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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Next thing we know they getting medals

Darling Grubby,
The Torture Video story is beginning to die, thank god. We have had to throw some prison officers behind bars to calm public and International opinion. We have to be very careful and make sure their pictures are not released because they look nothing like any of the thugs in the video. They had been caught fiddling or were about to retire but either way they were past their use by date.

I am terrified it will erupt again soon. The Glorious Leader is insisting that his special baton wielding band should all get medals for recapturing the 2 fugitives. I am just waiting for Coup 4.5 to start comparing the images between the video and the next RFMF medal ceremony and then it will blow up in our faces again. Quite frankly Frankly has some incredibly stupid ideas and he won’t listen to reason.

I also did something naughty at the weekend. Frankly took me out to dinner last Saturday. He told Merely he was going to the Women in Business awards; it was not all together a lie, I am a woman and he was rewarding me for a bit of the funny business if you know what I mean. 

Anyway when he went to the toilet I grabbed his phone and I swapped Vijay Narayan’s number for a curry shop in Labasa. Hopefully that will put an end to those spontaneous phone calls which put our carefully developed communications strategies into a tail spin. It might also cause some hilarious conversations.

FB: Hello Vijay
Labasa Curry: Hello Labasa Curry
FB: Vijay is that you? Is that FM 96?
LC: You want number 96. Sorry Duck Off today
FB: Did you say F@ck Off you sh!t I will get you fired
Queen Antonia, the Chief Justice, seems to be putting his personal preferences for young school age Sri Lankan boys ahead of the needs of the country. Have you met Mr Youngand LyingAbouthisAge the new acting Chief Registrar. He looks even younger than the child you have working at Qorvis. To recruit him Queen Antonia set an essay competition for all 6 form leavers in Sri Lanka. The title was:  What will you do for Her Royal Highness Queen Antonia if I give you a high paid job in Fiji?

LyingAbouthisAge was the winner and Queen Antonia refuses to show anyone the winning letter but apparently it was long and bored the chief Justice STIFF, which does not happen that often unless he takes a little blue pill. He was sworn in as chief registrar by the President last week. The ADC quickly had to take him to a side room before the ceremony and lend him a suit as he had turned up in his school uniform. The CJ insists he wears it under his robes.

Did you enjoy your trip to the North with the Glorious Leader? He planned this trip as a little local holiday because he had not been away for a week. He loves these trips as he gets treated like a King and he is convinced that everyone he meets is another vote in the bag come election time. He really does not have to bother as there will only be 1 political party in 2014.

I particularly liked your story about the Glorious Leader seeing the school children walking home in the mud and instantly ordering 120 pairs of boots. It is an oldie but a goody all the same. I remember first reading about it years ago when Idi Amin did exactly the same thing in Uganda. A few years later he went and killed most of the children’s parents for some paranoid reason.

Grubby I am sorry my letter is not as positive as normal but I can’t get the video out of my mind. I keep wondering if that is what will happen to me if the Glorious Leader ever decides I am no longer useful.

Having said that, I am impressed with how you are so positive following your successful re-education by my Ministry. I saw you wrote this on Grubshit yesterday and it made me so proud. “I’m a true believer, not a spin merchant.” It is so good to see that your faith has not been damaged by the Glorious Leader telling his boys he gives them a definite thumbs up to beat the defenseless.

Grubby please come to me with more Shiraz and help me restore my belief in the righteousness of the Glorious Leader Frankly Bananas.
Hugs and Kisses

This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.
Shazzer has already started work on Frankly Bananas acceptance speech after winning the elections in 2014
Mr Youngand LyingAbouthisAge will be celebrating his birthday next week and wants to know if there is a bouncy castle in Fiji? 

Illustrations courtesy of Discombobulatedbubu. http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Is that Siri Lankan real? too young for the position but not for CJ I suppose!

Anonymous said...

CJ has a thang for sri lankan boys

Sanaila said...

Wellington March only 20 people attented. Auckland March only 40 people attended. A win for Bainimara again. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He He He .

Anonymous said...

Trade ban and strike will get rid of this regime.

Get real! said...

Still don't understand why you run this crap. What has it got to do with the struggle? That's the trouble with you gang. Bloody hip educated lightweights. You sit around wanking when you ought to be doing something positive to dislodge the regime. This is just shit. Wake up to yourselves. It ain't funny. The only joke in on you. You sit by while Frank destroys the country laughing at your own jokes. You are fucked.

Anonymous said...

Bai fears to check his email as lots of real threats coming and AG tries to spend all weekends at Denarau as he sleeps well there as told to M/s Sharma at co-op department meaning Seema Sharma his whore .Tax dept Jitiko waiting for a package as he can not handle his job any more as all his funds collected going to fiji roads and no vat refunds avaliable ,being a Lauan he is not trusted and omg Vuniwaqa lady resigning not going well at the camp,some real concern as the replacement a kattu too so there goes the fairness in the system

Anonymous said...

Grubby, whether you are a true believer or a spin merchant the smell on you is the same - the same shit smell of a junta whore!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but not in the mood for off-colour sexual humour.

In the mood for blood.

What say we do less joking and more organising?

Anonymous said...

HoW come all personal legal work of AG done by none other than Davnesh Sharma ,on the other hand Davnesh admits he does not support the Regime ,face up Davnesh,also some legal eagles now talking about taking the goons to internationa court so bai can be arrested on his next trip overseas and COM POL taking over leadership

Anonymous said...

Wellington March only 20 people attended. Auckland March only 40 people attended.

But that's already 60 more votes than Bainimarama's ever received. Bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.06PM
Bainimarama attaches no importance to votes. he attaches importance to his guns. that where he gets his "mandate" from. Not from the people.but of course that does not stop him and his sycophants from casting him as a "people's" leader. he is no people's leader. he is a thug military ruler!

Anonymous said...

Love the artwork! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is what blogging is all about C4.5? One big joke isn't it? No wonder you not heading anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Just like the guy above who likes the artwork. So sad!

Anonymous said...

And how about the video? Has it fizzled out too like other things you've tried to drum up support for here. Don't feel let down C4.5, the little numbers appearing at the protest marches is a normal thing and should come as a surprise compared to the number of people that turn up to Bainimarama's visit around Fiji where hundreds and thousands turn up. They present him yaqona, tabua, magiti and encourage him not to have elections. Oh by the way the protestors didn't have any Fijians in it. Those formers Fijians are naturalised New Zealanders which has changed them to New Zealanders so their claim to being Fijian is very much far fetched. They are New Zealanders of Fijian origin like our fellow Fijians of Indian origin. So Sai Lealea, Suliasi Daunitutu, Jone Baledrokadroka, litia Cakobau, celua Cakobau, tanoa Cakobau, you all talk in the countries where you have taken citizenship in. Well that's another issue is you are over-stayers. As for mark manning you don't even belong in this conversation.

SEMI MEO said...

Who wins??
A Sunday read while you munch your hefty Sunday lunch…just watch the fat, it goes direct to your thighs..lol....mmmm...if allegations of the advent of the Mr. Aiyaz syndrome be credible, then, would Mrs Driti and Brigadier Driti be offering thanks giving to God in their Church today for giving post Coup Fiji Mr Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?..Or would they be profusely weeping in penitence for inadvertently committing the biggest immoral act against the itaukei race!

Of course, Ratu Ului Mara (where ever you are, Sir) may also share part of the blame! Commodore Teleni hibernating in the comforts of the Peking based Fiji Embassy, Sir, you may share part of the blame too..Oh, and the inaugural commander of the CRW, now Compol Brigadier Naivalurua, Sir, you shares the blame too…and others I have not mentioned here, and of course they now hang their head in shame.Of course, my tauvu Rear Admiral Bainimarama will be carried to his grave taking the bulk of the blame!

But…there may be hope for all these once brave soldiers of pre Coup Fiji and once pride of the Vanua.These men must pull off the veil of deceit Mr Aiyaz may have pulled over their faces in attempts to guarantee fake immunity. For they must realise that immunity can only be earned!!..and thence forth restitution accepted!
The letter of what ever Decree may afford a bit of very superficial immunity and safety. Only the people of Fiji can afford absolute immunity, not the letter of the Law! Right now the people of Fiji are not at all happy with how you gentlemen have led us down the garden path!

In simple language, we do not now necessarily see all of you in the plateau we once revered all of you as professional soldiers.The ball is in your court gentlemen...or else your decedents and many will spit of your respective graves and dash to the VKB and Register of Births with deed pool in hand to dissociate themselves from the post Coup legacy of torture, poverty, hooliganism, and grand human rights abuses your names now represents in Fiji and Globally!
Mr. Khaiyum has abused, maimed, deployed, shredded, bastardised, and prostituted all we itaukei hold dear! All because he control the blooming decrees, including the Judiciary and probably keys to the Armoury !
If he is so bold and childish enough to literally poke Fiji’s Commander and Prime Minister in crouching position in the presence of the Military Council and Cabinet…phew!!...qai cava tale e vo e noda me dro bula, me sega ni lau tono mai vei la qo? No former Fiji Prime Minister has been a victim of that kinda childishness ”vei tono’!...we squirm even at the thought!

