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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Zealand rallies cap week of international support for Fiji struggle

A chance for Fiji today to build on the groundswell of support for the plight of citizens in recent weeks.

Two protests are being held in New Zealand this afternoon to highlight the abuse of human rights under the hands of the military government.

Both rallies have been sparked by the nine minute video of the beating and torture of escaped prisoner, Iowane Benedito, and the man accused of harbouring him.

Today's march in Auckland and protest in Wellington also remembers other citizens who've been beaten and tortured by military and police in the past, most of them since the 2006 coup.

Organisers say:

"The purpose of this protest march is to strongly condemn abuse and human rights violations in Fiji and to stand up for the people in Fiji who cannot freely express themselves and are constantly under threat to freedom of speech and freedom of association. We believe you have seen the degrading and inhumane leaked video footage of prisoner Iowane Benedito that was recently widely publicised through the local media and Internet blog sites. This was the first recorded video footage released publicly which does not include the brutal beatings and subsequent deaths of others including Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga in 2007."

Todays' protests also follow wide condemnation of the ill-treatment of detainees, including landmark motions against the violence being perpetuated in Fiji in Parliament in both New Zealand Australia this week.

The motions were initiated by the Green parties and received unanimous support by MPs in both countries.

The Auckland protests is at 1 o'clock at 360 Queen Street, opposite the Aotea Square.
The march will head to Queen Elizabeth Square opposite Britomart. 
The Wellington protest is also at 1 o'clock and is outside the Fiji Embassy in Pipitea Street at Thorndon.

Amnesty International, the Human Rights Commission NZ, the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, the New Zealand Law Society, the National Party, the New Zealand Labour Party, the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, Mana Party, ACT Party and United Future have all been asked to support the two rallies.

Fiji and its citizens must also step up.


Anonymous said...

The NZ Parliament's vote condemning the abuses recorded on the video is a welcome development, but the people of Fiji need more than symbolism. We need action.

If Wellington and Canberra want to get serious about the despotic regime in Fiji, then they need to take the following steps:

1) Demand that the RFMF return to its barracks;

2) Demand internationally-organised and supervised elections in Fiji;

3) Embargo travel to Fiji;

4) Embargo the trade of non-foodstuffs to Fiji;

5) Call on other countries to impose embargoes against Fiji of their own;

6) Substitute their own troops or those of other countries for the RFMF personnel now serving in peacekeeping operations abroad. Washington and the UN will not agree to any political litmus test for UN peacekeepers. But both would go along with the deployment of non-Fijians if proper substitutes could first be found;

7) Enact legislation criminalising employment by their citizens with the regime in Suva;

8) In the absence of constructive change by Bainimarama's regime in response to these measures, then invoke the Biketawa Declaration of 2000;

9) Adopt explicitly a policy of regime change in Suva;

10) Call on other nations -- i.e., China -- to avoid taking any actions that might create further regional instability, such as those that might prolong Bainimarama's misrule;

11) Evacuate all non-essential personnel from their missions in Suva;

12) Work with C4.5 to implement Dakuwaqa's proposal from a year ago to use secure, online balloting to create a shadow government ready to assume power in Suva once Bainimarama is deposed;

13) Shelter in place and provide weapons training, logistical and material support to Fijian exiles seeking to restore democracy to Fiji;

14) Encourage loyal RFMF officers to do the needful to restore rule of law to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

hear hear...it's short notice but hopefully the rallies will get numbers.spread the word.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the article'Load of bula as Fiji's Frank Bainimarama praises Stephen Conroy's media controls'that Sharon Smith Jones is "Bainimarama's spokeswoman".
Fiji's military ruler and his coup installed regime routinely remind outsiders that Fiji is an independent, sovereign country and as the ruling mob they have the right to govern as they see fit.
Why then is it necessary for the regime to employ Australian expatriate Sharon Smith Jones as "Fiji's Ministry of Information secretary"? Doesn't Fiji have a local capable of handling that job - 42 years after Independence?
Just shows the hypocrisy of the regime, doesn't it?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Australia and NZ should do what America is doing to Cuba ie Trade Embargo.

What do you think Frankie Reed?

Anonymous said...

Life goes on here in Fiji. What new thing is NZ trying to achieve. Nothing new in the list from what they have been trying since 2006. Fiji moves without NZ support so what's the big deal. Are they trying to be somebody in the region when they have become insignificant? The Melanisean Spearhead Group has moved in leaps and bounds. the Pacific Island forum has become a NZ and Australia forum making it more insignificant in the region. Lets wait and see the numbers. Will there be children brought in to make it look big and are they all going to be foreigners with only a handful of true Fijians? Life doesn't revolve around the NZ parliament or those organisers in NZ. Fiji has grown thick skin and continues to make new friends and move on its own. Brazil is about to open a new embassy here. nZ has to accept they have become insignificant in Fiji's progress.

Osea Mudu said...

Good on you Kiwis for showing support for restoration of normal life and democracy in Fijil. Local Fijians must sooner take up most of the actions against the illegal regime.

Things in Fiji are going crazy.

Chinese fencers from mainland China have been brought in to erect fences around Govt Building in Suva while unemployment in Fiji is at record high...what sort of international assistance is this Bhai??

Muslims and Alkaida raising their ugly heads for influence and control in Fiji???? The muslims in Fiji are cutting out their immage and role in Fiji making Fijians to regard them as serious threat to the Fijian way of life.

The riots and destruction in the past in Fiji and the anti-Chinese riots in Tonga not long ago is omniously on the cards against muslims in Fiji if the muslamisation continues.

Anonymous said...

What good will the march do? You can march until the cows come home and scream until you turn blue in the face but there is no turning back. This govt is here to stay.

And a very good morning to you all..!!! :-)

You all have a blessed weekend now.


as predicted, anjala wati has ruled that aiyarse and kranky franky can make whatever law they want....and cannot be challenged in court.
Because she is on contract and if she rules against the true leader, she will be marching out of her chambers!!
thats why.
and that applies to all the current judges and magistrates!!!
krankys muted demoracy and change for fiji alright, but not for the better my friends...

Nadera Boy said...

