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Saturday, May 11, 2013

More money for military while Fiji currency rejected in USA

The military regime has given itself more money for its evil deeds.

According to Fiji TV News, from next year, the army will get $106.8 million dollars.

In 2006, it was $70 million dollars.

The Fiji Police Force will also get an increase of eight million dollars next year.

The Central Intelligence Agency last year said that out of 172 countries, Fiji is ranked 76th in terms of its defence spending and GDP.

Therefore in comparison with its GDP, Fiji's military budget is bigger than 96 countries including New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, Germany and Canada.

Fiji  currency rejected in the US


BC said...

Bainimarama knows that in 2014 his own soldiers would probably shoot him.

So he has to buy their loyalty.

What a shame it is for any soldier who will except a $5 dollar payrise in order to sell the future of his family and race.

I wonder what is the increase in the Ministry of Health budget.

The people of Fiji being farked all over again by a nutcase military dicktator.

Does this seem alright to the church?
Why are they keeping quiet?

mark manning said...

Stupidity costs! It seems.

Anonymous said...

Like all dictators,Bai is scared
shitless? He knows that someone will eventually take him out?
be either the ballets or the bullets,
it's one or the other?Every now and then he'd move out an old hands,
like Driti & Mara, and moves in, a new hand like Mosese & Aziz?
Can't leave people too long in a senior position,
cause they do get comfortable and gained too much power?
So when he's runs out of senior officers,he'll
promotes junior dumb officers, to take their spots?
Any officers he
can't take out,
he'd have them terminated-i.e killed and make it
looks like they'd die a natural death by drowning,vehicle accident,or others
etc.Hey it's already happening in
Fiji,people are dying cause they can't swim?
Hey who are you kidding, we're Fijians,
we were born in the Ocean and came out swimming right from our moms' womb!
So the game is over,hey those of you military boys, who wants to live
a wee bit longer,
this is like a poker game,like as
to who is going to make the first move?
If you make the move first,you live, he dies and the game is over? If he gets you first,
you die and the game continues?
So here's my advise,make the first
move,make it count,cause you only
have one shot and you'd better make
the shot count?

Anonymous said...

"No man survives when freedom fails, The best men rot in filthy jails, And those
who cry 'appease, appease' Are hanged by those they tried to please.": Hiram Mann

Anonymous said...

if someone takes out that loser and his muslim backers there will always be the problem that his junior and often uneducated officers will continue to think that organising a coup is the only solution to fixing fijis problems.the only way to prevent and discourage this is to punish ALL backers and supporters and those who profited from the 2006 coup.qarase is to blame in part.he should have done more to stop vb before the coup.there needs to be a cleanup campaign starting with vb and ask

Anonymous said...

Frank and Aiyaz, we encourage you to go swimming in the ocean.


itz said...

your days are numbered what a disgrace while some are send home owing to reform these crazy cronies kept on increasing their pay without feeling sorry. what a shame?what a disgrace?is there a hit squad around to kill possible threats to this banana leadership?oh my GOD please something needs to be done if not we will be sold out to these Asians monsters.

Anonymous said...

BC @ dont worry about me and qarase.
Worry about bai/khaiyum f fiji up with huge debt.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Khaiyum can go f each other .No one what to know this idiots .
They are full of hot air and pee brain.
Day will come when they will run and be hunted like wild pig on the street and hanged for treason.
Dictators life end up like this some example gadaffi/sadam/others.
god will not spare these dictators .

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the average soldier thinks about it all or dont they care.they all must have family who are suffering.as for vb and his cronies execute them after a trial

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.07pm

You are a racist. Why blame only the muslim backers. Didn't the methodist church back all previous coup? Didn't christain loot suva after the 2000 coup. What about the hindu when MPC jumped in bed and became minister after 2006. How about the arya samaj.

If you have issues with ASk, pls go for him and not all muslims. Majority have been law abiding citizens unlike your own.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this old news c4.5?

The 2014 budget will be out in November. Guess you have nothing new to incite people.

Anonymous said...

no i am not a racist i am just stating facts.muslims have backed this coup from day 1.dont you know their agenda to dominate the country and they have taken advantage of weak and insecure vb.yes i know the methodists were involved in the past but i am talking about now.u wait and see muslim/taliban will continue to control their puppet.years ago no muslim preachr would dare to insult jesus on tv in fiji on easter.now with backing of ask bro riyaz who was a useless journalist anyway they get away with that and more.

Anonymous said...

I fully support you look
1987 coup ahmed ali with rabuka/jahir khan
2000 coup speight /jahir khan
2006 coup bai/khaiyum/nazhat/jahir khan.
well i have good muslim friends that hate khaiyum.
but in the world today jihadi/taliban want to control the world and force islam thats not good.
christians/hindu dont force people in religion.
islam hates christians/hindus.
time we form hindu/christian brotherhood like muslim brotherhood to face them head on.
muslim on all top govt board/post .why?

BC said...

CHINESE BOUGHT IN BY Bainisona, now farking the people of Fiji.
They say RAIWAI BUILDING will cost $9mil. Now they give bill for $20mil.

THIS JUST SHOWS HOW INCOMPETENT BAINIMARAMA is, by bringing in corrupt people like this.

"Group responds to claims

Ropate Valemei
Saturday, May 11, 2013

CHINA Railway First Group (CRFG) has downplayed Public Rental Board's claim that the cost agreed upon for the construction of the Raiwai Housing Project would be $9million.

This followed comments from PRB general manager Mesake Senibulu who said earlier this month that China Railway had issued a bill of quantities outlining costs from $18m to $22 — contrary to the initial agreement for design and construction works to be carried out within the $9m budget.

