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Saturday, June 1, 2013

British MP under investigation after Fiji sting

Conservative MP: Patrick Mercer. pic The Telegraph
A British MP has resigned after claims he took money to lobby on behalf of the Fiji military dictatorship.

Conservative Party MP Patrick Mercer has been exposed  by BBC Panomarama and the newspaper, The Telegraph, as having submitted parlimentary questions on Fiji - on the promise of cash.

The undercover investigation found that Mercer, a former shadow minister, tabled five questions to Government ministers and put down a parliamentary motion after being paid £4,000 as part of a contract he believed would earn him £24,000 a year. 

The secret recording shows Mercer agreeing with an undercover reporter, posing as a parliamentary campaigner, to table an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for the return of Fiji to the Commonwealth. 

In the video the journalist passes him a document showing the proposed wording for the motion. 

It read: “This House recognises that the government of Fiji is making all reasonable efforts to restore democracy and feels that in the light of the ongoing hardship being endured by its businesses there is no justification for Fiji’s continued suspension from the Commonwealth and therefore urges this Government to arrange a ministerial visit in order to help prepare for and assist its readmission”. 

“Can we get that in before the recess [the parliamentary Easter break]?” the reporter asks.

“Yes, course we can,” replied Mercer. “I’ll get that sorted out and we’ll start getting that signed up.”

Mercer, a former army officer, was sacked from the Tory front bench in March 2007 after he suggested in an interview that being called a “black bastard” was a normal part of life in the armed forces. He added that he had met a lot of “idle and useless” ethnic minority soldiers. 

In a statement regarding the video and the proposed Fiji motion, he said: "Panorama are planning to broadcast a programme alleging that I have broken Parliamentary rules.
"I am taking legal advice about these allegations – and I have referred myself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

"In the meantime, to save my party embarrassment, I have resigned the Conservative whip and have so informed Sir George Young. I have also decided not to stand at the next general election." 

Latest update: Sting involved non-existent spin doctor company. See first link below





Nameli Qui said...

Bainimarama is off to China with his begging bowl to kerekere for more funding to pay for these doggy consultants such as Govis, and this Mercer to peddle the illegal Govt canoe on propaganda work.

Mercer, Gorvis and their likes do not understand that they are being paid to assist Fiji's Dictator torture, harass and dispossess Fijians in their home country.

We ask the British Govt to punish this rogue Mercer to the full extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's in the UK, Papua New Guinea or Fiji, so much of Bainimarama's support simply derives from a desire to share in his lucre, even at the expense of the Fijian people.

Anonymous said...


Tis is the problem we have at hand now....

This illegal regime paying big bucks to protect their illegality and card up their propaganda.

Why cant we Fijians just understand one thing....the High Court of Appeal has declared the coup as illegal and unconstitutional.

what else FB and ASK and all assess trying to prove....

all monies going out should be directed somewhere useful to the people of Fiji paying taxes.

Again this we see with unaccountable dictator govts.

we are sick of lies , lies but lies..

when will we Fijians learn...many people just fence sitting...cowards

Anonymous said...

Why did the report use Fiji as the bait???

Anonymous said...

Presumably, the two media teams had a reason for using Fiji instead of any local groups or other offshore groups to snare Mercer?

Can we find out why of all the places and the illegal regimess they could've used they used Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister's office lead by Pio Tikoduadua is going around villages to straighten up what they believed the lies which were spread by some politicians.

Pio, let me ask you a question gusu veve, how would you know that the constitution you're promoting is not a lie?

Anonymous said...

Man,this frieken Mercer guy must
be a Boci? He could be a Brother from another Mother?

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Why is this such a big deal? Do your undercover agents know who is or will be paying this stooge the claimed money? Or is this blogsite's journalistic creativeness and drive drying up, looking for anything that has a hint of 'Fiji' in it to peddle?

Anonymous said...

this illegal govt would be nothing without guns or money to support themselves.i would nt vote frank to look after my plantation.the guy is a loser wannabe admiral who couldnt sail a canoe from suva to nukulau without getting lost.and as for ask he couldnt write his name without copying the answer.they are both idiots with guns to protect their interests.but seriously wonder why they hate fiji to do this coup.