SEMI MEO said...

And all we wanna know are the sermons and prayers offered today in respective Fiji Churches? Are they the same kinda nationalist and patriots prayers and sermons we heard post Rabuka Coup?Or has our Christian world view tragically changed?...and what may we ask has changed that?

Just that my family was victim of the road closure enroute to a Church service in Colo i Suva in immediately post Rabuka Coup…yep…the whole Colo i Suva Forestry Church Choir in pure white standing and seating in the middle of the Princess Road singing away in defiance of the road law!

Will we see that again?......will we see that kinda act of defiance again?... Not all acts of defiance of authority are evil you know. Call it reformation or divine revelation or what ever!Priest Martin Luther did it against the mighty Roman Catholic Church ( hence,the birth of Protestantism), Mr. John Wesley did it against the mighty Anglican Church(the birth of the world wide Wesleyan and our Fiji Methodist Church), Mr. Poate Mata did it against a major Fiji Church(the birth of one of Fiji’s well known church), Mr. Suliasi Kurulo did it against Fiji Church to form now the largest Church building and fraternity in the Pacific Island Nations, S Vuetaki did it, Ratabacaca did it, this is prevalent in political circles an even corporate arena…all claim to have acted in holy defiance..if that is a such a phrase…

Are we looking to righteous acts of defiance to bring about peaceful revolution in Fiji or have we all concluded that God will send his arch angel to free Fiji from this Dictatorial grip of lord Aiiyaz?My tauvu better start packing his bags!..or will he re-convene the Chiefs Assembly and Church Leaders Assembly …he has nothing to fear if he decides to convene these Assemblies first.
His “yes Sir”,” gee yah boss”, “io saka” Constituent Assembly better wait!Now…watch the fat, I said!

We shall over come and win!

Fiji deserves better said...

Regime propagandists working 24/7 on this blog to undermine C4.5 and democracy movement! Justice is served.


the 2006 coup happened because the George Speight mandate had to be accomplished.
1st the mutiny sanctioned by the CAMV and in cohoots with SDL
2nd the attempt to make Voreqe unemployed...failed and made him angry.
3rd newbies like the current players who had other agenda's joined the gossip sessions with voreqe
4th the coup happens
5th the opportunist hidden amongst the planners and supporters remove certain individuals within this clique to further their own agendas
6th these are the current folk in power today far removed from the original mandate of the military and the swift elections planned for 2009
voreqe is not to blame,it is the likes of the other powerful people today who never did too well in theri respective careers previously.
They must be reading this and thinking ...are we that transparent now?....YES YOU ARE MR AND MRS WITCH AND BOYFRIEND.

Anonymous said...

Those of you writing in this site and supporting Voreqe need to undergo psychiatric treatment. No person in his or her right frame of mind would support the crimes committed by Voreqe and his cohorts unless he or she benefits from them. If one supports Voreqe then he or she must also support the crimes committed by the ordinary criminal. What a bunch of hypocrites and losers.

Anonymous said...


Voreqe is not to blame?
Are you kidding?

Voreqe is the one holding the guns. No one else.
He deserves to hang from the rope for all his crimes against the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo you are also not Fijian as you have taken citizenship in another country. You are an Australian of Fijian origin just like our Fijian brothers and sisters of Indian origin. So go and speak on matters affecting your country of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Fijians and Indians both should repent and apologise for assisting, abetting and supporting the 1987, 2000 and 2006 Coups bringing disaster and great harm to once Most progressive Pacific Is country.
The aftermath effect of these coups have brought about misery and torture, nepotism and corruption of the highest order in the country.
Everyone should set aside their personal agenda, hatred for each other and unite together to get rid of this present regime to briing about changes we most long for.

Anonymous said...

AG been screwing Seema for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Fijian are waiting for election to throw out Voreqe legally! THey are just doing arse licking at the momentto go with the flow! dont trust a smiling Fijians

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has you guys on the ropes with his piece in today's Fiji Sun about the development of the north. Let's see you strike that one down. He's right on the money. It's all about Frank delivering on his promises to ordinary people.

You guys go on about democracy but you want people to starve. Frank gives them what they need to survive. Do you think they give a shit who rules them if they get what they need? you are all bloody fools. it's over, you lost.

Anonymous said...

yes they will eat fattened up until they eat Voreqe also. Tell that Davis not to trust a smiling Fijian.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6.25PM
1. Is Frank giving anything out of his pocket to the ordinary people?
Or, is he putting things into his pocket out of the national kitty?
2. why are you anonymous? are you ashamed of supporting the rogue leader openly?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMarch 17, 2013 at 6:22 PM
Who is Seema ? Please explain ? Where did she come from ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:36, I guess that also means John Samy, Robin Nair, John Prasad, and other regime accomplices are not Fijian, either.

And did Graham Davis give up his Aussie citizenship when he was illegally naturalised a Fijian? I'd be so glad to hear he's ready to share the fate of the despot he supports.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is more Fijian than you, bro. At least here's here in he country doing something positive. Where are you? Auckland? Sydney? You fucking losers are all the same. Go on about Fijian rights while living off someone elses tit.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis at 6:25, you'll have to paste and clip the article, because no one reads the Sun anymore -- everything it prints now is a pack of lies. And Davis' blog -- like his views -- holds no interest whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The PNG Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is in Fiji to give his backing and blessings to the Bainimarama Government.
Here is some background info on the Grand Chief from Wikipedia.
Sir Michael Somare was called to explain how he got a $A349,000 3b/r executive style apartment with private plunge pool in cairns in April 2007, brokered by a Gold Coast lawyer. Along with his son Arthur Somare who is PNG's State Enterprise Minister and a political heavyweight was questioned on a$A 685,000 4b/r house he bought two months prior at Trinity Beach. Ombudsman Commission, Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta and former Finance MMinister Bart Philomom requested an explanation. A senior legal cousel for the Ombudsman Commisiion, Vergil Narokobi, said they'd investigate the PM and his son. "To afford such luxuries it is something ordinary PNG's can do..." Somare refused to be interviewed and did not respond to written questions. Philomom said "They have to tell the people in PNG how they funded those properties otherwise it smells of corruption"
A leadership tribunal of 3 judges set up to investigate him found Somare guilty of misconduct .One judge Sir Robin Auld called for his dismissal.He said Somare's attitude as PM showed " a disregard bordering on disdain for his constitutional obligations. It would be bad enough in the case of any leader but is particularly reprehensive for one of his high standing and influential involvement in the leadership code"
It is not hard to see how such a leader as Somare should throw in his support for a constitution trashing military coup leader as frank Bainimarama.
Didn't he also throw in his support for the first coup maker Rabuka?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Graham Davis is more Australian, you mean. Or has Davis renounced his Aussie citizenship to become, according to your formula, "a Fijian of Australian origin"?

Anonymous said...

What woman in pink tight pants do you mean? Are you sure you're not confusing this gal with Tony Gates? It's happened before.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo - Qauri qase...lauvutu!

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis and a rope -- now THERE'S a compelling image!

Hope it doesn't snap his heck on the drop.

Anonymous said...

yeah well you're a Fijian of ape origin. who gives a shit. Fed up with people overseas telling us what is good for fiji. You go to these countries and take all their social ssecurity then tell us who have nothing how we should think. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is doing something positive? What positive thing might that be?

The only thing positive about that pompous ass is his HIV test.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, was frank Robanakadavu getting screwed by Tony Gates?

Sanaila said...

Blogging on this site is so boring...Its full of bullshit stories and gossips...Sa sega na dina!

If you don't like our government then piss off!

Anonymous said...

Who's overseas, macafaka? You assume that the dictator's goons can stop all critical postings coming out of Fiji?

Guess again.

You and Graham Davis would like that, wouldn't you? Extinguish all dissent.

What a journalist! Deserves another award -- the Josef Goebbels Award for Fascist Propaganda.

Anonymous said...

But what about Davis doing with Wailskepa wife everynite drunk

Anonymous said...

Are Fijians of ape origin? Is that your view? Are we inferior to "Fijians of Australian origin"?

Isa, sounds to me like a colonialist white Australian mentality at work here.

Anonymous said...

But what about Davis doing with Wailskepa wife everynite drunk

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the one shagging Tony Gates was Pita Driti. But then, Driti will sleep with anyone!

Anonymous said...

What government are we pissing on? Oh, you mean the regime! Hardly qualifies as a government, now, does it? No one elected them, after all.

