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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fiji dictator admits Golan bound soldiers could be going to their deaths but says he'll send 500 if asked to

182 going to Golan heights today - Bainimarama says he'll send 500 soldiers if asked

Golan bound - in the name of Fiji pride.
A ruthless and foolhardy promise from the country's unelected prime minister last night: he will send as many soldiers as he is asked to by the United Nations to the Golan Heights.

182 Fiji soldiers head to the most dangerous war zone in the world today - farewelled by their families and a state of the nation speech from Frank Bainimarama that spells out he knows they could be going to their deaths.

In his address last night, he told Fiji citizens their menfolk were embarking on a mission more deadly than any other the country has engaged in.

"Let me clear with you - potentially this may be more dangerous deployment than other United Nation peacekeeping mission."

Bainimarama admitted other countries have withdrawn their troops because the Golan Heights - the territory between Israel and Syria - is too dangerous.

Despite this he pledged to send as many 500 soldiers - and more - if asked to by the UN.

According to him, Fiji's troops are match fit for the deployment and are answering the call 'to restore peace for the protection of innocent men, women and children'.

In an attempt to glorify the mission, he couched death in language that gloried war saying: "Etched on their faces was the pride, the determination and the commitment that we are certain will carry them for the mission ahead."

Bainimarama said 'it is the most honourable task a soldier can perform' adding Fiji said 'yes' because of its commitment to be a good global citizen.

"As a nation we punch above our weight.

"We are building a better Fiji and have ambitions for ourselves and naturally we want to create a better world for everyone and this deployment is part of that vision."

Bainimarama of course is not accompanying the soldiers on the flight, even to offer moral support. He is instead preparing to meet with a Russian delegation.



XO said...

Brave men and women answer the call of the nation . many blessings , and hope for a safe return to Fiji.


HP said...

dakuwanka, this is your best chance to send in ur private silent army...the leader and his best troops are out of the country.
whats the plan??

Patrik said...

So what are those medals ? More bullcrap to try and impress with ?


Anonymous said...

The medals was for working in the Panama Canal as a deckhand.

The one around the neck is for 100meters dash.
This was during obstacle training through the cassava patch and with use of live rounds.

Anonymous said...

Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:09am AEST

A Middle East expert says Fijian peacekeepers deployed to the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria will encounter a "perilous" situation.

About 170 Fijian troops will join the UN's peacekeeping mission in the area, which has become far more volatile during Syria's Civil War. The Fijians will replace peacekeepers from three countries that have withdrawn because of fierce fighting near the border.

Professor Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs institute, has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat the Fijians face potential threats from both sides of the Syrian conflict.

"As Western help for the rebels build, it gives incentives for the regime side to look at these peacekeepers as enemies and to see them as basically people who want to overthrow the regime," Mr Rubin said.

"They're people who just wonder what are these non-Muslims doing here, they want to stop the revolution."

Mr Rubin says the Fijians will encounter problems with Al-Qaeda who make up 15 per cent of the rebels.

"They're lawless and disorganised and kidnapping can be attractive," he said. "They're going to meet guys with guns and they don't know if they're going to shoot at them.
"They're going to have to do a very delicate mission."

Trouble Ahead said...

Two ironies - one, Fiji is not so democratic but fighting for democracy and two, it doesn't like others interfering but it's now doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Experience from lebanon and Iraq
RFMF has had 7 years of experience with al Qaeda (and the Shia militias in Iraq). They had rocketed the UN compound which resulted in the death of De Melio and 23 UN workers.
RFMF was called in to provide PSD (both mobile and static) to protect the UN as a result of the threat posed to the UN.
Not only that but there is also substantial experience with the militia’s in Lebanon, including Hizbollah, Druze, Phalange and the Palestinian militia’s.
So its not a new sphere of operations
Not Rambo mentality Ratu Sai. Just the quality of the KAIVITI men at arms. This is the proving ground. Where only the quality of the troops and their courage are proven in steel and blood on the ground.
This is a very experienced company Qilio is leading.
All Lebanon veterans to a man.
The new young ones will go on the next lift, coming up in August with more of the experienced guys.
By that time the tip of the Fijian spear will have established its presence in the Golan. Every militiaman in the Golan will know that the Kaiviti have landed.
The IDF and Hizbollah and the Syran Army will renew relations with old Kaiviti acquaintances.
Bula Fiji !……….Shalom Habibi
God bless the guys on this first chalk who have the honor of having been chosen to carry the name of the Vanua o Viti.
Any Reply

Anonymous said...

