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Monday, June 3, 2013

British sting exposes Fiji regime just as much as it does Tory MP

To be expected: the regime on its high horse after a British MP fell for a sting involving a fictitious Fiji consultant company prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a plug.

Handshakes and deals
In a statement, the military dictatorship boasts that: 'Fiji has the toughest anti-corruption record in the South Pacific' going on to say 'the image of Fiji that is being put forward is rooted in Fiji's past, not its present'.

The regime might want to consider the obvious before it continues to garland itself in self-praise: Why of all the countries in the world, did BBC Panorama and the Telegraph use Fiji as its bait?

Could it be that there is more than just a whiff of corruption and a lack of truth emerging from the Frank Bainimarama administration, despite what its spin doctors churn out? 

In the seven years since seizing power he has avoided holding elections, sanctioned the abuse of human rights, killed off political parties and rejected a Constitution for one of his own making.

Into this backdrop comes the British Panorama and The Telegraph sting: reporters posing as lobbyists to get the Newark MP, Patrick Mercer, to take cash in return for lobbying on behalf of businesses trying to get the Commonwealth suspension lifted.

Mercer subsequently tabled five parliamentary questions about Fiji, proposed an Early Day Motion saying there was "no justification for Fiji's continued suspension from the Commonwealth", agreed to help establish an all-party group on Fiji and parlimentary pass for the bogus client.

The fictitious website hatched by BBC Panorama and The Telegraph, Alistair Andrews Communications, is clearly amateur but not too far from the reality of the regime's heavy dependence on its American spin doctors, Qorvis, and roaming diplomat Peter Thomson. 

Add the regime's Look North policy and its relationship with Russia and China and one can see why the two British media teams zoomed in on Fiji for the sting. 

The regime has no cause to accuse Britain of being 'coloured by the patronising attitudes of the past' and to skite about its 'modern progressive state' because it looks as bad as Mercer.

By Owen Tudor
The scandal that has erupted around the allegations that Conservative MP Patrick Mercer was paid to ask Parliamentary Questions and put down an Early Day Motion – as well as set up an All Party Parliamentary Group – has focused on the issue of Parliamentary rules. But there’s a bigger question which Patrick Mercer needs to answer: what did he think he was doing giving succour to Fiji’s military dictatorship in the first place?

Fiji’s continuing suspension from the Commonwealth (as well as from the Pacific Islands Forum) was at the heart of the questions he asked and the Early Day Motion he tabled. As regular readers of Stronger Unions will know, Fiji’s military dictatorship is in trouble with the UN and its workplace rights arm, the International Labour Organisation, whose mission to Fiji was expelled last year, leading to condemnation from the International Organisation of Employers as well as the International Trade Union Confederation. The European Union has suspended most of its aid payments, and both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned the regime for past misdemeanours and its planned constitution.

Trade unionists have put Fiji on the list of the worst offending regimes in the world over workers’ rights for several years in a row, and the nearby Australian and New Zealand trade union movements have urged holiday-makers on the so-called Pacific Paradise to think again. The USA is investigating breaches of workers’ rights in the context of a review of its trade preference regime, and the TUC has worked closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to secure condemnations of the attacks on trade unionists in Fiji.

So, whether money changed hands or not, Patrick Mercer is on record as supporting one of the worst regimes on the planet, a government that locks up and beats its opponents whether they are trade unionists or Methodists, and one that has propelled the country’s people into poverty by destroying its economy. He should resign for that alone.

The TUC will be contacting the four MPs – three of them Labour – who signed Patrick Mercer’s Early Day Motion urging them to withdraw their signatures forthwith, and make public their opposition to the regime in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Is this Bainimarama for real? Does he know how to bribe MPs on other governments? how smart is he? or there are people working behind him.

Indians are good at this types of deals especially bribings, well it will all comeout, every seed we plant will bare its fruits, bad seeds will bring bad fruits, good seeds will bring forth good fruits.

Anonymous said...

Fiji caught with its pants down.

