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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two more rogue officers fingered for Benedito beating

Two former Fiji Sevens reps have been identified in the video showing police, army and Corrections officers abusing an escaped prisoner and a man accused of helping him elude police.

The pair have been named to Coupfourpointfive as SITIVENI WAQA and PENI GAUNIMEKE.

Both were fingered by people who know them because the images of them in the nine minute video are not as sharp as others, but it was enough to get them.

This man has been named to C4.5 as Peni Gaunimeke.
Former Sevens rep Peni Gaunimeke

Peni Gaunimeke is seen in the video at 6.21, when he approaches the man accused of harbouring the escaped prisoner, Iowane Benedito. 

He is wearing  blue three quarter pants, a yellow polo shirt with black stripes, blue socks and work boots. 

He takes a swipe at the helpless man then saunters off

Gauinemeke's Facebook says he works as a police officer in Suva.

Group seen at end of video. Those who know Waqa say he's at right of the truck near the door.

Waqa: picked out despite being on cam for just a few seconds. 
Sitiveni Waqa, who is listed as a sergeant and whose badge number is 235, is seen at the end of the video at about 8.01 and a few seconds after. It's a quick glimpse but enough for those who know him, to say it's definitely him.

Video of Iowane Benedito and the unnamed 'accomplice' being beaten by renegade officers


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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that other criminals of separate crimes are apprehended in a matter of hours.....yet when dealing with 'their own' and with all these evidence staring themselves in the face...its taking so long...Are they really investigating or working on a 'cover story' to defend the indefensible?...It would be interesting to see what they come up with....pliz not another of those bullshit stories lie we are a bunch of primary school kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Siosio.... sa rawa na cakacaka qai laki cala tale. Peni dau miss tackle. Not surprising, they were suppose to be in the disciplined force not violent force.

Drau waraka na nomudrau red card. Ben lesu tale i na Red Rock. Siti murimuri qase.


Crosbie Walsh said...

This is old footage from when Qarase was Prime Minister.

The prisoners captured late last year were treated with dignity and respect.

Coup 4.5 should get its facts straight before publishing this shameless pack of lies.

Anonymous said...

No my friend you are dead wrong.
Police have confirmed the exact time of the assault and are closing in on the culprits.

Incidentally the rugby players will now not be able to secure visa from civilised countries.

Motobitu said...

Thanks a ton Coup 4.5 for publising the facts about this Govt's rvils, corruption and unsuitability to rule anybody.....for us all livng in Fiji to revolt against the illegal dictatorship

Kameli said...

Sai koya, vinaka Coup.4.5, keep up the excellent work...Peni Gaunimeke o sa kilai qo.

Da sota ga dua na vanua os sa na buturaki vakavanua. Ke lomani makete e Suva me vinaka me ra join mai na tamata lewenivanua e na i valu ni veibuturaki...koisi. Ke o dou salavata tiko mai nomu vuvale vinaka sara mo dou moku kece sara...vuaka.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh go fuck yourself you senile old cunt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the deafening silence from the Church leaders after seeing the brutality dished out to these two fellow human being???I guess the only sound we are goning to hear from them is the usual plea to keep on giving money and fundraising in order to fund their extravagant lifestyle!

Sotia ululala said...

Peni Gaunimeke luveni boci vaka fancy tiko qo nomu i qitoqito e Viti lako i Wellington o lai boci tu kina.Sa raica sa saumi vei iko na nomui vakarau.Kemuni na noda mai valagi NZ kei Aust me vakau na yacadrau kina immigration se foreign affairs me rau vakatabui ni curu yani keri.Ni saga mera kua talega ni curu vanua yani na ovisa kei ira na prisons warden.Ke tu mai keri na luvedra mera complain taki mera vakatalai tani mai ra yavu ni kawa ni daulaba.

Kai Bau said...

Coup 4.5 when things still heating up the headline could you get some more photos of the rabaka,Verebasaga and Malasebes murdrerers because people are reading this blog probably more now.Advertisement is one of the strongest marketing tools nowdays so as the media.So please dig up all the previous photos because these videos shots can strir up the people of Fiji to revolve against the IG.Its just a matter of masterminding and manupalating the peoples to stand up and revolve against the IG.

Nadera Boy said...

Crosbie Walsh you moron!! what proof do you want? Keep supporting Bai & co and write the best for them as when time come for them to go,you are also going with them..We will never forget..http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/16299091/amnesty-urges-fiji-regime-to-investigate-torture-video/#

Long Live Fiji & Down with Bainimarama.. Dou veitauri dagger na sotia kece dou blog tiko mai na page qoka,baleta ya na ka tukuna o Bai veikemudou moni vakacacani kemami na Valataka na Dina e baleti Viti!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Crosbie Walsh needs to get facts right. When Qarase was Prime Minister mobile phones didn't have video. You will see the quality of the video is from new model phone. Get your facts right you dumb twit!

Anonymous said...

I wish to ask the Prime Minister(illegal),what he has to say about the video and what is the Govt going to do about it.
I volunteer to be part of the task squad that deals with No 1 and No 2
when their time comes...

Anonymous said...

You Mother Fucking Assholes..all you talk about how these criminals have been treated.They deserve what they got.How about somebody talk about the victims of these criminals.

Anonymous said...

They should be charged under the Crimes Decree 2009 which says:

Crime against humanity—torture

87. A person (the perpetrator) commits an indictable offence if —

(a) the perpetrator inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons who are in the custody or under the control of the perpetrator; and

(b) the pain or suffering does not arise only from, and is not inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions; and

(c) the perpetrator’s conduct is committed intentionally or knowingly as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.

Penalty — Imprisonment for 25 years.

Anonymous said...

no wonder the 7s is losing,,,,they breeeding torturers ,,,1st was Naulia who killed Rabaka still playing in Army team after just a few weeks in prison and now this boci from redrock who couldnt tackled in NZ

Anonymous said...

funny thing about military enquiry into 2000 coup and mutiny is that soldiers requested panel to ensure confidentiality of report as they were worried about their families and own safety.
Oi - rere tale tiko o van damme ra sona levu

Anonymous said...

military parade in Fiji Sun today ,,,soldiers told to be alert and ready ,,,for what mo dou veivutusona??

Anonymous said...

as the law states..those responsible for this horrendous acts should be punished severely and also those who ordered it...NO 1 and No 2 and the police commissioner...
They cannot get out of this situation...or maybe they can ..if they declare Fiji a Military State with no future elections.Your time is coming MR Frank

Anonymous said...

@ANON@6:23 PM

You are the only Motherfucker in this page!!
There is the law to go and talk to them about it,what abt you ask them guys who interview those crims in the video,to work out how far their investigation went about your case?? Did they finish it so you can get some compensation for things stolen from you or assault done by the crims on you etc?...because of the iregularity of the law in fiji(jungle law) nothing is going to be black and white till teh proper law has been restored and choosen by teh ppl of fiji and not Bai & Group..

I am also a crime victim,fair enough those crims were beaten but not tho the extend and abuse they got from those law enforcer that are suppose to protect all of us!!

i am really happy that this video came out and also tell the truth of what really goes one behind the scene when apprehending crimes etc.

Kai Bau said...

Good lesson learnt from this video clips.We should be using the power of techonology Take shots of any incident by the police or army and post it in the coup 4.5 or facebook.Now is the time as the world now knows that this IG are torturing people.The more videos the better.There are professional people in Fiji who can reanact some kind of shots and post it on the anti goverment web site.Any street fights etc blame the police and the army even if they are not there.

SV, Sydney said...

I would say with strong conviction based on my judgement of the regime/military's continuous treatment since 2006 of its citizens, previous records/cases of physical and inhumane abuses and violation of human rights, they say that still thay do not have to answer to people, civil societies, churches, or political groups, and what makes them untouchable is how they influence and control the police and the judiciary. Remember the cases of Rabaka,etc...and where are the prepetrators....they are already out in the streets with some being shifted to untake Peace Keeping duties overseas. The citizens of Fiji needs strong International Communities interferance immediately....I love my country........SV, Syd.

Anonymous said...

@anon6:51...so you were a victim of crime? Obviously it wasn't major enough to warrant you squirming with pain after being anally raped, your hard eraned belongings stolen and then your wife also raped, and then your 3 year daughter choked and slapped for crying. Yeah it happened to an acquintance. He has a very different view of criminals to you. Sure the crims deserve their "human rights" say morons like Virisila Buadromo who go on endless overseas trips for the per diems and deny anyone else the chance to travel in the organisation. Yeah she has to shout once in a while to justify the overseas aid money. Must be seen to be doing something. How about the rights of victims, Virisiasia?

Anonymous said...

Good job Fiji Police nothing compared to what Australian Police do to black people

Anonymous said...

Voice your opinion to

Kai Bau said...

