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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bainimarama's daughter free rides to see Fiji's new plane

No mention of her in the official releases about the Air Pacific delegation that went to France to collect the new A330, but Frank Bainimarama's daughter is flying high as well.

The daughter of Fiji's self-appointed leader, Bernadette Bainimarama, gave it away herself posting these pictures on her Facebook along with a note saying she was in Lourdes to see 'Fiji Airways newest plane'.

No mention of whether she paid her own way, but is that really likely? More probable she was part of the group, thanks to the perks of being Daddy's Girl and her trip is being paid for by our taxes, just as the new plane is being paid for by the pensioner's funds.

Bainimarama and the Air Pacific team have officially taken possession of the second A330 aircraft from the Airbus outlet in Toulouse after meeting Airbus’ vice president for contracts and delivery transactions,Thierry Van Der Heyden.

The plane is being named Namuka-I-Lau, in honour of the designer of the Masi motif now used on the aircraft, Makereta Matemosi, despite the huge outcry over the decision to commercialize the traditional designs for the exclusive use of Air Pacific.

The aircraft is due to fly into Nadi this Thursday.


  1. c4.5 you are making accusations on assumptions and you know what they say about assumptions...it's the mother of all fuckups.

    Long Live Bainimarama
    Long Live FMF
    Dharam Lingam

    1. Sivia na yalo ca ni tamata :Kila ni na lesu mai na Kalou levu era na cava i eli baleta ni ca tu na yalodra Dalaiva na ka kece vua na Kalou :Thats her opportunity, I believe thay God wants to do great tjing in Fiji :To Bainimaramas government our prayers are with you!!! We pray that God will open many doors!!!This goverment is a godly government!!!

  2. C4.5 you are not helping anyone in making this kind of assumptions because you have not supported your assumptions with facts and are tying to touch on peoples emotion. People already understand and are frustrated with what is going on and we all agree that we want an end to all this military rule. Your articles must be based on hard core facts and also verifiable which which should not only inform your bloggers but also enlighten them. This type of blogs..anyone can put up in their blogs sites.So please for the benefit of those wanting to know interesting things about the military council plan, give us the facts and not something extracted out of thin air....

  3. Has C4.5 done any research into the company now contracted by the current regime to develop our electronic voting system. Words out here and there is that this same Canadian company is alleged to have done Kenya's recently disputed elections where the son of former President Myawi Kibaki is said to have won under controversial circumstances. To me it rings a bell on the probable outcome of the upcoming elections....

  4. The point in this article is the illegal use by Frank and Co. of FNPF funds.
    Frank's daughter is of no consequence, whether she travelled using her own funds or not. Either way, Frank's family have benefited from their Father's act of High Treason against The State of Fiji and it is Fijians of all walks of life who have had to foot the bills!
    It's funny how Frank's supporters demand facts when the Regime relies on propaganda.

  5. Mark the point is this is bullshit hearsay, trying to paint a different picture of this beautiful young lady.

  6. The plane is being named Namuka-I-Lau, in honour of the designer of the Masi motif now used on the aircraft, Makereta Matemosi

    WHY wasn't MAKERETA taking to France to receive the plan?

  7. Agree with anonymous above - why not Makereta as a final thank you. We in Fiji indeed have our own Marcos family and children will need to do some quick history sessions to know the possible end result of ll the jaunts you are enjoying now while daddy is holding a gun

  8. @Dharam Cocksucking Lingham
    Its called "Abuse of Office" farkhead and its a criminal offence.

  9. Why does Frank Bocimarama have to go a second time to receive this plane. This asshole likes to be in the limelight 24hrs. He loves to be seen as the MAIN BOY. He thinks He a hero. How many times has he travel overseas on tax payers expenses when there are more qualified people who can do a better job than him. He is not corrupt but only people who challenge him are corrupt. What an arsehole wannabe dumb, claim to be PM

  10. Don't be silly C4.5 - why would she pay her own way?

    Is anyone paying their own way?

    She part of the pick up crew at the expense of taxpayers and looks to be relishing her sojourn to France!

  11. Whichever way she got there, she is still using taxpayers money which her father stole from us. Bloody namu family. Go sweat for your living you bloody kutu.

