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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Typical: Bainimarama blames political parties for him dumping Constituent Assembly

"....this modification has been forced upon us because of the lack of commitment by the political parties to register under the requirements  of the law. There are allegations of fraud and impersonation. This does not provide a conducive climate to hold the Constituent Assembly.'

The draft Constitution regime is foisting on people

My fellow Fijians
Bula vinaka and a good evening to you all.

Presidential ambitions by couple in ugly hats
In July 2009, when launching the Strategic Framework for Change, I announced that we must have elections under a truly democratic system by no later than September 2014.

That promise my government has been committed to and will fulfil.

We had also announced, when putting in place the Constitutional process, that the new Constitution must be in place by April of this year. That promise also my government will adhere to and facilitate.

You are also aware that the Constitutional process that we commenced with the Ghai Commission was modified. This was done to ensure that the fundamental principles of parliamentary representation and efficient and transparent government was implemented  through a forward looking Constitution.

Today, we further modify the process to ensure that the key objective of holding elections by September 2014 under a truly democratic parliamentary system is met. 

Unfortunately, this modification has been forced upon us because of the lack of commitment by the political parties to register under the requirements  of the law. There are allegations of fraud and impersonation. This does not provide a conducive climate to hold the Constituent Assembly. We cannot be delayed by such circumstances.

This, for me, is very disappointing because it would appear some politicians are still beholden to the politics of old. Racism and corruption cannot form the basis of a new beginning for our beloved country.

My fellow Fijians, adherence to the time lines we have set is critical if we are to have elections by September 2014. A key aspect of holding the elections is to ensure that we have an electoral system that does not allow fraud and that we have public awareness and education about the new electoral system. We need at least 15 months to prepare for such elections.

In line with these undertakings, I announce this evening that the draft Constitution is ready.

Instead of presenting the draft to the Constituent Assembly under the previous arrangement, we will be presenting it directly to you. My fellow Fijians, you will be the new Constituent Assembly.

The draft Constitution is available as I speak through the Government website. It will be printed in full in tomorrow's Fiji Sun and in the days to come, and hard copies will also be available from various Government outlets.

You will have until the 5th of April to give your feedback. You can give your feedback via email to a designated address, which will be announced in the next few days. You can write in  your comments to the Solicitor General's office or drop them off there. You can even text your comments on the number 02 from midnight tonight. You can also post your comments via the Ministry of Information's Facebook page.

In the next few days, we will also publish explanatory notes to help you understand each and every single section of the draft Constitution.

We will hold a number of community forums at which members of the public and representatives of organisations can attend to ask Government's legal team questions on any aspect of the draft Constitution. Notices of these meetings will be published over this weekend.

I will also be holding talk back sessions on FBC radio stations in all three languages next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to answer any of your questions and listen to you.

Following these consultations and your feedback, we will finalise the Constitution to have it ready for implementation no later than the 12th of April this year.

Let me now highlight some of the key components of the draft Constitution:
  • it gives sovereign control to a single house in Parliament, which is represented by members elected by you;
  • the size of parliament shall be 45 with a four year term. The idea is to attract good quality and honest parliamentarians who will be paid accordingly and who won't be corrupt;
  • it provides for not only civil and political rights, but also, for the first time in our constitutional history, it provides for a wide range of socio-economic rights. As seen through the constitutional submissions, many Fijians are concerned about their day to day living and access to better facilities and utilities. The draft Constitution has rights to housing and sanitation, reasonable access to transportation, adequate food and water and social security schemes. It also for the first time gives specific rights to persons with disabilities and to children;
  • it creates a secular state which will allow all Fijians to practice their own faiths;
  • it has proportional representation through a multi member constituency which will give enhanced opportunities for women and the youth to be in Parliament;
  • it gives more independence to the Judiciary,  to control their own budget and finances as approved by Parliament. FICAC and the DPP's office shall control their own affairs;
  • it creates a Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission to give protection to all citizens irrespective of their backgrounds or socio-economic status;
  • it creates a truly independent electoral commission  with appropriate powers; and
  • for the first time in our history, it gives you the right to change the constitution once implemented via a referendum;
My fellow Fijians I have just highlighted to you some of the key components of the draft Constitution. I urge you to read it in detail and provide your feedback.

In assessing the draft, please understand that it has been put together by incorporating the positive aspects of the Ghai draft, and with the view to withstand the test of time. 

Constitutional, political and economic stability is critical to create a prosperous Fiji. A Fiji without systemic corruption and a transparent governmental system with true parliamentary representation will ensure that the potential of all Fijians and Fiji is realised.

I look forward to our national discussions  and your feedback over the next two weeks.

Vinaka Vakalevu and  good evening.
JV Bainimarama
Prime Minister




Anonymous said...

What did the GHAI-Constitution say about IMMUNITY for these rapists, thieves and blunderers of Fiji's people and their assets? This is what the COWARDS came up with to keep their behinds intact. CHIEFS and people of Fiji, time for revolt!!!

