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Monday, April 15, 2013

Petition against regime's draft Constitution launched in Sigatoka

The nationwide petition against the regime's draft Constitution will be launched tomorrow in the SDL and National Party Federation Party stronghold of Sigatoka. 

The launch concides with the third meeting of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji in Nadroga, and will be hosted by the high chief of the province, Na Turaga Na Kalevu, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu, who has issued a general invitation to people of all races in Nadroga, including businessmen, to attend.

The country's last democratically elected prime minister, Laisenia  Qarase, is expected to attend the meeting, which starts at half past ten, along with the other UFDF leaders.

According to news reports, the illegal attorney general is in Sigatoka today continuing the regime's consultation on its  draft Constitution. The deadline for submissions has been extended to the end of the month.

United Front for a Democratic Fiji

We the people of the Fiji Islands declare that we seek a Constitution that frees us from fear, oppression and injustice and helps to transform our homeland once again into a symbol of hope for the world.
We declare that:
· We represent the sovereignty of the nation; we are the ultimate power and can only be legitimately governed with our freely given consent. The authority of the state must not be concentrated in the hands of the few, but must be widely shared nationally and locally in the true spirit of democracy;
· Parliament must always be subservient and accountable to us;
· The military must also be under the authority and control of Parliament and should have no place at all in the political life of the country; the power of our democracy should come from the ballot box;

We recall the events in our history that have shaped these islands, especially their settlement by the ancestors of the indigenous Fijian and Rotuman people, the later arrival of Pacific Islanders, Europeans, Indians and Chinese. From these migrations emerged the multiracial, multicultural and multi religious society of Fiji. 

We acknowledge the richness, the diversity and the vibrancy of our society and dedicate ourselves to healing the wounds we have all inflicted on it. We must patiently encourage mutual trust, understanding and respect as the foundation for united nationhood and a shared identity. This cannot be imposed but must come from our hearts and minds. 

We commit ourselves to securing social and economic justice and advancement and prosperity of all communities and full respect for their rights, freedoms, dignity and wider interests, reinforced by the rule of law.
We honor the social importance of the family. 


1. Our rejection of the Government’s 2013 Draft constitution that does not provide the basis for our harmonious and democratic development as a nation.

2. We have serious concerns over many of its provisions and omissions. Some of these are:
· The limitations it places on people’s rights, including the right to life;
· The dominant role of the Army;
· The politicization of the Army and Police and the Public Service.
· The concentration of powers in the hands of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General which erodes the principles of democracy;
United Front for a Democratic Fiji

· Issues connected with the Judiciary; in particular, the judicial appointments and removal of the two most senior members of the judiciary.
· The absence of specific and clear protection of land ownership and tenancy rights;
· The absence of indigenous and group rights, including those relating to important cultural institutions such as the Great Council of Chiefs and those of minority communities;
· The absence of adequate recognition and protection of the interests of women;
· The serious restrictions on union and workers’ rights;
· The severe obstacles for making necessary amendments to the Constitution;
· The absence of any provisions for a Caretaker Government to independently manage the transition from the current dictatorship to democracy;
· The inclusion of comprehensive immunity for offences connected with the coup of 2006 and other events, against the wishes of the people.

We strongly assert that the current consultation process for the Government’s 2013 Draft Constitution is inadequate and lacking in independence. We also ask how we the people can fully study the Draft when the document is presented to us only in English, rather than in our own languages.
We are entitled to know, in the interest of openness and accountability, who in the regime drafted the document? 

3. We now call for the 2012 People’s Draft, to be submitted to the full scrutiny of a fully representative Constituent Assembly to be appointed by an Independent and impartial person or entity. The 2012 People’s Draft reflected the views, thoughts and aspirations of a very wide cross-section of our society, based on over 7000 submissions and 110 public hearings. More than 1000 submissions were made on behalf of community groups, civil society organizations, political parties, businesses, faith-based organizations, trade unions and other entities. 

4. We call for the establishment of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to give the people of Fiji a forum in which to heal our national wounds and ailments of the past and help us to move forward together.

5. Following the approval, with amendments, of the 2012 People’s draft by the Constituent Assembly, it must be submitted to us, the people of Fiji, through a national referendum, supervised by the International Community.

6. Through this Petition, we the people, express our lack of confidence in this unelected regime, and in particular their continuing suppression of our workers rights, media freedom and their failure to make public the reports of the Auditor General and the total absence of any transparency and accountability to the people.


United Front for a Democratic Fiji


Deepak Chauhan said...

Will the petition available online where citizens overseas can sign too?

Namosi said...

The submission should refer to restrictions on free expressions of opinions, limited and token opportunity for public inputs into drafting of proposed future governance.

Fiji must recognise the special place of indegenous people in the country and this should be referred to in any future constitution

THe Dictatorship Lives On said...

this is just another illegal version of constitution making.
the only legal constitution is the 1997 one.
these ghais will never get it rite.
stop fooling and misleading the people.
the road map is the dictators.
the ghai constitution came out of that illegal roadmap.
the whole process is not only illegal but undemocratic.
typical politicians. take the convenient road and not the straight and narrow. Niether you nor frank can do the right thing.
no one this country is farked.

mark manning said...

At last, Fijians are waking up!

Anonymous said...

why cant they say put all three constitutions for the peoples vote???
these lot just want to take away political power from the original fijians. thats why it is so hard for them to recognise the special place of the indigenous peoples.
Just another racist document.

Anonymous said...

"Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it." - Frank Herbert

"Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist." - Edmund Burke

"Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both state and
people can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public
funds, they conceive a hatred for justice,plan intrigues against the people and
attack the democracy." - Aristophanes, Plutus

Anonymous said...

good work guys .people should come and support this meeting.
people should attend bkc meeting and confront khaiyum.
ask him simple question
1.salaries been paaid -amount for each ministers.
2,auditors general reports
3.tender awarded to company and amount
4.fiji debt level
5.why you want immunity
6,legal 1997 constitution .why bkc?
This will expose Khaiyum to the public face to face meeting. .
god bless.