If there's such a groundswell of support to keep this regime in power, then it wouldn't make sense for it to cancel the elections, would it? After all, why in the world would it cancel elections it is so confident of winning?

Nobody's stupid enough to believe that this regime is popular. We all have eyes. We all have ears. We all have minds.

And most of us do still have morals.

Anonymous said...

Pita Driti shagging Tony Gates? Ho, ho, ho!

Question: Know what you get when you cross Pita Driti with Tony Gates?

Answer: I dunno, either, but I'm pretty sure it's name would be Sanaila!

Sanaila said...

It seems that our PM is very popular with iTaukei rural votes. Majority are suggesting that there shouldnt be any election for another twenty years, Who cares about Australian, New Zealand and USA citizens with Fijian origin? They should concentrate with their own cointries and leave fiji matters with fijians. Time to move on with your own countries, limuris.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila, speaking of liumuris, why not put your supposition to the test? Why not have a vote to prove your daddy is popular with a majority of Fijians? You don't speak for us. Let us run our own affairs, punk.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm confused. Is Bainimarama Sanaila's daddy?

I thought that was Pita Driti!

Or would it be Tony Gates? No, I guess Gates would be his mother.

But then, who would be Sanaila's father?

Guess he'll never really know.

Anonymous said...

@ Sa Nail Her
Yeah I don't like your "government" and I will not piss off!
so what you "government"gang gonna do?
will you do another "torture video" on me!
get used to us being around for as long as you scoundrels are around!
if means a long time
then so be it!

Anonymous said...

isa it's so nice of the bainmarama government to value and respect the "old politician" who has become "irrelevant" in his own country PNG!

Sanaila said...

The losers always mourn. Firstly they took off in droves from our beautiful fiji without realising that oneday fiji will overtake some of the developed neighbouring countries soon. Now it seems they are unhappy and missing the peace and tranquility of our beloved nation. They cannot tolerate or see the beauty of income distributed among all the communities and regions in fiji. They cannot accept the fact that the of standadrd of living is improving for everyone. Time to accept the change and be faithful to your adopted country. Your allegiance lie there not here. It was your choice. Please donot try to derail our nation building as per the President's charter. Fiji is under good hand where everyone is treated and respected equally. Vinaka and best of luck in your new country.

Anonymous said...

Davis is a real man, Not like you lamusona wimps. Cowards, the whole bloody lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Davis is a real man who knows this country, Not like you lamusona wimps.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is under the same hand we saw at work in the torture video.

Oh, yeah, that!

Hasn't gone away yet. And neither have we.

We're all around you. Have a free election, and you'll see.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is a real man? Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

It takes a real man to confess that he reads TS Elliott to Anthony Gates.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon..Please do not tell the Rear Admiral, I am still a citizen of Fiji and have just renewed my Fiji passport personaly in Suva Immigration Office in May 2010.

@Anon Sodomite of March 17, 2013 at 7:52 PM. ..seems you have eyes for sodomites..sorry, not here wrong place!

Anonymous said...

JITOKO TIKOLEVU IS A POOFTER AND A FAGGOT - he does not know his job that is why he sucks AGs' COCK every now an again to keep his job.

FRCA is a laughing stock to the business sector. Evberyone is killing everyone to get into AGS' supporter for a quick fuck in return for promotions. Its laugahble and recently it was revealed that their Chariman Godagoda ordered for an investigation, to be made on some senior executives of FRCA for misconduct. The Inter-Continental security department had written a letter of complaint to the chair that their staff peed at the corridoors of the hotel and damaged property at the Inter Continental Hotel, after a workshop last week. A female senior executive was found pants down sucking Moala Nata. A right hand man of AG and coup apologist.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ sA NAIL HAh!
So "Fiji is under good hand where everyone is treated and respected equally"
we saw that in the "torture video"! the respect and the equal treatment and the good hand ( only forget now whether it was the left or the right hand!)Sanail huh can you check that out and let us know as an insider?

Anonymous said...

just saw the photo of the grand chief somare and our notso grand chief kubuabola and that other png fala in the pee jee sun. all of dem look very well fed from the size of their pot belly. that's why they are happy with things as they are. they have no reason to complain . life is okay for them.military rule in Fiji is not a problem for them , is it?

Anonymous said...

It's true Graham davis is a real man even if he is pathetically toady!

Anonymous said...

Disguised as religion, Islam has penetrated democracies with the aim of replacing civility and liberty with the barbarism of 7th century Islamic theocracy and Sharia law. Islam's multi-pronged attack aims to destroy all that liberty offers."

Anonymous said...

@Anon March 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Don't point fingers when you have no proof and you do not know what the hell you are talking about.It just shows that there are some element in the civil service who want to climb up the ladder not on merit but by putting up false accusation so as to get promotion remember not all people in the civil service support this regime but I know u must be one of them trying for a quick promotion to get on the AG or PM's good side.Sorry we see right through you.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody shut the bitch's mouth please? I mean the white woman on the top of the picture,

Sanaila, you are such a coward, you don't deserve to live, you will die a tragic death when one of the wheel barrows at the suva market will hit you head on, and because of the fear you habe in you now, you will die instantly. Mark my word,

Anonymous said...



Sanaila said...

That's me Sanaila 3:51 AM

Anonymous said...

A real man is Jesus Christ. Behold the man!

Graham Davis serves Satan. Resist him, and he will flee from you.

Christ is the ideal and resistance the key to defeating Satan.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wonders why the anti-government forces in Fiji have lost they need only read 4.5 and these obscene entries. Bye bye you disgusting perverts. No wonder Fiji has turned its back on you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wonders why the anti-government forces in Fiji have lost they need only read 4.5 and these obscene entries. Bye bye you disgusting perverts. No wonder Fiji has turned its back on you.

Anonymous said...

You make fun of Graham Davis but you should fear him. He is winning.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is winning what, precisely?

Don't fear Graham Davis. Don't fear Frank Bainimama. Fear Jehovah God. That is the beginning of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has been so badly embarrassed every time he's tried to debate Dakuwaqa and others on this blogsite that he now stoops to posting on it anonymously, and usually to defend his inflated ego and deflated manhood.

Looks like he's at it again.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they will be only one party for election 2014 old party all gone with khaiyum decree.
why do party follow all his decree.i can t understand.why dont the leaders boycott his decree.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan magistrate jails pervert sex beast special police inspector and fitness trainer to Sukuna Bowl police rugby team for 8 years BUT allows him to roam the streets from Sunday 7pm to Friday 7pm. He found him guilty of raping FNU student SISTER. Rapist claims he was "exorcising" her of lesbianism. SHOCKINGLY, Fiji Government legal website PacLII posts judgment identifying both accused/victim for whole world. Fijileaks has decided to blot out the name of the accused and the incestuous rape victim but publishes lurid details to highlight the gravity of the vile act and the Sri Lankan magistrate's perverse decision to let the "special police inspector" be in society......

tu na da........

Anonymous said...

No one fears that pig face graham davies. he's sucking frank's left nut, sharon john smith on right nut while a.gates bury shaft down his throat

Anonymous said...

JB need to use his contacts to coup this regime .

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis might be a real man but its a shame he is nothing like his father.
In fact he is quite the opposite.
What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Former officer cries foul over mistaken identity

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amani Bosenawai after an interview at The Fiji Times office in Suva.

Amani Bosenawai after an interview at The Fiji Times office in Suva. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

A FORMER police officer is worried about the safety of his family because of mistaken identity.

Amani Bosenawai said he was wrongly identified in the social media as being in the group that brutally assaulted two men shown on video footage posted on the internet.

Mr Bosenawai was terminated from the Fiji Police Force on June 8 last year over allegations of stealing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station.

While his case is pending in court, his name and batch number have been posted on the internet and he is being identified as one of the assailants.

"I was in the police Strike Back team when I was in the force and I have nothing to do with the assault of the two men shown on the video footage," he said.

"The name and batch number shown on internet posts are mine but the photograph is of someone else.

"But I am getting calls from my relatives living overseas and other people asking me about my role in the assault when in fact I wasn't in the police force at that time."


Is there anybody out there? said...

It is critical to have independent bodies that remain at arms length from government to ensure transparency and accountability. When there is no parliament to oversight such bodies they cannot operate effectively.

At present in our beloved Fiji, all oversight bodies (FICAC etc) are under the control of the Attorney General. Any regulatory body, such as an electoral commission, is only accountable to the AG. That means there is no independence or accountability whatsoever.

There will quite simply be no accountability and transparency in government and statutory bodies and there will be no independence of the judiciary and legal profession in Fiji, until parliament resumes. That is an irrefutable FACT.

The Prime Minister has made it very clear that he will not allow any incoming political representatives to wind back or question his reforms. If and when there is a new parliament, it is highly likely that it will not be an independent one. The current Prime Minister will control it. What is the point of having elections if the parliamentary representatives are unable to govern in the way they see fit.