Immunity granted under the 1990 Constitution continues
152. Notwithstanding the abrogation of the Constitution Amendment Act 1997 and despite the repeal of the Constitution of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji (Promulgation) Decree 1990, Chapter XIV of the Constitution of 1990 continues in force in accordance with its tenor, and the immunity granted in Chapter XIV of the Constitution of 1990 shall continue.
Immunity granted under the Limitation of Liability for Prescribed Political Events Decree 2010 continues
153.––(1) The immunities granted to prescribed persons for prescribed political events under the Limitation of Liability for Prescribed Political Events Decree 2010 shall continue in existence.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Constitution, the Limitation of Liability for Prescribed Political Events Decree 2010 shall, in its entirety, continue in existence and shall not be reviewed, amended, altered, repealed or revoked by Parliament.
Further immunity
154. Absolute and unconditional immunity is irrevocably granted to any person holding the office of, or holding the office in, as the case may be––
(a) the President;
(b) Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers;
(c) Republic of Fiji Military Forces,
(d) Fiji Police Force;
(e) Fiji Corrections Service;
(f) Judiciary;
(g) public service; and
(h) any public office,
from any criminal prosecution and from any civil or any other liability in any court or tribunal, in any proceeding including any legal, military, disciplinary or professional proceedings and from any order or judgment of any court or tribunal, as a result of any direct or indirect participation, appointment or involvement in the Government from December 2006 to date of the first sitting of Parliament elected after the commencement of this Constitution; provided however any such immunity for the period between 18 July 2012 to the date of the first sitting of Parliament elected after the commencement of this Constitution shall not apply to any act or omission that constitutes an offence under sections 77 to 390 of the Crimes Decree 2009.
Immunity entrenched
155.––(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Constitution, this Chapter and any immunity granted or continued in this Chapter shall not be reviewed, amended, altered, repealed or revoked.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Constitution, no court or tribunal shall have the jurisdiction to accept, hear or make any decision or order with respect to any challenge against the provisions of this Chapter and any immunity granted or continued in this Chapter.
(3) No compensation shall be payable by the State to any person in respect of damage, injury or loss to his property or person caused by or consequent upon any conduct from which immunity has been granted under this section.

Anonymous said...

Well the good thing is now we can all say our bit about the draft constitution rather than Mick Beddoes and other pufters pretending to talk on our behalf when in fact they are their for their own interests which is to have a job as a politician. And the are other conman and corrupt ones like Shiu Raj and Rajesh Singh.

SSeru said...

Well this is much better that we the People of the Republic of Fiji will have our views and not the Assembly. Vinaka vakalevu Ratu Voreqe.


Anonymous said...

We're all screwed now...

mark manning said...

He who forgets the past, is bound to repeat it:-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhTflHfPhgc

Anonymous said...

OMG what else do we want? We want our say in constitution and election and now some people say we are screwed. Constipation maybe?

Anonymous said...

Now this will be a real level playing field ..............

Let the indaviduals who want to represent and work for the people now show their heads and start selling themselves.

Could be a good system, no more worries about voting for a specific party and having to put up with some of the dross that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

Frank baini boci, first publish government audit report, declare your .arsy pussy interest then talk about fairness, you will be fucked one day, my curse

Anonymous said...

@SSeru 10:21pm
Have a good time frolicking in the pool of shit at Kinoya T/Plant...get used to the smell and the taste ofcourse and die a slow death from bacteria that will infect your miserable carcase.
You cant even express yourself in two sentences...constitution sa qai yawa sara..masi volo.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately @SSeru, We, the people have to email or text our responses...what kind of consultation is that? Let it be heard and PUBLISHED cos who knows any stupid idiot named Voreqe or Aiyaz can manipulate the system to get messages in that favors their COWARDLY stand of IMMUNITY, much like what they keep doing now and reporting to brainwash the EDUCATED people that gullibles of Fiji want his dictatorship to stay when it is JUST actually them saying that!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Constituent Assembly would compose of Trade Unions reps, Political Party reps, NGO reps etc. These would have been Bai's real opponents. He knows he will be beaten by them so he made up this excuses. Though none of this excuses were proven or taken to court. Without these reps the people of Fiji can say whatever they want and the result will still manipulated by the regime. They will only take on board what they want. So really giving the mandate to the people is and old ugly business by formality to tell the world that the people have their say. Though his opponents were given a TKO well before the fight begins.

Anonymous said...

It is well and good to finally open up the contents of the Draft Constitution to the people of Fiji to have a look at and consider and then make their views known on it.

It is another totally different thing to be able to have the proper forum to which people can submit their thoughts and views about the Draft. All that information will need to be analysed, tabulated and considered but it needs an independent forum totally separate from government to remove any interference or tampering.

How are people to know the truth about the outcomes of people's submissions and whether the data that will be collected and analysed are actually the same data received through the text platforms, Facebook or dropped in at the SG's office in hard or electronic copies? How are the people of Fiji to know how many people actually participated and in what categories and what each said about what?

This process, while it allows the people of Fiji open access to the Draft Constitution does not allow for transparency and independence in the collation of the data collected in these various forums. It can as easily be manipulated and tampered.

This government can as easily use this process to then undermine the pathway to democratic elections in 2014 because they will be able to feel for themselves the heartbeat of the nation from these submissions and gauge whether it is safe to have an election or not.

Anonymous said...

The Glorious Leader has decided on behalf of the people - without the people having a say. No need for the people's say, is there? If the Great One has decided it must then be right. when has the Great One ever been wrong - about anything!

Anonymous said...

the consistent liar is back doing what he does best - LYING TO THE PEOPLE OF FIJI!

Anonymous said...

This was a farce from the beginning they processing their own agendas to cover their arse!

We can read through the speech, its a blooddy lie!! Its a set-up to lock them in this leading role forever.

Anonymous said...

ok folks whilst you are in the mood to write to FB with your thoughts and wishes for the Constitution, here is the address to write for your Christmas wishes:

Santa Claus
1 Reindeer Lane
North Pole

Good all, hope your dreams and wishes comes true.!!!

