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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Qarase tackles 'liar Khaiyum' and regime on land and economy

A statement on the protection of native land and the economy by the country's deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase.

The Attorney General, Mr. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has travelled throughout the country telling people that Government’s draft Constitution provides better protection for native land than the 1997 Constitution. 

This is simply not true and it is a blatant lie.  Mr. Khaiyum has told the lie so often that his colleagues in Government, including the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, have come to believe him.

The truth is this: the 1997 Constitution provides for the entrenchment of certain laws covering group rights.  These laws include the Fijian Affairs Act, the Native Land Trust Act, the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act (ALTA), the Rotuma Land Act etc.  Amendments to these Acts would require special majority voting in Parliament, particularly in the Senate. 

In the Senate, any amendments must be approved by at least 9 out of the 14 members who represent the Great Council of Chiefs.  Under this provision it would be difficult to amend any of the entrenched legislation. And if any amendment is passed it would mean that the amendment has the support of the great majority of the people of Fiji.

Under Government’s draft Constitution there is no provision to entrench the rights of indigenous Fijians to their resources and other group rights. In other words the entrenched laws will be like other laws which require simple majority votes in Parliament to effect amendments or even the repeal of laws.

Where then is the greater protection claimed by Mr. Khaiyum?  There is none!  Mr. Khaiyum has argued that this protection is contained in the Bill of Rights.  As chief legal adviser to Government the Attorney-General should know better.  The Bill of Rights provides for rights of individual citizens, not group rights.  Native Land is owned communally, and not by individual indigenous Fijians.  His argument, therefore, is false and invalid.

Without the entrenchment of laws relating to indigenous Fijian rights it would be fairly simple to take these rights away from them. Indigenous Fijian rights to their land, for example, will be at the whim of the Government in power, since a simple majority in Parliament would be required to effect changes.

The Attorney General has cunningly diverted attention from the issue of “entrenched legislation” to the land swap or exchange in the Momi Bay Project.  The land transaction in question involved the swap or exchange of 68.7 hectares of native land owned by Tokatoka Nasau with freehold land of equivalent area and value owned by Matapo Limited, the developer of Momi Bay Resort Project.
Upon exchange the native land was to be converted to freehold and the Matapo freehold was to be converted to native land and registered under Tokatoka Nasau.  There was no loss of native land in the transaction because of the equivalent freehold land in exchange.

The land swap was made with the voluntary agreement of the two parties involved, Matapo Limited and Tokatoka Nasau.  The NLTB gave its consent to the transaction and the Government of the day sanctioned the land swap under the Land Transfer Act.  The terms and conditions of the land swap are recorded in an Agreement between the two parties dated 31st May, 2005.

The landowners were obviously satisfied and happy with the benefits they were going to receive which include the following:

· An equivalent land area was exchanged for native land, hence there was no loss of land;
·  The landowners were paid a premium for the transaction;
·  The landowners were to become shareholders in the operating company of the golf course;
·  Higher rental income to landowners;
·  Jobs priority for landowners and so on.

In addition the agreement reached between Matapo Limited and Tokatoka Nasau was going to make a huge contribution to the overall success of the Momi Bay Resort Project.

Mr.  Khaiyum, there is no link between the Momi Bay land swap and the entrenchment in theConstitution of certain laws.  The truth is that in the draft Government Constitution the protection of native land which has existed since independence in 1970 has been taken away.  This fact is printed in black and white and the whole of Fiji knows.

While still on Momi Bay let us have a brief look at some of the significant effects of the military coup on both the Momi Bay and Natadola Resorts Projects.  

Developments on both properties were proceeding well. Projections were that by 2010 – 2012 three to four 5 star hotels would be operating at Natadola and two or three 5 – 6 star hotels plus a Marina at Momi Bay.  About 10,000 direct and indirect jobs would have been created; tens of millions of dollars were to flow into Government revenue annually by way of VAT, PAYE and corporate taxes.  All these have been lost due to the coup as investors and potential investors on the two properties moved swiftly away from Fiji.
The absence of adequate protection of native land in the proposed Constitution is a major flaw.  There are many other significant provisions which are repugnant and unacceptable in a modern democratic society. The bottom line is that the proposed Constitution will entrench the current dictatorship and for this reason alone it should be totally rejected by the people of Fiji.
In a second release called The Reality Today, Qarase
since independence in 1970 Fiji has been ruled by democratically elected Governments with brief gaps immediately after the coups of 1987 and 2000. 
Since December 2006, we have had more than six
years of dictatorship under an unelected and illegal regime. The difference that a dictatorship has brought to our economy and society has been disastrous.

The national statistics for our economy and society from 1970 to 2006 have been published for general information. The same statistics for the six years from 2007 are also available. They show quite clearly that most of Fiji’s key performance indicators are far worse during the current regime’s rule.

Statistics show that from 1970 to 2006 Fiji enjoyed steady economic development with annual growth at around 3% of GDP or more. Unemployment during this period was low; real incomes increased; inflation was low and the poverty level was about 32% of the population in 2006.

The reality today after six years of dictatorship is quite different. The 2010 – 2011 GDP is barely above the level in 2005. Formal employment has not grown for the last six years and indeed has gone backwards, with more and more young people coming out of our institutions to join the workforce.

Economic growth during the last six years according to a leading economist is a mere 0.6% of GDP. It might as well be -0.6% or simply 0.0%! Our economy has actually stood still since 2006.

Employment creation has been in the informal sector and family enterprises with low incomes and low hours/days of work.

Underemployment has grown quite significantly and amounts to more than 30% of the labour force. The youth age group is particularly under employed. They are idle about 60% of their working time.

