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Monday, June 17, 2013

Burrow: ITUC will push for Commission of Inquiry on Fiji

BURROW: Democracy will win out.
The world's largest trade union confederation is planning more action against the Fiji regime.

The ITUC last week got Fiji on the agenda at the International Labour Organisation meeting in Geneva and isn't stopping there.

ITUC general secretary, Sharan Burrow, says it will this week petition for a Commission of Inquiry at a meeting of the ILO governing body.

Burrow told Coupfourpointfive the ITUC is committed to fighting for the rights of Fiji workers.

"The governments of the world must lift the pressure on this dictatorship. The ILO plays a significant role in that regard."

The ITUC is also putting its weight behind an ILO delegation being allowed to visit Fiji. The regime this year refused to let a team into to talk with employers and workers. It is now suggesting a December visit but it will stipulate the terms.

"The military dictatorship is not serious," says Burrow. "The proposal for a December mission is farcical when you consider the qualifications 'might' and under 'changed conditions'.

"Even more farcical was the presentation of Fiji's repressive laws as equivalent to the protection of workers in neighboring countries such as Australia."

The regime denies it tried to record FTUC delegate Felix Anthony at the ILO meeting in Geneva last week, despite reports there was a clear move to intimidate him.

Burrow says the behaviour of the Fiji Government officials 'was generally disrespectful and an attempt to intimidate.'

"Film or no film the reality is a government that is simply showing its determination to repress criticism."

The changes in Burma have been hailed as an example of what can be achieved for Fiji, with time and persistence.

"A military dictatorship is just that, a dictatorship," says Burrow "but democracy will win out. 

"No regime can ultimately survive the power of people and the Fiji unions have absolute support from workers all over the world."

Several union campaigns are underway, besides the work being done by the ITUC, including an initiative by Australia, New Zealand and American unions to encourage tourists to think twice about holidaying in Fiji.

Another powerful campaign is the American Federation of Labour-Congress of Industrial Organisations petition to drop Fiji from the generalised system of preferences program, which provides duty-free treatment to several businesses.

The case was heard last year in Washington but no decision has been handed down.

Burrow says 'the AFL is pressing for a decision and the ITUC calls on the US and all Governments to demand democratic freedoms if Fiji is to have trade or aid.'


Sam Mata said...

Thank you Ms Burrows.

Thank you for fighting for the restoration of democracy in Fiji, especially the rights of workers.

You are on the people's side on the side of morality, justice and human rights.

We salute you and ILO and the Aussie counterpart.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Illegal regime 1st caught trying to go backdoor in British parliament and now again scorned by an international organization,what a pity!what a government!!

They have suppressed the workers right to fight for their deserved wages n salary but they help themselves out of it.Just see how far they go right into the meeting chamber.
If someone really scrutinized this illegal regime's propaganda it is to "have for them first and hide later".
The money is borrowed from everywhere,these crook will not be here to pay the whole sum the whole country will,that's why we need everyone's participation on our way forward.
We need to be flourish with both side of the coin of how u thugs are dishing out degree for the way forward.
Come on ILO tell them and teach them how to run a legal democratic government.

Anonymous said...

It looks like just a matter of time before the US government pulls Fiji's GSP preference. With the AFL-CIO opposed, what Democrat can support? With the regime's human rights record, what Republican can support?

Anonymous said...

Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama is not a lawyer to understand the pros and cons of Eagle's written words. His Attorney General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is the very one that tells Ratu Voreqe what to say. Ratu Voreqe must not be accused of what happened. He is a nice down to earth gentleman and easy to mingle around with him. Aiyaz Khaiyum is the man to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

if aiyaz is the man behind 'ratu frank' looking stupid...shud'nt he be fired..and fired in no uncertain terms immediately

Anonymous said...


Look into:

1. overseas companies that have taken over many of our locals in jobs. Been here 6 months & what progress? How may qualified blokes are still out of jobs? Fancy looking machines brought in through their parent but which roads are they suppose work on?

2. Sugar industry want the farmers back but one who produces 820 ton doesnt have his lease renewed (Uciwai)!! a company by the name of Toa Fiji has built a facility/slaughter house in cane belt area!! Where will the afluent be drained to? Denarau Island just around the bay!! Sheds for chicken coup being built as we speak! Residence have petitioned due to non compliance issues not followed. How did they get the lease? Who saw this through?

Anonymous said...

Thank you ITUC - keep up the heat on Fiji's GSP preference scheme.

The American unions are behind this and it will be a deadly blow to the regime who does not care REPEAT does not care about workers rights.

