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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pipitea rally preview to bigger march on NZ Parliament

Auckland rally against violence gets spot on prime time news.
Two Fiji supporters and Shearer during the Queen St march
And as in Wellington the rally was also joined by political leaders including Labour's David Shearer and other MPs, as well as trade union reps and Amnesty International.
The group of 40 took to Queen Street to urge shoppers to boycott Fiji as a holiday destination and to put pressure on its government to end torture and return to democracy.
One of the organisers, Frank Rabanakadavu, says the John Key government should impose tougher sanctions and the United Nations should stop using Fiji peacekeepers.
He also says Fijians overseas need to speak up because their families at home are too scared to.

In Wellington the numbers were small but, still, it kept the spotlight on Fiji's thug of a government. 
Bigger and better action planned

Just 20 people made it to the picket outside the Fiji Embassy in Wellington this afternoon but organisers say the message is clear: torture is unacceptable.

Among the people at the Wellington protest was the Green Party MP Jan Logie, the secretary of the Council of Trade Union, Peter Conway, and Amnesty International.

One of the organisers of the rally, Sai Lealea, says there's no denying people are against the military regime and its methods, including the violence meted out to citizens as seen in the Iowane Benedito video.

"People are fearful of being seen in Fiji but support the protest."

Another of the organsiers, Elisapeci Samanunu, agrees.

"Fijians are scared to participate due backlash on their families back in Fiji. Nevertheless, the message was clear: we do not condone torture in Fiji."

Leallea says a delegation plans to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, and other political party leaders.

And he says there will be a follow up rally - a Wellington street March to Parliament to coincide with the naming of the Fiji Constituent Assembly.

In Fiji today, the military regime opened a new prison centre in Taveuni to hold 64 prisoners.

Prisoners accommodation at new Taveuni prison
An interesting comment from Frank Bainimarama, who has pledged to stick by the men seen in the video methodically beating and torturing Benedito and a second man.

“Our aim, as always, is not only to punish but to turn criminals into responsible citizens for the betterment of Fiji.”

Luvei viti think tank replies to protest critics:
A Fiji Protest in this current Fiji situation is a PROTEST regardless of what critics are saying as noted in Coup 4.5 Blog on its article ref Protest in Auckland & Wellington in New Zealand.
One of the bit that intrigues me most are those critics of mix parents and/or Indo Fijians demanding two things a) the small group of Fiji Protesters assembling and b) why don't we leave issues for Fiji people to deal with issues on hand.
To comment on a): A question needs to be asked of those critics - why don't they come out & face the crowd? Are they scared to be seen publicly? Where are the Indo-Fijians & those who class themselves higher than Fijians or First People? Some of mix blood, eg Elbourne in C4.5 blog heavily critizing Fijians - First People for speaking up. It saddens me to see such scum-like comments being given sound-bytes! These people must be enjoying seeing ordinary Fijians being made to suffer & oppressed by Fiji's dicktatorship.
b) For those of us monitoring the Fiji situation, families cannot even afford bread, milk or butter as the price of each item outside Suva &cities have been hiked to $8-$9 per item for Rewa Milk or Rewa butter which used to cost only $2.00 approx pre-2006 coup.
The other question raised 'why could'nt we as Kiwis leave to people in Fiji to sort out?' Sadly & the fact of the matter is that, most Ethnic Fijians that these critics are criticising are the ones remitting funds to Fiji to help their families. The other is most of those that come from landowning units still pay tax via lease lands which the dicktator & his cohorts are now squandering as a way of controlling land issues in Fiji.
The message for critics is this: we ain't worried about numbers. We aim to create a space where the oppressive attitude & human rights abuse in Fiji by the Fiji Security Forces are brought to light ... no more no less.


Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh's comment " Butaraki (an arbitrary beating) is part of traditional iTaukei culture " has crossed from the highly offensive into a criminal act.

In context, his words were not reflective of the iTaukei ancient culture but part of a present day analysis.

The Fijians I know, both here and abroad do not engage in arbitrary beatings.

This comment from Crosbie Walsh should find him on criminal charges.

Human Rights Act 1993 (NZ)

61 Racial disharmony
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person—
(a) to publish or distribute written matter which is threatening, abusive, or insulting, or to broadcast by means of radio or television words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting; or

The Human Rights Act does cover serious threats to racial harmony. Section 61 of the Act makes it unlawful to publish material which is, ‘threatening, abusive or insulting,’ and ‘likely to excite hostility’ against a group of people or bring them into contempt on the ground of their colour, race or ethnici

McCully come and get your man said...

True. Not one of Walsh's better moments. He and Davis have set them up as authorities on Fiji ... one because he was born in Fiji and the other because he is a professor ....
Their colonialism is embarassing.

Molbi Haji Rehman Aktar said...

After juma prayers i went to witness the march in Auckland city by hiding in my daughters car. The march was organised by Democracy movement and supported by various NZ political party and NGO.s.
I was surprised to see people coming in numbers which is a very clear signal to the illegal regime of fiji that they are not wanted in the international civil society.
May I pray to allah tala that common sense will prevail and a democratically elected government will be in fiji very soon.

Julius said...

Molbi Haji Rehman Ahtar, I marched and was impressed with the huge support. Kiwis are in full support of getting rid of Fiji’s dictator…..who am i to demand that???? my mother is Maori and father is kai Naitasiri…..am a Fijian.

Down with dictatorship

Anonymous said...

Need to rally outside shaishta shameem's residence in akl, nz should revoke her residency like how oz did to kaiyum. Cannot believe she has the audacity to be practicing law here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lobivinaka tiko ni lako mai boso!! Tabetabe tale tiko qori !!!
Vakasiviga o boso mai vaka surveillance yellow T SHIRT 3 quarter pants..
March me caka i viti warai ni vakavotukana if done elsewhere ..
Man up people...

Anonymous said...

Thank you people in wellington for standing up for democracy in Fiji and an end to the military dictatorship and its rule by terror.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5/10pm ... Crosbie on Buturaki. Maybe Crosbie Walsh and Graham Davis should just go and vutulaki?

elbourne said...

20 people showed up and once again the tired old line that people are scared for their families back home is trotted out...wolei, the truth is, Fiji's problems can and will only be solved by Fijians living HERE...not you overseas gang.

rajend naidu said...

The new trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak heard evidence that the order to shoot to kill pro-democracy protesters came directly from the dictator (Al jazeera news 15/3, 3.30PM)
This means the former dictator is now in real deep shit! He could hang for ordering the shooting.
Did this dictator ever think one day people's power would get rid of him and put him on trial for the crimes he committed against his own people?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

"Turning criminals into responsible citizens for the betterment of Fiji" would sound more credible were the words not spoken by the biggest criminal in Fiji, who is doing so much to worsen our lives.

peacnik said...

C4.5 assured readers in the previous posts, that this protest would be indicative of a ground swell of support. Sure looks like it (not)!

Anonymous said...

About 700 Fijians to be employed in sealing project
Publish date/time: 15/03/2013 [17:01]

About 700 Fijians in the North will be directly or indirectly employed in the sealing project of 70 kilometers of Dreketi and Nabouwalu highway.

During the official ground breaking ceremony today Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said this is one of the worst roads he has ever travelled on, especially in the recent rain.

He also highlighted that over recent months some of the work done by contractors has not been up to the required standard.

He stressed this cannot continue.

The Prime Minister added that they saw several trucks carrying cargo bogged in the mud or toppled into drains.

He said it is a major impediment to trade and it cannot continue.



Anonymous said...

Elbourne Kai Rewa stick ur ass in ur veitavioka in Lautoka how can they march in Fiji wen they not even granted a permit for the women (mothers,sisters) to march in the city on International women's day? Right now there's no laws, no human rights, freedom of expression ou name it
Theres no democracy in Fiji! Koya via Vayaco March me viritaki vana Twin Cab

Anonymous said...

20 fearful people in NZ says it all, people can see preent government is doing lot of good. minority who oppose the regime should shut up and help Fiji move forward.

Anonymous said...

Once again coup coup 4.5 have misled people, 20 people and most look like they came out of Helen Clarkes arse.

SEMI MEO said...

Sheer raw bravery to stand and be counted when all others duck for cover of the camera and prying eyes!

Reminds all of us of the bravely Mr Lea’s own grandfather demonstrated under fire of real bullets in a theatre of war!

Of course,” number s doesn’t really matter’…only when our eyes are opened in the privacy of the election booth will we witness that indeed, all along in this 7 years more were silently standing for righteous than those few who crave to keep receiving the Rear Admiral’s favours this side of an democratic election.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you guys can muster? This is the democracy movement in NZ? Here's some free advice. Give up losers.

Anonymous said...

Sai Lialia get a life mate, dont waste your time because majority support FB.

SEMI MEO said...

Wawaw..Ka talega da via kila se sa cula ka supply taka tiko o Lalato na sote nei la noqu tauvu Rear Admiral?..uh..via over size vakalailai na sote..phew!...sa misi na daligadratou mai na suppliers1

Sa vaka na prison dorm mai Bali!

SEMI MEO said...

@No job of March 15, 2013 at 7:55 PM

O Ratu Sai e vaka bisinisi levu mai NZ, ka a dau taura tu eso nai tutu cecere ena matanitu e NZ..

I keri?

Vosa da rai..kua ni rai yawa..rai sobu ga e yavamuni de ni duri yavai dua tu ena soso ni no money!

Trues Up said...

True. Numbers don't matter and don't change the truth ie the Bainimarama and Khaiyum regime is despised by many Fijians, most of them in Fiji but they are too scared and apathetic after 6 and half years to stand up against the bastards.