Unemployment and under-employment could be a significant factor in increasing crime in our country today.

It is estimated that thousands of women have left being fulltime housewives to try and make ends meet within their households. Virtually all, both men and women, are working far more hours than six years ago.

Money incomes have not risen much in the last six years while inflation has risen by more than 30%. Real income for almost everyone has fallen by more than 30% and more so for our rural dwellers. Our Government Ministers and defence personnel may be the only people whose real incomes have increased during the six years.

Our citizens living below the poverty line has increased by almost 50% right across the board. It is now just under 50% of the populationcompared to 32-33% in 2006.

The public debt has increased from $2billion in 2006 to more than$4billion in 2012 (some sources say more than $5billion). The debt burden if shared among all households amounts to $20,000.00 per household. Foreign debt is increasing at an alarming rate, exposing the country to foreign exchange risks. Some foreign debts have been obtained at a high of 9% interest rate while the IMF was lending money at 2%. Contingent liabilities of government are estimated at more than $2billion.

Rates of suicide and attempted suicide which were falling around 2006, have risen since then. They are at record levels according to the police’s own figures. Violence against women, both sexual and physical,has escalated to unprecedented levels as reported in the media everyday.

Fiji’s key performance indicators during the last six years paint a dismal picture. The country’s slide into economic and social chaos continues unabated. The proposed draft Constitution will only make things worse.

A dictatorship entrenched in the Constitution is not the right form of Government for Fiji.


Namasa said...

This statement from Qarase simply confirms what most Taukei know and their opinion of EyeArse's lie and attempts to mislead us,

EyeArse thinks we cannot figure out whether he is lying....he thinks we are stupid.

We have long ago come to absolutely mistrust the lying Muslim, He has no credibility with us, he is a deceitful deviant.

His marrying into the Fijian race is part of his ploy to win favour into the community he is bent on destroying and I would suggest to his in-laws to decouple him off as he poses risks to his wife's community.

EyeArse is now the most hated person to Fijians and the sooner he is thrown to jail the better for everybody

The Mana said...

the reason airyass got rid of the 1997 constitution and wants to put his constitution in its place is to allow him to have his land use decree…otherwise it will be invalid and ultravires the constitution because of the entrenched provisions.
that’s the plan all along. the truth is slowly coming out.
Will the Fiji press expose the big lie???

Anonymous said...

what do liars do?
they lie
khaiyum is a liar
so Khaiyum does what liars do - LIE!

Anonymous said...

sign of the times - a four sentence story in fiji times on key issue.
AG: Fiji on credible path

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, May 01, 2013

THE Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says Fiji is already on a credible path to elections and is committed to holding elections in 2014.

He made the comments yesterday in response to the concluding statement released by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group following their 39th meeting in London last week.

In the group's concluding statement, it called for the government to take credible and inclusive steps to ensuring constitutional democracy was returned to the country.

"CMAG called on the government of Fiji to ensure that the steps now undertaken toward restoring constitutional democracy are credible and inclusive, and similarly enjoy the confidence and support of the people of Fiji," the CMAG statement said.

Anonymous said...

well analyzed. Need to put this into the local media so that people who aren't computer user or internet user may know. Media is just covering one side of the story.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Khaiyum do people want elaborations or the truth???

Some people want elaborations on certain issues in draft constitution
Publish date/time: 01/05/2013 [13:12]

As work begins on analyzing the public submissions on the draft constitution, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said they understand that some members of the public want further elaborations to certain sections.

Sayed-Khaiyum said for example, although itaukei land is protected with all other types of property and culture in the Bill of Rights, some people have said that they want a specific section on itaukei land.

He said he cannot say whether amendments will be made but these matters will be considered.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Meanwhile, the Fijian Teachers Association said they have made their submission and want a clear provision on full protection on itaukei culture and group land rights on its own in the new constitution.

General Secretary Maika Namudu said they also want the Fijian language to be the national language.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Namudu said they also want full trade union rights irrespective of the industries the employees are working in.

He also said they are pushing for the retirement age to be 60 years and hoped the government will open the door for negotiations on this issue.

Story by: Vijay Narayan & Tokasa Rainima

mark manning said...

It's quite simple really.
How can you tell when Aiyaz is lying?
It is when his lips are moving!

Anonymous said...

Qarase's message should be translated in the local vernacular and distributed to all communities.

Anonymous said...

the audacity of this muslim fella.
He thinks everyone is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Can Qarase's statement be passed on to the CMAG?

Tell the useless MSG to piss off, it is a hopeless group......

Anonymous said...

The fight-back has started. This will gain momentum and expose lies and fraud. Welcome back LQ.

Anonymous said...


Azad said...

Itaukies should have the same rights as other land owners to deal with their land, rent, lease or sell.
Why should they not be permitted to deal with their land to derive maximum benefits?
In the olden days the argument was that they were not versed with adequate knowledge, experience or expetise and thus requred protection of the Native Land Trust Board. Is the argument same even now?

Azad said...

He will skip the country at the smell of any personal threat. Forget about jail; you may consider some other more effective option.

Nirmala Solanki said...

vinaka Mr Qarase what more can they to you? Speed up for democracy and sooner the thug group of Khaiyum will be in PRISON.

Anonymous said...

Qarase's claims and all that he he has pointed out are very true. We must support him.

The media will not print and distribute Qarase's letter for fear of being intimidated by this illegal regime. However, Qarase does not fear because because he has already been in prison which he has no fear for anymore. He does not fear the military nor any of Bai's and Khai's goons because he is a true Christian fearing only God Himself.

This cannot be said of Bai, Khai, their evilly loyal supporters who fear so much being charged let alone punished for their crimes against humanity and treason against the Fijian people, especially the iTaukeis.

