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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ghai's letter to Naivalurua over the burning of his draft Constitution

Things have a habit of coming out of the woodwork.
We'll let the documents speak for themselves.


SEMI MEO said...

Now that the obvious has been over stated in this yet again stale bonfire topic stream, why not we look through and beyond the smoke towards the horizon of our future…like summoning an alternative Prime Minister to attempt unseat the Rear Admiral!...uh…do we see a hand out there in the islands of the blue Pacific?...in Metropolitan Diaspora Community?...or a home grown alternative leader bidding his/her time.

Just that the Rear Admirals present multi media campaign is reaching the hearts of many from Nadogo, to Naboro, to Malolo, to Vidogo squatter!

Or will we see a repeat scenario of 1982 election type NFP polling station shed filled to the brim by grog swiping, curry munching itaukei voters…uh..only resultant rude reality when all NFP Fijian National candidate loosing deposit after voter count!...all tick for the “qiqi” instead of the “mango tree’.

Would the Rear Admiral’s party be duped the same way?...only the privacy of the pooling booth will tell!

Anonymous said...

Semi caitamamu drau veicai kei bumu. Just look beyond the horizon of your arse.

Anonymous said...

"The study of history is a powerful antidote to contemporary arrogance. It is humbling
to discover how many of our glib assumptions, which seem to us novel and plausible,
have been tested before, not once but many times and in innumerable guises; and
discovered to be, at great human cost, wholly false." -- Paul Johnson
"In violence, we forget who we are ": Mary McCarthy : American novelist and critic,1912-1989
"Political history is largely an account of mass violence and of the expenditure
of vast resources to cope with mythical fears and hopes" : Murray Edelman

mark manning said...


Warlord said...

They cant even wipe their arse clean everytime they shit their pants these bunch of illegal incompetent idiotic liars....

FijiWala said...

Attar stop shooting from the hip. All those Attar lover's is this what you expect from your so called leader? Fiction rather than fact!!!!!

Why the right to life is limited in draft constitution-FICTU
Publish date/time: 02/04/2013 [17:14]

The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions is questioning why the right to life is limited in the draft constitution.

FICTU which is part of a group called the United Front for a Democratic Fiji said this needs to be amended.

The draft says every person has the right to life and a person must not be arbitrarily deprived of life. It then goes on to say that deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this section when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary. These cases include in defense of any person from unlawful violence, in order to affect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained or in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.

FICTU General Secretary, Attar Singh said he and the members of the United Front are concerned about this provision as everyone has a right to life and there should be no limitations.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

According to an analysis by Fijivillage, the limitation on the right to life as stated in the draft constitution has been taken word for word from the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

This convention is followed in the 47 member countries of the Council of Europe.

Singh said he knows this but he is seeking more advice on this matter.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Singh confirmed that the United Front is having a public consultation session on the draft constitution at Suva's FTA Hall tomorrow.

He said sessions will also be held in other divisions.

We are still trying to speak to Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum on the issue.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rajend chaudary,

Stop your gutter politics and racial post on facebook. You are the last one to speak about good governance as you were appointed by your father. Also, your fees was paid by the money destined for poor farmers.

What authority have you on good governance and transparency when you were cheating on your wife and sleeping with your clients.

By the way, you also stole money from papa's account while at Messey Uni.

In fact if Udit did not help you with your legal papers, you would be lost.

How many hindus did papa appoint in his regime? How many fijians he replaced with his cronies?

Anonymous said...

Most racist post on this blog is by chor rajend under different names. Its very similar to his FB posts.

Rajend is a sissy. Why is he in Sydney and forcing others to fight his cause? Its because he father will soon be in naboro for looting poor indians.

Victor was right. Mahend and FLP were behind the coup to oust Qarase and SDL.

Poor fijians are being used by politicans again. This time by Chaudary junior.

Anonymous said...

What about SEMI MEO for PM!..Bainimarama can then lick his ass!

Anonymous said...

My contributions to those of you are going to Suva at F.T.A Hall for the consultation meeting,
Brothers and sisters, fellow citizens and dignitaries, employers and employees, workers and union members, civil servants and NGOs, parents and religious organization, legal and Judiciary, media organization.


“On the evening of this same Sabbath day, at Bethany, while Jesus, the twelve, and a group of believers were assembled about the fire in Lazarus’s garden, Nathaniel asked Jesus this question: ‘Master, although you have taught us the positive version of the old rule of life, instructing us that we should do to others as we wish them to do to us, I do not fully discern how we can always abide by such an injunction. Let me illustrate my contention by citing the example of a lustful man who thus wickedly looks upon his intended consort in sin. How can we teach that this evil-intending man should do to others as he would they should do to him?’
“When Jesus heard Nathaniel’s question, he immediately stood upon his feet and, pointing his finger at the apostle, said: ‘Nathaniel, Nathaniel! What manner of thinking is going on in your heart? Do you not receive my teachings as one who has been born of the spirit? Do you not hear the truth as men of wisdom and spiritual understanding? When I admonished you to do to others as you would have them do to you, I spoke to men of high ideals, not to those who would be tempted to distort my teaching into a license for the encouragement of evil doing.’
“When the Master had spoken, Nathaniel stood up and said: ‘But, Master, you should not think that I approve of such an interpretation of your teaching. I asked the question because I conjectured that many such men might thus misjudge your admonition, and I hoped you would give us further instruction regarding these matters.’ And then when Nathaniel had sat down, Jesus continued speaking: ‘I well know, Nathaniel, that no such idea of evil is approved in your mind, but I am disappointed in that you all so often fail to put a genuinely spiritual interpretation upon my commonplace teachings, instruction which must be given you in human language and as men must speak. Let me now teach you concerning the differing levels of meaning attached to the interpretation of this rule of living, this admonition to “do to others that which you desire others to do to you”:

“‘1. The level of the flesh. Such a purely selfish and lustful interpretation would be well exemplified by the supposition of your question.

“‘2. The level of the feelings. This plane is one level higher than that of the flesh and implies that sympathy and pity would enhance one’s interpretation of this rule of living.

“‘3. The level of mind. Now come into action the reason of mind and the intelligence of experience. Good judgment dictates that such a rule of living should be interpreted in consonance with the highest idealism embodied in the nobility of profound self-respect.


Anonymous said...

“‘4. The level of brotherly love. Still higher is discovered the level of unselfish devotion to the welfare of one’s fellows. On this higher plane of wholehearted social service growing out of the consciousness of the fatherhood of God and the consequent recognition of the brotherhood of man, there is discovered a new and far more beautiful interpretation of this basic rule of life.
“‘5. The moral level. And then when you attain true philosophic levels of interpretation, when you have real insight into the rightness and wrongness of things, when you perceive the eternal fitness of human relationships, you will begin to view such a problem of interpretation as you would imagine a high minded, idealistic, wise, and impartial third person would so view and interpret such an injunction as applied to your personal problems of adjustment to your life situations.
“‘6. The spiritual level. And then last, but greatest of all, we attain the level of spirit insight and spiritual interpretation which impels us to recognize in this rule of life the divine command to treat all men as we conceive God would treat them. That is the universe ideal of human relationships. And this is your attitude toward all such problems when your supreme desire is ever to do the Father’s will. I would, therefore, that you should do to all men that which you know I would do to them in like circumstances.’

