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Thursday, May 9, 2013

'Bainimarama's leadership will shine' rubbished

The former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes has described as an outrageous affront to the Chiefs and people of Fiji comments made by Vanuatu Prime Minister Kalosil at the G77 meeting at Natadola and reported in the media today.

Kalosil is reported as saying ‘PM Bainimarama is a strong leader and through his leadership the Pacific will shine and that’s what we want’.

Beddoes says the Vanuatu Prime Minister’s comments show he has no idea about what is really going on in Fiji, or he knows but like the rest of the Meanesian Spearhead Group prefer to support the usurpers of our democracy.

"By appointing Commander Bainimarama as their leader, all heads of the MSG governments, have violated many of the rules which govern their group.   

"Prime Minister Kalosil is signaling that he and his MSG colleagues have no difficulty supporting those who execute coups, commit treason and armed intervention and rely on strong-arm tactics and threats to stay in power.

"Is this the new way forward advocated by the MSG for political change in the Pacific? Is the MSG’s embracing of Commander Bainimarama a reflection of the meaning of Melanesian brotherhood, in the political context?"

Beddoes says Kalosil also remained silent when innocent citizens in Fiji were killed. 

"They have remained silent in the face of on-going abuse of human rights and torture in Fiji. They said nothing when our elected Prime Minister was persecuted. They stood by without a word when our Great Council of Chiefs was disbanded by the regime in breach of the founding MSG principles relating to the rights of indigenous peoples."


Anonymous said...

All these south pacific leaders are corrupt and stupid just like Bainimarama..if given the chance they would do the same thing Bai has done in their countries cause they want to hang on to power..

Ramano said...

Kalo-Silly has no clue about what's happening in Fiji.

PM Silly is as SILLY AS his chief WarWar...the silly Fiji PM.

cHIEF WarWar was installed a chief in Vanuatu so am not surprised PM Silly is backing silly Chief WarWar alias VB.

Chief WarWar should wear his chiefly Penis sheath suit when attending the MSG meeting.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Mick Beddose has below the belt this time and is desperate to score points. If u have to criticise FB, pls go ahead but Vanuatu's PM has been democraticlly elected. Beddose was elected and his term would has expired a long time ago so even he does not have the mandate he had in 2006.

Beddose is a cunning politican with no ethics and is teaching the PM of vanuatu a lesson on the same subject. Mick, can you pls enlighten us on your workers who went on strike and u did not pay them. You can go globe trotting and campaigning but where is your moral obligation my friend.

Also, what have you to say given your own personal life of adulterous life. That surely is not what we want in a leader.

Anonymous said...

As a general elector in the last election, I can say with conviction that honourable mick beddose has become dis honourable with his mick and bed rose affair and majority of us do not accept him as our leader

Anonymous said...

Mick it's about time you retired from politics. You have gone past the use by date. You have nothing new to offer to the Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Yawnnnnnn! go to bed, beddos

tukai said...

i fully support Mr Beddoes, the vanuatu pm as with all msg pms have not seen the danger this men is attracting. He is playing them, mark my word. He has to attract sympathy from whoever and however. Voreqe does not care about the fijian people, all a charade, he's proved time and time again. He is good in running, does not like to be confronted, he is nervous, and anxious about giving powers away. And yet for other msg countries it also works for them that msg is recognised so that they get some benefits. Voreqe will want to milk the moment and ni-van pm is not able to ask the appropriate questions as he raised about west papua a few days ago..what is he short sighted an hour & half flight from port villa yet he can see and rightfully comment on things happening in West Papua..i've often said thst the msg leaders need to ask and test out the relationship with voreqe and see for themseleves how franky and his bunch of thieves think of them...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mick, for having the courage and integrity to speak out with the truth despite the ongoing attempts of paid goons to shout you down on behalf of this traitorous regime.

Anonymous said...

well said Mr Beddoes...Vanuatu PM should jump into a pit toilet with Bainimarama.....

The Heckler said...

If Bainimarama shines, maybe it's time we powdered his nose.

Reminds me of the adage that even a donkey turd glistens on the outside.

mark manning said...

Another line in the sand has been crossed!
Fiji is running out of sand!

Anonymous said...

Now dats de problem wid home grown leaders..dey pat each odder on de back tinkin dey big boys. PNG fella got half of pipol walkabout half naked...FIJI fella got poverty all round. dey tink dey strong country bikos dey in dey back yard all de time. Time come dey see real big boys from outside dey turf, dey shrink, dey iben cant tok to news pipol out side deu comfot zone...Hindustani tok say....Bhara..e..khosa.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap someone keeps trying to feed us about Mick Beddoes every time he speaks out courageously against the dictatorship. So what if/if he was slow repaying his NBF loan? Did he default? If not, end of story.

