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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why haven't Fiji police revealed a gun was stolen from a home invasion?

A 22 gauge gun was stolen from the home of a Navua businessman during a robbery on Monday but the police have deliberately kept the information from the public.

The gun, which was legally in the possession of the businessman, is used for wild duck hunting. Some bullets were also taken.

If it were another country, the police would have immediately warned the public of a stolen gun in the hands of dangerous criminals.

But not in this case. Why not?

A report on Fiji Village reads as follows:

"The search continues by police for the four men involved in a break-in at Wainadoi early Monday morning.
Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu said some people who were alleged to be involved have been interviewed and released.
ACP Tudravu added that police will continue to set up snap checkpoints in a number of areas.
The four men broke into a businessman’s home and got away with jewellery and cash.
ACP Tudravu said some other items were stolen and investigators are looking into this before making further comments.
It is also confirmed that the four fled from the house in a car which was found abandoned at Reservoir Road."


fIJI FAN said...

police reassuring citizens all is good in their motherland just as pm has reassured i taukei all is safe with their land - if you dare to believe it.

RaDio Tarana the latest to spread the propaganda

The Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has again reassured the iTaukei people and Fijians with freehold lands that their land would be safe under the new constitution.
In an interview with Radio Tarana in New Zealand, the Prime Minister said they had started looking at the submissions received on the draft constitution.
He said they had received a total of 1093 submissions.
Of great concern, the Prime Minister mentioned during the interview, is how old politicians and would-be politicians are interpreting the provision on iTaukei land ownership.
“Let me assure all iTaukei people that no one can take away your land and your ownership rights will be secure under the new constitution,” the Prime Minister said.
He confirmed there would be some changes in the draft especially in toughening up the language in the iTaukei landownership rights.
The Prime Minister warned that pamphlets had been distributed telling the people that the Bainimarama Government is weakening the iTaukei control of their land.
“This is a lie,” he said.
He has reminded all the iTaukei people that “their landownership is safe and no one will take that out from them.”
This, he adds, will also apply to Fijians with freehold land.
He said the constitution would be ready when it is ready but this will not affect the September 2014 elections.

Abhay Raj Singh said...

Mahen Chaudhry please leave farmers union. Please don't use farmers as your political pawns. You have farmers in past for your political interest. Because of you so many leases were not renewed by the landowners. The indo-Fijians should either vote for SODPLEA or the Bainimarama government.

Anonymous said...


Time for you guys to learn and get some facts regarding baini coup.

1.Coup was executed to save baini himself from -getting charged for TREASON, he abrograted constitution, CRW murder, threating legal minister.

2. Just used Indians for support and money as economic power (business run by Indians)

You guys love to promote. Other day Sanjesh and female announcer on air around 11.30 pm seems like she was proud that Baini loves to only talk to Tarana. What's there to be proud of lady/Sanjesh. You guys are the most filty and corupt poeple in New Zealand. Announers only good at playing music and rubbish talk

You people cannot think what Indians have done. Get some facts around 1997 Constitution and now draft. Your station is equally guilty so all announcers who have been supporting this dictator.

Next time Sanjesh , just your uncle baini..how much salary he earn and why salary is processed by private firm.

What;s the debt level of Fiji? My guess around 6-8billion.

Also why to date they have not shown a single evidence that last general election was rigged. He was going to show on Jan 1st 2007 by the help of Peter Foster a conman. That conman conned this connman.

Sanjesh you and your team needs to learn some investigative journalism .

Whatever they do..

Baini, Arsey, Nazat. Gates will be in gail--be 1 year, 2, years or 5 years, they will end up in ail.

If you have some dignity or intergrity left stop supporting and promoting.

Read and digest until for big one next time.

Anonymous said...

More promises from Bainimarama -- how reassuring!

After all, when has he ever broken his word?

Anonymous said...

Stolen gun wasn't reported because it is going to be used to shoot Mahendra Chodory and Harry Dugdale. 2013 year of change.

Keep The Faith said...


Radio Tarana shitty coup supporting station said...

Anon May 23, 10:37:

Radio Tarana is only good for entertainment and music. No one there demonstrates any journalistic skills. The station is openly biased. Their announcers are totally naive. It's clear none of them ever read. They not very educated either. Listening to their announcers is nauseating. Their fawning interviews with bainimarama are a disgrace. All they now is how to do peddle the line of their boss, the gandu coup-supporter Robert Khan. To put it bluntly, Radio Tarana is a shit station full of shit people. It is a disgrace to journalism. In fact, it is not journalism at all, but sheer propaganda.

Anonymous said...

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