@Anon 10:15 AM

Take ur arse..opps head out that hole in the sand big bird!!

thick skin my arse has fiji present illegal govt used to changes happening now...bullcrap..only thick skulls like you lot and the mob at QEB are the blinds in today society in fiji praising the illegal govt of bainivoceke.The frequent repetition of the “why have elections ……..” crap is getting kinda monotonous. It only points towards the possibility of using this as mandate to carry on without elections. Never let this happen.am also tired of hearing this shit. only the military and his supporters on the gravy train want him to stay. the other 90% of the population wish he would get the hell out. Canon Fodders like Mosese,DMX & Sanaila..

The propaganda machine has been in overdrive hyping the future of the sugar industry. Thousands of hectares to be planted! Yields to rise! After all the years of going downhill. What they don’t mention is how they’re going to improve communications with the cane farmers. Under a dictatorship there is never good communication. Something goes wrong, a scapegoat has to be found and over the past few years the problems with the mills have been blamed on the farmers. The cane piles up when the mills break down so farmers stop sending cane and then there’s a shortage of cane for mills to process. What’s most needed is trust and good communication. And dictatorship is no good at either. If the regime is serious, they’ll heed the call to restore growers reps and make sure that they’re heard.

Anonymous said...

The NZ parliament motion was a political move to make Phil Goffy and the NZ Labour Party feel important. There was a NZ policeman who was beaten to death in a Togan police cell and a NZ citizen drowned in a bucket in a Samoan police cell. Did the NZ parliament vote on it??? Of course not. So does it mean anything to Fiji? Of course not. Life goes on here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 15, 2013 at 10:15 AM,

"Fiji is moving forward" but on a downward trend. The illegal leadership of the country is the reason for this "downward trend".

People who want Bainimarama to hold off elections for a few more years are giving more time for poverty to increase from 20 percent during Qarase's time to 45 percent during the last six years and to 50 percent in the next four years if elections are not held.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.42am

so you trying to tell us in here that its ok to kill people in any isle govt now?

stop trying to compare what happen in tonga and samoa to fiji as those 2 govt listen carefully have Democracy and justice to deal with it and NOT HERE in fiji where Bai and his goon squad can do whatever they want without getting hauled into jail but just sacked from their respective jobs..is that what you are saying that what Bai said he is staying by his men???

Stop supporting evil as what you write in here will come back and bite you big fat arse!!

Anonymous said...

Nadera boy you mark my word. Bainimarama government will be given the mandate to govern without elections. Look at the Labour Party and the NFP who tried to register their party by dubious means. That is fraud. Imagine what they will do when they come to elections. Look at the SDL party list for election which has Bovoro the former NLTB guy who was in collusion with Ballu Khan and milked the extinct mataqali funds with Keni Dakuidreketi. He quickly sold Ballu Khans properties when he was deported so they could share the profits. Look at Naiqama Lalabalavu who doesn't want the NLTB admin cost reduced with more money to be given to native land owners. The present government has reduced the admin cost from 25% to 12.5% which he says shouldn't be done. He doesn't want the ordinary native Fijian to prosper. Look at George Shiu Raj who buys of fertiliser from sugar cane farmers and sells them to Dali farmers at Muaniweni. That's government subsidised fertiliser to better the sugar industry which is bought off by Shiu Raj and sold to make a profit for himself. Now isn't that corruption. Yes that's people in the SDL list for elections. We will give you the whole list soon and what the individuals have done which is all corrupt and dishonestly driven. That's why the present government and the military has grown thick skinned to you detractors who will not be able to achieve anything with you blogging. Has it achieved anything since 2006. A big Noooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

Samoa does not have a democracy as only the Matai's or chiefs are allowed to stand for elections. No ordinary citizen is allowed to stand in elections. Tonga does not have democracy as the king has his own nominees in parliament. The comparison is NZ parliament condemnation of beating of two criminals against two NZ citizens killed for no apparent reasoning. So cool down annon 1051am and see the comparison which a child in primary school can clearly understand compared to you anti government sentiment which fails to see any reason.

Nadera Boy said...

@Anon 10.52am

Exactly as your word just said that bainimarama will be given the mandate to govern without elections...that's exactly what we the supporters for the truth and anti-illegal govt in here is that what bai had intended all along to play and con the ppl of fiji and the rest of the world that he is doing the right thing by PROMISING(big word but not always in his vocab word group)but in hind sight he will not hold election!! he is building his own legacy to rule fiji as a dictator..and guess what happens to all of them..always dead..remember the power of the people always win!!

We knew all his bullcrap since 2006!! you guys can keep use entertained in here with your bullcrap trumped up cases of corruption against SDL and other parties in fji but you guys are only playing to Bais tune and not the 90% of fiji. That is what Bai and Min of info are hoodwinking you guys to keep spreading and telling lies and lies on previous govt faults...and dont your illegal govt have serious faults & the biggest corruption fiji hasnt seen since independence?? please take the fish scale covering your eyes and open your eyes..you must be one big free chow staff on the gravy train too..

Sanaila said...

New Zealand Immigration Officers will round up all Fijian protesters to check their visa status....E levu madaga vei ira na kaiviti qori era OVERSTAY tiko mai NZ...hahaha...Sa rauta mada na va-fancy...qai deport-taki mai Viti..

New Zealand has no guts to do anything about Fiji...E sa expel-taki vaka-tolu na d NZ Ambassador mai Viti...ratou sega ni cakava rawa kina edua na ka...

Newsflash!! Qarase will vote for Voreqe in 2014 Elections!

Freedom said...

The Facts:

Now that GCC is also gone and next is the decree that will de- register all political parties. Then you will have to register again within the guidelines set by the government. Now for last 2 years this group has grown in numbers and so has the readers.

But what have we done apart for exposing a few scams and aiding Mara to escape. NOTHING ! There has been much talk without a clear sense of direction and operations on the ground.

Everyone wants to have a go at the regime to bring back democracy but no one is prepared to make a stand in Fiji.

Now with GCC gone and chiefs drinking home brew under mango trees - there is no concern about the future of Fiji. Even if 14 chiefs - not necessarily the high chiefs of the 14 province get 200 men each and come down to the streets to protest that will be the end of this regime.