They are now realizing that they have been hoodwinked and betrayed by the perpetrators of the 2006 coup. I will pity Khaiyum and Bai as will be terror-stricken.

Moses Cakobau said...

it is only here that you people bark.

During the khaiyum's preaching everybody votes to agree to the draft.

What do you think that if we do not agree, they will not rubber stamp it?

Why do you think that they have a GMAIL account for submission? of FB or texts? Its because they dont have/want to show the responses to the public, but release a press report in the Fiji Sun, that the response from the people endorsing the draft has been overwhelming and we are going ahead with this constitution.

Then what? Even if they lose the election [which infact they wont because they would have rigged the elections system by then] the land is lost from the landowners/mataqalis, Bainimarama and khaiyum and their cronies are free to enjoy the rest of their lives with the millions they have made since bainimarama commited treason against his own motherland, and removed the democratically elected LQ Govt.

We all will be left wringing our hands...

Anonymous said...

Good article by LQ. However, I am not sure where LQ got the data on Govt Debt increasing from $2b to $4b in the past 6 years. This is not correct. Pls check rBF reviews.

On average growth of 0.6%, this is not true as well. Its double that at 1.2%.

Guess he has quoted Biman who has got his source from USP.

I can say anything about the consitution or land rights as I am not a liar (lol)

Anonymous said...

Fact 1: Qarase is a convicted criminal and he would not be the best person to talk about legal issues.

Fact 2:Qarase talks about the iTaukei land is communal land; yet he willfully sold the Tokatoka Nasau down the river akin to the actions of chiefs in the past selling valuable native land for worthless trinkets.

It is also reprehensible and misleading for Qarase to say the Tokatoka Nasau did not lose any land. They lost great deal more, in terms of high value beach frontage, access to the sea and even some fishing rights and water rights.

Fact 3: Another matter that was, Tokatoka Nasau was not legally able to convert land.

Anonymous said...

Wow the Tui Macuata passed away last Friday on a questionable circumstances? Sudenly another high chief: The vunival of Macuata also keeled over what the hell is going-on? We're begining to think that someone or something...Mana maybe... is killing these chiefs???

Anonymous said...

As they say, "See you in Court mate!" @ 7.57pm. Oh except that its run by your pet poodle CJ.

You must be that NoSapo from FBE eh? Save your silly facts since we already know whose statements should be read with a pinch of salt - yours for starters. Pliz take ur stinky sapo-less ass back to FBE. You & that real jackass should be ashamed of yourselves. Be real men and show your real IDs.

Anonymous said...

Ulukau talking about mana killing chiefs? Go to church stupid bastard! Mana your grandfathers Kulina! Fuck your father and his grandmother in the grave have some respect

Anonymous said...

Can someone answer this?? AG talks about land protection in terms of the rights of a person not to be discriminated against because of his culture. Since we are all Fjians will that right also apply to non natives that they should not be discriminated against as per their rights to land because of their culture...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:00PM- questionable circumstances? He wasn't as fit as the others which is prob why he drowned.

**Off-topic but, Has anybody seen the homeless Fijian lady that sits around town suva & lautoka with the pink(make-up) face? There are rumours that she was murdered a week ago by some organ harvesters.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 7.57pm

With regards to your facts,

Fact 1: LQ is a very honorable man who can subject himself to respect and adhere to the law by following his sentence respectfully even though that the judicial system is corrupt unlike your Bainimarama failed to respect the 2009 rulings and now talking about legality.

Fact 2:The objective of every Prime Minister is to try to maximize the benefit to society even with your own illegal PM. With every project a cost-benefit analysis is always done and with this case all of this costs have been considered and when the benefits outweighs the cost, the green light is given. There is no hidden agenda in this case but to benefit the landowners.

Fact 3: Like LQ has mentioned that the deals involves several steps and in the midst of the deal, the illegal PM conducted the coup, this turned investors away as they find that Fiji is not very conducive to investment leaving landowners alone. Secondly the transfer of land was made in accordance to the provision in the 1997 constitution. Since it is a incomplete deal, it would not be fair to blame anybody but the current administration. SO GO AND SHIT ON YOUR FACTS.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Lai, well said. Without the entrenched provisions and specific recognition of indigenous rights in the constitution, I am said to say that the power that was vested to the I taukei in 1874 is now GONE. Mark my word. The Bill of Rights which Khaiyum is trying to promote will NOT save the alienation of Fijian land to outside interests. The Namosi mining drama is only the beginning and I do feel for the misinformed (conned) landowners whose land are now with the land bank. The sharks are circling!

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 7:57pm

"Qarase is a convicted criminal"

What crap. What about assault, thieft, torture, murder and treason?

Facts 2 & 3 are the same stupid thing. Join the conga-line to Frank's Kangaroo Court.

No morals for Bai's 'Qorvis' then?

Anonymous said...

Thank's Qarase for telling the truth, most people didn't know the truth that this government is full of con man the like of Aiyaz and Bainisolicici. Now they say you cannot be trusted because your a convicted criminal. But the truth there were no justice in the court system. Now they trying to con the Fijian people of there land by telling lies. This government cannot be trusted because its self serving. Its built itself from lies when the net close its net on Frank Bainisolicici for the murder of the C.R.W. his only out of all the murder case is commit treason, because son of coward will always a coward. If he was a man face it like a man.

Anonymous said...

This is the start of Fijian leadership taking control of the land debate and issue. Keep it up.
This dirty regime needs to be stopped, the dirty f@#$%^s

The Oracle said...