CRFG spokesman Donald Singh said it was understood by both CRFG and PRB that the $9million price for the Raiwai Housing Project was a provisional price and the final price would be negotiated mutually and fixed by both parties after completion of the building's design.

"Regarding the applicable structural standards, PRB has also alluded to the construction being of Chinese National Standards as if this was a breach of the contract," Mr Singh said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

I advise my muslim friends if you dont like GCC/Church/Cultures/Hindus
pls live fiji and go to pakistan or arab country .
stop pushing islam and f fijian cultures/GCC/Christians.
stop putting your people in fiji on top post .
Quran teaches love not hate.
Christian not forcing you to join the church.
Fijian gave public holiday on prophet mohd birthday .
Did any other country gave that.-NO
So why Khaiyum brothers trying to provoke Christians on its holy day.
My advise to khaiyum brothers dont mess with Christians.
Christ is the son of living god.he was resurrected.
Mohd is not god son or living .he is dead.

Anonymous said...

Israel is here to stay.
Iran/Syria/others think they will wipe Israel out no way .
We will support Israel .Gods promised in the bible he will fight Israel battle.
god chosen people .hurray to Israel/USA to help Syrian people to be free from its regime soon.
Why Syria/Iraq/Iran /others .all fighting and killing its own muslim brothers.I cant understand.
Quran teaches love not hate.
Bible teaches love not hate but if some one trying to force islam on us and hate our christ . we wont accept it.
My heart goes to the poor people of Syria .
Pls god have mercy on them.
god bless Israel /USA

Anonymous said...

@5.17 unlike @4.42 you undrstand what i mean.i dont mean all muslims support the coup but look at all positions of power all muslim appointees and if not controlled by them.and yes i have muslim friends and they all know whats happend.yes hindu and christians involvd but nowhere near as dangerous as islam.convert or die.fiji will be doomed as long as they control fiji

Anonymous said...

Why don't you blame the thousands of christains behind the coup. The army is dominated the the christains. But that's the problem with you lazy people. You have to blame others. Can't call a spade a spade. Go blame ASK and his bro. But blame yoirself first because you are not united. .

As for rajesh singh, you are behind most of the post because your niece eloped with a muslim boy. And u called yourself a christain.

Its just like me calling me all christains rapist and murderous because the jails are full of them.

Anonymous said...

Very funny. So unchristain to point fingers at others. Damn, some of you deserve it as you have no guts. Look at the middle east and who faught against the dictators.

If it was not for the indians, got knows what you would have eating right now.

mark manning said...

It seems fairly simple to me.
If you consider what has happened to Islamic States since 11/09/2001, or nine-eleven as the Yanks like to refer to this date, you get that Moslems consider themselves under siege and consequently, in accordance with their Edict, they feel compelled to establish a new Islamic State.
So I'm guessing it's not that it's "US" who are anti Moslem, it is the Moslem's who need, some anyway, the way they think.
A lot of them just seem to have this massive bloody chip on their shoulders and perpetuate their unfounded fears and consequently, create that which they want to avoid in the 1st. place.
Self Prophecy really.

Anonymous said...

ok call a spade a spade.muslims control fiji.just look at all top jobs all occupied by them or their puppets.fiji will be an islamic state oneday.

maichod Diwan Chand and bastard kamlesh Arya said...

It is wrong to say only muslims support the coup. Both major hindu organisations have openly come out in support of the coup. The Sanatan Dharam and Aarya samaj.

Elites like Diwan Chand and kamlesh arya hijacked these organsiations. They did not seek consent of rank and file, the bastards. Here is part of araya samaj stament:

"The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji has commended government for proposing a Constitution that should move the country forward.

Sabha trustee Pt Kamlesh Arya said the Council of Advisors support the Draft which is inclusive.

They support the idea of Fiji being Secular and of equal citizenry, Freedom of Religion, Right to education and the removal of the race based politics.

The Independence of the Judiciary and provisions of the Right to equality and Freedom from Discrimination and the provision of the Constitutional authority to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption have also been welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha rabuka was a muslim,
Speight was a muslim
FB is a muslim,
Driti, rokolui are muslim,
Tikotoga is a muslim
Lasaro, dan veitata were muslim,

Damn blame the flood, cyclones, on muslims.

When people lose sight of the real problem and start playing name games, they have lost the plot.

All coups in fiji has been done by itaukei christains. That's the fact.
I can write in blood and all commentators have said that.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning,

Change your name to a self proclaim prophet. You aussies have killed and taken the abrogines land and now you want to mesh with the fijian land.

You treat them 2nd class. Give them money so they spend it all on drinking so that they are never educated. You took a whole generation of them away dfrom their families and are quick to accuse others.
How would you feel if I brand you children of criminals.

Prof Kamasutra Dr mahendra kumar & UniFiji sex scandal said...

Kamelsh Arya should practice democracy at UniFiji, where son-in-law of Davendra Pathik was appointed VC, but sacked when caught mounting a woman in his office.

VC Dr mahendra kumar is now known as professor of kamasutra!

Kalesh arya was appointed registrar although he has no experience or qualifications for the job.

UniFii is an incestuous arya samaji organisation based on jobs for friends and families. This dud university is a waste f taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

When lasaro and his people supported the coup openly, when kaitani and others prayed openly, it was all god's path. When FB did the coup, it was anti chief and anti fijian.

As an itaukei, and christain, I have to admit that christ tells us to look at our own actions and heart first before pointing fingers at others. How can we change others if we can't change ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the FNPF documents.