But as I said there is no sense of concern just talks. Power is still with the chiefs but they are spineless cowards therefore AG is right is word that all Fijian heritages must be destroyed a NEW WORLD ORDER must be achieved.

Remember when Mere and 3 others were caught in the plot to burn Suva City, the CID director even asked of one of the accused " then why didn't you guys burn Suva - we are all fed up".

I do not have the power to gather people , but yes the chiefs can and their one call thousands will line up.

Please excuse my insights but I have to say this - there is a reason why Indians were brought into Fiji and now they are controlling everything, its simply because Fijians are a lazy, coward bunch of group people who have no national pride in Fiji - therefore deserve to be slaves

NO Freedom was ever achieved without Sacrifice and No Freedom will ever be achieved without one

Anonymous said...

Nadera Boy like you said "remove the fish scales covering your eyes". You mean to say you condone what Naiqama Lalabalavu, Shiu raj, Bovoro have done?
If people give Bainimarama the mandate to continue without elections, then who are we to complain. That's what you want isn't it for people to give that mandate. Elections is not the only way to get that mandate boy. Soo read up and school up boy when you want to have a chat with men.

Anonymous said...

Nadera Boy do you condone the fraud conducted by the Fiji Labour Party and the National Federation Party in getting the registration done. People have reported to police how they were duped. That has nothing to do with Bainimarama but their very own actions. So what if people give the Bainimarama government the mandate to continue without elections? Not Bainimarama giving himself the mandate like you have wrongly replied to my post and attempted to trample on me. Please read my post again. I said people giving him that mandate which is what I hope we agree on.

Rajend Naidu, SDL Minsiter of legally elected government said...

Rajend Naidu, Sydney said

I love, sucking Bainimarama's cock and letting his bodyguards fuck my arse...niceeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Mataivalu Ni Solisona - Bunch of cocksucking and ass giving dickheads like their leader.

Put your guns down and we will really show what a bunch of poofters you really are.

I hope that when judgement day comes you burn in hell because VB & your guns will only go one place up your dumb silly arses.

Khaiyum will not be able to save you bunch of knigknogs.

Anonymous said...

...youre right there wont be any elections...not for this illegal treasonous govt anyway...the coup instigator will be DEAD and his thieving scheming conniving political infrastructure will be dismantled and CRUSHED long before election day for a NEW Fiji comes!!

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 10:52 & 11:23
Any FRAUD is wrong.

You obviously know a lot about those people on your list of FRAUDSTERS.

In any other democratic country you can sue these people. The problem with the Judiciary in Fiji , it is already biased as many credible people can attest to (including the Australian who had to leave after 1 week of working in the corrupt AG's office)

My point is I am amazed that you numbnuts can see all this and yet you dont see what Bainimarama did as a crime.

If you want to call a spade then call it a farking spade.
ie if you are going to call these people FRAUDSTERS then Bainimarama is the CHIEF FARKING FRAUDSTER,
you farking arsehole!

Anonymous said...

the thug rulers and their lackeys are in their element this morning hurling abuse left right and center . has thakur ranjit singh been applying bongo chili in their chuttar! to get them into that frenzy state!

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Sanaila sonalevu, wawa mai na airport sa varau deport yani qo luveni magaitubumu drau vicai kei voreqe ena ruku ni vuni vutu mai kuku.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God we have degenerated to obscene language here again with nothing constructive. The names have the obscenities too. No where in my posts did I say that what Bainimarama did was right or wrong Vutuki Meo. I was talking about people finally giving him the mandate to continue. What are we going to say and do then?

Caiti Vutuki Meo said...

Vutuki Meo, Luveni maga tona o tinamu, caita na sona levu I tamamu. Kawa ni sona levu o iko. O iko ga o blog taudua tiko mai ka vei veisau tiko na yacamu, tamata sucu mai na qara ni cebo I tinamu ni se veiososoti tu nai baci ena magai tinamu.

Sanaila said...


New Zealand Immigration will check all Fijian protesters...so OVERSTAYERS please stay home and vasaqa tavioka...hahaha...otherwise you'll get deported back to Fiji...qai mai mata tu yani vakasona...

Anonymous said...

@ Caiti Vutuki Meo

Sa qai bacilaurai mai na no school cebo..sa Tu tale o Rt Ra DA!!

Fire tiko Vutuki Meo..sa baci mosi mai vei ratou mai na keba na mataka qoka noko vosataki ira ena dina!! hihihi..SPIT POLISH TIKO RA SOTIA LUVAI TAURASESE KEI NA LIKU!!

Manasa said...

You are highlighting overstaying as important....its the last thing in our minds as we protest.

In fact applying for PR on grounds of high personal risk back home, highlighted by viral video is being used widely now to support PR application.....a positive contribution in a silly way by the viral videos.......but I would not support the brutality of Bhai's criminal personnel though.

So do not waste your breadth

Anonymous said...

Sota ga na vosa ca e biuta o Vutuki Meo kei na kenai sau e biuta yani o Caiti Vutuki Meo. Io meda sa galala kece mai kina me rau sa lai veivutusona saraga vakavinaka me yacova ni dua e qai soro. Kua ni soro Vutuki Meo ni o iko ga e tekivu na na vosa ca ena mataka vinaka ni kua. Caiti Vutuki Meo sa bau low grade vinaka saraga na vosa o tauca vei tamai kei tinai Vutuki Meo. Drau ia vinaka Sara me keimami sarasara ena nomudrau yalowai. Me video taki talega kerekere.

Anonymous said...

Manasa you showing your uselessness by your post riding on someone else's suffering to overturn your illegal status. Hahahaha what a laugh. Stupid itaukei again.

SEMI MEO said...

The Rear Admiral will be watching very closely our protest in the Diaspora Communities across the globe.

Hope he does not Decree us away from the voter roll as he has promised to start offshore voter registration soon!

If he does Decree that stoppage then, he sure is very afraid of this humble Namuka granddad to stand against him in any seat of his choice in the 2014 Elections.

But will be around in 2014, given the brewing of discontent now prevalent among the ranks ! Once die hard faithful in security forces and civilian groupings have already shifted or contemplating shifting their valuable allegiances.