Anonymous said...

all the dictators of world does what VB, and Aiyaz are doing, you name it..they steal the treasure's that belong to people, murder, torture, rape..ect..ect they rule by gun there's no opposition to question where the funds are going ect. what they say goes..no question asked you like or not.. that's what all dictators do, to name a few Marcos, Sadam, Amin, and many more like them.. look at all this dictators records they all similar.. well that's what vb and khaiyum are doing.. they will brain wash you saying the are doing good for country in fact the are doing the opposite, they will promote themselves and live in luxury and steal from you the tax payers...COME ON FIJI HOW LONG WILL YOU LET THIS COWARDS AND MURDERS DO THIS TO YOU?? DON'T BE FOOLED BY THEIR LIES ITS TIME TO PUT A STOP TO THIS... YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK AT THE RECORDS OF ALL DICTATORS OF WORLD.. THEY ALL THE SAME,GREEDY AND SELFFISH.. ECT..ECT,, THEY THINK THEY ARE GODS AND EVERYONE SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THEM... THINK ABOUT IT.. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING.. GOD BLESS FIJI..

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Bainimarama, who you're trying to fool? You fuckwit, how on earth can you be honest enough to accept our text msg? You crip bastard, we knew all along you will end up dumping any legal political party that stands your way, you fucking smart ass, come on kai Viti, fuck this guy and get rid of him asap, fucking cunning corrupt bastard.

Is the world watching this bastard or are they turning their blind eyes too

Anonymous said...

Too predictable!!! What next? No election? I would probably do the same if I am wrong, especially commiting the highest crime (treason and murder) in the land. Sa 7 mai na yabaki qo, da waraka tale mada e vica na yabaki qai macala.

Sanaila said...

God bless you PM Bainimarama...keep up the excellent work for the advancement of the people of Fiji...Ira na lewenivanua mai na vei Yasana era tokoni kemuni...Ni valataka na Dina, Dodonu, Savasava..

Ignore all the losers barking filth in this blogsite....they belong in Kinoya Sewerage Plant.

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

this maga cici frank voreqe bainimagana is all about himself and lying to the people of Fiji. Whe the people finally realise they are being lied to and being robbed b frank bainimagana then the will up-rise against his evil junta. by then it will be too late to stop the
revolution and the people will be all for a clean

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sanaila dau vosa ga ni sa ucu o aiyarse ona boci mai dra'ana.

Anonymous said...

What views are the supporters of the lying dictator are talking about here. The views of the people in the proposed community forum is just an exercise to show the world that the people of Fiji have been consulted in the Final Constitution Draft but in fact this has already been made by the illegal regime. Now is the time to protest. I am requesting all the Chiefs and their subjects, and loyal soldiers to start a revolution in Fiji to bring the usurpers to justice.

Sanaila said...

More and more filth pour from anti-Voreqe bloggers....of course these blind SDL supporters keep dreaming of a revolution or a revolt of some kind by the people of Fiji...how stupid is that!!!!

The reality on the ground is that:
1. All provinces support Bainimarama
2. 90% of ordinary people support this government
3. Tourism is at a record high
4. Employment is high
5. Corruption is low
6. Law and order is tough
7. Development is high
8. Civil servants performance is high
9. National stability is high
10. US, Aust, NZ - maintain relations with Bainimarama

...Oh and QARASE is still in Prison with George Speight and Benadito...

Loonie as his heroes said...

Agreed sanaila.......so let's put the people' vote to the test. Oh that's right, you and your mental regime are lamusonas.

Anonymous said...


Rajesn Singh ex MP said...

Khaiyum’s Draft v Prof Ghai Draft
The Khaiyum draft released by Fiji Dictator late yesterday can be best described as the most draconian and oppressive constitution in Fiji’s history. It lacks the fundamental principles of good governance, accountability, and transparency which were the key feature of the Ghai Draft. The khaiyum draft seeks to entrench military’s continued interference in the governance of Fiji and promotes tyrant Police and RFMF heads. Here is a summary of most objectionable features and basic flaws in the khaiyum draft .

• Proposes to undermine H.E the President as Head of State and as Commander in Chief for RFMF through its recommendation make the Prime Minister the commander in chief of the military.

• Proposes to disenfranchise the voting rights of all prisoners of state which undermines the Universal principles that every citizen must have a right to elect their parliamentary representative.

• Proposes that the present Judiciary continue in office after the elections despite the fact that all appointments from April 2009 were made by Khaiyum without due process and checks and balances.

• Proposes a Judicial services Commission appointed by the Attorney General and the CJ to the exclusion of the Fiji Law Society.

• Proposes to entrench the limited powers of the Judiciary which prevents any person from suing the regime members for civil and criminal infringes since Dec 2006

• Proposes to have the police commissioner and the RFMF Commander be appointed by the Prime minister instead of an independent constitutional services commission as the Ghai draft recommended.

• Proposes that police commissioner and RFMF commander has no retirement cap whilst all other members of police and RFMF must retire at age 55.

• Proposes that the present regime continues in Office until the elections in 2014 which is completely opposite the Ghai recommendation.

• Proposes no accountability of present regime ministers whilst all other public office holders are subject to disclosure and scrutiny.

• Proposes that the present acting registrar of elections Mohammed Saneen would conduct the 2014 elections and the substantive elections register and supervisor would be appointed after the elections in 2014.

• Proposes the Elections Commission be appointed after the elections and the present Commission appointed under the decree continues to function for the purpose of 2014 elections.

Anonymous said...

So we have until 5th of April to give feedback. How and where do we read the constitution? Can someone at C4.5 please layout step by step on how we can go about in sorting this out as publicly as possible. I heard he wants us to text or email. Is this true? Does this mean anyone from anywhere in the world can do this?

