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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rewa chief leads petition on draft Constitution

A week of victory: the release of Fiji's last democratically elected prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, last night's successful meeting on the regime's draft Constitution, and today a petition by the chiefs on the same proposed legislation the military dictatorship intends to foist on Fiji. Below the pictures is the letter that was sent to Coupfourpointfive last night and was expected to be signed and presented to the military regime this morning. See at end of letter for the clear rejection of the regime draft by last night's UFDF meeting.
A statement from Ro Kepa on what happened today can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151408841534370 (Letters to the Editor Uncensored)
Deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase welcomed home yesterday.

UFDF chair Mick Beddoes at helm of last night's meeting at the FTA Hall in Suva.

Rewa people gathering at Albert Park this morning. pic Tura Lewai.


4th April, 2013
The Solicitor General
Mr. Sharvada Sharma
Level 7 Suvavou House
Victoria Parade
Mr. Sharma,

                                Submission to the Interim Government’s Draft Constitution - 2013

We, the undersigned, in our indigenous traditional cultural roles as Turaga i Taukei, and on behalf of the people of the Vanua ‘o Rewa, hereby register our gravest objections and opposition, in the strongest possible terms to the Draft Constitution of the Interim Government which was released on Friday 22nd March, 2013. 

We must state from the outset that the Bose Vanua ‘o Rewa, has since the illegal takeover of the lawfully elected government, remained steadfast in upholding the resolution of the December 2006 Great Council of Chiefs in not recognising the illegal takeover of the properly elected government. The Fiji Court of Appeal, on 9th April 2009 declared the takeover of Parliament by Voreqe Bainimarama on 5th December 2006 as illegal. That judicial decision has not been stayed or set aside.

In the last six years, the interim government has continued to weaken and ridicule our indigenous institutions, our traditional leadership system and anything that we, the indigenous people claim to be our rights as the first settlers of this land. We attach at Appendix I a list of special privileges and rights of indigenous Fijians which have been removed or weakened and belittled by the Interim Government. 

Be that as it may, the interim government’s announcement in April, 2012 on the establishment of the Constitution Commission under the leadership of Professor Ghai, the Kenyan Constitutional world renowned authority, had us, believe in that constitutional processes and progress was finally being initiated.

We deliberated over this announcement and decided to participate in the constitution making process in order to present our considered opinions on how best our beloved country could get back to parliamentary democracy. We were satisfied that the “views of the people were being solicited” and we trusted that the processes outlined would be complied with. Notwithstanding this statement, we remained committed to our view that the 1997 Constitution remains the supreme law of Fiji.

Very briefly towards the end of 2012 there was renewed spirit of confidence, hope and relief that our nation was finally moving towards Parliamentary rule through the General Election in 2014. 

This was not to be. 

The much awaited Draft Constitution developed by the

five-member team led by renowned Kenyan Constitution lawyer Professor Yash Ghai was dispensed with by the Military Regime on 10 January, 2013. 

The people of Fiji were promised that the revised constitution would be released by the interim government at the end of January, 2013. This passed by quietly and so did the end of February. 

The Interim Government’s draft constitution that was released on 22nd March, is not only a regressive document; the dispensation of the Constituent Assembly in return for the direct participation of the people of Fiji within 13 days of the release, is a total farce and only serves to entrench the power and authority of three Offices, being the Prime Minister, Attorney General and the Chief Justice. We are seriously concerned with the removal of the entrenched legislations that safeguard the indigenous institutions, resources, tradition and culture as well as the protection and the rights of the Rotumans and Banabans. 

We are alarmed with the absence of provisions on group rights, land owners and tenancy provisions, the restrictions placed on the provisions of the Bill of Rights. We are disgusted with the provisions on the amendment of the constitution. If adopted, the constitution will simply not be amended because of the stringent requirements stipulated in the draft. The removal of the Commander in Chief’ role from the President to the office of the Prime Minister is another major issue of contention.

As customary chiefs we implore you to understand that the very reasons why this  country was annexed as a Crown Colony in 1874 was to protect the group rights of native Fijians relating to our customary lands, our chiefly and customary institutions. Those rights were recognized within the Deed of Cession (Clause 4 and 7) and have remained entrenched  in every constitution of this country until removed by the Draft Constitution that is now presented by the interim Government.

At the 81st Cession of the UN Human Rights Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), members of that esteemed  committee had warned that the termination of the Great Council of Chiefs, the abstraction of the term Fijian, and the various amendments to the Fijian Affairs Act and the Native Lands Act to consolidate the government control of these institutions was contrary to the purpose and intent of the ILO Convention 169 and the 2007 UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). 

The 8st CERD Committee’s  resolution is a warning to the interim Government that it must consult fully with the indigenous Fijians and obtain their prior and informed consent before it changes any legislation or policy affecting them.

Our Bose Vanua again met on 25th March and we have unanimously rejected the interim government’s draft constitution.

We submit that the stability, peace and progress of our beloved country can only be achieved if the rights of indigenous Fijians are recognized and respected. Our forefathers had made compromises and had exercised goodwill and restraints in the unique role they played in facilitating the establishment of proper governance in Fiji.

We remain steadfast in our resolve to stand by the resolution of the Great Council of Chiefs in rejecting the unlawful takeover of the properly elected government. 

We believe that the way forward for Fiji is to return to the 1997 Constitution and necessary changes shall only be made through an elected parliament.

Yours faithfully,

Ro Teimumu V. Kepa
Na Gone Marama Bale na RokoTuiDreketi
Vanua ‘o Rewa
Vale Levu

Ratu Isoa Damudamu                                                                                                       Dona Takalaiyale
Na Tui Noco                                                                                                                         Nai Liuliu ni SauTuraga
Vanua ‘o Bureonoco                                                                                                          Lomanikoro
Ratu Meli Todua                                                                                                 Saiasi Navulagilagi
Na Tui Toga                                                                                                                         Na Tunidau
Vanua ‘o Naqavoka                                                                                                           Vanua ‘o Nadilo
Sanaila Mudunavosa                                                                                         Joave Tukitoga
Na Tui Suva                                                                                                                         Na Rokobaleni
Vanua ‘o Nadonumai                                                                                                        Vanua ‘o Navakavu
Suvavou                                                                                                                                Navakavu

SUVA                                                                                                                                     MUAIVUSU
Ratu Timoci Matanitobua                                                                                                Ratu Kevueli Tavainavesi
Na Tui Sawau                                                                                                                      Na Tui Raviravi
Vanua ‘o Nacurumoce                                                                                                       Vanua ‘o Raralevu
Dakuibeqa                                                                                                                            Nawaisomo
SAWAU                                                                                                                 RAVIRAVI­­
cc: Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Voreqe Bainimarama, Aiyaz Syed Khaiyum

Last night's UFDF meeting has meanwhile condemned 'in the strongest terms the high degree of political control the regime’s draft constitution asserts over the judiciary thus completely undermining its  independence and authority.'

The meeting unanimously also resolved to:
1.  Reject the Bainimarama/Khaiyum 2013 draft constitution as an imposition on the people of Fiji by an unelected and unlawful regime in a dictatorial and arbitrary manner
2.  Demand that the People’s 2012 Ghai Commission draft constitution be reinstated and submitted to a fully representative Constituent Assembly to be appointed by the President. Further, following consideration of the Ghai Commission draft by the Constituent Assembly, it be referred to the people of Fiji for approval through a national referendum supervised by the international community
3. Call for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to avail the people of Fiji a process through which to heal the injustices and ills of the past and move forward together.

The meeting noted, too, how the local media has 'completely succumbed to pressure from the regime, and appears to be operating as an extension of the Information Ministry' saying it is tantamount to failing its obligations to the people of Fiji, and a violation of its own Media Code of Ethics.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moto Saisai said...

@Anon 2.32pm

Brass, cava nomu leqa? Vacava mo relax tu mada.....sa toso qori o ira e mositi ira dina na nodra vanua kei na kena kawa. O iko se kubu voli ga na loli nei Bai & Aiarse.

Anonymous said...

What kind of person hurls such abuse to women?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.32pm. O iko gone ni vei.. kaisi! Ena muri iko lesu na nomu vosa vua na Gone Marama.

Anonymous said...

why send out the letter to coup4.5 when chiefs have not signed?? very disreptful,,,,
anyway, good letter so anon 2.32 pm luveni ulukau tamata gusu bona no lotu ia tikoga na masi dakai keina kana loto sona levu.......
plans are underway to arrest Bai & Kaiyum m,,,,,,,,,then we will sodomise them

Anonymous said...

O Temumu e sega ni mai neimami gone marama. Okoya qori I Rewa ga. keitou na nona icaicai vaka Suva.

Anonymous said...

Obviously letter sent to C4.5 so it can be for publication to meet appetite of fools like you who come to this website to get information. I would not have thought it was disrespectful. The most important thing is to get message to people since so many of us are soli makas

Anonymous said...

