in the streets...some are neatly dressed ...bula shirt and sulu...yet begging for a cup of tea or lunch... and these same people are reporting back to their handlers in the Regime... we know these things....What shame...

Kungfu Panda said...

I used to support bainimarama, now it's clear this coup is all about protecting himself.

Anonymous said...

Time for action on Fiji

Apologists for the illegitimate Fijian government led by Frank Bainimarama have melted away as the regime's true thuggishness has been exposed.

In the years following Mr Bainimarama's seizure of power, many gave him the benefit of the doubt, deluding themselves that he was genuinely concerned about breaking the dominance of the Fijian elite and protecting Fiji Indians from discrimination.

But in the murk of Fijian politics, it seems no agenda is pure. Whatever his motives at the start, Mr Bainimarama has morphed into a stereotypical megalomaniac.

In the unlikely event that anyone still believed in him after he intimidated the media, suppressed dissidents, repeatedly postponed elections and tore up a draft constitution (partly paid for by New Zealand), then the ugly truth must have finally dawned when Mr Bainimarama defended the police thugs shown on video beating up two prisoners.

There can no longer be any doubt that Mr Bainimarama is the Pacific's Papa Doc. Which raises the question, what can we do?

We can certainly no longer look the other way and pretend it isn't happening. Neither can we expect that normal diplomatic tut-tutting will cut any ice. Mr Bainimarama is impervious to such gestures and grows more arrogant by the month.

On an individual level, New Zealanders can protest by not going to Fiji for their holidays. The smiling faces on tourist posters can't disguise the reality that Fiji is an oppressive police state, run by a tyrant who is contemptuous of human rights and the rule of law.

But acts of individual conscience are not enough. New Zealand and Australia should be thinking hard about putting the squeeze on Mr Bainimarama by applying economic sanctions.

The argument against such sanctions is that they penalise the innocent. Jobs will be lost and people may go hungry. But that argument didn't stop the world from blockading South Africa in the apartheid era, and it worked. Mr Bainimarama has shown he is immune to anything less.

Anonymous said...

Fiji always had unscrupulous greedy selfish dumb arse chiefs like this Tui Macuata fala. He is the kind of chief who "sold" his people's land to the early white colonialist for a musket or a mirror!
Wonder what this Jerkysony chief got to get him crawling out of his cave to line up behind the illegal regime?
I know it doesn't take all that much to buy off these third rate chiefs who are often despised by their own people and seen as parasites.

The Thief said...

hey anon 103pm u leave my chiefs alone.
u should go and read the true history of fiji. our lands was not sold for musket or mirror.
only u kaiindia has bought and sold our chiefs for less than that like u just admitted.
why do u buy our chief for your own benefit and then turn around and abuse him???
u are worse than this third rate chief. yu are a THIEF.

Sanaila said...

Not all Macuata support dictator bainimarama, only a handfull including ratu aisea who are benefitting from this regime

Anonymous said...

@The Thief
yes go and read the true history of fiji and discover how your chiefs used to have you commoner fuckers for dinner!
you idiot arsehole!

tau eii' eii'Qaranivalu said...

JEKESONI YAVALA O iko na kai SAMOA O tautau vata ga kei iratou na KUBUABOLA kawa ni COLONIAL LABOURER,e sa mai rogo sara jio a'a domomu ,bula tuga ena BUMP SUCKING kei na CON ta'ii tamata AA'SI BOAA'LA

Anonymous said...

2@ ben naliva

to jekesona yavala, speak for yourself...tui cakau making and taking the right stand for us the itaukei taveuni dina, and the northerners...you jekesona are an opportunist.

Kawa ni Tuwei dina, Wainikeli (not the bullshit tuwei kai macuata currently occupying the role).

Jale Baba said...

Fiji lost sevens against Australia because of SDL. You cant trust those SDL politicians. They will sell their mothers to become ministers. Go on you Bainimara for keeping away from the national coffers. They are corrupt and big users. They only know how to manipulate the gullible people for their own self interests.

Anonymous said...

you and idiot Jale Baba, go and suck baini until last breath , baini is sucking Fiji people you suck him

Anonymous said...

fiji for fijian let fijian fight for fiji.army and police are the biggest idiots supporting khaiyum and frank.
all fijian police and army officer if they dont support khaiyum/frank regime will fall.

Santana Maharaj said...

Which brother to believe? Ratu Jone or Ratu Inoke. One supports the regime and the other one supports SDL.

Anonymous said...

Just go for the 1997 constitution simple as ABC...123...use it for election campaign and just let things fall back into place....DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Santana Maharaj
you have a brain? use it!

Anonymous said...

Vote for MPC. and 1997 Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Santana Maharaj;;;Ratu Inoke was master mind of 1987 coup, so now upto you, who to believe,

Anonymous said...

Santa and Atama can sleep with anyone like Ratu Inoke .hehehe only money talks bullshit works.

Anonymous said...

Is Graham Davis a big deal now? Really? Maybe in his own mind.

