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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pflieger short on answers but high on gush

Evasiveness for the people of Fiji but seemingly full disclosures for those that are being wooed.

Air Pacific today dodged questions from Fiji Village about the multi-million dollar deal for the new A330-200 planes but jacked up glossy coverage outside of the country to get maximum publicity.

The first of the three new new planes flew in from Hong Kong yesterday sparking questions about how they'll be paid.

Pflieger sidestepped them all saying it wasn't about how but why, and that Fiji Airways will be able to pay off the loans. http://www.fijivillage.com/?mod=story&id=200313bb6ac49c9458d9195411fda7

To the outside world, including a story on a travel website http://au.totaltravel.yahoo.com/news-opinions/news/a/-/16398972/fiji-airways-unveils-new-airbus-a330-200/, the departing CEO was much more forthcoming.

We learn from that story that he secured finance for three planes from 'KfW IPEX-Bank and Helaba for the aircraft has been guaranteed by the Export Credits Guarantee Department of the British Government with reinsurance being provided by other European Credit Agencies Coface of France and Euler Hermes of Germany.'

Pflieger gushes his thanks to supporters but doesn't say he and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum siphoned the pensioners fund for their Mile High shopping spree.

“There are so many people we owe thanks to for their support in this journey—the government, our financial partners, our shareholders and Board, manufacturers, and many others. 

"Without their faith in the airline’s bright future, this milestone would not be possible.

“Most importantly, we owe an enormous thanks to our nearly 900 employees whose efforts have caused our airline to be recognized among the finest in the world. They share this airplane with the people of Fiji.”

The same story tells us that as part of the stopover in Hong Kong two days ago, Air Pacific announced a partnership with the Ben Kende Foundation, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization, and the Federation of Oceania Rugby Unions, which includes Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, to carry essential sports medical supplies from Hong Kong to Fiji. 

Ever the good guy, Pflieger is quoted as saying “Enhancing the quality of life of all Fijians extends beyond our flights to cities around the world and stretches to Fijian communities right here at home." 

The full list of those who were on the inaugural flight is not known but included the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau, Pflieger, MD & CEO, and executives from Air Pacific, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Panasonic.

The second Airbus will arrive in May and will be named Namuka-i-Lau, after Makereta Matemosi who designed the logo for Fiji Airways. This first one has been dubbed The Taveuni.


Anonymous said...

Fiji Airways CEO bolts post to head Silver Airways and workers are thrilled.


Air Pacific's rebranding as Fiji Air is inspiring, but it's hard to see a non-bumpy path to success for a leader who can't manage labor. Just ask Tom Horton.
-Jason Clampet

FEB 14, 2013 12:03 AM

Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger is leaving his post amidst some controversy in Fiji, and on May 1 will become the CEO of Fort Lauderdale-based Silver Airways.

Union groups in Fiji and abroad claim that Pflieger, as head of the national airline in the military-dominated country, played an instrumental role in drafting the 2011 Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, which human rights groups say eliminated collective bargaining and worker rights.

The Fiji Trades Union Congress is one of the groups welcoming Pflieger’s exit, stating:

Mr Pflieger has been instrumental in the drafting and imposition of the Essential Industries Decree that have with a stroke of a pen, denied workers their fundamental rights at their workplaces and altered their terms and conditions of work to levels far inferior to what workers have enjoyed over many years.

He will go down in history as the most irresponsible and anti-worker CEO Fiji has witnessed.

Air Pacific, which is in the midst of rebranding in 2013 as Fiji Airways and refreshing its fleet with Airbus 330-200s, is now hunting for a new CEO. Air Pacific announced February 8 that Pflieger would be leaving May 1 to return to the U.S. after completing a three-year contract.

Silver Airways, which has codeshare and alliance pacts with United Airlines and Copa Airlines, and an interline agreement with Delta, confirmed that Pflieger would become CEO of Silver Airlines May 1, succeeding CEO Darrell Richardson, who retired.

A spokesperson for Silver Airways indicated he was unaware of any controversy surrounding Pflieger and his role at Air Pacific. Pflieger couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Pflieger is former chairman of Tourism Fiji, served as general counsel at Virgin America (2004-2010), was vp of operations at Delta’s now-defunct Song low cost carrier (1998-2004), and is a pilot.


Anonymous said...