@ annon 3.04pm

Sa sika dina nomu weli. Tovolea mada mo kilai iko. Tarogi iko mada qori nai vakavuvuli e susugi mai kina vei rau nomui tubutubu mo vosa baleta tu edua na Marama Bale.

Tovo vou sa basika; welcome to the new order Fiji -

Anonymous said...

what kind of person hurls such abuse at women?
the same kind that hurls abuse at a priest...

Anonymous said...

@ annon 3.04pm

Sa sika dina nomu weli. Tovolea mada mo kilai iko. Tarogi iko mada qori nai vakavuvuli o susugi mai kina vei rau nomui tubutubu mo vosa baleta tu edua na Marama Bale. Au vakabauta ni sega ni vaka kina. Vakaraitaka nomu vakasama; da maroroya na noda i tovo.

Tovo vou sa basika; welcome to the new order Fiji -

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.32pm & 3.04pm

Isa sa dua na ka ga e vakaraitaka tiko mai o rau na vosa tiko mai qo-oya na levu ni lala ni qavokavoka kei na soli maka vei rau o nodrau boso o voreqe kei khaiyum kubu nodrau kau!

Bau drau dau tu ka vakasamataka kevaka e sega soti na ka e tiko e cake e vinaka cake meda galu ga. Qo ko drau sa mai vakaraitaka tu i vuravura na lala ni nomudrau mona ka bini tu ga kina na da!

Drau tamata i kaukau ni benu o kemudrau kei ira na nomudrau kawa-DRAU YAVU KAWA CA!

Anonymous said...

@ANON 2.32 AND 3.04PM


Anonymous said...

anon 3.39pm
vosotaki koya ga ,,,,,nona kawa e tawa kila e dua a meca.......
vinaka Rewa,,,,,,vakacava o ira na kai vanua levu lialia sera veiba tikoga baleta na bribery sa ra kubuta tu??? yavu sona ua!

Samisoni said...

Halleluya!!!!!!! This is what we Fijians want to hear….upright, confident, straight and no nonsence talk from the belly to your face.

Thank you Naita kai Rewa, we salute you.

I have to hear from the kai Kubuna. Where is the Cakobau family leadership as strident as that of the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi?????

What about chiefs from the Western Provinces??? Aren’t you worried your sugar cane land grip will be loosened by the proposed constitution??

All Fijians we will support Rewa….we go forward

Anonymous said...

At anon 2:32 and 3:04

Nai tautau ni vosa drau biuta mai sai vakaraitaki ni vei susu mai vale.se kena vosavosa dodonu me tau vei kemudrau, drau vuani kawa sona.

Na I taukei e kilai mai na yavu se qele e cavutu mai kina.Vosa vaka sama jiko a vakaraitaki ga ni tamata Sega Nona qele drau kitataka jiko mai qori drau qala boci.

Nodra I vosavosa na tukuda ena Sega ni na cala vaka dua," I taukei vaka loloma taudua na I taukei ko Sega na Nona qele"

Anonymous said...

@ annon 3.04pm

Sa sika dina nomu weli. Tovolea mada mo kilai iko. Tarogi iko mada qori nai vakavuvuli o susugi mai kina vei rau nomui tubutubu mo vosa baleta tu edua na Marama Bale. Au vakabauta ni sega ni vaka kina. Vakaraitaka nomu vakasama; da maroroya na noda i tovo.

Tovo vou sa basika; welcome to the new order Fiji -

Woman with balls said...

woman power
shame on u male chiefs
and wouldnt worry about the poofs that hurl abuse at u cos they ar jealous of your balls

Anonymous said...

why address the submission to Sa va da sharmah? he is just a ball boy - left ball of AiArse and right ball of the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

toso viti toso!

as fiji citizens you are entitled to speak and write and talk about your country and its future.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ANON 3.47PM




Anonymous said...

@anon 3.58pm

Setiseti bau vosa tu boci! Kila ga o iko na masia na dakai nei nomu boso o Khaiyum-KULINA!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Yes,Yes,excellect letter from
the Vanua O Rewa!!!I'm telling you guys just do not pay any attention to anymore bullshit constitution from Bai,Khaiyum or Gate?These are the 3 main players in this dictatorship.Someone ought to shoot
Gate and than Khaiyum, Bai we need to keep him alive so we can hang this bastard in public alongside his Son Meli, a good spot for this
hanging is by the Sukuna Park.

Anonymous said...

anon at 3.57pm? so what? the world sees chiefs and fiji people having their say, speaking from the heart. of course kahiyum wouldn't give them the importance and not see them...hello this is a military dictatorship. it's not in their favour to acknowlege any dissent so well done chiefs and their people.

Anonymous said...

ok the Rewa chiefs and people have spoken who's next?
let us see more chiefs and their people come out IN THE OPEN and SAY NO to the regime constitution and the regime itself!

The way the world should be said...

keep the fire burning into a bush fire.
keep the spirit alive.
keep truth alive.
return to rule of law, fairness and justice.
return to fiji where the world should be.

Anonymous said...

Does this solicitor-general understand what the Fiji court of Appeal decision means?
what does the word illegal mean? was that covered in his legal studies?

Anonymous said...


The True Rotuman said...

Waiting on our Rotuman brothers and sisters to join in. I know they support yu 110% only need to come out from under the coconut (biscuit) tree.
Where are you Rotuman chiefs, especially George Konrote (retd Brigadier Gen as he proudly calls himself and passes himself as the self appointed rep of the Rotuman people) and ur running (away mate) Dr John Fatiaki???
Wheres the rotuman leadership in times when ur land and culture is under seige. S
how us that u deserved to be voted to lead our people. dont let our fijian brothers and sisters fight our fight alone.
Have some balls. Like the ur kai the late Mr Fred Ramafono, a true fighter for justice and against oppression and tyranny and barbarianism

Faiaksea kai Rewa!!!!

Jagdish said...

Nr Bedoes…..carry on as you did last night…am impressed by photo of so many attendants at the meeting. Hold a few more around Fiji and please publicly endorse the Rewa peoples’ submission to the illegal Govt. Ignore detractors

We must build on the monentum your group and Rewans have created

However expect the illegal regime to throw in a spoiler, like banning or decreeing further meetings….so draw up your PLAN B…………..which should include, resistance with all options on the table as the Americans usually tell their potential adversaries.

Now it is time to be prepared to meet force with force……….we will be in the frontline


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Powerful achievement for Fiji! people open up your hearts and speak out about what you believe you want for your family and your country.

Anonymous said...

you have to be a bardwah lawyer to not know the meaning of ILLEGAL.
illegal means not allowed by the law. So Bainimarama took over the country ILLEGALLY. That's what the Fiji Court of Appeal said. Which part of this does the bardwah solicitor-general not understand?

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newsletter the Fiji Sun (April 3) that "The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is urging people to read the draft constitution and make up their own minds".
I agree with "the PM".The people must not be misled by "the PM" and his regime propagandist who want them to believe this is "the people's constitution". It is NOT. Don't be misled. This is a constitution specially designed by the regime lackeys to entrench the usurpers in power with absolute control.
How can such a constitution be called "the people's constitution"?
I would urge people to listen to what civil society leaders and constitution making experts say about this constitution and be guided by their views.
Neither the Commodore nor his cronies have any expertise in constitution making.
So don't allow yourselves to be misled by them. They have already misled you with over 6 years of misrule!
rajend naidu

Kai Bau said...

Coup 4.5 admin please please control the type of vulgar language used on this blog site.I use to blog alot in here but im loosing intereston this site if bloggers are not controlled.It applies the same on Voreqes side as well.Be fair and be mindful of people reading the site.Coup 4.5you have done so well in the past why you have to go so well below the belt nowdays with disgusting comments coming out from this site.Thanks

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous..2.32pm....Brodo you have a sister, mother, wife.....to be calling another female obscene.. words.....do you think about them you...brainless idiot.....or you the type..that is ruled by your wife...or females......think before throw out abusive language to women....Bottomline....this Government was declared illegal by a court of law and will always remain illegal...no matter what they do...they will face court time and jail...the whole bang lot of them...God Bless you....pls think off all females of your family before you throw abuse to another women or maybe you was born off a dog....

Anonymous said...

People abusing this site can only be regime no one else would bother just another sign of the evil that is bainimarama and his gang

Jagdish said...

More Chinese influence in Pacific: Gillard

17:05 Thu Apr 4 2013

Prime Minister Julia Gillard agrees China is increasing its influence in the Pacific, where Australia has numerous aid and development projects.

After a speech to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association in Sydney on Thursday, Ms Gillard was asked if Australia’s influence was waning as China stepped up its presence in places like Fiji.

The prime minister recognised China’s growing power.