To the rest of us he's a regime whore who prostituted his profession and a scurvy dog who aided and abetted the thugs raping our country.

If being a big deal is measured by how much you're depised, then I'll have to agree that Davis is a big deal. But if being a big deal is about being respected or making a meaningful contribution to the betterment of humanity, then he's a lot like Bainimarama's regime on the international transparency index -- which is to say he doesn't even rate.

rajend naidu said...

credit should be given where credit is due. Australian foreign minister Bob carr deserves credit for his very clear and firm condemnation of the North Korean rogue state following its latest round of threats against South Korea.
Senator carr has urged all nations to ensure existing measures are strictly enforced and said Australia is considering further "autonomous sanctions" above and beyond that of the UN (ABC 24 News 31/3).
This is talking solid action against a giant rogue state .
Why has Senator carr not been as firm and clear against Fiji the pygmy rogue state in the Pacific?
The North Korean rogue state threatens others. The Fiji rogue state threatens its own people.
The people of Fiji deserves a better call from the Australian foreign minister.
I applaud his stance on North Korea. I wait to do the same when he gets his stance on Fiji right.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

The Tui Macuata is a collaborator. Collaborators should face revolutionary justice.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5.04 PM what a joy to read your post. might not be all that joyful for graham davis on this Easter sunday but who cares about him? not the ordinary people of fiji because they know, like you say,that he is "a regime whore"...

Anonymous said...

Bob Car crash to baini army.

Anonymous said...

Du Fresne has a clear understanding of the issues here. By now, no one can be so deluded as to give Bainimarama the benefit of the doubt any longer. Those who still defend this dictator do so with eyes wide shut. The only remaining 'true believers' are those he pays to be true deceivers.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon5.04 PM
your posting on davis is a shit "garam"/hot one!
and absolutely correct!

Anonymous said...

Santa and Atama ,,because both of left their wife.. Atama was involved with a young girl half his age while with Asco Motors in Nabua...I think he has forgottern how he was roped in for 2000 coup..friend of munda Joji Spt

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5.15 PM
you too right.
Du Fresne does indeed have a proper understanding of what this military thug regime is about and he makes it very clear what the pro-democratic opposition needs to do to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Raju,Satish and Rajesh vote for Flp/sdl they will give you democracy.

Mahen 'garibi hatao' Chaudhry said...

Vote FLP and mahen 'chor'dhry, Fiji's robin hood. Instead of giving to poor in Fiji, he take from poor and keep for himself.

This is garabi hatao (remove poverty) mahen chaudry style.

Looks like Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh lean from guru mahen. Both crooked politicians, birds of same feather.

Hahaha mahen champion of the poor my arse, more like exploiter of the poor.

mahen and FLP more like 40 thieves in Ali baba, and same for baini the dictator.

The Thief said...

anon 250pm, i wana eat your masala balls too..LOL

Sanaila said...

There is only one choice. Vote Bainimara for strong leadership.

SEMI MEO said...

To those of you who occasionally wade through the slimes and spews in C.4.5? Beware!

First, the majority of contributors; pro and anti Rear Admiral, and a few moderate commentators are notorious for ducking under the “shari” and “sulu i ra” in anonymity!…phew!…worse of all a few wanna be “under cover Christians’ with their sometime warped slimy dungeon theology! To top the grand cowardice game are the Editors of the C.4.5….uh…well one or two subeditor of that blog who may enjoying waking up brushing their teeth with stinking slimy tooth paste and taken a profane pill before sleeping at night.

Your guys may wish to wise up a bit about the number of visit to edges of that hell pit. Yours truly very rarely visit nowadays. Just that more than 6 emails in the last 18 months to the faceless cowards “undercover editor” of C.4.5 to censor away profanity on my family name has fallen on death ears. I still pray; God bless them !!

We still afford some benefit of the doubt to the original creators of C4.5 that they may still have left in them a bit of decency, humanity and morality.

What can we say if a few sub editors in C.4.5 and faceless cowards like “ V….meo” “ Eparama Gotegote”, V…bainimara”, “v….sanaila” at the end of a blog day read all they respectively contribute in cyber sphere to their loved ones around the family dinners table!

……“no country was ever rebuild by profanity, evil slimy slurs of faceless and nameless cowards who fearfully lurk around the back streets of cyberville.

Oh..and my compatriot “Na Turaga Tui Macuata” may be a worthy candidate for any political party in the up coming election! Just that the continuity of contributions and leadership from itaukei Leaders of his Chiefly office are around to somewhat affirm stability within the chiefly and comers itaukei ranks.
Given that a GCC type entity will be missing in action pre election but may be rebirth post elections!

elbourne sona levu said...







elbourne sona levu said...



Anonymous said...

Sanaila ..you are another idiot , why are preaching for baini boci, what will you do when he fucks you one day like many others, I read many comments on this blog, you are just another whore, prostitute ,I wonder what you are going to teach your children , if you have any but you sound like another gundu likes of all the Fijian military gundus, go and get fucked with baini boci...kaicolo....stop shitting here go and shit on baini and clean baini boci's tatti and sperm once he is finished with Naz and arsy

Anonymous said...