Well the unions are hardly going to be thankful for someone who has come in, sorted some of the old working practices out and made things more efficient are they.

Anonymous said...

Efficiency would also assume some level of improvement, or one would hope. Only time will tell if there has been any improvement to the airline or just cost cutting measures. Passenger feedback shows not much improvement.

mark manning said...

With stolen funds from pensioner's inheritance and subsequent losses, where there could have been earnings and development for all Fijians from those pension funds, not needed new planes, catering to a depleted and depleting tourism trade, I wonder how long the Euphoria amongst the misinformed, excitable and gullible will last before reality and truth are exposed. It seems some are beginning to understand the gravity of what the Regime has done, on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sounds like someone didn't do their due diligence. In an age of Google and so many other commonly used search engines, it seems incredible that Silver Airways wouldn't be aware of the controversy surrounding this guy. Helping an illegal dictatorial government draft a draconian anti-labour decree and joining it in raiding the national provident fund for financing Airbuses with which to replace a Boeing fleet should have raised a few eyebrows at Silver Airways.

Anonymous said...

Silver Airways is well aware of what has been done here in Fiji. They do not see any issue. What needs to happen is Silver Airlines Union members need to know what has happened here with this guy.

mark manning said...

Silver Airways! Not for long. lmao
Rusty Airways soon.
Everyone should email their Office and warn them of the impending doom they have brought upon themselves before what's his face gets there!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning you should just worry about you big hole wife getting screwed by Suliasi Daunitutu.

Keep The Faith said...

Gee. The way The Pension Pilferer waxes lyrical about it all, he almost sounds like a Qorvis hack. We are to believe that he has suddenly morphed from airline exec to a social do-gooder?

Sounds like the oldest trick in the book -- the red-herring kind.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the people of Fiji came out to see and cheer our national airline.mthat shows our patriotism and pride for our newest acquisition by Fiji Airways under Phligers leadership. People came out in thousands in Suva where work stopped and workers were on rooftops cheering and clamping. Sorry C4.5 that you have shown with you minority following that you are just a bunch of loosers.

Anonymous said...

it seems military cell busy on coup four blog , people have pride in their country not in baini/arsy pussy that's nothing to do with these idiots, if that be why not call election and do away with dirty de-crys..baini is scared that he will lose election because people have pride in Fiji not them..

Anonymous said...

Wait and see Bainimarama win a referendum to continue with the best international observers. Even if it is elections he will still win. Sorry again C4.5 you will still be a bunch of minority but big hole I mean big time loosers.

Keep The Faith said...

Yes, yes, yes people were cheering, taralala-ing, cere-ing and all that jazz. Tourism reporters were schmoozed so that they could write glowing accolades --all part of the Qorvis script to "cue the fanfare".

Unfortunately all the resources going into all the PR hoopla can not undo the irreparable damage of the torture video, and answers are still being waited on. All the tax dollars being channelled towards propaganda like the 'throw down a lovo' disaster will make nary a dent in the bottom-line of the coffers. It is quite typical for outsiders to suggest that patriotism could ever be synonymous with a jet plane.

The big swindle continues folks.

Vutuki Meo said...

To you fijians "that came out in their thousands"-- that thing flying there is the reason why you now cant access your FNPF to pay for your children's education..


and be miserable for the rest of your life and your children's life and grandchildren's life...because of lack of education.

At the end of the day its just another millstone on the fijian people's neck.


To the average Fijian it doesn't really matter whether it is a Farking 330 or a Farking Cessna its not going to help them either way....ONLY A BIG LOSS TO YOUR FNPF!...

Vutuki Meo said...

Reminds me of the quote "Nero fiddled while Rome burned".

The people doing the taralala without realising the bele-ni-sulu is burning.

The end result is more suicide of young Fijian men; more poverty; more sexual molestation.

When will they learn?
Bainimarama farking them,
Aiyarse farking them,
Pfliger farking them ,....by removing milions of dollars that belongs to them

and all they do is Taralala.

Just continue fiddling while your house burns!


Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga disputes study
Publish date/time: 20/03/2013 [17:10]

The Land Force Commander has disputed the results of a recent study showing many Fijians want a smaller army with no political role.

While speaking to Pacific Beat, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said the RFMF is not involved in politics and is actually smaller than what people think.