Da lai vakaraica tale na matadara na ovisa kei na sotia sa vakau wavoki tu qo na kedra i taba ra sa vaka loloma tale toka ke da vakasamataka ke dua ena buturaki se caka vei koya e dua na ka.Ra lai vakaloloma na nodra matavuvale vaka bibi vei ira na gone ko ra sega ni kila ni veimoku ka vei tono mua muri tiko ko tamadra.Kemuni na ovisa kei na sotia ni se bera ni cakava e dua na ka ni vakasama taki nomuni mata vuvale nai sulu qori e na dua na siga ena luva ka koni na tini tale vei keimami na wekamuni.Ni vakasama taka tiko ni ko ira na Kai vesu qori era leqa tale tikoga.So beka nai vakavuvuli mai vale e leqa, so e sa sega nai lavo, na kakana ko ra sa lai butako kina ka vaka yacora eso nai tovo vaka koya.Ni rai ga ena noda vei taoni sara bini na gone na marama i taukei ra volitaki ira ka ra butako na gone.Vica na gone ni dia era bili bara tu ena maket sega beka se lailai sara ya sai vakaraitaki tiko ni noda bula nai taukei kei Viti.Da tovolei vukei ira na wekada i taukei curu e vale ni vei vesu me ra vinaka ka kakua nida mokulaki ira tu vaka na manumanu ni sa ra leqa rawa tu mada ga o ira.Da tamata cala kece ka so ga e kalouca ni ra coko ena lawa.

Anonymous said...

non@ A7:18 PM

So it was a hearsay or oral way you heard ur friends story from or other ppl..So just STFU!! You werent in the crime on when it it happen as for me i didnt have to telll the world wjat happen..its me vs the crims who did what they did to me and the law will do the rest for me..So go and tell ur story and take ur support for Bai & KY Jelly and tell it to Crosbie walsh page..BOTHY!! As for Virisila,you are a re just a sour garpes and jealous arsehole..She deserves to fight for teh injustice in fiji and thats why she is good in what she do to travel the world. ..GO and have a BATH..U no bath!!

NA QASE... said...

Na vakasisila ni nomuni vukivuki na noda liga ni lawa e sega ni tukuni rawa. O rau lewe rua ga,vesu tu na liga drau. Dou lewe vica bavulu sonalelevu. Laurai ga vei kemudou na sonalevu. Sa qai vinaka vei kemudou me kila o vuravura kece na kalevu ni socomu dou, sakuca, yavu sonalevu dina!!!!!!!!Tu na kemudou i rogorogo me roboti vuravura qai roboti vuravura na nomudou i vukivuki sonalevu,manumanu.Gusugusu vale ni danisi tiko qori tini na veivutu. Dou tukuni ira tiko na laba na kucu, DUA GONA NA OVISA NI NADI O ENERIKO KUCUVU LUVENA YALEWA DINA YABAKI 15,VAQAQAI TIKO QO!!!!..........CAVA TALE,YAVU MANUMANU, SONALEVU...DOU NANUMA TIKO, E KALAWACI GA NA KAU!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Crosbie Walsh I ask you this: When, where, and how did this happen when Qarase was PM?
You are just nothing more than a dickhead and moron you BOCI!!

Anonymous said...

this is the time to add how baini , was part of 2000 coup, mutiny, reason for 2006 coup, all add again this will be the turning point in Fiji ..

Nasoni said...

Sitiveni Waqa....sa tukuni vei au na i tikotiko ni nomu drau vale keinomu i tokani torturers...home addresses sa kilai.

Mo drau sa na laki vakasosa taki tiko se masese taki nomu drau i tikotiko.

Vinaka mo drau biuti Suva se Viti Levu mo drau bula.,,,drau se vakasoso ka ia na i qaiqai ki nakoro mo drau bula.

Me vakasukai vei kemudrau mada na vei moku musuraki duru sema ni liga o dou cakava...dou tamata lolovira. Keimami sa cudru vakaca na kai Viti.

Anonymous said...

If police dont beat these crooks, people will start killing them.Someone has to control the bastards

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:32 PM

There's are many methods of control available.

So you would be happy for this to be done to a 10 year old 'crook' that has stolen a carton of milk ?


Just a Pimp said...

I am wondering why Nazrat calls herself Madam Nazrat. Where is her Whore House and how many bitches does she have?

I thought that prostitution was illegal in Fiji. Has things changed with Fiji law in regards to this?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:24...what language are you TRYING to speak in? Or do you have a speech impediment, moron? How do you know its hearsay, are you a puffie fortune teller? So Virisila fights for justice in Fiji by travelling the world? What type of moron loser are you? Lets hope you get anally punished by some crim in Fiji soon so you can understand things a little better, moronic dickhead. I hope I haven't used too many "hard words" to confuse your simple mind.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:59 hahahahaha.. tell him like it is. Punish the crims and make them suffer like dogs. Good job cops.

Anonymous said...

fuck nazat shameem hard , only good for that

Anonymous said...

I'd like shitfull shameem sister is allowed to practice law in nz right now, she should be locked up with these animals

Anonymous said...

Extract from Fiji Sun of Dec 4th regarding court appearance of Benedito on Dec 3rd.

Quote" Benedito confirmed receiving full disclosures from prosecution.
He complained to Magistrate Yohan Liyanage yesterday in court that he needed medical attention because his left foot, which was swollen, was also infected.
Magistrate Liyanage asked him whether he had lodged an application to the officer in charge of the court cell block. To this, he replied, he was instructed to seek permission from the court first.
Magistrate Liyanage also informed Benedito that he could make a similar application to the prison officer in charge.
Police prosecutor Constable Yasin Ali told the court that Benedito’s security could not be ensured if the court gave him leave to be escorted to hospital, because he was being charged with an escaping offence, amongst other serious offences.
Constable Ali told Magistrate Liyanage it was advisable that the accused was remanded before seeking permission from prison authorities to be escorted to the hospital for a medical checkup.
Magistrate Liyanage then issued an order for Benedito to be escorted to the hospital by 12pm today.
Instructions were also issued for the senior court officer to issue the same order before 4pm yesterday to the officer at the Corrections Centre to escort Benedito to the hospital today." Unquote

Anonymous said...

A fucking good job by the army/police and corrections.Keep itup guys.You people have brought law and order for the ordinary citizens of Fiji.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 10:31pm
You are obviously a moron.

You sound like Crosbie Walsh.

Government statistics and The Fiji Police themselves have accepted the fact that ciminal activity has worsened since bainimarama came into power.
There is increased Rape,
increased Child molestation, Increased Suicide
Increased murder etc etc.
Everybody knows this.


All this means that "the army/police" have lost the plot.

For you to then say that they have brought law and order shows how really stupid you are.

Stop burying your head in the sand.
In fact we are all tired of your moronic cries.

O sa vakaraitaka tu ga mai qori na levu ni nomu ulukau
E sega sara ni dua na tamata e via vakabauti iko.

Anonymous said...


T think you have lost the plot here.Tell these crooks to find a life and get a job or go and farm.

Fucking lazy able body cowards

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Who are the crooks and who are the crims you guys are saying deserve to be beaten in custody? From what we see in the video and know from so many accounts if not personal experience is that the regime leaders are crooks and their police goons are criminals. So, if butaraki is good for the goose, it will also be good for the gander.

Komai Viborete said...

Sega ni yaga me da veiqedravu vakai taukei. Me da duavata ka da vaqeavutaka na father of all corruption and murder in Fiji - frank bainimarama and his boss aiyarse.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Crosbie Walsh think we're all stupid like frank and his soldiers

Anonymous said...

After watching this and thinking very carefully about the footage.
Those prisoners know very well what they were getting themselves into when they first of all went inside and then decided to escape again and caused havoc, even one of the prisoners had only one day left before he would have been released and yet escaped. I feel the footage of the beatings was purposely put out for a reason unknown to the generally public. This asshole government is manipulative and cunning. We should ask ourselves why was this released just now. Who is going to be answerable to this actions? Who is going to benefit from the heads that will roll? I know the Police Commissioner will really need to re-evaluate his position as the authority on this actions.Well only time will tell about this power play.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:59 PM

Big words you can write,oh my did u just put urself up on the top because u can spell and use words familiar to only yourself?,u big poofter..there u go again with the words anally in ur words,so u must love and enjoy the video then. why dont u ask ur supporter with anon below ur comment at 10.02pm to shove ur hole with the batons use by those officers in the vid? you urself said u heard it from ur friend or lover?? or u wre just a dum arse plus ur freind that got robbed because u show off 2 much? oh did virisila did take ur job and ur so dumb that u cannot beat her at what she do,but vent abt her in this page??..i give up arsehole..ur curry muncher!! mai chod..keep on supporting Bais govt and his group..oh why dont u give me ur address for me to come and rob you and show u the baton....heheheheh

Anonymous said...

did anyone ever thought about the public posting of this video was political foul play by some political party trying to kill bai's govrnmnt? all i can say is, well its about time someone got rid of this pesticide regime!

Anonymous said...

This video knocked the wind out of frank's sail. He's like a dog walking around with tail between his legs. Beefing up his security the lamusona. Tikoitoga you should do the right thing, arrest frank and his cohorts for murder, corruption, intimidation, treason, sodomy, arson, stealing, etc

Commodore Frank Bainimarama said...

On fijisun today; soldiers reminded about oath of allegiance to serve country first.


Anonymous said...

Code of Ethics my ASS...

BaddaBoom BaddaBong said...


Anonymous said...

Keep looking and digging C4.5.

You encourage us by revealing what it is really like in our beloved country.

I think there are more videos like this hidden up somewhere. There are also witnesses who will prop up our cases against the more viscious and evil criminals like murderers and torturers at the prison, police and military camps.

They may have the guns and the illegal authority but we have the cyber space and God who sees everything and is abhorred by hypocrites who try to look good in the eyes of the public yet they are the very devils themselves who feed and suck upon the poor and the humble and the defenceless people of our beloved Viti.