Fiji Comes to the Rescue as More Countries Leaving Golan Heights

VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria will withdraw its peacekeepers from the U.N. monitoring force on the Golan Heights, after worsening fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels sent its soldiers scurrying into bunkers for cover earlier on Thursday.

Austrians account for about 380 of the 1,000-strong U.N. force observing a decades-old ceasefire between Syria and Israel, and their departure will deal a blow to the mission.

"Freedom of movement in the area de facto no longer exists. The uncontrolled and immediate danger to Austrian soldiers has risen to an unacceptable level," Chancellor Werner Faymann and his deputy Michael Spindelegger said in a joint statement.

It came hours after Syrian rebels seized a U.N.-manned border crossing linking Syria and Israel. Israeli security sources later reported Syrian troops had retaken it after heavy fighting.

This shows that a "further delay (in pulling out soldiers) is no longer justifiable," the Austrian statement said.

Austrian Defence Minister Gerald Klug cancelled his appointments and summoned emergency staff after news of the fighting reached him. Spindelegger informed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of Austria's decision to withdraw its soldiers after nearly four decades of peacekeeping duty on the Golan.

The UNDOF have already seen Japanese and Croatian troops depart since the Syrian conflict began in 2011. The Philippines, the other main contributor of combat troops, has said it may also exit after several cases where Syrian rebels held its peacekeepers captive.

All the Best and God Bless Fiji's Military.


Keep The Faith said...

Those precious lives are the illegal and treasonous regimes to trade at will without any accountability. There is a palpable feeling of sadness among the masses about this mission.

No one disputes the capabilities of the troops but they are marching into this multifaceted war-zone blind and with minimal back-up.


Vutuki Bainimarama said...

The article is about the ULUKAU DICTATOR BAINIMAGANA sending our brothers on a suicide mission. Where did SODELPA appeared in this article? Some gullible losers are just keen on tarnishing done by people in SODELPA.
Even bainimagana can't achieve the financial breakthrough that SDL had in place. Now our ass belongs to china thanks to our ulukau dictator.

Coup 4.5 said...

Vutuki Bainimarama ..the comments have been remmoved

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Vinaka Coup 4.5

Anonymous said...

Nailatikau speech to the boys just as damning.

"I have no doubt that you will carry out the UNDOF mandate with distinction and like your predecessors, again make the country proud.

However, it is a situation with which you are not unfamiliar. The situation calls for dedication, teamwork and courage and the highest level of discipline both regimental and personal. You will be working with colleagues from around the world and interacting With the local population within a highly demanding security situation where daily your professionalism will be put to the test.

We have always risen to the occasion and earned the respect of those around us. I am confident that on this mission you will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Franky Bananas is not going to Russia to meet Putin. Putin and Medvedev dont give a rats ass to this monkey bananas. He's going to watch 7's World cup. Ulukau donkey

SEMI MEO said...

Unfortunately, the proud legacy of pre-Coup Fiji Military Forces has obviously been irreversibly soiled by Fiji’s Coup culture.

But, it is still Fiji’s soldiers, our soldiers, our flesh and blood. Rouge elements within our Security Forces are obviously a prickling scenario we may have to live with for a very long time.

For now though, let us give credit where due as the UN acknowledges the exemplary peace keeping prowess of our man and women from a tiny dot in the wide pacific ocean, a feat they have been world renown since 1978…uh…probably the time the Rear Admiral was just learning to salute and finding out which end of the gun spits fire!

Could we pause and brush off mall this rhetoric for a while!....look at where they will serve and who they will inadvertently “protect”…yep!...Israel…the Jews…aren't there imminent blessing afforded to those who “blesses” this chosen race?

Of course, we pray and hope for the best!.... they are soldiers, and fully aware of the norms of war…be civil war or otherwise.

Fijian blood (God forbid) spilled on the Golan Heights is a sovereign sacrifice we should all be proud of!

Mataivalu ni solisona said...

Why cant they spill that blood on the streets of Suva for their families, by apprehending the Treasonist Criminals?

Doesn't the Bible say start first at home?

fiji loyal said...

Our boys can't see the enemy within because they've become institutionalised to obey the government.

Perhaps it's only their families now who can reach them.

Limuri said...

