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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The video that can't be denied by the Fiji regime

For the cynics who've doubted police brutality in Fiji, including those who didn't believe the scale of the violence being perpetuated by the RFMF and QEB goons.

The brutality is not new and goes back to the beginning of the 2006 coup when Frank Bainimarama stomped on human rights advocates, including one who was pregnant.

This leaked video is also an indictment of those, bloggers included, who last year endorsed the ugly beatings and torture being dished out to the Naboro escapees, one of whom ended up having his leg amputated, when C4.5 published the revelations.

Police later suggested Epeli Qaraniqio lost his right leg because he had diabetes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgdrQ0j-rSI&sns=em http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgdrQ0j-rSI&sns=em&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DGgdrQ0j-rSI%26sns%3Dem&has_verified=1


  1. utterly disgusted makes me sick to the stomach,
    who ever posted this video thank you.
    And the police officers who done this really inhumane acts well ..... a reminder on what goes around comes around and the arm of the law aint short to get you . I do wish its sooner rather then later

    and still call yourself christian!!!!!

  2. No human deserves this kind of treatment, so cruel and barbaric.

    A vicious cycle of coups and violence...

    What do the junta advisors say to these type of barbaric acts? iPolCom Naivalurua?

  3. Come Sunday the iPolCom torture boys are all suited up in neck ties and Bible in hand.

  4. That bloody cold-blooded SOB deliberately maiming the prisoner at the ankles so that he can be crippled for life. The evil SOB may as well have sawed through the ankle.

    Special screening for Old Nelly the pressie and junta shysters..

  5. i wish i had a gun and shoot all the ppl involved in this treatment of a human beign..makes me sick. for akll those army,police involved in this beating,may i curse you a thousand times over for all ur names to be published and exposed when this banipig govt goes to the pigs and loose this election ..i am not happy to be called a fijian today.

  6. Oqo sa dua nai tovo lolovira,torosobu au sa qai raica sa tukuna tu na lala ni qavokavoka kei na bula vakayalo ni tamata.. ia me ra nanuma vinaka nai vakarau era cakava ena dua na siga ena caka tale kina vei ira se o ira na luvedra ni mataka....

  7. The "murderers" and "thieves" deserved what they got. I gotta admit that it was over the top but necessary none the less to be an example to all the aspiring murderers and thieves that our beautiful country has on offer to think twice before they barge in gangs into an innocent person's home and rob them of their livelihood and life.

  8. No one cries for the victims of these murderers and thieves so why should we for them!

  9. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family, friends and the vanua turaga where this young man hails from. I could not stand watching this video that i had to stop after 2 minutes. My heart bleeds with tears in my eyes i had to pray for comfort and peace.

    My mind wonders how can this young man be bruatually beaten and tortured in broad day light by this group of thugs ! How can they do this when innocent people are watching ? Why does this young man deserve to be assaulted ? Lots of questions crowded my mind that i am lost of words to describe how sad i am wacthing this barbaric act carried out by this group of thugs.

    Isa Viti !

  10. what the criminals did was wrong.... what the police did here is wrong... sad frustrating and evil. have faith in good... Fiji will one day actually be a friendly safe place to live or visit.

  11. Even alqaeda terrorists are treated humanely then these criminals. What the criminals did were wrong, but what these forces did is so wrong! We can imagine what happened to those who were murdered at hands of the forces watching this.

  12. Prisoners the world over are not treated like this when they are captured, only in Fiji. Well nainimarama, physically jumped on womens stomach and one of them was pregnant. this brutality starts from the top down. They all need to be brought to justice. Kenneth Zinck

  13. I feel SOOOOOOOOO SICK in my stomach I cannot watch the whole 9mins of this video. After 2mins I AM SICKKK and utterly disgusted because as I watch this all I can think of is what did they do to my nephew, Sakiusa Rabaka who died in the hands of this unmerciful so-called protectors of the children and citizens of Fiji, and that would include prisoners.

    I'm sure he did since he DIED after being "seen" by/with military/police officers.


    Please, send this to Ban Ki Moon and Bob Carr and McCully and whoever still out there supporting these goons!

    RIP Saki! You're missed by your extended family and your parents!

  14. That guy in the back of the truck robbed us and injured me. He should have been shot dead. If this was in the USA he would have been shot dead in the bushes he was hiding in.

  15. Is it possible to take an effective but peaceful stance against evil; to end such practices and hold the perpetrators accountable without, in the process, engaging in the same kind of retaliatory violence that defined the crime itself? This is the challenge for libertarians: to live with integrity; wherein one's principles are sufficient for all circumstances, without a need to rationalize their abandonment because one has not thought through peaceful alternatives.
    The Acts by the security forces Police / Military is disgusting ,cowardly , inhuman .The Police code of ethics clearly disputes these.And for every Police Officer At all times we shall protect life and property and it goes on to say that you shall never use you office for personal gain.Beyond that becomes a personal vendetta.

  16. O.M.G.

    We knew this goes on but when you actually see it with your own eyes , atoms in your heart and in your soul simply just explode with horror and revulsion.

    Whoever released this has obviously developed a conscience. Thank you for helping us show the world.

  17. @ Annon 6:10am...Now that the video is out on facebook where folks identify themselves, I ask you to air your frustration on that network.

  18. This was released by police and army officers to show the world how corrupt this regime is.

  19. It just shows that this brutal cowards are indeed the mataivalu ni soli sona and assprodding police m.f officers. I know the guy with the blue n white T shirt..he is a sgt at central police station and sometimes at the prosecution office. Some of them were members of the stike back unit...its the talk of the town in Fiji now and I can see what happened to Baleiloa, Malasebe and others..the most sickening part is the cover up by the Police Leaders that my brothers leg was amputated becoz of diabetes...we will wait for them in Nadera, Kinoya, Kalabu, Newtown...we know you..

  20. This should be shown in all Fijian homes so that all people can rise up against this evil.

    Naivalurua - These cops should all be charged or you Bainimarama, Khaiyum and all members of the illegal Junta wull face the same fate by the power of God.

  21. Only person deserve this is Khaiyum and Bainimarama

  22. No one deserves this type of abuseMarch 5, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    Some of the above bloggers who condone this behavior are as inhumane as the thugs shown in the movie clip. NO ONE DESERVES THIS TYPE OF ABUSE ESPECIALLY AT THE HANDS OF THE ONES THAT SHOULD BE UPHOLDING THE LAW.

  23. No one deserves this type of abuseMarch 5, 2013 at 7:32 AM

    Not even VB and ASK

  24. These guys terrorised Suva. They are criminals of the worst kind. They got what was coming to them. The only thing that's changed is that the video has emerged. Wake up you idiots. They were being taught a lesson they'll never forget and the rest of us sleep safe in our beds. Bugger them.

  25. This is a blow to bainimarama's election campaign currently underway

  26. No one deserves this type of abuseMarch 5, 2013 at 8:12 AM

    Anonymous 7:56am.... taking your point of view also compromises your family, friends and fellow Fijians. No one is safe when abuses of this type perpetrated by the very ones that should uphold the LAW is unleashed.

  27. @anonymous 7:56 Bainimarama and his muslim friends are terrorising the whole of Fiji.
    According to your logic we should do this to Bainimarama and all his muslim friends.

  28. Bainimarama's muslim friends - should be given this same treatment

    • Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
    • Aslam Khan,
    • Iqbal Janiff,
    • Nazhat Shameem
    • Shaista Shameem,
    • Nur Bano,
    • Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
    • Abdul Khan(FSC),
    • Mohammed Aziz,
    • Faiaz Ali,
    • Mohammed Saneen,
    • Saheen Ali,
    • Razim Buksh (RBF)
    • Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
    • Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
    • Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
    • Riaz Ali (FNU),
    • Nizam U Dean,
    • Afzal Khan,
    • Hafix Khan,
    • Anwar Khan,
    • Ali Jan,
    • Bahadur Ali,
    • Lainuni Khan,
    • Shaneze Voss,
    • Shane Hussien,
    • Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
    • Robert Khan,
    • Rahmat Ali,
    • Gulam Mohammed,
    • Faizal Koya,
    • Ahmed Bhamji

  29. Bunch of cowards like the boss.shame on you fijian police/army officers.dont have the guts to protect the legal govt but hit the poor with no arms. hypocrite.