USP financial scandal said...

Does anyone have anything latest on the USP financial scandal. I believe there is a petition agais VC Rajesh Chandra. C4.5 please and source publish the petition.

mark manning said...

@ anon 706 p.m..
Go ahead, make my day! I was born in England and immigrated to Australia in 1955 with my Parents and 11 siblings.
You sound like Graham Davis, can you change the record, just a little? It's getting a bit boring how you always go on about how the Europeans have destroyed the Natives of the pacific and Australia. don't you people ever take responsibility for your own stupidity?

Anonymous said...

Mark so you condone how the english robbed its former colonies and left most countries with a devided rule.

And do you take responsibility of your own stupid comments above about muslim, including saying each coup cost us $10 billion when fiji's gdp is only around $7 billion.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Nevertheless soldiers should arrest bai, kai and davis. They get big money and save Fiji from further economical destruction. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

BC said...

@Vutuki Bainimarama
I agree with you . I think just one bullet to Bainisona and Aiyasona will solve a lot of this rigmaroll about Constitution, Submission, Bullshitition.




Anonymous said...

To all kaivitis viavia vuku tiko qo ena blog sites, na levu ga ni vosa eda vaka tukuna na levu talega nikena vakaraitaki na qiqo ni noda rai kei na malumalumu ni ka e tiko ena loma ni noda qavokavoka..annon 7:06pm kua ni sika na weli ki vanua tani...yaco toka mada ga mai noda...o ira mai tai era set tu, o kedatou ga edatou veitono i cici tiko.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh singh

You say quran does teach hate and so does the bible but in the same breath you say islam is forced over christ.

Apart from one incident on fbc tv which I admit was wrong and others have also said it, where and when have muslims forced christains to change in Fiji. At work and other fovt dunctions, it is always the christain talatala who prays and you never hear complains from anyone.

You all have issues with ASK and his, pls take it out on them. There are some muslims who have supported the regime and others have done in the past with other govts. No one had issues when Mara appointed Ramzan and dr Ali as cabinet ministers. There are so many christains/itaukei people who have been appointed post 2006. How many ministers are christain itaukei or army staff?

By blaming islam, and vice versa we will end no where. I have many christain friends. I have been to christain school all my life. My work mates have a lot of respect for me as I respect them.

The bible teaches love. So don't spread hatred. I am sure you have heard the saying that an eye for an eye will leave all men blind.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous .. 6-22pm.. We don't want your Indian food to survive, we live by the land and sea with plentiful of fruits, root crops and fish to roast and live well.. God blessed the Native Fijians..

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not to be blamed for the coup. Certain unscrupulous Muslims are now taking full advantage of Baininmarama's stupidity. They are bringing disrepute on Islam with their treason. Their fellow Muslims would do much to end ill feeling by helping us bring them to justice.

itz said...

Let's set the record straight these muslims mongrels aren't muslims at all...they are converted hindus history states that only one certain group came to fiji their religion is hindu...so for this brother trying to uphold muslim you are just a bunch of converted hindus so your taste remains the same...so much bitterness and selfishness....the day will come when all of you will have to pack your bags and leave this country for good and leave us alone you bunch of idiots....your standards are pathetic and full of poisonous venom we are not racist you people are!!!!i will make sure when i lead this country i will take all the mosque down and temples and no more pagan worship in this nation no more holidays for pagans,you guys came for a better life so i demand follow our standards and for baigandu and kaiyumsissy the end is soon get ready guys let's clean this mess up!!!! GOD BE WITH US

itz said...

BC the church can't do anything because they are physically bonded not spiritually. the church is institutionalize now they will not see things coming now even before we need other group who are really into worship to come up with solutions. our church are filthy like these stupid leaders in government...evidence when the methodists were told off or sworn at nothing happens to Frankie so we need to re check our stand before GOD is the methodist church legitimate before GOD or the AOG,the CMF, the All Nation, the Seventh day,the Catholics,the Pentecostal,the Apostle churches are all these churches legitimate? I guess we need to check ourselves up....little did we know that we are the church ourselves these churches have failed tremendously....GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

Where in the world are christian doing jihads like the radical Islamist .
I read at news Imam preaching destruction of Israel and Christians.
Imam call Christian/Israel/USA as Pigs/Devil.
We Christian didnt call Islam devil.
Imam /Mosque is used to preach Jihad against Christians/Western world.
Time have come that we have to stand up against this Jihads and Radical Islamist Group to protect our God/Country/Family.
I have good Muslim friends but we have to stand up against the radical jihads group.
In most part of africa nation christian are killed and driven away by this islamist group. Place like Sudan/Nigeria/Somalia/Arab nation have destroyed Churches/People.
The Prophets have told us this in the bible that Islam will be forced on the people in the last days.
Why all Muslim World want to destroy Israel.?
Muslim brotherhood will have its people in govt all around the world to make things easy in the last days to force Islamist agendas.
I am just telling you what bible is saying.
Last Days.Brothers/Sisters.
God bless Fiji /World
Protect us from evil jihadis.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ anon-Santa Banta...May 11,9pm under CAN THINGS GET ANY WORSE IN 2013?

I'm sure you're stringed to Vodafone.

You mentioned a failed business planned by digicel or no impact at all.Read this carefully,I will give u just how vfone is doing business in Fiji(eg) Vodafone have no future strategies in place but sabotaging TFL and by using board members who leaked proposed projects and business initiatives to vodafones advantages.
From M-Paisa to Bus ticketing it's all TFL initiative not Vodafone!!