True, too, that many have been seduced by the bullshit spending of the government but given a chance they would shoot these bastards who've screwed everyone down with decrees and the army and guns and now police and corrections.

Anonymous said...

No doubting the hatred for this government so these marches need to be organised better.

Anonymous said...

Well done New Zealand !!!!!

Its good to see that 20 people mustered together to put on show thier views on Fiji.

Its 20 more than managed to get to Sukuna park for 'Operation Jerico' here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The Facts:

Now that GCC is also gone and next is the decree that will de- register all political parties. Then you will have to register again within the guidelines set by the government. Now for last 2 years this group has grown in numbers and so has the readers.

But what have we done apart for exposing a few scams and aiding Mara to escape. NOTHING ! There has been much talk without a clear sense of direction and operations on the ground.

Everyone wants to have a go at the regime to bring back democracy but no one is prepared to make a stand in Fiji.

Now with GCC gone and chiefs drinking home brew under mango trees - there is no concern about the future of Fiji. Even if 14 chiefs - not necessarily the high chiefs of the 14 province get 200 men each and come down to the streets to protest that will be the end of this regime.

But as I said there is no sense of concern just talks. Power is still with the chiefs but they are spineless cowards therefore AG is right is word that all Fijian heritages must be destroyed a NEW WORLD ORDER must be achieved.

Remember when Mere and 3 others were caught in the plot to burn Suva City, the CID director even asked of one of the accused " then why didn't you guys burn Suva - we are all fed up".

I do not have the power to gather people , but yes the chiefs can and their one call thousands will line up.

Please excuse my insights but I have to say this - there is a reason why Indians were brought into Fiji and now they are controlling everything, its simply because Fijians are a lazy, coward bunch of group people who have no national pride in Fiji - therefore deserve to be slaves

NO Freedom was ever achieved without Sacrifice and No Freedom will ever be achieved without one

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon March 15, 2013 at 8:56 PM...your "facts" needs realigning to the side of truth!
Fijians are definitely NOT lazy lot as you alleged!!

Vanua level of Government in that era discouraged paid labour or slavery under the ruthless foreign employer!

Have said that though, it would have been a different story had the lording colonist only engaged those preexisting Vanua levels of Governments for mutual commercial gain.

Opps…but that may mean vulnerable to probable negotiations of claims of more generous pay and condition from the chiefs of the itaukei labour force, hence reducing their bottom line.

The CSR were in fact weary of employing the itaukei labour force…of course, now you got it! Control is what they would lose if they hire itaukei labour.

But not for the labors sourced from the Indian sub continent, for you see, they could we tricked that Fiji was only a few miles off shore, decent condition, good pay and return ticket!

If I you were prying the wharfs of Calcutta at that time you would definitely be one of the first to grab that CSR conniving offer and jump on board!

Speak to any Fiji employer, even Fijian Diaspora , all are expressly known to be dedicated workers backed by a passionate work ethics that hunted by employer the world over!

Do not talk about National pride...you have no idea!

Go back to China!

Hope that realigns your so called yellow facts!

Anonymous said...

@anon 2013 at 8:56 PM

Slaves?? Huh?? where have you been all this time..in a cave in high mongolian mountains?

Your granpa was a slave too so remeber that and stop talking from your rear..go take ur medicine you kutu sebe..fijians lazy my arse..without the fijians,you wouldnt be sitting whereevr u are in fiji..big poofta lesbo!!

VitiMother-Earth 1213 said...

Oii & your problem @ Elbourne? Sitting in your glass house & throwing stones aye? Or just mere coup apologist?

20 or 5 a Fiji Protest is a Protezt with strong messages. Eough is Enough. As concern Viti'ians we care for the sufferings our families in Fiji are going through. We remit funds to help them pay for bread, butter & milk issues. After all prices set at $8-$9 per item. So why must we keep quiet at a time like this? Fyi..some of us still pay tax through our Fijian Cultural & Traditionsl Viti Land. Holding Units or Mataqali! Do you still have a problem in our Viti'ian Protest?

Maqa i Viti said...

@ Mother earth

LOL, what tax do you pay? Your mataqali that you abandoned in Fiji in your search for greener pastures for yourself pay taxes... not you.

Don't try and pretend to be patriotic when by your emigration, you've already shown that you think there are better places you want to be than Fiji.

I would love to migrate... but if I ever have the chance to do so, that'll also be the day I shut my mouth about issues in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

20 people as no one wishes the regime to toture or detain family and friends back in Fiji.

Sanaila said...

Useless protest gathered only 20 foolish people....how pathetic!!!hahaha...

Esa varaitaka ni ra sa lamusona na OVERSTAYERS na laki protest de dua e deportaki mai Viti...

Na cava e protest taki??? E wananavu tu na bula i Viti, levu na kakana levu na ilavo! We in Fiji live more comfortable lives than Fijian wannabees in NZ, Aust and US...keimami gona na tiko qo i Viti keimami volia rawa tiko na Pajero kei na Prado..sega ni second-hand ni vodoka tiko qori mai vavalagi...

Anonymous said...

Only 20 protestors, so what are you regime lackeys so worried about?

Maybe because with 20 more, you'll be outnumbered!

Anonymous said...

Buturaki is part of traditional iTaukei culture, says Croz.

What will he say next, that rape is a traditional part of our culture? That's already been the argument of some regime supporters here.

Why not add that cooking kaivalagi in a lovo is also part of our traditional culture?

Can we not agree that patronising contempt for traditional cultures is a part of the colonialist mentality?

Anonymous said...

I liked this posting:

I don't see people marching overseas in support of your illegal regime.

Where are the signs saying: "Support treason!" and "Dictatorship now!"?

Geez, after all the regime paid John Samy, he can't carry a protest placard for a few hours?

Anonymous said...

Fiji Army has degraded its reputation. We used respect our Army but not anymore. It needs good leadership and officers of high caliber. Sa maumau na mataivalu dau rokovi tu i liu. Now its led by uneducated, inexperienced men who have not been to a real war zone. Peacekeeping is not regarded as a war footing. Anyway whinge over...

Anonymous said...

Sanaila sa rauta na dokadoka. If you drive a top of the range Asian 4 x 4 acquired with your hard earned money then you deserve it. However no need to brag on about. You stated that people overseas drive second hand cars... while you drive Prado and Pajero. I assure you some Fijians abroad drive better cars then you.. FACT. Kakua ni dau veibeci

Anonymous said...

Sonaila qusia tani na wai ni tagane nei khaiyum kei Bainivuaka, sa tasova tu mai qori i gusumu.... Sa rauta na kubu tiko vei rau qori, rau sa vakalolomataki iko tiko....

Sega ni ca vei iko baleta ni rau saumi iko tiko nomu kubulaki rau tiko vei nai lavo e dinautaki tu mai China.... Vakamadua mai na lasu o tukuna tiko ike, lauvutu o iko, luveni kawaca

Anonymous said...

Maqa I Viti March 16 at 1214 AM

The real truth is we are sending hundreds of millions to Fiji to help our impoverished relatives to buy at least some food and clothing and provide some shelter for them. We, however, have to also try to live our lives here where things are expensive too. Sure we cannot afford to buy Pajeros and Prados as only a few of your illegal elites like Sanaila can.

If we are not doing this (ie. sending money over), you would be in worse situations that you are in now.

Every year since 2006, I have been sending more than $10,000US a year to my relatives and another $10,000US to my vanua (ie. mataqali & yavusa). Before 2006 I used to send less than a third of the amount I am sending now.

I meet many Fijians at MoneyGram and WesternUnion who are sending even more than I send. So don't come around and say that we are not doing anything.


Na Pajero kei na Prado o tukuna tiko qori e rawa ga ni oni volia na sotia mai na i vakacavacava era bunotaka na lewe ni vanua ko ni saumi tiko kina. Ia o ira na lewe ni vanua era saga tiko mada ga me saumi rawa na i vodovodo ni nodra gone i vuli e na veisiga ka me saumi rawa tale ga na i sau ni vasigalevu.

Qarauna. Kua ni lasutaki keimami. E rai tiko na Kalou mai lomalagi. E na dua na siga, sa voleka sara, e na kasura na matanitu veilarui veidabui qori.

Anonymous said...

@Mother Earth 11:54 PM

""We remit funds to help them pay for bread, butter & milk issues. After all prices set at $8-$9 per item"".

Sounds like you are being conned but keep the money flowing.

Anonymous said...

Kemudou sa mai vaka fancy taki ike na pajero mai viti.. Sanaila qori na nodra i lavo na tamata cakacaka i viti ko voli kina na motoka. Ena oti mai nai vodo pajero... tini sara na wheelbarrow.

rajend naidu said...

@Maqa i Viti
you say you'd shut your mouth about issues on Fiji the day you should emigrate.
why would you want to do that?
we have people from all over the world in Australia - from Zimbabwe, Tibet,Sri lanka, China, Myanma,Sudan to name just a few - who continue to speak out on issues pertaining to their home countries.
I have great admiration and respect for these people who could just shut their mouths and enjoy their more privileged lives in their adopted countries but continue to be concerned about what's happening "back home" and "what their people are going through".
I see nothing wrong in people speaking out no matter where they are living.

Anonymous said...

Lets arrange march in Suva as support for the regime and see how many comes out. I estimate less then 20

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times site down once again! Can someone tell Mac Patel

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:29 AM

""Every year since 2006, I have been sending more than $10,000US a year to my relatives and another $10,000US to my vanua (ie. mataqali & yavusa). Before 2006 I used to send less than a third of the amount I am sending now.""

