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Friday, May 24, 2013

Elder Bainimarama daughter bullies Fiji TV after it criticised 'loud music' at Coca Cola Games

Hardhead: Litiana Loabuka
Bullying and double standards showing up Fiji's regime leader, Frank Bainimarama, and his family, yet again.

In the same week his youngest daughter, Bernadette Bainimarama, was outed for sucking up  taxpayer dollars by free riding to France with the official delegation to pick up the new A330 plane, we can also reveal his eldest daughter, Litiana Loabuka, is a big, fat bully.

Litiana Loabuka is the chief executive officer of the Fiji Sports Council; C4.5 readers will recall it's a job she got under dubious circumstances.

Loabuka, who is known for throwing her weight around, has intimidated Fiji TV into giving her a public apology fo
r something very minor.

During the live coverage of the Coca Cola games on Thursday just over a week ago (May 16), the station's commentator, Satish Narain, criticised the “loud music that was being played on the PA system during races” saying “CEO Litiana should do something about it.”

Bully: Like father like daughter
Bainimarama’s daughter took offence and raised hell with Fiji TV on Monday.

The same day, a Litiana signed notice was put outside all Fiji Sports Council premises in Suva banning all Fiji TV staff/crew from entering the stadiums.

Fiji TV was forced to apologise to regain access and ran the following statement on its Tuesday night bulletin.

“Fiji Television Limited apologises to the Fiji Sports Council for the adverse comments made against the ANZ Stadium facility owners’ during last weeks Coca Cola Games. Team Leader Sport – Satish Narain made adverse remarks against the Fiji Sports Council regarding loud music being played during the races last Thursday. Narain apologises sincerely to the Sports Council CEO Litiana Loabuka and also to the council for the comments he made against her and her organisation.”

Narain: Asked Litiana to turn music down
In January this year, Bainimarama himself won an apology from Fiji TV after it ran a personality competition in which he came second. 

Fiji TV subsequently changed the result of the text vote to give Bainimarama the winning Personality of the Year award stripping it from the winner, Premila Kumar, of the Consumer Council. (see C4.5 story January 14. 2012 http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012_01_08_archive.html)

Coupfourpointfive's story at the time showed the hundreds of texts that supposedly came in for Bainimarama were from two regime cell phones.

This blog also notes that while it was easy for the Bainimarama's to wrest apologies from Fiji TV, the regime has failed to take to task its mouthpiece, the Fiji Sun, for 'fabricating' a story out of an interview with Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Earlier this week the paper ran a retraction titled Media Release: No warning to proposed youth party - attorney general.

Yet despite the admission: The front page story of today's Fiji Sun - "Register first, AG Warns Youth Activists, only three can" is inaccurate, and worse, contains outright fabrications," there has been no move by Khaiyum to punish the paper as he is quick to do with Fiji TV and Fiji Times.

Clearly, there is one rule for the regime and its supporters and another for the rest of Fiji.


  1. And so it should have been criticised and those responsible very severely put in their place.

    The event is about the competitors and inter-school rivalry in sportsmanship. The competitors need to be able to concentrate during events and deserve to hear their supporters cheering them on. This is what sport is about.

    I think an apology is due to the competitors and schools for this selfish inconsiderate action by those who allowed the music.

    This is what happens when you put non-sporting people in the job.

  2. She's just a fat and fucking ugly bitch.

  3. Litiana Loabuka didn't come by her job as CEO of the Fiji Sports Council under dubious circumstances. Nothing dubious about the circumstances at all. Her father overthrew Fiji's constitutional government and replaced it with an absolute dictatorship. The daughters of absolute dictators are entitled to whatever job they want. The only qualification they need is the fact that their parent is absolute dictator. That trumps any other credential.

    What could be clearer?

  4. For someone who is CEO of the sports council, Litiana looks like she could use a lot more exercise herself.

  5. Like father, like daughterMay 24, 2013 at 2:46 PM

    What can one say...like father, like daughter. This one is worse than Alice Tabete who used to buy new vehicles like no one's business, and made sports council employees work on her personal property. From the frying pan into the fire for poor Fiji Sports Council. .

  6. "Big, fat bully... throwing her weight around" -- really, Coup 4.5 shouldn't poke fun at Litiana Loabuka's body mass index. The poor girl might have a thyroid condition. It might be genetic -- can she help it if both of her parents are corpulent? Is it her fault that when she's sunbathing at the beach, passersby shout "Free Willy"? Or that when she goes to the zoo, the animals feed her? Or that when she hauls ass, she has to make two trips? Or that when she jumps for joy, she gets stuck? Or that when she steps on a weightscale, it reads "to be continued..."?