Looks like whole thing was thought of last minute by the regime!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change this regime and constitution.
They will force things on us .if we dont stand up and protest.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, there's nothing we can do folks. Just go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

this "government" has been FORCED upon us and everything this "government" has been doing since it came to power ILLEGALLY is FORCE-LINE!
That's all there is to be said about this "government". All else is bullshit. The man signing off as "Prime Minister" is bullshit. He is a usurper.Everything that comes out of his mouth is BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Can we start submission on C4.5?

One change I request is section 82 - when the president is selected the parliament should send out white smoke signal telling the people we have new president.

RatuNaca said...

Sa qai matata tikoga mai na matanimeke. Lies, lies AND MORE LIES! Nothing new though but the problem is most of our people, the common people are swallowing them left, right and centre....NA LASU VAKAIYANAQA!

Anonymous said...

how much longer will this military idiot pretend prime minister continue breaking wind over the people of fiji?
how much longer will the people of fiji tolerate him doing that?
it is becoming TOO MUCH! isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Au sa oca na wili blog tiko, kerekere dua mada e supplytaki dakai mai me caka mada e dua na ka. Ra kalougata o ira na arab spring ni tu ga vakarawarawa vei ira na yaragi. Sega ni rawa ni da kudru tiko i loma qo caka nona tiko o vore

Anonymous said...

thy will be done

Anonymous said...

anon 9 05
dina sara,,,,
dua tale na non violent protest,,,dua ga na siga me da dabe ena mata ni PMs office...
sa sega tiko na veitokoni vei frank mai na keba,,,,,
sa qai tadola na matadra ni qo na luvei SETANI

Anonymous said...

a new day a new lie from the old liar!who now wants to make out his legitimacy to rule comes from the consent of the people and not from his guns. hence all this farce about new constitution making with the people having a say. it's a lie. what happened to the ghai draft constitution which reflected the aspirations of the people? why was it trashed? because it did not sit well with the usurpers. the new constitution which this "government" is making is not for the people of Fiji. It is for themselves.It is designed to extend their hold on power - but with a look of legitimacy! They want the people to rubber stamp their devious plan. This is what all this is about. Only fools fail to see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

sanaila au kila nio sa curumi iko tu e dua na RERE LEVU baleta nio kila vinaka tu na dina o qai dramica tale tiko nona I cici o kaiyum..kakailaila..hahaha..mo dro rawa mai vei keimami mo rawa ni bula OR naboro prison..na immunity sana sega tu ga. yadra mai tagane nanumi iratou na luvemu kei na nomu kawa mai muri. totolo tagane vakamalumalumu taki iko qai masu vei tamada me solia vei iko na vakacegu..GB

SEMI MEO said...

No wonder!...as soon as the Rear Admiral returns from the Kingdom of Gau did Fiji now witness his "lailai na dina" spew to attempt convince us all.

You know what?..let's put to him as much question as we could ask.

Mind you, since all question may go through the Mr. Aiyaz's sieve, ti’s better we copy all question to social media and others "coconut electronic" just that the populace would be well informed that other more pertinent question to the Rear Admiral may have been flashed!

Ok...now...where are these former senior Military Officers’ we again ask???..they assist the Rear Admiral created this mess...now clean it up by putting up a credible alternative Government for us voter to decide.

Or are we gonna see a Decree clipping the wings of these former senior Military Officers and a further Decree forbidding shift of allegiance away from the rear Admiral.

Still, if none of these former military giants or no one is brave enough, yours truly volunteers to stand against my Tauvu Rear Admiral in the seat of his choice...I've got a few counter punches up my sleeve to defuse his sweet honky dowry deals he is now revered for around Fiji...don’t you worry about that!

All we’re saying is where are Fiji’s brave to stand up and contest the next election under any constitution…Assembly or no Assembly!!...simplistic view??...of course!...why complicate things! Goodness!!

SEMI MEO said...

No wonder!...as soon as the Rear Admiral returns from the Kingdom of Gau did Fiji now witness his "lailai na dina" spew to attempt convince us all.

You know what?..let's put to him as much questions as we could ask in his upcoming radio interviews/talk back..

Mind you, since all questions may go through the Mr. Aiyaz’s sieve, ti’s better we copy all questions to social media and others "coconut electronic" means , just that the populace would be well informed that other more pertinent questions to the Rear Admiral may have been flashed!

Ok...now...where are these former senior Military Officers’ we again ask???..they assisted the Rear Admiral create this mess...now clean it up by putting up a credible alternative Government for us voters to decide.

Or are we gonna see a Decree clipping the wings of these former senior Military Officers, and a further Decree forbidding shift of allegiance away from the Rear Admiral.

Still, if none of these former military giants or no one is brave enough, yours truly volunteers to stand against my Tauvu Rear Admiral in the seat of his choice...I've got a few counter punches up my sleeve to defuse his sweet honky dowry deals he is now revered for around Fiji...don’t you worry about that!.

All we’re saying is; where are Fiji’s brave to stand up and contest the next election under any constitution…Assembly or no Assembly!!.

..simplistic view??...of course!...why complicate things!

Anonymous said...

45 member parliament? Can we do the same with army? Let reduce them as we'll.

Anonymous said...

Are you watching and learningBob Carr?

BTW start supporting your leader, she's doing a good job.

Certainly better than no show Rudd.


NO MORE indigenous rights for you itaukei Fijians and Rotumans.
No more chiefs, culture or traditions recognised.
Next itll be your lands becoming state land...thats the unavoidable end of this equal citizenry rights.
Sad because the indegenous peoples make up two thirds of the population.
Discrimination against the majority and indigenous peoples. Bloody oath it is.
An you kai indias who say this is racism..sorry bro, there is nothing racist about standing up for your indegnous rights. infact you are the racists for not even recognising our indigenous rights.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Mataivalu Ni Solisona- Obama please send a drone to get rid of these useless cunts and bring back democracy and freedom to Fiji.

