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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Muslim cleric who trashed Christianity in Easter address named

The Muslim cleric who made the address in the controversial Easter Sunday video that FBC News was forced to apologise for has been named as Shaykh Anwar Sahib AlMadani.

In the video posted on Youtube, Almadani is said to be Senior Lecturer of Islamic Online University, but an examination of the website reveal no further information and the suggestion his details have been taken down.

Inquiries to the university prompted the information that students can contact him via another teacher who forwards queries to him. 

We have sent him an email with a list of questions including how he came to be making the address.

In the 25 minute long video, AlMadani addresses everyone as 'respected audience and brothers and sisters' and asks people to listen with an open mind but goes on to openly rubbish the Christian faith and Jesus Christ.

He was neither named and nor was the denomination he was representing revealed in the program.

AlMadani's address has been seen as a wider conspiracy by the station's CEO Riaz Khaiyum and his brother, the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to destroy the Christian faith in Fiji and promote radical Islamic agenda.

FBC apologised for airing the broadcast saying: “This was a paid programme and the views expressed in it are not those of FBC’s. 

"FBC adheres to strictly scrutinise all programmes that it airs to avoid the issue of causing any particular person or community any offence. 

"We apologise sincerely for any sensitive material that was broadcast on the day that we failed to scrutinise”.

Apology aside, the broadcast shows FBC not only insulted the Christian faith but considers itself above Fiji laws.

Contrary to requirements in the Fiji Media Industry Development Decree, the FBC TV program also failed to inform the viewers if the program was paid for, and if yes, then by who.

And despite a number of viewers complaining, just one Letter to the Editor was printed in the Fiji Times with the Fiji Sun running a small apology from FBC TV.

FBC could also be accused of promoting disharmony and inciting religious hatred. And ultimately, the question can be asked: Would Christians be allowed to call Muslims 'Talibans' openly in public and in a paid ad, just as the AlMadani denounced Christianty as a pagan faith?

We are reminded of the regime decision to punish the Fiji Times editor and publisher with a $300,000 fine and suspended six month jail term (and $10,000 for its publisher) for carrying a report from a New Zealand newspaper that noted the absence of the rule of law in Fiji.

There is also the more recent decision to bury the investigation into the nine minute video that exposed army, police and Corrections Officers beating and torturing an escaped prisoner and a second man accused of harbouring him.

Read the excerpt below from the broadcast or listen to the video and decide if Fiji authorities like the Media Industry Development Authority or the Catholic Church in Fiji should be taking this matter further.

“Easter celebrations did not begin when Christianity began. The Bible does not command Easter observance. Easter was celebrated by pagans in their worship of evil spirits thousands on years before Jesus was born. God condemns the practices of Easter type worship and calls it an abomination. Many of the Christian leaders know the truth about pagan Easter but refuse to repent. Muslims believe Jesus was a wonderful and humble messenger of Allah who came down and revealed the Gods’ word to his people. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God nor they believe that God ever chose to come down to earth in a form of a man to die for your sins. According to Islam, Jesus never died on the cross nor ever wanted to die on the cross, nor ever was born to die on the cross. He never died for anyone's sins.”


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Namanusa said...

As a christian you can say its just a coincidence or you can decide that it is deliberate. If you accept it as deliberate then you know where the fight is really at, change your orientation kneel and pray. Coz this ain't physical its spiritual.THATS WHERE ITS AT!


Anonymous said...

Isn't this 'inciting for instability' under their decree or whatever they call it. So sick given it went through FBC's and/or the army's edit/review process. If they must know - According to Jesus, there are no 'virgins' in hell.....!!

Anonymous said...

McCully to attend Fiji MCG
Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 3:52 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Government

Hon Murray McCully

Minister of Foreign Affairs
10 April 2013 Media Statement

McCully to attend Fiji MCG

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully will travel to Fiji tomorrow to chair a meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group (MCG). This will be the first visit to Fiji by the MCG since May 2012.

“The MCG is the mechanism set up by Forum leaders at a special meeting in Auckland in 2008 to monitor developments in Fiji,” Mr McCully says.

“This will be an important visit in advance of the Forum Leaders Meeting in the Marshall Islands in September. Like New Zealand, the Pacific Islands Forum believes in continuing to engage in dialogue with Fiji to encourage acceptance of internationally recognised democratic norms.”

The MCG comprises representatives of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Anonymous said...

Jesus suffered silently through all of the abuse and beatings...let them do what they do. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

It may be deliberate or not....let's not start something out of this.

Isn't that the meaning of easter...To forgive!!!

Keep The Faith said...

So what happened to the spanking brand new Air Bus?


Anonymous said...

Cousins or Step- Brothers fighting again. Find out the first religion on earth to fight about the Truth. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL.

Anonymous said...

you say he is a Muslim cleric? he looks more like a Harlem hoodlum!

Anonymous said...

this is a sensitive one but if i were to venture an opinion it would be this: fbc would've realised when they got the booking it was going to raise questions. and i can't understand why they didn't provide basic info of who he is and where's he's from as any credible news agency would have.

Anonymous said...

I was a horrible sinner destined for hell, someine told me that Jesus Christ is a healer, I doubted at first, but I kept on praying and my faith in him started to grow, and suddenly he intervene into my life, the experience I have never had before, Jesus Christ trully is the son of the living God, he changed my life compeletly.

And now I became a pastor and preaching his gospel to the poor and the.needy, if anyone come to me and tell me that Christians are pagan, I will have to tell him to try Jesus himself.

Jesus said, As they say hate your enemies, but I say, love your enemies and do good to them that persecute you, how good is that? Some religions believed an eye for an eye, and a tooth for tooth, but Jesus says love them and do good to them, uuu that is really hard, but if Jesus says so, it should be done, than we should do it, He really is the Son of the Living God.

I'd say let us all pray for this man who codemned the Chritian faith, so God can intervene in his life, and change him too, I have seen this happened to muslims and hindus and even to ethists.

May Jesus Christ reign in Fiji now and for ever more.

Anonymous said...

Is this not typical of the contradictions that is Fiji these days?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The issue is being taken too far. There was no intention to create disruption

Anonymous said...

True - this telecast should be put to rest. Pray to God only not too his creation Prophet Isa. Also Easter is not for forgiveness but to enjoy lots of chocolate Easter eggs!!

Sosiceni said...

This hoodlum mullah, although we would hate his useless uninformed message, is doing his job.

He was offerred the opportunity to rubbish Christianity by a Muslim CEO who has the power and influence and who could have intervened.

The mullah and the muslim group or person promoting his message and shoving the inciteful message on the majority who are Christians in Fiji, during their holiest occasion, had the temerity to do so because they have a foot into the FBC higherachy ie through EyeArse's brother, and EyeArse .

This gave them the opportunity to again stamp on Fijians' face.

This is the environment this illegal Govt is creating where one of the potentially disruptive religion, muslim, is being allowed the run sway in Fiji via EyeArse.

This is what the illegal PM is shoving down the throats of Fijians and insulting them.

Would we vote for Bainimarana in election 2014????

ABSOLUTELY NOT. WE WOULD ONLY LINE UP TO LYNCH HIM AND EYE-ARSE ......no we will all reject him at the polls we will not vote for him in 2014 elections.

I am sure my Province's Tailevu and Naitasiri will overwhelmingly reject VB at the poll.

mark manning said...

People are entitled their opinions, but shouldn't foist theirs upon others. As in radical Christians, we should accommodate radical Islamist!

Anonymous said...

This useless low life attention seeker must be related to that old fart and former NFP man from Nadroga called Khaiyum Snr. Can I suggest to all Methodist, Catholics, AG, CMF,All Nations members in Fiji to buy all pigs and dump them in all the Mosque around the country. Make sure the pig balls are sent to this cleric and the CEO of FBC.

Anonymous said...

Be more interesting to find out how much tax$$$$ these close-knit infidels have accumulated for themselves since 2006.

Their talking down at Christianity followed by a hollow apology on Easter wknd is desperate and CHEAP. Keep track of the money trail!!

72 virgins said...

And Christians and most of humanity do not believe that you should blow up yourself and other innocent people so that you go to heaven to '72 Dark-Eyed Virgins in Jannah (Paradise).

In Islam, the concept of 72 virgins (houri) is grounded in Qur'anic text which describe a sensual Paradise where believing men are rewarded by being wed to virgins with "full grown", "swelling" or "pears-shaped" breasts.

It is quoted by Ibn Kathir, in his Qur'anic Commentary, the Tafsir ibn Kathir,and graphically described by Qur'anic commentator and polymath, al-Suyuti (died 1505), that the perpetual virgins will "have appetizing vaginas", and that the "penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal".

We have some muslims committing suicide and blowing up innocents in the name of sex.

Shaykh Anwar Sahib AlMadani, you can take your preaching and stuff it!

Anonymous said...

Trouble-making radicals/infidels should know better than to test the patience of a country with these "baby steps" aimed at insult non-muslims. They're well-known for this. It was just last year, that the world witnessed in DISGUST the extreme unwarranted violent reaction, totally-overboard, totally unjustified - all because of an amateur anti-muslim film made in the US. The overwhelming majority of the rioters had not even seen the film! Just riot for the hell of rioting seemed more what they believe in.

Check out media coverage from these few links. Just disgusting!

"Leaders condemn violent protest."
JULIA Gillard has warned radical Muslims that violent protests have "no place on the streets of our country".

And Tony Abbott urged all immigrants to "surrender up their hatreds" as a prerequisite for a new life in Australia.

Political leaders and Islamic figures have broadly condemned ugly scenes in central Sydney on Saturday, which followed a Muslim protest at a film defaming the prophet Mohammed. Twenty-three people were injured in the violence, including six police officers

The Prime Minister yesterday condemned the violence as "disgraceful conduct . . . .











Anonymous said...

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell termed the Islamic riots in Sydney in Sep 2012. "the unacceptable face of Australian multiculturalism"!

While the majority of muslims in Australia are law-abiding, peaceful citizens, the records show that apart from a couple of Sri Lankans, the overwhelming majority of those charged with terrorist offences in Australia in the past decade have expressed loyalty to extremist Islamist causes.


Anonymous said...

Listening to Dr Almidani Kumiduka it appears that he knows more about the Bible so keep praying for him. Who knows may be next year he will be kneeling on the cross. Praise be to God. Another lost sheep is coming back. We will give him a good bath and shave first before we baptise him.

Anonymous said...

McCully to attend Fiji MCG and...
and nothing!
the oppressed people of Fiji must expect nothing from this gang.

xxxx said...

The cleric look more like a terrorist to me...
FBC should be shut down.Their intention is finally exposed through this programme....
Cava ni sa qai cakava tu qoka na ovisa kei na sotia ....
The real enemy of the Christian State of Fiji are Bainimarama,Khaiyum and his brother...
What are you soldiers waiting for,put them in jail where they deserve to stay for the rest of their lives...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry believers in the one and only true God JEHOVAH & HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Many muslims are converting to believe in Jesus. All done without holding a sword or even an AK47 to the head. These muslim brothers who are converting in droves to be believers of JESUS are hardline Islamic fundamentals & fanatics ready to be a martyr for satan at one time. Don't worry about this Ya manache'h (faggot) and the AK's Akhu sharmoota promoting his brand of cheap shot propaganda...they are only satans children doing their fathers bidding in trying to bring slander JESUS and all that HE stands for. If they were true believers in Islam why did AK47 marry an unbeliever of their god allah. By doing that he has made himself Alaan abok labo abook, yabn al gahba okho el gahba, yal manyoch kess ommek o ommen yabetek! Yeah don't worry believers the bible talked bout these kind of weasels while they were still in their fathers testicles ready to released into their mothers Kis.
2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

Anonymous said...