  12. The famous photo of VB's son with illegal PM dictator father in a stretched limo on Govt funded trip to watch Sevens in HK comes to mind....similar to this daughter on Govt funded trip to France...while the hard low paid workers in Fiji who are footing the bill hardly able to survive.

    Its typical of non-accountable corrupt leadership...he acts as if Fiji belongs personally to him.

    Its the more reason to hack him off leadership and have him locked up for crimes committed.

    The fist fights at the Suva market recently aimed at Policemen is a natural result of frustrations and anger against the illegal Govt by a Namosi crowd (would have joined them if I was present...it will boil over soon to a more widespread revolt against this corrupt illegal regime .

  13. Dictators all have similar traits. They and their families elevate to high living and perks while in government using or more like abusing taxpayers money with no accountability. And like most dictators they will fall along with their high living families. Is bai going to take delivery of all 3 aircrafts. I don't see the necessity but then bai wants to travel at every opportunity available. Maybe iarse wants bai out so he can be in the limelight of acting pm.


  14. Indigenous Fijians and Govt they had supported had been claimed by the current illegal Govt and its supporters as racist but look up this recent report on the most racist countries, implying their peoples and populations are the most racists...not us Fijians.....


    'Most racist' countries (and the answers may surprise you)
    •Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Jordan and India named least tolerant countries
    •U.S., Britain, Canada and South America are among the least racist
    •Survey asks people if they would want neighbours of a different race

  15. Doesnt he travel alot? An excuse to stay away from the office where he wouldnt know what to do anyway while the country is slowly being sold to Asians. Dictators do enjoy luxury while they can, but history tells us where they all end up. Our future lies in Gods hands. AMEN

  16. A lot of assumptions have been made about this regime, and virtually every time we've given Bainimarama the benefit of the doubt, he has betrayed us. Only those seeking favours from him still support him.

  17. Dictators do that sort of thing. it would be surprising if Bainimarama did NOT do such things. remember Bainimarama is a dictator.
    Dharam -Long Live Bainimarama - Lingam is unable to see this because he does not have a good grasp of reality.
    the man's mental!

  18. Make hay whilst the sun shines, for tomorrow you hang.

  19. Dharam sucks cocksMay 20, 2013 at 11:52 AM

    Dharam lingam, geez you're one angry cocksucking bitch aren't ya? This ugly daughter of Boci does not deserve to be there. In what capacity was she there for? Dharam just continue sucking cock because that's the only thing you're good at.

    1. She is Bai darling daughter. Like everyman kids we take our kids with us. Naturally any dad can do the same. Not a big deal. This is Bai Era...

  20. editor
    Keep Fiji Clean (FT 20/5)
    People think keep Fiji clean means keeping Fiji clean of rubbish. It is important to do that. But it is more important to keep Fiji clean of rotten self-serving political leaders.
    Fiji continues to have a very serious problem in this regard notwithstanding Frank Bainimarama's purported "clean up" coup.
    Frank and his mob have become a caricature of the bad political leadership they have been bitching about.
    In fact the absence of all democratic accountability and transparency makes them even worse.
    rajend naidu

  21. Kai Bau.....Vunidawa who wants to believe that bullcrap assumption of racist countries yes India???? why not they were treated like shit by the British and thats why Ghandi took them to their freedom.But now in Fiji we are going thropugh the same but this time its by Voreqes men mainly the muslim race

  22. All dictators are the same. Their fame first, family second and the rest later.

  23. I worry about the end product. Great transport but to what? What new resorts since 2006? How many investors lost money? Where are the new tourist investors? This is definitely putting the cart before the horse. We want foreign investment not foreign loans. This lack may be the downfall of our Fiji Airways investment.

  24. I recond she is cute, yumyyy, Bai can I have her for dinner?

  25. @Anonymous 1:24
    You can have the bitch if you want.
    You can have her mother too.
    Just take the whole farking family with you please.
    We'll even pay you to do it.
    We dont want to see any of them.

  26. No don't do that annon 2:46pm, you can have the mother, or even the father, I take what I please, n I have enough money to treat her like a queen.

  27. @Anonymous 3:07
    I think you missed the point.
    I said "take the whole farking family" That means I don't want to see mother or father or the farking cat.

    It's beginning to sound like you have as much insight as a fencepost.