Only one man can lead a revolt in Fiji - Mahendra Pal Chaudhary.

All current Fijian leaders are gutless like the Mother fucking Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

MPC the man who did not flinch with a gun at his head not like VB running through the tavioka patch with shit running down his backside - This will also happen to the Mataivalu Ni Solisona as they are destroyed once and for all.

God is greater than all your guns and your leader Khaiyum.

SyDnEy SiDeR said...

Well said Indigenous Rights :)
@ Sanaila, I think you are tripping if you say 90% of the ordinary people support the Baini-aiarse government:(

Ordinary people are too afraid to speak because they fear the local armed forces mind you I am not even an SDL supporter.
But by the way this illegal govt is suppressing human rights back home I would have to say this illegal regime sucks big time!!!!
Yes you guys maybe doing lots of rural development but come the elections who will want to vote for a dictator?
Think of the families and friends of Rabaka, Verebasaga and other innocent people who have died because of this illegal govt will they vote FB-A big fat NO
I have friends and relatives working in island resorts out in the Yasawa’s/Mamanuca’s who have copies of the Police brutality video saved on their mobile phones. Most tourists who have watched it say they will think twice about returning to Fiji.
Sanaila can you please check how many trades people/qualified doctors & nurses are leaving our shores to go overseas? (BTW –I am one of them) Because the pay & living standard which you claim has increased- has not at all increased. WTF are you trying to say here?? People in the Tourism industry are the worst paid.

Anonymous said...

Frank, Army and Police you are there to uphold the 1997 Constitution not to destroy it.
Bunch of liars shame on you thugs. We dont any other Khaiyum bullshit Constitution.
I just spoke to my mate in NZ Police they take oath to uphold the constitution .Fiji Police and Army bring shame on our nation and people.
Time to act now ,protest and strike.
Khaiyum f off from Fiji you have breach the trust of our Fijian Chiefs and friends,
Chiefs and Fijian friend we dont support Khaiyum and Elite Muslims.get them out from fiji now.
Our grand parent and parents had great relationship and respect for the chiefs and fijian.
god bless

Keep The Faith said...

The illegal and treasonous regime lost themselves the election at about 7pm Fiji time, 21 March 2013.

Anonymous said...

Why immunity ?
No more immunity.f you guys mf
Take PM LQ/ High Chiefs Turanga na Qaranivalu/Speight CRW and others out .
Than talk about Immunity.Be Fair.
GCC/Chiefs/Church/Vanua /Trade Union/Political Leader Time to stand up and protest and march.
God bless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a stinking liar! that's the worst kind of liar there is on earth!

Sanaila Vutulaki said...

Notice how Mary is smiling? She is because she has just been fucked by Sanaila.

Anonymous said...

Mary laughing because Ben Naliva sodomised her

Anonymous said...

Fijians been taken for a ride by this idiots khaiyum and Franky.
its a fight between freedom/democracy vs dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

A totally illegitimate way to promulgate a law, much less a national constitution.

Yash Ghai's 'constitutional dialogue' was completely unconstitutional. But this, this is completely a joke, a cruel joke.

Sure, email your proposals to the Commodore, and he will disregard them all.

Anonymous said...

I suggest emailing copies of all submissions to C4.5. I suggest that C4.5 start a comment string exclusively for that purpose.

Komai said...

No Vice President according to draft constitution
Publish date/time: 22/03/2013 [11:07]

There will be no Vice President according to the new draft constitution.

The functions of the President will be performed by the Chief Justice if the President is absent from duty or is unable to perform the functions of the President.

It has also been stated that in the exercise of his or her powers and executive authority, the President acts only on the advice of cabinet or a minister or some other body or authority prescribed by the constitution.

Another change in the draft is that the Prime Minister who will be the head of government will also be the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

Presently, the President is the Commander-in-Chief of the RFMF.

The draft constitution prepared by the government legal team has proposed a proportional representation system for the next general elections.

For the first elections under the draft constitution, parliament will consist of 45 members and they will be elected under a multimember open list system under which each voter has one vote with each vote being of equal value.

Stay with us we will bring you the major details of the draft constitution.

You can also follow our coverage on our facebook account, fijivillage.com.

We also have a copy of the draft on fijivillage.com.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the first comments on these strings are often pro-regime, as if they're poised to spin the message? Everyone can see through their lies, however.

Anonymous said...

Power to the people, not the dictator!

The 1997 Constitution lives!

RFMF back to the barracks!

Just say 'No' to immunity!

Hands off the GCC. Anti-disestablishmentarianism!

Repudiate all debts of the illegal regime!

Death to traitors!

Anonymous said...

C4.5 should get petition on line .So we can set it to EU/USA/UK/AUSS/NZ/INDIA/CHINA/OTHERS .
No to Khaiyum Constitution.and No to the Regime.
No Immunity.

Anonymous said...

Army and Police are so dumbo i didnt know.
fijian been played by Khaiyum/franky for their selfish greed for power/money/greed .
destroying fiji culture/gcc/others.
when fijian army and police will wake up.