Vodafone is using TFL cable which you a willingly stubborn to pay,this caused a true son of Fiji losing his CEO post as you ganged up with the corrupt Board members to kick him out because he was after your default payment in million dollars[commerce commission]-you blood sucker!!

TFL was told not to go mobile but concentrate on local landlines.Read this carefully,if TFL go mobile both Vfone and Digicel will be no more!!TFL will be be the cheapest,reliable,100% coverage all over Fiji.
This is yet to be done but because of people like you everything is bad potatoes....!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Reader,
I would like to take just a few minutes of your time to express my sincerest disappointment, sadness and utter anger on how our beloved country has been brought to ruins by the actions of a few individuals! I am a patriot! I was born and raised in Fiji and as I look back on my childhood, I can honestly recall fond memories of "how the world should be!"
When I visited Fiji lately, what I saw not only sadden me but also tore at the very fabric of my soul! It is really sad to see such a beautiful country torn apart! People seem to be blaming one another and different religions at how the country has taken a dramatic downfall.
What they don't realise is, in order for Fiji to recover, we need to change the very people that are in charge of all the decision making i.e. Commodore Frank Bainimarama! People should not be afraid of their government but rather the government should be afraid of their people! Laws and the constitution of a government are put in place by the people and for the people. It is there to protect their god given rights, such as the right to free assembly or even the freedom of speech! Ironically when the current regime came into power (illegally), they seemed adamant to not only seize control of all the major decision making positions but also to limit the media on what they were allowed to do!
All those that were not willing to co-operate we're arrested and some were physically assaulted until they were compliant ( not because they wanted to but rather out of fear for their personal safety and for those of their loved ones). One should commend the Fiji Army (under Commodore Frank Bainimarama) for carrying out the coup with military precision but that is where the praise ends!!!
As the whole of the human race can testify, carrying out an army operation is totally different to running a country!! Under Bainimara we have seen changes that not only changed Fiji for the worst but also took away some of the very things that identifies us as Fijians! Why did he abolish the Great Council of Chiefs? Beware the wrath of our elders! Why did he change the Fiji currency? Does he want his face on all the denominations?Why did he put military officers in charge of key positions in the government? Are these people qualified?
Human ideology is often rooted on past mistakes, ideas and experiences! Bainimarama is trying to take Fiji into a direction that no one wants to go to! He doesn't realise that true power is not measured by the amount of fear you can put on people but rather by the respect you earn! Only time will tell if he truly keeps his word about next years election!
I have a word of caution for you Frank........ History tells of dictators that came into power by force and as we can all recall, Hitler, Saddam, Gaddafi and Idi Amin all met their gruesome end by the very people they abused!! It is my ultimate wish that Fiji goes back to being a truly democratic country where people have proper rights and where the government is willing to help its citizens without a hidden agenda!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day to all in Fiji and the World.
God blessing to rest upon all super mums.
We like to wish Fiji 7s team all the best for the last IRB Series game in UK.
Serevi bro Vinaka .
Make Fiji Mum proud by winning the UK series.
God bless

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:17 AM

""One should commend the Fiji Army (under Commodore Frank Bainimarama) for carrying out the coup with military precision....""

So you commend FB for undertaking the coup and getting rid of a government YOU did not like and now condemn him for not running the country how you would like.

Seems like you want everything YOUR way, and what's the word for that type of person ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rajesh. I am not sure why you brining the issue of isreal in this forum as it has nothing to do with the muslims of fiji. I hope you will also understand the geo-political issues of the region the hence the point scoring by some politicans.

I can give you 100 examples of christain states and it people slaughtering and killing and raped innocent muslims. Bosnia is just one example.

But let's bring the issue at home to the forefront. How many christains support the coup compared with the muslim. Let's be honest. More christains support the coup as fiji's muslim population is just a 6%. Apart from ASK, and a few others that have post in the IG, the govt
Is dominated by christain Ministers, Permanent secretaries, and fijian ceos.

You quote a lot of muslim names, the next time check how many of them held senior positions during SDL days.

As I said earlier, a few rotton muslims does not make all muslims bad just like the fact that while fiji's jails are full of christain rapist and murderous does not make all christains bad.

If you and I can't respect our different cultures and religion that we will take this country down the drain. Let's not use the politics of race and religion to get votes. Let's set good an example.

No religion is bad. However, its people give a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Israel plays the most important part of god history in the bible and also Islam.
So its not politics but the fact as per gods words in the Holy Bible..
Fiji was the land of peace and we respected everyones cultures .
Khaiyum have destroyed GCC with Fiji Army/Police support.
Do you think Muslim country will like a Hindu/Fijian destroying the Islam Culture-NO
Khaiyum and Elite Muslim are destroying Fiji and i will keep fighting on this issue.
Khaiyum can go to muslim land with his BS BKC not Fiji.
Why did khaiyum brothers allowed cleric on fbc tv to preach against christ.
Why did khaiyum abolish Ratu Sukuna Day/Queen Birthday. Most important people in Fiji history.
Shame on Khayum /Elite Muslim/Fijian Army/Police.

Sanata said...

Vote Bainimara for peace progress and prosperity. FLP and NFP are dead indian nationalist parties led by opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Fijian are part of 10 tribe of Israel.
Israel is gods chosen people and god will protect Israel from any oppressors .
Christ will come and destroy the anti christ and rule from the temple on the mount in Israel for 1000 years.
Gods govt not Bai/Khaiyum govt/others.
So rejoice Fiji and the world.peace will come soon.
Praise our god christ.
god bless

Anonymous said...


I am sorry but it is clear you have no religious tolerance. A liar and an adulter, you are the last one to speak on religion.