Anonymous said...

No response to these public complaints from this illegal regime so far? Looks like they are stubborn and moving on with their illegal and high risk strategy. The Police Comm is quiet because his partner in crime the LFC Cokaitoga is fighting for his life and no one to give the order. The truth is that loyalty at the barrack is 50/50 as we speak. Keep up the heat Fiji! Speak now! Keep your emotions but focus on the outcome. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Can the rich and welathy please fund a hit man to killa Voreqe and Khaiyum? They should be very easy targets. And also, please can someone send us guns in Fiji or fund killers?

if they can do it elsewhere in third world countries...surely they can do it here and end our misery. Come one Mahen Chaudhry..organise mada man!

Anonymous said...

fijis problem is selfish army leaders.
constitution is not the problem but army is.
people should go to cuvu college at 7pm tonight and question khaiyum face to face.
leaders your chance to expose khaiyum evil bkc tonight in front of the public .

Anonymous said...

Gavoka is khaiyum spy in the sdl party.

Anonymous said...

everyone against BKC shud march to Govt Buildings and sit there in front of PMs office after petition and then throw out the criminals hiding there.
Very easy to do as police will not do anything and 70% of army now against BKC

Anonymous said...

Good People's Petition. The fight is a very clear cut one : the people v the army. the army has military might on its side. the people have moral right on its side. the army can ONLY win the fight by force. but its win will be hollow because it is a win against its own people. it will also be without legitimacy. the people must stand up to the army and reclaim what is rightfully theirs - the country and its governance. Don't make it plain sailing for the army to takeover governance permanently and ride roughshod over the people. Fight back. The people's petition is a good initial offensive against the dictatorship. Don't be on the defensive all the time. Take the fight to them and the international community with your moral power.

Anonymous said...

fiji's problem is fuckall army leaders

Anonymous said...

peoples power .army wont shoot anyone.
army guys just waiting for the public to start the protest than they can join in and arrest khaiyum/baini.

Anonymous said...

Petition will only be effective if it calls on the international community to respect the wishes of the people of Fiji, as outlined in the Petition, and isolate Fiji's dictator and countries which see fit to promote the continuation of the dictatorship. Unfortunately, Fiji is small fry in the Pacific Ocean without the resources to attract the attention of the larger countries. If only oil is discovered!!!!

Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY man, woman, children, the wheelchair bound , the aged, the HIV affected, the Gays, all start marching to the venue in Sigatoka for the launch of the People's petition. Flood the roads with people heading to the venue. It will show People Power against the Dictatorship. Make the world news. If others around the world can march against a dictatorship - You the People of Fiji can too. Yes, you can.

Anonymous said...

I praise the idea, thank you, now can this petition spread out all over the world so Fijians living overseas can participate?

If these partition does not work what next? Just do something, we will surely be part of it, march, walk or sit in parks, we'll do it, just say when. Go Fiji Go

Anonymous said...

Good petition, though I personally think that the 1997 Constitution must be respected, and no changes to it should be attempted or even contemplated so long as the government lies in criminal hands.

The regime's disregard for this and most other petitions and submissions from the people it purports to represent is clear justification for revolution.

FijiWala said...

No caretaker govt going into elections
Publish date/time: 15/04/2013 [17:11]

Print this page
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The government stresses that there will be no caretaker government appointed before the 2014 elections.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said while calls have been made by organizations like the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, the current government will be in place until the next elections as seen in the past.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

However, United Front representative and General Secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions Attar Singh said they want a caretaker government as recommended by the Yash Ghai Commission.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the soon to be established Accountability and Transparency Commission can also investigate any complaints dealing with any government minister or official involved in vote buying or other matters.

Under the draft constitution, a written law will provide this new commission with the jurisdiction, authority and powers to receive and investigate complaints against permanent secretaries and all persons holding a public office.

The commission will also establish a code of conduct which will be applicable to the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and members of parliament.

Anonymous said...

illegal attorney-general aiarse kaiyum says no caretaker govt to takeover from the dictatorship before election.
anyone want to guess why!

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji please wake up...this partition will not do anything and will be discarded just like the ghai constitution...the motive of this regime is to stay in power to keep stealing and hide their criminal deeds for past 6 years....all the chiefs have to instruct their koro to march into Suva city and stop all business in town....the army cannot arrest everybody...Fiji needs a revolution now...this is only way to stop this regime....I urge everybody to march into Suva city on given day to start the show of force.....this only way to get back our Fiji...the time for sitting back and waiting for democracy to come to us will not happen with this regime....they don't want any election in Fiji if they can't win....instead of writing partitions lets start organising our revolution

Kumar, NY said...

UN observer,

So far, Fiji's constitutions have been questionable but frank's constitution seems to be the one that will be right for Fiji. I really don't understand why people hate it maybe because these politicians didn't really have a say in its compilation, anyway, if there was ever a constitution that should have been brought for independence, then this is it, never mind the illegality, this is the right constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ Kumar, NY ...
you say "never mind the illegality" (of the Bainimarama constitution) "this is the right constitution" and you live in America?
you should be deported out of America in the next available flight because you are a fucker who has no respect for the rule of law.
how come you living in New York? you should be living in Mogadishu because there they "never mind the illegality"!

Anonymous said...

Kumar NY ,UN observer, tell your Muslim junks in regime to start packing their bags and leave for safe place..SOMETHING BIG BIG is going to happen.Tell this time solders will not stand for baini but lovo baini and team.

Anonymous said...

people's petition is good but people putting some pataka under the backside of the dictator and his cronies would be better!!
home-made patakas would do the job. will get some of the thug rulers to make a repeat run of the famous tavioka patch dash!

Anonymous said...

spare one pataka to put under the arse of Kumar,NY UN Observer!

rajend naidu said...

