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Monday, April 29, 2013

CMAG pledges 'unwavering solidarity'

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group's statement after a meeting in London. It's stronger than anticipated and is being interpreted by some as a call for Frank Bainimarama to step down.

5. CMAG reiterated the Commonwealth’s unwavering solidarity with the people of Fiji, and CMAG’s commitment to Fiji’s reinstatement as a full member of the Commonwealth family, through the restoration of constitutional democracy, the rule of law and human rights, in accordance with the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth.

6. Ministers expressed their regret at the Government of Fiji’s diversion from the previously-agreed constitutional process, which had earlier been welcomed by CMAG and which had attracted widespread public engagement and confidence within Fiji.

7. CMAG called on the Government of Fiji to ensure that the steps now undertaken toward restoring constitutional democracy are credible and inclusive, and similarly enjoy the confidence and support of the people of Fiji, including:

a. a transparent and consultative process to achieve a constitution that accords with Commonwealth and internationally-accepted standards for democracy, good governance and the rule of law, and that genuinely enjoys the endorsement of the people of Fiji;
b. the restoration of the structures necessary for credible elections, including an independent Election Management Body;
c. the ability of political parties and candidates to contest elections freely under fair and consistent rules and on a level playing field;
d. withdrawal of the military from involvement in government; and
e. full respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms in accordance with international law and without undue restriction, including freedoms of speech, association and movement, and a free and independent media.

8. The Group expressed concern about ongoing restrictions on human rights and reports of human rights abuse in Fiji, and emphasised the necessity of full respect for human rights and the rule of law, to create the environment necessary for credible elections. 

9. CMAG noted the visit to Fiji undertaken by the Pacific Islands Forum’s Ministerial Contact Group on 12 April 2013, and reaffirmed the Commonwealth’s commitment to continuing to work in co-operation with regional and international partners in relation to the Fiji situation.

10. CMAG encouraged the Commonwealth to remain engaged with Fiji in appropriate ways, including the Secretary-General’s ongoing engagement with the Government of Fiji and other stakeholders, also encompassing further exploration of options for the provision of assistance to Fiji in relation to democracy and the rule of law.


Anonymous said...

Tha's great. Please tell baini and arsy to stuff their constitution where it belongs.You will end up in gail HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous said...

Do we need commonwealth ? Fiji needs to move on . Queens merry cLub is out of touch and irrevent in 21st century .
Toso Fiji . You need to charter your own path forward . Lets look to the future l. And learn from the lessons of the past .

go Vito go

Anonymous said...

CMAG's calls for inclusion of all people in Fiji, including the political parties makes sense.

This inclusion was seen in the making of the 1970 and 1997 Constitutions and they were widely accepted as being legitimate.

Legitimacy is the whole ball game in constitution-making and somebody in Govt forgot to mention this to PM and AG. Whoever it was certainly does not earn their pay when it comes to this issue.

For sure making all Fijians part of the Constituent Assembly makes good politics but it does not make good policy, especially when by dumping the process they set up themselves denies their constitution the legitimacy it needs to be long-lasting, it certainly robs the next govt of its legitimacy.
If Bainimarama thought he could do a 1992-like Rabuka, then he is mistaken, he is certainly on his way to doing a 2000-like George Speight - no legitimacy and worst of all - no clue, unless he is aiming for absolute dictatorship.

Somebody dropped the ball in govt and they dropped it big time.

Anonymous said...

nothing new really. just a repackaging of the old back to democracy guideline. the "ongoing" engagement with the dictatorship has been going on for over 6 years with nothing achieved - for the people of fiji.

Anonymous said...

six years have gone since the overthrow of democracy in fiji. is there any ULTIMATUM in the CMAG stance? why not?

Anonymous said...

this CMAG Statement is 3 days old. has it been published in any Fiji media?

Anonymous said...

Why are they making comment on Fiji anyway? We are not part of the commonwealth anymore. We are a republic and have been expelled. He needs those fucken white trash to tell us what to do.

