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Friday, April 12, 2013

Inglorious bastards and their daft Constitution

Friday satire with Fiji's worst exports from Australia, Shazzer and Grubby. 

 Darling Grubby, 
We are more on top of things this week. At least you have been on top of me for much of the time. (Editor needs to interrupt this letter: In the imaginary world Sharon and Graham are no longer talking to each other. They have had a falling out and are no longer to be seen sharing a bottle of red together. But don’t worry in the real world of Shazzer and Grubby loves young middle aged dream continues.) There have been no chiefs coming to town and the UFDF have gone off to Nadi never to be heard of again.

Thickoitoga has had to go back to the hospital to have his heart treated. I am nervous that the CWM has run out of hospital gowns - can you imagine ! Ugh - I think I will just have another glass of shaz. Its a bit early but who cares - I am feeling a little wanton. 
Anyhow, I thought great now we will have Mo LeaveItAsis, the brainy one in the army, making all announcements but it has been a disaster. They are all IDIOTS!! He has absolutely no idea of democracy, the Daft Constitution or even the True Leader’s Decrees. How could he possibly think it is intelligent to say this whilst the nation is discussing the Frankly Bananas Constitution. “

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) wants the Prime Minister, Commodore Frankly Bananas, to lead the country after the 2014 General Election.” When the country is still discussing the Daft Constifusion.

Everyone in the Bananas Republic knows it’s true that the FMF will take all steps necessary to make sure the Glorious Leader remains the Glorious Leader including over throwing a democratically elected government. I mean - what’s new? They have already removed 3 democratically elected Governments ! 

I want to congratulate you and Qorvis on improving the quality of the Glorious Leaders Talk back shows on FBC (Frankly’s Branding corporation) The questions have been much better organized. It is a shame the studio is not big enough to hold an autocue but it was a master stroke to scroll the answers on his Ipad.

Have you noticed that mein Ministry of MissInformation has been running YouTube videos of the True Leader Aiyarse explaining Daft Constifusion parts. We know as Spin doctors he is talking crap but I am still proud of what I have written. But look at the comments that some smart arse keeps leaving!
Fiji Ministry of Information shared a link.
The AG talks about how to end Fiji's Coup Culture: "It's a combination of things. It's not one specific reason. It's not one specific reason. It's a combination of provisions that need to be included in the constitution. A combination of Government policies, and systems, and procedures, and attitudes that need to be put together to stop that coup culture."

Fiji Ministry of Information shared a link.
April 7
Did you know that the draft constitution includes a referendum provision?

"If you want to change any particular provision of the constitution, 3/4 of the members of Parliament have to agree to it, and then they have to put a referendum to all Fijians and say 'Do you agree with this?' And you have a say whether you want to change any provision or not."


Fiji Ministry of Information shared a link.
April 7
The Draft Constitution establishes the elected Prime Minister as the commander in chief. Click below to find out more about this: 

Fiji Ministry of Information shared a link.
It may be that three separate parties win 15 seats each in the 45 seat Parliament. If that were the case, how would the Prime Minister be chosen? Find out: 
The other really stupid thing that happened this month was FBC broadcasting a programme where Shake AtWar Sir AllMadMen committed blasphemy against the Christianity. He said “Jesus never died on the cross nor ever wanted to die on the cross, nor ever was born to die on the cross. He never died for anyone's sins.” Imagine saying that over Easter. 
Then RearArse Khaiyum the CEO (Cheating Executive Officer) of FBC (Frankly Boring Communications) made the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard. “It was broadcast on April Fools Day, we were only pulling your leg! Haven’t you Christians got a sense of humour?”

I have been doing my best to stop the True Leader, Aiyarse from seeing this joke. If he ever sees it he will go crazy. 

Here is the latest joke going around the office. I have banned it of course otherwise it would go viral, but I must admit secretly it was quite clever :
Why is the Bananas Republic Ruled by Decrees?
Because there is a: 
Decrease in Employment
Decrease in GDP
Decrease in Investment
Decrease in Human Rights
Decrease in Freedom of Speech
Decrease in Sugar
Decrease in Democracy
Here a Decrease, There a Decrease, Everywhere a Decrease.
The TRue Leader was telling me the other day there is a big government drive to increase the production of vegetables in Fiji. They have come up with some odd varieties.

Luckily for me and you Grubby no one is making fools of us and our leaders.

Hugs and Kisses

This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real. 
Graham have you any idea who is this Grubby character? I keep hearing people laughing at him on the Suva cocktail circuit.

Illustrations courtesy of  Discombobulatedbubu.  http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/ 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Our Fiji have become Uganda of the Pacific .
Run by Taliban khaiyum/Dictator Franky Dada.
Wake up Fijians now BKC forced on us.
Dictators never live power they are driven out by Peoples power.

Anonymous said...