Anonymous said...

frank is a very smart guy.he surrounds himself with people he knows will do his bidding.make no mistakes this guy is shrewd and hes been preparing this coup for years.hes your average dictator who can execute a coup using unscrupulous means

Judge said...

Anon, you are praising Bainimarama or talking about your character?

Anonymous said...

what? no mention of ANZ moving its Pacific HQ to Fiji? Oh thats right, you only want to mention the shitty stuff happening in Fiji. What you expect from a shitty whiteman?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama keeps trying to pose as Lee Kwan Yew, but always ends up looking like Than Shwe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:54, are the ANZ people then "shitty whitemen" too?

Racist idiot.

Anonymous said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (3/6) that the PM's Office has "called on registered political parties to be fair when campaigning for the 2014 general elections".
This after the PM's Office has itself been using State resources for campaigning!
The PS in the PM's Office Lt.Col Pio Tikoduadua said a team from the PM's Office had been going around the countering the half triths and lies that had been told to the people and he asked " Why can't they speak the truth?".
Now that's a question better suited for the Prime Minister and his illegal regime. The people of Fiji have been waiting for answers to many questions - among them the audit reports and the PM's salary - which the regime has arrogantly refused to provide.
We know where the half-truths and blatant lies have been coming from since the illegal "clean up" takeover in 2006.
The Lt Permanent Secretary said it was time all worked together to move the country forward for the benefit of the future generations.
With the loans and debts incurred by the illegal, unaccountable regime it is had to know how future generations will fare. But we know who are benefiting now from the illegal takeover.
And we were told no military wallah will benefit from the coup.
What was that?
The truth?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

@anon3.57 .. yes they are. Mark is the biggest racist around. What makes you think he has your black arse interest at heart? Didn't he say recently..."you people need to take responsibility for your own actions"...yes the discussion was about how the whitemen screwed the natives around the world. Racist? Me thinks

Lance Seeto on delicious food on Air Pacific flights said...

Lance Seeto, award-winning international food writer, author, television presenter and chef, based on Castaway Island Fiji"

"WhenI fly back home, I always dread the meals on the Air Pacific flights, as depending on what time of the day, it could mean a soggy sandwich, a tasteless salad or a microwaved foccacia bread."

The Fiji Times, Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anonymous said...

Naiteqe, just leave Dere alone, there's nothing anyone can do now, he is an army officer remember? If Fiji missed out in the finals of the world cup, ni vakatonoka sara nona sona va na nodra batton na ovisa na qauri,

E kila tu na tamata kaisi qo na ka e cakava tiko se sa nona viavialevu saraga e sa caka nona kina va qo?.

Dere caiti bumu, kua ni cakava i na rakavi na lawa ni sotia, na ka au sa lewa, au sa lewa, drau veicai kei Bainimarama. Na rakavi qori,e sega ni buca ni valu, tamata ravarava. Vakarorogo vei ira na vo ni selectors, osa baci caka nomu tu ra uji mate. Lai vutulaki mada vatakei nomu komada.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:18, look at the pot calling the kettle black! You sound like a bigger racist than he.

Anonymous said...

Is Turkey the next country to revolt??? Wake up Fiji time you standing up for yourself instead of looking to the outside world.

People’s Democratic Party said...

Nirmal Singh does not claim to have any answer for anything you dorks. he is one of many people behind a new party. The party will try and find answers, not Nirmal, whi is just the party spokesman. PDP is not FLP, where mahen chaudhry is everything - mai, baap, nana, dada, bhagwan, treasurer, president and what not.

It is up to the people to support the new part or not.

mark manning said...

One could surmise that Mercer may well have committed an Act of Sedition by wrongfully and knowingly submitting to The British Parliament, a motion he knew was a falsehood.

Fark Fanning said...

How is that an act of sedition ??

Typical garbage from the Aussie Wanker !!

Radiolucas said...

@ FF

"Typical garbage" - the biggest pile of garbage in the nation today are those pack of lying theives that pretend to be our leaders.

Sedition? Frank could write a romantic novel on the subject - Frank Bainimarama is the biggest traitor Fiji in our history - and will be remembered for his many many lies, false promises and for presiding over the darkest period in our history: murder, assaults, censorship, dictatorship.