Shiek Anwar Sahib AlMadani did exact
ly what the bible says he would do and the timing was perfect.
The devils advocate in a feeble attempt to discredit our Lord Jesus Christ and his all encompassing love by giving his life to save sinners who accept his powerful precious blood..Jisu na turaga ni valu qaqa baleta ni solia nona bula ena vukudra na wekana!! Vacava o kedatou na turaga ni valu ni mataivalu ni Viti? COMPROMISE tiko vei iko!!!..`dou madua laki au e matadra na tamata, au na madua laki kemudou ena mata i tamaqu....dou laveti au, au na qai vakayarayarataki ira mai vei au na tamata.
What profiteth a man if he gains all silver and gold only to lose his soul.

Anonymous said...

Keep The Faith @ 8.31pm ...Oh dear. Fiji times will be in trouble for printing the airbus story. They shouldn't have used the word defect. The regime will come down heavy. With FT director due back in court, they should refrain from such articles.

Anonymous said...

Daniel 7:25 "He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws." Doesn't that sound familiar??
A Psalm of David.

37 Do not fret because of evildoers,Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.

2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,And wither as the green herb.

3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

4 Delight yourself also in the Lord,And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,And He shall bring it to pass.

6 He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.

7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm.

9 For evildoers shall be cut off;
But those who wait on the Lord,
They shall inherit the earth.

10 For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed, you will look carefully for his place, But it shall be no more.

11 But the meek shall inherit the earth, And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

12 The wicked plots against the just,And gnashes at him with his teeth.

13 The Lord laughs at him,
For He sees that his day is coming.

14 The wicked have drawn the sword
And have bent their bow,To cast down the poor and needy,To slay those who are of upright conduct.

15 Their sword shall enter their own heart, And their bows shall be broken.

16 A little that a righteous man has Is better than the riches of many wicked.

17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, But the Lord upholds the righteous.

18 The Lord knows the days of the upright, And their inheritance shall be forever.

19 They shall not be ashamed in the evil time, And in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.

20 But the wicked shall perish;
And the enemies of the Lord,
Like the splendor of the meadows, shall vanish. Into smoke they shall vanish away.

21 The wicked borrows and does not repay, But the righteous shows mercy and gives.

22 For those blessed by Him shall inherit the earth,
But those cursed by Him shall be cut off.

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way.

24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the Lord upholds him with His hand.

25 I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.

26 He is ever merciful, and lends;
And his descendants are blessed.

27 Depart from evil, and do good;
And dwell forevermore.

28 For the Lord loves justice,
And does not forsake His saints;
They are preserved forever,But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off.

29 The righteous shall inherit the land, And dwell in it forever.

30 The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of justice.

31 The law of his God is in his heart; None of his steps shall slide.

32 The wicked watches the righteous, And seeks to slay him.

33 The Lord will not leave him in his hand,Nor condemn him when he is judged.

34 Wait on the Lord, And keep His way, And He shall exalt you to inherit the land; When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.

35 I have seen the wicked in great power,And spreading himself like a native green tree.

36 Yet he passed away,[a] and behold, he was no more; Indeed I sought him, but he could not be found.

37 Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright; For the future of that man is peace.

38 But the transgressors shall be destroyed together; The future of the wicked shall be cut off.

39 But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble.

40 And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked,And save them,
Because they trust in Him.

Don't worry believers in the one true GOD & JESUS CHRIST HIS SON.

Adventist said...

Praised be the Holy name of Jesus Christ my Savior for taking on humanity with all its liabilities with the possibility of yielding to temptation and the fact that I have nothing to bear which he has not endured..AlMadani & Co, Bless your soul...Jesus loves you.

Anonymous said...

shoot first and talk later is the rule ...

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Most Muslims are not terrorists. Most terrorists are Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Easter isn't Christian anyway, it's a pagan celeberation inculcated into roman calendar that world is following today.

Anonymous said...

Christian scholars and researchers all agree that this Muslim cleric is a crackpot!

Anonymous said...

can someone be good enough to provide each member of the MCG heading to Fiji to "monitor" the dictators "road map to democracy" with a copy each of the recent Economist and the more recent Al jazeera report (by Andrew Thomas) on Fiji. These reports should put them straight on what the Fiji dictatorship is about. They then can't claim they weren't adequately informed and adequately warned.

Anonymous said...

You can moan all you want but the reality of this is that neither religion can prove that they, or diss-prove that the other is correct.

Anonymous said...

This broadcast is an outrage, especially being aired on the holiest day on the Christian calendar.

And there is little doubt in my mind that one or both of the Khaiyum brothers had a direct hand in airing this offensive broadcast.

Moslems rampaged across the world last September over a video about Muhammad that was less provocative than this. Moslem mobs attacked many Christian churches. They killed many people. Terrorists used the mob action as cover for their attacks on the U.S. consular compound in Benghazi that led to the murder of the U.S. Ambassador.

As Christians, what should we do about this? Doesn't the Bible say "an eye for an eye"? In the Old Testament, yes, but we now live under a new gospel.

Anonymous 8:15 PM is right; we need to pray for this erring speaker and for all of our Moslem brothers and sisters, in the hope that they someday find the truth and receive the gift of salvation, which can only come through Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Frank seems to be converted to Isalam.all top govt post held by his elite muslim brotherhood.
khaiyum is the master frank is the puppet.
police should investigate and charge Riaz Khaiyum/fbcl for inciting under his brother bs decree.

Anonymous said...

David Pfliger's brand new Airbus stuck in Auckland, one week after starting service. Flight delayed for over 24 hours as Air France engineers have to fly down and fix it. Just shameful how Fijians have been conned.

Anonymous said...

Hindus and Chritians wake up now.

If not, mark my word you will see the following in 2014.

1. Frank Bainimarama - President
2. Khaiyum - Prime Minister
3. Nur Bano - Finance Minister
4. Nazhat Shameem - Chief Justice
5. Mohammed Aziz - RFMF Commander
6. Mohammed Saneen - AG

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stop complaining - atleast the Muslims are speaking into our faces - we Christians and Talatalas have been shitting in our pants to confront Bainimarama and SAiyaz - I am very tempted to become a Muslim after this video - to defend my beliefs!

Anonymous said...

They can condemn Christianity as much and as long as they want! Jesus lived and still lives today! Mohammed is rotting somewhere ready for hell...he is liar, a thief, manipulator, con-artist, suffered from fits or manumanusoni and child molester...someone should have asked that cleric how come mohd married a 6 yr old that became one of his 13 wives! Is that a testimony of a prophet and the daughter-in-law he took from his adopted son to be one of the 13 wives!!!!Mohd is a fraud!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile our brand new Airbus A330 is stuck in Hong Kong due to a cracked windscreen. As just came in from stranded crew members. Somebody confirm please!!

Anonymous said...

Mcully should meet Elected PM LQ/MPC and The group in Fiji with his Forum team now.
So they can get balance reports from the group.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone is really giving legal advice to to Bainimarama about his cabinet.

Nice names and very eligible people.

Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.42am, u not making any sense.
we christians and talatalas are just practising our faith.
u seem to be the kinda person who will fit nicely into the taliban faith.

Radiolucas said...

Is anyone really surprised that Frank, Aiyaz and Riyaz have so much contempt for the people of Fiji??!

Anonymous said...

Do not accept to believe the apology from FBC. All it's action is deliberate to harm and confuse the CHRISTAN community especially the FIJIANS in particular. All it is doing is destabilising the very foundation of our existence (i.e) our Christian beliefs and our traditional setup and protocols. It cost them more than $1000,000.00just for the propaganda they use to fool local and international communities to believe that they are doing the best for everyone in Fiji. Do not be fooled in believing them at any stage because all this was done for only one reason (i.e)for BAINIMARAMA alone. Look at the Ghai draft constitution, he was not happy because of the immunity clause was not there. He feared going to prison. He is worried about the promises he gave the army and those who assisted him. He now realise the only obstacle in his plan is the church and the vanua that is why he is targeting it. Please tell everyone not to be carried away by the development which is coming to their doorsteps, they have been brainwashed to believe that he is the true saviour but he is not. You know why they are targeting Qarase, just because he commands the respect of the majority from our CHURCHES & VANUA. These are the two main areas they will be focussing in most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Liars are frank and khaiyum.
Can you publish all salaries/ag audit reports and tenders awarded asap.
stop talking about transparency and accountability liars.

Anonymous said...

Anon 07:42am What of load bullcrap. Becoming a Muslim to defend his/her Christian beliefs! Talk about sitting on the fence [Barb Wired]. Typical of a cronie.

Anonymous said...

Muslim is a religion of hate you look to the Muslim nations around the world. Killing their own brothers while they worship their so called Allah. What love do they have for the other religion. In their own words, there is no God but Mohammed the messenger of Allah. The question that needs to be answered is, who is Allah? If he is not God then maybe he is Satan. Their is only two polarity you can aligned yourself to either God who is love or Satan - the thief, liar and murderer.

rajend naidu said...

I urge everyone who believes in more balanced journalism to read Jeremy Duxbury's letter in today's Fiji Times (FT 11/4).
Jeremy criticises the Fiji Times editorial on Margaret Thatcher pointing out that instead of getting a "more balanced view" it merely quoted the british PM david cameron and the far right-wing newspaper the Daily Mail to then start "praising the late Margaret Thatcher for her work to save Great Britain".
Jeremy remedies the FT editorial omission with his insightful expose of the "damage and destruction and misery she caused to millions of people in Britain". He was there in Britain at the time to witness this first hand.(thank you bro for sharing your insights with us)
Her international relations record is equally apalling (see Jeremy's letter).
This would explain why many people in Britain and elsewhere are rejoicing at her death.
I can't understand why the British regime has to spent $10 million on her funeral. It's plain ridiculous.
But I understand all too well the Fiji Times editorial :It's superficial journalism with no critical analysis.
It is in fact mediocre journalism.
rajend naidu

mccully go home said...

who gives a toss about murray mccully. he has been hopeless for fiji hiding under petticoats, just another political piss pot

Anonymous said...

Baini Khaiyum regime running out of $$$ to pay for civil servant
The reality in Suva is that this bastard regime of Baini Khaiyum is running out of Money to pay us civil servant

Well place sources from ministry of AgRICULTURE, Human Rights Commisssion and Judiary staff says that its more than two weeks that they pay has been delayed

Anonymous said...

He belongs to the mosque in Raiwaqa called "Masjid Al-Haq". They are the sponsors of the show as well. I'm surprised such shows are being allowed and that this community is allowed into fiji to preach such untruths and cause religious tensions. Someone should talk to the priest of that mosque...

rajend naidu said...

The Fiji Times's favourite letter to editor writer Allen Lockington prays in his latest letter (FT 11/4)"If only God would come down and give letter writers a lesson on what he wants".
If God is who we mortals claim he is, then I don't think he wants anything from us.
And he has already given us something much more important then "a lesson". He has given us brains.
Our problem is not too many choose to use it sensibly. Many letter writers fall into this category putting pen to paper unnecessarily.
And the mediocre local papers in their "wisdom" publish a lot of these mediocre crap.
But again I understand where they are coming from. It helps them avoid the more critical and contentious issues confronting the country.
It is pathetic journalism.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

If this would have taken place in Europe or USA or Canada, the Christians would have taken this to streets. There would have been riots and unrest.