    Like Satish Narain, you should apologise sincerely to the Sports Council CEO Litiana Loabuka and also to the council for the comments you made against her and her organisation. If you're sincere, you'll also send sandwiches.

  7. Are we to be surprised???

  8. I delivered room service to her intercon room at natadola all weekend which came to roughly $3500. For two days of food n beverage service. Wasting tax payers dollars.

  9. Her behsviour is genetically inherited....she should be called Bainituraga,,,she is inclined to bullying like her father.

    The Muslim Mullah who gave an anti-Jesus dyorrhea last Easter should announce a fartwah against the Bainimarama family.


  11. Nepotism - typical of dictatorships and illegal governments.

    When Fiji returns to democracy, see if she and her siblings pass muster for jobs on merit.

  12. take a look at where Gaddafi's son is or Saddam Hussein? Need I say more?

  13. Ugly fat useless sea urchin who thinks her blerry coward fisherman father own Fiji....KAISI O IKO KEI TAMAMU dou yavu family DAU KANA LOTO.

  14. Now that the Commander has declared his intention to contest in 2014, is it not imperative that he resigns as the Commander of RFMF? I am surprised that not one including C4.5 has raised the issue. During his declaration speech his very next sentence should have been " As of today I resign from the position of Commander to show to the public I practice what I preach."

  15. Rajen chaudhry now using bhaini maramas fake id on fb to comment...grow up rajen....wat happened to islander jones n michael james

  16. isa rajen chodhry m so soory yr balls must be squeezing in winter while daddy is preparing here to go to jail

    u r a history now bro

    no matter how much hatred u fuel by using land issues i can guarantee flp is not coming back

    ppl hav realised mpc is a liar

    if mpc goes to jail...
    .do u hav a leg to stand......flp will be a history after that....it will be only ppls democratic party....u called me a morne....


  17. Mahen 'garibi hatao' ChaudhryMay 24, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    Rajen 'chor'dhry is freezing his balls in Sydey but $3.5 million daddy mahen stashed from funds raised in the name the poor is keeping him and entire family warm and fuzzy. chordhry family and patriarch mahen 'chor'dhry is too clever by half.

    gali gali me shor hai chauhdry khandan chor hai!

  18. It's humorous seeing an obese person in charge of Sports!
    It's a bit like watching the very wealthy parade around as if they can't afford a Personal Trainer.
    A couple of Australia's Mining Magnates come to mind, one male one female.
    In the end, their inability and unwillingness to keep fit, will determine their future and how their lives are lived.

  19. hahahahahaha!!!! goodluck to Satish Narayan who at some stage was pallypally with this fucked family like his brother at the radio station. Fiji has had enuf of you two brothers. When the regime goes, you both go!!!

  20. Long Live Bainimarama
    Long live his eldest daughter
    Long Live his youngest daughter
    Long Live Dharam Limgam!

  21. Sa wacava na viritalawalawa kei na cawa katakata mai na bati ni lovo?

  22. Fat ugly witch like her mother...hehehehehhehehhehee...

  23. @annon 10:07pm
    Long Live 4 times to different individuals....how long is that longevity?..and how will it end would be very interesting to know.
    the cobwebs and the odour that emnates from the southern region of fat ass Litiana Loabuka indicate disintegrating internal organs..annon 10;12pm was close enough to pick the signals.

  24. I would gladly have accepted a heaping spoonful of nepotism myself when I got out of college and was looking for a job.

  25. This regime is built on arrogance.

    You think it's bad now, just wait until Meli crowns himself Emperor Voreqe II.

  26. Maybe now the dumb arse licking Narayan brothers will see the light and get their faces out of VB's arse.

    They are the biggest coup supporters and should be destroyed with the Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

  27. ANON@10.07

    Long Live Bainimarama

  28. Bose @5:58 PM

    I agree with you. PM should have tendered his resignation to be completely transparent.

    I don't see much discussion on this subject. People on the blog should think and let their opinion be known.

  29. @Dharam Cocksucking Lingham
    Its amazing that you still continuing to support this farked up family.
    I know that you quietly wanting to be Bainimarama's girlfriend.
    Bara chod like you should give it up.




    Search on for sugar buyers
    Felix Chaudhary
    Saturday, May 25, 2013
    THE search for a buyer for the remaining 60,000 tonnes of sugar continues.

    The FSC said four firms had expressed interest in purchasing the local sweetener but nothing had been determined yet.

    "We still have not received the types of prices that we are looking for and will continue to negotiate with the four buyers until we find something closer to what we want," said FSC executive chairman Abdul Khan.