Anonymous said...

confidential govt memos are easily leaked to blog sites...signs of anti-govt moles Within.

FijiWala said...

Bhiman is only an opportunist. He was given the leadership of NFP but since there was no immediate financial reward for him, he resigned. Is that a leader? Yes he is a leader of his pocket. No different than Mahen ChoorDhry. So what does that make Bhiman? NFP was formed on the basis of honesty, leadership with integrity, and a Party for farmers and working class. That focus is not not there. I respect the Party and would like to see a totally new Leadership. Someone that has no baggage from the past. Someone that is visionary. Someone that would be independent and not go to bed with failed parties. SDL and FLP are FAILED parties. They are pretty much dead and gone. We need new face. A person that can ONLY move the party forward. Now this is not Bhiman, Attar or Pramod. They are leaders of yesteryear.

Let us look for someone new my friends. Let's not bet on those losing horses. It is time to retire them. Let's give them a golden handshake, and bid them farewell. Let's wish them a very happy life. Moce, Alvida, Good Bye and good riddance Attar, Bhiman and Pramod.

Anonymous said...

So what's the big deal here C4.5. You had posted earlier with photographs that the copies of the constitution were burnt in a bonfire. You have obviously lied again as the letters states that it was collected by police. The whole 600 copies that were printed. So your story of the bonfire? They probably burnt misprints. You are just showing the world that you have been feeding us shit again. Get a grip C.4.5 and realise that you are surely loosing this battle and the war.

Anonymous said...

As i said earlier rajend chaudhry is spending 5 yrs in jailin sydney.
He and the dad were full supporting frank....once frank kicked out his crook dad they changed the tune...he is full on FB venting his anger and his lies...can rajen now tell me how his dads chamcha arvin dutt qualiified to be on fiji tv and frca board....did he have the qualification....one can tell that u r suffering in sydney....let winter come bro....your balls gonna further squeez in winter...r u practising law their or surviving on your dad lotto money interest....
Your dad has played with poor farmers sentiments..
Farmers hav cried in silence......now u r paying for that bad karma......dont worry everyone will go thru the same be it frank...aiysrse, ....
U should be the last person to worry abt nepotism....hav u forgotton how the good daddy made u private secretary...c mon rajen your memory is not bad...my message is you and your dad should be the last person to worry about fiji....i again say if frank and aiyarse are not doing the right thing they will pay one day bro...wat goes around comes around.......but definitely u are paying your KARMA


Anonymous said...

Boseiwaqa Ululala.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who really is the leader of the country over these two? Is Bainimarama, or Kaiyum?

Just last week, Bainumarama, Fiji's illegal prime minister said that people should view and comment on the draft constitusion, and to be ready by the 5th of this month, and this week Fiji's illegal AG Kaiyum said, no it the end of the month.

Are they trying to mislead the nation or are they are just compeletly dumb and confused, I think they need to be assesed by a high profile phsyciatrist brought in from overseas, surely they are suffering acute traumatic depression. They live with extreme fear and anxiety, thats why they can't make up their mind, they don't have a clue whether they ate a country or a sunday school class. Dumb asses

Anonymous said...

Chaudry lost the game between him and AG!!!Just after cash strapping PM with leave pay.He have the intentions to steal while the country is still in chaos,he understand its an opportune time to deep into the coffers!where to now?He's out but with bitter taste,sour and salty...lol.

Everything this current leadership is doing is in Chaudry's finger tips but sorry MR you really tell kaiviti that you still a KAIDIA you failed!!!

Jesu's power look thru your skin-flesh-bone and into the heart of mankind because we are his creation.

You lost the plot bro!!!!


Biman Prasad's record will leave you for dead fijiwala. what have you achieved? you are a nobody posting dumb arse comments on blogs under a pseudonym to feel important. you are irrelevant you little sardine.

Anonymous said...

Qarase still in jail as they opened their mouth too early about his intention to join party.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, he'll come out, their is nothing wrong with the early announcement, nothing will change the court ruling, unless u are in it.

Come on Mr Qarase, come out, regroup and please do Fiji a favour? Do to them what they did to you. Bless u

Ex Fiji Soldier said...

Semi Meo kua ni yalo lailai ena nodra veivakacacani na sotia nei setani, blog ga tamana.

Anonymous said...

From Rajendra Chaudry's facebook page posted 28th March

Ritwik Singh- Before that Mahendra Chaudhry will be jailed for his hidden millions right and probably you when you return to Fiji.

Rajendra Chaudry- Ritwik - Chaudhry's money is for him from the people of India.

So it has been clarified by Rajendra Chaudry that money given to Mahendra Chaudry from the people of India is for HIM and not for the poor people of Muaniweni.

Anonymous said...

TO: The"Sardine"....please shut ur on-going useless blabber. Go read MPC's case documents regarding the funds from India. That may or in your case with your pea brain may not clarify some misconceptions on your end. BTW can you please come up with some new concrete points to write about in reference to RPC...you have been going on and on using the same points... I am getting bored reading them...Yaaaaawwwwnnnnnnnn. You sound like a broken record. I know your intention is to ridicule RPC, but honestly... you are helping in making him look more superior than yourself and many others...I guess a "thank you" is in order...hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.15 am. Hey I'm with you. I hope he comes out but just saying that one minute he is coming out but then I read in Fiji sun that he will join the party etc and then you read he will come out in Aug. all I see is that they will now try to keep him in for 12 months as that is the law of the regime to stop him from joining any party.

Anonymous said...

All prisoners are entitled to one third remission of thier sentence by convention. So lq should be no exception. Unless khaiyum is afraid him a 72 old man being free?

Anonymous said...

This illegal regime is all about fear. They make unjust and unfair decrees because of fear. They burn the Ghai constitution draft because of fear. They carry guns because of fear. They imprison Qarase because of fear. They pay dozens of body guards and put up guard posts at Khai's and Bhai's residences because of fear.

I am wondering, why the fear?

Anonymous said...