Fiji has its Navy thugs and Australia has its.
We read in 'Navy member goes rogue'by David Richardson in Today Tonight (15/4)that an Australian navy member has been caught on tape attacking innocent victims outside a bar in Northern Territory. The attacker is navy crewman,leading seaman Bosums mate, Mathew Evans. Evans is a big drinker who also worked as a bouncer. He bashed senseless another victim in October last year.
One big difference though: the Australian Navy rogue member will be dealt with by the full force of the law. The Fiji ones tend to get away virtually scot-free and even get promoted. One has promoted himself to be "the PM of Fiji".
Can you beat that!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@Kumar NY UN Observer
you are right. so far Fiji's constitutions have been questionable but not Bainimarama's. his is the right one. how can it be wrong? he is Fiji's new god. that's why some Fiji Indian Hindu's washed his feet and all that! Did they drink the wash after that? No bainimarama's constitution is unquestionable because he is a phucking dictator! And you Kumar are a phucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

Can it please come to Suva to?

Anonymous said...

People should arrest khaiyum and president and ask the army/police to support the legal leaders not regime.
time for action no more talk.
khaiyum doesnt have respect for 1997 constitution but only for his bkc.
people democracy is in your hands. so claim your rights and your govt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1000 faulty bridges

"Luke Rawalai
Monday, April 15, 2013

ABOUT 1000 bridges around the country need to be repaired, says Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer Neil Cook.

And of this number, 300 can still be accessed for some time while 100 need urgent repairs...."

Anonymous said...

Test for the people of Nadro if they support legal leaders and democracy.
Come on people with all your family to support the legal PM Qarase and his team to get Democracy back for you all.
Army /Police wake up from your deep illegal sleep and support the legal govt.
Time people claim it legal 1997 Constitution back.
No to BKC.
Yes to 1997 Constitution.
Next move to force a talanoa session and stick with 1997 constitution.
god bless

Anonymous said...

Church works on submission

Nasik Swami
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FIJI'S largest Christian denomination, the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma, has set up a special committee to work on the church's submission for the draft constitution.

This was confirmed by church general secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra yesterday.

Mr Nawadra said the special committee was headed by church senior officials.

"We will make sure the submissions are handed in to the government before the deadline," he said.

Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji general secretary Vijendra Prakash, said they were also working on the Sabha's submissions for the draft constitution to be submitted before the new deadline on April 30....."

Good on you Methodist Church.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu has as little right or cause to judge Maggie Thatcher's legacy as a Horowenua-based Kiwi writing in judgment of Ratu Sukuna. And your claim that Thatcher and Bainimarama "are committed to the same project" is one of the most ludicrous and dishonest statements I've ever read. Maggie Thatcher was a popularly elected prime minister who championed individual liberty, personal responsibility, open markets, and British interests. Frank Bainimarama, on the other hand, is an unelected goon who trampels our liberties and refuses all accountability. He poses as a moderate leftist in pursuit of racial equality. He's repeatedly shown that, in fact, his only real interests are financial self-enrichment and escaping justice for his many crimes, not the welfare of other Fijians. The Iron Lady and Thief Warwar could hardly be more unalike in their political philosophies, governance styles, background and character. on Inglorious bastards and their daft Constitution

Anonymous said...

rajend naidu has the right to judge any political leader anywhere in the world by virtue of being a member of the world human community.
nobody has the right to deny him his right.
yes you can disagree with his view but you can't say he has no right...
he has all the rights a free man has in a free and open society. thank god he is not living in a totalitarian or fascist State so he can speak his mind freely.
don't try to silence him. you won't succeed.he has made that clear.it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has come to this - being offer aid by PNG to conduct its elections!
In PNG political candidates go around openly giving beer and beetle nut to people to vote for them! Is that what they'd be teaching the current thug rulers in Fiji to do to "win" the elections!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has gone to PNG to arrange his own "coalition of the willing" to help him conduct a bogus election to retain his hold on power.
guess who will be the other members of this coalition of birds of the same feather?

Anonymous said...

Very clever oipinion piece and we know how the main characters are

This ship is heading for a reef
by navosavakadua

Six years ago a mutiny changed the course of our ship of state. For those six years we’ve had no say in the course we’ve been on. We’re told by the captain that he knows best.

On the quarter deck the he struts in his white uniform, barking orders, but the ship’s wheel is in other hands. Out of sight below decks we have a navigator using a chart he picked up in Hong Kong. And his compass seems to be suffering some kind of malfunction, because he keeps looking at the Eastern sky for a sunset.

A lot of people are very sea-sick, but so far no-one has wanted to rock the boat too hard. The passengers and crew fear that a capsize is in no-one’s interest. But no-one can escape the feeling that the vessel is on course for disaster.

Rations are low. The vessel has not been maintained – it’s taking water and efforts that should go into repairs are diverted to the Qorvis bilge pump.

But this voyage will soon end. The vessel is heading for a very large reef which the navigator doesn’t have on the chart which he drew up himself. One morning he will wake up to find he will be high and dry on the reef. And the name of this reef: Na qele ni iTaukei.

For six years Bainimarama has helped himself to all the resources of Government but he’s making a big mistake if he thinks he can give himself power over Native land as if it was his own.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

The Coalition will need to go to village by village to get signatures. Why not get independent observers from NZ or Australia to help pre-empt claims of 'fraud' and 'irregularities' by the regime?

UFDF should also get the petition circulated in NZ< AUST, US and Canada. Is this happening?

Cos it needs to happen otherwise we won't get the numbers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Kumar,NY UN Observer "never mind the illegality" tumaar gaand!

Fiji up off your ass said...

Good luck for today's meeting but let us also take a strategic approach and get the petition out there if you are serious UFDF.