As predicted Fiji will not go pass the quater final in Japan, you know why? Those army, police and prison officers in the team are used to the one day rich mentality.

Feel sorry for the rest of the boys, no matter how hard they tried, he management should change the team for any chance to even be in the top five, in irb point stading.

Get rid of the army police and these prison officers, and just pick the boys who are really playing their heart out, like Kolinisau, Viriviri, Veremalua, to name a few, coz they played with pride they'd die for their country, unlike those army police and prison officers, they only play to please their leader, and to keep their job, what a bunch ot toothless tigers. Go suck bainimarama's dick, you bunch of dick heads

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo I feel for you brother, can you hear it, yes that's unmistakeable sound of the tiniest violin......Only played to fence sitters with sore bums!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides
in the hearts and souls of the citizens":
Plato: Ancient Greek philosopher (428/427- 348/347 B.C.)
"Military justice is to justice what military music is to music": Groucho
Marx: American comedian, actor and singer, 1890-1977
"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers": Jose Narosky
"If my soldiers were to begin to think, not one would remain in the ranks": Frederick
The Great

Anonymous said...

sanila , next you you shit on this blog, you will die next day mark it, people like you are just a pile of rubbish, full filth and garbage, dick head , wonder when baini goes to gail you will change side quickly because you are a whore, bajaru , prostitute or a pimp...sonalevu boci

Anonymous said...

"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears
he is a protector" - Plato: Ancient Greek philosopher (428/427-348/347 B.C.)
"The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants,
and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good
conscience" - Albert Camus: French novelist, essayist, and playwright.1957 Nobel
Prize for Literature. 1913-1960
"Perhaps the most obvious political effect of controlled news is the advantage
it gives powerful people in getting their issues on the political agenda and defining
those issues in ways likely to influence their resolution.": W. Lance Bennett -
Author, professor at University of Washington Source: News: The Politics of Illusion,
"Make men wise, and by that very operation you make them free. Civil liberty follows
as a consequence of this; no usurped power can stand against the artillery of opinion.":
William Godwin - (1756-1836)

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon March 31, 2013 at 9:25 PM...oh...thanks, but no thanks to you my dear sister!

..obviously, I do NOT feel for you!

Is it wrong to state the obvious; that some sub editors in C4.5 condones posting of profanity in their blog? May be a reflection on all they permit to invade their minds and person!

Your warped thinking my sister seems to equate that there is absolutely only 2 political divide in Fiji; the Rear Admiral camp against the rest.

Wrong…very…very wrong!!...Phew!....goodness, the variants are many. You sound smart enough to go figure!

What fence you talking about?...the fluidity of the myriad of political views and allegiance in Fiji today are as soluble as pancake mix.

Only when concerted campaign efforts by all political parties in selling their respective manifesto would we then be fenced into our respective political paddock of choices.

Big Coverup said...

The first and last time Fiji won the IRB 7s series was when SDL was in government. We've been in 7s wilderness since Frank illegally took over power. Bad omen have befallen Fiji.

Most of real thing happening in Fiji today aren't reported in the dailies. I've been telling relatives and friends abroad if they want to know the real happenings in Fiji to read coup 4.5. Their news are balanced and accurate.

Anonymous said...

Lol......Semi Meo you're a very funny man, don't you recognize your own wife, I know you wish I was your sister sometimes just to fulfill some incesstous fetish that you have. You're a sick man but I love you all the same.

You're right there's two sides , for and against , third are people like you who harbor political ambition and rightly sit on the fence.

Fence, sorry It's just when you take your pants off I figure you've been sitting on a fence all day because of the markings on your bum. Either that someone has been pressing fence like objects against your buttocks.
Are you cheating on me , honey???

Please come to bed, stop reading and writing on this blog, you promise never to go this site again.

The Villain said...

the last refuge of every villain is patriotism!!

franky the villain has been practising and shouting this since 2006.

khaiyum please answer this maichod said...


1. Why the release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012 is being blocked?
2. When will the people of Fiji get a copy of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. When will the regime publicize the details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Bano?
4. When will the regime release details of the tender process (if any) for all Capital works awarded to Constructions companies of Malaysia and China from 2007- 2012?
5. When will the regime release of the accounts for the $5m annual Taiwan Government Grant held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6. When will the Commander RFMF release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. When will the regime release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Dairy Restructure?
8. Will the regime release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and other reports conducted by professionals on various entities in which the State has interest of investments?
10. How can Public Service Commission accept as Permanent Secretary a person convicted of murder and has served two years prison sentence?


• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,
• Faizal Koya,
• Ahmed Bhamji

Anonymous said...


rajend naidu said...

whoever said here that C4.5 was "full of shit" should read the gem of quotes presented by Anonymous 10.02 PM 31/3. now after reading that if you still think C4.5 is full of shit then you are yourself full of shit!

