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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fiji police officer deserts force to play rugby in New Zealand

Aca: left Fiji last Friday.
A police officer has run off to New Zealand to play rugby despite not being cleared by Fiji police.
Former national Rugby Sevens player, Sakenasa Aca, has now been declared AWOL by Fiji Police who say he will be arrested if, and when, he returns.

Aca was based at the Nabua Police Station. 

Coup 4.5 can confirm that a team went to check his quarters when he failed to report to work last Friday, and found it empty and cleared of all his belongings.

It’s understood Aca left Fiji that day without telling any of his superiors.

Sources say police hierarchy were dragging their feet on granting him leave so he decided to desert the force.

According to media reports in Fiji, Aca, who has always played for the Police Sevens team, has secured a six month contract with the Glen Mark Rugby Club, in Canterbury.


Anonymous said...

Good for him! Wish him all the best!!!

Mosita said...

Good he successfully ran away to NZ to better his life...

He will be a minefield for insider infor on the workings of Fiji Police and Military, latest on Prisoners; escapee bashings etc.

SET QORI said...

Yep nothing new, i remember Pita Matirewa did the same, left the Force to play in NZ few years back. Good on him, All the best bro :)

Anonymous said...

I hear Dharam "Long Live Bainimarama" Lingam is coming from USA to take the runaway police man's place.

Anonymous said...

Where is a new police clearance policy? Was it only for people who wants to travel to Australia or does it refered to all overseas countries, if that was the case than the investigation should start with the NZ Embassy who issued him the visa.

But I'd say just leave him alone, his probably fed up with all the lies in the Fiji police force, from the commissioner down. Pathetic. Good on u Aca, say good bye to Fiji and enjoy life here in the land of long white cloud.

Anonymous said...

Have the Fiji Police arrested anyone for the fire-bombing of former Fiji Times editor Netani Rika's home?

Anonymous said...

Have Police arrested anyone yet for burning down Gordon Ward's house?

mark manning said...

Silly buggers, don't they realise they've just given him a valid reason to apply for Refugee Status in New Zealand based on their desire to have him arrested on his return?

Tamai Sai said...

This guy will be deported back to Fiji if reported to the NZ immigration ...all you have to tell them that he was part of the force that took part in the brutal beating...easy.

Anonymous said...

agree with anon5.47...gutter stuff , bottom of barrel all right. If you were to glean your news from C4.5, you would think Fiji was in the throes of total anarchy and destruction. Yeah, life in Oz is paradise eh Marky, yeah right. Like nothing bad happens in Oz and all its citizens are full of kindness and love. How about you nitpick all the shit happening in Oz, just watch Current affairs on Channel 9 -. Last nights story was about unprocessed refugees living in the suburbs becos of major stuff up by the Oz govt. Yeah it doesn't only happen in 3rd world countries. Dickhead

Anonymous said...

What will he do after six months when his contract expires??

DEGEI said...

I suppose one rule that must apply to those visiting this site is....COME WITH A CLEAR HEART...I see that there is alot of hatred in people trying about issues, trying to destroy each other. How then can patrons visitin' this blog, respect and take on the advice of those given comments when thier heart is full of destruction and not building up one another. In difficult times like this that we are facing, we need to build up one another and not destroy each other

Anonymous said...

Mark manning, doesn't even know what is half or quarter and is preaching here. Anyway, someone said that Mark is actually Rajend Naidu.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is certainly not in the throes of total anarchy and destruction. It is in the throes of total despotism and destruction.

Sure, bad stuff happens in Oz, and it happens everywhere. But the difference is that in places that still enjoy democracy, due process and human rights, the people can effect change. They have hope.

What do we have? Nothing but empty rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

thats what happens when muslims take over.nothing but destruction and chaos.these people are ruining fiji.muslims go back to mecca or whereever they come from and destroy that.we dont want yr false prophet religion.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police Officer Deserts Force to Play Rugby in New Zealand is your title, but the larger story, sadly, is that Fiji's police officers have deserted justice to play soldier in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

So the new Feejee not that wonderful if police officers running oft o play rugby in New Zealand.

rajend naidu said...