Controversial former Minister of State for Youth and Sports Rajesh Singh says he will come back to Fiji when the time is right.
He said: “If the people want me to stand in the election I will come back.”
But for the time being, the 2014 elections are the last thing on his mind, claimed Mr Singh. His focus is on business, he said.
Mr Singh has an interesting political background. He stood unsuccessfully for the National Federation Party in the 2001 elections and successfully for the Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua in 2006.
He was a member of the Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua party when he won the Cunningham Open seat in 2006. The Laisenia Qarase led-government was ousted in the 2006 takeover but by then Mr Singh had already lost his minister of state position.
It followed his repeated questioning of the accounts for the 2003 Pacific Games in Suva.
Mr Singh currently resides and works in New Zealand, where he founded a chapter of the so-called Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement.

Current occupation
Speaking from New Zealand, Mr Singh said: “I am a business director and I’m working with some investors to do some projects in Fiji.
“We have sent our proposal to the Prime Minister.”
Mr Singh is one of five directors of Majestic Fiji Corporation, a New Zealand-based consortium.
The consortium is especially interested in fostering tourism and the international profile of Fiji to enhance commercial outcomes and opportunities in Fiji.
Mr Singh said the consortium plans to establish a Community Development Fund that will provide funding for a diverse range of community programmes.
He added: “I can still serve people through my business.”

Vutaki Meo said...

Has Rajesh Singh changed his tune?

Another U turn by Rajesh Singh.


From Fiji Sun today:


Word from the grapevine is that a son of a prominent hotelier is now being groomed overseas to take over the leadership role of one of our main political parties.
Dickie Bird said the changeover is going to take place at the right time to avoid any trouble with the current party leaders

Anonymous said...

wawa Voreqe...na cava mada bale2 ni KgtStJ, DSM, Psc, DMM...dua beka na koroi cava beka ya...public service commission...Kabati St Julian Moti...qauri makawa nona gauna Frankie..da matua maucokona...Da sitava Mainakeba..

sa da mai luvuci vei voreqe kei nona metali buli..mai ra lako kece na sotia i golan ..me lai lauvana kece..sega na isa...

Anonymous said...

Watch out Suva Kevin Rudd on the way back and he sees right through you, there'll be no support for you treasonous lot.

Anonymous said...

57 to 45 in favour of Rudd!

tuks said...

Will this illegal gov continue without election?Can that be the case if they see it fit to defer till 2020!!?

Any legal opinion from the house please.
If not then whats the consequences?

hp said...

meow Fijian soldiers names soiled forever. killing others at Golan Heights cannot be better than killing their own brothers in motherland Fiji. is fucked forever cos of these guys who now want to be the boss of any government that is elected by the people.

Deepak Chauhan said...

Semi Meo Fijian blood spilled in golan height will be another blood in bainimagana's already blood stained hands.

Anonymous said...

Just another quick-fix solution to improve his image as a failed leader!!!long term,its gonna be burning charcoal over his head...the guys judgement as a leader is all shit man!!

Legal Advisor said...

tuks haven't u learnt that baini and kaiyum can make any law and any change of anything howsoever whenever and ever and ever, amen.
u don't need a legal opinion....just don't be a dickhead is all that u need...open ur eyes not ur ass and don't bury ur head in the mud.

Anonymous said...

Just another quick-fix solution to improve his image as a failed leader!!!long term,its gonna be burning charcoal over his head...the guys judgement as a leader is all shit man!!

rajeshs father said...

my son rajesh singh in kiwi land is going to be the next NFP leader

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

To Vutaki Meo:
No surprise Rajesh Singh, master of u-turns, changed his tune.

Before elections he fooled voters by promising to serve free of charge if elected. Once he secured the votes and saw the $sign, he went back on his word.

And to think this lawakida and greedy man is constantly on the blogs preaching to others when he should be hiding his face in shame.

mark manning said...

If pride is the only motivation behind Soldiers of the RFMF going to soon to be Iranian come Syrian killing field, then more fool them. Can't any of them see that Frank Bainimarama is using their "pride" an empty, pointless and self serving emotion, to his own ends?
How long is it going to take before the real Leaders within Frank's Command, wake up?

tuks said...

@legal advisor
Ok,Is there a way outside of Fiji where we can take legal action against this illegal regime[With international communities involvement].
Can international communities involve if they by pass 2014 deadline and make it as criminal act upon us Fiji Citizens?
If there was an avenue where we can take our claim why were that option not taken?
Lastly legal advisor close your eyes and fully open your ass for we all understand what we've been thru since!!!but big thnx anyway!

Anonymous said...

The Loyal Fijian Resistance is a multiracial, multicultural, interdenominational, and nonpartisan patriotic organisation with one goal and one goal only: the return to Fiji of democratic, constitutional government.

We refuse to recognise the moral or legal authority of any government in Fiji that does not respect and operate according to Fiji's living constitution, the Constitution of 1997, or a new constitution freely derived from the consent of the governed, in accordance with internationally recognised constitutional precepts.

