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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Failed casino team rally with 'new investors' spin

A picture of the casino released this week
One Hundreds Sand chairman, Larry Claunch, has come out of hiding to lead a massive damage control campaign to save his overdue Denarau Island casino.

Claunch and his public relations team swung into action a couple of days ago with a press statement that declared  'Fiji's First Casino Now Under Construction'.

It was accompanied by a highly toxic blurb that declared: "While there have been unexpected road blocks thrown in our way in the past, we prefer to look to the future with great excitement!  This sentiment is shared by the entire worldwide and Fiji based OHSL team."

Claunch and his team had their deadline extended last week by a rather desperate regime who sold the casino as a big money spinner for Fiji that would be up and running by October this year.

SHAM: Claunch 'breaking ground' last yer.
But not only has Claunch not even started tilling land, he's changed the site - after last year taking part in a highly-publicised ground breaking ceremony. (see pic at left)

Both the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and One Hundred Sands have insisted the casino is still on the horizon, despite big holes in their story and growing cynicism by Fiji citizens.

In this week's press statement, Claunch insists he'll deliver 'Fiji's first casino' and touts new investors.

"The addition of European, Singaporean and New Zealand financial investment to the already substantial investment from the United States in the One Hundred Sands project has demonstrated the confidence the world financial market has in the direction and future of Fiji."



Anonymous said...

kick the conman out and look for new investors.

Deepak Chauhan said...

They're all conmen, Frank and the lot.

Anonymous said...

why this guys been given more time .its a shame big talk no action.
why didnt govt do its checks if these guys have prove of funds or not to do the casino.they should cancel this casino group project seems it brought shame on fiji pm.and ag.they should be kicked out.

Patrik said...

OK - the rumour is that Khaiyum had The (illegal) Minister for Housing and Local Government, Colonel Samuela Saumatua REMOVED (ie... Saumatua was forced to resign) because of something to do with this sham Casino build.

What do you guys know about this ?

Toms said...

With tourist numbers down, very negative publicity generated by ILO fight in support of Fiji workers' rights against the illegal Regime. the intransigent position this illegal Govt has with many foreign powers and institutions...this con job of a casino is due to fail.

By the sound of things ie reliance of promoter to other ill defined overseas investors, looks like this conman from Shifting Sands is a bit of slippery eel.

This is under the environment of quickly disappearing foreign investment in Fiji over the last 7 years,... the casino is bound to fail

Anonymous said...

The comments on this site are deeply worrying. Foreign investors have no confidence in Fiji. Those investors like Larry Claugh should be treated with gratitude for putting together the investment needed for projects in Fiji. It is not easy.

Anonymous said...

Whose ground were they breaking lol no lease no ownership and having a ground breaking ceremony
Fiji is gone to the dogs lol
Wake up coconuts

Anonymous said...

This Sands comp is subject of a court case in US ,,,in short these Casino people are con men with no right to represent the tribes in US,,,,all funds have been frozen,,,,,,
do yo research guys

Anonymous said...

Check todays Fiji Times,page 28 under EIA Consultative Meeting.They couldn't get the basics (water and electricity) at Denarau so they moved to the mainland.

Anonymous said...

The Freemasons at Denarau trading as DCL (Denarau Corporation Ltd) didn't allow Hundrend Sands the use of their infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Deal with the Constitution and the Elections first,get Fiji back to full democratic rule...ie..fully fledged civilian government,,then maybe this Claunch guy and other investors will not think twice about throwing their money our way...otherwise, keep the lie factory going 24/7 to save your ass shaped face from embarasment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer
not to hear." - Herbert Agar

"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it." - Oscar Wilde

"Truth is not determined by majority vote" - Doug Gwyn

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth
become error because nobody sees it" - Mohandas Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Another failed project by the illegal regime..hello..we are still waiting for the ethonol project..hahaha..they are the biggest joke of the century

Kaiyum said...

Anon 7.10pm
I determine which Fijian boys and girls are free because the prefer to hear me than their chiefs.
it is always true when Fijian gets the sack for his pay.
my government is living proof that one man rule is always best...for me and my buddy native.
every Fijian always hears the truth in my Fiji.

Rajendra Pal Chaudhary said...

AG just stop all nonsense. My wife filed divorce against me at the Family Court today. This is all happening becoz of you.
Yes I have formed a habit of blaming you and this is also becoz of you.