We learn from today's Fiji Times (31/5) that "Homeless, beggars struggle to keep warm" on the one hand and on the other that Archbishop Emeritus Petero Mataca of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Suva was conferred the Companion of Order of Fiji for his "eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree for service to Fiji and to humanity at large".
Humanity at large? On the streets of Suva beggars snuggle up to the wall and huddle on apiece of cardboard with their toes sticking out. Above the harbour in Toorak the homeless who shelter outside the shops on Amy St huddle together for body warm.
We know the real reason why Petero Mataca has been given this award. It is on account of his support for the Bainimarama regime. The man continues to provide the regime the support the regime so desperately needs from prominent Fijians. It is therefore not surprising to hear him say "Fiji is on the right path".
I am once again reminded here of the saying of the sage Lebanese philosopher-poet Kahlil Gibran . He said titles and awards and rewards are often bestowed on men who have sacrificed their conscience and honour.
Bein given an award by a military dictatorship is in itself quite revealing.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Wonder why it took so long for his leave to be approved.

Given the high % of foreighn revenues based on remittances and giving spaces for the many unemployed back home.

Anonymous said...

wonder if Jesus Christ was given any award by the Roman military empire and if not why not? Jesus served humanity didn't he?

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the illegal President and the illegal Prime Minister of Fiji we thank Dharam "Long Live Bainimarama" Lingam for sacrificing his well-heeled life in the US to come to Fiji to replace the rugby playing policeman who has gone to NZ to play rugby. Now Dharam Lingam is proving himself to be the true believer of the "new Fiji" which his god Bainimarama is creating. Long Live Dharam Lingam!

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam
How do you know you will "die in Fiji"?
Are you God?

Anonymous said...

No Jesus Christ was not given any award. He was hanged by the Roman rulers for questioning the status quo. Archbishop Mataca has been given an award for his support for the status quo!

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 11.42 to are so fucking stupid.Oh,how about you put your real name here?

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

my real name is Bainimaram ke pelaar Dharam Lingam!

Anonymous said...

At least the police are abandoning
their post?
Hello! where is the military and their security net?
Might as well check out the Military guys in Delai Nabua,could be two guys missing?They could be hiding in Aca's suitecase and real soon it'll be Mosese Tikoitoga or
Azziz abondoning their posts?

Kamlesh said...

DharamAnus Lingam yes you will die in Fiji....from being prodded up the ass by your soldier boyfriends, and your uncle.

Bainimarama said...




Anonymous said...

Bainimarama gave his award to Petero Mataca. Caesar gave his to Pontius Pilate.

The inscriptions were probably very much alike.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Archbishop Mataca. Wear your medal with pride.

That pride is your undoing, and that medal is a millstone dragging you down to hell.

Anonymous said...

what about that other Catholic holy man Father Barr did he get an award? he has been serving the poor and striving to contribute to making a better Fiji - even in the regime's version ! what happened to him!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2.00 PM
Is that what they do in the "new Fiji" being build by your hero Bainimarama - beat up people who hold a different view?
And you a big fan of such a regime?
what does that make you?

Anonymous said...

it's in bad taste for a priest to accept an award for service to humanity at large when the poor are suffering at his own door step.
would Jesus have accepted such an award from a repressive regime?

Anonymous said...

it is indeed strange that a man of the cloth should accept an award from a rogue regime.

Cunnilingus said...

It's Friday. Everybody go to the pub and chill out a bit. Too much tension on this blog.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh has gone completely bananas with his anti-muslim rants. I also fear for the mental health of one Dharam Cunnilingus.

mark manning said...

@ anon 915 p.m.
Just check out my profile on (matavuvale.com)
There you can see my photos.


Fiji has a new political party.

New political party in Fiji (Credit: ABC)
The Peoples Democratic Party has been formally registered under the coup installed military government regulation governing political activity.

Preparation for setting up the new group has been closely associated with the Fiji Trades Union Congress in recent months.

But spokesman Nirmal Singh tells Bruce Hill that's not really the case.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Nirmal Singh, spokesman for the newly registered Peoples Democratic Party in Fiji

SINGH: Ah no Bruce, it's not a trade union based party, under the decree , they're tough and the unions cannot be involved in political activity. However, after having said that, we all, the party will very strongly look after the needs of the workers, those who are under under priviliged women, the younger generation, but yes, just to confirm, no, this party is not sponsored by the Trade Union Movement.

HILL: There is already a labour party. It sounds like you might be fighting for the same kind of ideological ground that they already have?

SINGH: Yeah, if you really look at it Bruce, to say is one thing, to do is another. To look at the sponsorship, the members, the sponsorship of the party, at least. You think the Labour Party has about, we look at the percentage of indigenous sponsorship and the Indo-Fijian and the same thing applies to the SODELPHA.

But People's Democratic Party, you basically have 60 to 40% supporting the party, so if you really look at it, we are the only fully multi-racial party.