“As China’s weight and power continues to rise then of course it will have a stronger and more diverse relationships around the world, including in the Pacific,” she said.

Ms Gillard said Australia wanted to see more countries working in aid and development in the Pacific, but believed there needed to be more accountability.

“We believe that aid and development money needs to be the subject of proper accountabilities and transparencies so people can see the work that is being done,” she said.

On Fiji, Ms Gillard said Australia continued to look forward to “free and fair” elections next year being held in the island republic which has been run by Commodore Frank Bainimarama since a 2006 military coup.

“We stand ready to assist with preparations for those elections, for the conduct of those elections,” she said.

“We believe that Commodore Bainimarama needs to be held to his promises and accountability and they need to be held on time and property done.”

Anonymous said...

People just ignore and not waste time & energy responding to the military trolls that come on to this site.
Low life's with no guts and no balls." What you sow you will reap"! GOD bless the Marama Bale and all the people of Rewa.. time for all who believe in truth and justice to stand and be counted!

Anonymous said...

definition of a troll: inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions and harassment outside of an online context. For example, mass media has used troll to describe "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families."[4][5]

Anonymous said...

Well there's some really ugly trolls on this site and I think we should just get rid of them by telling them to where to go - straight to Naboro or Korovou. There's an empty cell there thanks to Tau coming home. God Bless

Anonymous said...

God bless Gone Marama. Keep leading from the front we are not there yet.

Anonymous said...

I salute each person who turned up at the FTA Hall for the UFDF Meeting. You came to the right public forum to hear views on the new constitution put forward by the illegal Bainimarama regime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations to the people who gathered at the UFDF Meeting.you did the right thing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@2:32 o cei tale se gunu loli jiko qori...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can count that there were 100 (+/- 10) at FTA. Not 600. Most are SDL supporters.

Namanusa said...

Na Kalou e Kaukauwa


Anonymous said...

It does not matter if the approx 100 at the UFDF Meet were SDL supporters. They are citizens so they are entitled to have a political view and even a political allegiance . Or, are you of the view that 100% of the people of Fiji should be regime supporters?
Will there be room for different political allegiance in the
""new Fiji"? Or will everyone be required to cheer for the new Fijian Totalitarian State?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I cringe at the way some of us use swear words and obscenities on this site. The way our brothers and sisters in God are the victims of vulgarity are shameful. We insult our very own when we attempt to demean our brothers and sisters. We stoop below what we really are and what we can become when we these shameful expressions. When we try to shame people, especially those of the female gender, by use of abusive, vulgar and demeaning expressions, we only are belittling ourselves and our parents who should have educated us in presentable manners from when we were youngsters.

I would hope that C4.5 look into this.

As for the Marama Bale of Rewa, I salute her and her fellow Chiefs for the courage that they have shown. What they have done is inspiring and touching. Here are Chiefs who are performing their tasks and responsibilities as Chiefs of protecting and preserving the rights of their people. I hope and pray that the other Chiefs will follow suit.

What has transpired in these last two days in what the advocates of freedom and democracy have done reveals that the tide is slowly turning for the better.

Anonymous said...

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

No point giving the trolls time of day or sermonising to C4.5. Something wonderful was started today and thought should now be given to how else beautiful people of Fiji can relay to the world what is in their hearts especially the itaukei. The opening has been made and we should let our speeches flow freely.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers to Gone Marama and the men who supported her today. I heard three busloads arrived at Albert Park.

Anonymous said...

The magic of people who believe in justice can create miracles.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Ro Kepa can she tell the nation if she supports the fair distribution of land rental....not like before where chiefs got the most and commoner like me got loose change.......i fully support FRANK for this bold move....in this 21st era chiefs should me confined to management of koros and not decision making in the govt....

xxxx said...

This is great vinaka vaka levu Ro Temumu and the province of Rewa,someone need to start it off and you've done it today.I hope that this will create curousity amongst other provinces and will motivate them to stand up for our indigenous rights!!...
Keep up the good work Ro Temumu and the Rewans Kalogata tiko nai tososo...

Anonymous said...

SDL shows it's still the ruling party

Anonymous said...

SDL shows it's still the ruling party

Anonymous said...

C4.5 pls can you have people sign petition on line to object BKC.
Support the 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

Folks who support baini boci for money should think, whatever baini is doing to avoid going to gail..if he think he has done nothing wrong so why so much protection , immunity,and other life clause..Also why is he not publishing government financial reports, how much salary he is earning, why recent convicts given high post..For me if baini gives money I will take because that's my tax money but I will never vote for him , he is just a thug, looter, rapist, murderer, thief...From a Indian Friend ...

Anonymous said...

i'm with rewa on this one there is only one true constitution 1997. ghai commission was a farce. attar and mick need to do a uturn

KaiLau said...

Kivei Na Marama Bale kei na Vanua o Rewa

Vinaka na tu dei e na gauna balavu ka sa mai vakaraitaka na nomuni valataka na dodonu kei na dina..

Kivei keda na veiwekani e na vei yasana e so...da veitauri liga ka tokona na ka sa mai tekivuna na Vanua o Rewa...

Marama Bale kei na Vanua o Rewa...


Keimami sa na tu vakarau...

Lone Ranger said...

Vinakavakalevu Rewa.....Vinakavakalevu GMBRTD Ro Teimumu. Ni bula balavu saka na gone marama.

Vacavi kemudou na vo ni 13 na yasana, dou tucake talega............dou viria na bai kei Viti. Qo na gauna e sa namaki tu.

Anonymous said...

Its good to see old and experience group come together..for MPC you are part of this monster Baini..so now you have chance to correct it..atleast leave some legacy behind for Indians...

Anonymous said...

sad to see some so called i taukei supporting frank for lease money

Anonymous said...

Tui Macuata supports the BK Constitution against the Kai Viti,,,
You are not welcome in Suva tui macuata as suva is in Rewa

Anonymous said...



Mika, Dreketi Rewa said...

Me yaco i vei, sa pote dina, e sega sara ga ni na mai yavalata vakalailai na matanitu na nomudou vakatutu, dou qai mada la lai tei tavioka.

Anonymous said...

Bai and and his supporters must be feeling very uncomfortable with the submission by the Rewan Chiefs as it clearly hit hard on their illegal acts since they illegally took-over government in 2006.

Ilimotama mai Serua said...

I was so encouraged to see picture of Rewa men in large numbers accompanying the Roko Tui Dreketi petitioning EyeArse and CO.

Many many ordinary salt of the earth villagers coming to Suva to publically demonstrate their support for the Vanua 0 Rewa decision and desire in no uncertain words..actions truelly tell the story.

THe illegal regime is powerless when confronted with quietly determined Fijian men in hundreds united demonstrating publicly what they demand.

When all Provinces and their men combine and march through Suva, the soldiers with their guns will have no courage to resist. They will fall like Jericho fell to the Israelites’ marching outside and around Jericho walls blowing their trumphets.

Power is in the hands of the 800,000 Fijians all we have to do is to combine and use it demand our rights and tell the illegal regime that we will not endorse its scheme to perpetuate its dictatorial rule to save the illegal usurpers of power from prosecution judgement.

We care only for the democratic right for all Fijians irrespective of races.

They have triggered our reaction by the desperate actions they are taking before the fraudulent 2014 election takes place they are planning to enshrine and perpetuate their selfish motives with .

We ask that Rewa Province and Beddoes and followers….the two groupd and all others democracy supporters unite to fight the common enemy.

To Rewa and other Provinces you have the moral and God give rights to demand your rights because Fiji is you country, you are the indegenous owners of the country even recocognised by the UN as legitimate possessors of special rights to Fiji….so we use our rights to demand what we want for our people.

Rights always triumph….history is our witness

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ilimotama said...

And while we are submitting our wants on the draft constitution, REMEMBER OUR "PLAN B" must be drawn up.

When the illegal regime does the predictable,,,and its not an if....

..when they throw in the spanners to the works to criminalise and disallow opposition to their raw-cooked up draft constitution we the people have a "PLAN B" to fall back on.....WHAT DO WE DO THEN.

Our plan B must be based on ratched up opposition geared against the illegal regime backed by a plan and determination of mass public opposition.


We will be Justified to fall TAKE UP ARMED INSURRECTION as a last resort.

This is the only language the illegal regime and VB especially understands.

History has told us time and time again that most dictators entrenched for own survival will only yield to physical opposition...many examples in Middle East over the last recent months and still ongoing.....unfortunately personal sacrifices will be required.

Why did our elders give their lives to fight for foreign countries far away from Fiji and we do not do the same at our backdoor in our country to save us and our future generations from tyrrany??????

Anonymous said...

How can Judiciary boycott mate?

Have you thought for a while what will happen if Judiciary is shut down for a day?