According to the research quoted by Radio Australia by the Pacific Theological College's Institute of Research and Social Analysis, it said many people want a military which is reduced in size and subservient to the elected civilian government.

The study said Fijians want the military to continue playing a part in international peacekeeping operations, and maintain its role in national development through disaster relief and building infrastructure.

Colonel Tikoitoga said people should understand that the military in totality is not involved in the daily running of the country.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said the army has been subservient to an elected government in the past and will do the same in the future.

However Colonel Tikoitoga said the size of the army is 3,500 and he said the study result is to suit the agenda of certain people.



Has this guy got a brain?
Did he listen to what he just said
or is he talking through his arse again

Just like the rest of the stupid soldiers that come on to this blogsite.

Anonymous said...

bring on election ,refer-dump what ever should be fare and square,I want to see baini pissing everywhere, coward casava runner, bloddy murderer, rapist , maichod....

Anonymous said...

i heard nazat shameem sleeping with baini and baini just piss, arsy pussy used tounge to lick...fart

Anonymous said...


Water thief Opetaia Ravai

Anonymous said...

..... ...I vote the 3rd Airbus be named Carata na Tapi in recognition of our so called leaders COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF BATTLE....DUA GA NONA MEDAL- DUA NAI SOGO NI 44 GALLON ME SOGOTA NA SONALEVU SA TU YA....

Anonymous said...


your statement is very condescending and suggests you live overseas or look down on people in Fiji.

try and stick your little finger in that proverbial well for a bit and see what it feels like.

If not work harder to get your kin out of fiji while helping doing something to get rid of VB while you're at it. because god knows you have abandoned fiji and prefer to make haughty comments on people that have no care for that riff except live their life and enjoy moments of pride as they come and go.

make no mistake this is a moment of pride and you do not have to draw any political meaning from it. only deeply cynical people like you do so I suppose.

if as you say democracy is dying with such show of fanfare, then you really do not know the resilient spirit of Fijians. you don't seem to fall in that category.


Sanaila said...

Pflieger added a gigantic weight on Fiji's sinking economy before he scatters. He made sure we hit rock bottom asap.

What's with Tikoitoga saying military is subserviant to government? The world knows fmf is subserviant only to frank. Pull your head out of frank's ass tikoitoga, you've spent more time in there to see reality.

xxxx said...

At 9:18pm

Gusu va qauri!!

Anonymous said...

Correct, the regime will have a referendum certified free and fair by international observers. The full list of observers has not yet been released, but it includes people of international stature with unimpeachable integrity, including such notables as Sir Michael Somare, Crosbie Walsh, Peter Foster, Graham Davis, and others yet to be named. Yash Ghai is reportedly no longer available.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Tikoitoga is a ULUKAU which translates to NO BRAINS so dont worry about what he says. He is an idiot and sucker to bai khai and nai. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga will sing whatever tune to please his master pig, that's why he's given the position of LFC.

NADIKO.. said...

I am so proud of this government that no previous government has done..The Australian govt branded the Melaniasian Group/Arc as the Arc of Instability, which was suported by QARASE/ZINK SONA LEVU..However, the current government in their latest release at USP said that they or simply said and challenged all of us that we can turn it around and called our beloved Melanisian the Arc of Prosperity and Opportunities!!How wonderful that is man, when we as a Melanisian family can choose our own destiny and choose who we can and cannot work with!!Well you know in the eyes of God we are all the same!!Well we have started with the Air Pathetic and changed it into our own Fiji Airways!!Now things are start to Fijianised rather then Australised!!Zinc no lo o iko ra caganam..Oiko na cava ra luveni Qo..No va sewa baletia o mam i Nadi qania e yasayasa Va Ra mam na qulumia na kea kalougata ena levu ni veivakatorocaketaki..Keep talking loosers because we aint looking back!!..More decrees Mr. Khaiyum so that it will stop stinking politicians like Zinck...Go Fiji go..Zinck see you in Son ko Po with your ulukaulele!!lol!!sorry ukalele...

Ojhaa Maharaj said...

Pig terimaicood who is going to pay the debt?

Anonymous said...