But this is Fiji and the people in general are BIG LAMUSONA. No backbone. Can't stand up for their religion. Lat the Taliban walk all over us Christians.

Has anyone noticed that Khayum (CEO Radio Fiji) did not come out and apologize. He had a Hindu junior to him go and do his dirty job. We should DEMAND that Khayum write a letter of apology and also go on all three TV stations and apologize.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific passengers bound to return to Fiji on the new A330 aircraft yesterday, are stranded in Auckland due to a problem with the plane

Anonymous said...

C4.5 can you dig up the names of each member of this MCG coming to Fiji. So that we know who are the people who failed the people of fiji in their hour of need.

Anonymous said...

wailei we have taliban recruits in Fiji now we have extremist islamic talatala preaching on tv. Cava sa yaco tiko man!

Komai said...

Nailaga tikina in Ba calls for end to race based system
Publish date/time: 11/04/2013 [08:11]

The mata ni tikina of Nailaga, Ba, Jeremaia Tuwai who looks after seven villages and four settlements said it is time to move away from the race based system and playing the race card in the country.

While speaking in Lautoka yesterday at the draft constitution consultation session, Tuwai said that for too long they have been misled by people.

Tuwai said the people of Nailaga commend the draft constitution and firmly believe that this is by far the best draft constitution written.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Tuwai said the i-taukei people for long have been followers and have been misled but things will change now.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

We contacted former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase on the issue raised by Tuwai to which Qarase said he will not comment on it and has referred it to the proposed SODELPA officials.

Proposed SODELPA official, Doctor Tupeni Baba said there are no substantive comments and if someone has to talk from Ba it has to be Tuwai’s chief, Adi Laite Koroirau.

We are also trying to get comments from Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Stay with us, as we will have more on this today.

Anonymous said...

For once i agree with Rajend about something. This bogus intellectual contributor Allen Lockington to the Fiji Times is so full of himself, his letters to the editor are simply cringe worthy. Allen should try reading what he writes sometimes. Its like he is trying to get wisdom out of the grog bowl he utilises every night. rajend hits the nail on the head, its mediocre journalism at its best, or worse.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago bainimarama was bowing to a monkey god in india. Nowdays we have a radical islamic cleric teaching Christian taukeis about easter and Jesus. This high school failure don't have a clue where he's taking us.

Anonymous said...

This assole is none other than Jack
Prasad who is Khaiyum cousin? Someone please charge this bastard
for the 1976 discrimination law,the
same law which the Government had used to Jailed;Sakiasi Butadroka ,
Iowane Walisoliso and Jone Kama the
3 top executives, of the Fijian
Nationalist Party? All i'm saying
that the law is already in the book
so why don't we ask the police commissioner to nailed this bastard?

JuJuwa said...

Looks loke the video was locally produced, judging from the set up and the quality of the sound. FBC should come clean and inform us of the facts regarding this nonsense, the asshole seems to be working in the country. If this is true, then why the immigration has not acted on the so-called " breach of work permit".....just saying.

Tamai Saimoni said...

I believe that we should be praying for our itaukei soldiers and police so that they can be released from the power of evil thats been blindfold them since 2006.This hidden evil spiritpower will destroy the kawa i taukei if we are not careful enough

Anonymous said...

lets practice what we preach..

lets forgive this cleric for he doesn't know what he is doing.....

lets keep our beliefs intact and alive....

and not be coerced by these people into venting hate and anger......

if we do this we will be no different than him....

praise the lord nd live happily.....

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:14

Days of Mahatma Gandhi is gone. It was not a case of the Mullah not know what he was saying. This was a very calculated and timed well by the Taliban.

Let's follow the Islamic law, eye for an eye.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

the fiji security forces - the gang who featured in the torture of the escaped prisoners - should get hold of this Muslim cleric and do a "torture video" on him!! Just joking!! perhaps a video of him doing a 800 metre run at top speed in his full cleric attire in the Army Camp rara would not be a bad idea! the gang in green would know how to supervise the run and even the video shooting. The Fiji army people know everything. How to butaraki citizens, how to make new constitution, how to phuck up the country...

Anonymous said...

what i find alarming about this, has any pastor/reverend / talatala come out and condemn this comments???

Anonymous said...

It was through Christ that Cannibalism was conquered in Fiji.Perhaps the cleric and other non-Christian believers should know that....otherwise,someone would have been in someones tummy by now.....

Anonymous said...

If we serve the True God, we will not be moved by what other people say about our Jesus, not like what the mullah and his followers do. They protest every where they are to let the world know, they burn flags, threatened to kill those involved simply because they are not serving GOD but are only serving the name of their organisations. Let the GOD we serve deal with them. They are only serving the LABEL not the content or the REAL STUFF. God does not need any support or mass protest, or any favour from the mullah and his followers because he is OMNIPOTENT!!!

Anonymous said...

If someone mocks Islam, the bloody muslims will cry murder, there will be unrest, demonstrations, etc worldwide. In this case, it goes to show that Christians are not terrorists like Muslims.

rajend naidu said...

I loved the story 'Witchdoctor tells : solution was sex' in the regime propaganda newspaper the Fiji Sun (11/4).
It just shows Fiji does not only have con man coming out of the Fiji Army but also from the common citizenry.
We read in the story that " A self-proclaimed witchdoctor charged with rape of a 25 yo woman in Suva told the court ...that his solution to the victims problem was sex".
Then we have a self-proclaimed PM telling the people of Fiji what the solution to their problem is after raping democracy in the country. His latest solution is his draft constitution.
Both the citizen conman and the military conman prey on the gullibility of the people.
And both the civilian conman and the army conman are clearly not averse to doing it force-line.
I think many will see the close parallels between the two breeds of conman.
This is why I also read the regime propaganda paper. Never know what all they can tell you - unwittingly!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

take a close look. the Muslim cleric photo and the rainmaker photo in the next "Spin doctor..." article are of the same man : Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:37

You miss the point. If this was any other country, the people would have taken to streets. It is only because people of Fiji are LAMUSONA. All talk but no action. This is the fact of Fiji.

Jay Terran said...

Who is Allah?

Is Allah Satan?

Islam builds on five testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and held a prayer and give alms and fasting month of Ramadan, pilgrimage to the Kaaba the house of God in the land.

There's also the fact that when Mohammed first heard Allah's word he believed he was possessed by Satan.

AND Allah told Mohammed that he was "the greatest of all deceivers."

VIDEO LINK: PROOF Allah is Satan: From the words of Muhammad

KORAN LINK: Koran translation in English

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 224 :
Narrated by Abu Huraira
Allah's Apostle said, "The most awful name in Allah's sight on the Day of Resurrection, will be (that of) a man calling himself Malik Al-Amlak (the king of kings)."
Volume 8, Book 73, Number 225 :
Narrated by Abu Huraira
The Prophet said, "The most awful (meanest) name in Allah's sight." Sufyan said more than once, "The most awful (meanest) name in Allah's sight is (that of) a man calling himself king of kings." Sufyan said, "Somebody else (i.e. other than Abu Az-Zinad, a sub-narrator) says: What is meant by 'The king of kings' is 'Shahan Shah."

Jay Terran said...

VIDEO LINK: PROOF Allah is Satan: From the words of Muhammad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5GD4hEk3VYo)
KORAN LINK: Koran translation in English (http://www.sahih-bukhari.com/Pages/Bukhari_8_73.php)


Anonymous said...

News Update: Tikoitoga re-admitted to hospital; he is joined by Commissioner Western Cawaki(FijiLeaks) any news

Sanaila said...

No Fijians are not lamusona, they are not terrorists like muslims.

Anonymous said...

If a Christian went on air on Eid or some other Muslim Holy day and called Mohammed a paedophile (One of his wives, Aisha was only 7 when they were married and 9 when they first consummated the marriage. He was in his 50s), then muslims would be very quick to make all sorts noise and ask for jihads and what not. But in this case, when its one of them defaming another religion, they are all quiet.

I felt uncomfortable just watching that bearded freak. He should just go to Saudi Arabia and preach his sermon of hatred there. Can't believe all this nonsense is now starting to come to Fiji

Anonymous said...

Bai must be regretting the interview with the Al Jazeera correspondent. "What might seem like the ultimate democratic exercise, asking all Fijians to review and endorse this document is dismissed by many as a sham, a way for Fiji’s military ruler to tighten his grip on power.” Thank you Al Jazeera for reporting what Fiji blogs have been saying for so long.

Anonymous said...

Muslims taking over the key positions in the regime..

The regime giving Muslims sweetheart business deals.

A regime supporter named 'Taleban Bomber' posting on C4.5, threatening to bomb democratic loyalists.

Other C4.5 posters attacking America whilst defending Saddam Hussein.

Denunciations of Christianity and Easter by a Muslim cleric televised on Easter.

Our boys patrolling in Baghdad and Afghanistan whilst Fiji is turning Taliban.

Welcome to the New Fiji. Allahu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, you and other Taliban might rejoice at Margaret Thatcher's death, and some Argentinians might join you, but most Britons and true friends of Britain appreciate that Thatcher was Great Britain's greatest PM since Churchill. Her positive legacy with respect to the UK economy, political direction, and international relations is assured. What a low creep you are to disparage her remarkable achievements on the occasion of her death! Really beginning to wonder about you.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves the muslims..theres only one way to heaven thru the lord jesus christ,believe and confess He is the son of God and you shall be saved.
Im a christian and i love the muslim people.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 4,42 PM
what you should ask yourself is why so many British people "disparage her"?
you strike me as a "low creep" who would sing the praise of anyone who becomes a national leader regardless of what they actually do and how that impacts on the lives of ordinary people. you strike me as a "low creep" who would exalt the "remarkable achievements" of dictators like Chile's Augusto Pinochet and Fiji's dictator Frank Bainimarama. I know your type. I do not need to wonder about you at all. Be a man. put down your name.why the fuck are you anonymous?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3.54PM I agree with 101%.

Anonymous said...

Tamata sona levu qo o Voreqe butu qele vakaveitalia mai rewa, sega madaga ni sevusevu kina vanua,,,,,tamata veibeci dou vicai kei ratou qori ena vali no volavola ni yasana e rewa,,,ni yavu tamata kawa ca

Anonymous said...

the tea towel the Muslim cleric has over his mug it's the same one that went missing from my clothline.can the compol investigate ...

Anonymous said...


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Shaykh Anwar if you want to criticize about Christians you better move to a muslim country.. Fiji is Christian country not muslim.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8.16pm..Fiji is not a christian country..it is "coup" country aka "banana republic"..I agree with the
cleric..so many christians do not even no what they believe! yacana na bosoka vata!

Anonymous said...

This so called Shaykh is a loner,a radical;Do not pay any attention to what he preaches; its all hollow; he even tells Muslims not to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammed PBUH; He has a few followers not worth mentioning.
Do not give him any importance at all.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1020 p.m.
There's no guarantee that they are female either!

Holy Gospel said...

John 3:35-36

"35 The Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything to his hands.

36 Anyone who believes in the Son has eternal life, but anyone who refuses to believe in the Son will never see life: God's retribution hangs over him."