It is time someone called the regime's bluff.

Anonymous said...

Get in quick. Bai already spending a lot of his time wooing people and can't shut up about the 'old politicans' who never did anything in the past. Someone should shut the inarticulate idiot up

Anonymous said...

Kaidia LIUMURI full stop!.

Who cares about the rule of law when u don't recognized our plight,our special right as an indigenous in this country that MUST!! be respected before everything else.

To u Indians our culture is for us not for u,why u try to eliminate what we are identified with?Who are u to tell us what to do in our own land?This is our land our pride our culture,our identity our resources,our beautiful environment its ours!!

I live the way i like whether i sleep all day or go fishing all night i don't care as long as it is me in my own land with all the time in this world to use what GOD had given us to use and enjoy and wait till i die.

Civilization came in with rules and regulations and u know what? we are told to share our resources for the benefit of everyone including u who came in later so the colonialist made regulation that we give up our land for u because u reluctant to board the boat for your passage back to India, that's after you've been paid for your hard labour in the cane field.

Now can u think aloud?

We were introduced to a totally new structure of living,a new way to live,everything is written in law book,the system is known to be a democratic used by civilized nations the world over.In the midst of all these we are told to adhere to it or we will be responsible for our ignorance.To hell we are still primitive in our way!!

The hard yard is to try and shift and slowly absorb and soaked our thinking and way in this modern civilized system.It is a very slow processed indeed.Monetary value were nothing in our system we are inborn to barter system and give without care is a norm and imbedded in all cultural hierarchy.THIS IS WHERE YOU GOT THE LAND THAT YOU ENJOYED FOR GENERATIONS TILL TODAY.

With this new system a critical part of it is education,this form of institution will moulds and shape the future of this country according to the westerners.

We are very much in the middle of the road and we are caught in between two systems,the cultural Way of living and this new civilization westernized system where eduction is a MUST.

Now as soon as you got educated,succeeds in business etc you turned around and called us names that we're lazy,can't work,kerekere every where,no school,grog wanker etc.

Please as soon as you succeeds in life there in Fiji please continue to do so and STOP trying to be something when you are bunch of SUCKERS!!.
I will educate myself and try to cushion the two phases of life I'm confronted with and hope that one day we will be free from PARASITE LIKE YOU INDIANS

Anonymous said...

Frank,i am fed up with your illegal govt,Franki give me back my country ,you screwing it up and its hell for you when you die ,no Arse there to support you ,you will be alone kai

Anonymous said...

Premila at a staff meeting in consumer council black listing some companies questioning her,have told staff go for people who talk against Prmila and shame them,My friend from Nabua Nands you were on the list

Anonymous said...

Whats happened to Western Builders case,one director was questioned by police and Ficac for doubly payment ,extra payment of 3million dollars ,nephew Arse seems to have sorted it out

Anonymous said...

Viti says...

Franks cork in Premila and Nazhaats nmouth.....BUT...BUT.....BUT...
Aiyaz Khaiyums balls is in Franks Arse....

mary just watch and smile...

That is true scanerio of what we seeing in Fiji's leadership....

everyone else in govt and business hanging onto Franks and Aiyaz strand of pubic hair waiting to snap and run....or flushed down the pan....

Anonymous said...

Tappoo eying Casino deal ,as discussed lastnight at Cosmos ,and followed by private dinner . Vinaka AG let us see where you will be in 5 years,Rabuka was there too one day and now taking bus to suva

Anonymous said...

The answer to Fiji political woes lies in creating a new political chapter in Fiji. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the answer. No matter how much we criticize them and humiliate their leaders on blogs they are forging ahead with massive speed and are building up strong grass roots support. Those parties and politicians that are writing them off will regret later on. They seem to be very consistent with their policies and its very attractive to younger generation. Adi Sivia Qoro and former US Embassy political officer Nirmal Singh are a formidable team that will uproot old politicians. As one political commentator recently observed that both Chaudhry's have finally got their match in Nirmal Singh and he will end their political career. Good on you Adi Sivia and PDP.

Anonymous said...

One Surend at SCC buddy of Umaria ,holding on to permits and making it hard for developers ,ghoose mange and shares with Chandu Landu

Anonymous said...

Hey Shazzer, I saw you in the conference buddy, you looked so old and according to me you have really put on weight mate, whats up?
My free advise buddy, take care of your health. I would love to see you in pictures again darling. Lets have a bowl, what say?

Anonymous said...