  30. Bainimarama and his muslim friends stealing lots of money from Fijians.
    What they stole is million dollars more than what these boys stole.
    They already stole Fijian Holdings and now stealing Yasana Holdings.

    Why cant these same police on this video go and visit Kaiyum and Bai and give him same treatment.

    Oh I forgot, police lamu.
    Fijian soldiers too big lamusona.

  31. Ira na sotia ni viti sa tu ga mera soli i cici.
    Vanai Bainisona sa qai yawa sara.
    Tamata lamulamu.
    Fijian soldiers cant shoot Bainimarama because they are a bunch of pussies.
    Ni yavu maga levu.

  32. UN should stop all peace keeping duty done by fijian police/army.sent them back to banana republic .what auss/nz/usa/eu/un have to say about this.

  33. well there are police officers which judge shameem let of for the murder of malasebe and goundar and temo upheld on appeal...so much for your independent judiciary...
    infact only three officers are in jail and the guilty ones are out and about thanks to shameem and goundar...dont believe it? read the court of appeal judgments in paclii...

  34. 2006????...PALEEAASSSEEEEE!!! We as a people have been brutal since the dark ages. All fijians have an uncontrollable anger when pushed to the limits.
    Both parties where/are wrong, but until I walk a mile in either ones shoes; will just have to pray for them.

  35. Unbelieveable.

    Hopefully someone with video editing skills will now pull out the images where the perpetrators can be easily recognised. These should then be posted.

    There were clearly a number of people videoing this.
    This was not just one or two taking the law into thier own hands but a large group supporting inhumane torture.

  36. Frank & Kaiyum must be laughing saying what can you do?

  37. @ Anonymous 7.56a.m. Bugger them?

    B U G G E R Y O U !

    Violence begets violence and so the vicious cycle will continue unabated thanks to the kaisi bakolas like you and them treasonous ones.


  39. Obviously this is released from within.
    Meaning that there is a rebellion brewing within the ranks.
    Fiji is a powder keg ready to explode within the next few weeks. Take precautions ,,,those with children have an evac plan ready from Suva city ,,,QEB surrounds etc.
    Be alert.
    For the hangers in regime, get out now becos this time no prisoners will be taken as Indians are seen as supporters of these atrocities and the anti Kai Viti actions since 2006.

  40. @ 9.00a.m. You sound like that Francis Kean, the first ever full-salaried convict, who landed a cushy job immediately on his early release from jail. Is he still supporting the family whose father and sole bread winner, he robbed them of?

    Fiji junta is so corrupt and evil to its core.

  41. This shows the overrated and overpaid iPolCom Naivalurua's method of extracting a FALSE CONFESSION to secure a conviction.

    When people take the law into their own hands and engage in torturing a defenceless human being, it definitely takes something out of them and they will never be the same again. They chip away a civilised nation instead of strengthening it. Manumanus!!!

  42. Nothing will happen. Life will go on as usual in Fiji as we do not have the guts to do anything even after watching this video. Month from now we will still be talking about this or some new bit of news.

  43. Has this video been sent to other media outlets in Fiji? What about Australia and NZ? We need to send links to this site to as many media connection as we can. Come fellow readers lets start and only then we can bring it to their attention.

  44. Semi Meo, your so called friend Bocimagana must be smiling.

  45. Sharon of MINFO with Knickers upMarch 5, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Sharon of MINFO; You are caught with your knickers down; sorry with your knickers up because your knickers are always down and your behind available to the Regime whoremen.

    Do we believe what comes out of MINFO?

    I never did since 2009.


  47. Those bloody escapees deserved the beatings. They terrorise us, rob us, rape us, murder us and expect to be kissed on the cheeks. If this was a violent criminal escapee in Australia or the US, they would have been shot in the house or behind the bush they were hiding. Let this be a lesson to you criminals and convicts wanting to escape. Next time we will throw you in the lovo too.

  48. These escapees from Natabua escaped after the Suva escapees who robbed the BSP Bank. What did they think they were going to get a heroes welcome after the Suva escapees attacked police and soldiers with cane knives and iron rods. They deserve the beatings. They should have been shot dead after what they have done. Some people here are commenting like they are some saints. If they raped your daughter or your sister you wouldn't be making the same comments.


  50. Yes, will be interesting to see how Sharon SmithJohns "infamous fiji military basikeli", will try to explain away the brutality meted to defenceless suspects.

    Money is more important to these prostitutes than human lives and human dignity.

  51. Sure MINFO Anon @9:49am

    I hope you remember this when your Regime Fools and Conmen are taken in by the LAW in 2014.

  52. @Anonymous 9:49 AM & 9:52 AM

    Are you both as thick and stupid as your posts suggest.

    I have no problem with a serious criminal getting a bit of a beating BUT this is not a 'bit of a beating' it is very clearly prolonged systematic inhumane torture !

  53. @ 9.52a.m. There is NO excuse for violence.

    We already know that the only time force is permitted is to secure the custody of a suspect/escapee and that force must be REASONABLE and PROPORTIONATE to the resistance or attack one is encountering. All law enforcement personnel and those who work in the justice system know this rule by heart.

    What we're seeing in this video is cruel, inhumane, TORTURE acts being meted upon defenceless prisoners by rogue law enforcement officers who've decided to take the law into their own hands.

    Deliberately maiming the ankles of the half naked prisoner and prodding at his penis, is barbaric, cruel beyond words, immoral, unlawful, criminal and unchristian.

    These shameful and disgusting acts fall squarely on the heads of those who continue to prop up Fiji's dictatorship, esp. the shysters..

  54. fascist thugs at work building a "better Fiji" and "true democracy"...
    can anyone convince me that the people doing the brutalizing are better human beings than the escaped prisoners they are terrorizing?
    I don't think so.
    We see things like this in the news from african, asian and latin american countries but I never thought we would see such dehumanizing things like this happening in Fiji.
    It's very shameful and painful to see our beloved country degenerate to such a state.
    Did it ever occur to the sadistic torturers that the prisoners were fellow countrymen?
    Did it occur to them they were the sons of mothers who were anxious to know what had become of their sons?
    I guess not because these brutish men had lost their humanity.
    That's why they can laugh and have a good time whilst torturing the victims.
    I am sure they are very proud of the work they do and there are people who are proud of the work they do.
    These are the kind of people society should lock up in prison.
    They are a danger to the good society.

  55. What will Sisa Waqa and Eddie Waqa say when they see this?

  56. This is what happens when people have absolute power. They not only abuse that power but use it to shed any inhibitions or human decency they might have. And, to think there were others standing by getting a laugh at the two young men's expense. And one inadequate male had to vent his frustrations at not being enough of a man by insisting he get to whack the poor guy's marbles. This is what will happen if we had civil war... we would be beating people to death and justifying our actions as a right because of our might. It would be easy to say "Let God be the Judge" -- but all we would be doing is passing the buck and if God is to judge, we should remember that we also need to be judged for our inaction.

  57. Commissioner Andrew Hughes had put a stop to this kind of behaviour in the Police Force during his tenure as Police Commissioner in Fiji. And crime was actually going down at the time too. The Police Force was a proud institution then. Now, we just have thugs for a Police and Military Force. Tell your sons and daughters to resign from the force. Vinaka cake na sasamaki e gaunisala mai na mataqali i tovo lolovira sa va tu qo. Vakaloloma dina.

  58. Now that this video has gone viral and is absolute proof of rumoured out of control law enforcement one of two things should happen today;

    1. The person responsible for this group of law enforcers should resign with immediate effect. This due to the proof that they are unable to do thier job and that they have bought horrendous shame on Fiji. Hopefully they are embarrased enough by the shame that they will take this path.

    2. The person responsible for this group of law enforcers is sacked immediately by the minister in charge of law enforcement. This must be done to show the people and the world now watching that the goverment does not support this type of behaviour.