    The FSC produced 150,000 tonnes of sugar for the last season, of which 90,000 was shipped to UK buyers Tate and Lyle Sugar Limited.

  31. HAARE...The apple will not fall far away from the tree....Since there is no apple tree in Fiji but coconut tree....e lutu na niu e lutu koto ga ivuna.

  32. The Shit has fallen far from The Bat

  33. People complaining but cant do anything.
    dictators get stronger when people are silent and do nothing about democracy.

  34. The Narain brothers are like the rest of us rolling with the punches because that's where we are at as a country.

    What we need to do is help people break free and unite to speak up against this illegal government.

    Bainimarama and his free riding family cos they got the army and the propaganda on their side but the fight aint over.

    There's too many of us opposed to him.

  35. ps in the meantime what we need to do is keep speaking up and keep voicing our views whereever we can

  36. editor,
    I agree with Samuela Savu of Canberra that " we all see things differently" (Fiji Times 24/5). As such dictatorial rulers and their apologists and propagandists see things one way and defenders of democracy see things in quite another . But unlike Savu I don't believe in ignoring or glossing over what is wrong. What is wrong in Fiji at the present time is the military rule under which the people have been living since the Bainimarama takeover of 2006. Defenders of democracy must continue to raise their voice against it. We read in the Amnesty International Report 2013 on Fiji that "People's right to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly continue to be restricted under military rulle..."
    People who stand up to defend this denial of the democratic rights and freedoms of the people of Fiji , especially people who themselves enjoy these rights and freedoms living in western democracies, are hypocrites and scoundrels.
    Critics of Fiji's military rule must remain vigilant against them.
    rajend naidu

  37. editor,
    C4.5 published my response to the blinkered pro-regime views of one Dharam Lingam of Sacramento. The Fiji Times did not but has continued to give space to Lingam to propagandise for the Fiji military regime (FT 25/5). This makes the Fiji Times one-sided. Anyone needing me to tell them which side ? The Fiji Times too like the Fiji Sun has started to cast itself as a good local media by reporting "positive" things. That is pro-regime propaganda. They have clearly abdicated their true watch-dog responsibility at a time when they are most needed. They have become something of a disgrace to independent journalism.
    rajend naidu

  38. To rajen naidu
    the difference between you and me is that i see positivity in even negativity whereas you are the other way around.
    You have complained about anything and everything wherever you wrote.Be a man,suck it up and move forward or be let behind biting he dust with your negativity.
    All you have done is complain,complain and more complain.If you think you are smart how about come up with solutions.

    Long Live Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  39. Dharam Lingam the difference between you and me is this: you are are sycophantic supporter of the Fiji military regime and I am an uncompromising critic of the regime.
    And for your elucidation this is not question of being smart; it is a question of siding with what is right. That quite obviously is not a concern of yours. You are only about sucking up to the Bainimarama regime - for reasons best known to you. You are a regime lackey so it's not at all difficult to figure out the rubbish coming out of you.
    You see "positivity even in negativity". If Hitler was still around I am sure your type would be able to see a lot of "positivity" in what that diabolical dictator was doing. Dharam Lingam let me put straight to you. Let alone being smart, you are an idiot!

  40. to rejen naidu
    if i am an idiot than that would make a a cry babe.
    You should start your own blog..name it "The Biggest Loser"..you mother fucker

    Dharam Lingam

  41. to rejen asshole naidu
    Your type will not be happy anywhere in the world.
    You are a disgrace...to my analysis the FMF must have really fucked you very hard...oh if you have the balls write to me on my email,dharam50_lingam@yahoo.com and i will give you a piece of my mind of what i think about you,dickhead

  42. The real Dharam Lingam the permanently "positive" wallah has been flushed out! Calling an opponent a"mother fucker" now that's being very positive,isn't it!

  43. to rajen naidu
    of course it is very positive ,especially after you called me an idiot.
    I surely will defend myself

  44. Dharam Lingam defending yourself rationally is one thing. Being abusive and foul mouthed is quite another. Recognise the difference?
    it has been said when some folks keep quiet people think they are stupid but the moment they open their mouth they confirm themselves as IDIOTS. This is true for you.

  45. Let's all write to this idiot who keeps lowering the standards here...


  46. In todays daily acting air pacific ceo claims that they are still investigating claims that the airline has and does carry harvested shark fins to hong kong. Gotta do better than that Aubrey. Working for ATS I can say that air pacific has definitely freighted shark fins. Doesnt take to much effort to look at past consignment notes for cargo details. More to the point, why try hiding it now? Just fess up to it, state that all cargo is an important dollar earner for the airline and be done with it.