It is time the iTaukei are told the truth and that is the protection given to their land and culture in the 1970 and 1997 Constitutions are NOT carried over in the 2013 Draft Constitution. All chiefs who are supporting the draft are doing so in their own self interest and not in the interests of their people. In the case of the Tui Tavua, his public support was merely acknowledgment for his appointment by the Bainimarama government as Chairman of the Ba Provincial Council. The British, in their wisdom, made provision in the 1970 Constitution for a Senate with a fixed number of seats reserved for Great Council of Chiefs appointees. This was to further safeguard iTaukei land and cultural interests because any change to laws relating to iTaukei land and culture had to first be approved by the majority of GCC Senators. The 2013 Draft, by axing the Senate, has now cleared the way for the government of the day to change Fijian land laws, as it would any other legislation, through Parliament. THAT IS THE BARE TRUTH. All the interim government's talk about protection under the Bill of Rights holds no water. The provisions in the 2013 Draft Constitution which require 75 percent parliamentary approval, followed by a required 75percent national referendun approval make it impossible for Itaukei to ensure constitutional entrenchment for the protection of their land and culture. THAT IS THE BARE TRUTH. By abolishing the Great Council of Chiefs, Bainimarama set the agenda for Khaiyum to begin his plan to rob the iTaukei of their land and their heritage. And, in all of this, the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood has been a silent but very active player. Brigadier Aziz and Sayed Khaiyum received huge funding from foreign Muslim sources at the start of the 2006 coup. That helped in their buying Bainimarama's support. Bainimarama repaid that support to Aziz when he ordered a crying Aziz released from police custody the day Aziz and Pita Driti were arrested. Khaiyum has ensured Muslims are apointed to key Government positions and Bainimarama has turned a blind eye to the infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood. He has had to, because Khaiyum's aunty, Nur Bano Ali, is in a very handy position where she controls Bainimarama and the Muslim Brotherhood's personal purse strings. To further ensure his plans to weaken the Itaukei and strengthen the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khaiyum has amended the Constitution Decree even further to ensure only Bainimarama and the President can make changes to the Draft before a media roadshow is organised for the President to publicly display the NEW Constitution. The amended Constitutional Process Decree (21 March 2013)aims to cover Khaiyum's deceit on the people of Fiji, by revoking the Constituent Assembly Decree and any reference in law to that Assembly. Here again, Khaiyum's plan is to scrap any reference to the need for a national referendum to ADOPT the 2013 Draft Constitution, because in reality, the Constituent Assembly would have been a de-facto national referendum. THAT IS THE BARE TRUTH.

Coup 4.5 said...


Democracy In Fiji Takes A Hit
By Nic Maclellan
frank bainimarama
nic maclellan
fiji constitution

Frank Bainimarama's government has scuttled a push for progressive constitutional reform in Fiji - a major setback in the country's return to free and fair elections, writes Nic Maclellan

In 2009, the military-backed government in Fiji led by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama refused to hold promised elections and abrogated the 1997 Fiji Constitution. But last year the Bainimarama regime outlined a roadmap to prepare a new constitution to be adopted by a Constituent Assembly as a precursor to national elections in 2014.

Throughout 2012, a constitution commission led by Professor Yash Ghai held public consultations and received over 7,000 submissions. By year’s end, the Ghai Commission had prepared a new draft constitution to be submitted to a Constituent Assembly for scrutiny in March 2013.

But relations between the Ghai Commission and the Fiji military soured and the roadmap to a new constitution was abandoned by the regime. Police seized hundreds of printed copies of the draft constitution, reportedly ripping up the printing proofs.


Coup 4.5 said...

Lies versus facts on land
by navosavakadua
eg fiji today

The iA-G has accused critics of his Land Use Decree of stirring up emotions on land, but let’s look at some very clear facts about his Decree.

He is lying when he says the Land Use Decree makes landowner approval necessary for leases issued under its powers.

The current Land Use Regulations (not the Decree) require the Minister to get approval from landowners for their land to be put into the Land Bank. But after land is put in the Land Bank, landowners have NO say after ceding their land to the Frank Bank.

The Otago University study of the land laws in Fiji makes this clear:

“Once designated (ie put in the Land Bank) the LOU (Land owning Unit) has no say in how the land is used. The LOU has effectively granted the Director of Lands carte blanche to lease their land. There is no requirement that the LOU consent to a specific lease. There is no duty of consultation, although it might be possible to fashion one out of the mandatory consideration that all leases “take into consideration… the best interest of the land owners”. For reasons that will be discussed later, such a duty would be largely worthless because it is unenforceable. The LOU is also unable to exercise any legal rights to use or occupy the land while designated because it must be “free of all encumbrances”. page 31

Landowners effectively give the land to the Government.

The Otago study says “The LOU regime all but extinguishes the ability of the LOU to legally enforce its rights against the State or sub-lessor. A private law action that purports to “challenge or question” almost any matter under the Land Use Decree (including the decisions of officials, the terms and conditions of a lease, or the cancellation of a lease) must fail because of the extensive privative clause in s 15(1) of the Decree.”

The Otago study concludes this ban on appeals to courts appears to be “ironclad”.

But it is not only landowners whose rights are taken away. Tenants are also at the mercy of the Bainimarama state.

“The consequence is that neither the LOU (landowners) nor the sub-lessees (tenants) have access to the courts to enforce their legal rights in regards to the leases they have entered into under the LOU regime. The State holds all the power in the lease relationships: it has a vast array of powers and can exercise these with impunity because there is no judicial oversight.”

The Otago study concludes that if the courts deny access “the LOU will have, in practical terms, alienated its land as it cannot enforce its rights of reversion. The sub-lessee is effectively in the position of a tenant-at-will because the State could simply elect to terminate because, despite having a registered lease, enforcing it would require questioning the “validity of the cancellation”.254 The rights of the LOU and the sub-lessor are not functionally enforceable property rights in the ordinary sense of the term.