Anonymous said...

is this mercer related to robin mercer of navava estate savusavu

Anonymous said...

The Coup is ILLEGAL.
Lets take down these CRIMINAL MOTHERFUCKERS, Bainiarse and Arsehole Kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

If the Police cant do their job of apprehending the criminals Bainimagaitinana and Aiyazhole then lets go do it.
Lets take down these bastards.

Anonymous said...

Mercer would otherwise be praised if he were lobbying on behalf of the predatory investment banks.

Kai Bau still around said...

Common bloggers what the panic for "DEMOCRACY CANNOT BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY" democracy is about our freedom and no amount of development and free money lending by Voreqe and his illegal goverment will ever satisfied the needs and wants of human beings.Once you started giving free service to the people you have to keep on doing it or otherwise the very people Voreqes think that are his friends will be his worst enermy.

rajend naidu said...

If the allegation against the British Conservative Party MP Patrick Mercer ( a former army officer) that "he took money to lobby on behalf of the Fiji military dictatorship" (C4.5) is true (and I would be inclined to believe it is) than it just goes to show how far the Fiji military regime is prepared to go to gain legitimacy and international acceptance for its Machiavellian scheme to stay on in power - the power it acquired unlawfully through a conspiratorial military coup.
Is this "respectable" British MP the only one lobbying for the Fiji military regime? I don't think so. I suspect there are many more. Who are they? Where else are they lobbying? Who is financing the lobbying apart from the Fiji regime?
How can this regime's " road map to democracy" be trusted given its inherent dishonesty?
How can anyone who is not a screw loose believe the election the Fiji military dictatorship is planning will be free and fair?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

missfire...!!!tobo tale sasaga curu lo tale jiko ena commonwealth,dua na yasana tukuni jiko ni sega na betena na commonwealth sa set jiko o China, sa cava tale qo??

I hope c4.5 supplied background info to that media org-BBC Panomarama to dig deep into the situation back in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly all those crying now are calling the IG, including FLP and its leader MPC and rajend. FDP including its leader Bune, felix and Urai.

And off course my fellow itaukei who are making so much noise about democracy. Where were they in 87 and 2000?

Mad Hatter said...

As if we didn't have enough problems deranged Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh and the irascible Dharam 'cunn'Lingum, a religious nut has also joined the crowd!

Kai Bai said...

Voreqe is begging more mill mix from China to keep the hungry pigs at the army camp(soldiers) happy or else theyll turn around and trample his head.

Go Aslam. Go Vodafone! said...

In today's Fiji Sun:

Vodafone, is proud to be the first network to bring mobile social gaming and entertainment “Funspot”, for our techno-savvy and socially active market.

Our customers will be able to enjoy a fully integrated social gaming with 9 made-for-mobile social games. The games represent some of the most popular categories in the social gaming world including: Fashionista, Football World, Mobile Chefs and Pets. The service had been launched at the Fiji Showcase 2013.

All subscribers signing up today will be getting one week of free subscription.

Anonymous said...

all you handful of dogs barking against the Fiji Govt can bark all you want.It wont make a fucking difference coz the PM Frank bainimarama is taking Fiji forward giving all ethnic races an equal opportunity.
That's the way to go Mr Prime Minister,Sir.

Long Live our beloved Prime Minister,Mr Bainimarama.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

aslam khan is a traitor and he is going to reap his reward by being a major sponsor of frank.boycott vodafone

Anonymous said...

yes you are right about that if you are muslim or chinese.the other races are nothing to that wannabe pm.i and many others didnt vote for those treasonous pigs.if you agree with the coup you are either benefiting from it or you are stupid.there is no 3rd optin

Anonymous said...

ha ha taking fiji to drown in the toilet perhaps

Anonymous said...

Equal opportunity poverty.

Equal opportunity despotism.

Equal opportunity treason.