@ Nadiko. You sound like an illegal mind or a sucker who supports people committing the biggest crime in the land. Na nomu vamacala e tukuni iko tiko ga ni vaka na vakasama va gone. Ni soli ga vei iko edua na loli o yalo vinaka sara ka tukuna sara ni vinaka na tamata ea solia vei iko na loli. Sega ni vakasamataka rawa na i vadi vuni e soli tiko yani kina na loli.O iko edua vei ira na Kaiviti kanaloto vucesa.

Anonymous said...

Pig made his commission and invested in silver airways.
He is ceo/president now.
We see this guys come and reap fijians and live.
Fnpf bad investment .you lost money in momibay/natadola/others.
I want my money invested but in good project not this bad projects.
Fnpf board headed by f sri lankan ajit kodakoda another bigtime crook.

Anonymous said...

How are we as Melanesians "choosing our own destiny" when we're not even allowed to vote?

And Air Pathetic or Fiji Apathetic, it's still the same airline, except now with unfamiliar planes to fly, service, and repair, and a larger debt to amortise.

Anonymous said...


rajend naidu said...

I came across this letter by Lou Dingle of Ascot,Qld in The Australian (March 20) whilst following the public debate on press freedom. I think it aptly sums up what's happening on the media front in Fiji.
Lou reminds us that George Orwell wrote that" Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed. Everything else is public relations"(my emphasis).
That's precisely the kind of journalism C 4.5,Fiji Today, FijiLeaks and other blog sites practice. And, that's precisely the kind of public relations propaganda the regime newsletter the Fiji Sun is printing and passing off as "independent journalism". And of course the Fiji Sun is not alone in doing that. We have Graham Davis - the self-styled "independent" journalist who does not seem to know what the word means. And, we have retired academics Crosbie Walsh and Richard Herr -the two more notable public relations operatives of the regime peddling regime propaganda as "balanced journalism".
Thank God we have the C4.5 and other blog sites to get some real news on what's happening in Fiji under the Bainimarama military dictatorship.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Iowane Naivalurua can't fix fiji's problems with violence from torturers to brawling students.

Nine students from Lelean Memorial School and Ratu Kadavulevu have been suspended following last week’s brawl during the Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby League games at Suva Grammar School.
FSSRL secretary Biu Colati said the decision was made at the board meeting on Monday night.

Vutuki Meo said...

Rajesh, dont pray for these dickheads.
FRU run by dickhead Tikoisona
I hope they lose.
They deserve to lose the farking arseholes.
7s Team should stand in Hong Kong and protest TO THE WHOLE WORLD against the ill treatment of people in Fiji eg Benedito.
And also Rabaka, Verebasaga etc who were TORTURED AND KILLED BY SOLDIERS.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 12:05
You are the perverse arsehole.
Encouraging people to "enjoy a moment of pride" FOR ONE DAY without realising the great debt that will leave them in poverty FOR MANY YEARS.

As the blogger above mentioned, you are encouraging people to taste the lollie without realising that its laced with poison.

Its farkheads like you who are trying to keep Fijians down, when I'm trying to wake them up to their senses.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Zinck might have been a "stinking politician" as you claim But he is not a bad human being;certainly not an evil human being. You on the other hand exhibit all the characteristics of a scoundrel who is profiteering under the patronage of the illegal military regime.
Now give us your name to confirm your status as a regime whore!

Pillay said...

Sanaila has changed his name to Nadiko today. Some Nadi villagers must've screwed his asshole yesterday after swiping kava at fiji airways hanger. His Nadi dialect still flimsy, he needs another round of bukkake from namotomoto boys to perfect his adopted dialect.

Nur said...

Why call we it Fiji Airways...as if Fijians own anything!

We Muslims run the bloody country!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Tikoitoga said people should understand that the military in totality is not involved in the daily running of the country. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga talking from his rear as usual.

Anonymous said...

In totality the Fiji military is totally phucked!
that's why not a single soldier has become even a conscientious objector.
big shame on the soldiers in the fiji army. your role is not to protect a dictator but to protect the people.
you phuckers don't know your role!

Anonymous said...

Next year is FRU AGM to elect new officials.
Pls rogby unions in Fiji get rid of these arsehole Tikoisona and get in educated non corruptible people.

escape goat said...

If Qarase and SDL had bought the planes then there would have been all sorts of accolades...alas why does this government have to do good things for this country I can never fathom. Mark Manning would have been at the reception to welcome the aircraft and Kenneth Zinck would be on the front pages of the dailies.....Isa military don't do these things aye ,let the SDL do them for popularity's sake.

