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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unions urge tourists to rethink Fiji as a holiday destination

Looks like a paradise but is it really?

Reality: military regime and sinking economy.
Leading unions from Australia, New Zealand and the United States have joined forces with the International Trade Union Confederation to launch a website aimed at getting tourists to think twice about holidaying in Fiji.

Today's website launch comes ahead of the of the launch of regular flights to Australia of the rebranded Fiji Airways next month, using a new controversial A320 aircraft bought with pensioners funds.

A joint statement from the four union poses the question: "Thought Fiji was paradise? Think again" and goes on to urge the Australian and New Zealand Governments to turn up the pressure on regime leader Frank Bainimarama to restore democracy.

The unions say the The Destination Fiji: A Vacation from Workers’ Rights campaign will use social media to allow people to directly call for the use of Australia’s diplomatic and economic clout to force change in Fiji, which has been living under a dictatorship since the military seized control in a coup in 2006.

The ACTU President, Ged Kearney, says recent developments in Fiji, including the rejection of a new independently prepared draft Constitution, point towards next year’s elections being a sham.

Kearney says the regime has stripped workers of their wages and conditions, free speech has been stifled and the country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights have been treated with disdain.

The statement also reiterates how union leaders have been harassed and beaten, and how it is illegal for more than three people to meet without a permit, while the standard of living has fallen with 60 per cent of wage earners living below the poverty line.

“Australian and New Zealand tourists are the biggest visitors to Fiji each year, attracted by the sunny weather, pristine beaches, and generous hospitality of the locals,” says Kearney.

“The new Fiji Airways [currently Air Pacific] will be trading on this image of a tropical paradise when it begins regular flights to and from Sydney next month, but people need to be aware that behind the picture postcard images, there is little sunshine for the ordinary Fijian worker.

“We are not saying to people ‘don’t go to Fiji’, but we are saying, if you do go, make sure you are aware of the real situation, and talk to the locals about what is really happening. You will find out that the average hotel worker earns less than $3 an hour and that most wages are 15 to 30% below the poverty line.

“Spread the word to your friends, and tell the Australian Government that it can do more to influence real change in Fiji. Australians should join the international call for change and help ordinary Fijians get their paradise back.”

The campaign website is www.destinationfiji.org


BC said...

Why should Australians and New Zealnders support a government that treats its people like shit.

Anonymous said...

All well and good for idiots who dont understand the impact this has on the tourism industry and the ordinary people of Fiji, whose livelihoods and love for the visitors to these islands has created something positive. Leave it to rubbish spewing unionists and "former" citizens of this country to think they know better than those who actually live and work here. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Do these idiots actually believe that even if the government was to change tomorrow there's any real chance of things improving.

Produced by parasitic unionists without the common sense to understand that society can not support everyone in the same non productive manner as their slaves pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific/ Fiji Airways Slave Airline
That's why pilots left and now doing good for themselves flying Emirates etc.
Tourists should boycott Slave Trader Fiji Airways.

Corrupt unionists said...

I am not a regime supporter, but this betrayal by union of its members in the tourism industry. Fat cats unionists (Rajeshwar Singh drove a 4WD BMW) have nothing to worry about, they will get their pay cheques.

These bastards are just flexing their muscles and trying to consolidate their political power and using their members as pawns - remember that felix Anthony and rajeshwar 'big mouth, dumb arse' singh rushed to baini's side after coup.

Everything these arseholes do in the name of their members is mostly for their own benefit. Unions and unionists in Fiji are corrupt and morally bankrupt, except for Attar Singh.

Union movement gave rise to some of the most corrupt politicians in Fiji's history.

If you do not believe me, look at Mahen Chaudhry!

BC said...

The Illegal Military Diktatorship gets its money from Tourism, so I fully support anybody that takes the money away from these thieves.

Democracy is better than Illegal Military Diktatorship.

Treasonist Criminals must face the Law and take the punishment.
No to Immunity.

People that steal $10 are punished by Law.
People who steal $10 million dollars must also be punished by Law.
People who steal the government from the people must also be punished by the Law.
One Law for everybody.
Treasonists mustface the full force of the Law
No to Immunity.

If you are man enough to do a Coup, then you should be man enough to take the Punishment it demands.

Cava tale ni sa lamutaka tiko.

Face it like a man.
Subject yourself like every other man to the Law.
If you don't yield to the Law , then you are a true LAMULAMU,dau solisona, levu ga na vosa, boiriri.
No to Immunity.

Anonymous said...

Tura Lewai nai cici madaga e tuvulaki tiko. Kua na via vosa vosa tiko vaka tagane. Na kemunlevu dodonu mo prop ni All Black. Na levu ni sona ga ni tuvulaki vaka wasoma sa vakaleqai iko.

Anonymous said...

I love these stories about nz and aust treating everybobdy well- see BC post

you ignorant fck- ask the abo's and maori and see who is treating people like shit

in fiji the natives still dominate and all other races are trteated as shit

work it out for yourselves

Abt the union boys- well abt time people are waking up in fj and seing how these union memebers have been ripped off by the senior managers helping themselves to there funds

good result from govt putting these corrupt crooks on the back foot

they will complain because there aussie and kiwi mates are still ripping off there own members but changes are coming soon

Anonymous said...

To BC:

Obviously you don't work in the tourism industry, so easy for you talk. If you so politically minded and feel so strongly about Illegal Military, go march on the streets, but do not hide behind a computer screen, vosa levu, and damage our livelihoods.

Dumb arse and big mouth - its not just about taking money away from Illegal Military, it's also about taking away our bread and butter.

Fuck democracy if it will take away my families livelihood - we are sick of being used as political pawn by Lai, Bai and everyone - they all the same. Fuck democracy; under democracy Lai sold out native land and kept best FHL shares for himself and his cronies like Qorinaisi Bale, so he is a Treasonist Criminal and Traitor.

Demovracy or dictatorship, no fucking difference, they all milk us, so enough of your pontification about democracy.

How about you face it like a man BC: put your money where you mouth is and quit your job and protest against regime?

Just big fucken talk at the expense of tourism industry workers. we tourism workers will oppose any action to harm us and out families by the likes of you who sit on their fat backsides and just talk politics.

Anonymous said...

About time these Unions piss off from manipulating and politicing issues. No issues or arguments that we need to have law and order and a just and fair election under a truly democratic constitution. However, these Unions destroyed Fiji. Look the Union thugs in Australia. Talk abbout coups..these Unions tactfully deposed a democratically elected PM. It was against the majority's wishes; it was an act against the will of people. These self centered Unions should really get lost.....waste od space in our system. Deprived bunch of wankers who are always envious of other people who makes it through hard work. Look at the Labour party in Australia - run by Union thugs only busy filling their own pockets. Anyway, why go far look at example at home...plenty of it there too. No tourist so poor people suffer and Union leaders keeps on getting paid six figure sum..all at the expense of ordinary people. If you Unions have got guts why dont you put youeself to test.....start a protest March etc. Bloody cowards only to make poor people pay the price for your end objectives...F OFF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why blame the unionists, it wasn't the unions that that illegally took over a democratly elected government.

Anonymous said...

This action by unions in NZ, aust and USA is not supported by fiji unions but orchestrated by MPC and FLP behind the scene. The funding of the aircraft is a loan from air pac. Its a commercial loan like other investments by FNPf.

For those who support the action, it will only hurt the poor fijians who work in the tourism industry. The regime and its leaders will not lose their pay.

Such actions will only make the regime more determined to stay in power. But I am sure NZ and aust tourist will continue to flock to fiji as they have done so since 2006.

mark manning said...