You are just so convincing. So all of a sudden you were able to send three times as much because the cost of living trebbled in 2006 ?

Anonymous said...

Why cant you take fiji govt to court ? Thats not a good sign for us.
Flp case dismiss .justice system is all controlled with decree .

Anonymous said...

Democracy is in your hands .Fijian have to stand up for it.

Anonymous said...

to the "wise" one who keeps repeating " life goes on here in fiji" please remember life also went on in Apartheid South Africa and goes on in Mugabe's Zimbabwe and in occupied Tibet. Doesn't mean it's "all good" as you want everyone to believe.
Are you saying what you are saying to convince yourself that it's all good in Fiji under the military dictatorship of bainimarama? More likely you are a regime lackey if not a ruling political thug!

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama looks a little perplexed in the above photo.
Has he just realised that he's inspecting his own future permanent accommodation?

Anonymous said...

Grubsheet reports how frank recently arranged 120 pairs of gumboots for school kids. What he fails to say that they gumboots never arrived. He may have arranged it in front of media so it gets reported but the boots never got sent or if it did then it wet somewhere else.

Croz is tell his readers not to send kids to buy eggs. What the fark! Is this the best these 2 dumb wits can write about?

Anonymous said...

Time to move to Taveuni. The accommodation looks good. 16 prisoners per room with only window in toilet so should get good ventilation and clean breeze thru the room.

Nice shirt Frank. Goes good with the garland.

Anonymous said...

@ Sanaila the Bajaru, oh sorry, Pajero man.

My brother, I believe as some believe that you're none other but a dictator dickhead's son (Meli) sorry can't call you ratu because has taken away all the Ratu of Fiji.

The parados and the pajeros you're bregging about? You'll spend the rest of your life paying for it, well unless you robbed a bank or performing criminal activities of some sort to enjoy high flying living,

But remember dictator junior, you and everyone like trying to run our once beatiful Fiji will one day crawl with your pajeros and parados will be repossesed. We're living overseas but we're sending to families just to put food on the table, help them with their bills and school, but you and people like you have no care in the world.

My advice to you and your father, remember what happened to Sadam Hussein from Iraq? When the dictator goes so as his family, sons, brothers, even brother in laws, who were once enjoying Iraqs luxeries, and they're gone, they are history, you and your father and all his closets associates will follow, and I.can sea that that time is now at your door knocking. Kabooom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh just noticed the officer standing right in the picture not wearing any shoes. Frank can you send him pair of gumboots?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.02 actually 2 of the officers has no shoes? What does this say about the state of the prisons? Under funded. Image if the prisoner escapes into the jungle. These guys won't be able to give chase on foot for too long. I bet you all the prisoners have shoes.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 16, 2013 at 9:19 AM.

"three times as much?"

Not that my income has increased 3 times as much, but the need from my relatives and mataqali/vanua has increased threefold.

Many of my folks who were working at hotels and who were civil servants had lost their jobs leaving their poor households below the poverty line. Additionally there was the weakening of the economy and the weakening of the Fijian dollar.

You see, I am a close relative of our chief who was very concerned about the increasing poverty amongst his people. We sympathized with his concern and so we answered to his call to look after the needs of our kinfolk who have been in this misfortune. We have received, letters, emails, and phone calls from them thanking us for our help and giving us written accounts of how they use the money that we send them. The new FNPF rules and decrees did not help them at all.

You do not know, but that is how we true Fijians react to calls from our people and vanua. You don't know how strongly we are bonded together and how blood is thicker than mere water and money. So, despite the chiefs being told to "go and drink homebrew under the mango tree" they have gone home to their power bases, their vanuas, to strengthen, and gain strength from, their people.

Anonymous said...

So what if the gumboots never arrived? It's the illusion that counts. Just like the promised transparency, promised prosperity, promised constitution, and promised election.

Anonymous said...

EU statement on right of assembly welcomed by Fiji women’s group
Posted at 18:51 on 15 March, 2013 UTC
The head of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, Shamima Ali, says she welcomes the statement from the EU, which calls on the Fiji government to respect the right to peaceful assembly.
A week ago, Fiji police cited security reasons for cancelling the annual International Women’s Day march.
Now the women’s minister’s office says the march was cancelled because of the weather.
Ms Ali says the restrictions were in contradiction to the military leader’s comments made on the day about advancing women’s rights.
She says happy celebrations and a lot of talk are what suits the government.
“At this point in time they can do anything. They can change the date, they can change processes and so on. And this is an example of that. They will have International Women’s Day when it suits them. And how they want have it so there’s no activism.”
Shamima Ali says the weather was beautiful on the evening of International Women’s Day, and in 20 years, it has never stopped the marches from going ahead.
News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Sanaila, isa you too generous my brother. Those overseas, most overstayers, no papers waiting for Obama to approve immigration bill. Not second and third hand cars, all still travelling by bus and rail and being treated like 3rd class citizens but will not admit that Fiji is still paradise and their adopted homeland they are treated like 3rd class citizens. Sa rauta mada na lasu na tiki mai tai.

Anonymous said...

The woment should distribute "Take Back the Night" whistles to raise rape awareness.

Shortly thereafter, Dakuwaqa should organise another noise barrage.

Anonymous said...

@semi meo

this is to response to your response to my posting @Anon March 15, 2013 at 8:56 PM...your "facts

you asshole - you have not idea of state of play in Fiji - Fijians are been tramped over by Indians and they cant fucking do anything about it.

they cant question authority nor frank who is puppet of AG.

Oh by the way all these news you guys read on C4.5 - comes from me. so DON'T EVER QUESTION MY INTELLIGENCE

"NO Freedom was ever achieved without Sacrifice and No Freedom will ever be achieved without one"

Anonymous said...

I support comments by Annonymous on March 16.There is nothing gained without sacrifice.I am of the opinion that each of us know this to be a fact.Yet not anyone has the courage to lift a finger to resolve the situation in Fiji.So where do we go from here.Do we still continue to abuse each other on this site or try and put our minds together to find a resolve.I let you on a little secret that probably someone has been trying to convince you about.The main super culprit in the present interium govt is no then the Attorney General.Most happenings in the govt is being done without any prior knowledge of Mr Bainimarama.The AG is and always worked overtime behind his back trying his best to destabilise our beloved country.We bring AG down , everything will normalise.So,guys what can we do to achieve this .Any ideas!

Anonymous said...


My idea is to send Sanaila to assasinate Kaiyum. He's our inside man.

Wathi Poki said...

> you asshole - you have not idea of state of play in Fiji - Fijians are been tramped over by Indians and they cant fucking do anything about it.


Do you really think people reading your comments are stupid. Indians controlling Fijians in Fiji? LMAO keep your racist attitudes to yourself.

Since the beginning of time, there has only been one year where an indian was chosen to be the leader of Fiji. One year. THat is 1. Just 1.

Yet you racist assholes want to blame indians for your problems?
You make me sick. Take your head out of the grog bowl, out of the bible, and out of your chiefs arse and maybe that will allow you to open your eyes.

You are getting screwed over by your own people.

Your village chief is Fijian
Your district officer is fijian
Your district commissioner is fijian
The head of your army is fijian
The head of your government is fijian
The head of your country is fijian
Your president is fijian
Your police force is majority fijian
Your army, which controls freedom in the country, is majority fijian and has only a handful of non-fijians
Your teachers are predominantly fijian
Your civil service is predominantly fijian
While there was democracy, the senate and lower house was predominantly fijian
87% of the land is fijian and this is so strong that even the dictator who abolished the constitution is afraid to change this.
Between you and freedom, there isn't a single non-fijian standing.
The church leader telling you to pay the church tax of $10/person before your school fees is fijian.

And you want to say that a farken indian is keeping you down?

Please point out to me one non-fijian who has control over you? Oh I see... you're pointing at the AG, right? Yes, quite predictable... he is the perfect scapegoat. Except for one problem. Anybody who knows Bainimarama knows he is a control freak. If you think AG has any power over bainimarama, you are deluding yourself. It will be interesting to see who stands in the election alongside bainimarama.... because they will be spineless people who are happy to bend over to him. Imagine a cabinet minister trying to stand up to bainimarama... lol, he would just throw a tantrum and throw the cabinet minister out of government. The AG is a self-serving prick who likes power, not because he wants to do good, but because he can enrich himself. He is happy to be a yes-man to the PM, because as long as he does that, he can enrich himself through corruption. He has zero power over the PM.

You fijians own all the power in fiji and always have, but you squander it, preferring to drown yourselves in grog while blame the indians, kaivalagi, and anyone else you can think of.

VitiMother-Earth 1213 said...

@anon#con-artist is not a term my family grew up with. Funds remitted are done in my family's best interest. Unlike some driving in black mercedes around Auckland or working for Community Law Centre in Auckland after having raped Fiji coffers whilst contracted by Fiji diktator & Khayum pre & post 2006 coup in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Please let's not start this racist shit again, let's concentrate on Frank.

Anonymous said...

you kaiindia full of shit man...u must be and ostrich.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

I like reading your comments because it makes me laugh.
You are about the most no brain person I have come ever across.

Even Fiji Whites bit upstairs.

Anonymous said...

@Wathi Poki said March 16, 2013 at 12:45 PM

i respond to you comment as follows:

- my role is not to put indians in the center of firing squad- for you probably aren't versed with term " freedom"

unless fijians do something they will be salves of people who keep manipulating them for power. same is for indians who have been victimized by these muslims pricks ruling the country - see history Muslims love to ride on power.

my role as a freedom figher is very small " to give accurate intel on inside affairs of state" - its for people who should come together and free this country.

