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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fiji Sugar Corporation hires territorial army officers for mills

The Fiji Sugar Coporation has turned to Homelink Security Services for security at its four sugar mills, ahead of the 2013 crushing season.

Homelink was previously only present at the Lautoka mill but
Sugar lorries leaving Labasa
was to take over security services at the Penang, Rarawai and Labasa Mills as well from Monday.

Frank Bainimarama had ordered army officers be based at all mills to oversee the smooth operation of crushing when the regime was in the process of 'de-politicising' the sugar industry in 2007.

It's also a known fact that several union leaders, like Felix Anthony, were also assaulted by army officers after being accused of sabotaging the sugar industry.

Farmers: promised biggest payout. (file pic)
Coupfourpointfive can also confirm that Fiji Sugar Corporation employees, both general workers and staff, were also subjected to military style punishment if mills broke down and crushing stopped.

With this latest entry of Homelink Security Services into the four sugar mills, the military will now have additional ears and eyes on the 2013 crushing season.

Last week, Bainimarama announced that the season would be a bumper year with farmers set to receive one of the highest cane payments ever in the industry.

According to their website, Homelink Security was founded in Suva,  June 11 in 2007 by ex-military personnel. 

So far they have some big clients like Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd, Nadi and Nausori International Airports, Natural Water of Viti Ltd and Sino Hydro Electricity.

Their management is listed as: 
General Manager: Mr. Ulaiasi Suka 
Cellphone: (679) 7084951, 
Operations Manager: Mr.Josaia Naikalivou
Cellphone: (679) 7084954 and 

Finance Manager: Mrs. Vilimaina Dinamati
Cellphone: (679) 7084968.


  1. Bainimarama as Minister for sugar and Permanent Secr. is a Military officer ....sugar industry is increasingly being militarised.

    To grease the increased control by Bainimarama on the sugar industry he paid higher sugar payments to farmers at $80/ton,

    Unfortunately this increased militarisation is associated with yearly record lows in sugar cane harvest tonnage and sugar produced.

    Sugar industry performance sets similar picture for the whole life in Fiji ie increased militarisation and negatives performances annually in all aspects..... unemployments, poverty, country debts, crimes, foreign investments, human rights, corruption and even Seven Rugby performances....all showing negative performances.

    The answere or solution is removal of Bainimarama and return of democracy to Fiji.


  2. Hopefully this Security services can do a coup on Bainimarama.

  3. Sadly, while there is "free and unaccountable" money, there will be unscrupulous people only too willing to put their hands out to take it.
    What I find difficult to fathom is, that an Educated populace, in the 21st. century, still believe Frank Bainimarama and his propoganda!

  4. In the case of the native lands, history suggests that those wanting the land want it for as cheap as possible and for as long as possible, while the landowners want as much as they can get for their land. This resulted in different rents being charged by landowners from across the country. So what? If you didn't like the price then all you needed to do was to move on to the next seller, or the next, until you reached a price and terms you were happy with. Right?..........Apparently not, as there were complaints about the different rents.

    In 1933, Ratu Sukuna told the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC): "We regard the Indian desire for more permanent tenancy as a natural and legitimate consequence of an agricultural community settling in any country. But how was this desire to be reconciled with the need to protect the interests of present and future Fijian landowners?"

    The indigenous Fijian landowners now had to consider providing land for the Indian community settling into Fiji. There is no argument against the fact that immigration did bring development and prosperity to Fiji. But why did the Fijians have to share their land or lease at a common rate? They didn’t need to.

    But we cannot forget that these beautiful islands contained warring and contending people and chiefs before cession to Britain in 1874. The indentured labour system was required to provide finance for the British colonial rulers to run Fiji. This was the initial price of cession.

    More and more indentured labourers chose to stay permanently in Fiji and their numbers grew. Fiji offered more opportunities for them and their families compared to returning to India. In addition, the Fijian population was declining due to measles and other epidemics imported to Fiji. This changed indigenous perceptions and the Fijian chiefs responded by becoming more hostile towards Indo-Fijian interests and concerns. Then when the Indo-Fijian population exceeded that of the Fijians in the mid-1930s, it further increased Fijian fears. But the Fijians still had control of their lands, unlike the NZ Maori and Australian Aborigines who had lost most of their lands to immigrants through land wars, trickery, theft and murder.

  5. Living on borrowed time and money
    by navosavakadua
    ex fiji ntoday

    Our kindly dictator announced a final payment to cane farmers that will bring their final payment to $80 a tonne of cane. So if we produced 2 million tonnes of cane that gives a total pay-out of $160 million.

    This is very impressive, except for one thing. It sounds like more than FSC has been getting for sales of sugar. FSC does not have $160 million to hand out unless they’ve borrowed it.

    The 2011 Annual Report for FSC reveals that in 2011 FSC’s total revenue for sales of sugar and molasses was $141.4 million. It cost FSC $173.7 million to produce this sugar, and that was with a cane price of only $54 a tonne.

    The 2011 Annual Report shows that FSC had total debts of $249.4 million, most of them short-term borrowings.