Anonymous said...

he got pregnant and died. lol

rajend naidu said...

After hearing testimony all week a grand jury indicted the former suprintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools and other educators connected to one of the largest test-score cheating scandals in the country (NYT 29/3).
Why do the Americans waste time on grand juries and all that? Haven't they heard of Frank Bainimarama and his "Clean up" approach to solving all of society's ills?
Now Bainimarama and his team of expert social engineers would have dealt with this matter in a jiffy!
Maybe Bainimarama should be invited over to America to teach them about his "Clean Up" method. Or, he could just tell Frankie Reed, the American Ambassador to Fiji, and she could pass it on to the relevant American authorities.
rajend naidu

Liuliu said...

Hello, I am the PM. Please do not write anything silly about me.
Stick to me and you will find democracy and maintain peace.

Lessons to be learnt said...

A very familiar situation and lessons for all of us. read on and take serious note:

..Justice C.V.Wigneswaran
Despite the many regrettable incidents that have plagued our Legal System in the last three and a half decades, the future of the profession did not look as bleak as it does today. ...We are at the nadir in every aspect of our profession. None so alarming as the systematic institutional erosion.

...The powers that be in this Country are missing the wood for the trees, it appears. By interfering with the Independence of the Judiciary they are disturbing the course of Law and Justice in this Country for all time. ...they do not appear to have any idea as to the avalanche that is to fall and pervade the entire Judicial future of this Country; the dangerous jungle into which we have stepped on. Bigoted and short sighted we are,we do not see the writings on the wall.

..We must not flex our muscles when dealing with Religions or Courts of Justice. However provocative any Religious Organisation might appear to be, flexing muscles at them is not the proper procedure to be adopted. Especially when such Organisations have emotive votaries not only locally but also outside our Country. And again under the present context resorting to hoodlum tactics with Courts of Law too is also ill-advised

..The attack on religious freedoms radicalises the polity and unleashes dangers that cannot be controlled even by those who foster them. The attack on the temple of justice removes the only rational and non-partisan check on government and individual excesses. The combination of the two at present is both a time bomb waiting to go off and a cancer spreading to other areas at the same time.

... It is best to discuss matters of importance regarding any Religious Organization with their spokespersons or leaders rather than resort to violent tactics. So too it is best to allow the Judiciary to carry on undisturbed conforming to the delineations set out by Law for them. If we bend or seek to bend Legal Institutions to suit our whims and fancies however highly placed we are, then we would have to face such activities boomeranging on us.

...We Sri Lankans have a tradition of becoming very agitated and emotional about matters that affect our society, political or otherwise, and thereafter forgetting such matters completely. We are emotional but with short memories. Perhaps this is an island trait of living for the moment.
... Let us remember that the (legal) profession is not different from each of us. We are the profession. And the profession is us. Therefore what each of us make of our professional life is the popular image we foist on the world at large. The popular image of our profession, I could assure you, is not at all complimentary. We are looked upon as parasites drawing the life blood of the society fattening ourselves but giving insufficiently in return.

...A Democracy cannot be expected to flourish under illegalities and/or uncertainties.

..It appears that Law and its sanction is based today on force rather than consensus; forced legitimacy rather than consensual legitimacy. It is by conforming to the Law that we could vest consensual legitimacy on the Law. Lawyers are an integral part in this process. By refusing to give legitimacy and sanction to the Orders and Determinations of the Superior Courts the powers that be are undermining their power and effectiveness. That such derogation is instigated by Parliament speaks ill of our Legislators...

Are we going to learn???

Taukei Bolatagane said...

Meo taura ga na gear nei Tui Macuata.Na koro O Naduri e ssega ni taleitaki ratou ena levu ni kocokoco se cakava mai o Ratu Soso.Sa na qai laurau ga mai na mawena vei ira na luvena,kana maruana e dua,dua sa macawa tu ga qo i na koro ka sa lakovi koya tiko ga mai nona totaka tiko na IG ka vakaloloma o iratou na nona kawa.Lako mai Viti Meo mo raica soresore levu vaka taki nomu Tui

Anonymous said...

Hi, People of Fiji; Respect and honour me; i am your savior.
Do as I tell you and listen to what I say as that is your salvation.
I have been looking for like minded intelligent people who can serve as Ministers in my Govt, but for past 6 years have not been succesful hence me and Aarse have to carry on with 8 ministries each under our shoulders;What a heck of responsibilty!!
Cooking up a Constitution is not as easy as Ghai or the likes think; That too has fallen on my shoulders after I declared their version as not suitable for my beloved Fiji.
Do you really believe Fiji should atall have a written Constitution when our neighbours NZ have none; for that reason I am thinking its a waste of time and money; Lets continue the good work I have been doing and also people are now saying why have an election when Baini is doing so well for the people of fiji.I will let you know what I have been thinking of in my next episode; God bless you all

rajend naidu said...