And we can do it but people have to mobilise. And please dont let that word frighten people. There is nothing wrong with working fopr the community or the people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can comment on anyone you want, but you've no more right to criticise how Thatcher governed Britain than Croz Walsh has to praise how Bainimarama rules Fiji. Like Croz Walsh, you have the right to comment and judge all you want. Unlike those of us still in Fiji, you live in a free country.

Anonymous said...

wrong. rajend can form whatever opinion he wants to regarding Thatcher's leadership and criticise her leadership as many others have done and still do ( many others praise Thatcher for her leadership and vision). That's okay. That's all part of the democratic debate.
what Croz walsh is doing by contrast is defending the indefensible. he is defending a dictatorship. it's a false to say rajend' criticism of Thatcherism is the same as croz's commendation of Bainimarama -rama!

Anonymous said...

anon 10.11 ,,, Rajesh,,,why now u want to talanoa with regime,,,ur a rat sitting on fence!! Time to march and throw out the ciriminals

Anonymous said...

At least 105 people are injured and two dead after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon. The injuries include dismemberment, witnesses said, and local hospitals say they are treating shrapnel wounds, open fractures and limb injuries. An eight-year-old boy is one of the two known dead, multiple news outlets reported, and several of the injured are also children.

Authorities are telling Boston residents to stay home and avoid crowds as they try to "stabilize" the situation.

"We recommend to people that they stay home," Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said at a brief press conference Monday afternoon. "We want to make sure that we completely stabilize the situation."

"We are asking that people ... calmly make their way home," Gov. Deval Patrick said.

Davis said Boston police were not aware of any specific threat to the marathon before it began. Police have no one in custody, but are questioning many people.

Two large explosions, just 50 yards apart, went off shortly before 3 p.m. ET, more than four hours into the race. One of the explosions happened near the entrance of the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Copley Square. The blast scattered hundreds of onlookers and runners, and left a bloody scene of injured spectators, including children. Local news reporter Jackie Bruno wrote that she saw some people with their limbs blown off. The Boston Police Department said it is looking for video footage taken from the finish line as part of its investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone post an link to this petition if it goes online?
Maybe those IT Geeks can help share it on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo mail, Coconut wireless the whole works.
And I just hope and pray people signing it will not be victimized!

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the petition be publicly displayed in all the urban and rural centers and the public be allowed to read and sign or otherwise.

In other words the Government can deduce from the result instead of a referendum whether the people accept or reject the draft constitution and whether they prefer the 1997, Ghai's draft or the Government version. very simple.

Anonymous said...

I know why Vijen, Dewan maharaj and Nil sharma all pundits getting their women folk to wash "the PM's" feet. it's called chamchagiri in Hindi and masipolo in Fijian and sycophancy in English.
they all trying to curry favour "the PM" because he is the main gate keeper to all the goodies in Fiji currently - positions, postings, privileges, paisa.
Indians have a long history of sucking up to the powerful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:59 AM, aka Rajend Naidu, it would indeed be false to say your criticism of Thatcherism is the same as Croz's commendation of Bainimarama. But then, that's not really what I said, now, is it?

The falsehood here is not in what I asserted, but in how you chose to distort my statement.

I'm not saying that your criticism of Thatcher is the same as Croz's praise for Bainimarama. What I'm saying is that both of you are ill-informed meddlers whose fatuous views on these issues are pretty irrelevant and utterly gratuitous.

Croz may be defending the indefensible, but he has every much the right to make an ass of himself as you do. Moreover, C4.5 was created to air and rebut such views. In the case of your ideologically-driven slurs against the late prime minister of Great Britain, however, it's hard to see why they belong on C4.5 at all, and posting them on the occasion of her death is really rather shameful, ugly and churlish.

rajend naidu said...

president obama said make no mistake however carried out the senseless Boston bombing will be tracked down and face the full force of justice. I hope by justice he means justice under the rule of law and due process and not the variety of "justice" meted out to Osama bin Laden.This latter variety only perpetuates the vicious circle of violence.terrorist must always everywhere face the full force of justice under the law including international law.

Rabici said...

People had been wanting Plans B,C etc be formulated.

Wnen the illegal regime plays dirty and bans or disallows peoples’ parties from participation in the election what should we do?????

This is very important and people must be involved in the planning of alternative reactions to govt.

A point is reached beyound which words only become irrelevant while actions become increasingly dorminant. and increasingly obstructive to the illegal Govt…..until we get what we want. We close down all big towns and cities forcefully.

One thing for sure Plans B, C etc must involve wretching up the temperature, tempo and physicality of the opposition to the illegal Govt by all peoples of Fiji in unision and one accord.

Union strikes, civil disobedience and closure of Govt services must be activated.

Joseph underwood said...

Rajend @9.20pm...if you gonna defend yourself, at least leave your name..do not act anonymous. guts my friend are needed at this time.

Anonymous said...

Australian man killed woman gang-raped in PNG (ABC news 16/4). So PNG has a lot to do on its own home front.And yet PNG has offered to assist Fiji in conducting its next election. They are such gentlemen these PNG men.True friends of Fiji. Not like the bad white men from Australia and New Zealand who give no money, no help,only criticism.
Who needs them when we have such good friends in PNG?

Anonymous said...

it's a start - the feet washing by Indian women. now some Indian men should take it to a higher level.that will show greater reverence for the Great One. And the Great One will bestow more generous blessings upon them.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 2.26PM
How come so many British folks do not consider it"shameful,ugly and churlish" to openly mount anti- Thatcher public protests in Britain with the approval of the State authorities there whilst you bitch about a critical posting on Thatcher on C4.5? So just what kind of democrat are you?

Anonymous said...

Joseph underwood just crawled out of the woodwork. anyone ever heard anything from him about anything before ?

Just Saying said...

Of all the angles he could've gone for Vijay Narayan and Fiji Village opts for 'conflict journalism.'

The high chief of Nadroga, the Ka Levu Ratu Sakuisa Makutu, has refuted claims by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that he had invited officials from a number of proposed political parties to speak on the draft constitution today.