Fiji military disgrace said...

The useless and poorly led Fiji military is the shame of the nation. They are a disgrace to their country and their families.

Ruveni Gainisela said...

For the current illegal Government of Fiji to earn the worst accolades
""Trade unionists have put Fiji on the list of the worst offending regimes in the world over workers’ rights for several years in a row, and the nearby Australian and New Zealand trade union movements have urged holiday-makers on the so-called Pacific Paradise to think again""

Thank you Owen Tudor for publicising this factual statement

This is shameful indeed both for Fiji.

However it is indeed deserving because it is one of the worst Governments ever.

Shame on you Bainimarama. Fiji is no longer HOW THE WORL SHOULD BE.

Anonymous said...

Pio Tikoduadua....ena yati mai na colo kemudrau !!!!..na gusumudrau ena tau e kesumudrau

Anonymous said...

So where was the money to pay this disgrace mp coming from?

Anonymous said...

Qorvis or khaiyum hong kong account?

Anonymous said...

Fiji regime is corrupt no denying

Just Saying said...

International publicity again making Fiji look exactly like what it is ... a seedy little banana republic sucking up to anyone that can give it money to allow it to keep oiling its PR machinery.

It fools no-one except the wannabe Fiji people who have fallen in behind because it's easier and because they're benefiting from the corruption.

Anonymous said...

where is Mr Peter Wise, the man behind all chinese scandal? Is he still in the government or has he partnered with the some chinese after offering them projects. Can somebody update please.

Kai Bau said...

From the FT online today.Please read
"A digger removes gravel from the Varaciva River in Moto, Ba. The Ministry of Lands has clarified that gravel found in rivers and streams are owned by the state." Picture: Jai Prasad
This bastards IG did not realise that gravel and srteams are part of the eco system that the people (indigenous) people survive from.Who cares about the state own the gravel and streams.Indigenous people dont eat gravels its what the gravel does to the eco system that the indigonous are more worried about.Please coup 4.5 elaborate on this piece of comments from the state.Good issue for politicians who wants to stand in the next election

rajend naidu said...

It's fake says the PM in the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun (4/6) to the sting operation by the British media that exposed a British lobby group propagandizing for Fiji's re-entry into the Commonwealth.
We all know what is really fake : Frank Bainimarama's claim to be the Prime Minister of Fiji. His real title is that of a Usurper!. Nobody elected him Prime Minister. The man appointed himself after carrying out a military coup and telling the nation publicly that no military personnel will benefit from his coup.
He lied then and he has been lying ever since to hang onto power.
His pathetic denial of the sting revelations cannot alter the facts, can it?
Why has the British MP Peter Mercer who is alleged to have received money to do the lobbying on the Fiji military regime's behalf resigned following the revelation?
That's what happens in an established democracy. When as an MP your conduct falls short of what is expected you resign . That is the honourable thing to do under the democratic convention.
A dictatorship - such as the one currently in place in Fiji - has no such convention.
People can do all sorts of dishonourable things and continue to stay in power.
The fake PM of Fiji is a good example of this phenomenon.
rajend naidu

Kolinio 'Pussy' Meow Meow said...

Kolinio Meow you name really suits you.
you are a real pussy.
Vunibobo was big horny fella who visit all massage parlours every time on overseas duty as minister.
And Aslam Khan is a shit ceo who suck up to V'bobo.

And looks like you really study the Ballu Khan tape. you say you saw ballu naked.
why you spend so much time looking at Ballu's naked body? look like iballu turn you on.
it proves my point - you are a really pussy!

Meow said...

Porn Doctor since you had nothing to say, you have moved away from the topic. The year and Minister I wrote, you got a shock eh. You have really lost it porn doctor. Remember you used to buy duty free from Tappoos and wished they would give you free of charge...hahahaha poor asshole.
Who told you Tappoos were selling Shalwaar Kameez during 1994 to 1998???
It looks like you are really missing Fiji, hai na?
Come over and AG will screw you hard this time.

Ballu's balls said...