  28. I think Fiji is the only country whose PM goes to receive the aircraft in another country. In PNG, pm waits for the aircraft(many) in the country while the pilots and engineers bring the aircrafts in. Maybe PNG doesn't have much compared to Fiji aye. Da kaya ga...

  29. Sa sivia ga vei iratou na matavuvale qo na viavialevu kei na dokadoka. Yavu kanaloto.

  30. 3:35pm, am sorry bro we maybe on a wrong trip, am admiring the daughter with her beauty, u're on to something else, u sound like some racist bulshit artist, dont bring ur corrupt attitude to polute other right thinking right minded people.

    So keep ur farking cat for ur enjoyment. Get the fark out off this blog, u farking idiot.

  31. @Anonymous 4:59
    The old book says any "beautiful" woman that lacks discretion is like a pig with a gold ring.
    Her posting all that on Facebook shows she lacks "discretion" in bucketloads.

    So fark off cunt! Go and enjoy your farkibng piglet.

  32. I think its important to remember that she is not the dictator of the country, neither is his entire family. If your father was a murder, how would you feel when the society condemns your entire family for something one member solely did? These are people that we are talking about, and they do have feelings, the only crime they have committed is having a father who is the illegal PM of our country. The fact still remains, that there is no hardcore evidence that the taxpayers money was used to fund her trip. I do believe that one day, he will be accountable for his actions, but right now, it is not fair to write accusations about his daughter without any proof. There may be some bad things happening here at home, but we should not stoop so low and perceive such things which would result in more boiling of blood. Remember that there are always consequences for ones actions.

  33. C.45 you know she didn't and wouldn't have paid her own!

    You're just causing grief for yourself giving these freeloaders the benefit of the doubt.

    Fiji wannabes on facebook all rushing to the defence of Bainimarama's daughter when they know she got a freebie.

    That's the damn trouble with Fiji...too many suck arses

    And it is not the first time Fiji's corrupt little piglets have fed at the trough.

  34. A former member of the Fijian Nationalist and SDL party supports Bainimara constitution. Dr Baba says that he supports non-race politics and believes now is the time for one man one man vote.

  35. Reply to Anon 9.32am..Bai is an idiot and his isiotic status is being used well by Khai. You are right there, why shud Bai go a second time for the collec tion of the planes. Khai is the one that controls him now and sends away again on this trip because he likes the feel PM's chair so much. He knows when Bai goes he takes over. Not only that, he also uses this time when the idiot is away to dip his hand into the state kitty together with his crooked witchy auntie Bano.

  36. So much spite and jealousy.

    Why should she be there ?
    Who's paying for it ?
    How much did it cost ?

    I'd rather see a good looking young person representing Fiji in France than some dumb old freeloading civil servant.

  37. the chairman Nalin Patel and wife has also gone to receive the plane. why airpac has to pay nalins wife fare and accomodation

    how can one justify that

    also shenaaz boss and jayshree raniga went...jay shree has resigned but even then she was allowed to go....

    who can justify this

    well wat goes around comes around..
    god is watching

  38. did she really worked her way to obtain her degree or its another tyrant influence to USP for her to graduate...lols!!!!

  39. uro uro uro......push tailevu!

  40. Allen LockingtonMay 20, 2013 at 10:16 PM

    Oe your are are bloody woose.... now you target the children ,... you couldn't find anything with the parents.... you were at gutter level now you are in the valenivo keli .... goodness... why not fight properly ... if this was war you would be tried for war crimes... have you no ethics... you suwara ...

  41. Look at it objectively. Knowing and seeing how Frankie operates, taking what is not his and using for his misguided purposes, conducting his personal business as official work without transparency, do you really think that his daughter or Frankie used any of their own money for this trip?! Not likely. I mean, how would we know anyway, not like they will divulge the government accounts. So how we not think that this trip of hers is tax payer funded.

  42. I hope the FBI shoots the farking plane out of the sky.
    That will solve a lot of problems.

  43. Anonymous 8:03, this isn't about "spite and jealousy". It's about trying to hild an unelected government accountable.

    Bainimarama doesn't represent us, much less his daughter.

    I'd rather see my taxpayer money going to a civil aviation expert from a government we elected than to the daughter of an unelected thug who gained office through treason.