@Anon April 3, 2013 at 8:22am..Its not fear you arsehole..Its for everyones' and the Nations' safety and security..remember these people can do anything nasty because their corrupted wealth have been taken away from them because of their selfish ego and actions..The Decrees are designed to prevent the corrupted minds of fck all politicians who bend the rules to suit their selfish interests...Qarase was imprison because of he servrs his selfish interests rather than the Nation as a whole let alone the very 14 provinces he used and bribed for his own personal agenda..There is no fear you asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

where the mind is without fear/guilt,the head is held high.
the political thugs ruling the country with the protection of their military-police henchmen an strut but they can't hold their heads high. they must hang their heads in shame. Pro-democracy people you have every reason to hold your heads high.You are doing what is right. Be steadfast and strong in your resolve to stand against tyranny.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@Arsehole 8.53AM
if it's not fear why are the ruling thugs forever walking around armed to the teeth among an unarmed civilian people?
you a part of the ruling thug, aren't you?
that's the source of your arrogance. isn't it?
you coward!

Equal Rights said...

equality before the law, the dictators catch cry.
only equal if u follow the dictator. otherwise u have no equality of anything.
LQ has pending charges re NLTB so he will remain in prison even after he serves his sentence because he will not get bail and he will be convicted again and sentenced for a longer period now, maybe 5 years at least.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53 AM.

You have shown your fear by resorting to the use of unprintable words. You place yourself below the level of normal minded people.

I am wondering what is it that you are afraid so much of that you have come out frothing in the mouth with stinking obscenities...lol.

Moto Bitu said...

@ Anon 8.53am

i agree with you, its not fear, its gaar fatghe.....you sonalevu!!

Pensioner said...

one thing for sure, no pensioner is going to vote for franky because he has cut their pension by more than half 52%.
only the young misguided and corrupt ones will vote for the dictator.
fijis future does not augur well if thats the mindset of our young people.
corruption and more corruption. survival of the fitest with no rule of law or justice and fairness and moral fortitude.
you young people have absolutely no respect for your elders who have worked hard and strait to get fiji to wwhere it was 2006BFNK

Gay Meo said...

Semi lesu tale mai mai blog tale mada. Keimami sa miss taki iko valevu o keimami na qauri.

Meo My Hero said...

Meo brother u trying so hard to outdo Prof Narsey with your attempts to sound like a learned academic but u only outdoing ur own stupidity. ur a sarcastic clown.
ur hero will not give the people elections so stop bluffing and giving people false hope.
only elections under the 1997 constitution will suffice. anything else is illegal and leaves fiji in the coup path for ever. thats the only security for us, entrenched coup culture for the elite.

Semi Meo for PM alternative said...

Semi Meo, are u suggesting yourself as the alternative pm?
why not?
show us that u have guts.

The Tin Pot Regime said...

anona 853am
its like calling the kettle black.
ur so blind and corrupt its not funny.
its amazing that u can see ur keyboard to type ur propaganda

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, o Ex Fiji Soldier e via taura nomu dagger.Au rogoca iko dau samuraki iko tiko o Bainisona mai Raiwaqa, after the voleyball.

Anonymous said...

Listen-up people!We don't want to
participate in an illegal election
which Bainimarama and Khaiyum are
trying to con us-The Fijian Public-
to hold under their Illegal Constitution? Just refuse to participate and show these assoles
your middle finger? They can't fool
you with their illegal constitution
and with their illegal election? Just stay away from their election,
let them elect themselves,it is still illegal and not enforceable?
The whole world will do the same to them when they show up at the UN
or elsewhere in the world?

Kamlesh Meo said...

Gay Meo, see what happens when you stop taking your medication? Concentrate cleaning shit because that's the only thing you're good at you gay prick.

We salute u Tupou said...

u have to give huge credit to Tupou Draunidalo for representing LQ.
If only more lawyers in fiji have guts and balls like her for standing up and fighting for LQ even though she knows she is fighting a losing battle not because of her lack of effort or professionalism but because of a judiciary and a public prosecutor that are not independent.
Too many Lawyers in fiji who are afraid to fight injusctive without fear or favour.
Too many judicial officers in fiji who are afraid to do justice without fear of losing their contracts.


Anonymous said...

Ghai you knew what you were doing was illegal so why the fuck did you
carry-on with it for so long? Your
frieken constitution was illegal in the first place? What were you thinking? I'm frieken glad that these assoles burnt your useless
piss of shit-constitution? Now it's time for our people-the Fijians- to get together and refused to participate in any illegal election or recognised the
illegal Bainimarama Constitution.I
for one will stay away from this illegal election, as i've stayed
away from your bullshit commission?

Semi Meo Admirer said...

Semi Meo brother, you are so popular on this blog u should keep posting after u collect ur dole in oz; as popular as the dictator and as equally thik (dik) headed and (fore) skinned.
take ur posts to prof davis blog and u two can have an intellectual exchange of crap and talk urselfs into believing that pigs actually fly.

VB said...

@Kamlesh Meo, don't talk to me like that. Otherwise I'll send my number one prodder Penioni Naliva to teach you a few lessons. I know where you live.

rajend naidu said...

We lern from The NYT breaking news alert April 2 that " the United nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve the first-ever treaty to regulate the enormous global trade in conventional weapons for the first time linking such sales to the human rights record of the buyers".
I predict this will be just a paper treaty. Rogue regimes that violate human rights and oppress their own people will continue to be able to buy whatever weapons they want to buy by showing the sellers the right kind of money. It will be business as usual mostly with a bit of token checks here and there.
who are the main sellers in this "enormous global trade"?
That will tell you why this treaty will do nothing to "regulate" the arms trade.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

As a so-called international constitutional expert, Yash Ghai must have known that the 'Commission's mandate under Decree 57' was completely spurious, just as all of the decrees issued by this regime are spurious. The Court of Appeal found Bainimarama's regime illegal in its decision of April 2009; therefore, this regime is illegal and unconstitutional, and all of its decrees likewise. Even the man on the street understands this, so Ghai The Expert cannot credibly pretend he himself did not.

It was irresponsible of Ghai to lend his prestige to the regime's bogus and unconstitutional 'constitutional dialogue' process, just as it is unconscionable for him now to turn his back on the people of Fiji by remaining silent as this treasonous regime cynically stamps out our last hope for a peaceful solution to Fiji's dilemma.

The Australian and New Zealand governments also bear some responsibility in this debacle. In underwriting Ghai's commission, they financed a patently illegal and invalid process designed to foist a new, unfair and unwanted constitution on the suffering people of Fiji.

Our friends in Australia and New Zealand should understand and feel outraged over what happened to many of their hard-earned tax dollars. That money went to providing Fiji's dictator with a further excuse for delaying our elections. That money gave the tyrant much-needed window-dressing to cover yet another of his assaults against the rights of the Fijian people. That money was squandered on a farce that accomplished little except the creation of an illegitimate, rough draft 'constitution' from which Bainimarama could crib as he dictates his own bastardised version, the rights and views of the Fijian people be damned.

The friends of Fiji would do better by helping those of us organising in defence of our rights. We invite Fiji's friends and faithful sons to write to us at Dakuwaqa2609@gmail.com or Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com to share your own thoughts and to join the gathering forces of Fiji's democratic resistance.