Indigenise It said...

there is not one mention of ïndegenous" or ïtaukei" or Rotuman or chiefs and all fijian administration and rotuman administration structures not recognised in this document.
you look at all the human rights. prisoners have rights but the indigenous people of fiji are not even recognised let alone their rights.
we are two thirds of the people here in our own lands and yet we dont even get a look in on anything that was here before and after colonialism till now.
there is no guarantee that the fijians and the rotumans lands will not be made state land, even by a simple majority under this new parliament.
the numbers have been stacked against the indigenous people.
their power bases are in the eastern division - 4 seats, and possibly the northern division - 11 votes?...thats at abest 14 votes out of 45. we the indigenous people are fucked. the sad thing is that the kaiinida cannot be trusted to protect our rights. instead they want to grab our lands.
you call us lazy etc, but who are you to judge us. we should be able to decide what we do with our lands and customs. you dictate to us worse than the british...the huge difference is that the british true to their commitment to english law, recognised and protected our rights in fiji.
and now you muslim bastards come and destroy all that and elevate yourselves to have equal rights to our lands...just remember our lands have mana and teeth...they will kill you without us having to lift a finger, for seven generations mr talibun.

Sanaila said...

Many stupid bloggers vent so much anger and jealousy because the Bainimarama government:
1. is more stable than SDL (6years now in power, another 20 years left to lead Fiji)
2. is more transparent and honest than SDL - QARASE stealing money thorugh FHoldings for his own cronies and families
3. brings more development to rural Fiji
4. brings free education and bus service for all students in Fiji
5. brings higher minimum wage for all workers
6. brings higher standard of living for ordinary Fijians

These are just some of the success stories that SDL sapotas are jealous about!!!

And to those blogging from overseas pretending to be successful....Go back to your Carer Job or Factory Job so that you can pay your rent on time!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 134pm
Dont blame the Kai India blame your own Fijians Frank/Nailatikau/Army and Police for allowing this Elite Muslim Parkistan Khaiyum and Shameem doing this.
We hindus dont support them.
Muslim did the same in India.Read the history.
Khaiyum is Jinaha of Fiji.

Unknown said...

I think it is about people even the PM stop blaming the Political parties for the non appearance of a makeshift Constituent Assembly and the Political Parties stop trying to disrupt the process of a new constitution.
We need to put our heads together and work together. FORGET the PAST, we need to Move on. As a youth, this country if not careful will be run by "ANGRY LITTLE MEN".
So MOVE ON and WELCOME BAINIMARAMA's idea even though it is Mr. Khaiyum's Idea. Mr. BAINIMARAMA if you want to look Good get rid of Khaiyum he will be thorn on your side. TRUST me he has avenues to ESCAPE once this is OVER and You DON'T.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila aka Kkaiyum cork sucker keep talking f print the ag reports from 2007 to 2012 and salaries and tenders .f you boci kawa ca.

Suren Chand said...

The whole tenor and thrust of this illegal Govt's moves to the 2014 Election is total control of the processes and the outcomes of the so called constitutional consultation and outcome of the 2014 Election.

We do not accept this .

The draft constitution provisions for total freedom for the 2006 Coup participants and criminal acts committed following the coup by the security forces, officials and supporters are unacceptable.

At the end of the day this should be decided by the people and free expression of peoples' rights to have a say in the constitution.

The various decrees imposed on us to limit peoples' rights and choices are imposing supremecy of this illegal Govt's decisions on such matters,

We should have those responsible for the 2006 Coup tried in court under legally constituted judicial system and processes which are independent.

If those guilty of crimes are set free, as proposed in Draft Constitution this will only guarantee continuation of coups in Fiji.

Rabuka should be tried in court for his coup and effects on the coup on our country.

We should not let this illegal Govt manupulate us to achieve their desired outcome of the constitutional drafting consultations and processes and 2014 election to suit them.

We should insist on abolishing the Fiji military forces as an insurance against further coup in future.

Future Govts should be free to either adopt or reject all the decrees and decisions of the current Govt.

Below is today's news item on legal moves in France to prosecute the former French President Sarkosy....this is the system we want ie if the leaders are suspected of commiting crimes they should be put through proper judicial processes and punished if found guilty.

Sarkozy charged over L'Oreal heiress

12:46 Fri Mar 22 2013
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been charged with taking advantage of elderly L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt to help fund his 2007 election campaign.

The move came on Thursday after Sarkozy was unexpectedly summoned for a face-to-face encounter with staff members of Bettencourt over claims he accepted envelopes stuffed with cash from one of the world's richest women.

Investigators suspect up to four million euros ($A5 million) of Bettencourt's cash made its way into Sarkozy's party coffers.

Sarkozy's lawyer, Thierry Herzog, lambasted the charge as "legally incoherent and unfair".

He said he would immediately appeal.

Overall 17 people have been charged in the case.

Sarkozy, 58, has maintained that he visited Bettencourt's residence only once during the campaign, contrary to testimony from several members of the multi-billionaire's staff.

Bettencourt is now 90 and has been in poor health since 2006. Sarkozy, it is alleged, simultaneously breached electoral spending limits and took advantage of a person weakened by ill health.

Bettencourt's former accountant, Claire Thibout, told police in 2010 that she had handed envelopes filled with cash to Bettencourt's right-hand man, Patrice de Maistre, on the understanding it was to be passed on to Sarkozy's campaign treasurer, Eric Woerth.

Right-wing Sarkozy lost his immunity from prosecution when he was defeated in the 2012 presidential election by Socialist Francois Hollande.

French judges demonstrated their readiness to go after former leaders with their successful pursuit of Sarkozy's predecessor as president, Jacques Chirac, who was convicted in 2011 on corruption charges related to his time as mayor of Paris.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray now I can voice my opinion on the constitution. First is to kill all people of chiefly families because their forefathers killed others in order to lead. No more chiefs no more problems.