Let us not bend back at this time but let us move forward and trust and please obey the Almighty despite our trials and tribulations. The tide is slowly turning to our advantage.

God bless Viti.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 where is your facebook page? I liked it but now it disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Keep your Facebook page coupfourpointfive so we can hunt down the arseholes like you who comment on it and bash them up too like those two escaped prisoners. Magaitinanmuni.

Anonymous said...

Dua e tara edua na ovisa, ovisa ni valeniveivesu, mataivalu se nodra matavuvale ena sotava nai moku ka lailai na ka ni sarava ka vosa taka tiko mai qori. Ni yavu magaitinamuni.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Peni and Waqa for bashing up those two assholes. You have made Fiji safer by getting bashing up and sending out the message to other asshole criminals that they will get the same treatment. We will protect you Peni and Waqa . From you brothers in the police, army and navy. Drau vakaukauwa tiko ka qaqa tiko.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God told the Jews to stone these type of criminals to death in the bible so next time make sure they are dead and not alive. Fiji is a Christian country and all Fijians read their bibles and know the consequences of heir actions like the two that got beaten.

Kai Bau said...

To Annon 7:27am...Ni lewe vica taucoko na ovisa kei na mataivalu luveni ululala .Keimami sivia na 500,000 na tagane citizen ni Viti.Sa laurai ga vei iko e tolu na ka qo era
1.unhealed emotional wound beka mai vei tamamu ni dau abuse taki iko se dua tale.
2.insecurity taka beka na cakacaka baleta ke sega ga na cakacaka qori sa na o leqa baleta ni lala tu na taga nei tamamu.De sega na cakacaka qai dro na watimu ka lai dua tale vei koya na tagane e tawa tu na uluna kei na nona taga.
3.Sega beka ni vakavulici iko vinaka o Tamamu ia e sega ni nomu cala oya ni gauana e dodonu kina me qaravi ka tuberi qai yarayara tu beka o Ta ena gunu yaqona.
4.O susu mai ena dua nai vaka vuvuli mo sega ni rawa ni veimaliwai kei ira na tamata kecega.
Vosoti noqu weka niu sa mai vosa vakatama vei iko baleta na vosa qo me a cakava na turaga tamamu.Ke o susu beka mai vaka luveni yali ia qo na vosa vaka veiwekani vakatama vei iko ululala .

Kai Bau said...

To annon abou Peni and Waqa.You can encourage your work mate as you like but the emotional effects that will get through to your mates needs to be healed by some professinals brother.We are from the villages and we got cultures that goes with respect.You can be strong from outside but who knows whats goes inside of those abusers.Na madua kei na sega ni vaka cegu qai tarava yani na rere baleta dua na siga ena sega kina na uniform qori.Qori na ka ena kania nodratou bula.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nazhat stop fooling the women you bajaru bitch.
you making all the illegal decree for your toy boy khaiyum and lover frank. shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Watch out C4.5 they will be after you, these people are not sane or reasonable as you have seen in the video.

Komai Viborete said...

Biu na dakai me da tavulaka mada dua na mata vi koba bula. Au sa bolea me kirau tuki kei Vore.


• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,
• Faizal Koya,
• Ahmed Bhamji

Anonymous said...

So these are security officers and prisoners in the video. The regime has acknowledged this. Taken them 5 days. Now it will take them 5 months to find them even if we given the names on c4.5. Then it will take them 5 years to convict them. Who knows what will happen by then.

What hope have got in police solving any crime in Fiji if this the speed in which they operate.

Good luck fellow citizens. Maybe we have to do the job for them right here on C4.5

Mercy Mercy said...

Talking about Facebook, there is a war on between pro and anti regime and I'm afraid the pictures of those fighting so hard from frank and co show them to look like real thugs just like their heroes.

Facebook is littered with these angry men, often wearing sunnies, and hiding behind false accounts, fighting hard for the regime.

Wake up blockheads, the country has gone to the dogs with this lot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The government said the permit for the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre to conduct its “Reclaim the Night” march tonight has been cancelled based on some information on threats to public order.

Seems like they cannot control the security officers from getting too heavy handed with women marching. They me treat them like the prisoners in the recent video!

Anonymous said...

Ok by now most of are pretty well acquainted with the Muslim mafia mob supporting the junta and making hay while the Bainimarama-Khaiyum sun is shining on them.
Can similar lists be draw up of :
1.the Madrassi mob
2. the church gang
3.the business bastards
4.the Kaivalagi and Kailoma backers of the junta
5. the Fijian elite backers.

Anonymous said...

Todays Fiji Times:

My son, my son

Nanise Loanakadavu
Friday, March 08, 2013

+ Enlarge this image

Viriseini Sanawa tells of the trauma she endured after watching the online video. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA

"ISA na luvequ! Oilei turaga! Sa mosi dina na yaloqu, na cava beka e leqa (Oh my son! Oh Lord! My heart is in pain, what is the problem)."

These were words of 42-year-old Viriseini Sanawa, the mother of one of the two handcuffed men being brutalised by a group of men in an online video that went viral on Monday night.

It was after midday on Wednesday when Mrs Sanawa's neighbour called her to watch what they believed was her son being brutalised by the group in the tray of a truck. She said the family did not mention anything about the video until she watched it and confirmed it was her son, Iowane Benedito.

"Isa, koya saraga qo na luvequ. Isa, Iowane na luvequ (That's my son ... Iowane, my son).

"Sa rui rarawa vaka levu na yaloqu niu sa sarava tu na tovo vaka manumanu sa caka tu vua na luvequ (My heart aches when I watch how my son was treated like a animal).

"Au sega ni vakacegu rawa baleta niu sega ni namaka ni rawa ni caka vua na luvequ na ka e sega ni rawa ni caka vua dua na tamata (I can't rest because I did not expect that what cannot be done to any human being was done to my son)."

Mrs Sanawa said she went back home trembling after watching the video.

Benedito, 24, the eldest of three children, escaped from prison in December and was recaptured a week later.

His younger brother, Samisoni, told their younger sister after watching the video on Tuesday and they begged their mother not to watch the video.

When the The Fiji Times visited the family at their Kinoya home in Nasinu yesterday, Mrs Sanawa was sitting on a chair weeping.

"Au tekiduru kau tagi vua na Kalou me solia vei au na vakacegu (I knelt down and cried asking the Lord to give me peace).

"Sega ni dua na tina e na rawa ni ciqoma na ka oqo kevaka e caka vua na luvena Isa na luvequ. (No mother can accept this if this was their child)."

Mrs Sanawa said her son had done wrong and she would have accepted if the security forces had locked him for a long time rather than brutalising him.

His father, Vueti Sanawa, a retired military officer of 29 years, said he had given the best of his life serving the country and was disappointed.

He said he would not find peace until justice "is done to those who are involved".

"God knows who you are," he said.

"He knows the pain we are suffering."

Mr Sanawa said his faith would one day bring justice to their family and those involved would be thrown into jail.

He said the incident had not only made his family cry but everyone who viewed the footage.

Mr Sanawa said they were grateful to whoever leaked the video and begged Prime Minister Commodore Vioreqe Bainimarama and the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, to look into the matter and ensure the men who beat his son are taken to justice.

He said on all his life as a soldier in the Middle East, he had never come across any torture such as that he witnessed of his son.

Your Beloved True Leader said...

THE AG said...
These evil acts will not go unpunished.

When we find out the identities of those who filmed and uploaded this video, we are going to flog them hard (but we probably won't film it). The other officers will receive medals for keeping their mouths shut.


Anonymous said...

Mr and Mrs Sanawa drau yavu sona lelevu. Drau vakavulica gona na lucemudrau me kua ni dau butako ka vakasaurara taki keimami na lewe ni vanua o Viti. Nomu drau sega ni vei vakavulici mai magai tu kina na nona vakarau na luvemudrau sona levu qori. Dou veicai.

Anonymous said...

Wananavu komai viborete. Na veikoba esega tale ni mai volai. Qai sara lai bolea edua me drau ia. Kua tale na sona levu tiko na mai vola tiko. Kua tamana qai biuta talega mai na kenai video ni sa na lauvutu tale mai na nomudrau sona. O ratou sa ratou sa sega tale ni qai veikoba. Ratou sa vakabula kau tu ga mai me ratou vutusona taki iko Komai Viborete. Rairai na oti ya sa na tei talega mai e matanidemudrau edua na vuniborete ka kena burebaca ni mana na demu.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.31am
Sa yaga na kanaloto, vutulaki, masi dakai, butako sa caka tiko qori luveni ulukau bavulu....
tamata manunamu o iko mo vosa tu vaqori!!!

Anonymous said...

satanic forces hate the truth

Vutuki Meo said...

Mrs Sanawa,we can thank God that He was able to protect your son from these evil criminals killing him.

Mr Sanawa, this shows that in your time, Fijian soldiers were decent young men.
What we now have in the army are a bunch of uneducated fools that don't seem to have the capacity to think whether what they are doing is right or wrong.

To you @anonymous 10:31 Don't be surprised if your children turn out to be worse criminals.
I have found in my short life that life has a habit of challenging you immediately.
If you have children then don't be surprised if they do something really bad today or tomorrow.
I can guarantee you it will keep getting worse for you until you go and apologise to Mr & Mrs Sanawa.