Anonymous said...

picture shows claunch breaking wind and kaiyum sizing up his rear and kranky rubbing his hands... and no one else showing any interest...tells the whole story doesn't it

Anonymous said...

No casino in Fiji please

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:26 PM

"" No casino in Fiji please ""

But I was looking forward to the chance of getting some employment to feed my family and send my kids to school.

I also thought the tax I would pay on my wages would help the government of the day in improving the schools, hospitals and keep the streets cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:56, you also thought Bainimarama launched his coup in order to stamp out corruption and bring us clean and transparent government.

You also thought the army would return to the barracks and that we'd be having elections in 2009.

You also waited up Christmas Eve hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.

If you lack employment, part of the blame is a "government of the day" that drives away investors with its lies, thuggery and total disrespect ror the rule of law.

The regime has the money to make infrastructure improvements, thanks to all the funds it borrowed against Fiji's credit. But that money is going to waging Bainimarama's election campaign, buying the loyalty of the RFMF, and to fattening offshore personal bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

If you lack employment, part of the blame is a "government of the day" that drives away investors with its lies, thuggery and total disrespect of the rule of law.
We need more of the Larry Claughs and his 100 Sands company who are prepared to work hard to obtain investment at a time when the Fiji investment climate stinks due to 'you know who'.

Another disillusioned foreign investor. said...

Time this regime learnt to treat foreign investors like 'gold dust'. That is the biggest problem Fiji faces. We are nowhere near the 25% of foreign investment needed - nearer 0% investment.

Anonymous said...

And yet the CEO of FTIB always comes up with unreal inflated percenteges on foriegn investment..He really sounds like a bigger masi polo..like the Governer of the reserve bank ..what a laugh ..all doing the lying in order to renovate their homes..hello..we in business have seen that the economy has deteriorated from before to now..poverty has gone up and business has gone from bad to worse..the signs of an impoverished country..

Investor said...

Yes - time for all to stop fighting over how to spend it and put REAL THOUGHT into how to attract foreign investment. This regime has no idea. The army has to become more professional, smaller, better trained, wages doubled, their arms kept OUT of Fiji and to operate as a UN mercenary force as a self generating business. Red tape has to be cut dramaticlly. Civil servants further reduced and taxs cut further. Invest in infrastructure. Privatise power water, sewerage, roads, airports (AFL). And make foreign banks act more as banks and less as cash flow bankers for shops and taxis and leaving all the risks to foreign investors who are then thanked by being called 'con men'. The real con men are in Fiji where they speciaise in conning foreign investors. Get rid of exchange controls and make banks depend less on just changing currencies. Be firm with the banks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cost of living so high now I don't believe anything coming out of RBF and agree with Investor @ 9.24am, this Govt must be firm with the banks. We're still developing 'cos RBF will not regulate the financial market. Barry is a good man but has to live by the policy of the day.

Anonymous said...

At last some comments of real use from the last 6 contributors on the real issue which is foreign investment. Where are the private pension funds promised by Minister for Finance Jim AhKoy instead of the monopoly FNPF that has crowded out all other investment and is about as proactive as a lump of wood.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.54am, what did you expect from coup4.5? This is a den for nobodies wanting to be somebody.

Anonymous said...

12:17 that sounds like bainimarama and kiyum

Dharam Lingam said...

Hahahaha all will be revealed and Baimagasona, Aiyarsehole and Claunch will start stabbing each other. There will be no casino. Period.

Anonymous said...

We don't need more Larry Claunches. We need more bonafide investors -- most of whom wouldn't even consider approaching Fiji so long as its under this kind of regime.

Why would Claunch now even need European, Singaporean and New Zealand investment if he had the American investors he claimed originally? He's just a con conning conmen, when they should all be convicts.

Anonymous said...

"The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
And the rains came tumbling down.

The rain came down and the floods came up.
The rains came down and the Debts came up.
The investors came down and corruption came up.
And the foolish man's casino went CRASH*^%#*

Hehehehehehe Hihihihihi Hohohoho!

Ni vicai na sotia.

Namosi said...

UFDF Calls Bainimarama to Play the Gameon His Own Rules.

