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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The world according to Rabuka

1987 coup anniversary: Advice to political parties and the country's self-appointed PM.

He isn't really anyone these days but still gets his 15 minutes of fame every year about this time.

Sitiveni Rabuka, the soldier who brought coups to the Pacific 26 years ago, is now 65 and doling out advice like a friendly grandfather.

In a recent interview with the Fiji Sun, he urged the last surviving three parties, FLP, SODELPA and NFP, to play by the rules 'if you want to be in the race, even if the political climate is unfavourable.'
He said: “It’s better for everyone to enter the race and make changes from within. You can’t make changes from outside.”

Rabuka had advice for Frank Bainimarama, too. He tells him to listen out for the truth and for people who liumuri him.

“... a lot of the truth are being said in silence. When people are silent it doesn’t mean that they approve and it doesn’t mean they disapprove. If they don’t tell you they disapprove, it doesn’t mean that they approve. It could be just cultural courtesy, which is the culture of deceit.”

In the same interview he also dismisses the Fiji Labour Party saying it has deviated from representing workers and lacks credible leadership. "We’ve seen how Mr Chaudhry worked in his government and the people of Fiji should be told, do you want to go back to that environment, do you want such a leader again?”

He was kinder to NFP saying while it has lost every seat in Parliament, it had produced some good leaders:  Saddiq Koya, Jai Ram Reddy, Harish Sharma – "good people, steady leaders who had personal ability of inspiring confidence in people by their own lives." He's not so sure about the current leadership.

Of the former SDL party, which is now calling itself SODELPA, he says it has a big job on its hands trying to embrace the ideals of socialism, liberalism and democratic principles and doesn't rate some of its leaders, especially Dr Tupeni Baba. 

He has high regard for the Rewa chief Ro Teimumu Kepa but says she will be brought down for associating with Tupeni Baba and Laisenia Qarase.


Coup 4.5 said...

In a media conference in Canberra an Australian political leader the Independent PM Tony Windsor said this is what I am saying but I could be wrong. I have been wrong before (ABC 24 News 14/5).
By contrast the political leaders in Fiji especially the current mob always get everything right. And everyone is expected to accept that without question.
That is the difference in politics between a mature mind and shit heads.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend naidu,

Nice quote about tatti. You were calling tatti fella your ownself recently.

By the way, we don't know how to read. Thanks for your copy paste of what you read elsewhere.

I would vote for you if you stand in GE14 (general election 2014)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Ro temumu kepa was caught red handed having an affair with the husband of a famous personality?

If that's true than I think she need to be replaced as the president of SDL.

Anonymous said...

Help on way for Rewa
May 13, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


More help is in store for the Rewa Province following the appointment of Uraia Waibuta as chairman of the Rewa Provincial Council.
He is appointed by Government – a break from past practices of chiefs or council appointees to the post.
The province’s paramount chief Ro Teimumu Kepa, was recently the chair of the council until Mr Waibuta’s appointment.
This was done by Government because of provincial developments funded by Government.
Commissioner Central Lieutenant-Colonel Laisenia Tuitubou said more developments would be opened to the province.
“Bose ni Tikina in the province had started last week. They will take about two weeks. The secretariat for the province is the Rewa Provincial Council. They will present the tikina meetings report to us. Following the tikina meetings will be the Rewa Provincial Council meeting which should take place soon,” Lieutenant-Colonel Tuitubou said.
“The current arrangement is good because of the channel of communication and developments. Even before the change in chair, there had been a lot of developments taking place. The change would see more developments which will benefit the people and help in the improvement of their livelihood.
“One of the major projects for the province will be the re-dredging of the Rewa River. We noticed that after the earlier dredging, there had not been extensive damage caused by recent floods. Rewa River will be re-dredged after work had been completed at the Ba River.”
An ongoing project in the province is the improvement of the Toga Irish Crossing, which is always under water during heavy rain.

Anonymous said...