Islam calls christains and jews the people of the book. If the syrian and iranian leader say things against isreal that does not make all muslims bad. Unfortunately, people like you will hide behind what others say but what you spew is more hatred.

Is khaiyum so powerful or is it that FB and the army kicked your balls when these christains took you to QEB.

Secondly, we all have your comments of u supporting the coup post 2006. But you are an ass thinking we will forget that.

U are a rotton person and a disgrace to all christains. You are talking like a failed politicans. If u have balls, come and get Ask or FB.

There is only one word for people like u: arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh: Can you pls give me the authentic source that fijians are part of the 10 tribes of isreal. Pls don't cook things like this without proof.

Sorry, I know this is beyound u.

Btw, while other christains are in church, you are blooging from your dairy shop. Just look out, I am parked outside.

Anonymous said...

anon i am not scared of you .
yes fijian are christians and are part of ten tribe read the bible .
Fijian not Muslims so they christians .

Anonymous said...

Anon come and face me.
I am waiting .

Vodafone & Aslam Khan dirty dealings said...

Anon 8.39, May:

Thanks for exposing Vofone's dirty dealings under Aslam Khan. Vodafone maintains market dominance by underhand dealings, not by competing fairly in an open market. This is Aslam Khan's handiwork, being the mediocre CEO that he is. This is how aslam had always operated. He runs vodafone like a mafia don.

In fact, Aslam should not even be called a CEO. He is more like the head of of a monopolistic government corporation. An insecure piece of shit who feels he has to resort to anti-market activities and and back room deals despite such strong market dominance.

Vodafone and Aslam Khan tried their best to stop digicel from entering the markt and made things as hard as possible. No one should forget the price-gouging vodafone and aslam khan engaged in as a monopoly. The prices that we were socked with were criminal.

Digital ended our suffering at the hands of vodafone and aslam khan. Digicel may just have 10 per cent of the market digicel that is stopping vodafone from overcharging and fleecing consumers. Despite a head start and dominant market position, vodafone and its insecure ceo aslam khan and cronies still feel threatened, judging by their anti-digicel comments on c4.5.

Digicel is a new comer with none of the market advantages that vodafone enjoys but giving vodafone a good run.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.01.

I was being sarcastic about how FB did the coup cause that was the only thing he did right! I did not say that I liked the previous government ! What I do not like is how certain individuals can overthrow a democratically elected government because they have guns and they think its for the benefit of all Fijians! We may not like the government that is chosen for us but at least they were chosen legally by the people unlike the current one whose only agenda seems to line their pockets ! We are given a choice to vote for the people to lead us, but as things stand,I will be very surprised if FB keeps his word and holds elections next. You know what they say "people with power always want more power!"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with previous writer. Vodafone has tried to become a silent 4 1/2% partner of Bus Companies in Fiji. This E-ticketing is a big sham. Fiji is not ready for E-ticketing. If anything we should have mechanical ticketing system. With the road conditions and dust in Fiji, the machines will malfunction and will not last over a month.

When the machines go down, the bus is suppose to stop and the company is required to bring another bus to continue the service. It is the duty of the bus operator to replace the bus at his own expense. As it is Vodafone charges bus owners 4 1/2% commission, daily fee of $1.50 a day for rental of the machine, Bus owner to provide the paper and the ink. Repair cost for the machine in case of malfunction.

I suggest that the public should boycott Vodafone and patronize Digicel. Let us organize and start a boycott campaign against Vodafone. We the public of Fiji have been taken for a ride for far too long by Aslam Khan and Vodafone.


Anonymous said...

Firstly thanks to digicel for coming to fiji

we still hav not forgotton that $1.99 per min rate

we still hav nor forgotton how vodafone had lobbied for 32% duty on ph when digicel entered market to kill them

vodafone has also used govt contacts on many jobs eg water authirity etc etc

vodafone has actully never fully operated in free market economy where decsions were made on a level playing field....it always had a political edge

thank u digicel for being in fiji....we wud like u to stay.if u r not here we will go back with old rates.
..no competition.....i know u guys hav been given unfair treatments....but not to fear n keep the ball rolling


Anonymous said...

Rajesh, pls pls for gods sake don't use the bible or christainity for your own political agenda.

Can you pls quote me the verse in bible which states fiji is one of the 10 tribes of isreal.

Lastly, isreal is predominantly a jew state not a christain state. While there origins is the same, there are marked differences between jews and christainity. Off course this is beyound you.

As for waiting for me, you don't get it right. Lol

Anonymous said...

Rajesh this your brother yogesh from the LDS church of fiji.

Pls don't speak about religion when u don't know anything about it bro. Church, grog and drinking mix.

Also don't say stupid things and make my life hell here. I still have to pay your loan that you did not pay and lie to people to protect you.

Anonymous said...

People TFL is 100% belongs to those who have deducted or been deducting portion of their hard earned money to FNPF.TFL borrowed and pay back! so absolutely it is fully 100% Fiji owned.Why they are still being denied by the government to fully go mobile when they can provide better services than Vodafone.They got the infrastructure in place all over fiji,why goverment promoting local breed and deny our very own with local job market to show case to the world that we can.TFL is in fact in par with Aust and NZ technology wise but denied the golden opportunity to do the wonders for its citizen!!!wake up people!!
Rajesh former minister,bro could you arrange for farm jobs and get us out from here....its hot .humid.and stink!!!If u can arrange for you know 5000 farm jobs,that's not even quarter of unemployed in your home country Fiji.YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED and HONOURED for doing just that.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

Rajesh 'free of charge' singh plse shut up for a while. Your hate-filled rants are detracting from important posts exposing vodafone and tappoos corruption, which is endangering our pensions.