The UFDF said there is no excuse for further delay. As prime minister, he has an obligation totell the taxpayers who pay his salary whether he is earning approximately $1,300,000 a year, asreported recently. Similarly, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum must disclose his own salary and that of theother ministers.It is also time for Commodore Bainimarama to reveal to the nation what political plans he has for the very unpopular Mr Sayed-Khaiyum who is also the most powerful of his ministers. In fact, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum maybe the most powerful politician in Fiji’s history, even though he is unelectedand has no mandate.The UFDF said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum will presumably be Commodore Bainimarama’s runningmate in the elections. They have worked closely together for more than seven years and formthe narrow foundation of the current regime.So Prime Minister, get on with it! Do the right thing; face your moment of truth, embrace your own political reforms and let’s get on with the battle of ideas you have called for. Authorized By:

Koroi said...

The is some thing that do not seem right here.

Some Elections Office workers have contracts terminated
Publish date/time: 21/06/2013 [12:37]

The contracts of some Elections Office workers have been terminated.

Attorney General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed there were some discrepancies and appropriate action had to be taken.

i said...

What are Police investigating? It seems this is a very straight forward case of brutality. Are the Fiji Police so incompetent that it is taking them so long to close the file and hand it over to the Prosecution.

Or could it be that the major focus of the investigation is " Who took this video".

Koroi said...

What are Police investigating? It seems this is a very straight forward case of brutality. Are the Fiji Police so incompetent that it is taking them so long to close the file and hand it over to the Prosecution.

Or could it be that the major focus of the investigation is " Who took this video".

Anonymous said...

Yes, serious discrepancies... Someone who refused to be a party to ballot tampering.

Does anyone really put any faith in the integrity of an election managed by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum?


The only realistic recourse now is carefully planned, coordinated, and -- to the extent possible -- nonviolent direct action.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a truckload of monopoly cash is heading to Denarau so for you punters in Viti Levu it's time to play Vaiarsze Lotto, place your bet place your bet if you win don't side step, if you lose poke Aiyarsze!!!

Anonymous said...

TO ANON @1.54
If you dont have enough guts to put your filthy name on this blog than please please do us all a favour,STAY THE FARK OUT.

Long Live Bainiarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

One Hundred Sands Ltd to commence construction next month

Investment for controversial Fiji casino

In December last year, Fiji-based company One Hundred Sands Ltd announced it had accepted an exclusive gaming licence from the Fiji government to build a luxury casino resort and convention centre on Denarau Island. One Hundred Sands stated it is partnering with the Snoqualmie Tribe from the State of Washington and Seventh Generation LLC, a Native American company, in order to enhance its casino gaming experience, the development of social and economic initiates to benefit local Fijians, and to further develop cultural and tribal ties between Native Americans and Fijians.

At the time Founder and Chairman of the Board of One Hundred Sands, Larry Claunch, said, “After two years of working diligently with the Fijian government under the stewardship of Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, and Native American tribes, we’re delighted to be part of this thrilling opportunity to introduce casino gaming and state of the art convention center to the Fiji Islands to help create jobs and expand tourism for the country.”

It is now reported that the company has exceeded its investment target for the first phase of the project and that construction of the 5-star casino is scheduled to commence this month. The casino will offer 500 slot machines and is expected to open in October 2013. Larry Claunch said the casino would create 500 jobs during construction and 600 to 850 jobs once the casino and resort were in operation.

At the end of February a letter was sent to Larry Claunch from Chief Jerry Kanim Enick, ‘Twes-wich’ - Hereditary Head Chief of the Great Snoqualmie. The letter states: “Since this deal is staking its success upon the spirit of "strong cultural virtues of Tribal and community ties", as you have so eloquently stated, we would like to think that a company such as yours would have conducted a more thorough & binding due diligence process in regards to the traditions of our people and the current political condition of the Snoqualmie before proceeding this far, and would have made sure that the Snoqualmie Chiefdom be acquainted with the Fiji Chiefdom.”

The letter continues, “The General Membership knew nothing of this investment whatsoever and financial
executives advised against it. We are currently in great debt to the amount of $330 million USD on our own casino... These behaviors and findings serve to strengthen the people’s call for the dissolution of this unauthorized investment in Fiji. The Kanim family requested that their family member on council, not attend recent meetings in Fuji in direct protest of this clandestine maneuver by the invalid council and the rogue and opportunistic Tribal Administrator.”