I read Marc Edge's post on fijitoday blog. He was taking Grumsheet head on.

As a journalism student at USP, I find it odd that a professor of his esteem has taken such an attitude and has gone to such length to put others down.

What most people don't know is the same Marc Edge looked down on itaukei students, was always making lewed comments to the extend of making us look inferior to his white skin.

For him getting personal against the regime on a blog site tells a lot about this man. Personally, we are all glad he has left for he has no respect for people in third world countries.


Anonymous said...

this bull shit dredging is the biggest rip off in fiji

they are not pulling and sand or slit only drinking grog and pulling each others cocks

Anonymous said...

Rabuka has some views to be considered together with some fresh ones. Let the consumer choose what they want to digest and I tell you Rabuka will rot with his views because he is guilty of his action in 1987. What he has started in his own version of lies is now being multiplied by this regime but in a more systematic and destructive way.
My advice to you Rabuka is to keep your mouth shut and get out of the way.

Moses Cakobau said...

Rabuka has no right to point a finger to others, he is not clean.

It was Dr. Tupeni Baba, from the FLP whom he removed forcefully for Prime Ministership, and then Labour's MPC who was held at gunpoint by Speight.

No answer me only one question:
What were the people like you and the people behind you so afraid of FLP being leading the country that they had to be removed forcefully from power, which they won by the will of the people?

The companies/corporations were worried that if LAbour is in power, they will have to comply with the rules and regulations and safety of the workers either in civil or private sectors...they were all behind the curtains then, in 2000, and right now with this illegal regime...

Rambo said...

Rabuka, you belong to the museum. You brought us nothing but more misery & pain, so funny of you to blame Mara & every body else except you for the suffering we have to live with 26 years after that fateful day.

Anonymous said...

Vosa Tu mai o Rabaku....Tamata lialia. Kua ni via veivakavulici luveni tamata voli...Sona levy.

LUVfiji said...

I would rather remember May 14 than Dec 6

Anonymous said...

Rabuka we gave you our trust but you had your brains in your pants. We're fed up of lying halfwit officers like you and frank. Get lost!

BC said...

It's interesting that Rabuka is asking the parties to accept what Bainisona is dishing out.
Just give-in to farking bullies?

So if someone rapes your sister you just accept it?
If someone rapes the country you just accept it?
If they say "Dont ask about your land; We know what is good for you", and you just accept it?

This is what Rabuka is wanting us to do.


I hope he is not preaching COMPROMISE in his church service.

May be Rabuka's life and mind is so farked up now because of the so many "compromises" he made.





Just as you soldiers beat up those criminals on video, Let me tell you Bainisona and Aiyashole have done much worse, so please go and capture these two criminals.


Rairai sa dina beka ga na ka sa tukuni tiko. Sa levu tiko ga na veivutusona kei na lamusona.

Anonymous said...

To the minister for health,PM and AG and Rabuka.

Last week a female cleaner was asked to help in delivering a baby at Labour Ward[CWMH],our mothers sometimes gave birth on the floor.This due to lack of Mid-wife's and congested rooms,filled up beds!!! The allocated staff per shift in labour ward is pathetic!!There should be more mid-wife's roostered in a single shift the current is taking its toll on the current staff due to increase population 15 years ago but still neglected and not taken to account as this directly increase new birth,the staffing based their logic on last 20 years data staff/patient ratio.Another mum gave birth inside the toilet,all due to lack of staff together with poor human resource management in this particular ward.Remember at Labour ward a staff is responsible for a mother and child and just image in a shift when you have only 3or4 staffs.they cater internally,direct from home,Nausori,wainibokasi etc.When beds are fully occupied what you people think our mothers gone go thru if she is asked by a staff to give birth on the floor...!!Minister for health stop the publicity on the media and tell PM the right thing...stop cheating.This a new addition to a family a new visitor and its our own forget about visitor arrival in Nadi,focus here in our labour ward,give a facelift on this ward ,increase staffing ratio or at least provide more beds.The only ward in CWMH which is fully occupied 24/7 year in year out.PM go direct to labour ward and check this out in in their record.Minister sleeping in his job take him out PM he is lying to you all this time.I feel sorry for the mum who lost her new born this week due to this pathetic situation!!