Contrary to comments made by the United Front and proposed Social Democratic and Liberal Party representative Doctor Tupeni Baba, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu told us that the group had contacted him.

He said a spokesperson told him that the group made up of Ro Teimumu Kepa and some politicians wanted to come and talk about the draft constitution with the villagers.

He said he allowed them to come to Sigatoka village today however he stressed that he did not invite anyone as claimed.

Ratu Sakiusa also denied claims that he had invited former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to visit Nadroga.

Stand up Fiji said...

Posted on Rajend Chaudhry Facebook

The real story on the Ka Levu statement and what really happened? Vijay Narayan take note:

"The Turaga na Ka Levu acknowledges that he received a phone call from a journalist trying to get him to say that he did not invite Laisenia Qarase, the Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, Mr. Mahendra Chaudhry and other traditional and political leaders opposed to the regime. Ratu Sakiusa Makutu has said that he extended blanket invitation to the UFDF because he thinks it very important that the people of Nadroga receive information and opinion from another point of view and not just that of the military regime.
“While he may not have invited specific persons by name he has certainly given his permission for the meeting and extended his blessings for his people to attend. It is extremely mischievous of Vijay Narayan to imply that certain individuals were going against the wishes of the Ka Levu and the Chiefs of Naqeledamu, this is not true, and they now are fully aware of his duplicity.
“Vijay Narayan also demonstrates his very sad lack of Fijian knowledge and protocol. The Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi is not only the Paramount Chief of the Burebasaga confederacy but is a Vasu Levu Vakaturaga to the Ka Levu. They are first cousins of the closest chiefly order and it is apparent that Vijay does not know or appreciate the full implications of a Vasu Levu Vakaturaga.
“Can you please add that Nadroga is an integral part of the Burebasaga confederacy?”

Anonymous said...

Rajendra chaudhry has really gone kuku.....or insane or pagla as u may say....read his facebook comments....u can tell he is struggling in sydney.....inciting ppl frm quoting frm bible.....he is just stooping low like his daddy....can someone pass him the message that he is not coming bak to this country.....n he shud find a job in sydney or otherwise live on his dads 2 million interest money......i could hav done....but the so called free speech writer blocked me on the fb

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:40 and 6:00

If the Turaga Na Ka Levu has refuted claims of extending invitation to SODELPA and UFDF officials and supporters then definately some people are lying...I wonder why?

Further, if has not formally invited them than certainly he has not given his permission nor extend his blessings irrepective of any relationships.

As a High Chief of Fiji, he fully understands that Fiji is in a crisis situation and the well being of his people is paramount regardless.

We would also be asking the question: Why Nadroga? Why not Rewa? or Lau? or why not Cakaudrove where Tu Peni comes from?

John Ali said...

• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,
• Faizal Koya,
• Ahmed Bhamji

Anonymous said...

Kalevu should give an interview tp fiji tv /media direct .hear from the chiefs mouth than anyone else.
let him clear the air.

Anonymous said...

Talanoa session is better way forward . leaders /gcc can thrush things out with regime/mc face to face minus khaiyum .

Komai said...

I did not invite them – Na Kalevu
Publish date/time: 16/04/2013 [16:45]

7954 The high chief of Nadroga, the Ka Levu Ratu Sakuisa Makutu, has refuted claims by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that he had invited officials from a number of proposed political parties to speak on the draft constitution today.

Contrary to comments made by the United Front and proposed Social Democratic and Liberal Party representative Doctor Tupeni Baba, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu told us that the group had contacted him.

He said a spokesperson told him that the group made up of Ro Teimumu Kepa and some politicians wanted to come and talk about the draft constitution with the villagers.

He said he allowed them to come to Sigatoka village today however he stressed that he did not invite anyone as claimed.

Ratu Sakiusa also denied claims that he had invited former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to visit Nadroga.

Doctor Baba spoke to Fijivillage earlier today and said this.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

We have contacted Doctor Baba about the Ka Levu’s comments however he said he was in a meeting.

Doctor Baba also confirmed that they are launching a petition against the draft constitution in Sigatoka village today.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The United Front wants the Ghai Commission draft constitution reinstated and referred to a fully representative Constituent Assembly.

It said the Constituent Assembly’s consideration of the draft should be put to a national referendum.

They also want the Political Parties Decree rescinded and a caretaker government to be appointed.

The United Front also wants the international community to toughen its stance against Fiji should the government refuse to comply.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said this will not happen and the Ghai Commission draft will not come back.

It has also been confirmed that there will be no caretaker government and the current government will take Fiji to elections as seen in the past.

When contacted again on the Ka Levu’s comments, Doctor Baba said the arrangement was made by the coordinator of their meeting, Bill Gavoka.

Anonymous said...