@Rajesh..Stop making unnecessay sounds.If you have Fiji at heart, why don't you come and lead the revolution. Stop inciting peolpe here in Fiji as we don't have time for those rubbish. We have learnt a lot from the past, as this is one of SDL selfish tactics to incite Fijian people to trash those who challenge your racist policies!!You use the Vanua of Naitasiri, Rewa and Tailevu because they are near where you all staying..Now the people of Naitasiri, Rewa and Tailevu have realised that your direction was more destructive rather than addressing their daily needs..It was pure selfish and corrupt political egos..They now have turned their back against you people and have supported the govt of the day headed by COMMODORE BAINIMARAMA. We in Suva has suffered a lot from all your SDL tipical personal bickering..Look at what this govt is doing, it has done a lot to all the people living in Fiji which you failed miserably during your term with SDL. We want strong leader with noble vision not leaders that you have with SDL as they are corrupt, racist and dont know whether they are coming or going..Remember SDL is gone and done..Just come and give a helping hand to move the country forward.If not backoff and remain in exile in where you are!!

mark manning said...

I'm sure that any question to Frank in the studio are edited in advance and his answers written for him to respond accordingly.
Does Frank truly believe that when push comes to shove, Aiyaz will be able to save his arse from prison?

But one thing which always gets me is, if Frank is such a dill, what does that say about his followers?

Anonymous said...

Ministers noted the expectations of the people of Fiji and the international community for free and fair elections should be achieved through:
•A final version of the new constitution that credibly takes public views into account;
•An independent elections oversight mechanism (Supervisor/Commission) established without further delay;
•Free and fair participation by political parties in the electoral process commencing with fair and timely registration;
•Independent election monitoring;
•Freedom of expression, media and assembly in the lead up to the election and beyond; and
•A general acceptance of the election outcome by the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Ministers noted the expectations of the people of Fiji and the international community... wow!

Anonymous said...

Proposed parties given 1 week to explain anomalies
Publish date/time: 12/04/2013 [17:41]

The Registrar of Political Parties has given the three biggest former political parties one week to explain anomalies in their applications to register for the 2014 elections.

The proposed Fiji Labour Party has been formally asked to explain alleged claims of impersonation in the registration of its members in Ba.

The proposed FLP has also been asked to explain why details of its members have been incorrectly stated on its application, including some names that do not exist in the Electronic Voter Registration Database.

The proposed Social Democratic Liberal Party or SODELPA has been asked to explain why details of members of the proposed party are incorrect, including some names that do not exist in the Electronic Voter Registration database.

Meanwhile, the proposed National Federation Party has been asked to explain alleged impersonation claims relating to the registration of members in Kadavu.

The proposed NFP has also been asked to explain anomalies in the registration of members.

Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem said the three parties have until midday next Friday to submit their formal responses to his office.

rajend naidu said...

SBS television showed the documentary film The long Walk of Nelson Mandela tonight (12/4). It captures the inspirational, charismatic and healing leadership of the iconic anti-Apartheid leader. Mandela upon his election as the president of south Africa stood before hundreds of thousands of his fellow south africans and said to them "I stand before you not President but as a servant of the people". Mandela is described as a "polite,humble and down to earth man" - all the hallmarks of a great leader.
Fiji's self-appointed leader Frank Bainimarama cannot be described that way. He is neither polite, nor humble nor down to earth. He thinks because he is a military ruler he can ride roughshod over the people.
The same night the SBS screened another documentary 'The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler'.
People would have no difficulty in discerning with who Frank Bainimarama has more in common.
It certainly isn't with Mandela!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@6:32pm, tagane, I suggest to you that, if you want condemn Rajesh in your stupid outburst, just do it to Rajesh, what SDL got to do with your anger toward an individual?,

At least the SDL leaders and every other leaders before it, are very wise in spending Fiji's money, this illegal government and your illegal prime minister has an outstanding debt amount in there billions, now who's going to pay for that? O tukamudrau?

Everywhere your illegal prime minister goes, he boast about him and his illegal government have done this, and have done that, and we are going do more, yeah, dick head borrow more, they'll don't give an inch who and how all this money is going to be repaid,

Maybe, sell all your daughters to the asians fishing boats thats one sure way of you bastards will repay that money.what I would suggest though, you and your illegal prime minister go back to school, learn how to not only good, but a wise leader, because you're leading human beings, and not cows lead to the slaughter house.

Nemani Tavea said...