Anonymous said...

why blaming Rabuka always, yes I agree coup was his Precedent , but now we could set another precedent, just capture and execute baini/arsy/gates and Nazat Shameem, I bet no one in Fiji will ever decide to take this action. This should be the card on the table for next government..Execution id the answer, people of Fiji are lamu sonas, you do once that's end.

Anonymous said...

Coup will never stop in fiji because immunity given every time...

Anonymous said...

Its Fiji’s loss if Fiji does not want new Aust High Commissioner-Aust
Publish date/time: 14/05/2013 [17:07]

The Fijian government is yet to decide on the nomination for the Australian High Commissioner by the Australian government.

However Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith-Johns said the government will not make any comments on the issue at this stage.

This follows comments by Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr that Fiji is “diminished” by its refusal to accept Australia's new High Commissioner.

Australia and Fiji agreed last year to exchange high commissioners.

Senator Carr subsequently appointed career diplomat Margaret Twomey to the role and hoped she would begin in February.

But according to the Courier Mail the process stalled as Fiji refused to approve Twomey's visa.

Six months after Senator Carr announced Twomey's appointment, she is still waiting in Canberra for her posting to begin.

It was earlier stated by the Fijian government that Twomey was nominated by the Australian government and the final decision is yet to be made by Fiji on whether the nomination will be accepted.

Senator Carr now said that if Fiji does not want to receive an Australian high commissioner, that's their loss.

The last Australian High Commissioner, James Batley was asked to leave in 2009, after he was accused of meddling in local politics.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

The Oracle said...

It's unwise to rule Rabuka out.Coup makers are like thieves.. they enjoy the thrill and power they think they hold over others. Frank dislikes Rabuka because he feels Rabuka was behind the 2000 military uprising. If he felt otherwise, he'd be inviting Rabuka to join his proposed political party. Birds of a feather tend to flock together.
@Anon 8.25 .. you're just jealous. Ro Teimumu is a free woman. A Widow who can choose who she wants to have an affair with. Sadly, for your persionality friend, it appeared her partner was more atracted by Ro Teimum's beauty and chiefly demeanour. Whether we like it or not, in today's society, nobody really gives a damn about who's screwing who? And, what's sex got to do with politics? Politics is a game of screwing your opponents anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Satanist with zero morality .....

Anonymous said...

Sa levu vakaca na sotia e ke.

Vakacava mo ni lako ga ki na nomuni blog? Laivi keimami ga na coqa tiko na matanitu qo me keimami veitalanoa yalo vinaka. Mai vaka velavela taka na neimami tiko. Ni gole laivi kerekere. Ni sega ni gadrevi e ke.

Yalo vinaka sara!

Anonymous said...

I think Rambo got it all wrong. Very ironic of Rambo of talking about the truth. We would love to know the truth about his own coup in 1987. Why was it done and who were behind it??? If its you alone then you take full blame and punishment for this most evil deed as it has perpetuated since 1987. And then Rambo advised us to make changes from within. Why when he himself made changes from without when he forced changes in government in 1987. So I guess it would be best served if he kept quiet and not make a fool of himself.

Anonymous said...

The Oracle makes good sense - never say never about returning to the scene of the crime.

Anonymous said...

And regarding the Kepa claims, get over it! That yarn keeps coming up every time there is a story on her.

Just thinking said...

Is it possible Rambo will take Bainimarama on - if anyone can he can...the oriignal coupmeister dealing to the current thug.

But how would it happen? He would need the army behind him.

Anonymous said...