The Decline of Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji

"I attended the Easter weekend convention of the Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji since I wanted to support the Dreketi soccer team which was formed by the younger players living in Suva. I was impressed with the energy of the players and their enthusiasm towards community participation. While attending the soccer tournament, I had the opportunity to sit through the opening ceremony of the convention at the Shreedhar Maharaj College, in Nausori. A school named after a great Sanatani, moral and ethical community and religious leader and a businessman, the late Mr. Shreedhar Maharaj. The opening ceremony had a total of approximately 300 people who had congregated in the leaking and soggy shed; most of those who attended were women who had travelled from different districts to attend the convention. In fact, more people are usually present during individual Ramayan mandali gatherings around the country and in temples than the numbers that were present at the annual convention.
The presidential speech by Mr. Dewan Chand Maharaj was more like a talk given by some local community leader to primary school students on unity, HIV and how Sanatani’s should always promote unity and how women should behave in society. He even, wrongly stated that the President of Fiji was Ratu Epeli Ganilau. The Chief Guest Indian High Commissioner brought some respect back to the occasion by his very clear, concise and excellent speech about the role of Sanatani’s in Fiji and how they could contribute to building a multiracial Fiji. I believe the poor planning failed to attract a decent crowd to the convention, a direct reflection of very poor and pathetic leadership. In fact the whole opening ceremony was a disgrace. I could not stop myself from reminiscing, the excellent leadership provided by people like Honourable Harish Sharma, Pt. Salik Ram Sharma and Mr. Surendra Kumar. Thousands of enthusiastic Sanatani’s used to attend the annual convention in the past.
The current leadership of the Sabha has put the whole organization to disrepute. One has to only compare ethical and professional leadership standards shown by other religious and cultural organizations in Fiji with what the Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha is able to put up. It then does not take long to understand why so many Sanatani’s have been put off by the current leadership. Many are disillusioned with the organization and have shied away from participating in its activities. What you hear from the ramblings of Mr. Vijendra Prakash and Mr. Dewan Maharaj is lectures to the ordinary members on how they should behave and not question them.
In addition, no one questions their individual loyalty and support to the Bainimarama government. However, Mr. Vijendra Prakash and Mr. Dewan Maharaj have given statements and dragged the Sabha into the political arena by openly declaring that the Sabha supports the government’s 2013 draft constitution. This is nothing short of misrepresenting the views of the ordinary members. Nothing was discussed about the draft Constitution at the convention yet Mr. Vijendra Prakash and Mr. Dewan Maharaj have gone openly to the media declaring the Sabah’s support for the draft constitution.
In fact they have gone against the government’s often stated position that religious organizations should remain apolitical.

Anonymous said...

The future of the Sanatan Dharam Prithinidhi Sabha looks grim. The organization led by Mr. Dewan Maharaj and his Secretary, Mr. Vijendra Prakash have managed to implement a new Constitution which has several undemocratic provisions. The election held on Sunday to elect the office bearers other than the President cannot be said to be fair and transparent. The General Secretary, Mr. Vijendra Prakash, who was contesting the election, was involved in the so called sorting/counting out of the votes. Where are the moral and ethical standards of these officials who preach publicly about moral and ethical standards?
To add insult to injury to all the Sanatani’s in Fiji, a man who is currently before the court for presenting false transfer documents to transfer a temple property belonging to Shree Sanatan Dharam Nasea
Ramayan Mandali to the Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, has been elected National President.
If he was a person with principles, he should have stood aside and let one of the senior Vice Presidents like Mr. Ashok Balgovind to act as President until his court case is resolved.
The trustees of the organization must act now and ask all the national officials to stand aside until an independent investigation is carried out on all the activities of the Sabha, its elections, its finances, processes and procedures. If the investigation shows irregularities in any aspect of the organization, especially in the process of adopting the new Constitution of the Sabha, the finances and the conduct of the elections, the office bearers should all be asked to resign and a fresh election be called. In fact they should hand over the leadership to the Trustees, after the failed convention. This would have saved the Sabha from further disunity and fragmentation. The current leadership has presided over a most disunited organization since its inception. If the largest Hindu organisation in Fiji begins to put its leadership into the hands of a person who is currently before the court, and allows it to be run by unconstitutional, unethical and unclear means, it is unlikely to serve its members effectively."
Fijileaks story,,,,!!!

Anonymous said...

Rajend, why do you say that Joseph Underwood "just crawled out from under a rock"? Is it because he had the temerity to challenge you to put your name to your own anonymous statements? Isn't that the very same challenge you've put to other anonymous posters on occasions when you do sign your name?

And what are we to think about your democratic instincts and toleration for the opposing views of others except to conclude that you have none?

Anonymous said...

Fiji Media is a disgrace .Vijay why dont you give balance reporting .Shame on you .
Fiji media is regime wife now.
Look at the media /jurno overseas they bring regime and govt accountable to the people.

Anonymous said...

FNPF takes 40pc in PNG'S Bemobile
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Update: 4:56PM THE Fiji National Provident Fund has acquired a 40 per cent stake in Papua New Guinea's Bemobile Group.

The official announcement was made and witnessed today at the Parliament House by PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

According to Bemobile, Vodafone Fiji will assume management of Bemobile according to a management agreement which includes the right for the mobile company to use the Vodafone brand in PNG and the Solomon Islands.

The PNG government's commercial arm, Independent Public Business Corporation, owns 51 per cent of Bemobile.

The other shareholders in the company are PNG's three superannuation funds.

FNPF funds, Vodafone controls? What the heck??? Cut and how much for who? Sa qai fidjidjia ga mai vakalevu a meca yai!!!

Anonymous said...

I think its time people have to march ,strike and protest.
Illegal President/PM wont do anything refer BKC.He will endorse BKC/Decree of Khaiyum.
President is a coup supporter and he get into power after every coup like his friend Inoke Kubu bola

Anonymous said...

The Hindu feet washing brigade, after doing the PM's and AG's feet, and after cleaning the two men's chuttar or cici (behinds), might as well take care of their frontal manly bits...might as well complete the whole job, eh Dewan?. Coup-supporting Dewan Chand has really brought down us indians because of his lalach (greed.

Anonymous said...

FNPF wilL have the same fate as NBF .
Ajith Kodakoda f crook and CJ Patel FC masi polo of the regime.
He doesnt give a hood if fnpf f up in all these deal .he just make his money with tom rickett/sashi singh/others.
Fnpf Members cant take them to court/govt under decree/bkc. .

rajend naidu said...

Strange isn't it? that Amenatave Malani(Fiji Times 15/4) should be so concerned about "any future autocratic rule" in Fiji and yet not be perturbed by the present one? Hence he wants everyone to "accompany the process" put in place by the regime.
Never mind that both the regime and it's "process" are autocratic?
rajend naidu

Vutuki Meo said...

