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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fight the Fight, Not Your Existence

Opinion piece by Jagath Karunaratne

There are questions about the unions from Australia, New Zealand and United States and their statement about the new website to discourage people visiting Fiji.

It is with sincere hope that local unions do not have any hand on this and if they do, they should expect to have to respond to questions from the people of Fiji.

First of all, this initiative clearly shows the inability or weakness to get respective governments to take tougher actions against the current administration of Fiji. Instead of spending time and energy on a website, unions could have got their governments to enforce the imposed conditions on Fiji by using their strength, their memberships in thousands. 

It is apparent today that respective overseas governments are simply pushing Fiji towards the so-called democracy process and possible elections in 2014. They are eagerly waiting for the Bainimarama government to become legitimate or for them to be able to join hands without any implications to continue business as usual with Fiji.

Once there was a rumor that Australian and New Zealand unions were organizing a strike by the workers of the airports and ports to boycott handling luggage and cargo to Fiji. 

Then the respective legislations were in place and unions simply shied away because of the fear of legal implications that could have mounted to millions of dollars in damages. There have been many attempts by the international unions via condemning statements, lobbying of the UN and other bodies and pleading with their respective governments to protect worker’s rights and human rights as a whole, which is commendable. But they never had any great impact. 

Currently, the government of Australia is led by the Labor Party and it is believed the unions of Australia can make a difference in the governance and decisions of the current administration. However, they are either lacking in showing their strength or are simply reluctant to go the hard yards. Instead, the unions look as though they are trying to show their existence yet again rather than doing what they are supposed to do - push their respective governments.

The local unions should not entertain any activity which puts Fiji and her people down. This is our country and our people where we share and care on a day to day basis. It has been proven that an administration cannot be taken away by weakening the economy. The machinery of the administration will survive with the taxes and other means and it will never ever withdraw from power due to a sinking economy. 

The weaker the economy gets, the more the people suffer and there are many examples in the world today where administrators are living in gold plated houses while the poor spend bundles of cash to buy one single loaf of bread.

Many overseas individuals and some overseas based locals call for people of Fiji to stand up. Some call the people of Fiji “lamulamu” (cowards) and in some cases “liumuri” (backstabbers) because they haven't. But this is mainly due to a lack of understanding of the culture, upbringing, history and people of Fiji. People of Fiji are very unique in their own way in terms of respecting leaders, elders, the traditions and protocols and most of all religious principles.  

This is where local unions and its leaders need to come in to play. The unions should not join the international movement to put the people of Fiji down. Instead, they should stand up as agents of Fiji and explain why things are the way they are. 

It is us who know better than anyone overseas about our culture and traditions which show Fijians to be the most humble nation on earth. These are the aspects to educate the international community on how and why we the people of Fiji suffer in silence. The unions should not in any way declare their support for activities which can put people of Fiji down or harm the economy, which in turn hurt the stomach of the poor. Fight the fight in spirit and strength and never ever put your people down.
People or robots
Have you seen a young kid, probably less than 5 years old wearing only a nappy, running in and out of their tin house every time a vehicle passes, waving at them with a big smile, indicating to the two papayas and boiled corns hoping that someone would stop and buy them from her Dad - and then the smile disappears till the next vehicle approaches?

In the city, thousands of people are walking about with straight faces like programmed robots, looking lost and without a focus, but millions of thoughts running through their minds about where they are heading, how to feed the family with the limited cash in hand or simply wandering around hoping for something to smile about.  

So “does one need to be a Fijian, Indo Fijian, Muslim Fijian, Sri Lankan or European to be engrossed in thoughts of humanity and have a tear or two with the helpless thought, What can I do?” 

In the war between the Bainimarama government and the political parties to cling on to power, to prove their existence, debate on matters to prove to the people that they are there for people and doing things for people to ensure support, the most important segment of the whole process, which is  “People”, have been ignored or conveniently forgotten. 