It's thanks to Rabuka that we are in the situation we are now - people living in fear and meetings like the one tonight by the United Coalition for a Democractic Fiji under threat by the police if they mention anything about land!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.23PM (14/5) the anon journalism student of USP who attacks the former head of USP journalism faculty Marc Edge gives good proof of the pathetic journalism we can expect when the student becomes a reporter. why is he anon?

mark manning said...

@ Oracle
You'd have to wonder if Frank is paying Rabuka to say something that would favour the Regime or if in deed, rabuka has had a hand in the 2006 coup d'etat from the beginning. a thought I aired a few years ago. Rabuka's continual and persistent attempt to be heard, to have a say, suggests to me that he is more than a bystander!
In regards to everyone that Rabuka is rubbishing, at least they were Elected by the people and not just placed there by the military.
The difference and it is significant, is that they were answerable for their actions or inaction's and could be Legally removed.
The current Regime is a Law unto itself and without bloodshed, can't be removed and is answerable to no one!
Rabuka's trouble is that he remains, like Frank and aiyaz, "narcissistic" and needs attention, or is he more involved than any of us actually know?
As for people having affairs, gossip is for the inept and small minded.

Oracle, I have to correct you! I'm sorry, it's not (who's screwing who) but (who's screwing whom)!
"Whether we like it or not, in today's society, nobody really gives a damn about who's screwing who?

Anonymous said...

Well,well, suddenly we don't hear
anything from Col. Mosese Tikoitoga or General Aziz?
Have they been removed? Who has the sonalevu PM,
put up as their replacements?
Where has the Buck-private made colonel, Leweni vutusona,
has been moved to,if i might ask? Question is-are they
still alive? If they are,
why haven't we seen these two pricks,
anywhere in Suva?
Someone was saying the other day,that the two
vutusona were sick and were in the
Is that right? How sick were they? Were they purposely poisoned?
Hey Mo, if you're reading
this and you want to live a wee bit
longer, shoot that bastard Voreqe,
than Gate & Khaiyum?
do it in this
order and do it NOW?
Shoot these bastards,and the Fijians will rally
around you? You will be an Hero and
all Indo Fijian will pray to you?All the Indo young pussies will be
open without restriction? So go ahead and don't miss with your shot
execute these bastards for the betterment of our country?
You don't do this, you can kiss your ass goodbye?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka & Voreqe are very similar in leadership style-military training. May be good to run as
member of our parliament and could
possibly contributes to our country
from that angle but as Prime Minister-i don't think so?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07, Bainimarama for Parliament? Are you nuts?
Treason doesn't qualify anyone for anything except death by hanging. The only thing he should run for is his life, again through the cassava patch -- give him a three second head start.

Moses Cakobau said...

Oracel; Mark Manning and others

I got reasons to believe Rabuka will be running for the polls in Bainimarama's party

For starters, i dont really think SDL/SODELPA or FLP will take him in, as both have suffered the ugliness of the coupe; not sure if NFP will take him in, as they would want to lose out on the support of the people's support of whatever they have left for taking in a coup maker because of whom they are still suffering 26 years later, though almost all business people support NFP...

Moses Cakobau

Anonymous said...

Oracle and Mark manning

If its ok with you that someone who has an adulterous affairs is fit to lead the country, that's your freedom of choice. For me, coup plotters as well as people who have no moral ethics are all in the same boat as their mantra is what's in it for me, how can I make a quick buck or how can I have Quickie

The Oracle said...

@ Mark Manning.... Thanks for the English lesson. How do you pluralise "whom", when that someone might be screwing more than just one "whom"? In the final analysis, gossip is for the small-minded/inept - as you said.
@Moses: Don't count the Labour Party out. They've compromised their ideals more than once. So, if Rabuka can bring the numbers to the Party, Why Not!!! Remember the saying - Politics makes for strange bedfellows?

The Oracle said...

@Anon 1.38pm ... Those without sin, cast the first stone!!!!

The Oracle said...