After September 2014, the country may appear to be a democratic one, but it will be a long way from true democracy. The cronyism and corruption will become far worse as the PM places people in positions whom he can control, rather than those with the skills and experience to do the job properly and with integrity. More snouts in the trough.

The greedy corrupt politicians of the past are circling for their next opportunity. Post election, it is likely that the same pigs who have their snouts in the trough now, will still be there alongside a few new faces and a few old ones.

Where to from here?

If there was one military leader who was honest and respectable, perhaps a short intervention could occur to remove the current regime. Fiji could seek regional assistance for a short time, to assist with the elections process. Locally elected independent representatives, could form a government without the need for immediate party alliance. That is how democracy is supposed to work in any event. New Zealand and other developed nations have mutated in to these two party machines. The peoples choice is limited.

Where does Fiji find a leader who has not been tainted or corrupted. One who will seek regional intervention for a short period to allow Fiji to stabilise, then return to the barracks. Very few in the current regime, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Judicial officers etc.. can remain. Most of these people must be excluded from a new Fiji if the people truly desire a stable and competent parliament and public service. They are polluted.

Those who support the current regime will learn the hard way in time. Things always seem a little better before they are destroyed. There is always a calm before the storm. Those who are pro-regime will scream the loudest when the money runs dry and Fiji’s economy is all but destroyed. That day is approaching.

There are no easy answers or ready made solutions. Fiji is rapidly reaching the point of no return. Criticise this comment all you like. I will not say “I told you so” when things get much worse. People need to look beyond the hour, beyond the day, beyond the year, beyond the decade. BEYOND THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDAS.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 and followers the truth about BENEDITO who is being beaten up in the video: SANAWA his dad was reported to Valelevu Police Station a few years ago for raping his daughter. He had been doing it for a number of years while his wife (BENEDITO's mother) was down with stroke. SANAWA coerced his daughter to withdraw the report against him. BENEDITO in revenge to his father told his father for your continuously raping my sister I will rape you wife who is his real mother. BENEDITO raped his very own mother whilst she was still down with stroke to get back at his father. This is a known fact to neighbours of the family. To all of you in NZ displaying placards reading "WE LOVE YOU BENEDITO" are you aware of the circumstances of his and his fathers animalistic crime. His very own mother crying for him was raped by her very own son. How sick can a family be? What kind of treatment deserves that type of crime. In the bible of the old testement under the prophet Moses that would have resulted in stoning to death under Jewish law given by the almighty to Moses. That is the psycho family of history of BENEDITO, his father SANAWA, his MOTHER that was crying for him and BENEDITO's SISTER. They all forgave each other and continued living together as such which is a well known fact to neighbours. So did he deserve the treat he got?? Would the courts punishment on him be sufficient? Do people really support this guy BENEDITO or is it just an opportunity to have a go at the interim government?

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

10:37 why didn't police publish that story to counter public outcry? or did you pulled that story out your big rear?

Anonymous said...


Very tragic case if all that is true. Tit for tat coup d'etats on same tragectory. Violence begets violence in an endless vicious, evil cycle..

Ignorance coupled with arrogance is costly and reveals clearly the absence of God from one's life.

God bless Fiji.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 6.25pm... Isn't it odd that the calls for Bainimarama to continue without elections appear to be coming only from areas where he has invested large chunks of public money? What about Bainimarama's government telling rural people and provinces, "you don't support us, you don't get any development programs?" So, yes... everyone in rural areas will support him as long as they get something in return. That's how dictatorships operate. Dictators are not accountable to anyone because they weren't elected and now with Graham Davis and Qorvis and the Fiji Sun working hand-in-hand on their Look North/Look Positive strategy, it's little wonder Bainimarama is getting so much positive publicity - ONLY IN THE FIJI SUN (!?!). History has shown us that i-Taukei will drink your yaqona, laugh at your jokes, promise to support you and VOTE the other way!!! So, despite all the "positives" that Maika B, Graham D, Sharon S-J and Qorvis might be able to shove down our throats, the VOTE is what counts and that's what they all, together with Frank, fear. And their fear is based on the fact that an elected government, other than them, would discover just how financally mortgaged Fiji has become - courtesy of Frank and Co. The reality is Frank is dividing the country even further - he is befriending rural people while neglecting the larger electorates which pay the bulk of taxes to the national coffers. He has in fact, left those electorates to the large corporations to feast on through rising food prices, increasing electricity and water bills, increased fuel and vehicle maintenance costs because of the neglect in urban roads. Graham D and Qorvis would of course like to paint Bainimarama as a modern day Robin Hood - taking from Viti Levu and giving to Vanua Levu. That would be fine if all sectors of Vanua Levu were to benefit. The problem is only those who voice support for the regime, get to share from the dictator's benevolence. 120 pairs of gumboots is a joke. Gumboots on school children will probably slow them down on their journey to school. They don't need gumboots - they need the road to be fixed!!! Besides, isn't the gumboot supplier already benefiting enough from the ones supplied to the army - regular force, territorial force, navy, corrections services and police?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10;37 this is same Benedito you said raped your mom? your story don't make logic coward.

Mahen, Auckland said...

Is this really true, I think it is, cousin just e-mailed from Fiji that this Benedito character is a hardcore criminal, involved in major robberies in Suva including home invasions of innocent Fiji civilians, fuck and to think I went down to support the march on Friday, shit, this sicken my stomach.

Please can the police make sure this guy doesn't get out again, I fear for my family in Fiji. Vinaka to Fiji Police, and sorry for misjudging what you guys did. Please keep doing what you're doing, my realtives feel safer with you guys around.

Ratu Meli, Fyswick, Canberra, said...

Is all this true, we look like real shitheads now, supporting a rapist and an incest family, oh no I don't support this one bit. I take back my support for this Benedito guy, fuck the police should shoot him. Society s better of without him.

Joji said...

12:19, 12:14, 12:08, 10:37 are all same person. If you can't come up with credible sources or the local media isn't reporting it then shut your lying stinky mouth.

Anonymous said...

If you guys doubt the story and have a contact at Valelevu Police station you should be able to get that information affirmed. Sad but true. That's what the Police, Prison Authorities and the Military will not tell you because they bottle that up themselves. Like I said this things have been kept quiet for too long.

rajend naidu said...

The appointment of Madam Nazhat Shameem as the first Goodwill Ambassador for Women of Fiji is not "a great and visionary step undertaken by the Ministry of Women" as Aman A Nath claims in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (17/3). It is window dressing by the Fiji military junta in which Madam Nazhat Shameem is a pivotal behind the scene player.
There are women in Fiji with far greater grassroots involvement and contribution to the issue of women's rights and welfare and protection then Madam Shameem. Edwina from the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre would have been a better choice. In fact any of the workers from the Centre would have made a better choice. Madam Shameem's appointment is just for show. The real work for the women of Fiji is done by other civil society women genuinely committed to improving the status of women in Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Why should people bother substantiating your bull fool. Take your story and shove it up your sona. We can see through your lies and know your intention. We Fijians don't need masipoloists like you fakanas.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu

I guess, as a pivotal player in the 2006 coup, Shameem has no choice but to throw her support behind the junta... and make good what they've gotten themselves into.

On another note, all those ladies across the 'great divide' GET PAID FAIRLY WELL to do what they do. Isn't that a bonus, a dream job - getting paid to do what you love to do?

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Semi Meo is Sanaila's father but both of them denied it. Do you know why? Because they both look like monkeys hahahaha hehehehe

Anonymous said...

joji me vutuki iko mada o sanawa

rajend naidu said...

Here is a great letter I came across in The Australian today (18/3) which I think speaks with equal relevance to the media situation prevailing under the Fiji military dictatorship.
Carla Langridge of West Busselton,WA writes:
Some of the principles of democracy are separation of state and the church, the judiciary and the press.We need controversial and inquiring journalism,not journalism restricted to what a government feels comfortable with.I do not want a government to"lead" my thinking and to restrict what I read. I make up my own mind.
I read Carla's letter and said " me too!"
A good democratic society does indeed need "controversial and inquiring journalism" as Carla points out in her letter. Not the Fiji Sun kind of government mouthpiece journalism.
That kind of journalism is a disgrace.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

you only have to read the posts here to know why the anti-govt movement is getting nowhere. People are busy typing, talking, swearing etc., which has been the norm for the past 6 years....carry on the same way, nothing will change in the next 6 years... people in the rural areas are now supporting this govt and asking that there be no elections next year..hear hear..!!...all the while you bloggers rant and rave here like lunatics. All the swear words flying about revels the perverse nature of the bloggers. We are quite happy to let you carry on swearing, because at the end of the day, nothing changes. None of you have the guts to stand up and follow through on your empty threats. What have we to fear from opponents like you? Zip, ziltch, nada...!!!