And as for paying his workers whilst they were on strike against his business, who does that anyway? If you have a business and your workers decide to stop working in order to go on strike against you, would you really go on paying them as though they were still working? And if you would, should we fault Mick if he isn't as stupid as you are?

Joe said...

well what can I say? You cannot polish a turd!!!
There are all the same, vanuatu PM, FB!! and the rest of the useless MSG. its like a Bulldog with no teeth!!
No significant to the pacific policies whatsoever!
no matter how glistering you look? your just to stupid to know your own shite........

Anonymous said...

Eritrea: '10,000 political prisoners in awful conditions'

A new Amnesty International report claims that at least 10,000 people have been jailed for political reasons in the east African country of Eritrea since President Isaias Afewerki came to power 20 years ago.
Some of those imprisoned are journalists or critics of the government, the report says. Others have practised an unregistered religion, or tried to flee the country or avoid conscription into the army. Torture is widespread in a network of detention centres, Amnesty claims.
In most cases, prisoners' families are not informed of their whereabouts, and often never hear from their relative again.
"The government has systematically used arbitrary arrest and detention without charge to crush all opposition, to silence all dissent, and to punish anyone who refuses to comply with the repressive restrictions it places on people's lives," said Claire Beston, Amnesty's Eritrea researcher.
"Twenty years on from the euphoric celebrations of independence, Eritrea is one of the most repressive, secretive and inaccessible countries in the world."
Amnesty says that with no known exception, not a single political prisoner has ever been charged with a crime or tried, had access to a lawyer or been brought before a judge or a judicial officer to assess the legality and necessity of the detention.
Amnesty is calling for all prisoners to be either immediately charged with a recognisable crime or released.

Thursday, 09-May-2013 14:07

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.59pm

You may have contradicted yourself when you asked Beddoes about his workers who went on strike and were never paid. Bro, at least the workers were allowed to legally go on strike and could have pursued the Court system to correct what they perceive is right under the law.

Can you say the same thing about the present system which does not allow people to take strike action and are not permitted under decrees to challenge any decision by Government?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We should arrest this stupid Vanuatu idiot and send him to work in shackles in the sugar cane fields of Queensland without pay...bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

The MSG has lost its course and is out of touch with its own people. So we should not be surprised with stupid views and comments aired by its leaders.

How can MSG support a regime that destroys the identities of native Melanesians? MSG leaders no longer work for the interests of Melanesians but for their own pockets and power

Anonymous said...

Dear Fijian brothers and sisters, just for your information, the p.m of Vanuatu is not a Melanesian so he does not want to know what's happening with the grassroot people of Fiji except for power.
He was the finance minister in the last government which is the most corrupt government ever. He authorised the payment of $30 million dollars to a friend to start a stationery business and all govt. departments are to purchase all their stationeries from him despite the order from the court not to do so. When the previous govt. lost the trust and confidence of the people, he crossed the floor and that is how he find his way up to be pm.
So do not trust or believe what he said. He should not be speaking anything which concerns the Melanesians as he is not, he brought shame to us Vanuatu people. Tumas bros.

Anonymous said...

u complain bout beddoes but do u think what vb and ask and others have done to fiji.get a life.mb will be much better than all those boci who are plundering fiji

Anonymous said...

This silly a'hole PM from Vanuatu must have been gun maro-ing FB and vice-versa.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the former PMs-Qarase,Chaudhary & Leader of the Opposition-
Mick Beddoes institute
a criminal charge at the International Court of Justice in
the Hague, against Bainimarama and his group of thugs?
I'm sure Mr Jai Ram Reddy who is a jurist in that world court,
will be only too
happy to help out?
There is also
a UN court of Criminal justice housed in the same Hague city and
it deals with criminal activities
from any parts of the world.
Bainimarama and his supporters can be criminally charged,
in this court by any body?
So wish me luck,
cause i'm going to give it a try?
So if you know Jai Ram Reddy ,
send him a note to keep an eye out for me?

Anonymous said...

Annon 8.12am

M not contradicting my friend. Allowing them to strike and not allowing pay to rise and address working conditions when there is ability to pay makes him no different to the regime. Its like beddose saying with hell with you. So pls stop supporting mick blindly.

Anonymous said...

so all you beddoes basher's..its ok for a democratically elected leader to espouse the actions of a democracy usurper?? huh? get elected democratically , then start shooting your mouth in favour of a dictator..RIGHT!!! whatever mick's personal failing are, his comments about and on the vanuatu pm is on the money. at least he has the ball's to call a spade a spade. what about you lot..you attacked him personally..not on the issue. AND THE ISSUE IS A LEADER OF A DEMOCRACY SLEEPING WITH A USURPER OF DEMOCRACY!! PERIOD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vanuatu PM - Stop drinking kava at the nakamal. It affects your judgement. 10kg mixed in a small bucket will kick the grey matter around....