US President's Family's Salary Publisized Today---Our Illegal PM's Salary and EyeArse'a In Firm Secrecy and Public Has No Idea

Obamas made $600,000 last year
06:57 Sat Apr 13 2013
US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle reported about $US600,000 ($A571,837.03) in income last year and were taxed at the rate of 18.4 per cent, the White House says.
It noted that Obama has called for a 30 per cent tax rate for wealthier Americans like himself.
Two-thirds of the $608,611 in adjusted gross income reported by the Obamas come from the president's salary of $US400,000 ($A381,224.68) a year.
The overall figure is down from 2011, when the couple made nearly $US800,000 ($A762,449.37), thanks in part to proceeds from book sales.
The Obamas also paid nearly $US30,000 ($A28,591.85) in state taxes in Illinois, where they own a home in Chicago, and donated $US150,000 ($A142,959.26) to charity last year, said White House spokesman Jay Carney.
Carney noted that Obama supports the so-called "Buffett Rule" -- a minimum 30 per cent rate for individuals making more than a million dollars a year.
Named after billionaire investment wizard Warren Buffett -- who famously complained he paid a lower effective tax rate than his secretary -- the idea has been rejected by Congress, where Republicans opposed to higher taxation control the House of Representatives.
"Under the President's own tax proposals, including limitations on the value of tax preferences for high-income households, he would pay more in taxes while ensuring we cut taxes for the middle class and those trying to get in it," Carney said in a statement.
Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill, who works as a university professor, reported $US385,072 ($A366,997.38) in adjusted gross income in 2012 and paid $US87,851 ($A83,727.42) in taxes, the White House said.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Nemani Tavea
US President's family's salary published and a matter of public record and the Fiji dictator's salary remain unknown and hidden from public record and accountability.
Well that is the difference - a clear difference - between genuine democratic leadership and thug rule.
Anyone unclear who the thug ruler is?
Barack Obama took over the leadership of America democratically to serve the nation and its people. Frank Bainimarama took over the country in an illegal military coup to serve himself and his cronies.
Hopefully this will maker clearer who the thug ruler is.

Anonymous said...

@6.32pm Mate your 'COMMODORE BAINIMARAMA' is a LIAR and a THIEF: CORRUPT all the way up from his feet of clay to his fat gut and grey hair.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Poor Harry. The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

all political party should form one united party and fight election against franks party.
than we see the fun and results.
frank party vs united party
frank party can win by rigging
united party will win with 99% votes.
khaiyum/frank call the election in sep 2013 why sep 2014.
get ready your bkc will be trashed by elected mp in parliament.
you trashed our 1997 constitution.mp will trash your bkc than you can use it as toilet paper in jail.
bkc and your regime thugs get ready for court case.

Anonymous said...

The thickhead of a lying iPM and his pretentious iAG give the impression that they've plucked goodies out of thin air to include in the Bill of Rights in their DAFT constitution, when in reality they are really just re-packaging the provisions that were already existent in the 1997 Constitution and the Yash Ghai Draft Constitution.

Here, the treasonous duo in this press release on FijiLive say that for the 1st time they're including 'economic rights' as a fundamental right for people. tsk tsk...

Give credit where it's due you thieving thugs! and state clearly that that was already a recommended provision contained in the Yash Ghai Draft Constitution based on inputs provided by the people.

If one look at the Yash Ghai Draft Constitution, Section 34 provides for "Economic Rights" and Section 35 provides the "Right to an adequate standard of living."

@ Aiyaz & Shysters: "Oh what a tangled web you weave, when you first CHOOSE to deceive!!!"

Anonymous said...

This statement is a bit rich coming from an UNELECTED and wholly tax-funded iPresident of Fiji. Read his statement on the junta's daft-con. Can someone pliz tell these deliberate vodoloto-kanalotos that that is exactly what they are - wholly UNELECTED and yet, living it up on the backs of taxpayers of Fiji all their lives.

FijiTimes updates:
"The President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau said the draft constitution was much less bureaucratic than the Ghai draft and gave due prominence to an elected Parliament rather than an unelected assembly made up largely of NGOs as proposed in the Ghai draft."

Anonymous said...

All I've been reading this past few years is sadness, unhappiness n pain. Are we writing what's truly inside us?? Is this what we learn in church?? Is this what we pray for?? That God step aside and let us do his work for him?? Have we taken time to ask him why things are the way they are?? Nanuma vinaka sara "sega ni dua na ka sa caka ka sega ni cakava ko koya" vinaka. To all the former politicians please give us people of Fiji a chance to have new leadership..we need a change and after all isn't that what being a civil servant is all about?? Serving the people and knowing when to say sorry I messed up?? Being a politician isn't a full time job, you have to have something to fall back on, so probably this might be the best time to do that! Step back and accept the change of time.

Anonymous said...

The Rat U president in the rogue Fiji regime is a parasite. no moral compass fella.

Coward said...

anon 1.33pm
why cant u jjust say I want bainivuaka.
stop blaming the politicians and god for whats happening.
its people like u who support illegality and lies that allow this clown to go on.
cant even answer a straight question honestly.
this the kind of person u want to lead ur country.
god wouldnt even wish such a misfortune even on the devil.
u full of crap as your hero pigs.

All NoSchools said...

Rat U is as much no school as the baini and pigs thats why they all think alike.