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Anon@1.51. That's what you think asshole. Bainimagaitinamu is so thick he doesn't even know that people are using him..election time they won't vote for him but they've got what they wanted. In the meantime asshole,why don't you put your name here because it seems you're the one with empty threats.

Na Qase said...

@ Anon 1:51PM.......

If you really believed in what you're saying then you wouldn't be posting on these blog.

The blog is basically there to publish the truth of what is really going on, because the media is censored to only relay what the government wants to be known..

So go fly a kite, Rome wasn't built in a day its good to know that the International Media relies a lot more on the blogs then all the censored Fiji press put together. This is our forum,this is our pulpit. So go fly a kite......Evil triumphs when good men do nothing, at least we're doing something!!!!

Anonymous said...

Annex III:
G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan
G20 Agenda for Action on Combating Corruption, Promoting Market Integrity,
and Supporting a Clean Business Environment
Seoul, November 12, 2010

Corruption threatens the integrity of markets, undermines fair competition, distorts resource allocation, destroys public trust, and undermines the rule of law. Corruption is a severe impediment to economic growth, and a significant challenge for developed, emerging and developing countries. As leaders of major trading nations, we have a special responsibility to prevent and tackle corruption, to establish legal and policy frameworks that promote a clean business environment and to continue to assist G20 countries in their capacity building efforts to combat corruption.
Building on our Leaders’ declarations, the G20 commits to supporting a common approach to an effective global anti-corruption regime, the principles of which are enshrined in the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC); showing collective leadership by taking action in high priority areas that affect our economies; and to directly engaging our private sector stakeholders, who represent the leading share of global businesses, in the development and implementation of innovative and cooperative practices in support of a clean business environment. In that respect, the G20 agreed in Toronto to establish a Working Group to make comprehensive recommendations for consideration by Leaders in Korea in November 2010 on how the G20 could continue to make practical and valuable contributions to international efforts to combat corruption and lead by example
In this regard, we recognize the importance of building upon and complementing existing global mechanism, i.e., the UNCAC, including other international instruments such as the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions and regional instruments.

To this end the G20 will lead by example in key areas, including but not limited to, as follows:

1. To ratify or accede, and fully implement the UNCAC by G20 countries as soon as possible, to invite non-G20 states to ratify or accede the UNCAC and to strengthen the individual reviews in line with the current Terms of Reference of the Mechanism for the Review of Implementation of the UNCAC, by ensuring that our individual reviews, under the new implementation review mechanism, are conducted in an effective and thorough manner, and endeavor to enhance the level of transparency and inclusivity.

2. To adopt and enforce laws and other measures against international bribery, such as the criminalization of bribery of foreign public officials, and begin by 2012 the necessary discussions to lead to, on a voluntary basis, more active engagement within the OECD Working Group on Bribery with regards to the standards of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions or to the ratification of the Convention. G20 countries will as well promote the effective implementation of Article 16 on bribery of foreign public officials and public international organizations of the UNCAC.

3. To prevent corrupt officials from accessing the global financial system and from laundering their proceeds of corruption, we call upon the G20 to further strengthen its effort to prevent and combat money laundering, and invite the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to continue to emphasize the anti-corruption agenda as we urged in Pittsburgh and report back to us in France on its work to: continue to identify and engage those jurisdictions with strategic Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) deficiencies; and update and implement the FATF standards calling for transparency of cross-border wires, beneficial ownership, customer due diligence, and due diligence for “politically exposed persons”.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:51
Since C4.5 only give empty threats then please put your name down.

Anonymous said...

4. To prevent corrupt officials from being able to travel abroad with impunity, G20 countries will consider a cooperative framework to deny entry and safe haven in our jurisdictions to corrupt officials and those who corrupt them. To that end, G20 experts will examine the possibility to develop common principles for national measures to deny entry of corrupt officials, taking into account existing practices and barriers, and recommend frameworks for bilateral cooperation on the application of this authority.

5. To strengthen international cooperation and to lead by example through our own efforts to tackle corruption and bribery, the G20 will promote the use of the UNCAC, particularly those provisions related to extradition, mutual legal assistance and asset recovery and offer technical assistance where needed, and encourage the signing of bilateral and multilateral treaties on extradition, mutual legal assistance and asset recovery. We will endeavor to address the technical assistance requirements identified by state parties through the implementation of the review mechanism of the UNCAC to further promote implementation of the Convention.

6. To support the recovery of proceeds of corruption stowed abroad, all G20 countries will adopt measures related to, inter alia, preventing and detecting transfers of proceeds of crime; measures for direct recovery of property; mechanisms for recovery of property through international cooperation in asset tracing, freezing and confiscation; measures for special cooperation in voluntary disclosure; and return and dispose of assets as enshrined in Chapter V of the UNCAC. To this end, G20 countries will by the time of the 2011 Summit in France, establish clear and effective channels for mutual legal assistance, and other forms of international cooperation, on corruption and asset recovery, in particular, if they have not done so already, designate an appropriate authority responsible for international mutual legal assistance requests relating to corruption and asset recovery; establish points of contact for law enforcement and international cooperation on corruption cases; and develop specialized expertise for asset recovery in an appropriate agency.

7. To protect whistleblowers, who report in good faith suspected acts of corruption, from discriminatory and retaliatory actions, G20 countries will enact and implement whistleblower protection rules by the end of 2012. To that end, building upon the existing work of organizations such as the OECD and the World Bank, G20 experts will study and summarize existing whistleblower protection legislation and enforcement mechanisms, and propose best practices on whistleblower protection legislation.


Anonymous said...

as to Ajith Kodakoda of C.J. Patel,took the FIRCA board and senior staff to Denarau,what was the big board room and training room at FIRCA house built for ?? He recently stopped an investigation on CJPATEL for custom fraud where by undeclared goods were discovered ,can any one at FIRCA give more information on this and how much money was spent on the Nadi meeting as it included a weekend

Anonymous said...

8. To strengthen the effective functioning of anti-corruption bodies or enforcement authorities in the prevention and fight against corruption and enable these authorities to carry out their function free from undue influence, G20 countries will take as soon as possible the necessary actions to implement Article 6 (anti-corruption body or bodies) and Article 36 (specialized authorities) of the UNCAC.

9. To promote integrity, transparency, accountability and the prevention of corruption, in the public sector, including in the management of public finances.
The G20 will exercise its voice in the governance of international organizations to encourage that they operate with transparency, high ethical standards, effective internal safeguards and the highest standard of integrity. To that end, we call for continued dialogue among international organizations and national authorities on defining good practices and ways forward on this objective.
Business is a stakeholder in anti-corruption efforts, and its engagement on the issue is essential. The G20 will encourage public-private partnerships and offers a significant opportunity for developing and implementing initiatives that engage the private sector in the global fight against corruption.

To this end, the G20 will:

• strengthen corporate efforts, by extending an invitation to the private sector to meet during the French Presidency, to examine best practices and other forms of business engagement in combating corruption and to consider how G20 corporations could share their on-going efforts.

• combat corruption in specific sectors, by working with industry and civil society to identify vulnerabilities in commercial transactions in a subset of specific sectors, with the goal of recommending multi-stakeholder initiatives for improvements in propriety, integrity and transparency by the end of 2011, for consideration by Leaders and implementation thereafter as appropriate.

Leading by example, the G20 holds itself accountable for its commitments. Beyond our participation in existing mechanisms of peer review for anti-corruption standards, reports, agreed within the working group, on individual and collective progresses made by G20 countries in the implementation of the Action Plan will be submitted on an annual basis to the G20 Leaders for the duration of this Action Plan.

In this context, the Anti-Corruption Working Group will prepare a first monitoring report for the Leaders at next Summit in France.


Anonymous said...

Yes AJITH KODAKODA now has instructed FIRCA staff to investigate KUNA of MH ,how come he charges for shelf space and where money goes ,and his personal tax ,all this initiated by Daniel of MH .Dan is a drinking partner of Ajith and Sandeep with Suruj Sharma and has run out of favour with Dr Morgan


The video of the beating is a clear reflection of how indigeous male are brought up by their parents from day 1 of them taking their first steps. First things taught is to hate the kaindia and then be the macho warrior. I have witnessed the beatings inflicted on the indians at the 3 previous coups and whilst I feel very sad for the recipient of the beating on the video,I also remember the savagery of home invasions and the recepients were indian males while their wives and daughters were raped .The fijian mothers must have been applauding the son's bravery on these instances and were thankful for the gifts brought home for them after the rapes and burglary,however Fiji is not the friendly nation as it has been said before .these things have happened for decades. SO SO SAD MY FIJI NOT FOR THIS COUP BUT FOR ALL THE HIDDEN SAVAGERY OF THE MIGHTY WARRIORS.THESE ARE THE LESSONS LEARNT AT THE ALL MALE BOARDING SCHOOLS OF REPUTE.