Anonymous said...

Just look at the color of his(Shaykh Anwar Sahib) mouth it reveals more of the heart. DEEP DARKNESS FROM HELL. What is within so without.

Dangerous Cult of Islam said...

Islam, a cult in the guise of a religion, is actually an imperialistic ideology, similar to Nazism. It spreads through aggression and deception. It is time that we all try to understand 'what Islam truly is' and unite humankind to confront this vicious doctrine of hate.


Anonymous said...

wow..rajend has finally grown up and starting to use obscene language.. running out of vocab are we?

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, you don't need to know who I am. You just need to refute what I'm saying, hopefully with facts and logic, rather than your usual Leftist bullshit. Not all of us can blog away from the safety of Sydney.

What are you on about -- "so many British people disparage her"? Most Britons are not disparaging Margaret Thatcher. They are honouring her memory. If Britons didn't like Thatcher so much, how is it that she became the longest-serving British prime minister in two centuries?

And merely because I speak out against your sullying the reputation of this good lady who has just departed, you leap to the conclusion that I support anyone who is in power, whether it be Pinochet or Bainimarama? That just goes to show how baseless, muddled and irrational your thinking has become. Even stooping to curse words.

You're a lot like the thugs you rail against on C4.5 in your five letters daily -- thin-skinned, unable to weather any criticism, and unable to defend your increasingly irrelevant and ridiculous assertions.

Anonymous said...

Sacred Freedom - Western Liberalist Arguments - A Must read for Musims and non-Muslims for a better understanding. This Shaykh is not the representative of all Muslims and may not have the right way to deliver positive messages. Click or copy paste link in a new tab to better understand Islam.

Anonymous said...

This Shaykh may not to apt enough to send a positive message of Islam to the Christians. Perhaps a read of the following may be beneficial in answering some of the questions. Read from the link below - 'Sacred Freedom' Western Liberalist Ideologies - in Light of Islam


Anonymous said...

@Komai....someone should tell Jerry to first plant his own cassava or buy his own ciggies when joining a grog session....no school!! What we should say that indians should move away from caste systems if they want to be known as Fijians....

Anonymous said...

To be fair FBC should give equal time to a Christian faith to go on air and express their opinion on ISLAM.

I for one know that they plagiarized all their teachings and metaphors from pre-existing religions including Christianity. Some parts they plagiarized incorrectly, for example that Mary the mother of Jesus, was the sister of Moses and Aron (both lived about 1,500 years befor Jesus). The Koran also said that Jesus was taken up to Haven alive, and will be the only Prophet to return. SO WHO IS THE TRUE PROPHET?

Mohammed who murderd people, had numerous wives, had sex with many women, maried a 6 year old and died from food poisoning; OR JESUS WHO LIKE THE KORAN SAID WAS TAKEN TO HAVEN ALIVE AND WILL RETURN AGAIN!!!!

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...


Sa Rauta Mada said...

Shaykh Anwarrr DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE IT WILL BURN YOU. FIJI IS A CHRISTIAN CAUNTRY NOT muslim,,if you want about to talk about CHRISTIANS then go live in a muslim country not in Fiji,, you should be happy we Christian let you live in our country,, let you practice your faith,, We CHRISTIANS can't practice our faith in a muslim country we will be either tortured or murdered

No Respect said...

when are these kaiindia gona learn.
in 2000 they touched on fijians land.
in 2013 they do the same through aforce line constitution and now even worse trash the fijians christian faith.
are you mad or what. shows your arrogance and disrespect.
the fijians will not stand by and let this go on.
2000 the fijians couped for the "cause".
2013 dont be surprised if they do the same again.
Do you hear the fiji muslim league publicly condemn the abuse of christ?
no! just goes to confirm that they actually believe and support this derelict oinker.

Nadera Boy said...

Paradise Lost: Fiji’s Failing Democratic Transition

By Elke Larsen, Research Assistant, and Kathleen Rustici, Research Associate, Pacific Partners Initiative (@PacPartnersDC), CSIS

Fiji’s prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, released a draft constitution on March 21, ostensibly to guide his country back to democracy. At the same time, he canceled plans for a constituent assembly to debate the draft, instead welcoming input from citizens at large although without promising to listen to their suggestions.

Fiji’s current government came to power in a 2006 military coup led by Bainimarama. Following an international outcry, he promised in 2009 to hold elections and return Fiji to democracy by 2014. Finalizing a constitution is a crucial step down this road, but many Fijians and outside observers question how democratic the planned return to democracy next year will be.

The draft constitution, as well as the process of drafting it, allow Bainimarama to hold on to unprecedented power and single-handedly shape Fiji’s future. The draft, created primarily by lawyers appointed by the military regime, was released without any civilian input. The mechanisms for outside feedback are extremely limited.

Citizens can comment on the draft until April 26—the original April 5 deadline proved too short to gather much input—either by e-mail, writing to the Solicitor General’s Office, texting, or commenting on the Ministry of Information’s Facebook page. This may seem like genuine openness by the government. In reality, the process prevents consolidated political and civil society voices from contesting the government’s overwhelming role in the debate.

Given government censorship and punishment of any reporting deemed harmful to national interests, unbiased, informed discussion is not readily available to the general public in Fiji. Only the “best” submissions will be incorporated into the final draft, according to Bainimarama, and it remains unclear who will make that determination or when the constitution will come into effect.

The current draft constitution is not the first to have emerged within the past few months. Last year, a civilian-led commission headed by legal expert Yash Ghai, of Kenya, drafted a constitution. The commission was appointed by the Fijian government and funded by Australia and New Zealand. The civilian draft would have removed the military from office over a six-month period and was praised for its protections of rights and freedoms. When Ghai leaked a copy of the draft constitution to the press in December 2012, Bainimarama scrapped the commission and fired him. In an Orwellian gesture, the government collected all hard copies of the document and burned them in front of Ghai.

Ghai’s commission had received substantial praise from abroad, with many arguing that Bainimarama truly wanted to transition Fiji to a free and fair democracy. As the constitutional process has gone downhill, foreign governments that were highly critical of the 2006 coup have voiced only muted concern. For example, Australian prime minister Julia Gillard said on April 4 that Bainimarama must hold free and fair elections in 2014, but did not directly criticize his tactics. With growing funding from China, Fiji is increasingly less reliant on Australia and New Zealand, and less susceptible to pressure from them.


Nadera Boy said...

Several prominent figures in Fiji harshly criticized the new draft constitution last week. Political activist Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, who manages the women’s organization Femlink Pacific, lamented that references to women’s rights in the civilian draft were taken out. She said on April 2 that the draft renders women, who already face heavy discrimination in the Pacific, “invisible.” Three hundred members of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, a group headed by former political party leaders, met April 3 and released a statement rejecting the government’s draft and demanded that the civilian commission’s document be reinstated.

The current draft allows Bainimarama to remain in power until election day in September 2014 and is more accommodating of the military’s role in Fiji. It offers a pardon for anyone involved in a coup—Fiji has had four in 25 years—and constitutional scholars have said the draft gives the elected prime minister extraordinary lawmaking powers. It names the prime minister head of the armed services and gives the government broad powers to override much of Fiji’s Bill of Rights in the interests of national security.

Bainimarama is consolidating his position in other ways as well. A decree on political parties passed earlier this year resulted in a reduction of the number of parties from 17 to 3 as of February 19. The decree requires that political parties have at least 5,000 members and pay a registration fee of some $2,800. The fee must come from contributions from the party members; parties can no longer receive donations from businesses, nongovernmental organizations, or other groups. Journalists, editors, and media organizations can be jailed or fined if they refer to an unauthorized organization as a political party.

When introducing the new draft constitution, Bainimarama said that he had canceled the planned constituent assembly because a “lack of commitment of political parties to register” had not provided “a conducive climate.” Forming a new assembly and processing its recommendations before a previously announced September deadline would be a tall order, so the government stepped in. In other words, Bainimarama imposed requirements on political and civil society that ensured they would fall short and that left the drafting of the constitution entirely in the government’s hands.

Those expecting Fiji to transition from a coup-spawned military dictatorship to a full-fledged democracy can expect to be disappointed. Bainimarama is likely to hold onto power, announcing the day after the draft constitution’s release that he will run in the 2014 elections. His current ability to rule by decree, along with intimidation of media and opposition groups, ensures him a strong edge on any other candidates that emerge in the coming months.

The time has come for foreign leaders, especially in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, to start admitting that Fiji’s transition to democracy is faltering. Their leverage over the country is smaller than it once was, but it is not inconsiderable. Bainimarama should be told clearly that the current draft constitution and the process that birthed it do not meet the standards of the international community. The message should be that normalization of relations will not occur if Fiji’s government continues its current course. Australia, New Zealand, and the United States should use every opportunity to rally Fiji’s neighbors around that position, especially in the run-up to this September’s Pacific Islands Forum.

BEH QAEDA said...

why is this lambasia wearing a tea towel on his head?

Whats next said...

the land.
the church.
the political power - no chiefs.
the rights - equal not indigenous rights.
what next??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:07AM - dude you are really misinformed about Islam as nowhere in the Qur'an does it say that Mary (Mariam) the mother of Jesus (Isa) may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both was the sister of Moses and Aaron. Dude you are really misinformed. She was the sister of another Aaron who was not the Aaron (Ha'run) the brother of Moses (Musa) may The Peace and Blessings of Allah (Al Illah) translated in English as GOD. BTW when we Muslims mention Jesus or Moses or Aaron or Mariam we say May the Peace and Blessings of God be Uon them. If you are so GOD fearing and so defensive then why do you not give the same respect to them. You are a disrespectful individual who have associated partners with The Creator and that's the reason why your hateful comments and disrespectful manners of Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). Learn some manners and I will show you the distortions within the bible - hint start with comparing the OT with NT bro. Take care

Islam Alert said...

Muslims, who were given asylum, shelter, and citizenship in countries like Britain, Australia Sweden, etc, have turned around and are now biting the hands that fed them.

These people were treated with more kindness and dignity than they ever were in their own countries and by their co-religionists. Now they are creating big problems in their host countries and trying to impose their backward ways on them.

They want sharia and other islamic laws. many live on the dole and multiply like rabbits yet they curse and spit at the people and countries that sheltered them. These people are an ungrateful and backstabbing bunch, just like their so-called prophet, and will bring down their host country to the level of Pakistan and Somalia.

They call the rest of us kafirs, a derogatory term for non-believers. They wil smile at you falsely and be friendly on the surface but never fully accept you as equal.

Here is an excellent back-grounder:

Understanding Muhammad


Anonymous said...

Rajend means well. He just belongs to a dying breed of old-style Indian socialists undaunted by the collapse of the socialist experiment in the Soviet Union.

Rajend wants the means of production to be in the hands of "the people". Sounds good, eh -- until you realise that in Fiji "the people" will be led by a committee chaired by Bainimarama. So, instead of an automatically functioning open market based upon the aggregate of everyone's calculation of self-interest, resource allocation decisions would be made "scientifically" by a team of "experts", like Sayed-Khaiyum, led by Bainimarama.

A person would really need to be wed to an ideology to be able to hold fast to it in the face of such a cold reality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:47, thank you for your outreach to the Christian community. We would be remiss not to reciprocate.