Maimuri se bera ni o vosa vakasamataka vinaka na ka o via tukuna, baleta ni na lesu tale mai me kati iko.

Swaran Vinod maharaj[fiji first Party] said...

I fully support the combined actions of Fiji Military and Police on two criminals.I think they deserve what they got and I strongly recommend Aust/NZ authorities to learn from Fiji and start doing the same.

rajend naidu said...

We read in regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun "Soldiers reminded about oath of allegiance to serve country first" 8/3).
This was true as long as Fiji was under democratic rule and the soldiers were subservient to the democratic government and the country's constitution. This is NOT true in a military dictatorship which is what Fiji is currently. In a military dictatorship the soldiers allegiance is to their military high command and the high command uses this "oath allegiance to serve country first" as a self-serving propaganda tool to reinforce the soldiers' allegiance to the military rulers.
The soldiers in the RFMF betrayed their oath to serve the country first in 1987 when they allowed themselves to be used by a third ranking commander Sitiveni Rabuka to carry out a military coup to serve his ethno-nationalist agenda.
The soldiers did not "serve country first" at time, did they?
And,the soldiers support for their current commander who took over power illegally in the 2006 military coup shows they are still subject to the same kind of manipulation.
The soldiers in Egypt were also supporting the military dictator Hosni Mubarak for a very long time until they decided to Change Their Allegiance to serve their country first.
Which is what a national army is meant to do.
It is the wish of everyone who loves Fiji that the Fiji soldiers will return to its professional role.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Vutuki Meo me caiti iko mada o Semi Meo.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First Party - fuck you for supporting the torture of prisoners...kemudou tamani magaichanamu drou vidai vata kai khaiyum...

Ben VocoAbuser Naliva said...

Oilei era sa tadu mai na yavusa manumanu dau lauvutu

Anonymous said...

So can someone explain what the exact nature of threat the women's march was going to be? I thought thi s was a peaceful march. Please let us all know what the threat was.

Kai Bau said...

Raica mada dua na kai viti i taukei sa vosaca taki rau tu qori nai tubutubu nei Iowane benedito.Cava beka nodaru baigani ena veitalanoa qoqa.Qo sa da qai raica tu qo na vakaloloma ni noda bula na kawa i taukei.Sa rauta mera na veimoku tu vaka manumanu nai lala manumanu ya baleta nai vosavosa viavia levu cakava tu dua na kai viti.Rairai qo beka dua na sotia se ovisa ka sa sega ni bau raica rawa saraga na ka eda vosa tiko kina ni sega ni manumanu na tamata me caka vua nai vakarau va oya.Qo sa dua saraga na tamata ululala didi vakavulici vaka manumanu mai vei Tinana.Rairai e luve ni yali beka.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 10:54

What you wrote doesn't bother me.

But it proves my point that most of you fijian soldiers have got the mental capacity worse than a mynah bird.

Anonymous said...

When a child in green throws a temper tantrum you don't engage in name calling and threats. You speak quietly and calmly - like a grown up!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Sanawa,fuck you and your crocodile tears,sona Levu ,why ga you want to give birth to a low life worthless piece of shit like Ioane,Drau vei vutu sona,hahahahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

try to know thae facts of the reason why the prisoners have been beaten up. They are criminals and they commit unhuman behaviour which we human beings dont like to be done to us. So its better they are treated this way before they done something painful to you

Anonymous said...

bainimarama MAGAITINAMU!!!!

Frankly said...

Perhaps we should develop this into a new visionary form of sex tourism. The world is full of people who like to be roughed up a bit and probed in their anus. In Las Vegas, you pay US$ 500 for such a number. Our RFMF guys can definitely beat this price and deliver a bit more excitement that the average domina would bring to the party. So welcome, Aussis and Kiwis, welcome to the land of unlimited sexual opportunity. No matter what your preferences are, Fiji will cater for it.

Vutuki Meo said...

My suggestion to you soldiers is that while you are in the army, try and learn a trade like Plumbing or Carpentry etc etc.
Because one day you will leave the army.
So while you have the opportunity with free food and board try and further yourself in your education.

Stop wasting time on the internet.
Baleta o keimami na blog tiko qo keimami sa rawati keimami toka.

Kemuni ni bau tovolea moni rawata e dua na vuli torocake.
Qo sara ga na gauna mo ni tovolea moni tosocake kina.

Kua ni oti ga mai na sotia sa baci lai tei tavioka tale.
Nothing wrong with farming if you can do it properly.

Don't come and waste time on the internet because we the citizens of Fiji already know that you are in the wrong.
So no matter how you guys jump up and down here, it does not diminish the truth.
The truth is you guys committed Treason

No matter how much you try and bury it or ignore it or whatever --- it doesn't change the fact that you guys did what was wrong!

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau, o ira na kai Bau era tautau vata kecega kei SEEBAH, dau soli mai muri. O bau vosa tu vakamatau, na tamata e moku ga ni cala, vakacava me a cakava vei iko o banadito na cala ka curu kina e vale ni veivesu o na tokona tikoga na ka caka tu qori vei koya se sega. Da raica na yasana ruarua ka kua ni da raica ga na i yaloyalo qori. E 9 minutea walega na moku qori, vei keimami na tagane that's peanut. vinaka

Anonymous said...

kerekere mo vaqara na qara ya, iko na raica ga o kila baleta na qara ya o wa sisi mai kina niko se lailai. Kerei mo sili dromo e na waiwai niko se bera ni curu lesu tale baleta ke sega e na kabasu. E na gauna o sa tiko kina I loma sa na cula- vesu na qara, mo kakuwa ni raica tale vakaduwa na mata ni siga se duwa na kawa me vakasucumi mai e na qara qoi. Iko a sega ni dodonu mo sucu mai dela ni vuravura qo mo tamata , e a dodonu mo maina, baleta na vosa o tauca baleti Mr & Mrs Sanawa e sega ni vei raurau keina ka levu ni nomu mona. Io e lala beka tu ga vaka i ra na ulu lala ra veimoko tiko e na vakatayaloyalo. Ke rawa kauti ira kece yani ko ira a veimoko tiko qo mo ni lai qasi lesu I loma ni qara kowa sisi mai kina.
Au niutaka ni ko a kuneya na qara qoi, noqu vakasala vei iko mo kakuwa ni curu cala, kaca o boi dada, me liu na yavamu baleta kevaka e sega ni curu kece me vo toka ga I tuba na ucumu, gusumu kei na matamu. Mo rawa ni kila, raica ,boica na tiki ni yago e vakasucumi iko mai. Au dikeva ni tinamu beka na gata, baleta na gauna o sucu mai kina e wa kasivita na matamu o tamamu ka vaka vuna mo mata boko kina. Qo na nona lomani iko mo kakuwa ni kila na dina.
Sa vinaka luve ni gata moce toka mada.

Anonymous said...

Ni vicai na sotia ni yavu monalala, no school no qanibulu matai ga ena veitono i cici, sa vacava li na kalevu ni nomuni sona

Anonymous said...

Wilika na comment 11:39 cakava talega!

Anonymous said...

11:34 setiseti o via tagane tu ivei sonalevu!! kesu vakaceke nei bainimarama

Anonymous said...

You bet, the police are not investigating the beatings, they are now investigating who was the culprit that became the whistle blower and distributed the 9 minutes video.

Because if they were to investigate the beatings they would have completed it in two days, the torturers were easily identified, and the word they were saying during torturing the two young lives clearly tells us that they were escaped from the Korovou prison and Naboro, come on sokomuri, tell naivalurua, Benedito's parents have seen the clip of their elder boy being beaten, the father was a loyal ex soldier, he deserve some answers, you both stop sucking Kaiyum's balls, its the kai Viti you're torturing not kai India, Kaiyum or Sharon Smith will not give a damn about what happened.

Au sa qai raica eso nai yavu tamata ulu lala, ni ra vakatara tale me caka tiko na veitaba, ke sega ga ni o ni ulu lala, ia e rairai oni sa liu muri taki ira tale nai liuliu vakacakacaka, ia dou namaka sara na kenai sau.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keimami sa kerekere vua na FRU me rau digitaki o Peni kei Waqa me rau qito Rugby 7s. E sa na kerei talega na matanitu o Aust, NZ, HK, Peratania, etc. mera ratou solia vei rau na visa. Drau lako mai Peni kei Waqa.

Tevita U said...

Vei kemuni taucoko sara na totaka tiko na tamata era cakava nai valavala lolovira qo. Na nona mai lewai se vesu qo o Iowane e baleta ni beitaki ni butako, ia e butakoca na baqe. Ke butakoci kemuni e cava ni sega ni lai ripotetaka kina vana ovisa? Qo sa butakoca na baqe ka sega ni dua kina na ka ena yali vei kemuni baleta na baqe e insuretaki tu ka vaka kinba na nomuni i lavo. Vacava mada mo ni rai cake mada vei iratou na veiliutaki tiko. E ra laba(francis Kean, Bainimarama etc), kania nai lavo ni noda matanitu, era cakava na veika butobuto sara mai na ka e cakava o Iowane ka ra qai qaravi tiko baleta ni ra saumi kemuni tiko. Sa vacava soti na matabokot ni matamuni. Ena oti mai nai lavo, oni na cegu mai na cakacaka ia na nomuni i valavala ena sauti kemuni kei ira na nomuni veikawa mai muri ka da na qai veirai tiko ena veisiga. O ni sa vakamaduataka na vuvale ni gole mai kina kei na vanua ni dui cavu tu mai kina. Sa bibi nai lavo kei na nomuni i tutu vakacakacaka kao oni raici cake kina. Ena veisau na matanicagi.