I have given so much information about the internal affairs - the state salaries , inside plans - which makes you guys read C4.5 as a bible everyday and comment - nobody will remember me after freedom.

I have been playing my part - have you ? Oh yes - you might be very surprised if you knew who i was !

Freedom has been a option - its our birth right !

VitiMother-Earth 1213 said...

@Miq, its obvious you have no clue what the process is. Sheer waste of time talking to neds like you. At least we cannot be blamed for raping Fiji like some gold diggers. We as Ethnic Fijians will fight for our patch in Viti like it or not! "A meca I a fika ga!"

Sanaila said...

So now that the useless protest in New Zealand is over...Fijians overseas should concentrate on positive things. I know for a fact that most Fijians living in America are full of shit because most of them are just CARERS or TRUCK DRIVERS or FACTORY WORKERS...living in the slums of Sacramento...

In Australia & NZ most Fijians do hard-labour jobs in the farms, factories and rail. They buy second-hand clothes and second-hand cars. Their standard of living overseas is at poverty level. They struggle alot and are too proud to admit it. They like to pretend to their faily in Fiji that life is good overseas - NOT!
Sa rauta mada na va-fancy mai valagi..Keimami qo i Viti keimami relax tu, levu na kakana, leva na sede!!!

Anonymous said...

most Fijians overseas make an honest living doing whatever they do. you have a problem with that? And most even sent back money for family back home - from their hard,honest earnings. some have organised themselves to send aid to schools and charities in Fiji. I don't know what you do in Fiji. I suspect you are a military thug who has made it big since the Bainimarama coup ( why else would you be singing praise for the illegal regime?)But one thing is clear : you are a very disrespectful scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

So now it I-Taukei vs rest. Wonder if you realise that most vocal critic of this regime been indofijians including Ali, Atar Singh,Rae,Anthony,Narsey,Lal and many others who do it from Fiji.

To I-taukei brothers, stop bringing indifijians into this. You reap what you sow.You supported 1987 and 2000 coup, you detroyed the country. When indofijians were beaten,removed from farms, not a single one from this blog said a word. Maybe this is gods way to teach you something about sufferings of others.

Anonymous said...

anon 0211

Most in o/seas hide or centrelink is their main income

Kiwi lad said...

Sanaila boci.. theres Fijian doctors,Engineers,teachers,nurses,
accountants,mechanic,soldiers and policemen in NZ mind you.You must be a dumb ass you stupid piece of shit.Comparing the population percentage wise we Fijans in NZ are doing better than the others.

Anonymous said...

To you quoting yourself as Sanaila...what a pathetic way to brand our overseas Fijians as Carers, truck drivers or factory workers.....living in the slums of Sacramento...full of bullshit."Keimami oqo e Viti keimami relax tu. levu na kakana kei na sede"..what are you talking about, must be full nonsense...most Fijians live below poverty line and most Fijians rely on Government Aid for a living...you wait for 2014 election and you will see that the next Govt will have a big task trying to pay out the dept to the fuckin Chinese....levu mai vei na sede nida dinau wavoki tu ga oqo...sa toki kina FNPF..sede mai vei caiti iko...ke levu na sede e sega na kedrai wiliwili na kalavo era vaqara bulagi voli ena vei koro lelevu sacrificing themselves to strangers in order to survive...sega ni ra relax..ia era colata e levu na ka bi me rawa kina na sede.Its too late..the world had already seen whats happening in our beloved country whom we call The Way The World Should Be....too much lips service .....now all the big fish had gone into hiding... including Naivalurua, AG,CJ,....where are you? A simple example....an order was given to police to charge officers of Ba Police Station for theft during last year flood without any investigation been conducted....the end result was that the police investigation was made a laughing stalk when the case was thrown out and acquitted was no evidence and yet they were sent home......because there was no military officers with them....Rabaka`s murder case was conducted and yet yellow ribbon programme was initiated in order to accommodate those convicted to be released and continue with their life as free men....but everyone is silence now..where have all the big fish gone to........one has to know that verbal instruction from superior is not deemed as lawful instruction in court provided as it is done in black and white......come on tell us the truth whats going on ...ke sega eda sa karua ga ni dua na turaga sega tu ni sili, mai vakaisulu vinaka tu yani ka boi yawa na kati kura mera boica vakayawa na tamata ka mai boi rugurugua tu yani na boi ni benu ni jioke ena loma ni tarausese ni sega tu ni sava na i viu ni tevoro that`s how we are implenting human rights to our citizen today.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

for 6 years you have been misleading overseas Fijians that PM is about to be overthrown or about to exit.

do you know how pathetic you sound.do you know most of these o/s fijians are not very educated, most of them arrive in overseas illegally and are social security customers.It is like one blind leading the other.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila sa kua so na dokadoka kei na veibeci. Sa keimami kila kece ni levu tu nomu pajero kei nomu sede. Vacava mo wasea mada mai nomu milioni vei keimami na majority ni tamata cakacaka i viti koya kimamu taura tu $90-150 dua na macawa. Keimami i sau sega ni veiraurau kei na sau levu ni bula e noda vanua,

Anonymous said...

educated ones dont march or waste time with misfits.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila is not a fijian. he's a kailoma using fijian name in sanaila.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila ke ra truck drivers se caregiver cava e milamila kina nomu sona magaitamamu, luveni sonalevu nomu kawa.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila is obviously another regime flunkie getting paid to come on this site. Everything he has written to date has been nothing but absolute rubbish.

Ever even been to Sacramento? Not a very slummy place.

More to the point, if the Fijians who emigrated are so unhappy in their new homes, why aren't they returning to Fiji? Obviously they assess their new lives abroad to be somehow an improvement over what they left behind in Fiji. Maybe part of the improvement is that they now live in freedom instead of under dictatorship.

They're still leaving Fiji in droves, so it's clear that many don't seem to see life in Bainimarama's New Fiji as the paradise Sanaila says it is. Does this make them unloyal and Sanaila a patriot? Not too likely. After all, what kind of "patriot" enlists in the service of traitors?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32, you're the one who sounds pathetic to me. For these same six years, the Bainimarama regime has broken promise after promise, taking away your vote, your rights and your future. But you want to criticise Mark Manning over the fact that this thug is still in power? If Mark Manning was mistaken, it was in putting too much faith in you and other uneducated Fijians to defend yourselves and the country.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The nationalists always blame the fiji indians for what is happening or happened in fiji. No wonder indo-fijians are migrating in droves. Look at the populatin of fiji indians in South Auckland in NZ. The indo Fijians where ever they live are peaceful, hardworkers and contribute to the economy. In NZ, majority of them have good jobs, own at least two cars, own good homes and work hard. They are appreciated and acknowledged by the mayors, ministers and even the PM. They are integrating with other nationalities in terms of sports, marriage, etc. There is even one fiji-indian in All Blacks sevens team. In fiji they are discriminated in all aspects of their lives. In fiji the nationalists own 91% of the land. They have ruled the country from independence all years except one. The nationalists have used and are using fiji-indians as escape goats. Point to note to all nationalists who use racisim to gain personal milegage that even Victor Lal is an indian. Ourfight is with the regime not with any paticular race. in every race there are good, and bad people. About 85% Fijians are very nice and friendly people. Stop this all racists attack.

Anonymous said...

The median home value in Sacramento, California is over FJD 550,000.

Poor blokes! Like living in the "slums" of Muanikau.

Anonymous said...

anon 309

if someone like manning is your leader, i rest my case.it shows no educated fijians in australia wants to get involved with you lot.

we happy in fiji why would i want to change that.it is not the first time a convict has been beaten in fiji or anywhere else including australia.

rajend naidu said...

Much more hurting then the big money they take from you for "processing" American visas (letter by Susan Sakal FS 14/3), is the insult to your intelligence and human dignity when the visa is arbitrarily denied. Officials of the world's greatest democracy are not expected to be behaving like semi-literate, arrogant(bribe taking) arseholes one encounters in a banana republic!
I think this is what Savenaca Vakiliwaliwa found offensive when his visa "processing" was terminated after one minute.
Doesn't sound like a very democratic processing system.does it?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.16PM
any slums in Fiji? why you have slums in fiji when you have only 900,000 people and over 300 island and so much of wealth and resources and minerals. have the slum population gone down since Bainimarama took over?
will there be no more slums in the "new Fiji" Bainimarama is building?
are you a regime lackey?

Anonymous said...

The police that screwed his sister got only week end detention for seven years and kept his job, he works on week days, go to jail 7pm Friday and let out 7pm Sunday, as the judge said that the officer taught his sister a lesson when he questioned about her homesexuality.

Isn't he a Srilankan judge? Oh no wonder its ok to rape your sister, because that is absolutely ok in Srilanka and of course India, come on AG, what do you think of that ruling?

Anonymous said...

Bawahahahahaha So much for all the support that was supposed to show up at the march. Where are the parliamentarians that were supposed to be there? Only 6 in the photo and claiming that 20 were present. Where Re the itaukei when only two indo Fijians seen in picture with white people.

Inosi said...


Eda sega ni da dau kaburaki keda ni da vutuniyau mai na veika eda rawa na volia vakailavo - o ya e vakaraitaka ga na levu ni dokadoka kei lala ni mona......"Mai ya so..."

"Pajero and Prado"......my foot... those are car models of centuries ago. No wonder you can offord to buy them because they dont exist in the car market now. Or may be you buying the "off the road" govt vehicles junks from the western wreckers yard.

Ke rawa ni o rawata o iko (which I doubt) then well and good. Or you may be one of those unlawfully using the tax payers money.