HILL: The other parties are SODELPHA, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party have joined together in a group and they're also suggesting there maybe problems with the way the election next year maybe run and they're not quite sure whether they would want to run if they believe that the election is going to be fundamentally undemocratic. Will The People's Democratic Party join in with that united front sort of an operation or will you hold off and make your own decisions?

SINGH: Bruce, at the moment, we expect that the elections will be held next year, we expect the elections will be held next year and we are not going to speculate on something that is not happening now. We are preparing ourselves for an election and we believe the government has committed that there will be an election. We expect them to think about a commitment to people of Fiji and we are looking for the future and we are preparing for the election.

HILL: And do you think that everything will be free and open and above board for the elections next year? Do you think the elections will be run properly and think that parties like yours will be happy to participate in.

SINGH: I expect that to be the case Bruce. The government has made a commitment and we expect them to deliver and we again, we are not going to speculate what is going to happen, what is not going to happen. The People's Democratic Party is preparing for an election and we expect, and we hope that the process will be very transparent and free and fair elections will be held

Anonymous said...

It's Friday. Dharam Lingam has gone to a brothel to get a dildo treatment.

DR said...

Patrick Mercer MP Quits Conservative Party Over 'Shocking' Lobbying Scandal (Fiji)

The Huffington Post UK | By Ned Simons

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer has resigned the party whip after being caught up in a lobbying scandal and will quit parliament at the next election.

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, Mercer said BBC Panorama was planning to broadcast allegations he had broken parliamentary rules.

I am taking legal advice about these allegations, and I have referred myself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards," he said.

"In the meantime, to save my Party embarrassment, I have resigned the Conservative Whip and have so informed Sir George Young. I have also decided not to stand at the next General Election."

A Conservative Party spokesman said: "The prime minister is aware. He thinks Patrick Mercer has done the right thing in referring himself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and resigning the whip. It's important that the due processes take their course."

The BBC said it has been "investigating lobbying and the conduct of MPs and members of the House of Lords" including Mercer.

"The programme is still being made and will be broadcast as soon as possible. The investigation has raised a number of issues related to those involved. Panorama has sought responses from a number of people including Mr Mercer."

Mercer is a harsh critic of David Cameron and was infamously reported to have described the prime minister as "an arse". The Newark MP was sacked from the Tory frontbench in March 2007 after suggesting it was ok to call soldiers "black bastard” and that some ethnic minorities were "idle and useless".

It has been reported that Mercer fell victim to reporters posing as a lobbying firm who allegedly paid him to lobby on behalf of Fiji.

The Daily Telegraph conducted the investigation with the BBC and the broadsheet's editor Tony Gallagher said the details, due to be published tomorrow, are "shocking".

Mercer has tabled two written parliamentary questions on Fiji in the past month. On May 20 he asked the Foreign Secretary "what assessment he has made of the UK's investment in public transport in Fiji". And on May 16 he asked a four-pronged question about Fiji's human rights record and its status in the Commonwealth.

Before becoming prime minister David Cameron said lobbying was "the next big scandal waiting to happen".

"It's an issue that crosses party lines and has tainted our politics for too long, an issue that exposes the far-too-cosy relationship between politics, government, business and money," he said.

However Cameron has come under fire for failing to introduce tighter regulation on lobbying firms as promised in the coalition agreement.

In 2011 Liam Fox resigned as defence secretary after being accused of giving improper access to the Ministry of Defence to a lobbyist friend. And in 2010 several former Labour ministers were stripped of their parliamentary passes after being caught by undercover reporters offering to use their access to make money as lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 6.16pm and 9.16pm
seems like you dont have anything positive to do...get a life mother fucker

Dharam Lingam

Coup 4.5 said...

Sandhaya Maharaj of Australia wants to know where her mail clearly marked "Card Only" has gone? (FT 31/5).
When a mail is sent from abroad marked "card only" that's the mail that gets special attention in Fiji!
That's why they tend to get "lost".
rajend naidu

SEMI MEO said...

Phew!..for only the second time in cyberville Mr. Mark Mannings gets my tick...of course we do not concur with most of his drift and sometimes spews he is notorious for. But his "bravery" in affixing his real name and info in blogs must be commended!

Again we ask; why are the rest of 'Fijians" from nearly every persuasion choose for ever more tug under the “sulu I ra”, “sari “ and “underwear ni koniferedi”??