Arse Minister For Local Govt,you will get another $120,00 extra for being acting Minister,look at some serious rot at SCC Engineering and Planning

Nostradamus said...

what u Fijians cant see is already written in the history books...
the pressure is mounting on franky.
he cannot release power.
he has painted himself into a corner against his own people, the kaivitis.
his only way out is to betray the kai indias.
his kaivitis will always forgive him. but to stay in power he must do a rabuka...I am saving u from the kaiindias.
so folks, very soon this will happen.
franky will do a judas on hariyass and mob.
have them all charged and jailed.
he gets the backing of his kaivitis with the bazukas and the kaivitis with the bibles and life will be back to where it was AR...after Rabuka...and frank will live on forever...cos the kai india will be forever shut out from Fiji politics...
this history has been foretold by an old meke that has been sung in the hills of Ra for many years...just go and search this out.

Anonymous said...

No coup if u indians were mean people not arrogant and hooligan as we know and why are your kind being hated the world over??

Indian business people all behind the coup of 1987 to 2006 you can't hide, it will be spread over the roof top for all to be seen.

Fijian of itaukei have no money to support,u use them as a scapegoat and use methodist,chiefs this is all lies...without money no one will even think of staging coup!!!
Kaidia with money,smart ass all LIUMURI!!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.56 and anon 12.13pm: Cant you see who is fighting against these coup mongers? Its all kaindias brother. They are the ones standing up to these hooligans. I can name hundreds of iteukis who are licking up to Frank. Its kaindias who are taken up to the camp and beaten up. you guys are lamusona and only can talk. You guys are your biggest enemies. dont blame the kaindias.

Anonymous said...


We are poor no money!!Without money how can we support the coup.The Indians with money support the coup muslim & hindu both now they are trying their best to cut throat each other.yes, taukei are there just to do paper work nothing more nothing less.That is what i saw!!!standing up to this hooligans your ass when taken to the camp they tell all..uh.You people are exposed, there are rings of business in Fiji which are being monitored since 2008.These according to their loyalty and against.
For instance all secret files are been taken overseas eg. one for AG with file number for secure keeping awaiting democratic government to come in.
Its coming down on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank good we got rid of those dumb chiefs n that racist methodist institute, sometimes called church.

Anonymous said...

Premila also target a respected car dealer mr Ravin Lal
Ajit kodakoda also target him wanted to buy his hubiscuis property got fake tax audit done 5 million went to court only pay five thousand

Maulana Louda Khan said...

News has just surfaced that Khaiyum will abandon everything and get underground after Sept 2013.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Khaiyum s smart, he'll take the money and run, before we catch him.


Anonymous said...

If the PDP is the answer, it must be a very peculiar question.

Anonymous said...

we learn from a Fiji Times report that Minister for Housing, Environment, Local Government and Urban Development Colonel Samuela Saumatua has resigned "for personal reasons" according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information yesterday (FT 18/6). Be that as it may, my question is why should the Attorney-general Aiyaz Saiyad-Khaiyum "assume the position om an acting basis until a successor was appointed"?
Is Mr Khaiyum the only capable man in the illegal military regime in Fiji?
Doesn't he have enough portfolios already?
What would this new addition take the total number of portfolio being handled by this Fiji superman?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...


what illegal AG go underground sorry!!! too late.Mr Illegal AG your file is within the military Intel not with Rokoura(PM's office) whom you paid to hide and destroyed files against you that went straight to PM.Anything against you that son of Neel sharma in HR RFMF rings the bell to Aziz, then you meant to let the complaint follow the channel where you intercept all files against you at PM's office thru Rokoura who hide and destroyed them and you know what he forges PM's singnature on some files and put a [FA]File Away notice on it.These meant all complaints against you gather dust at Rokoura's residence or he destroyed it completely.Your private deals with Ports,AFL,TFL,IF etc all filed and kept not there in Fiji its overseas mate !!!Khaiyum you are comfortable becoz all complaints against you had been filed away by this man Rokoura,not now Mr illegal want to be smart you are exposed to the root!!! he too one of those used taukei(bought)by you so you can loot as much as you can.

Rokoura u my junior and i follow our protocol as military man in civil government little did i know that u had been bought already and no wonder the PM got frustrated when Khaiyum's name mention but you always there for illegal AG giving us assurances that all is well.

Bloggers this man is a critical link from the Puplic,Civil Servants and institution who raised dissatisfaction against AG becoz he is the last man down and he sits just hand length at the PMs office door!!!Just imagine where illegal Ag put all his fence around him before destroying us left,right and center.