Anonymous said...

One of those guys in the video have since left the police force. When we last met, he said he is now with a PSC and is getting ready to be deployed abroad....he's probably left by now as I haven't seen him in a while...

Anonymous said...

Kevaka ena lai qito i na HK 7s o Peni kei Waqa, au sa lai book taka na noqu tikete ni waqavuka. Ni na qai raica e dua na footage vou ena U Tube. Hand cuff voli rawarawa mai HK. O rau na moku ga ena nodrau rumu, hand cuffed qai tabaki ena U tube.

Anonymous said...

FRU 7s selectors please pick Sanita too for the Rugby 7s tour

Anonymous said...

Ira na sotia era vakaitavi ena laba era mai kodro voli ike. Era besetaka me vesu o voreqe de na qai coba talega vei ira na liganimarama. Ni kila vinaka ni sabera ni cavuka nomuni cegu e dela ni vuravura qo ena yaco vei iko e dua na ka lolovira. Na tamata e vakawekani. Na dra o ni sovara ena tagica tu nona vakatulewa noda turaga.

Anonymous said...

Swaran Vinod maharaj[fiji first Party] ALSO KNOWN AS SANTA MAHARAJ

I think the NZ authorities should start with you. Beat the shit out of you for making false claim for worker's compensation. You lazy good for nothing Mother F****R. NZ needs to deport your ass back to Fiji. Than the Fijian authorities will take good care of you for your false claim that you are good and a close friend of Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu Ni Solisona, Ovesa Boci & Wardens Bokola are running shit scared as the people of Fiji are coming to get them - Frighten of a Women's March you bunch of poofters.

Put your guns down and see the mother of a hiding you useless cunts will get - i hope you all burn in hell with VB,AArse & all coup supporters.

Stand Up and Fight Back you got nothing to lose, to lose, to lose.......

I'a Catia, I'a Catia - Sa boi na veka vei oratou na Kaisi bokola.

Tova said...

I had sent the latest blogs articles with photo revelations on torture participants of escapee prisoners to the NZ Foreign Minister pointing out the 7s palyer(s) and emphasised the Fiji Citizens' request that they be banned from visiting NZ ever again along with prominent Fiji officials , military personnel and their family members.

Kai Bau said...

To SEEBAH annon 11:34am sa da oca mai ni da tukuna tiko vei kemuni na ululala.Na cakacaka qori na sotia kei na ovisa na cakacaka ni tamata sega ni rawata na nona vuli keina kena i karua ko ni tamata muria na vosa.E sega tu vei kemuni na ka e vakatokai na vakatulewa baleta o kemuni e vaka tu na koli na nomuni vakavulici .Ke tukuna o Voreqe moni kania na dena ni na veitaucici vua ka kabasu ga na nona muamuri ni ko ni sa na veikocokoco taka na dena.Sa da oca mai ka da sa madua na tukuna se bai da tukuna ni qori nai otioti ni cakacaka ni dua sa sega ni rawata nona vuli qai lai sotia se ovisa.Kenai karua na taro keimami taroga tiko na cava oni mokuta tiko kina qai hancuff taki tiko.Dou sega vakayagataka na ligamudou dou saqai vakayagataka tale na kau kei na paipo.Sa matau gona na tauri dakai kei na veitauri kau sa sega kina ni vakayagataki na liga sa maleka na taura tiko na kau....hahahahaha sa bai lai tauri mai na paipo baleta e vaka toka nai bulibuli ni nomudou kau....hahahaha.Dou lai tabaka na nona ka vaka tagane me lai cava me soli vei watimudou?ulukau.ululala.no school,vuli vaka vo,oilei se sega tale na vosa meda makana rawa.O kilai sheeba tu mai vei,sa oni tukuni kemuni tikoga na kaukauwa ni veitauri kau ni cakava tiko.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:36, 12:48...levu ga na nomudrau vosa. E rawarawa na vosa ni drau vuni tiko mai na dakuni PC. Ke kaukauwa na gusumudrau, drau saga mada mo drau tucake mai, mo drau kubu dra. Na matanitu qo ena sega ni vakasuka. Ni kodro tiko mai vaka na koli ni kaidia. Kena levu.

Anonymous said...

hip hip hooray...beat the crap out these lowlifes...they deserve it and more. To you do gooders and "humanitarians", go and sympathise with these crims victims in the first place. Morons. Go Bai Go. Fly Kai Fly. As a poster the Viet Cong proclaimed in their prisons, beating will continue until morale improves.
Yeah beat it.

Komai said...

Video of security personnel and recaptured prisoners under investigation
Publish date/time: 08/03/2013 [10:05]
The formal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the video recording of Fijian security personnel and recaptured prison escapees is continuing.

A government statement has for the first time said that it is a video recording of security personnel and recaptured prison escapees.

Police had earlier said that there should be no speculation on the identities of the people involved in the video which shows two handcuffed men getting badly beaten up by a group of men.

The government said there will be no further statement until the investigation is complete and its findings are released by Government.

International calls for an independent investigation by external organisations are also rejected.

The government said it is normal practice for any government around the world to conduct its own investigations into such matters.

It said the same conventions apply in Fiji as in any other country dealing with allegations against the police, such as those currently taking place in Australia and South Africa.

Fijivillage contacted the Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua yesterday and he only said that investigations continue and there should be no speculation or judgement on the identities of the people involved.

Komai Viborete said...

10.37 caitibumu, tukuna vei bainimarama niu tukuna yani mo drau vicai.

Anonymous said...

what is our country turning into? Sa mo voleka sara tiko na gunu dra kei na vakadraunikau. Next time they will be engaging in sexual acts with animals(inter species)

Anonymous said...

Sa kua veimoku kerekere.. kauti keda i muri. Sotia kua na rough tiko baleta o kemuni vakaboica taka na uniform qori kora a valataka na tukada ena gauna i liu, so era solia kina nodra bula. Dodonu meda veilomani sega nida veilabati.
Kena levu ga. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

its made the news in Britain. check the DAILY MAIL link


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Isa e tuburi au e dua na loloma levu ena ka esa mai tabaki tu oqo ena net.......meda kila ni da sega ni sarava tikoga e Viti...ia oqo nai rairai ni noda vanua ki vei ira na tu mai na vanua tani....se mataqali matanitu cava e cici tiko ena gauna oqo.Do we Fijian belive that we are going through Saddam Hussein`s era of leadership by oppressing people by all kinds of means in order to have a good picture being displayed to overseas partners..but the real thing is this....we are in a deep shit...eda karua ga ni dua na tamata eda vakaisulu vinaka ka ukutaki keda tu ka boiraka tu yani na katikura mera boica yani vaka yawa ia ka qai mai sega ni sava tu yani vaka vinaka nai cici kei maga/boci ka mai rugurugua tu yani na kena boi ena loma ni sulu...thats how we protect the rights of our own citizen today..levu ga na lips service in order to survive.

Anonymous said...

Why has Mrs Vuniwaqa from election office resigned?

SEMI MEO said...

We have always deduced in this cyber village that “allegiance’ is a transferable commodity.

Again we say; register as many political parties as we could rope up, for the Rear Admiral cannot guarantee the allegiances of every single servicing and immediate past members of the Fiji Security Forces and their respective families would be ticking his way!...NO!

“Who said the new constitution will be perfect?..no! Would the constituent boundaries be fair?..maybe not! Would there still be decrees drummed up to oppress free political campaign?...maybe .Would the Rear Admiral stand unopposed?..maybe (though I still volunteer to stand against him!!)
But at least…at the very least…every single Fijian will be afforded the privilege and liberty for once; to think and act for themselves by owning a glorious tick and thenceforth exercise their right who they wanna entrust their next 2,600 days to !”

Let the game begin!!

Oh...God bless all the Meo in this esteemed column..including my beloved God fearing friend who's addicted to profaning my name..I still love and forgive him/her)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59 -sa dina ga na ka au kaya...koli ni kaidia....!! ke sega, o iko koli ga se kaidia ga...!!

TURUKAWA said...

Semi Meo, looks like you are chaniging your tune now after watching the video hey matey?

Always thought you were Bai's pro sapota in all your bloggings in this page for the last 2 yrrss..Phew time has changed u my friend..Time for a Coboi or Drauni moli se draunikau tea??

still love your postings better then Crozbie Walsh though...cheers mate!

OOjha Maharaj said...

The Acting Permanent Secretary for Justice, Mere Vuniwaqa, has resigned for personal reasons.
My spiritual power tells me that she is Lamusona,Bitch

Optimus said...

Semi Meo has always been a patriot from beginning then he lost the plot but it's good to see him back.

Anonymous said...

mere gone mohd shannem in .all muslim taking top govt post fijians sleeping.

Travel Warning {female} said...

A man who raped a tourist and severed the victim's husband's hand has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by High Court Judge, Justice Paul Madigan.

Pauliasi Yasa committed the offence on 6th February at a resort in Beqa last year.

He robbed the young couple and later raped the Australian tourist and severed the husband's hand who was trying to protect his wife.

Justice Madigan said the aggravating factors in the case are that the husband is facing an uncertain employment in future while the victim fears men of Pacific Island appearance.