Mick...you may feel like your shouting in the wilderness but you will be heard...

Sanaila said...

This asshole Kalosilly is just like his mate chief Wankwank. They both need to sit under a coconut tree, drink kava and wank.

Anonymous said...

Micky mouse, I like that title. I thought Teletuby was more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10.40am

The fact that I am critical of Mick Beddose does not imply I support IG. So before you make that assumption, take a second and think as it makes you a pea brain.

Anonymous said...

Mick has scored some valid points and has championed the validity of having legitimate governments. The Vanuatu PM has overstepped his mark and he has to abide to the rule of law. There are certain principle which the founder of MSG has agreed upon and all legitimate leaders has to uphold those principles.
I urge those who can voice their opinion in the dailies should not use this blog because you are not contributing to the betterment the citizen of Fiji.

Coup 4.5 said...

The former Opposition leader Mick Beddoes criticised Vanuatu PM Kalosil's comment at the G 77 meeting in Fiji as "|an outrageous affront to the chiefs and people of Fiji" . PM Kalosil said that Bainimarama's leadership will shine because he is the kind of strong leader Fiji needs .
Beddoes is disappointed because he expected PM Kalosil to say something different.
It is Beddoes' expectation that is misplaced.
What the Vanuatu PM said was to be expected. The Melanesian Spearhead Group has a long history of showing solidarity with the coup leaders in Fiji.
Remember how they were all singing praise for the first Fiji military coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka?
Their commitment to the democratic ideals of governance is not the kind Mick Beddoes espouses.
That is a well recognised fact.
The people of their own countries recognise it only too well.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Abt time Mick joins others the under Mango tree to drink homebrew! lol!

Anonymous said...

Mick may be expired but at least he spoke out.....

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.08am

In a democratic society anyone is free to do anything within the law. I am not blindly supporting Beddoes.

If he thinks that the striking workers should not be paid then he can do that. The workers on the other hand for your info, have a recourse to take the matter to the courts to address this. This is the way things are done in a democratic free country.

But can you honestly say that you can challenge this kind of problem in the current courts?

Come on open your eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

@Rajen Naidu I totally agree with you. Msg countries are expressing solidarity with Fiji not becoz of it's politics, but because of Fiji being a member of the msg. Anybody that thinks that kalosil is wrong about what he said is ignorant.

Fact of the matter is that if somebody conducted a coup next year against bai then the msg will express their support with guy. If qarase was returned to power, they will support him as well

Anonymous said...

to all the old politician in the likes of micky mouse beddoes, mahen baba, etc,etc. we dont want to vote for your party in the coming election, we are sick and tired of hearing your lies, better retire and do something better for yourself, we wanr to see new faces in parliment with new ideas who will move the country forward

Anonymous said...

to all the regime politicians in the likes of frank sona levu, kaiyum boci, naupoto aids, etc,etc. we dont want to vote for your party in the coming election, we are sick and tired of hearing your lies, better retire and do something better for yourself, we wanr to see new faces in parliment with new ideas who will move the country forward; not treasonist thieves...like anon 5.39pm sona levu

Anonymous said...

Annon 4.06pm

Its your choise to support Beddose and mine not to as he has been very cunning and unethical in his loan repayment as well as towards his workers, especially when he tries to champion workers right and good governance.

If he can find ways not to pay his loan, he has the ability to do more harm or do things for self gain when the opportunity comes. Off course, you will have your own spin to and we will just have to agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh do yourself a favor. Get your kids to edit your writings before you post your comments. Your English is very poor and full of grammatical errors.

You should consider taking some English classes. It is very clear with people likes of you that are uneducated representing us in Parliament has caused Fiji to be in the situation that we are in today.

BC said...

@Anonymous 9:53
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...Bro, your English too is farked!

You wrote, "It is very clear with people likes of you....."

1) It is very clear with people "like" you....
Not "likes you"

2) or "It is very clear with "THE LIKES OF YOU" ....
Not "with people likes of you".

Next time dickhead,check your grammar with your grandma before you post it.

Tokasa Labalaba said...

Beddoes who?

That one party, one member, leader of opposition.

Who wants to hear crap from this magaitinamu.

Anonymous said...

tokasa magaliso....ululala.....

Anonymous said...

Labalaba who?

Mick Beddoes received many more votes than Frank Bainimarama ever did. And in a free and fair election, he would again.

Fijian for Frank said...