Think b4 you give this type of suggestion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. I think Ro Kepa simply cant get her head around the fact that in the new Fiji she is just a normal human being no more no less. I respect her right to say what she wants but in the end it all seems like she and her small band of supporters are grasping at the last strands of straw as Fiji takes on a more modern way of doing things. While i do not agree with many things this regime is doing i can say that the one thing i concur with is the clause of equal citizenry. Wake up Ro Kepa the days off the 'Masipolo' to the chiefs is long gone. The only people who will support you are the kind who have nothing better to do and were getting a good round of "kanaloto" by hanging around you chiefs. The rest of Fiji worry more about the quality of their mobile phones, who is their friend on face book and how much sex they can get before they die then your age old and ancient ideology. The world has changed and Fiji has followed suit so either ride with it or become irrelevant. Its as simple as that.

Vutuki Meo said...

Its time for the Methodist Church to come and march and celebrate the answer to their prayers, that criminal TREASONISTS will get the JUSTICE they deserved and that the people of Fiji will get the JUSTICE that was denied to them.

Back to the 1997 Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Good morning all
Have a good day
One Love.

Mosese Toga said...

Thursday, April 04, 2013United Front Meeting of Parties Reject Draft Constitution

United Front for a Democratic Fiji


Meeting rejects regime’s draft constitution

A public meeting convened by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) in Suva yesterday (3 April 2013) to discuss the regime’s draft constitution was attended by about 300 people representing a good cross section of the Fiji community.

The meeting condemned the rejection by the regime of the People’s 2012 constitution drafted by the Ghai Commission and the substitution thereof by its own draft which constitutional experts have labeled regressive and dangerous, and which fails to meet universally accepted principles of democracy, human rights, transparency and good governance.

The meeting condemned in the strongest terms the high degree of political control the regime’s draft constitution asserts over the judiciary thus completely undermining its independence and authority.

The meeting unanimously resolved to:

1. reject the Bainimarama/Khaiyum 2013 draft constitution as an imposition on the people of Fiji by an unelected and unlawful regime in a dictatorial and arbitrary manner

2. demand that the People’s 2012 Ghai Commission draft constitution be reinstated and submitted to a fully representative Constituent Assembly to be appointed by the President. Further, following consideration of the Ghai Commission draft by the Constituent Assembly, it be referred to the people of Fiji for approval through a national referendum supervised by the international community

3. call for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to avail the people of Fiji a process through which to heal the injustices and ills of the past and move forward together

The Media

The meeting expressed serious concern at the manner in which the local media has completely succumbed to pressure from the regime, and appears to be operating as an extension of the Information Ministry.

This tantamounts to a derogation of its obligations to the people of Fiji, and a violation of its own Media Code of Ethics. As the Fourth Estate, the local media needs to assert its rights and play a more courageous, responsible and honest role in reporting on issues of national interest.

Ratu JoneKubuabola Mahendra P. Chaudhry

Mick Beddoes

Attar Singh

Anonymous said...

What a messed up society. Pretty soon this grotesque culture will be in Fiji as well.



these ghais will never get it rite.
it cannot be ghais constitution. that is not the peoples constitution.
the only true and legal one is the 1997 constitution.
Both ghais and bhais constitutions are illegal because they r from the same illegal dictatorship source.
the court of appeal has said.
bhai and airass have not been able to prove qarase govt corrupt.
so in law and in fact bhai is a DICTATOR.
anything originating from him is illegal.
Mick and Attar and company STOP advocating MORE ILLEGALITY.

Anonymous said...


Independent Judiciary said...

anon 8.47am...yes i can imagine what will happen if u shut down the judiciary:

the illegalites of the regime will no longer be legitamised, the people will be free and the Dictator will go to jail and the people will get their 1997 Constitution and JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW.

You should be thinking first before u open ur mouth.
u must be one of this non independent lot.

yes shutting the judiciary will be like shutting the government down because it is part of it. No independence and no separation of powers.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 8:55
I don't think you thought through your argument very well.
First of all the 1997 Constitution was drawn up after a nationwide consultation with all people.
That to me speaks more of "equal citizenry" than one cooked up by one man ( Bainimarama) and people are supposed to comment on it whether they like it or not.
That is the definition of Dictatorship. Definitely no "equal citizenry " there.

And guess who decides whether the people's submission is acceptable or not?
Yes the same ONE bastard that cooked it up in the first place.

Bainimarama should just accept the fact that he committed a crime,TREASON and that he must face the JUDGEMENT . Fullstop ( or "period" or whatever)


Stop behaving like a little pussy and chasing your tail in circles.
Be a Man and face up to the consequences of your actions.
You bunch of pussies!

Anonymous said...

I agree with resolution 1 and 3 of UFDF Meet. resolution 2 should be amended to demand a to return to 1997 constitution.
the statement on the Fiji media is of course a truism.

Anonymous said...

@ Attar,Mick,Chaudry,kubuabola why taking this option when the court ruling already done "this government is illegal" full stop!!.Are you people with them?Don't push the cart derail it man!!take the Rewa approach passive,lively and to the point.

Kai Bau said...

First of al thanks C4.5 for deleting the comments.Vinaka.Au na via kauta lesu na noda vakanananu ki na gauna ka ra saga tiko kina na dau kau lotu mera vaka rarama taka na noda vanua.Cabe saka mai na lotu mai Tubou mai Lakeba ka sa toka qori dua na kena kawa Ko Roko Ului koya ka sa riba tani mai na mataivalu ka saqata na IG.
2.Sa mai tu qo na Roko Tui Dreketi ka dua talega na turaga kora saga vakaukauwa na dau kaulotu me vaka lotu taki.Sa tu cake qo dua na kena dra vakaturga.
3.Turaga na Vunivalu e a dua talega na kena dra ia ena gauna qo ese sega tiko ni yavala mai ka kilai tiko ni ko Rt Apenisa ni a saqata na IG
4.Turaga na Tui Cakau qo e dua talega na turaga ka ra sagai mera lotu ka sa toka qo dua na kena dra e kilai tu ni saqata tiko na matanitu Na turaga na Tui Cakau Rt Naiqama.
Ke ratou sa yavala rawa ga mai na turaga vuni rarama ni noda vanua ena rarama vaka kina na noda vanua me vaka na 1835 na gauna ni cabe ni Lotu.Na turga na Tui Macuata e vaka rorogo tu ga mai liu mai liu ki Bau ka lewai tu na vanua ko Macuata kei Tui Macuata mai Bau.
Qo talega e dua na vanua ka qai mai Lotu duadua e muri, dina ni ra levu kina nai talatal ni Lotu Wesele ena gauna qo ia era qai Lotu duadua e muri vaka bibi o ratou na noqu Tauvu mai Namuka ka dua na kena kawa e kodrokodro toka qo vaka na koli ni kai dia o Tau Meo.Tau bula sika kua soti ni tabei Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji be bold and reclaim your democratic rights,reclaim your country from the thug rulers. ONLY you have the right to decided who should be your rulers and under what constitution and system of government. NOT THE THUGS WHO TOOK OVER THE COUNTRY IN AN ARMED ROBBERY!

Anonymous said...

Me cava kina ni ra kawa ni tamata e ciao a na lotu. O Apenisa Cakobau e vakaluveni yarayara ka wili kina nona vaka bukete taka edua na veitacini Dina. E vakarau ni lotu oya? O Teimumu e caki taka tu oqori na luvena vei Henry Manulevu ka susu tu qori mai Nadroga. O Teimumu e rau lasa tikoga qori kei Kamikamica edua na tamata vakawati. Rau se tekivu lasa mai ena gauna se roko tiko kina. O Naiqama Lalabalavu e vaka bukete taka dua na yalewa Yabaki 16 ka ratou sa tiko vata kece ena dua ga na vale kei watina. O Rokoului e vakaluveni taka tu edua na yalewa ni Kadavu ka tikoga o watina. Ena gauna oqo rau sa lasa tiko kei Silika Damu mai tonga. Oqoq beka nai vakarau ni lotu o via tukuna tiko mai. Na kawa itaukei era sa rai ka matata vinaka tu ni veilecayaki ni tamata o via vaksotara vata tiko mai qori kei na lotu. Esega ni mai kauti ira ki lomalagi na nodra ciqoma na lotu na tukadra. Ra yavu tamata kana buta ka ra via mai via turaga se marama tiko me ra namuti keda tiko na itaukei. Sa oti na gauna oya. Gauna oqo sa gauna ni vuli kei na rawa ka. Ena Dina kina na vosa oya ni da tamusuka ga na ka eda tea.

Anonymous said...

when Aiyaz sayed Khaiyum speaks at some Park or other why do people turn up to listen to him? Don't they know he is an ILLEGAL attorney-general representing an ILLEGAL government?
Not only that the man is full of bullshit! Come on PEOPLE HAVE SOME SELF-RESPECT !