While we cry for democracy, assuming that it is the best way to address people issues in Fiji, shouldn’t we as religious leaders, traditional and political leaders, youth, society groups, NGOs and other like minded communities get together as ONE and discuss national issues and find ways to help people with or without power and democracy?
Fear factor
The general excuse by many for not attending to the matters as a nation is fear of losing their bread and butter. But aren’t you already sacrificing your bread and butter or that of your children and the future generations by making such excuses? 

Law enforcers 
The ones who are in these entities also belong to the segment “people”. They belong to a family, religious entity, village, a community, chief and going through the same emotions as the rest of us. They understand right and wrong and like the rest of us pray for their spiritual and social well being and living in hope of better things to come.  The only difference is that they have their own chain of command, protocols and ethics just like any other profession. When we come together as “ONE”, they will surely be part of it one way or another, simply because they also understand right and wrong.  

Youth stepping up
As per the statistics, the youth is considered almost 50% of the population. The workforce in Fiji today is about 400 thousand or thereabouts and no doubt the majority of the youth is part of the workforce with certain high intellects, exposure and good understanding of right and wrong. Are we really tapping in to this very important segment of the society with honest intentions to hear them out with an open mind rather than for mere political reasons?

The youth are considered radical, have  clear mind set with no personal agendas, are not hemmed in by racial boundaries and are a big part of being “ONE”. 

If we are to consider by categorizing the leadership today as OLD and the youth as NEW, there is a clear difference in opinion between the two. The youth are driven by truth with no immediate expectations as the path is long and there are many things to be fulfilled in the race to reach the goal. 

The OLD can argue that the NEW needs guidance, preaching and a clearly defined process to bring them to the level of the NEW while the NEW would agree with the same however with the challenges that they are treated as amateurs when they are armed with fresh and workable solutions and most of all with the impression that “you only need me when you need me, not before or after”. 

These can only be addressed in a platform as ONE where we throw our cards on the table, challenge each other with constructive discussions.

It is needless to say that we are living in a crisis where a bunch of so called leaders pushing their way through with no respect whatsoever to the most important segment of the society which is PEOPLE. I believe that Fijians are the most innocent, humble and simple group of people on the planet, living a basic and simple life with less focus on worldly aspects. 

I may be very wrong if I still believe that Bainimarama possesses some of these qualities, hidden in the darkness of his self-centered mindset, as he is also a Fijian even though he has not shown any of these traits as a Fijian or as a Christian. If there is any hope in that aspect of Bainimarama’s side of an angel, then it can only be retrieved by people coming together as ONE to defeat the devil. 

Today we are crying for democracy as we believe that it is the only known ideology that can govern a nation with truth and justice. Some also argue that Fiji is not yet ready for democracy as we are way behind similar nations in the world in terms of understanding democracy. The same argue that Fiji is yet to value the meaning of freedom as they have not gone through the struggles, hardships, humiliation by the foreign invaders and wars to claim their freedom. 

As a country with unique people who respect their religions and faith and as unique people who are humble, respectful and peace loving, I believe we as people of Fiji may be able to come up with an ideology which the whole world wil one day respect as the best. The very same ideology can become the solution for many wars, conflicts, killing in the name of religion and many other situations around the world. Who knows, Fiji may become the solution for the world.  
May god bless us all and the nation, Fiji.


mark manning said...

Unions don't represent Government in Australia, the U.S. or New Zealand, neither do they dictate Policy etc.
What Unions do represent, is their constituents and their Work Place conditions and wages etc.
If there is a collective response from several Countries, then one can assume the problem is serious and requires decisive action and the support of like minded people, even though they aren't directly affected by Fiji's poor wages policies etc.
This, is where "Unions" get their strength. They "Unite"! And it's in that "Unity" that they find their collective strength and power.
Again, one should ask why are the Unions in Fiji taking this step? Why are they going to such desperate measures?
The answer lays squarely with the illegal Regime and its illegal Attorney General and his draconian Work Place Decrees.
Let's hope that the Union's efforts are successful before other offshore Unions elect to support their action!
Imagine if baggage handlers in Australia refuse to load and unload planes into and out of Fiji and what other Union actions could be taken to bring the Regime to its knees!
The blame for Fiji's woes, should be placed squarely onto the shoulders of those responsible, Frank Bainimarama and the Soldiers of the RFMF, the Regime and its supporters, after all, it's they who have benefited financially and otherwise, at the expense of their fellow Citizens.
The Unions are part of the solution, not the problem, the Regime is the problem, not the solution.