Many now have concluded and subscribe to the letter and spirit of Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”- King James Bible "Authorized Version", Pure Cambridge Edition

Has our prayer for seven years now heard and the dawn of the sunrise of end of national “mouring’ glitters in the horizon…isn’t number 7 a divine numeracy ?

..or shall we leave it to the next generation in 40 years time?..40 is also a divine number.

I won’t want me grand kids to spit on my grave..that is the reason I am hoping we may be able to be registered offshore and contest or support all efforts to return to Parliamentary democracy and process the Military back to Camp…in our time!!

Our very best wishes to the brave Fijian Diaspora in the land of the long white cloud Aotearoa!

Anonymous said...

Isa, ni yalo vinaka me sa tini na veivosacataki. E dina ga ni da tokona se sega ni tokona na ka e yaco tiko oqo e Viti.

E na vakavuna ga me da sega ni rawata ruarua na noda i le baleta ni sa na cudruvi keda ga na Kalou e na kena vakasisila vua na noda i tovo kei na duka e kaburaki mai gusuda kei na noda vakasama.

Ni yalo vinaka sara na turaga kei na marama.

Sanaila said...

Dear NZ Prime Minister,
1. Please arrest and check the visas of all Fijian protesters. Many of them are overstayers and criminals from Fiji hiding there in New Zealand eg. Alice Tabete, Fiona Nemani.

2. DO NOT GRANT them Refugee Visas because they are all fake refugees. All of them are just losers, wannabees, sacked crooks from Fiji pretending to be refugees

3. Please DEPORT them ASAP to Fiji. Dont put them on Air Pacific! Put them all in a CONTAINER and ship them back to Suva Wharf!

4. If you can't deport them...just shoot them like stray animals...Fiji is better-off anyway without those kawaca people!


Nadera Boy said...

@Anon 12:02 PM-i dont condone anything illegal or fraud full stop.

If the people of fiji decide and give Bainimarama the mandate to lead fiji,then their should be a better transparency happening before we all go down the path of no return if Bainimarama leads fiji for the next decade as what his intention was always be, so he cannot bejudged for the CRW killings and latest beatings since 2006.

It's the manner of the way it's going to be conducted where Bai & Kaiyum have to have re-sign from the govt and get a caretaker govt take charge to run the election of get an independant body to do it.

i think that will be a fair go what say?

we all sit here in this blog and hurl abuse at each other for and against on this illegal govt,but that wouldnt solve anything..Its like saying that your church or religion is better then mine.

Absolve this govt for 4 months get an independent body to run the govt and conduct a fair election then we will see what the fiji people really wants.

Dont know if bainimaram & Co will want that or play fair...its abig ?????? mark..

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:50pm - most sensible remark I've read so far. Congrats. Hopefully those swearing and cursing here will take heed.

We can agree to disagree without compromising our religious values taught at home.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't be surprise if military officers or police officers are involved in this, just like Russia!! most likely pimping this girls to the Chinese business man and underworld figures. judging by the way our army forces and military treat criminals surely they could get to the bottom of this easily if they apply the same vigor in catching escaped convicts.

Pimping for $500 a day

Nasik Swami
Monday, March 11, 2013

GIRLS as young as 16 years old are being sold for sex in Fiji by pimps to earn quick cash of up to $500 a day.

This has been revealed to The Fiji Times by the head of Fiji Police Force's Human Trafficking Unit, Inspector Aminiasi Cula.

Insp Cula said the force was following strong leads into the trafficking of young girls in the country by pimps.

He said a large number of girls were being traded mainly in Suva by pimps who earn large sums of money through the illegal business.

"In this type of industry, children or mostly girls, are being used for sexual exploitation where they are taken from one place to another for clients to take them, go out with them and do sexual exploitation and pay later for what they have done," he said.

Insp Cula said in this illegal sex trade in Fiji there were pimps who received cash from the clients for the sexual work the victims did.

"It is an issue of match fixing. The clients call the pimps to arrange for the victim to go or the pimps come in and choose which victim they want to take."

He revealed that the clients pay the girls after having sex with them.

"The ages of the girls involved range from 16 to 20 years and it is happening in Suva and around Fiji."

Insp Cula said the cases being followed by police were genuine and there was a need for people to know that such things were happening.

"Investigation wise, we are trying very hard to gather all the evidence of those who did the recruitment, transportation and those who did the exploitation."

He said the unit had information that foreigners were also involved in the illegal trade.

"We have got names and we are working on them."

Insp Cula said the involvement of children in the sex trade was a result of broken families.

He said most of the time children from broken families end up on the streets .

"Most of these children are from broken families. It is important for parents to teach them. Parents should find out the amount of hours their children spend in school," he said.

Insp Cula said Fiji had prosecuted two international human trafficking cases and a local one was before court.

"We have information and are working on some local and international cases as well."

Insp Cula said in this illegal sex trade in Fiji there were pimps who received cash from clients for work performed by the victims.

"It is an issue of match fixing. The clients call the pimps to arrange for the victim to go or the pimps come in and choose which victim they want to take."

He revealed that the clients pay the girls after having sex with them.

"The ages of the girls involved range from 16 to 20 years and it is happening in Suva and around Fiji."

Insp Cula said the cases being investigated were genuine and there was a need for people to know that such things were happening.

"Investigation wise, we are trying very hard to gather all the evidence of those who did the recruitment, transportation and those who did the exploitation."

He said the unit had information that foreigners were also involved in the illegal trade.

"We have got names and we are working on them."

Insp Cula said the involvement of children in the sex trade was a result of broken families.

He said in many instances children from broken homes end up on the streets.

"Most of these children are from broken families.

Vutulaki Sanaila said...