Anonymous said...

so true.
fiji the way the world should be.

Anonymous said...

Stop sitting on the fence.

Join with us as we prepare to take them down.


Anonymous said...

i wish someone would take them out

Anonymous said...

Fiji is being given alot of money as of late in the form of aid from developed countries. But where is it going? Only small amounts of the millions given ever seems to reach those in need. The roads are still shit, schools still need more funding and equipment but where is all the aid going?! Put your hand up is you think this aid is going to pay for loans...

Tatti CEO Aslam Khan said...

slam Khan is a treasonous and tatti (shit) CEO who relies on monopoly, price gouging, and using dominant market position and corrupt means to put barriers to entry in the market by competitors.

Coup supporter and regime collaborator Aslam epitomises crony capitalism in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

You are a racist bastard. Why generalise all muslims and chinese. The arya samaj is supporting the regime. Mahen chaudary supported xchaudary until he was kicked out when PM learnt about his $million4.

Majority of the army and those itaukei who support him are christains.

I am neither stupid nor one who supports the coup. If you have the balls, you will blame who did the coup and who was the first to jump in bed with him.

Anonymous said...

Aslam was appointed to Head vodafone more than 15 years when SVT was running the country.

People are plain jealous against this man. His monopoloy status was govt policy to help protect our funds as fnpf owns majority stake in it on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

Nizam at fijitoday

You say that fiji was given IMF loan at 3% which is much cheaper than the ANZ brokered bond.

Do you do what conditions was attached to the IMF loan? Do you know that borrowing in the internation market is not a bad thing as compared to being bailed out by IMF.

Did you also know that the main reason for the bond issue was to repay the initial bond raised by the SDL govt in 2006.

Did you know that how much was the IMF loan? My friend, go and read the statements at that time. The IMF loan was US$500 million (F$1 billion). Fiji did not need to borrow that much.

So get your facts right as shooting from the hips will not get you anywhere.

As for the other conditions of the IMF, let me tell you that IMF was twisting fiji's arm and the conditions was going to hurt the poor.

Anonymous said...

The more parties there are is good for PM and his party. As elections is first pass the post and not 50% plus one, the opposition against the IG will split the votes making it easy for them to win even with 30 to 35% going their way.

Your take on this dakawaqa would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

well you think all the races get a good deal from this coup.what about kai loma.they get nothing.and why do u say long live pm bainimarama.that tells us u support that treasonous snake.

Tatti CEO Aslam Khan and greedy Vodafone said...

Anonymous @ 9.44pm:

Jealous of Aslam, haha, what a freakin' joke. We are angry not jealous. Aslam ruthlessly and mercilessly exploited consumers by setting exorbitant fees. Because of Aslam's greed, the Vodafone brand has a bad name in Fiji. It is despised by the people who will not easily forget.

We only patronise vodafone because of its product, nothing else. There is no shred of loyalty to the company or its shitty CEO.

Tamai Sai said...

I believe that it will be a blessing for Voreqe and co to win the elelction because they will be travelling freely around the world where democracy exist They also can be dealt with in a democracy way of protesting for the murder theyve done to innocent civilians and all thats been covered on the immunity section of the constitution.For me I will welcome the new Fijian PM with a big bula, a big handsake and a traditional sevusevu of my saliva on his face(spit)

Meow said...

Ok let me guess who are the people who are Jealous of Aslam Khan and who are the people who are angry with Aslam Khan:

Jealous People:
Ballu Khan & Co., Rajendra Chaudhary & Crock Followers., Shaista Shameem & Followers, Digicel Management etc, etc

Angry People:
Qarase & Co., M. P. Chaudhary & Co., Munro Leys & Cronies, Shaista Shameem, Digicel Management, Ballu Khan with his cronies, Shamima Ali & Co. at Crisis Centre and FWRM

The above named people can come out and tell why they are jealous and/or why they are angry and/or both.

To Mr Aslam Khan, I would repeat what Winster Churchil once said:
" You have Enemies? Good, that means, you have stood up for something, sometime in your life"

Keep up the good job Sir!