To the landowners who say they have done well under the Land Bank and support it, I say yes, you have received your 30 pieces of silver, but what about everybody else. Do you understand what power over land has been taken by Bainimarama? And in future, if he chooses, he can change the Land Use Regulations and landowner approval will no longer be needed for land to be placed in the Land Bank. A change to Land Use Regulations does not need the approval of Parliament. The Land Use Decree gives the Minister the power to make new laws without the approval of Parliament.

Bainimarama has been careful not to use all the powers he has taken because he doesn’t want landowners (or tenants) to find out how much power he has over their land.

Part of the new system is payment of “Premiums” when leases are signed. So far Bainimarama has paid these to the landowners, but he is not required to do this.

The Otago study says: “The State is not obliged to pass on the “premium” which the sub-lessee is required to pay up-front before the lease is granted but appears to have done so in practice.”


Coup 4.5 said...

part two:

So for the time being Bainimarama is passing on premiums for 99 years leases, but he is not required to do this by law. This is the law and there is a clear plan behind it – to build power for Bainimarama to entrench himself in government.

The facts about this are easy to check. The 2012 study by Matthew Dodd for the Faculty of Law at University of Otago can be accessed via the link below.


The study looks at the whole issue of reforming land laws in Fiji. It is critical of the old NLTB system under previous governments, but it is equally very clear that the Land Use Decree gives Bainimarama the power to take native land on whatever terms he likes. The fact that he’s used this power very carefully up to now shows only that he is stealthy. His only aim is to entrench his dictatorship.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 10.51.. Let's put a stop to that rumour. When the rumour first circulated, the lady in question was sitting at the supermarket in Lautoka, directly across the road from MH Hypermarket. I saw her with my own eyes and remeber this because I was surprised to see her in Lautoka. The human organs trade is not as simple as a needle being injected into a person. There needs to be professional methods of preservation, determination of organ suitability and efficent transportation to the destination for replant. So please, can we stop th wild and obviously uneducated rumours?

Anonymous said...

I see a situation heading towards nothing but disaster.Our society is well aware of our current situation now the so call draft constitution and Frankie unable to put a simple question while on air.Now people advocating democracy, applauding LQ of his recent public statements. I believe we are running around circles even the churches didn't realized that its simple we just have to allow GOD to lead us that is all....very simple rather than reading and listening to wrangling opinions and views ....GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes 2013 Constitution, no to 1997. Time to move on. Have elections, talk later. Too much tlak, no action. Too much drinking of home brew under the mango tree by jobless chiefs. Time for some action via elections. All you chiefs, you think you got supprot, stand in the upcoming election as indepedent and lets see how much support you got. Same goes to Rajendra Poffta Chaudhry.

תרגום אמת said...

self claimed pm and ag didn't realized that they are duplicating trends. The support shown by the vanuas it was a stand similar to the rabuka government its the same allover. What happen it died a slow death it happened to the Romans too. They conquered most region become powerful their stomach and pride failed them...is just exactly what is happening now to self claimed pm and ag I use small cases because they aren't legitimate...God Bless us all...

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Master Viliame Kanatabua of Naitasiri for telling Kaiyum straight in Vunidawa last night on Fiji TV that Naitasiri does not agree with the BK Constitution. The sad is that kai Naitasiri and treasonist Capt Natuva was sitting there shell shocked as Naitasiri people told Kaiyum "Your government and your constitution etc etc" ,,,,making it clear that it is not the govt of the Naitasiri people.
Vinaka Vakalevu Master Kanatabua and all the Naitasiri Tikina Reps who stood up to kaiyum yesterday unlike Franks cousin Tui Tavua the fool following like the blind the Boci!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes 2013 Constitution, no to 1997. Time to move on. Have elections, talk later. Too much tlak, no action. Too much drinking of home brew under the mango tree by jobless chiefs. Time for some action via elections. All you chiefs, you think you got supprot, stand in the upcoming election as indepedent and lets see how much support you got. Same goes to Rajendra Chaudhry.

Anonymous said...


Taukei Bolatagane said...

Komai Nausori another IG polisher kicked the bucket.Remember Taina Tagicakibaus connection to Bainimarama...yeah right onto this family.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Toothless tigers, they r shaking now, Kaiyum is out of answers, and his boss Bai can't answer any questions. Go on guys, keep them on their toes, they are out of touch and there is no favor in them., they have no restpect, and deserve no honor, attack them guys, and thank you Mr Qarase for coming out with the truth.

Translate your findings in the iTaukei language and to be distributed around villages around the country. God bless

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is trying to justify his support for the coup d'etat and Frank Bainimarama in order to avoid along prison sentence.
This exercise of combing the Country is simply the cries of a desperate man as the Regime is in its final death throws!

Anonymous said...

@ The Oracle 9:20 AM

If only there were more like you.

For so long we have heard this topic discussed, argued, attempted to be sold, twisted and debated.

If only those in a position to be heard could explain things so clearly.

Anonymous said...

I for one Itaukei (need to get used to it)cannot fathom why some of us itaukei are following Bainimarama around knowing his going to sink the country while your children and grand children will blame you for following blindly. Me da yalomatua mada ka kua na muri wale nai Taukei kua mada ni nanuma na ketemu, nanumi ira noda kawa mai muri

Anonymous said...

"Qarase is a convicted criminal," is a not a true statement because he was "convicted" by an illegal kangaroo court.