  44. Anonymous 5:54, of course we have every right to question how it is that the daughter of the despot is going along on the despot's trip to France. And of course there is little question but that the people of Fiji are footing the bill for this extravagance. Don't misplace your sentimentality by wasting it on this mob.

  45. Admiring the daughter for her beauty? Really? The poor girl looks like her ugly father wearing a wig and some makeup.

    Maybe you've been screwed by her father so much that his appearance has now grown on you.

  46. Lets puts it this way......
    I would not be silly enough to spend my own money
    just to fly across to France which takes more than 10 hrs flight just to seat in the new plane back to Fiji unless I win a lottery or someone fund my ticket.

    Even if I have the money, I wouldn't be wasting my time for that.

    Would she be able to do that had her father not in that position??

    So who may be funding her trip anyway???

  47. Bainimarama travels around the globe with his family every week and its time we take this to another level. He should buy a jet similar to air force one and name it banana one.

  48. Guys get a life. Do you think that it is good to bring back any empty aircraft from France? It is better to have a full load and let this people enjoy the ride.

  49. Miss Bainimarama has now shut her page down hahahaha

  50. Just think, the Top 100 Criminals in Fiji will be on that plane.

    I hope a tornado gets hold of it and shoves it to the bottom of The Atlantic ocean.

  51. New Zealand's prime minister said that NZ will support Bainimarama's government if he wins the 2014 election, do you really Mr Key, by hook, by crook or by guns you'll still support the bastard, do you ever realized what Bainimarama has to Fiji and brainwashing you with his lies that everything is okay.

    I suggest you leave Fiji alone, no body needs your farking support.

  52. Oilei Bernadette Iko mo DP GA

  53. anon 8.01am 20 May
    Cause she cant fit into the seat stupid

  54. Miss Bainimarama probably finally realised that she (well the cost of her life) is indeed being fully subsidised by honest hardworking taxpayers of Fiji who did not elect or ask for her dad's regime to take over, let alone endorse his idiot father to collect numerous salaries and benefits of other ministerial portfolios. oh i forgot pay himself for not taking leave for 30 friggin years which even though he paid back, was a shameful and dishonest thing to do in the first place.

  55. Miss Bainimarama probably finally realised that she (well the cost of her life) is indeed being fully subsidised by honest hardworking taxpayers of Fiji who did not elect or ask for her dad's regime to take over, let alone endorse his idiot father to collect numerous salaries and benefits of other ministerial portfolios. oh i forgot pay himself for not taking leave for 30 friggin years which even though he paid back, was a shameful and dishonest thing to do in the first place.

  56. unfortunately corruption is rife in fiji govt but the existing team do not want to own up and they think it is all normal

    big choros in military people and govt ministers but they do not want to own up because no one is able to control the judicary is lame duck and president is well known drunk- lets taki!!

    bad fututre for fiji coming up even after elections

  57. This isn't about Frank Bainimarama's daughter or his family. It's about Law and Order and the thefts from Fijians by Frank, Aiyaz and their supporters and Fiji's own Military backing those thefts.

    I heard that a woman was disembowelled by Chinese and people told to stay indoors!
    Anyone know anything about that?

  58. Someone on fiji today is harping about the $80/tonne cane payment as bullshit and regime vote buying propaganda.

    I enjoy reading the blogs to have a good laugh as it shows people are so emotional to the point of being fanatical that they lose sight of logic on both sides of the line.

    The view that $80/ tonne is impossible is based on the wrong assumption. It states 2 million tonnes of sugar cane. The reality is that actual cane was around 1.5m tonnes. Now if you do the sums, it looks ok and that's the reality.

    The lower cane production was due to the floods. Some will blame the floods on FB, and I can't stop them.

  59. For all those who champian that democracy is the way forward, it is important that we let people with an opposing view the right to be heard. If we can't, then we are merely doing what the Regime is doing and that is not democractic.


  60. Cava tale e sogo kina na FB account, Beranaveka Bainimarama??? Vakaraitaka ga nomu ulu pepa na biut i taba tu mai va qori - What were you so excited about? The fact that you father stole money from taxpayers to make you to see the world?? Fucken CHEAP family!!!!