I for Intelligent said...

the i" on ipad stands for intelligent.
this dickhead is an idiot thats why he cant find the answer." LOL

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Khaiyum brothers and elite muslim out of Fiji now.
Poor muslim dont support this elite group of chor.
Fijian wake up Khaiyum using fijian against Fijian.
Thats what Jinha did .Divide and Rule.
Fijian Army been the Judas of Fiji now.
Taliban Khaiyum rules Fiji with the help of Fiji Police/Army mandua.
Fijian Police and Army will be cursed for destroying its own GCC/LOTU/VANUA.
Time you guys wake up and start repenting of your sins.
Defend your God Christ not Allah .
Muslim always hated Christians.
I havent seen any new Khaiyum brothers asked forgiveness from the christians.
read roman chapter 1 v 16 -I am not a shame of gospel of Christ,
Choose ye this day whom you will serve god or mammon..
God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

isa this writer called Coward is a good example of an empty vessel..coward if you had read my comment slowly you would have clearly seen that I wasn't blaming anyone let alone the Lord..if you wanna say something feel free to say it but say it from your point of view and not using my words to pull votes..ok?? ;)

Anonymous said...

is this Rat U Epeli Nailatikau the same man who was the military commander of RFMF in 1987 who conveniently took himself abroad when Rabuka did the coup?
can anyone tell us what his true role was in that first coup in Fiji?

The Coward said...

isa baini anon @9.16pm, u just like the baini and the pig, the more u explain the more confusion and lies you spew,
dont worry your words will not pull any votes, so they wont be stolen
...): LOL

rajend naidu said...

we read in Amenatave Malani's letter in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (12/4)that Margaret Thatcher is "remembered as a leader with a vision for the poor and disadvantaged " and he hopes "the Prime Minister" - the illegal, unelected one of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama is remembered likewise.
I don't know where Amenatave got that about Thatcher. He has got it wrong. I can refer him to a lot of stuff that show she is as much detested as a leader in death as when she was alive.
But let me just give him the latest.We are informed by Yahoo!7 News this morning (15/4) that Ding Dong the Witch is Dead has nearly topped the UK charts much to the delight of the Thatcher opponents.
Amenatave might want to reflect on why that should happen?
If a democratically elected PM of Britain can be remembered in that unflatering way by so many of her fellow citizens, why should the unelected dictator of Fiji be revered by the citizens of Fiji?
Something clearly does not sound right about Amenatave's letter.
But it's publication in the propaganda paper is self-expanatory.
rajend naidu

Kai Ra said...

@Rajen Naidu, Have'nt you known Amenatave Malani yet?...hes just another confused lost soul who was sacked from FEA and led FIT[FNU] into chaos during his term as HR Manager. Dont pay attention to what he says, he makes comments out of somebody else's idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh @ Rajend. Is that Amenatave Malani wrote? What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, Margaret Thatcher might have been a polarising figure in British politics, but it's because she stood for something. She championed individual liberty. She and Bainimarama couldn't be more different.

On the other hand, you and Bainimarama are very much alike. You're both a couple of close-minded opportunists who largely share the half-baked socialist views of political economy.

rajend naidu said...

Let us go to a respected British authority to discover what Margaret Thatcher stood for.
We read in Will Hutton's article 'If Thatcher's revolution had truly saved us,why is Britain in such a mess today?' (The Observer 14/4) the following :"...[Thatcher's] targets were trade unions and state owned enterprises in the ideological project of brutally asserting the primacy of markets and the private sector,and thus a conservative hegemony,in the name of a fierce patriotism ...
The empress really has no clothes.Wednesday's funeral is a tribute to the myth and the conservative hegemony she created..."
Now we will have to wait and see what all Frank Bainimarama "saved" in Fiji with his "revolution".
Ideologically he is committed to the same project Hutton refers to and uses his new alignment with "communist" China (State capitalist China ?) as a bargaining chip for his project - which of course includes clinging to power without proper democratic process. Margaret Thatcher did have that luxury.She had to respect the democratic verdict to quit when it came. The Fijian dictator plans to stay regardless of any verdict!

rajend naidu said...

The NYT Breaking News Alert 5.46AM proudly informs us that The New York Times has won four prestigious Pulitzer Prizes in this year's awards - including one "for an examination of the hidden wealth of the Chinese premier's family".
This is the sort of thing good journalism is meant to do and the Fiji media is not doing or unable to do. I sent letters to editor to both the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times on this cash stash of the Chinese premier when the story first broke out - but neither local paper published the letter.
It's not hard to see why. The inglorious bastards running the country and coercing the media are good friends with Chinese officialdom. They wouldn't like any negative reporting on them so the Fiji media "respects" the wishes of the regime.
I wonder when some good journalism will dig up the hidden wealth of our own local political thugs?
Remeber ALL dictators have their hands in the national kitty.
So it is with the Bainimarama mob in Fiji. That's why todate - 6 years after taking over - there is no accounting for their salaries and no auditor general's report. All hallmarks of thug rule.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend lifting comments about Margaret Thatcher from a British polemicist named Will Hutton is a bit like citing "award-winning journalist Graham Davis" as an authoritative commentator on the political situation in today's Fiji.

