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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fiji police confirm investigation underway into FNPF hacker

A major development in Coupfourpointfive's story about FNPF documents - the Fiji media today reported that as we published on Friday, the pensioner's fund has formally lodged a complaint with police and CID detectives are now investigating.

Our story revealed that sensitive documents detailing records of employers contributions to individual accounts, records of how much money there is in the accounts of selected regime members and their supporters and records of FNPF senior management receiving bonus payments, were in the hands of someone in Fiji.

Fiji Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri, told Fiji media that a team from the Criminal Investigation Department has started to investigate.

Sokumuri also invoked the controversial Crimes Degree, which has been used to intimidate and punish whistleblowers, saying anyone involved in any 'illegal act' would be prosecuted.

Editors Note: Frank Bainimarama is reported to be going to France tomorrow to collect the second A320 plane that was bought with pensioners funds without their approval.


Anonymous said...

Frank does not have a pilots licence. Suggest someone else collect the A320.

Anonymous said...

No one has managed to get the FNPF records:

May 12, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Hacker for illustration purpose


A special team from the Fiji Police Force is investigating a case referred to them by the Fiji National Provident Fund.
Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri yesterday confirmed that a team from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has started its investigation.
“I can confirm that the FNPF had reported that someone tried to hack into their system last month and we’re investigating the case,” Inspector Sokomuri said.
“Police are treating the case as serious especially when someone wants to access information from the Fund’s system. We want to get to the bottom of this case.”
Fund chief executive officer Aisake Taito also confirmed to the Fiji Sun that someone had tried to hack into their system last month.
“I can confirm this, but the attempt failed. The matter is now with the Police,” Mr Taito said.
Some anti-government websites have posted a report that “Someone in Fiji is in possession of Fiji National Provident Fund records, on how much key people associated with the Government are earning, and have in their FNPF accounts”.
However, Mr Taito told the Fiji Sun that he was unaware about a report claiming their system was breached and records were downloaded, but he clarified that they still have information.
In a paper on cyber crime presented by Nazhat Shameem at the Attorney-General’s conference in 2009 she said: “Fiji has now criminalised access without authority even in the absence of any other computer offence.
“The new Crimes Decree creates an offence of causing unauthorised access to restricted data intending to cause that access (section 343).
“However, it is also an offence to gain access and cause unauthorised modification of data knowingly or being reckless about the unauthorised access.
“It is also an offence to gain unauthorised access or to modify data with the intention to commit a serious offence against any law.
“In Fiji any unauthorised access is a criminal offence, no matter where in the world you commit the offence. The new Crimes Decree gives extended geographical jurisdiction to our courts.”
Inspector Sokomuri said those involved in the illegal act would be prosecuted.

Deepak Chauhan said...

Frank's FNPF entitleent doesn't reflect the millions he has overseas

Anonymous said...

This mane is a mad man those that are following are no better

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry about this shit,i really didn't mean to create a lots
of headache to all& especially the
current paying members of the FNPF?
I was only checking up on my money
invested in it for the last 40 years and thus, legally i should have the right to know where it was
going,how it was been used,who used
my hard earned money,what it was used for?
Now, did I agreed for Voreqe to take my money and use it
as he frieken please? I don't think so!Did Voreqe asked me and few other Fijians
if we want to give up our pension money for his
shit airline? I don't frieken think so!
Now why the fuck does he have to fly to France for, to bring
back the new plane?
whats the problem,doesn't the pilot know how to lay his course from France to Fiji?
or maybe Voreqe want his old
canoe to tow the frieken plane home?
Well Voreqe i hope you're enjoying all these free-rides,cause
dictators don't retires,they get hanged,shot,jailed or poisoned?
turn is at hand and it's just a mater of time???
As for how i got into the FNPF system,sorry i can't tell you?

Anonymous said...

Hope Frank watched 60 minutes aired in Australia. It was about the Air France Airbus A330 crash. Need smart pilots for the plane and I don't Air PAC have any.

Anonymous said...

hope the plane goes down with him onboard.would solve alot of problems.anyway i thought dictators werent allowed to travel freely.
it just shows vb is corrupt and a viavia levu.
air pacific your friendly dictator airline

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama going to France? Where are Citoyen Robespierre and M├ędecin Guillotine when we need them?

