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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Khaiyum: national referendum would take 'five years'

It's changed the goal post so many times the Constitution reforms no longer have any credibility - and yet the regime keeps flagging September 2014 as a magic date.

The election timetable was wheeled out again last night at the latest consultations talks, to silence suggestions of a national referendum.

Illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum rejected a call from union leader, Attar Singh, for the draft to be put to a vote saying it would take too long - five years even!

Khaiyum claimed the regime was still aiming for elections by September 2014, yet in recent weeks the country's self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has hinted the country could go early to the polls.
Singh, who is the general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Council, had challenged Khaiyum about some of the premises about support for its draft.

Singh to Khaiyum: "But I think if that is the level of confidence you have and your government has in this document, why don’t you put this document to the same test that you want to put any amendment to .... meaning that all the questions that people have will be answered, doubts you have will also be answered, if you put this document to same kind of referendum that you seek or your document seeks to have."

Khaiyum rejected Singh's call saying it wouldn't work.

“As you know that we never had a referendum on any constitution in Fiji for it to be accepted, so there is some technical aspects. It’s always easy to stand up and say put this to referendum. So if for example this gentleman may agree with some sections of it, he may not agree with other sections of it. What does he say.. yes or no....or does he say I refer to these provisions.

"And if say 50% of the population or three-quarter say we agree with sections 1 to 15 then you accept that? Then you say…ok… lets go draft another new Section 16 to 35. Then you put that to referendum. We’ll be here for the next 5 years."

If it wanted to, the regime could find a way to hold a national referendum: it has after all been able to come up with a plan to usher in a new founding document in a matter of weeks. Clearly, it does not want to put its draft to a national vote.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum knows best. He is after all the foreskin legal mind in the illegal regime. what is attar singh yaar even that law professor president of amerika can't match our Honourable attorney general's legal prowess!

Fiji deserves better said...

Good on the democracy gang turning up at the 'consultations' and turning up the heat.

Anonymous said...

I disagree as I believe that the regime would go for a referendum within this year in the form is seeking acceptance to the constitution (once it is in place) and at the same time ask people to choose the leader of their choice. In this instance people will have to tick twice to accept the constitution as well as another tick for the preferred leader. In this case it would be Bai. They will surely win the referendum by rigging. This will give them absolute legitimacy to the constitution and Bai as PM. Once he assures his authority as the PM, he will use the same to go for parliamentary elections. As the elected PM he also can choose an AG of his choice irrespective of whether the person has been elected or not. Sound familiar or sensible???

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh is fighting for his own political survival,there is nothing new he can bring to the table except the same old political games.
He has NOT suggested anything new.His concerns are more for his political survival.
As of now this government is is driving Fiji forward.I cant say that about any other political parties unless a new party is formed which has Fiji's interest at heart and joins hands with the government in contributing in the advancement of taking Fiji forward.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

THAT's right c4.5 run the anti attar comments now so we can move on from these haters.

Singh doesn't have to prove hinself to them but good on him for putting the referendum on the record.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at attar's record in the last 2 elections. He lost badly. Sorry he lost big time. He lost when he was the leader of NFP.

While I admire his courage, I don't think he ever had the mandate.

He also broke away from FTUC and formed a rival org with his NFP union bros.

I hope we can get some new party and new faces for a better tomorrow.

In support of Attar said...

Attar has shown he is a brave, honest and principled man. That is more than what can be said for the present bunch of sorry misfits who try to pass themselves as politicians serving the people.

Anonymous said...

Out of a long period of slience, Attar Singh has made himself heard. Is he trying to persuade voters to tick his name? He will disagree with me.

Anonymous said...

Referendum or no referendum, if Bainimarama goes, the next PM will still be dealing with racial political issues and possibly even turbulence. So what will be PM's solution to the above problem? five more years of rule whether through elections or no elections.

The transition from Bainimarama to the next guy will be turbulent.

Anonymous said...

