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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Qarase: no 'loss' of native land under Momi deal

Released last week from Korovou: pic FTimes
Not yet a week home and already under regime attack. Laisenia Qarase has been accused of giving away native land but he says this was not the case. He says the native land was to be converted to freehold and was to be converted to native land again but the deal was scuttled by the 2006 coup. See his statement and the supporting document at the end.

The Attorney – General, Mr. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s recent comments on the Momi Bay Land transaction do not reflect the full facts of the case.  Now, the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has issued a statement on the same subject and other matters aimed at discrediting the elected Government which I led at the time of the transaction.

This statement is issued in response to the comments made by both the Prime Minister and his Attorney General.  It is important that the facts relating to the land transaction be stated clearly, so that people may be able to form their own informed opinions on the criticisms leveled against the SDL Government.

The land transaction in question involved the swap or exchange of 68.7 hectares of native land owned by Tokatoka Nasau with freehold land of equivalent value owned by Matapo Limited, the developer of Momi Bay Resort Project.

Upon exchange the native land was to be converted to freehold and the Matapo freehold was to be converted to native land and registered under Tokatoka Nasau.  There was no “loss” of native land in the transaction because of the equivalent freehold land and other benefits in exchange.

My information is that the conversion of native land to freehold was completed.  But the conversion of freehold to native land has yet to be completed, due to interference by the present Government following the Military Coup on 5th December, 2006.

The transaction was made with the voluntary agreement of the two parties involved, Matapo Limited and Tokatoka Nasau.  The NLTB gave its approval to the deal and the Government of the day sanctioned the land swap under the Land Transfer Act.  The terms and conditions of the land swap are recorded in an Agreement between the two parties dated 31st May, 2005.

The landowners were obviously satisfied and happy with the benefits they received then, and the benefits they will receive in the future if the project is successful.

Unfortunately for the landowners they have suffered because of the effects of the military coup of 5th December, 2006.  The overthrow of a democratically elected Government has effectively “killed” the Momi Bay Resort Project.  The Momi Bay Resort development would have been completed by now if there was no illegal take-over of the Government.

Mr. Khaiyum’s reference to the provisions of the law relating to this transaction is also misleading.  As Chief Legal Officer of the Government he should at least be completely honest with his explanation.  The transaction was completed within the relevant laws with voluntary participation of all parties involved.

The bottom line is that the landowners, as owners of the land agreed to exchange their asset with a similar  asset of equivalent value.  It was a voluntary act on their part, and they were satisfied and happy with what they received.

The conversion of native land to freehold land was never the policy of the SDL Government.  The Momi Land transaction was an isolated case which all parties concerned approved and came away satisfied with the outcome.  The transaction was carried out within the Land Transfer Act and completed in good faith.

Both Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and Mr. Khaiyum appear confused about the entrenched legislation in the 1997 Constitution relating to native land.  The entrenchment of the Native Land Trust Act means that any amendment of that Act would require a higher and more difficult Parliamentary votes for approval.  This has protected native land from possible attempts to alienate such land.

It is no secret that the SDL Government would like all native legislation remain entrenched in the Constitution.  It is almost certain that the successor to the SDL would like to maintain this as a key policy issue.

The present Government’s draft Constitution does not provide for entrenched native legislation.  This means that any amendment to the Native Land Trust Act, for example, would require a simple majority in Parliament.  Furthermore, without entrenchment in the Constitution, it will become much easier to alienate native land, the issue that both the Prime Minister and Attorney General appear confused.

There are two precedents for similar land transactions.  In the Hyatt Hotel and Denarau development projects there were similar land exchange transactions, both during the SVT Government.  In those two cases and in the Momi Bay project the benefits to landowners have been substantial.



Fiji Democrat said...

This is one of several projects that were 'killed' by the 2006 coup leaving foreign investors with large losses and new potential investors with no interest in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

John Sami....

OH my Rama.....I knew all along that Aiyaz Khaiyum and Nazhaat Shameem and Tony Gay gates was misleading my blind master Frank Bainimarama.

Now the truth has been revealed by none other than the Honourable elected PM Laisenia Qarase.

Shit I suspect all along that this would surface. But it was too late because Aiyaz tookover my seat as chief adviser to my blind master Frank.

Thank you Sir LQ. The truth will always win.

Taukei's watch out for your mataqali land......with Aiyaz and Frank's constitution.....they will be sold to Chinese.

I can bet my last cent...