Whatever the pathetic reason and attempt to justify their respective incognito, still….still…for ever more cowards to the bone!
Oh the Cop who absconded to NZ? If he indeed was part of the Brutal Squad then he know one day he’ll be called to tell his story.
Attempts for extradition may be vehemently rebuffed by the former Cops advocates, given the fluid state of the notorious Aiyaz controlled Fiji Judiciary.

And as Mr. Manning alluded, the Cop may have a compelling argument to plead protection from the NZ Gov.

But again, did not the Rear Admiral, Prime Minister of Fiji, Commander of the Military and Minister of Home Affairs pledge to protect this Cop and his alleged members of the Brutal Squad??
Or will he be accepted in open arms by the Kiwi Government and given the similar red carpet treatment afforded to a former senior Bainimarama close confident and partner in Coup crime now Citizen of another Pacific Island?
How many more members of the brutal squad will attempt to abscond off shore?

We may then have to ask; How many members of the Rear Admiral cheer squad absconds or are in the final stages of planning to secretly sneak out of Fiji probably with a big of slice of the cake?..be they senior military, cabinet members, Legal guru, former Judges etc…etc…uh…would we instantly glorify them as saints for dobbing in secrete of the Military Gov they may be privy to?..or are we gonna drag they to the nearest Court, sent them back in the next Fiji Airways or vehemently object their attempt for a protection visa.

Or are gonna afford them a blanket Fijian Diaspora immunity?

Anonymous said...

Pay-off time for 'ol golfing buddies eh... @ Old Nelly and A/B Mataca.


Election in Zimbabwe ordered by end of July

Updated at 10:05 am today

Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court has ordered President Robert Mugabe to hold elections before the end of July.

The judge was ruling on an application to the court by a Zimbabwean activist demanding that Mr Mugabe set an election date before the current term of parliament expires next month.

The elections should take place no later than 31st July 2013," Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku said on Friday in a ruling supported by six other judges,

Mr Mugabe, who has been in power since independence from Britain in 1980, is to face Morgan Tsvangirai again in the vote.

Mr Tsvangirai has been arguing that fresh elections should be delayed. He says that would allow for the opening up of broadcast
, registration of new voters and reform of the military to ensure it stays out of politics.

Next story in World: 22.6% rise in Queensland power prices

Anonymous said...

The Fiji PM had described Farther
how can you say such an inhumane thing to such a Fuckup priest?
The FIJI illegal PM has been heard to have told this "Fuckup Priest" that
he the PM is not a Catholic and he
did not clarified what religion he
was a member of?
Wadua? However, they're back as friends?
And the order to deport the fucked-up Priest has been set-aside for now?


A total of 10 recipients were awarded Companion of the Order of Fiji medals by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, no amnesty for treason, full stop. Otherwise, coup culture will never end.

Anonymous said...

Lingam, what's so "positive" about your own contributions?

Supporting despotism at home whilst enjoying rule of law abroad isn't positive.

It's treason.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the illegal PM is totally ticked-off at Aca?
He's even saying that Aca is not a member of the Royal Fiji Police force?
The illegal PM claimed that
Aca became associated with the RPF
as an assistant coach in 7 Rugby?Aca doesn't have the quality and or
qualification to be a member of the
Royal Fiji Police Force?
The PM goes on to say that Aca was a fucked-up asseole and the next time
he see this guy, he's gonna get his
bodyguard to hold his hands, so he can beat the craps out of him?
Now think about that before abandoning
your home, said the PM?

Kamlesh Sonaila said...

Semi Prasad Meo, you also absconded so shut the Phuck up asshole.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 6:27 am...yeah, like the fuckin coward he is!!! the only way hes able to land a punch on men is when they are pinned down or have their hands tied up...the bloody insecure shivering little prick without his bociguards.

Unknown said...

When a police officer is appointed to deliver his service to nation,he should perform his duties well and abide by laws of police department.He can't run away being a coward.

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Anonymous said...

Someone in Fiji needs to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM and kill that Fijian Hitler. If you need help in making weapons with resources Fiji already has, please reply.....

Anonymous said...

Coup kulture will continue.....only ONE answer.....BLOODSHED! Starting from number 1, then number 2 and so on down the line. We waiting for the word go!

Anonymous said...

@ 3:32 am


KOL said...

yea GO Dakuwaqa, GO GO GO!!!

you Fijians are so funny its beyond a JOKE...you are the JOKE

KOL = Kaila Out Loud.

Anonymous said...

Yes, go Dakuwaqa. We support you all the way!

Anonymous said...

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