Anonymous said...

anon 10.31am
sa dua na ka na viavia turaga sa tiko qo vei voreqe kei ira nonai lala,,,,sara dabe mai cake, vakayacora na veiqaravi vakaturaga vei ira na vei siko mai Jaina etc, caka kece na gacagaca ni veiqaravi ia sega nodra tamata ,,,era saumi mera veiqaravi o ira na sotia,,,,
sa dua na bula vakaloloma
sa rauta mada na kana loto viavia turaga,,,,,,
butako keina bribery enai lavi ni taxpayers ,,,dou yavu kana loto..
Sa tekivuna o Rewa,,,,,na ka qo dou na sega ni tarova rawa,,,,ni lade mai vei keimami na Kai Viti,,,sa rauta na via kai tani tiko,,,,
time has arrived to decide ,,,you either with we the Kai Viti or you against us,,,,ya na da nomu tarausese

Long Live the Chiefs said...

anon 8.55am, you are out of touch with reality.
u can spew ur modern intellectual childish wish but nothing gonna change the fact, which has been with us for 3,500 years and will be for the next 3,500 years, that we respect our chiefs. u are the odd ball.
one day u mite grow up.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.55am
you one of the fools that think we the Kai Viti are taken up by all the niceties you mentioned.
Your rubbish our concerns with superficial things,,,,,
Read the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ratified by UN,,,,,
read the rewa submission carefully. You are in Fiji and it is not Maldives or the Caribbean.
The Kai Viti is alive and well here as a indigenous people and get that into your brains,,,,

Anonymous said...

Now that Rewa has done, one date needs to be allocated for all chiefs, people, etc etc churches etc etc to march into Suva, straight to Govt Buildings and throw out the criminals hiding there,,,

Anonymous said...

anon 11.01am, i like that...throw out all the criminals hiding there!!!
so funny.

Hear hear anon10.59am!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55 fortunately 99.9% i taukei won't sell their chiefs for 30 pieces of silver like the 0.01% that you're part of.

We Want Gwubby Pls said...

Coup 4.5, can u pls print the latest Gwubby letter on "How to rehabilitate the Madam...."

mite convince anon 8.47am that fiji mite as well not have a judiciary; mite as well just make the current lot part of the public service.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum save your draft constitution for toilet paper in Naboro as the people of Fiji will hunt you, VB and the Mataivalu Ni Solisona like dogs.


Anonymous said...

anon 10.11am, the reason mick and co is talking illegal talk is because they are just political opportunists.
they prefer the path of convenience and self interest. they dont like the path of truth, legality, honesty and justice. its not in the nature of politicians. they convince themselves that they are the truth etc
they will do more damage than good.
all should support the brave lady chief. She had been properly and wisely advised.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.45am
95% of those attended were civil servants directed to be there and rural advisory councillors appointed by govt,,,,so they had to be there or lose their jobs ,,,,need to make it look credible,,,,usual deception at work
unlike at FTA and Rewa chiefs,,,,came with their hearts,,,,very good build up ,,,soon the crims will be in Naboro

Old Ideology said...

Anon 8.55am, this is what u said:

..."The rest of Fiji worry more about the quality of their mobile phones, who is their friend on face book and how much sex they can get before they die then your age old and ancient ideology. The world has changed and Fiji has followed suit so either ride with it or become irrelevant. Its as simple as that."

u sound like a messed up teenager who lives a very privileged spoilt existence. Live a real worthwhile life kid outside of fb and sex and niteclubs. the old ideology is more rewarding than this new naive fiji ideology

Kvt said...

VInaka, vinaka
Sa laurai matai lelevu NODA lolovira nai Taukei ena blog..ra wele na kena vo da mai veivacacani tiko o keda...
So qo ra kauta mai na lotu ka so ra kauta mai lasa..
Au sa madua , da via vosa taki ira na kawa Tamata tale eso era tu e NODA vanua , e keda madaga da macawa tiko...
Sa rauta please....da vei lomani mada...

Anonymous said...

Preaching to the converted eh??

Anonymous said...

I admire Sanjesh Prasad for coming out to openly declare that he is the left testicle of the Regime and its propaganda arm the Fiji Sun. ( his letter in Fiji Sun 5/4). He is bold. Most regime sycophants prefer to be anonymous on C4.5 and other web sites. Sanjesh Prasad should receive a medal for sycophancy from the dictator of fiji. And he should not have to wait for 3 months to receive it. I am sure Aiyaz will agree.

Vik N said...

Fiji times today: aiyarse and bainimarama willing to disclose their properties and account balance publicly. The commision will be appointed by him and bai (non neutral). Surely they won't disclose what they been stealing from public coffers for last 7 yrs safely stashed in foreign bank accounts and investments. Leaving a little amount in Fiji bank accounts for so call transparency and accountability. They must be thinking we're all stupid like frank's army.

Komai said...

Mateo should spend the rest of his life in jail. Animals like him do not belong in society.

Man sentenced to 9 years for rape
Publish date/time: 05/04/2013 [11:02]

A 43 year old man has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment this morning for raping a 19 year old woman in March last year.

The lady was passing Tui Mateo Tukainiu's house to visit her boyfriend when he told her that the boyfriend was not at home.

Mateo than pulled her inside his house and raped her.

While sentencing him today, Suva High Court Judge Justice Paul Madigan highlighted Mateo has not shown any remorse in court, even to the extent of telling the court after conviction that he did not do anything.

He has previous convictions of assault and possession of drugs which does not allow him to give him credit for good character.

He also told the court that he has two ex wives and three children and he supports them all.

Judge Madigan also highlighted that Mateo told him in evidence that he has over 100 girlfriends, but Madigan said he found it difficult to believe.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newsletter the Fiji Sun (5/4) that " Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama continues to gain support from chiefs around the country.This time it's more chiefly support from the province of Cakaudrove in the Northern Division".
Isn't it ironical that the "Prime Minister " should continue "to gain support from chiefs" after he dismantled the chiefly system in Fiji following his illegal takeover?!
And, isn't it a contradiction that "the PM" and his cronies should be going around the country soliciting "more chiefly support" after crapping the chiefly institution in the country?
And, is it coincidental that this "more chiefly support" from Cakaudrove province should emerge just a day after the chiefs of the Rewa province gathered at Albert Park ( my old Suva soccer training venue)to reject the "Prime Minister's" draft constitution?
Seems orchestrated to me!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

E vaka me o keda ga eda access ena internet e levu jiko oqo na noda veiba kei na veitotaki, macawa jina na noda bula e da bau kila beka na dredre era sotava tu mai na noda vei koro O Rewa oqori era tou vodo basi ga mai nodra koro ki Suva, vacava o ira na noda ese dredre tu na veilakoyaki ka se sasaga jiko kina oqo na Matanitu mera vakararama taki ena gaunisala vilavila kei na wai ni gunu savasava..ke da sa mai tutu dede tu oqo i na taoni..se i valagi ena levu jiko na gusuda baleta ni levu ga na sara yaloyalo kei na va sinai vale lailai

Anonymous said...

Au vaka vinavinaka vakalevu ena Vanua o Burebasaga vua na Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi ena nomuni yalo vaka turaga / marama ena vei ka koni sa vakaraitaka ena nomuni kauta na nomuni kauwai ena vei ka sa caka tu oqo vei keda e Viti. Au sa nuitaka ni da na vei tokoni vei ira na Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi. Vei kemuni kece na wilika na blog qo eda sega ni vinakata me da liutaki mai vua e dua e sega ni rawa ni da vei talanoa vaka tamata qa sega ni rawa ni ciqoma ni tukuni lesu vei koya ni lasu ka me da vaka raica matua se ko cei ena noda i liuliu vinaka. Na vei ka e tu ena draft e dusia tu edua na liuliu mataboko ka sega ni dau vakarorogo ka qai tamata kocokoco,

Anonymous said...

Kudos to RoTemumu....she did it..like a lone voice in the wilderness without any support..marching on for the sake our family, our children, our tradition, our identity, our very existance...Voreqe & the military & all the coup apologist should know you day are numbered...for behind every lone voice of truth & justice , our saviour Jesus Christ stands with her...the tsunami of truth is coming down to fiji now..Voreqe & his family & his kawa should now get down their knees and seek forgiveness..

Anonymous said...

You assert a contradiction, but you haven't shown it.

I didn't claim the US invaded Iraq because Saddam was a dictator. Nor would I suggest, as you seemed to earlier, that the US should invade Fiji.

Now you're changing your argument from "the US has taught the Iraqis how to torture" to "the US wasn't justified in its invasion because it never found WMD." This is a logical non sequitur. Why don't you try to prove one point before moving to another? To do otherwise suggests that you can't.