C4.5 pliz expose this man he is at PM's office for AG not for the betterment of Fiji but his own pocket.

Rokoura se me time no qoi se ula rawa,na uniform yari warai ni uniform ni qumi saqamoli,drau cakacaka ra vadodonu,na dosi ena dosi no tawamudu o koko no mo nanuma na Vanua kena uniform dara toka eri.

Anonymous said...

What Lailun khan n afzal are doing is this early money
They get 47%tax rebate ,so all charges the bociwood film makers pay is zero fiji tax payer is paying for 100% of production cost how open your eyes
All local parties are told to double thier normal charges and if the business can't accomadate Dan they are paid through lailuns company ,all double charges are given to fiji govt ,they pay out 47% with is the about the ordinal amount so nobody pays any money all fijian taxpayers money sad but true scam and all second class movies shot in fiji and even hits after release zero exposure for fiji
Even overseas pagents like miss teen Australia paid for by fiji tax payers lol

Lies lies lies said...

Saumatua story reek of holes and is exactly the sort of things people who have been out say!

He told Fijivillage that he wants to involve himself in social work however he will spend time with his family at home for a month.

He said he does not have any big plans as age has caught up with him and he needs to care for his health.

He added that it was never his dream to become a Government Minister but he has fulfilled his responsibility.

Anonymous said...

so fiji is sending troops to golan heights - after everybody else fleeing the neighbourhood - good one bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama treats the Methodist Church like crap then sends a Methodist Church minister to Golan Heights - wow what an honour ...not!

Reverend Tevita Nawadra confirmed that they named Reverend Osea Bera, the Nabua Methodist Circuit chaplain, for the job.
Reverend Bera was named following a request from the RFMF.
“The RFMF usually asks the church for a chaplain for the soldiers when they engage in any new peacekeeping operation,” Reverend Nawadra said.
He said they were aware of the move by other church groups for their chaplains to be part of the RFMF peacekeeping.
However, the Prime Minister and Commander of the RFMF, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, had chosen a Methodist chaplain to accompany the peacekeepers.

Anonymous said...

from the annals of c4.5 circa 2011

Anonymous said...

Fiji will only be stable when we have the following set up:
President - kaiviti
PM - kai india
cabinet - 48/48% 4% kawaca's
military - 50/50[must]
police - current ok,they are
useless anyway.
civil service- merit based
just try this one and the coup culture will have natural death.
July 6, 2011 at 7:54 PM

Anonymous said...

this too - and what has sdl, flp and nfp been doing.

Democracy now said...

Fiji is not without capable people but they have to be found, groomed and prepared. What are SDL, FLP and even the NFP doing to prepare for elections even if it's 2014 or next year?
July 6, 2011 at 9:04 PM

Ki Bau said...

Because of Kaindias we cant elect our Vunivalu of Bau. They always divide the chiefs in Bau by bribing them and cause divisions among the brothers. They are always everywhere. Kubuna confederacy will have a Vunivalu by now if they were not in Bau.

Anonymous said...

Few weeks ago Coup 4.5 reported the saga between Fiji One's Satish Narayan and Bainimarama's daughter. Yesterday June 17, 2013 Satish Narayan received his walking papers from Fiji One. It is understood that Bainimarama called a board member of Fiji One, Padam Lala and told him if Fiji One wants their License in tact, they will have to sack Satish Narayan. Padam Lala instructed Tarun Patel to sack Satish Narayan immediately, If Patel wanted to keep his job.

The employees of FBC were told of the firing of Narayan way before the employees of Fiji One were made aware of.

Lets hope that Fiji One will not find themselves as part of the FBC in near future.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh... closeted muslims?

"Pakistan internet users top Google searches for gay sex despite being one of the world's most homophobic countries."

--Pakistan has the highest volume of internet searches for gay pornography despite being one of the least tolerant countries when it comes to homosexuality.

The most searches for terms related to same-sex acts came from a conservative stronghold, the city of Peshawar, rather than major cosmopolitan cities such as Lahore and Karachi, according to analysis of Google trends by Mother Jones.

One expert on Pakistani minorities told Mother Jones that highly observant Muslim men are known to have physical relationships with other men - but do not consider themselves gay.

'The real love they can have that most of us find with a partner, they find with men,' said former Pakistani politician Farahnaz Ispahani, now at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

'They mostly see their wives as the mother of their children.'