Anonymous said...

Whistleblowers will be prosecuted?

Isn't this the regime that promised us transparency?

Anonymous said...

just goes to show treason does pay.the fat cats get fatter and the ordinary people will continue to suffer

Anonymous said...

joker says...

Investigation- Should start with FNPF CEO Taito........

Frank is a mad man frequent flying everywhere and Not worry about Fiji affairs.
Thats what Assyaz wants him to do...give him lollies and he is smiling....

hey Fiji reports on balance of elite Illegal regimes accout will be published soon.

just like the constituion that Aaa yaz ordered burnt.....too late soft copies were smartly distributed.

Taito is Frank and AssYaz puppet....his tails between his legs now after his brother in Law RUM deserted Fiji.

Should have been fired for competency issues.

Anonymous said...

Probe into attempted hacking of FNPF system
Publish date/time: 13/05/2013 [12:07]

An investigation is now underway in relation to attempts which were made last month to hack into the Fiji National Provident Fund system.

FNPF Chief Executive Officer, Aisake Taito has assured members that no classified member or financial information was compromised during the failed attempt.

Taito said their IT security system, which had detected the unsuccessful attempt, has been further strengthened.

He added that as custodians of members’ retirement savings and financial information, the Fund is fully aware of its duty to protect this from those who may wish to use this information for illegal purposes.

Taito further said they have stringent measures and procedures in place to reduce the possibility of any such breaches.

The matter has been referred to the police.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

The regime might want to check first on its Chinese friends, since the Chinese government is behind so many cyber attacks all over the world.

Anonymous said...

yes that would be wise.it looks like they wana bankrupt fiji with all those loans.and one day they will want repayment one way or the other

Anonymous said...

or could it be the muslims causing it

Anonymous said...

Must be considering how the muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh are rioting.

Anonymous said...

FNPF issues is a major concern. After 'rescuing' it from crooks Fiona nemani and Olota Rokovunisei, regime is raiding it for own benefit. From fire into frying pan!

Anonymous said...

Bula Fiji police....what has come out of the torture video investigation? if you can't file a report on that video given that the face of most involved were plain obvious, how do you even hold yourselves up to some investigation which requires some IT know how, hopefully someone has a recorded video of a person providing sensitive information from FNPF....but then again, that type of hard evidence does not help your blind eyes either......

Sanata Maharaj said...

Bainimarama's party will win 65% of the votes in the coming election. SODEPLA will win 30%. NFP will win 1& and FLP will win 4%. Time for everyone to campaign for Bainimarama's party.

Anonymous said...

The new journalism in Fiji - highly undesireable.

By Jyoti pratibha


A New Zealand journalist with lots of outlets is said by some to be a bit of a mouthpiece for the New Zealand Government’s anti-Fijian Government stance.
His negative approach should be no surprise to anyone who sees his Facebook comments about Fiji.
He is, we hear, the only journalist declared persona non grata (that is, not wanted) at various times in Tonga, Kiribati, Nauru and Fiji. He also apparently had problems in Samoa when he worked for the Government there too.
Wonder what the problem is?


Heard one of our diplomats got a rude culture shock in an Asian posting. He went for a hair cut in a local parlour. As a package massage comes with the hair cut.
What our unsuspecting diplomat didn’t realise was that the massage ends with a head slap.
Word is that on receiving the first solid slap on his head, the diplomat jumped from the chair ready for a fight!


Is it true someone from an outfit responsible for encouraging better road behaviour was booked by the constabulary for drinking and drinking?
Surely not.


A certain Samoan leader likes to comment on events in Fiji.
But in which country is a court currently hearing allegations about police firing shots in a confrontation with villagers protesting land issues?
Here’s a clue: It’s the same country where not so long ago police killed a villager in a drug raid shoot out.

Coup 4.5 said...