The letter 'Chiefly support' in the regime mouthpiece newsletter the Fiji Sun fools nobody on this April Fools' Day.
The letter is pure regime propaganda.
We know why the Fiji Sun prints such letters but can someone tell us something about this writer?
rajend naidu

SEMI MEO said...

@Faceless and nameless coward of April 1, 2013 at 2:04 AM
Lol…lol….lol…oh boy… this blog amateur has just swallowed, bait hook, line and sinker!!
Phew…we sure enjoy travailing in this blog of cowards…occasionally we mercilessly hook in a jelly fish!!...lol…lol…lol…
You enjoy spewing filth..do you!..Look, we all know you have fulfilled “incesstous” (sic) fetish, sick desires…you love talking about objects pressing on your nameless “buttocks”!
Political ambition?..now you are really funny! Do you really believe I may support parties by the Rear Admiral, NEWSDL,FLP,FCP,FYP…oh…that’s 5 contrasting political leanings already!!
But…please…please.. do not go and read your blog contributions to your family over dinner tonight, take it you religious leader the next day!!
Please don’t…keep blogging anonymously, alone, rejected, frightened and indulging in your lone promiscuity …no one will care to know who you are…come election day all your post would just be dried froth on the political boxing ring..you will then shouting”..I am here”…I am miserably here”…forever lost in here!...but…but…gues what…only you alone will hear you…that is the reason you’re committed to be the coward you are!
Get a like life…uh…a name!!

@Taukei Bolatagane of April 1, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Ni sa bula saka.Au qai kerea la mo ni qai laki wilika na nomu ni vola qoka vei iratou na nomu lewe ni vuvale kei na nomu Talatala/Turaga Bete.

Era na rairai kurabuitaka kece ni gusu ga dau vunau ka masu tiko sa mai vosavosa ca tiko qo.

E rairai o ni turaga beka ni Idia ni Viti, se dra beka vakaloma, se Kilivati beka. Baleta ni o ni vulagi ena viko ni bula vaka politiki ena neimami dela ni yavu vaka Turaga kece e Viti. Baleta, ni sa dau macala vakasigalevu ni sega ni dua nai TuTu vaka Tui ena na sega na kena meca e loma mi Mataqali. Cakaudrove se ra vosoa toka ga qo na kudru vaka nai Tutu vaka Tui, tini sara ena mataveilewai, Ratou na noqu tauvu mai Bau se ratou bosebose toka ga qo sa oti mai e sivia ni 30 na yabaki,Tui Lau sega bose tiko ga qo..kei na ke na vo tale.Ia, oya e sega ni ka vou,ei saluwaki ni bula vei keimami na I Taukei.

Ka ga keimami kila ni o kemuni rairai luve ni kaisi, vulagi se dua nai taukei macawa sega na kena vara ni niu!

Qo na noqu email semimeo@gmail.com..ke o Taukei Bolatagane..ia, o yau na kai Namuka na qaqa...na yacaqu o Kuboutawa Maisala!! Tukua mai na yacamu dina, ka ra na vakadinadina na ena "blog" qoka niu sa bolea me daru na laki sota yani ena Viti ena mus ni Vula qo ko Epereli...qori..o kai Bolatagane dina??...se dua ga vei ira na "bothy" gunugunu yaqona kana roketi wavoki voli ga ena makete!

Sonaila said...

Semi Meo just came out of the closet and admit he's gay. Him and Graham gay Davis have always been friends but semi hides it well.

Ex Fiji Soldier said...

LOL Semi Meo qarauna de o mate ni uto ena katakata ni nomu volavola.

Anonymous said...

UFDF MEETING. WEDNESDAY, 3rd April at the FTA Hall. Please spread the word and attend. The media is not reporting about the meeting at all.

Vutuki Sanaila said...

Semi Meo,

Firstly u preach in here like season jurno fighiting and supporting Bainimarama,then after those video beatings,you chnage again and went against bainimarama,now you have change again talking bad about other ppl in here that dont support Bainimarama..

I really dont know how many times,do you change your diapers or sapota when you accidently crap yourself..

tell me which side do u really support the GOOD(aginsg bai) or the Evil(support bai)?

we are getting confused with your bloggings..something must have happen after easter to u my friend? Iko a lau vako talega??

SEMI MEO said...

V.....Sanaila ofApril 1, 2013 at 12:42 PM

Of course, I joined all right thinking people in deploring the evil acts of thuggery by a few rouge elements with the Fiji Defence Forces against 2 of our defenceless sons. In fact handcuffed !!..blatant low down act!!My view is that the Rear Admiral should hunt these thugs down and throw them in jail!

Oh…and I have been posting under my real name since 1956!!!!!!!

@Ex Fiji Soldier April 1, 2013 at 12:24 PM..lol...at 56 yours truly has a heart of a 27 year old!!...sa bau wadrega na mate ni uto!