Sanaila Vutulaki, stop playing with Bocimaramas cock because you're like a cock...it has a head but can't think.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu...
Sharon Smith-Johns (misinformation) is a Fiji citizen, courtesy of her marriage to her late husband, Billy Boy Johns - a boy from Waiyavi (not too far from where you lived as a youngster). So, as such, she's the PS Information (although she also retains her Aust citizenship just in case she has to "step" from Fiji). As you well know, there's a circle of close Australian friends who have taken up Fiji citizenship (while retaining their Aussie ones in case they all have to do a "tavioka patch dash" from Fiji). They've worked themselves - as the new Fijians- into positions where they're now now Bainimarama's trusted "back-bones". And they've, in turn, employed Sri Lankans, fleeing the violence in their own country, to be Fiji's new and easily-manipulated legal eagles (If they don't move in unison with Khaiyum's manipulations, they are booted straight back to Sri Lanka.. often at the regret of their employer/recruiter and Sri Lankan refugee, Tony Gates. As you well know, Tony's fetish for things Sri Lankan goes back to the days of that Sr Lankan architect).
If you ever visited the pine plantation in Tavakubu, you would have noticed how large spiders' webs can become. Well that's how it is in Fiji today .. an evolving and ever growing spider's web of friendly flies attracted to Spiderman Bainimarama's charm, charisma, wit, benevolence and of course, his short-sightedness through limited education.
It's good to hear about protests abroad. It's not so good, however, to experience the deafening silence here about any criticism of Bainimarama. All we hear here in Fiji is how Bainimarama is touring the wilderness and getting heaps of praises about how wonderfull his illegal government is and how those who are feeding off his benevolence want him to continue (some say unelected while only a few say via elections). So, it appears Sharon is doing a wonderful job earning her keep - painting a rosy picture that Fijians didn't know existed. I'm sure, grumpy old Grubby (Graham Davis) must be doing the same (when he's sober and recovered from devouring the female "spoils of war"). The beauty about a dictatorship is you can do anything you want to please people who will insist you stay in power. Unfortunately, elected governments are accountable and cannot afford the same luxury. So, Bainimarama and company are spending our taxes as they see fit, not necessarily to our benefit, but certainly to the benefit of those in the wilderness who thrive on hand-outs. Back here where we pay taxes, Bainimarama is inviting more "friendlies" by handing over the management of vital bodies like the Road Authority gift-wrapped at $442million a year to foreigners who have smartly adapted to the Fiji "malua fever". And the pot holes you avoided when you were still in Fiji have grown so large, we have become a country blessed with millions of mini swimming pools - smack in the middle of our public roads. And if we dare to question Bainimarama's benevolence, you've seen, from the video, what happens when a dictator stands by his security forces.... They shower on themselves some of the Dictator's arrogance, violence, and disregard for human rights, knowing that with his support, they have immunity. And, when we try to relate all this to our fellow Fijians, we're met with a gaze of Christian indifference and the usual "It's in God's hands." So let us pray. The problem is some of us Christians are doing more than just pray .. we've gone to the extent of "exorcising", with much self pleasure, our parishioners.
So, unless there's something more constructive than just blogging, it's all in God's hands!!! Let us pray.

Anonymous said...

Nadera Boy the point I'm making is with international observers in place and people give Bainimarama the mandate to lead without going through elections. What do we do then. Will we stop or what's our next move? It's obvious he will stay in power and not give way to a caretaker government. Who would be in caretaker government anyway? Not labour, nfp and SDL people please as they are all the same and a caretaker government is unelected too. They remain caretaker government but international organisations supervise the process. During that process they not to pass any decrees or laws. We have to be realistic here. My question again is what if the people give him the mandate to continue not through elections and with a constitution in place? What do we do?

Anonymous said...

Guys, we all know that politics plays a big part in running a country,
We from oversees can only make observation on how the Government is run
Theirs the right way or the wrong way, and we can only voice our opinion,
Actions needs to taken from within, it all comes down to how bad you want it..
Do you wanna rise or continue to fall????

All you guys in Fiji needs to man up

Anonymous said...

@ Sanaila,

Sa qai ca tale. Wili tale va kako o ira qori.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sanaila,

I've recieved your mail dated March 15, 2013 at 12:54 PM. Thanks for your concern.

I'm sorry we'll grant visas and PRs to these fijians, the world knows that Fiji is ruled by an incompetent silly dicktator that failed his high school exam. How can Fijians allow a dimwit to lead their country. With Frank's qualification he won't be able to make it past sentry in our defence force.

Appreciate your concern, please concentrate on your studies kid.

Best Regards,

NZ Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

"Bainimarama will be given the mandate to govern without elections" -- LMFAO! What a bunch of flippin nonsense is this! Who is giving him the "mandate", eh? How can he have a mandate without the consent of the people? That's what elections are for -- to give a mandate to govern. Without a free and fair election, there can be no mandate, full stop.

You morons drumming up charges of corruption against other parties -- you haven't proven shit. Your puppet judges convicted Qarase, but the case would have been dismissed without even coming to trial in any normal country. Restore due process of law, then you can bring as many charges as you can make stick. But just remember, so can we.

Yeah, Samoa and Tonga aren't very democratic countries, but they're both now a darn sight more democratic than Fiji is. Even Tonga with its monarchy is now more democratic than Fiji with its neo-fascist dictatorhip. And Tonga is becoming more and more democratic with time, whilst Fiji is slipping in the other direction, toward ever more absolute and despotic dictatorship. That's pretty sad.

More to the point, both Samoa and Tonga have judicial systems that uphold due process, unlike Fiji, where due process is routinely trampled by everyone at every rung of authority, from the lowliest corrections officer all the way up to the Chief Justice, AG and PM.

Another postponement of elections will be proof positive of the regime's continuing unpopularity despite its years of giving out largess borrowed against Fiji's deteriorating credit. And the only mandate it will convey to the regime is the mandate that it be tried for capital treason.

Anonymous said...

Chatterbox chatterbox, gutter talk gutter talk! & more gutter talk, whew ..quite nerve wrecking, I'm like let's peep into a laughing stock site!
And cont: generally to all who involve in a beating rampage please get a real Job, own a freehold property with your name in the Cert of Title, plus a Vechile in your garage and a fantastic lifestyle men $10k - 12k per annum is not worth being following orders to wack human really! I love u guys heaps in doing a great job due to the fact that you protecting the State national security, apparentanly take the Criminal to Court And let the judge make the ruling. What is the point of having a Courthouse?

Molbi Haji Rehman Aktar said...

After juma prayers i went to witness the march in Auckland city by hiding in my daughters car. The march was organised by Democracy movement and supported by various NZ political party and NGO.s.
I was surprised to see people coming in numbers which is a very clear signal to the illegal regime of fiji that they are not wanted in the international civil society.
May I pray to allah tala that common sense will prevail and a democratically elected government will be in fiji very soon.