Anonymous said...

Air Pac purchasing guys all corrupt too. make commission from suppliers.

Paula said...

What is the matter with a nation that celebrates the purchase of an aircraft as if it was a national holiday? Is there nothing else we can be proud of. Probably not.

Sanaila said...

So much for the blogging and bad-mouthing this regime....What have you anti-govt bloggers actually achieved this last 6years? - NOTHING!

Bainimmarama Govt success story!
1. Higher GDP
2. Higher economic growth
3. Higher minimum wage
5. Higher standard of living
6. More scholarships
7. More employment opportunities
8. More rural development
9. Better roads
10. Better branding of Fiji Airways
11. More security and safety
12. Fight against corruption

Compare these with the corrupt SDL party!

Anonymous said...

Can the Mataivalu Ni Solisona please shut up as they are insignificant in Fiji today as Sir Khaiyum is controlling all their moves through AZIZ on the ground.

The real Tui Viti and King of Fiji is Sir Khaiyum as although they have all the guns he is shoving it up their arses VB included.

So stop talking about the FMF you dumbarses as you all are under Khaiyum's trance.

If he orders you dumb cunts to shoot VB tommorrow you will all be falling over yourselves to do it.

Mataivalu Ni Solisona biggest dumbwits in the world.

Oops sorry they will not be able to understand this as they have a brain of a flea - No wonder Khaiyum keeps shoving it up their arses and they come back begging for more.

Tamata Boci Kaisi Bokola kece - Vutu Sona Ga.

Anonymous said...

If Qarase bought the planes we would've been much more happier coz he know's what he's doing and people have confidence with his unsurpassed business skills. He has proven success record. Too bad, we have a high school failure running the illegal gov with support of the kaiyum islamic cartel. We're doomed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave Pflieger for giving Fiji these new Airplanes,we absolutely need them. Those ancient
Boeing 787 were begining to scare the heck outa me, every time i'm on
it for a holiday trip to Fiji and back to the US? Now, i'm sure that i won't be as
worried when riding on these modern planes? I'm pretty
sure the money borrowed from the FNPF will be paid back in no time at all? I've been a regular visitor
to Fiji (once or twice)yearly for the last 11 years.The plane is always full both ways,
so before Plifier took control, i don't rightly know why this airline was not making any money? As constant
visitor to Paradise, I thank Fiji
and the Fijians for the upgrades.I
don't mind paying extra to pay off
the FNPF loan. Vinaka Dave Pliefer
a job well done!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Paula 11.11AM
why there is national celebration for the arrival of an airplane?
because that's how cargo cult people are meant to behave !

goat....mehehehe said...

Qarase has prisoner skills and how to borrow money and make the economy go to the dogs..remember the 600,000,000 he borrowed? he has no economic skills,he is and was a dopey and I am happy to pay my taxes to see him and his mates in prison for the rest of his life courtesy of my taxes.

Anonymous said...

At ANNON 11:41 AM

Can't wait to see what you have to say when the pilots (who failed their Airbus exams) get into trouble. You should find out who is flying your plane. There will be no Hudson heroics over Fiji.

I'd rather have a competent soldier with a pistol protecting me than a baby with a machine gun.

Enjoy your swim.

Kumar said...

Deepak Chauan the laundry boy from canada, who has an addiction to suck frank's cock with his wife.

DR said...

Aircraft and bribery: Airbus's secret past.


Na Qase said...

@ Sanaila....

Do you love & respect illegal PM. The coward who ran from QEB under fire - SONALEVU.
(1) Do you think he is a great leader despite being a COWARD?

(2) He condones murder by releasing his brother in law Keane & other soldiers like Naulia, Lesavu - convicted murderers. Is it prudent for a leader to pardon murderers?

(3) He back paid his own leave to a tune of $180K. All former Ministers & PM had their pays gazetted by the Higher Salaries Commission & the PSC. Why does he have to hide how much of our tax payers funds his stealing??

Please respond Sanaila.........

Vutuki Meo said...

@sanaila you must be the only idiot in the Regime that's croaking like a parrot with your list.

In fact the statistics given by your own stupid regime says the opposite.