She said an increase in religious extremism could explain the popularity of gay porn."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2342217/Pakistan-internet-users-Google-searches-gay-sex-despite-worlds-homophobic-countries.html#ixzz2WZ48JFQv

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon

Things are being prepared. The NFP, SDL and FLP together are a formidable foe for the regime.

People will not soon forget the many, many lies and false promises made by these criminals.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Ki Bau and other racists in Fiji. You guys always blame Indians for problems every where including in Fiji. What has Indians to do with choosing the Head of Kubuna confederacy? Indians are the most sought migrants in the western countries. They are the most peaceful, hardworking and respected migrants respectively.In Western countries they intermarry with Europeans and other ethnicities well. The anti Indian sentiments expressed is disgusting and I am shocked that the editor of this blog allows to publish such comments. I understand he is also a Fijian Indian. There are good people in every race including Indians and Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Rajen wrote in his Facebook:

Rajendra Chaudhry
19 hours ago via mobile

Am advised as of 30 June 2013 Fiji will be officially bankrupt by international standards on account of not being able to meet its debt repayment obligations.
This is one of the reasons why Bainimarama has been making a flurry of overseas trips with begging bowl in hand.

Rajen knows that all his bank accounts in FIJI ARE overdraft and he himself has gone bankrupt.
Rajen has really lost it and he is talking about Bainimarama Government. No wonder Surendra Lal of FLP, Labasa tells everybody that Rajen is on depression tablets and Asha Lakhan confirmed that PM Chaudhari is really in sham.

Meow said...

Rajen Chaudhari wrote in his FB:
"Am advised as of 30 June 2013 Fiji will be officially bankrupt by international standards on account of not being able to meet its debt repayment obligations.
This is one of the reasons why Bainimarama has been making a flurry of overseas trips with begging bowl in hand"

Actually Rajend is talking about himself here being bankrupt. Sharvada Nand Sharma the Solicitor General has closed all his bank accounts since they were overdraft. House is on tender and what else the Chaudhari Jnr is on depression tablets. Surendra Lal of FLP in Labasa was heard telling his close people that Rajendra Chaudhari has lost it and Asha Lakhan confirmed that MPChaudhari is very ashamed of what his son has been upto on his FB.

Anonymous said...

Just clarifying & re-emphasizing a point made in my earlier post last night to Anonymous 5.17p.m:

It's that ulterior-motivated, bogus and insulting(!!)CLAIM by the ethnic Indian population that they're also part of the indigenous population - however indirectly that claim may have come about (through a silly i-taukei), the broader i-taukei population are not fooled.

Does the Alisi Waqanika bogus thesis (that was wholly supported by Aiyaz & overrated shysters), and given undue prominence at last year's AG's conference at Natadola) re the i-taukei population originating from Tamil Nadu in South India, ring a bell now?? "Hey you so-called "itaukei" guys & gals, you left "home" (Tamil Nadu) just little earlier than the rest of us..."

They've tried that particular BS every where in their bid to dominate and marginalise the indigenous population in countries that they've FREELY and VOLUNTARILY decided to settled down in..

I-taukei are not stupid not to be able to see right through their relentless, selfish bids to lay claim over the control and finally, over the ownership of native land and resources.

Why the ARROGANT attitude displayed by these treasounous lot, that the largely educated i-taukei adult population are not capable of taking care of their own affairs and simultaneously ensure the welfare and well-being of migrant minority groups that live in their midst?? They need to be shut out esp. those that show intelligence & promise.

IF ONLY Qarase et al plus the previous itaukei leadership had not resorted to GREED, BRIBES etc, in their bid to accumulate wealth for their own immediate families, at the expense of the larger i-taukei population, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today, would we?!

rajend naidu said...

It is very negative for people in Fiji to start talking once again about Fiji soccer's poor world ranking at 182.Let us remember the positives about Fiji soccer. We remember that in the last World Cup in South Africa our officials came back with a Jublani soccer ball. I am sure from the coming World Cup in Brazil our officials will not let us down and will again return with some other special souvenir for the soccer loving people of Fiji.
What more can we ask for?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

A comment from someone regarding link between Khayum and Rokoura in PM's office should be highlighted by C4.5 fast.

Anonymous said...

So tragic to see our own "WOUNDED" warriors - Rokoura et al, includ. the iPM Bai, who've ventured out too far on a limb...

Anonymous said...

Ko Bau na Yanuyanu.

Ha! LOL, who brought this idea the Vunivalu of Bau cannot be chosen becos of Indians bribery.