Two can play that game. I could just as easily quote pro-Thatcher statements from the "legion of Mrs. Thatcher's apologists" to whom Will Hutton refers. (Strange, the woman still has a "legion" of apologists, even though Rajend claims she is popularly despised?) But, unlike Rajend, I like to answer criticisms instead of trying to talk past them. So I invite the readers to see for themselves Hutton's critique of Thatcher, available at:

Now, even if the reader should find Hutton's vague criticisms of Thatcher persuasive, as I do not, what do those criticisms really amount to, except to say that "despite all the praise" (did you read that, Rajend -- "praise"), Thatcherism wasn't durable enough or didn't go far enough? I've heard of damning through faint praise, but this seems to be a case of praising through faint damnation.

I especially enjoy how Hutton argues that Thatcher was over-simplistic and unsophisticated, and yet, with the next breath, he blames Thatcherism for the bursting of the housing bubble 20 years later. Speaking of over-simplistic and unsophisticated!

Even in the one area where Rajend might plausibly attempt to argue similarities between Thatcher and Bainimarama -- that of challenging the power of organised labour -- Hutton concedes the need for trade unions to get "the Thatcher treatment", which he defines as "both accepting the rule of law and the need for responsibilities alongside their rights".

If, after three terms as prime minister and 20 years of reflection on the meaning of her legacy, this is the most damning criticism the Left can summon against Thatcher, then I'll simply rest my case, but not without two final observations. The first is to note ruefully that we in Fiji could well benefit from "the Thatcher treatment" ourselves. And the second is to suggest that anyone who wonders whether any affinity exists between Thatcher and Bainimarama need only compare "the Thatcher treatment" with "the Bainimarama treatment" to see that the two were worlds apart.

rajend naidu said...

when you read Will Hutton on Thatcher keep in mind that "In 1992 he won the What The Papers Say award for Political Journalist of the Year. In May 2010 Hutton was appointed to lead an inquiry into cutting public pay by Prime Minister David Cameron. In 2003 he was made an honourary Doctor of Laws by Bristol University" For a fuller account of Hutton's career, public life, political analysis and his most influential books see Wikipedia).
I prefer to be guided by the intelligent opinion of someone of Hutton's standing. Anonymous 10.40 AM is of course free to be guided by whoever he wants to if anyone at all. The right wing affinity between Bainimarama and Baroness Thatcher is undeniable in my view notwithstanding all his pretense at leaning Left.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Graham Davis is "an award-winning journalist", so we should trust his views on Fiji, eh?

Even you now admit that Bainimarama poses as a Leftist. Will you not also admit that much of his support for the coup has come from Indo-Fijian socialists, not unlike yourself?

For my part, I'll freely admit that Bainimarama and his regime exhibit many of the classic traits associated with fascist dictatorship, which is commonly categorised as a form of Rightist extremism, although some of its closest approximations today can be found in nominally communist tsates.

Where I part company with you, however, is in any assertion that Maggie Thatcher was a fascist or cut from the same cloth as Bainimarama whatsoever. Little could be farther from the case. You might already know this, if you spent less time blogging and researching the likes of Will Hutton, and more time studying political economy, with particular attention to the open market and democratic theories embraced by such notables as Lady Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

why has "George galloway, the respected MP" told BBC's Daily Politics "We are spending 10 million pounds on the canonisation of this wicked woman..."? And, why has a respected public figure like the Bishop of Gratham from Thatcher's own county come out openly to criticise the unnecessary spending on Thatcher's funeral?
Clearly Lady Thatcher is not half the adored leader she is being made out to be by her conservative cult idolizers . same thing happening with Bainimarama people have started to worship Him!!

rajend naidu said...

we learn from C4N Politics: Margaret Thatcher death: Michael Heseltine interview (13/4) that according to Heseltine the one-time top member of Thatcher's cabinet the myth that"only Margaret Thatcher could have transformed the nation" is mostly a newspaper construct especially the Madoc newspapers. Heseltine's view seems to complement what Hutton said about the funeral being largely a tribute to a myth.
When we look at how the Fiji Sun is creating an aura around the self appointed PM Frank Bainimarama and his glorified leadership it's not difficult to see what Heseltine and Hutton mean.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu digs his hole deeper with every comment.

Rajend asks "why has 'George Galloway, the respected MP' told BBC's Daily Politics 'We are spending 10 million pounds on the canonisation of this wicked woman...'"?

George Galloway, "the respected MP"? Respected by whom? Certainly not by Britain's Labour Party, which expelled him from its ranks in October 2003 for bringing the party into disrepute". The Labour Party chairman noted with disgust how the Galloway was the only Labour MP who "incited foreign forces to rise up against British troops" in the Iraq War. Certainly not by his fellow MPs in the House of Commons, who suspended Galloway from the House after its investigation of him for using a charity fund he controls as a conduit for illegal payments from Iraq to Galloway's Muslim wife from oil contract commissions related to the Oil-for-Food programme.