BC said...

Thank you for Jag for that piece.

The main important desire in most Fijians today is : HOW TO GET RID OF BAINIMARAMA.

This is why they want an Election.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Bainimarama is also aware of this.
That is why he and Khaiyum have bodyguards.

That is also why they want IMMUNITY FOR TREASON to be part of the constitution.

That is also why they burnt the Ghai Constitution - because of lack of Immunity.

That is also why the are doing "ANOTHER" Constitution

Presently he is trying to bring in a Land Decree that will wrench control (STEAL) the land from Fijians.

The question is how do we put a stop to Bainimarama NOW, because the longer we wait, the worse Khaiyum gets in his destruction of the indigenous people's welfare.

Vacava said...

not sure why Jagath Karunaratne is writing this given that he's a Sri Lankan and it is his own kind (Ajith Kodagoda, Nouzab Fareed) who are looting this country and selling us to Sri Lanka. The latest sale of our sovereignty (Fiji Ports) is a classic example of why snakes such as Jagath Karunaratne cant really be trusted.

BC said...


Thousands of people gave in their submission and he just disrespected them.

From this reaction we can safely say tha Bainimarama's attitude of disrespecting the people's wishes is still there ever since he diesrespected the people in the first place in 2006 and comitted treason against a government "the people" had voted for.


The question then is how do we deal with a person with this sort of disposition?

My suggestion is a BULLET.

BC said...

If you don't like the "bullet" option then lets apprehend him and take him to court to face the CRIMINAL CHARGES OF TREASON.

Anonymous said...

we dont need BULLET option.

We need BULLETS option.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Perhaps it will take an empty stomach to get our people to rise up .

I am for the short term pain for the long term gain.

If anything perhaps this will find us doing less of the talk and more of the sprinting to ensure this is only a temporary measure.

Anonymous said...

Vutu sona, sonalevu, where are you, Australia, NZ, US.
You talk too much and the first to hide. Lamusona magaitimanu.
For starts write your full name, that's step 1, bark and then bite.

BC said...

@anonymous 1:04
Boso why are you angry?
Did I say something wrong?
All that I said above is the truth.

You must be Bainimarama.Dau carata i veitavioka.
If you a tough guy, then BRING ON THE ELECTION NOW!

Deepak Chauhan said...

Anon 1:04 PM can you put your real name for a start before you call on others to put theirs.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.04
isa sivia na vosa kana loto butako tiko sona levu

Anonymous said...

What was that all about?

Anonymous said...

Deepak and BC are the same person.

BC you say apprehend FB. Can you pls do that for us!

Anonymous said...

@Jagath Karuna, your article is very shallow and lack substance. The best you can do for the Fijians is to talk to all your wantoks in the Judiciary, govt, private sectors to pack up and go back to SL or fly to Indonesia then catch the boat to Christmas Island. You have illegally occupied jobs meant for the young Fijian graduates from USP and overseas. Fiji has massive problems at the moment and the continuing arrivals of the Tamils is just going to add fuel to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Well Fijians are in trouble as a race because since the death of Ratu George, the Vunivalu role hasn't been filled up.

Unfortunately, his son Ratu Epenisa cannot be appointed to that role due to him having 10 children out of the wedlock Even to the extent that he impregnated two sisters within 1 month of each other. Not very chiefly is it?

Best if Vunivalu title is bestowed on the very humble President Ratu Epeli. King-maker, Ratu Joni has no other choice. Or else the Fijian people will continue to suffer. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

This excellent article was posted in www.matavuvale.com:-


Anonymous said...

Ajith Kodagoda is trying to force Immigration to give him a work permit even though he has a Fiji passport. He took the Fiji passport just so he could sit on all these statutory boards. He doesnt even use his Fiji passport. His own country (Sri Lanka) doesnt allow dual citizenship. Still he took a Fiji passport without renouncing his Sri Lankan passport. The Fiji passport is just for show. And now when immigration doesnt want to give him a work permit on his Sri Lankan passport, he is trying to force them because if he uses his Fiji passport, he will be subject to travel restrictions. Publicise this so that this asshole doesnt get a Fiji work permit and is forced to use his Fiji passport and renounce his Sri Lankan passport (and Aus PR)...