But let's look at your new argument. The US and its Coalition partners didn't find stockpiles of WMD, but they had ample justification to act on other grounds. Some that spring to mind include the fact that the US and its allies had stopped their ground offensive during Operation Desert Shield in return for promises from Saddam to allow UN inspections of his weapons facilities, etc. The US actions in that war were subsequently endorsed by the UN, by the way. The UN Security Council repeatedly and unanimously passed increasingly tough resolutions reminding Iraq of its obligations. By reneging on his promises, Saddam clearly violated the original peace agreement and thereby consciously invited the possibility of renewed conflict.

Saddam did the same by trying to shoot down reconnaisance overflights of Iraq permitted under the peace agreement. He did the same again by openly flight testing missiles with ranges greater than those permitted under the agreement.

Saddam's attempt to assassinate an American president was itself strong justification for a US military response.

No evidence has surfaced to prove that Iraq possessed quantities of WMD sufficient to justify invasion. The fact that the Coalition didn't succumb to political pressure to plant the incriminating evidence, as other governments would have done, is commendable. But did a broad consensus exist within the US and its partners' intelligence communities that Iraq was developing WMD? Yes. And were there reasonable grounds for drawing such conclusions on the basis of the evidence then available? Certainly.

Saddam had developed such a program as a matter of priority in the past. He had used it during his aggression against Iran, and he had used it against his own citizens in the Kurdish north. Denying entry to the UN inspectors, at the risk of war, strongly implied something to hide. Saddam's own military officers thought he possessed WMD and was seeking ways to weaponise toxins.

You talk about casualties but fail to mention Saddam's genocidal actions against the Kurds, the hundreds of thousands of his own citizens he's estimated to have killed, or the half million soldiers and civilians killed in the war he launched against Iran. The United States and the dozens of other nations who have bravely served in Iraq -- including not a few Fijians -- deserve our thanks. They certainly do not deserve the blame for all of the casualties of the Iraq conflict. The main onus lies with the megalomaniac who insisted on brinksmanship... and badly miscalculated.

Anonymous said...

Vina du valevu Rewa. Rewa au ciba tu...lol.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:48 AM, the reason why Mick and Co are "talking illegal talk" is because, in the New Fiji, the truth is outlawed.

SEMI MEO said...

We really pity low life like @v....meo and other..attempting to make sense from their contradictory slimy spew is very very difficult indeed.

The Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi and her handful of old gentlemen subjects must be highly commended for participating in this process.

We thought that by now the supposed young energetic, academics, dedicated Christians, patriotic itaukei and loyal subjects would come from hiding under cover of Pseudonym and , at least, bravely blog in support???....nur....forever more these low Lucifer's and kids life like name thief "v..meo" prefer to hide until they are buried in an unmarked grave.

Simply, their profanity, curse and spews reverts their way and their respective families ten time the velocity their spewed.

OK now...I volunteer to join a group from the global Fijian Diaspora to travel to Suva and tell the Rear Admiral in his face what we think!

..or are we gonna blog here until after election?This is my email semimeo@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:39 AM, if we wanted more lip from Gwubby, we'd scrape it off of Bainimarama's zipper.

If you want to read his nonsense, be my guest, but don't subject the rest of us to it. Just go to his blogsite, assuming the site is still there.

Anonymous said...

Ilimotama is right, so very right.

We need to organise for Plan B.

Dakuwaqa2609@gmail.com or Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com

Anonymous said...

Government leaders like Bainimarama, Qarase, Chaudhary, Rabuka etc.. will come and go. But Chiefs, our traditional leaders, will always remain. They are the stabilizing factor in our land. Bainirarama and Khaiyum, may have decreed the abolishment of the GCC, but the Chiefs and the Vanua will always be there.

I remember in November and early December 2006 when the then (and the last) Chairman of the GCC, Ratu Ovini Bokini, the late Tui Tavua, with a delegation, waited in vain at the FMF gate at Nabua to see Bainirarama but Bainirarama would not see them telling them to go and "drink home brew under the mango tree". I told some coup cronies that the Chiefs would go back to their power bases, to their people and villages to regroup, and that they would come back to put things right. Well, some of them are coming back now. Soon we will find more of them coming back.

Khaiyum's sunset clause is now confronting real opposition.

Kai Bau said...

To Anonymous who said...
Me cava kina ni ra kawa ni tamata e ciao a na lotu. O Apenisa Cakobau e vakaluveni yarayara ka wili kina nona vaka bukete taka edua na veitacini .Blur,blur,blur....o raica ni ra luva tarausese se cava o jealous taka vei ratou.Na Kalou qo ena vakayagataka saraga na ka eda beca tu na tamata me cakava na lomana.O via vosa ena lotu na lotu e sega ni dau vakau caca na gusuna,na lotu e guilecava na ka o lai vakauta tiko mai qori.O ira qori era a oga taka na tubudra na kena lotu ko Viti sega ni macala e tu i vei o tubumu na gauana ni kau lotu qai mai o vosa viavia levu toka na gauna qo.Nanuma tiko na veivakalougata taki ni Kalou ena drodrova na nodra dra kena i karua ke ra sa vakatusai ira oti na turaga kei na marama qori vua na Klaou qai vosoti ira ia o iko e dua na tamata macawa mo qai nanuma tiko na ka ca baleti ira qai mai kakase tiko eke.Qo edua saraga na tamata dau lasa e tuba qo qai mai vosa toka vaka vuku.Au sa druka.

Anonymous said...

Tarogi Apenisa me tukuna vei iko. E cava e mosi ni tukuni na Dina. Na lotu o tiko kina qori e tukuna me kua ni tukuni na Dina? Na lotu esega ni dau were ubiubi. E kilai raraba tu nai vakarau vakamanumanu e cakava o ira na sa tukuni tu oqori. Ni caka vua e dua na wekamu ona qai kila na kena mosi.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau drau veicai kei Apenisa Cakobau. E cava me lai jealous taki kina nai TiVo vaka kaisi e cakava tale vua edua na vuvale Kai Tailevu. Na yalewa e vakawekani, magaijinamudrau vata kei Apenisa.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:25 PM, can u read mate???
u dumb ass its not GDs bullshit spin.
its the usual funny love letter betewn shassy and grubby u dumb nitwit!!!

Anonymous said...

Large part of group of subjects of Teimumu Kepa stated they just their for chiefly protocol but when it comes to voting they vote for Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who are ranting on about a moral and traditional Fiji contrary to what Anon 8.55 is saying please wake up and look around. Almost every city dweller is on FACEBOOK. They are all watching porn on the net despite the so called stupid ban of Porn in Fiji and i am sure many of you on this blog site do the same. Most of Fiji's city dwellers couldn't give a rats ass about the old ways. Don't believe me ask around OR better still sit at the food court in MHCC and observe. Intermarriage is on the rise. More and more of us i taukei are becoming fairer as a result of the mixing of the blood lines and with distinctively different features. Fiji and the i taukei race is changing. The young I taukei want to have fun and enjoy life and they are getting more and more race and color blind. These things don't matter to them. Groupings in the young generation is defined by which music you listen too, how you dress and the size of your dads bank account. It is no longer about race or color or creed.
Those of you still holding on to the old ways are a dying breed and your chiefs and the ways of old is dying. I am simply the messenger stating the obvious. The young who number the most and is the future of Fiji don't give a damn anymore they want the good things in life without the baggage of culture and traditions attached and if all of you old farts cant see the obvious well that is your stupidity. Go on stick to your damn Vanua and all that crap by the time you realize it Fiji would have moved so far ahead that you wont recognize it anymore.

Vutuki Meo said...

@anonymous 3:24
I heard that 75% of those young Fiji people on FACEBOOK are unemployed.
I wonder where they get their food from?????...
Oh yeahh... THOSE OLD FARTS of course.
How silly of me!

When life gets too hard and they need a shoulder to cry on, who do they lean on?????

Oh yeah.... those old farts again.

Some have no shoulder to cry on and now SUICIDE IS INCREASING amongst young people in Fiji.
How come FACEBOOK cant help them?
How come the Internet cant help them?
Whatever happened to our society?
More Poverty
More Rape
More Child sexual molestation...
What a farked up culture!
But guess what FACEBOOK will fix it.
Yeah right.
May I suggest you go home and give thanks to God that there are old farts around who still have a bit of culture and are willing to share the little they have with their fellow Fijians.

The young ways said...

anon 324pm, ur so wrong.
u speak for urself and not us other young well balanced and informed youth who make up the majority.
cos u come from a broken home dont think that the rest of youth wanna be like u pervert disrepectful self centered wanker.
dont bother coming here..just go bak and perve at ur filth porn.
whats respecting elders got to do with race???
u got no culture to be proud of thats ur problem. but dont rubbish others who want to nuture respect and the old ways.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.24 right ,,,,exactly how many of these people are linked to their villages, mataqali etc ,,?? looks like you an urban minority!! look around you,,,90% of land is owned by those you dismissive of ,,,thing little boy on Rewa chief leads petition on draft Constitution

Keep The Faith said...

The Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi was not the only woman who, with fellow Rewan chiefs stood up to the regime yesterday.

Fijian public servants are all a flutter about Khaiyum's carefully scripted and painstakingly stage-managed "consultation" event that was upstaged by another high ranking chiefly woman who promptly browbeat him, the illegal and treasonous regimes draft and stole his thunder.

Vijay Narayan was sitting there among the crowd but chose instead to bleat Khaiyum's news about Qarase and Momi.

The Oracle said...

So Sayed-Khaiyum says ex-convicts can stand for elections as a way of having them re-enter civilised society. GOOD ONE. But the PROBLEM is the Bainimarama government has decided for all of us, which type of convict cannot contest - those convicted of dishonesty, abuse of office, and sexual offences in the five years prior to elections. So, Qarase is bowled out even before the innings begins, while the convicted murderer Permanent Secretary, will have cleared the five year hurdle by the time of elections!!!! The problem with the Draft is it is heavily in FAVOUR of those currently in power and we cannot change it unless we can get 75% votes in Parliament AND THEN endorsement through national Referendum???? Seriously, can that ever happen? It's apparent Bainimarama and his buddies have written a Constitution to safeguard their own and NOT FIJI's interests.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama should be scared. his so called supporters that come on this site to vent or support him don't even have the courage to show their identity. Why, i wonder? is it because you will flee like rats when bainimarama falls.you don't really support him you're just there for the short term benefits!!! if you really did support Bainimarama then you would have nothing to fear!! Nothing bad is going to happen to you, your family, friends, neighbors, relatives and you wont compromise your livelihood. in fact you most likely get a leg up!!
if you're serious about supporting him then show your support by showing your identity . else will start to think that the only people that come on this site to support Bainimarama is his immediate families, mainly wife, son and daughters the same with Khaiyum and his family ,that's why they choose to remain anonymous!!
Frank/Khaiyum supported by cowards.

we on the other hand, hide our identity because of our safety, safety for our family, relatives, neighbors, friends and our livelihood. you can count on this, our vote against Bainimarama will be our identity.


Anonymous said...

anon 3.24pm
you obviously a culture less clue less retard moving around in a superficial world just ready to go to the next via suicide,,,,,,

ghekko said...

Frederick Douglas, 19th century opponent to slavery eloquently stated....Those who profess to savor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing the ground. they want rain without thunder and lightning. they want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. the struggle maybe a moral one; or it maybe a physical; or both moral and physical.but it must be a struggle. power concedes nothing without demand. it never did and it never will.

Marama Rokotui Dreketi and her people of Rewa made a definite, resounding statement to commodore bainimarama and his soldiers, to aiyaz, regime cabinet and advisors, actually to the peole of fiji and international community. mark my word, this is the begininng of the end for bainimarama, so choose carefully where you want be.

at least, we know that bainimarama will put up a fight.

after 7 years of bainimarama regime we now know that our freedom to choose who leads us will only be won with a struggle. we must prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically to oust bainimarama and those behind him. it maybe long and may require lives, but let us not be deterred or down hearted but persevere till we succeed.
actually, this struggle will go down in history as fiji's struggle from bainimarama's tyranny and evil.

Anonymous said...

I can heck almost anything but one thing I will never have is any Muslim or anyone else insulting my god.

Anonymous said...

where the heck is stupid alisi daurewa?? rewans marched yeaterday so where was she and hubby???
or is she from Tami Nadu he he he

Anonymous said...

anon 3.24pm u said:....Groupings in the young generation is defined by which music you listen too, how you dress and the size of your dads bank account. It is no longer about race or color or creed. ...
shows exactly the kind of spoilt cultureless teenager u are...dads bank account uh???...he is an old fart i guess. sadly he didnt pass on to u his culture, or maybe he did thats y u ar who u ar.

Kai Bau said...

To Annon about Rt Apenisa... vosa taka tu i vei na dina pufter,sega na dina qori baleta ni o vuni tu qai o vosavosa ca taki RATU APENISA,walei na dina,au sa druka na vosa vakamatau drau yavu bavulu ravarava kawa ca.Ke ca vei iko na ka e cakava o Rt Apenisa tu wavoki tu ga qo o koya tarova nona Pajero taroga me qai vaka rua taka vei iko na ka e cakava vei Meli Bainimarama.Cava kena dredre ya,o ira na tagane ko cavuta tiko qo na yacadra eke era tu voli ga qo,lako lai tarogi ira ke ca vei iko na ka era kitaka.Tu qori na Roko Tui Dreketi lai kauta vua na dina qori me na qai ra tawana mai Rewa na demu ni na laulau sabisabi laki mai vaka dua na gone.Sega ni rauti iko nai koba rauti iko ga nai sabi baleta ni o gusugusu tiko vaka yalewa.Na dina my bum

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum brother go back to pakistan.
You have insulted the christians..
time you ask forgiveness from the christians .we are proud of our god christ.
fiji is becoming a taliban state frank open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Gone Marama Bale and Rewa.Turaga Tui Cakau's support of GMB and her stand against constituion is well known, he has never changed and will renmain firm. Sega ni mai turaga dau va'asua a turaga qo, e dei tu ga. Tui Macuata is a kaisi, not a chief, that's why he is called Katonivere. BOX OF DECEIT.Qo e dua na tamata vereverea koya yacana kina o Katonivere, dua na yaca rogorogo ca. tukuni keda ga na yacada se vaievei..

Anonymous said...

What Fijian army/police officers have to say about khaiyum brothers trying to insult christians.
If we do the same to muslims they wont like it.
time for holy war stop messing with christian faith khaiyum.
god bless christians.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:24 PM

Well said ! Everyone has a choice in this life to be who they want and do what they want.

You have made your choice to move forward in the 'modern' era so take no notice of those that criticise you. Remember, they have more than likely had the same choices available but never took them, and many will regret that for the rest of their life.

Suva is full of youngsters like you with I'm sure the same view on life today.

I'm an old fart but pleased when I see and hear the younger generation moving on. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

FBC apologises for airing programme
April 1, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) apologises to its viewers regarding a programme the station aired on Friday, March 29.
In a statement FBC said “We would like to apologise for any offence caused to any of our viewers during the broadcast of an Islamic special programme at 2pm on Friday, March 29.”
Meanwhile a viewer, Edwin Singh, of Wainibuku, said it was shocking that such a programme was allowed to be broadcasted in the first place.
“While the leaders of our nation are making policies and reforms which promote unity and religious tolerance and acceptance, the FBC TV programme was an insult to such reforms as the Christian faith was openly condemned and criticised with baseless arguments.
“Instead of airing a programme which explained the significance of Easter, FBC chose to air a programme which condemned the significance of Easter,” Mr Singh said.
The FBC statement said “This was a paid programme and the views expressed in it are not those of FBC’s.
“FBC adheres to strictly scrutinise all programmes that it airs to avoid the issue of causing any particular person or community any offence.
“We apologise sincerely for any sensitive material that was broadcast on the day that we failed to scrutinise”.

Coup 4.5 said...

adding to my earlier post.
1. But contradictions have been pretty much the norm of this "govt" from day one of taking over power illegally.
2. This driving of a wedge among the chiefs is reminescent of the old colonial strategy of "divide and rule" the local population.But I thought this ruling mob was anti-colonial and wanted to create a "new Fiji" cleared off its colonial complexion? Is this another of it's countless contradictions?
best regards,
rajend naidu

TV Sunset Program said...

its too late to apologise.
airass has made it abundantly clear what his intentions are - to demolish and destroy all the things that fijians hold dear to their hearts.

This has to be the greatest insult ever. Isnt it enof for him to take away all the fijians lands and institutions? Isnt it enof for him to lie to the fijians about protecting their lands better than ever before? this man just lies without blinking and a conscience. such arrogance.
the sunset is well on the way.

Namena said...

This is where Eyearse is leading this country.

By appointing his Muslim Brother to head TV and other muslims to other high offices, he is going all the way out to trash the Fijian indegenous race on all that we hold dear to their heart...religion, culture, customs, land, our rights in our own country and so on.

This is under the protection and benevolence of the Fiji military that is about 90% indegenous soldiers commanded by the dictator who wants to make himself out to be a kai Kiuva and a Fijian and who ordered the Fijian chiefs to continue drinking home brew under mango trees.

The muslims in Fiji have no bounds in insulting the Fijian race and declothing us of all our identity and pride......condoned by the dictator....and to rub salt to injuries, he wants us to vote for him to lead Fiji agin from 2014,

So are you my fellow indegenous people going to keep on tolerating this????