When Bainimarama and Khaiyum will be convicted by a true and legal court, the same court that ruled that Bainimarama acted illegally in deposing the last elected government, they will be legally, justly and fairly be convicted and sent to prison for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

The other races know that they are well off and established and that fijians were catching up fast on them. So they brought in the data base and all sorts of restrictions that restricts a fijian from going into business and policies that will suit them only. Look at the contracts been dished out to muslims, muslims and muslims. We are not blind and fools not to understand. For a fijian to do business its impossible. They have even gotten to the extent of influencing our turaga ni koro as to how and what to do.

Anonymous said...

"Qarase is a convicted criminal."

Isn't that the same thing the Sanhedrin must have said of Christ when they first tried to discredit reports of the Resurrection?

It's not so much that I'm comparing Qarase to Christ as that I'm comparing his critics to the Sadducees.

Anonymous said...

Reading about the Land at Momi Bay, what the AG said was true, about the former SDL Regime that they exchanged Native Lease land with Freehold Land, Where is the MANAGEMENT of MATAPO? Where are our FNPF money of $30 Million which was written off? Where are those NZ partners who swindled our MONEY. So what ever happens, FNPF should not deal with Native Land because it is a touchy issue

Time for Action said...

wy u kaiviti has slept on this for so long??
Read for yourself and don't just follow blindly.
Now you've woken up time to take up a bit of action. otherwise all this hotair will be just that.
gone with the wind and the muslim kaiindia will be just laughing again.

Anonymous said...

how come every Fiji Muslim and his dog in Sydney is supporting "Liar Khaiyum"?
They seem a bit like the Melanesian mob .never mind the rights and wrongs we are wantok so we need to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu to you Navosavakadua sa qai matata vinaka sara ya.kena levu ga mai kena vinaka.
Vinaka c4.5.


Anonymous said...

anon 12.40pm ur a blind bat sitting in your own excrement.....

Anonymous said...

@ 2.58p.m Anonymous

Dina kemuni... ia sa qai vo ga for the i-taukei to stop trying to pull a fast one over their own and unjustly enriching themselves and their own family/mataqali on the sly...

theft, butako,
keeping up with the Jones, kocokoco,
matavaka-i-yau (esp. when you don't earn it on merit but still crave the silver-spoon lifestyle).

STOP IT AT ONCE! Or we're doomed to repeat the vicious cycle of coups.

Take a leaf from the late Rt Sir Lala Sukuna who died without any asset to his name but left a rich, lasting legacy for the i-taukei that is the envy of all indigenous populations around the globe.

No decree can ever change i-taukei ownership to Fiji's natural resources although they can effectively take control away as we're currently witnessing with the illegal regime.

ghekko said...

Mr Qarase, the last elected prime minister makes a profound observation of the lies by commodore bainimarama and aiyaz by way of the constitutional framework 'safety-catch' mechanism that protect indigenous land. clearly, the 'sleeves' that acted to safeguard indigenous land tenure is now disabled by commodore bainimarama and aiyaz within their constitution.
it is most disconcerting that commodore bainimarama and aiyaz continue to claim otherwise, without knowing the whiff of foul stench emanating from their mouths.
this is the very reason indigenous fijians must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their land, heritage, race and identity. at the same time extend respect and forthrightness to other races.
the 1997 constitution must be the basis of our moving forward as a nation and we must not shirk nor slacken our resolve from this responsibility. we must not be deterred nor be discouraged. we must stand our ground and move against the tide of tyranny and dictatorship.
one person cannot do it, but many persons can make the difference.

watch for the sign.

Anonymous said...

hey if the fijians want to trade their lands that is there own decision within the rules

can't dictate terms to owners whether govt or not

if fnpf lost big money that is there problem as the owners are the super scheme owners if they end up up nothing it is there own problem not govts fault

however if govt steps in and fixes problems when the owners will lose big time- why blame them?

Anonymous said...

How come every hindu in sydney and Fiji who once supported FLP and MPC are now saying FU to the same person that they thought was God to them.

Anonymous said...

Why is LQ blaming ASK and not the fijian dominated army that did the coup? Why is he not blaming his own that gave testimony against him before the court? Why is he not saying anything against the large number of fijians who support the IG, some of whom are prominent fijians and SDL ministers and members.

LQ you have played the race card before. Your statements before the 2000 coup against MPC was full of racial hatred that gave rise to the coup.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mr Qarase you are the legal PM you were MAN enough to face a corrupt and treasonous court on trumped up charges and endure the humiliation of prison remember this you are not forgotten and we the grassroots suffer with you and victory is yours. For you Bainimarama why are you not man enough to face a legal court to answer to TREASON,MURDER AND THEFT rather than try and fool the people of Fiji to give you immunity what a coward you are.

Anonymous said...

I just checked that SDL had bigger govt deficits during his term from 2000-2006 than the IG.

Also debt to GDP ratio was higher then compared to now.

Don't believe it check RBF website.

Anonymous said...

How pleasant that we have the legitimate PM making such simple but realistic and serious observations. Sir Lai is a small Ratu and of Jewish decent. He stands far above the current mob!

Aiyaz is simply a compulsive blatant liar! He has hoodwinked Bai to believe in him. It is too obvious that there is a clique and a closet and lots of skeletons. The closet is shared by Kai and Bhai! They know too much about each other so they continue their devastating and destructive path of destroying every Fijian identity.

It is shameful that the iTaukei's stand and watch. It is shameful too see the iTaukei guard Kai and allow him to wipe out their existence!

Bai this is a suttle message to you; we Fijians are very forgiving, we accept the traditional matanigasau we will allow our internal healing and all Fijians will consolidate. You have a small window to regain and rehabilitate yourself. You need to acknowledge that Kaiyum is dragging all of us including you down to doldrums. Have him arrested and investigated. You will see the rejoice not only from the enemy camp but from your own camp!!