@Anon 9.39am .. Only those with a craving for "sona" keep referring to it. Make an appointment at St. Giles where the psychiatrist will tell you you need to come out of your closet.
Kevaka e sega ni dua na ka vinaka ko rawa ni vola se tukuna, sogota na gusumu. Baleta ni vei gauna ko dolova, e na lou rai na duka ni lomamu. E tu ko ira na dou soli sona. E tu talega ko ira na dou vei vutu sona!!!Ko tu i vei????

Academic freedom at USP under salulu VC Rajesh Chandra said...

SUVA (Radio NZ International): A former University of the South Pacific professor says he was stopped from addressing journalism students on World Press Freedom Day earlier this month.
A former economics professor, Dr Wadan Narsey says he was invited to speak to students and had accepted.
He says the invitation was then rescinded, and he was told that USP management instructed the school of journalism to remove him from the programme.
There were no reasons given, there was nothing even in writing. One day there was a programme on the students' website, and the next day the programme was off. The real programme is that the occasion was very important, in the sense that it's to celebrate world press freedom day and you'll notice that none of the media in Fiji have reported this incident where the university interfered with a programme.
Dr Narsey says he was planning to talk about censorship and media ownership in Fiji.
The USP Vice Chancellor has been unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Dr Narsey
why make a hue and cry over nothing.....
if u not allowes into usp,,,,why keep it boiling in your heart?
forget it and move on.....who gives a rats arse anyway ???
lets stop this cry babying over small issues and work hard at assassination.....

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.46
If you want to look at your mother in that way than it is appropriate for you
Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Narcissist said...

Professor Narsey is a consumate attention seeker and narcissist who likes to grandstand on the big stage. He is a self-appointed expert on everything under the sun who writes his poorly-researched and highly-opinionated articles and acts he has a monopoly on knowledge.

Abhay Raj Singh- NZ said...

Rabuka is a nice man. He was used in 87 and realised it afterwards. He was a good PM. Considering the situation in Fiji he will be the best person to lead Fiji back to democracy. I have my complete faith in him. He is not racist like other SDL leaders.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow indo, I agree with Abhay that r Rabuka has grown in stature over the years. He is older and wiser, far more genuine than many of our current crop of leaders, certainly better than than mahen or Lai who are communally-inclined. Rambo is far less corrupt. He stands for Fijian rights, which does not make him a racist, as he espouses equality. Basically a decent man (regardless of his legendary randyness) worthy of respect, regardless of past errors. But some Indians still hate hom for the 1987 coups (which in y views were a wake up call), while Fijians hate him for embracing multi-culturism.

Anonymous said...

Imrana Jalal should be our PM

Anonymous said...

A good man would have NEVER done what Rabuka did nor allowed himself to be used to do others dirty deed.
Rabuka did the people of Fiji a grievous wrong. The people of Fiji are still paying the high price for his wrong . This Rabuka's true legacy.Many have good reason to remember Rabuka by this legacy which the later military commander Bainimarama no doubt inherited from his erstwhile commander.

Anonymous said...

Narsey one of the good guys and his work is irreproachable but would agree that he loves a little bit of attention. But hey who doesn't, eh?

Coup 4.5 said...

It's a julum irony that Musharraf who "was brought to power through a military coup d'etat in 1999, subsequently placing Prime minister Sharif under a strict house arrest"(Wikipedia) is today himself under house arrest awaiting trial for treason whilst Sharif has been returned to power with considerable popular support through a democratic election and is to become Prime Minister once again.
There must be a cautionary tale in this Pakistani political story for our own coup installed leaders.
Don't imagine you will always be in power.
You won't!
And if in doubt Ask Rabuka
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey has far more credibility and balls than third grade USP professors like vijay naidu and biman prasad, not to mention cowardly vc rajesh chandra, all collecting fat salaries while rendering very poor services and little academic output of quality. All dead wood who should be retrenched.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who supported the coup including MPC, felix and others should be kicked out.