Let freedom prevail, let the Dogs die and let those fence sitters sent to jail for being followers.

God bless Fiji.


Tomasi Naevu said...

It is obvious, true to their trademark reputation and our opinion of them, that they had been lying as they continue to do daily.

They have done everything to subdue LQ and remove him from leadership not because he is corrupt or evil, but only because VB wants to save his backside from being prosecuted and jailed.

The illegal usurpers of power are convinced in their warped minds that they can mislead us at will.

How can the public have any faith in this people who are leading Fiji not because we chose them but because they illegally took contro of Govt???

How can we possibly vote for VB and others illegally involved in this illegal treasonous Govt???



Anonymous said...

cereki na dina...

Thank you Mr Qarase for revealing the truth.

Frank is blinded by the wealth he is getting from Aiyaz and his muslim gangs & chinese mafias

Anonymous said...

The legislation is very clear and simple that land swap can only be done for the state/crown use. NOT BETWEEN A COMANY AND LAND OWNERS as facilitated by Qarase and Teimumu Kepa and Naiqama Lalabalavu. Who you think you fooling Qarase? It is obvious that what you have done even if agreed to by land owners is not allowed. Today's landowners may agree but future generations of those owners may not. That land you swapped has intangible values that cannot be replaced. That is why that is not allowed to protect future generations of the land owners. MATAPO had put money in your pockets and it is pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

a very simply worded and clear statement from the LAWFUL PM Lasenia Qarase to explain and clarify the terms of the Momi land transaction.
But don't be surprised if the Commodore and his con-artist A-G fail to understand it. It is in their interest to deliberately distort the facts to discredit the Qarase government which oversaw the transaction. It is a political ploy of the military regime to do that as part of its electioneering which has begun in earnest - in case nobody has noticed!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Mr Qarase. Well explained and you have followed all due process within the various legislations under the 1997 Constitution. To seek remedy and loss of returns on investment now and in future the two parties (Tokatoka Nasau and Matapo Ltd) must hold this illegal regime accountable as soon as the country is returned to the people of Fiji. I am sure there are a lot of other parties and individuals who have suffered badly under this treasonous act. Someone should be held accountable and justice must prevail. To the God fearing and law abiding citizens of Fiji your destiny is in your hands. Stand up and take back what was taken away from you. Be strong and speak now!

Anonymous said...

Frank and Khaiyum back to their old tricks all too obvious.

RatuNaca said...

What they started and claimed as a 'clean up'is now slowly being unveiled as a 'cover up'. It doesn't really matter how long it will take as the 'truth' always prevail and as long as there is goodness in our hearts, evil will never reign. Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na matanimeke qoka!

Nadera Boy said...

When did Aiyaz and Bainimarama have any knowledge of Native land constitution?

Oh boy..they know everything but KNOW FARK ALL big time!!

The lies again & again they trying to tell the ppl of fiji.,to be honest they have absolutely no idea..

all they wanna do is drum up bull shit trials or corruuption done by SDL & LQ and dont concentrate at runing a better govt or even fix those big lovo pot holes around suva,nausori and nasi and lautoka!!

what big idiots they are!!phewwwwww..

Sanaila said...

Vinaka vakalevu sara Mr Qarase. Kemuni na neimami Prime Minister ka dina. Ni qaqa tiko.

Anonymous said...

LQ clearly stayed that the swap was of equal value with benefits to the land owners.
Then this is the sort of shit ASK puts in the paper ""So, if you came along and wanted State land, the law says you must give government 20 acres of land to swap but a compensation needs to be paid because the piece of land you are swapping with the State might be in a bush where no one goes."

Anonymous said...

Will this stupid, corrupt, illegal regime ever tell the truth about anything? EVER?

mark manning said...

Basically, Aiyaz and Frank are liars. They want to bamboozle the average Indigenous Fijian with lies and bullshit.
Easily done, considering so many are, well, just not that smart!
And they do it my misrepresenting others and twisting the truth with lies, deception and all out fiction until it reaches the point where it can become difficult to discern just what the truth is.

Don't be fooled, Aiyaz has from the outset, wanted Native Land.
With that, he can set up his Islamic State in the Pacific.
On the other hand, Frank is a follower, not leader, and will bend over backwards to do whatever the Moslem wants, no matter what damage it is doing to his own people.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11.34AM
Telling lies. Bullshitting is what this stupid,corrupt,illegal regime is about.It is NOT about telling the truth about anything - EVER!

