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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Graffiti accused tackles regime and doesn't spare chiefs or political leaders

One of four people accused of writing anti-government
graffiti in 2011 and of urging political violence has stepped forward to share his views on the Constitution process.

Jagath Karunaratne attended the Rishikul consultation session on Wednesday night and posed some hard hitting questions as an individual and a member of a society group.

Karunaratne at court in 2012.
He questioned the illegal attorney general about immunity: "Since they are getting immunity it is clear the crimes have been committed. As a result they became the government of the day.

"Today, we are accused of going against the same regime, hence in the process we are also involved in the same chaos. SO why not immunity for us as well?"

He was told by Khaiyum that since he is an accused, he  should raise it with the court. Karunaratne says: "I am only an accused whereas he has been convicted by the 2009 ruling that found the 2006 coup was illegal!"

Karunaratne posed another biggie to Khaiyum: "Are we living in a dictatorship, if not what is it? Are we the servants while you are the master who knows it all?"

He urged Khaiyum to hold a televised debate where people can participate by texting and calling in, pledging to get people involved. He says Khaiyum couldn't give him an answer but said he'd take his suggestion as his submission.

Coupfourpointfive approached Karunaratne about sharing his views further and compiled the following from the interview.

Straggly media and hard questions
First of all, I would like to challenge the local media on their media ethics: what has happened to unbiased reporting and freedom of media and speech?  After attending the constitution session at Rishikul, I can clearly see that the media is not reporting the issues as transpired at the venue, but articles are published by giving prominence only to the current administration.

Since the burning issue today is the draft constitution, I have urged Aiyaz Khaiyum to have an open session on national TV as part of the consultation or briefing sessions around the country.

This would no doubt give us the opportunity to ask and clarify many issues in front of a mass audience rather than spending time and money on travelling to various places in Fiji.

In my personal experiences of communications with the society it is clear that there are many issues affecting them.

The mistrust, fear, ignorance due to the conception that their voices will not be heard and things will be forced upon people, are still haunting on people’s minds. It also clearly shows that the constitution process initiated by the current administration is not reaching the general public. The only people who are showing interest are the ones who have keen interest in politics or individuals who are familiar on issues to do with law and constitution. The issues of public vary from bread and butter issues to land, indigenous rights then to bill of rights.

I sincerely believe that Mr. Khaiyum would show his transparency and the credibility in the process by accepting my invitation.

I cannot agree or accept the current administration because they are unelected and acceptance by the people has not been proved, despite the claims they had genuine reasons to overthrow the elected government in 2006.

My intention is not just to attack the current administration, but to seek answers from everyone who are seen as leaders. Once I am clear in my own mind, I will readily declare who my support will go to.

My questions to the current administration:
• How can we believe in free and fair elections when we clearly see the obstacles and hindrances placed by way of law on political parties? 

• Haven’t you failed the people of Fiji over the past six-plus years, hence your reluctance to accept a broader participation of people and their views?
 • As claimed by you, you have a nationwide support on the reforms you are still in the process of implementing. Who are the major society groups, NGO’s, religious groups and others who are supporting you?
 • I believe as an individual I would be ashamed to hang on to something which does not belong to me. Do those of you who are holding the title “Minister” feel the same?

I understand the fact that the very existence of a political party is elections, confidence in their numbers, gathering support to their respective parties and at the end win elections. While they are struggling to bring out the truth to the public due to the prevailing conditions in Fiji today and the obstacles placed upon political parties, they are finding it difficult to play their usual role as political leaders.

What are our leaders doing?

We currently have the political leaders who are issuing statements every other day screaming for democracy, claiming the current administration is not legitimate while abiding to every single decree thrown at them which is clearly confusing the general public.

Personally, I feel that it is rather amusing and conflicting as per what I see them say and do. But I am unable to see a vision and plan for the people of Fiji, in the event they succeed in overthrowing the current administration.

As people of Fiji, we would like to see a principled approach to address all the issues which you yourselves as traditional leaders are raising as real issues for Fiji and her people.

We hear calls for a referendum for people to vote on the draft constitution. Once again this is adhering to the process of an illegitimate administration while opposing the same. We are simply endorsing the constitution process and falling directly in to the hands of the opposition.

What if a referendum is called to get the acceptance by the people together with an appointment of the next prime minister as per to the new constitution? In this case people will have to ‘tick’ twice on the ballot paper to say “yes” to the constitution and another “tick” on the candidate of their choice. In this scenario, as political leaders are you ready to take up the challenge?

Or are you going to again oppose it, saying that we only asked for a referendum on the draft constitution? Aren’t we going to become a laughing stock? Most of all a scenario as such goes ahead with a referendum and any possible win by the current administration will make their whole process legitimate and firm as a rock.

As political leaders you need to change your game plan, come up with a road map for new Fiji, how are you going to remove the current administration and adapt your road map, how is it going to affect the people in Fiji as a whole, how are you planning to address their issues and most of all who are proposing as the next possible administration whether it is interim or otherwise. This is where you confuse the people and also show them that you do not have a plan A or B or C.

If you are unable to come up with a road map for Fiji, then we as people of Fiji would accept the known devil than the unknown angel as the only leadership we can see with at least some plans.

If you do not have a clear roadmap then how are you going to get the international community on your side as by the looks of things the only thing they care now is elections? They are eagerly waiting to the current administration to be legitimized to join hands openly and go on their usual business.

The mana of chiefs
The international community does not care about general public and why would they when there is no clear visible opposition shown by the general public of Fiji apart from the usual bunch of politicians opposing every single thing the current administration is proposing and this is seen only as a survival in the political arena and to show your existence.

I admire the courage, simplicity and humbleness of the paramount chief, the lady Ro Teimumu Kepa and her continuous efforts to be a voice for people of Fiji. In the mean time, I also applaud the traditional chiefs  who are openly supporting the current administration.

The title “chief” is believed to be anointed by God at birth as guardians of the nation. It also comes with respect, benefits and most of all enormous responsibilities to the people and the nation as a whole.