Anonymous said...

Meow, you are sleeping partner of Aslam or his wife Naz?

Meow said...

Changing sleeping partners is a fashion and habit of those named under my comment.

You tell me how many nights have you been rewarded by those for commenting on Mr Aslam Khan???????????


Questions for Nirmal Singh of PDP- what is your party's position on these questions?


1. Why the release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012 is being blocked?
2. When will the people of Fiji get a copy of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. When will the regime publicize the details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Bano?
4. When will the regime release details of the tender process (if any) for all Capital works awarded to Constructions companies of Malaysia and China from 2007- 2012?
5. When will the regime release of the accounts for the $5m annual Taiwan Government Grant held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6. When will the Commander RFMF release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. When will the regime release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Dairy Restructure?
8. Will the regime release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and other reports conducted by professionals on various entities in which the State has interest of investments?
10. How can Public Service Commission accept as Permanent Secretary a person convicted of murder and has served two years prison sentence?

Does Nirmal Singh's PDP support muslim domination in top positions in Fiji? said...

• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s newest party to support free press and uphold rule of law

Posted at 17:41 on 02 June, 2013 UTC

The newest political party to be registered in Fiji says it will fill a political vacuum in the country and will be open to the media.

The People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Nirmal Singh says other parties are old and split on racial lines. He says his party has almost equal representation of both major ethnic groups.

Nirmal Singh says the party will stand for a completely free media, but he does not want to talk about changing laws such as the Media Industry Development Decree.

“We will subscribe to unfettered press, regardless. We believe in media freedom, we expect media to question us, we expect media to be the watchdog, it’s the fourth estate, and we will ensure that Fiji has unfettered press and we want to be scrutinised and the media is the only organisation that can respond and scrutinise government on the people’s behalf.”

Nirmal Singh says the party will comply with the Government’s requirement to declare all their assets and those of their children within the next week.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Singh, after explaining your party's position on corruption, kindly tell us why you had to leave your job at the U.S. embassy.

Anonymous said...



Nirmal Singh says they will not challenge the media decree. what an arse. He says other parties are divided on racial lines. well, your party leaders felix and Daniel, bune all supported the 2006 coup. including you tere maichod. don't talk about sodelpa.

Anonymous said...

the vicious reaction to nirmal and PDP is directed by FLP hierarchy. the gutless FLP old farts who suck up to their bhgwan mahen chaudhry and his son rajen. Nirmal has taken on both bapp and beta, and exposed some of their corrupt and crooked dealings. now they after his blood and lauching personal attacks.

we suport nirmal and PDP because they standing up to chor chaudhry khandhan and challenging 'robin hood' mahen, who take from the rich in the name of the poor, but put in his own bank account.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:57, I'm not Nizam, but I don't need to be to detect BS when I read it.

Rather than challenge others to reveal the conditionality of the IMF loan, why don't YOU tell us what the conditions were, especially since you aver that they would have been harmful to Fiji's poor.

In fact, the IMF operates under a principle known as "parismony of conditionality", which means that the IMF only applies those conditions it deems necessary and prudent to ensure repayment of its loans. After all, the IMF is in the business of making loans, so it doesn't gratuitously impose conditions that would prevent itself from accomplishing its main mission.

No, the kind of conditions it imposes are things like progress toward a balanced budget and the ability to explain where the money is going. No wonder the regime balked at these basic requirements.

Such requirements are not in any way harmful to the poor. They are only harmful to those with their hands deep in the till.

A loan was necessary to roll over Fiji's existing debt, but that debt was only $150 million. The regime borrowed well over that amount, with the blessing of ANZ. Much of that extra money is no doubt going directly and indirectly to fund Bainimarama's election campaign.

That's where the real arm-twisting is taking place, and literally. It's already clear that Bainimarama will scruple nothing in his effort to legitimise his treasonous regime.

We should join with Dakuwaqa in overthrowing this illegal regime and repudiating Bainimarama's illegal debts.

Anonymous said...