I've been promoting a boycott of Tourism since December the 6th. 2006, one day after the coup began.
To blame Union Leaders is ridiculous, the persons responsible for the demise of Tourism in Fiji are Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the Regime's supporters, many believed to be owners of many of Fiji's Resorts. It's also believed that some of the Resort owners are responsible for initiating the coup in 2006, by opposing the Qoli Qoli Bill because it protected Traditional Owners of their Seabeds etc.
Let's apportion blame directly at the feet of those responsible for the unemployment, abject poverty and reduction in Public Services, Frank and Co.!!!!!!
Leave the Unionists alone, at least they have the courage to put pen to paper, take decisive action and to use their real identities, despite the obvious dangers and the eventual ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

Why punish the poor workers in the tourism industry. That's the problem with you white people. You think you know too much kulina.

Go and read how the aust and Nz govt have reduced and cut the union movement in the past 10-15 years.

How can you say that the union are working in the best interest of fiji workers. The change in FNPF pension is to protect the workers against the interest of the rich. Off course, it too much for you to understand.

Anonymous said...

tura lewai keep working hard son, all those we oppose are trying hard to push back the time for their turn to be incarcerated...for them ...we all have a choice in our destination if things do not work out then we don't blame it on others. so tagane mada,...stop the stealing.. how can you face your children & grandchildren...your choice today would translate to your child's...future...keep at it tura..

Anonymous said...

Well said Mark manning

Shut the fuck up said...

To Mark Manning:

Problem with you is you sit in Australia and arrogantly think you are an expert on Fiji. Your last post again shows simplistic your arguments are: you dont know our unionists, and you do not know our tourism industry.

You are politically motivated. You have no empathy for Fiji's workers - boycotting the industry won't affect you at all, so easy for you to say. It won;'t affect the regime dummy, it will affect Fiji's poor. .

Mark, no offence, but I believe you are a care worker,a very worthy occupation. But you do have the intelligence not the education to make rational comments about Fiji.

So shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Union leaders would be negligent in their duties if they didn't call attention to the plight of Fijians workers, especially those stripped of their right to collective bargaining by the Essential Industries decree.

This mild campaign doesn't even demand an embargo on tourist travel to Fiji, and is only one of the many natural repercussions Bainimarama knew his coup would cause.

Tourism revenue is one of the main pillars holding up Fiji's economy. Especially as Bainimarama's intransigence and incompetence accelerates the collapse of another pillar, the sugar industry, targeting Fiji's tourism industry and ability to take in foreign exchange earnings is a logical next step in keeping the pressure on this illegal regime.

Unless the unions adopt a tougher strategy, the impact this present campaign will have on travel numbers to Fiji is likely to be minimal. But any dislocation that this campaign causes to the lives of innocent Fijians is deeply regrettable.

It's important to bear in mind that the need for this campaign was thrust upon union leaders by the treasonous and illegal actions of Frank Bainimarama. And any impact this campaign has on Fiji's economy will be only a pittance compared to the much greater harm the regime has already caused and continues to cause.

Anonymous said...

A convenient echo chamber considering C4.5 is featured as a link to "independent views" on the website.

Is this a case of circular reasoning?

Anonymous said...

Respect for Fiji workers and thir families is what real unions ll about

BC said...

@Anonymous 4:01 & 4:03
Thanks to The Illegal Military Diktatorship, nurses now work 12 hours and get paid for 8 hours.

Under Democracy you work 12 hours and get paid for 12 hours.

Is that a simple enough explanation for dumb farks like you two or do I have to spell it out.
Try working 12 hours and get paid for 8 and then see how you feel you farking lowlifes.

Tell Bainimarama to pull the finger out of his arse and give the farking country back to its owners and go face up to the courts you dumb lamusona idiots.

Anonymous said...

Today I talked to a dozen workers about this campaign and they all gave it thumbs up because they know the dictator is no good for their jobs, and the future jobs of our children

Anonymous said...

Please start boycotting all business who are with this regime like Vodafone and tampoo

Anonymous said...

felix is behind this

he knws now he is in shit..he has to declare all his hefty board fees...n also his kickbacks he made while chair of natodola

natodola project cost fiji $400m

in the productive world we dnt need unions

see wat union has done to fsc.....workers were unproductive coz they knew felix wud save them

union leaders in fiji get lot of perks....see felix he has a full time driver who drives him on a sunday to nadi boar club for beers

ask yourself is there any genuine union leader in fiji

so their this latest stance will affect the innoncent ppl

Anonymous said...


Someone labelled you yesterday that you belong to the BC era. I could not agree more after reading your above post. Where the hell did you get the infor that nurses get paid for 8 hrs after working 12 hours.

The unions have not succeded so far. Aust, nZ and USa are supporting the elections. The fact that political parties have put in their applications to be registered and made lots of noise implies that they will stand in the elections irrespective if which constitution we have (97, Ghai or 13).

I find it odd to link the partial funding of the new airbus by FNPF to this strike and opposition to visit fiji. If there is one thing this government did right was to reduce the pension rate. No previous govt had the balls to reduce it as it would reducing your own pension, hence the self interest.

Let me enlighten that only the rich took pension while the poor took lump sum. Hence, the rich was benefiting from this at the expense of the poor of the future generation. With this change some of the poor are now benefiting as the minimum pension rate is $100/month. The rich have not lost out as apart from collecting pension 3-5 times more. They got in full their initial outstanding balance.

Let me also state that I am not a coup sucker. However, it important that we don't become blinded that all things done by the regime is bad. Offcourse there are things done that I don't agree.

Anonymous said...

i agree all unionist are opportunist - see felix supported frank when he was given the chair of natodola

Anonymous said...

Annon 6.38 pm

I also spoke to at least 50 people directly working in the tourism industry, all of them itaukei and all said that this is the last thing we need contrary to your feedback. All they want is that they have employment as all politicans have done nothing for their plight except make false promises

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:06 PM

I could not agree with you more.

Reading some of the comments regarding the FNPF and the Airbus purchase I have to wonder if some actually understand what they are talking about. All pension funds have to invest to make money and they are getting around 8.75% return on this investment. Where can the public get an 8.75% return on their own savings ?

Pension funds spread their investment between low and high risk options for safety.

Anonymous said...

Not unexpected - Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Temumu Kepa is now the President of the Social Democratic Liberal Party or SODELPA.

Pio Tabaiwalu is Party’s general secretary.

The Party is expected to call a major meeting next month where other positions will be finalized.

SODELPA’s senior official, Dr Tupeni Baba said top positions in the management board and the National executive committee will also be filled.

The Matrix said...

Hahaha, BC really is from BC era; poor chap, limited in his thinking and peripheral vision, just one-dimensional thinking. Saying country should be given back to its owners; what a farking joke; what owners?

Country was owned by Qarase clique, which sold native land under your farking nose, and siphoned FHL profits, yet you in denial and continue to give impression of Qarase as the mahatma, hahaha. Since independence, just about all your leaders have been doing you in if you really think about it.

Government politicians, methodist church, GCC and their rich business partners owned the country, and owned you too, you farking bind fool, too dumb to work things out. The point is, Qarase and SDL made itaukei think they owned country, but in reality they never did. It's a bit like the Matrix, ok. Now military owns country and owns all us and the unionists fighting for their turf on ne side and failed and crooked politicians like mahen and qarase on the other. We ordinary people are just pawns or grass to be rampled on by fighting elephants.

We have been fooled and owned pretty damn good, especially BC.

Anonymous said...

This is a good thing. This government is so pro business that they have totally neglected the workers. They are treated like shit. For example, staff at Ranjit Garments are not allowed to go use the toilet during working hours. They have security guards guarding the toilets. The recommendations of the wage council was delayed and then later not fully implemented because the Owner of Ranjit Garments, Solanki is a good friend of the AG. Even professional workers in government and statutory organizations are being treated like crap. All their benefits like Health Insurance are being taken away in the name of cost cutting. Arseholes like Ajith Kidagoda (who earns 500K a year at CJ patel) is known to tell professionals at FNPF and FRCA to resign cos he can get people from Sri Lanka.