Rajen Naidu

11:44 AM (6 hours ago)

to me
The Fiji Sun reporter Jyoti Prabha should have kept in mind the colloquial Hindi saying " Appan gaand me tati rakh ke jusaar ke gaand ke tati ke baat nahi karo" (with shit sticking to your own backside don't talk about shit on others backside) when she wrote in her coconut wireless piece "A New Zealand journalist with lots of outlets is said by some to be a bit of a mouthpiece for the New Zealand government's anti- Fijian Government stance"(Fiji Sun 13/5).
She wonders why this journalist is the only journalist to be declared a persona non grata. As a journalist she should be a able to make an educated guess as to why any State would do that to a fellow journalist.
Any chance of any journalist from the Fiji Sun being banned by the Fiji military dictatorship for his or her kind of journalism?
No chance! And no need to wonder why. It's because the Fiji Sun and its journalist are a regime mouthpiece themselves!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

that may be but those villagers shot 2cops in a ambush of a drug raid.and at least samoa elects the govt.i am kailoma but live in samoa cos my fiji is a lost cause

Off Topic said...

He rajen naidu why did you post 'off topic'? Look out, duck; the self-appointed expert on 'topics' and c4.5 self-styled policeman is around the corner with a broom hunting everyone who posts off-topic!

Anonymous said...

for some reason fiji people belive nz and australian people care abt them- they do not give a shit abt blk bstrds in fiji they are to busy surviving in nz and aust

fiji people take care of yourself no body will help you

Ramstein said...

Fijians will solve their problems their way i.e sit back and wait for a miracle to happen.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 10-11 read -
god talks about gathering of israelites from the Isles of the sea.
I hope we all can focus on the last days now and serve god and people with love / kindness .
We have to protect our God/Religion.
God bless
Rajesh Singh.

Anonymous said...

what happening with Sanatan?

Media saying Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratindhi Sabha now caught up in a legal battle something to do with the takeover of one of the Central Division’s biggest Hindu temples – the Sanatan Shiv Mandir at Samabula at 4pm yesterday

Anonymous said...

"Off topic" sounds more like "off his medication".

Prepare for the usual diatribe.

Off topic nazi police said...

Who posted about Sanatan Dharam? That's off topic!

Anon 9.21am and other similar posts is by one and same person with inflated sense of his intelligence and worth which he tries to impose on others. Clearly he doesn't appreciate being brought down to earth. His delicate ego has been hurt after told to go screw himself.

To repeat what I have already said many times: I do not go by your definition of what is topical or off topic. maybe your family, friends and admirers do.Go to them if you need that sort of attention. Do not try it with me, you will only be told to go screw yourself. Get that through you thick skull, once and for all you retard. It is a simple enough message.

End of discussion.

mark manning said...

We can "honestly" say that we are investigating "ourselves" and found "no" evidence of corruption or collusion!
Trust me, I am a Policeman.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, at least as of 11:57 AM, our poor chap was off his meds again.

Please be patient with him. He has a histrionic reaction toward anyone who punctures his delusions of self-grandeur. Half of the time he seems to think he's Dictator of Fiji and boss of everyone. The other half of the time he thinks he's being clever and amusng. Let's not burst his bubble.

Apparently he has a big chip on his shoulders after getting cashiered from USP. And so he writes about USP constantly, incessantly. Probably mutters about it in his sleep. It's a form of hysteria, but with any luck his ravings can be syndicated. It wouldn't be the first time.

Off topic saga said...

Anonymous 12:38pm you are scary, sound like psychotic stalker who just can't let go; the more punishment you get, the more you come back for; are you into sadomasochism by any chance? talk about a dog gnawing at a bone!

Not all the posts about USP were mine; I am not an academic, and neither have I been cashiered out of USP, sorry to disappoint you; I do have good contacts and reliable sources in many places.

Now calm dow, take your pills, and give it a rest; people are getting bored.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not into SM. Why do you ask -- are you and your mother looking for a threesome? Ask Ben Naliva -- it sounds like his cup of tea.

People ARE getting bored. That's been my main point all along.

Glad to see you've finally swung around to my position.

Anonymous said...

This is a classified information and we can understand why the police are reacting and the FNPF management are worried about what has been done by an intruder. Are there any more important crime the police should investigate than this one at this moment in time. Why cant they investigate the corruption within the government and other institution? Where have they left the investigation of the video that once flood the internet?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Na ka vinaka ga e dau vakacacani sa rauta mada,i agree with that that he aleady won the election...Vinaka for the great comment