I personally believe that the traditional and religious institutions are the pillars of a nation, which binds people with their land and dignity as a race. Once they are disturbed and disarrayed, the nation becomes a floating nation which is vulnerable to local and international threats and at times the devil is living amongst us.

You have seen the GCC being abolished and the chiefs have admonished the decision possibly with a tear in their eyes and there are claims that the rights of indigenous people are at risk. And yet many of you have still failed to admit or deny the very fact. As traditional leaders of a nation, I believe it is your responsibility to guide the people by showing your acceptance or rejection of the ruling administration. This will clearly guide the people of Fiji from their current confused state of mind.

I believe that the people of Fiji are the most humble, innocent, who respect the elders, respect the chiefs, respect the leaders and most of all respect the religious leaders and lead a life as per to their religious beliefs. 

And yet the very same good and human aspects are somewhat hindering their progress, speaking their hearts and mind and in turn living a life in a self-created shell. I hear statements from certain entities saying they do not wish to be involved in politics. I believe that the very statement is politicized and an indirect attempt to have a mask around the face.

I also believe that every single person is part of politics as the meaning of politics is administration of more than 2 people for the betterment of the society and to ensure the respect to rule of law.  The religious entities are administering a major part of the population on what is right and wrong and spreading the word of God.

As spiritual leaders and agents of God, you have a responsibility to guide people only with truth and nothing but the truth.  Your concern should only be people and nothing but the people.

I value myself as an individual and I believe that every single drop of water fills up the jar.

I will surely endorse my support or the rejection of the current administration and also the other leadership of this country when I feel so am RIGHT and only the right thing to do.

I am willing to be the test of freedom of speech, justice, abuse or respect of human rights and many other values that are spoken openly by our leaders as their values and vision for the nation.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change you want the world to be”. I do not believe in people fearing to voice their opinion. Why would we fear and for whom? - as we are all human beings act differently as per the circumstances.

You are not alone as you belong to a society and whatever happens in the society affects you as an individual. The society and the circumstances create leaders whether they are good or bad, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi to name a few. 

Lastly, I would like to apologise anyone whom I may have offended in the process and it could be only due to my ignorance and lack of knowledge. 

Jagath Karunaratne


Anonymous said...

where the mind is without fear the head is held high. this man is holding is head high for that reason.
with his questioning of the illegal attorney general he has exposed the regime for what it really is - thug rulers with no legitimacy and no mandate.
thank you Mr Karunaratne for your courage in confronting the illegal A-G with you pointed questions and well reasoned arguments.

Anonymous said...

after reading what Karunaratne said about the fiji media I can't ask the Fiji media to hang its head in shame - because it's already in that position!

Anonymous said...

the Ghai Constitution Commission has presented an audited financial account - because they believe in democratic accountability.
Aiyaz-Bainimarama regime has not presented the people of fiji any account about anything - because they don't believe in democratic accountability. they are honest dictators!

Anonymous said...

No apologies needed JK - had enough of bloody bullshit bush lawyer ASK and tyranny of an COURT DECLARED ILLEGAL REGIME.... hope you send this all the other blogs and abroad.....enough of suffering in silence,its time to fight for our freedom to live in peace, work without fear, free speech,no more media suppression, freedom from the evils of tyranny,and free & fair elections !!!!

Rokoseru said...

Jagath you are a refreshingly different voice from the rest of most traditional, political and other community leaders in Fiji.

You have raised many points these leaders should sit down and ponder over very seriously.

You have shown bravery, clarity of mind and determination...GOD BLESS YOU.

I plead with the public and leaders to seriously take Jagath's p;eading , work on it positively and work to clarify to us public where the hell you are all taking us.

We will support convincing plans from credible leaders. This is your hour to lead us...but we must not be confused and you must be credible

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse is full of bullshit throwing his shit at gullible people.He says Ratu Mara headed an unelected govt1987-1992 when there was an election.You idiot--Ratu Mara was not the coup perpetator--it was Rabuka.See the difference.Ratu Mara headed a caretaker govt,you dick head !!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Jagat .keep up the fight.
god bless

Anonymous said...

Haven't read this kind of logical and relevant piece from this blog from a very long time..Lets keep it this way and contribute positively and act positively. The more the positives the lesser the negatives and finally we will dethrone self centered people with their ideas and TOGETHER we can build a better Fiji. Come on PATRIOTIC FIJIANS, show us the roadmap and the plans for us to move forward..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jagat. You are a man of principle. Keep the fight.

Ajit opportunist from C. Patel should learn from you.

i taukei people should learn from you. They can only do a coup against Chaudry whlist Khayium is screwing them from all angles.

God Bless you JAGAT to voice your concerns which is people from Fiji should learn from you.

Anonymous said...

we are never going to make any difference when we think we r making a diff. wake up,,,,big people....

Anonymous said...

Than shall they bring qoliqoli bill as the previous govt did.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the words are very similar to rajend chaudary's. Check out his post on FB. They are great buddies.

Anonymous said...

Great words. I only wish these were spoken by someone else more credible.

I am not coup supporter and believe in good governance and hence read this blog. I don't believe all that is said here but know that there is some truth in it.
I came to know Jagat when he visited my insitution about $100 million investment in power plants sometime in 2009. He came from NZ and said his family business in SL wanted to invested in Fiji and he even had support from funds of former Uk PM tony blair. It looked suspicious as the documents were all downloaded from the net.

Now, if a man can lie and take others for a ride thinking he is smarter than others only to make a fool of himself, I don't buy what he has to say. Especially, he thinks we fijians are coconut head. Yes.

To my fellow fijians, don't be fooled by this man. He is just trying to safe himself for a crime he may or may not have done. But I can swear on my father that he was the person that came with a very con investment proposal.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the month:

"I am only an accused whereas he(Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum) has been convicted by the 2009 ruling that found the 2006 coup was illegal!"
~ Jagath Karunaratne

Well said, well said, Jagath! Now, let's see if any one can better this statement of the month. Just awesome.

As sure as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, the long arm of the law will one day put Aiyaz and his treasonous thieving cronies in prison where they rightfully belong.. and strip their kanaloto/vodoloto beneficiaries of assets that rightfully belong to the PEOPLE OF FIJI.