@Sonaila...April 1, 2013 at 12:18 PM
...of course, like many I am happy and gay every day!!...but...but....you seems to enjoy plying your lustful trade in this blog…

This blog is about rebuilding a Nation…not about the contents of your underwear or the starvation of you ever unfulfilled sexual urgers….goodness…some people!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys have been reading rajen chaudhry's facebook comments.....i think he doesnt like being sentenced for 5 yrs to spend in sydney....lol...maybe its hard for him to practice law for that bush lawyer....or is he only surviving on the interest from that $2m funds....haha..isnt he the same rajen who was pro franks govt wen his dad was with them.....i know rajen u will read this....fiji one news footage will tell that u openly supported this govt.....so wat happened now.....u changed sides after yr crook dad was kicked out...ah....tastes of your own medicine....u and yr dad are the most hypicrite ppl in the world....u good in changing sides.....u very well knw wat damages yr dad has done to fiji.....esp with farmers....fiji sugar corporation....mauniweni resettlement.....etc....unwanted strikes...........dont forget.....wat goes arnd comes arnd......your comments on FB tells us that u are full of hatred...u are not enjoying in sydney.....sit back n relax....rethink y are u going thru this...its all karma bro.....its the tears of all inocent farmers......whoeva does wrong will payback either it be qarase, mac patel , or frank or aiyarse.....but u r paying for your fathers deeds now....enjoy your holidays in sydney

Anonymous said...

My dear husband Semi Mio, please let's not have a domestic on line it's bad enough when we do it over the dinner table when our friends and families are in attendance.
Sorry I brought up your incesstous fetish, I only said it because you called me,( your words ) my dear sister. I can't believe you just called me a jellyfish, I thought you've always like your white women big and overly voluptuous . No sex for you for a month...just joking I love fucking with you.

Honey, you're correct I don't know who you support, one minute your jumping up and down chearing Voreqe the next minute your chearing Khaiyum. Sometimes when you talk in your sleep, shouting out ," I want to be leader of Fiji" and "i' m a Ratu, listen to me".

Anonymously blogging, come on Meo, don't be a dumarse ! We both sitting here opposite each other at our dinning able. I love you honey!

I think your going crazy, hubby! Why do you torment yourself on this blog site, you should go directly to Voreqe and Khaiyum and submit your opinion in person. The people on this blog site don't deserve your high and mighty intelligence.

Oh honey, you such a brave man, wanting to go to Fiji to fight Taukei Bolatagane. Taukei Bolatagane you better be scared, my husband learnt Kung Fu from none other, Eparama Turaga,(starred in the Movie: Tiger Tiger Tiger) .

Yes your right Ratu Semi Kuboutawa, I'am a coward dressed up as your wife. Know this every time you look into your wife's eyes, you will see me starring back at you.

If you so much hate this blog site......go find one or start one up, or honey you did" Kaivti" and it was only you!!!

Love always,
Mrs Meo.

Anonymous said...

the last refuge of a dictator is also the sewer!

Anonymous said...

if the media in fiji is not reporting the UFDF Meeting on 3 April FTA Hall please alert independent journalist Graham Davis !

rajend naidu said...

The national president of South African soccer was among 5 SAFA officials temporarily suspended after a FIFA report said convicted Singaporean match-fixer Wilson Perumal arranged friendlies for SA against Thailand, Bulgaria, Guatemala and Colombia and chose the referees in its pre- 2010 WC preparation.SA won 3 of the games and drew the other and the the game against Guatemala and Colombia were marred by a series of dubious penalties awarded to the home team.
Good example here of local crooks linking up with international crooks to do con jobs.
Post coup fiji would have certainly attracted such international crooks to ply their "trade" there because of what Myrdal described as "soft states" with little or no accountability.
Fiji currently certainly fits the bill, doesn't it?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Hi rajen naidu.....any comments on post on rajen chaudhary

Taukei Bolatagane said...

Ratu Semi Meo taura ga na gear nei Ratu Waisea Katonivere.Drau veitauri duruka.O totaka tiko na turaga lawaki ca ka yalo ca.Ke o kilai Tui Macuata vinaka raica ga na ka sa yaco tu vua kei na nona matavuvale.O via vei vacu tiko i vei taura ga na duruka nei Tui Macuata diridiri laka nona soreosre i yadremu.Dou magiti puri mai vei Ratu Soso NFP qo sa bai tokona na luvena na ka e cala drau veitauri kei Ratu Waisea

Anonymous said...

@S.Meo & T.Bolatagane jilou saka yani ena kerekere me bau nanumi na nodatou yavutu vakavanua me nodatou jiko ga.O vuravura e wiliili jiko.
Tou se tei wanonova toka mada na toso sa toso jiko qo,walesi jiko ga i cake me qai sausaumi ga mai na Tamada mai cake.

SEMI MEO said...

Nameless and faceless under cover comedian of April 1 2013 at 1:43 PM
….lol…lol….lol….your…your love letter to your sweet heart one semi mio takes the cake!...take top price for April the Fools joke of 2013….lol….lol….lol….