So all in all, any campaign which hurts this government will be good for Fiji in the long term. Short term pain for long term gain

JOHN SAMY NZ said...

Thought Fiji was paradise? Think again.
•Over 60 per cent of Fijian wage earners live below the poverty line while the cost of living is skyrocketing
•Hotel workers earn less than $3 an hour
•Most wages are up to 15 to 30 per cent below the poverty line
•Groups of three or more people cannot meet without a permit
•Basic union activities, including collective bargaining, has been outlawed in many sectors
•The independence of the judiciary has been undermined
•There is no protection of minimum wages and conditions in the public sector, which can be single-handedly changed without consultation
•Fundamental rights has been stripped from workers in key private sectors
•Trade unionists, journalists and human rights activists have been threatened and assaulted by the regime
•The voices of human rights activists and trade unionists have been supressed through trumped up charges in the courts

We can support the people of Fiji to get their paradise back.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s regime relies on the tourist dollar. Almost 700,000 people visited Fiji in 2011 – almost three-quarters of those visits were for a holiday.

The people of Fiji deserve to earn a living wage and have fair conditions at work, without intimidation from employers or the government. Don’t let your tourism dollar prop up the Fiji military regime this year.

mark manning said...

@ BC
A 12 hour shift in Australia, attracts a payment of 8 hours pay, then 2 hours @ time and half and the last 2 hours @ double time. So effectively, you get 15 hours pay for 12 hours, unless your working Christmas Day or Easter Friday, in which case you get triple time for the whole shift, which means 36 hours pay for 12 hours!
At least that's what it used to be years ago in Sydney, working for the Ambulance Service.

Now for my detractors!
I don't know if those objecting are supporters of the Regime or even Frank's Soldiers or just those with differing views as to how to best deal with the Regime, but many have opposed doing anything to hurt the Fijian Community, at great expense in the long term to it, whereby I personally proposed an increased boycott from the very beginning.
Someone claimed that each coup costs Ten Billion Dollars to Fiji's Economy (10,000,000,000), and the longer it lasts, the greater the financial catastrophe, to everyone living in Fiji.
It' is true to say that I'm not affected, on way or the other, you can elect to carry on as you have been, or back the union and help call for a boycott of tourism.
Something decisive has to be done, the Regime has to be starved of funds and the Military Deployments also have to come to a halt, if only to send a clear message to Frank's Soldiers, that there is a price to pay, for everyone.
Short term pain for long term gain.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that this dictatorship regime seized power from a democratically elected government.

With unfounded claims of corruption and nepotism, look at what has transpired, it is worse now.
The regime feels that to end all coups there must be a coup, which they cannot guarantee with their draft constitution. So much for leadership, what have they led successfully?,,nothing!! too much talk of reforms, road map, charter, strategic plans, which is often broken with excuses.
The people are tired of the new wave of corruption, nepotism, etc..
Let us elect our leaders and get rid of these coup makers, we are just wasting valuable time which can be used well to boost the economy and socio-economic developments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark Manning,

It seems that you believe BC even when he is sitting in another planet without proof of what he is saying is true or not.

As for each coup costing us $10 billion, don't know were you heard this my friend but pls do go an have your ear checked as Fiji's GDP is no where near $10 billion. So how can it cost us $10b.

Do you know what is the cost of strikes to any economy. Pls google and you will find out. Also who does it affect more.

No wonder people like you spread nonesense when you hear negative news and multiply it 1000 times.

Anonymous said...

Are you the same John Samy that no one wants to talk to you. Are u the same Samy that changed your tune.

Can u pls enlighten us on how suddenly 60 percent are in poverty. Are they classified poor because they at Jittu estate but own 2 tv and have Sky.

I was in a seminar recently and an ADB expert made the same comment (john Samys previous employer). Someone asked her where did she get her stats. She could not respond.

I suggest you go and check under which govt did workers get the biggest wage increase. Pls get data from official sources.

Anonymous said...

daucina says.....

Taking a hardline on tourism will be bad for ordinary workers.....I never and will not like coups and illegal takeovers..

But lets pause for a moment and think....Isn't it Unionist like Mahendra Pal Chaudary who sided with Frank to steal the coalition SDL/Labour govt.

Mahen and felix and Dan Urai along with Rajeshwar Singh all benefited from the coup too.........so lets NOT forget.

These people ruined the country and betrayed ordinary people.

There should be laws to police these unionists so they do not take advantage of its poor members...

This is not to say that I support these idiot coupsters....their time will come....

hey .....did you notice..even the methodist strong holds and leaders have buckled..........shame on them. A few lollies being taken away.....they surrender....shameful. No different from the 13 provnicial chiefs.........Good on you Roko Tui Dreketi.....upholding real value for principles..

No wonder Fiji is in this mess...

Deepak Chauhan said...

Chinese counterpart has assured fijian dictator 10 million chinese tourist to visit fiji every year. They will replace western tourists.

Anonymous said...

Wow, bring-on the chinese,we really don't need 10 million but
well take it? all we want is 2 million folks, including changes?
Our islands are too small for these much tourist,
we'd run out of space & food,with this much people in here,
at the sametime, we,ll sink and never to be seen again???
We'd have the Australian,New Zealand & USA spy rings
in the country, trying
to take out Bai & Khaiyum illegally? Time to bring back the
head of Bai&Khaiyum's spy ring-Rajesh -BIG ASS Chorro- Singh, in
order to start putting together
a protection program for his two

Anonymous said...

Raman pratap is asking to re look at the requirement for declaring assets kids overseas

can someone tell raman that most of fijis black money is/was given to buy house/properties overseas

so now its time to declare buddy

Anonymous said...

Time you come with your name and prove refer me.
You are the biggest con man i have ever heard talking shit with no prove.
keep barking like a dog.
I dont care about your bs comments.
if you have prove give it all fiji media/blog
if not just shut up.
god bless

Freedom said...

The people are just saying that dont support this move by unions because it will take away jobs of common workers in the tourism sector! Just because it might (will) make it worse for you and your family for say 6 months or so - its a price one has to pay for democracy.

In lieu of just making money for you and putting food on table you support this army government who has done so much damage to the country ! You can just support Evil if he trades with you because you just want to fill your stomach and forget about the rest.

If its just making money - you can also sell your family - isn't it!

Democracy in this country will not be achieved with sacrifice and we must be prepared to pay the price for it because its us the people who have let this dictator flourish in Fiji and we must now reap what we sow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajen Chodhary

the ppl of fiji know that u use 2 other identities to post comment on facebook ie michael james and islander jones....dont worry we will find out if u start using a new one

Don’t do that bro coz if daddy goes to jail who will spearhead FLP
You will be charged for inciting unrest

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BC@anon...it seems as if a lots of
concerns Fijians are pissed at You
for you stupid comments about Fiji
Tourisim Industry,and in supporting
the Union actions against Bai? What is wrong with you?
Seems to me,that you've been working in the
janitorial service far too long?Looking and sniffin at those smelly
shit, all day long,takes it's toll and libel to give you're cloged up
cranial, false signals?
We know one
thing in Fiji is that the Union Leaders are nothing but manipulators and
crooked as they come?
Government are currently trying to neutralized their power
and a decree has been put in force to do exactly that?
I mean can't you tell,that right after the coup
in 2006 Mahen Chodo,Felix Anthony,
Urai and other Union leaders walked over and joint the illegal
They even asked to run
various Government Corporations,only after the Government caught them
stealing and
kicked the shit out
of their asses,
that they had no choice, but to come back and maneuver their way back in,
even at the expense of having to kissed the people asses?I
really hope that you of
all people,
had read about this in the media?