Only last week the Regime said that 10 bridges are out of order, including 3 in Suva City.
So Farkhead, where did you get your #9- "Better Roads" from?
Even the buses in Taveuni are threatening not to run.

You are delusional and obviously have a skull devoid of neurons.

NadroKid said...

To Nadiko!

Please speak for yourself only and do not bring the West (yasayasa vakara) into this. Not all of us in the West support this lawless regime.

Qu kereviko mo kua ni totakinia koto na bura. Dolavia na lemu vakasama mo tolavia na veivalolomataki e tara tu so nikua i Viji.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows that fru has no money n thats why they got their money for the Europe tour from pms office courtesy of rokoura dats why tikoitoga is also at the head of the table ....

Khaiyum Fucks Mary Bainimarama said...

Anon@11.41. Fuck you're one dumb piece of shit, just like your boyfriend bainimagaitinamu..have you flown on a 787 before?

Vutuki Meo said...

@Sanaila you farking delusional arsehole.
Does this statistics put out by your own Police Foce, Does it sound like things are going well in Fiji:

"Suicide rates ring alarm bells
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Update: 12:22PM THE Fiji Police Force is concerned with the increase in suicide and attempted suicide cases being reported.

In the past 24 hours, police received reports of two attempted suicides and a case of suicide, where the victim was a 79-year-old woman.

Police have recorded 25 suicide and 43 attempted suicide cases so far this year."




Just for one one moment try and have a heart for the people please.
They are suffering
That is why they are committing suicide, left, right & centre.
Have a heart man!

Anonymous said...

Nadro kid, Miri vicai o Sakiusa Makuju. Mu sona e levu.

Anonymous said...

Anon March 21, 2013 at 4:18 PM.

Isa, sa vakaloloma mai na noda vosavosa ca tiko e loma ni noda veiwasei tiko e na C4.5. Au sega ni kila se dua na vinaka e rawa ni kauta mai se sega.

E sega talega ni macala e rawa beka ni o na lai vosavosa ca tu vei Nadro Kid kei Ratu Sakiusa Makutu na Kalevu e na matadrau dina se sega? Au sega ni vakabauta baleta na rere levu e tiko.

Keda via vosavosacataka e dua na tamata au vakabauta, ke tiko veikeda na yalo vakalaione, eda na biuta mai na yacada dina.

Anonymous said...

The Airbus A330 (two engines) is a large-capacity, wide-body, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner. It was developed at the same time as the Airbus A340 (4 engines), and will likely be replaced by the Airbus A350. The first Airbus A330 was launched in 1987 and introduced into passenger services in 1993.

The A330's fuselage and wings are virtually identical to that of the smaller A340 variants. The A330 basic fuselage design is inherited from the Airbus A300, as is the nose/cockpit section, the fly-by-wire system and flight deck from the A320.

By the end of December 2007, a total of 870 A330s had been ordered and 515 delivered. The cost of the Airbus A330 is around USD175 million each.

What do I think about this plane?

Well, the Airbus A330 is almost comparable to the Boeing 777. In some respect, its software is even better than the Boeing 777 but I think it lost out in the hardware aspect of the plane.

Prior to the British Airways Boeing 777 crash in London Heathrow on 17 January 2008, the Boeing 777 had a clean record where hull loss was concerned. (A hull loss is an accident in which the damage to the plane is such that it must be written off, or in which the plane is totally destroyed.)

In the case of the Airbus A330, it has 2 hull-loss accidents with a total of 7 fatalities. One arose on a test flight in Toulouse and the other was caused by corrosive liquid illegally loaded onto the plane. The 7 Airbus A330 fatalities were in fact the crew and personnel involved with the test flight and so one can say that no commercial passengers have so far been affected in the 15 years that it has flown.

However, there were three other occurrences with no fatalities on this plane. In July 2001, two Sri Lankan Airlines A330s were destroyed on the ground by the Tamil Tiger Guerillas. Then in August 2001, an Air Transat A330 suffered fuel starvation on both engines over the Atlantic Ocean and glided without power over 65 miles to a safe landing on the Azores Islands. The last incident occurred in July 2003 where a Dragonair A330 encountered severe turbulence over the South China Sea. 12 crew members and 3 passengers were injured. The aircraft landed safely at the Hong Kong International Airport.