  59. @9.49 and 9.52 ... you both need to experience what the poor men went though so that you can come to your senses. Didn't you hear one of the "law enforcers" say "Sa Veka"? That's the extent of the beating received. To lose control of one's faculties under these circumstances is not just embarrassing, it is a loss of one's dignity. Criminals are also human beings and sometimes it's best to understand why they became criminals before passing the death sentence as you seem to suggest. There is a vast difference between justice and vengeance. And if you want to live in a civilised society then certain choices need to be made ... in your case you've let your stupidity get the better of you without realising you yourself may not survive in the jungle you seem to suggest we banish our criminals to. Remember the young lady whose soldier husband was killed in 2000? She not only forgave the perpetrators concerned - she also felt for the families of the perpetrators who also suffered in their own way, just as she did over the loss of her husband. She, at least, had more compassion than the two of you combined!!!

  60. Fijian lawyer 'real jack' from FijiBoardExiles supports these acts of torture! A bloody-minded LUNATIC and psychotic SOB advising his dictatorship from the shadows!

    "those boys are part of that thing which happened last year #1 [url] [-]
    Posts: 18870
    16 minutes ago

    there were a series of breakouts planned from prison as part of a destabalisation campaign last year - involved in that were some prison officers also (who have been sacked)

    this is the net result - those are pictures of two of the guys who were part of that breakout

    those guys are not hitting them to injure them - whats being done there is to apply pain - the soles of the feet and the lower part of the feet are being hit with rubber pipes to induce unforgettable pain.

    they are being made to psychologically break down - thats why you have guys in numbers around them. its meant to break them down psychologically and physically.

    they are also being questioned there - who planned the breakout, why they broke out etc etc etc. in that state of stress those guys will simply break down - the guy in the back of the van has completely broken down

    he is handcuffed in a "stress position" - with his hands tied behind is legs. that places him in a position where he feels totally helpless. in that video you can hear him being called the "leader of the group" - so he is being put in that position to show him that he is not the "Alpha guy" in that situation. he is being dominated.

    the guy sitting on the grass still has his mind under control - so thats why the dog has been brought in - its meant to break him down. you can see him break down the moment the dog is set on him - the dog is not meant to injure him, its meant to psychologically break him down - and it has, because the moment the dog charges him he starts whimpering - and so the dog is pulled away and he is told to talk - and he does. you can hear him talking.

    that kind of thing is done to break down the mind - the pain is only a feature of that process.

    if you can break down the mind, you will get the guy to reveal what actually they planned and what they did.

    after those boys are treated at the prison infirmiry they will be okay. there are no lasting injuries

    those are some tactics from Malaya used on the CT communists and from Lebanon used on the Lebanese militia's - its reserved for "hard guys" to break them down psychologically.

    Last Edited By: real jack 9 minutes ago. Edited 2 times."

  61. The boys in HK will atone for this on the Footy pitch,Go Fiji Go

  62. There are humane ways of breaking people down psychologically. This one is outdated and prohibited by international human rights.

  63. Lawyer 'real jack says: "after those boys are treated at the prison infirmiry they will be okay. there are no lasting injuries".

    How does this SOB know there will be NO LASTING INJURIES?? Both physically psychologically??

    Has 'real jack' been at the receiving end of the SAME TREATMENT to vouch for that??

    If so, its probably why he doesn't see the acts of torture for what it is as an UNLAWFUL AND INEXCUSABLE acts of violence!!

    In direct breach of both national (domestic) and international law!!

    Go discuss some more with Nazhat, Goundar, Gates, Pryde and Aiyarse!

  64. anon 10.43am
    you fool,,,,orders came from top to teach these guys a lesson,,,,,,a foot was amputed.
    Govt should be kicked out for this,,,,,& they lied to the nation.

  65. This is wrong., C4.5, can we name and shame this cops ? someone here must know someone dising out this barbaric act.

  66. Lawyer 'real jack' says: "that kind of thing is done to break down the mind - the pain is only a feature of that process."

    Wow! @ pain is Only a feature...

    The problem with the junta shadowy advisors who let others carry out their dirty deeds.

    Then lawyer 'real jack' says: "if you can break down the mind, you will get the guy to reveal what actually they planned and what they did."

    There is ample literature that expressly negates your typical bullsh!t artist contention, 'get reaal jack'. Only the gullible and loonybins would believe your nonsense!

  67. Those who support this the cruelty in this distressful video (btw thanks C4.5 for posting the truth) and acts of TORTURE are both "scared and evil" - a very dangerous combination, ala Naupoto...

  68. @ 11.32AM

    Scared, evil, inexperienced, corrupted, and coupled with the absence of "real wisdom".

    A crying shame. Vakamadua.

  69. is part of the torture to poke his arse..try poking bainimarama arse..and see what he'l do to you..if you want to punish them do it accordingly..but not inhumanely..to gruesome and not worth it ...shame on fijians

  70. Who is this lawyer called "real jack"?

    C'mon be a man, use your real name bro if you support the torture of another human being.

  71. The Commissioner of Police must arrest these perpetrators of such abuse

  72. Ben VocoAbuser NalivaMarch 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM

    These thugs have a liking for CICI's. Naliva did it, these interogators are doing it to this helpless sod. Is this what they do in camp while not having someone to abuse and interrogate?

  73. I am a tourist to Fiji and have just been shown this video.

    I now want to cut my stay short and return home.

    I am absolutely sickened by this torture and will do everything possible to ensur the international community are aware of these horrors.

    Shame on you all who took part. But rest assured justice will be done!!!

    GOD help Fiji.

  74. As expected total silence from the Regime !!!!

  75. It's good to see the young people of Fiji seeing this brutality and commenting on social media about this released video clip.

  76. Police gave evidence on oath at the trial of these prisoners.

    Now with the real truth coming out it is only right that these policemen are charged with lying to the court and causing greivious bodily harm.

    I urge a lawyer to please take up the case for compensation.

  77. The first part of this arrest wasn't shown where these escapees attacked the two cops who approached the farm house with cane knives. They retreated and this clip shows after they were handcuffed. Serves them right to be beaten up. These is not the guy that got his leg amputated. These are the escapees from the west. They should have amputated their heads instead. They have caused us more trouble by sleepless nights worrying during their escape and robbery spree. They are violent criminals so they get a bit of their own medicine. Totally on the spot Real Jack.

  78. @Anonymous 11.58 AM
    The Commissioner of Police must be arrested as a perpetrator of the torture of a citizen.
    a citizen does not cease to have rights - including the right to state protection - just because he or she is a prisoner.
    the COMPOL should be charged for failing in his duty of care to provide the necessary protection to the prisoners.

  79. @ 11.58am The iCommissioner of Police and his junta SANCTIONED the torture and beatings. The rule of thugs over the rule of law. Helloouu..!!!

  80. Bainimarama I supported you.
    But now I am sick to my stomach.
    May you rot in Hell you bastard

  81. There is absolutely no excuse for treating prisoners in this way. No matter what they have done.

    This is what separates professional policemen to scum

  82. @ 12.10 yeah can see that 'real jack' would advise the amputating their heads instead. The mark of a BEAST supporting his brutal, unaccountable-to-anyone regime.

    Sleepless nights or sleep with one eye closed, for those who support the rule of the jungle aye!

  83. Firstly I pray that God gives comfort and peace to these prisoners and their families.

    Real Jack go fuck yourself as no decent humanbeing would ever support this kind of treatment to a fellow human being.

    I pray to God that you & your family get what's coming to you no matter what part of the world you are in.

    This video should be made availabe to the US, European Union, Australia and NZ so some dickheads like Bob Carr can understand what is clearly happening in Fiji today.

    All these countries will have blood on their hands when bloodshed breaks out in Fiji for supporting an Illegal Military Junta instead of removing them and bringing democracy and freedom back to Fiji.

  84. let us contextualize this State on citizen violence. it's like this : the current mob in power who came to power by force have no problem with the use of force/violence . for them the democractic way is a failed system of governing the people and the country. they are therefore now adopting a different model of governing. they kind that has no qualms about terrorizing and coercing citizens to quietly accept their tyrannical rule. But at the same time they are mouthing their commitment to democracy to get the international gang onside and to get them to keep the money coming.
    This is where the violence against the prisoners is coming from. These state functionaries like their political masters have no abiding belief and commitment to democratic values. For them it's a nuisance which they dispense with whenever they can.