Anonymous said...

And do not forget that some of these union activists also want to be involved in politics, sit in government and get paid by YOU.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji Airways paying 8.75% interest FNPF. If i was them I would re-finance very easily from ANZ at around 3%. Try to help Fiji and this is what you get. Bet these anti regime idiots do not have a clue where FNPF can park their funds.

Come back to Fiji and see all thew good the 'regime' has done for the real people of Fiji. The real elites like Ro Temumu are the ones getting effected as land rental money is not going straight into thier pockets to support their expensive sunglasses wearing and Raymond Welier wearing lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

The Tourism Industry will be like the Sugar Industry, its all in the AG's plans, PM plz wake up.
AG's Tourism Destruction Plan have already started. The previous local CEO was let go and replaced by a foreigner. Now the 3 most Senior Tourism Fiji staff based in in NZ, Aust, & USA have also been let go to be replaced by fly by night foreigners. Middle level & Junior Staff resigning looking for stability.
The killing stage has begum, let loose the Union. All inside job from AG & local Unions to call for NZ, Aust, US Union intervention into the Tourism Industry.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.55pm
Amazing how you recognised the brands worn by ro teimumu,,,,,you some kind of moronic pervert or what??

Anonymous said...

To add more weight and sting to this campaign we should read, share and broadcast further an article regarding the regime in the following site http://www.abc.net.au/correspondents/content/2013/s3751771.htm I like the way the presenter calls bai the military dictator which he really is and not PM as he wants himself called. The more that hears it the clearer it gets what these culprits in the regime are up to. There is a mention about PNG and their blinded and stupid support for the regime. Short term pain long term gain.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:55 PM

Have you made a typo or are you suggesting you can borrow from ANZ at just 3% interest rate ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:17, why shouldn't parliament include a labour union activist? Shouldn't the views of organised labour be taken into account in the running of the country?
The same goes for retired/retired military.

Bullshit freedom said...

To Freedom:

Easy for you to talk when it's not your family or your pocket that is affected.
Why should only tourism industry workers sacrifice?
How about all of you walk off your jobs?
As you say, it might affect your family for 6 months.
But its a price for democracy.
Okay, agreed.
So, Freedom, why don't you lead the way?
Why not live up to your name?
If not, shut the fark up already.
Just too much fucken talk on blogsites, asking others to sacrifice while sitting on your fat arse and keeping you nice jobs and collecting your salaries and enjoying with your family, while expect us to sacrifice.

fucking ridiculous. I am sick of you cowardly and hypocritical bunch already.

Anonymous said...

Who supported the coup? the Union leaders of FTUC did.
Who destroyed FSC? The Unions did
Who destroyed FEA? the Unions did
Who divided farmers? the Unions
Who curtailed private sector investments and confidence? the Unions
Who created the mess in FNPF? the Unions

Anonymous said...

Who comitted High Treason? Bainimarama.
Who destroyed FSC? Bainimarama and his indian mechanics
Who destroyed FEA? Bainimarama and the Muslim Brotherhood
Who divided the Farmers? Bainimarama and Chaudry
Who curtailed private sector investments and confidence? Bainimarama
Who created the mess in FNPF? Bainimarama and his hand picked thieves Ajit;Clueless Taito
WHO WILL DESTROY TOURISNM AND FIJI....Bainimarama if he doesn't give the government back to the people.


Anonymous said...

ONLY A NINJA CAN CATCH A NINJA....the thieving mind of a unionist clearly detects the cunning manipulative mind of that in the current government which makes them (unionist) to be bold enough to shout out loud!!!They smell its other like [cat& mouse]they know what each other are doing and keeping it to themselves.
When the union are a toothless Tiger at this very moment why the members are still deducting their subscription as if there are issues that will be fought by the the respective unions till justice done????they no where to be heard in this current regime then just suspend all Union until its recognize by government.
....just a wild thought...!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are some post above that smells like Rajesh singh. In fact, if it smells like rajesh, looks like rajesh, it has to be rajesh singh.

He forgot to sign his name cos he forgot to take his tablets.

Glad he is now a nuisance to NZ than fiji.

Anonymous said...

Kulina rajesh con singh,

Can you pls come to fiji to show how brave you are rather than spew tatti from your dairy shop in Ackland.

Anonymous said...

Annon 4.19pm aka rajesah singh

You messed up FSC. It was your uncle MPC and his cronies who also held the sugar industry to ransom and never assisted the por farmer to resolve the land issue. He paid $28k to the kai india farmers and only $10k to the itaukei land lord.

Who took down FNPF down the drain. It was the SVT, FLP and SDL govts. They never reformed FNPF when they should have done so for their own good and let FNPF sink.

Get your facts right

Boycott Fiji said...

The boycott and trade blockades against South Africa worked a charm - this campaign is in the same vein.

There were the same tears from South Africa but guess what - they got rid of apartheid.

Same can happen here if people don't lose their nerve.

Fijiwala said...

The biggest victims will be workers. The so called union leaders have nothing to lose. They will keep getting pay packets and the poor workers are being asked to sacrifice theirs. This is extremely unfair. Felix Anthony and his gang of thugs are trying to gain political mileage at the expense of workers. Is this fair?

Felix should share his loot from FNPF Natadola project with union members. This is not time to play politics when our workers are under payed, their hours being cut, and the uncertainty of job security. I think it may be a good idea for the government to ban unions. Those days are gone when we had real union leaders. These thugs are are only interested in building their bank accounts. I also would like to ask all union leaders to give up their union provided vehicles and use public transport, take an immediate cut of 75% in their salary, and try to see how the working class have to make the ends meet. Walk in their shoes. Feel their feelings of hardship. Then only they could be called leaders otherwise they are just thugs.

BC said...

@Fijiwala 7:19
you said "our workers are under payed, their hours being cut, and the uncertainty of job security"

Who do you think caused our workers to be underpaid....was it the unions or the farking stupid Military Diktatorship?

Who cut their hours?
Who sacked them left right and centre?
Whose action led to the uncertainity of job security?

Was it the Unions? No
Was it the Union leaders? No
Was it the Methodist Church? No

Then who the fark was it?

Who caused all this to happen?
Its that farkhead that carried out the Coup in 2006.
He caused all these problems.

So stop blaming the Union and their Leaders. You go back and READ YOUR OWN POST.
Its obvious that you have written it without much thought.
Because in there is the solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

As the union leaders are so concerned about the welfare of those they represent they should reduce the union membership fees in all areas.

This is also supported by the fact that they are the ones telling the world that the unions and their work are suppressed here so in fact they have less to do.

Anonymous said...

@BC 7:58 PM

But what makes your view more significant ?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka anon.
Sorry i didnt comment.. they are people using my name.
I feel sorry for fiji and its people.
but people cant fight its battle or stand up to the regime.
what can we do from here.
time people think hard and stand up or shut up,
people are bowing down to khaiyum/bai every decree. shame.why?
people should stand up for 1997 constitution that it,
no bkc/bs decree
god bless

Keep The Faith said...

About time.

The tourism industry has long enjoyed subsidies and marketing investments & has sucked dry the titties of the public purse for long enough while everybody else forfeits basic social services: clean & constant running water, good public school facilities & education standards, decent healthcare standards, basic infrastructural developments (& btw the bridge closure in the middle of the Suva CBD remains a collosal inconvenience to road users), under the illegal & treasonous regime.