Anonymous said...


I don't have to answer u or explain what's the underlying theme of keynes theory. Even if u do, you will not understand it for u will oppose for the sake of opposing.

As for arse licking, I am sure u are good at it as I know that's what u do part time to suplement your income.

I don't support the regime and I don't agree when people preach the wrong things.

Pls ask a friend who has studied econimics and he/she will enlighten you on keynes theory.

You can swear to him and thank me privately ones u get the answer.

Anonymous said...

The language of BC reminds me of someone who is pissed off with life and must be struggling in his adoped home of Aust, NZ or USa. He most probably is an illegal immigrant and blaming everything on the Govt of the day.

My friend, fiji is still the best place. Its still the paradise.

BC said...

@anonymous 2:23 Another Regime Arselicker who is devoid of logic. Hey, WHO put those judges there? IF YOU ARE SO STUPID THAT YOU STILL DONT KNOW THE ANSWER, here it is: Khaiyum, Bai, & Gaytes themselves went to Sri Lanka and got those people. How come you Regime Arselickers are so stupid that you've already forgotten all this. Are you all really this stupid?

Vilive Kasamaibatinuku said...

Anon May 7 @ 3.45pm
The arrogance of some people today salivating on issues beyond their station and well outside the issue being discussed.

I'm not sure where you are from; whether from KUBUNA or otherwise, you are insignificant (nothing) raising your views in this forum without giving your identity. E DAUKALAWACI GA NA KAU KEI NA I LAGO NI KATUBA.

Are you a prophet to say that the people of Fiji will continue to suffer without a Turaga Vuninalu Tui Kaba in place?

Please let's leave the matter to those who matter in its decision making...and stop insulting people in this forum. What you are saying is stale news. Those involved in the impregnation have moved on.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:54 PM

BC does not know who is either. Changes his name so often to try and stay anonymous he has forgotten.

I doubt if Auz, NZ or USA would want him but suspect he's closer than them.

Another self proclaimed expert on everything whose knowledge base has been built up from reading bloggs but unfortunately unsure of what is fact or fiction.

Anonymous said...

BC thanks for your comments. You make me laugh with your posts. Your views are becoming like rajesh singh. Maybe, you have grog sessions in NZ with him. Or is it that you buy milk from his dairy shop.

Anonymous said...

DC what has the debate on keynes to do with AG, FB and the Sri Lankan judges?

Are u confused mate.

Anonymous said...

Treason is Illegal
Treason is a crime
Criminals must face court.
If you do the crime you do the time.

Anonymous said...

DC is a Regime troll and Baiyam arselicker and more importantly a Dhobi who finds it difficult to diffrentiate bras to panties he gets delivered as part of his daily routine.

No use talking said...

this sri Lankan is now an expert in Fiji situation??
this man is so confused he hasn't realised that posting or painting a message is not good at all, except getting u to jail.
do something constructive.
rather than rattling off crap.

Anonymous said...

DC pls go and read what ADB, IMF, rbf and rating agencies are saying about fiji's economy. Unlike what you are saying, they all are saying the fiji economy has been growing in the last 3 years. Now how can that be going back wards.

Off course we can grow at a faster pace but its people like u and unions that is hurting fiji.

If not for the floods and cyclones and the impact of GFC, we would have grown even more.

Kai Bau said...

Or damm it,G77 I thought its a high profile meeting?its just full of Chinnese and 3rd world countries or lawless Countries

Rokoseru said...