Kolinio Meow has inadvertently admitted he was watching stolen sex movie made by two consenting adults for their private use, which is illegal on his part.

He also admitted he might have spent a bit too long gazing at ballu's balls. Hahaha, why you looking at ballu's balls?

Caught! Out of the closet!!

mark manning said...

Sedition of course is an exaggeration, but he has misrepresented himself in Parliament and should at the very least, be sanctioned, sacked or even imprisoned for fraud.
But one point we all seem to have missed is, why is the Regime so desperate to rejoin the Commonwealth?
Have they reached a brick wall financially, given that they are also on their hands and knees begging publicly and openly for Grants from the Chinese for a block of Units which may never be finished and may even be condemned as unfit to live in, before they are even completed?
What is the motivation for the Regime to be wanting to return to the Commonwealth, is it a desperate need for money to pay the Soldiers?
Because once the money has gone, so has the support from those greedy useless Soldiers.
I'd be interested to see what mercer gets charged with, if anything.

mark manning said...

It's criminal really, for a member of The British Parliament to be lobbying for a Regime with a record of human rights abuses such as Frank Bainimarama's.
It does make a mockery of the Democratic Process, but thankfully, under Britain's Democracy, everyone is Accountable, unlike those in the Regime in fiji who can do as they please, willy nilly.

Mercer may face a Police Investigation after all!

Meow said...

Ballu's Balls you are really out of TOPIC idiot.

First you gave wrong information through your post on Aslam Khan and his wife and now you do not have any more lies to write on blogs.
I have corrected you on year and facts. Come on you can do better than this.
You go and do some more research and then write.

Ballu's balls said...

Kolinio how can you accuse me of being off-topic when it was you who introduced ballu Khan tape in the discussion?
How can I be lying when you yourself said you had watched the stolen tape and seen ballu naked and heard the background music, "I wish my GF was HOT like you".

Answer me: why you watching stolen tape of two consenting adults having sex when it is both illegal and immoral? yet you preach to us.

I admit I insinuated maybe you liked ballu's balls, but that was fair comment. Other than that everything came from you, the horses mouth. you are backtracking now.

BTW, I have not written anything about aslam or naz's salwaar kameez. that was someone else.

Anonymous said...

Meow disappear from this site and go and go to the Fiji Sun to state your useless views.

Meow said...

Oh really, when you change your name, it becomes some other person's post???? How come yours and Lucifer's email address are same?????

Get a life and yes assume as much as you wish.....people who assume are "ass...."

Mow him down said...

Poor kolinio meow getting hammered left, right and centre/

Meow said...

Let the readers decide who got hammered and who got mowed.

Anonymous said...

Big ups to UK Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire

“We regularly raise our concerns about the human rights situation in Fiji with the Fijian authorities, including ministers, the civil service, police commissioners and election bodies. In view of the seriousness of the human rights situation, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has included Fiji as a ‘country of concern’ in its Annual Report on Human Rights for both 2011 and 2012.

“Further, in consultation with the British High Commission in Suva, the local EU delegation has issued a number of statements on the human rights situation in Fiji, including: concern around the political parties’ registration decree; investigations into allegations of torture; and the importance of freedom of expression and assembly. We have also encouraged the local EU delegation to raise these issues with the Fijian foreign minister, which they did most recently earlier this month. We are encouraging the EU to pursue a dialogue on criteria for EU election observers. In view of the lack of democratic progress, EU development assistance to Fiji remains suspended.

“Fiji remains suspended from the Commonwealth until it returns to democracy. Our view is that should democracy in Fiji be restored through free and fair elections, we stand ready to consider further assistance, and look forward to the day Fiji is reinstated as a full member of the Commonwealth family. I used my visit to the region last month to make public statements on these points. I have spoken along similar lines to the Fijian high commissioner in London.

“I have encouraged the Commonwealth Secretary-General to continue his organisation’s outreach to Fiji to discuss assistance that Fiji would need to enable a return to democracy. The British High Commission in Suva met a Commonwealth Secretariat needs-assessment mission that recently visited Fiji.