    The $80 cane price will be funded from borrowings, so what’s the bet that Bainimarama has been borrowing from the FNPF to pay cane growers so that industry doesn’t collapse until he has managed to have himself ‘democratically’ elected.

    In 2009 and 2010 FSC borrowed about $80 million a year and repaid about $30 million, adding $50 million a year in debt. With a cane price of $80 a tonne the debt mountain will be sky high. Only borrowings from FNPF are keeping FSC afloat. We can be sure that commercial banks are not lending to a corporation in such a disastrous financial situation.

    This cannot go on. Bainimarama will keep it going only long enough to cement himself in power. He will then pull the plug and FSC will crash to a halt.

    $80 a tonne will not make farmers wealthy but it will keep them going and give them false hope long enough for Bainimarama and his Minister for Election Rigging to steal an election.

  6. editor,
    A journalism survey here indicated most journalists are left leaning and only 14% of ABC journalists support the current opposition Coalition. I wonder what a journalism survey of the Fiji media in general and the Fiji Sun in particular would would reveal?
    Perhaps the "independent" journalist Graham Davis could undertake an independent survey and enlighten us?
    rajend naidu

  7. To Rajend Chodory. 2013 is the year of change when there will be no more politicising of the sugar industry. It will also be the year of change when your choro father will be locked up in prison for serious fraud and tax evasion. Your father Mahen will surely be eliminated for stealing money meant for cane farmers. The ex soldiers company will surely implement change in 2013 by kicking your father's stinking arseholes to oblivion.

  8. I am surprised that neither print news media has carried any news about the fatal bus crush in Mulomulo on Tuesday May 21, 2013. When we went to sight the accident we were told by the authorities that we could not go near the accident location nor were we allowed to take any pictures. Why the secrecy? Recently there was a bus fire in Deuba. This bus company's buses were grounded because this was a second such incident in recent time with this company.

    The one in Mulomulo also had a similar accident in 2011. Will LTA ground this company's buses too? It seems to me that a double standard is being followed by LTA.

  9. I am surprised that neither print news media has carried any news about the fatal bus crush in Mulomulo on Tuesday May 21, 2013. When we went to sight the accident we were told by the authorities that we could not go near the accident location nor were we allowed to take any pictures. Why the secrecy? Recently there was a bus fire in Deuba. This bus company's buses were grounded because this was a second such incident in recent time with this company.

    The one in Mulomulo also had a similar accident in 2011. Will LTA ground this company's buses too? It seems to me that a double standard is being followed by LTA.

  10. another election strategy vote buying matailelevu nomudou toso....hey guys did you know that we already sold out to China. The deal is all roads rehabilitation works and other developments is given to China.Exactly what is happening today and the bottom line is if the government can't repay all dues to China than China has the right to take ownership over our qoliqoli...these rascals has sold us!!!!faele vinaka jiko nai sele....lols

  11. @Navosavakadua
    That was a very good assessment.
    Can you e-mail it to Fiji Times & Fiji Sun please.
    I think people need to know what the thief Bainimarama is up to
    Thank you.

  12. Ni lako o Bai e PM o Aiyaz?What happen in between his numerous overseas trips...?Is it a ploy...?uummmhhhh...!!!

  13. FIJI is a MIlitary/Police State now.no more democracy.

  14. The assumption on the sugar payment by the author is wrong. He states that I am a ministry of info staff etc on fijitoday blog is absolutely wrong.

    The farmers produced less cane because of the floods but mill effieciency was better last year with TCTS ratio of less than 10. So do the calculation and by the way pls use the right exchange rate and you will get close to $80.

    As from borrowing from FNPF, its well known that ANZ is lending them funding of a tune of euro 40m.

  15. Delegates are coming to ivstigate the killings that occured in 2000.Guess what? someone is going to get caught and will end everything, all the dokadoka, the viavialevu, na lasulasu.Hey! Fiji citizens VICTORY IS COMING OUR WAY !!!!.He will be living at the Castle for the rest of his life soon.Hooray !!!

  16. Delegates are coming over soon to invetigate the killings occured in 2000. Guess What? someone is going to get handcuffed and end all the pains and sufferings that all of us have been going through.Naboro is ready and have been waiting for this.

  17. Why not, are you scared, lamu sona. Get this known to the people because they have the right to know the truth. His day is around the corner.

  18. Why not, are you scared, lamu sona. Get this known to the people because they have the right to know the truth. His day is around the corner.

  19. If you don't know that you don't know, you're a fool.
    If you don't know that you know, you're asleep. Wake up!
    If you know that you don't know, you should be punished.
    If you know that you know, you are wise!!

    No matter $80 or $100 the farmers bargain system is no where to be seen ,this payment to farmers is a hoodwink.Will it keep on increasing????You can't satisfy everyone all the time.FSC is money making machine,Dubious contractors with local link and claim extraorbit fees.[corrupt personnel from top down]Will FSC survive if keep on borrowing millions left right and center!!!!

  20. Hahahahaha 2013 year of change for Rajendra Chodory. His father Mahendra will be chodo'ed in Naboro for tax evation and fraud. Rajendra is chodo'ed too and can't come back to Fiji. You will be dead on arrival.