Maybe Rajend meant his fellow Galloway fans Saddam Hussein and his Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz. Galloway hailed Saddam in 1994 with the words "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability." He spent Christmas together with Tariq Aziz in 1999, clearly undercutting British foreign policy and encouraging Saddam in his fatal instransigence that would soon embroil the region in war just a few days later.

Or perhaps Rajend was referring to the fact that Galloway is the Respect Member of Parliament, not understanding that after his expulsion from the Labour Party, Galloway joined a new socialist fringe party named "Respect". Galloway is its first Member of Parliament.

All of this just goes to show that either Rajend doesn't know what he's talking about, or else he's deliberately trying to mislead us.

We all understand, even if Rajend doesn't -- or pretends he doesn't -- the reason why some, including Britain's royals, are concerned that Lady Thatcher's funeral might be over the top. The reason is because she remains widely admired in Britain, even if a minority of mostly socialists and anarchists still seek to demonise her, despite, and sometimes because, of her forthright opposition to extremists, demagogues and dictators.

One of those demagogues is George Galloway who, at the time of the 1999 Musharraf coup in Pakistan, wrote: "In poor third world countries like Pakistan, politics is too important to be left to petty squabbling politicians. Pakistan is always on the brink of breaking apart into its widely disparate components. Only the armed forces can really be counted on to hold such a country together..." That kind of thinking is very familiar to us in Fiji.

Rajend's cites Galloway as an authority in his failing attempt to show an affinity between Thatcher and Bainimarama, but his doing so only serves to show his own affinity with the dictator.

rajend naidu said...

How did Galloway get to be the first Member of Parliament from the Respect party?
Did he just appoint himself? After all that you say about Galloway (and it's all out there in the public domain) how come he still gets back as a Member of Parliament? He didn't do a coup did he?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7.17AM
Do you have a problem with Galloway having a "Muslim wife"?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7.17 AM
what about that Bishop fella who has criticised the wasteful funeral spending on a leader who so divided the nation?
Is he also a scoundrel like Galloway?

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, to answer your questions:

1) Galloway was re-elected.

2) He did not come to his seat via coup.

3) Yes, all of this information is out in the public domain, as you say. So, why do you get so many of your facts wrong?

4) No problem with Galloway having a Muslim wife. Actually, he's had a few Muslim wives. Do you have a problem with my mentioning her religion? It does give extra context to the fact that she was at the centre of the numerous allegations of Saddam secretly channeling Oil-for-Food money to Galloway's charrity.

5) As I've pointed out, the critics of an extravagant funeral for Lady Thatcher include members of the royal family.

6) No. Perhaps no one in Britain is a bigger scoundrel than George Gallaway.

There you go. Now why don't you try addressing some of the issues I've raised?

rajend naidu said...

If Galloway is such a big scoundrel ("Perhaps no one in Britain is a bigger scoundrel than George gallaway" you say)how come the British people re-elected him? What does that say about the British people who re-elected him?
Did Gallaway also fabricate the information on WMD and take Britain into the war of invasion in Iraq? Who was the scoundrel you did that?
WHo are the other beneficiaries of the Iraqi Oil-for Food scam?

Anonymous said...

Rajend, the British people did not re-elect George Galloway. His constituents did. The last previous election he won by fewer than 900 votes.

What that says about the people who re-elected him is that on election day they thought, rightly or wrongly, that he better represented their interests than did the other candidates. They've the right to choose whoever they want to represent them. They could choose Frank Bainimarama, for all I care. Maybe they preferred the scoundrel they knew to the scoundrel they didn't.

Perhaps you should move to Galloway's district. You could have the political career you've always wanted.

No, Galloway did not fabricate the WMD intelligence and take his country into war with Iraq. He may, however, have created a charity for the purpose of hiding income from concessionary oil sales provided to him by Saddam's regime and taken from the Oil-for-Food programme. He did deliberately undercut his nation's foreign policy by paying a very public and friendly visit to Saddam on the eve of war with his country.

The shared assessment of the intel services for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia was that Saddam likely possessed WMD. This assessment was not the creation of the Bush Administration. We now know that some of the intel assessments were based on flimsy evidence. Also, confirmation bias is always a factor. Just as you seize on statements that tend to support your views, however dubious the source (e.g., George Galloway), intel analysts tend to do the same. That doesn't mean intel was fabricated. It means that people exaggerated and people got careless.

Again, if they deliberately fabricated intel in order to justify the war, then why didn't they justify the invasion by fabricating reports that they'd found the WMD?

Who else benefited from the Oil-for-Food scam? You tell me. You ask a lot of questions but never seem to answer any yourself. If this question has any relevance, then why don't you research it yourself? In fact, if any you have any question relevant to the issue of restoring democracy to Fiji, then why not research the matter before posting on this forum?