Nirmal is the visionary and new generation leader that Fiji needs. Mr. Singh my vote goes to you. Please do not get discouraged by names you are being called. People of Fiji are behind you. I am a die hard reader of your Facebook posting and continue your good work for us.

Anonymous said...

Judging by comments from Nirmal's Facebook posting, it is now apparent that the vulgar posting on Mr. Singh on this blog is done none other then Rajendra Chaudhry. He has done word by word posting on Coup4.5 from his comments on Mr. Singh's FB page. Rajendra Chaudhry, you are full of filth.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Mercer. Looks like he just got caught parking in the dark on Queen Elizabeth Drive with Tony Gates.

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Singh -- the visionary great leader Fiji needs? Are you kidding me!?

Isn't this the same Nirmal Singh who supported the coup mongers? The same Nirmal Singh who was fired from the U.S. embassy for cause?

If you see Nirmal Singh as the answer, then it sounds like you're the one seeing visions, mate. You're hallucinating.

Anonymous said...

If Nirmal Singh is the answer, then it must be a very strange question.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12.48pm

I suggest you go and read about IMF conditions to developing countries as opposed to rich economies.

The conditions are a stark different with poor countries having less bargaining power than the easy one imposed on countries such as ireland, greece etc.

As for the loan conditions on Fiji, the first condition was that govt would have to fund its repayment on the global bond by borrowing instead of using the IMF fund. Now, don't be surprised but that was one of the conditions which just shows what you read and hear about IMF is not so true.

The second condition is that it wanted a marked reduction in Govt expenditure and raise taxes. This prescription is not giving the desirable results in europe and other economies. Fiji's debt level is less than 50% of GDP, while the developed economies of US, japan, Uk and others are in excess of 100%.

Lastly, the most surprising aspect of the IMF loan is that Fiji never asked for it but the IMF offered when the major stakeholders of IMF were not even engaging with fiji. Now, to me, it was rather odd that they offered us$500 million when our maturing debt was us$150m. Don't you see something rather sinster in their motive.

There are a few other conditions that would have strangled the fiji economy. I am sure john prasad would enlighten you

Lucifer said...

A lot has been said in support of one Aslam Khan "sir"....bahahahaha..ok now the real reason this drain digging technician from telecom became "sir"....(cur). There was once in FIJI , a BERENADO VUNIBOBO as correctly stated earlier-SVT.... minister.This free loading, korean speaking,red wine drinker was the Minister for telecom who had borrowed a LOT of money from NBF. Well so what ,anybody can borrow from NBF.....HUH?!?!? DID WE HEAR NBF? ....well yes and then the Rotuman bankrupted this ...bank didn't he? Oi so big deal. Yes well this BERENADO was the boss of one drain digging technician ,whose wife had cried herself to the position of DPP by then after asking one JONE DAKUVULA to make her DPP......hmmm interesting indeed....so thereafter the NEW DPP could not find any evidence to prosecute the BERENADO VUNIBOBO and guess who got a promotion from digging drains......YES THE ARSELAM KHAN and then Tappoos started giving the DPP, free salwar kamees to parade around in.......

Meow said...

It looks like Lucifer aka Ballu Khan aka Rajendra Chodri aka DR was sleeping all these while or was taking advise from his porn star legal adviser - (the Lawyer with PHD)in regards to Mr Aslam Khan.

Tell me something when was the first and last time someone called you "SIR' or "MR BALLU KHAN".

You say Mr Aslam Khan became CEO from digging drain. Is it a crime? No If you study theories (well you never went to school I guess)you will come to learn how people work hard and touch the sky.

Mr Aslam Khan worked hard and he is respected by people (not of your kind though.

You could not even launch your mobile company which you wanted to launch in Fiji.

You tell us what all you did in your life??

Remember the song from your porn video:"I wish my GF was HOT like you".....?????
And what you did to Ba Provincial
OMG I just can't forget that naked dance by your GF in that Porn video of yours....you were also naked in that video Ballu...ahhh I saw you mate.