Navara said...

Awesome, thats how we do it. Keep up the fight..

hakidosan said...


Fiji Democrat said...

Excellent debate by Jaganath following another by Isireli Koyamaibole on Momi (why did he get sacked - he did nothing wrong). NOW the spotlight is on the media (FIJI SUN) to see it they report this verbatim in all 3 languages. The 'genie is now out of the box' - be hard, if not impossible to stuff it back in.

Anonymous said...

this whole episode reminds of that joke:

two politicians are in a public debate forum and are debating one certain issue when the first politician begins to attack the other. the second politician's response to the first is "you're lying, you're lying" but the first politicians replies "I know but hear me out".

God save the Queen (baini) marama!!

Mo king of Fiji ga yani....

Anonymous said...

The government gets immunity because they are the executive authority as they have total control unlike George Speight and this Jagat. Jagat you and George Speight don't get immunity because you are not the executive authority and cannot grant yourself that. You want to sound intelligent but you are a dumb ass to start of with. What you are saying is common sense which should be read by the dumb shit Attar Singh, Anasa Vocea, Luke Rokovada, Isirelicataka Koyamaibole, Emitai Boladuadua and Laisa Digitaki who were all at Rishikul College. On another note Isireli Koyamaibole agrees with alienation of itaukei land to Matapo and want entrenchment of safeguard for itaukei land. What an idiot. You don't need a lawyer to interpret the law for you as it is so simple even class one kids know what was done was wrong.

The Muslim Mossies said...

another Kaiyum (brother) lie on FBC tv-mosquito repellant doesnt repel mosquitoes, it makes u invisible!!
wow, if that was the case the mossies would be running straight into ur faces and asses instead of taking a wide detour.
Pity, the lie further says, there is no people repellant.
again another lie - the people cannot see the Kaiyums cos they got the people repellant on themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jagath, very straight forward and very simple educational comments.

I seen Khaiyum's recent FBC TV News Release at Riskul last week where KOYAMAIBOLE spoke the languages of truth about the Fijian lands and aspiration to be protected under the Constitution and not in the Laws or Act or Ordinance of Fiji where the Minister's prerogative could be applied immediately without a 2/3 majority in the House of Parliament. And that was what Koyamaibole is trying to say to Aiyaz Khaiyum. It was a pity that the media did not release Jagath's presentation.

Any fool uneducated humanbeing could tell the shallowness of AG's knowledge as a Lawyer on the Fijian Lands and Aspiration. One wonders whether Aiyaz Khaiyum had represented one case in the Court of Law to qualify him as an Attorney General.

I am afraid that Khaiyum is afraid to call on for a referendum because of being naked in to the eyes of the world if he does. It was for these reason that he is moving to the outer islands to spread his gospels of deceiving to the Itaukei or Fijian race as a whole to say Yes to the Constitution and it is a Yes to the IMMUNITY.Yes to No Great Council of Chiefs, Yes to Secular and not Christian State, Yes to Casino, Yes to Drug Marijuana and Cocaine, Yes to Prostitution,Yes to Pornography, Yes to Gay Marriage,Yes to Poverty and Crimes and Yes to $6-$7 billion Government debt and go get some more etc.etc.

To relatives and friends in the Army and Police, we are continue praying for peace, harmony and love to all of us and may God gives you WISDOM and LOVE to guide you through this difficult times to obey the orders that are rightful and not wrongful.We do not have anymore resources for the IREGUREGU to attend to the weekly funerals of our friends and relatives in both Forces who are your fellow officers and workmates. We still care and love you all too. May God be with you as always.

Anonymous said...

The government gets immunity because they are the executive authority as they have total control unlike George Speight and this Jagat. Jagat you and George Speight don't get immunity because you are not the executive authority and cannot grant yourself that. What you are saying is common sense which should be read by Attar Singh, Anasa Vocea, Luke Rokovada, Isirelicataka Koyamaibole, Emitai Boladuadua and Laisa Digitaki who were all at Rishikul College. On another note Isireli Koyamaibole agrees with alienation of itaukei land to Matapo and want entrenchment of safeguard for itaukei land.You don't need a lawyer to interpret the law for you as it is so simple even class one kids know what was done was wrong. o

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well done Jaganath... @ least you have the guts to question him straight... Hope FBC TV invites both of you to go on a talk back show...than we will see the more lies from illegal A.G.

Anonymous said...

Shame on us Fijians!!! Here a transplant Fijian is showing his courage and fighting for our course. Where as we Lamusona Fijians sit like gutless bunch of fools. Take a heed people and join
Jagath Karunaratne and voice your feelings. get 100,000 people march organized and march on to government house and demand for justice.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Jagat. Isn't he Shri Lankan? Has he voiced his opinion to the AG of Shri Lanka regarding the lack of the rule of Law and numerous cases of the massacres and genocides carried by their government forces.

It's always easy to be a hero when you are under the media spot light or when you are under cover of darkness. this syn of Jagat.

But Jagat, if you want to make changes, go back home,to Shri Lanka because they need you there. Definitely not in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Jagath! Thank you for having the guts and courage to publically ask the questions that people want to know the answers to but are too afraid to ask. As previously stated, your views and approach is VERY refreshing and a much needed change.

The few people that are speaking out against the illegal regime are mostly doing so out of personal gain at the end of the day. They do not have the “people” as their number one priority and should be ashamed of themselves.
I wish you luck on your quest to seek answers for yourself and on behalf of the people of Fiji. God Bless You.

ASK- The ball is in your court. If you have any balls, then I look forward to a live televised Constitution session. Put your money where your mouth is ASK…….

Political Parties: Apart from all your hype on eliminating the regime, what exactly is the plan after that? Chaos? More lying? Thieving? Nepotism?

We need a new generation to lead the county. Please have the class to step aside and retire for god’s sake. Clear the path for others who may be more competent than you ever were!