Nadera Boy said...

@Anon 1:07 PM

hear! Hear! Well said my friend & for those in here that support Bainivoceke..have a read of what this fella has mention..its just saying the truth of our dilemma in fiji.

Sanaila please read anons 1.07pm so you can learn from it and stop beign an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Without free and fair elections, there can be no "mandate" except to swing from the end of a rope, as all traitors deserve.

Kusitino, Vugalei said...

Keep marching but to no avail...

E na drakusi mai na duamuni na lai taubale taka tu e dua na ka sa saga sega na kena yaga. Kevaka o ni nanuma me na mai veisautake e dua na ka i Viti, e warai sala, na qai qo sa na qai ga. Ni bau cakave yani na cakacaka taki ni nomuni dui bula. Keimamu na tu dina qo e Viti keimamu sa marautake tu na neimamu matanitu qo.

Kevaka ni nanume ni keimamu kauwaitake na nomuni tayabe me baleta na ka e yaco tiko e Viti ia au kerea mo ni vosote. Keimamu warai ni kauwaitake sara ga vakalada. Na matanitu qo me na veiliutaki tiko ka tawamudu.

Keimamu sa vakavinavinaka ga vua na kalou ni sa qai dua na neimamu matanitu e kauwaitake dina ka na keimamu gadrevia tu mai na dua na gauna balavu. E dina ni ra su veiliutake mai na vei turaga bale, ia na nona gole mai qo na neimamu gone qo o Voreqe sa keimamu qai mai raice na veiliutaki dina.

Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Far from being arrested and deported, the marchers in NZ are doing themselves a favour by making their marches as big and raucous as possible. That will shine the spotlight on the regime's human rights abuses and make it easier, even for undocumented aliens like John Samy and John Prasad, to claim a reasonable fear of persecution if they return to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1:48PM
Please don't show the Internet world that you are some half schooled lawyer by saying that a mandate by the people can only be given through elections. Your LMFAO shows you stupidity on the subject matter. The mandate of the people can be through a referendum and not elections alone. Pote!

Anonymous said...

Can the useless Mataivalu Ni Solisona do something postive once for their life - Give up one day of their pay (Which they do not deserve anyway) to help build a home for the poor unfortunate man and his family in Vatukoula.

Stop the bullshit that VB cares for the peopel of Fiji when the only thing he cares about is his and AK's overseas bank accounts.

Please get your heads out of VB& AK's arses clear the shit from your eyes and think about the consequences of your actions.

Vutuki Meo said...

@CVM 12:07

Boso, kena ca gona qori ni sega tu ni dua na ka me caka e na veisiga; ni kitaka tiko ga na MASIDAKAI kei na sara PORN.

Kemuni na sotia mai Delainabua ni sa rogo levu tiko e na veivutusona.

Kemuni na sotia, ka ga tukuna mai o Bainimarama ni kitaka tu.

Tukuna o koya Lade, ni lade.
Cu mai mai vei au , ni cu vei koya.

You guys are all brainless idiots.
We all know that.

I think all that you wrote, he probably told you to write, because you idiots cant think for yourself anymore.

NA DINA QO : Bainimarama STOLE the government from the people.
STEALING is a crminal act
(Are you still following the logic here or have I lost you already?)

Treason is the highest crime in the land and that is why it is usually punishable by Death.

Are you still concentrating?
Good boy!


Anonymous said...

kusitoni, Vugalei
Caite Na na nomu matanitu kei na nomu boso o Voreqe Bainimarama

O iko o sa dua na koi vugalei, Ulukau

Anonymous said...

Kusitino iko dua na sotia ulu lala...iko dua vei ira na kanaloto tiko ena cakacaka vaka lawaki cakava tiko qo o vore

Anonymous said...

Is this really freedom?
Another of Fiji's shames.

President of the Methodist Church of Fiji, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu was given the green light yesterday to travel to New Zealand.

Rev Waqairatu appeared before Magistrate Chaitanya Lakshman and he was told that he can attend the church meeting and return on the 25th of this month.

The court said that Reverend Waqairatu is to surrender his passport when he returns to the country.

Anonymous said...

You guys are dreaming - I will bet you $100 that no more 500 people show up to March. Whats more none of those organisations will support the March.

More people will show up to support Gay marriage than to support your cause.!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows where Shaista lives in NZ., John Samy and John Prasad. I am trying to locate their homes in NZ. These ppl need to be eliminated by assasination..I am ready to do the job,, you mark my word, im so detrmined nothing can stop me. I know I'll be a hero after this, never mind the jail, but Ill be a hero and remembered.

Sanaila said...

E sa ca na uludra me ra march tu baleti ira na kaivesu rapist, murderers, sodomite, child molesters....Ni yavu ulukau, bavulu...sa rauta mada na vaqara pepa...lesu mai Viti mai tei tavioka...

Anonymous said...

Too much talk here no action. Kaiviti drink your kava and suffer.

SEMI MEO said...

@Coward of March 15, 2013 at 2:27 PM.

I challege your bet..this is my email semimeo@gmail.com...in fact I'll double it!!

More than 500 brave will attend both the Wellington and Auckland events!!

@Sanaila..Ni bula saka..o ira kece
tu vaka vesu era vaka tamani ka vaka tinani vakataki kemuni..so vei ira e rairai wekamuni talega.

Ia, na tayabe qo me vaka sa kainaki vakawasoma vei kemuni, e baleta na kena saqati ka vakaraitaka na cudru ni vanua me baleta nai tovo lolovira era vakayacora tiko e so vei ira na lewe ni noda Ovisa, Sotia, ka ka ni rarawa ni tokona vakagumatua sara ira nai liuliu ni Matanitu!

Kevaka o masu tiko se tu vei kemuni na yalo vak itaukei, yalo vaka tamata, yalo vaka Karisoto de na rairai drau na kauwai kina.
Ia, ke sa warai..ia, keimami sa vakacegu baleta me sa na qai mai vunau taka ga na dina,savasava kei na rarama vei kemuni na Kalou vakataki koya sara….! Drau qai veitalanoa tiko!