“In relation to all of these issues, we continue to work closely with our partners in the region, including Australia and New Zealand.”

Anonymous said...

Unelected govt has told too many lies and hidden too many bodies to give up its power so easily.

We'll keep limping along until citizens grow some balls.

The people of Turkey are now showing some spine - fed up with both govt and media.

Namela Rokosou said...

Stinky, lowdown name of Fiji, spawned by the ruling illegal Govt continues to swirl in British and international Politics and media:

80 lobbyists are banned from visiting Parliament in dramatic move to end latest sleaze scandal

Lord Laird was also targeted, with Mr Mercer, in a separate sting by journalists posing as lobbyists for the Fijian government. Mr Mercer, who referred himself to the Commons Standards Commissioner, is alleged to have been paid £4,000 by the bogus lobbying firm and tabled parliamentary questions and a motion, offered a security pass and set up an all-party parliamentary group on Fiji.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2335471/80-lobbyists-banned-visiting-Parliament-dramatic-end-latest-sleaze-scandal.html#ixzz2VEB3LsqK
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Benedito T. said...

Pio Tikoduadua the corrupt officer in the illegal pms office is giving advice to political parties to be FAIR when campaigning.
The question he needs to answer is IS THE PLAYING FIELD LEVEL.
Surely he cannot deny that the playing field that he and his illegal master is preparing is as uneven and twisted as they come
Pios facial features today is a very clear illustration of this.A word of advice to you Pio from a one catholic to another REPENT my brother for theft,fraud,deceit,treason, corruption etc.
Oh another piece of advice try as you wish to twist the elections you and your master will not win.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how we are quick to blame the regime when it was a sting operation by the journalist.

That's our problem. We blame everything on the regime. Last weeks rain was also due to them.

BTW, this current impass between Nirmal and rajend chaudary is also because of the regime. The regime did not allow them to stay in the same room.

The frequent bash on this blog by Rajen Naidu is also because of the regime. He forgot his underware in a hurry when he left for australia.

The noise that former MP rajesh singh makes is also because of the regime. His posts here are of his nightmares that he has to suffer the cold winter of NZ because he vowed not to return to fiji as long as the regime is in power.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if MPC reveals his a$3m or approx f$6 million.

I understand beta Rajend is trying to access the funds.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33, these are the typical allegations thrown at anyone who criticises the regime. Why don't you admit that Marc's real "crime" is drawing attention to the cowardly servility of Fiji's media in reaction to the intimidation tactics of the regime?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about mpc's $3m what about khaiyum's stolen $100m millions?

Kai Bau said...

All state land available for lease will be advertised from this month for anyone who’s interested in leasing, says Permanent Secretary for Lands Tevita Boseiwaqa.

He says there’s a huge demand for state land and a committee will look into all the applications.

Boseiwaqa adds there were a lot of requests for land from the public during their consultations in Valelevu, Nasinu recently.

He adds this new system of advertising vacant state land is more transparent and avoids unethical practices.

“Very few state land that is vacant, the only available land are the ones that have been surrendered and the ones that have their lessees terminated because of breaches, these are the ones that are available”
Please c4.5 more elaboration on this to open the indigenous eyes to the next election and who to vote for.This are polit5ical campaign issue which should should be used to get rid of the IG in the next election

Meow said...

Lucifer Khan oops ......you are assuming baby.....you are a ASS

Namela Rokosua said...

Must Read
Komaibole’s article on the illegal Govt’s outrageous lies about security of Fijian land in the proposed 2013 Constitution:


The Land Speculator said...

rabuka bought freehold land in SavuSavu and converted it to native land which is now in the land bank and leased to one of the regime lackies who has not done anything on the 100+ acres other than let the weeds grow...is this the idea of the land bank like the money bank?
deposit and wait till the value goes up like interest then flog it off at a profit???
the creation of another monster opportunity for corruption...isalei..only in Fiji especially under the army leadership..the new vitiban.

Spot On said...

Komaibole is spot on target.
Expect absolutely silence or more lies from the Taliban poofter and his bunch of wet behind the ass advisers.
should publish the article on this site definitely

Kamlesh Meo said...