Wrong it is NOT attar singh who is fighting for his political survival. It is the gang who have illegally taken over the driving seat and has driven the country BACKWARDS from a democracy to a dictatorship for their own skin saving agenda is worried about their survival. hence the fashioning of a constitution which gives them immunity from prosecution.
have the people of fiji asked for that? No. why is it there then? for the political survival of a certain gang. Can you guess who the gang is?
Long live Dharam Lingam!

Anonymous said...

attar singh does not need to go round the country bullshitting the people about anything because he is not a candidate for prosecution for ANY wrongdoing. Why should he be "fighting for his political survival"?
The usurpers are fighting for their political survival that's why they are engaging in bullshitting the people. This should make sense unless you are a regime dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Ever since it began promoting the People's Charter, this regime has been pressured by the Americans and probably others to hold a referendum. The regime claimed the Charter was supported by 65 percent of Fijians, and yet the regime was afraid to take it to a referendum. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

Dharam you idiot!. can you specify in this forum how much has this Government achieved as you claimed. Please back it up with factual data.

We all know have have moved back 50 years not forward. Ulukau!

Anonymous said...


Rasova said...

Fijian advocate speaks out against restrictions
By Claire Trevett @CTrevettNZH Email Claire
5:30 AM Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

A youth advocate from Fiji used a recent visit to New Zealand to speak out against the restrictions Fiji's military regime has placed on the media, saying that the media needed to be "gutsy" and hold the regime to account.
Tura Lewai was in New Zealand with four other Fijians - including at least three hopeful candidates in a future election - for a Pacific Parliament organised by New Zealand which ended yesterday.
Speaking in a debate on the role of the media, Mr Lewai said that the state of the media in Fiji was "very sad."
"We have a media that is gagged and that is held on the point of a gun. We do not have a free media at all."
He said the media were censored and watched over by the Government. Any who went too far faced steep fines.
"We need media in Fiji that are gutsy. We need media people in Fiji that are brave people, that will hold our Government accountable, and also push them to be transparent."
Fiji's interim regime is currently consulting on its own draft Constitution after rejecting that put up by the Independent Constitution Commission. Commodore Frank Bainimarama has said he will run for Prime Minister and expected his current ministers to make up his party.
Speaking in New Zealand, Fay Volatabu, the General Secretary of Fiji's National Council of Women, said if that was the case he needed to follow the same rules as other candidates and should follow through on his promise to step down from the military to do so.
"If he has the people backing him then he shouldn't fear. If he wants to run, then let it be - but on equal footing with everyone else."
New rules require parties to get 5,000 members before they can register. The names of those who sign up are published, causing fear that the people will be targeted by the regime. Ms Volatabu said people should be brave enough to sign up for political parties, and to speak out if they were punished for it. "It reminds me of High School, all these rules. Take away the PR, take away the regulations and let the people really decide for themselves. Then [the interim regime] will see if the people are really for them, like they claim, or if they are not. But the rules of the game do not allow people to freely play the game. The umpire is a bit biassed and rules are all for the other team."
She was also considering standing in future elections, but her current efforts were trying to ensure that women were represented in the new Constitution.
Another delegate in New Zealand included Nayagodamu Korovou, who founded the National Youth Party in 2009 to fight the 2014 elections and intends to run for Prime Minister.
He has caused controversy by inviting Commodore Frank Bainimarama to lead the party, supporting immunity for those involved in Fiji's coups, and proposing that the head of the military be a Vice-President under a new Constitution. Speaking to the Herald Mr Korovou, 45, said he was committed to a democratic Fiji but believed immunity would help provide a clean break from the coups, allowing Fiji to move on. He said having the head of the Army as Vice President would help provide security both for the country and Parliament because it would give the military a role without bringing it into Parliament.
He said his invitation to Commodore Bainimarama to lead the party was because it represented youth and Bainimarama was trying to build a new Fiji so needed the ideas of the young

Dickhead Lingam said...

Aiyarsehole is scrambling to find ways of saving his foreskin and that of his idiot pig Bainimagaitinana.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...