Stupid eh!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the Chaudhry's, but with all of the disinformation being spread here by MINFO and the army, the more these attacks focus on RPC, the more I suspect they're part of a concerted disinformation campaign by the regime.

Sanaia Lingam said...

Kamlesh Kumar, so where does Aiyarsehole fit in then?

Anonymous said...

What does Vijay Narayan have to say about his brother now. What an idiot, noe karma ha come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.25am (19th June). Why so threatened that you might be from Tamil Nadu? All that Alisi did was to reveal what post colonialism did to the indigenous population which enlightened iTaukei like me appreciate. You're either threatened by her speculation (which is not in her thesis) or, you're typical of politicians who continue their crap of playing the race card as a lead up to elections - if that happens.

Anyway, Tamil Nadu may be too far back, as proven by a study revealed earlier this year that Australia was populated by Indians 4,000 years ago. Nearer home, Fergus Clunie's book reveals Lasacar Indians were in Fiji in the 1840s, traded and married into Fijian families/chiefs. Most of them lived in Rewa. Makes me wonder why some of our chiefs wore turbans and actually bear Indian features?

Semi Meo said...

Anon@12.23PM. Evolution. Next findings would be Fiji was originally populated by penguins in the 1600s.

BC said...

@anonymous 12:23 Yeah the Chinese too used wear headgear 3000 YEARS AGO. And so did the Arabs. SO THEY MUST HAVE ALL COME FROM INDIA TOO! WHAT SORT OF LOGIC IS THAT?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.25am, stop claiming to be speaking on behalf of the iTaukei,unless of course you reveal your identity. The truth my friend is, if you care to check most bloodlines of the iTaukei, the current generation especially is tainted by mixed blood and increasingly Indian. Isn't God trying to tell you and I something?

Anonymous said...

in 1874 there were no kai india in Fiji...that's the relevant date.
alisis theory (not factual) was to throw doubt into the claim that the kai vitis got here first.
so goes the argument that kaivitis cannot claim the land to be their god given entitlement cos their ancestors came from the same place as some of their descendant kai indias in viti.

Anonymous said...

Fijians always need kaivalagi to help them just like this Ms Burrows...
when u fellas gonna stand up for your selves even if it means agains ur own kais....no no its customs u say...so u will forgive franky cos hes Fijian when he finally shows his true colours and turns against the kai indias.

Anonymous said...

Pffft! @ "Anonymous" 4.11pm

1. Can you show me where exactly in my earlier posts that I've CLAIMED to speak on behalf of all the i-taukei?

2. Can you substantiate the "truth" as you expressly claim that the current i-taukei generation have mixed blood that are increasingly Indian. You may start by telling us if, when, where, and how did you carry out the 'checking out' of most bloodlines of the i-taukei.

tsk tsk....

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ 12.23pm Anonymous, u're hardly an enlightened i-taukei if you've missed out the obvious flamboyant Africa headdress, unless you're now speculating that most Africans also originated from South India? More nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the original inhabitants of Tamil Nadu were Fijians.

Maybe Fijians should be land claimants in India.

Anonymous said...

anon 1223pm is alisi herself...yes, and the goats should lay claim for kadavu too....lol.
seriously, the other themes of her thesis were that provincial councils should be abolished and the church and vanua demands on the villagers and kaivitis were too onerous and should be abolished too but she stopped short of saying that the kai indias have equal rights to the lands...so got to give her credit for being such a hypocrite...lol

Oilei Navua said...

Anon @ 3.09am, tsk, tsk, no sleep? You sound like someone who is too bitter to swallow the truth pill. You had the opportunity to do better for the iTaukei but failed big time. Alisi's thesis merely put practice into theory - her strength!

Anonymous said...

Oilei navua is an anti democratically-elected govt, and an anti-SDL obsessed nutcase, try swallowing that for a truth pill.

Who elected you to be saviour' of the i-taukei??? ROFLMAO @ ur 'practice into theory'. tsk tsk, no sleep beka?

Anonymous said...

isa oleii navua, u and alisi and franky and kaiyum have just committed genocide of ur own race...sa veka sarag alisis fesis

Ma'e and ma'e said...

Anon @ 7.27 & 9.49am, tch, tch, such reaction from those who treated tax payers money as their cash cow, is so very understandable. Hence your ability to see through this illegal regime and rightly guess what they're up to, because you were once there! I know Alisi because we are veiwekani and let me tell you, she has worked with SDL too - it was all to do with communities she served and she continues doing it volunteeringly. Politics is the least in her mind and if you read between the lines, her message to the lawyers was to understand the iTaukei first before formalising a constitution. Forgotten your Christian pill perhaps to wash down the bitterness?