You admonish us to be more respectful of the Deity, yet you speak of "distortions" in the Bible. Do you feel qualified to "correct" the scriptures, and would not your attempt to do so be disrespectful?

Read your Qur’an carefully. In reading Qur’anic references (3:84; 5:51, 71; 6:34; 10:37, 64, 94; 46:12), we find that Muhammad affirmed his belief in what was revealed to Moses and Jesus, may the blessings and peace of God be upon them. He taught that God confirms and guards all previous scripture, that Christians are to stand fast on their own books of the Law and the Gospel, and that none could change the Word of God. Finally, Muhammad tells Muslims that if they have any doubts they should ask the Jews and Christians, who were reading the Holy Books before he was.

Please explain, then, how your own teachings are not inconsistent with those revealed by Muhammad in the Qur'an.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 11.52 AM
what is an "automatically" functioning open market?
rajend did not support the old style Stalinist socialist experiment in the Soviet Union nor does he support the new style democracy under Putin.
you some kind of mind reader? like that con man who told a woman the solution to her problem was sex! you sound like one such charlatan!

Sanaila said...

Mohammed was a paedophile and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Yes you right anonymous 12 point something that the scriptures are confirming the previous revealed scriptures namely the Torah (Tauraat) and the Gospel (Injeel)and we will not be Muslims if we did not believe in it. However not the Torah and the Gospel that been through changes over time well after Moses and Jesus and yet it is all attributed to GOD. I am not disrespecting you or your religion but you can go read about the Treaty of Nicea and what took place after it. Old Testament calls to the worship of One GOD (Divinity of GOD)which I fully believe as well but then certain references are made in the New Testament that calls to Trinity and worship of others along with GOD. Why is this so my dear human brothers? This is not disrespectful but an ernest search for the truth. Did Jesus Peace Be Upon Him ever in his own words say in the bible that "He is god and worship him?" Did he Jesus Peace be Upon Him Say this himself without someone else claiming that he did? then that would be disrespectful. I respect Jesus more than perhaps you do that I worship whom Jesus asked us to worship and that is The Creator of us all including Jesus and His righteous mother Mariam (May Peace and Blessings of Allah arabic for (The GOD) be upon both of them. Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) was the last Prophet and the seal of the Messengers and Prophets to come. My dear Christians it is true that Jesus (Peace be Upon Him) will descend upon this earth again but not as born again as he did not die but was taken up in an honourable state to the heaven in a state of sleep so he Alayhisalatu wassallam will come and finish his mission from the point he left. There is a link somewhere within these treads that explains things better than I have done here. Regards to you all.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh singh, Can you pls tell us how many christains are in jail for rape, murder, violent crimes, incest etc

Sanaila said...

Islam encourages terrorism and that's a fact. What sort of religion goes that?

Proud kafir said...

chapter 2 of koran says allah is the enemy of non-muslims and wants their destruction. Muslims live by the koran, and allah's followers are carrying out this edict in various deceptive ways.

Muslims can't live with non-muslims (infidels) because they consider them unclean and it woud be harram (sinful) to befriend them.

K3:28, 118 and K5:51 tell Muslims not to be trusting friends with non-Muslims (unless it is in a deceitful way-3:28); that non-Muslims are the “worst” or “vilest” of all living things; “untouchable” K60:4-"Enmity and hate shall reign between us forever until you believe in Allah…”

Muslims have violently been hounded out all, if not most, kafirs from Punjab, Kashmir and bangladesh and Pakistan.

It is not only the Indian subcontinent, the whole world faces this threat because there is no such thing as democracy in islam.

Muslims in Britain, Sweden, Belgium and France are a minority - they were pitied and taken in as refugees.

Now these ungrateful fanatics are demanding that their host countries should become islamic states - this is the tradition of the muslims, they can't live with non-muslims; if they do, they must impose their will on them.

With Islam, might is right.

All islamic countries are backward, despite some being superficially wealthy.

Islam sanctions lying, deceiving and concealing under Taqiyya, Kitman and Tawriya.

The Quran boasts that Allah is the “master of all scheming” (Surah 13:42) and that he is “profound in his machinations” (Surah 8:30).
Like their god and prophet, muslim are highly cunning and deceptive and will be all smiley and friendly on the surface but inside they hold all kafirs in contempt.

The fanatical taliban cleric said...

Interestingly... Muslims, a tiny minority in Fiji have been striving for years to secure GUARANTEED seats in Parliament, but to no avail (Thanks be to God!!)

So it may very well seem to many that this is their CHANCE at getting into power indirectly and make changes slowly but surely, just as their fanatical, questionable, fake faith dictates.

Anonymous said...

In Raiwaqa, there is a mosque called Masjid Al-Haq. The members of that mosque are the sponsors of the show. This is verifiable by the CEO of FBC himself.

Dan said...

@ Anonymous April 12 2.42 pm
Yes you are right ...you will not be muslim if you do not believe in the scripture...
The problem with you is that you surf through the Bible and pick the verses that will suit your agenda without considering a little bit about the context of the passage...that is not good scholarship...
But then you will say that the Bible has been corrupted...that is an easy way out...full stop...period...whatever you may call it...
If it has been corrupted could you show me which part exactly ...that has been corrupted...?
Probably let me guess ..one of it is the verse is John 14:6... saying the comforter that Jesus was talking about is Mohammed...
What about the Gospel of Barnabas...Why was it discarded...? etc..etc...
Let me tell you about the Christan Bible and the way it is set...If you study the Bible from Genesis right up to the New Testaments...You will find that there is one major theme that the Bible wants the reader to have a birds view on..."The Progression of Salvation" in simple English God's Plan to Rescue the people ....
If you follow this salvation plan...you will find out that it ends with Jesus...What was the last word that He said when he was on the cross...before he died....you can look for it...I am sure you have an online Bible....
If you tell me that God finally realised that there was something wrong with His Salvation plan and now he is sending anothe messenger....then there is definitely something wrong with this God who was supposed to be Omniscient....everknowing God....
The Bible history is linear in its approach not a cluster of stories thrown together for the sake of putting together a book ...ordained by God...
I am not going to challenge the reliability of the Quran...The only challenge I can give you is take your time and try to study the bible chronology...with a christian or an online study...
You will happily joined Millions of former muslims who have become underground christians because they finally believe in Isah is The Way, The Truth, and The Life...

Dan said...

Anonymous April q12..2:42pm
The number of people from certain religions in jail has nothing to do with their religions but individual who make wrong choices...
If you ask the same question in Pakistan...or Sudan...what will the answer be?

Anonymous said...

We have noticed in here that the Fiji AG is acting on behalf of the AlQaida by recruting people from Fiji to join the Al Qaida group and this all the Kaiyum family are part of the AlQaida. When we question the three from Fiji who joined the Alqaida recently, and was told that the Fiji AG recruited them. FBC aired the cleric speech on easter and Fiji needs to be careful of our friends the muslim.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dan 5.03pm

Plus, its a simple reflection of demographics - the overwhelmingly majority population of Fiji happens to be Christians.

Muslim countries will reflect the same correlation in their prison population including the unfortunate ones they've executed in cold blood - see Iran, old Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

Anonymous said...

This taliban cleric...all he does is dig up youtube bullshit for his message.

Anonymous said...

There are more Buddhists than muslims in Australia and other faiths like Hindus and Christians.
Nobody is demanding that Australia be turned into a Hindu or Christian State, or burning the Australian flag or desecrating the memory of war veterans except muslims - the most ungrateful, troublesome and demanding people in the world who create big problems and bring down standards wherever they go.

Anonymous said...

Mohd the greatest conman and a thief.

Azad said...

The Mullah speaking against the Easter celebrations is a WAHABI -the most extemist "muslim" group supported by the Saudi dollars. They make the majority of the Al-Qaeda groups around the world - the same group that started 09/11.
He is based in Auckland; Al-Taqwa centre, Grayson Avenue,Manukau.
He is creating lots of problems within the Muslim community in NZ but FIANZ cannot discipline him because of the halal meat trade with the Saudis. One wonders how long this will last? Even in Fiji Wahabis are getting stronger and stronger due to the Saudi dollars. Baini should check with Khaiyums whether they are supporting the local wahabis who have been working hard to take control of FML; ask Feroz Gulam Mohammed for details if you wanna know more.

Anonymous said...

@ Azad:
Interesting to know the Mullah speaking is a WAHABI extremist based in Auckland. One wonders if there is a Radio Tarana (Robert Khan)-FBC (Riyaz Khaiyum) connection to be made here.

Anonymous said...


That's my point. You can't blame christainity if majority of prisioners in fiji are christain.

You can blame christainity if politician like Rabuka, rajesh singh have a mistress.

Likewise, you can blame all muslims if some are terrorist and have said things aginst other religion.

The fighting between ireland with IRa was between chatholics and protestants. Likewise the fight between iraq and iran was between muslims.

I have been to a christain school all my life. My christain friends see me the same today as before.

Sex paradise said...

Muslim culture is a paradise for horny men.
Quran says Muslim men who die for Islam will be rewarded 72 virgins, who are seemingly restored to virginity every time a martyr has penetrated her.

Isn't it is embarrassing and immature that a world religion promises sex – fair and square – as the highest prize?

Most people who have already grown out of the hormonal waves of the teenage years, and have gained just a pinch of human maturity, will probably agree that such a goal is built on, and directed at, a very crude type of man.

Islamic paradise is unfortunately also existent among living Muslim men. In many cases, Muslim men can rape Muslim women without consequences, because the women do not dare tell the family or the police. In the Muslim culture women are blamed if they are raped.

Mary said...

in the name of Jesus the so called Christians got into hindu temples urinated on their prayer things and stole their charity money.
in the name of Jesus the Fiji for Fijians raped Indian women during the coups. In the name of Jesus they did open shopping on May 2000 though shall steal said their bible.
what the f are you Fijians talking.
the whole world knows that you are the worst breed of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Isa,this is the time for us Christian brother and sisters to rise up and be prepared as we are living in the last days.Too many FALSE PROPHETS as this will rise and want to destroy the Goodness of Jesus Christ into our lives in which we have all been enjoying throughout our lives.

Anonymous said...

Was this address for real though? The cleric gives a big sniff at the beginning of his address..yewww.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mohammed was a thieving murderer and adulterer who attacked goods laden camel caravans, killing everyone to resupply his band of terrorists exiled in Medina.He justified all these atrocities by creating the Jihad doctrine of suicide in the name of Allah. This trend continues around the world today by modern Mohammed's like Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.What this Muslim terrorist has done on national TV is unforgivable especially in a Christian country like Fiji. This Bainimarama coup is a Indian coup but Khiayum has kicked all the Hindus out and now the Muslim are trashing the Fijian religion.


Our fore fathers are Christians and we their sons and daughters are Christians even before muslim came in to our country [Fiji] you muslims should respect that, we have respect for yours that why there's public holiday for your prophet Mohammed, you don't have same holiday in Eng, NZ, Australia etc , etc, now you criticize Christian faith in Fiji, after all what that has been done you.. In a muslim country Christian churches would be burnt down, Christian would be tortured, murdered, raped,etc.etc.

Anonymous said...

@ Mary of BhaiKum 12.33

There's no place in Fiji for autocrats like the thieving criminal iPM pretending to be the beloved leader of a nation, as well as religious extremists like that very sly silly muslim cleric.