Au sega sara ni tamata rawa ka se vutuniyau ena ka vakailavo. Ia au sasaga taki au meu mai rawata na bula galala au sotava tu qo.
O au dua toka na dau vakau i lavo yani vakawasoma vei ira na wekaqu e ra tu mai nakoro ena vuku ni dredre ni bula ni veika vakailavo era sotava tiko.
Vosota ni u na sega ni na vakaraitaka yani na kena levu de o na qai vakalasui au kina. E wili talega kina na nodra sau ni vuli ga gone.
Me yaco sara vakau yani ni nodra i sulu.

O ira noqui i tokani vakacakacaka mai Viti keimami dau veitalanoa vakawasoma, ka sa duatani sara na veika era tukuna, mai na veika o kaburaka tiko mai, ena dredre ni bula vakailavo ka ra sega ni duavata ki na veiliutaki era sotava tiko. Era dau kaya ga ni ra sa colata galugalu tu ga na i tavi me rawa tu ga kina nai sau ni madrai.

O koya gona au kerea kina me sa kua mada ga na "dau silima tiko na gauni dali" ena veitalanoa ni noda vanua. Ka me kua tale toka mada ga ni da lai "vanavana sara toka na vula".

De dua o rai toka beka ga mai na doko ni ucumu ka o sega ni raica rawa tiko na veika keimami raica rawa tiko yani oso na i taukei. Tovolea mo raica na yasana ruarua.

Na veika kece e da cakava se vinaka se ca e da na "Dui seva ga na bua e da dui tea".

Ke o nanuma ni vinaka tiko na veiliutaki mai Viti - waraka ni sa "vuka tubu na nona lulu".

Tini sara la i nai benubenu.

Kevaka o vinakata au na rawa ni sauma yani na nomu tikite ni waqavuka mo mai raica sara na vanua au vosa tiko yani kina qo. Me qai rawa ni o vakadinata kina na veika au sa tukuna toka e cake.
Keimami sega ni tamata bula loto - e cakacaka taki mai na neimami buno.

E sega talega ni keimami mai tu vakalialia se overstayers tu e vanua tani ka ni vakalawataki na neimami mai tu eke. O ya gona na vuna e soli tu kina vei keimami na galala ni veitosoyaki.
Ni oti neimami i tavi eke, keimami na lesu tale yani ki na delai ni yavu.
Keimami sega ga ni taleitaka na vei vakalolomataki.

Inosi T


kamlesh kumer....said earlier:
"The nationalists have used and are using fiji-indians as escape goats."

Anonymous said...

To Luvei Think Tank

Please tell me who are you to speak for all I-taukei

You right Fijians in overseas help their people in Fiji.These are hard woeking educated people, most of them dont have time to get involved in your activities.Your kind who have nothing better to do are too busy back stabbing fellow I-taukei and your kind dont send money to Fiji but you get money from Fiji.
When Fijians die in overseas who do you think helps them? It is the non I-taukei and educated I-taukei.Your kind who aho has nothing better to do but protest and play politics for Qarese give nothing. You arrive with your big stomach and drink grog whole night with big plastic container for food.

Anonymous said...

Beware the ides of March....
Hey Guys This Month 15th March, 44BC reminds me of the brutal Killing of the Dictator in Rome. Julius Ceasar, in a senate meeting, by his own men fearing his power as dictator for life.
Although he was convinced by his wife not to go but still he went to the senate where he was brutally killed.
Just because they do not agree with him of changing the decree causing a lot of threat to the people.

But our dictator is fortunate that he is still enjoying his life. Who knows...

Anonymous said...

Why are we playing racial game here again.
Indians are hard working people . world economy leaders are india/china.
indians fought the british for freedom/democracy.
Fijian are land owners and has lease the land to the Indians .who have paid the rental and worked hard in the farms and business.
If fijians and indians both work hard .they will be no poor in fiji.
we have land/sea/god given mana.
So my advise guys stop blaming the race.
its just few people who have played race cards.
time for united fiji for all.let move on for future freedom and democracy.
We are all god children.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Why are we playing racial game here again.
Indians are hard working people . world economy leaders are india/china.
indians fought the british for freedom/democracy.
Fijian are land owners and has lease the land to the Indians .who have paid the rental and worked hard in the farms and business.
If fijians and indians both work hard .they will be no poor in fiji.
we have land/sea/god given mana.
So my advise guys stop blaming the race.
its just few people who have played race cards.
time for united fiji for all.let move on for future freedom and democracy.
We are all god children.
god bless.


meeheheheheheheh ...memehehehehehe
oilei na democracy mehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Bai saying to the prison guards:
> Is this what you call a place for the prisoners; sleeping on the floor???
Oh no you got to kidding; start preparing for new prison for me and Aiass with separate fully furnised rooms with Tv and massage beds and a bar
I aint sleep on the floor mattress you guys had 7 years to prepare for my arrival and thats what you could come up
Call Minister of prisons

Anonymous said...

Long time no hear from "Long live Bainimarama" idiot Dharam Lingam!
he can confirm whether Fijians live in slums in sacramento as his fellow regime lackey Sanaila claims.

rajend naidu said...

A 24 yo Hazara asylum seeker who was to be deported back to Afghanistan on Sunday - after his claim for a visa was knocked back by the Immigration Minister - has been granted a last minute stay order by a Sydney court on Saturday afternoon ('Last-minute reprieve for Hazara man'smh 16/3,5.58PM).
The Federal Court is considering what discretionary powers the Immigration Minister has to remove asylum seekers from Australia and will hand down its decision before July.
In a progressive democracy a Minister's decision can be challenged and be subjected to judicial review.
In the military dictatorship in Fiji the Minister's decisions are final and cannot be subjected to court review.
How rotten is that!
rajend naidu

Sanaila said...

@Inosi and other Overseas Fijians.

I have visited many countries around the world in the past...!

The fact is that the US Bureau of Statistics show that 98% of Fijians in Sacramento live in low-cost rentals, some with 2-5 families in the same flat...overcrowded...and in poverty!!

In Sydney and Auckland its the same thing most Fijians still rent and don't own any property...Of course they struggle to stay alive...some have alot of bad debt! Even some of the British Army boys owe money to money lenders in Fiji and overseas.

Ia sa dua na ka na levu ni nodra viavialevu kei na dokadoka ni ra vosa mai vei keda i Viti...

E cava tiko mada na va-fancy! Na matanitu qo i Viti e tokona noda toso cake na kawa itaukei.

Anonymous said...

nobotake care of themselves and not wait for handouts from govt or indiansdy will come and help fiji from aussie or nz they are to busy dealing with abo and maoris to worry about stink fijians

you fijians need to take care of yourselves the fuck up from 1987 is going to bite for many years and as the rich maori sir glen said the fijians need to look after themselves and not wait for handouts from the whitses and indians and govt

just like the maori in nz

Anonymous said...

Sorry to you my man Sanaila, FYI Prado & Pajero is a junk Vechile in Ozzie, with all do respect W don't respect people who drove around in FJ in a Pajero nParado ESP Civil Servant because they Skimming the Tax Payers $$$. And living entirely on married quarters, You actually speaks generally to Fijian living Abroad. If I were you I don't stick my nose to other bussiness... You want to be tough guy get a CHRYSLER car..Towed your Pajero $ Prado to a junk yard!

Anonymous said...

Sanaila, iko o da dua saraga ni murimuri ni tamata, iko o rairai sucu mai enai cici, na boi dada ni nomu vosavosa, osa dau veivakacudrui saraga, keimami lewe levu na tu qo e vavalagi, keimami sa rawati keimami tu, kei sega.ni via citizen, baleta ni keimami na lesu tale yani ni tu mai qori na neimami qele.

Eso era sa citizen sara ia e tautauvata tikoga, e tu mai qori i Viti na.keimami.qele ka keimami vola kawabula kina, edua mada noqu taro? E bau tu na qele i tamamu? Se drau volai tu ga enai vola ni kawabula sega tu na.kemudraui kanakana.

I really am sickk and tired of reading you fucking comments about us Fijians living abroad, do you.think we're living happily here? You better think again Mr, because as they say, where treasure is, so as ypur heart, na neimami i yau e tu.qori e Viti, qori na vanua e tiko kina na yaloi keimami, drau qarauna ga kei tamamu na ka dou sa cakava tiko enai yau bula ni iTaukei.

Na tagi tu qo ni yalo ni kai Viti keimami tu qo ena veiyasai vuravura me baleta.na ka drau sa cakava tiko kei tamamu, esa kila ga na Kalou.

You said that you have travelled in most part of the world, what, using the people's money, I remembered one time the Fiji army band came to entertain in this part of the world, when visited them, there were two or three young recruits were shy looking, more of a qauri attitude, would that be you, perving and pencialing everything you see, thats just to show how you and your dictator father are a jealous types, you fucking asshole. What you and your father are doing will back fire not only on you but ypur whole family, do you and you father Bainimarama ever thought of that? No I don't think so, you're so greedy you overlooked all that is coming toward you in the not too distant future..

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Every time sanaila finished wanking he would jump online and say shit. Then he will go back and suck a soldiers cock while another soldier screw him doggy style.

Kamlesh kumari, you better watch your mouth you goat.

Anonymous said...