Anonymous said...

We are nearly there, the end is near. When there is talk of land, it means the signs are there. Another big Lovo in front of Gov't Bldgs. Better start buying the tickets (by plane or boat), before you are too late, learn how to swim as backup.
This will definately be bigger than 1987 & 2000 put together. Patience running out.

Anonymous said...

me''me'meéé ur heroine wanted provinces dismantled and othe kaiviti vanua and church obligations outlawed...so much for ur heroine...the tamils got to kadavu before the kaivitis that's why all the goats are up in the hils...that's the proof.

Kaiyum said...

u talk of ur land I use ur land...that's the difference...and before u know it I own it....and u have to get a permit from me to do ur lovo....hehehe..how u gona do it bro??

Anonymous said...

@ Ma'e vei Aiy... 1.04pm

Care for another 5 mins of fame with another of your pie-in-the-sky theories that's right up Aiyaz's alley?

Strongly suggest that you swallow your own bitter pill since you've been had.. LOL.

Panikeke jikovei iko said...

Anon 20 June @ 7.10 & 21 June @ 12.53am - vakaloloma na loma ca kei na veiqati. Baleta beka ni sa no qare qai via panikeke jiko.

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ Panikeke jiko vei iko 8.58am.

Sorry that I felt compelled to prick the balloon of a "LOSER & LIAR", (LOL!)... but my post was only the 12.52am, and not the earlier one at @ 7.10.

Judging from the gutter-level smearing that you're now stooping to, it's clear to me that my earlier post had found its rightful mark - BULLS-EYE!

Vosota sara kemuni, but have to wonder at your continuing ARROGANCE in not being able to accept and admit your own error in judgment. tsk tsk. Does that run in your veins?

As for your PATHETIC, LOW-LIFE attempt to smear me with some lesbian label, have you ever considered that perhaps you might be wishing that for yourself? LOL.. Since I HAVE NEVER, AM NOT ONE, and will NEVER EVER be a lesbian - hate to prick your hot-air balloon once more, but accept the FACT that I'm just NOT INCLINED IN THAT WAY, comprende??

Now run along and suck that bitter lemon since the whole of Fiji has seen how "you've been had.." LOL!

Anonymous said...

good on u alisi at anon 10.20am..u one really nasty bitch...a bit of tamil tigress blood eh.

Anonymous said...

ease up alisi, its Friday in beautiful tamil lands called fisi...lol, don't bust ur buns please alisi.

Tobopanikeke said...

He, he, tobo na vala panikeke, check out the latest is Prince William, the future King of England has Indian blood.

Topai said...

we done brothers...the kaivitis have indian blood and the kai rotumas have Mongolian blood....its the truth.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.40a.m Anon

So now I'm a nasty bitch for disappointing you pathetic lot. Isa, ia cava tale? I've been called all kinds of things BUT I'm also used to sticking up for myself, have been doing that all my life so please get used to me. hihi.

Anonymous said...

Turkey shows the rest of world a new form of PEACEFUL RESISTANCE... called "duran adam" - meaning "standing man" in Turkish.

"WE'RE SMARTER AND STRONGER", people's revolution evolving. Read on...


"Standing still: a new form of protest in Turkey"

--Thousands of people are now expressing their anger with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan by standing silent and motionless in streets and squares - a new tactic that they hope will deter police violence.

The aggressive police response to anti-government protests in Turkey in recent weeks has left four people dead and many injured. Many more have been arrested.

Demonstrating for greater freedom and civil rights, the protesters have marched through the streets of Istanbul, smeared walls with anti-government graffiti, and chanted slogans calling on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to step down.
Istanbul's Gezi Park became the focus of the protest movement. Thousands camped out there, eating, dancing, and singing songs. Police put an end to that last weekend (15.06.2013) when they cleared the park by force.

Instead, people all over the country are now finding alternative ways to express their discontent: beating on pots and pans in the evening, whistling, clapping their hands, or switching lights on and off.

The police operation may have scattered the chanting, marching crowds - but the demonstrators are turning silence and stillness into a new form of resistance.

It started on Monday (17.06.) with a man who stood stock-still in Istanbul's Taksim Square, hands in his pockets, staring silently at a picture of Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. For five long hours, performance artist Erdem Gündüz simply did not move. Other protesters noticed the solitary figure, and many spontaneously followed his example.