  85. USA & UK will arm and support the freedom fighters in Syria, that's good. I hope they come to our aid during our uprising. To all you soldiers and police officers I hope you lay down your weapons and join your fellow citizens when the time arrives

  86. Maichod, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum



  88. HAS VERY MUCH CHANGED ??????????


    October 31st, 1839, Thursday. This morning we witnessed a shocking spectacle. Twenty (20) dead bodies of men, women and children were brought to Rewa as a present from Tanoa. They were distributed among the people to be cooked and eaten. They were dragged about in the water and on the beach. The children amused themselves by sporting with and mutilating the body of a little girl. A crowd of men and women maltreated the body of a grey-haired old man and that a young women. Human entrails were floating down the river in front of the mission premises. Mutilated limbs, heads, and trunks of the bodies of human beings have been floating about, and scenes of disgust and horror have been presented to our view in every direction. How true it is that the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.

    November 1st, Friday. This morning a little after break of day I was surprised to hear voices of several persons who were talking very loudly near the front fence of the mission premises. On going out to ascertain the cause of the noise, I found a human head in our garden. This was the head of the old man whose body had been abused on the beach. The arm of the body had been broken by a bullet which passed through the bone near to the shoulder, and upper part of the skull had been knocked off with a club. The head had been thrown into our garden during the night, with the intention no doubt, of annoying us and shocking our feelings.

    These poor victims of war were brought from Verata, and were killed and brought away by victors to be roasted and eaten. Many women and children were taken alive to be kept for slaves. About 30 living children were hoisted up to the mastheads as flags of triumph. The motion of the canoes while sailing soon killed the helpless creatures and silenced their piercing cries. Other children were taken, alive, to Bau that the boys there might learn the art of Feegeean warfare by firing arrows at them and beating them with clubs. For days they have been tearing and devouring like wolves and hyenas.

    Rev. David Cargill, Methodist Missionary, Rewa, Fiji, 183

  89. @ 11,49am

    "Scared, evil, inexperienced, corrupted, and coupled with the absence of "real wisdom"... are all that SOB arm-chair critic 'real jerk' epitomizes. Now he wants to bring in examples from other countries that engage in torture to try and justify the brutality of his beloved JUNTA. Or to water-down the brutal effects being felt by the public and bloggers alike, of that compelling torture video.

    Sorry 'real jerk' but two wrongs don't make a right. You're on a cycle of vengeance and have been at it since 2000, a time when you could have done something given the freedoms you enjoyed and YET, you and your treasonous cronies chose to support another coup. tsk...tsk...

    You've been at it for far too long 'real jack' that you've lost common sense, decency, sense of empathy, and objectivity.

    So much for saying that Qarase and Chaudhary can no longer contribute worthily to the country, well hello... go look at yourself in the mirror 'real jack', and get some help.. Fiji does not also need damaged, destructive souls like you. No thanks.

  90. Now we see the real Fiji.

    "The way the world should be" I don't think so.

    We are now cancelling our holiday to Fiji.

  91. The video is already on ABC TV Australia and is scheduled to have maximum coverage on all ABC TV stations today.

    Tourism Fiji is in a crisis

  92. @ Anon 9.52 .. Let me set you straight and show you up for your ignorance.
    The chap being beaten in the tray of the truck is 24 year old Iowane Benedito.
    Police and Prison officers were involved in this recapture at Muslim League Estate in Nabua. The other chap being beaten was a 20 year old who harboured Benedito.
    So, please, stop diverting attention from the crimes our policemen and prison officers are committing. The FMF may not have been involved here, but the FMF and the Bainimarama regime are just as guilty because their actions (and now inaction), allowed this to happen. May God forgive you for your stupidity, but may he condemn you for your callousness towards the well-being of your fellow human beings.

  93. 12.37 Anonymous

    Do not bring up write-ups of Fiji's cannibal history, in a pathetic attempt to justify the actions of your brutal, THIEVING junta.

    Do you wish to return or succumb to the DARK AGES and UNCIVILISATION?

    Then at least start with being brave and put your real name to your post, stupid d!ckhead!

  94. Come on people lets keep this ball rolling. Send it to all media outlet around the world. This regime will crumble in first week if there's an uprising.

  95. The police have gone back to the DARK AGES and UNCIVILISATION

    What have we learned ?????

  96. One of the servants of the king a few months ago ran away. She was soon, however, brought back to the king's house. There, at the request of the queen, her arm was cut off below the elbow and cooked for the king, who ate it in her presence, and then ordered that her body be burnt in different parts. The girl, now a woman, is still living.

    Two men that were taken alive in the war at Viwa were removed from thence to Kamba, to be killed. The Bau chief told his brother – who had been converted to our mission – the manner in which he intended them to be killed. His brother said to him: ‘That will be very cruel. If you will allow the men to live, I will give you a canoe.’ The Bau chief answered: ‘Keep your canoe. I want to eat men.’ His brother then left the village that he might not witness the horrible sight.

    The cruel deed was then perpetrated. The men doomed to death were made to dig a hole in the earth for the purpose of making a native oven, and were then required to cut firewood to roast their own bodies. They were then directed to go and wash, and afterwards to make a cup of a banana-leaf. This, from opening a vein in each man, was soon filled with blood. This blood was then drunk, in the presence of the sufferers, by the Kamba people.

    Sern, the Bau chief, then had their arms and legs cut off, cooked and eaten, some of the flesh being presented to them. He then ordered a fish-hook to be put into their tongues, which were then drawn out as far as possible before being cut off. These were roasted and eaten, to the taunts of ‘We are eating your tongues!’ As life in the victims was still not extinct, an incision was made in the side of each man, and his bowels taken out. This soon terminated their sufferings in this world.

    Jaggar, Methodist Missionary, Fiji, 184

  97. Hre's what 'real jerk' of FijiBoardExiles says about torture tactics used by the Yankees at Guantenamo:

    "...so being upset about whats happening in that facebook video is a normal human emotional response - that video is upsetting - nobody likes or wants whats happening in that video - and yet its the reality - thats what happens in those types of situations."

    Yes, we all know that where there is no RULE OF LAW, you will find the RULE OF THUGS. The SOB is telling us something we already all know, but what he tries to omit in stating all that he has about the TORTURE caught on video - is that he actually SUPPORTS these torture tactics meted by the regime. His posts on FBE are so full of it - the mind of an evil smartarse, bent on vengeance. He is the alter-ego of Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

    Has anyone heard 'real jack' the lawyer condemn the torture and cruelty we watched on that video? Like his shyster cronies, not a peepsqueek. Instead, the SOB tries to justify the cruelty and torture. Swine.

  98. Oracle
    Stupid fool,,,,the scene is in the jungle at Veisari area,,,,,
    who u tring to fool ,,,,,,?? Muslim League is in an urban area with houses everywhere ,,,that's in the jungle in the video...BOCI

  99. Thank you Coupfourpointfive for telling us Fijians/Indians the truth. God bless you.

  100. @ The real jack
    Whoever you are you are a real jackass!
    and if you are a lawyer then you must be a third rate one because you don't know the first thing about the rule of law in a modern day society.

  101. Sorry, missed real jerk's comment on Guantanemo, here it is :

    ..."this is from Guantanemo - these are very "advanced" techniques being used by the Yanks - its a mixture of drugs and sensory applications - these guys are in a stress position - on their knees on gravel. they are made to wear gas masks - and they are also probably drugged because the Yanks do use drugs to interrogate "hard" subjects i.e hallucinogens and all the rest of it."

  102. I hope many of you will join me in this curse.

    In the name of Jesus Christ I curse all those who had a hand in this tragic act and 7 generations after you.

    May the Lord do unto you and your family seven fold what you did unto these human beings.


  103. anon 1pm
    whats your point about cannibal history of the kai viti?
    trying ti justify torture? maichod!

  104. Police Commissioner always quick to discipline his police force - we hope he will do same for this brutal inhumane action.

  105. This is disgusting. And what will Carr and McCully do?! Dont hold your breath.

    Great saying that describes the Fiji Govt (and all its agencies).. "If the only tool you have is a hammer, all you will see is nails."

  106. Anon 1:05 PM that's not the way to ask God's judgement. HE is a just GOD and will answer in HIS own time. Keep praying, but not in that manner, seek HIM and HE will show HIMSELF in HIS own time.