The Facts and Law said...

class one lawyer anon 7.57am, what Jagath is saying is that no illegal authority can charge another person with a criminal offence. so if the illegal authority gets immunity then all its victims should get the same treatment. by the way george and his gang got immunity, only frank liumuried them on a false claim that the guns were not returned and withdrew the immunity.
in fact frank should and would have been prosecuted for approving the 2000 coup and murder had he not illegally removed Qarase.
so get ur facts and law first before attacking people who express a view point u dont agree with.
as for what kaiyum said about itaukei land he is lying. under his land use decree he and franky decides what land the land is to be used for and how much the landowners are to be paid. that decision previously rested with the NLTB (the fijians) but not now under this decree. No consultation no right to be heard.
So he tells half truth, actually more like 99.99% lies, about no one trying to take away itaukei land cos the fine print says something completely different. itaukei still owns the land, but he cant touch it for 99 years. its hidden its deceitful and typifies all the decrees that have been thrushed down the itaukeis throats with regards to land and their institutions.
the other point kaiyum stresses is that no 15% nltb fees...thats money that goes to the institution which employs mainly fijians. he wants the fees, and dont be fooled that his chambers will do the legal work for free, paid to his muslim lawyers and sucker uppers in government.
with this law he destroys both the fijians right to determine how their lands are to be used and the very institution that used to have this authority.

Coup 4.5 said...

Rajend Naidu: can you please contact c4.5 via email: your current addy does not work, thanks

Anonymous said...

There is a simple answer to this jagath...if you dont like it get the hell back to your country.This guys country is in a situation where people are running away from.

Rokoseru said...

@anon 8.55a, if Jagath is permanent resident or has a visa in Fiji he is entitled a voice especially in preservation of what we all want...democracy.

He has human rights which we are all fighting for....many Fiji citizens enjoy same rights with other citizens in their country of adoption all over the world...so as Jagath in Fiji.

Iam an indegenous Fijian and i will protect Jagath's rights like i value the rights of all other immogrants and recent immigrant races in Fiji.

So Jagath say booblah!!!! to the above deviant.

ghekko said...

mr karunaratne poised a simple yet pertinent question to the traditional and political 'leaders' of this country. you are confusing us, the people.

you say, ....we do not agree with this regime and all they stand for, yet you accept every lies, broken rules and manipulation commodore bainimarama and aiyaz dished out on us by encouraging us to voice our opinion (yash ghai) and sign (party endorsement)? why are we so engrossed in the yash ghai constitution when the 1997 constitution is alive? why are we endorsing aiyaz's constitution by attending and debating a piece of writing rigged to give total immunity to commodore bainimarama and aiyaz which will provide a 'legal' platform for future dictatorship.

we, the people know that this election will be rigged to save bainimarama and aiyaz's 'arse'.

at this time of national crisis, we need leaders with clarity of mind, fearless to act for the sake of a prosperous and better Fiji. a leader that will stand for what is right and honorable.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan opportunists join the illegal regime . This guy has not joined the regime. He is a rare one who has joined forces with the pro-democracy activists. Good on you man.And very good for your adopted country. Fiji needs more like you than the Graham Davis variety!

Anonymous said...

Where does that take us now? We are stuck in this bind where an illegal entity is in government and issuing laws, decrees constitution and so forth that has to be abided with albeit illegal and distasteful. This same lot is playing a mind game to try and confuse the public about how not to see it as it is. Never mind what alternative leaders we have this one in government is illegal. They removed our real leaders and implanted themselves forcefully into power. With the momentum rising in the opposition to the regime it would be an opportunity to get a clear path and objective in what is the best plan to follow. Some want the 1997, others the Ghai's, and some 2013 BKC. We can only achieve anything if we all stick together and come out in numbers. First we must not be distracted by which constitution we will accept but we must first get rid of the regime by showing up our hands in our numbers. I think the way was already mapped out when the appeals court in 2009 decided that the regime was illegal and that an interim govt be formed to take us to an election under the 1997 constitution. Otherwise put to referendum what the people want. But we must first get rid of this illegal regime who are in a desperate bid to try and get immunity and legitimize themselves with a cunning strategy in manipulating the 2014 election process.

Quiet1 said...

Thank you sincerely Mr. Mr Karunaratne you have spoken for hundreds of youth voices who fear to raise their concerns on this illegal regime.
Also a heartfelt vinaka vakalevu to Ro Teimumu Kepa and the Rewa chiefs.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8.55 AM
get this into your simple head : this naturalized citizen Jagat Karunaratne is a far greater asset to Fiji then you will ever be. You might be born a Fiji citizen but your are a pure piece of shit! Jagat Karunaratne has come out in the open to publicly state his position. You hide under Anonymous in some dark corner like the cockroach you are. Even 10 of you can't be worth one Karunaratne!

Anonymous said...

The land bank requires land owners agreement for it to be deposited and subleased by government you fuck all lawyer (the facts and law). Go read the decree first dumb ass. It is better because the landowners also get the full premiums without admin costs being deducted. They need the same percentage of mataqali consent as the TLTBWWW demands. Get your facts right before you show your stupidity and fuckallness. We are in executive governance now and not parliamentary governance. Speights coups was not successful so he couldn't grant himself immunity. Jagat's childish graffiti didn't give him executive authority to grant himself immunity. All successful coups give themselves immunity not some pointer who thought he could paint a wall and overthrow a government. You must remember again that we are under an executive authority and not parliamentary process where stupid people like Attar Singh can demand a debate. Luke Rokovada, Isireli Koyamaibole, Anasa Vocea, Emtai Boladuadua, Laisa Digitaki, Jagat and Attar Singh will not change a thing and have to accept the fact that the executive authority of this government is doing you a favour by hearing you. They can easily shove this constitution down your throat or where the sun don't shine and it will still become law. Common amateurs understand what type of government is governs your first. We haven't reached parliamentary governance yet where you can say what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:55AM

What an attitude!!!! This is his "adopted" country. He has the right to vent his feelings and express himself. Who the hell died and left you the boss? If you don't like what he has to say, close your eyes and and read.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need to see all the papers relating to Momi Bay as well as Nadola project. We want to know how much did Felix Anthony pocket of our hard earned money. Also we want to know how long will it take FICAC to start an investigation.