  21. Has FSC repaid its loans from the RESERVE BANK OF FIJI when that corrupt crook sada reddy was trying to be governor?

  22. editor,
    It is good to learn the Fiji Police have done a mock exercise "to test their preparedness and how well they could control situations of an uncertain event" According to Police Special Response Unit tactical manager ASP Sainivalati Makutu "they wanted to know how capable they were in terms of timing, preparedness and fitness in any disturbance caused in the country" (Fiji Times 23/5).
    We recall at the time of the Speight coup the Fiji Police response was pathetic. In fact the Fiji Military's initial response was pathetic as well. The true reason for why the Police and the Military acted the way they did at that time remains a mystery to the Fiji public to this day.
    The mock exercise might better prepare the Fiji Police to control any public disturbance by unarmed civilians but it will remain impotent when the Fiji military decides it is time for another coup!
    rajend naidu

  23. Is it true that some market vendor was sent to St Giles for criticising the PM and govt?
    Really sad if its true

  24. editor,
    Dharam Lingam of Sacramento favours living in a society which does not "have a handful of negative-minded people" (Fiji Times 23/5). By negative-minded Dharam Lingam means critics of the government and the prevailing status quo . I should like to remind Dharam Lingam that all modern day societies need critics to guard against State abuse of power and to act as the conscience of society. Without the critics society will invariably degenerate into a cesspool of conformism and authoritarianism. I am sure Dharam Lingam does not favour that? If he did why is he living in the US? Even if "the current government is doing a marvelous job taking Fiji forward" as Dharam Lingam claims it does not mean the country does not need critics, does it?
    Only a very stupid person will claim there is no place for critics in a democratic society.
    It can hardly be a democratic society if there are no critics!
    Many critics have good reason to dispute Dharam Lingam's claim that the military dictatorship in Fiji is "doing a marvelous job" because the regime has not open to democratic accountability and public scrutiny.
    It therefore makes one wonder if Dharam Lingam is somehow a beneficiary of the Fijian military dictatorship and feels obliged to act as a propagandist for the regime.
    rajend naidu


  25. Farmers had fourth payment yesterday they got $20.40 per tonne and Sugar Cane Growers Council acting chief executive officer Sundresh Chetty saying ti came via the hard work from Bainimarama Government and the Fiji Sugar Corporation

    Chetty nsaying the 2012 season is $78.74 per tonne, which is record breaking and payment will go above $80 in October.

    Anybody know if these figures are true?

  26. I'll give the farmers $200 a tonne, but I'll have to borrow $300 from the Chinese to do it!
    Of course, it's going to cost the economy and Fjians, $500.
    Frank Bainimarama, taking Fiji forward.


  27. Editor, Can someone pls check that Mark manning has taken his bipolar medicine. It seems that he has something against the chinese and even the fijian people. While it is disguised against the IG, it underscores his typical white man mentality of being racist to anybody that does not have his skin color. Its best that Mark keep his mouth to himself and let his tongue wag for he and his people have caused so much hardship to the natives of australia.

  28. Mark if you borrow $300 and pay $200 from it to the farmers, how can cost fijians $500 as the loan is still $300?

    Or get it, $200 goes to your pocket you nut head. Go back to class 5.

  29. TO rajen naidu
    Of course i am benefiting from the current government and so is everyone else in Fiji.The government though not elected has put don rules as in any other foreign developed or developing countries.
    The people are benefiting,as they have a sense of security in their everyday life.
    Do you really think,rajen naidu,that there was true democracy before the 2006 coup?
    The previous governments were run by chiefs,church leaders and a few elites of the society.

  30. Very good question Mark on why are people still falling for the Frank Propaganda. The answer is very simple. The lack of a better alternative. I certainly will not vote for Qarase nor Chodhiri nor Mick Beddos. I think these guys are equally to blame for the rise of Frank. I do not see an credible alternative. I know that most of the shit that comes out of Government Ministry of Information is exactly that "Shit". However they are doing some things right and the lack of credible fresh and untainted opposition means that for now we roll with the flow. In a few years i think their will be better options but for now Frank is all we get. I personally don't hate for the sake of hating. I think those who do that have just not grown up and it is frankly a reflection of their intellect. I don't think binging emotions to matters such as choosing our next government is wise. We need to see things as they are. While the regime is doing some nasty things they are also doing a lot of good which elected governments never did.

  31. Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi RoTeimumu Kepa is a clear, credible and worthy alternative.

  32. wow! Dharam Lingam is living in Sacramento and still benefiting from Fiji's military rule when large numbers of Fiji people living in Fiji are struggling to make ends meet and have their democratic rights and freedoms curtailed! Dharam Lingam is clearly a favoured one by the regime.He has even appointed himself to speak for "everyone else in Fiji"!
    He says "the previous governments were run by chiefs, church leaders and a few elites of the society".
    And who is running the present government?
    And that's ok by you?
    That says a lot about you.

  33. Yes, it says Dharam Lingam is a traitor and an idiot.


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