  47. to rajen naidu
    as i said before,if that makes me an idiot than it surely makes you an asshole.
    when you come to a public blog you express your opinions and not call others idiots because they differ.But you wont understand that as it is beyond your comprehension.
    Anyway,as i have labelled you an asshole,i will stick to that.
    Hey asshole,you talking about democracy and yet when someone differs than you call them an idiot.Really,asshole?That's what you call democracy ,you fucking hypocrite

    Long live Bainiarama
    Dharam Lingam

  48. Anonymous2.41PM I would not recommend writing to the idiot Dharam Lingam. The man is clearly beyond rational discussion. His head is not screwed right. He can still see the positive in things that are patently negative. He does not have a proper grasp of realty. The man lives in a fantasy world of his own imaginary creation! He should be avoid like a social leper!

  49. Dharam Lingam as I said before you are an IDIOT and you give good proof of yourself through your idiotic postings!

  50. why does Dharam Lingam want people with balls to write to him!
    I thought an intelligent man would prefer to have people with BRAINS write to him.
    why the preference for balls!

  51. to rejend naidu
    every time you write you prove tome what a pathetic human being you are...just coz fiji times did not print you useless letter you go crying to c4.5.
    You make me laugh,you sissy.

    Long Live bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  52. Dharam Lingam please don't do that. don't give rajend naidu " a piece of your mind". you already have such a tiny mind. what will you be left with to continue your shitty tirade?

  53. Can the person who has christened Dharam Lingam as Dharam cocksucking Lingam please explain why he has been so baptised. we know he has a preference for people with balls. what else?

  54. to anon 3.52 and 4.01
    You guys can say all you want...but hey Bainimarama wont be deterred.
    There was never anything positive coming from pathetic losers like you guys anyway.
    That's why you guys dont even have have the guts to put your names on here...all i hear from you losers is..blah blah blah

    Long Live Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  55. Just to add to anon's comment about the shark fin episode in regard to air pacific. I believe the captain of the flight also gets a special load notice that he signs before the flight departs. And I am sure if you ask the captains, you will probably find that they too know that shark fin is being carried on their flight.
    And particularly when the B747 operates to Hong Kong, it is 'christmas' for the freight forwarders and consigners. Yes, so Aubrey, stop procrastinating and go directly to ATS and the captains and look at past consignment documents.

  56. Dharam Lingam is right when he says that Rajend Naidu is an asshole. But Rajend Naidu is surely correct when he says Dharam Lingam is an idiot. So what is worse, an asshole or an idiot?

    At least an asshole has an important function. An idiot is still an idiot no matter how "positive" he claims to be.

    Far worse than either is a traitor. In this case Dharam Lingam has the dubious distinction of being both an idiot AND a traitor.

    So keep being an asshole, Rajend. We'll let Dharam wipe you. And then you can use the same nappy to wipe the drool from Dharam's grin as we put a noose around his neck to hang him for treason.

  57. Vutuki Dharam LingamMay 25, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    If Bainimarama was a good leader we wouldn't be hearing about his own corruption and that of his family.

    The guy showed his true colours when he refused to relinquish his power showing his 2006 coup was never in the interest of the country and fellow fijians but himself.

  58. Long live Dharam Lingamu! So that he can continue to provide us with free entertainment with his idiotic Long Live Bainimarama rumbling!

  59. Dharamagaitinamu, get a life.

  60. rajen who advocates freedom of speech wants to deny Dharam his right...what a hypocrite you are rajen

  61. Rajend has done no such thing. He's not trying to deny Dharam his right to be an idiot. Neither am I. No one has the right to commit treason, however. That holds true whether your name is Frank or Dharam.

  62. Fiji will never be the same as it was before the coups, even when this current govt is toppled, how sure are we that the ones after Bai will run the country without hidden agendas?...Qarase/ Chaudry/ Rabuka/ Rt Mara etc all had their hands dirty, the difference was that it wasn't so obvious (well not as the corruption that's going on now in plain sight)....who's the right man for the job? That's the MAIN question, who has the leadership that contains selflessness, meekness, humbleness and honesty?...NO ONE?...is that true?...just wolves in sheep's skin lasting only for a moment and blows away like dust in the wind, what they leave behind becomes a burden for future generations, the 87' coup, the NBF scandal, Fiji as little India, CRW victims, NLTB scandals, the 'Clean Up' campaign, the FNPF scandals, China, Fiji's sovereignty - and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on....We're simply talking about the same politicians past and current, the same military leaders past and current, the same business men past and current, all behaving like spoilt brats wanting a bigger piece of the pie i.e. PRIDE POWER MONEY REPUTATION & WOMEN. I ask you FIJI today, do these same mere human beings deserve to be in the spot light again and again? They're getting old, by the time I'm 40 most of them would either be dead, sickly or at an old people's home like dust in the wind. BY THEN...IT WILL BE OUR TURN TO RUN THIS NATION AND CLEAN UP THEIR MESS...so I urge you leaders of today, act now while you still have the chance & fear not...EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY...WE LEADERS OF TOMORROW WILL BE WATCHING, because when its our turn (trust me it will be), you better not be under our cross hairs....I wouldn't give a shit if you're 80 or 90 or even 100, what's done today will be remembered tomorrow...