NZ News this morning

Union tourism campaign angers Fiji
07:00 Wed May 8 2013

A campaign by New Zealand and Australian trade unions aimed at international tourists visiting Fiji has angered the Pacific nation's military government.
The destinationfiji.org website was launched this week, urging people to rethink the idea that Fiji is a paradise.
The website says that since Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in 2006, human and workers' rights have been under attack. The regime has stripped workers of their wages and conditions, free speech has been stifled, and the country's Constitution and Bill of Rights has been abrogated, it says.
With about 700,000 people visiting Fiji "Don't let your tourism dollar prop up the Fiji military regime this year," it urges.
The website was set up by Australia and New Zealand's respective Council of Trade Unions and other workers' rights groups.
But Fiji's Attorney-General and Minister for Tourism Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum accused the unions of misleading the public and undermining the livelihoods of workers.
"This is a campaign of a handful of Fijian trade unionists with the assistance of their Australian and New Zealand mates to undermine the Fijian economy, create job loss, and punish the livelihoods of ordinary Fijian workers, all in an attempt to bolster their own position," he told FijiLive.
For trade union leaders to encourage a boycott of such a crucial industry was "the height of selfishness and irresponsibility", he said.
Fiji Trade Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony, responded, saying the campaign is about to educate tourists about the reality of what was happening on the ground away from their luxury resorts.
"He (Sayed-Khaiyum) cannot place the blame on trade unions when he is the one who has embarked on union bashing," he told AFP.

Coup 4.5 said...

Dr Roy Krishna of USA tells us he writes on "issues impacting Fiji" (FT 7/5). I follow the letters column of the Fiji Times almost religiously and I haven't seen any letters from him on issues impacting Fiji but the letter he wrote a few days ago was certainly on an issue that impacted on him and his pocket.
I am happy to note his complaint via the media has drawn some belated reaction from the authorities in Fiji.
It reaffirms the positive role an independent media has in society.
yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Unions in the right track time for gutless Fijians food or no food to stand up.

Anonymous said...

Prove it .you are full of hot air.like khaiyum.
Trump up some charges like your boss do to people who oppose the regime.
I dont care i know myself better than you kamlesh con man liar.
I have better things to do than wasting my time blogging .people are using my name on this blog.
god bless

DPP said...

Jagath Karunaratne

You are now in breach of your bail conditions by inciting people by your two publications recently on anti government websites.

You are already facing court actions in graffiti cases and plan to cause unrest and these materials published here are further evidence of your involvement that is in breach of national security and crime decree.

DPP will soon issue a arrest warrant for you to be remanded in custody until further notice.

Anonymous said...

DPP is f up like our judicial system all corrupt like the regime.
Shame on them .
If they can charge Frank/Khaiyum than Dpp can talk.
DPP/Judges should follow Pakistani Judges that have charged Musaaraf.
JK have guts .

Dogs Pick Pig said...

Hey DPP ... Go and make yourself useful and arrest Khaiyum and Bainimarama

Kungfu Panda said...

Sorry DPP you don't rule Coup4.5. Take your decree and shove it up ur rear.

Anonymous said...

@May 7, 2013 at 6:56 PM

You sound like a disgruntled chief drinking homebrew under a mango tree, lol!

Kamlesh said...

Rajesh, it's common knowledge in Fiji about what you did when you were in government. After that you fled, but only after benefitting from dodgy dealings. By the way, have you returned to Fiji lately? I have and it's not a good look Rajesh. Perhaps you should go and have a look yourself instead of hiding in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

@DPP How about you go and arrest those who committed the very serious crime of TREASON
ie Bainimarama & Aiyazhole.

Anonymous said...

Jagath Karunaratne ????......hmmmm...is this the same person who used to stumble to work drunk at TFL and once urinated in the lift at Ganilau House....an alcoholic, spoilt brat from Sri Lanka who owns a vary large tea estate but to lazy to work it ?? Interesting that his taken up this fight against a Fiji Govt who has done more for its people than any previous government ever did.

mark manning said...

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

Anonymous said...

G77 meeting is in full swing with full attendance (not) by 3rd world beggars. In their group photos there were 13 guests in the shots out of the 120+ members. Most prominent of all was the Bolivian president plus other regime suckers of the pacific - MSG and Mr Tong. What a waste of space, time and money. Have a good vacation all you attending guests.

Mary Fisher said...