We therefore reject en toto the authority of the Bainimarama government, which we know to be an illegal usurpation and, in fact, a tyrannical and traitorous regime. We invoke the Fijian people's right to revolution, as rooted in, and developed over, centuries of democratic theory and struggle. We are answering our duty as good citizens to serve as a posse comitatus to support without further delay enforcement of the Appeal Court ruling on the illegality of the Bainimarama regime.

With respect to the deployment of Fijian troops to the Golan Heights in support of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, we do not recognise the legal standing of this regime to order this or any other deployment of our armed forces. Nonetheless, we recognise the importance to international security of UNDOF. We share the United Nations' grave concern at recent violations by the Syrian Armed Forces in the mission's area of operations, and call on all parties to scrupulously and fully respect the terms of the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement. We call on all Fijians to support our troops as they go into harm's way in the interest of preserving world peace, and we pray their speedy and safe return.

Our armed forces have a reciprocal and, indeed, sacred obligation to support the people of Fiji, who they are charged to defend. Sadly, in meeting this responsibility, they have thus far failed us spectacularly. Soldiers must obey lawful orders, but they need not obey unlawful orders, nor do they cease to become moral actors upon enlistment. We call upon Fiji's security forces to perform their duty to defend Fiji by arresting those rogue elements supporting Bainimarama's usurpation.

All Fijians, military and civilian, are morally obligated to resist this illegal regime. We ask you to join us in this resistance. Only if we unite can we once again make Fiji a land of freedom, hope and glory, to endure whate'er befall.


legal adviser said...

tukai brother, Fijians fix ur own fark ups. stop looking for handouts outside. that's why u r a farked lot, ur asses are open instead of ur asses, boci go and remove Bainimarama...fix the problem instead of sitting on his finger,

Anonymous said...

An articulate, well-reasoned and compelling statement by the LFR. They sound more legitimate and more capable than Frank and Co.

tuks said...

@legal advisor
It is at all cost to avoid bloodshed.

Understandably the solution to end this illegal rule is to take a direct route that is eliminate the subject.

My holy instinct tells me it is a grave sin to commit murder or take away fellow human being for we are same in the eyes of GOD who created us equally.

I hope this regime fast track its path back to democracy in their own clear conviction that they are illegally running the nation and taking it to point of no return destroying everything and anything in their path.


At this point i will wait for that 2014 election.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell us, please, the LFR's position on violence.
I don't see this regime folding voluntarily.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about the Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

They go to face death while VB goes to Russia on taxpayers funds to see the Mataivalu Ni Solisona led Fiji sevens team get their asses kicked.

Fiji wiil not win the sevens world cup as the curse of the vanua is on this dickhead and his bunch of bocis.

Told you before the kickoff and not after the games.

Get ready for a nother disappointing wekend Fiji.

Anonymous said...

rime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has left Fiji to head the first official Fijian Government delegation to visit the Russian Federation.

The visit - which begins later this week – will result in Commodore Bainimarama holding talks with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, at his official residence outside Moscow.

While the Prime Minister meets senior Russian officials, other members of the Fijian delegation will hold side meetings designed to foster relations in the areas of trade, education and other areas of cooperation.
Anon 9.08. This regime does not want to let go of all the opportunitieis it is enjoying on a personal basis but claiming it is in the interest of the people.

Our boys going to war against Al Qaeda factions but Frank is on a junket to Russia to meet Dmitry Medvedev and watch the rugby.

The leaders of other countries are more accountable and expect to be questioned by the media on how it operates but not here in Fiji.

Frank and his people doing what they want and making the laws to cover the asses as they go.

Anonymous said...

At all costs avoid bloodshed, except at the cost of slavery. Isn't that what we're facing?

Anonymous said...

As a nation, we punch above our weight, but as soldiers, we punch pregnant women and prisoners in handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

The most honourable task a soldier can perform is defending his nation. The most dishonourable is betraying it.

This army has disgraced itself.

Anonymous said...

The LFR could have followed C4.5‘s lead by criticising the Golan Heights deployment for partisan political purposes. Heck, some oppositionists even say they hope our troops come home in body bags!

Instead, the LFR chose the high ground, with a statement of support for the troops at the same time it challenged them to meet their duties at home.

The LFR just gained a lot of credibility in my eyes.

Super PoWer said...

Yes, good timiming to watch 7S WORLD CUP, whose fooling whom, magaijinana

hp said...

lfr....yawn; spare us the lecture pleaseeee...high moral ground? cant u see the contradiction in what u saying...yawn oilei, taki mada.