  63. To Dharam Lingam,


    I strongly believe that you're the only dumb fuck second to Bai...or how much is he paying you?...you're probably one of the paid supporters rite?...what? you dont have the balls to stand up to BAI? what ever he says goes rite? you just want him to read your msgs on this blog site right?

    When all this is over (it will soon), we'll pay a personal visit to your place AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU...

    LONG LIVE Dharam Lingam
    In Hell

  64. to anon @ 2.20
    If you cant put your name on this blog than all i hear from you is blah blah and more blah

    Long Live the Savior Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  65. Who's the right man for the job? Wrong question. We should ask who is the right woman. The clear answer is Ro Teimumu Kepa.

  66. Ro Teimumu Kepa is a racist pig. She even refuses to eat curry. A dangerous and stupid woman.

  67. Dharanus LinganusMay 26, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Dharam Linganus, you're one uneducated gay fuckwit who clearly needs a good fist in the mouth.

  68. Muslims have taken over fiji like they doing in other part of the world to force islam to all in the future.
    frank /khaiyum have sold fiji out and bring terror to the people who oppose them.
    christians/hindus are quite .why.?scared or what.
    Time have come that we stand up against this elite muslims once and for all.

  69. Litiana is only named ceo .peter maizey does all the work for her.another crook.
    litiana was working as a insurance clerk in ami insurance in wellington than telecom fiji as marketing officer now ceo because of daddy.
    Samu Yavala applied for the post with masters from usa uni didnt get the job .why ?
    Where is clean up ?.
    people were complained why MPC gave the job to RPC.
    Now Khaiyum bro Riaz /Litiana /Others benefit .

  70. dharam who religiously adores bai has distracted us from the subject. There seem to be no humility in this family of the dicktator. They all want to live in the limelight and throw their heavy weights around. And yet there are die hard supporters in spite of this. Of course there are various reasons one being a sychophant who stands to gain out of this legal anomaly that is running the government now.





    Operators stand by decision
    Luke Rawalai
    Sunday, May 26, 2013
    WE will stick with the Vodafone e-ticketing system, says Fiji Bus Operators Association vice president Pramod Chand.

    Mr Chand described the Vodafone e-ticketing system as a better one, coming out hard on Digicel enquiring why they had slept through during the expression of interest period.

    "We cannot change much since it will demand money and we will stick with the Vodafone e-ticketing system, he said.

    "The system has already been adopted by our buses and there is nothing much that can be done."

    Meanwhile, Digicel commercial director Andrew Skelton said now that the market had been opened by government, Digicel has come in with a very competitive offer that would slash bus operators' costs by 35 per cent compared to the other e-ticketing system.

    He said the market leading technology operating in 30 markets around the world would be cheaper to install and use.

    "With our new system, bus operators can save over $350,000 over a period of five years," Mr Skelton said.


    1. Why the release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012 is being blocked?
    2. When will the people of Fiji get a copy of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
    3. When will the regime publicize the details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Bano?
    4. When will the regime release details of the tender process (if any) for all Capital works awarded to Constructions companies of Malaysia and China from 2007- 2012?
    5. When will the regime release of the accounts for the $5m annual Taiwan Government Grant held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
    6. When will the Commander RFMF release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
    7. When will the regime release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Dairy Restructure?
    8. Will the regime release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
    9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and other reports conducted by professionals on various entities in which the State has interest of investments?
    10. How can Public Service Commission accept as Permanent Secretary a person convicted of murder and has served two years prison sentence

    • Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
    • Aslam Khan,
    • Iqbal Janiff,
    • Nazhat Shameem
    • Shaista Shameem,
    • Nur Bano,
    • Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
    • Abdul Khan(FSC),
    • Mohammed Aziz,
    • Faiaz Ali,
    • Mohammed Saneen,
    • Saheen Ali,
    • Razim Buksh (RBF)
    • Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
    • Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
    • Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
    • Riaz Ali (FNU),
    • Nizam U Dean,
    • Afzal Khan,
    • Hafix Khan,
    • Anwar Khan,
    • Ali Jan,
    • Bahadur Ali,
    • Lainuni Khan,
    • Shaneze Voss,
    • Shane Hussien,
    • Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
    • Robert Khan,
    • Rahmat Ali,
    • Gulam Mohammed,

  74. to anonymous @ 8-32am.. I hate curry as well and am I a racist too?.. YES and I will fight and stand up for my NATIVE FIJIANS until we send each and all the stupid invaders like you and all of your own ppl.... IS THAT LOUD AND CLEAR?..... start packing and get the hell out of my Island and go back to where you come from...

  75. to Champak Patel,

    Be Strong, you're not alone!!!

    FUCK YOU Dharam n the rest of YOU with BAI!!!!
    Your time's up!!!!

  76. To Champak Patel tumhaar 'bahin chod'

  77. THIS LARRY MAYBEE representing the Red Cross is here trying to teach Fijian soldiers, how to apply THE LAW during UN services IN OTHER COUNTRIES. HONESTLY, HOW CAN YOU TEACH TREASONIST SOLDIERS TO GO AND UPHOLD THE LAW IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY. Larry you are a shame to the good name of The Red Cross FIRST YOU SHOULD TEACH THESE FIJIAN SOLDIERS TO FIRST UPHOLD THE LAW IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

    RFMF in conflict law Ana Madigibuli Sunday, May 26, 2013
    OFFICERS of the Fiji military need to be aware of the law of armed conflict when serving in peacekeeping missions overseas

  78. Sa yawa sara ga na matavuvale nei Bainimarama kei ira na nona kawa. Sa tiko vinaka na nodratou viavia cecere kei viavia dua na ka. Dua na siga dou na lutu mai vuravura.

  79. @C4.5 I noticed you've sanitised some of the postings.
    Is this because we are trying to be "sensitive" to the "feelings" of Bainimarama and his supporters?

    Please don't get caught up with their Emotional Blackmail.

    These same arseholes will gladly shove the gun up people's arse like they've done in the past.

    If they complain, ask them where the fark were they when Sakiusa Rabaka and Verebasaga were being tortured AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED until they died.

    So now suddenly they have become sensitive, the bloody lowlifes!

  80. editor,
    Extending the classic quote on eternal vigilance an American Thomas Sowell said " Eternal vigilance is only a part of the price of freedom. The maturity to live with imperfections is another crucial part of the price of freedom". Dharam Lingam of Sacramento USA lacks this maturity. He is waiting (quite conveniently in America) for the Fijian military to install perfect democracy in Fiji.
    Another famous writer Aldous Huxley the author of the Brave New World said " Eternal vigilance is not only the price of liberty, eternal vigilance is the price of human decency".
    Dharam Lingam does not believe this either. He does not believe eternal vigilance is the price of human decency. He dismisses it as " complaining"!! (Fiji Times 24/5)
    Dharam Lingam is probably the first man who has not had any complaints in life. Even Jesus had complaints when walked on earth among human beings!
    Why was Jesus persecuted?
    Dharam Lingam will never be persecuted because the man is able to see "positivity even in negativity"!
    Even Jesus couldn't do that!
    rajend naidu

  81. Kamlesh Kumar- Military Barracks Nabua.May 26, 2013 at 4:28 PM


    Fiji belongs to Fiji Indians as much as it belongs to you. Fiji Indians didn't invade Fiji but they were brought to Fiji by British. We have been living in Fiji for the last 138 years. However your ancestor's drifted and invaded Fiji from Africa. What Baini, Khaiyum and others are doing to eradicate nationalist and racist pig like you for good from Fiji.