Its about time a stock-take of tax dollars that has continued to be injected into this industry assessed against real value and its RoI to taxpayers is done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For all of you who are against this move... i believe u should recheck yourselves. I am a hotelier and i want something diffrent and realisitic... we need help and support... things are expensive, and i nid to support mys family well, so enuf of $2.50/hour... we nid help and democracy is important

Anonymous said...

Who said he wil fix the economy after the 2006 coup?; MPC and Francis Narayan FTIB chairman;where are they now?
Who said I can look after 6 ministries as there is no person better qualified than us: Bai and Arse.
Look at the state of the economy; Tourism is going down Investment is zero, Govts kitty is drying, more borrowing from FNPF to pay for Govt expenditure and more overseas borrowing and kerekere from the Chinese> Where are we going to end up; Something has to happen; i hate people wasting their energy in accusing each other and finding faults when we all should spent our energy in finding common ground to topple this thuggery regime..

Anonymous said...

Annon 8.50pm

Can you pls name which hotel you work for and they pay $2.50/ hour.

How will the strike help u my friend? What will u do when there are no tourist? Who will give u food? Rajend or papa mahend chaudary or felix?

What was your pay before 2006? It was $1.50/ h

Anonymous said...

The only people who will benefit without sacrifices is the politicians like MPC and son RPC. And union leaders like felix and rajeshwar singh.

Tell them to work for free for 3 months first

Anonymous said...

hey guys lamusona RAJEN CHODARY is behind this move

daddy mpc has secured him a job with trade unions in australia.....hmm we can see where all this is coming from

daddy mpc still has big contacts

mark manning said...

Once Democracy is restored and investor confidence restored, I'd like to see 51% ownership of all Fiji's resorts, by the government of Fiji and priority of employment, given to the locals, at least until employment and the economy pick up. The 51% ownership by Fiji's Government however, should be a prerequisite for part ownership of any Resort.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning is Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

@MM 9:45 PM

"I'd like to see 51% ownership of all Fiji's resorts, by the government of Fiji and priority of employment, given to the locals,"

Who the hell do you think works in them now ? Ukrainians and Spanish

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget that these so called fat cat union leaders were the first to support the takeover in 2006 bar Attar Singh!!! Now they crying foul because it hurts their pocket and ego!!!! They campaigning with countries like Australa and NZ to boycott tourism some 7 years later!! What credibility is this??? Our poor Fijian workers will suffer and pay the price! The regime will continue borrowing from China and India and continue plunging the nation into debt despair!!! They don't give two hoots whether the average hotel worker was able to provide three square meals a day!! The regime is well remunerated well travelled and unfortunately for all anti regime bloggers they are now well recieved in the international community!! We say WHY WHY WHY!!! Because Fiji has nothing attractive like oil, mineral, etc to offer to the global Market hence we will remain insgnificance!!! Let's not in our desperation to remove the illegal regime allow our own to suffer because of some unrealistic, unethical, low mentality short term thinking of this so called Union leaders!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha I can't stop laughing. Mark manning, did u ever go to class 5?

Anonymous said...

Here's a new report on the union campaign on the ITUC's Equal Times website.


Anonymous said...

For seven years you people have done nothing to rid yourselves of this dictator who just goes on lying to you, stealing from you, and destroying your institutions, reputation, and culture. Many of you have even sought to profit off of this illegal regime.

When Frank abrogated the Constitution, you did nothing.

When Frank shut down the Methodists' annual conference, you did nothing.

When Frank arrested Ro Teimumu, you did nothing.

When Roko Ului Mara confirmed that Frank only launched the 2006 coup to save himself from arrest for murder and sedition, you did nothing. Ditto with the revelation that Frank was behind the coup in 2000.

When Dakuwaqa asked for one minute of silent prayer and one minute of joyful noise, you did nothing.

When the regime arrested, tried and convicted Qarase on phony charges, you did nothing.

What did you do when they burnt Ghai's draft constitution in front of him? Nothing.

After one captured convict was so badly beaten that he had to have his leg amputated, you watched a video of the same treatment being given to another prisoner, Yet, even when you heard his pitiable cries, you didn't stir.

Now, when labour unions in other countries are rallying to your cause, all you do is worry about the cost to your tourism.

Revolution isn't a dinner party. You're so servile, it's pathetic. You talk about your bati tradition, but you've proven yourselves among the biggest cowards in the world.

Start learning Chinese now, because you'll need to be able to speak it before long.

Anonymous said...

To all of you spewing shit over Trade Unionists I have this to tell you...workers in Australia and New Zealand enjoy salaries double the amount their counterparts in Fiji are getting since the illegal takeover of the democratically elected government by your want to be heroes.
Speak of corruption...Dou kena tui...
Please enlighten us with the ststistics of covicted corrupt unionists your kanagaroo court has been able to convict since the regime clean up campaign began 6yrs ago. Its common knowledge that the trade unions remain the biggest threat the illegal regime will ever
have and will always remain to be.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:22 AM

You sound like another unionist who can not make the grade to be a politician hence being so proud to be a threat to government.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hypocrites and sour grapes.
These Anthony and Urai same morons as well as MPC supporting Frank in 2006-8.
Any I am a hotel worker will the union give me a job when tourists dont come? Who will feed my innocent children, pay my water etc etc...
Leave us alone please and do something useful for once and stop being cowards.....GATHER YO SAPOTAS MARCH AND THROW FRANK OUT....BOTHIS

Anonymous said...

@ annon 7:48am....I support trade unions because I believe that workers do have the right to have their voices heard..they built this nation.
I may sound like a want to be politician to you because of your prejudiced thinking..mind you I dont intend to become one..seriously.
The word `threat` I used earlier could be interpreted as an opposition
to the injustice against workers and I am proud of that.

The Oracle said...

Sorry to say ... too little, too late. The 2013 Draft Constitution will be amended to placate the iTaukei, with the inclusion of ambiguous language about Fijian land rights. After that it will be ceremoiously imposed on the people of Fiji by the President and the Fiji military. Trade unionists have to accept - they're out of politics under the 2013 Draft Constitution and there's nothing they or anyone else can do about it because the Constitution, once imposed, cannot be changed - no matter what Sayed-Khaiyum and Frank are saying. It will not be a so-called "living document" but one that is written in stone. It is in fact a Constitution aimed at encouraging a coup to abrogate it, in order for it to be changed.Despite Khaiyum and Frank's constant references to "old politics" and "old politicians" in an attempt to portray a "new way forward" for Fiji, the fact is there is no such thing. There's only politics and politicians. And, in this case, Khaiyum and Frank have decided, as budding politicians, to pull the wool over everyone else by writing the Constitutional rules to suit their own political agenda. And what are the people of Fiji doing about it? Sweet FA. The people of Fiji are more inclined to unite when Fiji wins at Sevens Rugby or fall apart and publicly criticise when Fiji loses. As for politics and the future of Fiji and future generations? The people of Fiji give a sweet FA. Frank and Khaiyum realised this by January 2007 and they've seized that opportunity to portray themselves as "leaders" for a nation of people who have no courage to stand up for their rights but prefer to have others lead the way for them, with the mistaken belief that any failure will only reflect on the leaders and not on themselves. We're all enjoying the party and free ride on the Frank/Khaiyum boat that we fail to see the reef ahead. When the boat hits that reef and starts to sink, it will be too late to try and sober up from our drunken stupor and ignorant bliss.
GOD AND TOURISTS CAN'T SAVE FIJI. Only the people of Fiji can. And when Frank and Khaiyum fall from grace, if not in 2014, then some time after, they will experience what Fiji's Sevenes Rugby gladiators have come to learn - people, generalLy LOVE winners, and HATE losers. All those shaking Frank's hand now, will turn their backs on him when his ship sarts to sink. That is the reality in Fiji today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so that means when the employees in the hospitality industry get sent home because of the boycott, the Trade Unionists will feed their families and provide bus-fares and school fees? Or provide alternative employment? Or will the NZ and Aust Trade Unions absorb the laid off employees into their workforce?