On boys…phew!...the imagination you permit invade the theatre of your mind are filthy…in grog gang lingo..”boi dada”…yep…that where you will for ever lurk while the rest of us brave patriots move on rebuilding our beloved Fiji!

@Taukei Bolatagane….qo sa qai matata vinaka vei keimami ni ka ga o mai talaucaka tiko eke, o rairai dramataki wavoki voli ena nomu bula taucoko. E matata ka matailalai na nomu vakamacalataka. Sa dina, o sa kena dau dina…sa dua na bula vakaloloma….kua..kua sara ni mai okati keimami na kena vo ena nomuni vakarau ni bula vakamanumanu, lolovira, vaka kaisi ,vakamadua ka boi dada vaka tani tacimu Anon e cake qori..
Au a sega ni via veivacu..qori na nodra qito na sodrosodro…au a sureti kemuni ga me daru sota vakatamata ,veiraicai yaloka ni mata ka veitalanoa vaka itaukei dina .….Na cava ni rerevaka…sa vodo tiko na basi ni Taveuni??
Dau tukuna o ira na qase ni Namuka…”bothy”…waitui sara….waitui!

@ Anon.April 1, 2013 at 4:02 PM..malo a vakasala vakamatua!

Anonymous said...

So now we know why Semi Meo hasn't been posting as much. (Did anyone miss him?)

Too busy with his wife or wanking on the fence.

He does write some confused shit. Sucker can't make up his mind what he thinks, but that never stops him from sharing his feeble, half-formed thoughts on C4.5.

I like the idea of his starting his own blog. Or better yet, becoming a regular contributor on Graham Davis' site, whatever it's called.

Anonymous said...

Tui macuata
dua na tui sona levu duadua da qai raica
tamata dau mateni tu ga qori e union club sa mai via vakasala taki keda sara,,,,
all chiefs are not brainless like tui macuata and they will analyse these govt and why they have deleted the entrenched legislation on land for the kai viti,,,,
Tui Macuata sold out for 30 pieces of silver,,,ra sona levu

Anonymous said...

From nameless & faceless coward to Semi Meow.....

You would have been better off as anonymous as your stance & meaningless words lacks the courage of a well educated man.

You said you've been blogging for ages more like gossiping to me.

We might be cowards with out names but at least we know where we stand. Our anonymity is our safety, safety of our kids, relatives and friends for now.

You think just by revealing your name makes you courages, No...wrong. In order for people to follow you, you have to draw a line, with or against. Enough of hedging your bets and playing politics .

You identy was inadvertly revealed because of your stupidity, now that everyone knows who you are, you trying to appease both sides.
In case you have to come back to Fiji , you can't piss the army too much, but in case the army falls you want to look like you had a hand in it.

Where do you stand???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:22 PM, DuFresne is right, as far as he goes, but he does NOT make it clear what the democratic opposition should do about the military thug regime. He only proposes steps that should be taken by other governments.

The question about what we should do about this regime ourselves ought to be the main topic of conversation on C4.5. Unfortunately, many posters seem to prefer instead to focus on race baiting, character assassination and self-promotion. Of course, some of them are paid by the regime to do just those things, in order to distract us from the real issue, which is evil. But for others to follow suit voluntarily is especially sad.

Ready to get serious about doing something about this regime? If so, send your thoughts to Dakuwaqa2609@gmail.com or Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com.

SEMI MEO said...

@Cowards of April 1, 2013 at 5:42 PM and April 1, 2013 at 4:38 PM.

Too True!!!I post proudly with my real name.

..nur...not you, oh for ever faceless and nameless cowards. As come Aril 1st 2014...uh...you shall remain stinking, smelly heap of nothingness, cursing, frothing from both ends!!

Oh..and by that time you will definitely forget your names and may freak-out when standing in front of a mirror, for you will see an "invisible" face...yep..a stranger to your own self and family!...that is a tragedy!
..then we may say...oh...poor mirror!

Go re-read my post today and say hi to you respective family, talatala and Priest...tell them I send an April fool hi!

Anonymous said...

MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER : Aiyaz Khaiyum handed Qorvis over $1million ($F72,000 monthly) since 2011 to brush up illegal regime's image as ordinary people complain to dictator about lack of water,electricity and homes since the coup and cyclones (FijiLeaks). The ordinary people's complaints are "irrelevant"(one of the dictator's favourite expressions).The plight of the ordinary is not his concern. His concern is with maintaining himself in power and if throwing $1million to the Qorvis gang help him achieve that end then it's a small price to pay (and remember he is Not paying a cent out of his own pocket. it's all from the national kitty. that's what dictator's do. use the Treasury as their personal, private bank) But no matter what spin the Qorvis gang or anyone else puts to paint the regime in a good light the TRUTH cannot be denied. And, the TRUTH is Fiji is Under Thug Rule! And for all their claim to professional communications expertise the Qorvis gang are doing a really third rate job! they are getting a good beating left right and centre. what a pathetic lot!