Will more cabinet papers be released - Basawaiya
Publish date/time: 26/04/2013 [11:06]

A question has been raised in the draft constitution session on whether the government will release its cabinet discussions and decisions following the publicising of the cabinet discussions and decision on the Momi Bay Resort development project.

Suvinay Basawaiya questioned the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum whether this will now be the norm and when they can see all the cabinet papers.

However Sayed-Khaiyum said these papers are confidential and needs the approval of the Prime Minister.

He said it was important to release the Momi itaukei land transfer papers.

Anonymous said...

The land bank requires land owners agreement for it to be deposited and subleased by government you fuck all lawyer (the facts and law).Read the decree first . It is better because the landowners also get the full premiums without admin costs being deducted. They need the same percentage of mataqali consent as the TLTBWWW demands. Get your facts right before you show your stupidity and fuckallness. We are in executive governance now and not parliamentary governance. Speights coups was not successful so he couldn't grant himself immunity. Jagat's childish graffiti didn't give him executive authority to grant himself immunity. All successful coups give themselves immunity not some pointer who thought he could paint a wall and overthrow a government. You must remember again that we are under an executive authority and not parliamentary process

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8.55 this naturalized citizen Jagat Karunaratne is a far greater asset to Fiji then you will ever be. You might be born a Fiji citizen but your are a pure piece of shit! Jagat Karunaratne has come out in the open to publicly state his position. You hide under Anonymous in some dark corner like the cockroach you are. Even 10 of you can't be worth one Karunaratne!

Anonymous said...

Fijian Ambassador Accused of Pooch Theft

The Fijian ambassador to Korea and his wife have been booked on charges of stealing dogs. Yongsan police said on Tuesday that the ambassador and his wife are accused of running off with a Shih Tzu and a Pekingese in February this year after the owner of a bar in Itaewon handed them over for the couple to hold while he closed the venue.

Based on the bar owner's account and surveillance camera footage, police summoned the ambassador and his wife for questioning last week. But the two did not turn up.

"The ambassador and his wife deny the accusation claiming they thought the bar owner had given the dogs to them," a police investigator said.

Police have now retrieved the animals and returned them to their owner. Police say another summons will be sent to the couple later this month. If they ignore it again, police intend to hand the case over to prosecutors.

The couple are not expected to face criminal penalties because they enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Anonymous said...

Look at the content in itself if you don't like the source.....so what Jagath said is correct yet people here don't care to rise up to this dictator....they will not leave this government until people of Fiji take it back from them.....rise up Fiji ...march into Suva government and take back our country

rajend naidu said...

In the superficial article 'Why we need to deal with the hand out mentality in Fiji'(25.4) the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun's Managing Editor News propagates a State bureaucrat's warning to ordinary people that they must"not rely on Government handouts".
Now let us look at this issue more closely and more critically. what do we find? who are the main recipients and beneficiaries of Government handout in Fiji? It is not the ordinary people.It certainly isn't the welfare destitute. It is the regime's cronies who have been catapulted into cushy Government positions - hand picked by the dictator and his inner circle. It is the various pro-regime commercial entities that have benefited from Government largesse. It is the various entities in civil society who are now getting special Government assistance in money and kind as part of the regime's election campaigning. Even the Fiji Sun! These are the real handout collectors in Fiji.
I will stop here because there are better qualified people like the social economist Prof.Warden Narsey who can provide far greater insight on the real handout wallahs in Fiji.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Annon 12.31pm

Yes, he is more an asset as he feels the native fijians are stupid people. That's the problem with us fijians, we trust foreigners very fast.

Ask people of his ethical character, cheating etc and u will know a lot.

Anyway, his speech are actually's Rajend chaudarys.

Check RC's FB.

But u will agree cos u only c what u want to c.

Dictator Slayer said...

Anonymous -April 26, 2013 at 6:53 AM,
I think you are so dumb as to think that Bainimarama & Khaiyum is in total control and have granted themselves immunity...

If they have immunity then why are they begging for it at the moment? Bainimarama has been trying to get immunity from crimes since 2000 but cannot do so because the people want him to face justice like everyone else who breaks the law in Fiji. Whats so fecken special about him and his fecken criminal mate Taliban Khaiyum.

Just remember this:It is the people who control their state and it is the people who will give immunity.Take a look at the dictators around the world.Mubarak,Hussein,Musharaff, Qadafi etc..ran from the law but they can't hide..the m/feckers are now history courtesy of the people.Some dictators are trying not to face justice like Assad..he will be history soon...

My advice to Bainimarama and Khaiyum is to fall on their own sword now because the people will show no mercy to these fecken traitors.

The people will never ever give these d/heads immunity because it is the people who are ultimately in total control here.

To the chiefs, church leaders, political leaders and fellow citizens.Remember that we have the upper hand here and these crooks cannot consolidate their failed coup. Stand strong and don't give in to traitors..unite to send them to the gallows where they belong..Long Live the people of Fiji!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.58.

I am not in the habit of commenting on this blog or any other with my name or as anon as I rather confront face to face in agreement or disagreement. However I must respond to this as I have seen the same comment many times every time a news about me appeared on this column. This will probably be the first and last as a response as I have better things to spend my time with.

Yes, I was involved in an energy project in Wailoa down stream. I have submitted all the documents such as company details, fund details, Annual reports, financial details and others to FTIB for their due diligence. Then the team arrived in Fiji and had a joint meeting organised by FTIB with FRCA, RBF, FEA management and chair and few other govt entities. We also signed a NDA with FEA. I will not reveal the business entity names here as it would not serve any purpose and keep them confidential as the project did not eventuate.

As part of the negotiations with the investors, I made them to agree to spare 2-5M FJD to arrange a self operating commercial venture for the land owners apart from the goodwill payments and lease. This for the land owners to own 100% and operate with their own people. Unfortunately or fortunately the project did not eventuate.

Finally please kindly confront me directly to save yourself, me and other who read this space as your comment does not serve any purpose than to attack my character.