We don't need people who use poor voters for their self interestm

Anonymous said...

Seven years after the military takeover of the country to bring about "true democracy" the Fijian regime has refused Australia's nomination for the position of High Commissioner to Suva.
That must surely say a fair bit about how far the "roadmap to democracy"has been progressed by the Fijian military regime?
It would seem all the bending over backwards by the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to appease the Fijian dictatorship has come to nothing much.
He can't deny he was not warned by people better acquainted with the true nature of the post coup Fijian regime and its real plans for the future - which is to entrench itself in power through a bogus democratic process.
That plan is still on track. Only the politically naive fail to recognise it.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

nobody should listen to rambuka a man who fcked fiji with the 1987 coup whoever it was for- elite fijians?

fiji is still suffering and more native fijians in poverty now then back in 1987 plus more indians in poverty for those left in fiji

this guy was running around like a big man from 1987 onwards and only frank cut his vehicle and priveleges in 2008 so no pension, no govt vehicle, no body guards and living off poor tax payers

this bstrd needs to be in jail for his sins of 1987

Anonymous said...

TO BC Hey MF....One sentence you talk about justice and than you turn around and say shoot people.The most farked u pmind is your MF. Long Live Bainimarama Long Live FMF Dharam Linam

itz said...

Stop all the nonsense Stee you had your chance but you sold us out with your selfish constitution. Ka ga sa yaco tuqo sa sega beka ga nai lavo...don't waste your time...power hungry is all about the money nothing else...stop your corrupted opinions and come clean tell the whole of Fiji about the 1987 coup.

Anonymous said...

To Rajen Naidu
It was not the Australian Govt bending backwards to be moderate with Fiji.It was the sheer determination and the will to move Fiji forward as one people and one nation that made the Australians and New Zealanders realize this.
Our current PM will not take anything crap thrown at it lying down.For too long you have opened your mouth criticizing everybody around the world.What have you done to fight for the natives of Australians?

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu

Talk about everything and everyone with no flaws of himself. Ask his workmates at welfare dept and they will tell u what a tatti falla he was.

He ran away to aust for his own self interest. Wonder he still want to mess with fiji's affairs.

Can he criticize aust relationship with china and its leaders, it brutal handling of its people, the people of tibet, etc etc when its own PM is trying to woo china.

Anonymous said...

@Dharam lingam good 2 know u about to make a mass recruit in Otober whats the number like 500!!!

Anonymous said...

SODELPHA - if you reading this pls get Baba away from the front and let Pio make the comments appearances etc. He is part of original SDL. We dont want want recent arrivals and political prostitutes like Tupeni Baba at the front.
Its either Ro Kepa or P Tabaiwalu or Rt Yavala,,,,,
Sa kerei me liu tiko madaga ena vosa, vakamacala keina TV o ratou na ka makawa me rawa ni keimami dei tiko kina na lewenivanua.
Se kua mada o ira na veiladeyaki kei ira na ka vovou.

Sonaila said...

Duhram Lingam, has your mother told you who your father is? Hint: you were conceived somewhere near Walu Bay lol.

BC said...

@Dharam Maichod Lingam
Your face must be so far up Bai's arse, you cant tell what is right and what is wrong.





TELL BAI, HE CAN RUN FOR AS LONG AS HE WANTS, but at the end of the day,Naboro is waiting.



Anonymous said...

Rabuka was a military strong man who carried out the first coup in 1987 - an act that can never be forgiven. However, the same Rabuka openly admitted his wrong doing and begin the process of reconciliation - a very genuine one i must say. For this he should be praised. The rest are only rehotrics. In my my view i hold Rabuka and his mentors in 1987 fully responsible for the coup culture in Fiji. However, i also hold him in very high regards to start the genuine healing process and genuine democratic processes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rabuka, can u please tell me and the people of Fiji, How can we forget the damage you did to the nation, and to think of the future, those are Bainimarama's famous lines.