That goes too for the naive 'christian' itaukei boys sponsored by the itaukei goons to desecrate temples and places of worship in their bid to divide and rule the nation effectively. No one can ever claim that those violent acts were done in the name of Jesus, unless YOU ARE A LUNATIC..

So.... unfortunately for you everyone is aware that the junta is bolstered by money-paid armed thugs, which history has taught the world time and time again.. WILL NOT LAST. You lot are no different from those common criminals who eventually pay for their criminal deeds.

The end of your thuggish junta is not a question of IF, but WHEN.

Fiji beware: ungrateful nature of islam said...

Cleric Sheikh Abu Bakr entered Australia illegally. He lived of Welfare payments for 19 years while plotting with other extremists to blow up the MCG on Grand Final Day in 2005 and kill and maim as many people as possible.

For 19 years the cleric had never worked a single day. This parasite fathered 7 children and cost the Australian taxpayers over $1Million in welfare benefits. In his own backward country, this pig, his wife and children would have starved if he hadn't worked.

In Australia he sat on his fat arse, as did hiss wife and kids, and enjoyed all te benefits.

How did he show his appreciation to the host country? By trying to blowup a full stadium and kill its citizens.

Apparently in Islam it is okay to kill the infidels -man women and children. In fact you will be rewarded in heaven with 27 virgins.


Anonymous said...

The condemnation of Christ and His followers is not something new.They can degrade us and call us names but this just make our message more clearer, that Christ died to save the world including the Muslims. If we react, we are just like them..kill and kill and kill. We forgive and forgive and forgive. Amen

Camel said...

The ungrateful, intolerant nature of islam and radical muslims rears its ugly head in Fiji.
Imagine insulting a religion followed by the majority of the country on national television? Apart from a few incidents, majority of the indigenous have been tolerant and adopted a live and let live attitude towards other faiths.

But islam doesn't believe in tolerance. It was wants to rule and dominate. Soon it will be calling for sharia law in Fiji! Give muslims an inch, they take a mile. Just like their camels: once it gets its head in the tent, it tries to force its whole body in.

You will never hear a Hindu going on national TV on an auspices Christian day to insult Christians.
Neither will you hear a Christian going on national TV to insult the prophet during Eid. But you have heard a muslim insult Christians on their most auspicious day.

That's islam for you - religion of 'peace' and 'tolerance', we are told. Well, actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

if someone can't blog safely then rajend naidu is to blame ! wow!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11.22 AM 12/4
if what you are telling us about this Mosleem cleric Shit-a-boo!- Faker is true then he is clearly a top level low life!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12.37 (12/4)
what's your problem with rajend naidu's 5 letters?
can you share your objection to any of the letters - logically and rationally?
Or, do a letter of your own and sign it AH so we know it's from you because you can't blog safely. we can then judge how very intelligent you are - or are NOT.

Paedophile Prophet said...

Anonymous 10:47 AM wants to show us 'distortions' in bible. Haha, open you eyes and ears. Islam and koran were plagiarised from Judaism and Christianity. Everyone except the brainwashed muslims are in denial about this. islam is a bastardised, poor, crude and pathetic imitation of Judaism and Christianity. The pathological, genocidal, lying, thieving, oversexed Muhammed added in some extra bits, like 72 virgins in heaven for 'martyrs' who blow up women and children to attract followers. Yes, the 'holy book' offers the lure of sex to men to commit murder. islam is a joke of a religion, so is the koran, which is full of contradictions, far more than you will find in te bible. But then, islam was founded by a pedophile, so no surprises.


You muslims in Fiji should condemn this cleric of yours, he will cause division between you and Christians, we know who will come second best if this happens, in order to keep the peace he should apologize to Christian people of Fiji that's including you muslims too.. if not then use your Islamic law..


Shaykh Anwar if you want to criticize about Christians you better move to a muslim country.. Fiji is Christian country not muslim,,you will be sorry for what you said about Christian,, that's why you muslims are fighting amongst yourselfs because of people like you.

Orgy in Islamic Paradise said...

I see a distortion in the koran...can some clear it up please? The lucky male martyrs get to bed 72 virgins after blowing up kafir men, women and children to smithereens. What about female martyrs? Do they get bedded by 72 males virgins with long dicks that never go soft?

Can the brother cleric clarify?

Offering 72 rock hard dicks would be a good way to attract female suicide bombers. It would complete the orgy in islamic paradise.

Anonymous said...

WOW, WOW What a lot of hatred. Phew is this what Fiji is coming too. Can i please put my 2 bits into this debate. First of all this cleric is not from the main stream Sunni Muslim sect. Sunni Muslims are a bit like the Catholics from which all of Christianity began. The Sunnis number about 95% of Fiji's Muslim population and the Khaiyum brothers are Sunnis. The cleric is from the Ahmadiya sect of the Muslim population. The mainstream Muslims don't even regard these guys as Muslims as they have a weird belief system and they have distorted the teachings of mainstream Islam a bit like the LDS with a new prophet etc. The strange thing is these guys are supposed to be much more tolerant Muslims but they are obviously not.While i am not defending the actions of Riaz Khaiyum and yes he should have publicly apologized i don't think this happened with his knowledge as his religions convictions and the fact that he is married to a South Indian Hindu just makes this highly unlikely. These are facts so please don't shoot the messenger as i am trying to simply say that this may not be a huge controversy as many of you are asserting. I was Muslim once and i have after doing 15 years of research denounced all religions. I am a strong believer in God though and one can classify me as a spiritualist. I can write a whole book about my research but that will take forever. I would just like to say to those who wish to know more that the longest scientifically documented death and return to life was 3 days. A Man named George Rodonaia died for 3 days and only returned to his body when they started to operate on him for autopsy 3 days later. Can you imagine what he saw. For those who want to investigate with an open mind look up the Scole Experiment on YOU TUBE or go to victorzammit.com. The argument amongst the academic and scientific community is no longer about which religions version of God is correct it is simply do we survive after death. And guess what people with a lot of PHD's are believing in the afterlife. The evidence and i mean the evidence is clear in that their is a source or all loving God but it does not fit our petty differences and divisive prejudices based on books written 100's of years after the death of the Hero of these books. It is important to read and learn. Those who have an open mind punch in 'afterlife research,afterlife evidence' on Google and you wont stop reading. The debate is raging in the developed world while we in Fiji are still content with what we have been taught as kids by the elders and happy to drink our Grog and enjoy our "Kopiko Chaser" or "Chinese Lolly Chaser". And we call our selves grownups.

Taliban rules said...

Muslim never apologises because they are always right and better than every body else.
Just got to watch the Airass and how he talks down to u all kaivitis.
When are you going to get the message.
do you hear him going on tv or newspapers condemning this disrectful sscum?? Its not in their nature,]
MUSLIMS RULE viti land. the taliban lives not jesus in viti land.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4.32:

Very reasoned comments.
Most people on the blog are pointing out well-recorded facts about radical Islamists.
I am no defender of christianity.
But lack of introspection among islamists is staggering - talking about 'distortions' in the bible while totally oblivious to the numerous distortions, and falsehoods in the koran.
The problem with mechanically cramming the koran, as they do in madrases, is that you lose touch with the details and the meanings.
Either that, or brainwashed islamists are in denial about what's in the koran.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the hadith of 72 virgins I found this

It was mentioned by Daraj Ibn Abi Hatim, that Abu al-Haytham Abdullah Ibn Wahb narrated from Abu Sa'id al-Khudhri, who heard the Prophet Muhammad (Allah's blessings and peace be upon him) saying: 'The smallest reward for the people of Heaven is an abode where there are 80,000 servants and 72 wives, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls, aquamarine and ruby, as wide as the distance from al-Jabiyyah(A village in Damascus.) to San'a(Capital city of Yemen.)

Tirmidhi in "Sunan" (volume IV, chapters on "The Features of Heaven as described by the Messenger of Allah," Chapter 21: "About the Smallest Reward for the People of Heaven," hadith 2687).

Imam Tirmidhi (Rh) has classified this hadith as " Gharib".


Gharib (lit. rare/strange) is an Islamic term used in the science of Hadith.

Tirmidhi's understanding of the Gharib Hadith (weak tradition), concurs to a certain extent with that of the other traditionists.

According to Tirmidhi a Hadith may be classified as Gharib for one of the following three reasons:

Firstly, a Hadith may be classified as Gharib since it is narrated from one chain only. Tirmidhi mentions as an example a tradition from Hammad b. Salama from Abu 'Usharai on the authority of his father who enquired from the Prophet (S.A.W.) whether the slaughtering of an animal is confined to the gullet and throat. The Prophet (S.A.W.) replied that stabbing the thigh will also suffice.

Secondly, a tradition can be classified as Gharib due to an addition in the text, though it will be considered a sound tradition, if that addition is reported by a reliable reporter. The example cited by Tirmidhi is a tradition narrated through the chain of Malik (d. 179 A.H.) from Nafi' (d. 117 A.H.) on the authority of Ibn 'Umar (d. 73 A.H.) who stated that the Prophet (S.A.W.) declared alms-giving at the end of Ramadan (month of fasting) obligatory upon every Muslim, male or female, whether a free person or slave from the Muslims. However, this tradition has also been narrated by Ayyub Sakhtiyani and 'Ubaid Allah b. 'Umar, without the addition "from the "Muslims", hence the above mentioned example due to the addition of "from the Muslims" in the text is classified as Gharib.

Thirdly, a tradition may be declared Gharib since it is narrated through various chains of transmitters but having within one of its chains an addition in the Sanad. According to Tirmidhi, these definitions prove that a Gharib Hadith, does not necessarily mean weak, but it might be Sahih or Hasan, as long as it comes through a single Sanad.[1]


Could some one please explain me out of the above three reason , which one is applicable in the hadith of 72 virgins to call it as 'gharib"?

Second, what is the ruling of gharib hadiths in Aqidah and Fiqh matters?

How is this hadith explained to those who make fun of this hadith? How do we answer their question that "if men will get these virgin , what will women get"?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9.21pm:

Regrading the the 72 virgins, let's not get our hopes too high. Somehow I do not think it is going to happen.

What's more important is not to treat fellow human as subhumans because they are non-muslims, learn to be appreciative and be grateful, understand that that humans are free spirits and should be left to choose their own religion, be compassionate and forgiving (no sharia please), do not try to impose your values on others by force, do not show a holier than thou atitude, respect women and set a good example, and you might just win some willing converts. In other words, practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Not being a religious fella I don't know if Islam and Koran was plagiarised from Judaism and Christianity but I know Aiyaz and co plagiarised Ghai's draft constitution.
no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

Rajend at 1:25 PM, when did anyone say that? Why not honestly address the issues raised? Why dishonestly try to attribute statements never made? Signing your many letters to C4.5 could be construed as courageous or it can be seen as self-promotion, especially since you're sending them from the safety of Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are terrorists, thieves, women bashers, paedophiles and these were started by Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

they will get to root Muhammad"s arse 72 times followed by moon god rooting them 72 times.

Bloodthirsty Islam said...

@Anon 4.3pm:

Since Islamists habitually use unambiguous and very strong language in attacking and denigrating and trashing the People of the Book - as well as all other unbelievers - it is not unreasonable to expect a malingered religion and its adherents to defend themselves and prove otherwise.

The difference is that none of the religions , when questioned or challenged, go on a murderous rampage, killing innocents.

Muslims' are the only 'religious' group who demonstrate their anger and hate for all Kaffirs, by carrying the Quran in one hand, and guns, grenades or swords in the other.