The NZ and Australian unions are doing what the MEN of Fiji cant do anymore - to stand-up together to save their country from a bully and tyrant! I lived in Fiji for 30years and found that a lot of Fijian men mostly good for getting drunk and bashing-up their women just like the kai-loma bainimarama. They can only fancy when in a group but lamusona on their own. The smarts ones have left and now the shit is floating to the top and taking up senior roles they have no idea about except try to look cool - the idiots.

Fiji is being raped while the clueless men kakase and wait for somebody else to do something then they will give all kinds of excuse to justify why they couldnt find their balls to do something!

Looks like Fiji needs this rough evil awakening so that next time the men and women will do something about it before it gets out of hand again with a nako thug trying to play God!

Anonymous said...

Jag, what do YOU care, when it's clear the Fijians themselves don't care enough to do anything to redeem their liberties, honour, and country?

BC said...

@Mary Fisher
Unfortunately most of the things you say is true.
As a Fijian male , it does break my heart to see what is happening.
Unfortunately a lot of honest Fijian men left under protest.
I think a lot of good and honest Fijian military officers were either sacked or left voluntarily.
Some military officers disagreed strongly with their commander Bainimarama with his Coup and these men had to leave.

Good Fijian men that were working in Inland Revenue eg Namisi and his group were summarily kicked out, so that Bainimarama can do his dirty work with Nur Bano and FICAC

Good and honest Fijian men were kicked out of FDB and Fijian Holdings etc. These people made FHL what it is today and Bainimarama just kicked them out.

There are still some left in Fiji.
I pray to God everyday as I try and make sense of what is happening and also what is my duty in such a situation

We need to have a plan to apprehend Bainimarama and bring him to justice.
I think it is about time the Leaders ( ie Unions, churches ; chiefs etc) they need to come together and move forward toward this goal.
If the Leaders refuse to do it, then I'm willing to be part of any rebel mob that has this goal.
No more debating or talking, we need to sit down and make a plan and execute it.

Anonymous said...

@May 7, 2013 at 6:56 PM

You dont know what you talking about. Ratu Epensia is a total waste of time. I know him well. I gave his mother Mohini Curial. He took my friend boat without asking. blighty chief, as we call them in Christchurch

Sitiveni Kalouniviti

think about it said...

if it wasn't for the unions fiji would be worse off than it is.

khaiyum and stinky bainimarama would've had you people on your bluddy knees worse than you are now.

if there's any shame it's for the so-called warriors of fiji who can't stand up to a military dictatorship that has completely neutered fiji.

Anonymous said...

the tavioka patch runner has ruined my fiji.i hope he get what he deserves.and ASK and Gates what a disgrace to the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aslam/Naleen

As chair and deputy chair of Air pacific can you explain the following :

what feasibilty did we do to buy airbus? with such a small fleet why there a need for both boeing and air bus

did the board consider the extra cost of having 2 different types of fleet

why r we still having so many experts with such huge perks eg weekly travel hm and return, extra accomodation cost in denarau, huge entertainment cost and the same time we r cost cutting which r affecting staff morales....poor inflight services etc etc

you may ignore this question...may i ask you how can u get a decent sleep with so many blunders done and still happening

look at your inner conscience...would you be able to answer the future generation

all i can say its still not too late...GOD save airpacific


Anonymous said...

is fiji becoming mini sri lanka with all smart high level positions going to sri lankans in justice system

what happened to all the educated fijians who chewed up billions of fiji tax payer dollars on scholarships around the world- where are they?

why does fiji need these overseas people to run its judicial system I thought the locals would know more about fiji laws than overseas people

maybe i am waking up from bad dream in fiji or some bad grog session

Anonymous said...

good facts on air pacific...can coupfour run this as a separate story....we can then hear different views pro and against

Vilive Kasamaibatinuku said...

Anon May 8, 2013 at 5:40 PM...I know what I'm talking about. Mai I advise you that no person including Ratu Epenisa Seru Cakobau and you as well is a waste of time for we are all Almighty God's creation with Godly predetermined and preordained purposes and destinies in life.

I know Ratu Epenisa better than you. Please his mother the late Radi Levuka has passed on...do not insult the dead.