Likewise, I fail to see the relevance to Fiji of your statements in defence of Saddam Hussein and Usama Bin Laden, unless you support dictators and terrorists. If that's the case, you're in the wrong camp, fella.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.48 AM is clearly a fella without any selective bias. he gives ample proof of that in his long winded justification of the Iraq war of invasion.
And, Rajend is clearly a supporter of dictators and terrorists.that's why he is speaking out against the Bainimarama military dictatorship in C4.5 and Fiji Today and The Australian.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.48 AM
If the British people did not re-elect Galloway did the Iraq Muslim friend of his re-elect him?

Anonymous said...

Investigate the United Nations Oil for Food Fraud by Nigel Gardiner Phd and James Phillips.
under the section on An International Network of Beneficiaries we read "...The Iraqi Oil Ministry recently released a partial list of beneficiaries : 270 names of individuals, political entities and companies across the world... Ominously the list also implicated UN Assistant Secretary-general Benon v Sevan, executive director of the Oil for Food program ... [and UN Secretary-General] Kofi Annan's son Kojo... ( read the full report yourself)
Now we know from the involvement of so many high profile individuals,political entities,and companies here in Fiji in Bainimarama's coup and illegal regime that they are not beyond engaging in crooked things to feather their own nest.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12.48 AM
Do you subscribe to democracy or don't you?
Galloway was re-elected democratically. Your opinion about him amounts to shit. Many say Bush was not elected when he first won the elections. But we must learn to accept and live with the imperfections of democracy . The Americans did. There was no coup to get rid of him.
But look how we "respect" our democracy. Just because some felt Qarase was not democratically elected, that they had rigged the elections (same claim was made against the Bush camp)they mounted a coup against him ((or so they claimed).
Either you are for democracy or you are not.
You can't be half pregnant which is what you are!

Anonymous said...

who else rubbed shoulders with that sole christian elegant Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz? what about that big bear hug Blair gave Gaddafi? what about the British political leadership rubbing shoulders with Hitler!!!

Anonymous said...

You're going way off course, Rajend. They rubbed shoulders with those tyrants because diplomacy was their job. They stopped when it was clear their countries would soon be at war. Diplomacy is one thing, but cooking your own side deal in return for secret payments comes very near to treason. It certainly amounts to betrayal of your country.

Why do you keep trying to "defend the indefensible", as you put it?

Anonymous said...

Do States and state parties cook side deals because it is in their "national interest" or the vested interest of the dominant local national elite or ruling elite to do so?
of course they do. all the time. it's only not blind people like you who can't see!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.04 PM
trying to have it both ways eh? eat you cake and have it too! being selective in your criticism of the British political leadership. why? betraying your bias eh?
and your prejudice when you talked about Galloway's "Muslim wife". that's wasn't context. that was plain prejudice!

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, you're not fooling anyone. It's obvious that you're the one writing the anonymous emails in support of yourself. That doesn't impress anyone. It only casts the veracity of your statements and your intellectual honesty into further doubt.

Unlike you, I don't normally break my email into separate emails so that I can pretend someone else sent them. But if that's how you prefer to play it, then here goes -- a series of postings for you.

Anonymous said...

Longwinded about Iraq, am I, Rajend? You're the one who keeps injecting the subject of Iraq into this blogsite. The topic is how to restore democracy to Fiji; it's not about Iraq.

Stop taking this blog off-topic. That's just what the illegal regime wants to see.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever claim to be free of confirmation bias? Of course not, Rajend, but here you are again, creating and knocking down straw men, instead of dealing honestly with the issues. If you'd just stop playing with yourself for awhile, perhaps in time you could learn how to play with others.

Anonymous said...

Rajend, I welcome your statements against the illegal regime. I just don't understand how they're consistent with your defences of Saddam Hussein and Usama Bin Laden, which are indeed supporting a dictator and a terrorist, your opposition to Bainimarama notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

To your supercilious question about who elected Galloway, Rajend, the answer (again) is his constituents. Are his constituents British? Yes. Does that mean he was "elected by the British people"? No, it only means he was elected by SOME British people -- people in his district -- as only people in his district could vote for or against him.

Was he elected democratically? Yes. Do I have a problem with that? As I indicated earlier, no -- they could elect Bainimarama for all I care. Who they want to elect to represent them is their right and their choice. Can I put it (again) any clearer than that? So, what are you raving about in your statement at 6:53 AM?

Anonymous said...

George Bush did win the U.S. election in 2000. Al Gore had a margin of the popular vote, but Bush won in the Electoral College, which is decisive.

Similarly, it's clear to me that Laisenia Qarase was fairly elected PM of Fiji. His overthrow was an act of treason. It should be a capital crime.

So, again, Rajend, tell me what you're raving about in your statement at 6:53 AM?