Rajen Chodri, the rapist and palyboy. You are worthless to talk about BUT everyone knows you write on this blog to attack Mr Aslam Khan and his wife.
Rajend's Submissions were written by J. J. Udit - the ex Master of High Court.

Before you point your finger at others, see that your hands are clean

Meow said...

I was expecting Lucifer to respond, however he/she went on hiding after writing all lies about Mr Aslam Khan.

Let me correct that comment of his/hers: Lucifer says Vunibobo was Minister for Telecom during NBF saga. Comeon Lucifer, during NBF saga, Paul Manueli was the Minister and chair of NBF. Vunibobo bacame Minister in 1994 that was after NBF SCANDLE u idiot and Mr Aslam Khan or as you say drain digging technician was appointed by Vodafone in UK - NOT BY VUNIBOBO in Fiji.
Get your facts correct you piece of SHIT from your mother!!

Meow said...

And yes my poor PORN DOCTOR of Auckland, NZ, let me correct you for one more time: When Mr Aslam Khan's wife was DPP, Tappoos were not selling Shalwar Kameez my dear, they were selling tourist stuff. Remember you used to buy from them????

I think you have lost it now you porn doctor. Go and puff out.

Anonymous said...

Aslam's wife, the reputable stinking bajaru of a judge likes it both up her rear, and so does Asslam like up his rear. She was caught sharing a dildo with Frank and Asslam. This couple need to be skinned and burned alive.

Meow said...

It looks like Anon talking about his/her mother and father both. I like your guts - first use one name, and when you are over with your lies you defame people.
What a good example from porn-star family.


meow...isa you are sooooooooooo angry suddenly and attacking toooo many people all at once....sa rauta...your father tooo much suck Vunibobo to get job as the ceo from vodaphone....don't get angry ,get even your mother knows how many times she give dinners to curry...hahahah..yes curry favours..don't fire your missile at every direction (i mean erection)

waile sa rauta children...guess maca,lako viti lako

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:26, I do know about IMF loan conditionality. I also know the history of that conditionality. It's precisely because of recurring allegations such as yours -- at one time perhaps well-founded -- that the IMF adopted the principle of parsimony of conditionality, as mentioned. I'm surprised you seem unfamiliar with it. Anyone can Google it and see for himself that this new IMF approach completely contradicts your main point.

Nonetheless, I accept your challenge and invite your friend John Prasad to "enlighten" us with details about the loan. This should be a matter of public knowledge anyway, shouldn't it? After all, it isn't Bainimarama who will be repaying the loan -- WE will be, and our children and perhaps our children's children, long after Bainimarama has hanged.

Wasn't this the regime that promised transparency? What a pack of liars! How are we supposed to believe ANYTHING you guys tell us?

Yes, YOU guys. After all, how else is it that you can claim inside knowledge, unless you're one of the traitors yourself, or at least one of the foreign carpetbaggers here trying to capitalise on our misfortune.

So, pardon my incredulity when you tell us that the IMF solicited the regime and not vice versa. The regime seemed awfully eager to roll over the USD 150 million loan.

And what countries do you mean precisely when you say that some won't engage with Fiji? Everyone has been trying to engage with this regime. It's the regime that refuses to engage, including with its fellow Fijians.

And your claim that the IMF wouldn't allow the regime to use part of the loan to roll over Fiji's existing debt just sounds like errant nonsense. Why shouldn't the IMF allow a portion of the loan to pay off the existing debt? Since when do bankers object to their borrowers using their loans to pay off other bankers? And why would the IMF want to loan another USD 500 million to a regime defaulting on a loan of USD 150 million? It makes no sense on the face of it. We know the difference between shit and shinola.

No, what DOES make sense, from the point of view of those of us who know the arrogance of this dictator, anyway, is that he gladly opted to saddle our country with paying nearly treble the interest rate on offer from the IMF simply in order to avoid fundamental accountability in his use of the loan.

Bring on John Prasad to deny it. We want the details. We deserve the details.

We're owed the truth, even if you can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

the pink coloured car suits the culprit...

Dominick said...

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