Anonymous said...

I want to apologize to my friends and the readers. I just found out that I am bipolar and it is a disease that I have no control over. Deep down in my heart I know that the present regime is doing a fine job and there is no need for election till Commander Bainimarama cleans up Fiji of corruptions and the rest of the problems that the country. When I was Assistant Minister, I too made a lot of money and took advantage of the loop holes. I do not want to return to Fiji because I know that if i go back, all those that I owe money to will come after me. It is safe for me in Auckland at my dairy shop.

God Bless Fiji


Kamlesh said...

Rajesh, we don't want you to tell us about your thieving, but it's great news that you are bipolar. I'll stop by your dairy and clip your ears until you scream like a biarch.

Fijiwala said...

BC @7:55 PM

To all your questions, Were the union leaders sleeping on the job or were they too busy seeing how they could have a free ride at the expense of the members?

If Felix, Daniel and the rest of thugs would have fought for the workers, we would have made a decent living. It was their duty to see the well-being of us workers. Is that not what they get paid to do?

Anonymous said...

Well said @May 6, 2013 at 1:55 PM

I assume you are talking about the windscreen type sunglasses that Ro Tamamu used to wear in 2006.

Raymaon Wiler refers to elitist, Laisa Digivutuaki

BC said...

@Fijiwala 10:19
Certainly organizing the World Trade Union bodies to act is something I would not classify as "sleeping on the job".

I think the Union Leaders are doing all the best that they can to imrove their members condition.

What about you Fijiwala?
What are you doing to improve workers condition in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Well Fijians are in trouble as a race because since the death of Ratu George, the Vunivalu role has been filled up.

Unofrtuantely, his son Ratu Epenisa cannot be appoint ot that role due to him having 10 children out of the wedlock Even to the extent that he impregnated tow sister within 1 month of each other. Not very chiefly indeed.

Best if Vunivalu title is bestowed on the very humble President Ratu Epeli. King-maker, Ratu Joni has no other choice. Or else the Fijian people will continue to suffer. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Epeli is the worst person to be Vunivalu. he already has a gay son flying on air pacific that he has disowned from the day he turned gay.. maybe ratu epeli is denying his sick feelings for his own son.. ha ha. Ratu Epenisa come no where.

Ratu Epeli is the worst person to be Vunivalu. he already has a gay son flying on air pacific that he has disowned from the day he turned gay.. maybe ratu epeli is denying his sick feelings for his own son.. ha ha. Ratu Epenisa come no where.

Ratu Epeli is the worst person to be Vunivalu. he already has a gay son flying on air pacific that he has disowned from the day he turned gay.. maybe ratu epeli is denying his sick feelings for his own son.. ha ha. Ratu Epenisa come no where.

Fijiwala said...

BC @10:41 AM

I do not represent workers. I don't get paid and I do not have a mandate to to represent the workers.
As you say " Certainly organizing the World Trade Union bodies to act is something" I did not know that Fiji unions are so well recognized and the union leaders from Fiji are entrusted to organize World Trade Union. Wake up bro and smell the coffee. Fiji is just a dot on the map and there are more honest, clean and honorable and qualified people out there to do that and have done that. Get out of the well and see the universe. It is much larger than you think.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Epeli needs a bamboo up his backside for being a soft headed, alcoholic, rubber stamp.

Ratu Epeli needs a bamboo up his backside for being a soft headed, alcoholic, rubber stamp

Ratu Epeli needs a bamboo up his backside for being a soft headed, alcoholic, rubber stamp

Anonymous said...

I laugh at you mate.keep using my name and blog.
If you have prove pls send it to all media.
I didnt stole any money from govt like you did.i would be in jail longtime ago if i stole money .thats shows you are a great liar.
you are a great liar and con man.
I dont owe money to anyone in fiji.
I know you are smart in using other peoples name but come and blog as anon too.
keep doing it make you me laugh hahahaha
god bless

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Oracle 8:53am. I totally agree with your comments. I also feel this hopeless frustration when I see most people going about as if everything is honky dory. Strategies which the regime applied quite effectively are physical intimidation and financial deprivation. There is a lot of power in these two areas. When people are deprived of money they become subservient and do anything to get money. This is where the regime make their move in depriving and then supplying to the needy so as to appear benevolent and get this group of people's support. Many others have been drained of their money in order to weaken them like Qarase, Mrs Samisoni, Tusaki FNPF pensioners and so on. In the recent past people were dragged to the army camp for physical intimidation like beatings threats verbal and physical abuse etc. The sudden stoppage of this seem to coincide with bai declaring his intention to stand for election so that a good image could be portrayed. While all is clearly wrong and illegal people seem to be apathetic about it. So anything else apart from people coming together that would precipitate the oust of the regime is highly welcomed.

Anonymous said...

stop servicing our flights to NZ and Aust. simple as that. Come on Unions less talk more action. anything else is like negotiating with terrosrists who hide behind the livelihood of civilians.

stop servicing our flights to NZ and Aust. simple as that. Come on Unions less talk more action. anything else is like negotiating with terrosrists who hide behind the livelihood of civilians.

stop servicing our flights to NZ and Aust. simple as that. Come on Unions less talk more action. anything else is like negotiating with terrosrists who hide behind the livelihood of civilians.

Anonymous said...

the illegal government is still sleepless over an election.

in the illegal AGs comments he still asks the people "Is this the kind of leaders you want?"

Obviously a sign that they still fear the outcome of an election. HA HA HA. tick tock tick tock.

Fijians know that the govt has done many good things and fijians like anything free. but their sins (corruption, murder, torture, etc) cannot be forgotten and need to be atoned for in jail.





Ratu bakewa said...

Some commented about 'bamboo up' some Ratus' backsides. The sentiment is understandable. Some ratus have really let us down.

The worst parasite and bakewa was Ratu Tu'uakitau Cakaunauto: no talent, never did a day's hard work, got into parliament using his chiefly status, while in parliament did shot for his people, sat on the fence during the Speight coup, then tried to benefit from it, as he is doing with this coup, against which he has never uttered a word. What a waste of time and space.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh @ 11:10 AM

Rajesh learn to properly write in English. You grammar is class One standard. Maybe you need to go back to school. By the way start from class one. That will be good for you.

Kamlesh said...

Rajesh, please enroll in night classes and learn how to write proper English. A primary school student writes better than you. As for the other matter, we all know what you did when you were an MP, so just shut the hell up because you will be ashamed if the facts come out.

Anonymous said...

The people saying to join the strike or support it are politicans and wanna bees who are sitting on the fence waiting for to gain from it.

Others like rajend, mpC, jag, felix know that they have much to lose given they may be spending time for their crime or may not be able to take advanatge of the poor.

Anonymous said...

@ Oracle 8:53 AM

Well said and perhaps true.

The majority are not as dumb as some think as they also know from past experience that whatever government they get there's no guarantee it's going to be any better or worse.

Lets face it, whatever government is voted in in any country almost half the people did not want that one !

It really is the people that make the difference.

JC said...

people who live in Fiji don't care enough about law and order and rule of law and democracy and what is right morally and legally that they are complaining about a little bit of pain. such is the culture in Fiji at the moment, illegality is better than starving.
so sad for this paradise. it will become chaotic in the not too distant future and the people will still take it on the chin,'
a nation of tough crooked and submissive peoples.
Until the people stand up for what they are taught in the churches of jesus Christ this country will always be like this,,,chaotic and devilish

Anonymous said...