The casino resort project has encountered much opposition from Fijians, including questions being raised about Larry Claunch and his company. Military ruler Voreqe Bainimarama over-ruled long standing chiefly and church objections when the governemnt issued the casino licence. New Zealand’s Sky City was said to have been interested in the casino tender. In April the Fiji Council of Social Services expressed its concerns:

"The government had made a solemn undertaking that a social impact study would be done and the report would be made public. Sadly, this report is still awaited in the spirit of the National Charter for Peace, Progress and Change, in which it is very explicit that the government will do full consultations with civil society organizations in all such matters."

Anonymous said...


In June the Permanent Secretary for Tourism, Elizabeth Powell, told the Fiji Institute of Accounts Congress that the casino project would provide the country’s first state-of-the-art conference and convention facility, with a minimum 1500-seat capacity, and an additional 300 hotel rooms when Phase Two was complete. Ms Powell said the casino would increase revenue and taxes, augment visitor spending and length of stay, adding that a Fijian Gaming Commission and Control Board was being established to ensure all checks and balances were in place for the new venture

Anonymous said...

Is Elizabeth Powell in a right state of mind or is she bigger unprofessional masi polo..hahaahaa..geepus..the lengths people would go to advance their careers..How could one obviously forcast on earnings per tourist when the whole wide world is in a recession and everyone comes on a credit card??..Length of stay..geepus when the tourist goes home //the tourist will ne on a bigger debt after playing thise faulty machines at the casino with faulty investors..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Reserve Bank & Government have made no mention that Fiji's biggest tourism market (Australia)is heading on a major downward spiral with the Aussie Dollar only buying 92 cents US today compared to $1.10 it was doing about 18 months ago.

This is due to the bounce back in the US Economy and China growth slowing. This with the major credit crunch due to hit China will bring the Aussies down to 70 cents or even 60 cents US some economists in Australia have warned as Australia is so dependent on China to sell all its minerals and commodities.

Cost of imported goods and services will go up in Australia
and more Aussies will holiday at home.

Impact on Fiji less tourists, empty hotels and unemployment to climb even higher. Gold is also getting hammered and is $1354 an ounce today compared to highs of nearly $2,000 a year ago.

Well, Well, Well - Guess what we have all been screwed with our FNPF money with the purchase of the A380 as it will be uneconomical to run.

Interesting that Biman Prasad who i remeber was on Fiji TV praisng all the flow on effects to Fiji when the Aussie was at $1.10 US not even making any comments like other USP economists who have their heads up VB'S arse in fear of speaking theb truth.

You do not have to be a genius to see that the Caino will not be built as Aussies will flock to the Crown Casino and Yanks to Las Vegas.

Great to see a conman doing a bigger con on the Mataivalu Ni Solisona led Illegal Military Junta.

Any comments Barry Whiteside or you do not want to lose your job like Satish Narain.

Anonymous said...

khaiyum controlling fiji .army and police are helping him destroy fiji.i wonder why fijian cant stand up against this evil man.time have come people have to fight for its land.

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji are so drunk on grog as they cannot see what is happening before us - All our hard earned money for our retirement at FNPF is doomed.

Aiarse & VB have already got their cut for the A380 deals at our expense including our childrens and their childrens also.

I only hope that we wake up from our slumber to fight corruption like they are doing right now in Brazil with 1 million people on the streets all over Brazil last night fighting for justice.

World Cup Soccer 2014 & Olympics 2016 in Brazil will only benefit the corrupt and well to do and will not help feed their families.

Wake up people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:36 AM, it's even worse than that. With the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank announcing that it is curtailing Quantitative Easing, the U.S. dollar will almost certainly begin now to appreciate in anticipation of higher interest rates. It is the American tourist we will need to woo. And we will have a strong headwind against us because of the poor reputation of this regime.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for John Prasad to explain the details of the regime's loan, including why the regime chose to opt for a loan at an interest rate much higher than the loan discussed with the IMF.

Julab Dean said...

How come SODELPA is still a registered party in Fiji? The party has only one Indian Fijian on its executive and the party is helped by an ex prisoner Lasenia Qarase. This party should be dissolved because it is a nationalist and racist party. Under the 2013 constitution any nationalist or racist will not be allowed. Brother Sayaid Khaiyum can you look into this.

Kaiyum said...