Anonymous said...

O kemuni na sotia o ni sa vakacava tu mada o kemuni????? E cava o ni sa sonalevutaki Bainimarama kei Khaiyum tiko.... Sa o ni sega ni oca na laulauvutu tiko veirau na tamata sonalelevu qori, ni veicai vakaukauwa kece... Ni yavu tamata macawa...

Lasutaka ga mai e dua na ka o Bainimagama, o ni sa vakakusakusa sa tu na vaka 'Io saka'Io saka' sara tiko. Ni yavu Masipolo.... Na cava mada o ni sa rerevaki koya tiko kina na sonalevu qori????

O ni sa sonalevutaki koya kecega,
ni kila vinaka tiko na lawaki kei na veivakalolomataki e cakava tiko vei keimami na lewenivanua. O ni qai tonoki koya tiko, vosoti au, tokoni koya tiko na luveni bokola qori.....

FijiWala said...


Could you list the accomplishments of Bhiman Chand Prasad. What has he contributed to Fiji's betterment? Maybe you know something that the rest of us in Australia as well as the citizens of Fiji do not know.

Sotia ni solisona said...

Kemuni, na ka ga me tukuni vei ira na sotia qo oya mera lako ra lai veivutusona baleta e sega tale ni dua na kedra yaga.
Ra saumi tu mai na nodra buno na lewenivanua.
Kana loto.
Ra mai vakamosia ga noda qavokavoka.
Ira sa ra tu ga mera i solisoli ni i cici vei Bainimagaitinana.
Kena levu saka.

SEMI MEO said...

To all gutless and faceless name thief, Hold on!..is yours truly really your blog nemesis ?...uh…since when we ask?phew!..a harmless peace loving patriot like yours truly..

The blog battles are definitely not about this insignificant granddad. But should you wish to take me on…well, be my guest!

Just remember that we patriots occasionally visit cyberville to attempt straighten up some warped values and warped views of some warped minds….so blooming warped that they names disappears in their attempt to dewarp their respective miserable beings…

Now, where were we?...oh yes…about rebuilding Fiji, return to most practical Fiji friendly type democracy, process Military back to camp and live happily ever after!... what?..you think it is impossible?..

No wonder you do not hope anything else, including lost hope in the name to counted worthy to ID some cowards!

We say, register as many political parties as you possibly could drum up. Put up 45 candidates per party. The we sit down with our calculator and do a bit of arithmetic….mmm….alternative aspiring Prime Ministers may just coming be knocking at your campaign office post election begging for your support…then the power base may then probably be spread out! Simplistic view?...of course it is not all politics but more arithmetic !!...even class 1 kids play “arithmetic”!

FARK U BAI said...

Medical study aid

Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, April 03, 2013

THE government is offering scholarships to study medicine in Cuba beginning September this year.

For the fourth consecutive year, the scholarship was part of the bilateral relation between the government of the Republic of Cuba and the Fijian government.

PSC permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said awardees would be required to return to Fiji after having completed their studies and would be bonded under PSC scholarship conditions.

The duration of studying medicine (MBBS) will be for seven years. There will be one year of learning the Spanish language and six years of medical study.






Taukei Bolatagane said...

Ratu Semi Meo....drau veitauri duruka ga kei Tui Macuata na nomu turaga.Support Bainimara for the development and for your own good but dont vote for him.

SEMI MEO said...

@Taukei Bolatagane...drau yadra..sobo na cava drau sobo kina e Lami...rairai dodonu beka mo drau qai lai sobu i na gaunisala takoso i St Giles!

Kerea mo drau dau masu rawa mai ni veimataka ni bera na vodo basi!...rairai na vukea me bau sava toka mai na vakasama kei na gusu!...vinaka...Ia, qai nomu mo lewa oya!

Anonymous said...

Fark U Bai, perhaps you miss the point. The Fijian medical students need to study Spanish for one year so that they can understand some of the medical practices they're being taught in Cuba's third-rate health system. In that way, when they return to Fiji, they'll be ready to apply that half-understanding in our unsanitary and decrepid medical facilities staffed by equally quack doctors.

Anonymous said...

FARK U Bai. Missing point again. The CUBA offer is 'free'. Fiji has no money. Communist countries like Cuba like giving away money while their own people suffer (no democracy and poor). Just like Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

As i said earlier rajend chaudhry is spending 5 yrs in jailin sydney.
He and the dad were full supporting frank....once frank kicked out his crook dad they changed the tune...he is full on FB venting his anger and his lies...can rajen now tell me how his dads chamcha arvin dutt qualiified to be on fiji tv and frca board....did he have the qualification....one can tell that u r suffering in sydney....let winter come bro....your balls gonna further squeez in winter...r u practising law their or surviving on your dad lotto money interest....
Your dad has played with poor farmers sentiments..
Farmers hav cried in silence......now u r paying for that bad karma......dont worry everyone will go thru the same be it frank...aiysrse, ....
U should be the last person to worry abt nepotism....hav u forgotton how the good daddy made u private secretary...c mon rajen your memory is not bad...my message is you and your dad should be the last person to worry about fiji....i again say if frank and aiyarse are not doing the right thing they will pay one day bro...wat goes around comes around.......but definitely u are paying your KARMA

Anonymous said...

So, Semi Meo wants to run for PM -- woo-hoo!

And talk about surprises -- I didn't even know there was a popular movement to draft Meo for PM!

Wow, just think of it! If elections are held and Meo runs, at last Fijians will be able to remove the unqualified, duplicitous, semi-literate, egotisitical, dunderheaded blowhard now illegally occupying the position...

And replace him with another!

Ronin said...

Why Indians washing Bainimarama's feet?

whiteman's coolie said...

so Rajend barachodwalla has become a foreign correspondent now with all his global news flashes. Interesting. Still to the Fiji news. One can find kutus everywhere if they look hard enough. Trying to draw parallels just leads to right angles of confusion.

Anonymous said...

This is how Chinese treat their own backyard,,,,they will rubbish Fiji!!

China fertiliser leaves tons of harmful waste: report
AFP April 3, 2013, 5:18 am

BEIJING (AFP) - Mountains of hazardous waste left from China's huge phosphate fertiliser industry are polluting nearby communities and waters, the environmental group Greenpeace said in a report on Tuesday.

China, the world's top maker of the material, has seen production more than double over the past decade to 20 million tons last year, leaving 300 million tons of a byproduct called phosphogypsum that can contain harmful substances.

"It's critical the government addresses this issue and assists the victims of corporate selfishness," Greenpeace activist Lang Xiyu said in a statement.

"We can no longer continue ignoring 300 million tons of phosphogypsum polluting our soil, water and air."

The campaign group's report comes as China grapples with the environmental fallout of decades of breakneck growth, with popular frustration mounting over hazardous air and industrial pollution that has tainted rivers and soil.