Sa loloma saka yani.

Anonymous said...

@Sanaila sorry mate Im a citizen of this country so grow some balls n go back to your real village instead of being wanna be a city boy and typing nasty comments Kaicolo MUCH

Send her packing! said...

Australia's worst export to Fiji ventures out after days of silence to stupidly claim credit for something dumb.

It is “flattered” Australia has followed Fiji-Govt

The Fijian government said it is “flattered” Australia has followed Fiji and proposed changes to the media laws.

Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith-Johns has told the Daily Telegraph that Fiji appears to have paved the way for Australia.

Smith-Johns said when Fiji implemented some of the same provisions in the Media Decree two years ago, the Fijian government was roundly criticised for suppressing media freedom.

Australian Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy's reforms propose a government appointed enforcer and sanctions which, if utilised, would remove exemptions from the privacy act for media organisations effectively gagging reporting according to the Daily Telegraph.

Senator Conroy's spokesman said last night that trying to compare the situation in Fiji with the Australian government's media reforms said more about those making the comparisons than it does about the government.

Senator Conroy is so pleased with the response to his media reforms that he is offering to autograph copies of The Daily Telegraph depicting him as a despot who wants to control the press according to The Australian.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:28pm - all talk and bluster. no guts. just like everybody else here. so shut up and take your meds like a good boy. you wanna be a hero? catch the next flight home and lead your fellow protesters blogging away here in a march down Thomson St. That way you can all be hero's.....dead hero's..!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Hero 2:28 PM

We can all have our dreams, fortunately most wake up.

You will remain a hero in your own mind just like your dreams.

Anonymous said...

President of the Methodist church of Fiji will be here in Wellington today to speak to the protesters after dinner evening tonite.Hahahaa pote IG and your suppoters.

Nadera Boy said...

@ what Sanaila said...
E sa ca na uludra me ra march tu baleti ira na kaivesu rapist, murderers, sodomite, child molesters....Ni yavu ulukau, bavulu...sa rauta mada na vaqara pepa...lesu mai Viti mai tei tavioka...

All the above is exactly what the Fiji Army is doing to the people of fiji!! You have just open the thinking ability that doesnt go anymore then into the gutter of how you army girls operate and think!! Vakamuria tiko na ka kece e tukuna o Bai vei kemudou dou cakava tu - as what Vutuki Meo just mention above.

It is both myopic and ironic that the wananbe illegal leader of fiji wants to lead fiji without a mandate.The obvious problem is he has not consulted the majority of the fiji electorate or political party on whether or not they agree with his view and that of his army supporters. Freeze corrupt army staff by removing them from power.
If they want to deep freeze their brains and indulge themselves in a fantasy of an unelected form of governance, then that's their choice.
Their only legitimate way to achieve this is to convince others through reasoning and debate and not through the force of yet another coup or a 1 leader modus operandus.
Even if there were to be such a coup, an eventual general election is no longer impossible to put off indefinitely and society will simply be back to square one with people who have their political rights violated by a coup voting for the party that they prefer. Which i cannot see if Bainimarama is still in the picture in fiji.
Fiji's path forward is not in installing a group of "morally self-righteous" people at the helm through any means - but in ensuring that equal political rights and a level playing field be realised so everyone can take an active part in the country's development, be it political, economic or cultural.

The system where a handful of self-righteous elites hold sway over obedient fijians is long past, and even if another military coup was to be staged today, it would not succeed in convincing people to simply accept their lot in life and shut their mouths.

The time is long gone when a small number of unelected elites can lord over the majority without any resistance.
Some are willing to hold on to this forlorn delusion indefinitely, however hilarious, and at whatever cost to Fiji Road map by Bainimarama to Fiji humongous Debt in the next decade.

Anonymous said...

The march was only organised this week and is being held when people are working!

The sentiment is good but only those who have the time and who are nearby will be able to get to them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2.17PM
you forgot to mention another way to obtain the mandate of the people is to intimidate the people with guns!

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh's comment " Butaraki (an arbitrary beating) is part of traditional iTaukei culture " has crossed from the highly offensive into a criminal act.

In context, his words were not reflective of the iTaukei ancient culture but part of a present day analysis.

The Fijians I know, both here and abroad do not engage in arbitrary beatings.

This comment from Crosbie Walsh should find him on criminal charges.

Human Rights Act 1993 (NZ)

61 Racial disharmony
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person—
(a) to publish or distribute written matter which is threatening, abusive, or insulting, or to broadcast by means of radio or television words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting; or

The Human Rights Act does cover serious threats to racial harmony. Section 61 of the Act makes it unlawful to publish material which is, ‘threatening, abusive or insulting,’ and ‘likely to excite hostility’ against a group of people or bring them into contempt on the ground of their colour, race or ethnici

The Oracle said...

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT @4.30 PM -- Fijian Holdings to absorb and dissolve Yasana Holdings. That will pave the way for Fijian Holdings (new majority shareholder) to control destiny of Fiji TV. And if Khaiyum has his way (as he usually does), Fiji TV will be absorbed into FBC TV (despite any protests from the minority shareholders). So, Hari Punja, your move to divest interest in Communications Fiji in favour of Fiji TV shares appears to be headed for a nose-dive by the very people you support. And, of course. Riyaz Khaiyum was right all along -- FBCTV doesn't need to be in a hurry to get into pay TV. They're now getting it for free, thanks to Government majority shares in Fijian Holdings and in turn Fijian Holdings acquisition of Yasana majority shares in Fiji TV. So, with Fiji TV income/profits, Riyaz and his brother can now "bury" the government funding of $300,000 a month FBC has been receiving from the Bainimarama Govt. We now won't know how that money was spent because it will be moulded into the new financing. All the country's profit-making entities appear to be slowly but surely being nationalised!!!!

Anonymous said...

vinaka oracle. and yet this illegal govt and sapotas cant even fathom or see the corruption and changes they are doing with all fiji institution.

Yes keep praising bainivoceke,because he is making lots of money while you simpletons dont know what's he is telling you guys. Vinaka to tovaka tiko na CA!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:17, you're flailing pathetically. Talk about half-scooled lawyers, this reminds me of a conversation I once had with Sayed-Khaiyum. Come to think of it, you sound and "reason" a lot like him.

