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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dodgy Chinese deal prompts call for Fiji offshore contracts to be vetted

CRGL last year in June with the cranes that were brought in to speed up work.

A sudden decision to have all government contracts with external parties go through the office of the illegal Solicitor General but it's all too little, too late.

In a Public Service Commission memo, PSC secretary Parmesh Chand says the “Prime Minister has directed that all Government contracts are to be vetted by the Solicitor General’s Office during negotiations stage and as well as prior to its execution.”

There have been other inflated deals but Coup 4.5 can confirm concern over the low cost flats in Raiwai that are being built by the China Railway Group (CRGL) Limited has triggered the directive.

The contract between the Public Rental Board and CRGL was so flawed that what was an agreement for 9 million dollars is now 20 million dollars.

PRB General Manager Mesake Senibulu is on record as saying “from our end we only have three major issues that we were disputing. One is the project cost, secondly is some structural defects and thirdly is on the architectural defects because through the cause of construction we’ve been advising them on some defects in relation to the structure and architecture which they need to comply with.”

If the above comments are to be believed, then how this illegal government and its key departments are executing contracts is certainly something to worry about.

That being the case - what then of all those other contracts to repair roads and bridges with Chinese, Malaysian and New Zealand companies?


mark manning said...

My advice, don't drive across those bridges, avoid the potholes in the roads and don't enter buildings built by this mob!
One shake from and earthquake and caboom!

Anonymous said...

This news comes as no surprise and it would have been likely that any of the past governments would have been caught out in the same way.

The Chinese can do good work, cheaper and quicker but ONLY if they are monitored constantly by others that understand what they are doing and more importantly how it should be done correctly.

Anyone with previous experience of working with the Chinese on contracts would know that they will attempt to cheat and take short cuts at any opportunity possible and you watch them like a hawk.

If you do not follow these basic rules you end up not only being conned financially but also end up with an inferior product.

Hopefully a lesson learnt and one that must teach those at the top that the results of a successful project of which the Chinese undertake for you are totally dependant upon your own peoples ability to put the required skill and effort in to monitoring from day one to end.

Anonymous said...


You are a typical racist. Chinese contractors are building bridges in US, dams across the world, first class highways etc.

People like u are fast to make such stupid conclusions when your own govt is begging for chinese investments.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Chinese, no country gives them visa on arrival because they are like virus killing anything they down in contact with now this regime is selling them Fiji. It's time to put them in security camp and deport them all back to china even the ones born or married in Fiji....they are hated all over the world because they have no soul....kill the two asshole before they sell Fiji to the disease which are the Chinese

Curry muncher said...

Rabuka had a master plan for bringing in thousands of chinese to counter the Indian 'threat'. Hahaha, Indan threat..what joke...Indians are no threat, they are pushovers...wait till you encounter the chinese.

For all their alleged faults Indians and Fijians managed to get on fairly well; things would have been better if leaders had done their part. Indians respected Fijian culture and ownership of land despite the scaremongering.

Now Rabuka has his wish, Indian 'threat' is dissipating, and you have the nice chinese coming; Indians were easygoing; you can mess with them, chinese are another story!

BC said...

Check out this Brand New Multistorey Apartment block that fell over in Sanghai.


Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the best statements of the year so far;

""“from our end we ONLY have three major issues that we were disputing. One is the project cost, secondly is some structural defects and thirdly is on the architectural defects""

I suppose not too bad if that's the ONLY problems you have with a building. At least they seem to have got the colour and location right !

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa's Yahoo! account is blocked, but Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com remains open.

In fact, the number of recruits to the Loyal Fijian Resistance is rising rapidly, doubling week after week.

Anonymous said...

During the SDL Days, Chinese Aid was used to construct the Vodafone Dome and the Aquatic Centre. Because the Min of Works and the Project Engineers were on top of things, they never gave way to threats by the Chinese contractors to take short cuts. For example, they wanted to follow Chinese Electrical standards but our people stood their ground until the Chinese buckled and agreed to abide by Fiji standards. All previous governments would never had entered into such stupid arrangements. This is the result of sacking all the qualified people and fast tracking junior and inexperienced people into senior posts. They don't know what they're doing so that when someone takes a short cut they don't know the difference. LOL. Now a $9 million project will cost the taxpayers of Fiji and extra $11 million. Who's head will roll? Frank's, Khaiyums? No way...some poor minion is probably being eyed to be the fall guy. Welcome to Khaiyum's Fiji.