HOW COME said...

how can two thirds of the population - that is the indigenous peoples of fiji and rotuma - dont even get a mention let alone have rights that are recognised under this document???
how come prisoners rights are recognised but not our rights as indigenous peoples - our institutions are destroyed, no chiefs no councils, our traditions designs are stolen from us - to make it worse, without consulting us - isnt that tranaparency and fairness???
how come there is guarantee that our traditional lands will not be made state lands?? in fact this document will make it impossible for us to stop this process - because everyone is equal except the indigenous peoples because they are not even recognised and their rights are not recognised.
how come this document does not recognise our existence and rights when international law does???
how come indegenous peoples of fiji dont exist in this document???
why do you kaiindia keep rubbishing us and pushing us aside in top posts???
how come u call us racists when all we doing is to protect ourselves???
how come you kaiindia is not a racist by not recognising our existence and rights???
how come we dont have a choice but to live in our own lands but you have a choice to live some where else but you dictate to us how we should live in our own lands???
how come you look down on us because we are the poorest in our own lands and in fiji???
how come you keep blaming us for our own poverty and underprivileges yet continue your exploitation of our lands without any care and yet still want more???
how come with all your riches and privileges you kaiindia feel that you have to be made equal???
How Long will we suffer before you acknowledge that we have a right too????

Anonymous said...

sa tukuni koya tiko la mai....ni tamana o Kuar Battan Singh. kai idia ka dina, kunekunetaki ena gauna ni gunu mai vuniiviivi hill. bainimarama e kai idia ka dina

Anonymous said...

Mitieli Qalo
You stupid little masipolo boci,,,,,why u siding with the BIG TEVORO,,,,BOCI!

Anonymous said...

So many of you have jumped up and down over the past 6 months on here saying do not get involved in the CA it now seems your wishes were answered.

Manoa Kata said...

The draft constitution raise and continues to an upper level EyeArses's determination to eradicate the rights of indegenous Fijians on their land custome traditions and country.

Supported by the part Fijian VB who has no interests in the Fijian race, he EyeArse wants to put into concrete his anti-indegenous stance (as clearely outlined in his Draft Constitution),,,,,of course his foreberers were migrants from India so he has no interests or ympathy for indegenous Fijians....he probably hates the Fijians and wants the maximum for his people from this country.

His marriage to a Fijian women is a ploy to win sympathy from the race he wants stripped down.

We as indegenous and majority in our country will never never allow this,,,,over our dead bodies.

EyeArse to us is expandable commodity and should be uprooted and physically eliminated.

He will regret what he is doing to a whole race and his people and himself with his family will pay for his mistakes very dearly.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila @1:42pm
Sa dua na lala ni qavokavoka vinaka sa tiko qori vei iko.O keimami na lewe ni vanua sa qai toso cake ga na dredre keimami lako curuma tiko. na valeniwai,na wavu,na koronivuli,na gaunisala kei na veika o uvuca tiko mai qori na kena davui e nona i tavi ga na matanitu me vakarautaka vei ira na lewe ni vanua. We want our freedom to choose..and thats what this unelected regime has taken away from us...keimami kila talega ni veivakatorocaketaki kece sara e qaravi tiko ena gauna qoka e vakayagataki tiko kina nai lavo dinautaki okoya era na na qai vakabobulataki kina na luvei viti ni mataka ena kena saumi lesu..sa mawa mai na gusumu ena vovodea ni nomu tukutuku ni via vesu mona..You take food away from my plate, you become my enemy..the truth is,..you`ve made more enemies than freinds in the last two years.[this regime that is]

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous 2.04pm.....what is your problem? Are you a disappointed former politician who lost his spot in the previous government. well get over it and more on, Life goes on, so don't cry over spilled milk.
Now if we ALL work together for the betterment of Fiji we will see a prosperous FIJI in the near FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

Sa o raica na leqa e yaco tu ia se o tovaka tiko ga na ca.....
kana loto tiko qori sona levu

Anonymous said...

o sa teve se sega? luveni qauri!

Unknown said...

Hahaha o kemudrau leqa tiko....Drau ulu lala.....Na cava mada na yacumudrau? Drau lamu SONA Bothi....Luveni Kaisi.....Drau tamata LAMU SONA.....Cava drau LAMU

Anonymous said...

A very dangerous precedent is inherent in the Immunity Provision. It gives an open eneded immunity which gives the regime licence to break the law. Any underhand dealings between regime ministers between or beatings and torture of civilians by regime officers between now and the first sitting of the new parliament will be covered by the immunity. These ppl can enter into millions of dollars worth of shadowy dealings involving contracts and make as money as they can between this timeline and in the event get caught later can never be charged with an offence. This is dangerous...

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you Anon 3.21pm The open ended immunity gives licence to torturers like we see on the widely circulated video showing beating of escaped prisoner to carry on with their work until the first parlimentary sitting and for the continuation of corruption as any one caught will be covered under the provision. What a farce,,idiotic piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Why Election Sep 2014 why not Sep 2013.
That will be better 2013 .New MP will throw this Khaiyum Constitution out of the window so he can wipe his shits with it.

Anonymous said...

under the Bainimarama military dictatorship law and order is not "tough "it is THUGGISH!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun can publish Yash Ghai Draft and Khaiyum Draft see what people want.
Come frank do this.

HE DA MAN said...

kaiyum,he da man, the sunset man..
the sun has set for indigenous rights, him you equal man, he da taliban man, smoke it stoke it but dont be joke it, cos the sun has set my man for the indigenous man...

Anonymous said...

Qalo mai se Qalo yani se Qalo tiko i loma ni i cici nei Bainisona.

Car Crash Carr Caput said...

Slippery Bob Carr about to be dumped for disloyalty to Julia Gillard. We may well get someone with brains in Australia to deal with the thugs in Suva.

Anonymous said...