Gulab Jamun brother why you stil thinking races???
Havent I got through to u dumb Fijians yet??? maichod.
my laws says we all Fijians. so doesn't matter if no other races in the parties. that's the policy behind my laws...everbody no race, ajah baiya??

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

@Julab Dean 11:53 AM

Sir, you are an idiot.

If you do not like the make up of the party you have a choice not to vote for it, that is democracy.

Next thing you will be asking is why does it not have a Chinese, Korean, American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi, German, Samoan and whoever else within it because if you open your eyes you will see that they also live here in Fiji.

Casanova said...

Julab, please have a word with your wife because I banged her and damn it's not worth it. Ask her cos she knows me lol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Julab..luveni kulina drau veicai i mahammed na luveni sala mai syria..

Anonymous said...

julab remembered when Roko Ului Mara went missing before the media broke the story that he went Tonga by way of Togan Navy?
ok,just by confiming that he went missing u know what Khaiyum pissed on his pants and scared to death u know what happen the whole family had to taken to QEB for their safety!!!
Not even an attempt damm!!!!coward!!!like you!!

Anonymous said...

Where is RUM today? If he wants to redeem himself, he should help to organise the Loyal Fijian Resistance against the monster he helped to create.

Anonymous said...

fyi his boys still around coordinating with his fathers friends he is well connected.
Yes the monster will come but u will be as usual 24/7 at ur safe haven you bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Airbus + casino connected with the destination?
casino in Fiji but money still in overseas as they are prepaid thru card.What is there for Fiji?

Anonymous said...

What is there for Fiji? More Chinese triads and more corruption. More money laundering and more social pollution. But the good news is prettier Chinese prostitutes!

Tai said...

This low morality and cheating will be imported to Fiji culture if Bainimarama is allowed to continue with his wholesale encouragement of Chinese into Fiji ie Students Riot When stoped to Cheat In Exams:

By Malcolm Moore, Beijing
3:25PM BST 20 Jun 2013
The relatively small city of Zhongxiang in Hubei province has always performed suspiciously well in China's notoriously tough "gaokao" exams, each year winning a disproportionate number of places at the country's elite universities.
Last year, the city received a slap on the wrist from the province's Education department after it discovered 99 identical papers in one subject. Forty five examiners were "harshly criticised" for allowing cheats to prosper.
So this year, a new pilot scheme was introduced to strictly enforce the rules.
When students at the No. 3 high school in Zhongxiang arrived to sit their exams earlier this month, they were dismayed to find they would be supervised not by their own teachers, but by 54 external invigilators randomly drafted in from different schools across the county.
The invigilators wasted no time in using metal detectors to relieve students of their mobile phones and secret transmitters, some of them designed to look like pencil erasers.
A special team of female invigilators was on hand to intimately search female examinees, according to the Southern Weekend newspaper.
Outside the school, meanwhile, a squad of officials patrolled the area to catch people transmitting answers to the examinees. At least two groups were caught trying to communicate with students from a hotel opposite the school gates.
For the students, and for their assembled parents waiting outside the school gates to pick them up afterwards, the new rules were an infringement too far.
As soon as the exams finished, a mob swarmed into the school in protest.
"I picked up my son at midday [from his exam]. He started crying. I asked him what was up and he said a teacher had frisked his body and taken his mobile phone from his underwear. I was furious and I asked him if he could identify the teacher. I said we should go back and find him," one of the protesting fathers, named as Mr Yin, said to the police later.
By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. Outside, an angry mob of more than 2,000 people had gathered to vent its rage, smashing cars and chanting: "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."
According to the protesters, cheating is endemic in China, so being forced to sit the exams without help put their children at a disadvantage.
Teachers trapped in the school took to the internet to call for help. "We are trapped in the exam hall," wrote Kang Yanhong, one of the invigilators, on a Chinese messaging service. "Students are smashing things and trying to break in," she said.
Another of the external invigilators, named Li Yong, was punched in the nose by an angry father. Mr Li had confiscated a mobile phone from his son and then refused a bribe to return the handset.
"I hoped my son would do well in the exams. This supervisor affected his performance, so I was angry," the man, named Zhao, explained to the police later.
Hundreds of police eventually cordoned off the school and the local government conceded that "exam supervision had been too strict and some students did not take it well".
Additional reporting by Adam Wu

Anonymous said...