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

Frank bainimagana and kuntyum are blinded by their greed for power and wealth.

They will run down anyone and everyone with lies just to try and make themselves look good.

BUT the truth is fast catching up with these two satanic worshippers -- especially the truth that the majority of Fiji doesn't support them.

And soon these two will be dragged down to the gallows for a slow, long, and agonising departure from this world into their satanic kingdom with their evil clerics and lucifer.

Anonymous said...

Even if the land was of equal value, it still is not allowed to be exchanged. Qarase is obviously bulls hitting. Give it to the courts to throw him back in prison.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11.09 AM
the legislation is very clear and simple you say and you say what Qarase and Teimumu Kepa and Naigama lalabalavu did is "not allowed".
why then have they not be charged for doing what is "not allowed"? after all you did takeover to "clean up",didn't you? you had six years to charge them for this "not allowed" land deal. why haven't you done that?
you say "MATAPO had put money in your pockets and it is pretty obvious". No it's not. Do you have any evidence of that? or, are we to accept your assertion as FACT?
you a regime thug who is too ashamed to reveal his own identity. we understand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Prime Minister Qarase for the clarifications. VB & ASK are running around trying to find more lies to justify their queries. Bottom line is VB & ASK does not have the mandate of the people to lead Fiji. They should return to their former jobs and await their trials!!

Fiji Army should be disbanded, they are causing more problems then what was noted in their job descriptions....

frank is a liar and thief said...

Anon@11.09 And yet the following is 'allowed': the 2006 coup, the abrogation of the 2009 constitution, siphoning of more 200 million to air pacific to boost the books and buy planes and then report as 'profits', the dumping of the last year's draft Constitution, muilti-dipping of salaries by frank, kahiyum and co, kahiyum giving his brother's stations (fbc) millions to start new television station and trying to close down fiji tv etc etc etc???

Anonymous said...

Why did former Air Pacific CEO David Pifliger had to leave the job at a time when the company was changing aircrafts from Boeing to Airbus which he initiated. He shud be here to see the changes he spearheaded. I suspect he may have made good money from the deal and left just like that..He should be here get the changes done and then leave if he wants to..Corruption continues unabated..

xxxx said...

Well Sayed Khaiyum is good at deceiving people,he sees Frank's weakness and make it an easy target to manipulate and deceive in order to justify their illegal actions!! Khaiyum will never stop attempting to deceive us all,he will search for more excuses to use to defend their reasons for the "clean up".
He will only stop if someone have the guts to confront him and lock him up for good.
Due to he's fanatic background,they are expert in manipulating and deceiving people so watch out Fiji it is time to claim back your inheritance before it's too late.
You have done enough praying it is time to take action cos"FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD"

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.08PM
you say" give it to the courts to throw him back in prison". is that what the courts in Fiji are for these days? to be used by the regime thugs to throw regime opponents in prison on cooked up charges?
even if we accept your argument question is if the land deal is not allowed why hasn't the regime charged Qarase or anyone else involved in the deal? It has had six years to do that! Could it be because their accusation is without any legal foundation!

Nadera Boy said...

Hey ppl..do you note that their are less & less army bloggers in here?

must be the truth is slowly hitting their souls of blindly flowing their leader Aiyaz & bai.

Frank & Bai says" We never Lie to the fiji people,but however,occasionally DECEIVE or PREVARICATE or to speak falselyt or misleading;deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression to lie to them"


NO FAIR SWAP said...

the taliban pig didnt tell the fijians that land swaps of native land with state land is till allowed but he had changed the law in 2011 to require the fijians to pay his government if the state land being swapped is more than the fijians native land.

BUT, if the fijians native land is worth MORE than the state land, his government does not have to pay the difference!!!
Would you believe it???
If u dont believe me read the State Lands (Amendment) Decree 2011 (39 of 2011) which says..."..the Minister may, in addition to such exchange, require the payment of such monetary contribution as he deems appropriate for the value of the State land being exchanged." [at http://www.paclii.org/fj/promu/promu_dec/sld2011219/]

And that applies to freehold land owners too if the state land is worth more than the freehold land that is being swapped.

This is the kind of TRUTH that this taliban pig has not told the fijians.
He just tells only lies.

Anonymous said...