Want to play semantics now, do ya? Go right ahead, if that's your strongest card. But referendum or election -- they're both official ballots. And how many of either has the Bainimarama regime allowed since it seized power? Exactly none.

So what mandate does the Bainimarama regime have from the Fijian people? Exactly none.

And how many free and fair elections -- or referenda -- would this regime win? Exactly none.

And so how many free and fair elections -- or referenda -- will this regime allow?

Exactly, none!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:27, I don't see people marching overseas in support of your illegal regime.

Where are the signs saying: "Support treason!" and "Dictatorship now!"?

Geez, after all the regime paid John Samy, he can't carry a protest placard for a few hours?

Anonymous said...

If anyone can help Anonymous 2:28, maybe you can help me. I'm trying to locate Dharam Lingam. Is the guy in the USA? Does he even exist? I've got something for him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:28 talks big for, hahahaha, AN ANONYMOUS BLOGGER.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.28pm send me your phone number and address and I will send you address of all those people

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:12 PM, unless you're a liar, you can just publish them here.

Fools said...

I had more people than this is my yard last weekend and so would most Fijians. You call this a protest? Look at them. All pakeha unionist and smattering of wannabe Fijians. Do yourselves a favour and shut up. Life here goes on and you fullahs are 100 per cent irrelevant. Whatcha gonna do? Say BOO? Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Oh please somebody tell those protesters to get a life and let them know that know that NZ cannot do anything beyond bear such protest votes at best. Like it or not NZ is in the pocket of US. So is Australia. and the US does not want to do anything to Fiji because they don't want Fiji to draw any closer to China. That means Aus and NZ will tow that same line. NZ and Aust can just go on and continue being the helpless little sheriffs they are!
If VB has something coming his way than so be it but aus and nz will be the last to do anything unless they are turning a blind eye to like activities...unlikely since nz cracked down on that recent plot

Anonymous said...

Great posting at 5:51 PM.

Shows these army posters for what they are -- a bunch of losers supporting a losing cause.

Anonymous said...

People should be hanged or shot for treason. We should make an example of them to deter others from committing treason in the future.
Remember Guy Folkes.. who tried to blow up the British Parliment... They executed him, cut his body in 4 parts and have it posted to the 4 corners of Great Britain, his head was placed on London Bridge. If you have the balls to commit the crime then be man enough to give up your life.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 1.07PM
Thank you for your illuminating analysis and insights. I appreciate fully what you have said .

Anonymous said...

Lets arrange march supporting the regime and see how many shows up. Arrange one in Suva. All I can say that only 5 will show up. 3 white, 1 Muslim and 1 Fijian.

Anonymous said...

@ Vutuki meo, 11.41

hear...hear...well said old chap

I suppose it's a challenge in its self to try and educate numb skulls like sanaila the difference between an elected and non-elected!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6.18pm you the hero maybe zero to your missus and your mum but you major killer of your asshole but need address okay here goes 40 lovoni road tamavua, suva, 90 milverton road,suva, 3 lautoka city main road lautoka

maybe you big lamusona and kc bocola but maybe motherfucker can't give me your ph number plse do not be lamu sona I will not fuck your ass

I am related to you because your grand father ate my grand father you undre undre

Anonymous said...

Sanaila i live abroad and i drive a better car than you. You drive a prado or pajero.. is that the best you can come up with. Think your tough.. may be you should get yourself a AUDI..
I forgot you don't have Top of the range EURO CARS in fiji.
You state that Fijians abroad are skint.. hahaha.. We go on exotic holidays that you and your illegal government cant afford.
You rob ordinary fiians of their money.. but still drive a shit car.

Anonymous said...

So, shitforbrains at 8:52 PM, you're telling us that Dharam Lingam lives at three different addresses? He lives in Suva and Lautoka at the same time?

Yes, my grandfather cooked your grandfather in the lovo, but he never ate him because the meat went rancid.

Rupeni Sovasese said...

Sa vakaloloma ni da mai sota tiko ga va kai Viti ena blog qo. Ra wele na veimata tamata tale eso ka da mai veivosa ca taki tiko o keda. Sa yali na vakarokoroko. Ke sega ni dua na ka yaga mo biu mai , kua ni vakalusiya nomu gauna mo comment tu mai . Sa rauta mada na viavia levu . So na i vosavosa e biu tiko eke e vakaraitaka na sega ni vakavulici mai vae

Anonymous said...

10.16 big words

do you know what rancid means?

the natives eat all types of shit from their chiefs, elders, church bulsitters and others

frank doing good job keeping the fijian elites in place

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:12, if you don't know what the word 'rancid' means, just look it up in an English dictionary.

Frank doesn't know how to keep Fiji's elites in their place.

As Fiji's last elected prime minister, Qarase belongs in his office, not in a gaol cell.

As an institution mandated by Fiji's constitution, the place of the GCC is electing Fiji's president, not making kerekere for crumbs from the PM's table.

The place of the judiciary is in court on the bench, not in dismissal and pushed out of the courthouse.

The place of publishers is at their newspapers, not in prison.

The place of talatala is leading their churches, not navigating the latest decree.

The place of political leaders is organising their party platforms, not reinventing their policies to conform with another draconian demand.

The place of parliamentarians is in parliament, not queuing at the bakery.

The place of the RFMF commander is in the barracks. Full stop.

Who's to keep Frank in his place? After all, the place for traitors is dangling at the end of a long rope.

Anonymous said...

3.17 you need to get real about fiji and leave those passionate ideas behind the world has changed in fiji and it is not going back to the chiefs having the lions share from the natives and leaving them with the crumbs

frank is not going back to 2006 and before so some of the previous mp's and senior govt guys will still be buying bread for some time

trust me on this all the signals are in this direction- the military will not go back to barracks

fiji has to come to new reality for the future

Anonymous said...

8:24 PM may be right. The chiefs may never be important again -- perhaps deservedly so since they're doing so little to protect us in the current crisis. Having tasted absolute power and been corrupted, the military may never go back to the barracks again. But that's not to say that Bainimarama will ever remain at the helm. That's not to say he won't someday swing from a yardarm or gallows.