I mean what is there for Fiji coz if owner put his adv' overseas and as u know it is all paid for in card system so no benefits and what so ever to the economy but they brought the wreath of GOD upon that island nation who are already been cursed for allowing idol worshipers to practice their faith even though it is contradict to christian principle.I recalled the day Butadroka carried a black coffin across that street of Suva and declared that we are been sold!!
We must stand up if we care for the future of our next generation,they can't be force to live in poverty and suppressed in their own land and deprived of their indigenous right plus education,health and equality etc.The land tenure system should overhauled to give a modern structure and revalue its worth in today's business world.

Anonymous said...

"There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat." That will be Aiyaz's slogan for the elections.

Ronin said...

Bainimarama Magaijinamu!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Au noqu namuma ni vinaka na Casino.. AU vakavinavinaka vana matani tu oqo na kena dolavi e dua na casino vou e noda vanua...baleta ma da rawa ni toso kina ka levu talega na noda veicai vata kei ira na wekada na chinese me da vaka caiji ira vinaka sara....cava nomuni nanuma..?? sa dri yani

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Apisai gone vinaka, vakasama vinaka
qori mera levu mai na marama ni jaina meda mai vicai!
Da mai boica tu mada yani na nodra i cici vulavula kei
na nodra i mimi damusa?
ni lako mai meda mai vicai mada?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:51 AM

The casino is not a case of moving Fiji forward, it is a case of providing an opportunity of legitimate work and additional income and revenue for those involved either directly or indirectly with its operation.

As for the pathetic regurgitated views of it's possible affect on morality unfortunately risks are there in every walk of life.

Anonymous said...

Risks attend every walk of life, yes, but opening a casino whilst Fiji's under its current dictatorial regime is akin to giving a small child a box of matches.

Thugs who trample on the rule of law on the one hand shouldn't be expected to safeguard it on the other.

Thieves who avoid all accountability for their actions shouldn't be expected not to take their "skim" from the counting room.

Traitors who repeatedly betray their country shouldn't be relied upon to defend it, especially when the Chinese come calling with their red envelopes.

Immorality seems to follow nearly everything this regime touches. Now, if you feel that morality is a bourgeois construct, religion is the opiate of the masses, and the threat of eternal hellfire doesn't impress you in the least, that's up to you.

Given what this regime has done and continues to do, it's easy for some to despair or become blasé about the preservation of Fiji's culture and sovereignty.

But don't piss on our backs and then tell us it's raining.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:07 PM

You say, 'Risks attend every walk of life, yes, but opening a casino whilst Fiji's under its current dictatorial regime is akin to giving a small child a box of matches.'

As you clearly reveal your reservations on a casino have little to do with peoples morals but the government in place. I too am against how this government came into place but that really is another subject.

Do you think the moral values of the people are going to change by simply changing a government ? I do not think so.

The moral values of those that choose to do wrong rather than right have been moulded into them by far greater influences than a government. Namely, parents, religion and culture

Anonymous said...

A very interesting exchange noted above that I'd like to contribute to...

Directed to Anonymous @ 1.07pm:

You say, 'The moral values of those that choose to do wrong rather than right have been moulded into them by far greater influences than a government, namely parents, religion and culture.'

You also say that you're against how this 'government' (a tyrannical regime as I call it) came into place 'but that is really another subject.'

I don't think so. It IS the subject on whatever premise you'd like to argue from esp. on the basis of morality.

First off, a "government" as opposed to a "tyrannical regime" implies consent by the governed, who elect them at regular intervals, through an open, transparent, free and fair process.

The government serves to promote the "common good" and passes laws that realises this end.

It exists to serve people and their "legitimate forms of community", and should promote their autonomy - so long as freedom is exercised reasonably within the larger framework of laws (a written "Constitution" usually) that pursues and promotes the common good for the society as a whole.

Now, a "tyrannical regime" (as in the case of Fiji) on the other hand, assumes power that is not accountable to the governed (despite their usual facade in creating a false impression of having engaged with the governed on various matters that affect them).

However, as we the governed, eventually come to see - the tyrant backed by particular rogue elements within society, soon show their hand in ruling for their own selfish vested interests, rather than for the common good - the threat of tyranny now being fully realised.. lacking both the "legal and moral" basis upon which to govern.