The truth is Qarase, Lalabalavu and Teimumu swapped mataqali land with a developer which was against legislation. The legislation only allows for swapping of itaukei land with the state for state use. What they did was wrong. It doesn't even allow for the swap even if the landowners agree. Nothing more needs to be said as the truth is out there for you to see but obviously due to your political affiliations you cannot see the truth. If it means FICAC to prosecute then so be it. But that wrong needs to be accepted as wrong like you saying that a coup is wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is only fair that you pay the difference if the state land is more expensive. It does not say the the state will not pay for freehold or native land if they are valued high than the state land being swapped. Common this is getting childish. The fact is Qarase and his government swapped land to a private company and not to the state.

xxxx said...

He's intention of changing Fiji to be a secular state is to use Fiji as a trainning ground for terrorists,it's that simple....He will sell our land to all terrorists investors...
So please Fiji you better reject their draft constitution now and immediately remove these two....

Anonymous said...

When will Bainimarama and Khaiyum have the balls to stand up for what they doing - instead of trying to justify their schemes by harking back to the sins of the last DEMOCRATICALLY elected governmenjt?

They can twist the story every which they like and secure the popularity of the SDFL govt or Laisenia Qarase.

Anonymous said...

John Sami or who ever you are, stop blaming Nazhat Shameem and Chief Justice for something they are not involved in.
Get your facts right mate.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 - congrats..good piece of investigative journalism. the truth will always emerge, no matter how hard we try to suppress it. This balances out the claims put out by the regime in recent days to discredit Mr. Qarase and his govt. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Regime trying to blame SdL and Qarase again for all the corruption of last seven years. If the new Fiji has been such a success why still we living under decree?

Radiolucas said...

Baini and Aiyaz have no sense, no plans, no policies and no popularity - other than using scare campaigns against real leaders and against the people.

I am waiting for their new poster in the Sun: "Vote for Us or We Have Will Do Another Coup 5.5".

And for all the military-morons with more crap in their heads than sense - the LAW that Qarase and the SDL were adhering to was under the Crown Acquisition of Lands Act - not some bullshit decree that Aiyaz wiped his bum with.

The only thing that is "not allowed" by Frank and Aiyaz is the truth - they have stolen EVERYTHING they have today, from the people of Fiji.

Radiolucas said...

For all the military-sopotas out there, there is real LAW that the SDL, the FLP and all the other real governments before them, had to follow before they could acquire any land: it was called the Crown Acquisition of Land Act and was not written by a half-arsed Aiyaz on a paper-napkin-decree.

The only real thieves in Fiji today are those that are busy getting as far up the regimes' arse as they can - trying to help steal as much as they can before the whole pile of shit finally falls over.

No accountability, no growth, no transparency, no discussion, no elections, no constitution and no hope. Thank you RFMF for doing this to your own people.

Anonymous said...

Strange how page 4 of the proposal is missing ?

Anonymous said...

We are being led to believe that the Native Land Owners were happy to SWAP an area of prime land wanted by developers for an equivalent size area.

Why do you think developers of a resort want it ? Very simply because it's worth a fortune to them and far more valuable than what they are swapping.

So this highly valued piece of land goes to the developers, gets converted to freehold and it's value increases dramatically year after year. The land that the Landowners now have will not increase in value anywhere near as much over the years.

So forget the legal side of things and questionable dealings and just think about WHO has lost out long term even though a small compensation may have been made at the time.

There will of course be some long term compensation to the original landowners in that jobs will be made available but just consider how much better it would be if there had been a way for the people also having the long term benefit of rising land value rather than just the deleloper.

It's not as straight forward as some are trying defend.

Anonymous said...

sorry radio, it was the State Lands Act that was used not the State Acquisition of Lands Act.

NO FAIR DEAl said...

anon 141pm U ARE WRONG.
before this change there was no payment either way.
after 2011 the law gives AG to power to order landowner, freehold or native, to pay him the difference.
whats not fair is that the law does not oblige the sate to pay. Thats not fair. Its one sided.
it cuts both ways not just his taliban way.

Coup 4.5 said...

anon@2.18pm we may have missed it in the dowloading. will check

Anonymous said...

who would you rather believe - a democratically elected prime minister or seven years worth of lies from coup makers?

i know who i'll be voting for if we ever get to that election and it's not VB

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:26 PM

Surely you are not naive enough to base a decision on something so important on who you like or dislike to put it simply.

The answer must be ascertained as to whether this was an illegal or legal act that had ethical intentions.

If it was legal was it done in the best interests of the people taking full account of the future, if so, there is no problem. If not, was there a loophole in the land laws that needs addressing ?