  107. I wonder if people would support this video if these were the perpetrators of the rape of a 9 month old baby?

  108. Commissioner of Police is to release a statement shortly.

    The critics of this illegal regime were right all along.


  109. I am so disgusted.

    Until I saw this video I was proud to be a Fijian, now I feel so ashamed

  110. Well it was on NZ TV3 an hour ago.

  111. Saaa...! no release from MINFO today. Sharon Johns having day off after getting her butthole prodded by soldiers?

  112. This news story broke on ABC AM programme this morning.I was absolutely horrified at the brutality, and violence involved.I admire the courage of Coup4.5, bloggers,and those seeking true social justice for Fiji.This video is a reflection of what this brutal regime will met out ( and it already has)to those they see as subversive to their rule i.e Coup 4.5. God keep you safe and keep up the fight.We are with you.Proud Fijian in Australia

  113. Inspector Sokomuri is a farking lying bastard.
    He said the amputation was caused by diabetes.
    He would have seen this video and still came out and blatantly lied to the public. The farking lying pig.

    All these "spokesmen and spokeswomen" for the Regime are all lying idiots.
    No one should listen to them the bloody lying motherfuckas.

  114. Cannibal quotes I think are posted to show that some of us Fijians have not really changed much in the last 100 years.

    We need to send a message that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and must not be tolerated no matter what the prisoner has done.

    This is what civil society is all about. Police are custodians of the law and the justice system

    This should be what separates them from the thugs but they have failed us badly.

  115. I have just copied and pasted the link on Fiji Tourism facebook page. I am going to do this to all media outlet.

  116. I urge some massive protest against this type of behaviour from the Police.

    I can understand why tourists are now cancelling their trips to Fiji.

    Absolutely disgusting but I fear is quite a typical response from the Police.

    How often have we seen footage of badly injured prisoners being brought before the Courts and police lying that the injuries were caused when resisting arrest.

    Enough is Enough. Magistrates are so naive and acquiesce in these horrors.

    Let the massive lawsuits begin. Now is the time to reopen all these type of assaults that have been swept under the carpet. Some ended in death in custody.

  117. Campbell Kooney from ABC Television already contacted me today. To all Australian ppl; watch it on ABC live sometimes today.

    Julie Bishop the new Foreign Affairs minister have also being contacted. She will release a stmt soon. Forget abt Carr whose being smelling the curry pot frm Khaiyum lately !

    God Bless Fiji; POWER TO THE PEOPLE; pray for Freedom; Democracy & Rule of Law restored in our beloved Fiji !

  118. one of the most significant thing about this is that there were so many stood around allowing it to happen. And a number videoing it.

    The excuse CAN NOT be used that it was just a minority that have bought so much dis respect for the police.

  119. I was planning of bringing my family to Fiji for a holiday, I've changed plans after seeing this. Hope rule of law and freedom of press is restored back in Fiji. Adios!

  120. @ Anon 1.02 -- take a good look at the video. Does the jungle in Veisari have a road accessible by pick-up truck? Have you spoken to the folks at Muslim League? Or, WERE you THERE when this happened? (Remember that song: Were you there when they nailed Jesus to the Cross?)
    If you were not part of this inhumane attack, have you wondered whether you might be sitting next to a thug at your grog sessions?
    Your everyday husband and father who goes to Church on Sundays could well be one of these men dishing out the punishment.
    Wake up, FOOL.

  121. Commissioner of Police you are an honourable man and a former student of the great Marist Brothers High School.
    Please do the right thing and resign in protest of the horrific actions of YOUR men.

    WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ?????????

  122. Persons who have seen this video are utterly disgusted...I am disgusted. They all ask " are these pple supposed to be professionals...our police officers??"...I am saying they are supposed to be ' HUMAN BEINGS' first !!! how one person do this to another...let alone others who have born witness to this heinous act just stand by and watch and go home and sleep. I saw this video in the morning and my entire day is ruined as I for one cannot understand how mentally ill and mentally incapable are those persons who inflicted such horrific treatment on another human being.

  123. For you sympathizers out there: If you have been a victim of violent criminal activity, you'll be singing a different tune. What if you or your loved ones were the victims in this instance? Would you like this guy to be making a living from inside your home while you slept? I guarantee you, you will be standing in line also to take a shot at this felon.

    Whilst serving in the Police Force, we attended a robbery at the Courtesy Inn (now Tanoa Plaza). The thieves had thrown the lady receptionist over the counter, onto the floor and STOOD on her HEAD. The poor girl was terrified and pleaded for her life. We resolved that night that we would not clock off duty until the perpetrators were caught. They were cornered at Wailea St, Vatuwaqa. The same treatment they meted out to the poor girl at Courtesy Inn was visited upon them 10 fold. Am I sorry? HELL, NO!!. They got their just rewards. Live by the sword, die by the sword. This guy would not have received the beating he did unless he had done something to really rile up the arresting officers. Bottom line, Crime does not pay. If you involve yourself in criminal activity, be ready to face the consequences, whatever they may be. Man up and take it on the chin.

  124. Commissioner of Police your men have crossed the line.
    You need to take full responsibility for their actions otherwise the public will continue to lose respect.

  125. Annonymous @ 1:53PM you are not fit to be a policeman. We don't want your kind and you should be weeded out.
    NO EXCUSES. Police are there to arrest only. Let the courts decide the punishment.
    You have no place in a civilised society. You remind me so much of the cannibal quote.

  126. @Anonymous 1:53 PM

    Thank you sir for giving Fiji and the world yet more proof of what a disgusting, pathetic, cowardly, uncontrolled bunch of people the Fiji police have within thier institution.

    Your job is to apprehend criminals using reasonable force as required.

    Your job is not to hand out punishment and torture. That is for the courts as per the law of the land.

    Thank you again for demonstrating your incompetence and knowledge of you job. I'm sure all members of the FMF are very proud of you.

  127. @anonymous 1:53
    according to your logic, since Bainimarama jumped up and down on a pregnant woman's stomach, would you agree we should also go and jump up and down on his stomach 10 times.
    You said "10 fold" didn't you?

    Can you please reply

  128. Anonymous 1:53 is dickhead semi meo.

  129. That's it !!!
    My family were looking forward to our holiday in Fiji but now we have cancelled.

    I cannot see such a breach of human rights like this and pretend it didn't happen.

    My perception of Fiji has changed forever and I am truely upset.

    I have a family of five and human rights are always a topic of discussion in our family.

    I feel so sick.

  130. BTW - have any of you spared a thought for this guy's victims? Don't you think they would be traumatized by the horrific experience they were subjected to? Criminals show no mercy nor do they discriminate between sex, age or ethnicity during their rampage. What right do they have to expect mercy when they showed none? Don't talk smart until you have walked in the shoes of the victims. You sleep well at night because the police force, with the meager resources they have available to them, are doing the best they can under the present circumstances, to afford you your beauty sleep, so that criminals like this and his ilk do not rape you, your mother, sister and rob you blind in the middle of the night.. This guy does not deserve any sympathy. save it for his victims.

    And yes, I posted earlier @ 1.53pm.


  132. What the heck is this???????? To be frank the Fiji Police doesnt have proper work these days. they just wanna force their law on people. What a country!!!! Pity to see that the Fiji that our forefathers built for us is being toppled down by these kind of authorities. Seeing all this had already made me more determined to leave this country and never return back.

  133. @ Real Jerk...ae Real Jack....

    If that was you, you would have been crapping & wetting your pants 30 seconds into the beating......

  134. 2 wrongs don't make a right.

  135. I bet my bottom dollar Fiji Sun won't even bother to front page such a scoop!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. @Anonymous 2:13 PM

    As you condone this action so much tell us what crimes these two prisoners undertook that warranted this treatment.

  137. Now regime will feel how powerful social network can be with something like this real put the steam off their bullcrap campaign. Let's see what's their response after they regroup. I can see qorvis and graham davies mapping out their strategies to help them save face in the media.

  138. @dickhead 1:53 & 2:13
    You just don't get it do you?
    The Police's role is to capture the Escapee. Not dish out the Judgement, you dickhead.
    That is the Magistrate's role.

    We are supposed to be living in a civilised democratic society not a bloody cave.