Yasa was charged with rape, aggravated robbery and causing grievous harm.

He will only be eligible for parole after serving 13 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news! Sa resign na marama ka a Permanent Secretary Justice in charge of Elections. Sa baci caka tu vakavo na Registration ni Parties. E sa la'ki tara na i tutu ya e dua tale na Muslim koya ka Chief Registrar. Another Muslim in a strategic position!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 08 2013 at 10:09 AM.

I am extremely saddened by your very pathetic response to the parents of Iowane Benedito when they reacted woefully as a result of seeing the video of their son being brutalized by the policemen and the soldiers. There is no tiny inkling of pity, let alone love, within you. As God, Our Heavenly Father is my witness, you have abhorrently violated His will, and I am very sure that He will one day, if not soon, demand from you a detailed account of how you blurted out the most horrible obscenities at those grieving parents.

True that they may have not taught their son Iowane properly, but the obscenities that you hurled out at them was absolutely uncalled for, unwarranted and unnecessary.

If you will not repent, and seek forgiveness from Iowane and his parents, face to face, in your real name and identity, I promise you, as God lives, that you will suffer the consequences of your filthy utterances, your dirty thoughts, and your abominable actions.

You will need to seek God's forgiveness too because you have demeaned His literal spirit children.

Do you remember when Bainimarama swore at a Catholic Priest? Well, he is slowly suffering the consequences of his unbridled tongue now, Bur he has not suffered all of it.

Just mark my words and please, in the name of Jesus Christ, heed them for your own good. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Fijians are their worse enemies. Look here, Fijians beating Fijians. All started with Rabuka - his lasting legacy of criminally inclined Fijians doing what they do best. Sad. Indian morons like Rajend of Sydney are secretly applauding while pretebding to sympathise. open your eyes, the Indo Fijians & Muslims as making a real go this time of undermining and screwing Fiji forever. Indians leaving in droves, more like flies and the remaining lot squeezing the balls of the economy.

Komai said...

Permanent Secretary for Justice resigns
Publish date/time: 08/03/2013 [13:04]

Acting Permanent Secretary for Justice and Registrar for Political Parties, Mere Vuniwaqa has resigned for personal reasons.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum states that the Acting Chief Registrar, Mohammed Saneem is assuming the position of Acting Permanent Secretary for Justice with immediate effect.

Sayed-Khaiyum said Vuniwaqa has performed her duties in an exemplary manner and the Government wishes her well in her future endeavors.

The appointment of an Acting Chief Registrar will be announced next week.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 08 2013 at 10:09 AM.

I am extremely saddened by your very pathetic response to the parents of Iowane Benedito when they reacted woefully as a result of seeing the video of their son being brutalized by the policemen and the soldiers. There is no tiny inkling of pity, let alone love, within you. As God, Our Heavenly Father is my witness, you have abhorrently violated His will, and I am very sure that He will one day, if not soon, demand from you a detailed account of how you blurted out the most horrible obscenities at those grieving parents.

True that they may have not taught their son Iowane properly, but the obscenities that you hurled out at them was absolutely uncalled for, unwarranted and unnecessary.

If you will not repent, and seek forgiveness from Iowane and his parents, face to face, in your real name and identity, I promise you, as God lives, that you will suffer the consequences of your filthy utterances, your dirty thoughts, and your abominable actions.

You will need to seek God's forgiveness too because you have demeaned His literal spirit children.

Do you remember when Bainimarama swore at a Catholic Priest? Well, he is slowly suffering the consequences of his unbridled tongue now, But he has not suffered all of it.

Just mark my words and please, in the name of Jesus Christ, heed them for your own good. Amen.

No, not a curry muncher said...

so the crim who just got 15 years for raping a tourist and severing the husband's hand... if he escapes and gets caught, should he suffer the same beating as the crims, Benny and lot? Just a thought. I reckon he does and more, you do gooders go and jump.

Na Qase said...

Jilou saka Turaga mai Waisiliva...tabaki tale mada nomuni tukutuku...

Kai Bau said...
To SEEBAH annon 11:34am sa da oca mai ni da tukuna tiko vei kemuni na ululala.Na cakacaka qori na sotia kei na ovisa na cakacaka ni tamata sega ni rawata na nona vuli keina kena i karua ko ni tamata muria na vosa.E sega tu vei kemuni na ka e vakatokai na vakatulewa baleta o kemuni e vaka tu na koli na nomuni vakavulici .Ke tukuna o Voreqe moni kania na dena ni na veitaucici vua ka kabasu ga na nona muamuri ni ko ni sa na veikocokoco taka na dena.Sa da oca mai ka da sa madua na tukuna se bai da tukuna ni qori nai otioti ni cakacaka ni dua sa sega ni rawata nona vuli qai lai sotia se ovisa.Kenai karua na taro keimami taroga tiko na cava oni mokuta tiko kina qai hancuff taki tiko.Dou sega vakayagataka na ligamudou dou saqai vakayagataka tale na kau kei na paipo.Sa matau gona na tauri dakai kei na veitauri kau sa sega kina ni vakayagataki na liga sa maleka na taura tiko na kau....hahahahaha sa bai lai tauri mai na paipo baleta e vaka toka nai bulibuli ni nomudou kau....hahahaha.Dou lai tabaka na nona ka vaka tagane me lai cava me soli vei watimudou?ulukau.ululala.no school,vuli vaka vo,oilei se sega tale na vosa meda makana rawa.O kilai sheeba tu mai vei,sa oni tukuni kemuni tikoga na kaukauwa ni veitauri kau ni cakava tiko.

Spot on......sobo turaga, sa ra boi dada i vuravura, nai taba ni yaya vaka tagane e ka vou ve ira, sa matau ga na vaka i rova tiko na nodra dui sona na parade!!!!!!!

Na Qase said...

@ Semi Meo/..

Aren'tyou ignoring the elephant in the house? Oh will addressimg the issue make you look like the hypocrite you truelly are....

Unknown said...

NA QASE, U tukuna tiko ni cakacaka ni tamata ulukau na Ovisa kei na Mataivalu, na cakacaka ga ni TAMATA ULUKAU o ni cakava toka qo veivakacacani, leuta mada na malamala mai na ni nomu SONA............

Unknown said...

Kai bau:Io eda sa rawata kece noda bula na cakacaka ga ni ululala o cakava toka mai qori ko sa vuli ga o qai ULUKAU, MATAUVATU DINA.....

Anonymous said...


Kai Bau said...

Oi nakoro loma sa dua na ka nomu valecalecava tiko o iko.....o iko o tu mai na vanua i vuravura i vei.E kilai makawa sara tu qo ena noda vanua na ka me baleta na sotia kei na ovisa.I liu era kalasi walu ga ra curu qai mai dua na gauna vakalailai i liu ena 70s sa qai bau tosoi cake na form 4 level.Oti sa qai pasi ena form 4 ko curu kina o Voreqe.Sega ni cakacaka ni vuli vaka vo li qori?.Sega ni dua na vuniwai se se qasenivuli se idinia e form 4 se kalasi walu ga o ira ga na sotia kei na ovisa.Vosota qo oi ra na tamata kora curu tu ena tuitui ni boto ni curucuru sega ni o ira na vuli cadet.Kenai karua da wilika ga na nodrai vola ena vosavosa ca kei na via veimoku qo na cakacaka ni tamata lialia ka vuli vaka vo kei na butobuto vakataki tukamu ena gauna ni vei kanikani sega na vuli qai kuria sega na lotu.O lai totaka tiko mai ni ra tamata vuli na sotia e warai e cakacaka ni tamata vuli vaka vo.Au sa oca na tukuna o lako mai vei o iko na vula???e kilai tu qo e Viti ni cakacaka ni vuli vakavo.Rogoca rogoca ka rogoca sara.

Anonymous said...

Behind all this current events its the self proclaimed PM and his culprits who should be held responsible. the country is in this terrible state because of their bad leadership!! hold them accountable. show us where they live.. they have pointed the gun and used fear to terrorise and silence the people of Fiji!! is it not time to turn the tables!!

NA QASE said...

nakoro loma.....O sa tukuni iko tu ga mai -NA KORO, se NA KORA, tini tiko ga na SONA nomu vakamacala. Vakacacani ga na tamata era cakava na i vakarau sega ni vaka tamata. Sa lai vei kanakuita taki.

Dua mada ga na veivaqaqai e caka tiko i Nadi, dua na kena Ovisa o Eneriko kucuma na luvena gone yalewa yabaki 15!!!!!!! Luven dina sega tale ni luven vaka i cabecabe!!!!!
Ya na mataqali tamata sa ra daramaka tu nikua na i sala ni veiqaravi. Dodonu me ra maroroya na lawa, io ra vorolaka. Na ovisa na sotia, ra veimoku ra laba, ra tayabe tu qori noda vei koro, curuma noda vei vale so ra lai duri sara tiko mai nai tutu ni vunau. O cei me qai maroroi keda na lewe ni vanua. Sa o keda ga.!!!!

Na Qase said...

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.....
Vei keda kece na comment tiko, da tukuna tiko na DINA, valataka tiko na dodonu , Vinaka vakalevu.

We might be a few in the shadows, we are a still a few...A few good men. Blog on.

Kai Bau said...