Annon@2.13am....Really? you calling
us the bati-a bunch of Cowards? Ok
Mr tough guy, what the fuck have you done? Did you protest when Dakuwaqa ask you to beat your dick?
What the fuck did you do, before
you come out and mouth off on this
site? Why don't you shoved something up yours the next time
you want to get tough?

Anonymous said...


And you do? Why don't you start a march or protest.

Do you understand the term being realistic or practical under the current environment,

Another of the so called fence sitters trying to incite people for self interest. Hope u are not DC.

Anonymous said...

Fiji unionist defends against criticism from interim government (Credit: ABC)

Tourism minister and attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is quoted in local media as saying the international campaign by trade unions to raise awareness among tourists about the country's political situation will hurt families who depend on the industry for a living.

But Fiji Trade Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony tells Bruce Hill that's not what the campaign is trying to achieve.

Radio Australia approached the Fiji interim government for comment, but they did not respond

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Fiji Trades Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony
ANTHONY: He has made allegations that we are trying to sabotage the economy and the tourism industry as a whole. This is absolutely untrue. All we in the trade union movement are doing is trying to make people aware of what is actually happening here in Fiji. We believe that people have a right to make informed choices about holidays and where they go, and all we're doing is telling people what this government has been up to. And I don't see why the Attorney General is offended by us telling the world what he's doing.

HILL: But what would you say to say a waitress at a resort near Sigatoka who loses her job because tourists stop coming and the resort has to let a few people go, and she comes to you and says this is your fault, this is the trade unions, because of you and this campaign which you are supporting, I've lost my job?

Anonymous said...

ANTHONY: I think we need to understand a couple of things here, first is that this campaign is to make this government understand that workers rights and trade union rights are human rights. They need to do the right thing. Because they're not doing the right thing we need to raise this awareness at every opportunity that we get. Secondly all we are seeking is the restoration of workers rights, so workers in Fiji understand what this campaign is about and will not be swayed by the allegations and claims that are being made that people will lose their jobs. I think we need to be very clear that we're not telling anyone not to come to Fiji. All we're saying is that please be aware of the situation on the ground here in Fiji. That's all we're doing, and if what this government is doing is all that bad, then it should take responsibility and not blame the trade unions for telling people what they're doing.

HILL: Well what is it that the interim government is doing to unions that's so bad, I mean no one's being dragged off to jail, unionists aren't just picked up off the streets and chucked in jail for no reason? So what really is it that the government is doing that you say is so wrong when it comes to trade unions?

ANTHONY: Well we have a number of decrees as you know that have been imposed by this government and this includes the Administration of Justice decree and their amendments, which actually disenfranchises all civil servants of any collective bargaining, freedom of association or any access to the dispute settling machinery under the law. It imposes arbitrarily a retirement age and of course terms and conditions of employment of civil servants have been altered and are inferior to what it used to be. And this includes the imposition of individual contracts in many areas of the civil service.

HILL: Well that's happening in a lot of countries, people are moving away from mass union memberships towards individual contracts. Is it so different in Fiji to other countries?

ANTHONY: It is different when you impose laws of this nature. We will totally respect workers individual choices, but if you impose these laws and disallow collective bargaining, then that becomes very different.

HILL: Yeah but this doesn't exactly sound like North Korea or Zimbabwe or Sudan or something?

ANTHONY: Well do we want to wait until we get there? That's the big question and the answer is no to that. If these are violations of workers rights and trade union rights, we must act on that. And we must ensure that these rights are restored. Quite apart from that we also have this more latest decrees that actually disallow trade unionists and trade union employees from participating in any form of political activity, including even declaring support for political parties. Again, a violation of freedom of association. And this is attempting to ingrain in the constitution of the country and also including in that is the retirement age. I mean which constitution in the world would want to deal with retirement age or participation of trade unions in the political life of the country, except for Fiji. So in this respect I think we've gone beyond Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Fiji hits out at union campaign targeting tourists

Published: 7 May 2013 at 12.49
Online news: Asia

Fiji's military government on Tuesday condemned a trade union publicity campaign aimed at international tourists that seeks to debunk the idea that the South Pacific nation is a tropical paradise.

File photo shows a resort pictured near Suva, Fiji on December 9, 2006. Fiji's military government on Tuesday condemned a trade union publicity campaign aimed at international tourists that seeks to debunk the idea that the nation is a tropical paradise.

The campaign, launched this week with the website www.destinationfiji.org, accuses Fijian authorities of trampling on workers' rights and abusing the human rights of dissidents.

It was set up by the International Trade Union Confederation with cooperation from unions in Australia and New Zealand, the source of most international visitors to Fiji, which relies on tourism for export earnings.

"Thought Fiji was paradise? Think again," it says. "Behind the island's beauty lies a much uglier reality.

"Since seizing control of the country in 2006, the regime has stripped workers of their wages and conditions, free speech has been stifled ... those speaking out against the regime are threatened and assaulted."

Tourism Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum accused organisers of trying to undermine the country's largest industry and placing in jeopardy the jobs of workers that unions were supposed to be protecting.

"This is a campaign of a handful of Fijian trade unionists with the assistance of their Australian and New Zealand mates to undermine the Fijian economy, create job loss and punish the livelihoods of ordinary Fijian workers," he told news website Fijilive.

"All in an attempt to bolster their own position."

Fiji Trade Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony said the campaign did not seek to discourage tourists but aimed to educate them about the reality of what was happening on the ground away from their luxury resorts.

Anthony said the government, which has pledged to hold elections next year for the first time since a 2006 coup, still ruled by decree and had curtailed the rights of unionists.

"(Sayed-Khaiyum) has no one else to blame when the world is critical of the abuse of power by the regime in imposing these draconian decrees," he told AFP.

"He cannot place the blame on trade unions when he is the one who has embarked on union bashing."

Anonymous said...

The hon.AG Khaiyum is smart in enacting a Decree to disallow Union
executive In Fiji to Run for parliament or take up a political
party position without resigning from his Union executive post? You
must decide where you want to work,
either to be a politician or Union
executive-it's one or the other?With the former
administrations these Union Executive were permitted(bad moves) to do anything
they want?
No one dared to put a
cap on their power to demolished any administration at their whims?
they were (unreasonably) allowed to
collect 2 wages-one from the Union
and one from the Government?
Double whammy-i'm surprised that the Government of Fiji wasn't bankrupt
from these bastards?
No wonder that
inspite of the large amount of Foreign aids the Government were getting from abroad-every yearly,
there was not much development in the country to show for it?Why?cause the money were been divy-up
to pay for these crooked bastards,
and used to appease these asseoles?
Khaiyum is a smart man, and he's paying close attention, as to how other
western democracy, legislates and put in place law,
that would ensure
the normalization of Union destructive power.
To khaiyum i say this,keep your Union decree in full
force, actually we'd like for you to take the decree further, and make sure that these
bastards are legislated to retire at a particular age too?

Anonymous said...

Look fellas; i am an ordinary servant of the Govt and a member of a trade Union. I believe in the Union movement. The primary purpose of trade union organisation as i understand from my limited experience is to safe guard the workers interest; to ensure that the workers get their lawful entitlement and workers voice is collectively heard. It provides workers the bargaining power and platform to negotiate favourable terms with their employess. I agree and support these objectives of Unions and will always strive to maintain these fundamental rights of workers.

However, sadly in Fiji we have seen Unions use members as political footballs. The Unions have destroyed Fiji's economy. The coups did not help. The Unions kept quite (Atar Sing being an exception) when the 2006 coup took place. The prominenet leaders and members of the popular trade Union Organisation took official positions in Govt and various Govt Intitution Boards. They started the class warefare and yet enjoyed a above avaerage life style themselves. The Unions completely divided farmers and allowed corruption at FSC to exit. Thses Unions condoned corruption in civil service and bullying of some successful private sector organisation who eventually got fed up and shifted their investments elsewhere. Damn Unions of Fiji absolutely desrves the criticism and YES THEY DID DESTROYED FIJI

Anonymous said...