Huge heaps of leftover phosphogypsum -- mostly found in southwestern provinces such as Sichuan, where Greenpeace conducted its investigation -- can harm groundwater and worsen air pollution and landslides.

Four of nine samples tested from six sites qualified as hazardous material due to excessive fluoride and all of them contained heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium, the report said.
Four of the six sites were located less than 800 metres from the nearest village, as required by government rules.

Anonymous said...

Just as the UN treaty on arms trade will be a paper treaty the proposed new constitution too will only be a paper constitution. Neither will ensure human rights is observed the way it should be because vested interest will not allow it. The UN treaty though is well meant.The constitution put forward by the illegal regime isn't. It has a Machiavellian design meant to entrench the usurper in power with total control.

Anonymous said...

Lol!! @ studying medicine in Cuba. Wtf!!

Sanaila said...

Semi Maqe, you are indeed a sick old fart. You keep switching sides as fast as you scrub a toilet bowl. We all know what will happen after the elections...Bocimarama will go down, his army of cadets will desert him and he will once again dash through a cassava patch, only this time he will be shot like a dog.

Semi we don't want to hear about your rhetorics, your bullshit etc. Take your medication you sick fart.

Anonymous said...

madrassis say you can find chutus everywhere without needing to look hard. I just found one who calls himself whiteman's coolie. either he is a foreign white trash sucking up to the military regime in Fiji or just a local kulina!

Anonymous said...

UFDF meeting today at FTA hall. 5pm. Police confirm no permit required. So feel free to attend and discuss the future of our country without fear.

the only way said...

discuss what? to do another illegal act like taking up ghais constitution??
we never gona get anywhere if these fellas are as misguided and as dishonest as franky himself.
the only thing to discuss is how to get back to 1997 constitution.

wisemen say said...

semi maqe, a wiseman said that the last refuge for a vilain is patriotism.
youve just admitted that u are a vilain but being a staunch patriot.

another wise one said that the last refuge for a vilain is the sewerage pipe...{sadam hussein}

i think most of the bloggers here think both are too good for u.
u should claim refugee status in oz and stay in vilawood for 235 years.

Anonymous said...

ratu lailai meo
can u plese stay out of here. u r distracting and degrading the intellectual discourse. take ur waffle to pof davis. he the only one that can understand it and connect with u man.

Anonymous said...

whiteman's coolie will find the latest episode of Foreign correspondent Iraq : Searching for steele very appealing . it tells of how Iraqi police become experts at torture with the assistance of a foreign torture master. you can then say we in fiji are not such bastards after all!!
signed - karia kukumba

Anonymous said...

Tinting Company not giving enough money in the backpocket.

No more dark tints for all govt vehicles
Publish date/time: 03/04/2013 [13:03]

Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission, Parmesh Chand said the policy instruction relates to the government ministries and there are reasons why the dark tints have to be removed.

He said a number of ministries have removed the dark tints from their vehicles.

According to a PSC circular issued last Thursday, all Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments should ensure that the tints are removed no later than close of business yesterday.

Chand added that failure to adhere to the directive may result in their vehicle being impounded and the tints removed at their cost.

He also said that the policy to no longer have dark tints will also save tax dollars as it is not cheap to have the tinted windows.

Story by: Watisoni Butabua

SEMI MEO said...

….mmmmm….Mr. Chand may have heed advice by of a security consultant; to avoid any and all insinuation of threat.

But weren’t the tint affixed to protect upholstery, and inadvertently conserve energy ‘aircon” consumption of motor vehicle as a shield from our ruthless heat?

Then, a grand idea to assist ensure a generous re-sell value of Gov vehicle.

Or is this the beginning of the “transparency” we were promised in 2006?...well, it is a start!

Anonymous said...

@ wisemen 1.11p.m

lol......... here's another way of putting it bro:

"Patriotism is the refuge of the SCOUNDREL" ! phew tale! lol! lol! lol!

Anonymous said...

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Sanaila said...

Semi Meo - join us.

AG's Chambers will be conducting a briefing session on the draft consitution for the rural advisory councillor/rokos at JJ's at the Park tomorrow - Thursday from 9am to 12.30pm.
If you're interested in attending , you must register with the AG's office by no later than 3pm today.
Register with Parijata Gurdayal on phone 3309866/parijatagurdayal@gmail.com
Facilities will be provided for organisations and individuals to make their submissions

Crooked Mouth said...

sonalevu and semisona meo ur mouths will end up being crooked like pms ps pio from the lies that come out of them.

Vutuki Sanaila said...

So Qarese has been released I heard..

Just wondering why is Bainimarama doing this?

Is their an ulterior motive by the illegal govt or LQ has spent enough time in jail for his sentence?

He should not have gone in there in the first place.

Wondering where are the Ami bothy sapotas are today?

getting ready for any bullcrap tavasa because of LQ release?? lolo

Anonymous said...

AG's chamber needs a good butt cruncher!

Salanieta Baba said...

Semi, ko sa vuli ga ka ta sukulu.
Sa qai pono tu a omu sona levu.
A transparency cava mada ko mai kaya tiko. Oiauwe.
Transparent ga a omu i cici.

Anonymous said...

Iraq's police are not new students of torture. If you've read his biography, you know that Saddam Hussein began his career as a torturer.

SEMI MEO said...

...lol...lol...lol...a lot of comedians in this blog...I love it!

son of a preacher man said...

meo the son of a carpenter...are u telling us that u are JESuS???
u r the biggest comendian of them all
ur the leader of the circus...LOLOLO HOHOHO

Anonymous said...

jesus meo....lol
whats ur crap about dark tinting to save money n fuel?? u now trying to outdo Einstein.
have u ever thot that maybe its illegal to have dark tint?

Anonymous said...

difference in levels of systematic organization and sophistication makes for a major difference - almost a paradigm change!
the Iraqi police in Sadam Husseuin's regime were operating like impulsive thugs. their torture was ad hoc and crude. after the war of invasion with the aid of torture experts like the American torture grandmaster Steele the torture regime of the Iraqi police commandos become organised and sophisticated. a "network" of torture centres were set up across the country!
Get mah point mah mahn? it's like Bainimarama taking corruption and bad unaccountable governance and rule by terror to a new unprecedented level in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

You need to study Iraqi history. Saddam Hussein was a professional torturer at the beginning of his political career. Nobody can top his regime for cruel torture,certainly not the Americans. Not saying that the Americans haven't stooped to torture, even if they refuse to call it that. Just saying that the Americans come nowhere near the Iraqis for cruel techniques.

Compared to Saddam, Frank doesn't seem so bad. On the other hand, the more we allow him, the more he will take, and the more degenerate he becomes.

Anonymous said...

man you clearly need to study History if you think "nobody can top [Sadam's] regime for cruel torture".