What we are facing today is temporary, you will face permanent isolation and family will be treated like leppers!! Bai you are good at heart you have been brainwashed by Kaiyum, Chaudhary, Shameem sisters, Aziz, Bano, and those that surround you! Take a little time to understand what is brewing around you, what is the Fijians going through, what is the country going through.

Once you fathom these you will know that what is happening is sad, criminal, unChristian, unethical and immoral. Muslims are taking over under your nose and you are being used. One day they will dump you and by then it will be too late!!

Act now Bai, save us from isolation, poverty, identity crisis, plus other calamities.

We will continue praying for sanity. God bless Fiji, Qarase and family, Bai and family and our beautiful islands.

Hell and devils wait for you Kaiyum and your associates!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone once said that he gave a big bundle To LQ as bribe when he was heading Merchant Finance (bank). This businessman said that he was not sure if what he gave was enough to get his loan approved.

Ballu Khan gave him a lot of perks and to some of his cronies. That's why he got the NLTB contract.

Bobby said...

Anon @ 9:31 pm

Good post from you. LQ was booted out by itaukeis. Why does this man show so much venom towards Fijians of Indian origin?? To get political support from the racist elements in Fijian society?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha finally I see someone banging our former state minister. Hahahaha I understand I former FRU chairman spat on his face. I wish I could do the same. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

@anon May 2, 2013 at 9:35 PM...says..Sir Lai is a small Ratu and of Jewish decent. He stands far above the current mob. So what if he is of Jewish descent...does that make him super human? He constantly used the race card while in Govt to get ahead and abused the system for personal gain. For which he was rightly punished. You mean Jews don't do these things? Go wash yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sir Lai could even be related to the Queen of England and I still wouldn't vote for him.

However, I wholeheartedly support his right to defend himself and his ousted govt AND his entitlement to a fair trial before an independent, impartial court, not before the clowns whose allegiance is to the rule of gun and not the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Yawn! We keep hearing these stories but do not see any action.

Deepak Chauhan said...

Lai is the real PM!!

Anonymous said...

i agrees with anon 11.58 pm,radiolucas,nic maccellan.

Anonymous said...

@11.36pm... You forget that race card was invented by the Indians when NFP was born and further accelerated when MPC came to politics!!! We Fijians are loving and caring people and we may be pro Fijians but definitely not anti any other race as is evident by the Muslims and Indians hate comments against iTaukeis!!! Sir Lai will be remembered for his strong peaceful presence, but time will definitely tell what the current mob will be eventually remembered as!!!!

Anonymous said...

USP celebrates Press Freedom. Good. Let us use press freedom to expose the USP Vice Chancellor as a regime crony.
The regime is no friend of press freedom and the VC is a friend - a good friend - of the dictatorial regime!
Shame on the USP to have such a shit VC!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has realised he has been hoodwinked by his buddy Khaiyum....Khaiyum thought he could slip past the itaukei with his bullshit about their land being protected. At the end of the day he is Indian...and he wants what they have always wanted...the land. Itaukei Fijians, Rotumans and Banabans be alert!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 10.29am

Wrong buddy. You need to blame your own rather than ASK.

USP standard low said...

To Anonymous 10:01am:

media cant expose regime crony like Vice Chancellor USP Rajesh Chandra, only C.4.5 can. USP employ regime supporter and academic fraud Dr Rohit Kishore by back door. His friend Biman Prasad the Dean did not advertise post.

Some body on c4.5 say Biman appoint Labasa people only which true. Rohit Kishore is failed academic in Australia but appointed in USP because of cronyism by Biman.

Rohit Kishore sacked after he commit academic fraud at USP. This kind of people Biman recruit.
Under Rajesh chandra USP standard very low because employ academic cheat as long as they support bainimarama who give usp money.

Thank you c4.5 for doing your media job.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Thank you C4.5 for doing what a truly independent media is meant to do- expose the rot and the rotten people.
USP VC is one such rotter!

Anonymous said...

Education in Fiji has a slant and biased. Fiji and its citizen are well represented when we used to be under foreign external exams. This is true when the medical school and all colleges were under external examination authority. ( city and guilds and NSW apprentice schemme NZ cert and NZ UE etc senior cambridge)What is happening now at the USP is the revelation of what has been planted years ago by some who have depressive attitude towards others and it is becoming obvious as days gone by. Land is an asset used to lure people to gain support politically. What Aiarse is doing now with Voreqe is no different from the past practices but the only difference is they have the guns to shut other from commenting publically.

Anonymous said...

There is so much hate on this blog that Satan would be ashamed...! Run by the minority and supported by an even "bigger minority"...doh!!

Barking against a wall will not bring it down, idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say that at 74, LQ should head to his village and enjoy the rest of his life. He can't stand for elections and him being in politics would not take him far. SDL should appoint a new young leader and not Dr Baba as he has lost all credibility by moving from one party to another.

Anonymous said...

anon @543 u sound so stupid...and to u anon @955 at 74 LQ is still smartest and humble person...Bai and Khayum they are younger yet stupid fools written all over their face....

BC said...

Kemuni na sotia kaiViti, sa kena gauna qo moni vanai rau kina na tamata kocokoco rau sa mai via butakoca tiko na qele vakaitaukei.

O ya o Aiyaz vatakei Bainimarama.
O rau na boci qo rau na vakaleqai keda na i taukei. Sa kena gauna qo me rau vaka kawabokotaki kina.

Ni kakua ni mai coko tiko ena nodrau vesumona.