Anonymous said...

fiji economy debt is 8 billion dollars and assets worth 3 billion so we are in red of 5 billion fiji dollars.
promised us good accountable /transparent govt.
where we heading regime. fijis future looks bleak now.
more debt on tax payers of fiji.
time regime steps down if they have fiji at heart.
time for govt of national unity to take fiji forward before we become insolvent state.
god bless fiji people

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 we warn u, we know who you are soon we will knock on your door dont be suprised we warn you again take this page off the web.
Berkley Cres.

rajend naidu said...

during a power blackout Allen lockington noticed that the quality of our candles "is going down" (FT 30/4).
in broad daylight many have noticed the quality of governance is our country has been going down ever since the Bainimarama mob took over - illegally.
From CMAG's latest statement regarding Fiji it is apparent that it too has noticed that.
Only regime lackeys are acting the ostrich and pretending "it's all good" since Bainimarama took over. Some of these idiots even maintain that there is no need for an election;that bainimarama should simply continue.
Makes you wonder if this lot have been short-changed when God was distributing brains.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6.45 AM
please tell us about "those fucken white trash" who are part of the Bainimarama regime!

Anonymous said...

The international community needed just a shred of pretense on the regime's part in order to declare its phony elections as "for the most part" "relatively" free and fair. But Bainimarama's incompetence is denying the UN and Fiji's regional partners even a fig leaf to stand behind. The Commodore is so clueless.

Rokoseru said...

Indeed most of us in Fiji want Fiji to be returned to membership of the Commonwealth to ensure international overview and assistance in enhancing and guidance the country towards democratic government.

We will gain a lot from membership of the Commonwealth.

The Fiji Military has clearly shown us that it has no place in our future and must be eliminated as it will only be the source of destruction to our welfare.

Anonymous said...

PRB to ascertain today how China Railway No.1 surpassed $9M budget
Publish date/time: 30/04/2013 [10:01]

Print this page
Email this page The Public Rental Board is expected to ascertain today how the China Railway No.1 surpassed the $9 million budget allocated to them to build the new Raiwai flats which now stands at $19 million.

PRB Chief Executive Officer Mesake Senibulu said this will be one of the major issue they will be discussing today when they meet.

Senibulu said today's discussions will also be on why the company did not follow the building code of Fiji and structural requirements.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 applicants are awaiting construction to resume.

The building will have one and two bedroom type flats.

The maximum occupancy for the one bedroom flat is 4 and 8 for the two bedroom flats.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

Fucked up Fiji!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We've heard similar sentiments before. So will there be anything to force those holding on for dear life in the regime to give up their grip on power. Those hanging on to power have realize that words without action will do little to sway them from their illegal path. These culprits also know that with the passage of time these statements will pass into oblivion as there are normally no drastic follow up to the statements. As someone mentioned above there are no ultimatum.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6.45 AM
I have a why question for you.
why are you such an IDIOT?

Anonymous said...

There are so many childish reaction popping up when comments are made relevant to our needs. One has to think carefully before he/she decided to respond. The message is very clear and the the US/ UN are expressing the same concern. The Commonwealth which Aust, NZ,India, UK, the Carribean countries and the African countries are all members of the commonwealth so as PNG, Solomon, Samoa and Tonga. Fiji needs the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth do not need Fiji. By saying that we should careful to what we say in an open forum like this. Fiji is trying to negotiate with Lyle and Tate for the sugar prices and it is a British company - do you now understand why the commonwealth is giving a motherly advice to Fiji?

rajend naidu said...

'Afghan President Hamid Karzai received backpacks of CIA cash' (The Australian 30/4).
article is based on a New York Times investigation report already published by the paper. but don't let me influence your thinking.
read for yourself what kind of shit happens in international politics.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Wahahahhaahahhahaha...!!! @ 10.23am. Excellent retort!

Anonymous said...

For those who are at the nation's driving seats of leadership today beware of the road signs ahead of you. Some road-signs has been removed overnight by people who cares for the safety of others who are silence majority for peace and freedom of expression,medias, religion, movements and choice. We want to be with the Commonwealth members again without being bullied around forcefully by the self appointed authority.

Can anyone bloggers confirm whether the Freemasons are truly in control by promoting the New World Order in Fiji and the Pacific Island Nations? I am scared because some said that they drink human bloods during their ritual worshiping the devil.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:11, Tate and Lyle is now owned by the American Sugar Refining Company.

Our sugar industry is so effed up, especially under Bainimarama, the Americans are its last hope short of total collapse.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Berkley Cres., come knock on my zipper with your teeth.

You don't cow me. Our thoughts are free.