  139. Anonymous 6:10, I am writing from the United States, and I can assure you this prisoner would have received due process of law. The people we would shoot in the bushes are the types who would deprive us of due process and equal justice under the law, like the illegal mob who now run your government.

  140. The Police have the lawful authority to use reasonable force. Was reasonable force being used on the prisoners in this case?
    Anyone who after seeing the video says yes needs to have his head checked by a qualified medical practitioner. But not Dr Neil Sharma because he is a regime lackey.

  141. Anons et al @ 2.06, 2.08, 2.08, 2.10:
    I wonder what your collective self-righteous reactions would be if videos of brutality by criminals on their victims were posted online? The police are at a disadvantage here as they mostly react to situations which, by the time an arrest is made, is public knowledge. So people come armed with camera's and preconceived ideas of how things should pan out. The criminals, on the other hand, have no such restrictions imposed upon them. They have a free hand to wreak havoc among the community, knowing that they will always be viewed as victims when the long arm of the law catches up with them, and there will people such as you, offering their pathetic sympathy rather than condolences to their next of kin. Obviously you lot have never served in the armed services. So I don't expect you to understand the frustrations police officers go through, when criminal elements are given bail by the courts, only to go on another spree. I don't expect you to understand the anxiety our families go through when we don't return home on time at the end of the shift, or to come home injured because we had to break up a bar fight. Have you ever been called upon to relay to surviving family members that the only bread-winner in their home has lost his life because of criminal activity? You talk smart because you haven't. I have, and it's not easy seeing children, wives, mothers, fathers break down and cry. I have to live with these memories until my dying day, but hey, you guys don't have to, so it's alright. Again, the criminals in this video deserve all they are getting and more. You lot make me sick. i rest my case.


    A brutal video allegedly showing Fiji police or military beating and torturing two men is believed to have been filmed in November. Sources have told ONE News the man in the back of the pick-up truck is prisoner Iowane Benedito, who had escaped from custody, and that the other man pictured in the video was accused of harbouring him (see video).

    That incident followed another in which Amnesty International wrote an open letter to interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama about five prisoners who were beaten.

    Its East Asia head Roseann Rife wrote in that case that one of the prisoners was so severely beaten his right leg had to be amputated as a result of an infected open fracture and that he was unable to appear in court until two months after his recapture.

    Amnesty International asked Commodore Bainimarama to investigate and bring those responsible to justice. The video runs for nine minutes and shows the beating and capture of the two men. Fiji authorities have yet to comment on the graphic video.

  143. Anon 2:45 PM

    If you cant do the job don't take it, as simple as that. You sound the typical whinger who wants the job because you do not have the brains to do anything else and then want sympathy because its not as cushy as you had hoped.

    The guy is captured, handcuffed and NOT a danger to others. NO EXCUSES.

    It is the people like you that make the rest of us totally sick.

  144. anon 2.45pm
    your job is to take them to court sona levu!!!
    not make them lose a limb,,,especially when you working for a cirminal govt....
    there s really no difference here as criminals are catching criminals
    anyway looks like this vid was released from within to destabilise the boci govt

  145. annon March 5, 2013 at 2:45 PM

    If you cannt stand the heat, get out and find another job.

    THIS IS WRONG !!!!


    Police in Fiji are investigating a graphic online video which appears to show Fijian officials brutally beating two men. One posting of the video on Youtube says it shows the torture last year of recaptured prison escapees. One man on the back of a ute is beaten repeatedly with wooden and metal poles and then stripped of his underwear and further attacked. Another man on the ground is also hit and dragged by a dog.

    Amnesty International says it's working to verify the contents of the video. Grant Bayldon from Amnesty New Zealand says the violence shown appears to be consistent with the assault and torture of recaptured prisoners that the human rights organisation documented in December.
    "To say categorically who committed the attacks is not something Amnesty can do, the Fiji Government needs to investigate," he said.

    The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says police are seeking to verify the contents of the video.

    The ABC has approached the interim government for comment. Anti-regime website Coupfourpointfive says one of the beaten men later had to have part of his right leg amputated.
    It says the video highlights police and military brutality.

  147. @anonymous 2:45
    Like I've said before, there is a reason why you are called "Policeman".
    You are not called the farking "Judge".
    The reason you are frustrated is because you misunderstood your role.

    I am still working and I work in this area too.

    Every policeman are taught at Police Academy what is their role in society.
    You seem to have missed the point or maybe was asleep when they gave that lecture.

    Leave the jusgement to the farking
    Your job is to capture the criminal.
    That's It. Nothing more and Nothing less.


  148. This is the problem when you hire school dropouts who don't have the brains to reason things.
    They are just like dogs, trained , fed , play, and when there is a mission the dogs are left loose to catch the thieves. At least the dogs are better because it only bit at the shirt and drag him without injuring. So who was better, the dogs or the police. Na ulukau levu.

  149. @ 2.45p.m. You do not have a case, period. You've become as sick as those law enforcement-turned-cowardly thugs. Bugger the rule of law that should have dealt with those who have wronged society. And you'll pass that attitude to your kids.

    Some wise blogger said earlier two wrongs don't make a right. That is correct.

    But what the likes of you are perpetuating, is an endless cycle of violence.

    Perhaps you simply don't know how to get your stinky, compromised, thieving fingers out of the cookie jar.. You're not coupster ipolcom Naivalurua leading the charge by any chance, are you?

    Well... just so you know, none of us who oppose your thieving junta would even wish the same barbaric treatment on you lot of pathetic suckers.

    We prefer to leave that to the Rule of Law to take its course and deal with your treasonous conducts. If you're not sure how that goes- please refer to George Speight's court case.

  150. Editor,
    We read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun that " Most people want the Prime Minister,Voreqe Bainimarama, to continue leading the country after the 2014 elections, consultations in the greater Suva area show" (FS 4/3).
    Can the Fiji Sun regime sycophants (they can hardly be described as journalists)do another round of "consultations" and show this video of torture under the Bainimarama military dictatorship and then ask people if they would like this mob to continue to lead the country?
    And do a secret ballot to obtain their response.
    The Fiji Sun is trying to cast the illegal Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama as a popular national leader when the reality is that the man is a ruthless military dictator who grabbed power in a military coup in 2006 and has been clinging to power since then by undemocratic means.No amount of rubbish from this shitty newspaper can hide that fact.
    rajend naidu

  151. They think they are paid just to have free housing, free kerosene, and just to sit around without any sweat. Its because of this prisoners that you fuckers are employed. Without them there would be no job for you. In any business the customers is the most important person. Your customers are the prisoners and you should treat them with dignity knowing without them you would be unemployed. Do you have brains or at the least common sense.


  152. We cannot tell you how many have been slain. Hundreds of wretched human beings have been sent to their account, with all their sins upon their heads. Dead bodies were thrown upon the beach at Vewa, having drifted from Bau, where they were thrown into the sea, there being too many at Bau to be eaten. Bau literally stank for many days, human flesh having been cooked in every hut and the entrails having been thrown outside as food for pigs, or left to putrefy in the sun.

    The Somosomo people were fed with human flesh during their stay at Bau, they being on a visit at the time. Some of the chiefs of other tribes, when bringing their food, carried a cooked human being on one shoulder and a pig on the other; but they always preferred the ‘long pig,’ as they call a man, when baked. One woman who had been clubbed was left upon the beach in front of our house at Vewa. The poor creature's head was smashed to pieces and the body quite naked. Whether it was done by the heathen to insult us, or not, we do not know.

    One Christian man was clubbed at Rewa, and part of his body was eaten by the Vewa heathen and his bones then thrown near our door. My lad gathered them up and buried them, and afterwards learned that they were the bones of one of his friends. After Rewa was destroyed, heaps of dead bodies lay in all directions; their bones still lie bleaching in the sun.

    We do not, and we cannot tell you all that we know of Feegeean cruelty and crime. Every fresh act seems to rise above the last. A chief at Rakeraki had a box in which he kept human flesh. Legs and arms were salted for him and thus preserved in this box. If he saw anyone, even if of his friends, who was fatter that the rest, he had him – or her – killed at once, and part roasted and part preserved. His people declared that he eats human flesh every day.