Anonymous said...

Explain the contradiction, oh "wise" but sleepy one.

tinker bell said...

Anon@11.18am. Sadly the RFMF is no longer for the people but for Bainimarama who has bought their loyalty with our hard earned dollars while many of our families go hungry or live as squatters.

Sadly, too, our soldiers have been behind the inhumane and illegal treatment that has been meted out to citizens and prisoners.

It is hard to justify such an army that is today at the personal beck and call of a dictator that has raped the country and blinded people with false promises and cheap trinkets.

Anonymous said...

is Meli Bainimarama, FB's son part of the contingent too? Or is he going to Moscow WC 7s with daddy, mummy and sisters. while our soldiers are in the firing line, FB's family will be doing Fiji a bigger service in moscow. hooray! hahahaheeheehohoho

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28 AM, I suggest you not even bother with this guy. All we ever hear from him is the drip, drip, drip of negativity against everything and everybody, and he never really defends his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hp, are you tinker bell now? Running away from yourself or just off your schizophrenia medication?

Is your comment to Anon 11:18 am really intended for me at 11:28 am?

If it is you, and your comment really was meant for me, then I still don't see where you've explained the "contradiction". You only seem to be contradicting yourself, mate.

tinker bell said...

Anon@11.45 My comment was directed at Anon who spoke about LRF not you. And I am definitely not hp.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said... said...

No surprise Rajesh Singh, master of u-turns, changed his tune.

Before elections he fooled voters by promising to serve free of charge if elected. Once he secured the votes and saw the $sign, he went back on his word.

And to think this lawakida and greedy man is constantly on the blogs preaching to others when he should be hiding his face in shame.

hp said...

anon 1145 u should take urs ...u the paranoid one. I don't need it...only more kava...taki mada. no im jingle bells, u know father Christmas that's going to bring u Fijians fame and glory and all things nice except democracy which u don't really want but an army to dictate to u...yawn, taki again sis.

Anonymous said...

bainimagana family going to watch 7s wc in moscow while our fathers,brothers,sisters are sent on suicide mission to syria. once a coward always be a coward

Anonymous said...

Politicians keep wasting their time masking for government to reveal accounts and reports. It is pointless and they only doing it to create profile. Try something more practical.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has a lot in common with Russia which at the moment is trying to crack down on NGOs.

A new law now requires NGOs to label themselves as “foreign agents”—which, in the Russian language, is synonymous with “foreign spies.”

Organizations that have refused to accept the label—including all of Russia’s leading human rights NGOs—are facing forced dissolution.

Moscow police last week raided the office of “For Human Rights,” one of Russia’s oldest and most respectable civil society organizations, taking over the premises and evicting everyone who was inside.

Eyewitnesses say people were being “thrown onto the pavement” and “beaten on their kidneys.”

Putin has tried to defend the violence by saying "
There are some administrative sanctions, but I believe that they are absolutely within the bounds of civilized rules."

Sceptics can check it out on:


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28 AM, I told you not to even bother with this guy, didn't I? Did he explain the contradiction as you asked? No. Just more snide comments, as always.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa's Operation Jericho of 26 September was effective. It frightened Bainimarama and kept the regime guessing. It forced Bainimarama to cancel his UN visit. dunno if he soiled his nappy, but he reportedly was treated for "exhaustion".

Poor dictator! Tsk, tsk.

There are new indications that some within the police and army, and even the regime, watched Jericho closely -- not to stop it, but to gauge public sentiment in preparation for their own moves against Bainimarama.

Hmmm. The first anniversary of Jericho is just two months away.

Could it be that someone else is planning their own joyful noise?

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama kei Epeli Nailatikau drau sega ni bau lomani keimami ni dua ga na luvei keimami tagane. Kevaka au sa na buluta au sa bulta vata kei na sega niu qai vaka-kawa tale vakadua ka au sa na kawaboko. Ke sa mani yaco me dina na ka au sa vakaraitaka yani oqo au sa bolea meu vakamatei au talega.

Epeli Nailatikau, na nomu i tukutuku vakavavalagi e rui sega ni dina qai vakamadua talega ni 99.9% na vakarorogo tu koya keimami kawa iTaukei.