Bite me, or write me -- your choice:


Anonymous said...

We are ready to help - EU
Publish date/time: 30/04/2013 [12:59]

A lot has been said about the European Union’s Election Observer Report of the 2006 Fiji elections, and now the EU Delegation for the Pacific issues said it is committed to continue supporting Fiji in its path to democracy.

The EU delegation stated that the EU Observation Mission in the 2006 elections identified a number of shortcomings and the delegation welcomed the Fijian government’s efforts to address the recommendations contained in the mission’s final report in preparation of the upcoming elections.

While speaking on the 2006 observer mission, it said the European Union has fielded electoral observation missions worldwide for the last two decades, providing impartial and informed assessments following a set of internationally recognized principles.

The EU delegation said beyond the assistance already provided to the constitutional review process in Fiji, the EU stands ready to provide support to help ensure a smooth electoral process leading to free, fair and transparent elections in 2014.

According to the 2006 EU report, it said that the elections were reasonably well conducted and voting and counting were generally conducted in a satisfactory and transparent manner.

However, several issues were raised in the report.

It said in breach of the Electoral Act, the Register of Voters was not updated annually for the past five years.

A new register had several shortcomings according to the report. There was also a recommendation to change the ballot boxes as the political parties complained that most of the old wooden boxes still had significant gaps beneath the lids to allow ballot papers to be inserted.

The printing of 1.7 million ballot papers was highlighted in the 2006 report although about 950,000 ballot papers were needed.

But the report stated that there were no indications of any abuse or manipulation in connection with the high number of printed ballot papers.

The report also stated that the ethnicity dominated campaign in 2006 was aggravated by the presence of 46 communal constituencies out of 71 where voters needed to vote along racial lines.

The EU report said this system encouraged candidates to introduce an ethnic dimension into their campaigning.

The report also said that the Office of the Supervisor of Elections did not provide an official explanation for a voter turnout of 101 percent in the Cakaudrove East constituency.

It also said the ballot boxes were only sealed with the usual wax seal which did not provide sufficient protection.

The EU report also said that the numbered plastic seals went missing during the process.

Rajend said...

Anon@9.29. I'll come knock your head off f!@#$wit.

Anonymous said...

I heard of an interview he did on radio which was more or less a political propaganda. Here we have an idiot who confessed he had very little knowledge of the draft constitution which he commissioned. I ask how can we have a PM who cannot even speak good English and cannot perform in a public debate. Here we simply have a no school idiot trying to be PM and running the country on the point of a gun. How long more can we allow this to happen.

Sanaila said...

Rajend, do you know what you're reading? There is what it's known as the Internet rajend, and we can access any news item because of it. We don't want you to tell us what's been happening asshole. Perhaps you've just discovered the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I am not a regime supporter buy the commonwealth is not a economic group and as such is meaningless. Apart from the commonwealth games and a few scholarships there isn't much.

The truth is no country has had any major sansctions or has been fruitful apart from so called smart sansctions.

Anonymous said...

These cmag or eu groups don't give a shit about fiji they are just pocketing big pay checks and creating bull shit situations with no real resolutions

forget them,fiji people have to solve there own problems not rely on the white man

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh singh. The news you quoted about foreign assets and liabilities does not mean much. It surely does not mean that govt owes more overseas than what it has. In fact, govt's overseas debt is lower than the level of foreign reserves.

I suggest you go back to school as I understand you were also a form 4 drop out but went through back door at LDS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:34, on whether the Freemasons drink blood worshipping Satan and secretly control Fiji in their plot to create a New World Order, you'd better ask Mataboko. From what he says, he's the authority on all conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

@ berkley cres,
Who the fuck you think you're trying to scare, numbnuts. You go suck on bai, qilaiso, arsewipe naliva, tikoisona and arseazy's dules, cos that's all you good for, you wanker. BTW you're not the only one who can handle a weapon.

Anonymous said...

"The EU delegation said beyond the assistance already provided to the constitutional review process in Fiji, the EU stands ready to provide support to help ensure a smooth electoral process leading to free, fair and transparent elections in 2014".

When the Americans did the same a few days ago, some creeps outrageously posted that it's "no wonder people around the world hate and want to bomb Americans". Do these same miscreants accordingly suggest that Europeans now deserve to be bombed as well?