Pajero and prados are for peasants in my neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Sanaila. They admit its hurting them. They can't reply to what you have stated but try and run you down with swears that only make them look more stupid. It shows that when a Itaukei dies in the US, NZ or Australia, they send the body back to Fiji because they can't afford to pay for the funeral parlour and the grave plot which is way beyond what they earn. It is cheaper to send the body back to Fiji and guess what, they put in in church for the fare for the dead body and the traditional do in Fiji is absorbed by the poor relatives in the village. What you saying Sanaila is true that over 90% of itaukei overseas live in debt and below poverty line. They talk about their land back home but they can't farm it because they lazy and can't work the land. They probably want to come and fight with mynar birds over guavas on their untouched land. They want to talk about life in Fiji when an ordinary villager eats better than they do with fresh fish, bele, four ou, tavioka, Dali and yams from their own plantation. So they obviously live a better life unlike Suliasi Daunitutu who has lived most of his life on the dole in Australia. That's the kind of itaukei leaders that they want. More talk less action and more grog.

Sanaila said...

For those commenting from their overcrowded low-cost flats overseas here are two examples of Fijians struggling in Australia.

1. Former SDL Minister Sireli Leweniqila - hard labourer with RailCorp...sa vakamadua!

2. Former SDL MP Ted Young - Truck Driver in Western Sydney...sa vakaloloma!

3. Suliasi Daunitutu - Unemployed and living on the dole in Australia....sa sivia na vucesa levuga na vosa!

And many more struggling to make ends meet. Sa sega ga ni rawata lesu mai Viti mai tei tavioka!
Na matanitu qo ena vukei iko mo qaravi vinaka nomu vuvale.

mark manning said...

It's an absolute tragedy when you consider that those Fijians living in Country's who practise a Democracy, by their inaction, deny their fellow Citizens back in Fiji, the very Democracy they themselves enjoy.
Out of a crowd of over 25,000 Fijians living in Sydney, only 60 or so attended our last Rally.
The excuse then of many, was " we are frightened for our Families still in Fiji ".
But what of the consequences of doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Zink is a full time fruit picker.. Bawahahahahahaha. Levu ga na vosa ni veicai. Rokoului Mara stuck in tonga and can't go anywhere else. Regretting going against Bainimarama as all the promises by anti government bloggers who assisted him were all bullshit. Magaitinamuni.


Kenneth Zinck should inhale!!!!! you know like Bill clinton "didn't" inhale the tabaco ni india....sooongo madarchod..

Vutuki Bainimarama said...



Sanaila said...

Cava beka sa macala vei rau na tamata kaisi bokola ya o Roko Ului & Baledrokadroka....Cava drau cakava rawa????? Levu ga na vosa, drau yavu boci! Lesu mai Viti ke drau tagane dina....

Kemuni kece na comment tiko mai e sega na betena mo ni saqata tiko na neimami matanitu wananavu qo i Viti....Ni veitokoni ga mai... me toso cake o Viti

Anonymous said...

Fiji should have a fair elections. Army should return to camp.. want to be a politian.. get an education.. specialise in a profesional field to ensure that you bring something valuable to the party.
The major Armies of the world.. UK,US,France,keep their Armies in the barracks eventhough they have highly educated Officers running it. Thats why they are the best soldiers in the world.
RFMF should concentrate on military matters and operational effectiveness. Instead of wasting time and money on useless things, invest in modern equipment and training to maintain currency and competency.

Anonymous said...

In Fiji we have a criminal dimwit leading the military and using it to avoid justice.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.10pm

You small minded prick! Is that the best you can do to get back at Frank Robanakadavu? Talk issues you penis brain!! Of course you wouldn't cause you can't basically deliberate on one! Mother Fucker!!

Sharar said...

Constantine was born on February 27, in modern day Serbia to army officer. In 305 he was passed over in imperial succession, so Constantine fought a series of civil wars, finally becoming the sole Roman emperor.
He died March 22nd 337....

The Turkish people of Turkey (Turkiye) to win back the land they have lost.

Anonymous said...

fiji is going downhill... no economic growth... currency devalueation. High cost of living. More then half the population are now living below the poverty line. No jobs for university graduates.. the list goes on and on.
I know the Govt is trying its best to improve the situation in fiji but it is not sustainable. The ordinary fiji citizens are suffering. The ones with farms are better off as they provide for their own food. The ones that rely on processed foods are financially disadvantaged due to high taxes on basic food items. Fiji's future generations have a bleak future due to the current political climate and lack of foreign investment. The 2000 and 2006 coup have destroyed our country economically and morally. We need to have a fair election to elect a legitimate government-people with the right education,of sound moral standing and integrity to take fiji back on the world stage and improve the lives of our people.

Vutuki Meo said...

I think there is enough evidence above with all Sanaila's postings to conclude that he has mental health problems.


That friends overseas and in Fiji means that he has a mental illness.

Delusion - Wikipedia,

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

There is evidence that Poverty has increased in Fiji ( even by Government statistics) - but Sanaila says that is no true.

More children have died from Malnutrition under Bainimarama's reign than in any other government - but Sanaila says that is not true.

There is more suicide more rape ( one reported to police everyday since December 2012 to now).; mor children sexually abused....
That is what Wikipedia says is a DELUSION.

It is a mental health problem.
His father Bainimarama has it, now Sanaila has it too.

The sad fact is all my friends this idiot actually believes all that he writes DESPITE THE EVIDENCE PUT BEFORE HIM.

I'm tending to agree with some bloggers that the only way to stop these DELUSIONAL people is to fight back and everyone of us just BURN whatever is next to us that belongs to the regime and their supporters.

SEMI MEO said...

We are shocked that once highly esteemed C4.5 now condones all kind of character assassination in her columns.

@Sanaila and other Anonymous Fijians spewing filth against fellow Fijian and others who care to stand with Fijian in our crusade for righteous rule in Fiji ; should be ashamed of themselves.Ashamed, because as Fijian we love to share with our loved once all acts of patriotism we individually foster in the course of a given day.

To: @Sanaila and other rouge Anonymous Coup apologists, should we be surprised that you wives, daughters, sons, Talatala’s threw you out of threw lives when you read them you filth?

In you zest to please the Rear Admiral you’ve inadvertently brought curse and shame on yourselves.

We do not have to know your true identity to the Divine law of cause and effect to befall you yu in the velocity you guys spews..uh….unless of course you desist and come up to the level of sanity , logic and righteousness.
All the former Cabinet Ministers attempted to demean have severed Fiji well. All are University Graduates and high achievers in their own rights, They hail from respected Fijian families. Of course I know them well, as one is a cousin from Udu , the other my former school mate in Lelean, and the another a respect former Bank Executive and friend in Suva. I am proud of them!

We can only guess your own achievement in life, if any at all. For all we know and care, you may be a security officer with Suva City security guarding a computer in one of the Internet CafĂ©. You could be one of those known to go round pretending to have served in elite military unit, demanding to drink the first bowl of yaqona, while going around using the Rear Admiral’s name to cajole for bread to feed your hungry family. Only when the Mrs. know how you earn you living will she probably look elsewhere…we may never know !

Or you may have had a failed relationship and very bad record with women, hence your jealousy to attempt gunned down fellow bloggers who have healthy and very rewarding relationship with their loved one.

No amount of your slew will change that. What it would change; is the curse would bring upon any and all relationships you have with a partner. Do not blame us!...you brought it upon yourself by the fruits of your own mouth!

Anonymously blogging does not in any way whatsoever excuse any one of us from Devine Law…your blatant unrestraint act of lawlessness, is unfortunately for you, committed within that Law….wait for the fruit coming your way!!!

Kerekere bibi...my email: semimeo@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

The incoherent "Luvei viti think tank replies to protest critics:" doesn't properly belong in, and detracts from, your article.

Coup Supporter said...

Semi Meo...iko se dau lauvutu tikoga??? Qauri Qase!

Anonymous said...

...Isa!nai sau ni tamata tu qo i viti sa sega jiko ni ceguva rawa na isau ni bula $20,000 dua na yabaki se struggle ga na tamata.sa da cakacaka me rawa mada ga nai sau ni kana,sau ni bili kei na vuli.sa bau wadrega mo maroroya rawa dua na ka.$21,000 up sa bau set toka ya,kena i balebale ni rawa ni vo toka so na silini me yacova next pay day...tukuna dua na taxi driver "boy!ni kua dua a tamata getting $2oo a week sa sega macala sa bula vakacava, beka sa rent jiko vakadua sa sega kila cava sa kana,ko au sa raica kece a tamata sa voli ga na noodles kitaka na soup levu na wai me rawa feed kece na family!!!

Taki mada...!


Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Sanaila's head is buried deep up Frank's ass that he can't see reality in FIJI.

Anonymous said...

For the second time in his life, it seems, Semi Meo is right. There's a principle called karma. What goes around, comes around. As a man sows, so shall he reap.

Anonymous said...

(Message from Jamaica) .... Towards negotiation and resolve is a line of possibilities that can bring us to an apex of unity.....a type of unity that negotiates all our differences thus bringing forth a resolution ..... this is a worthwhile objective that we might want to brainstorm.....that is-how can we make resolve?... how can we come together as Itaukei's. ....Forget about where we stand, no matter if you are pro-Bainimarama Govt or if you are against it.........., just leave those aside...no matter how polarized our opinions may be....we still can meet at a junction...where we bring all our differences to a melting point....the time is now.....we discard our differences away and stand together as a race...All Itaukeis........then we take it from there...

elbourne sona levu said...

Sanaila, where were you during the 2000 mutiny when the rear admiral voceke bainimagana ran down the hill through the cassava patch leaving his men to die at the hands of mutineers?
tamata lamulamu nomu commander.

is this the kind of leader we want? only good at running debts, paying himself, bearing guns, torture,and deserting troops?