"You can defeat the enemy with your WORDS and be an instant hero, But if you don't conquer your own army you are less than zero"

Jagath karunaratne
Email: Jagathk@hotmail.com

BC said...

@anonymous 12:28
We are not "executive governance" . We have been forced by the gun, to live under criminals who committed treason and took power by force.
So go fark yourself, you farking idiot.
Get some logic into your brain, you useless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

anon 1228pm
all illegality so cut u bullcrap first year law student..no such thing as successful coup...only ILLEGAL coups and all that follows.
so go back to usp law school...no dont bother cos they obviously taught u nothing.

Anonymous said...


Current draft constitution should be adopted-Tui Tavua
Publish date/time: 26/04/2013 [13:03]

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The Tui Tavua, Ratu Jale Kuwei Ratu said the current draft constitution should be adopted as Fiji's next constitution.

He gave his support publicly to the document in the draft constitution session in Tavualevu last night.

Ratu Jale asked about 200 people in the session after the question and answer session with the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The next draft constitution session will be in Naviti, Yasawa tomorrow.

People have until next Tuesday to make submissions on the draft.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...


This justifies their immediate removal. Tikoitoga has gone abroad (overseas somewhere)... to all Kaiviti abroad...please look for him and give him a taste of his own medicine.

They should also refrain from heaving meeting at the RFMF, FRU has its own board meeting!!

"FRU records $600,000 loss
12:40 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Indra Singh
The Fiji Rugby Union has made a loss of over $600,000 last year compared to just over $100,000 in 2011.

The financial report, which will be tabled tomorrow at the annual general meeting, is sure to bring up discussions on the absence of a major sponsor for the Flying Fijians.

The big loss has been contributed to FRU not having a major sponsor apart from Digicel ,which looks after the Fiji sevens side and the provincial competition.

It is expected the new board, which will be voted in tomorrow, will given finding a major sponsor, the utmost priority.

Meanwhile, with incumbent FRU chair Mosese Tikoitoga, abroad for personal reasons, the AGM will be chaired by the next senior board member in line.

This is expected to be former national rep Ilaitia Tuisese.

The meeting gets underway at 10am at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks"

Anonymous said...

this guy's got a serious backbone..!!

Anonymous said...

Shame on Tui Tavua. and his merry mens.
Yes to 1997 Constitution.
Bai just said on fijilvillage Political party decree wont be removed.
Where is fairness to fight election on this BKC/BS Decree.
Boycott all this illegal process
Our police/Army are to protect its people and Legal 1997 Constitution
Wake up and lock Khaiyum/Bai up.
Make your wrong right for Fiji Sake.
Save Fiji from the evil regime.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1.12 PM
Babbu, can you tell us something about the "ethical character" of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Voreqe Bainimarama, Nur Bano, Aziz Mohammed. These names should keep you occupied for a while in compiling your character profile.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

If Bainimarama's overthrow is illegal then how come the overthrow of the Bavadra's government was legal in 1987. Was he ever charged? Why was he given the immunity then by the Governor General? Why other criminals that took the government in 2000 were not charged? eg S Kaitani Minister in SDL government. Long Live Bainimara.

Anonymous said...

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other
sets of people are human": - Aldous Huxley

Anonymous said...


another rent a mob

Anonymous said...


BC said...

@JK 1:28
I think "anonymous 9:58" was Qorvis.
This is what they do in the blogs, they come in and inject totally irrelevant stuff in order to try and defuse anti-Bainimarama sentiments.
They obviously know that you are a threat to their Criminal Activity.

I only wish if all Fijians could see what you can see. Then all Fijians would then become a threat to Qorvis & then he can pack his bags and fark off back to whichever stupid country he learnt his trade in.

Keep doing what you are doing JK. You have a lot of support.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Ambassador Accused of Pooch Thefy.
Now what kind of ambassador gets into that kind of shit! The mediocre kind that has been handpicked by the dictator because he is a crony or a lackey.He is clearly an unfit person to be an ambassador if he can be involved in a "misunderstanding" over two pygmy dogs.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is not under executive governance. Its lawful executive authority was overthrown by traitors in December 2006, and it has been under tyrannical dictatorship by these traitors ever since.

The courts declared this same dictatorship unlawful in April 2009.

Every day that this unlawful regime refuses to return rightful authority to the Fijian people is another day of treason. Treason has no statute of limitations. Its customary punishment is death by hanging.

We join with Dakuwaqa in declaring "Just say No to Immunity". We agree with him that immunity for treason is not an option and not open to negotiation. We note also that Dakuwaqa's offer of amnesty to contrite regime members expired 26 September 2012.

We consider that the people of Fiji, having suffered patiently through sundry indignities, predations and assaults inflicted by this unlawful regime on their rights and persons, are now clearly justified, in this extremity, to natural justice and the ultimate recourse, which is revolution.

This unlawful regime must go, and we shall remove it by force, if needs be. Its treasonous members and their collaborators will face our revolutionary justice.

We are not a debating society. We are an army of liberation. We seek like-minded, action-oriented individuals committed to the cause of Fijian freedom.

Rally to us at: Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com

Anonymous said...

All the coups pre 2000 were basically looked like Fijians against Indians. This 2000 coup looks like Fijians against Fijians. So one can conclude that now coups are mainly done to come to grips with power. People are getting power crazy and will do anything to come to power or cling onto it if they are there. This is what is happening all over the world except some look like have been achieved through "democratic" means.

The law said...

hey u fuckhead boy lawyer at 12.29pm, how did u figure out that the landowner has to give his consent before the dicktator can put his land in the crooked bank??
u must be reading the version of your brother the boy taliban lawyer kaiyum which is kept in his office for no one else to see.
dont tell lies and mislead the fijians u kai india shithead

Anonymous said...

@1.53 PM .Current draft constitution should be adopted- Tui Tavua.
So now chiefs are important people once again because it suits the regime's agenda to project popular support for its draft constitution and to gain support for its election campaign and political survival?
Not too long back the same chiefs were said by the same regime to be useless, unimportant,irrelevant people who were parasiting on their subjects!what hypocrites this lot!