  82. Chiefs after chiefs in Fiji are declaring their support to PM Bainimara. No one wants Ro KEPA.


    The Tui Wailevu, Ratu Savenaca Bosenawainibuka, of Wailotua, Wainibuka, Tailevu, has pledged his support for Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
    He says he will vote for the Prime Minister in next year’s elections and has been advising his people to follow suit.
    “Na matanitu qo e cakava na veivakatorocaketaki levu duadua vei keimami mai na so tale na matanitu. (This Government has done the biggest development in our area compared to other governments),” Ratu Savenaca said.
    He was at Naiyala High School on Friday during the commissioning of internet access to 20 schools between Korovou and Rakiraki Town by the Minister for Education, Filipe Bole.
    “We are very happy. I speak for myself and my people. I know three other chiefs in our area have the same sentiments. The availability of internet to our children will help them in their education.
    “We are grateful to the Government for the Kings Highway. This is our pride. We thank Government because through the highway, we have noticed that our lives are improving.
    “There are more people travelling our way. Before we travelled on dusty roads and it was always hard to market our produce. Now all these have changed. We no longer have dust on our hairs and body when we reach town.
    “This Government has done what no other Government had done to us.We should support and ask Bainimarama to continue because he thinks of people in villages and our children.”
    Speaking in Fijian he said: “Keimami e Wailevu sa duavata me Prime Minister tale ‘o Bainimarama baleta ni rawarawa na veivosaki kei koya kei na kena kerei yani na ka e ratou vakayacora. (We, the people of Wailevu had agreed for Bainimarama to be Prime Minister again because it is easy to talk to him and mention what we need for them to help us in),” he said.

  83. Dharam, not very positive these statements of yours about Ro Teimumu. Not true, either.

    In fact, I've eaten curry as a guest of the Gone Marama Bale, and in a very racially-mixed group. She was the perfect hostess -- the very epitome of graciousness and propriety.

    I know her well. She is a very intelligent lady of high principle and strong moral courage.

    So, yes, traitors such as yourself might find her dangerous.

  84. Rajen, the so called purveyor of the truth..yes Dharam is waiting conveniently in USA, and what about you? Are you in Fiji fighting the "cause" or sitting pretty munching whatever you munch in Sydney? Hypocrite. You accuse Dharam of stooping so low as to use foul language, but don't you do the same when cornered and attacked like the rat you are. Hypocrite again. I don't agree or support most of Dharam's view on frank, etc but stop being a hypocrite rajen and let Dharam be entitled to his view, however repulsive you may find them.


  85. To Jioka: Yes, Jioka, if you hate curry becuse it is an indian food, you are a racist bastard, just as Teimumu is an adultress. Both of you are hypocites of the highest order who no doubt go to church every sunday. Stupid, small minded, hateful, slack and backward, always looking to blame others, that's why you can't progress. That's why Fiji is so f!@#$%. In case you haven't noticed, anyone who can is getting out of Fiji. this is my iland too, I was born here, who are you to tell me to go where I cam e from, I came from here and I am staying here

  86. To KKK @ Mil Brk..
    The British has gone back to where they come from, so why you still saying here? and you can migrate to where ever you want to go cause I'm here and lay-back with my land and I don't have to go anywhere... Goodbye..

  87. kuntyum the muslim taliban pig fuckerMay 26, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    long live bainimagana and his bajaru daughters and wife! May their children, and their children's children all prosper in hell for eternity - and dont forget the two ugly dogs that mated to produce an evil, corrupt servant of Satan!

  88. this fat ugly bitch of a daughter is an idiot like her father and marykean.

  89. To Anon @ 4.40
    I did NOT attack Ro Temumu Kepa in any of my blogs on this site.I did not attack anybody personally except those who cursed at me just because i have different views.
    What Ro temumu or anybody else does in their personal lives is none o my business.

    Dharam Lingam

  90. To rajen naidu
    all you do is cry like a baby,you cry about everything and anything.
    You quote what others said.When are you going to use you negative little brain and contribute you own views.
    As for me i live here in America but i do support children in my village in their education.I have influenced a few people from here to retire in Fiji.
    Though how small it may be but i am making some positive contribution towards my Fiji.Oh,i also will retire in Fiji.
    So,rajen,i don't sit on the sideline and just bark like you do.
    Long Live Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  91. If everyone wants Frank instead of Ro Teimumu, then put it to a vote.

    For my part, I could never support -- much less vote for -- a thug traitor like Bainimarama.

  92. Kamlesh Kumar
    You claim same rights at Kai Viti,,,,so how come they own 90% land (ie native land) & you are squatting illegally in Fiji??? what a moron claiming to own Fiji but really just a squatter!!

  93. Kamlesh, you will never be regarded as a Fijian, you will always be known as an Indian so get over it. Yes you are correct about Indians being brought to Fiji by the British, to work in sugar cane farmers. So using that information that you know about, the Indians are not indigenous to Fiji, you're only an immigrant, a squatter and a guest of Fiji. Get a life you moronic alien.

  94. Right now I am preparing to evict an Indian who has been squattting on my land for last 30 years without paying a cent,,,,
    He is a parasite with no respect makes noise on sundays , animals destroy our plantations etc etc ,,,,,a no manners lout....
    Hope kamlesh maichod kumar can accomodate him
    Kai Viti Landowner

  95. Racial and abnoxious remarks should not be included in this blog eg Kai viti saying he will evict the Kai india squatter of 30 years etc, etc.
    My understanding is that this forum is an avenue to vent anger & frustration against the Baini illegal government ot indians anaginst the natives.