  61. @Mark Manning 8:39 PM I heard that they are also doing this in Australia and the USA. Not only are the victims being disembowelled but the organs are being passed off in restaurants as chicken. Anyone know anything about it ? Yes, the streets are empty in Fiji, everyone locked in their homes. But now they want the army and police to come to their rescue and catch the culprits. The army and police will only help those that support and respect them.

  62. @ anon 1028 a.m.
    I don't know what your smoking, but can I have some please?
    Whatever it is, it seems to be sending you to a world of your own, another planet in fact.
    It seems the Chinese Triads are fully entrenched now in Fiji.
    Frank Bainimarama, taking Fiji forward!

  63. It would have been fitting to get Makereta Matemosi to be part of the delegation who will bring the "Namuka i Lau" home. I hope supporters of FB are looking at what he is doing. I rest my case.

  64. Samoan testicles now being sold in Hong Kong as jumbo prawns. Fijian balls being sold, too, but as popcorn shrimp.

  65. scientist have proven that the root cause of cancer is bitterness.when you are bitter about someone or something it will have repercussions in your life.

  66. @Anonymous 2:48
    Bainimarama is still bitter against 2000 mutiny.
    He is bitter against Rokolui Mara.
    He is bitter against Qarase.
    He is bitter against SDL and wants all parties to have European Names.
    He is bitter against Ghai for coming up with a stupid constitution.
    He is bitter against the people of Fiji for making stupid submissions that won't give him Immunity.
    He is even bitter against us bloggers.

    If your theory is right,then Bainimarama must be FULL of all kinds of cancers.

    Can you please go and check and tell us if this is so.

  67. Frank Bainimarama is a mentally ill individual. He doesn't process thoughts like a normal individual, he is chronically ill and without treatment, there is no hope for him.
    I suspect, as do many people, that he is suffering post traumatic stress post the attempt on his life at the barracks in 2000. Undiagnosed and untreated, resulting in and manifesting in all kinds of outcomes, none of them beneficial, to him, nor to the people of Fiji.

  68. Dickie Bird My AssMay 24, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    Hahaha regime now saying they were looking after Makareta all the time.

    Free ridedr daughter Bernadette Bainimarama gets to go to Toulouse but Makareta only goes to LA.

    By Leone cabenatabua


    Today marks the arrival of Air Pacific’s second Fiji Airways Airbus A330 aircraft. This plane is named ‘Island of Namuka-i-Lau’, which is the home island of the designer of the airline’s Masi motif Makereta Matemosi.
    Dickie Bird said she and her family were flown to Los Angeles last week by Air Pacific, from where they boarded the Airbus while on its way to Fiji.
    Nice touch, Air Pacific.

  69. BC you are one macafaka for suggesting the CIA to shoot down
    our plane while on its way to Fiji
    from France!
    My pension money is on that plane and hopefully it'll make
    some money, during it's working life span so
    we the pensioners can at least get something out of it?
    Please stop giving asseoles, stupid ideas to shoot down
    our FNPF funded airline?
    Why don't you
    cut the crap,quit you janitor job from BC airport and
    go after Bai&Khaiyum
    with your broom?

  70. Fiji would be well compensated for a downed aircraft. But who will compensate us for the damage Bainimarama is doing to our pensions, the economy, our society?

  71. Bernadette has hot cock -sucking lips! Apologies C4.5
    but that is my honest opinion! Just expressing the traits of my humanity!

  72. Bernadettes father has lips for Aiye - Ass!!

  73. Came across this in Dambisa Moyo's book Dead Aid (2009) "In the course of his disastrous reign,Zaire's President Mobutu Sese Seko is estimated to have stolen a sum equivalent to the entire external debt of his country : US $5billion. No sooner he requested a reduction in interest payments on the debt than he leased a Concorde to fly his daughter to her wedding in the Ivory Coast".
    People who know what dictators do will of course not be surprised at what our own dictator Bainimarama is doing - on a much smaller scale because we are after all such a small island country.

  74. Caiti iko Leone!! O cei e via kila na ka dou cakava tiko!!
    DDus na siga Leone caiti iko!!

  75. Atyalimkus Svi GenerisJune 4, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    LOL!... Keyboard Warriors

  76. @Anonymous 1:59
    You are right. This government is a godly government, worshipping its god Satan. You can see that with Bainimarama and his family. They are following the footsteps of their god satan. Very corrupt; murderous evil people.


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