Ni sa wilika tiko na ka sa mai tukuna tiko o qase, Qarase. Ni qele vakaitaukei e a lima tu na "guard" se "perimeter" e a taqomaka tu.
O ya na Fijian Affairs Act; Native Lands Trust Act, Agriculture Landlord and TenantAct; Rotuma Lands Act etc
O rau na vutulaki qo rau sa mai kaliraka taucoko na Lawa qo ka rau mai biuta tu e dua na decree macawa.

Na decree qo e na vakavuna na kena vaqeavutaki kina vakarawarawa na qele vakaitaukei.

Qo nai lawaki nei koya na vutusona ya o Kaiyum. Sa mai coko tu kina o Bainivuaka ka mai vosa tiko yani vaka na koki. Ka ga tukuna tiko mai o Khayum , mai vakamuria sara tiko o koki.
NA TAMATA ULULALA O BAINIMARAMA...nona i vosavosa e sa mai vakamuri Kaiyum tiko ga me vaka e dua na koki.

Qo ni sa mai coko tu baleta ni mai lawaki taki kemuni o Bainimarama , qai ni sa rui tamata kocokoco tale ga na sotia.
Ni sa mai guilecavi ira na kawa i taukei ni mataka.


Anonymous said...

Tokoni kemuni BC...Ka dina taucoko koya gona ya sa tauyavu kina na land bank qo me rau sa compete vata na nltb ia...ena yaco na gauna ena boko na nltb, rau tamata tawa cili qo sa vaka tu na matavuvale vaka tui, sa muslim yarayara ga ena vi tabana vaka matanitu kei na so na tabana lalai vaka kina na sotia, sa sega na loloma tubu tikoga kedratou i sau vakasukai tikoga i vale na tamata cakacaka.......GB FIJI

the ruling minority said...

Airyass knows that LQ and himself have solicitor general legal advice that land swap under the State Lands Act was permitted by law. He has been challenged to produce legal advice to support what he says but so far has not done so. Like I said, its because his files have legal advice to the contrary.
the illegality he is talking now is all lies. Its just political propaganda to fool the Fijians into thinking that he and frank are giving more protection to Fijian land ownership than ever before.
He gets away with all this bullshit because Fiji people are so naïve and ignorant and the other half don't want to inform the people so they can take advantage of their ignorance.
this country will never go very far because there is so much dishonesty and disrespect in a growing minority.
The truth is now coming out,..slowly like Fiji time.

אמת said...

This was one reason the coup was staged the so called smooth transition to protect the idiots at the upper echelon of society.The qoliqoli bill was a threat to these idiots. Lets consider the Maoris and aborigines they received high dues whereas for us just mere peanuts. I support the move on qoliqoli bill and the introduction of the deed of sovereignty. Where a landowner's perimeters begins from the sea bad and above .... we deserve a fair share of the pie because gave us this land to live in and survive in it...these idiots needs to tow the line or next exit back to their originality....GB FIJI

Anonymous said...

Was Qarase a Legal or illegal PM?

BC said...

@anonymous 7:01
Is your father really your father?
Ask your mother.
Does your mother lie sometimes?
Hmmmmm the plot thickens.

Anonymous said...

Qarase was originally an illegal PM. He should have given govt back to Labour after the Shiu Raj court case. But he had other plans "BUTAKO" Agri Scam, Fijian Holding $20m, overseas bonds with commission for himself(that is why debt is $4bn)

BC said...

@Anonymous 1:49
You and the Regime with all the power available to you in the last 6 years still cant put Qarase in jail.
You know why

Its because you are all farking liars.

If you have something against him then take him to court for farks sake.
Dont come here and show your stupidity.

BC said...

@Anonymous 1:49

Just as Qarase was willing to face court, How about Bainimarama and Khaiyum agree we take them to court along with Nur Bano?

Do you think he'd be willling , you arsehole?

BC said...

Why are bainimarama and Khaiyum asking for IMMUNITY?
Did Qarase ask for Immunity?

Answer the question farkhead!

אמת said...

Thanks BC for correcting some hooch-es who are merely blinded by the so called handing out regime who are more corrupted in the history of governance in Fiji...they are bunch of scared mongrels picking out possible threats and throwing them in prison. Are they man enough to face the full brunt of law? Are they honest enough to come out clean before the elections?Are they brave enough to stand critics and public outburst or are they just creating degrees to shut us out...these bunch of sissy's one of the saddest moment in Fiji where all spectrum of governance has been raped and the rule of law is indecently defile to at its lowest....GOD PLEASE HELP FIJI.....

Anonymous said...


I think you should go ask your mum who your real father is? I am sure she is not confused like you.

You will continue to blame ASK but not point a finger to the other fijians supporting FB and the Govt. Thank god racist bastards like u are busy cleaning others shit

Deepak Chauhan said...

Well said BC.

Truth hurts!

Anonymous said...

@ 2:57 BC
I am not in govt, but I know that LQ has Jewish blood, because I am related to him, have you seen his father????
But he is also a crook, butabutako. He is smart because he is numbers man, manipulating people.

Anonymous said...


I am sure you r using a psuedo name. The bottom line my friend is that one set of politicans want to replace another. LQ has been convicted and jailed. That's official. Secondly, he can't stand for elections. Thirdly, go and read all his statements just prior to the 2000 coup. If u think he is not anti indian, then you are as I said above just using deepak as a name

Deepak Chauhan said...

Qarase isn't anti Indian. Indians are anti Qarase coz he was championing taukei course. I'm Indian and I vouch for this. I love my taukei brothers in army I send them gifts on regularly. They chalao my sona and my wife when we visit them in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha deepak... You love army and they chaloa your sona and wife tells me a lot about your true self. You are an ass.