Vinaka vakalevu na kawa ni Luveni Sala nei Tugi na Kai Toga.

hp said...

thank u anon 252pm for bothering with me...u must see the sense in my coded posts to read them but unfortunately u reading it back to front...long live dakuwanka and his September jerrycoup. cant wait for the elections in September.

vb said...

hey dakuwankas soldiers, u take urselfs so seriously that I had to send my best soldiers to golani for training for the real thing so come September we will be ready. set.
in the meantime, me and my family will enjoy a bit of caviar and vodka and maybe some rugby sevens in vodka land. hope all u wankas will be fit and ready in September to take my guys on in kava lands. moce mada and taki.

Anonymous said...

Qo na i balebale ni metali kava/waca ka daramaka tu qori na Vuaka o Bainimagana.
KStJ : (K)Kabati (St]Sitiveni [Qiliho] kei (J)Jikoitoga
DSM : Dash [Tavioka]Service Medal
PSC : Peka Service Medal
DSM : Da Service Medal kei na
DMM : Da Mi Mi

Anonymous said...

Ni vosoti au.
Na PSC e dodonu me Peka Service Cross.

Anonymous said...

Good one!!

Anonymous said...

vinaka DA MI MI --- hehehehohoho

Anonymous said...

mi mi re !!!! mi mi re ga o'io!!!

Anonymous said...

People are coming in as CEO, judges, foreigners who have now become fijians. May I suggest put them on a one year duty in the Golan Heights and if they survive they can than proceed and meet other requirements. Some qualify just by fucking a fijian pussy, some under the table. No sweat to enjoy the peaceful environment in Fiji while we send our man to solve what this fucked up western world created through Human Rights, Womens right my ass, same sex marriage, childrens right. Fiji is trying to adopt all issues that have destroyed the western world and think that we should learn from the western world. No place like Fiji, the world has to learn from Fiji apart from the coup culture. What Fiji is today is because of christianty, not muslims or hindus whose beleifs are to embrace the womens rights, same sex marriage. O cei o ira me ra mai lewa noda bula meda bobula. Beitaki ni da tawa yaga. Noda vuravura vakai lavo, noda vuravura vakalou. Sa vinaka meda da bobula tu mada vei ira na muslim. Long live khaiyum. Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Syria is "the western world"?

The world has to learn from Fiji?

Muslims are embracing womens rights and same-sex marriage?

I get the distinct impression you've never been outside of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

WTF...Bainimarama & Khaiyum sending
ITaukei men&Women to fight in Foreign land for what???
Get paid to
die? Get paid to be blown-up into
small pieces?
So they can leave behind their unborn child for the
mother to raised alone?
Have they
signed a Government Insurance policy that promised to pay a large
sum of money to their living spouses, if they happen to get killed in that foreign War?
Hello, did you
see any Indo amoungst the Taukei
Did you see any signs of
Indo men & Women in battlefield
uniforms marching with the Itaukei?
Where the frieken hell, is that maca
faka, Brigadier General AZIZ? Howcome he did
not volunteer to go?
Whats the matter, only like the money & status but never the work? Yes,now
is the time to recruits these bastards and throw them into the ring, give them half of the war
responsibility? Why continueing to
put the Itaukei & Vasu in harms way? If these frieken assoles,
wanted & demanded to upgrades their human status and
to be called Fijians,
then go ahead
and put them also in harms way?
howcome we suddenly don't hear the
asseoles squaking in here on the

Anonymous said...

Very soon the kawa kei Viti and Fjian man will slowly be gone as most of our man have gone overseas.....why dont we see indo fijians and chinese, kailomas here?????? didnt they say they're fijians?????? I see mainly indigenous fijians getting up to do these tasks when situations like this come around they dont want to represent Fiji.

Anonymous said...

You don't see kai idia in the ranks of the RFMF because Bainimarama didn't recruit them. He didn't recruit them because he dorsn't trust them. He doesn't trust them because he's a closet nationalist. He showed his true colours in his 2000 coup attempt. It's the same reason why he's got people like Kubuabola and Bole in his cabinet. He doesn't trust kai idia. In his mind, "Indians worship tevoro".

Anonymous said...

Note this,,,,
Frank going to Russia
Russia siding with Assad of Syria
Russia supplying weapons to Syria & Iran
Iran supplying Hizbollar who fighting alongside Assad regime soldiers
Hizbollar preparing for war with Israel and now have 60,000 missiles to be unleashed on Israel
Iran a few steps away from nuclear weapon and vowed to destroy Isreal
In 2012 Rt Kubuabola travelled to Teheran Iran and signed Cooperation pact with Islamic State of Iran
Israel immediate blocked Fiji soldiers travel to Israel
Conclusion - get ready for Fiji aoldiers to be wiped out as coming war unfolds....
Note that Hizbollah has been preparing for war in last 5 years,,,,,,
Meanwhile Frank oks this suicide mission and signs death warrants of Fijian soldiers with Iran
Fijian soldiers as Christians are enemies of the Muslims and also now Israels enemy cause Fiji now a friend of Iran
Mavoa nikua o ira noda sotia!
Da masu vakalevu!!
Bainimarama / Kubuabola responsible for coming deaths of Fijian soldiers while Muslims etc make themselves rich in peaceful Fiji

Anonymous said...