How am I opposed to democracy? Is it because I don't believe most Britons despise Margaret Thatcher? Because I explained the error in your reference to George Galloway as "the respected MP"? Because I'm not an apologist for Saddam Hussein or Usama Bin Laden? Those things make me anti-democratic?

If I'm the anti-democratic one, then why is it that you have the right to criticise Thatcher, but I don't have the right to criticise Galloway?

Just because you're a critic of Bainimarama from the safety of Sydney doesn't sanctify your BS when you stray off-message. And this fellow critic of the regime is not going to stop calling you on it when you do.

Anonymous said...

Rajend, I see you've belatedly gotten around to researching the Oil-for-Food programme for Iraq a little. Good lad. You even list for us some of the higher-profile people implicated in the fraud. And yet you omit the very high-profile George Galloway from your list!

Why is that? Isn't that being a bit like Bainimarama -- simply ignoring the facts when the truth is inconvenient for you?

Anonymous said...

Rajend, I'm not being naïve; you're just being cynical and simplistic.

Do states cook side-deals with each other? Well, now, it's not really a "side"-deal if it's with each other, now, is it? It could be a secret deal, and it could be aimed at a third party, but it would still be a deal in the perceived national interest -- whether that nation's sovereign is a king, a dictator, an oligarch or an elected government.

Galloway wasn't a diplomat, nor was he representing his nation's interest. He was a scoundrel undercutting his nation's interest in order to pursue his own personal financial aggrandisement.

I'm baffled why you insist on defending such actions. If you were an elected official and your country (Fiji? Australia? Iraq?) was about to go to war, you would see no problem with visiting the rival government in order to arrange secret payments from that government to you, through your spouse, in return for your political support against your own country's war-time government?

I'm not being selective regarding the British leadership at all. If Thatcher or Churchill had done what Galloway did, the same or greater standard would have applied to them. Unlike you, I certainly wouldn't be making the case that NO standards apply!

Anonymous said...

Rajend, mentioning the fact that Galloway's wife who was implicated in the Oil-for-Food scandal is Muslim doesn't mean I'm prejudiced against Muslims, any more than mentioning her gender means I'm anti-women, or mentioning Galloway's nationality means I'm anti-British, or pointing out your foolishness means I'm anti-democratic.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with injecting stuff from around the world to draw comaprisions and parrallels to strengthen our cause for democracy in Fiji. you have to be a toad in the well to think it is wrong to do that.

Anonymous said...

questioning why leaders of western democracies waged a war of invasion in Iraq is not the same as defending the dictator Saddam Hussein, is it?

Anonymous said...

Rajend, we should be trying to attract people to our cause with a unified front against Bainimarama. Instead, you keep going off on these left-wing tangents that are all but designed to alienate some of our movement's potential supporters both here in Fiji and abroad.

You pride yourself as a Socialist. Go back and read Lenin's work "Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder". You're a latter-day Karl Kautsky.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:46 AM, of course it is, if you don't also provide sufficient context. You're not talking about Saddam's invasion of Iran or his invasion of Kuwait. You're not mentioning his use of chemical weapons against the Kurds or his missile attacks against Israeli population centres. Most of the time you don't even bother to draw parallels to the situation in Fiji, and when you do, half of the time it's a pretty big stretch, because the relevance isn't already apparent.

Anonymous said...

Your attempts at sarcasm fall flat for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

context : did the UN sanction the war of invasion?
If not, why not - after all that other "context" you talk about?

Anonymous said...

Galloway was a scoundrel because he was not a diplomat or State representative. Can a diplomat and a state official also be a scoundrel? Or are they all like the Pope - infallible!

Anonymous said...

you say rajend prides himself as a socialist. where did you get that from? are you a later-day Mcarthyist on an anti-communist witchhunt?

Anonymous said...

questioning political leaders no matter how big and powerful they are and challenging their decision (often taken in the name of the people) is a very important part of the pro-democracy campaign for the restoration of democracy in fiji. question leaders in the western world and question leaders in a third world banana republic. see the point? this kind of questioning is called being consistent!

Anonymous said...

strange that Anonymous should accuse rajend naidu of all people of undermining the cause of fighting against the Bainimarama regime.

Anonymous said...

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rajend naidu said...

In his letter titled 'Total transparency'in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (19/4) Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa tells us "... the Prime Minister has nothing to hide..."
Actually,many people in Fiji feel the illegal, self-appointed Prime Minister has a lot to hide.
His draft constitution is but one part of his Machiavellian plan
to keep things hidden from any public scrutiny and the long arm of the law.
The absence of the Auditor-General's report and the declaration of his salary are others.
And there are no doubt yet other things that "the Prime Minister" wants to keep well hidden.
But we need to remember shit has a way of coming to the surface!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Not " Total Transparency" the title of the letter should have been - Total Lack of Transparency !
That better describes how the illegal Bainimarama regime has been conducting itself.
Total Transparency is a false description.