You are a lying conman and disgruntled politician who falsely proised to serve 'free of charge' to get votes. We do not need your childish and immature posts, it is distracting from more intelligent contributions.

We have more serious business on hand which is being crowded out by your bullshit. Stick to running the dairy and leave the intelligent work to those who are qualified.

Anonymous said...

Donald Singh is an unapologetic regime supporter in the pay of chinese government who is trying o cash in on behalf of his clients and at the expense of fiji taxpayers. It is carpetbaggers like Donald who mint money and commission in situations like this.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry friends. It is just that my condition with bipolar just kicks in and I say stupid things. I wanted free education so I joined LDS. For all I care they too can go to hell. I am happy with my dairy in Auckland. I can not make money in Fiji as now the government is aware of my corrupt dealings. For all those that i owe money, write it off as you will not get it. NFP I used you too and your $4000+ that you I owe the party. Kiss it all good bye.

God Bless Fiji


USP VC Rajesh Chandra regime puppet said...

Like Aslam Khan and Kanti Tappoo, USP VC Rakesh Chandra is close to the bainimarama regime. It is said Aiyas Khaiyum is the real USP VC while salulu Rajesh Chandra is a puppet.

Somebody on c.4.5 wrote about financial USP scandal, please put more information online.

USP smear campaign against Rajesh Chandra, Esther Williams, and & Angela Jokhan said...

Anonymous @ May 12 3:17:

The so-called USP financial scandal is nothing but a plot by recently sacked and demoted FST and FBE staff for academic fraud, poor leadership, favourtism and incompetence. The conspirators behind the plot against VC Rajesh Chandra, DVC Esther Williams, and Dean Angela Jokhan will soon be exposed.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 please ban people who keep going on about the same old same old eg comments about Rajesh Singh. It's tiring and puts the rest of us off from commenting about the real issue - the military dictatorship, corruption and broken promises, the Constitution, the elections etc etc. Please do this

Anonymous said...

Better yet just ban Rajesh Singh and than there is no issue.

Coup 4.5 said...

In my 3 sentence letter 'Lost mail' the Fiji Times somehow managed to lose the second sentence which read : People responsible for the rape of democracy in Fiji should also be held accountable.
Was that on account of imposed censorship or self-censorship?
rajend naidu

mark manning said...

@ anon 930 p.m.
The 10 billion dollar figure is a quote from other comments from various internet sites.
As for my remarks regarding Radical Islamic elements, you bet I take responsibility for those.
It's well known within Fiji and without of Fiji, that this is reality.
The English brought Civilisation to many Countries, as did the Romans. Sadly, some, such as Fiji, have squandered the opportunities to take advantage of that and reverted to Barbarism.
But you hit the nail on the head when you said that Fiji's GDP is only $7,000,000,000 (seven billion dollars)!
The coup d'etat is costing you an extra $3,000,000,000 over Fiji's GDP.

Well, I looked for the relevant thread but wasn't able to locate it!

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

USP financial scandal is boring. Does anyone have info about UniFiji sex scandal? That's more exciting. Anyone know were former VC & Professor of Kamasutra mahendra kumar is hiding after caught in the act mounting a woman in his office? Or where his regime sucking father-in-law davendra pathik is? These people should be named and shaped. No sex tapes, but any photos, c4.5?

Coup 4.5 said...

Rajen Naidu

10:21 AM (7 hours ago)

to me
with reference to your article' More money for military while Fiji currency rejected in USA' I should like point out that it is only "logical" that the Fiji military should give itself more money from the national budget because Fiji is after all under military rule.
Never mind that it makes little sense in terms of good governance to be setting aside such a disproportionate amount of a small island nation's resource for the military when there are so many other pressing needs for its people.
Good sense and military rule don't usually go together.
The Fiji military proves that quite well.
rajend naidu

UNiFiji unbeatable combination Prof Nandan & Dr Mahen Kumar said...

UNiFiji unbeatable combination Prof Nandan & Dr Mahen Kumar: one likes money, the other loves sex (and money too). Apart from hunting ground for Fiji's first playboy VC Dr Mahendra, UniFiji was place for Satendra 'sarka kuto' Nandan and wife to make hay ($$s).

'Assistant professor' Mrs Nandan won't even get tutor's job in Australia. Saten always complaining about nepotism but it is ok when his wife is the beneficiary. Nandan himself lived up to his reputation of 'None-Done' while at UniFiji.

Dr Mahendra Kumar is Davendra Pathik's 'pathetic' son-in-law. Mahen "naga" professor has an eye for the fairer sex (although they don't have an eye for him).

Self-styled satirist Saten nandnan Saten is known to be a joker so hopefully he will see the humour here.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning

Its best that you stick to your adopted home and issues relating to australia like its treatment of refugees, its native people and why it still supports are rouge leaders or country where there is no democracy.

Hope your check the authenticity and accuracy of your sources and not blindly quote them when it suits your agenda.

Anonymous said...

USP "financial scandal", UniFiji "sex scandal" -- really, BOTH of these are boring. We're interested in sharing ideas about how to bring down this regime, not in random, uncorroborated innuendo and poison pen letters against various and sundry personal enemies.

Sanaila & Kamlesh said...

Rajesh should just shut up and refrain from accusing people because he fles Fiji and leaving behind a lot of unanswered questions. By the way, it would be better if he returns to Fiji and sort these issues out once and for all. What you say Rajesh?

BC said...