    At Bau, the people preserve human flesh and chew it as some chew tobacco. They carry it about with them, and use it in the same way as tobacco. I heard of an instance of cruelty the other day that surpasses everything I have before heard of the kind. A canoe was wrecked near Natawar, and many of the occupants succeeded in swimming ashore. They were taken by the Natawar people and ovens were at once prepared in which to roast them. The poor wretches were bound ready for the ovens and their enemies were waiting anxiously to devour them. They did not club them, lest any of their blood should be lost. Some, however could not wait until the ovens were sufficiently heated, but pulled the ears off the wretched creatures and ate them raw.

    When the ovens were ready, they cut their victims up very carefully, placing dishes under every part to catch the blood. If a drop fell, they licked it up off the ground with the greatest greediness. While the poor wretches were being cut in pieces, they pleaded hard for life; but all was of no avail: all were devoured.

    Rev. John Watsford, Ono, Fiji, November 6, 1846

  153. Isa Turaga na noda i vakabula, era wele ka bulabula vinaka tiko o ira era butako-lelevu ka tekivu mai na NBF saga me vakai John Sanday, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Vakatora, Stinson ka yaco mai vei ratou na i lala qo o Bainimarama, Naivalurua et al .... sara qai mai mokulaki vakacaca me yacova sara ni sa voleka ni ra ciba ka mate o ira era toka sara e ra, me vakai ratou na lala cauravou qo.

    Na ka vakaloloma dina ni da mai veimoku toka ga vaka i keda, ka ra dredre lo toka o ira na butako lelevu era se vunivunimatua taka vinaka tu na nodra i valavala nodra vuni toka qori e rukui Bai kei Kum.

    The fish stinks from the head...


  155. Note to self: Next time confiscate all cell ph's and digital cams before proceeding normal.

  156. What a shame! And these men call themselves Fijians? Sa sega ni dodonu me vaka tu ya na noda i vakarau na Kaiviti! What right do they have to instill such inhumane treatment on escapees? And to make matters worse, the use of vulgarity is obscene and so degrading! If these goons think they are the law, then they got another thing coming...now the whole world can see them for what they truly are!

  157. Fiji will never get out of the pit with attitudes like what we have seen today.

  158. @ Vutuki Meo.........maybe he didn't attend the academy in the first place, must be one of those who went in through the window!!!!!!!!

  159. We really are a fourth world country and really don't want to be civilised, do we ?????

  160. Just wondering??
    Do police recruits undergo psychological testing as part of their suitability???

  161. As an American with a love for Fiji, this makes me SICK.

    In the past I've tried to ignore Fiji's political 'situation' and continued to visit my Fijian friends at least once a year. But after watching just a few minutes of this video, I can no longer in good conscience continue to support this regime in even the most indirect way.

    I sincerely hope and pray that this video somehow becomes a catalyst for change in Fiji. It is so sad to watch the constitutional process become perverted, that the current dictator obviously will choose to "run" for "elected" office. Bani could have healed the wounds of Fiji - allowing an open constitutional process to proceed, not run for office. He could have stepped back and fulfilled some of the promises he made. It might have been 10 years too late, but the Fijian people are so kind and forgiving, I think they would have let him live out his life in peace in Fiji. Now has become obvious that only a violent revolution will cure the cancer that has infected that beautiful land. And so many innocent people will die, it makes me want to cry.

  162. This is so inhumane...so this is what they are terming as 'reasonable force' what is reasonable force when the one being beaten is cuffed??? shameful, sickening....

  163. Amnesty International is now investigating.
    NZ Herald is reporting


  165. Deafening silence from the Compol, AJ and PM.

    And I wonder why??????????


  167. Stan
    You are sick. NO EXCUSES. You are no better than the criminals themselves.

    This is what makes us so very different.

  168. Fiji really needs our prayers right now

  169. @Anonymous 2.45 PM.
    You have the good sense not to reveal your true identity because the views you express exposes you as a person not committed to the rule of law which is an established norm for modern civilsed living. Victims of criminal action are not to take the law into their own hands. And law enforcement officers are not to take the law into their own hands and to deliver punishment to criminals.
    Offenders must be brought to justice through due process of law.
    What you are doing is defending the indefensible. You are saying it's okay for the police/military to deal with the offenders as they see fit. And in the present case to subject them to the kind of brutal treatment they have been subjected to. For you it's just desert.
    You are wrong. That is NOT how OUR police and military are meant to behave.
    Tell me . why do the police and the military have codes of professional conduct and Acts in Law to govern their professional conduct?
    To do whatever they please?
    I don't think you - whoever you are - are thinking straight.

  170. Stan


  171. Reasonable force in Fiji for the whole world to see. I have had my fair share of experience in similar circumstances but not to this extent.One as ole officer there must have been in charge or the one with the most senior rank present should have stopped it.What a lousy lot.

  172. I cannot believe there are individuals who condone the brutal torture of the handcuffed captured prisoners.

    I curse you and hope you rot in hell

  173. These policemen are absolute scum and are unfit to wear the uniform. They are no better than street thugs.
    I am a former police officer who worked under a number of Police Commissioners and I am appalled by the scum who were responsible.
    What a shame on you for crossing the line.

  174. Stan: those policemen and soldiers are doing exactly what the criminals were arrested for in the first place (BREAKING THE LAW). You cant tell people to respect the law when you are blatantly doing so yourself.

  175. Royal Fiji Police ?????????
    You have destroyed your once high reputation.
    And you think you deserve a place in the International world of Peace keeping.

  176. the police/military people doing the torture are all wearing good runners.are these issued by the state or did they do some free shopping somewhere!

  177. Anon @4:15pm - be careful, you might be the one rotting in hell...!!!!

    Anon @2:45pm - talk is cheap - I have been there, not like you, taking cheap shots from the comfort of your cubby hole. Try police work for a change and see if you can cope. My guess is you won't be able to.

    Anon @4:10pm - yeap, two wrongs don't make a right, but it sure feels good righting a wrong..!!

    @Vutuki Meo - aren't we taught that when on the beat, we are the COMPOL ourselves? Maybe you were the one sleeping in class, and now on the job. Resign and plant rice.

    Anon @3.09pm - I do have case, u don't. You're a sorry loser like the rest of the sympathizers here.

  178. kaiyum the circumcised fucken muslimMarch 5, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    and the useless pakeha cunt Murray McCully will say how sad, we need to continue to monitor the situation in Fiji... Fucken useless pakeha cunt!!!

  179. Fiji really is a FAILED STATE. No denying it now. Lets just face the reality.
    Our dirty washing is known to the world now. Thanks be to God.

  180. ok - let's put this to the test: How about you bunch of losers that are feeling sorry for these two, post your names and addresses here and we'll let these two loose to come and have dinner at your homes? Oh, and be sure to dress up your wives, sisters and other female relatives for the occasion. You game? If not, STFU..!!

  181. why is this stupid maichod pakala always bringing up cannibal stories,,,,,,,
    do you want the same treatment pakala??

  182. Anon @ 4:13PM You are indeed a very sick policeman and need medical help.
    You are not fit to wear the uniform.
    I am a former police officer and have been there but controlled my actions. You obviously cannot.
    I feel good that you and the likes of you are totally outnumbered here by civilised people.
    Go back to the jungle.miss

  183. Anon @ 4:13 reminds me of the mentality of a cannibal

  184. I am living in Australia, brutality of this nature is totally out of character, I've come across Fiji police and prison officers who came here, lodge their protection visa, most of them claimed that they've witnessed brutality by their work mates, well judging from this video clip, everyone is taking part in some ways, the Australia authorities should check these apolicants properly before makung their decision, I know a case where an ex Fiji policer's application was approved, where the victim by the hands if Fiji military and police were rejected and now facing deportation.

  185. I alerted the NZ Herald about the news and sent them links to blogs publishing the story then they immediately published the following story:


  186. @ 4.31 Anonymouse

    Some COMPOL you are, hiding behind anonymous. Pathetic loser..

    Here's an apt word that best describes cowards like you:
    S U C K E R !!!

  187. Anon @ 4:13 pm
    There are far better policemen than you. You like have let us down badly.
    You are not fit to wear the uniform and follow the code of conduct.
    Shame on you.