Anonymous said...

PRB's only major issues sound like the entire project.... Too much flashy PR not enough due diligence....the Chinese are laughing all the way to the Bank...while Fiji tax payers would have to bear the extra loans...

Anonymous said...

question is, when will we speak up for a change

Radiolucas said...

@ anon 10:26pm

Who's head will roll? Frank's, Khaiyums? No way...some poor minion is probably being eyed to be the fall guy.

Very well put. The current "government" is never accountable for the messes they make - they always have someone to blame for their own decisions, lies and broken promises.

Anonymous said...

@anon9.05...fuck the Chinese and deport the ones even born in Fiji? Really now..You reckon they have no soul, and you buddy? Got soul have you? so why the lowdown rabies ritten dog comments? Arsehole. Check your lineage, you may even have Chinese descendants.

Anonymous said...

chinese and muslims are the root cause of all the problems in fiji.dont trust them

mark manning said...

Ignorance and jealousy are the root cause of Fiji's problems. Many want what others possess, for doing little to nothing in return.
Thou shalt not covert, comes to mind.
I'm not racist, we are all the same race, the human Race.
However, I don't like the Regime in China, they are not elected Democratically and don't have the mandate of their own people, just like the Regime in Fiji at present.
As for building, yes, the Chinese are brilliant indeed, but I'd bet my money that the structures being built in Fiji aren't being built to such exacting standards and that they just won't stand the test of time. there are penalties from the Regime in china if people attempt to do shoddy work. In Fiji, they are rewarded with more contracts from Frank's despot Regime.

Anonymous said...

Country under sale ...

The current Prime Minister and minister of trade for Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, insists that African Caribbean and Pacific countries cannot afford any further delays on negotiating an EPA with the European Union. Addressing ACP trade ministers in Nadi, Fiji, at a two day event ending May 17th, Sayed-Khaiyum encouraged ACP members to work together on a favourable deal.

The Oracle said...

Government outsourcing to foreigners. Not considering or encouraging local firms. How patriotic is that? Money not only talks, it also walks .. to foreign bank accounts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When all the things are controlled from one office and not delegated to appropriate authorities unfortunately they were dissolved intentionally by that office due to ill conceived office you can expect what you see or get.
Heads to roll because of fraud and deception by the two office.

Semi Kamlesh said...

And how much are the two assholes, Bainimagasona and Aiyarshithole getting in kickbacks?

Ravin said...

Have a close look at the Chinese built and financed Nadarivatu hydropower project. This FEA project is not only totally over prized by international standards, it has also been built in an extremely shoddy way and has started to fall apart already. In addition it's output performance is pathetic, most of the time it does not produce any electricity because there is no water in the river. Does it matter? Well, watch your power bill going up to finance this nonsense.

rajend naidu said...

Every time I hear this chief or that Indian is pledging his vote for Bainimarama I am reminded that Bainimarama had lied that his coup was a "clean up" campaign. Fiji politics has become dirtier, darker and more dangerous (for the democratic opposition) since his illegal takeover. With his vote buying around the country the dictatorial ruler is giving proof of what his coup was really about. It was about acquiring power . He is now seeking to make legitimate what he acquired illegitimately. The number one priority of people who acquire power the way Bainimarama did - through an unlawful coup is to hold onto power by hook or by crook. This is precisely what Bainimarama is doing. Bainimarama is just an old style Machiavellian power grabber. He cannot be trusted to deliver good governance to the country. The evidence is already before us.Only fools refuse to see it.

Anonymous said...

jutia pakala we happy here in the village that we now have clean toilets and classrooms......
whats yo problem foreigner??

Anonymous said...

Check out the sub contractors in China Railway. You will be surprised, they approve contracts at one end and wait at the other end.