Sanaila, where were you during the 2000 mutiny when the rear admiral voceke bainimagana ran down the hill through the cassava patch leaving his men to die at the hands of mutineers?
tamata lamulamu nomu commander.

is this the kind of leader we want? only good at running debts, paying himself, bearing guns, torture,and deserting troops?

Anonymous said...

@ Sanaila. What is wrong with people working in the rail, fruit, care giver, etc industries overseas? At least they are earning money in honest ways. Unlike Voreqe and his cohorts who illegally forced their way into government to pay themselves high salaries. If Frank had retired from the FMF during the SDL government he would be penniless by now, no doubt about that. That is the main reason he illegally took over government. People like Sanaila are the ones benefiting from the illegal regime, who do not have any moral principle.

Anonymous said...

Fijian have to see some syria news .freedom fighters are fighting the regime for 3 years to get freedom and democracy.
70,000 dead and million living for refuge but they press on to fight the dictator for freedom.I cant see that happen in fiji .i only saw that big march in 1987/2000 where helpless indians were punished by our own fijians .
why cant you stand up now .

Anonymous said...

SDL ministers how many of they in Jail .Sainala ans this.
CEO and PS have more powers than the ministers during elected govt.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former Indo-Fijian who emigrated from Fiji after the coup in 2000 and am now proud to be an American citizen. I live in Elk Grove, a pleasant community just outside of Sacramento, California. I occasionally monitor Coup 4.5 for news about Fiji, since the other media there now is so unreliable, being so tightly controlled by this lying, thieving regime in Suva.

I seldom comment on blogsites. I'm just too busy to be bothered, and this blog is no exception. I'm very put off by the juvenile cursing and race baiting by both sides, and the pathetic attempts at intimidation, mostly by thugs who are like-minded supporters of the illegal regime.

I would be willing to join a protest against Bainimarama, but I'm too busy to organise something like that, and I'd first like to see people in Fiji try to organise a march themselves, even if the regime is too cowardly to issue the permit.

This stupid talk, from both sides, about my adopted country is too much for me to accept quietly.

Sacramento, or "Sacto", as we call it, is a nice city with many very different neighbourhoods, some very nice, some not so nice, but none qualifies as a slum by any stretch of the imagination.

Our quality of life here is superior to Fiji's in many ways. The traffic is bad and the summer heat oppressive. And I must admit that I sometimes do miss the slower pace in the islands. But here I live in freedom, with people of all backgrounds. Very little racial discrimination here. The government isn't perfect, but it strives to be just and democratic. Health care and education are better than what you get in Fiji. The diversions are endless -- not just the movie theatre or Traps. In just a few hours I can drive to the mountains to snow ski or to the beach to surf.

Had I stayed in Fiji, today I'd probably be a poor cane farmer working someone else's land. In the United States I'm co-owner of a going enterprise, and I own three properties in fee simple, to pretty much do with as I deem fit.

This really is the land of the free and the brave. Why would I want to trade my life of relative freedom here for life under a stupid and brutal dictator? Why would I choose to leave a people who fight for and cherish their freedom in order to live with people who remain passive and apathetic whilst a few goons strip all their rights and dignity from them?

Most of you don't drive Prados or Pajaros. Even if you do, it's pretty meaningless when you live on an island with nowhere to go, under a regime that treats you like prisoners.

Anonymous said...

1987 coup advisor was Ahmed Ali and Peter Stinson.
2000 coup -Speight and Peter Mazey.
2006- coup Khaiyum/Nazhat/Aziz/Gate/Pryde.
We see who the real coup stars are.
If fijian want indians out of fiji. just tell overseas govt take away the indians .CSR company from Auss/Uk have to play its part to help Indians out of Fiji.
Fijian army have coup Fijian Pm in 1987/2006 .
Fijian have to stop blaming other races for the down fall.the problem i see is the army as coup makers.
I see elite muslims are strong players in coup.

Anonymous said...

Elite Indians businessman close all the business in Fiji.
what will happen to the army .they will fall.no tax no duty -no money to pay the army. doom .
Elite indians and fijians have left fiji and more are living for overseas.
Army Leaders have run the country .this is what we got from them.
Rabuka -nbf bank scam closed down.
marine ship close down.
brain drain of indians over 27% of the population in overseas now.
Frank -fnpf will go broke soon. momi/natadola /air pacific scam projects.
debt level 4.8 billion dollars.
So where we are heading now by army leaders.

Sanailia said...

Number of people who marched in wellington. 20. Number who marched in auckand. 40. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Fiji First Party said...

Military is doing a good job in fiji.Support the military.

Anonymous said...

Military job is in the barrack not running government.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous from Sacramento
man the stuff you wrote is just brilliant! That should clarify a few things for shitheads like Sanaila. But with the shitheads you can't he sure they can absorb the intelligent stuff you present here.

Anonymous said...

If people don't like the government then they should take action. The problem is that Fijians are too scared to stand up to him and the RFMF. There is no hope for a change if Fijians are too scared to risk their lives for their cause. No one else will fight for Fiji from other countries. There is no point in fijians abroad orgainising protest marches because they cant even do that in Fiji. Remember Libya and Syria.. it started from within the country. You have to be able to help yourself before others can help you. Are we expecting US/UK to intervene.. why should their soldiers die when our own citizens are too scared to fight.
Freedom comes with a price.. unless if people in fiji are willing to take the risk, nothing will happen and we will still be on this blog in 10 years time.

Anonymous said...

Sainala .
We have million dollar plus business people from fiji living in NZ/Auss.
My fiji indian friend is a top surgeon in otago and fijian friend at north shore hospital.
people work hard and study hard will make it.

Anonymous said...

Time and again and again we have been told by this lying and thieving regime (as the intelligent blogger from Sacramento has described it)that the time for "old politicians" in the "new Fiji" they are building is finished. Then we read in the Fiji Sun (17/3)that Sir Michael Somare the old politician from PNG who has been dumped by his own people in PNG has been invited as chief guest at the MSG celebrations in Fiji. And to receive him upon his arrival was our own old politician Ratu inoke kubuabola!
Not hard to see why people say this is a lying regime.

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Anon@10.01pm. Stop praising Sanaila because you're Sanaila you fuckwit. You're so far up Bainimagaitinamu's ass you can help him chew his food.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:28 AM

Its not a case of Fijians being to scared to demonstrate against the government. Its more a case of them wondering about what to demonstrate against.

Most know by now that even if this goverment was to walk out tomorrow the gift of so called democracy that this would instantly bring the people may not be so valuable when you look at the possible replacement.

Anonymous said...

Stupid person using Sanaila dreaming of pajero and prado, in reality his family riding on tacirua and tebara bus.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.05PM
what you saying is not true. even if it were true remember a bad democracy is still better then a repressive military dictatorship. that's why there is a universal call for Fiji to return to democratic rule.
your personal preference is irrelevant.

Mohammed Rizwan said...

Numbers, facts, unknown numbers (assumption - saying goes assumption is the mother of all fuck ups), all these are evident here.

Semi Meo thinks that people will show their true colors once they're in the voting booths, hahaha. People have already shown their true colors, people in Fiji, that is, they do not any other government, legal or illegal, this government is right with them because its doing what all governments should.

No other government can achieve what the Bainimarama government has in the last seven years. Period. ByeBye

rajend naidu said...

we read in 'Boxing:Sting Rey' in the Fiji Times 16/3 that 9th ranked Australian light welterweight fighter Rey Anton Olarte took out his fight against the Naitasiri Prince Opeti Tagi "with ease" even though it was "in front of a partisan crowd" in Nadi.
Rey floored Opeti 3 times. Like a true sportsman Opeti said he "lost to a better boxer".But what is bewildering is how one judge managed to score against the Australian fighter. Rey's manager George Reno said they did understand that. Was that judge trying to get a hometown decision?
Was he being blatantly dishonest?
What was that judge up to?
rajend naidu

Na Qase said...



Anonymous said...

@ Mohammed Rizwan
yes no other government has the record for being the longest reigning ILLEGAL government in Fiji. Now that is an "achievement"!

Na Qase said...

@ Mohammed Rizwan........

Damn straight Moh'd Rizwan...no other PM has let has brother in law out of jail after being convicted of murder and appointed him Navy CO or back paid himself with $180K of tax payers funds, suppressed media freedom & workers rights...

What a government. Oh by the way we don't need a leader who deserts his men under fire, goes scurrying off like a timid rat and craps on other peoples plantations.

Mohammed Rizwan said...

Fact remains, Bainimarama is in power and not you lot, protest march or sanctions will not stop Bainimarama from doing what he and his government have planned for Fiji. No amount of protests and marches will move Bainimarama. The only thing it will do is to strengthen their resolve in carrying out their reforms and development for the people.

In fact, what have you people done in Fiji that is worth mentioning or noting...nothing, that's it nothing, all you lot are good for is stirring up useless motions and dreams. Fiji is moving forward and soon we will be the Singapore of the Pacific.

You lot can dream on and continue with this bullshit for your whole lifetime to no avail. I wish Bainimarama conducts a referendum right now and lets see where your support base is. I'm 100 percent sure every Fijian, irrespective of race or religion will unanimously agree to Bainimarama continuing with his government for another twenty years. How's that for your reading????

Anonymous said...

Talk about good living in Australia.

A failed lawyer from Fiji knocks church ministers door every 2nd week asking to borrow money.

Another lawyer from Fiji raped his teenage daughter in QLD.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a smiling Fijian. They are just enjoying the ride with Frank and will vote him out of the election next year if it ever happen!

Anonymous said...