U Liar Lawyer said...

bushlawyer 1228pm
the land theft decree overrides the Itaukei Lands Act and does not require land owner consent or input.
stop the misleading info and lies like ur boss the pig kaiyum

Anonymous said...


Thank u for your post. I have today confirmed with those in the meeting that indeed u mentioned the funding from tony blair and co. Also the huge funding from family company in Sri lanka.

Also I have no recollection of putting money aside for the land owners. I hope the change in tune is not a ploy not to just get the land owners own your side.

As I said earlier. My job is to assist the govt of the day. I don't have political affiliations. But I think its important that shady characters don't take advanatge of the poor.

I hope you have good intentions but I what was presented to us clearly showed you were taking us for a ride. You now using the poor fijians to win your battle against the IG. I suggest you do fight, but not at their expense or say for their cause.

Anonymous said...

legal leaders faces charges in court .while the illegal culprits running the govt.and ripping tax payers in fiji.
what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Reading the post here and fiji today blog makes my day. Especially reading rajesh singhs posts. Some of it does not have his name but all very clear its him.

I wonder if he reads his own posts because apart only one consistency of no BKC, he swings beteen rotuma nad lau. Any he makes a fool of himself when he calls himself a christain, but in the same breath makes racial comments.

Lastly the number of posts by him tells me that he must be very busy doing anything but nothing. He should be given an award by C4.5 for the most posts. I would recommed that he stand for the next election. He will have my vote. Yes.

Anonymous said...

I must congratulate JK for hitting the nail on the head, so to speak. This is the kind of submission or comments all pro democracy advocates should be focusing on, that is the restoration of the 1997 constitution and anything less will only imply that we have supported the abrogation of the said constitution by the illegal regime. We must continue to fight for justice as the Fiji Court of Appeal has already ruled that the 2006 military coup was illegal. Restoring justice in the country will never be an easy task but it is impossible if those in leadership positions can muster their subjects to implement resistance strategies against the regime even if the use of force becomes necessary.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar and people who support baini boci depicts their mind and to me they have lost their Conscience.People like Kamlesh and others can evel sold their mother, daughters for own gain.keep your mouth shut kamlesh

rajend naidu said...

SBS news 26/4, 6,30PM
Musharraf arrested for Bhutto murder.
I wonder what happened to his immunity ?
This is something some people in Fiji
will no doubt ponder over.
They have good reason to do that.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Why we still she Tui Tavua, Tui Macuwata, Ka-levu etc I thought baini has send them packing to drink kava under mango tree.
Some tell so called Tui Tavua stop calling tui, you are finished in Fiji chief are now history . By the way how much this Tui mui Tavua was paid by regime.I know he is a penniless now commner Fijian..haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
@ anon 1.53pm

actually i would agree with anon 12.28pm that there is such a thing as a successful coup although they do hardly ever occur and not for the reasons given by 12.28pm

a coup can be successful if the people accept the coup by rejoicing when it occurs and afterwards accept its rule and do not in any form resist the new govt.

in other words the govt that is removed is not physically able to return to power if they were even allowed to and that the removed govt or any disgruntled groups do not protest or oppose the new govt. There was such a coup in Lesotho in africa sometime back.

its either that or you do what rabuka did in 1987, he revoked the 1970 Constitution and held elections in 1992 by which time political opposition - Reddy and Chaudhry - were co-optd into the process of making a new constitution. Hence by the time the 1997 Constitution was promulgated it was regarded as legitimate not least because it was approved by Parliament and even though Parliament was a creature of the 1987 coup.

I think the bigger shame after 1987 and 2000 was that in 1987 the G-G ganilau and in 2001 president iloilo did not restore to power the deposed govts never mind if there was a threat of unrest, if there ever was any, if the deposed govts were restored. The decisions not to restore the deposed govts weakened the rule of law more than the coups themselves.

In any case, i think this govt missed an opportunity to go down the path of legitimacy like that which was offered to Rabuka in 1993by not coopting Chaudhry and SDL.

This new constitution will be temporary not least because there has been no coopting and no attempt to give govt political cover by coopting these guys.

Anonymous said...

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life
is when men are afraid of the light." - Plato

rajend naidu said...

Pervez Musharraf arrested in Benazir Bhutto case = The Australian 27/4, 12.00AM
"Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has been arrested for the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto...The Bhutto case is the second of three cases dating back to his 1999-2008 rule for which Mr Musharraf has been arrested..."
Dating back? So what happened to his immunity?
Some people in Fiji need to be very afraid. After all it is said the Bainimarama military coup was modelled on Musharraf's.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

Pervez Musharraf the former military dictator of Pakistan made a mistake - a big mistake - when he decided to return to Pakistan from self-imposed exile in England imagining himself to be a "saviour" of Pakistan. But Pakistan is now a much changed country with a firmer democratic and legal foundation. Pakistan did not need Musharraf to "save" it. Instead the new post Musharraf Pakistan needed him locked up in jail to send a clear message that Pakistan day's of dancing with dictators is over.
Musharraf failed to realise that because of his typical dictator's sense of self-importance and grandeur.
People in Fiji are now better acquainted with that dictator's disease - of self-importance and grandeur.
They owe that understanding to Commodore Frank Bainimarama.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka the day you die is the day the whole of fiji is going to celebrate.... You Compulsive Liar, Scum of the Earth..

Anonymous said...

Rajen is castaway island and nobody there. Rajen was Jagath lawyer. Rajen barking from australia. Jagath taking on the mullah and cronies. Dont think about people talk. You do your job, we are there for you

Anonymous said...

People urged not to create uncertainty in community

A stern warning has been issued by the Fiji Police Force for people not to create uncertainty in the community.

This after speculations that people have been going missing and when they are discovered their organs have been removed.

Police Chief of Operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu has questioned the reasons behind creating such fear.