Komai said...

New 2013 Fiji Companies Decree now complete
Publish date/time: 25/04/2013 [07:04]

The new 2013 Fiji Companies Decree is now complete and is expected to be promulgated shortly.

According to Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) manager Richard Moore the decree does not simply mend the old Act but is a complete rewrite which adopts significant reforms.

Moore said the decree will introduce changes in areas like incorporation, Directors and officers including directors duties, transactions involving share capital and capital raising etc.

A briefing will be done today at the Holiday Inn to provide the business community with an overview of the new decree.

Fijiwala said...

Attar, Pramod,and Biman have sold NFP to SDL and FLP. NFP being the oldest party in Fiji can stand on it's own feet. We need new leadership in NFP. All this old farts need to make themselves scarce.

Under the leadership of this 3 look at the record for past 3 election. Not too impressive. I am sure that Hon. A.D. Patel is turning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Attar!, like the Peoples' Charter, the Road Map, and all the so-called Reforms, this draft is another illegal document seeking the peoples' endorsement, and that of those behind it.
Let's not forget that these usurpers of power who do not respect the rule of law, are so desperate in trying to convince the people to accept a document that is of no match to the one that they illegally abrogated.
Union leaders like Attar, have every right to speak out.

Anonymous said...

So, Attar Singh should be disqualified because he lost an election?

So tell me, how many elections has Bainimarama won?

Anonymous said...

too much talking,,,,,when will ASK and Bai be taken hostage?

Coka said...

Coka Says:

attar singh got beaten up for standing up to democracy...legend...baini & khaiyum...fuckall

Anonymous said...

GREAT MEDALS WORN BY AUSTRALIANS DURING ANZAC INCLUDING VC FOR BATTLES IN AFGHANISTAN.......WHAT ARE THE MEDALS VOREQE THE PIG AND COL AZIZ ARE WEARING,,,,,BUNCH OF COWARDS HAVENT BEEN IN A REAL WAR,,,,JUST THE CASSAVA PATCH DASH MEDALS I SUPPOSE ,,,,Australians have attended dawn services around the country to commemorate Anzac Day and pay tribute to soldiers who fought and died in war. The services mark the 98th anniversary of the first landings by Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli in 1915. Thousands have gathered at war memorials in towns and cities across Australia for the commemorations, which began before first light. Victoria Cross winner Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith addressed Canberra's dawn service this morning.

Anonymous said...

There is no place for those who support lies and deception to lead the people in modern Fiji.
I thank those who participated in Rishkul in challenging some of the critical issues Fijians needs to understand where it derives from and what benefit will it bring to Fiji. The answers by AG is childish saying since in Rabuka Govt he did this so Bai can do the same. It is a sign of manupulation because in mathematics the product of two negatives is positive. The major difference to the two gvernments is that the former knows where it going and inform those involved in the right forum and stick to the time table and for the Bai government ther do not know where they are going and changing the destination evry time they open their mouth. Is that that a sign of confidence or uncertainties for the people of Fiji?

Anonymous said...

where is the taukei movement today? We need to re-activate the taukei movement, march through Suva city and hand a petition to the President. Or is it that the guns are now pointing against the marchers? Is it not that the blood is now thicker than water as said by some previous COMPOL? Come on Mr. Tora you are still here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stop attacking attar, you idiots. He has been the lone brave voice since 2006. And his performance at Rishikul has been nothing short of brave, outstanding stuff. This man will go a long way. He is the only one who has supporrt from all communities.

Anonymous said...

The people who are commenting against
Attar and NFP , now know very well they are baini's boci's sukcer.They are scared know that in the end truth and honesty prevails.That's what NFP stand for, Yes NFP lost but ask why,simple reason is that they preached harmony and good race relation . Sadly the people who are blogging against are Indian and racist. They are scared cannot see where they are going..only good at washing baini bocis feet and chuttar

Anonymous said...