Anonymous said...

native land has always been swapped for much less. not just LQ. all governments so far has bend over to satsify the developers at the expense of the fijians.
even Franky and his lot directed the TAx office to make sure that all VAT payable to the developer was not held up. and they would not have said boohoo because it would have not been in their interests...until now as a hot political non issue to make noise about. the liar airyass on the other hand has made certain acquisitions of native lands easier than ever before and his constitution if made law would have opened the floodgates for easy access to native lands. some one will eventually have the guts to say, enof is enof of your butako and lasulasu.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:09, aren't your heoes Bainimarama and Khaiyum doing the very thing of which you accuse Qarase with the land deal -- viz., playing profligately with the people's patrimony in the interest of their own short-term political gain?


Baini and Aiyarse are criminals.
But let's face up to the truth about Qarase.
We are adults. Let's not be in denial.
It will not do Fiji any good.
The illegal native land swap deal is a clear example the Fijian elite preying on their kind.
Qarase has offered an unconvincing explanation. The resort developers were getting the best deal.
As someone rightly pointed out, the highly-valued piece of native land gets converted to freehold and its value increases dramatically year after year.
The land that the Landowners get will not increase in value anywhere near as much over the years.
Is this is kind of deal that people we Fijians elect to safeguard their interests, should be making on our behalf?
Let's not be in denial about Qarase. He is no Mandela.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.26PM
I would be inclined to believe a democratically elected prime minister then a coup maker or his cronies. But for me this is not a question of who one should believe. It is a question that should be resolved by establishing the facts and seeing whether on the basis of the facts any breach of the country's law relating to land transactions has been violated. So far nothing has come into the public domain to lead one to conclude any violation has occurred. But a lot of allegations and assertions are being made - by the regime. Thus leading one to believe it's regime propaganda aimed at damaging the democratically elected PM's reputation so as to better the unelected PM's chance at the next elections.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 3:08pm

Yes, you are right entirely - though they still used our nation's LAWS, rather than rule by decree.

kai Bau said...

One rule for the bastards IG and one for others.They are blaming Qarase for breaking a particular rule and what about them breaking the bigget rule of all stealing our goverment.These IG criminals are not human anymore they driven by evil power...why Qarase all the time....fed up of the bulhit..first they are telling us to move forward what the heck they are doing now???going backwards???

Anonymous said...

@ Betrayed Kaiviti
You make good sense with what you say.I agree "the Fijian elite" has always been preying and screwing their own kind.(the Indian elite have a longer history and better record of doing that to their own!)
I agree Qarase is no Mandela. Mandela fought Apartheid to establish a non-racial South Africa. Qarase smartly took over from where the thuggish and racist coup front-man George Speight had left off ( courtesy of Bainimarama,don't forget).
But what I want to know in this case is whether what Qarase did in that land deal was ILLEGAL?

lying mungrels said...

wakey wakey people...regime only raking over the ashes of this case to justify what it plans to do with land NOW.

they using 'past' to bulldoze through a plan to use native land how they see fit saying it was done by qarase etc.

lie after lie to stay in power. if so many people didn't love fiji they would've given up long ago and just let these thieving mungrels take the country

Rau Te said...

Before and after the 2006 coup, khaiyum and Bainimarama accussed Qarase of being too pro Fijian (itaukie). They said LQ was only favouring Fijians in all aspects of his rule. This included attempts by LQ to bring the qoliqoli bill in favour of Fijians. In 7 years, now LQ is being accused of being anti Fijian and anti fijan land etc. So, I ask you maichod Khaiyum, were yo lying in 2006 or you are lying now? you think we Fijians are stupid? maichod muslim watch out your lies are so obvious. we are not mad. qarase is the real PM.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I am so proud to read the comment of our beloved elected prime minister. You are so professional in your approach. You are so sensible. So easy to understand what you are saying. It is because you are so clean compared to the khayums,Bainis, Shameem sisters, Gates etc....the nasty group......We the people of Fiji need you......you are our true representative......you make us proud.....you are an inspiration to our children. You are so much better than the uneducated liars theat are leading the country today....they are sending us to doom....please keep speaking up because the truth will never die.......lKhaiyum, Shammeem sisters ,Baini etc please prepare for Korovou....we have had enough of your lies.....history is there!!......will be haunting you guys soon

mark manning said...