That night, demonstrators stood grouped around Gündüz in peaceful, silent protest. The Turkish police didn't know how to react. Erdogan had banned demonstrations on Taksim Square, and the government had announced that anyone caught protesting there would be treated as a terrorist.

But these people were simply standing, saying nothing, and making no demands. Finally, the police dispersed the silent crowd. Gündüz was detained and interrogated, but eventually they let him go.

Within hours, the image of "duran adam" - Turkish for standing man - and his silent, passive resistance on Istanbul's Taksim Square had gone around the world via Twitter. Protesters in many other Turkish cities followed his example.

In Istanbul, the silent demonstration has now caught on in other neighborhoods. In Besiktas, a man protested by standing in front of the editorial offices of Sabah, a newspaper close to the government.

The protestors are using social networks to organize set times for people to stand still for five minutes. At 8 p.m. on Tuesday (18.06.2013), people all over Turkey simply stopped.
Unfortunately, it has become a crime to react to things that are happening in the country, says Eylem Özkan.

The 26-year-old protester told DW that in Gezi Park young people with their own culture and sense of humor had simply been trying to resist government plans to build a shopping center. "That didn't work, so now we have chosen silence. Sometimes, silence is the best response."

Anonymous said...

"UN leader weighs in on violent response by Turkish police to Gezi protests.

--UN leader Ban Ki-moon has asked Turkey to show "maximum restraint" in its treatment of protesters. Police in Turkey have arrested scores of people they cited as "provocateurs" following raids in several cities."

"The Secretary-General urges maximum restraint and the pursuit of constructive dialogue in order to resolve differences and avoid further violent confrontation," del Buey said.

"He believes that stability is best assured through such dialogue and when the rights to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression are fully respected."


Anonymous said...

Unlike most of you lot, the Turks tried Dakuwaqa's Operation Jericho tactic of making a joyful noise, and it worked!

After Erdogan's regime reacted, Turkey's protestors adapted by using this "standing man" tactic. Brilliant!

I wish we could do that in Fiji, but no men willing to stand here, unless they're secretly joining the Loyal Fijian Resistance perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Quite so, but if we had a duran adam in Fiji, no Fiji media would dare report it. "If a tree falls in the woods, but there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound"?

Anonymous said...

No, no standing men here. Just bloggers who sit and regime spin artists who lie.

Anonymous said...

only dakuwaqa standing still

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that some people think that casino will move our country foward.Can anyone tell me how ? Think about the people of Fiji,Do we have enough to make end meet daily ? Do you know who will benefit out of it ? The very people who approved its establishment will fill their pocket and to the people prostitution will be rife,criminal activities will be at its peak i.e. murder,drugs and corruption.Poverty will rise and sexual transmitted diseases will be out of control costing us the tax payers our fortune.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyums you sound like an arogant.Are you not proud of who you are ? You should be proud of What ever race you belong to because that what allah has given you.You can not take race away.All we can do is to harmonize or create enviroments where all races can accept and co-exist peacefully.What ever race you belong to, will be with you untill you gone. You can not force a person to another race because a race goes with its culture and tradition,language, one should be proud of.It is sensitive and should not be politicised

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:20 AM

You sound like one of life's losers.

Unable to control your own sad behaviour or life to the extent where you want temptations removed you also assume everyone else is as pathetic as you.

The negative things you mention only happen because of people like YOU. The right solution is to get rid of people like YOU.

Stop being so selfish and blaming others for your own inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:35 AM, get off your high horse. Anon @ 7:20 AM is voicing valid concerns, citing phenomena that tend to follow casino gambling, location after location worldwide. He or she isn't pathetic for worrying about its effects on the country's morals.

Also, those who value morality are not usually the problem. And they certainly shouldn't be eliminated.

You'd do better by answering the question posed, which is how a casino will move Fiji "forward"? I, for one, can think of numerous justifications. But because of the attendant risks, they all fail a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:35 AM, get off your high horse. Anon @ 7:20 AM is voicing valid concerns, citing phenomena that tend to follow casino gambling, location after location worldwide. He or she isn't pathetic for worrying about its effects on the country's morals.

Also, those who value morality are not usually the problem. And they certainly shouldn't be eliminated.

You'd do better by answering the question posed, which is how a casino will move Fiji "forward"? I, for one, can think of numerous justifications. But because of the attendant risks, they all fail a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa standing still? Hehe. Traitors like you would like to hope so.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:23 AM, what do you care what Dakuwaqa is doing?

Sounds like you're just whistling past the graveyard.

Dakuwaqa will strike at the time and place and in the manner he chooses.