  188. This news and the video are raging like wildfire in the cyber world. Just google "Fiji Police Brutality" and you will see it at the top.

    It appears that the illegal minister for justice (ASK) will have to answer to the world for all these horrific scenes. And it appears too that he and Bai will have no more peaceful nights.

    God is turning on them now because they know about a lot of incidences like this one. Their crimes and corruptions will be exhibited from hills. mountains and housetops.

    So we can lay back and watch them fall from their high places. This goes for all who are hiding the truth including you IK. God, who does not tolerate His people to be lied to for 7 years is now taking over and meting out justice on evil rulers.

    I cannot say that Bai and Khai, and their advocates who condone their actions, were not not warned.

  189. WOW.............the silence from IG & the Republic of Fuckedup Police Force is deafening............

  190. I am a senior Police Officer at Police HQ in Suva. Please do not judge us all by the actions of these few.
    What they have done is totally unacceptable and I am hoping and praying that our Commissioner will be strong enough to take decisive action in this case.

  191. @ 4.36pm

    Game? You need to check-in at St Giles with your looney tune games.

    They'll probably have the good sense to tell you, just STFU LOSER! lols.

  192. @ Anon 4:36...

    Why don't you put your name first?? I thought so, scared that the cons yavusa might give you the same treatment............Oh BTW, which of these cons was convicted of rape or sexual offense??


    We just can get it right can we.

  194. @Anonymous 4.53 PM
    Your Commissioner is a military installed puppet of the regime. Don't expect anything decent from him. He is a part of this illegal junta.

  195. @ 4.53pm Senior Police Officer

    We may be anti-junta but we're not stupid like those above and below you. They're not the "FEW" at all but reflect the rot that stinks right from the top.

    I'm afraid you're wasting your time praying for your iPolComm since he's one of them selfish, coup beneficiaries and will not do anything except save his own skin. We're now into the 7th year since Dec06...


  196. Captain Morell, the American skipper of whom I have already spoken, came near to being the victim of an ambush in the Fiji Islands. he lost fourteen of his companions. After regaining his ship, he said, he saw the savages cutting up the members of his poor sailors while they were still alive, and more than one of them saw his own arm or leg roasted and devoured before his death.

    In Naclear Bay, in the Fijis, a Captain Dillon came near to losing his life. While searching for sandal-wood trees with eighteen or twenty of his men, he found himself separated from the majority of his party and surrounded by a large number of the natives. It was impossible to regain the sea, so he and four others took refuge on a steep rock. ‘We were,’ said Dillon later, ‘five refugees on a rock, and the ground below was covered with several thousand savages. They lit fires at the foot of the rock and heated hearths upon which to roast the limbs of my unfortunate companions. The corpses of these,’ he continued, ‘as well as those of two chiefs of a neighbouring island, were brought before the fires in the following manner: two natives from Naclear constructed a kind of stretcher with branches of trees, which they placed upon their shoulders. The corpses of their victims were put crosswise upon this structure, so that the head hung down on one side and the legs on the other. Thus they were carried in triumph to the fires, where they were placed on the grass in a sitting position.

    ‘The savages sang and danced around them with demonstrations of the most ferocious joy. They fired several bullets at the inanimate bodies, using for this posthumous execution the guns which had fallen into their hands. When this ceremony was finished, the priests commenced to cut up the corpses before our eyes, and the fragments were placed upon the hearths. Meanwhile we ourselves were surrounded upon every side save that where a thicket on mangroves bordered the river.’

    Two of Dillon's companions, one named Savage and the other a Chinese, abandoned their captain, foolishly believing the promises of the barbarians that they would come to no harm. ‘Savage,’ Dillon said, ‘was soon in their midst. They surrounded him, appearing to congratulate him. Suddenly, however, they uttered a great cry, seizing Savage at the same time by the legs. Six men held him suspended head downwards and plunged him into the hole full of water, where he was speedily suffocated. Meanwhile, a native approached the Chinese from behind, and dashed out his brains with a blow of his club. Thereupon the two unfortunate fellows were cut up and placed on the hearth with their companions.’

    Dr. Felix Maynard & Alexandre Dumas, The Whalers, Hutchinson, 1937


  197. The Fijians loved human flesh for its own sake, and did not merely eat a slain enemy out of revenge. Probably the absence of any animal they could eat gave rise to the custom...

    The crew of every boat that was wrecked upon these shore was killed and eaten in some parts. Often a man would order to be clubbed some man or woman that he considered would be good for cooking, his plea being that his ‘black tooth was aching’ and only human flesh could cure it. Such was the absolute right of a man over his wife that he could kill and eat her, if he wished; which has been not rarely done.

    Such inordinate gluttons were some of these chiefs that they would reserve the whole bakolo, as a human body to be eaten was called, for their own eating, having the flesh slightly cooked time after time to keep it from going putrid. As a rule a Fijian will touch nothing that has become tainted, but sooner that lose any part of a human roast, they would eat it when the flesh would hardly hang together.

    So great was their craving for this strange flesh that when a man had been killed in one of their many bruits and quarrels, and his relations had buried his body, the Fijians frequently enacted the part of ghouls and, digging the body up from the grave, cooked it and feasted thereon. So customary was this that the relations of a buried man who had not died from natural causes watched his grave until the body had probably become too loathsome for even a Fijian's appetite.

    The flesh was either baked whole in the ovens, or cut up and stewed in the large earthenware pots they use for cooking. Certain herbs were nearly always cooked with the flesh, either to prevent indigestion or as a sort of savour stuffing – I know not which. The cooks who prepared it and placed it in the ovens filled the inside of the body with hot stones so that it would be well cooked all through.

    After a battle, the victors would cook and eat many of the slain at once, but generally some of the bodies were borne home to the victors' village, where they were dragged by ropes tied round their necks through the open place to the temple. There they were offered to the gods, and afterwards cooked and divided among the men, the priests always coming in for a large share. By the side of the temples great heaps of human bones lay whitening in the sun – a sign of how many bodies had been thus offered to the gods. Women, however, were not allowed to take part in the awful banquet, yet women's bodies were considered better for the favourite portions. So delicious was human flesh held to be, that the highest praise that could be given to other food was to say: ‘It is as good as bakolo.’

    Some of the most famous of the great cannibals have eaten an enormous number of human beings, many of them in their time having consumed hundreds of bodies...

    No important business could be commenced without the slaying of one or two human beings as a fitting inauguration. Was a canoe to be built, then a man must be slain for the laying of its keel; if the man for whom the canoe was being built was a very great chief, then a fresh man was killed for every new timber that was added. More men were used at its launching – as rollers to aid its passage to the sea. Others again were slain to wash its deck in blood and to furnish the feast of human flesh considered so desirable on such occasions. After the canoe was afloat still more victims were required at the first taking down of the mast.

    At Bau there used to be a regular display of slaughter, in a sort of arena, round which were raised stone seats for the onlookers. In this space was a huge ‘braining stone,’ which was used thus: two strong natives seized the victim, each taking hold of an arm and leg, and, lifting him from the ground, they ran with him head foremost – at their utmost speed against the stones – bashing out his brains; which was fine sport for the spectators.

    Alfred St Johnston, Traveller, Fiji Islands, Camping Among Cannibals, Macmillan, 1883

  198. @ Anonymous 4.36 PM
    I bet you are a school dropout who joined the army. the absence of good education is all too evident. that's why you write crap and end with STFU.! that is the extend of your "logical" discourse!
    now go back and do some press ups and stuff like that . that's your kind of stuff.

  199. I am a Senior Police officer at Police HQ in Suva.
    I am so very very sorry for the actions of officers under me.
    Please forgive me as I feel so ashamed.
    Each day I do my very best to be a true professional and try my utmost to instil correct behaviour and lead by example.
    You can imagine the uphill battle I have.
    Honestly after the revelations today I have to really look seriously at my future.
    I did not join the Fiji Police Force for this. My father was a proud police officer and I followed in the family tradition.

  200. The man in the tray of the truck is Iowane Benedito, a remand prisoner who escaped from the Suva (Korovou) Remand Center on Nov 18, 2012. He was recaptured 10 days later with the other guy who is accused of harboring him. Both of them had not been convicted. Benedito was facing bank robbery charges, not sexual assault charges while he was remanded.


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