Anonymous said...

I do study history. Obviously you don't, if you think the Americans top Saddam's police with respect to cruel torture. They're still finding the mass graves of Saddam's victims.

Anonymous said...

are they finding the WMD for which they went there - so or they claimed.
you remmember that? that's fairly recent history. you shouldn't have any problem with that!

Anonymous said...

No they didn't find stockpiles of WMD -- just a few individual chemical bombs in isolated instances.

So, what's your point? How does that support your case?

Anonymous said...

Dear C4.5, the blogger at April 2, 2013 at 10:50 PM accused you of lying because you had earlier posted photographs claiming to show the copies of Ghai's draft constitution being burnt in a bonfire. The blogger charges that you "obviously" lied again because Ghai's letter to Naivalurua states that the copies of Ghai's draft were collected by the police.

The blogger suggests that what really happened was that 'misprints' were burnt. How he should know this to be the case is unclear, or perhaps he simply takes the regime's word for this -- as if anything else it has ever told us were true. But if this were true, then why would Ghai feel financially liable to pay the printer for 'misprints'?

Another possible explanation is that the police signed Ghai's receipt as it confiscated the drafts and then promptly burnt them in a bonfire.

Anonymous said...

it supports my case by contradicting yours. the Americans did not INVADE Iraq because Saddam Hussein was a top notch dictator mass murdering his own people ( there are many dictators around committing all kinds of atrocities on their own people and no sign of Americans carrying out regime change there). the Americans invaded because they claimed Iraq had WMD. Now it's not good enough to say "just a few individual chemical bombs in isolated instances" were found. that can't justify the war and the killing of over 110.000 Iraqi civilians,can it?

Fijiana said...

Let there be no mistake for the reason of invasion of Iraq. It was not WMD. WMD was just an excuse. The real reason was that Bush Jr. want to take revenge. Around early 90's after the Gulf war, the were rumors that Saddam had hired a hit squad to do Bush Sr. in. Jr. was not too happy and wanted fix Saddam. Which he eventually did after taking so many innocent children, women, civilians life.

It is my opinion that citizens of Iraq and the living relatives of Saddam should take this matter up with World Court. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Collin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, the rest of them are all guilty of genocide. USA is not part of the World Court system. But if any of this killers step into a country that is part of the system, they should be immediately arrested and brought to trial.

Anonymous said...

You assert a contradiction, but you haven't shown it.

I didn't claim the US invaded Iraq because Saddam was a dictator. Nor would I suggest, as you seemed to earlier, that the US should invade Fiji.

Now you're changing your argument from "the US has taught the Iraqis how to torture" to "the US wasn't justified in its invasion because it never found WMD." This is a logical non sequitur. Why don't you try to prove one point before moving to another? To do otherwise suggests that you can't.

But let's look at your new argument. The US and its Coalition partners didn't find stockpiles of WMD, but they had ample justification to act on other grounds. Some that spring to mind include the fact that the US and its allies had stopped their ground offensive during Operation Desert Shield in return for promises from Saddam to allow UN inspections of his weapons facilities, etc. The US actions in that war were subsequently endorsed by the UN, by the way. The UN Security Council repeatedly and unanimously passed increasingly tough resolutions reminding Iraq of its obligations. By reneging on his promises, Saddam clearly violated the original peace agreement and thereby consciously invited the possibility of renewed conflict.

Saddam did the same by trying to shoot down reconnaisance overflights of Iraq permitted under the peace agreement. He did the same again by openly flight testing missiles with ranges greater than those permitted under the agreement.

Saddam's attempt to assassinate an American president was itself strong justification for a US military response.

No evidence has surfaced to prove that Iraq possessed quantities of WMD sufficient to justify invasion. The fact that the Coalition didn't succumb to political pressure to plant the incriminating evidence, as other governments would have done, is commendable. But did a broad consensus exist within the US and its partners' intelligence communities that Iraq was developing WMD? Yes. And were there reasonable grounds for drawing such conclusions on the basis of the evidence then available? Certainly.

Saddam had developed such a program as a matter of priority in the past. He had used it during his aggression against Iran, and he had used it against his own citizens in the Kurdish north. Denying entry to the UN inspectors, at the risk of war, strongly implied something to hide. Saddam's own military officers thought he possessed WMD and was seeking ways to weaponise toxins.

You talk about casualties but fail to mention Saddam's genocidal actions against the Kurds, the hundreds of thousands of his own citizens he's estimated to have killed, or the half million soldiers and civilians killed in the war he launched against Iran. The United States and the dozens of other nations who have bravely served in Iraq -- including not a few Fijians -- deserve our thanks. They certainly do not deserve the blame for all of the casualties of the Iraq conflict. The main onus lies with the megalomaniac who insisted on brinksmanship... and badly miscalculated.

Anonymous said...

FijiWala @ 10:19 AM you sound like you expect other to do his research for him. You seem to nothing about Biman but are judging him. You know how to google? Then google Biman's name and you will find all the info you need. Your comments might then sound more rational.

Anonymous said...

yours is a feeble attempt to justify and rationalize what Michael Moore had called the "fictitious war".
Watch in Democracy Now! A Daily Independent Global News Hour a March 21,2013 Exclusive : Tomas Young Reads in Full His Letter To Bush & Cheney,"A Message From a Dying Veteran" .
Also Watch : Phil Donahue on His Firing from MSNBC,When Liberal Network Couldn't Tolerate Anti-war Voices.
You my friend whoever you are are simply defending the indefensible!

Anonymous said...

no I did not suggest the US should invade Fiji. why would the US want to bother with a boil in the bum when it has far bigger fish to fry? ( you don't need me to spell that out do you?)I only pointed that out originally to show the flaw in your own original comment regarding US interference in other countries.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.15 PM whilst they do not deserve the blame for all the casualties of the Iraqi conflict - you mean the killing and maiming of men, women and children in the Iraq war of invasion - they certainly deserve blame for starting unnecessary war which claimed so many innocent lives - unnecessarily! you can't conveniently gloss over that try as you might.

FijiWala said...

Anon @ 2:59 PM I know how to Google. Tell me which part of my statement are having problem in understanding? I have asked of you a very simple thing since you seem to have a very basic understanding of English language. Simple question for simple mind. You still are not answering my question. I know that you do not have any substantial backing to justify yourself about Bhiman. My simple question is that I want you to tell me what Bhiman has to show for as to his positive contribution for betterment of Fiji. I know that it is a big fat ZERO. Now, you have to proof me wrong? If you do than present me with your case. Likes of you the just blind followers. With no brain of your own. You just follow blindly for you have no sense.

Anonymous said...

FijiWala @ 5:17 PM:

why should I tell you?
can you not read?
can't you do your own research?
Where have you been all this time?
Living under a rock?
Biman is always in the news.
Do you read the news?
What I am saying is do not be lazy.
Do some research before you comment.
Do not expect others to do your research.
That would be a dumb and lazy attitude.