@Anonymous 7:41
You are a typical Regime Arselicker Thug.
Mark Manning gave you statistics facts and figures.
All you do is acting like Bainisona, parroting off statements that he has no understanding of.
There are similar people like you that get on this site and they do exactly what you are doing : ie they mouth off without any logical basis for their arguments.; people like Dharam Lingam , Kamlesh Kumar, Sanaila and Semi Meo.
All a bunch of empty-headed arseholes.

For some reason I think you are Graham Davies.
I feel sorry for you mate. Your writings have now become a poor and pathetic example of your former self.
May I suggest you, change tack and stand for what is right and true, so that you can salvage some of your farked reputation.
How much more simple can we spell it out for you,Graham?

USP financial scandal & UniFiji sex scandal said...

To USP financial scandal & UniFiji sex scandal: BOTH universities are part of the regime's apparatus that lend credibility to it and suppress academic freedom, even if some are too stupid to see the obvious. It is important to expose these institutions as a way of putting pressure on them and the regime rather, than give them a free hand, which is beyond the comprehension of idiots who can't see that every bit of pressure from every corner should be applied.

Big exposes have their beginnings in 'random, uncorroborated innuendo', especially in a climate of censorship. That's why c4.5 was set up, dork. It is up to the news and other media platforms to pick up the lead, and whistleblowers to provide more information, but who is to explain to some idiotic arseholes who can't think outside the box.

In this case there is both prima farcie and documentary evidence. Hopefully someone else will pick up the lead, but if we stick to conventional methods in unconventional times and situations, than the tyrants who head this counntry and these institutions will carry on unhindered. So crew you sanctimonious ideas.

Anonymous said...

BC you are right mate.

I am confused sometimes if u and rajesh singh are the same person.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:45 AM, you're like a dog with a bone. You just keep gnawing, and you won't give it up.

When the topic is the budget, you want to talk about USP. When the topic is the FNPF, you want to talk about USP. When the topic is Bainimarama's travel, you want to talk about USP.

You're really beginning to sound like a certain pompous ass who lectures us with five postings a day from Sydney. Just like him, you don't know when it's time to give it a rest. That's prima facie -- not prima farcie -- evidence that you're the idiot here, dork.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1.57pm:

You don't give up until you get a response, or result; if it requires dogged determination, so be it. Anyway, I am not responsible for all the USP & UniFiji postings. But they are welcome nonetheless, because they are making some pompous arses, who thought they had gotten away, squirm. It is shaking things up at these institutions.

Which makes me wonder: why is it getting up your rear so much? You gave a choice: avert your eyes if you donit like what you see. But don't you tell me what to post and what not to post. Who the fuck are you anyway? Do you think I even give damn? Screw you for all I care.

USP, FNPF, are all related in the larger scheme of things, even if a pea brain like you cannot make the connection, or are limited to focusing on one issue at a time. As for the spelling lesson, you sound like a schoolteacher trying to show off. keep it for the kids dummy; this is not a spelling test.

Now piss off and don't bother me again.

Anonymous said...

Piss off yourself, moron. I've got just as much right to post as you do. Avert YOUR eyes if you don't like it.

I don't mind people posting their complaints against academics who are too cowardly to challenge Fiji's lack of academic freedom, much less those sycophants and traitors actually supporting the regime. But I do mind repetitive, off-topic postings that impugn peoples' reputations without offering one shred of evidence.

I'm also put off by creeps like you, who when they don't succeed at eliciting anything interesting to support their accusations of "academic scandal" at USP, actively fish for anything salacious pertaining to an alleged sex scandal at another school.

Don't just throw out allegations and hope that C4.5 will somehow make them stick. If you have evidence to support your claims, then adduce it. Otherwise, find another drum to beat. You're the one stuck on a single issue. Learn to play a second note on your ocarina, dweeb.

Here's another tip. If you want to find an academic scandal at USP, just look at how the school cowardly capitulated to regime pressure by sacrificing Dr. Wadan Narsey.

The spelling correction is just to show you that you're not as smart as you think you are -- just a taste of your own pedantic medicine. It's a suppository, so shove it up your bum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Sanaila & Kamlesh

I am so sorry as I said I am bipolar and I don't remember who all I owe money to. I think I also have a case of pr-Alzheimer. Like I had said earlier, write off my debt. It is a bad debt. NFP also should do the same. I know that I owe them $4000+.

God Bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

Anon 4.43pm:

Hahaha, I have no time to waste on Anon 4.43pm, walking around like a headmaster with a stick, telling others what to post, and what not post... what a joke! Blinkered, with no peripheral vision, telling us what to do.

Who the hell are you judge what is 'off-topic'? You might think you are some sort kind of god or authority. I don't. I think you are shit.

Who are are you to decide for me what is 'off topic?'

Are you capable of understanding a simple thing? What might be off topic for you, might not be the case for me, or others? Are you capable of understudying I do not give a shit about your views?

Somebody has just posted about police torture video. Are you gonna have a go at him also headmaster Sir?

What are you? The C4.5 policeman?

Go tell your father, or your kids, or your students what is off-topic. Don't tell me because I do not give a shit about your views.

You have no effect on me whatsoever. Go and lecture to someone else. I consider you a waste of time.

Now go screw yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:15 PM, you're like a pathetic comedian who laughs at his own "jokes" nobody else finds funny.

Well, funny boy, you say I have no effect on you, but everyone can see how you work yourself into a lather in your replies to me.

I know how it must hurt your pussy to learn that some of us are bored by your incessant postings attacking your personal enemies, which, since they're all academics, suggests that you're a checkered academic yourself, your semi-literacy notwithstanding. Professional jealousy or just spite? If it's something more high-minded than that, then explain yourself and what it has to do with the topic, which, if you didn't notice, is another bloated budget for the RFMF.