This Taliban asshole and all those who profited from Bainimagasona's coup must not be allowed to escape Fiji. They must be stopped and held responsible for all the corruption that has been going on for the last six years.

Samu said...

Human Rights Watch establishes office in Aust to keep closer watch on Fiji and Region.

Human Rights Watch heads Down Under


10:32 Wed Jun 5 2013

Human Rights Watch says opening an office in Australia will ensure Canberra becomes "the ally it should be" in the world-wide fight against human rights abuses.
Mr Roth said the Sydney office would work to shame neighbouring governments into improving their human rights record by raising issues in the Australian media.
The group's executive director praised Canberra as a firm believer in international justice.
Now that Australia had a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, it could become a "real ally" against world leaders opposing international justice because they were worried about being indicted themselves, Mr Roth said.
Supporters including prominent Australian human rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson attended Tuesday night's London launch of the Australian office.
Human Rights Watch has wanted to set up Down Under for a number of years, but couldn't achieve charitable status under Australian law.
"We are confident that, by the end of this month, we will legally have everything we need to get started," he said

Anonymous said...

To Editoe Coup 4.5,,,,,,:

Please publish Komaibo;e's article on Fijian land rape on this blog for wider distribution

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let me guess -- Khaiyum will sit on the Land Use committee.

Anonymous said...

Our problem is not that we blame everything on the regime. We don't. We just blame the regime for much of the misery and most of the lies, mismanagement, thuggery, abuse of power, and treason that have plagued Fiji since December 2006.

The regime didn't try to bribe Mercer, but it is the regime that has brought Fiji into such disrepute that Mercer would believe the cover story.

BC said...


No word yet on $290M casino in Denarau
Publish date/time: 05/06/2013 [13:14]

"There is no word yet on the proposed development of the $290 million casino in Denarau with the deadline for the developers now over.

The deadline for the developers to begin was last Friday however the construction works is yet to start"......



bwahh bwahh said...

Take a reality check Bainimarama and Khaiyum - your new feejee is in the toilet

Anonymous said...

Anniversary of the Tianamen Square demonstrations and deaths in 1989 this week.

The demonstrations were led by students in Beijing and spread to other Chinese cities.

Where is Fiji's students - here in Fiji and in Aust and NZ etc etc.

Why are they not fighting for their motherland and standing up to the dictators?

Anonymous said...

u kidding about fijis uni students?? judging from the calibre of law students from USP, Fiji uni students haven't learnt how to spell and the meaning of democracy cos their professors are just as dumb.

Anonymous said...

BC has suddenly worken from hibernation. A con artist is full of shit. If u really have the courage pls start a protest in suva. All u can do is shout on this blog like a pussy.

Coup 4.5 said...

In their typical propagandizing manner to project Frank Bainimarama as a popular leader the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun's Dickie Bird wants to know "if the PM is so readily accessible[by phone] to the people than he cannot understand why certain chief executive officers (CEOs) are so hard to get"?.(FS 6/6)
Dickie Bird is obviously not very bright. The answer is very simple. The PM is out campaigning for the elections in 2014. The CEOs aren't. The CEOs if they are diligent would be busy doing the work they are meant to be doing.
The PM - the dictator of Fiji - has very little real work to do . The work is done by others.
He has a lot of free time to talanoa with the people and get them to vote for him.
That's is the real reason why he has been giving his mobile phone number to the people!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct. The CEOs have to work overtime, whilst Bainimaga gallivants overseas to collect his 'KICK BACKS" in the very, very likely event he loses the elections!!
Talk about lining you r pocket!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimaga is just too busy partying and drinking the MAGAITINANA!!

Anonymous said...

His security detail are spilling the beans by saying what a alcoholic he AND Mary are now are!!
Both have had to be literally carried to the their rooms after any International dos and more!!
Well I guess that is what freebees gets you|!!
Yavu tamata kanaloto!!

Anonymous said...

Wow all you jealous fellas, just leave our leaders alone, let them do their work mahnn!! How can someone be soooo jealous??