Sanaila you bitch! Lako mada lai toothbrush...boci!
Comparing Prados and Pajeros shows everyone where you are in life and who you are. That story from the guy in Sacto is too good for you to understand...you can do us all a favour by following this simple instructions.
Tie a 2 foot rope onto a 60kg stone and the other end around your neck....throw the stone over the Nausori bridge and count to 2000 while under water.

Anonymous said...

@ Mohammed Rizwan
How soon will Fiji "be the Singapore of the Pacific"? What is Fiji in the meantime? A banana republic with half the population struggling to make a living? Don't fool yourself by imagining that "Fiji is moving forward". Fiji is moving backwards. Remember Fiji was once a democracy ( not perfect but still a democracy with the rule of law). Today it is a military dictatorship with no rule of law. And you call that "moving forward"?
You are either an idiot or a beneficiary of Bainimarama's illegal regime . Yes Bainimarama is in power. But how long will he remain in power? The people of Phillipines waited for 19 years before they decided to get rid of their dictator Marcos. Bainimarama has been in power for ONLY 6 years.
But like all dictators his time will come - TO GO ! And no amount of arselicking by Mohammed Rizwan and company will stop that from happening.
Where are all those people who were singing Colonel Gaddafi's praise even at the time of the uprising against him?
They thought - like the dictator himself - that he was there to stay.
Where did they find him eventually after he fled from his palace?
What happened to the dictator after he was found holed up like a sewer rat?
How come your name is Mohammed and you are such a scum?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:42 PM

But do not forget NZ where ex cabinet ministers have risen to the dizzy hieghts of running shops.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila Ulukau!

Anonymous said...

frank you are mentally sick and don't know what fuck you talking about..you punish this criminals to become better citizens.. you fucken mad.. you only gonna make them worse.. in fact you are the asshole who needs to be punish for far worse crimes then those criminals committed... think about it dick head, compare the crimes they committed and the ones you did.. TREASON, MURDER, FRAUD, ect..ect..ect..Now asshole how can you justify yourself being a better citizen then those criminals.. How about the great council of chiefs you demolish??? you think the people Fiji will respect you for that.. Go fuck yourself frank or commit suicide now would now will be better still. YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES LIKE ALL DICTATORS OR THE WORLD..

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon March 17, 2013 at 4:24 AM.

Of course your truly will always be right!

Unfortunately, you will never reach the right spot as you crossed eye has caused you to mix you name up with all other anonymous bloggers!

Anonymous said...

@nonymous 2.39PM
And let's not forget what has become of that first military ruler of fiji.
what's he doing these days?
the new military ruler should take his cue from that. he must remember he will not always be enjoying the dizzy heights he has unlawfully risen to...
running shops honestly is more honourable then running a country unlawfully. but skunks are not meant to appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Wellington March only 20 people attended. Auckland March only 40 people attended.

But that's already 60 more votes than Bainimarama's ever received. Bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

What a pity that so many intelligent Fijians like the gentleman at 9:07 AM moved to Sacramento.

How shitty that so many like "Sanaila" are still here.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget that the anti government bloggers here are the SDL supporters so they will say anything about the government.There is only a few (about 20) ant govt bloggers here and so was n NZ.
Lets face it,ths govt is doing wonders.

Anonymous said...

Luvei Think Tank,



mohammed rizwan aka rizwan dean son of nizam-ud-dean ,chairman FEA,first cousin Nazhat Shameem.Is daddy's contract about to come to an end,hence the licking ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Escape Goat....since you're numba one in tracing people....can you kindly trace who is dis Seema that AG is screwing ?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:10 PM
Who wants to know

Anonymous said...

8.14 your father madarchod


meh meh eh eh meh eh eh who cares who is screwing who...don't you guys have someone to screw yourselves or do you lot peep through windows and sarka kuto..get yourselves some partners otherwise Fiji will be full of gossip monger all sarka kuto...mehehe mehehe

Anonymous said...

Sarka kuto should qualify us to serve with Yash Ghai on Frank the Wank's next "constitutional" exercise, aka circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:14 PM, Mrs. AG.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:55, one wonders to what "wonders" you might possibly be referring.

The disappearing act it's done with our government, franchise, rights, pension, currency, judiciary, constitution, culture, and dignity?

Or the levitating it's done with the price of basic commodities, the statistics for rape and the incidence of suicide?

Or the sleight of hand Frank is doing in enriching himself with the Muslims and Chinese and in sidelining all legitimate political parties in the supposed run-up to elections?

Or maybe you mean the "rabbit" he's going to have Aiyaz pull out of his ass to justify his continued rule until 2020 and beyond?

Will these goddamned wonders never cease?

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is a real man, really? By whose standards? Dharam Lingam's?

As much as I hate to call into question somebody's manhood, I submit that real men don't support men who bash pregnant women.

Real men support the rights of others, even if they disagree with them.

Real men don't dismiss, distort or cover up the facts. They face them.

Davis is far from my idea of a real man, and now light years away from being a real journalist.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2,59AM
A brilliant reply to the misplaced notion that Graham Davis is "a real man".
He is a real asshole if anything!

Anonymous said...

I know of two Fiji falas who are taxi drivers in Australia who have gone on holidays all over the world using their own hard earned money. how often has Bainimarama gone ANYWHERE using his own money?

Anonymous said...

20 and 40 at the rallies but hundreds but thousands reading it in the newspapers, hearing it on radio and seeing tv. As has already been said justice is served

Shalen Kumar said...

@ Anonn 2:20 PM 17 Mar 13,

Hey Dumbass,

If Fiji didn't have a rule of law, then it would be chaos and we'd have a situation like that which happened in Muaniweni in 2000. Fiji does a rule of law, just not like the ones you guys have in Aust and NZ. This rule of law appreciates and does not discriminate, unlike Aust and NZ, discrimination is still very much part of everyday life. You think you're a Fijian living overseas makes you better than us here in Fiji????

Well, if you haven't woken up yet, you're a second class citizen in that country mate because you're an immigrant and not a pure blood citizen. Here in Fiji, all people are the same regardless of race or religion. So fuck off kutiya.

Anonymous said...

@ Shalen Kumar
Kitana book tum paro kalas ? tum authority baito international law ?
tum gaand baito. you live in a make believe world which has no correspondence to the reality of the Fiji military dictatorship. So you go get your fucking head checked so that you can grasp the real situation - including the rule of law situation - in the country under its current illegal "government".

Anonymous said...

yeah and you will never own native land jutia;;;
only 15% will circ amongst jutias

Anonymous said...

SDL List for 2014 Elections:
Teimumu Kepa
Jone Kubuabola
Turkana Bovoro
Peni Mau
An are Jale
Sakiusa Raivoco
Viliame Raibunebune
Salesi Logavatu
Ilaitia Tuisese
Pio's Tabaiwalu
Viliame Belo
Maikeli Natadra
Jone Bouwalu
Shiu Raj
Peceli Rinakama
Meli Saukuru
Tupeni Baba
Naiqama Lalabalavu
Sikeli Nawadra Komaisavai

SDL is currently soliciting support of former CAMV and nationalist supporters.

Anonymous said...

Shalen can't seem to differentiate between the rule of law and the law of the jungle.

Both bring a form of order. Both ultimately rely on the coercive power of the state. The difference is that the first is authorised and regulated by consent of the governed, whilst the second is based purely on naked force, as in the New Fiji.

VitiMother-Earth 1213 said...

Wathi Poki...wowsy what a long list of woes you have there. But guess who are the brains & ones handing cartoon of champas & $$$ to Viti's dikky regime...?? Fijians do not have that kind of money! They are just puppets! Academics like Shaista Shameem & John Prasad et al are ones that have conveniently assisted in writing plans etc to bring Fiji down to its knees not Fijians. The ones that owns big businesses like Mahendra Patel & Bajpais etc are ones playing golf with these behind the scenes culprits and yet Fijians are conveniently being blamed. Think again.

Kamlesh Kumar...No its not Nationalism in Fiji. Its protecting the interests of our Fijians. Check out John Prasad and Shaista Shameem and Aunty Noor Bhano -infamous Khaiyum Aunt that now controls Sebior Civil Servants Pay - a role normally given to Treasury. Who ocheastrated these may we ask??

As for anon giving a pot-shot at Luvei Viti Think Tank, think again. We do not gain anything for standing in the streets fighting for the course we believe in i.e STOP TORTURE IN FIJI & OPRESSION & HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE! Period.

Anonymous said...

shaista shameem left this group on the easter weekend 2009...never to talk to any of them again or help them.aiyaz and nazhat shameem saw to her departure. she was causing them headache with too much human rights

Anonymous said...

@Sacramento 9:07...ok so you have a great life in Sacramento. But what exactly is your point apart from boasting of your great life in AmRica? Blowing your trumpet is not the same as contributing to meaningful discussion on how we can all improve Fiji. Go mix another bowl of watered down yaqona and munch that curry goat.

Anonymous said...

mother earth1213 not sure what you are talking about but maybe you are better known and proven as mtherfker love u long time!!

what is this abuse and et al shit ? are you pramesh chand who keeps trying to quote some latin legal shit like ASK-should you know? maybe they are brothers

nobody is trying to fck fijians they got dirty asses anyway and make up 80% of pop.

need to find new scape goat or the fijian regional fights are about to start

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:03 PM, I think the points made by Sacto are pretty self-evident. He's puncturing phony arguments being made by people on both ends of Fiji's political divide, especially Sanaila's rummy argument that Fijians who left Fiji went to a worse life. If their lives outside of Fiji were so bad, why aren't they returning? Get your head out of your arse and learn something, boy.

Unknown said...

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)


Unknown said...

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)


Unknown said...

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)