Guys remember that no UN force can stop the coming war becos Hizbollah (Iran proxy in Lebanon is vowed for destruction of Israel). They aimed to take over Golan Heights (with help of Syria) and launch a 2 front war with Israel. War will kill all UN forces in area.
Solution: Kill Bainimarama / Kaiyumand with draw Fijian soldiers asap. Thats not our WAR.

Anonymous said...

Latest statement from Israel Defence Force (believed by CIA to possess 400 nuclear warheads which can destroy all cities in the world 50 times over):
"When war starts we will launch a firestorm on all fronts with all means at our disposal and out of which no living being will survive"
From Iran just now a few months now from developing nuclear war heads "we will pour a firestorm of destruction on Israel and it will be wiped from the face of this earth"

Soldiers : Kill Bai and Kaiyum before the coming war erupts.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

ulukau ...tamata lako vakalialia.....dou sa lai to sara kei ira na kai Iran via valuti Isireli tiko
drau luveni setani kei nomu boso ulukau

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Rauti iko vinaka na vesu tiko vaqori mo mavolo taki tiko me yacova ni ko AIDS mate sara yani....manumanu

Anonymous said...

As had been mentioned in other posts, Israel is well aware of Fiji's leanings toward Iran and other non aligned countries. So when the shit hits the fan and things do turn to custard in the Golan, Israel will not be saying "Move aside Fiji" as they said to us at our checkpoints when they invaded Lebanon years ago. They'll be rocking and rolling over any mutherfucker in their way. Fijians included.

Anonymous said...

Oe Apisai,
Vacava na mata veivutusona daru a veitalanoa kina e na siga ya? Masu rawa tu ga mai vaka musolomani, keimami na qai ia yani. Mavolo, ka qima. Convoy ga, convoy.

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Anonymous said...

Apisai keimami vakatulewa taka na neimami bula. o iko o karua ga ni bulu makau, na vanua ga mua kina na dali a mua kina na bulmakau, baleta ni vesu tiko na ucuna, kena duidui o iko e lau vutu tiko nomu cici. sa dri yani.....

Anonymous said...

You fijians should not be condeming each other. see we muslims we take this opportunity to build on our wealth, our power, maybe very soon we will take over Fiji. Wev can teach you fijians how to do business and also our religion gives business loans so you dont have to go to the bank. Become a muslim and excess business loans and even muslim women and even if you carry out a jihad you will get 100 virgins when you die. Apisai Naicori, would you like to try, 100 virgin.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

he,he,he...... e mosi apisai naicobo........he,.he..he...

Naupoto na dau Vitono said...

Apisai,kua ni dau vaqori man. Iko sega ni dau vaqori i liu. Cu ga mai mo lau tono.

Anonymous said...

woohooo...Frank the most SONALEVU soldier in the world who shit his pants in his stint in Lebanon and ran like a BILLY GOAT down the cassava patch in 2006 sends his murimuri wale, stupid idiot of soldiers who think they are doing their country proud. Sa so na tamata ULUKAU dina. Everyone else is pulling out because of the immediate danger to their MEN and that shows leadership to CARE to ensure the men are not killed etc. Here we have Mr ULULALA kai BAU FISHERMAN who is GUTLESS as the fish he had for dinner last night and will not stand up to a fight even with a CHICKEN sending STUPID IDIOTS of Fijian Soldiers pretty much to their death or injury. Oh I forgot, he is rewarding them with money for their TOD. Because of the GUTLESS Fijian Soldiers lack of action against FRANK, if they DIE or are INJURED...esa rauta vinaka. Ena sega saraga ni dua na wai ni mata ena tuturu. Na dui Wajimuni ena qai lau kaba qai vakayagataki nomui LAVO o laki soli bula tu kina qori vukui Ululala Frank....Matai ga ni check o vakauta mai vei Wajimu....o koya e valenidanisi...saute vei keimami qai laki Convoy Taki...Iko na sotia...tagi voli mai GOLAN HEIGHTS. Qai Masu...Na Kalou esa didi vara. Nomuni tau kei na wajimuni.....sova mada vei ira e so tale na wai ni qeqe....sa maleka.