You did not want to reveal to the nation who promted you to do the coup of 87' and how can you expect the people of Fiji to trust you anymore?

Na ka o a cakava esa mai va tu kina qo o Viti, osa yali tu ena dua sara na gauna balavu, ia qo ni sa baci toro voleka mai na veidigidigi, osa basika cake tiko mai vakamalua, osa yalataka oti vei Viti ni You have nothing to do with politics and have no interest in the coming election, we're watching you Rabuka, and remember, we're not stupid, and please don't treat us like one.

Anonymous said...

He he never trust a Rewan,,,& this brings into question these chiefs and kaivitis who publicly declare their support for Frank when they host him at the opening of a completed govt project (ie bribery),,,,,do they really support him or are they taking him for a ride like the Rewans did to the SVT in the 90s where they crowded the SVT sheds, ate the food, drank the kava etc etc and voted for Butadroka....
Are these Rewans now taking Frank on a similar ride they did to Vunibobo???
Below letter was in response to Nakorovou villagers of Rewa showing support for frank when their flood gate project was opened:

Jese Luveni

I refer to your article in the Fiji Sun today, 15/5 attributed to Jolame Namalo, purported spokesperson for the village of Nakorovou Rewa supporting Bainimarama and calling on Roko Tui Dreketi to quit politics.
This needs to be corrected. The truth is Jolame Namalo is a supporter of the new SODELPA for which he signed its registration as number 878 under registration number 0143-369-00300. Eighty-six other villagers of Nakorovou signed with him the registration of this new party including his close family members.
Again he knows full well that a number of villagers supported the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi political ambition and joined her delegation that presented her petition on the draft constitution to Government.
Therefore his and so-called village support for Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his Government is selfishly motivated, simply for development sake.
Jolame should be reminded that Government will provide development assistance to all Fijians irrespective of political persuasion in an honest and transparent manner depending on need and not to mislead Government as Jolame think.

Anonymous said...

May 14, 2013 at 8:25 PM

You are correct, the person she had an afair with was almost the same age as her own son. Very unethical of her and she should resign ASAP.

rajend naidu said...

As a panelist on USP's School of Government, development and international affairs public seminar on "Facilitating a pathway to sustainable democracy" Rabuka stated publicly that he led the first military coup of 1987 and he is the one who should be held responsible. How do we do that? We should put Rabuka on trial for his wrongdoing. Rabuka should be prepared to face justice and by doing that he will be making the best contribution he can to a pathway to sustainable democracy. After Rabuka's case is concluded the same court (preferable an international court) should then commence hearing the case against the latest coup leader frank bainimarama. we don't have to worry about that other coup maker george speight because he has already submitted to the law. Can anyone think of a better pathway to sustainable democracy in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka coup was for Kai Viti and Frank for Kai Dia....so all is equal so forget it and move on guys,,,,,
whats the big f'n deal???

rajend naidu said...

I am sure everyone on planet earth has seen this on the Aljazeera news this afternoon 17/5 as one of my fans keep reminding me. But being the bastard that I am I must still relate it here on C4.5 for everyone's benefit!
The Pakistani Prime Minister elect Sharif said in a television interview that he had "nothing personal against Musharraf.But Musharraf had abrogated the constitution and had subverted the rule of law" and now he must face the consequences. the law must take its course.
The same should apply to Bainimarama and Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

simple minds seek simplistic explanations .so it is with anonymous 5.10PM. No the Rabuka coup was NOT for kai viti and the Bainimarama coup is NOT for Kai Dia.
A coup fucks up a country . Fiji has been fucked up by its coups. That's why a coup is always a big deal. That's why the perpetrators must be brought to justice.
It might not be a "big f'n deal" for you because you are a regime crony, right?

Anonymous said...

lets wait for 2014 elections

as they say the politician who visits the village last gets the vote

rajend naidu said...