Paste and reposted from previuos blogger.....Yes it is him Filimoni Catimaibulu,hails from Kabara in Lau i guess...tamani corruption levu tu mai na keba qori..sa sega ni qai rawa ni veisautaki nodra mindset qori baleta ni ra sa brainwashtaki tu,'vakamuri lewa' is not an excuse if u are questioned..QEB is somewhat similar to Soddom & Gomorah,sa yaco jiko mai na gauna me sa na batabata jiko mai kina na loloma..sa vo ga me laurai mai vakatamata na tevoro,ca gona ni sa sega na lotu,laiva jiko,,what goes around comes around....u will all rot in hell....

Anonymous said...

These crooks and their family should ask police to forgive them.

Can not blame police as they work under lot of pressure keeping Fiji safe.

During Qarese government even Australian Ambassador was robbed.

Anonymous said...

Dua madana laba caka mai Korovou, lai vesu cala tu kina dua na vasu ni Tailevu, vakasaurarataki o koya na gone qo me cola na kisi ya!!!!!

Sa laurai ga i kea na i tini ka e tukuna o Kai Bau, sa malumalumu na qavokavoka na "analyse taka na fact" baleta sega soti ni qa ni analyse se gather taki facts toka vei ira...qai kena i kuri ga na veimoku me rawa tiko kina ni sogo na kisi...tiko tale o ratou na beitaki na laba mai Raralevu,tu o ira na criminal dina vaka i Kean o Naulia, ra qai rere tiko, vei pusi kalavo taki tiko na liga ni lawa.....e sega beka ni SONALEVU ya?????

Kai Bau said...

nakoro loma.....sa tu qori e dua na qase ni noda lotu wesele e liutaka tiko na vei moku ka turaga ni vanua vaka turga o Kabara mai mokuta e dua na wekaqu mai Namosi.
Kemuni na kilai Filimoni Caitimaibulu ni raica mada na nona tubu cake mai ,nona mai vuli e Viti Levu nona curu ena ovisa na turaga ni Kabara qo ni na raica kina na ka eda vosa tiko kina.Sa qai dua na ka vaka madua levu ni vunau sara tuga e dua na dau veitono mua muri ni tagane.Qo e dua vei ra na via tonoki noqu Tailevu o George.Ra kauta beka mai vei na i vukivuki ni vei tono kei na luva tarausese mera via raica na nodra i yaya na tagane.E lailai beka ko lili tiko vei ira.Dua e tukuni Sheeba tiko eke ni lako ni lai luvata nona tarausese moni raica na kau ni Kai Bau e tiko vei sheeba...hahahaha Ko tiko vei sheeba na kei Semi Meo ga kua o kemuni na sotia...Tau Meo dua tale na nomu rear admiral ni Bau qori o Sheeba kena i karua o Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Vaka ra vakagagalu tiko mai Delai-Nabua, Nasova kei Naboro......ra parade tiko beka?

Na Qase said...

Ni wilika mada na i tukuni ra toqai tiko qori na monalivaliva. Sa qai ceuti cake mai qo so na kisi ni veimoku a buluti tu;

Ka vakaloloma, da nanumi ira nai tubutubu nei Rabaka, Malasebe, na rarawa kei na vutugu ra sotava tu.

Madam N Shameem said...

There is only one law, Sharia law. Fiji is now well on the way to becoming an Islamist state.

I fully appreciate that many Fijians will not appreciate this position but I can assure you that, in time to come, you will all see it is the best system available.

Ms Vuniwaqa was not prepared to convert and as a consequence she has been terminated on my recommendation.

Mr Saneem will make an excellent PSJ. He has my personal validation.

Madame Nazhat Shameem,
Law Fiji, SUVA

Anonymous said...

Being a fijian we are known for our friendly smiles & hospitality after seeing the video i lost hope & now the world gets to see the dark side of us.
i pray that JUSTICE will take it course.

Anonymous said...



Keep The Faith said...

While Fiji and the world wait on word on the investigation into this sordid phuck-up, the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama chooses to go astroturfing in the new stadium and will play 'raka'. How's that for priorities?:


From: Minfo News Date: Fri, Mar 8, 2013 Subject: MEDIA ALERT – Photo Op’ – PM Voreqe Bainimarama plays touch rugby with ANZ National Stadium contractors

ISSUE: Photo Op’ – PM plays touch rugby with ANZ National Stadium contractors

DATE: Friday, 8th March 2013

TIME: 12.00pm

VENUE: Today the Prime Minister Mr Voreqe Bainimarama will take time off from office to play touch rugby against team of contractors working on the ANZ Stadium. A team from Prime Minister’s office will be on the ground to test the newly upgraded International standard sports field.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, NoValourHere pretends he knows something about trees, and rivers and such things and forgets that he has certain accountabilities as a Police Commissioner...like... say... oh yea how about that investigation?


Keep pushing folks. Qorvis is telling them to ignore the public outrage and are hoping it will fizzle out. The regime does not want to give you and Benedito's family closure by way of an investigation. Demand It. All Day. Everyday.

Anonymous said...

Can you folks at C4.5 also give us the educational background of these human rights abusing security personnel apart from their names and their current employment status?

Julab Dean said...

Are Vutuki Meo, Tattifalla and Ki-Bau safe. I thought they were the ones been beaten and taken for grog ride. In 2000 hundreds of indo fijians were bashed by the nationalist but no one complained. Even the nationalists were enjoying at the parliament house enjoying the stolen goodies and animals from indo-fijian farms. The problem in fiji is not ASK but te Nationalists who are crying like babies on this blog. Police brutality happens everywhere. It happened in NZ, Australia, South Africa and USA recently. Why make a big issue out of it. It is a nationalist propaganda once again.
In 87 the escape goat was Jai Raw Reddy, in 2000 it was Mahendra Chaudhry and now it is ASK.

Anonymous said...

it's good to see the dictator take time off to play touch rugby. he needs to do that because he has accumulated a lot of fat since taking over. too much of the good life within a short space of time shows on him. it will only get worse if he doesn't play raka from time to time!

Bai a dead loss said...

Anon@5.39pm. Some opf that fat is leaking out of his mouth. He saying he is 'very worried about what I have been seeing in the media about political parties and the fraud they have committed.'

He says “This is where my mind is right now and having a look at what has transpired in the past with regards to political parties i am very worried and Fiji should be worried."

The guy has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read the reactions of regime apologists to the video showing the torture of Benedito and his accomplice.

Some apologists -- soldiers, apparently -- say the victims deserved what they got for their crimes, although most of them don't even know what crimes were committed. They also overlook the fact that those crimes pale beside those committed by Bainimarama and his goons.

Croz Walsh claims the video is a fabrication and suggests it dates from Qarase's time. How's that for denial and self-delusion? Even the police spokesperson has admitted the video shows the capture of one of the recently escaped cons.

Graham Davis just swallows hard and tries to change the subject to something else, anything else.

Semi Meo does what he always does, which is to pontificate, go off on tangents, contradict himself, and of course shamelessly promote himself.

Then there's the guy who curses Bendito's suffering parents -- his weeping mother and his father who served his entire career in Fiji's military service, back when the RFMF still served the country. What can be said about the evil animating this guy's pitiless comments, except, perhaps, that they perfectly represent the spirit of Bainimarama's New Fiji?

Raquita said...

Reliably informed Vuniwaqa’s forceful resignation was due to her approval of SDL/FLP application for registration. This was confirmed by the man himself Mohd Shaneen who got the acting appointment by his master maichood khaiyum.
Minutes ago Shaneen was discussing this with someone very reliable and close to him.

SEMI MEO said...

@Optimus March 8, 2013 at 2:06 PM
...you're true!!.I was, am and will ever be a Fijian patriot!

Though I may not sub to your kinda evil extreme views!

But...but...welcome back to "optimum sanity!..we sure missed you!

Anonymous said...

The Australian high commissioner may have been robbed during Qarase's time but not by Qarase.

What about the death threats phoned in against Australian high commissioner James Batley? Those came from the payphone just outside QEB.

The salient point is not when the crimes were committed, but by whom -- thugs in both cases, but in Qarase's time they were outside the government, not in it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, police brutality occasionally happens everywhere. Some people let power go to their heads. But in most other countries that brutality is not sanctioned by the government. And when they say they're investigating, they eventually do issue findings -- unlike the regime's 'investigations' in Fiji, the findings from which are never published, probably because the investigations never took place!

SEMI MEO said...

Anon bothy March 8, 2013 at 5:51 PM

Anon Bothy of March 8, 2013 at 5:51 PM….why do you class me together with those two kumala vulas? Tara nodrau kumala!...you bothy!

I am just a humble patriot who wanna commentate on the game played…say it as it is!!

I do not give a freaking hell what you think, SDL,NFP or the Rear Admiral think!!

Go na hug a vuni salato!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, if you're such a patriot, then stop blathering on about how 99.99 percent of Fijians are looking forward to the elections in 2014, because it's simply not true, and you've no basis for saying it. Most of us have long since figured out, even if you haven't, that this regime will not allow meaningful elections in 2014 or ever. Your insistence that the elections will occur and be meaningful plays right into Bainimarama's hands. But it seems that all you care about is getting publicity for yourself, even if most of it is notoriety for your stupidity and naivete.

Anonymous said...

long live dharam lingam!

Mohammed Aiyub said...