Swaran Vinod Maharaj said...

Fiji First party ki maichodaye gaye;;;; hooray%%%%%%%

Suresh Prasad said...

Our legal PM Qarase will be out of prison tomorrow. Let us all be there at 10.00am in huge numbers to welcome him. He is the Mandela of Fiji. Can we have a victory march later which may also lead to overthrow of this brutal regime. Long live Qarase. I am happy for his family. May he be given the leadership of SDL again.

Anonymous said...

Coward to Semi Meow,

Lol.....call me what you will at the end whatever you think I'am , I'am !
So I know what I'am / who I'am and what I satnd for.

You on the other hand , have no idea who you are. The name you identify yourself with is nothing but a sound that echoes from a bottomless pit.I might be faceless/nameless but you don't have the heart to show where you stand. Your mouth opens to the will of self preservation but you have no reason to , you cower at the sight of your shadow in broad daylight yet everyone can see you. You use fancy words without meaning ,your saliva is no more poisonous than that of a cobra.

Your political hunger blinds you from what it takes to be courageous or to be a leader.
You in the perfect position to take a tougher stance against the regime, a Ratu and a educated man. You can be our hero but unfortunately you lake the heart!!!!

My face and my name will be my vote, against Frank Bainimarama.

Keep sitting on the fence " Ratu Semi Kuboutawa Meo"

time for action said...

to dakuwaqa and others great to see the uptake on the south african and blockade by international as suggested by karl du fresne and nas i highlighted here in my earlier comment but important to keep the discussion here on c4.5 too despite the red herrings being thrown up. we can't let those who are stirring spoil our debate

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..April 1, 2013 at 7:50 PM...let's move to the next topic, shall we/..vinaka...pls do not take seriously all April fool things I wrote..lol....lol...of course you are somebody!!!...barewa ga i keri!


Anonymous said...

To Ratu Semi Koboutawa Meo from the anonymous coward...

I'll leave you with this, a quote from one of our great leaders, Dr Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra.

"As leader of our nation, it is my sacred responsibility to defend democracy and the nation's interests. Let me assure you all that in my responsibility, I will not fail. My commitment, and that of my government, to the welfare, safety and security of the people is unshakable. Our nation has great potential, and already we have begun to realize our dream of a better and fairer Fiji. Let us not deny ourselves this golden opportunity of moving towards a better and brighter tomorrow."

If only the Ratus' and Chiefs had listen!!!!!!!! Look where we at now.

Time for Ratus' and Chiefs to write their wrongs and show us their worth in salt!!!!

Take care Ratu Semi Kuboutawa Meo.

Sanaila Meo said...

Semi Meo, for goodness sake remove your ugly photo from this site because it's a disgrace to the monkeys lol. By the way, you don't have to say you're gay because we knew that when you were young....and ugly lol

Anonymous said...

Hi guys have been reading rajen chaudhry's facebook comments.....i think he doesnt like being sentenced for 5 yrs to spend in sydney....lol...maybe its hard for him to practice law for that bush lawyer....or is he only surviving on the interest from that $2m funds....haha..isnt he the same rajen who was pro franks govt wen his dad was with them.....i know rajen u will read this....fiji one news footage will tell that u openly supported this govt.....so wat happened now.....u changed sides after yr crook dad was kicked out...ah....tastes of your own medicine....u and yr dad are the most hypicrite ppl in the world....u good in changing sides.....u very well knw wat damages yr dad has done to fiji.....esp with farmers....fiji sugar corporation....mauniweni resettlement.....etc....unwanted strikes...........dont forget.....wat goes arnd comes arnd......your comments on FB tells us that u are full of hatred...u are not enjoying in sydney.....sit back n relax....rethink y are u going thru this...its all karma bro.....its the tears of all inocent farmers......whoeva does wrong will payback either it be qarase, mac patel , or frank or aiyarse.....but u r paying for your fathers deeds now....enjoy your holidays in sydney

SEMI MEO said...

Name thief of April 2, 2013 at 8:36 AM...

..nur...never will I stoop to be in a coward like you!

I thank God everyday for you I am ; my name and all else...


SEMI MEO said...

Name thief of April 2, 2013 at 8:36 AM...

..nur...never will I stoop to be a coward like you!

I thank God everyday for who I am ; my name and all else...


(sorry mate, should have washed me face first before reply to your spew...lol)

Kamlesh Meo said...

Semi Meo, just remove your ugly photo please, it's making us fart and shit. Better still gay bastard, just go away lol

Anonymous said...

at least Semi Meo has the courage to show his "ugly photo" but you Kamlesh Kumar are a faceless, gutless regime thug!

Sanaila Meo said...

Anon@1246, didn't see any posting from Kamlesh Kumar, but I did see one from Kamlesh Meo. Semi's brother from a different mother perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Swaran Vinod Maharaj --tumar gaad ke maris, abhi tak piray,,

SEMI MEO said...

...lol...lol...lol...a lot of comedians in this blog...I love it!!