Anonymous said...

!:27 PM Lauvutu!

Na Qase said...

Everyone one at the Fijian grassroot level knows that aid/development in your community/village is very much dependent on your support for the IG. Take for instance the villagers in the tikina of Vitogo who refused to endorse the government and were thus not given any cyclone rehabilitation materials to repair their houses.

So for those who are under the impression that all the grass roots are supporting Voceke.....dream on guys...Voceke can build a church in every village give everyone a new house at the end of the day he ain't getting the votes, Fijians have a long memory and for a kaisi,coward of so called men who deserts his men in a firefight, he doesn't epitomises the characteristics of a fearless Fijian bati...more so a SONALEVU, who despite being surrounded by his guards, choses to give Usain Bolt a run for his money by doing the a short sprint through the cassava patches of Delai-Nabua...Usain has got a few gold medals, Voceke, a few brown spots on his Navy whites, same. maybe....and this is the men some call their leader WTF dude!!!!!!..well birds of feather flock together.


Anonymous said...

Na Qase you got it wrong. The commissioner western got assessments done and delivered material for those in need in Vitogo but the Tui Vitogo instead told villages to return the material or move out from the village. He'd rather see his villages without a roof over their heads because of his political affiliation. The worst thing is he didn't find any source of funding to rebuild his villagers homes. The villagers of Vitogo defied his directive and have since gotten their houses repaired with government assistance.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 4:26pm
Ra cebo laqwa,,i kavoci komisina west rewa boto qa muru viqulumi uti sara qa muru lagasere koto me rua na siga...Lasulasu.

Na Qase said...

@ Anon 4:26PM...

I guess my colleague from Vitogo begs to differ. We all know how everything has been militarised through every level of government. Its no longer a government for the people, its now a government for some people who tow the charter line.

Bottom line is these illegal government plays the carrot & the stick approach. You take the carrot or suffer the stick.

Over to you mate.

Arrun Kumar, Lovu, Lautoka said...

"Govt for some people and not for the people" was no the SDL govt of Laisenia Qarase was doing during its term in power. Only those constituencies which had supported the SDL in its votes got the most help and the discrimination was evident in the SDL Blueprint program whereby the I Taukei received the majority of development aid and other races were marginalized.

Bainimarama's govt differs my a million miles so please don't make the comparison.

Vutuki Meo said...

@Arrun maichod
I'm amazed you misspelt your name.
Secondly in a democracy you can vote Qarase out in 4 years.
In a diktatorship, if Bainimarama comes and fark the people of Lovu , you can never vote him out.

If you cant understand that then your brain must be worse than a 3 year old's brain.

Vutuki Meo said...

Bainimarama has now farked the people of Fiji for 6 years.

Do you think he will allow Democracy?
Of course not.

Anonymous said...

The Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Fiji (Dr Chong) has high hopes of the new Pope, the Argentinian Bishop. Is he stupid?

Bishop Bergoglio had close links to the Argentinian military dictator; and had a role in banning certain priests from preaching, just before they were "disappeared" by the military junta there. He was also involved in the disappearance of babies both to Argentinian political women prisoners who also "disappeared".

The Catholic Church in Argentian has never apologised for their links to the Military dictatorship there.

Archbishop Mataca has never apologised to Fiji for his support of the Fiji dictator Bainimarama, and the Charter deception.

I sincerely hope that Archboshop Chong does not follow in the footsteps of his Archbishop and his Pope.

Coup 4.5 said...

Benedito was jailed for robbing a bank: there is no evidence whatsoever to support the vile rape claims that have been made since the video of fiji police, army and corrections beating and torturing him and a second man has come to light. That story, and others that are clearly lies, is regime propaganda and while some of the more outrageous claims about Benedito have been removed from this site, others have been harder to eliminate because people have already commented on them. Please be aware of the goons and regime apologists that are working fulltime on this site to undermine the truth.- C4.5

Anonymous said...

@ 6.53pm Anonymous

What's your going rate? With your military guvmnt I mean.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.53

They say little knowledge is dangerous.

You know very little about Catholic Church so aim your gun at present regime and not the Catholic Church.

There are 1.2 billion Catholic which is 1200 million and mother church does not operate like Methodists in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka C4.5. I was hoping someone would verify the outrageous sick claims made by the desperate, evil, lying coup sapotas.

Sai Lelea said...

Can c4.5 please investigate for us if the claims are true or not. A real investigation would reassure us that such claims are not true but made up lies created to confuse us. Why don't c4.5 check with sources in the police regarding the issue. This also give credibility to c4.5 that all background checks have been made.

rajend naidu said...

I see no reason why Richard M Abel should be "sad" that Fiji soccer's world ranking has gone backward (Fiji Times 18/3). Has he not noticed the country has gone backwards!
It used to be a democracy.Now it's a dictatorship.Why should anyone be bothered about getting Fiji soccer "rolling in the right direction" when the country is heading in the wrong direction?
The priority - everyone's priority - should be to get the country rolling in the right direction!
But with all the "wonders" the Bainimarama dictatorship is performing it might even make Fiji soccer "the Brazil of the Pacific" that is after it has made Fiji "the Singapore of the Pacific" as some regime sycophant has bombastically predicted!
All we have to do is wait patiently for the "wonders" to happen - courtesy of the Bainimarama dictatorship!
rajend naidu

Adi Latu said...

Sai Lialia,

E dina nai tukutuku ya, dou lai taro mada i Valelevu. Ke lasu ai vinaka, me kua ga ni da mai lasutaki tiko se de o kida mai muri sa pote tu ni o a laki tokona tu e dua a kucuvi tinana dina. Sa keimami na mai dredre wale e na kena sa na lasa vei keimami na levu ni veitokoni ni lai cakava tu e na siga vakaraubauka sa oti vua e dua na tamata leqa.

Sa na vakacava li na nodra na pote tu qo o ira na kai valagi lewe ni palimedi ka a ra laveliga taka tu na nodra tokona tu e dua na tamata sa leqa tu ka dau kucuvi tinana, isa sa qai lasa dina. Sa laurai ga i ke na nomu leqa kece na tiko e na loma ni soqosoqo qo. Ni bau saga ga yani na nomuni bula baleta o keimami e viti keimami sa bula tu qo vakavinaka. I viti ke sega na neimami i lavo, keimami na bula ga, ia mai keri ni sa sega na i lavo sa o ni na tini sara ga i na wavu, lol.

Anonymous said...

Adi Latu

Na cava sara mo lai tini kina va na ka vakailavo. E duatani na ka e veitalanoataki o lai tinia sara va na dua na ka e yawa kalia sara mai va na veitalanoa. Ka dai o dua tiko vei ira na dre tiko mai na makete mo sa gusugusu i lavo.

Na Qase said...

@ Arun Kumar of Lovu Lautoka..

With Qarase & other previous governments, the murderers and the rapists go to jail. Not get freed from jail like the Frank did for his brother in law or the rapist police officer who gets only to spend the weekend in prison & the rest of the day walking free.

Anonymous said...

Adi Latu what the fuck you talking about you arse hole. Kua mada na talanoa lasu tiko. Typical military propaganda to distract the issue of brutality. You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool them all the time.

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

Warning: if travelling on the new Fiji Airways Airbus A330-200!!

The rebranded Air Pacific, Fiji Airways, has the first of its new Airbus planes arriving in Nadi tomorrow, 19 March 2013. The new A330 will do a fly-by over certain locations in Fiji.

But thankfully, the plane will be under the control of two French pilots delivering the plane to Fiji – and not Fiji Airways’ Chief pilot (Capt Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Capt Jone Turaganivalu).

The Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu) were sent to France to train as A330 pilots. They failed the exams and had to redo the exams a number of times before the Airbus Company even allowed them to touch the aircraft. But this is not the end.

These two very same Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu) then went to Australia to sit for their licence to fly the A330 commercially and again they failed and had to redo the exams a number of times. There was much debate as to whether these two idiots should even be allowed to fly the planes.

These two incompetent pilots will now be responsible for the safety and standards for Fiji Airways and for training other pilots. This is a massive risk to ANY and ALL passengers thinking of travelling on the new A330-200.

Please note: There is nothing wrong with the plane. But there is a high risk of flying in this plane if these two idiot pilots are in charge and flying the plane. So please beware if flying in the new Fiji Airways A330-200 planes. Best you check out who is the pilot in charge before you board the plane. Your life and that of your children or loved ones travelling with you will be at risk!!