Frank and Aiyaz are running around in ever decreasing circles and soon will disappear up each others behinds!

4 years today since the Fiji Court of Appeal Ruling finding the Appointment of Frank Bainimarama and his Interim Government, illegal!

They are living in fear now, of incarceration for the rest of their natural lives.
They must sense now that their own Soldiers are about to turn on them.

Anonymous said...

Suva mangroves and lands were under claim by suvavou landowners under deed of cession. kaiyum created a decree to stop all deed of cession related claims.
This guy is a chronic liar and when he is arrested I'd like to slap and spit into his face.

Anonymous said...

Stay focused.

New laws will alienate native land for 99 years.

Chines are leasing buying land in africa and russia by the hundreds of thousands of hectares.

As soon a constitution goes through same will happen to itaukei land.

Frank, as Tui Viti, will be good as owner of all native land.

Rupeni Sovasese said...

I was watching the fiji one news that day when Kaiyum mentioned about Qarase's action of converting the land at Natadola was against the 1997 constitution .The question is does that same constitution allow them to stage a 2006 coup. . . . Doubt it. . . .

Anonymous said...

Toso mai ragone sa voleka sara..o rau qo me rau kau laivi...na i wali jiko ga e ligada na kaiviji kei ra na noda turaga.

dog wags tail said...

fiji is just chasing its tail ...!!!

Decree challenge provision excluded

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says they have done away with provisions in the Ghai Draft that allowed challenges against government decrees.

Doing a second round of talks on the draft constitution on Radio Fiji Two’s Aaina talkback show Bainimarama said the Ghai draft had proposed that all the decrees and provisions within them can be challenged.

A good example was given that if a rapist is sent to jail – he would have been sent to jail by a Judge appointed under the constitution – now Ghai Draft says you can challenge that decision made by the judge and of course that would allow the rapist to come out of jail – in fact everyone will come out of jail.

Prime Minister says the positive aspects of Ghai draft and the 1997 constitution has been incorporated –

Anonymous said...

Why would judicial review of a rape case necessarily mean the rapist gets set loose?

Bainimarama is just afraid of accountability for his actions.

In fact, he is the biggest rapist now on the loose in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4.52 PM . I agrees with you 101%. Bai is the biggest vicai in the history of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

This was a big deal swapping land between the iTaukei and company. How come this did not become news when this deal was made? Fishy???

Anonymous said...

This was on Fiji Democracy Now:

The father of all lies, Khaiyum, is repeating his claim that the Momi land swap was illegal. If that’s the case why doesn’t he do something about it? He’s the Attorney General, even if he is not elected, and he has courts that he appointed and cleared of all Judges he doesn’t like. So why can’t he reverse the situation. He knows that if he did anything he’d have to explain why he had to issued (DECREE NO. 7 OF 2013), the STATE LANDS (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013. Khaiyum said he had to do this to prevent what happened at Momi. So doesn’t that mean he thought it was legal? And why doesn’t Khaiyum just issue a decree to reverse the swap? The mataqali would lose the land it gained from the swap and in return it would get back the land it gave up. Why doesn’t he do the same for the land swap at Denarau, which he’s saying nothing about? Laisenia Qarase has called on the government to take an independent legal opinion on the land swap, but Khaiyum knows this will show him up. He won’t allow an independent referee.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Its all propaganda and political point scoring.
they complain about old politicians but one thing those old fellas dont do is to deliberately lie to the people.
If the piggy and the baini didnt suppress the press and allow free debate, they would not have a hope in hell of convincing the people.
The Cowards

Anonymous said...

@April 10, 2013 at 7:10 AM

LQ did not conform to the 1997 constitution. Try and read between the line.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but didnt this project started way back in the late 90's...lets say 99 when both projects, Natadola and Momi were being sorted out by the 2 investors. Secondly, it would be good for C4.5 to ask the landowners if they were happy with the exchange, as they were not fully consulted by the NTLB and full land owning units signatures didnt reach 60%, that was required to move a native land into a tourism lease...or should I say, "Na kena toki taki na qele ni kovukovu ki na taudaku....".

There are 2 process to be taken to actually get a native land to be available for development.

1. For the land owners to release their land
2. For the NLTB, as a mediator of the native land, to prepare a "offer" scheme to the developer, thats highlights the needs of the land owners.

My theory is that the first of the 2 steps was botched up, hence the exchange of the land didnt go according to plan.....

As they say, follow the paperwork and the money.....you'll find your culprit...