He has confirmed that police have not received such reports adding that such speculations will not be tolerated.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

Last days .power hungry liars running Fiji and oppressing people and our living Christ.
Muslim are taught to hate christians and kill them.
We look at the world today Islamist people are forcing islam on people and country.
Khaiyum Anti Christ is doing the same in Fiji forcing BKC and soon Islam will be forced.Once he become PM and Commander in Chief of the Army under BKC.
Frank will become President and power less.
Fijian Church Leaders start reading the bible and look at signs of the last days that is unfolding in front of your eyes.
Time we all be United and Fight the Anti Christ Now for Freedom/Democracy /Religion /God/Country.
Yes to 1997 Constitution.
I am a sinner not saints.
God bless you all

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 12.23 AM
I agree with you : there is such a thing as a successful coup - which the Bainimarama coup is NOT . A successful coup must carry the people with it or subsequently. The Bainimarama coup has done neither. It has a conspiratorial coup carried out by a handful of "shadowy figures"( to borrow former Police Commissioner Andrew Hugh's descriptor)to serve their own agenda. By contrast we know from history that Castro's coup in 1959 to oust the dictator Batista's military junta was a successful coup because it carried the people with it.The people were convinced that the coup had got rid of a detested dictator and that it was for the national good ( although in later years many became disenchanted, disillusioned or alienated).

Komai said...

Fiji envoy accused in Pekingese caper

25 April 2013 (The Korea Herald)

Fijian Ambassador to Korea Filimone Kau and his wife were accused by Yongsan District police of making off with a pair of toy dogs earlier this month.

What remains unclear is whether the Pekingese and Shih Tzu proved irresistibly adorable for the diplomatic couple or if it was all a misunderstanding that spiraled terribly out of control.

The owner of a local Itaewon watering hole identified as Nam, 43, told police she left her pet dogs with the couple to watch after while she closed up at midnight on Feb. 3. The next thing she knew, her lovable pooches were gone, along with the couple. When she called the police, however, all she could tell them was: “They said they were from Fiji.”

Bar owner Nam also told police that the couple would stop by for a cocktail or two on occasion.

Police eventually discovered after cross referencing Fijian visas one by one with CCTV video retrieved from the bar that the couple they were looking for was in fact the Fijian ambassador and his wife.

The police summoned the ambassador to appear at the Seoul Yongsan Police Station to clear up the matter, but Kau, 53, refused their request citing diplomatic immunity.

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, local authorities cannot prosecute, arrest or detain foreign diplomats, or even bar them from safe travel, as they are protected from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits in the host country. Authorities can only expel them, as a last resort.

Fiji and Korea established diplomatic relations in October 1970, but the island nation in the South Pacific about 1,000 miles from New Zealand opened up an embassy in Korea in July last year.

Kau is his nation’s first resident ambassador to Korea. He presented his Letter of Credence to former President Lee Myung-bak in October last year.

Because he would not talk with investigators at the police station, the police visited the Fijian Embassy in Itaewon shortly after April 15.

“I thought she gave them to me,” Kau told the police.

Kau then gave the dogs back to Nam, but the incident may not be over yet.

Under rules amended in 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must notify countries of alleged violations of local laws committed by their diplomats here, and may request the envoy be recalled. The case of the Pekingese caper has yet to be closed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji's Mugabe shall arise soon. What was taken shall be taken back. History speaks for itself. What goes around comes around.

Deepak Chauhan said...

The bainikaiyum constitution calls for another coup to adress it's shortcomings. Naboro will be overflowing with the upcoming clean up.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

I hope Bainimagaitinana dies a slow horrible death, like he's strangling Fiji at the moment. Better still, he and Aiyarsehole should die together, all their asslickers around them.

Fijiwala said...

Rajebdra ChoorDhry best at stay in Aussieland. If he has half the brain which he does not have, he will never attempt to enter the shores of Viti.

Anonymous said...

People people stop derailing work of SDL, FLP.NFP,UDF ETC.Very simple yes there was difference that's history. Lets focus on future if these parties have left their difference aside and decide to work together give them chance after all that's all we want.

Secondly in any household you take, Indian, Fijians, Rotumans, European, Srilankan's etc, they sleep in their respective homes, eat same food, cook same pot, share same toilet/washroom, even same bathing towels,they all share most in house, BUT STILL they have difference on many issues we all know.Here we are talking about nation where people form various race come and bump each other so its bound to be have different opinions and ways of doings,We just have to find common ground like we find in a household.

So when your house is on fire household members leave their difference and all run to save the house. That's what these political parties are doing.Let them save Fiji from burning. Other wise baini and arsy pussy will ruin everyone future. Its no doubt Baini and Arsy will be going to gail, just matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Is Rajend chalk or cheese

rajend naidu said...

The 'Call for better model' in the Fiji Times 27/4 is a good call. Fiji needs better models all around especially in national leadership. Right now the national leadership model is a bad one because it is without accountability and transparency and good governance. It rules by threats, and denies the people their democratic rights and freedoms. It has suppressed media freedom. It has compromised the judicial system and other institutions of state and society.
Such a model of leadership is counter-production and damaging to society.
A better model is clearly needed - and the sooner the better.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

the "intensive" Protocol Services Training that has just been completed by an expert from Singapore - what kind of money did the trainers make for training our locals on "facilitating VIPs who visit our Government" and all that sort of thing? Or, is that part of some foreign aid?
The expert was also based in the United Nations so he must know a lot about "protocols" and good democratic governance.
I think Fiji in its present state without an elected democratic government is in dire need of such services.
Military junta's are not very good with such things. They are accustomed to decrees and diktats. In short ordering people about.
The training would have therefore been very valuable. Perhaps the self-appointed Prime Minister too should have attended the training.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Good on you,,,I admire your courage.Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49
Jagath is cheese my brother.

Anonymous said...

I am 68 years old and been in politics all my life. I must say I could not have written this any better than this. But this also made me think. Where did we go wrong Jagath, Please continue to inspire us and the young with your simple, humble thoughts with clarti. God bless you on this sabbath day my child.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.11PM.

Then the other cant be even close to chalk. Because chalk is white and he is dark with his dirt.

Anonymous said...

yep definitely time for a rethink on where we are going otherwise we will keep wandering around the desert like the lost tribe of israel