@Mitieli Qalo, o Bainivutulaki sa kilai tu ni vacu yalewa, dau laba, butabutako, lasulasu, io mai tukuna tiko o iko meda lai veitauriliga kei koya?
Vutulaki,iko dua na tamata e lala tu nomu qavokavoka. Lako sara lai masia na polo nei Bainisona qai masia talega na polo nei Mary.

Anonymous said...

All these activities are just for show and pretend that the elections process is progressing. Everything is fake like the charter which they claimed was supported by over 60% which was achieved by fraudulent means. Now submission on the constitution by text. Good heavens the rows of pcs are being setup at various military and govt centers to start pouring in fake texts to imply that there was a huge support for the regimes constitution.

rajend naidu said...

Speaking during his current middle-east visit US President Barack Obama said " [Syrian President Basha]Asaad must go so that Syria's future can begin"( France 24 News 22/3).
But Asaad refuses to go. He is a true dictator. A true dictator does not relinquish power no matter the cost to his own country and his own people. A true dictator has only one concern : his own hold on power.
We are witnessing that same dictator behaviour in our own small dictator Frank Bainimarama.
In the end dictators are usually forced out of power. A polite request to go has no effect on a power-hungary dictator - no matter if the US President (the most powerful man on planet earth) is making the request.
Let us wait and see how Asaad eventually goes.
That end is inevitable.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@1:45 PM...Hey my friend! You Hindus did support Bainimarama in December 2006...and every Kai Viti knows that. You provided moral and financial support, the same thing your Muslim co - kai idia are now doing. Just ask YP Reddy, Biman Prasad, Mahendra Reddy, MPC and others.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1256.

Too true...A totally illegitimate way to promulgate a law, much less a national constitution.

However, he and all his cronnies must remember that formalising the national constitution without due process is illegitimate and unconstitutional. No country in the world ever has used this strategy of using text messages, because it is too costly to manage. Fiji doesn't have the surplus or GDP production capacity for the current PM team to read the text messages individually and incorporate any sensible recommendations to the draft.

It doesn't work like that and it will never ever being introduced under any democratic rationale..never...i.e. it is plainly stupid.

However, to make it worse the world is watching them, hence the credibility and status of their governance is declining considerably. Fiji is unconsciously being modelled into a "Banana Republic".

Koi Ca"levu said...

Peoples... you need to understand the mentality of the RFMF & Voreqe. They are dumb fucks who can't think on their own like their boss. They only have the capacity to obey orders & follow them through. Why do you think half the decrees being implemented seem way out of line, its because Bainimarama can only take orders & AG is barking the orders. VB has no mental capacity to filter whether the decree or instructions are right or wrong. So AG is the defacto Commander of the RFMF, his the only one with a pea brain there & all the macawa's are marching to his tune, not Voreqe's.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what thejudiciary has so special treatment does this mean they are above the law?

Dan said...

If the regime opt for a direct democracy style...then they should be ready if alot of people disagree with thel drafted constitution...
If they continue to think that they still knows w,hat is the best for us...then May God Deliver us ....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ...
@1:45 PM...Hey
keep blaming Indians and hide your pennis whatever you say not a single original Fijian stood against injust to your race , because you fellas money is everything, standup first that talk
otherwise shup and poke your head inside baini;s sulu

Anonymous said...



Like said before all dictators are similar, they will do everything in power to cover their ass that's what this constitution is all about..They just what to hold on power, if people oppose this constitution there will be no election, that will be a good excuse for them continue to run the government.. Then their will be more MURDERS, TORTURES, RAPES..ECT.. ECT.. WHEN YOU OPPOSE THEM, IF YOU TO QUESTION THEM YOU WILL TAKEN IN BY THE ARMY OR POLICE AND TORTURED, RAPED, EVEN MURDERED.. THATS WHAT ALL DICTATORS DO.. IF PEOPLE DON'T WHAT THIS HAPPEN THEN ITS TIME TO ACT AND PUT A STOP TO THIS.. THERES NO OTHER WAY, PEOPLE HAVE TO REACT AGAINST THIS ASSHOLES THATS HOW ALL OTHER DICTATORS FALL TO NAME A FEW SADAM, AMIN, MACOS, AND MANY MORE LIKE THEM.. If anyone think of another way we can rid of the COWARDS, MURDERS, RAPIST CROOKS..ECT.. Lets hear it..

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing you can do. Relax. Don't fight it. Just go with the flow."

Isn't that what they say when they're raping your ass?

Anonymous said...

Frank received his first text message. It read:

Rd ur nu const. LMAO!

Powr 2 d ppl, not ur dumass!

97 Const lives!

FU n d RFMF! Go bk 2 QEB!

No imnty, hope u hng!

Re GCC, anti-dis-etc.!

No $ 4 ur illegal debts!


After reading it, Frank turns to Shazzer: "Tell Qorvis that we just received another full endorsement."

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

Presidential ambitions by kailoma cunts

Anonymous said...

I agree this is another coup.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa was right all along.

Anonymous said...

Sa boi ga mai na da e na ka e tukuni tu mai qo! Once a DA always a DA!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why people are blaming muslims for teh coup when it was MPC and his FLP cronies that gave the initial support.

This is similar to FLP supporting Rambuka and not Kamikamica.

Chaudary and junior were great buddies for the PM. Please read the media report post 2006.

Sanaila Vutusona said...

Sanaila and Mitieli Qalo, why don't you two go fuck each other because you deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Mary Kean, Mary Kean, Mary Kean...why are you still with this loser???

Kean and Bainimarama now the most hated names in Fiji history...farkin rotten people who should be thrown in jail..criminals living in luxury off the hard working tax payers money.

We need to pass a law to outlaw anyone using these names ever again in Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama = Bad Santa.