These illegal thugs REDUCED our FNPF pensions, saying that it is "UNSUSTAINABLE". YET, they saw it fit to buy brand new aircrafts using the FNPF funds!!
I just cannot for the life of me see the logic!!
In the meantime, we the pensioners are really, really struggling to get by day in and day out!
In actual fact, I can confidently say that AT LEAST 90% of us are now living below the poverty line.

Anonymous said...

Taliban Khaiyum and no brain Bainimarama can dish it out but can't take it. Keep it up unions! Hit em where it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Annon 5.58pm

Bosso you missed the point. The loan to air pac is a good investment to pay pensioners. The reduced rate make sense as u can't get 5 times what u had in your fnpf balance as pension. Ask anybody who knows a bit a pension is that our pension rate was very generous.

By the way, no pensioner lost anything as they all got their full balance in addition to their pension.

This change has now allowed people like us who are in our 30's to feel more secured about our future saving.

Anonymous said...

Finally the right or appropriate questions by ABC's Hill that makes Felix and all his supporters look stupid

Anonymous said...

Annon 1.12pm

Spot on about the union leaders who have their own self interest and no interest for their workers.

Anonymous said...

Felix has formed a political party with Dan Urai. The party, new democratic party has Bune, Sivo and other ex FLP members as the key officials. Felix wants to flex his muscles for political gains but this will miss fire on him.

Felix will not lose his pay if there are less tourist to fiji.

keep it up unions said...

Disregarding Felix and others history with regime, unions are crucial to workers interests, especially with so many of us earning such low wages.

Regional and international unions on right track. It worked with South Africa and can work with Fiji.

As someone has said it is Khaiyum and Bainimarama's fault Fiji is being isolated. If they can dish it out they should take it.

Nothing has got through to these illegal operators who have the nerve to cry foul when they don't like it.

Feck off Khaiyum said...

No need for the uniuons to apoloogise either. This lot are guilty and should not pull guilt trips on the world.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up unions,

Why penaliz2 the poor workers who have nothing to gain but everything to gain. Do you think if there is a regime change, suddenly the workers pay will rise to $10 - $15 an hour. Pls get real.

The only people who are advocating the strike is those who will gain personally or have personal vendetta against the IG. You should not hurt the poor some more. It is like kicking someone who is already down.

Anonymous said...

We dont need Unions telling us what is best for the country. They cant find a real job because these con man are good at playing with innocent peoples emotion and use it to their advantantage - a self preservation strategy. Have they created employment in Fiji No. But they have taken away the opportunity of many who could have been emplyed in Fiji. FNPF is broke but who was controling FNPF - it was the Union delegates who were the members of the FNPF board. Today i realise the the massive error of judgment for not voting in Rabuka and Reddy coalition. Instead we were all hypnotised and blindly voted the Union thugs only to find out we have dug our own grave

Stopthethieves said...

Could the banks in Fiji and money transfer agencies there stop taking out government levies from remittances I send to my relatives in Fiji??

I want all this money to go to my relatives minus only transfer fee of agency.

At the moment the illegal regime is stealing my money by taking their cut.I don't mind if they were a democratic government but I do because they are an ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ORGANISATION who are chorrowing my money!!!


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum you dirty opportunist pig. While you were still a suckling, Trade Unionists had been toiling to get decent working conditions for the workers who with their blood, sweat and tears built this Nation. In Fiji this all began in the coolie lines where people began to organize against inhumane working conditions.
This day and age has seen seen these men as Trade Unionists..real men..men who stand up for the oppressed.They are law abiding citizens and they carry out union activities that are allowed and protected by the law.
All you have been doing is hurling personal character attack and unsubstantiated allegations against them. If you are any good, get out of your pen and prove your allegations in that kangaroo court system of yours...the world is watching. You are standing in front of a mirror and the whole world is watching you and your image.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is just a upstart who got his break on the misery of Fijians. There will be no mercy for him or Bainimarama and those who support them. Illegal regimes always turn to crooks and opportunists and so they have done in Fiji with Khaiscum.

Anonymous said...

Good publicity for workers rights in Fiji. Keep it up Fiji.

Union tourism campaign angers Fiji
Fiji has accused NZ and Australian unions of undermining its economy with a website aimed at informing tourists about workers' rights.

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8 May 2013

A campaign by New Zealand and Australian trade unions aimed at international tourists visiting Fiji has angered the Pacific nation's military government.

The destinationfiji.org website was launched this week, urging people to rethink the idea that Fiji is a paradise.

The website says that since Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in 2006, human and workers' rights have been under attack. The regime has stripped workers of their wages and conditions, free speech has been stifled, and the country's Constitution and Bill of Rights has been abrogated, it says.

With about 700,000 people visiting Fiji "Don't let your tourism dollar prop up the Fiji military regime this year," it urges.

The website was set up by Australia and New Zealand's respective Council of Trade Unions and other workers' rights groups.

But Fiji's Attorney-General and Minister for Tourism Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum accused the unions of misleading the public and undermining the livelihoods of workers.

"This is a campaign of a handful of Fijian trade unionists with the assistance of their Australian and New Zealand mates to undermine the Fijian economy, create job loss, and punish the livelihoods of ordinary Fijian workers, all in an attempt to bolster their own position," he told FijiLive.

For trade union leaders to encourage a boycott of such a crucial industry was "the height of selfishness and irresponsibility", he said.

Fiji Trade Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony, responded, saying the campaign is about to educate tourists about the reality of what was happening on the ground away from their luxury resorts.

"He (Sayed-Khaiyum) cannot place the blame on trade unions when he is the one who has embarked on union bashing," he told AFP.

NZN City

Anonymous said...

I am not a Khaiyum or Frank supporter or a fan. But speaking truthfully as a fully paid Union member of FTUC we well and truly stuffed our economy. Our values were compromised by our leaders. Off we should take the blame. Even the Trade Union and Labour party in Australia stuffed it up. Same with the militant Unions in England. We as Unions should have ensured that we as workers are not exploited and at the same time paly it fair - a win - win for both workers and employers. I read before about the blood sweat and tears of workers - agree but let us also and tend a blind eye to many business people who risked teir entire livlihood with debt from bank and with teir family having many sleepless nights. There some dirty people but let us not pain them with the same brush. On the other look at our brothers in Union - corrupt to the hilt. They supported Frank and than they steal so get kicked out and start blaming the coups were wrong - wow!!! In fact we are now a minirity because most workers are not union members. We start the class warfare and blame others. Come on we should be better than that and i pray that one day we will find a leader amongst us who can truly stand up for our true values and ideals that will ensure that Fiji and her people progress collectively without unfairness and class warfare. Get rid of coups and corrupt Union leaders - minus Attar

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!! The corrupt and racist Union leaders are fully responsible for the misery people of Fiji are currently facing. Coups were supported by the Union leaders so why blame Frank and party. Other rights will not make one wrong right!!!

Anonymous said...

spot on!!! bloody Unions (ashamed to be a member of one. I will stop and get out). Why blame others like NFP ad than marginalise good professionals and business people (mind there are some business people who are ruthless but many others are true philonthropist and reat employers). At least the the business people are up front; they are there to make maoney / profit. However, our leaders are hypocrits - steals, lies and supports coups in the name of socila justoce and service - what a load of crap!!!

Anonymous said...

Truz up!!! bro you must be typing fast; lot of typos but the message is clear. Thses Union boys steals and lies and pretends to be the good fallas - trying to work for the workers - bullshit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gali gali me shor hai ......saala labour part pura chor hai!!!