I was shocked to read Talei Burness letter 'Under watch' in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun today (18/5).
Talei wants to know if she has "missed something here" in light of the claim that "the Police jointly with the military are monitoring political activities" in the country (Fiji Sun 'Under watch' 10/3).
She questions "are they not supposed to be neural and not have any political affiliation?"
Well it would appear Talei has indeed missed something here. She has missed recognising the reality that Fiji is under a military dictatorship. Fiji is currently a Police State. The Police and the military have abandoned their conventional neutrality and with it their established role "to protect the public in general". Now they have become a tool of the military regime and their new role is to protect the mob in power by threatening the public.
They are a disgrace to their professionalism.
rajend naidu

Fijiwala said...

Rabuka did Fiji wrong. He started a coup culture in South Pacific. His coup was anti Indian.

Now knowing all this or do we really know? Was this Rabuka's coup? Was he the master mind behind 1987 coup or was it the big boys? What was the role of CIA? Why did Ratu Mara go to Hawaii days before the coup? Vernon Walters who was the US Ambassador to United Nations and he was formerly Director of CIA. What was the purpose of Vernon Walter's trip to Fiji in 1987 days before the coup? Vernon Walters had a history of being in countries right before a coup. There after a coup would follow.

Having said all this I still have lot of respect for Rabuka. He is man enough to apologize for his mistake. His apology is sincere and I do know that he has now matured and has wisdom. If anyone that can put Fiji back to peace and prosperity, it is Rabuka that can.

Anonymous said...

FijiWala, these same claims about Vernon Walters and the Americans were made years ago, followed by warnings that the Americans would soon be opening a base in Fij.

Where is the base?

If Fiji is going to host a foreign military base, at this point, it looks more likely to be Chinese or Russian.

Anonymous said...

With US every thing is "subject to change" plus I did not hear that they were going to build base soon. It is beyond reasonable doubt that US had hand in 87 coup. Mara and Penaia Ganilau were also not so innocent.

Anonymous said...

Just label everything a CIA plot. It makes it easier that way. Don't have to take responsibility or assume blame for anything.

Since 2006 we've seen Fiji lurch toward China. Is the CIA on holiday, or is the 2006 coup and aftermath somehow all part of a CIA plot, too?

Anonymous said...

2006 and 2000 was home grown thing. So why blame CIA or China. You should know better.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Walters wasn't CIA Director. He was Deputy CIA Director.

"Post hoc ergo prompter hoc" is the logical fallacy that because one event follows another, the earlier event caused the later event. Just because the 1989 coup followed Walter's visit, that doesn't mean he or the CIA masterminded the coup. It doesn't even show they knew it would happen.

To argue otherwise would be to suggest that since the Americans knew the 2006 coup was about to take place, Larry Dinger must have been its mastermind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:08 AM, you're right. These claims about the CIA seem fallacious. But your Latin is a little off. The term is "propter hoc", not "prompter hoc". The Latin means "after this, therefore because of this".

I, for one, wouldn't mind it if the CIA did step in and rid us of Bainimarama. But I guess the Americans don't yet regard him as enough of a menace to their own interests to merit such action. Instead, they've repeatedly shown a willingness to work with the bum.

Larry Admin - Fiji Indian Rights Movement said...

As the beautiful island of Fiji works towards Restorative Justice and in light of the upcoming elections and potential coups and conflict arising from a lack of mutual understanding I would strongly suggest we implement the following model in order to peacefully repatriate our people.

Howard Zehr describes the difference between restorative justice and traditional criminal justice in terms of the guiding questions each system asks. In Changing Lenses, Zehr asserts that restorative justice asks:

Who has been hurt?
What are their needs?
Whose obligations are these?
What are the causes?
Who has a stake in the situation?
What is the appropriate process to involve stakeholders in an effort to address causes and put things right?

This contrasts with the traditional criminal justice, which seeks answers to three questions:

What laws have been broken?
Who did it?
What do the offender(s) deserve?