The FBC and Muslim minders decided to insult our Christian God on the most holy date on our Christian calenda by a muslim mullar......this is a most degrading, most put down irrelegious act by a minor race in our vountry to the major race the indegenous Fijians...so we are going to take it all lying down???.

If Fiji was a muslim country, there will be mayhem now all over Fiji and all other religious adherents will be torched, murdered, raped and tortured.

What will we do...let it go???? Let the swines get off scott free....do not listen to all the BS apologies.

No we should go out and attack EyeArse and the muslims straight away.

I am heading for Nausori to burn up homes....I wll....see you.

Anonymous said...

this was not a true apology.
it was an april fools joke.

Anonymous said...

The program was being advertised days before it was aired. How then can it be a mistake? If it is a paid program who sponsored it? Enough lies!

Anonymous said...

The program was being advertised days before it was aired. How then can it be a mistake? If it is a paid program who sponsored it? Enough lies!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:12 You remind me of the saying, "the blind leading the blind and they both fall...."

Ooops I can't remember the end of that saying.

Anonymous said...

Senior Govt members required to reveal their assets and liabilities said ASK in Fiji Village. He said this will be in place in next 3 months. Why does it take 3 months to put in place when they can change and push draft constitution in less time! Unless he and PM are busy hiding things.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9.07. I can feel your anger and hatred. The fact is the very God you are talking about preached forgiveness and love even when he was being crucified.Some Christian you are. The fact is this is not a fundamentalist Muslim country but Fiji. I am a Muslim and i have never supported this regime. While i agree with say 5% of what they are doing i am of the opinion that even that 5% is done with and ulterior motive. As a Muslim i love Jesus as much as you do as a Christain. We may disagree on certain aspects of his life but i would not be a Muslim if i did not honor and love him. While i did not see the program i will say this that if he chose to insult Jesus he was wrong and the FBC should be taken to task for airing this. However this does not make all Muslims bad and you certainly cannot paint all Muslims with the same brush just as we cannot group all Christians with the rioters in 2000. As a Muslim i would like to apologize sincerely for this

mark manning said...

It's so easy to blame Moslems for what has happened in Fiji. I even was misguided enough and prejudice enough to have done it myself on occasions.
But that was in my moments of anger, frustration and ignorance and stupidity.
Having taken the time, now, to reassess things, I've come to realise that this coup is simply based on the usual.
Greed, power, money and the illusion of ones own importance!

The person who instigated the coup, is Christian, the people who supported and helped him, predominantly, Christian, the Soldiers who enforced and enhanced his coup, predominantly, Christian, the police who legitimised his actions, a combination of religions.
Seriously, we must begin the return to Democracy in the way we intend it to live it once it is restored.
through the Rule of Law.

Don't expect a return to Law and Order for Fiji and its People, if you are already planning to circumvent, ignore and break those very same Laws!

The future for you, your children and grandchildren, quite simply is in your hands.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:09

No you don't know Christ. Yours is a false religion started many many years after Christ by a con man who worshiped moon god.

You only put Christ in your Quran just to make Islam look good and deceit people.

Your religion is evil and you will never find peace, just look around you.

Vili Navukitu said...

Vinaka vakalevu REWA oi keda na lewe ni Matanitu BUREBASAGA me da dei tiko vua na noda Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi me sa sereki o VITI mai na butobuto ni nodrai valavala o ira nai lala ka ra butakoca vei keda na lewa dodonu ni noda vanua kei na kenai yau.

Ni QAQA saka tiko na Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi kei na Vanua Vakaturaga O REWA.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh why don't you come to Fiji and start the Holy war. We will all support you. Reading some of your comments here, your very versed with all that is going on in the political arena. Im pretty sure you will make a good leader. BRO if you stand for election, I will definitely vote for you.




Anonymous said...

Bai stop hiding behind your abusive
writings,so you think you could get away with it eh? Well we know how you react when things doesn't goes your way?You either hurl abusive language at them, or you get your friends to hold them down, so you can pound on them and or jump on their stomach? Now you
know that your bullshit can only go on for a while until the people
get's enough of your bullshit,then
they will REVOLT!!!and REVOLT we will! You can take this to the bank
but just don't steal the money while you're at it? I think, as a matter of fact, the Rako Tui Rewa
March last week is the Begining of
you're undoing? take my words for it? I have purschased a rope and am
making a noose just for your PIG neck and so is Khaiyum and Gate?

Anonymous said...

good one @anon 10.00PM

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon 10:00 PM. You really hit the nail on the head. If only we who call ourselves Christians in Fiji were practising what had been been preached to them, we would not be suffering as we are now suffering.

I live near a church building in a village. Many times after a church service, I would hear many come out of the building use abusive language, of the very demeaning and desecrating kind, on others and the same abusive words hurled back. Whether seriously used or used in jest, the inappropriateness and the detrimental effects upon the rising generation lead them to become more degenerate than the previous generation. We have seen unprintable words printed on this site and I commend C 4.5 for taking the time to delete them.

Adultery amongst our chiefs, whose ancestors adopted christianity under very trying circumstances, has become rampant and their subjects, we the common people, have followed suit. What we do not fathom is that adultery (rape and fornication and even same-sex sexual acts are forms of adultery because they are practised without the sanctity of a legal and authorized marriage between a man and a woman) is only second to murder in seriousness and severity.

While these immoral conducts may not be illegal, yet they are extremely serious and abhorrent sins in the eyes of God. They are a breach of the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not commit adultery and thou shalt not bear false witness, nor shalt thou utter the name of God in vain.

It is not a wonder then that we are leaving ourselves open to be ruled by maniacs because we are behaving like maniacs ourselves.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous April 7th 4:48 PM & April 6, 2013 at 10:00 PM

I fully agree with both your sentiments but feel you are on a losing battle.

Christianity is unfortunately losing the respect of many in the same way that other religions are. This is due to the fringe elements and extremists who for selfish, illegal, political and comercial reasons are using it as a tool for their own self gains.

The major Christian denominations are now suffering from the exposing of illegal activity within their cloth and some of these supposed role models of Christianity are now locked up while their Churches are having to pay out millions in compensation for their crimes.

The congregations are dwindling and some of these denominations are having to resort to cheap advertising to try and attract people. The Fiji Times Saturday ran the advertisement for one Church "Suva One Stop Church" sounds on a par with a garage, takeaway of massage parlour.

There are many Churches now running services for more hours in a week than the average person would be expected to work for a living. They are causing an increase in family breakdown, a breakdown of education of the young and an increase in unproductive time.

So whilst some will strive to protect true Christianity and their own faith unfortunately they will find they no longer have the respect of many until such time as they eradicate the ones that are giving the faith such a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Journey with Christ into the sunrise... and not into Khaiyum's sunset (clause). lol.

Meaning: If you're genuine with concerns about lifting the standards of the Fijian population, then don't give that treasonous con-artist and illegal AG any reason or excuse to meddle into Fijian affairs such as land that Fijians themselves are MORE THAN CAPABLE of dealing with.

Anonymous said...

True Christians are aware that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are surely setting their eyes on bringing this Christian land, sacred and holy to its iTaukeis, into the sunset.

I, as a Christian, am genuinely concerned and am not willing to allow Bainimarama and Khaiyum, to desecrate our Christian and moral values. However, we also should not permit their selfishness and greed to rub off on us and permeate our beings that we become like them.

We need to espouse rightness, correctness, transparency, selflessness and a sense of well-being for all who are in the ambit of our precious sovereign nation, that all who will live in this land in future will prosper in peace and goodwill leaving intact, of course, the rights of its native landowners.

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER 3 PEOPLE attempted SUICIDE last Sunday.
All is not well in the new Fiji.

Police concerned with increase in suicide and attempted suicide cases
Publish date/time: 09/04/2013 [07:05]

The Fiji Police Force is concerned with the increase in suicide and attempted suicide cases, following three cases of attempted suicide reported on Sunday....

LETS GET THEM ON TO FACEBOOK, so that they can have LOTS of "friends" and never attempt suicide again.
Yeah Right!

Anonymous said...

'Draft Constitution test for officers' (Fiji Times 11April)should read 'Draft constitution shoved down throat of officers' because that is really what is happening. The police officers are being brainwashed. Can the police force invite a critic to also explain the draft so that they have a more balanced appraisal and can make a more informed judgement on it? That won't happen, right?

Anonymous said...

too right! why the phuck should the police officers be wasting their time and tax payers money on doing a written test on the draft constitution? It is NOT the supreme law of the land is it? what a farce!
do the police do a written test on their oath of police and their professional code of conduct and ethic ?


rajend naidu how can you address frank PM, Prime ministers are elected by the people and respected, not someone who force himself into the position with gun.. Frank is dictator crook and murder etc,etc , that's his title and should be address as such.. I admire you comments, frank as PM is not on, can you call him by any other name that suits a dictator crook murder.. BUT PM.. SA RAUTA MADA..

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