Absolutely rubbish - the faiure of the Methodist Church, Beddoes, GCC, Anthony, Chaudhry and others has not only disgusted the silent majority but has emboldened the i-taukei to ignore the chiefs and the church, and VOTE FOR FRANK or his party or party of his choice. In the old days the commoners feared divine retribution if the went against lotu and chies - but look at FRANK still remains uncursed - they they dont give a shit to the politicians of the old - if Qarase has gone to jail to leading a rebellion against the regime, maybe, people would have voted for him - he went to prison for cheating other Fijians who didnt have the money or the business acumen to buy the shares

Anonymous said...

Hehe. "Fijian for Frank" is also a member of WAFJQ.

In case you don't know, that stands for "Washed-up Australian-Fijian Journalists for Qorvis".

Anonymous said...

Its kind of ridiculous shooting the messenger when we should have instead been grappling with the message. Nevertheless I have no problems with Mick as a politician since he is articulate and always makes sense like this latest statement against a misguided Mr Kalosil. Mr Kalosil has seen bai only during meetings and not heard of the attrocities he has committed to date. Whatever the reason I am dumbfounded by the MSG's stand in bai's case. Mr Kolasil talk of strong leadership is shortsighted. bai's is a coward but he is arrogant and appears strong because of the guns and thugs in the military he controls. Why do you think he still holds the post of Commander whilst he is a pm. But misguided blind support of criminals like bai by MSG and others only makes matters worse for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.31pm

Oh we are trying to move the goalpost and talk about other things now, aren't we?

Our initial exchanges were on the topic of Beddoes refusing to pay his workers when they went on strike.

Now you are bringing in other issues like loan repayment!

Lesson to be learnt - think first before you open your mouth!

Anonymous said...

BC@10:43pm...hey hows the Janitorial business in Vancouver
international Airport- BC? Why trying to assassinate Rajesh Singh
when all he's trying to do,like all of us, was to be
heard on this website?
So who the fuck care about his BAD ENGLISH or GRAMMAR?
The man was a former politician,an assistant Minister,and CEO of the Naitasiri
Rugby Union, can you believe it? You on the other hand-BC,are in the
services, at the BC airport,you're not doing too bad either?
But please, stay out of the toilet and refrain from using your laptop during the cleanup?
But good job the airport seems to be one of the
cleanest in north America? Give Rajesh a break and allow him his
right to be heard without harrassment? Vinaka!

Sonaila Bocimarama said...

Anon@2.14. Obviously you know very little about Rajesh. May I ask you, why did Rajesh ran away from Fiji? And has he been back to Fiji since?I await your response.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10.53am

The isue is not whether I brought the NBF loan repayment first and the payment of fair wages to his workers second, the underlying reason is the man is not fit to be PM.

Being articule does not make him fit for PM. My english teacher or my 74 year old neighbour is more articulate.

You can support beddose and I will vote against him. Its call democracy. If youi can't accept it than your are a bad loser as I never said for you to reject him.

Let me also reiterate what I said much earlier as well, we need clean and new leaders. Not mick or MPC, LQ, or FB.

Anonymous said...

BC can you come and clean the shit of bai/khaiyum in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Annon 2.14pm

Very funny and articulate. Someone may nominate you for PM instead of micky big mouth beddose

Anonymous said...

Micky mouse was an elected member of parliament. However, he won his seat under the general electors constituency. It will be interesting how many fijian and kaindia votes he will get.

Anonymous said...

BC is short form of Bothi or bothithi not BC canada.

BC said...

"@Anonymous 2:14
Its obvious that you are a stupid idiot too.
In yiur rush to condemn people you made another stupid blunder.

If you read my post at 10:43 you will notice that I was trying to correct "änonymous 9:53", who is the person that is actually criticising Rajesh.
I did not criticise Rajesh.
So get your head out of the toilet bowl loser.

BC said...

@Anonymous 4:34
You must be another Regime Loser.
We can tell you people just from your postings.
It's vacuous and you Losers always post without any logical reasoning behind what you say.
Typical thug.
Have NO REASONING in what he's doing.Just following arseholes like Bainisona.
Bainisona says jump they jump. No reasoning or using the brain.
Bainisona says dig a hole they dig a hole.

All you Regime people are all the same. All losers and BRAINDEAD.
Ulukau ga na ulukau.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.57pm

Democracy for you info is any Tom, Dick or Harry can stand for elections as long as he or she qualifies under the legal requirements.

Even if he is clean or dirty or tall or short or is a Saint or a Crook, anybody can stand for the elections if he is qualified under the law.

You can despise them but the fact of the matter is that they can stand or sit and don't have to abide by your "preferences"! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Birds of the feather flock together ... MSG ... mismanagement (by) senior government (officials)