(to be continued in next post)...

Anonymous said...

Then you say, 'The moral values of those that choose to do wrong than right have been moulded into them by far greater influences than a government. Namely, parents, religion and culture.'

First off, let me go a little further than "parents" and refer to the "family" - which is the primary cell of society - that precedes the State itself and finds its legitimization in human nature (rather than being recognised only by the State).

At the foundation of the family is the institution of marriage - the voluntary union between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of others. It's contribution is unique, irreplaceable (i.e. cannot be substituted)- the communion between the two people that creates life, thereby establishing the first, foundation society of persons - mum, dad and you.

The healthy family is the greatest protector against the vices that are most likely to corrupt society.

We promote the primacy of the family for the good of society - because we want good, responsible members of society.

Of course, there are EXCEPTIONS where persons have come from 'bad' or 'unhealthy' backgrounds and have found ways to overcome 'their lot in life' to become good, contributing members of society. Don't we just admire and love them more for overcoming the odds stacked against them, (here, one lolo bun sara to you, lol)

Still, these "stars" are the exception rather than the rule. Promoting healthy families always makes for a healthy society!

So... back to your point on the individual at cross-roads, and 'who chooses to do wrong rather than right' - has exercised his/her FREE WILL to do just that.

Such a person cannot be truly FREE morally since s/he has not been able to choose right over wrong.

To be free morally is to be able to do what is right at all times.

That only comes with having trained oneself inwardly, having disciplined oneself, having mastered oneself, and to have acquired the moral virtues necessary to enable one to pursue the good at all times >> no matter how demanding the circumstances.

The free person will exercise his/her free will and determinedly REACH OUT to embrace what is truly good.

That free will being exercised, transcends the surrounding environment, the culture, the circumstances, media, politics, public opinion etc. to "focus resolutely" on the moral good is not inconsistent with the common good.

Anonymous said...

So it obviously follows that Fiji's tyrannical regime who lack the legitimate and moral basis to rule the country govern the people of Fiji - consisting of persons who chose wrong over right - ought to be removed by the people as their right and exercise of free will in pursuing the common good of society.

Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50 PM, I do agree that removing this government is a moral imperative, as my objection to casinos in Fiji rests on moral as well as political and cultural bases.

Casinos are immoral. They're designed to exploit the pathology of those afflicted with compulsive gambling personality disorders, despite the devastating effects that often has on their financial, family, legal, and mental health status.

I certainly don't think we can legislate moraliy. No political alchemy will create golden conduct out of leaden instincts. But immorality can be legislated. Indeed, in this case, it is being decreed by an illegal government.

Will the moral values of a people change simply by changing the government? I agree probably not, at least not overnight. And a good thing, too, as that is all that holds Fiji back from the precipice -- a group of people who yet cling to their morality when others are being led astray by this immoral government.

More positively, a government that reforms itself morally encourages the people it represents to do likewise, if only by its example. To form such a government requires men and women of integrity and the courage of their convictions. God grant us such leadership!

Anon @ 1:07 PM, I agree that such character is moulded primarily by our parents, religion and culture. But isn't this precisely through what you so cavalierly dismiss as "pathetic, regurgitated views"?

Anonymous said...

Tthis government has no legal standing. In fact, it has been ruled illegal. It is corrupt, deceitful, and treasonous. Its interest in opening Fiji to casinos is surely driven by its desire for personal lucre.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:50 PM

Quote 'So it obviously follows that Fiji's tyrannical regime who lack the legitimate and moral basis to rule the country govern the people of Fiji - consisting of persons who chose wrong over right - ought to be removed by the people as their right and exercise of free will in pursuing the common good of society.'

I would agree that on 'moral' grounds the people have had a moral right to remove the existing government.

The fact that this government is still in place suggests then that either;

a) There are not enough people within Fiji that recognise that what has happened is 'morally' wrong.


b) Although recognising what has happened was 'morally' wrong consider it to be less 'morally wrong than what what they had before.

But of course things are not this straight forward because then comes the big question, how far can you go with resistance/correction and still be morally within your rights.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:12 PM

Quote 'Casinos are immoral. They're designed to exploit the pathology of those afflicted with compulsive gambling personality disorders, despite the devastating effects that often has on their financial, family, legal, and mental health status.'

This is an excellent example of the pathetic, regurgitated views that simply have no substance.