Islam - the world's most bloodthirsty 'religion' from inception till the present.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim Man’s AMAZING Testimony about Jesus (1 of 2)


YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NvvClFSMIzA


Anonymous said...


Saudi Muslims Converts to Christianity.

YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysfr7rxlT94


Anonymous said...

Salam - PEACE,Islam is a religion of peace and not a brainwashing religion.When we talk about God - we should not get emotional,but look for the facts.Jesus Muhammad, Moses, Ibraham, Jacob, Joseph,Noah,Adam and all other prophets (PEACE BEUPON THEM ALL) that are mentioned in the Quran and also in the old Scriptures, brought and only preached one message and what was the message: Worship only One God, and do not associate PARTNERS,NOR PICTURES, STATUS, etc.Unfortunately those who are swearing and using bad language do not see the real message of these great prophets.Go to Youtube and find it out yourself.Muslims Love Jesus as they love all other Prophets and for your information his name has been mentioned 25 times in the Glorious Qur'an.Every Muslim who has beard look like Jesus - peace be upon him and every muslim woman that wears hijab look like Mary - we love than more than you bad mouth swearing bunch

Anonymous said...

Muslims worship moon god. Muslims are thief who have stolen verses from other religion to give some creditability to their false religion. Muhammad had sex with six year child and his sons wife.

Anonymous said...

Shaykh Anawar is not a Ahmaddiya or kaidiyani.The stupid guy who wrote it is Jahil. Anyways - please watch this Just remember, no one is showing you hatred, we just showing you the true message of Jesus (peace be upon) that was changed and presented to you in another way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sE20Nkc1aY

Islam religion of bloodletting said...

Anon 7.07 and 8.10:

Islam is a devious, with koran in one hand and guns in the other. When it suits you you become religion of peace or become jihadi. We do not need you to tell us 'true message'; Take your message to your co-religionists because they need it more.

You are in denial of the facts because you brainwashed.

The fact is, Muslims fight every other religion in the world, and also among themselves:

Hindus in India
Buddhist in Myanmar/China
Christians in Europe, North America
Jews in Israel
They fight with and slaughter each other.
Pakistan Sunnis vs. Shias vs. Ahmadiyahs.
Baluch-Pashtun war in Pakistan
Sunni-Kurdi war in Iraq and Turkey


I do not trust a religion that incites murder of women and children with the lure of sex with 72 virgins in heaven, thank you.

Dan said...

April 14....8:10
What was changed? Could you specifically point out which book was changed? Make sure you give a proof...
if your answer is
Gospel of Barnabas...the scripture in John that muslims claim to be the prophecy for the coming of Mohammed...Don't bother reply...because that is an argument is baseless and I will give my comment if you do...
When we come up with an argument ...our reference point should always be the source which is usually a book written previously...
The New Testament or Injil was written with the old Testament. as its reference point....The Quran which came into existent few hundreds years later should now be the source of the two older version?
What you are telling us is that all the people that God spoke to through a span of many centuries and were and prophets of different background and yet but wrote through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit and all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle of prophecy to be null and void because suddenly God realised that the completed puzzle still has a missing one and now He is going to reveal that to one and only one person who will nullify what has been completed?

Dan said...

April 14....8:10
What was changed? Could you specifically point out which book was changed? Make sure you give a proof...
if your answer is
Gospel of Barnabas...the scripture in John that muslims claim to be the prophecy for the coming of Mohammed...Don't bother reply...because that is an argument is baseless and I will give my comment if you do...
When we come up with an argument ...our reference point should always be the source which is usually a book written previously...
The New Testament or Injil was written with the old Testament. as its reference point....The Quran which came into existent few hundreds years later should now be the source of the two older version?
What you are telling us is that all the people that God spoke to through a span of many centuries and were and prophets of different background and yet but wrote through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit and all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle of prophecy to be null and void because suddenly God realised that the completed puzzle still has a missing one and now He is going to reveal that to one and only one person who will nullify what has been completed?

Anonymous said...

Most Kaipalagi today have realised the faults with the bible and have either adopted a more materialistic life-style with faint references to religion (Christianity) on joyous occasions like Easter and Christmas etc which aligns well with their materialistic ideologies and veiled religious beliefs. The don’t share the same convictions as their missionary forefathers the first of whom the Kaivitis consumed. They have understood the falsification and contradictions within the bible and have since took a more liberal stance to the biblical teachings and hence mellowed to the point that majority do not care defending their religion when they are being criticised. Such is the state of almost all Western Christians. However the new converts emanating from the hard work of their forefathers resulted in the hardcore Christians who go out in full force defence of their newly adopted faith (Christianity) as they are in a similar mind-set as the Kaipalagi forefathers. Give it another century or so and the Kaivitis will be in a similar state as the sons and daughters of these Kaipalagis. The Kainingia Hindus will suck up to anyone who hold power and authority and take a more materialistic view of things with vague references to their gods and goddesses and will perhaps not bow so much to the pictures hang in Nadi temple or other places in the world.
The Kaiingia Muslims and especially Sufis will become so minute that the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of GOD be upon him) will be eradicated from their practices or they may hide and celebrate this somewhere from public eye. The lies of Qadiyyanis / Ahmadiyyas will be foiled and their deceptions which they learnt from their cult master Mirza who sucked up to the British Raj to gain popularity and caused division amongst the Muslims will be known to all common people. Read their books and you will find out their wholesome lies.
As far as Shaykh Anwar is concerned then he needs to go and learn his religion better as he clearly does not have the tact of giving dawah (inviting people to Islam). Learn from the Messenger Muhammad (Peace and blessings of GOD be upon him) started inviting non-Muslims to Islam through Tawheed (Oneness of worship and divinity of GOD as taught in the Old Testaments) rather than defaming people who are in a state of ignorance about their own religion as demonstrated above. The Kaivitis are in an emotional state at present about Christianity as were the 1800’s missionaries who first introduced this religion to their human eating forefathers. It’ll take time for them to fully understand things once they are calm and out of this emotional state. You Anwar on the other hand need to stop striving for fame and popularity and humble yourself and take heed of the Muslim scholars who are far superior than you in inviting non-Muslims to Islam. Stop Anwar your striving for fame otherwise you will get this from your blind followers at At-Taqwa and by sticking to IOU, Mercy Mission and other organisations that oppose the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah and its scholars in creed and methodology. You are not doing anyone any favours but causing dissention wherever you starts dropping your speech with borrowed words that you cannot pronounce properly. This is a sincere advice to you to keep far away from Fiji and the Fijians (Kaivitis) as they clearly don’t like your style of dawah and you doing more harm then good sir.

Anonymous said...

Easter is a pagan festival. If Easter isn't really about Jesus, then what is it about? Today, we see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinox, whilst religious culture celebrates the resurrection. However, early Christianity made a pragmatic acceptance of ancient pagan practises, most of which we enjoy today at Easter. The general symbolic story of the death of the son (sun) on a cross (the constellation of the Southern Cross) and his rebirth, overcoming the powers of darkness, was a well worn story in the ancient world. There were plenty of parallel, rival resurrected saviours too.
The Sumerian goddess Inanna, or Ishtar, was hung naked on a stake, and was subsequently resurrected and ascended from the underworld. One of the oldest resurrection myths is Egyptian Horus. Born on 25 December, Horus and his damaged eye became symbols of life and rebirth. Mithras was born on what we now call Christmas day, and his followers celebrated the spring equinox. Even as late as the 4th century AD, the sol invictus, associated with Mithras, was the last great pagan cult the church had to overcome. Dionysus was a divine child, resurrected by his grandmother. Dionysus also brought his mum, Semele, back to life.
In an ironic twist, the Cybele cult flourished on today's Vatican Hill. Cybele's lover Attis, was born of a virgin, died and was reborn annually. This spring festival began as a day of blood on Black Friday, rising to a crescendo after three days, in rejoicing over the resurrection. There was violent conflict on Vatican Hill in the early days of Christianity between the Jesus worshippers and pagans who quarrelled over whose God was the true, and whose the imitation. What is interesting to note here is that in the ancient world, wherever you had popular resurrected god myths, Christianity found lots of converts. So, eventually Christianity came to an accommodation with the pagan Spring festival. Although we see no celebration of Easter in the New Testament, early church fathers celebrated it, and today many churches are offering "sunrise services" at Easter – an obvious pagan solar celebration. The date of Easter is not fixed, but instead is governed by the phases of the moon – how pagan is that?
All the fun things about Easter are pagan. Bunnies are a leftover from the pagan festival of Eostre, a great northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare. Exchange of eggs is an ancient custom, celebrated by many cultures. Hot cross buns are very ancient too. In the Old Testament we see the Israelites baking sweet buns for an idol, and religious leaders trying to put a stop to it. The early church clergy also tried to put a stop to sacred cakes being baked at Easter. In the end, in the face of defiant cake-baking pagan women, they gave up and blessed the cake instead.
Easter is essentially a pagan festival which is celebrated with cards, gifts and novelty Easter products, because it's fun and the ancient symbolism still works. It's always struck me that the power of nature and the longer days are often most felt in modern towns and cities, where we set off to work without putting on our car headlights and when our alarm clock goes off in the mornings, the streetlights outside are not still on because of the darkness.
What better way to celebrate, than to bite the head off the bunny goddess, go to a "sunrise service", get yourself a sticky-footed fluffy chick and stick it on your TV, whilst helping yourself to a hefty slice of pagan simnel cake? Happy Easter everyone!
Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2010/apr/03/easter-pagan-symbolism

NO Justification said...

Muslim Brothers we are not talking about whos right and whos wrong.
We are talking about RESPECT. obviously u guys who are trying to justify this crank just do not have it.
NO wonder one of your pigs are trashing the true Fijians rights and institutions u just support him.

Anonymous said...

If you understand the pagan origins of easter, you wouldn't be bothered by this video.

Interesting to note though, that the muslims are always up in arms when they perceive that muhammad's name has been tarnished in some way, shape or form. That they would decide to do this to another faith is stupidity personified.

V T Boy said...

muslims claim to be a peaceful religion but if someone insults their religion they retaliate with force. Now in saying this, of course I am angry what the cleric said. I am a Christian and it wud hurt if somone says anything bad about our religion. "Will I go all loco and form a protest march".. No!. "Will I burn the quran".. Hell No!! stooping to that level only puts myself in the gutter with the likes of him.. Back to the subject about FBC airing that program... It really goes to show the profession they have and of course all the corruption shown.. God Bless Fiji, and may Allah bless this cleric

Anonymous said...

anon 555am
whats the point of ur academic bull crap. to justify an insult??? to show off ur crap which u just copied out of the net???

Anonymous said...

That you indicate that you do not understand fully what Easter is really about too, is a perverted soul personified @ Anon 9.02am.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.55am Anonymous

The problem with scattered lost sheep... Keep searching.

Anonymous said...

ANON 5.49 While your ascertain about the white mans belief is correct in many ways i will tell you that the Quran just like the Bible means well but on the whole is faulty. The very essence of organized religion and by this i mean all religions is wrong. God and i mean the God who loves all of us does not care how we worship him. Read through the replies to this report. You see the hatred that is spewed on this blog this is the result of organized religion. It separates, it divides to the point when mankind become animistic in nature to defend a belief which is derived of a book written by men with man made ink. Where is the logic in this.