These two high risk pilots, Chief pilot (Josh Cavalevu) and the Acting Manager for Training and Standards (Jone Turaganivalu), were appointed to their roles by David Phliger under the dictator Bainimarama junta and illegal Minister for Civil Aviation, Khaiyum. This is Khaiyum’s usual practice of appointing senior staff -- without proper skills, qualifications and ability. If skills, qualifications and ability were a key part of the selection process then there are other local pilots who are more qualified and highly competent for these roles.

The New A330 is more efficient than the Boeing 747 (plane to plane) but it cant carry the same amount of cargo. It will take the A330 two trips to LA to deliver the same amount of cargo that the 747 can deliver in one trip. This makes the A330 more expensive because it has to fly twice. It also means the cost of goods will increase because of the increased freight costs.

The new plane is also carrying a number of illegal Fiji representatives including the incompetent PS Tourism and eco-bank reject, Elizabeth Powell, whose management experience was setting up an internet website for a travel agency. Powell was appointed by Khaiyum and is now responsible for Public Enterprise, tourism etc……the risks, corruption and incompetence continues!

Vutuki Meo said...

Full set of rights in time-CJ
Publish date/time: 18/03/2013 [17:03]

The Chief Justice Anthony Gates said he believes there will be a full set of rights in Fiji in time but he says people who are calling for judges and magistrates to resign should know that the courts need to remain open to hear cases. .



Anonymous said...

These claims against Benedito are false, I'm a police officer at Valelevu.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:19 PM

Sorry that you never got selected for the training it must be a real bummer

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

The recent story about Benedito reminds me of coup excuse in 2006 that SDL gov was corrupted. Still to date they haven't find any evidence. Now they make up bullshit story about Benedito to ease pressure on UN.


so pilots blog too....very easy to catch you now....eeya kachia. All the idiots flying Airpac have gone thru backdoor courtesy of aunty TOOTAY COOPER in her racist heydays(tony cooper's housegirl) and thru former RFMF commanders. Is this Turanganivalu the same pilot that ran the brand new 737-700 off the runway with f/o mahesh parmar in 1999? batao batao

Anonymous said...

Whatever the claims against Bendito it should make no difference to anyones views.

If it does you are a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:19 PM

Sir, you are pathetic scum !

If you had a genuine honest cause regarding the safety of an airline and its pilots we could understand you voicing it.

But when you then add in the part about the PS tourism it simply shows your post for what it is, the ravings of a failed jealous pilot.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:23pm
Full set of rights?????.....what about full set of lies....!!!!for judges to pick upon when presiding on cases...!

Anonymous said...

The only rape story we see on media is the police officer that raped his sister.

Latest buzz on street, army officer Ben Beranaliva sodomised his mom.

Anonymous said...

Please be informed that the story of SANAWA and his Son BENEDITO and wife and daughter is true. The case of daughters reported was withdrawn by her after reconciliation in the family when BENEDITO raped his mother as revenge for SANAWA raping daughter. BENEDITO was not jailed for raping his mum but for robbery. The neighbours in Valelevu will attest to it. Maybe Police should talk to the daughter and charge SANAWA now and press charges against BENEDITO for raping his then stroke ridden mother. But then what if they don't want to talk to police. SANAWA was a dumb ass soldier who until today can't speak English. He can't even write Fijian. He was also married late in his life and retired from the military some years ago. His wife was looked after under the military medical scheme when she suffered that stroke.

Anonymous said...

Most of the military appointed pilots including Turanganivalu copied each others answers when they sat for Australian ATPL subjects at Nausori Apt

Anonymous said...

Anon 955

The exam at Nausori Airport was conducted after all the guys faiiled the same exam 10 to 20 times.

Anonymous said...

Please be informed that the story of BERANALIVA and his mom is true. The case reported was withdrawn by her after reconciliation in the family. Their neighbours will attest to this. Maybe Police should talk to the mom and charge BERANALIVA now for sodomising his then stroke ridden mother. But then what if they don't want to talk to police. BERANALIVA was a dumb ass soldier who until today can't speak English. He can't even write Fijian. He was also married late in his life. His mom was looked after under the military medical scheme when she suffered that stroke.

Anonymous said...

Frank Robanakadavu was also doing Laisa Digitaki whilst collecting the business from Fijian Holdings and Franck's wife Lina was doing VL. Ahem

Anonymous said...

BERANALIVA was also sodomising aunty Mary while uncle Frank was away on election campaign.

Commsioner of Police said...

@ police officer 8:55 PM, if you want to be anonymous then don't write it here that you're a police officer.

If you're really a police officer then state your name and number to substantiate your claims, kua ga ni mai lasutaka tiko vei keimami ni o ovisa baleta e kena i rairai vei keimami ni o sega ni ovisa dina. Sa rauta mada na via agent vinod se agent vocolevu, na rivote e tiko mai valelevu police station. Sa soli tu qori vei c4.5 me vaqaqa mai na kena dina.

Kua ga ni mai vakaraitaka tu i vuravura na levu ni nomu ulu lala e na nomu via anonymous tiko qai tukuna tale ni o ovisa, lol. Lako mada ga lai cakacaka baleta ni o saumi kina o sega ni mai saumi mo mai blog tiko i ke. Qarauna ga de ratou qai vakamuri iko na agent vinod dina o qai tobo oti ya o sake sara, tamata ulukau.

Sanaila said...

Kerekere vei kemuni kece na sotia kei na ovisa ni blog tiko ike ni biuta mai na yacamuni kei na nomuni naba me vaka e sa vakarota tiko mai o Commisioner of Police.

Vinaka Saka.

Biman, Suva said...

"Trade Bans & Sanctions will not affect Fiji. No matter what the NZ and Aussie govt does, it will not affect Fiji in any way."

If people cannot understand that statement then you need to go back to school. Fiji will move forward regardless of what everyone here says, the truth remains, Aussie and NZ interests in Fiji carry more eight than the rabbles of a few disfranchised individuals on these anti government blogs.

It is a fact, that the NZ and Aussie governments are just playing along with the FDFM in order to show the world that its doing something about Fiji. In reality, NZ & Aussie diplomacy efforts are trying their best to renew diplomatic and business relations with Fiji.

NZ & Aust are tired of being continuously embarrassed by the diplomatic and maneuvering skills of the Fiji government.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see how the regime, its supporters and others are now using C4.5 as a site for poison pen letters designed to slander regime opponents and personal and professional rivals.

The purported backstory about Benedito is especially troubling. The crimes it claims were committed by the family are heinous, indeed, but so is spreading such a story if it's untrue, as I'm fairly certain it is.

Don't come on C4.5 in an anonymous blog to say the police or neighbours will verify your story. Give us the police or neighbours' sworn statements.

And don't pretend to have been a marcher overseas who now recants his participation in the marches against the regime's use of torture. All of us can see the hand of the same author at work in these postings.

The marches were not in support of Benedito, per se, much less any crimes he committed. The marches were in support of the fundamental human rights of prisoners not to be tortured whilst in police custody. As such, this backstory about Benedito -- concocted or not -- is pretty irrelevant.

The devil is the author of all lies. You people spreading these lies -- especially those amongst you paid by the regime to spread these lies -- consider who you're serving, and then reflect on what kind of eternal future you want for your immortal soul.

Anonymous said...

Biman, Suva, FIJIANS are tired of being continuously embarrassed by the diplomatic and maneuvering "skills" of the Fiji "government".

Anonymous said...

It is typical military strategy to create a diversion from the real issue. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

First they torture Benedito then they manufacture this traumatising lie about him and his family. How low can they get in destroying his family. The guy is serving his sentence give a break for fark sake.

Vutuki Meo said...

And now you come to Benedito's case and quote christian connotations to substantiate your accusations whilst a few days ago you all were calling for the summary execution of the men involved and their families. Shame on you, all you lot are hypocrites bent on utlising any situation for your personal agenda against the government yet when it bites back at you, the tendency is to take the moral high ground. Well to tell you the truth, there's only one non sinner in the world and you people, including me is not him. So stop bringing the christian explanations and stick to earthly discussions, because that's where we are right now.

Facts are facts and you all supported a losing case:

a. Benedito is a hardcore criminal and dangerous escapee (he escaped from lawful custody),

b. Benedito, when conducting a major robbery (DEE CEES case) was the point man with an axe, struck the cashier (an Indo Fijian female staff) before his accomplice Tevita Sugu and Livai grabbed the cash takings. The cashier in giving her statement had described her attacker as a man without heart (sega tale ni loloma).

And this is the man that you people want to fight for, and don't tell us about the rights of prisoners in Fiji, you hypocrites are just utilizing this video because of your hate for Bainimarama's govt.

Helmand Tigers said...

Bainimarama is the biggest criminal and hypocrite, he can't face his crimes like a real man. Benedito, Speight, Qarase, CRW did the crime and is serving their time, they're real men. Bainimagana deserves no mercy from the full brunt of the law. DOWN WITH DICTATORSHIP!!