Attar singh did not win in the last two elections, he lost big time and he did not get the mandate etc etc.
how many election has bainimarama and aiyaz won for them to be running the country? where did they get their mandate? the guns!!!
such shitty people coming here on C4.5 to argue the case for their political masters - the thug rulers of fiji!

Anonymous said...

Attar is only driven by his conscience. Have known him for many years. The man doesn't care about popular support. He will stand alone on his principles if he has to. Those criticizing him are wasting their time.

$$$$ said...

Totally agree with 8.24PM re Attar Singh. I had formed the same impression some years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting him (Attar Singh) at a workshop/meeting. Very admirable man. Then I met his lovely wife, Priscilla Singh - it's true that "Behind every great man is an even greater woman". A truly wonderful and down-to-earth couple who exuded a healthy combination of idealism and realism.

You can't buy PRINCIPLED people like that, PERIOD.

May God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh for PM

Anonymous said...

Attar wants to hold his post in Fictu as well as be a politican. I have known him for years as well. He is blinded that he will get people's support in every election. Check out his interviews comments when he was NFP leader.

BTW, in UfDF, he and MPC always look the other way and have never greeted or shaken hands.

Anonymous said...

Why are we in this so call mess today? Its because sdl, flp, NFp, and micky mouse could not work together.

Yes, never.

Can they work together now? No. They will all want to be the boss.

Just read how racist FLP was and liewise SDL.

I am not saying I want FB.

But I don't want the old horses.

We need new clean blood.

Richard naidu, and similar thinking people.

Anonymous said...

Jaganath and Attar. Good guys.

Anonymous said...

we are in a mess because we have a dirty army! is that such a difficulty thing for anyone to understand?

Anonymous said...

Jagath my man! We just need 100 of him to overthrow these idiots in a peaceful manner!

Anonymous said...

People people stop derailing work of SDL, FLP.NFP,UDF ETC.Very simple yes there was difference that's history. Lets focus on future if these parties have left their difference aside and decide to work together give them chance after all that's all we want.

Secondly in any household you take, Indian, Fijians, Rotumans, European, Srilankan's etc, they sleep in their respective homes, eat same food, cook same pot, share same toilet/washroom, even same bathing towels,they all share most in house, BUT STILL they have difference on many issues we all know.Here we are talking about nation where people form various race come and bump each other so its bound to be have different opinions and ways of doings,We just have to find common ground like we find in a household.

So when your house is on fire household members leave their difference and all run to save the house. That's what these political parties are doing.Let them save Fiji from burning. Other wise baini and arsy pussy will ruin everyone future. Its no doubt Baini and Arsy will be going to gail, just matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh or no Attar Singh... the fact remains. We are being asked to participate in a constitutional drafting process that is not of our making but that of the current government's. While Khaiyum argues it will take up to five years to finalise a Constitution under referendums, he fails to explain why it would have taken much less time if debated by a Constituent Assembly - which was the original plan. The Constituent Assembly, with members representing the people of Fiji was the closest to a national referendum. But that's been thrown out as we all know. And we now have in place a draft Constitution which gives some protection by way of immunity to the current government and to the various Decrees endorsed by the President since 2009. And if implemented, the clause requiring a national referendum to change it makes it almost impossible to achieve. So, in addition to the non-negotiables, we are also faced with a draft that is not of the people's making and one they cannot change in the future because of the stringent requirements. Accepted, public meetings have been organised country-wide to explain the draft. But this is not the same as debating it and finding the most common grounds. If we are to have the best draft, the people need to debate it and have their views covered by the media. And that is NOT happening. So, everyone attacking Attar Singh here ... take him out of the equation and see what you're left with .. what I've just said above.

Anonymous said...

A referendum can only be instituted by a legal democratically elected government.

Anything instituted by an illegal administrative body remains illegal and fall sought of its fundamental foundation; trust and appropriateness, in such a case.

coka said...

The fiji indians party were supposed to be the NFP party..if only they had supported Attar..they woud have a battle deal..instead..they backed the coup and baini..