Are nationalists and racist Ki-Bau,Vutaki Meo and Tattifalla safe. I fear for their safety after that u-tube video. My advise for them is to go back to their motherland Somalia, or Congo. They deserve to live and die there.

Anonymous said...

Qarese was a product of thugs a useless racist. RIP

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that a computer bug has been blamed for stuff up in the Kenyan Election. The same contractor brought the technology to Fiji. I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Kenyan officials have gone back to counting by hand and they now saying more than 300, 000 votes (six per cent of the voting population) have been discounted.

The same thing could conceivabky happen in Fiji elections, if it ever happens.

Kai Bau said...

Mohammed Aiyub.. Alah is a good god and I think he dont teach you to stir up racists remarks againsts us your Fijian brothers.Secondly Mohammed sometimes we will be crying and you will be laughing and vise versa.If Iam from Somalia I wont be living in Fiji and Iwill go back to motherland where I come from.One of your muslim brother Ballu Khan was also tortured by the police and soldiers but we feel for MR Ballu Khan because we got feelings.But I cannot understand where you are coming from and with a muslim name as such Alah must be really pissed off with you stirring up racial hatered between us.We love you Mohammed we love your mother and also your sisters.Salamallehkum.Peace be with you

Anonymous said...

Naupoto's evidence before Board of Inquiry

FINGER on violent operation"I was told that they were to be taken to Nukulau. I was informed on the 28th July. We were to make arrangements for their transportation. I tasked RFNS Kiro and also directed Lieutenant Commander Naqali to form a security team for the detainees. I was told that they were to be taken at 0400 hrs on 29th July. I directed LCDR Naqali not to show sympathy to them but to roughen them up. The detainees had their hands tied behind their back. I directed Naqali that they were to be held on deck rather than below decks (inside the ship). It is easier to sabotage the ship when you are inside rather than outside. I spoke to them when they were sitted on the forecastle and told them that "if you try anything you will die". I saw people punching them (detainees) but I did not stop them. I was in contact with Naqali throughout the operation and I was directing the operation from my office throughout. I told Naqali to call me when they handed over to the army personnel at Nukulau. The operation was codenamed Operation Lighthouse and the Operation Order was written and signed by myself. Everything that happened was done because I had directed LCDR Naqali to allow it to happen. The reason for my allowing those things to happen was a way of putting the security team on a psychologically higher platform than the detainees. It was better for them to be punched and sworn at rather than being shot because the people guarding them panicked. My task was to deliver them to Nukulau alive and that I did. I ask the Board [of Inquiry] that the information that is given to the Board today be safeguarded as it can be used against our families. If my actions are found to be wrong then I am prepared to face the consequences

Anonymous said...

Why are Fijian Policeman always given the tough task of looking for escaped prisioners? Where are the Kaidia policeman?..Oops, I forgot, they are always given desk jobs by their Kaidia bosses. I feel sorry for the Kaiviti policeman and women.

Anonymous said...

Why are Fijian Policeman always given the tough task of looking for escaped prisioners? Where are the Kaidia policeman?..Oops, I forgot, they are always given desk jobs by their Kaidia bosses and military friends. I feel sorry for the Kaiviti policeman and women.

Anonymous said...

This people deserve what they got,just imagine you fools what would you have felt when this criminals were inside your home terrorisng your family,raping your mother,daughter,wife in front of you and your children how much pain would you have felt ,don't make an issue of it just support the enforcement officers and support them instead of critisising them,there shall not be any investigation in the issue,this poor officers sacrificed they time and family 24 hours a day sometimes without food and sleep looking for this criminals what else do you expect from them catch and kiss this madharchods you people who might be having sympathy for this bastards must be sick minded

Anonymous said...

alah is moon god, just look at all the moon sign in their mosque

our god is heavenly father, the creater of all.

Anonymous said...

fuckheads please keep race out of this

Anonymous said...

This a race and ethnicity conflict blockhead...it will never end. Think man!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8.17

go check your brain you fucked up idiot

Anonymous said...

Naupoto, prepare to face the consequences, indeed. By your own admission, you had command responsibility over the thugs who tortured the prisoners remanded to your custody.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46, what's all this about watching your children get raped? Benedito was never accused of anything like that, so stop introducing red herrings into the discussion. End the excuses, end the torture, end the lies, end the treason, end this bloody regime.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Aiyub, you sound like the one who is racist. Make all the threats you want, but in the end, the truth always prevails.

Anonymous said...

This video should be shown on all tv stations where all like minded criminals will think twice before they even think of committing any crime ,bravo officers we are all with you,what international community gona do about it ,they should mind their own business,human rights group,Sahamima Ali all this people harping for nothing except to get some funds to live and enjoy luxry life by making loud noise hahah!!!!!!
live in luxury house in Princess Road,what could you have done when the same entered your home and raped you,or your daughter (if any) in front of your children.You sick minded blogers just stop this issue and do something for the betterment of your family or beloved FIJI.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.58 do you understand the meaning of terrorizing ,home invasion putting knife to your small loved ones and demanding cash and jewalary and kicking you and your wife,sometimes rape,it seems you are not interested in the issue your main issue is Mr Bainimaramas regime you idiot,try to be realistic you sickmen .

Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh says the prisoners last year were treated with dignity and respect.

May he enjoy the same dignity and respect.

SEMI MEO said...

Anon Coward of March 8, 2013 at 6:11 PM..

As I said..go and hug a vuni salato..

Your spew is equated as nothingness in cyberville...oh...even your face do NOT have a blooimg name.

You nut!

Cava e rerevaki??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I understand all those meanings. Now, what does that have to do with Benedito? Was he accused of doing all those things? No, he was not. So, stop making this an argument about something it isn't. Stop lying.

The issue IS this regime, you moral imbecile. Bainimarama has prisoners murdered. He has them raped in the ass with gunbarrels. He has them beaten and tortured. He betrayed the country repeatedly. He commits acts of treason daily. He took away our government and all of our rights. He's bankrupting the country, destroying our cultural institutions, and selling everything off to the Chinese for personal kickbacks. He rules through intimidation, thuggery, and deceit.

His regime IS the issue, not your violent fantasies.

Anonymous said...

You nut cases keep writing about the rape of your daughters. Why is that? What sick, twisted fucks you are! Benedito isn't accused of doing that, so the fact that you keep bringing up this fantasy of yours shows how disturbed you really are. I hope your daughter can get away before you act out your perverted obsession.

Anonymous said...

Semi Monkey, you're the coward. You never did answer Cyber Bully's challenge. If free and fair elections aren't held in 2014, agree right here and now that you'll shut the fuck up and never darken this blogsite again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Semeow...shame you back spewing your crap. This blog was starting to rise in contributor standards until you came back on. Ditto for that moron tattifalla, so shamed about the name his senile mother gave him, and now parading under a different name...probably rajend of Sydney.

Anonymous said...

@moron 9:49...people talking about the pain of having one's wife or daughter have a valid point. So shut the ... up, down and all round.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9.43PM
You are spot on! The issue IS indeed this regime which is ruling by terror and theft.
But regime propagandist want to deflect attention away from the thieving and thuggery of the regime.
They think the people of Fiji are stupid just like the school dropout mob in the "security forces".
These intellectual imbeciles have no real idea about the peoples' understanding of the true nature of this regime and the peoples' rejection of their right to rule over them.

tattifalla 2 said...

Remember there was a saying going around during George Speight coup......we like the cause but not the method it was done.........if( I m not wrong ) what goes around comes around

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:06 AM, you're the one who should shut up. No one is accusing Benedito of raping someone's wife or kids, so why do you guys keep harping about something that isn't true?

It's because you're clutching at straws. Bainimarama's henchmen are filmed torturing a shackled prisoner, and instead of sharing the outrage of the civilised world, you're reaching deep to try to justify the unjustifiable.

Benedito's main crime was escaping. Bainimarama's main crimes are treason, murder, torture, tforcible sodomy, etc. Hardly comparable.

If Benedito deserves torture, then how much worse does Bainimarama deserve?

Stop attributing crimes to Benedito that he never committed, and start recognising and speaking out against the crimes Bainimarama continues to commit daily.

SEMI MEO said...

@Monkey of March 8, 2013 at 9:54 PM..

So what's your point????

Oh sorry; you want a banana?

Takes a crap inspector to smell one..drau lai vei kisi kei Cyber Bull..se o cei tale na yaca i tamamu??

Vakalusi iqi kei na gauna!

Anonymous said...

ask naupoto how much he owes ftib when he and annie went to china? has he paid back the 3500.00 to fiji government- how did he become minister big choro.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, his point is that you are a coward. You never answered Nameless Cyber Bully's repeated challenge to you.

The other point people often make against you is that you're a shameless self-promoter.

Sorry, but these are both very valid points.

Anonymous said...

Peni Gaunimeke, na mata vakaceke... Qarauni iko tiko sonalevu, luveni caiti tamamu... Na raici iko dua vanua au na tatalaki iko vei nai sele kava... Kaisi Bokola

Anonymous said...

All i can say to these torturers is that two wrongs don't make a right.What goes around comes around!.Kevaka dou via veivacu dina sereka na handcuffs qai dou roqo yaduadua.Qo sa qai laurai mai namatamu dou kece kei na yacamudou, dou sa NARA,nanuma tiko SOTAGA CAPOTU. O na QAQIRAKI nanuma tiko "ka ga o vakarau taka ena vakarautaki tale vei iko...

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