FijiWala said...

Anon @ 6:02 I am not being lazy. I know why you can't provide any proof.The reason being that there is none. You are nothing but a "bullshit artist". Want to argue without basis. You are also full of hot air. Likes of you give bad name to academics like Bhiman. I do respect him for what he is. As a professor he may be good,but as a politician he is not. He has no room in modern Fiji politics or old politics. He is just too greedy and no different than Mahen Choordhry. As far as googling Bhiman Chand Prasad, there is zero article or writtings there for his contribution to Fiji. There are only articles about his academic profession. Your dream for Bhiman to be a politician is like a broken bottle or glass in thousands of pieces. Sorry to be bearer of the bad news.

Anonymous said...

To FijiWala at 9:52 PM:

Hahaha, you are truly lame.
First learn to spell Biman properly.
Second, you are the one discrediting Biman.
But you accuse me of giving him a bad name.
Are you for real?
Good to know know you have read Biman's articles. But seems they did not make much sense to you. You lack the intelligence to understand them.
This is what happens when you expect others to do your reading for you.
I hope you have learnt something from this.
Follow the news if you want to comment on national matters.
Don't just shoot off your mouth, or you make a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore? Are you kidding me?

Michael Moore is probably the most notoriously dishonest film producer in the world today. For just a sampling of why, read "Unfairenheit 9/11: The lies of Michael Moore", by Christopher Hitchens, a former contributor to the leading leftist publication The Nation.

And Phil Donahue? You get your views and facts on Iraq from a guy who was let go by MSNBC, America's most leftist news network, because his views on Iraq were too extreme, even by its own Bush-bashing standards?

Citing Michael Moore and Phil Donahue as your authorities on Iraq is even worse than saying you get your "balanced" view of what is happening in today's Fiji from Peter Lomas and the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

@Anon4.18PM acha right! michael moore and phil donohue can't be relied upon for a balanced view. what about simon crean? see 'Simon Crean said John Howard was mistaken to join US war in Iraq' news.com.au 29/3/2013 and 'Simon Crean questions legitimacy of Iraq war' ABC News 24 Watchlive 28/3/2013. Simon Crean is not a scoundrel as well, as he? And, what about that dying war veteran Tomas Young? You have not bothered to listen to what he had to say to Bush and Cheney the principal architects of the Iraq war. Why not? where is your commitment to obtaining a balanced view? Are you from Corevice? Or, perhaps from the American embassy? That would explain where you coming from with your right wing rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Hutchins is right wing? A writer for The Nation?

MSNBC is right wing?

Rajen, you couldn't get much farther out on the fringe, old boy.

Defend Saddam all you want, there from the safety of Sydney, but then don't go crying to the Americans to come liberate us from our own dictator.

I'd take life under an elected president like George Bush over life under a dictator like Saddam Hussein or Frank Bainimarama any time.

It's a pity that chaps like you keep introducing extraneous crap into this blog. This blog is supposed to be about our challenge in Fiji, remember? Not about your left-wing hobby horse.

Komai said...

Michael Moore? Are you kidding me? @ 4:18 PM

I think you need to know better about Micheal Moore.Fahrenheit 9/11 was not a movie per say, it was a documentary. It is all real people and real events. There are no actors. Just because Mr. Moore exposed REAL George W. Bush and the events right right after 9/11.

I humbly ask of you not to defame anyone that you don't know about or know the facts. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Anonymous said...

I stand for what I believe to be right . There is no shame in doing that. what's shameful is when one tries to defend what's wrong. And that's what the defenders of the Iraq war of invasion is doing. This blog is about doing the right thing by the people of fiji. I am a part of that, I am also a part of doing what is right for humanity . hence my objection to the injustice and inhumanity of the Iraqi war of invasion.you want to be provincial in your outlook that's your choice. my worldview is different - much broader and I am proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Ok people just refuse to participate in any cockamania bullshit program the asseoles Bai
or Khaiyum comes up with? They are in major trouble with the economy,look at their current program of trying to suck-up to Cuba for Medical reasearch?WTF-has anyone been to Cuba from Fiji?The can't even afford your regular aspirins, you're advised before flying to Cuba to brign your own medicines,toilet papers and food?Hello!this is like a grade 2 pupils
asking another grade 1 pupil to solves his maths problem?

Anonymous said...

Fijiana, it's highly unlikely that the United States will EVER join the International Criminal Court for the simple reason that, unlike Bainimarama's Fiji, it still prizes due process of law and judicial independence. These are guaranteed and safeguarded by the U.S. Constitution. For the U.S. government to cede any administration of justice to a foreign entity wouldn't just be an infringement on American sovereignty and a politically risky and deeply unpopular decision; it would be a potentially unconstitutional act.

The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written constitution on the world. It's served the Americans through a lot of political change and social upheaval. Especially at a time when Fijians are having an unnecessary, half-baked and self-serving "constitution" crammed down their throats without their consent, it seems to me that the commitment of Americans to the rule of law and to serve and defend their constitution is something we should emulate not ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Sure, you want to "stand up for what is right" according to the lights of people like Michael Moore, Phil Donahue and Baghdad Bob, but when did you ever stand up for what is right against Saddam Hussein, and when will you ever stand up for what is right against Frank Baininmarama?

Anonymous said...

Sooo tired of posters to C4,5 trying to distract us from the issue at hand -- Bainimarama's treason -- by injecting so much other crap into the discourse. How many more times will we let ourselves be distracted and provoked by racist comments, anti-Moslem "hit lists", anti-MPC/RPC tirades, Semi Meo-like self-promotions, anti-Chinese/Australian/American slurs, the legitimacy of various chiefs, who's shagging who, character assassinations, etc., etc.

Aren't we supposed to be focusing instead on how to restore democracy to Fiji?

It seems to me that anyone who takes our focus away from that is part of the problem. They might even be the enemy.

Anonymous said...

They cannot even look after our doctors in Fiji well overworked and underpaid with wages(heard our docs just get $10/call) while Sotia solisonalevu kana vinaka tiko mai na keba..just unfair..getting medals for what battle?? i dont think these soldiers have ever been to one,they could not even catch Ratu Te when he sneaked out of the country..now they removed PWD and they doing their work to justfy their high wages..Ni Yavu macawa
kana loto, no school supposed to protect people but doing opposite kemudou sa oti na neimami dokai(respect) kemuni na sotia..ekauta mai vei keimami na rarawa ni keimami raica na nomuni tayabe mai..u have tarnished the image of a once proud institution n the good work Sukanaivalu and those who went to Malaya and Solomon Island(real soldiers)

Anonymous said...

when one is part of doing what is right for humanity he or she stands up against dictators and injustice and oppression WHERE-EVER it occurs.
so anon 12.05 pm must be intellectually rather shallow not to understand that.