Anonymous said...

When the Americans built their new embassy, they used local vendors, Fijian labourers, and went out of their way to source material locally, despite harassment by the regime on their container deliveries. They were respectful to the vanua, pumped many tens of millions into the local economy and significantly raised property values in Tamavua. The end result was the largest diplomatic mission of any country in the entire Pacific, a source of pride.

Compare that to how the Chinese operate.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.23PM
you know what's your problem you village idiot? if shit happened right under your nose you wouldn't be able to smell it!

Anonymous said...

Aust vetos fiji loans from ADB and World Bank.

I find this article really funny.

Firstly, aust does not have veto power. We all know only the 5 permanent super powers have such powers at UN. World bank is an institution that has been created by UN. So how can Aust veto when it has no such powers.

Secondly, its own Aid has been increased. Why would someone not allow fiji to borrow from ADB or world bank but give its tax payers funds to fiji.

Anonymous said...

Frank was seen at Nadi Airport pulling over next to the coffee shop and a Chinese man walked up to the Goverment vehicle and passed him a brief case. Frank was on his way to PNG at that time. Date this happened Monday 22nd April. Wonder what was in the briefcase.

Anonymous said...

Australia supported Bainimarama's IMF billion dollar loan application. The United States announced that it would veto it if Fiji didn't begin to get serious about Trafficking in Persons, but with U.S. help, the regime took the necessary steps against trafficking.

Before the IMF loan application was concluded, Baininmarama decided to choose another loan instead, at a much higher interest rate, in order to avoid the level of scrutiny and accountability that comes with a loan from an international financial institution.

The new loan rolled over earlier debt and stacked on considerably more debt. Bainimarama has been using this additional credit to try to buy support for his election.

All Fijians will be paying for Bainimarama's criminal profligacy for generations to come, unless we embrace Dakuwaqa's call to repudiate all debts originating from this illegal regime. Debt repudiation will have the additional benefit of serving notice to banksters and amoral governments that their loans to dictators run the very real risk of default, and justifiably so.

Anonymous said...

Repudiate the illegal debt.

Defend the Constitution.

Just say No to immunity for treason.

Return the RFMF to barracks. Court martial its current leadership.

Anti-disestablishmentarianism! Defer indefinitely all illegal actions such as dissolution of the GCC until constitutional government is restored.

Restore democratic governance to Fiji and Fiji to its former role of regional leadership.

Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to adjudicate all coup-related grievances since 1987.

Join the democratic resistance gathering at Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.29...you ignorant twit...Frank forgot his lunch and the Chinese guy was sent to give him his takeaway Chow Mein with prawns. To keep prying eyes out, it was put into a suitcase. Good enough for you? I am sure even Rajend would be impressed with this efficient service.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Dakuwaqa.
No to Immunity.

Coup 4.5 said...

A pontificating Azeem Ud Dean tells us that if you live in the US then money must invariably be "your number one priority" and by contrast if you live in "our paradise" (that's how he describes Fiji) then "morality and ethics" are valued here "more than anything"else (Fiji Times 28/5).
Wow! Talk about perpetuating the paradise myth! Should be take it then that in "our paradise" there are no prisons, no corrupt people and no corrupt unscrupulous political leaders and business men?
Must be the only country on planet earth without them.
Fiji must be the only country with only ethical people!
what rubbish! the reality is that for a small island country Fiji has a disproportionately large number of crooks and thugs who have little regard or respect for their fellow citizens.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Fiji IS a paradise, but only if you're a serpent.

You take the lead Daku we follow said...

Dakuwaqa, whos gonna do the things you suggest??
no one in Fiji. cos no one here can stand up to franky and arsy.
why don't you lead the march out in the open?? instead of hiding behind your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

"You take the lead", we will accomplish these things ourselves, God willing.

Defeatism will get you nowhere. Don't mistake our patience, in an effort to avoid violence, as surrender. We have not yet begun to fight. You might be surprised to learn how many are enlisting with us.

If you think leading a march out in the open is the best tactic, then email us your best argument in support of your idea, and we promise to consider it.


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