PNG Mobile phone Investment:
FNPF owns 40%
PNG government owns 51%
Thats 91% total
The other 9% is by 3 PNG Superfunds.
Vodafone 0% investment

Vodafone ZERO risk but stands to reap a lot of money.
FNPF with all the risk but lower rewards.

Obviously FNPF being raped again. This time by Aslam Khan.

This proves beyond doubt that Aisake Taito, CEO FNPF and all his other collegues are farking stupid morons.

Vutuki Meo said...

Aisake Taito is a stupid moron.
Aslam Khan pulled the wool right over his eyes.
And our FNPF money just disappearing down the drain.

rajend naidu said...

When you attack me by name then you put down your name. It's as simple and straightforward as that.I challenged the anonymous mob who tried to attack me/ambush me! under cover of anonymity. This is a public forum. I had asked then you know me why you want to hide your identity?
It's a legitimate question. I have no problem with anonymous v anonymous. But it is UNFAIR when it's Rajend Naidu v Anonymous. Get my point?

Anonymous said...

The new TFL CEO is a Sri Lankan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Biman for the overview,interesting and so correct,hope that both Vijen and Dewan (cant call them pundits anymore)read this ..Bimpan please continue the story .

SEMI MEO said...

So..the story of the resurrection of 1997 constitution has ended, now back to the grave yard of our history books?

OH..by the way...a certain member of the MSG now salutes the Rear Admiral with a rumoured $40M spill from their mega resource economy to fund the continuity of this present Fiji administration post September 2014 and beyond!!

Are we gonna see in the not too distant future more economic/political cooperation within the Melanesian bloc?..and probably sooner a Military “NATO” type alliance including the new member our Timorese cousins ..oh….and Uncle Chang-China dotting over the new Pacific Power bloc.

This prickling scenario may have probably started with recent Chinese supply of Naval vessels and Military equipment to Timor and now negotiated Military Corporation between Fiji and China.

Australia!!???...New Zealand!!???...where are you guys???? Flooding of foreign produce crossing the Tasman.

Anonymous said...

Time for an organised BOYCOTT of elections. As the regime is so desperate to have elections to legitimise themselves, it is time for the opposition to step back and deprive them of this legitimacy. The fact is the regime will accpet no outcome that doesn't offer them continued power. There have be coalitions before and look who got burnt. BOYCOTT and expalin to anyone who will listen, why.

Anonymous said...

Too many laand leaders in Fiji.
USP vice-chancellor - laand.
Prathinidhi Sabha President - laand.
Media leaders - laands.
Fiji soccer leaders - laands.
Many Church leaders - laands.
Fiji's "current leadership" - laands.
It's almost like Old MacDonald's farm : laands everywhere!

Anonymous said...

to Anon @ 11.59am
And the biggest laand out of them all is you...not just the biggest laand but biggest goli too

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, he gave his name -- Joseph Underwood. You're the one who responded to him anonymously, asking when he had crawled out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum admits regime is illegal!

Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Christopher Chand

The Ghai Draft Constitution was removed because it would have allowed people to challenge the appointments and decrees since December 2006 says the Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum says this would have created social chaos in the country because individuals would have the chance to go back in time and challenge the decrees.

He says, for example people would have been given the right to challenge the appointment of judges and their decisions in court held to be illegal.

The AG says this will give the opportunity for people in prisons to challenge court decisions.

This – he says – will not take Fiji forward in any way.

Sayed-Khaiyum says under the draft constitution, decrees can be amended, changed or removed but people can’t go back in time to challenge it.

The Attorney General held public consultations in Nadi and Sigatoka yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't enough for Fiji's few Muslims to support Bainimarama's coup and then use it opportunistically to promote each other to the highest positions in the illegal regime.

It wasn't enough for them to collect noncompeted sweetheart deals from the regime and use them to bilk Fiji taxpayers.

It wasn't enough for them to author, plan, and carry out the systematic destruction of iTaukei institutions.

It wasn't enough for them to block the proposal for Fiji to name itself a Christian nation, in the name of secularism and communal harmony. But then they turned around and broadcast on the holiest day in the Christian calendar a Muslim harangue denigrating the atonement of Christ and the meaning of Easter.

They come onto this democratic opposition website and seek to intimidate its readership by openly threatening to launch suicide bombers against democratic opponents of the regime.

They defend Saddam Hussein and now even Osama Bin Laden.

What's next, denying the Holocaust?

We already seem to have a version of sharia law, with the police torturing suspects until their extremities need to be amputated.

Under Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum, we seem to be witnessing the creeping Talibanisation of Fijian society.

Anonymous said...

I say let's all agree with Khaiyum that the regime's decrees cannot be challenged in any way. Then at the first opportunity we overturn the decrees and string Khaiyum up by his balls.

Anonymous said...

Further to your comments Rajendra chaudhry on fb i still maintain u hav gone insane...a kuku..going dinner with nikil singh doesnt prove otherwise...u got to accept that u just like your daddy are the most hypocrite ppl in the world.....can u tell me y u supported frank in the begining....fiji one tv footage proves that....can u tell the ppl of fiji that u r surviving on dads interest money on 2 million funds.....i can bet the last dollar that u n yr dad will never be voted back....no body again wants lies...strikes....manipulating farmers...championing union rights in actual fact making them more lazy as u protect them for non performance....i dont support frank....
But defintely we dont need u n mpc....we need man of principal..honest and integrity...how can u n daddy talk abt protecting native rights...wen u always used that as a political agenda to gain votes..comon rajen be a honest man.
Ritesh sydney

Anonymous said...

Fiji media is a disgrace courtesy of the likes of Vijay Narayan a regime propagandist through and through.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell SDL to get a new leader.....Tupeni baba doesnt hold much water..
.he is a seasoned politican with no leg to stand
...can we hav a more influencial leader like ro temumu kepa who can lead sdl if qarase is not ready....god save Sdl

Anonymous said...