Anonymous said...

@Anon June 28, 2013 at 5:06 PM

You are a sick psycho.Dua na bula gaga sa tiko vei iko. E cava??...era a convoy taki watimu, ganemu se tinamu o ira na sotia era lako qo mo sa gaga sara kina vakaoqori??...tamata gusu ni boci..barchod sala..

Dick4Hire said...

@anon 7.08
Vaka e tara sui ka mosi vei kemudou mai na keba e so na ka e tukuni tiko yani. Au nanuma ga ni o ni dau saki taki kemuni tiko e na levu ni lasa i tuba ni dau cakava tiko. Ni lako sara yani. Keimami sana qai yanaki ira yadudua sara na di watimuni. Nai lavo ga ni sava me vakau tiko mai. Set. As you were!!!

Anonymous said...

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Anonymous said...

@9.02 pm... Na Nona metali kece ya na metali ga ni veicai...vata kei jinamu

Anonymous said...

@Dick for Hire....ke o via veicai tiko yanaki jinamu rawa qai kauti koya cake yani na keba..o na qai laki sarava na vei yanaki

Anonymous said...

@5.06pm... Vaka loloma o iko ni sega tu na kemp yaga ... Soba ga na wai ni qeqe vei jinamu......qai domica....sa re!

Dick4Hire said...

@anon 1.59 Sega, sa rauti kemuni vinaka tikoga mai na keba na vei vutu sona kei na tono qara ni tati. Ni vicai. Na ablution me lai sava. kusa. caistamamu.

Anonymous said...

....au taro mada vei kemudou mai na keba...rawa vakacava me dara e dua na mataivalu e wai na 'infantry badge' koya toka qori e dela ni metali..??? sa rawa beka ena gauna qo?? Yalovinaka sa rauta mada na veivosacataki... sa kiki na daligaqu...!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:29....Kevaka e dua na lewe ni mataivalu e wai e via dara e dua na infantry badge, e sega ni dredre. Kauta sobu ga vei Ram Naidu dau culacula mai Turaki. $1.50 me cula ena nomu sote. Cava sara na kena dredre. Na mataivalu, Navy, Prisons kei na ovisa mai Viti esa vaka kina. Esa yali na dau ni veiqaravi dodonu baleta nira sa veiliutaki ko ira era sega nira bunoca nai tavi vakacakacaka mera kila na kena vei gacagaca eso. Io esa bale ga vei keda nai Taukei nida tokona jiko na veika e yaco jiko nikua ena vakagagalu kei na rere.....

Anonymous said...

@ June 29 7:08am...

Wahahahaha.....whats the matter truth hurts. This has always happened since the 1st Batt left the shores of Fiji for peace keeping duties in Lebanon and Sinai back in the 70s. It will continue to happen and it will happen to your wife when you leave....ha ha ha lol....Au na liutaka saraga nona convoy taki...Even when Frank left for Lebanon on his first stint...did he HONESTLY think his wife Mary two good shoes who was raised in Raiwai (taba rua) kept her legs together.....E sega qori na yalewa ta mai na vanua ni vei convoy taki....Mary was at Marist Club, Officer's Mess and nightclubs....Why do you think Frank was never happy with being in the Army..Iko sara bekaga liu taka nona convoy taki o Mary...sara kamu woti vua na tuva vua qai ko dramilaki koya tale....iko sa dua na tamata vakasisila dina....lol whahahaha...mera kila na sotia e sega saraga ni yaga nodra lako kina Golan Heights. There is no National Pride fighting for the Freedom of another Country when you are not FREE in your own. NI VEI CAI NA SOTIA. KENA LEVU GA VEI KEMUNI E LAKI MATE TU YANI MAI NA GOLAN HEIGHTS NA KENA VINAKA. NAU SAU NI VERE KEI NA ULULALA....



Paniwala ni convoy said...

Kila vinaka tiko o cranky franky na nona a vutuki mary tiko o ross ligairi.

Anonymous said...

All de best Fiji Army and make us proud. Some of you may be involved in killing of innocent and torturing in Fiji during 2006 coup we forgive you and repent from your sin.

LGB said...

hey bros n sisies,stop talking bullshit about the Bainimarama regime... if you want some 'real' changes to this country I suggest the only way to topple this motherfuckers is by 'people power'..what da fk r u's doin... stand up unite ...the whole nation go on strike wateva ......me kua na liumuri ey? do nto worry... the whole motherfuckekin world is watching....kua na vosa tiko qai sona levu tiko... stop da bullshit man...