Fijiana said...

Anon @ 12:01 PM

I agree with you totally. I have never suggested that US join World Court. What I am suggesting is that when those murders step there feet in countries that are part of the the system, than they should be arrested and brought to court.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm so "intellectually shallow", why is it that I know that former presidents are entitled to immunity, when you do not? So long as he's acting within the scope of the Office of the Presidency and under the expressed or implied authorization of Congress, an American president has immunity.

As to your World Court, Prsident Bush has immunity, would be acquitted in any fair trial, and has no case to answer in the first place. So, why is your focus on arresting George Bush and not Bainimarama? Are you a Fijian or a Taliban?

Anonymous said...

So brave of you to stand up there in Sydney. Why don't you come to Suva and stand up here?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:28, he's another Fijian Taliban, just like his cousin Mohammed Aziz and Aiyarse Khaiyum.

Fijiana said...

Anon @5:38 AM

I can appreciate your intelligence but beg to differ on the interpretation of the law. The immunity ONLY applies with USA judiciary system not in any other country, sovereign, or otherwise.

Like wise Bainimarama could also be arrested and made to stand a trial. There has to be a complainant in both cases. Hence my suggestion that citizens of Iraq and the family members of Saddam file a complaint.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5.40 AM
It is not a question of being "brave". It is a question of doing what is right. To do that you have to a moral compass and moral courage. I leave the "brave" part to the gang in green who go around carrying combat standard guns intimidating unarmed civilians. what "bravery" yaar!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear my intelligence is not quite as shallow as you originally surmised. And the more you research the subject of diplomatic immunity, the more you will appreciate it..

Some experts do differ in their interpretions of international law, but I know of none who shares your view that the U.S. President's immunity applies only within the jurisdiction of United States.

Customary international law and treaty law confer immunities on heads of state. In fact, any person who, in performing an act of state, commits a criminal offence is immune from prosecution. Moreover, that immunity continues even after the person ceases to perform acts of state, as in the case of a former U.S. President.

President Bush is entitled to diplomatic immunity when he travels abroad. Your view that he should be arrested is rooted in your leftist ideology rather than international law. The tendency to entertain such politically motivated prosecutions is one of the well-grounded reasons why the United States is reluctant to join the International Criminal Court.

Fijiana said...

Anon @ 2:06

Great observation on your part about me being a Leftist. Yes I am a a proud Leftist to the core. If Left is Right, I am Right.

This would be no different than US vs Manuel Noriega case.

I am sure that you will have some argument, but let's face the fact. Neither citizens of Iraq nor the families will file any such case. So it is a mute point to argue.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Iraq never joined the International Criminal Court, yes, your points are moot and nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

Fine, Rajen, call it "doing what's right," as opposed to bravery. We wouldn't want to mistake a man of morals for a man of honour.

You flee to Sydney so that you can tell us to do what's right in Suva. It's easy to be a moral perfectionist when one is politically unaccountable.

Where's your Leftist sense of international solidarity? Why aren't you forming an Abraham Lincoln Brigade or Peoples Liberation Army of your fellow travelers to liberate our exploited proletarian masses in Fiji?

Want to stand up for what's right? Then why did you slink off to Sydney?The struggle is in Suva, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Fijiana, if Left were Right, you'd still be wrong.

And your citing the case of Manuel Noriega only proves my point. What, do you want the U.S. 82nd Airborne to drop from the skies to arrest Bainimarama and to liberate Fiji?

How convenient -- in that way, Fiji's sunshine patriots don't have to stick out their necks against the dictator. Let American boys risk everything.

Two days later we'll be free to march again. You can lead our first march in protest against U.S. "imperialist aggression". Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.39 AM Is that why you have flown from Sydney to Suva? what kind of money you making on the misery of the people of fiji? why only Suva? as part of international Leftist solidarity rajen should be in Myanmar, Tibet, Syria? No?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8.39AM
his sense of international solidarity (I don't know whether it was Leftist or what) led Rajen to add his voice to the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, against French nuclear testing in the Pacific, against the oppression of the West Papuans, against the oppression of the East Timorese .
why you saying to him "you slink off to Sydney"? does that make you feel good? are you presenting that as a statement of fact? or, is that your opinion aimed at discrediting a critic of the junta you are sucking up to?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:47 AM, what junta am I sucking up to? Are you referring to the junta in Suva?

Bainimarama and his top accomplices deserve to be arrested for treason, tried, convicted, and executed. And that sounds like I'm sucking up to the regime?

I'm not trying to discredit Rajen per se. In fact, I usually agree with his criticisms of the regime. But this time he's veered off into subjects he doesn't know very much about. I'm trying to correct him before he leads others astray with ideologically-based untruths that could lead the democratic opposition into blind alleys and detract from his otherwise-commendable statements criticising the wrongful actions of the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1.27 PM
where has Rajen "veered off into subjects he doesn't know much about"?
please explain.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:06 PM, don't be obtuse. Iraq, the U.S. Presidency, the ICC, diplomatic immunity, Noriega -- Rajen shows little understanding of each of these subjects. Now, if his purpose is to be a demagogue by playing to the sentiments of the people who share his misunderstandings, that's one thing. But if he is half as committed to the truth as he pretends to be, then he shouldn't be afraid to revise his views as he learns more about these subjects, most of which relate only tangentially to Fiji, in any case.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:23 PM, having researched these subjects myself I concede the truth of what you say. But what about Rajen's suggestion that we draw lessons from the experience of Pakistan under Pervez Musharaf? That's a valid suggestion, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rajen that the case of Pervez Musharraf does have some relevance for Fiji.

Like Bainimarama, Musharraf was a military flag officer who carried out a military coup against a democratically elected government in order to avoid losing his job and facing possible arrest.

Like Bainimarama, Musharraf promised a government clean-up campaign and claimed he would modernise the country.

Like Bainimarama, Musharraf compromised his government's judicial independence and then turned the judiciary against his political enemies.

Like Bainimarama, Musharraf reneged on numerous promises, always with the apparent goal of prolonging his hold on power.

In Musharraf's defence, however, I'd note that his government did dramatically reduce corruption in Pakistan.

Musharraf did encourage the growth of Pakistani popular culture, promoted somewhat the social role of women, and did speak out against radical Islam.

Musharraf did spare the life of Pakistan's deposed prime minister, under pressure from Washington and Riyadh.

Musharraf did honour the instructions of Pakistan's Supreme Court to hold elections, and he was elected in his own right.

Musharraf is intelligent and well-educated. After being impeached and then moving to self-imposed exile in London, Musharraf did return to Pakistan last month to face the music.

So, there are some parallels there but also differences.

In simplest terms, Musharraf is a professional military man who went rogue but retains a sense of honour, whereas Bainimarama is just a rogue who became a thug without honour.