Over the last 2 years i have been visiting this blog all i have seen is blatant criticism of this government. While some have been justified others are just wonton hatred spewed by way of being anonymous. I must admit i am guilty of this as well.
How about some contributors please outline to us what type of Fiji would they like this country to become. What type of democracy and parliament structure would you guys want and what type of constitution do you want. Lets here some ideas on how we can make the 2 major races work together and live in peace and harmony and how can we solve our poverty problems etc etc.
I am sure their are a lot of very smart people contributing daily maybe they have some ideas that we can debate about.Lets say hypothetically this government falls tomorrow what would make all you fellas and ladies happy. We all hate the government and nothing they will do today or tomorrow will make us happy. I think by now we have established that so there is no point in going on about this forever. Lets talk about something constructive. Any takers.

Anonymous said...

The Bainimarama/Khaiyum Constitution is: = Absolute Power = Absolute Corruption!!!!

Feel said...

anon 1.59pm
the reason there is so much hatred spewed is because of bloggers like u who post crap which makes the right thinking ones spew.
cut the bull crap and get back to basics.
democracy is when the people decide.
when they dont get a fair chance, let alone any chance at all as is currently happening in fiji, then there is hatred and trouble.
thats the best thing that could happen to fiji if this regime (not government) falls tomorrow.
excuse me i'v got to go and spew.
get it?

Komai said...

Elections may be earlier than September - PM
Publish date/time: 17/04/2013 [15:12]

Fiji may hold elections earlier than September next year.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who is currently in Papua New Guinea hinted this in at a dinner held last night by the Fijian community.

However, he said this may happen if the draft constitution is completed early and everything goes according to plan.

Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns confirmed that the Prime Minister hinted this but has not made any promises.

According to the draft constitution, Fiji will have elections no later than September 2014.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12.10 PM
now don't act modest everybody knows you are a big goli of the regime. and you know that too!

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:54 PM

Neirher Baba nor Kepa are good leaders. We don't need these old school politicians to muddy up the water. We need fresh new faces with new ideas. All this old farts are "use by date expired". If we want to move Fiji forward, we will have to have freash blood.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with "blatant criticism of this government". this government is in blatant breach of the country's lawful constitution and international and regional conventions. this government is based on blatant disregard of the democratic rights of the people of Fiji. this government deserves all the blatant criticism it gets. let us give them more!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.45

Let us not forget that Fiji always rightly supported Israel and now we sit on the fence.

Israel is the most admired country in Hindu India and has always been dear to us in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11.59AM In your laand line-up you missed the biggest laand: the businis laand! the laands who bankroll the coup and prop up the regime.

Anonymous said...

please note the laand list above is an exclusively local one. a separate list of expatriate and foreign laands will be prepared shortly.

S. Vaka said...

The intended draft petition drawn up by the UFDF for the people may have honorable intentions however it can be equally claimed to be just as questionable in terms of the scope of public input and credibility, just as the Bainimarama “draft constitution”.

The limitations to the scope of public input towards the formulation of the petition is a logistical problem and may be excused given the extreme decreed restrictions on movement, gatherings and freedom of speech.

In contrast, it is the credibility of the UFDF which is more difficult to explain away.

I assume that the UFDF is also a coalition of political parties who did in fact represent 100% of voter turnout in 2006 but in 2013, how could they justify that same representation?

A review of the political clout of the UFDF suggests that it also consists of the major Fiji political parties such the FLP, UGP and SDL. This group seems like odd bedfellows given their historically confrontational ideological differences and recent political animosity towards each other, prior and post 2006 coup.

It was not too long ago that party’s like the FLP and UGP were in bed with the traitor Bainimarama calling for the blood of Qarase, the SDL, the GCC and anti-coup voices such as local NGO’s and foreign governments like Australia and New Zealand.

Famous French Renaissance writer, Francois Rabelais once stated that, “It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth”.

Time it seems has revealed that, it was highly likely the leaders of the FLP and UGP who were the ‘shadowy political figures” alluded to by ex Commissioner, Peter Hughes back in 2006. He accused them of hiding behind and criminally abetting Bainimarama during the military’s corruption claims against the SDL at the time and subsequently the disastrous 2006 coup. Hughes concerns were justified when Chaudary of the FLP and Bernie Rounds Ganilau of the UGP jumped on the Bainimarama post coup IMG just as PM Qarase and his wife Leba were under siege at their residence by rogue military officers. Chaudary praised the traitor’s nonsensical “doctrine of necessity” and it was Mick Beddoes who jumped on board the illegal and failed NBBF train which was designed by Khaiyum to politically guide Bainimarama out of his criminal quagmire. At the time some SDL and NGO members were beaten because of their dissent and innocent civilians like Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga were murdered in defense of the illegal regime.

So what can be said of the SDL and GCC participants within the UFDF?

Do they honestly trust the actions of the FLP and UGP given all they have suffered in recent past?

After all, it has been easy for the SDL and their supporter’s to point out the misdeeds of Bainimarama since 2006 but could they do the same for the hypocrisy of their partners?

With the benefit of hindsight, will the public vote the same way for the FLP and UGP as in 2006 given their coup collusion with the illegal regime? I doubt that unless they admit to their misdeeds.

Insofar as the public is concerned,no apologies have been forthcoming from these individuals and their respective political parties for their treasonous activities of 2006. Their misguided actions have directly contributed to the political, economic and social shambles which Fiji is in today. Furthermore, no explanation has been given by the SDL coalition for their participation in the UFDF which leaves room for suspicion and speculation.

Is the UFDF a genuine vehicle for democratic resurrection in Fiji or is it a marriage of convenience between enemies whose immediate intentions are to slay a common enemy in Bainimarama?

David said...

S Vaka
Whats this academic bull u crapping.
one of the many academics or wanabes quoting some wise guy and criticising instead of using intellect to guide the people instead of engaging in mudslinging.
sounds more like frankys gang than one concerned about the reality and that is to slay the common enemy.

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