My conclusion on the A330 is that, it is a very safe airplane but because of its wing design, any turbulence tends to be more pronounced than, for instance, on a Boeing 777. But then, one should not be afraid of turbulence - it is only an issue of discomfort rather than one of safety. Have yourself well strapped in during turbulence and I am sure you will enjoy your flight on the Airbus A330!

Have a look at the video below on the Airbus A330, A340 and the A350...

Anonymous said...

Pflieger bought the new planes on the eve of his departure just to show everyone that he has done an excellent job while with Air Pacific but the debt will have to be paid by his predecessor. Mark my word Air Pacific will charge exorbitant fares to its customers or it will go bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

serious dollars splashed on the new planes campaign! seems like there's stories everywhere this one called why fiji tatooed its plane.

It's not only American Airlines that's got a shiny new toy to play with this month. Nope—wave goodbye to Air Pacific and say "Bula" to Fiji Airways, as this week they officially received the keys to their newest baby: a brand spanking new Airbus A330. Let's have a look!

PAR-TAY! It's hot, it's humid, and there's much to celebrate in Fiji this week. This arrival of their first A330 is not only a milestone for the airline, but it's the first physical peek at the hip look of the new Fiji Airways brand. Fun fact: Fiji Airways is the original name of the airline; they only became Air Pacific in 1971 and it's about time to switch things up.

What's more is that the new colors and Fiji Airways name is a return to the cultural heritage of the islands; gone is the rainbow tail that looks like someone drew it in Microsoft Paint, and now we see an intricate pattern taken straight from traditional Fijian Masi tribal designs and tattoos. It's a pount of national pride, this airline, so Fijians turned out en masse to greet the plane at Nadi International Airport yesterday, with a welcome ceremony and some traditional kava drinking

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the trademark application by Air Pacific?

Anonymous said...

This air bus was bought to make people of Fiji think all is good...its all a cover up to how much vb and khaiyum are stealing... come on Fiji wake up can't you see.. how much bullshit this regime is doing.. while you and your families suffer.. don't be fooled by all bullshit cover ups they are doing... its time kick this asshole out before its to late.. they have done enough damage already..

mark manning said...

@ anonymous 918p.m. 20/03/13
What a coward you are to hide behind anonymous!
I think you might be looking into a mirror and that perhaps you should be looking at the women in your own household!

Anonymous said...

Hear and see this LOUD and CLEAR people of Fiji!!
I have been told by TWO separate insiders of Air Pacific that the BRAND new plane already suffers from FOUR defects. This has been confirmed by ANOTHER inside mole!!
What a BRAND new plane with FOUR defects?? Something is definitely wrong here!! It has not even spent a week hear and already there are FOUR defects!! Need I say more??

Matter of Time said...

@ mark mannig so you too another cock sucker who wants be in vb good books, you want to put your name up and think you a hero so vb cover ass,, like all dictators.. their days are numbered..you better bend down to him so he cover your ass properly before his time comes..masipolo sonaleve..liumori

Anonymous said...

This arrival of their first A330 is not only a milestone for Fiji's airline, but it's also a millstone around the neck of the Fijian people.

Anonymous said...

Re-read Samaila's list of supposed achievements by the Bainimarama government -- are ANY of them true, other than the rebranding of the airline? They all look wildly untrue to me.

Anonymous said...

'Escape goat', aka Kamlesh Kumar, who you trying to kid, man? Everybody know you wrote this stupid comment. You're the only one stupid enough to confuse the word 'scapegoat'.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to ride on this new planes? I say bring it on!!!It's worth it even if we have to pay a wee bit more? Thanks Dave Pliefer for changing the South Pacific landscape and in keeping the Union
executives in their rightful place?

SyDnEy SiDeR said...

Agree with Anonymous 1.55pm’s comment- Sanaila is certainly a dreamer-That list is bullshit~
He dreams too much that his Maori GF ran away with his sisters husband – lailai tale na drama ena Shortland St se Ghar Ghar kheli.

Cheers from a cloudy Sydney; Sanaila stop having too much champagne if you can’t keep your family in order why the hell you wanna take part in leading a country?

mark manning said...

@ Matter of Time, 209 a.m.
I have no idea what your smoking!
Did you bother to take a look at the link?

mark manning said...

@ anonymous March 20, 2013 at 9:18 PM
You are beginning to sound like your Father!
And that's not a compliment.