Islam: Paganism gift-wrapped as Monotheism said...

All Abrahamic religions have pagan roots. As Muhammad developed Islam, he borrowed from mid-east religions: Judaism, Christianity, Sabeanism, Zoroastrianism, paganism. Judaism is largest contributor; then Christianity; then various pagan religions. To hide islam's pagan origins, Muhammad claimed God sanctioned these rites.

* Moon worship practiced in Arabia since 2000 BC. Islamic crescent-moon a symbol its pagan origins

* In Mecca, a moon god named Hubal was Lord of Kabah. The black stone played a prominent role in pagan worship and animal sacrifices.

* There were 360 idols around Kaba. White-robed pilgrimages to Kaba were pagans, as were the ritual processions around Kaba; veneration of Kaba derived from pagan rituals beliefs.

*Pagans called names of their gods as they circled Kaba; today Muslims call Allah's name.

* Muhammad claimed Abraham and Ishmael built Kaba (Q. 2:127); that God ordained Kaba (Q. 5:97); that it was first temple built for mankind (Q. 3:97).

* But Hadith affirms Kaba was built long after Abraham and Ishmael died. Abraham lived about 2000 BC; Temple built by Solomon in 958-951 BC
If Muhammad correct, Qur’an is wrong. If Qur’an is correct, Hadith is wrong. All three can't be right!

* Muslim Friday gatherings and four sacred months of Islam were pre-Islamic customs:
In Bulugh al-'Arab fi Ahwal al-'Arab: 'The four sacred months, Rajab, Dhu al-Qa'da, Dhu al-Hijja and Muharram, had been considered sacred during the pre-Islamic period [Jahiliya].

Talk about confusions and contradictions!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.41 - i refer you to the below link re the pagan origins of easter (and christmas too for that matter):


Dan said...

The Muslim sharing in thisnforum talked as if they werethe only one enlightened...
If you read carefully about the comments, most of the people reacting to the video were not happy about the insensitivity of the Muslim to broadcast their propaganda during Easter....
Are you implying that Jesus did not die on the cross...and it was Easter that fabricated all this theology?
If that is your ground on the Bible that has been changed then try again...
Do your research on Christianity and Contextualization...to help you understand a little bit more about Christianity..
The death of Jesus is the fulfiment od the Festival of Pesach/Passover/TheLast Supper...This Festival begins around April which is of course Spring Time for those living in the Northern Hemisphere...
On the tenth day of the Passover...every family has to choose an unblemished lamb to be offered as a sacrifice...Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem happened exactly on this 10th day so the people coming to greet him with leaves...actually symbolizes although they were not aware that they have now chosen their unblemished lamb (Jesus) who will have to die to set them free...
For yourinformation...the passover is the festival commemorates being frred from Egypt....during slavery and God throughMoses performed miracles of which the last one finally made the Pharoh yo let them go...The Israelites has tochoosea lamb on the 10th day of Nissan which correlates with the day the Christian celebrate Palm Sunday.They have to slaughter it and paint the blood on the ir doorposts....because the angel of death is gonna pass through Egypt and evry doors that doesn't have this blood theirfirst born will be killed...This was the last plague...l
From that day until today the Jews have been celebrating this festival in which according to the Christian calender is the a Jewish Feast that Jesus fulfilled to die and shedhis blood on the cross so that we could be covered spiritually by that blood...
That is the foundation of Christianity..
You can go on and babble about Easter and its heathen meaning...that will still not change the real symbol of the death of Jesus on theCross...weare following theHebrewCallender...
The truth...is like the preaacher said you have to come with an open mind...the same I say to you...If you want to learn aabout ...it is obvious you are reading materialsfrom Muslim Scholars and you are coming with well known baseless arguments...

Islam: Plagiarised and Paganised said...

@ Islam: Paganism gift-wrapped as Monotheism:

So Islam is PP: Plagiarised and paganised. Yet its fanatical, brainwashed followers always attacking other religions. Thanks for exposing the bigotry.

Anon 10:56.
It's not about white or black man's religion. It is about the message. Islam pretenfs to be peaceful but in practice it is hateful and intolerant.

There are many examples of islamists becoming 'animistic' and savage on the net: Only islamists beheading people in this day and age; raping and killing while shouting 'allah ho akbar'.

Islam: 'religion' of 'Peace' and 'tolerance' said...

This is an example of Islam's tolerance of Christians:

Muslim gang recently raped Coptic Christian Girl in daylight, chanting Allahu Akbar. They're shouting "Nasara! Nasara! Nasara!" (Christians! Christians! Christians!) as they set upon the terrified woman. Not a single Islamist group condemned this evil perpetrated in the name of Allah.

But then, kafirs (non-believers) are fair game. In the koran they are to be killed. Muslims feel no remorse or pity for kafirs. Mohammed was a pilager and his murderous army had a free hand to rape the wives and daughters of defeated enemies. Modern-day muslim rapists are only following their prophet's (may he rot in hell) footsteps - Islam religion of peace & tolerance? Like hell!

See rape video here:


Anonymous said...

Islam isn't a religion, it's a terrorist group,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, time and thoughts are much appreciated, keep going.

Muslims are most deceitful people on earth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if "Muslims are the most deceitful people on earth". every ethnic community has its share of scoundrels. the Muslim mob seem to have more than a fair share. Fiji provides a good example of this - disproportionately large rogue population within the Fiji Muslim community.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:57:

Good attempt at reverse psychology, but remember it was a muslim who went on national television and attacked a tenet of the Christian faith, not the other way around.

The point is that Muslims habitually run down other religions, but even a slight criticism of their religion results in fatwas and murderous and bloodthirsty mobs taking to the streets.

Before you accuse other religions of paganism, look into, and understand, your own religion and its background first. It's not a good idea to criticise the very religions from which your own has been plagiarised.

And for god's sake, do not describe Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance. It is not. It treats non-believers as subhuman, and calls for their extermination. The koran teaches muslims not to befriend non-believers, and to be cunning and deceitful towards them.

What I would agree with is that many muslims are peaceful and tolerant regardless of what their religion teaches. They are guided more by their conscience than by their book. Unfortunately too many muslims are the opposite, and stuck in medieval times. They do evil things like suicide bombings, honour killings, forcefully impose their beliefs on others, wantonly kill non-muslims, take chid brides, behead prisoners and so forth.

Sanaila said...

Muslims are murderers, rapists, paedophiles, child molesters etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the bombing in Boston was the work of muslim

Coup 4.5 said...

No confirmation yet of who is behind the bombing. Investigations to establish where it was al Qaeda etc or a right wing group from within the U.S. Boston police saying too early to tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56, so Christianity is now "the white man's belief" and therefore presumably to be demeaned? You claim "the hatred spewed on this blog is the result of organised religion", but you forget how the racial bigotry and ignorance you fully epitomise also contribute to the nastiness.

Anonymous said...

Lets break it down for the simpletons and use simple arithmetic to explain things better:

1 equals 1 is TRUE
1 equals 3 is NOT TRUE or FALSE

Now based on the facts above then it is correctly assumed that:

1. Old Testaments states that there is only ONE GOD who is to be worshipped.

2. New Testament states that there are three gods in one or three separate entity making is one; God the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost or Spirit.

3. Qur'an states that there is ONLY ONE GOD worthy of worship.

Therefore we deduce that:

OT is consistent with 1 equal to 1. Qur'an is also consistent with 1 equal to 1. However the New Testament is saying in essence that 3 is equal to 1.

I rest my case.

Islamic heaven a brothel said...

To Anon 6.17 pm:

The koran also says there are 17 virgins waiting in heaven for murderers who blow up women and children.

The koran will gift the murderers with perpetual hard-ons and the virgins will remain in virgin state despite all the pounding.

This effectively means that the islamic heaven is a brothel. The koran says many stupid things. but on this account alone it should be exposed as a fraud and a farce.

Doesn't it strike you as odd - using sex to incite violence and murder. Which other religion does this? It's nothing for you I suppose - like many brainwashed muslims you lack the power to think and raionalise. Just mechanically cram the koran an cite from it like a robot.

Dan said...

Genesis 1:26
...Let us make man in our image... What would xou deduce from this message....?

Anonymous said...

And what you deduce from this:

"For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. (From the NIV Bible, Genesis 3:5)"

and these:

"Tomorrow," Pharaoh said. Moses replied, "It will be as you say, so that you may know there is no one like the LORD our God. (From the NIV Bible, Exodus 8:10)"

"There is no one holy [ Or no Holy One ] like the LORD; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God. (From the NIV Bible, 1 Samuel 2:2)"

"For who in the skies above can compare with the LORD? Who is like the LORD among the heavenly beings? (From the NIV Bible, Psalm 89:6)"

"Who is like the LORD our God, the One who sits enthroned on high, (From the NIV Bible, Psalm 113:5)"

These literal meaning within the bible of the Oneness of GOD ALLAH is also confirmed by many verses of The Qur'an and one of the examples is here for you Dan;

The translation2 of Surah Ikhlas (Holy Qur'an 112:1-4) is:

"Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him."

Anonymous said...

@Islamic heaven a brothel
what you say is true but it's also true for religion generally. they all make stupid claims ( Islam perhaps more so then others). and people have historically accepted these stupid claims as well as "gospel"! that's why it's said religion is the opium of the masses.
Religion is reification in Marxian terms.Rationality must be suspended to sustain religious beliefs/dogmas.That's what all True Believers do. Ask Graham Davis!

Vutuki Meo said...

This is a genuine question:

If you are a woman and you kill somebody because of a fatwa. Do you also get 21 Virgins?

I assume these would be virgin boys right?

Can someone who is well-versed with the Koran, answer that question please , because I would really like to know.

Anonymous said...

You who deny the Trinity, tell me -- what is steam? What is ice? Are they not both water but in different forms?

Dan said...

How many times do I have to tell you to stop quoting out of context....
You get too excited about throwing verses at me without doing your homework....
In a nutshell...there are 2 hebrew words that are always used to refer to God..Yehowah name of God... Elohim... plural form...when they are translated into English
Yehowah- LORD
Elohim- God
Youmake up your mind about your conclusion to what I stated...
Christians believe that the Bible cannot contradict itself...If verses like what you quoted is analysed together with the one I quoted...anyhow let me give you two or three more....Genesis 3:22; 11:7etc... I do not want to quote whole list...
We will have to come up with a question or questions...
Shall I just nullify the other verses or is there something about God that I did not understand...The Bible also said that a man and a woman becomes one when they are married....according to your logical reasoning using simple arithmetic of 1+ 1 = 2... will not work....The Bible defined marriage as 1+1=1...
Isn't that weird?
Now if God said 1+1 + 1 =1
This is extremely weird?Isn't it?
How do we deal with theseb difficult passages? do we say the Bible has been changed or shall we say God's way is higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts...
If He says He is three in One...ou logical reasoning cannot fathom that...but God is God...He is Omnipotent ever powerful...Omnipresence ...ever presence everywher...omniscient...everknowing....
So before quoting some more verses...do your Homework...christians do go back to the original meaning of the words that don'tmake sense in the Bible translated in their languages....We are not blind and stupid according to the teaching you hear from your Quranic scholars...
For your information I do speak Arabic, and have lived among Arabic speakers for a while...and have heard all the arguments already mentioned...youknow what you will run out of arguments....like them...
I will not speak against your Quran because I am not an expert in it...I can only speak as The People Of The Book...

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