If you're not willing to do that, then why don't you share a blog with Rajend Naidu, Semi Meo, Dharam Lingam, Kamlesh Kumar and Sanaila, so that we can ignore your ravings collectively?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.07pm:

haha you crack me up, pompous, self-appointed expert on issues and topics, and self-styled c4.5 policeman who likes to tell people what to post an what not post; hahaha, trying to flex authority on c4.5 but no one gives a shit; I love it, what a clown you are, you belong to the circus.Did not address any of my questions.

Hey clown, someone just posted about 'The new journalism in Fiji - highly undesirable'. Pray tell me, is this also off-topic?

No go and chase the person who posted it with your broom, and leave me alone. I have had enough of you for one day. I hope never to hear from you again. Your views are shit, and you a distraction and waste of time.

For you info, I will continue posting 'off-topic', comments, you do not have to read it, it's that simple dick-head, but apparently you think you own c4.5; haha; screw you, the world does not revolve around you; far from it; in other words, sun don't shine out of your arse, even if you think it does.

Bye, bye for good!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:33 PM, I AM back. Sorry if that makes you cry.

You sound like another Form Four reject named Bainimarama. You can't see that most of what you say applies to yourself. Think you can bully me, do you? Shows what a complete buffoon you are.

Off topic or not, our friend posting about the deplorable state of journalism in Fiji today doesn't have diarrhoea of the pen, like you do. He doesn't send post after post with the Same Old Shit. He doesn't use C4.5 for character assassination against personal enemies and professional rivals. He doesn't keep throwing mud in the hope some of it will stick and then invite others to wallow with him in the nosh pit.

In other words, quite unlike you, he's not a one-note numbnut and TOTAL BORE.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, anon @ 10:59. Glad to see someone call this guy on his repetitive postings. Unfortunately there are a few other people like that on C4.5 who are running down the site with their blah-blah-blah in pursuit of personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

with reference to your article' More money for military while Fiji currency rejected in USA' I should like point out that it is only "logical" that the Fiji military should give itself more money from the national budget because Fiji is after all under military rule.
Never mind that it makes little sense in terms of good governance to be setting aside such a disproportionate amount of a small island nation's resource for the military when there are so many other pressing needs for its people.
Good sense and military rule don't usually go together.
The Fiji military proves that quite well.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! This fella at 6:33 PM handles criticism like a no-school nazi. It's hilarious to read how offended he becomes just because someone doesn't find his remarks as scintillating as he obviously does. Every time he tries to bark that he doesn't care about the criticism, what comes out sounds more like the yelping of a wounded puppy.

mark manning said...

Graham Davis, during his sexual assault by a Fijian man many years ago in Fiji, without realising it, probably developed the Stockholm Syndrome.
It is this perverted connection with his attacker which drives him, even to this day, despite the event having taken place over 40 years ago.
Graham Davis, poor love, is still living in that man's arms, his attackers arms no less.
Graham is bound up in an event which stole his innocents as a child victim and twisted his perception of reality as an adult.

I suspect that Graham's attacker cried on his shoulder after having his way with him and that those tears softened a child's heart which in turn, allowed the atrocity and violation to continue.
Graham, your attacker is no longer a threat, not entitled to your protection of his identity and tricked and used your body.
So stop supporting these sick depraved perverts.


Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition in which hostages or victims of kidnappings empathise with their captors.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning,

Your post above confirms you are the son of criminals and you call yourself a policeman.

Maybe, some army guy shoved you from behind and hence anger against them here

Anonymous said...

@ annon 9:09pm..white mans language spoken by a black man speaking through his arse..and confirms grey matter in cavity upstairs to be in a very dilute form.

Anonymous said...

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar was recently seen in suva drunk looking shabby old and depressed. His daddy in law can't face his arya samaji so called family and friends because his 69'ing son in law can't get rid of his libido problem. Too scared to face the people in fiji Mahendra Kumar has run away to australia where he is said to be begging wifey and daddy in law to refrain from all the "true" stories about his love affairs. Mahendra Kumar can root and 69 like a 20 year old from the rumours. We do not want a pervert like Mahendra Kumar in the academic system in Fiji. He is a disgrace to academia and a threat to the society. Keep the sex maniac away from the good people. Arya Samaj is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Latest news from the University of Sin and sex- rapist Julian Moti has been appointed as Professor of Law and thats the best place for him to be as it unifiji is the university of sex scandal and now a pedophile also jonning them. Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar should cum back as VC. Julian Moti and Mahendra Kumar can mount young girls in the office together.

Dr Dulare has resigned because the fairer sex dont want to warm his bed and will soon find himself in hot water because he had his hands in the cookie jar with RAvineet"shady"Sami and Kamlesh Arya fiddling and using unifiji funds to build big houses. Dr Dulare nagonchi in hot soup with ministrym

Kamlesh Arya is known for bailing his sons theft and sending him to australia. Old man pathik is too old and still saving face after professor of kamasutra mahendra kumar brought shame to oathik family. pro mahendra kumar was recently seen trying to look important at SPF and on his recent trip to suva looked old, gay, knocked up & satisfied from all the mounting he is getting from the islands.

Satendra none-done is warming his old balls in canberra with wife Jyoti after they collected hefty pay from UniFiji enjoying.

Circus continues coz another araya samaji will be VC.

Close Uni of Fiji down! its a waste of taxpayer money and dangerous place for girls. Julian Moti could teach bhuwan, kamlesh pathik how to mount underage girls