  96. Azad, i suspect the kai viti landowner is a troll trying to whip up racial disharmony.

    Let us all be smart and not playing into his hands or anyone else playing slly buggers.

  97. Since 2006, the races are polarized as ever. Not hard to
    pick out the apologists (mostly Indo- Fijians) and the anti 2006 coup ( mostly Indigenous Fijians)..the clean up campaign failed misrably, I suspect it was more towards cleaning up the coffers!

  98. What a fat and UGLY tummy she has!!
    Me caka gona vakacava - "Lutu ga na vuA ni niu e na tau ga e vuna"!!
    Like father, like son, like daughter, THE YAVU KANA LOTOS AND MATA NI KA KUNEAS!!

  99. Na yalewa rairaica, fatty buma, she look like a tiger ready to attach.She is the ulukau. They will be on the opposite side of the fence soon.

  100. some idiot wants me to respect idiot Dharam Lingam's right to defend tyranny in Fiji. idiot Dharam Lingam can say whatever idiotic things he wants to say but no one should expect me to give him any respect. no way. my respect is reserved for people who fight against tyranny wherever it rears its ugly head. clearly Dharam Lingam is not the only idiot on C4.5 . he has like minded idiots defending him!

  101. to rajen naidu @ 12.20pm
    Hey asshole i don need your respect or your worthless views...you are complaining like a whore who has not been paid for her services.

    Dharam Lingam

  102. the forever "positive" Dharam idiot Lingam is now exposing his true self- that of a shank!

  103. another bad day for idiot Dharam Lingam. the Fiji Times has published another of rajend asshole naidu's "useless" letters! that would take the total to about 3500 !! that must really constipate Dharam Lingam. Take some hot rassaam for your shit relief!

  104. Duhhram, seems you know a lot about complaining whores hahaha. Stop complaining Duhhram because you're a prostitute yourself and a client as well hahaha. Asshole.

  105. to anon @ 10.45,12.51 and 12.43
    of course the Fiji Times has published rejen naidu's letter of complain.again it's complain and more complain.
    to anon 12.43 to are an asshole

    Dharam Lingam

  106. Dharam Lingam reminds me of one of The Heckler's quips about Tony Gates, when he remarked that the only thing truly "positive" about him is his HIV test.

  107. to anon @ 5.07
    check your mother and sister,they got it from me

  108. breaking news: just heard that Dharam idiot Lingam is having a mirghi (epileptic fit) after learning the Fiji Times has today published another of Rajend asshole naidu's "useless"letters! He needs to be hit with a dildo on his head to stop the fit!

  109. Kamlesh & SemiMay 30, 2013 at 2:30 PM

    DurrhamAnus, you must have been prodded up the anus too many times you're sounding like shit lol

  110. Sorry, Anonymous 7:14 PM.

    I'm not Dharam Lingam!

  111. Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.
    We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.
    We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem. We have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.
    We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.
    We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.
    Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from sin and Set us free. Please

    Come back and rule our nation, be number one in our nation.

    With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we once again can be called 'One nation under God!'

  112. @Anon..June 1, 2013 at 7:25 PM.

    ...uh...and Heavenly Father may ask...uh...how can anyone stand and agree with you in prayer?

    ...sa rauta mada na "undecover christain" tiko!

    Va'evei..."sa rere tiko ko Pita"?

  113. @ SEMI MEOJune 6, 2013 at 1:10 PM
    .....haha semi...sa o vosa tu ga. bau marau madaga
    ni dua e bau masulaki keda mai. Ko bau masu tu se sega.....a masu beka ga ni kana.

  114. Kemuni kece na vola2 tu i loma qo ..sa sota ga na ulukau sa tu mada mai qori na ulukau qai kau tale yani na ulukau Dua ga na nomuni mata vei vutu..wawa dua mada noqu taro dua vei kemuni sa bau tovola me caita e dua na corrocodile bula...???

  115. Apisai Naiconi, Ni yalovinaka ni kua ni tauca tu na vosa me tukuni kemuni tu ga. Ke o ni sega ni kila na ka mo ni vosa kina au kerea mo ni galu ga.If you want to contribute do it with some possitive ideas and not branding everybody like you because what you wrote clearly indicate who you are. Its meeaningless,nonsense and shows how much rubbish on you head

  116. Ooopppsssss ,,hold it.....qori o marama nite la qori ka taucoko e cakava e kamica. Koya madaga e kamica


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