WHY DON'T YOU MAN UP AND STATE YOUR REAL NAME HERE. I need to know because I will religiously look for you in this life and most probably in the next if I don't catch you. Remember Christchurch is just down there in Canterbury, NZ. I can be in hours.

Remember the name Kasamaibaitunuku (beached at Batinuku Reef near Leleuvia Island off Ovalau north of Bau Island)...a survivor.

Sitiveni Kalouniviti

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:53
You dumbass maichod.
If you cant answer your stupid question then you should go back to grogging and dont come back here.
The judges were sacked.
I wonder who sacked them and then replaced them with Sri Lankans.

אמת said...

typical fijian mentality we don't chiefs,nor gcc or any religious group to solve our problem not even Frankie and his bunch of cronies Not even their pathetic constitution no not at all we need something that is beyond our reach and the is the power that resurrected Christ from the dead....Fiji needs that nothing else even church leaders failed to understand this because they have institutionalized the church....GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni Kalouniviti

God bless you. Yuo bloody conman from Rewa Street.

Dictatorslayer said...



Every worker in Fiji should tell their employers to stop taxes and FNPF from their pay packets going to the illegal regime.They have every right to do this as it is their hard earned money!!!

Business should refuse to pay import/export duties and VAT to the illegal regime.

Credible civil bodies and even unions should support this initiative and collect these monies to pay the wages and operation costs of hospitals, schools etc,etc.

What is Bai going to do..arrest everyone..ha,ha..???

Anonymous said...

BC @ 4:59 PM, if that is your real sentiment, then you should join likeminded patriots at: Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com

Taking it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

@May 8, 2013 at 6:53 PM

These Fijian lawyers, whilst educated are fairly hopeless in general.

No work ethic, fly high in sky, wearing sunglasses indoors etc.

Very few successful Fijian lawyers. And as Rotuman, i agree with you, all paid for by Indian tax payers. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

may 8 7.33pm

talk to the issues not maichod I know u are doing this I am not

i am grogging in nadi with my family and was wondering abt what is happening in suva

so they were sacked- were they corrupt and taking bach handers? I heard one black ass judge was hiding under his desk after the pay off from labasa businessman decision went the wrong way!!

were you there?

Anonymous said...


Are you rajesh singh or mark manning or BC in disguise because I find your post so stupid and funny at the sametime.

kaiyum the uncircumcised fucken muslim pig said...

David Pflieger, Air Pacific’s managing director and chief executive is a con artist with no international flying experience! Pflieger hired expat consultants to advise him on how to run air pacific. He then appointed these expat consultants to permanent roles in Air-pacfic and then hired more expat consultants to advise them. Under Pflieger only one native Fijian was hired into Air Pacific.


Why should governments of Australia, New Zealand or any other country take action against Fiji, when fijians are happily living under this current government.

There has been no opposition, no protest, no marches (Itaukei's can only march and loot when backed by the army)no one has even tried to organise any thing of such nature,

So all is well in Fiji.

No one will fight your battle for democracy you fijian bastards, since it was you all magaitinamus who overthrew democracy in 1987 and are now paying the price for it.

Anonymous said...

I am former employee of TFL and I can confirm you that issues facing TFL today is the total fault of its current and past Execs and board . they lacked strategy to fight and defend the deregulated market since 2008 . TFL problems started from 2008 , today four years into competition , its running four years of consecutive losses . who do you blame ?? customers have more choices today and the fittest has survived . so why name and shame and blame others . blame yourselves . my relos in digi tells me that they picking up TFL data customers and TFL is loosing and continue to lose premium data customers . TFL was never good at mobile , their easytel failed dismiss ally . I was there when they put it up with patchy coverage . come on boys be fair on your comments . Learn from digi and voda . atleast they are giving customers good deals and fight aggressively in market place . so please blame yourselves . remember when you point fingers to others , the remaining four points back at you , TFL .


kai ba said...

Business as usual in Fiji is to be without NZ media. They are so biased, that after Ballu Khan caused problems to the Ba Provincial Holdings, he was interviewed with Admiration by the NZ media. Frank came to eradicate those types of people from influencing our government's decisions. follow the link to be enlightened