This same argument can be used for such things as alcohol, grog, religious organisations, cars, money and sex as just the tip of the list.

Anonymous said...


c) Recognise that the regime is immoral but haven't mustered the necessary courage to change iit;


d) Recognise that the regime is immoral and are organising to change it through elections and/or mass or clandestine actions a là the Loyal Fijian Resistance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21, what you cite as "an excellent example of pathetic, regurgitated views" comes directly from the medical literature on gambling addiction.

Your argument based on moral relativism will excuse away every vice or obsession you mention. "Pathetic, regurgitated views on morality" or "old, tired ethics" -- whatever you call it, we must draw the line somewhere.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:47 PM

If medical literature suggests that casinos are 'designed to exploit the pathology of those afflicted with compulsive gambling personality disorders, despite the devastating effects that often has on their financial, family, legal, and mental health status', I would question it.

You may just as well say the bars in Suva are designed to exploit those addicted to alcohol for which unfortunately some would suffer the same devastating effects.

Perhaps we also need to stop other institutions that exploit some, in the opinion of others such as certain religious groups that are causing a breakdown of family structure, an increase in NCDs and suicide in Fiji ?

But as you say we must draw the line somewhere, but where exactly and WHO makes those decisions at present ?

kuntyum the muslim taliban pig fucker said...

The picture looks like Claunch 'breaking wind' at bainimaga last year.

There is no election next year, that taliban muslim pig Kahiyum said next election in 20years. kuntyum and bainimaga dont have the support of the people or immunity so they will postpone elections or remain in power until Fiji overthrows them!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:41 PM, isn't that the very definition of sin? God has already drawn the line, but we repeatedly cross it.

Another "pathetic, regurgitated view on morality", I know.

Unknown said...

Ni bula..! sa rui levu tale na vosa vakavalagi qai balavu na vakayatuyatu kenai balebale eso tiko i loma qo e tiko cala tiko...vakacava me sa da tokona mada ga na matanitu cava ga e cici.. o yau ko mada ga qo sa bau daumaka tiko o yau curu tiko qo vale ni veivesu e Naboro vaka talevoni tiko ya na vuna au kaya kina ni vinaka na matanitu qo rawa niu excess rawa yani kina..koya ga ya vakalevu ga mai na kai Jaina me rawa ni tala vinaka na simede...ok ni kolougata tiko..kua ni dua tukuni yau..qarauna..

Anonymous said...

apisai naicori, iko sa dua na tamata lolovira.

o rairai sucu beka mai vei tamamu oiko

Helmand Tigers said...

Naicori ni boci nei VOREqe...drau vicai!!

Unknown said...

@ Heleman...sa kua qori koya na nodatou priminister ni lomani koya vakacava me da veilomani ga vakalevu ..levu na veicai levu na kawa se vacava....???oqo kedatou nai I taukei sa tou lailai tiko vakalevu ga mai na yalewa ni valagi....

Bula said...

If one Anon is Davis then the other Anon who is sympathizing with Green's wife is Jone Mandraiwiwi. He was the one very close with Green

Anonymous said...

Easy to see which is the bigger man.

Anonymous said...

Claunch misappropriated the Snoqualmie tribe's legal status for his casino in the same way Pflieger misappropriated Fijian traditional design motifs for Fiji Airway's livery.

Anonymous said...

It is very disturbing when people making comments against former PM Qarase.Bearing in mind that he was democratically elected and his party won the election and had the right to form the government.He won the 2006 election because people like his party's manifesto and secondly when hje was voted in by the people he has the mandate to make policy and law on how he was to govern our country. Now people are saying that he was a nationalist. Be that as it may Qarase was democratically elected by the people. Now in comparison with Bainimarama.Bainimarama is no way near Qarase in terms of qualification either acadamically, work experience and leadership quality.If you understand law which I doubt.Qarases case is no way warrant any conviction.His conviction was preconcieved. He was convicted because Bainimarama wanted him to be convicted so that he does not qualify to contest the so call 2014 election. In addition to that before Qatrases case was heard Bainimarama had sacked all judges and megistrate and he appoint his own inorder to put Qarase behind bar

The GAng said...

claunchy is following the regime modus operandi which is misappropriate the Fijians motifs and land that's why the regime loves him.

Unknown said...

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