Cakobau said...

For your info, benedito is only doing time because he was recaptured by brave police officers, if not he would still running around wasting tax payers money which will be funding his recapture efforts.

Kua mada na via vaka teratera mai helmand vocolevu, ke sega gona na mataivalu ni viti e warai o kemuni.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

4:52 AM qori e sega ni mataivalu ni viti, qori na mataivalu nei voreqe drau vei dulu cobo vakaukauwa magaijinamudrau, keimami dui sasagataki keimami mai ike. sega ni dua nai lavo e vakalusia kina o tamamu caganam

Coup 4.5 said...

The comment purporting to be from Sai Lealea at 7.17pm were not posted by Sai Lealea as it tries to suggest.

Salus Populi said...

Yadra all.

This is confirmation that Benedito family rape story purported by regime supporters is FALSE. The story has reached the station, we want to clarify this issue and clear the station and it's officers from any future investigations.

Keep up the good fight all Kaivitis overseas. Bula from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Vutuki Meo 3:43 You musn't be the real Vutuki Meo.
Sounds like you are just another Regime arsehole trying to spoil the party.
Go suck bainmagana's dick!

Anonymous said...

@Vutuki Meo 3:43 Obviously not the real Vutuki Meo.
Wannabe, Did Benedito chop off the woman's leg like you pooftah soldiers did?
Laurai tu ga vei iko na levu ni bullshit.Ovisa poofta.
Drau veicai kei banisona.
Cebo levu.

Na Qase said...

CORRUPTION keeps shooting up since the 2006 treasonous coup. Now, it has emerged that Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz's wife has got dentistry contract for Fiji Military Forces - as a reward for her husband writing the Doctrine of Necessity speech for Bainimarama, and also for halting the police interview when a soldier confessed that he killed the mutinous CRW soldiers in November 2000 on Bainimarama's orders.

Fijileaks -http://www.fijileaks.com/

Ovisa said...

Ni vei cai kece na british army sonalevu, ni qarauna de o ni mai vesu i viti. nomudou mataivalu e lusi yarayara tu e na veivanua e vala kina. Ni yavu sonalevu.

Uto said...

to na qase,

Vakacava ma laki masia mada na batimu e na ulutoa ni doko nei aziz.

Anonymous said...

waiya ovisa/uto qarauna na gusumu tamata no battle. Na vakacibivalu na neitou qito, waraka ga mo qai mai yadrava na checkpoint ni keitou sa ravuravu oti. Drau veicai kei bainimarama magaibumu

Batinivanua said...

hahahahahahahahaha, checkpoint cava, tamata ulukau, keitou sega ni signitory ki na i valu sonalevu ni valu tiko kina, fighting poorly armed insurgents, dou lako mada mai tou mai sota vaka kai viti o qai boki tamamu kina dou veicai kei na ranadi..hahahahahahahahihihihihihihihihihini mai vala mada kei na trained soldiers ni yavu sonalevu, kua ni saki taki tiko mai baleta ni levu nomuni support element, d mai sota mada vaka infantry o na qai raica kina na raravisa ni kaiviti dina tamata fuckanas nomu gauna...sotia boci...

lai taroga i hereford se a vakacava na macala ni nodratou a mai exercise vata kei na mataivalu ni viti... maumau wale na sona e ka levu.. boci

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy, stop boasting about the Brit army and downplaying the Fijian Armed Forces. Without the Fijians you wouldn't made it in the Brit Army. It because of the Fiji Defence Force that we Brits recruited you guys, doesn't matter how you got your way through, fact of the matter is most of us ex army still regard the Fijians in Fiji as the best infantry soldiers in the west. So top your bludgeoning of the FDF.

It doesn't matter what they did during their coups, we did worse,if you're really a Brit ten you'd understand the army's history is worse than the Fijians, Indian massacre, army mutinies, Sunday massacre in Londonnnery, N/Ireland, civilian killings in Iraq and the Stan. Stop comparing us to the Fijians, our esteemed redcoats did much worse.

We ex servicemen will always look up to the Fijians, they had some good lads in those days, Laba the Irishman...Don't spoil it kid or the Fiji government will stop the recruitment of you younger Fijians all together.

Na Qase said...

@ Batinivanua.......O ira gona mai Hereford sega ni abandon ship nodra boso ni sa yaco mai na veivanavanai. Sega tale ga ni carata vekaca na veitapi vakai nomudou boso...ke iko.

Ke sega o ira na HM, o kemudou na masi dakai, uku cavu parade wavoki tiko qori na Green Zone mai Baghdad dou boi dada oga-oga na UN na vakau diapers ni dou na veka yarayara vakai nomudou boso.Sega ni rawa no dou mai compare taka tu na i rogorogo macawa, vakaoti gauna ni RFMF kei koya na HM Forces.

Na Qase said...

@ Uto....

O iko gona kei Filmoni Caiti na lai caka i kea na nomudra bati sui,koya drau vakalutuma na levu ni kubu wavoki drau vaka cakava tiko...

Cavucavu tiko i gusumu drau i Radini Aziz...cobacoba tiko i nomudrau i mua-i-muri o Aziz...

Rauti kemudrau vinaka!!!!

Koi Calevu.... said...

@ Baini........oops se Bainivanua...

na vakatautauvata taki kemudou na dau vuni vakalevu - lailai na vuni -
rfmf kei ratou mai Hereford karua ga ni da vakatautauvata taka tiko na mataniciva (HM Forces) ki na dua na korakora da sika mai nomudou boso nona sa dodoka mai na veitavioka mai Namadi na November 2000....


Turuva said...

Batinivanua sonalevu, sega ni dua nomu i valu o iko kei bainimagama vore. kua ni sika nomu weli ena dua na ka o sega ni kila. nomudou cakacaka na mokulaki ira na lewenivanua ka ra sega ni vakayaragi tu. ke dou biu kei ira na taliban dou na vekaca nomudou taurosese. nanuma tiko keimami gone ni viti talega, na yalo ni kaiviti tu qo, kei na kila ni valu keimami vulica e tiko vinaka sara. kemudou mataivalu lailai gunugunu yaqona bloody unfit kete poka, rauti kemudou na yadrava tu na checkpoint, laiva nai valu vei keimami na tagane.

Anonymous said...

"Vutuki Meo" at 3:43 AM, who was arguing for the summary execution of all those shown torturing Benedito? The pleas I've seen have been for honest investigation and punishment under due process of law -- i.e., justice.

Remember that concept, or did you never learn it?

If what you say about Benedito is true, then apparently you agree that the other, outrageous claims of incestuous rape being made against Benedito and his parents are not true. Do you not agree with me that people who spread such slander are despicable?

Just because we support the human rights of inmates doesn't mean we endorse the crimes of which they were convicted. It's dishonest and silly to argue otherwise.

Yes, I despise the Bainimarama regime, but I would oppose any government that sanctions such criminal bahaviour by its security forces. I don't oppose such actions because of the regime; I oppose the regime because of such actions.

True, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but does that mean we should go on sinning so that His grace over us may increase? Read Paul in the Book of Romans, Chapter 6, if you don't know the answer, and it sounds like you might not. Don't say we're all sinners and therefore Christ is irrelevant. It is for sinners that Christ came, and for them/you/me nothing and nobody could be more relevant.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:29, why not throw Banastre Tarleton's atrocities into the mix whilst you're giving your one-sided view of British military history? The British Army has also done much of which to be veddy, veddy proud.

However, if you want to rehabilitate the image of the Fijian military, the simplest and most effective way would be for one of your Fijian mates serving in the British Army to return to Fiji and put a cap in Bainimarama's ass. He would become an instant hero, and the recruiting of Fijians into the British Army would undoubtedly increase dramatically.

Withcraft45 said...

You can't compare RFMF to the British Army. The British Army is a professional fighting force with highly trained soldiers. The RFMF is a Highly trained force but lacks good leadership and discipline. Fiji is our home no matter which Army you serve in. I have friends in the RFMF and they are good as any British Soldier. The main difference is that British soldiers are taught not to obey unlawfull orders. If in doubt ask the commander to clarify his intent. This comes with moral courage.. to stand up for what is right.
Soldiers on this blog.. RFMF or Brit, US.. stop slagging each other off. Only the ones who have not been to war will do that as they don't appreciate the value of someones life. If you have been to hell and back you will know what im on about.

Sanaila said...

If there is no elections next year then we have a problem.
Possible Solutions:
1) Fiji citizens suffer in silence and see what happens when Bainimarama retires.. if he does.
2) Social uprising in protest to hardships and rising cost of living.
3)Just carry on with your daily lives and see what the future brings.

Just a thought!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sanaila, I vote for Option 2.

That's all the warning I'm going to give you.